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Maria Edmond's Max Pellicano (fan site) Elvis Wade: www.elviswade.com
Andrew Howard: www.geocities.com/elvisandrew33/ Eddie Falcon: www.eddiefalcon.com/
Mark Andrew: elvisleaveshismark Michael Hoover: www.michaelhoover.com
Mick Gerace: www.mickgerace.com Michael O'Connor: www.reflectionsofalegend.com
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Brian Childs: www.elvis.net.nz Michael O'Connor: http://www.worldclasselvis.com/



‘Elvis To The Max’, Concert Review & photos: One of the world’s very best Elvis impersonators Max Pellicano is back in Australia for a 10 week tour. EIN's Sanja Meegin was at his first concert in Melbourne to witness an awesome concert. His voice was tremendous and the packed crowd of 700 truly felt the power of Elvis, as Max’s performance blew the roof off the house! Max’s tour also includes 3 performances next weekend at Sydney’s Star Casino. Check out Sanja Meegin’s concert review & photos, plus full concerts dates. (Almost Elvis, Source: EIN, 24 Sept 2005)

Australia - 'Elvis Leaves His Mark': Melbourne concert review: Acclaimed Australian Elvis Tribute Artist Mark Andrew has just wound up another successful tour of the country with his energetic and highly entertaining show "Elvis Leaves His Mark". For over 2 hours, in the final show of his tour, the audience was treated to a plethora of Elvis hits from all different eras along with a visually dazzling performance. Mark has the moves, the voice, and above all an obvious respect for the man whose memory he is keeping alive. (Almost Elvis: Source EIN)

USA - Impersonator brings Elvis to life through music, dancing, costumes: If you walked past Al Hull on the street, you would never fathom that he could become Elvis Presley. It's amazing what a pompadour wig, mutton chops, and a sequined jumpsuit can do. "No one knows who I am," Hull said. Backed by the Spectors during two performances Wednesday night at Savannah Center, Hull brought the spirit of Presley to life through his music, dancing and wardrobe. He wore four jumpsuits representing points in Presley's career, including the sundial suit Presley wore before he died. Hull said only three of these suits exist in the world. Hull opened the show wearing the sundial suit, singing "C.C. Rider" and "That's All Right."

Hull's pelvis started gyrating during this medley, and it kept going as the evening went on, causing the women in the audience to cheer and yell things like "We love you, Elvis!" While he passed on scarves to some women in the audience, Hull also gave the people another souvenir - a roll of toilet paper that reads, "You can never wipe the King from history." Hull said that Presley was the one artist who was able to dabble in, and be successful in, rhythm and blues, gospel, rock, country, and the movies.

"He covered every base," Hull said. Hull also brought to life such Presley hits as "Viva Las Vegas," "Kentucky Rain," "Suspicious Minds," "Teddy Bear," "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" and "Don't Be Cruel." During the show, Hull did something not many Elvis impressionists can do - he spray-painted an Elvis mural while he sang "Memories." The painting was then auctioned off, with the money going to The Villages Community Philharmonic Orchestra. During the first show, the mural sold for $1,500. The Jordanaires, Presley's backing vocalists, were so impressed with Hull'spaintings that they autographed one of the murals, and it sold for $3,750. Hull never meant to make a career as the King; he actually has a degree in graphic arts and worked in a sign shop. When Hull was about 9 years old, he listened to his mother's Elvis albums; she was a big fan. "I'd sing with a hairbrush and act like the guy," Hull said. In 1979, he entered a talent show singing Presley's tunes.

The crowd's joyous reaction gave him the idea to dress up as Presley. His mother was so impressed, she wanted him to perform at her high school reunion. "It got bigger than the sign shop," Hull said. "Four hundred people [were there], and about 200 of them asked me to do their reunions." Since taking on the role of Presley, Hull has worked with the Jordanaires, Chubby Checker, Joey Dee and the Starliters, and Eddie Rabbit. When he opened for Lee Greenwood a Cypress Gardens, Hull performed in front of 20,000 people, the largest crowd ever for him. At one point, Hull considered getting out of the Elvis game because it was taking up too much of his life. But after hooking up with the Spectors, he put that thought aside. "It's been a lot of fun," Hull said. "I'm not sure I have to stop it. I just want to do something to take people back." (Review, The Villages Daily Sun)

In the King's Shadow, Volume 1: There are literally hundreds of albums featuring Elvis tribute artists. While most are instantly forgettable, once in a while a singer comes along with a voice that is eerily reminiscent of The King. (CD Review, Source: EIN)
Jimmy "Orion" Ellis gunned down: We recently found this archival article on the sad death of the singer at the center of the "Is Elvis Alive?" conspiracy throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, Jimmy (aka the masked man, Orion) Ellis. (Spotlight/Almost Elvis, Source: APB)

Concert review - Greg Page, Mick Gerace & the TCB Band Sydney: In a packed show of over 2 1/2 hours, Sydney got a real treat with some country music classics and a rockin' finale. It was truly like an Elvis "closing night" concert, where the pressure is off and the band can play just for the joy of making great music. (Concert review, Source: EIN)

Kraig Parker brings Elvis to Sherman: For two hours last Friday night, Elvis fans at Sherman's Kidd-Key Auditorium witnessed the "King" once again taking care of business, as Kraig Parker nailed Elvis from vocals to shaking leg. (Concert review, The Herald Democrat, 7 March 2005)

Mick Gerace: talks to EIN about the TCB Band visit "downunder in 2005. (Source: EIN, 17 Feb 2005)

Greg Page talks to EIN about the TCB Band and a lot more: In March, Greg Page is headlining a series of Aussie concerts with TCB Band members, James Burton and Glen D. Hardin. Greg recently talked to EIN about the shows, his CD deal with ABC, the whereabouts of Jerry Scheff, the Taking Care of Country Charity Fund, Greg's plans for a "travelling Elvis museum", and a very special item owned by Elvis that Greg has purchased. (Interview, Source: EIN)
Greg Page in concert: One (Yellow) Wiggle + the TCB Band = a rockin' good time in Nashville!
The TCB Band rocks Sydney!!!: EIN's Piers Beagley takes us into the showroom as he describes the magic that was Mick Gerace, the TCB Band and Sweet Inspiration, Myrna Smith, last weekend in Sydney, Australia. Relive the evening through Piers' vivid review and a photo record of the event. (Review, Source: EIN)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Elvis Impersonators (Part 1): EIN provides a comprehensive look at every aspect of those who either imitate The King or provide a tribute to his legacy. (Source: EIN)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Elvis Impersonators (Part 2): EIN provides a comprehensive look at every aspect of those who either imitate The King or provide a tribute to his legacy. (Source: EIN)

Mick Gerace talks to EIN: following the postponement of the TCB Band & Myrna Smith concert, Australia's leading Elvis tribute artist takes time out to talk to EIN about the rescheduled concert and his future plans. (Source: EIN, 28 July 2004)

Mick Gerace: Australia's leading Elvis tribute artist talks to EIN.(Source: EIN, 2002)

I Remember His First Love Song: Billy Rebel's new tribute single allows the listener to recall a time now long gone.

Every man and woman is an Elvis: unusual story from ABC.com's "The Wolf Files" looking at the wide range and types of Elvis impersonators

Almost Elvis: I cannot praise John Paget's insightful and moving documentary enough. It is a fascinating look behind the scenes of the impersonator's world, delving into the private lives and motivations of its protagonists. (DVD review)



2009 News & Shows


Glen Burnie resident shakes it up as Elvis

A lot of guys buy a new car or take up a hobby during a midlife crisis.

Jed Duvall became someone else - The King.

The 47-year-old Glen Burnie grandfather dons a wig and fake sideburns, and gyrates and sneers his way into people's hearts as Elvis Aaron Presley.

Duvall does three decades of Elvis - from the music legend's early rockabilly days right up to his Las Vegas jumpsuit days, though Duvall admits that as he ages, the '50s Elvis is getting harder and harder to pull off. After all, he's already five years older than Elvis was when he passed away in 1977.

Between performing as Elvis and as Johnny Cash, a second persona added two years ago, Duvall does about 75 shows a year in the mid-Atlantic area.

"He's a fella that's very much at home on the stage," said Carole Carroll, director of an annual benefit for John Hopkins Children's Center called "Night of 100 ELVISes."

"He has an innate ability to connect with the audience very effectively."

Duvall, who also works as a 3-D modeler and animator, got his start as an Elvis impersonator as a senior in high school and performed fairly regularly through the '80s. He hung up his act for about 10 years after he got married.

Duvall did some community theater in the interim, but work and raising a family prevented him from putting in any Elvis time.

"I just got busy," he said. "I was driving from Glen Burnie to Dulles (for my job) and it hardly left time for anything else," he said.

A trained actor (he attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York), he heard the hound dog howlin' again in midlife several years ago and picked up his blue suede shoes once more.

"I like being as authentic as possible," explained Duvall, who considers portraying Elvis to be like an acting role and spends quite a bit of time preparing for shows. "I do a lot of research.

"People come to a show to get as close to Elvis as possible, and that's what I try to give them. There are guys who are better singers, or look more like him, but as far as getting in the mind-set, I'm the top dog there."

That being said, he's careful not to take himself too seriously.

Duvall is concerned with entertaining audiences and works to make sure his performances are top-notch, but he doesn't fret over semantics, like whether he's referred to as an "impersonator." Some others in the profession blanch at this reference, preferring the term ETA, or Elvis Tribute Artist.

"I don't care," quipped Duvall, who said he's too busy enjoying himself to worry about labels, thank you very much.

"When you step out on that stage and you see the thrill on people's faces and kids coming up to shake your hand, it's the biggest thrill in the world," he said.

Duvall, who grew up on a tobacco farm in southern Maryland and traces his roots here back to 1655, first saw an Elvis impersonator as a teenager. He decided to try his own hand at it in a school talent show, simply as a way to get girls, he admits.

Duvall ended up finishing second to last in the show, but was determined to prove the judges wrong and kept at it. When he started attracting a following, he knew he was on to something.

He resumed his Elvis career after snatching up a karaoke microphone while on vacation in the Caribbean. The performance made him realize how much he relished the role.

"It was the reaction of everybody," he explained. "I just missed that live audience reaction, the relationship with an audience."

Cash-ing in

Duvall added the Johnny Cash persona after a benefit organizer asked him if he'd like to take a shot at it.

The two personas are very different, although costumes come a lot cheaper as Cash, where he can get away with a simple black suit. One of his custom-made Elvis jumpsuits can cost as much as $1,000, he said.

"Jed's a very sincere performer," said fellow ETA and friend Jim Parsley, who grew up in Pasadena and now resides in York, Pa. "He puts his heart into a performance."

Parsley prefers Duvall's Cash, but he admitted with a chuckle that it might be because he's "so into Elvis" himself.

Kim Duvall said she wasn't exactly thrilled when her husband resumed being Elvis, although she does support him and attends his shows. "Well, actually I was a little embarrassed," she said with a laugh. "It's (still) not the kind of thing I tell people until I know them."

Kim joked that it's not as glamorous living with Elvis as some people might think, especially when she "loses" her husband for an extended stretch as he prepares for a really big show. "He gets into character all week long," she said.

For a regular performance, Duvall typically gets in his Honda (yes, Elvis drives a Civic) and cruises around, listening to period music. It doesn't necessarily have to be Elvis tunes, just in that genre, he said.

"He's got the look, he's got the hair, and he's got the voice," said Duvall's friend, Andy Gray of Perry Hall. "He puts the time in."

And he has no immediate plans to stop.

Duvall performed in Virginia yesterday as Johnny Cash, and has upcoming shows as Elvis in Laurel and Westminster. He also has several private parties on his upcoming concert schedule.

"It really drives me," he said. "I guess it's something that's in the blood. I guess I'll always do that in some form or another."

For more information on Jed Duvall and his portrayals of Elvis and Johnny Cash, visit the Web site at www.jedduvall.com.


Celebrate Elvis' 75th in Maryland: Friday, January 8, Jed Duvall performs as the King of Rock n' Roll, Elvis! He will be performing 3 sets of 3 eras of Elvis's career. The performance begins at 8pm and will be held at 508 Main Street in historic Laurel. For further information information about Jed Duvall, check his web site at www.jedduvall.com.Visit www.laurelmillplayhouse.org for further information. Make your reservations early as the last time Jed appeared LMP was packed. Tickets are $12 general admission.

Laurel Mill Playhouse
508 Main Street
Laurel, Maryland 20707

Australia........Annual Parkes Elvis Festival Calendar

The highly successful Parkes Elvis Festival near "the Dish" in country New South Wales has a new promotional tool for the January 2010 event.....a colorful calendar. Simon Kerslake is the man behind the calendar. To visit the official Festival website and buy the calendar click here

Some images from Parkes appear below..........Elvis vs. Priscilla....uummmm....think the ladies have it....


Elvis is in the building: One of the longest performing and most popular ETA’s returns to Memphis for his annual performance.

It’s Show Time! It’s that time of year again when the hunters descend in Memphis and surrounding areas decked out in camo and florescent orange in search of the whitetail deer. It’s also show time at the Memphis Theatre where folks crowd in for the annual Elvis Wade Show. People, who wonder from year to year if Elvis will again enter the building, won’t be disappointed in 2009.

Elvis Wade will perform on the Memphis stage on Thursday, November 12th at 7:00 p.m. Cameras will flash, women will swoon and song requests will be screamed out from the audience as Elvis sings, shakes, and lives again!

“I always look forward to coming back to Memphis,” says Wade, “for great hunting and special friends. I have gotten to know a lot of wonderful people over the years and I would be disappointed myself if I were not able to come.”

Wade has been all over the country since last November. He has been in Indiana, Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Florida in just the last month prior to coming to Memphis. Wade actually will be coming here after an eight-day stay in Peru. He will fly back from Lima into Orlando, FL on November 8th. From there he will travel to Nashville where he will drive the remainder of the trip to Memphis.

Tickets are available at Dr. Harlo Donelson’s office or by calling his office at 660-465-7770 or Jo Ann at 660-465-8943.

Dig out those old 50’s hits and brush up on your favorite song titles. It’s show time again in Memphis and Elvis is in the building! (Source: Memphis Democrat)

Elvis Extravaganza: Tampa, Florida, Feb 2010

This is the first in a series of emails regarding the 2010 Elvis Extravaganza National Finals in Tampa Florida.

Date:  February 13 & 14, 2010, Tampa, Florida at the Florida State Fair.

The VIP passes include 2 day fair admission and 3 nights at the VIP after-parties at the Holiday Inn across the street (Fri-Sun), and a goody bag.

These will be $125.  However, there is an early bird special. The first 15 who purchase will receive the VIP package for $99.

The first 15 will also receive something special in their goody bag that no one else will receive.  It's a surprise.  But if you are an Elvis Fan - you will love it.  And it's worth many times over the $99 alone.  It's the biggest bonus we've ever offered.

The VIP package tickets will go on sale on Monday.

Here is your advance purchase link if you would like to take advantage of this early bird offer.  It expires Sunday night or when the 15 are gone.

CD Review – Child In The Ghetto (Mick Gerace with Tone-Z, James Burton and the Sweet Inspirations): The new single from Mick Gerace is now out.

Child In The Ghetto is a great contemporary take on In The Ghetto. From the opening sound of police sirens, through its punchy rap line and pounding backbeat, this is a potent 2009 mix - it is as powerful and relevant as In The Ghetto was in 1969.

Gerace's "Elvis" vocal is nicely complemented by Tone-Z's rap lyric, giving the song a fresh and engaging feel.

It is always a treat to listen to both guitar legend, James Burton, and the beautiful sound of the Sweet Inspirations, and their combined backing support to Gerace on Child In The Ghetto is a delight. 

Gerace earlier released a contemporary remix of one of Elvis’ lesser known and largely unheralded recordings, I’ve Got A Feeling In My Body.  Both this and Child In The Ghetto can be heard at www.myspace.com/mickgerace

If these tracks are a guide, Gerace’s upcoming and cleverly titled album, Geraceland, will be dynamite. (EIN, Oct 2009)

Elvis, Dolly tribute set at Bull Shoals

BULL SHOALS — The King and Dolly are on tap Saturday night at Bull Shoals Theater of the Arts. Well, they'll be there in the form of tribute artists Reggie and Rhonda Randolph of Branson, Mo.

Presented by Chisai Childs, the show starts at 7 p.m. Saturday 24 October. Tickets are $12 and are available at the Little Bit Used Shop, Arvest Bank and the box office in Bull Shoals, and at Mountain Home Area Chamber of Commerce.

An Alabama native, Reggie Randolph's career started in 2000 when he was selected for Dick Clark's "Your Big Break." He's performed across the country, including TV appearances on such programs as "The Rikki Lake Show." He's performed at Legends in Concert at Branson as well as at '50s at the Hop. He performs Elvis from various stages of his career, from young Elvis through the Las Vegas years.

Rhonda Randolph also hails from Alabama. She began performing at the Caravelle Theatre shortly after arriving in Branson. Along with her tribute show to Dolly Parton, Rhonda Randolph also is the 2008 Mrs. Missouri.

Stephen Freeman Concert Update Newsletter

YMCA at Virginia Tech Presents
"Halloween with Elvis"

Stephen Freeman - One Night Only!!!!

Next Friday, October 30, 2009 at 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

The night BEFORE Halloween


Feel free to come dressed as your favorite star!!!!  

Nationally known Disc Jockey, David Frazier, will be on hand to provide music for dancing before and after Stephen's concert.  Bring out your entire family for this fun filled unique event.  There will also be a raffle with many exciting prizes to be given away.  Proceeds to benefit the YMCA at Virginia Tech! 

For ticket information contact: 


YMCA at Virginia Tech

403 Washington St., SW 

 Blacksburg, VA 24060



"Elvis Now 2009"

RJ Coltin and the new
former members of the "Elvis Presley Band"
We were in Hilltop recording studio in Nashville and I was recording with the former members of the Elvis Presley Band and the Jordanaires on the Reunion In Nashville album under the direction of DJ Fontana. I had just left the piano, and the guys had listened to me play,and sing the songs we were going to record, and wrote there charts. Charlie Hodge said to me RJ let me work with you on piano, and I want you to do a show i was working with Elvis on, and he loved the idea.He told me Elvis was gaining weight,and was worried about it,and asked me what he was going to do as he got older,and with the weight gain what he would do to entertain his fans. I told Elvis I would teach him enough piano, and he would be able to go on stage dressed in a tuxedo sit at a Baby Grand piano, along with the band,and back-up singers, and sing his greatest hits,and spiratuals the way we did it at Graceland when we were having those sessions.He said Elvis loved the idea,but before it became a reality Elvis died,and it never happened. Charlie said with you owning the copyright on the name"the former members of the Elvis Presley band, the similarity in voice,your age and background with the band it would be a perfect show for you.At the time i told Charlie I was not ready to do it.Charlie passed last year, and I was searching for a new band that could copy the sound of the Elvis presley band.I finally found the right players, and test marketed the show in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, at a Night spot on Lake Harmony named Shenanigans to a sold out crowd with me on piano in a tuxedo belting out Elvis's greatest hits,along with Mike McMillan on guitar, Bobby Stone on Bass, and Nick Lauro on drums, and we had to do three enchores for a yelling, screaming for more crowd before we could leave the stage. It was just like Charlie Hodge predicted only he was'nt there to see it but his idea became a reality,and ELVIS NOW 2009 was born. For more information and for bookings visit www.ronniesando.moonfruit.com
(From the Archives) Who Is That Masked Man? by Sylvia Slaughter, The Tennessean Vol. 93 No. 224 Sec. 1D, August 12, 1997

Figuratively speaking, Jimmy Ellis swivels around in a pair of borrowed Blue Suede Shoes. Or so say the fans who will flock to see the man they refer to as the king of the King's impersonators tonight at Nashville Nightlife, the man whose stage name is Orion, the man who sounds so much like Elvis that, perhaps, just perhaps, he is Elvis.

Or so say certain members of Ellis' fan club, including the club president, Kathy Hoffman of Keedysville, Md.: "I've known Orion for about 12 years, and after all those years, I'd have to say, no, he isn't Elvis. But even I can't be 100% sure. Who knows?"

For one, Orion knows.

"I'm Orion," he said. "Only Orion. NOT Elvis. Never been to no Michigan laundry mat, either."

That's all right, Orion. The floor is yours...

"If you say I sound like Elvis, then I sound like Elvis. To you. To me, I sound like Orion."

But there's Kathy Hoffman to contend with: "He's identical to Elvis. When I first heard Orion on the radio, he was singing Ebony Eyes. I couldn't remember Elvis with that song. I went to the record store, got a copy of the record, and it said Orion. He kind of breathes Elvis."

To a degree, he does: "Elvis was [note past tense] the greatest," Orion said.

That Orion rode to fame on the coattails of the King piques the artist a little. Elvis sang Elvis; Orion sings Orion, he says.

That they seemingly have identical vocal cords has been both a kiss and a curse: "In some ways, I don't mind being compared to Elvis. But I always wanted my own identity as an artist. [The studios] wanted only one Elvis, but if you have a voice that sounds like George Jones or Merle Haggard, that's OK with them. You hear country singers all day, and they got the Haggard and Jones sound, and they grow into big hat acts. But nobody wants another Elvis sound. I guess I understand, because Elvis Presley is the king of rock 'n' roll."

Orion sounded a bit wistful, like he was saying the King is the king, but Orion isn't exactly counterfeit. But why the mask when you sing, Orion? And why the Vegas flash and dash onstage?

I don't wear jumpsuits like Elvis did," Orion said. "Just say I dress Orion-style."

Fan club prez Hoffman explaining her take on the mask and its mystique: "Sun Records put it on Jimmy Ellis so that a lot of people would think he was Elvis."

Orion concedes that he doesn't have an identity crisis, mask or not. "I ain't Elvis. Elvis was Elvis," he ensures.

Ok, Elvis was Elvis, but Jimmy Ellis is Orion.

"Yeah," Orion said. "Shelby Singleton gave the name to me when he was president of Sun Records. Back in the late '70s. Name came from a book."

And to prove that life imitates art, the book, by Gail Brewer Giorgio, was about a singer who became so famous that he couldn't go anywhere or do anything. He became more or less a prisoner of his own fame, fakes his own death and attended his own funeral as his own pallbearer.

Orion wasn't at any funeral two decades ago, thank you. Especially his own. And he said that the day the music died, that August day 20 years ago Saturday when Elvis Aaron Presley literally fell off the throne, Jimmy Ellis was very much alive.

"I was walking in the door, the phone was ringing, and it was a friend calling to tell me that the King is dead.

I was terribly stunned. I couldn't sing for days." Not even in the key of Elvis.

Visit the official Jimmy Ellis/Orion website for news, MP3s, Orion merchandise and more

Stephen Freeman Concert Update Newsletter

Liberty Showcase Theatre!!

Stephen Freeman and the "Echos of a Legend Showband" returns to the Liberty Showcase Theatre by popular demand!!!

This Coming Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 7:00 PM

For ticket information contact:

Liberty Showcase Theater


Liberty Showcase now serves dinner prior to the show. You may purchase tickets for dinner and show or show only tickets. Prices are as follows:

Dinner and Show Tickets $45.00:
Dinner starts at 5:30 PM Dinner reservations must be made by Thursday October 1.

Show Only Tickets $30 in advance - $35 at the door



CD Review: Pledging My Love (David Cazalet): Leading ETA, David Cazalet, has released his latest album, Pledging My Love.

It is essentially a wonderful tribute to Elvis’s great love song period of the early to mid 60s.  Elvis' songbook is so vast that it can be easy to forget just how many emotive and from the heart tracks he recorded.

Cazalet is a seasoned performer and his strong and melodic voice works very well with the 17 songs he has chosen for his latest album. With Cazalet in fine form, Pledging My Love is one of those albums which s easy to play over and over again.

Read EIN's full review


The Elvisʼ are in the building!
Elvis Presley was a music revolutionary, who broke all known
boundaries in the world of music and entertainment…
And now, this November, four of the worlds acclaimed tribute artists will be
hitting Australia for the most anticipated Elvis tribute performance of 2009…

A truly spectacular performance with unbelievable momentum, Shawn
Klush(USA), Donny Edwards(USA), Stephen Kabakos(Canada) & Justin
Shandor(USA) will bring to the stage an array of the king of rock ʼnʼ rollʼs
unforgettable hits incl. “Hound Dog”, “Jail House Rock”, “Burning Love” to “My
Way” plus many, many more. This jam packed, two and a half hour
extravaganza event is sure to leave a commemorative portrait in each guests
mind, with only the king doing it better himself.
Covering the eras of costume that changed history and lead upon a new era
in entertainment, the show will take the audience on a classic journey from
the rockʼn 50ʼs, through the sensational 60ʼs and finally into the triumphant
70ʼs; in concert and in costume.
Highlighting Elvisʼ classic costumes including: the 1950ʼs Gold Lame suit,
GI Blues uniform, Blue Hawaii outfit, ʼ68 Comeback Special leather suit
and the Las Vegas and Concert Years jumpsuit.
Each performer has reached challenging heights in honor of the kings
legacy to bring to audiences across the world a true rendition of Elvisʼs
history making chronicle.

MELBOURNE PALMS AT CROWN Fri 13th & Sat 14th Nov
(Matinee & Evening on Sat)
For more information and ticketing details please visit: www.completelyelvis.com.au
With all media and public relations directed to: Kimberley Mann
E: Kimberley@audiothreads.com.au
M: 0416 338 020 - PH: 07 3161 9547

Stephen Freeman Show Updates

Join award winning Elvis Tribute Artist, Stephen Freeman, and the talented WHDT cast as they perform a variety of your favorite Elvis songs, (as they were originally recorded) by Elvis Presley. This all new production by Stephen Freeman will feature popular favorites from all three decades of Elvis's career.  Two shows each day!!

Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre
170 Malin Drive
Wytheville, VA

September 15 & 16, 2009
Matinee begins at 12:00 PM
Evening shows begin at 6:00 PM

For Reservations Call: Toll Free 1-888-950-3382
Group Rates are Available 

Stephen Freeman returns to the Liberty Showcase Theatre by popular demand!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 7:00 PM

For ticket information contact:

Liberty Showcase Theater



Liberty Showcase now serves dinner prior to the show. You may purchase tickets for dinner and show or show only tickets. Prices are as follows:

Dinner and Show Tickets $45.00:
Dinner starts at 5:30 PM Dinner reservations must be made by Thursday October 1.

Show Only Tickets $30 in advance - $35 at the door


Child in the Ghetto - Contemporary remix of In The Ghetto released by Mick Gerace: An exciting remix of In The Ghetto, retitled as Child in the Ghetto has been recorded by one of Australia's leading singers, Mick Gerace, backed by The Sweet Inspirations and the legendary James Burton.

Mick says: Well we have released a promo track for the up coming album, Geraceland & it's called "Child in the Ghetto".

You can have a listen here: myspace.com/mickgerace

Love to hear what you think of it so please leave comments.

After scouring the planet for the right vocal temperament for the rap part of this track we found TONE-Z in New York. He's the real deal & you can check his tunes at: http://tonezworld.com

Other artists on this track include:
The Sweet Inspirations- backing vocals
James Burton- guitar
John Ertler, - programming, keyboards, bass, guitars
John Bettison - acoustic guitar - Child In The Ghetto
Gordon Rytmeister- Drums
Stewart Kirwan - Trumpet
Anthony Kable - Trombone
Mark Taylor - Tenor and Baritone Sax
Charlie Hull - Production, programming, recording, keyboards

Will update the blog with full list of the team that have performed & produced Geraceland album soon...

Vota Promotions proudly presents LEGENDS  SHOWCASE, a 2 hr musical spectacular starring MARK ANDREW and his fabulous Show Girls and Show Band.

Mark Andrew has mastered the looks and sounds of Dean Martin, Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Tom Jones, Jim Morrison, Austin Powers and Elvis Presley, with a special guest appearance by Louie Lee Feltrin as ROBBIE WILLIAMS.(Melb shows only)


"His performance is an  intoxicating, high energy, nostalgic immersion in yesterday’s chart busters. Don’t miss the chance to see him on stage – whoever he may  be." MAX WALKER.WATCH THE SHOWREEL BELOW


NOVEMBER 25 & 26: The Palms at Crown 8pm shows.

Book Now at Ticketek 1300 795 012
Ticketek Interstate (all states) - (03) 9299 9012


DECEMBER 26 (BOXING DAY) 2 SHOWS at South Sydney Juniors, 7pm & 9pm shows.




Above is a preliminary poster for a show I am producing in Manistee, Michigan. It is a beautiful area and very popular in the fall when the events take place as all the leaves are turning colour. The shows are similar but different - one Friday and one Saturday. They feature 5 different ETAs on each night with a different song line up and are backed by the EAS Band. Emcee is Tarie Aron as Marilyn.
The casino wants to attract maximum audiences to build for an annual event so has priced the tickets at $10/each. That's right - including the world famous EAS Band as well as 9 of the best ETAs in the area and a rising young star - Jake Slater.
The casino hotel is already booked for the weekend but there are other hotels in the area that can be found at http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q=manistee+michigan+hotels
The theatre seats 1500 and the area holds lots of other attractions including the Little River Resort Casino where the shows are being held.
Manistee is about a four and a half hour drive from Detroit and is well worth visiting. It even boasts a great ice cream store that always gets my attention while in town.
Come on out and enjoy an inexpensive weekend in a resort town with fine entertainment and an opportunity to even pay for your trip if you get lucky at the casino.



Richard Rosenthal

Windsor: (519) 974-2027

Cell: (248) 207-5796

Detroit: (313) 915-4729

Florida: (727) 344-1865

Email: rrosenthal1@cogeco.ca

New England Elvis Festival (preliminary to the Ultimate Tribute Competition) 

September 4-6, 2009 

Radisson HotelManchester, New Hampshire, USA


Special Guests: Pete PaquetteShawn KlushRonny Craig - MC 

After-hours parties

Free Gospel Concert Change of Habit Tribute Band 

Tickets: 518-681-7452 

Entries: Closed and full

Elvis Presley impersonators to gather in Manchester, N.H., for festival
August 30, 2009
By Rosemary Ford

Millions couldn't help falling in love with him.

Now, more than 30 years after Elvis Presley's death, The King's legacy lives on, through his music, his fabulous home Graceland and the thousands of tribute artists reenacting highlights from his storied career.

A piece of that legacy comes to Manchester, N.H., next weekend, when the New England Elvis Festival visits the New Hampshire city affectionately — and in this case appropriately — dubbed Manch-Vegas.

"For the past few years, we've been looking to transplant our festival to a larger, more cosmopolitan stage," said Jason Sherry, president of Adirondack Promotions LLC, the organizer of the show. "Our inaugural event in this market will feature the country's finest tribute artists performing some of Elvis' most beloved songs."

Adirondack has also runs a similar event in Lake George, N.Y., since 2005. According to organizers, this festival is a qualifier for the grand challenge — the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest held in Memphis, Tenn., which crowns the King of the Kings and awards a $20,000 prize.

Tribute Artist Adviser Terry Collins estimates there are about 20,000 Elvis tribute artists actively performing at any given time. This competition narrows the field by extending invitations to some of the region's most gifted performers who make a living as Presley.

"People who haven't been to (an Elvis) festival don't know how good these guys are," Collins said.

The Manchester contest is modeled after the Lake George Elvis Festival, featuring 20 of the world's most seasoned Elvis tribute artists vying for the champion's crown and more than $3,500 in prize money.

Included in the mix will be local favorite Mark Stanzler of Manchester, a former chef turned performer.

"Singing was always a passion and hobby for me and gave me an escape from the pressures of working in the restaurant industry," Stanzler said. "During an extremely rare lay off period when the restaurant I was working at was closed for renovations, I decided on a leap of faith to pursue a full-time career (as an Elvis tribute artist)."

Stanzler, along with the other tribute artists, will perform a 15-minute set on both Friday and Saturday and will have his results from both nights tabulated to determine the overall winner.

"I'm really looking forward to the Elvis festival," he said. "These events are usually held far from New Hampshire, so I'm excited to be able to finally perform closer to home."

Collins said judges are looking for style, accuracy, performance prowess (Presley had a four-octave range) and a little something extra.

"There is something you can't buy or study, he's got to have that charisma," Collins said.

Besides the competition, Shawn Klush, 2007's Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition winner, will recreate Elvis' famous "Aloha from Hawaii" concert on Saturday, Sept. 5, from 8 to 10:30 p.m.

"I sit there with goosebumps watching this guy," Collins said. "It's like watching Elvis."

The show will open with Pete Paquette doing a tribute to Elvis' early years. Both Paquette and Klush will be backed by the Change of Habit Tribute Band.

Other weekend highlights include an extensive Elvis memorabilia and souvenir sale and a free Sunday morning Gospel concert.

If you go:

What: New England Elvis Festival

When: Friday, Sept. 4 to Sunday, Sept. 6

Where: Radisson Hotel, 700 Elm St., Manchester, N.H.

How: Weekend packages range from $65-$115. Tickets for only Saturday's "Aloha from New England" show start at $35. Tickets for individual performance sets start at $15. For more information, a complete schedule of events and to purchase your tickets, visit www.NewEnglandElvisFestival.com or call 518-681-7452.

Schedule of events

Friday, Sept. 4

5-7:30 p.m.: Round one of competition. Set one features 10 artists performing four songs to recorded music.

7:30-8 p.m.: Intermission/formal opening ceremony

8-10:30 p.m.: Set two, featuring 10 artists backed by a live band.

11 p.m.: After party at J.D.'s Tavern at the Radisson Hotel.

Saturday, Sept. 5

10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Round two of the competition. Set one features 10 artists singing four songs backed by a live band. 12:30-1 p.m.: Intermission

1-3 p.m.: Set two, featuring 10 performers singing four songs each backed by recorded music.

8-10:30 p.m.: "Aloha from New England" concert featuring Ultimate Elvis Concert 2007 winner Shawn Klush.

11 p.m.: After party at J.D.'s Tavern at the Radisson Hotel.

Sunday, Sept. 6

10-11:30 a.m.: Free Gospel concert

1-2:30 p.m.: Set one of the final round features five of the 10 finalists singing five songs each, backed by a live band.

2:30-3 p.m.: Intermission

3-4:30 p.m.: Set two, featuring the final 10 finalists, performing five songs with a live band.

4:30-5 p.m.: Intermission

5 p.m.-6:30 p.m.: Awards ceremony

6:30 p.m.: Wrap part at J.D.'s Tavern at the Radisson Hotel. 

Source: http://www.eagletribune.com/pulife/local_story_242010207.html

Hi everyone
The highlights of the Gospel show from the 2009 Windsor Elvis fest is now on YouTube along with the Saturday Showcase highlights.
Please feel free to pass them on.
Gospel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xy4jxiIyLc
Showcase: http://www.youtube.com/user/rrosenthal#play/all/uploads-all/1/zShutCkWFxo



Richard Rosenthal

Windsor: (519) 974-2027

Cell: (248) 207-5796

Detroit: (313) 915-4729

Florida: (727) 344-1865




YOUTH JUNIOR 1st place winner – LUCA LAVOIE
2nd place winner – CALEB LAVOIE
3rd place winner – AARON GALLANT YOUTH SENIOR 1st place winner – ANTHONY CARBONE
2nd place winner – BRYCEN KATOLINSKY
2nd place winner – JOEY CUNDARI
2nd place winner – JEFF MARSH
3rd place winner – MATTHEW LAWRENCE
2nd place winner – JOEY CUNDARI
3rd place winner – JAMES BEGLEY PROFESSIONAL CONCERT YEARS 1st place winner – THANE DUNN
2nd place winner – DWIGHT ICENHOWER
1st place winner – Jay Zanier
2nd place winner – Ben Klein
3rd place winner – David Muggeridge

ETA Cervini, Mario passes away:
CERVINI, Mario Passed away after a short, yet courageous battle with cancer on Friday, July 10, 2009. Together in love with Bonnie Roach for 12 years. Cherished father of Thomas, Louise (Mike), and James. Loving son of Antonietta and the late Angelo Cervini (1993). Dearest brother of Bill Cervini. Loved son in-law of Shirley Roach and brother in-law of Marilyn Roach (John) and Janice Pulley (Richard). Mario will be deeply missed by many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. He spent 27 years as a dutiful employee of Heinz. Mario gained recognition in the local community as an Elvis tribute artist. His entertainment expertise brought enjoyment to seniors, vacationers and many other community event visitors. He has been a participant in the annual Windsor Elvis Fest since its inception. Mario's family members and friends have benefited from his generous and selfless nature. Visiting at the Reid Funeral Home, 14 Russell Street, Leamington (519-326-2631) on Monday from 7-9 p.m. and Tuesday from 2-5 & 7-9 p.m. Parish Prayers Tuesday at 8 p.m. Funeral Service to Celebrate Mario's life will be held by his family and friends, at the funeral home, on Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at 11 a.m. In lieu of flowers, donations, made by cheque, to the Leamington Hospital Foundation would be greatly appreciated by Mario's family. Family and friends are invited to share their memories and words of comfort at www.reidfuernalhome.ca In the words of Mario (and Elvis), "I did it my way!"

Elvis singer kept teenage girl locked in underground dungeon: Katie Peters, 18, was handcuffed, had her mouth covered and hands and feet bound before being locked in a pitch black, 6ft by 4ft cell. Her former boyfriend, Tony Boden, even built a silk-lined coffin complete with hand restraints to keep her in.

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard that Boden lured Miss Peters to his music shop Soundmasters, in Bilston, West Mids, before seizing her and bundling her down two flights of stairs. There, at the end of a cellar, he had built the prison cell by putting up a false wall made out of MDF, access through which was through a trap door. He even lined the walls with carpet to muffle any noise.

Boden, who sings with a popular rock’n’roll band Footloose using the stage name Tony Denim, hatched his plan after Miss Peters, who he remained infatuated with, ended their 18-month relationship. He enlisted another girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, 21, to keep an eye on Miss Peters throughout her ordeal as he attempted to cover his tracks by organising a search party.

He tried to deflect the search away from him by leaving messages on her mobile, calling her friends for information and making missing person posters. All the while Miss Peters, a gifted musician who met Boden when she taught music at his shop, was left shivering and in terror. She was initially left alone for over four hours – during which time she tried to kick her way out of the room - before Marshall returned to act as jailer and stayed with her throughout the remainder of the ordeal. During that time she ate just one meal, brought from a nearby McDonald's by Boden, who also provided water. Miss Peters had her hands secured behind her back for over 24 hours before Marshall took pity and released the shackles.

She said: "I tried not to panic and although I felt sick and was extremely frightened. I quickly resigned myself to the situation I was in and my survival instincts took over. I knew that if I had any hope of getting out unharmed I would have to try not make them angry or panic. I did not sleep during my time in the cellar as I was in a lot of pain from the handcuffs, which were cutting at my wrists and it was very cold."

She said the incident had a profound effect on her.

When Miss Peters failed to show up after two days, police began to focus on Boden, from Ettingshall, West Mids, and in particular the sprawling, four-floored, 42-room building that housed the shop. On March 2nd they assembled a search team and sniffer dogs and found Miss Peters locked away underground. Boden admitted kidnap and false imprisonment and was jailed for two and a half years. Marshall admitted false imprisonment and will be sentenced later. (News, Source: Nick Britten, telegraph.co.uk, 4 Sep 2009)

New tribute song: Elvis is most likely the most sung about artist in the world, with over 4.000 songs that refer to him.

But once in a while a brand new song comes along that is "all Elvis" - like the new song by Leki & the Sweet Mints, titles "Everybody wants to be Elvis".

Child in the Ghetto - Contemporary remix of In The Ghetto released by Mick Gerace: An exciting remix of In The Ghetto, retitled as Child in the Ghetto has been recorded by one of Australia's leading singers, Mick Gerace, backed by The Sweet Inspirations and the legendary James Burton.

Mick says: Well we have released a promo track for the up coming album, Geraceland & it's called "Child in the Ghetto".

You can have a listen here: myspace.com/mickgerace

Love to hear what you think of it so please leave comments.

After scouring the planet for the right vocal temperament for the rap part of this track we found TONE-Z in New York. He's the real deal & you can check his tunes at: http://tonezworld.com

Other artists on this track include:
The Sweet Inspirations- backing vocals
James Burton- guitar
John Ertler, - programming, keyboards, bass, guitars
John Bettison - acoustic guitar - Child In The Ghetto
Gordon Rytmeister- Drums
Stewart Kirwan - Trumpet
Anthony Kable - Trombone
Mark Taylor - Tenor and Baritone Sax
Charlie Hull - Production, programming, recording, keyboards

Will update the blog with full list of the team that have performed & produced Geraceland album soon...
(Mon 6 July 2009)

- Featuring Mark Andrew as Elvis in The 50s, The Movies, The '68 Comeback and CONCERT Years with his Show band & Show Girls. Dinner & Show at these venues.

FRI 14TH - CHELSEA RSL TOWN HALL - 4 Thames Promenade Chelsea.
Phone: 9772-1873
Taylors Lakes Victoria 3038
Phone 03 9390 9788
Phone 9850 7111

The 17th ANNUAL

Collecting The King® Memorabilia Show   2009

(Formerly at the Clarion Hotel Airport on Brooks Road)
Peabody Hotel
149 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN  38103
Hernando Desoto Room
(Inside the Hotel) AUGUST 13th -15th
Thursday & Friday: 10 am - 7 pm / Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm 

New & Vintage Collectibles For Sale!


Special Guests:
 HOWARD DVORIN (Son of AL "Elvis has left the building" DVORIN)

JERRY OSBORNE - "The Elvis Presley Record and Memorabilia Price Guide" 
More to be announced. 
Elvi s and Elvis Presley are registered trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. ©2009 EPE.

****David Cazalet appearing in Canberra****

One of Australia's leading ETA's, David Cazalet, who appeared in the film, Honeymoon in Vegas, is returning to Canberra. On Friday the 3rd of July, he'll be performing with his Band, Harmony Group and Dancers at The Southern Cross Club for a Christmas in July Show.  On Saturday the 4th of July he's doing the annual event for Snowy Hydro South Care Helicopter at the Convention Centre.

Elvis Extravaganza Summer Celebration

Don't miss the Elvis Extravaganza Summer Celebration at Bearcreek Farms in Bryant, IN July 23-25, 2009.

Lodging available all three days...just 10 or so rooms remaining. Book tickets, concert packatges and lodging online or call Betsy or Susan at 260-997-6822.

Things kick-off on Thursday July 23 at 2pm and 7:30pm with Country Music Artist Ronnie McDowell.

Then Friday and Saturday July 24 & 25 at 2pm & 7:30pm is the Elvis Extravaganza Tribute Show and Contest.

Show features the Extravaganza Show Band, Horns, and singers. Souvenirs available for sale.  Vendors.  FREE Elvis Tribute Museum admission all three days.  See costumes, jewelry, jungle room furniture and more.

If you would like a vending space contact us at email@elviscontest.com Contestants sign up at http://www.elviscontest.com
Tickets:  http://www.bearcreekfarms.com

Contestants will sing four songs with the show band...and be judged in 4 categories:  vocals, originality, appearance and delivery. Top scoring contestants receive cash and prizes and advance to the 3rd Annual National Finals at the Florida State Fair in Tampa in February 2010.

eMail any questions.

See you there!

Jack www.elviscontest.com

Elvis would have lost American Idol!: This year's American Idol competition was the embodiment of America's culture war. It was never a singing contest. 

Today, I was interviewed on the Sirius radio show "Across the Nation with Bob Dunning," and I correctly predicted Kris Allen would win the American Idol (AI) title even though Adam Lambert is the true talent and will be a worldwide superstar. Allen will most likely disappear into the woodwork within a year.

Why did I predict this? Because five of the seven past winners have been Christians, and all of the past AI winners have come from culturally more conservative states than their opponents. Allen is from a small town in Arkansas, and Lambert is from a big city in California. Allen is a church leader, and Lambert has never disclosed his religious beliefs.  

The majority of Americans identify as politically right of center. During the 2008 election, polls showed them to be more in line with the values of John McCain than Barack Obama. Barack Obama was able to overcome this hurdle and win the election because he was seen as a moderate. Lambert can in no way be described as moderate on stage. His flashy stage presence and the lingering questions about his sexual orientation put him firmly in the liberal camp.

by Charlotte Laws     www.opednews.com

Ronald Presley-Morton, our Celtic Bearded Heavy Metal Presley who usually goes by the stage name of R. Cristofer is back rocking out in the Deep South with his thrash metal band The Cut Throat Conspiracy.  Help support yet another Presley in the art of Rock and Roll.  May the royal lineage of rock continue to thrive.

Ronald can be seen in the Magic City with his band The Cut Throat Conspiracy or you can visit www.myspace.com/thecutthroatconspiracy
He has also played for the Southern Punkabilly band of Zenkil from 1989-2005 at www.myspace.com/zenkil
Ronald Presley-Morton's new facebook fan site:

Seminole Elvis® Fest(Preliminary to Images of the King) 

July 4, 2009 Seminole CasinoImmokalee, Florida 

$10,000 prize money 

Ronny Craig - MCBlue Suede Review Band Entries888-748-9989 

Info: 239-658-1313


Starring Steve Preston & Chris ConnorFri 26 June   Ellesmere Port Civic HallCivic Way, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 0BE   Tickets £10, Box office: 0151 355 7652.  Doors 7pm, starts 8pm.  Sat 27 June   Bacup Leisure HallBurnley Road, Bacup, Rossendale, Lancashire, OL13 8AG  Tickets £10, Box office: 01706 875 550.  Doors 7pm, starts 8pm. Fri 3 July    Dewsbury Town HallOld Wakefield Road, Dewsbury, W. Yorkshire, WF12 8DG   Tickets £10, Box office: 01924 324 501.  Doors 7pm, starts 8pm.  For those of you who simply cannot wait until this years World's Greatest tour... here is the perfect warm up!!  A Tribute To Elvis features two of the UK's finest Elvis acts together in a stunning portrayal of the Greatest entertainer the world has ever seen!! Starring Steve Preston and Chris Connor, this powerful show takes you through the King's greatest hits and will leave you in no doubt why Elvis will always be remembered as The King of Rock 'n' Roll!   Steve Preston has been regarded as one of the UK's leading Elvis tributes for over 10 years and has notched up a list of achievements that is second to none.  His spectacular show has taken him all over the world and in the mid 90's he became the only tribute artiste ever to appear on The Royal Variety Performance in front of Her Majesty the Queen.   Chris Connor recently burst onto the scene in early 2009 as he made a huge impact at Blackpool's European Elvis convention.  Shortly after, Chris entered the Images of the King European championships held in Porthcawl, South Wales - and after competing against 30 other Elvis acts, he was crowned European Champion Elvis, winning an all expenses paid trip to Memphis, Tennessee where he will compete against America's finest in the international grand finals this coming August. And 2009 is set to get even better for Chris and Steve as they are both due to perform alongside Elvis's original band members The Sweet Inspirations and D.J. Fontana in this year's World's Greatest Elvis Tribute Artiste Concert tour.  The shows are headlined by the BBC's World's Greatest Elvis -Shawn Klush and take place at the Manchester Apollo, Harrogate International Centre and Cardiff St. David's Hall over this August bank holiday weekend.

But for now, don't miss Steve Preston and Chris Connor as they perform together for the first time in A Tribute to Elvis.  For videos and more information, visit the websites www.elitetributes.com, www.chrisconnor.org, www.stevepreston.com.

ETA event - Resorts Atlantic City 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City; 609-344-6000. www.resortsac.com. Boogie Nights - Fri. & Sat. 9 pm. $10. Celebrates the music, style & pop culture of the '70s & '80s. DJs spin disco, pop & dance hits. Light show, music videos, special guests. Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest - Contest winner qualifies to compete in the 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist finals in Memphis. $20. 6/5 9 pm. 6/6 8 pm. Mark Weiss - Music industry photographer whose portraits have a retro feel. Closes 6/27. (5 June 2009)

Elvis sighted on streets of Aussie Gold Coast: ELVIS Presley look-alike Les Garth doesn't just dress up for Wintersun.

The 43-year-old dons the colourful suits, the side burns and the slick hairdo of the King of Rock 'n' Roll even on the occasional trip to the sup- ermarkets. And he never minds a photo with diehard fans.

“I dress up whenever I feel like it. I've done it when I'm just ducking down to the shops,” the Palm Beach resident said.

“I do it because I love it. I've had people try to snap a shot of me out their car window as I've walked across the street.

“I'm always happy to pose for a photo. I've been a fan of Elvis my whole life.”

Mr Garth was spotted in Griffith Street, Coolangatta yesterday taking a happy snap with some fans in the lead-up to his sixth Wintersun. He said he is looking forward to next weekend when the nostalgia festival transforms Coolangatta and Tweed Heads into 50s-60s music heaven.

“I just came down today to check out the beginning. There is not much happening yet, but I will be back in my white Elvis clothes with some leis for the main weekend,” Mr Garth said.

Festival director Barry McNamara said it's been another tough year organising the annual event

“It's been hard to organise, but this is where the work pays off,” Mr McNamara said.

Wintersun officially kicked off last night with a shindig at the Seagulls Lounge and will run until Monday June 8.


• Grand opening at Seagulls Auditorium at 7.30pm tonight.

• Wintersun Street Parade in Coolangatta at 9.45am next Saturday.

• Rock 'n' Roll church service at Lanham Street Anglican Church at 9am.

• Best of Wintersun Concert at Seagulls at 9.30am on Monday June 8. (Source: Tweed Daily News, 1 June 2009)

Congratulations to



******************************* TELEVISION INTERVIEW AND PERFORMANCESEE THE CHANNEL MANCHESTER TV INTERVIEW AND PERFORMANCE BY CHRIS CONNORFOLLOW THIS LINK    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSEq2DjvhUQ&fmt=18See Chris talking about his competition win and his upcoming performance in this years tour of The World's Greatest Elvis Tribute Artiste Concert In just a short space of time, there is no doubt that Chris Connor (Picture attached) has emerged as the UK's fastest rising Elvis tribute artiste.  As part of his prize for winning this years Images of the King contest, Chris will receive an all expenses paid, week long trip to Memphis, Tennessee where he will compete against America's finest in the international grand final.  However, first on the agenda for Chris will be a trip to King's home, Graceland.  He said:  "I'm absolutely ecstatic to have won the Images of the King competition and to visit Graceland will be a dream come true for me."Chris will also be performing with Elvis Presley's original band members The Sweet Inspirations and DJ Fontana in The World’s Greatest Elvis Tribute Artiste Concert this August bank holiday (Tour dates below).  The concerts are set to be headlined by American Shawn Klush, the winner BBC One’s World’s Greatest Elvis.Chris would like to thank everybody for their continued support. Keep up to date by visiting the websites www.chrisconnorelvis.com and www.elitetributes.com(Picture of Chris attached)"One of the best Elvis look-a-likes in the world" BBC ONE PRODUCTION TEAM "A World Class Elvis Tribute Artiste"CHANNEL M TELEVISIONWorld's Greatest Elvis Tribute Artiste Concert tour dates Saturday 29 AugustManchester Apollo Sunday 30 AugustHarrogate International Centre Tuesday 1 SeptemberCardiff St. David's Hall Buy your tickets from www.elitetributes.com/howtobuy.htm

Or for more information contact enquiries@theworldsgreatestelvis.co.uk

Elvis Festival expected to draw 6,000 to Lake George this weekend: If you can't make it to Las Vegas to get your fill of all things Elvis, try Lake George this weekend. The sixth annual LakeGeorge.com Elvis Festival from May 28th through May 31st features 50 Elvis tribute artists -- including eight from the Capital Region -- competing in professional, amateur and youth categories for over $8,000 in prize money.

Over 6,000 Elvis Presley fans are expected at the festival.

Highlights include a free opening night ceremony in Shepard's Park, a memorabilia show and sale, tribute shows, and after-hours parties. For more information, visit www.lakegeorgeelvisfest.com (News, Source: CBSalbany.com, 28 May 2009)


Calling all London area ETA's:

Heritage House,
6 Eldon Street,
EC2M 7LS ,
London United Kingdom
Contact Centre : +447045735361
Available 08:30 to 18:00 ( UK time)

Respected ELVIS - My Name is Rev Kelly Bentley Festival Director of Heritage Music Company here in the London UK . A company that specializes in promotions of events in the entertainment industry. We promote and gives international exposure to musicians and entertainers all over the globe.

We came across your profile and we are impressed with your services,experience,your kind of entertaining heart of course is okay by us. We want to have your talent involved in these year event.

We are hosting a Music Festival event in which we want you to perform here in London UK .
We are writing to invite and confirm your booking to perform at the Heritage Music Cultural Festival . You will never regret working with us.
We are powered by some great sponsors here in the Uk.

The Venue as follows:
Friends House Hall( London ) Hospitality Friends House
173 Euston Road
London NW1 2BJ
Date 16th, of June 2009

The Heritage Music Company Payment for service will be discussed as soon as you honor our invitation. If you have any more publicity material, please do not hesitate to contact us. Document and contract will be send to you as soon as you honor our invitation. Please provide the company more information. Home address, phone contact, website and other necessary data to get a formal letter of invitation from the company. We promise a very solid arrangement. Thanks for your cooperation.

Yours Sincerely
Rev Kelly Bentley
Festival Director

Attn: Doug Church Fans:  Saturday May 30th - 1950's with Jim Barone, The Movie Songs from the 60's and the black leather, 68 Comeback by Rick Virga, and The Closer The World Known "Voice of Elvis" DOUG CHURCH doing the 1970's. For Tickets 1-877-745-5450.  "A SHOW NOT TO MISS... GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY.... " Address: Madison Junior High School
               160 Main Street
                Madison, New Jersey 
For Tickets and Info: 1-877-745-5450

Graceland team come to Montgomery: A team from Graceland visited the "Montgomery Advertiser" earlier today to promote four new exhibitions featuring Elvis Presley's $1 million guitar, gold watch and gold prescription sunglasses.

Elvis Week doesn't begin until Aug. 8, but people of all ages -- not just fans of the King of Rock 'n' Roll -- may want to drive on up to Memphis for the weekend and tour Graceland and other attractions in the area.

His legacy lives on through such exhibits as Elvis in Hollywood, which tells the story of how Presley transitioned from singer to on-screen star in such classics as "Jailhouse Rock" and Love Me Tender." It includes pieces from his wardrobe, personal scripts, rare behind-the-scenes photos and more.

In Elvis Lives: The King and Pop Culture, visitors will have an interactive experience with The King and see how he influenced pop culture are we know it today.

For the full story and photographs of his guitar, watch and other pieces, check out the Montgomery Advertiser" My Life section Tuesday.

And for more about Graceland, visit www.Elvis.com or call 800-238-2000.

Source: http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/article/20090423/NEWS/90423025

Who is Scotland's best ETA???

The Edinburgh Paper

IT'S all about the hip wiggling, lip quivering and leg shaking.
Edinburgh is set to host a competition to find Scotland's best Elvis impersonator this summer.

Around 20 Elvis hopefuls, all born in Scotland, will audition for the title at the Corn Exchange on Saturday, June 13.

The event has been organised by the official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain, in association with the Capital's fan club, Edinburgh Elvis.

Scotland's winner will go on an all-expenses paid trip to compete against his counterparts from England and Ireland.

The three impersonators will perform live at the world-famous Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, in front of an audience of around 800 fans on January 8 next year – Elvis' 75th birthday.

Paul Sayers, 49, the branch leader of Edinburgh Elvis, said: "The competition has been organised to keep the memory of Elvis alive, to keep his music going and to attract a younger audience.
"The participants have got to sing an Elvis song of their choice but we are looking for not just the voice, but a bit of Elvis' character, too. We are looking for an Elvis look-alike as well – they have got to play the part."

He added: "There are a lot of fans out there that don't realise how big the Elvis scene is in Britain. There are 40 fan clubs in Britain, four of which are in Scotland."

A panel of judges, including Mr Sayers, will select the top three auditions from the competition, with the audience deciding on the winner.

Todd Slaughter, 63, has been president of the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain since 1967 and he will also form part of the judging panel at the Corn Exchange.

He said: "We have been operating the Britain's Best Elvis competition since 2002, but we haven't done auditions in Scotland before.

"It's a very good competition and it will be very entertaining. Appearing on stage in Memphis is every Elvis tribute act's dream."

Elvis impersonator Dave Hurrell will represent England in Memphis after winning the competition in Stoke-on-Trent in January, which around 30 people entered – several of whom were Welsh. The Irish auditions will take place in Dublin on May 1 and 2.

The person who is crowned Great Britain's best Elvis impersonator will earn a place in the world final, which will take place in Memphis in August next year. The actual venue for the event has still to be confirmed.

The Edinburgh competition, called Having Fun on Stage, takes place from 4pm on June 13.

Following the auditions, there will be entertainment until midnight, including a cabaret and an all-Elvis disco. Dance troupe the Memphis Maidens will also recreate a number of routines from a selection of the most spectacular Elvis shows.
BRANCH leader of Edinburgh Elvis, Paul Sayers, will be on the judging panel for the Having Fun on Stage competition. Here he tells the Evening News what judges look for in an Elvis impersonator.

• The voice: You have got to be able to cross over to different vocals. From country to rock 'n' roll to gospel, Elvis sang every type of song.

• The looks: Elvis was pretty handsome. Impersonators would definitely have to have the same style of hair as Elvis and a nice, smooth look.

• The dancing: You have got to be able to move like Elvis. We would be looking for things like hip swaying and leg shaking.

• The costumes or fashion: Loud clothes like the white eagle jumpsuit, or for a more rock 'n' roll song Elvis tended to wear black leathers.

• Elvis fan: The impersonator would have to be a huge Elvis fan and have a passion to go to Graceland.


ElvisEntertainer.com Presents

A Country Legends Tribute

& Veterans Benefit



Steven Ross Jahn as Toby Keith

Sherryl Stitz as Patsy Cline

Matt King as Elvis


Where: Mason VFW Mason, Mi

Date: Saturday April 25, 2009

Time:  7pm Doors Open  8pm Showtime

For Tickets ($20 Adults $10 Children)

Call Sandy (517)676-1721


This is a NO Smoking Event

There will be food and drinks for purchase.

All proceeds to benefit the VFW and its programs

This is a Men’s Auxiliary Sponsored Event

Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) announced today that due to the overwhelming response and success of the past two years’ international search, it is launching the third annual “Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest™” for 2009. As with 2008, contestants will be selected at more than 20 licensed preliminary Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contests being held at fairs, festivals and other venues around the world. The semifinal round and finals will be held during Elvis Week in Memphis, August 8 to 16, 2009.
“The worldwide response to our first two years of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest has exceeded our expectations,” said Scott Williams, VP of Marketing for EPE. “The contest is a way for original Elvis fans, as well as a growing new generation of fans, to celebrate Elvis’ never-ending contribution to the world of entertainment. We are also thrilled to be working with MySpace Karaoke again in 2009, although this time singers will be vying to compete in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.”

Thousands of singers recorded their versions of Elvis songs to compete last year for a chance to come to Elvis Week. This year’s MySpace Karaoke participants will be submitting their performances as Elvis tributes artists. The winner will get the opportunity to be an official competitor in The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest held during Elvis Week. The MySpace Karaoke winner will also appear as a guest DJ on Elvis Radio on Sirius XM, and receive other prizes.

"We were very impressed with the quality of contestants and again congratulate Brandon Bennett, named The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist by Elvis Presley Enterprises for 2008,” said Williams.

Judges will be looking for the “best representation of the Elvis legacy” in talent, appearance, performance, stage presence and each contestant’s overall tribute to Elvis. The best overall performer will be named the “2009 Elvis Tribute Artist of the Year.”

More than 20 preliminary contests were held in 2008 in competitions from Australia to France to Canada and throughout the United States. Preliminary contests confirmed for 2009 include the Toronto Elvis Festival, Branson Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, LakeGeorge.com Elvis Festival, Atlantic City Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, Horizon Casino Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest at Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge, Pechanga Casino Resort Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest at Chinook Winds Casino, The Collingwood Elvis Festival, Hard Rock Memphis Last Chance Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, Tupelo Elvis Festival, Penticton Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival, Windsor Elvis Fest and the Myrtle Beach Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. Additional contests are expected to be added in the coming weeks.

Prizes for the 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest include:

Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest First Place Winner:

• Title of Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of 2009

• Recognition by Elvis Presley Enterprises

• Cash prize of $20,000

• Opportunity to sign a performance contract to appear with Legends in Concert

• Selection of other valuable prizes

Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Second Place Winner:

• Cash prize of $3,000

• Selection of other valuable prizes

Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Third Place Winner:

• Cash prize of $2,000

• Selection of other valuable prizes

Legends in Concert, which also participated in the 2008 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest by awarding performance contracts to several winners, will be back for the 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest when they host preliminary contests at their venues in several cities across the country.

For a complete list of contest preliminaries, along with tribute artist photos, videos and additional information on the 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and Elvis Week, please visit www.Elvis.com. Organizations and entertainment venues interested in holding their own preliminary should e-mail Ultimate@elvis.com for more information.

About Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) is based in Memphis, Tennessee, with additional offices in Los Angeles, California. In addition to Graceland and its related attractions in Memphis, including the Heartbreak Hotel, EPE is aggressively involved in a worldwide licensing program, merchandising, music publishing, and television, film, video and Internet projects. For more information on EPE and Graceland, visit www.Elvis.com. EPE is a subsidiary of CKX, Inc. (www.CKX.com), a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ National Market® under the ticker symbol “CKXE.”

Elvis Presley Enterprises
Carlos Munguia, 323-845-9836

Source: Elvis Presley Enterprises

Sneak peak at Belgium's Elvis Presley>>>>



Belgian broadcaster RTBF, has announced that Patrick Ouchéne will be representing the country in the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow this year. Ouchéne will be singing Copycat on the stage in Elvis Presly mode. The song will be revealed on 10th March, but a teaser for the song is available at Youtube. 

Forty three year old Patrick Ouchéne has been selected from the band Runnin' Wild, which is popular around Belgium. Patrick Ouchéne is known to be a performer in the style of Elvis Presley. Ouchéne will be representing Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Copycat in Moscow. The song is written by Jacques Duvall, who has written Le Banana Spirit which has sold out more than 2 millions. Ouchénes group, Runnin' Wild, also worked with Duvall in the album I Dressed In Black Today which was released last year. Belgium will participate in the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest on 12th March this year. Belgian broadcaster RTBF also announced that Patrick Ouchéne will be revealing his song at a press conferance on 10th March. The broadcaster shares a very short taster video with the fans online via the internet. You can watch it below. Mini videoA rock n' roll legend will represent Belgium at the 2009 eurovision song contest in Moscow.


David Lee Birthday Celebration

Greetings David Lee Fans,

As you may already know, David Lee's B'day is at the end of March and we are having a b'day show on March 28th at Montana Saloon & Grill 75023 Hwy 77 Lincoln, Alabama 35096.

Well, we've had several fans inquire as to what to get David Lee for his birthday so we decided to just take up a collection from whoever would like to participate and go in all together and get him a gift.  David Lee had mentioned adding a new strobe light to the shows so we thought that would be the perfect gift. 

Anyone interested in participating in the gift please send to:

David Lee Fan Club
c/o Dale Howse
1540 Moncrief Rd
Gardendale, AL 35071

We will present a card to David Lee at the show on the 28th telling him about the strobelight as we will have to order it.

After David Lee's performance we will have cake and coffee.

We hope to see you all there.  Get your reservations now as Montana's has limited seating and always sells out!

Thank you.
The David Lee Fan Club

www.thedavidleeshow.com  - David Lee's Official Website


David Lee’s song “Journey To Graceland” now available at itunes.com
(A must have for your ipod!)

Check out David Lee's Promo Video on YouTube™
You can leave comments and r atings for David Lee's Video.

Be a David Lee Brickie:
(please follow the posting rules, only 1 post per month)

Memories of Elvis
ETA Contest
March 14th 2009
Regional to Images of the King
Memphis Tennessee

West Monroe High School
Monroe La.

Contact information
Gene Shaw
318 789 1192  cell
318 249 2445  home
318 323 5847  office


Jack Smink and the LST Band and Vocalists

Invite you to experienceA Tribute To Elvis Saturday, March 21, 2009The Henegar Center for the Arts
625 E. New Haven AvenueMelbourne, Florida 32901(321) 723-8698

Here is a video of Jimmy "Orion" Ellis performing at the Graceland Tent in 1994.
I have never seen it before myself and it was shared in a couple of yahoogroups
that I am in...(Source: Charmaine Jensen-Voisine)





TICKET DETAILS TICKETS £15.00 (no concessions)
Box office: 01704 540011 or www.seftonarts.co.uk





more dates to be announced shortly

We have 2 exciting show updates listed below.  Tickets for Both venues are limited and on sale now!!
Join reward winning Elvis tribute artist, Stephen Freeman, and the talented Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre cast as they perform a variety of your favorite Elvis songs, (as they were originally recorded) by Elvis Presley. This all new production by Stephen Freeman will feature popular favorites from all three decades of Elvis's career.  This engagement will also include fan favorites as requested by "YOU" the fan in advance of the performance!!!!!

Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner Theatre
170 Malin Drive
Wytheville, VA
Performance Dates are:
March 17 and 18 (2 shows each day)
March 24 and 25 (2 shows each day)

For Reservations Call: Toll Free 1-888-950-3382
Group Rates are Available

Hello ETA's and Fans,
I would like to inform you about a new site that is under construction and slated to be opened on March 15th of this year. 'Memphis North Productions.com'.
It's a fresh new forum for Elvis Tribute Artist's and fans alike. Keep up to date on concert listings, daily news, and listen to the juke box jammed with submitted ETA recordings. It will also have a market place for both ETA's and fans to post (for free), Elvis related items that are for sale, trade or just for extra exposure. There will also be an ETA directory (complete with pics, contact info, and web links). An ETA of the month feature bio, as well as a resource centre for all your tribute needs! We are also hoping to launch a concert-review page. Where fans can write their own views on past shows and festivals that they have attended. There are a few more special features in store, but we need your help now!
We are calling all ETA's to submit bios, high res pics, mp3's of your recordings, and contact info (by sending this info, you are giving us permission to post all material in good taste on our site). ETA's and fans to write reviews and commentaries on anything Elvis! You be our reporters. If you have something to tell the rest of the ETA community...well here's your chance. We have already recieved some great material about fans actual experiences at past shows, including seeing the man himself in concert.
We are NOT a booking agency, and will not forward any material without permission!
We are having a great time putting this forum together. It will only get better with your help. Please pass this email around to anyone who might be interested.
Hope to hear from you soon! BTW...we are in need of ETA promo pictures to be used in the permanent artwork that will be used through-out the site.. So please send them out as soon as you can.
Memphis North Productions Staff

GRT Productions presents Kingdom a stunning staging of the life and music of Elvis Presley appearing in theatres across the UK.

The Legend continues with three of the worlds top Award Winning ELVIS Tribute Artists
Paul Molloy - Steve Caprice - Craig Jefferson. Taking you on a journey through the life of the undisputed King of Entertainment. From the early hip swivelling days of pure Rock ‘n’ Roll through to the Vegas years and beyond... The show also features a unique look into the spiritual side of ELVIS that was so close to his heart Featuring many of his Grammy Award winning Gospel numbers. Prepare to be dancing in the aisles and crying in the chapel as you experience an emotional Musical roller coaster ride Kingdom is packed with show stopping numbers and breath taking effects performed by a Full authentic ELVIS show band with Gospel singers  and Vegas dancers to bring this spectacular musical to life, with an explosive finale that will have you dancing out of the theatre and all the way home.
   Tour Dates 
5th July 2009 - Bridgend Recreation Centre, Bridgend, Wales
Box Office 01656 657491 
16th August 2009 - Redgrave Theatre, Gloucester
Box Office 0117 922 4784
24th September 2009 - The Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl, Wales
Box Office  01656 815995
8th November 2009 - Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl, North Wales
Box Office 01745 330 000
29th November 2009 - The Victoria Hall, Stoke, Stoke-on-trent,
Box Office 0871 297 5454

For more information regarding any of these dates please call
0845 459 1212
Book Your Tickets Now
0845 459 1212

Published March 6, 2009

CLEAR LAKE — Those who love Elvis Presley’s music will not want to miss “The Voice of Elvis and Legends Texas Tour” concert at 6 p.m. March 12 at the Bayou Theater on the University of Houston at Clear Lake’s campus, 2700 Bay Area Blvd.

Award-winning second-generation tribute artist Jesse Aron, 33, of Wisconsin, will perform from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. taking on two roles — Elvis and Roy Orbison.

“I do three decades of Elvis — the ’50s through the ’70s and three costume changes,” said Aron. “I do Roy Orbison at the end of the first set.”

His wife, Tarie Aron, will serve as Marilyn Monroe and the show’s mistress of ceremonies.

“I like performing as Elvis because it’s an opportunity to make people happy and bring back memories — as well as introducing Elvis to new, younger fans,” Aron said.

Aron said he enjoys educating the audience about Elvis during his show with things they may not have known.

“I try to be pretty respectful. I portray Elvis the right way.”

He is a two-time “Grand Prize Winner” at Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Potawanomi Casino Event and a two-time “Lady Luck Music Peoples Choice Winner” in Montreal.

“I’ve been called the ‘Voice of Elvis’ by my peers and people in the same business,” Aron said.

“Some people have said after concerts that if they close their eyes, it would be like Elvis was there.”

Aron also has performed with many of Elvis’ musicians and backup singers including “The Jordanaires” and Elvis’ original drummer, D.J. Fontana.

Tickets for the show are $20 in advance by calling 281-358-4867 or $25 at the door.

For information, visit www.jessearon.com .


At A Glance

WHAT: The Voice of Elvis & Legends Texas Tour

WHEN: 6 p.m. March 12

WHERE: Bayou Theater, UHCL, 2700 Bay Area Blvd

Jim Jinelli will be performing his Elvis tribute show at Gary's Island Grill on Friday March 6th, located at 1140 Altamonte Dr (SR436, in the Circuit City Plaza), Altamonte Springs, FL. Showtime will be 7pm and the admission is only $10 at the door. Reservations can be made by calling 407-332-6212. There's going to be great food, lots of laughs and of course the best music in the world, ELVIS music! Hope to see you there.

Tickets are available for ELVIS: "A CONCERT EXPERIENCE", which will benefit the Russell Home for Atypical Children, located in Orlando, FL.

The event will be held April 3rd at the Eastmonte Civic Center in Altamonte Springs. It features an Italian dinner, Vegas-style entertainment, and a contest drawing.
Souvenir vendors will also be on hand. There will be a performance by Elvis tribute artist Jim Jinelli and the TCE Showband, and a special 50's Doo-Wop tribute to ShaNaNa.

Tickets cost ONLY $15.00 p/person for dinner AND show. Group discounts may be available, call for info. They can be purchased online at

or by phone at 407-319-6174.

For more information on the Russell Home, please visit

Elvis coming to Stroud: It seems only fitting that a tribute artist honouring a man whose voice was described as angelic will be performing in an Innisfil church.

As part of Stroud Presbyterian Church’s centennial anniversary this year, a benefit concert, “Celebrating Elvis”, is being held Saturday, Mar. 14.
The star of the show, Terry Chisholm, is a world-renowned Elvis Presley tribute artist who hails from Cookstown. Inspired by Elvis at an early age, Chisholm is a two-time Canadian National Grand Champion and was ranked seventh in the world in the “Images of the King” world Elvis competition in Memphis, Tennessee in 2003.

He has performed throughout Canada and the United States and performed with artists such as Ronnie Hawkins, Faron Young and the Good Brothers and at world-class events such as the Calgary Stampede.
Chisholm has a passion for doing benefit shows. The March 14 performance will help raise funds for an elevator at Stroud Presbyterian Church.

“Several people in our congregation had heard Terry perform,” says Jennifer Mousley. “I just phoned him up and asked him if he would be interested in doing a concert. When he realized it was for a benefit, he said he was pleased to help us.”

“I’m not an Elvis fan, but I love listening to Terry,” says Jennifer’s husband, David. “He has star quality. We feel very privileged to have him perform. He’s very big on helping community projects.”

Chisholm’s first reaction to walking into the century-old church to check out the acoustics and wiring was “Wow! This reminds me of a church I sang in in New York City after Sept. 11, 2001. I’m mesmerized by old churches. There’s so much history in here.”
Chisholm will perform a two-act show. The first will be a 50-minute Elvis tribute followed by a brief intermission and costume change. He’ll return and perform a medley of songs by artists such as Roy Orbison, Jay and the Americans, Englebert Humperdinck and the Righteous Brothers.

The show begins at 7 p.m. and tickets are $20 each with all proceeds going towards the church’s elevator project. Chisholm has also offered a portion of proceeds of CD sales to the cause, too. They may be purchased at Music Pro in Barrie, Co-operators Insurance in Barrie, the Old Forester Bookshop on Ross Street in Barrie, Cellar Wines in Stroud, Bradley’s Florist in Alcona, or by calling 705-431-1282.

Paradise, Hawaiian Style Cruise 12-day Hawaiian Cruise!Carnival Spirit Sunday, April 11 - Friday, April 23, 2010 starring: Jesse AronRonny CraigDwight IcenhowerMatt JoyceTodd MartinTerry PriceRobert Washington special guests: Darlene ThompkinsSuzanna Leigh This is going to be a wonderful cruise - we will be visiting all the islands and Todd has arranged fabulous tours for us all!  He has arranged a fantastic price and you have a whole year to get it paid!I can hardly wait!  Join us! Call:
Diane Gaines @ (318) 348-1034

Cancer Benefit Gala: Tickets are available for the second annual Hope Gala, which benefits the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.

The 2009 event will be held April 4 in Lincoln. It features a dinner party, Las Vegas-style entertainment and games, and an auction. There will also be a performance by Elvis impersonator Joseph Hall.

Tickets cost $125 for individuals or $1,250 for tables of 10. Patron tickets, which include access to a special lounge, cost $175 each of $1,750 for a table. They can be purchased online at http://www.hopegala.org.

Hey Everyone,This is Debbie & Jeff. Please click on the link below and check out the 2010 Jeff Rainey Legends Cruise onboard the beautiful Carnival Conquest.  It is a 7 day cruise to Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Cozumel with Master of Ceremonies STEVEN DAVID aka SNAPS. Limited cabins available so reserve now!!  Click link below for pricing.Should you have any questions, please email us at cruise@jeffrainey.net 


Leading Aussie ETA needs manager! Can anyone help?

One of Australia's leading ETA's, Mark Anthony, has got to the stage of his career where he needs a manager. Mark tells EIN:

My name is Mark Anthony, I am an Elvis tribute artist who has come to the point of needing a manager. I have been handling things myself but it now seems that i need someone to take it up a notch or two.

I have won South Pacific Ultimate Elvis two years running and made top 10 in the world in Memphis 2008. Also came second in Collingwood 2008. I have already a lot of bookings with more rolling in. Although i have been dealing with clients personally and doing a good job of it, I am finding that it is taking a lot of my time and with a new born baby just arrived, i am now in a position for a manager.

If there is anyone that you might think of and let me know, it would be greatly appreciated. I am assuming that gentlemen like Dan Lentino are busy enough with Shawn (Klush) and are not looking for a new Elvis act. But someone like Dan would be perfect, knowledge of the industry and good business sense.

Kindest Regards

Mark Anthony

Love Me Tender - From Elvis With Love Elvis returns - for one night only - when two world-class Elvis impressionists take the stage to pay tribute to the King of Rock. Mike Albert ('70s Elvis) and Scot Bruce ('50s Elvis) perform at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Thrasher-Horne Center for the Arts in Orange Park. Tickets range from $24 to $30. (Source: Jacksonville.com 5 Jan 2009)

Tickets for "Valentine's Day Dancing with the King," February 14, 2009 are still available. The concert will star Jim Barone with Drew Polsun and the Fascinations and hosted by Terry Collins and will take place at the Fort William Henry Conference Center. Get more information or order your tickets by following the link below, or call 518-681-7452, or visit Terry at La Mirage in Queensbury.

Kavan live on stage as Elvis: "The World's #1 Rock-n-Roll Elvis", KAVAN, will present his Elvis Tribute on Saturday, February 7, 2009 at the Blue Licks State Resort Park - 10299 Maysville Road - Carlisle, KY. The Show will start at 8 PM Eastern Time. Tickets are $15 in advance or $18 at the door. Kids 10 & Under FREE! Advance tickets available by calling (606) 207-1613 (31 Jan 2009)

Come see..









HATS OFF! 09 - This year’s show - is on the evening of Sunday, 22nd February at the Sydney Theatre as part of the annual Mardi Gras Festival. Hats Off! has been produced by Oz Showbiz Cares/Equity Fights AIDS for the past 11 years. This charity was set up in 1997 and is dedicated to mobilizing the unique talents within the media, entertainment and arts industries to mitigate the suffering of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. Since its formation, OSC/EFA has raised over $400,000 for critically needed services for people with AIDS, HIV and HIV-related illnesses. For the Hats Off! Concert, members of the entertainment community donate their time and skills to create a variety event showcasing the enormous breadth of talent that abounds in this country. FOR BOOKING INFO PLEASE USE THIS LINK - http://www.sydneytheatre.org.au/event.asp?pID=174 (Added 28/01/09)

Graceland back to Parkes: Norm Bakker, a director and prior entertainment manager at Hornsby RSL Club, this year celebrates 20 years doing his Solid Rock Salute to the King of Rock’n’Roll “Elvis Presley”, with an unexpected surprise. Norm has just come back from Memphis where he was invited to go to Graceland to perform his show for thousands of Elvis fans, as an Australian representative to coincide with Elvis week held each year as part of Elvis’s anniversary.

“I was very excited and honoured to have had this opportunity, as this must be the ultimate dream come true, not only to be there at Graceland but to actually be part of the entertainment booked at this massive event. “The standing ovation I received was overwhelming and proved to me that even the die-hard Elvis fans in Memphis appreciated the Aussie accent and sincerity in my salute to the king Elvis Presley”. (Source: Parkes Champion-Post, 5 Jan 2009)

First Black President, Meet The First Black World Champion Elvis:

Three days before the first African-American ever to take the oath office of the President of the United States, the first African-American ever to take the crown of World Champion Elvis Impersonator will appear at the 9th annual Elvis Birthday Bash. He's black, he's Elvis, and he is good. Really good! He's Robert Washington, World Champion Elvis Impersonator.

Robert Washington, World Champion Elvis

Olympia, WA January 15, 2009 -- Three days before the first African-American ever to take the oath office of the President of the United States, Elvis fans can see the first African-American ever to take the crown of World Champion Elvis Impersonator. He's black, he's Elvis, and he is good. Really good! He's Robert Washington, World Champion Elvis Impersonator.

The Background:On August 16, 1977 Elvis "left the building". Coincidentally, on that fateful day, Robert Washington was celebrating his 19th birthday.

\Fast forward over 30 years later and Robert Washington has become one of the best Elvis impersonators in the world. Some would say THE best. Others would vehemently disagree.

Why? Because he is black.


Robert Washington took 2nd place for three years at the annual Images of Elvis World Championships held each August in Memphis, Tennessee. And three times a slew of fans cried foul when he was not crowned King. But after several cracks against the glass ceiling, fans at the World Championships were stunned, shocked, and ecstatic when Robert Washington made history by becoming the first black man ever crowned World Champion Elvis Impersonator. That's right, a black man went down to Memphis, the city where Martin Luther King was assassinated, and topped nearly a hundred other competitors to take the title of World Champion Elvis Impersonator. (Some of them had even had tens of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery to look more like Elvis, but that's another story). Now he's coming to the on Martin Luther King weekend.
On Saturday, January 17th, in celebration of Elvis' birthday, Robert Washington will appear live in concert at the 9th Annual Elvis Birthday Bash in Olympia. The evening begins with 7:30pm screening of Almost Elvis - the hilarious and heartwarming documentary about Elvis Impersonators. This award-winning film chronicles top contenders on their road to the World Championships, including Robert's own efforts to crack the color barrier. Almost Elvis has received international acclaim and was directed by noted Northwest documentary filmmaker, John Paget.

After the film, Robert Washington will take the stage and let the audience be the judge. Known in the Elvis world for his onstage flips, athletic dance moves, and powerful voice, he leaves fans All Shook Up. General Admission tickets are $10 and VIP tickets are $25. Tickets are available at www.ElvisBirthdayBash.com or at the box office on the night of the show.

Event Summary: Elvis Birthday Bash 2009: Saturday January 17th at 7:30pm at the Capitol Theater in Olympia, WA. The 9th Annual Elvis Birthday Bash features live concert performance by World Champion Elvis Impersonator Robert Washington. Also, a screening of the documentary film "Almost Elvis". Plus: Elvis costume contest and trivia challenge, velvet Elvis art show, fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and more. (Source: PRweb/Sanja Meegin)

Race has no place in his amazing Elvis act: In this month of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, it's traditional to search for symbols that connect and divide us, black and white.

Well, tomorrow, one more symbol hits town in a black leather jacket, open to the chest. His name is Robert Washington and last summer in Memphis, after several runner-up tries, he clinched the big one, the title of grand champion, with a performance reviewers called amazing and that brought a sea of screaming fans to their feet.

It was a watershed event for the annual Images of Elvis contest down south because Robert Washington is black.

Three times before, the ship painter from Auburn, Maine, had crooned his lyrics clear and true, swung and leapt elastically, and still been denied the crown. Some supporters grumbled it was due to his race. Some die-hards insisted a black man ought never embody Elvis.

Now, finally, the title belongs to the man who turned 19 in the Marine Corps the day Elvis died. The part-time entertainer never advertises himself as a "Black Elvis" because he wants to be the best Elvis, period, no racial description required.

It's not a breakthrough on the level of equal pay or the election of an African American president. But, while packing his jumpsuits for Elvis birthday observations in Seattle and Olympia, Washington told me, "I do think it's a hopeful sign. I definitely sense a positive message in this," his voice genuinely and eerily echoing that of his idol.

Washington will perform on Presley's birthday tomorrow night at the Fenix Underground, frozen white stuff permitting.

Then he'll do it again at the Elvis Birthday Bash 2004 starting at 7:30 Saturday night at the Capitol Theater in Olympia. The documentary film "Almost Elvis," by local filmmaker John Paget, will be screened, some of it featuring Washington. There will be an Elvis costume contest, a cake and deep-fried peanut butter 'n' banana sandwiches. Call 360-570-5000 or go to www.almostelvis.com for $10 tickets.

It's kind of fitting, Washington thinks, that a black man like himself has spent the better part of his 45 years -- three more than Elvis had -- emulating and idolizing Elvis. "People said he was a black man born in a white man's body," mused Washington, whose shipbuilder buddies call "King." "One person brought, and still brings, so many people together."

It's not that Washington is unaware of bitter feelings, suspicious minds and outright accusations surrounding the former Memphis truck driver.

Despite a thorough debunking by, among others, Jet Magazine, rumors persist that Elvis once said in Boston that, "The only thing Negroes can do for me is buy my records and shine my shoes."

In truth, Elvis never visited Boston. And a host of black icons including B.B. King have consistently chorused support of Elvis as a non-racist who didn't steal black music so much as interpret R&B in his own special way.

Certainly, Elvis credited black musicians as his inspiration, openly confessing he could never render black rhythms as well as Fats Domino could.

But, since Elvis personifies the very real pay-and-play inequities suffered by black musicians of his era, hard feelings are bound to persist.

None of that deterred the shy, soft-spoken Washington from wanting to be like Elvis from the time he first caught Presley's image on TV as a boy in Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Too timid to dance with girls even when they asked him, Washington danced and sang alone in his bedroom and, for years, performed only for a few friends.

He couldn't believe it when he heard that Presley had died. He was stationed with the Marines, his Corps buddies also dubbing him "King." And it wasn't until 1983, when he was in Illinois with a shipbuilding crew, that he finally was dragged on stage.

The feeling was amazing. "I think I sang, 'Teddy Bear,' " Washington said. "I was scared to death but it was fantastic. The band brought me on for the rest of the night and people kept yelling, 'Don't leave!' "

He tried a few lip-synching contests when they were big in the '80s but kept getting disqualified for actually singing out loud -- in a voice that proved resonant, strong and soulfully sweet.

Washington saved his ship-painting money for his first trip to Memphis and Elvis Week 10 years ago. "I was mostly going to pay my respects," he said. Eventually, with money augmented with earnings from birthday parties and weddings, he returned to compete in what is arguably the nation's top Elvis contest.

Washington works out to keep in shape, not wanting to disrespect the man he imitates -- the man at his prime, that is. "He was the white guy who spoke to me," Washington said. "I'll only do him as long as I can do him justice." ( SUSAN PAYNTER


Starring JAY ZANIER with special guest Pete PaquetteSaturday March 21stFor tickets call 1-877-520-2408  or online www.riverrun.caGuelph River Run Centre

Guelph, Ontario CANADA

Feast for the King:

The Straits Times
Grandmothers wolf-whistled and boogied
to Elvis Presley tunes at Toa Payoh West CC
By eddino abdul hadi, music reporter

SPORTING skin-tight shiny white jumper suits and hair styled in black quiffs, a group of Singaporean Elvis Presley impersonators belted out his famous tunes and shook their hips.

Their rendition of tracks such as Burning Love and Rubbernecking drew cheers and wolf-whistles from the women in the crowd, some of whom were grandmothers. They even got up to dance.

Over 280 fans of the late King of rock 'n' roll, most of whom are in their 40s to 60s, held a dinner at Toa Payoh West Community Club last Saturday night to celebrate Presley's birthday. He would have been 74.

Founder of the Singapore Elvis Alternate- Country Meetup Group, which co-organised the shindig, Mr Victor Chia, 62, said: 'The response was overwhelming, we did not expect that so many people would want to come.

'We had originally planned the dinner for 220 but more people asked for tickets, so we had to open extra tables to cater to them. We even had to turn some people away as we wanted to have enough room in the hall for people to dance.'

Saturday's event, with tickets priced at $28, was the second dinner last week in tribute to the King, who died in 1977 of heart failure.

Rival group Singapore First Elvis Fan Club held a dinner last Thursday at Hotel Royal, with over 200 in attendance who paid $35 and $40 each. Both events featured eight-course Chinese dinners.

The Singapore Elvis Alternate-Country Meetup Group was formed in 2006 by a breakaway group of the Singapore First Elvis Fan Club, who felt the club had too many regulations.

Members of the newer fan club do not limit themselves to Presley but also pay tribute to other artists such as country music legend George Strait.

Group member Charles Kang, 62, said the turnout confirms that Elvis still has many fans. He said: 'I really enjoy being in this group, we are all Elvis fans but we are open to country and western singers and we are also into line-dancing.'

The dinner was co-organised by the Thomson Community Club's Senior Citizens' Executive Committee and Member of Parliament Hri Kumar Nair was the guest of honour. He wore sunglasses and sang Are You Lonesome Tonight?

For some, the dinner was a family affair. Accounts manager Kerry Chua, 30, was not a member of the fan club but had a good time anyway. She went to the dinner with her father, husband and three-year-old toddler.

'I am not really an Elvis fan but I am learning a whole lot more about him at this event.'

A Valentines Day 

Tribute/VFW Benefit

Featuring The Love Songs Of The King
Starring Matt King

With Special Guest Chris Solano
Saturday February 14th 2009
Doors Open At 6pm Show Starts At 7pm
Now At The Mason VFW

In Mason, Michigan
Tickets are $20 In Advance

or $25 At The Door

Proceeds To Benefit The Mason VFW And Its Programs

For Reservations

Call Sandy (517)676-1721


King's Court - Women bond over ETA's:

Winona Daily News

January 10, 2008
Kori Knutson
They’re known as the Winona Stalkers.

Marilee Barrientos, 53, her sister Cheri Schendel, 50, their cousin Carol Dennis, 67, and Cheri’s 16-year-old daughter, Maia, are devoted Elvis fans and fervent followers of ETAs — their term for Elvis Tribute Artists.
Elvis is their football team. Instead of painting their faces and getting together for the Sunday game, they suit up in Elvis T-shirts, buttons and bling for a road trip to the latest Elvis sighting. They once traveled to Graceland in a broken down car in 100 degree heat on the 30th anniversary of Elvis’ death. Cheri has collected 28 scarves from her favorite ETAs at shows across the Midwest.

On the way to the gigs, they catch up with each other. Before their ETA devotion started about three years ago, they mainly saw each other for holidays and family events.

“We see each other now more than we ever had,” Cheri said.

On Thursday, they celebrated what would’ve been Elvis’ 74th birthday at Charlie’s D&D in Winona, playing Elvis on the jukebox and sharing stories from their adventures.

They especially like to talk about ETAs.

Forty-five-year-old Brad Boice, an ETA from Chatfield, Minn., is by far their favorite. He coined the affectionate term “Winona Stalkers.” Last year, he performed 60 shows. They only missed five.

“They are the best promoters you could ever have,” Boice said. “I’d be broke if I had to pay them.”

To these four, TCOB. stands for Taking Care of Brad. And they do.

Cheri designed a Web site for Brad and started a Brad Boice Fan Club. At shows, they hand Brad flowers and teddy bears, wipe the sweat from his brow in old-school Elvis fashion.

It’s just what they do.

Marilee and Cheri grew up loving Elvis. Saturdays were for seeing Elvis matinees.

They like remembering Elvis in his prime and ETAs who treat the King like royalty. To them, Elvis’ legacy requires respect. A good ETA should meet certain criteria.

“We don’t like to see women as Elvis,” said Cheri, an administrative assistant. “I’m sorry. Elvis was a man.”

An ETA should also interact with his audience, autograph pictures and give away scarves or flowers. They prefer real sideburns and jumpsuits that don’t look like a cheap Halloween costume. Most importantly, he should be able to sing. And not think he’s Elvis.

“We realize they’re paying tribute,” Cheri said. “There’s no fantasy that Elvis is still alive.”

Since Elvis has really left the building, the women see ETAs as the next best thing, especially Brad.

“He’s so talented and has treated us so well,” said Marilee, a legal secretary in the Winona County Attorney’s office. “His wife puts up with a lot.”

Maia used to be embarrassed when friends would come over and see all her mom’s Elvis memorabilia. But she went to an ETA show, skipping time with friends to hang out with her mom at tribute shows. Her fellow students at Winona Senior High School don’t get it. Maia doesn’t care.

“I have a better connection with my mom because of Elvis,” Maia said.

Carol, manager of the Polish Musuem, is the Elvis scholar of the bunch. She was lucky enough to see Elvis perform twice — once when she was 15 at the Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium in La Crosse, Wis., in 1956 and in St. Paul, shortly before Elvis’ death.

“I couldn’t follow Elvis around back then,” Carol said. “Now I can follow Brad.”

It makes her feel as close to 15 as a 67-year-old woman can.

“I love the music,” she said. “I like thinking back on those early years. He had such charisma.“

The Winona Stalkers have recruited about 15 others to attend a Caribbean cruise later this month on which Brad will perform. He won the gig last April at the Mall of America’s Contest of Kings.

There will be more pictures for their scrapbooks. More memories to share on the way to the next ETA gig.

If you don’t get it, that’s OK. It’s a Winona Stalker thing.

“What were we doing before with our time?” Marilee said.


DJ Ethan and Teddy present:

She Is The King & Elvis Presley

Song remix with video!


(Source: She Is The King, 11 Jan 2009)




7:00-1:00 AM



Book The Tyrone Martin ELVIS Tribute! 


Canadian Birthday Tribute

UK ETA John George

I have a good friend, John George and he is from the United Kingdom..

We just uploaded some of his videos and would like to share them with you all..
My friend John George will be coming to Canada in April to compete in the
"Toronto's First Annual Elvis Fest" :)
Please do check them all out, and feel free to leave a comment if you wish :)
Huugs Charmaine

Calling All Elvii in the Florida area!!!

By the way, Thursday is the King's birthday. He would have been 74.

Elvis impersonators - or "tribute artists," as they like to be called - will be out in force later this month at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, Live Oak Florida.  The I'll Remember You Elvis competition will be held Jan. 30-31, and the call has gone out for contestants. The entry fee is $50 per contestant. A Friday, Jan. 30, Mix and Mingle Pre-Party will be held from 7 p.m. until in the Music Hall. Admission at the door is $10. No advance tickets will be sold. Elvis Tribute Artist competition will be Jan. 31 with the first Music Hall session at 1 p.m., second session and finals at 7 p.m.

General admission for Saturday is $25 per person/$40 reserved seating/no special prices for children. All food and beverages will be extra both days. For more, go to the SOSMP website at www.musicliveshere.com , click on I'll Remember You Elvis Tribute Artist Competition or call 386-364-1683.

A Valentines Day Tribute

To The Love Songs Of The King
Starring Matt King

With Special Guest Chris Solano
Saturday February 14th 2009
Doors Open At 6pm Show Starts At 7pm
At The Beautiful Leslie Event Center
Leslie, Michigan
Tickets are $20 In Advance or $25 At The Door
For Reservations

Call Sandy (517)676-1721

To Book Matt Or To Join Matts Fan Club Call Sandy:(517)676-1721

Saginaw King Fest...............Jan 2009!!!!!

The King is dead....long live the King!: Though the real Elvis Presley's infamous pelvis hasn't swiveled in 32 years, his music remains popular, proven once again by this holiday season's best-selling "Elvis Presley Christmas Duets" album and the "new hit" radio status of Presley's pairing with Martina McBride on "Blue Christmas."

Further proof is the continued success of the annual "Elvis Birthday Tribute Spectacular" produced every January by Omar Farag and his company O.M.A.R. Presents to honor the 1935 birth of the Tupelo boy who would be king.

This year's series of show dates marks what would have been Presley's 74th birthday and again features three of the world's most popular Elvis impressionists -- Donny Edwards, Ryan Pelton and Shawn Klush -- along with Presley's original drummer D.J. Fontana, who kept the beat for the first 14 years of Elvis' career.

"The idea for 'The Elvis Birthday Tribute Spectacular' was conceived 22 years ago to satisfy the throngs of Elvis fans," Farag said.

Additional show dates have been added over the years. Chicago-area dates at Skokie's North Shore Center and Aurora's Paramount Theatre, on Jan. 8 and 9, respectively, will precede the Jan. 10 Star Plaza date. The concert starts with the rockabilly segment, Farag said. Then come segments spotlighting Presley's military years, the Hollywood movie years, his triumphant 1968 comeback TV special and, finally, the Las Vegas years.

Opening the show as Elvis circa 1956 is the youthful-looking Donny Edwards (donnyedwards.net), ABC-TV's Blue Suede Elvis as seen on "The Next Best Thing" and a finalist in Elvis Presley Enterprises' "Ultimate Tribute Artist Contest." A Dallas resident, Edwards has been a professional Elvis performer since 2002.

"As a fan, Elvis has always brought joy to my life," Edwards said. "As a performer, I try my very best to bring that same joy to my fellow Elvis fans."

When it comes to representing the well-groomed Elvis of the silver screen who sang, fought and always won the girl during the 1960s, Ryan Pelton (ryanpelton.com) does a great job marching about the stage in his "G.I. Blues" uniform crooning about "black pumpernickel for chow." But Ryan, a Cleveland native, excels when he slips into the skin-tight black leather for the electrifying '68 Comeback/Memphis Recording Session segment of the show.

A former U.S. Marine and Ohio State University graduate with degrees in English lit and marketing, Cleveland's Pelton has a facial resemblance to Presley that is downright uncanny. Those stunning looks recently landed Pelton on screen as Elvis in the controversial indie film, "Hounddog," starring Dakota Fanning, Robin Wright Penn (also executive producer) and Piper Laurie, which is due out on DVD in 2009.

"I love it all, but it's always special for me to look back and see DJ (Fontana) up there playing with me on the '68 Special' stuff, because he was actually there with Elvis on the TV special," Pelton said.

Fontana was house drummer for "The Louisiana Hayride," a popular live radio concert show in the 1950s when he first met Elvis.

"Elvis liked the way it sounded and asked if I wanted to do some dates with them in Texas. Since I was only playing the 'Hayride' on Saturdays, I had plenty of free time to go with them," he said.

After several weeks as a hired gun, Fontana became a full-time member of Elvis' band, along with guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black.

"We'd all climb into this old car and drive lickety-split through the night down country roads to get to the next show. Then we'd do the show, climb back in the car and drive all night to the next show. It was exhausting and exciting at the same time," Fontana said.

The most popular era of Elvis' career comes alive as Shawn Klush (shawnklush.net) storms the stage to the strains of "Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey)" in a white jumpsuit with scarves. Klush, of Myrtle Beach, S.C., was named "The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of 2007" by Elvis Presley Enterprises and that same year was named "The World's Greatest Elvis" by the BBC1 in London. Klush also portrayed Elvis on the hit CBS television miniseries, "Shake, Rattle & Roll" a few years back.

"I close out the 'Birthday Tribute' show by recreating Elvis' mid-'70s Las Vegas years," said Klush, who has been shaking his leg and grinding his pelvis in tribute to the fallen rock king since the 1980s.

"I do from 'That's the Way it is' (the Elvis concert film) on up to around the 'Aloha in Hawaii' era. I don't go past 1973, because after that, Elvis was starting his decline, and I want to present him at his very best."

Klush's dad was a radio DJ in the 1950s where he grew up in the coal mining town of Pittston, Pa.

"Dad used to play Elvis and all sorts of great records at the house all the time, so I was raised with music as a child," Klush said.

"I think Elvis would be very flattered by all this and that all these years later people still care so much," Fontana said.

"Elvis Birthday Tribute Celebration"
Starring Shawn Klush, Donny Edwards, Ryan Pelton, DJ Fontana and The Fabulous Ambassadors
When: 8 p.m. Jan. 10
Where: Star Plaza Theatre, I-65 & U.S. 30, Merrillville
Cost: $35.50
FYI: (219) 769-6660, StarPlazaTheatre.com, elvisbirthdaytribute.com (Source: TheTimesOnline.com, 3 Jan 2009)

Historical Society celebrating Elvis' birthday: The Marion County Historical Society in Ohio will celebrate the birthday of Elvis Presley on Saturday, Jan. 10. Festivities scheduled to run from 1-5 p.m. in the Heritage Hall auditorium and the public is invited.

The party includes Elvis impersonator Mel Wallace (MElvis) plus cake and ice cream provided by Primrose Retirement Community of Marion. Visitors may come dressed in their '50s or '60s attire (optional) and sing the afternoon away or just sit a spell and enjoy the performances.

Museum admission is $4 for adults, $3 for those age 55 and older, $1.50 for children ages 6-12, under age 6 is free. Admission includes access to the party, all of Heritage Hall's displays including the Marion County Sports History exhibit, as well as the Wyandot Popcorn Museum.

Persons with questions may call 740-387-4255 or check online at www.marionhistory.com

The Marion County Historical Society museum Heritage Hall is located at 169 E. Church Street, Marion, Ohio and is dedicated to maintaining the existing interest in the history of Marion County, and in collecting, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting for public education and enjoyment, historical artifacts and information. (Source: MarionStar.com)


2008 News & Shows

Auburn man gives fans a night with the King: Heather Greene is too young to remember the era of Elvis Presley and is not familiar with a lot of his music. And yet, behold the power of the King.

Elvis impersonator Robert Washington took the stage at Fast Breaks on Wednesday night and within seconds, Greene was dancing in the aisles.

"It's good music," she said, as Washington belted out "Good Rocking Tonight." "It gets you going. I'm into it."

So were dozens of others at the Lisbon Street bar. By the third song, most of them were bobbing up and down, singing along or some combination thereof.

Clad in a pink blazer, sideburns sculpted just right, Washington meant to put on a good show, the kind of Elvis tribute he's been delivering for 25 years.

"It's New Year's Eve," Washington said, 10 minutes before his set began. "It's more of a party. I don't expect everyone to be watching my show."

Wrong. Though the crowd consisted mostly of 20-somethings, born long after Elvis died, the room became electrified as Washington stroked his first chord.

"It's Elvis time!" one man hollered.

"Wahoo, it's Elvis!" a woman hooted.

It was a lively venue, though a smaller one than Washington is accustomed to. He first performed on stage in 1983 and since then, he's been everywhere. He plays in Memphis, of course. That's what Elvis would do. He plays in Vegas, naturally. The King was beloved there.

Those tend to be big shows and they've won Washington awards. In 2003, he took the top spot in the Images of Elvis International Competition. In the world of Elvis impersonation, Washington is the big time. But so what? It was New Year's Eve in a small club across the river from his Auburn home. He planned to play as hard as he would before screaming Elvis fans on the Vegas strip.

"I try to read the crowd," he said, getting his pompadour just right before the show. "I try to see what kind of mood the audience is in. I'll just go out there and do the best show I can do."

Promise delivered. By the time he began "Treat Me Nice," Greene was shaking it up good at the back of the room and hollering a little bit, too. "I came through the door and said, 'who's that cat?'" Greene said. "My husband said, 'It's Elvis.'"

Exactly right. The world renowned performer planned to move through Presley's early stuff and then start banging out the hits popularized by the Elvis movies. It was to be the kind of show that would last all night and into midnight.

And then, like 2008 itself, Elvis would leave the building.
(Source: Mark LaFlamme, SunJournal.com, 31 Dec 2008)

A woman who sings like Elvis!: AUSTRALIAN by nurture and Elvis by nature, Jacqueline Feilich succumbed to her lifelong Presley passion by entering the 2006 Elvis Tribute Competition in Las Vegas. Performing in jeans and a T-shirt since her luggage hadn't arrived, she nonetheless came second and decided to turn pro afterwards, calling her act She Is The King.

Since then she has performed at Graceland as well as on Mornings With Kerri-Anne, released an album late last year (the iTunes tracks are particularly popular in Japan, although Feilich is baffled as to why) and finds herself in demand in the US.

Feilich (www.sheistheking.com) performs songs from throughout Elvis's career and does it because of her "obsession and love" for the artist - although she adds that stepping into his blue suede shoes was initially daunting."

I always wanted to incorporate Elvis songs into whatever I was doing, whether it's working with a garage band or when I sang at the Stamford Plaza [Double Bay] at the piano bar but most people weren't into it, so I wasn't singing what I loved," she says. "That forced me into doing it myself against all odds and really against odds because everybody told me I was either crazy or an idiot."

Feilich says she isn't an impersonator but a tribute artist, the difference being that for her the music comes first. Having said that, the King's fashion sense does influence what she wears and she's particularly fond of tight jumpsuits.

"One [lesbian fan] even put a question to me and asked, 'How do I like cross-dressing?' and I never really thought of it like that ... but it's true!" Feilich says.

This might explain why she was recruited to perform at Girlfest '09, a lesbian festival held in January in Coolum, Queensland, although her gigs are varied - she'll also perform on an Elvis fan cruise aboard P&O's Pacific Dawn sailing from Brisbane to Sydney next year and is in talks with a US casino that wants to fly her stateside. Her most interesting gig so far, however, was at Graceland in front of 75,000 Elvis fans.

"These people were from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Japan and China and even if they couldn't speak English every person there still knew every word to every song - for them it's like a religion," she says.

Asked whether it's a religion for her as well, Feilich answers without hesitation.

"Absolutely," she says, nodding her head. "Even though I'm Jewish - but I tell that to my rabbi." (Almost Elvis, Source: Dan Kaufman, smh.com.au)

Visit the "She Is The King" website

Elvis Wade returns to Memphis: One of the most popular ETA's ever......Elvis Wade will once again “Return To Sender” in Memphis. His annual show, which always sells out, will be at the Memphis Theater on the square. The show will be at the traditional 7:00 p.m. slot on Thursday, November 13th.

Wade always guarantees a two hour show but usually extends it to three. This year’s show is expected to draw people from 75 to 100 miles away as the word has spread of Wade being here.

One will need to get their tickets early to insure a good seat. There is always a possibility of a guest singer or two when Wade comes.

“I will only get to hunt for the maximum of three days this year, says Wade. I have a concert in Detroit the following Saturday and have to fly out of Nashville on Wednesday. I almost missed this year’s hunting as it opened on an unexpected date. I had set aside the weekend of the 8th of November and only recently found out that it was moved back to the third Saturday this year.
I am disappointed that I can’t stay longer but three days are better than none! I will also miss my good friend, Everett Keith who passed away earlier this year. I always looked forward to seeing him and swapping some stories.”

Elvis Wade still travels around the globe doing his world-renowned tribute to Elvis. He has three new videos of his full show that can be seen at youtube.com. Simply go to that site and do a search of Elvis Wade. You will be able to watch three full songs of Wade and his group that were filmed at a recent concert in Hawaii.

This event only happens once a year and even that’s not a guarantee. Don’t be a “Hound Dog” and miss this great evening of fun as Elvis Wade gets folks “All Shook Up” once again in Memphis.
(Source: Memphis Democrat, 5 Nov 2008)

Viva Bundoran! Elvis festival leaves town all shook up: WHAT do Elvis Presley and the milk float from 'Father Ted' have in common? The answer lies in the seaside town of Bundoran, which transformed into 'Las Bundoran' at the weekend for Ireland's first Elvis Festival and All-Ireland Elvis Competition.

The event organiser is Peter Phillips, who has been running what is now Europe's biggest Elvis festival in the Welsh seaside town of Porthcawl for the past five years. He is also the mastermind behind the annual Ted Fest, on Inis Mor. Earlier this year, when he was pushing the famous milk float from 'Father Ted' around Ireland for charity, it struck him how the town once dubbed 'Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal' would be ideal for an Elvis festival.

"We were looking for a location in Ireland to host a competition to select an Elvis to represent Ireland at the world championships in Memphis next year, and Bundoran fitted the bill. Paddy Power Bookmakers came on board as sponsors and here we are," he said.

So, on went the polyester rhinestone-studded jumpsuits for eight enthusiastic Elvis finalists, who converged on the Great Northern Hotel in Bundoran for the final showdown on Saturday night. At the end of a long tense night, Ciaran Houlihane, clad in a pale blue jumpsuit and representing Connacht, emerged as the surprise winner at odds of 6-1. A credit controller with an oil company from Lusk, Co Dublin, Ciaran had come second in the Leinster final before deciding to give it another shot in the Connacht final.

"It doesn't get better than this. I am going to represent my country as Elvis in his hometown. It's a dream come true," he said.

Ironically, the runner-up at the weekend was Liam Murphy, from neighbouring Rush, the 'Aloha' Elvis with the $2,000 replica suit, who had beaten Ciaran in the Leinster final. One of the judges, The Rocking Reverend Steve Caprice, an ordained minister and Elvis impersonator from England, admitted that the standard was very high.

"Of course there will never be another Elvis; but we look for someone who has the charisma, voice, looks, outfits and stage presence. He has to have the whole package," he said.

Today there are an estimated 85,000 Elvis impersonators, or tribute artists as they prefer to be known, worldwide. Among them is Texan Kraig Parker who took his band Red Alert to Bundoran for the inaugural festival.

"Everywhere I go it is unbelievable and overwhelming the interest there is in Elvis. I'm lovin' it, baby," he said. (Almost Elvis, Source: independent.ie; Anita Guidera, 4 Nov 2008)

Christmas in the Carolinas: is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, Nov. 14-15, at Cleveland Mall. This event features an Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and a Holiday Fair. The second annual Christmas competition will make a stop in Shelby with nationally-known artists competing for a purse prize on Nov 15. The Holiday Fair will feature arts, crafts, retail merchandise, gifts, cosmetics, and other vendors catering to the Christmas shopper. The fair will start Friday afternoon and close at 8 p.m. Saturday.

Any business interested in becoming a vendor at the Holiday Fair or anyone interested in ticket information for the Elvis Tribute Artist Contest should contact Time-Out Management at 864-201-2464, e-mail timeoutmanager@aol.com , or visit online at www.christmasetacontest.com (Oct 20, 2008)


2009 Elvis Extravaganza in Tampa, Florida: Dear Friends, Things are in full swing for the 2009 Elvis Extravaganza Impersonator Contest National Finals and Fan Convention. The event will take place February 14 & 15, 2009 in Tampa, Florida and include contest Open Rounds and Finals held at the Florida State Fair. Last year's show was outstanding. This year will be even better!


The Florida State Fair has designated seats in A VIP SECTION! Only fans with a VIP PASS will be permitted to sit in this section. You will also receive a VIP Lanyard which will give you access to the backstage meet and greet. The VIP afterglow parties in the event will be PRIVATE for VIPs ONLY. The Goody Bag alone will contain gifts and items with a value in excess of $50.00!

ALSO NEW THIS YEAR...We will NOT be advertising the EARLY BIRD NOTICE in advance for those who wish to get VIP seats while they last.


So here's what you get:

an admission ticket to fair (2 days)($20 value)
Access to VIP Rececption Friday Afternoon 02/13/2008 ($10) Admission to PRIVATE After Glow event (3 days) ($60 value)
Lanyard for Backstage Meet and Greet (2 days)($20 value) VIP SEAT at FAIR in RESERVED VIP SECTION Goody Bag ($50 minimum value)

Below is the link to purchase your VIP PASS for the event...while they last.

http://www.elviscontest.com/convention/ (20 Oct 2008)


Gary Britt: Good morning friends, as many of you are aware, I had the opportunity to travel to Montreal Quebec Canada, to attend the 2008 Montreal Performers Showcase (ladyluckmusic.com event).
Approximately 7 years ago I worked with Gary on a most amazing project called "Love Me Tender Day Charity Project " for nearly 1 year. To learn more about this project: http://www.garyelvis.com/lmtd.htm
For more information about the "Love Me Tender Day Charity Project ", you can email Gary "Elvis" Britt at garyelvis@aol.com
Please do check out my video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1H3LhP_syc and leave a comment
if you wish. :)
Thanks so much for checking out the video..


Presley Productions Com is proud to announce some new and exciting changes with this years E.P. EXPO.
For starters, we have just signed a contract with Cocopah Casino & Resort to hold the E.P. EXPO 2009 at their brand new facilities.  With this addition, Cocopah Casino has agreed to keep ticket prices at affordable rates.  Be sure and get your tickets as soon as possible as tickets are on sale now!
Another great special that has been added to this wonderful weekend is the fine hotel accommodations.  Stay at the new Cocopah Resort and receive a nightly rate for only $77.00 (normally $107.00).  Whether your staying as a single or double the price remains the same.  This rate is only for E.P. EXPO fans.  In order to assure that you receive this wonderful deal you must reserve your rooms by January 1, 2009.  Rooms are subject to availability so get yours today!!!
Last but not least, the E.P. EXPO 2009 has added another day on it's schedule.  The new dates for this years expo is February 5, 6, 7.  The only date change that was made was the adding of Thursday the 5th.  On Thursday, February 5th, we will be having a big kick-off party for this years expo.  Things on tap for this night will be: a 50'/60's dance, a meet and greet with our entertainers and special guests and some great karaoke.  You don't want to miss this.  The other great thing about this night is that it's "FREE!"
The location is still the same, Yuma, Arizona.  For more information on these new changes, as we have just recently updated our website, visit us at www.elvisexpo.com.   
E.P. EXPO 2009 Information
If you haven't already heard, below is a list of events that will be taking place at the E.P. EXPO 2009:
  • E.P. EXPO Tribute Artists Contest
  • Dance/Karaoke Party
  • Gospel Salute to the King
  • Meet & Greet with Our Entertainers and Special guests
  • Musical Productions entitled, "Trilogy, the Music of the King"
  • ETA showcases
  • Vendors selling and displaying Elvis merchandise
  • After hours parties to be held nightly
Special guests:
  • Bob West, Headlining ETA from Las Vegas to Chicago
  • Vic Trevino Jr., 2008 E.P. EXPO Grand Champion
  • ExSpense Account Showband, #1 Elvis tribute band in the world
  • Tom Madden, Elvis Style Guitarist Extraordinaire
  • Chuck O' Brien, Founder of Presenting Presley and Chuck O' Brien Presents.
  • Rick Lenzi, newly acquired Legends in Concert Star
  • Ace Crye, former Legends performer and featured in "Walking in the Shoes of the King" Documentary
  • Ryan Wood, founder of the Elvis Expo in Las Vegas and co-Producer of the E.P. EXPO.
  • Celebrity Guest: TBD
Attention all ETA's!!!  If you are interested in joining in this years E.P. EXPO competition be sure and do so right way as we are running a special up to November 1, 2008.  For any ETA's who sign up by this date, the entry fee is only $49.00.  Anyone joining afterwards, the cost of entry will go up to $70.00 (A savings of $21.00)  Don't' delay!!!  You will find all of the necessary information to sign-up on our website, www.elvisexpo.com.  You can either pay on-line or through the mail.
We would like to encourage all of our ETA's in this years competition to join us on Thursday, February 5th for the big kick-off party.  Here's a chance for the fans to meet all of our entertainers.  Come dressed as to perform!
Should you be flying in, look to fly into Phoenix, San Diego or directly into Yuma, AZ.  Airfare at this time seems to be fairly reasonable in these locations.
We hope that the necessary information given to you has been helpful.  Should you have anymore questions or comments feel free to give us a call or write (office@presleyproductions.com).  We hope to see you in February!!!
Ryan N. Wood
Presley Productions Com
(928) 581-2322
(928) 581-6132

Elvis Fantasy Feat: This year's string of festival weekends with perfect weather continued Saturday, bringing out a record crowd for Porter County's most widely known visitor event, the 16th annual Elvis FANtasy Fest.

"Of all the festivals in the county, this one has the highest expenditure per person per day, according to a survey we did," said Lorelei Weimer, executive director of the Porter County Convention, Visitors, and Recreation Bureau.

Mixing with the hundreds watching the Elvis Tribute Artist contest preliminaries or strolling through the car show were some of the volunteers from Porter County Special Olympics, the driving force behind the annual celebration of Presley and his interest in charitable causes.

"This festival has raised over $200,000, with over $180,000 going to Special Olympics," said Kay Lipps.

With husband Paul, she is chairwoman of Taking Care of Presley, the memorial benefit committee in Carmel that stages the festival under the wing of the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation in Memphis, Tenn.

"The rest of the money goes to the Elvis Presley Trauma Center there and Presley Place, a housing development in the inner city where the homeless can live and get assistance to get back on their feet," she said.

Beyond the charity, the weekend serves to satisfy the passion for Presley that has grown among old and young since his death in 1977.

"What's particularly important is that we're celebrating the 40th anniversary of his 1968 comeback TV special, recreating it here (Saturday) for the fans.

"We have D.J. Fontana, Elvis' drummer, and Patti Parry and Sandi Miller, members of his circle who had front-row seats at the concert," Lipps said.

"I'm so passionate about Elvis; it's his music and the way he treated people," said Carol Hopp of Oak Lawn, Ill., who was 25 years old when she first saw Presley on the "Ed Sullivan Show" in 1956.

Hopp is president of the "Elvis -- That's the Way It Is" Fan Club, one of three fan groups with tables of Presley memorabilia.

She said her group publishes a quarterly 50-page newsletter.

"I never met him or saw him in concert, but I have an Elvis collection in two rooms and my living room," she said. "That includes 500 CDs." (12 Oct 2008, CHARLES M. BARTHOLOMEW Post-Tribune)

Elvis Eruption 2008

October 24th & 25th, 2008

Friday 7pm Saturday 1pm

(Doors Will Open 1 hour early)

Food Drinks Prizes Raffles 

Show and Elvis look/sound alike Contest.

Guest Performers Include 

Matt King (Elvis & Roy Orbison), Chris Solano(Elvis & Buddy Holly), & Jerry Connelly(Gene Pitney)  

Benefit for the Vets and serving U.S. Soldiers. Call  (517)676-1721

To Book Matt Or To Join Matts Fan Club Call Sandy:(517)676-1721

Tampa, Florida....Jan 2009: Hey, we've got a gig for you January 8, 2009 in Tampa, FL if you are interested.

It would be like a promotional appearance where you would be available for photos and mingling etc and a few songs with tracks.  You wouldn't need PA or anything...just you and your suit and a CD.  About an hour all totalled.  Just not sure exactly what time yet.

If you are available and would be interested in doing it...send me your price. Be reasonable - but it should include all costs and you should itemize such.

Please get back to me as soon as possible, we have sent this request to several
ETAs...    Send email to email@elviscontest.com


Jack James
Elvis Extravaganza



TICKET Office Ph: 5559 4999


Ticketek Ph: 5225 1200

Ticketek 1300 795012

Box Office: 5434 6100 www.thecapital.com.au


Box Office: 5832 9511

Ticketmaster: 1300 795 267 www.ticketmaster.com.au


JB TOURS is presesenting: Jim Browder's Elvis Extravaganza Contest and Tribute Weekend
Oct 24 & 25, 2008

Memphis Plaza Hotel
Memphis, TN

Special Guests include
Elvis' Karate Instructor Khang Rhee
Elvis' Doctor George Nichopoulos
Wayne Carman
and many more...

Top scoring contestants qualify for the National
Finals in Tampa, FL February 14, 15, 2009
at the Florida State Fair.

More information and performer sign up here...


The King of Elvii 2008!: Brandon Bennett is the best Elvis impersonator on the face of the earth. The Ponchatoula, La., resident and volunteer firefighter won the 2008 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest last weekend in Memphis. He's a regular performer at the Hard Rock and Silver Slipper casinos and has made his living impersonating The King for the last eight years.

"I never really paid attention to (Elvis) much," Bennett said in a recent interview. "My mom was the first person to tell me (I resembled Elvis Presley). I liked some of his music and had seen his movies but wasn't a huge fan. The more people told me that out of the blue, that's when I got interested to see what I could do with it."


Bennett began his Elvis career about eight years ago with the group "Pure Gold" in Bay St. Louis. He's constantly touring the region with his band and his phone has been ringing off the hook since he won Thursday against a field of Elvises from around the world.

His prizes include a commemorative remake Martin D28 guitar Presley used in 1956, valued at more than $11,000. He also won a replica of the gold belt Presley wore when he broke attendance records in Las Vegas. A gift certificate to Lansky's clothing store in Memphis is also included. Presley purchased much of his clothing from the store in the 1950s. The biggest prize of all, however, is having Elvis Presley Enterprises say he's No. 1 in the world.

"It's been something I never would have dreamed I would have been able to do," Bennett said. "Doing this has allowed myself and my family to have a pretty good life so far. I know I'm having a ball doing it right now, and I hope it continues for a long time. " ( Source: Justin Hooks, Sun Herald/Charmaine Voisine, 22 Aug 2008)

Elvis meets Sir Michael Caine: ELVIS PRESLEY rose from the dead last week to perform a hip swivelling set infront of a star studded audience in aid of charity.

Unfortunately the king of rock and roll was not the real McCoy, but professional impersonator Martyn Dias of Ragged Hall Lane, St Albans. Donning a special Rhinestone studded jumpsuit, Martyn, aka Elvis Shmelvis, launched into a medley of legendary hits on stage to raise money for children with leukaemia.

The grand party was held in Battersea Park last Wednesday with more than 6,000 young sufferers attending a long with British film star Sir Michael Caine, Eastenders actress June Brown aka Dot Cotton and presenter Des O'Conner.

Martyn, who gave up his day job 10 years ago to imitate the rock legend full-time, said: "Before I went professional I did lots of charity work, but when I went professional I had to give it up. I now do about five or six charity events a year.

"If I can put a smile on these poorly children's faces for a few hours then I want to help do that."


The 46-year-old father of two was voted best tribute act in the UK and has made numerous television appearances playing an injured Elvis in Holby City, entertaining diners on Channel four's Come Dine with Me and competing in an elvis-alike special of the Weakest Link.

As headline act for next Saturday's Music in the Park, in Clarence Park, the great pretender will once again be thrusting his hips for a jeering audience.

See our video of Elvis in action on the Review website next week. (Source: Alexandra Barham, St. Albans Oberver, UK, July 2008)

Elvis coming to Ionia County: Those were the days! School was out and on a hot August night, everyone headed for the local malt shop to play the latest tunes on the jukebox, mingle with friends and dance in the aisles.  Malt shops and jukeboxes may be a thing of the past, but the music of the 50’s lingers on at The Ionia Theatre on Thursday, August 7, 2008, starting at 7:30 p.m.  The Rydells, a local Ionia group, will start the evening with doo-wop music to be followed by Brian Grob performing his dynamite tribute act to Buddy Holly and the one and only Fred Wolfe wowing the crowd with Elvis songs as only he can perform them.  The doors will be open an hour prior to the show.  There is no reserved seating. Tickets are $10.00 and are available locally at The Ionia Theatre, Kitty's Cafe, Steele Street Coffee and SoZo Coffee on M-66 or by contacting Linda Ciangi at (616) 527-4945.  Proceeds from the show will benefit the Ionia County Historical Society. 

Elvis coming to Stanton, Michigan: Big things are going to be happening in this tiny little town of approximately 1,500 people in the middle of Montcalm County northwest of Lansing at the 25th Stanton Old Fashioned Days.  The festivities start on Wednesday August 6th, with a talent show and conclude on Sunday, August 10th, with a community wide church service in the morning and a garden tractor pull in the afternoon.  Saturday, August 9th, will be the big day for locals and tourists alike and will feature a car show and cruise, arts and crafts, a flea market, pony rides, free stage entertainment throughout the day and lots of family fun and down-home hospitality.  Following the Grand Parade at 1:00 p.m. Fred Wolfe returns to perform his Elvis Tribute Act at 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on the Main Stage at the corner of Main and Lincoln Streets. 

FREE Elvis Week 2008 Event: Thanks to Charmaine Voisine for this newsabout FREE entry to Elvis Extravaganza Events (ETAs) - With ALL of the talk about the HIGH PRICES during ELVIS Week (not to mention the high price of fuel to get there - whether by car or by plane) - admission to this event is FREE.

There are a handful of VIP seats available right at the stage and this package includes a good bag.

You can get VIP SEATS here:  http://www.elviselvis.com/elvisweek/


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ETA gets his start: Steve Roberti, father of two, became Elvis on Aug. 26, 2006. It happened at the VFW hall at Sabala Plaza in Largo. He wore a homemade red jumpsuit, and his first song was All Right Momma.

"I was scared to death, but toward the end of the first half, when four women threw their bras on the stage, I became much looser,'' Roberti, 37, recalled. "I started playing at the post once or twice every month, and it took off from there."

Over the past two years, Roberti has filled his closet with studded jump suits, capes and puffy-sleeved shirts, and has learned to play the guitar. He's also received recognition for his portrayal of the King. In January, he won the "I'll Remember You,'' Elvis Presley tribute competition in Live Oak. The win catapulted him to the international leg of the contest, Best of the Best Elvis Tribute Artists in Memphis, home to Presley's Graceland mansion, later this summer. Roberti said he owes it all to the vets in Largo.

"I've been in VFWs around the country, and this one is the most family oriented of them all,'' said Roberti, a former paramedic and Army veteran. The kudos are mutual.

"We've got lots of events, but one you cannot miss is Elvis," said John Smith, the post's canteen manager. "We are so proud of Steve, and even as he gets more well-known, he always donates his time to veteran events."

On Friday, the post will hold its Independence Day gathering. Roberti will perform after the barbecue.

"On the Fourth, we keep it casual,'' said Smith. "It'll feel like a family gathering. And of course, Steve will be there. He's family."

VFW Post 10094, which moved to Largo six years ago from Indian Rocks Beach, has 427 members. And although VFWs around the country have seen a decline in members due to aging World War II vets, that's not the case in Largo.

"The organization is seeing younger soldiers joining now, after they serve in Iraq or Afghanistan,'' said James Orndoff, the post's commander. Roberti and his wife, Shelby, are part of this younger group.

"I spent most of my military service in California, but Shelby served in Iraq during Desert Storm,'' said Roberti. "We originally joined the VFW for the camaraderie. Little did we know all this would come from that decision.'

Elvis to visit County Fair: The King of Rock 'n' Roll will be honored at the Chautauqua County Fair on Central Avenue in Dunkirk, NY this year when Western New York resident Terry Buchwald performs his well-known tribute to Elvis Presley at the Budweiser Grandstand on July 24.

"Audiences across the nation are astonished by his dynamic voice and striking resemblance to Elvis," said fair association president James Tytka, Sr. "By all accounts, he has the looks, the moves and the voice of Elvis. We are thrilled to be bringing him to the Fair this year."

Tytka noted that admission to the Elvis concert is included with the purchase of the Fair's pay-one-price advance sale or gate admission ticket. In the event of rain, the performance will take place at the Arthur R. Maytum Family Theater.

Buchwald has sold more than 35,000 Elvis tribute CDs and has been the opening act for national recording artists Lee Greenwood, Diamond Rio, Montgomery Gentry, Rick Springfield, Jim Brickman, Sixpence None the Richer, Johnny Rivers, Grassroots and the Charlie Daniels Band.

He performed in the Elvis mini-series on CBS in 2005, at former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly's NFL/ESPN retirement party and for the Emmy Award cast parties for television shows "Ally McBeal" and "The Practice."

The Chautauqua County Fair runs July 21-27 at the fairgrounds in Dunkirk.

The Fair's pay-one-price admission includes unlimited mechanical midway rides, all Arthur R. Maytum Family Theater and Budweiser Grandstand shows except demolition derby reserved seating, and all other events and exhibits at the fair. Purchase of an advance sale or a daily gate admission ticket is required to attend all Budweiser Grandstand events.

Advance sale tickets for the Fair are available through July 20 at many area retailers and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays at the fair's Central Avenue ticket office. Ticket outlet and event information is available at the fair's Web site, http://www.chautauquacountyfair.org, or by calling the fair office at 716-366-4752.

Tim Breed does Elvis Proud!

Jessie Faulkner/The Times-Standard

He's got the swagger, the lip curl, the hip-action, the turned-up collar and a pretty darn close approximation of that swoon-heavy voice.  Link to video http://medianewsgroup.a.mms.mavenapps.net/mms/rt/1/site/medianewsgroup-norcal-eureka-pub01-live/current/launch.html?maven_playerId=player2&maven_referralObject=96af44e3-a47c-406c-9177-e6721feb12f7

As Humboldt County's only paid Elvis Presley impersonator, Tim Breed, 27, of Arcata has the enviable power of sparking smiles just by appearing in a wide-lapeled three-piece white suit, big red-tinted gold-framed sunglasses, mid-cheek sideburns and a guitar.

The transformation of the relatively slight, deep-voiced Humboldt State University music graduate wasn't the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, an obsession with the King of Rock 'n' Roll or even a grudging admiration for the well-known singer's magnetism.

It all started with his older brother Dan. It might have been the time his brother superimposed an image of Elvis' face on a religious candle and rewrote the prayer to reflect a plea to “keep rockin.” Or it might simply have been his brother's long-held admiration for the late singer's tunes. ”On some levels,” Breed said, “Elvis was in my consciousness.” That subconsciousness came to the surface last summer when Breed's older brother gave him a three-piece suit as a gift. It wasn't exactly his everyday style, so he began pondering the attire's possibilities. By the time Halloween rolled around, Breed had hit upon using the gift threads to resurrect Elvis. He said he rounded up some sunglasses and attempted to take on the persona of the famous one. ”I really got into it,” he recalled. At one point in the evening, a friend pleaded with him to talk like himself -- not Elvis. He just couldn't do it. By November, Breed was working up an act to perform at his family's Christmas talent show in Fort Bragg, where he debuted his versions of “That's All Right Mama” and “Heartbreak Hotel.” It wasn't long before he was singing at a birthday party and beginning to take this Elvis business a little more seriously. He admits Elvis wasn't his hero, but the late rock 'n' roller certainly is now. And, while there's more than a little campy kitsch to this business, Breed has developed a healthy respect for the owner of Graceland's capabilities. ”His voice has subtleties I never picked up on,” he said, noting Elvis' range from opera to blues to lounge singing to rock. Since delving into the world of Presley, Breed said his own singing voice has drastically improved. Response among the singer's 20-something friends has been overwhelmingly positive with the exception of one who, Breed recounted, thinks it's ludicrous and his time would be better spent promoting his owns songs and musical talents. Breed will become Elvis for a southern-style cuisine dinner at the Beachcomber Cafe in Trinidad from 6 to 9 p.m. on Aug. 17 -- 31 years and one day after Elvis died in his Memphis mansion. Breed's Elvis, complete with backup singers, will be performing “Suspicious Minds.” The 27-year-old took the gig a little bit further just recently after being ordained. That's right, forget Vegas, Elvis can marry you and yours right here in Humboldt County. Legally. Those who aren't quite ready for marriage, let alone marriage by Elvis, can still get a glimpse of Breed's rendition by calling 707-826-1194. Bookings begin at a minimum of $75 but $100 brings a 45-minute performance. The fun tends to happen on both sides of the stage. ”I like seeing the reaction,” he said. “I like to see people laugh. It's not a serious thing. It's just fun, and people respond to that.” Of course, Breed's brother is among the biggest fans of the unusual business. He may even join in as the older Elvis -- they're 12 years apart -- offering a little humor to the performances. So far, he's got the rhinestone setter necessary to put together a costume, a little bit of a belly and a good comedic sense.

Based on the Elvis interviews Breed has heard, it's clear to him that Elvis was a very funny guy. While the performer said it's best to give him a week's advance notice when the King's presence is desired, he noted he was open to Elvis emergencies. And he hasn't ruled out pursuing the business on a more full-time basis -- if that opportunity presents itself.

”I'm serious about the craft of it", Breed said. “When it comes to showtime, it's definitely about having fun.”

Shawn Klush at Elvis Week 2008: The 2008 event will feature several new activities and entertainment including Elvis, From Broadway to Memphis. This first-ever production will include a state-of-the-art, video-projected Elvis performing with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Broadway stars Leah Hocking, Austin Miller, 2007 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist winner Shawn Klush and the rockabilly group The Dempseys. Two shows will be held on August 16th at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Memphis.

Graceland Announces Plans for Elvis Week, August 9-17, 2008

13 ETAs is a lucky number!: Thirteen Elvis Presley impersonators didn’t leave the building Friday afternoon. Instead, they lingered, talked and watched each other perform at Studio 7 of the Hollywood Casino during the first round of a contest for the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, an event put on by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Although all 13 Elvis impersonators were donned in elaborate, 1970s-era jumpsuits and silk scarves that Elvis is best remembered for wearing, the contestants came from different places and arrived in different sizes and shapes.The Elvis with the shortest ride, 28-year-old Dexter Roussel, of Denham Springs, has been impersonating Elvis on and off for seven years.

“Even as a kid I was up dancing on the table. You either love your parents’ music or you don’t,” Roussel said. “My mother was crazy about Elvis, and I loved it.”“My friends in high school kind of laughed at me, but Elvis’ music just goes from generation to generation,” he said. “My kids love him.”

Aaron King, the stage name of 48-year-old Darrell Templeton, of Tucson, Ariz., said he saw Presley perform in 1976, a year before Presley died.“I was dressed like him at the time. I reached out to him and he gave me a thumbs up and he curled his lip. That changed my life,” Templeton said. “That’s when it started. People were not doing Elvis impersonations back then.”Jesse Aron, of Janesville, Wis., a mirror image of Elvis from the mid-1970s, came to Baton Rouge with his wife Teri Aron — a Marilyn Monroe impersonator.The 32-year-old Jesse Aron had the most elaborate 1970s era jumpsuit of the day — a skin-tight, sky blue suit with a huge belt.The two met performing at a show as their idols.“We got married on Valentine’s Day this year in Las Vegas,” Teri Aron said.Elvis impersonator Jun Battad hails from Frisco, Texas, although he was born in the Philippines and spent most of his life in Honolulu.He started out as a Neil Diamond impersonator.

“I became an engineer because that was my father’s dream. That paid the mortgage. But this is my passion,” Battad said.Kevin Mills, of Toronto, had the slim and energetic look of the young Elvis stuffed into a white jumpsuit. His rendition of one song, “Poke Salad Annie,” got the mostly female crowd stirred up.Charles Roe, of Whitney, Texas, was an out-of-breath Elvis.“I need an oil change please,” Roe told the crowd while trying to catch his breath after a stirring performance of the song, “Burning Love.” In the audience, Pat Gill, of Central, sat in the front row and said he attended the Elvis contests because they keep his memory alive.“We will have to see what happens. Everyone so far has been pretty good,” Gill said.

The contest continues today. The winner of the Baton Rouge preliminary round will go to Memphis in August to compete in the semifinals and possibly the finals of the event during Elvis Week 2008.

Elvis Tribute in Garland Plaza Theatre: There is a definite buzz around the Garland area. Jack Foltyn is back in town at the Plaza Theatre,521 West State Street , Garland, Tx. portraying the King of Rock and Roll. After a four year absence the "Graceland Approved" King of Rock n Roll is back, and he's bringing his "Garland Mafia" with him. His Elvis tribute show, Coming Home, will be at the Plaza Theatre July 18th through the 27th with three special gospel shows on Sundays.

Jack Foltyn was the winner of last year's Expose's Entertainer of the Year for the musical "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" which he wrote andchoreographed. He also received awards for Best Actor and Best Soundtrack for an independent movie. The question is why Garland, why now? "Its where I started," Foltyn says, "Its where everything happened. When nobody else wanted me, Garland was the place that accepted me, my vision and my cast. It was one of those places which was magic. Our fan base started in Garland, and if not for Garland's Plaza Theatre I would have not been able to go on and be accredited as 'Graceland Approved Elvis Tribute Artist.'" Foltyn is now giving back to the community by not only having a special show in Garland, but also by using local dancers from Garland to Rockwall with an age group of 10 and up.

"Walk A Mile is an extravagant project with a big set and lots of dialogue, so I wanted to do a show that stuck to the basics of Elvis music - song and dance and that's it," Foltyn continued, "The dancers I have probably have never heard alot of Elvis music, but you can see in their eyes the fun they are having with it, and it's fun for me because it is all new for them." The show contains about 34 songs which Foltyn sings and choreographs and 20 songs in the gospel shows which also have dance. "It is intensive for the dancers," Foltyn said, "But you ask these dancers what they would rather do, and all of them say, 'perform.'"

With so many numbers, he asked for the help of Garland resident Mary Jane Hawkins to be his co-choreographer. "I will be showing the dancers the numbers that Mr. Foltyn has choreographed while he works the new ones," Ms. Hawkins said, "He is also letting me choreograph some dance numbers as well which I am very excited about." Ms Hawkins continued, "Working with him is like riding a roller coaster. You don't know where it's going or how this is all going to fit because he works at such a fast pace. But at the end it makes perfect sense. He pulls the best out of all us. I think that's what makes him not only a great choreographer but a great motivator as well," Ms. Hawkins said.

Foltyn said, "I want the kids to know what its like to participate in a professional show because there are not alot of opportunities out there for them." Due to the cutbacks for the arts it's a difficult task to get work. So Foltyn is working on doing more projects like this, and with the help of people he knows in the industry these dancers and actors alike may be able to have work in other venues. "If they do a great job, yes, I would want them in 'Walk A Mile' in November or 'Christmas In Graceland' in December.

Most important is that they learn, have fun and never feel they are inferior to anyone out there." Foltyn knows what it is like to go and audition and not get called back. "You feel like you have nailed it but because you may not have a look they want you may not get a call back," Foltyn said, "but rather than being depressed about, it I used that as ammo and said, 'Okay NEXT TIME I'll show them.'" Foltyn wants to show his young dancers that it is okay to be different and unique. "Standing out is just a feeling, it's not about trying." In Foltyn's productions, the stars are the ones out there. "I tell people all the time. I am like the Christmas tree, but the dancers and actors are the ornaments and the lights that make the Christmas tree look beautiful. They deserve all the credit."

EUROPE'S number one Elvis impersonator Rob Kingsley is to give a command performance for a real-life King.

The 39-year-old former soldier and bus driver, who is originally from Prestonpans, Midlothian, will reportedly don his sequined jumpsuit for a special gig for King Sheik Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, who runs the oil state of Bahrain, and his family and friends at a function in the Gulf state.

Aussie ETA to rock Panthers: HE'S been "seen" at 7-11 stores for decades after his death, but Elvis is about to make a comeback of sorts.

The King of rock 'n' roll will live once more as Mark Andrew pays him the ultimate tribute at Panthers on Saturday, June 28. (Details: scroll to end of story)

Andrew will recreate Elvis's NBC-TV '68 Comeback Special, never before seen live on stage.

Hosted by Frankie J. Holden and backed by a 10-piece band and showgirls, Andrew says the night will be one to remember.

"The '68 show was the highest rating (TV special) in 1968. I think Elvis was at his peak at the event ... so I decided to feature parts of that for this show," Andrew told the Mt Druitt-St Marys Standard.

"He was charming, very good-looking, had a fantastic voice and was able to take a song and make it his own.

"Also, he had a way of taking the audience in, or delivering a song in a way that left the audience wanting more."

Andrew has been performing as Elvis for 15 years and is regarded as one of the world's best impersonators.

In 2002, he came fifth at a world competition in Memphis and has headlined The Parkes Elvis Festival for four years.

He featured on The Footy Show and other programs.

"I want to show Elvis in a positive light, with a real energy and authentic looks, and all the arrangements are the same as the '68 show," he says.

"Die-hard Elvis fans will love it and the not-so-die-hard will take something away from it."

Andrew says his show will be split into two parts: first the TV special, then Elvis's hits with Holden narrating.

"I put in as much detail as possible and hopefully people like it."

Time: 7.30pm
Date: Saturday, June 28
Venue: Evan Theatre, Panthers, Mulgoa Rd. Penrith Australia
Tickets: $53.50(plus $1.50 booking fee)
Inquiries: 1800 061 991

Marine City native brings Elvis to life: What started out as an affinity for Elvis' music and singing Elvis songs at karaoke night, has turned into a side career for resident Darrin Hagel.

Hagel, who has been a professional Elvis impersonator for 10 years, said he got into the business at the encouragement of those who enjoyed listening to him sing The King's classics. Hagel also ran the sound for an Elvis impersonator and sang Elvis hits while the impersonator was between sets. From there, he launched his own business, My Tribute to Elvis.

Most recently, the Chesterfield Township resident brought his act home, when he performed Tuesday as part of the Music by the Bay concert series in Brandenburg Park.

"This (was) my first year, and my band, The Burning Love, (played) with me," he said.

While the Elvis gig is a relatively new thing for Hagel, performing isn't. The Marine City native has been performing his entire life, and also spent some time in Los Angeles pursuing an acting career.

"I'm a performer by nature," he said. Hagel said his love for Elvis' music goes back "as long as I can remember."

It's the arrangement of the music and the keys in which Elvis sang in that attracted him to the performer. His favorite song? "Suspicious Minds."

The authentic sideburns and Elvisesque hair that help him bring home the image of Elvis to his audience, has been a deal breaker for other work. Hagel still does professional acting work in the Detroit area, appearing in industrial films and commercials. When asked if he is willing to shave off the sideburns for a role, Hagel said he has to say "no" if there's not enough time for them to grow back before his next Elvis gig.

The jumpsuits he performs in are also authentic to what Elvis wore on stage. Hagel said he has plain jumpsuits specially made and then adds the detailing, which is taken right from the designs Elvis wore.

"I've studied many pictures," he said of designs on the jumpsuits. "I think they turn out pretty good."

During the break between sets, which usually consist of about 15 to 17 songs each, Hagel said he changes into another one of his authentic-looking jumpsuits. Depending on the venue and the availability of the band, Hagel said he puts on two different types of performances. A prerecorded track show, and shows with his live band, The Burning Love. The four-member band has been playing with Hagel for four years.

Prior to forming the band he said the musicians were his friends, and after some cajoling, was able to convince them to play as The Burning Love.

Hagel doesn't go it alone when he performs. In fact, it's a family affair. His 18-year-old son, Kyle, works the spotlights while his daughter, Kayla, 15, helps out with scarves and water. Wife Patty controls the sound. He said the mix can be switched up if someone can't make it; everyone knows how to operate each other's job. Of his two children, Hagel said he could see his daughter following in his footsteps as a performer.

"Right now, they enjoy being behind the scenes," he said.

In addition to the festivals, parties and weddings, Hagel also makes the trek to Collingwood, Ontario, for the Elvis Festival. Hagel said it's the largest Elvis festival in North America. He said he's also been to Graceland several times. While he loves performing at Collingwood, he said he can't choose a favorite out of all the venues he performs for.

"I love the war memorial, and the senior center at Port Huron," he said adding that he likes them all for different reasons.

Hagel recently performed in the Marysville Concert in the Park series. Ann Shaw, parks and rec coordinator for Marysville, said the show was excellent.

"We've already had calls about him," she said of the performance.

Because of inclement weather, Shaw said the concert instead took place in the Marysville High School Auditorium.

"They filled the place up," she said of the audience, adding there were very few seats left open. Shaw said she hopes to book Hagel and The Burning Love again next year.

If you missed his Tuesday night performance, there's still time to catch his act this summer. Hagel will perform next week in St. Clair as part of the city's sesquicentennial celebration.

For more details about Hagel's career, check out his Web site at www.mytributetoelvis.com. (Source: Kimberly Scherer, Voice Staff Writer)



Aug. 1 ,08             Harry Shahoian as Elvis                         (may have to substitute)                                    6:30 to 7:15 PM    

Aug. 8 ,08             Raymond Michael as Elvis                                   6:30 to 7:15 PM    

Aug. 15 ,08           Steve Murphy as Elvis                                    6:30 to 7:15 PM    

Aug. 22 ,08            Vince Rivers as Elvis                                    6:30 to 7:15 PM    

Aug. 29 ,08            Larry Sanders as Elvis                             6:30 to 7:15 PM                                                                

ADMISSION IS FREE                  It's like a Concert in the Park, but without the grass so bring a lawn chair!

   For dinner reservations call:

Gordon Hendricks, UK ETA: For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gordon Hendricks, one of the British stars of the Bolton Arena show this coming August, here is a more than impressive you tube clip from a recent theatre performance last Saturday....  Certainly one of the best versions of "If I can dream" I have ever heard.

Gordon Hendricks in Concert - If I can Dream 
or  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVxAXXtqde8

He is performing the '68 Comeback special at Bolton Arena, Saturday August 9th. 
Visit the official website at www.theworldsgreatestelvis.co.uk

Elvis rocks Wintersun Festival in Australia (June 2008): It wasn't a case of Elvis leaving the building, rather Elvis filling the building.Hardcore Elvis fans sporting the image of The King tattooed on their arms, backs and wrists lined the stage of the auditorium at Twin Towns as 23 impersonators performed hits such as Hound Dog, In the Ghetto and Love Me Tender.The entertainers had travelled from around Australia and overseas to compete in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist contest as part of the Wintersun Festival on the Gold Coast, finishing up this weekend.But none had travelled as far as Tatsuro Nagata who flew in from Japan on Wednesday and said it was his life ambition to perform in the contest."I want to win and I think I have a good chance," he said.

"I've wanted to join this competition for a long time. I've loved Elvis since I was a 10-year-old."I can sing every song he sang and I've seen every movie he was in. I'm a big fan."Mr Nagata competed in what he calls his 'lucky suit' which he spent eight hours making by hand and in which he won the 2007 Japan Elvis contest.He wasn't the only overseas competitor with several Elvises flying in from New Zealand to have their shot at the crown.

Last year's winner Mark Anthony was also back to defend his title.But much of the spotlight this year is shining on the youngest Elvis performer, 19-year-old Sean Spiteri, of Melbourne, who said what he lacked in years he made up for in pure enthusiasm."To anyone who loves Elvis it doesn't matter how old you are and as long as you're continuing his legacy that's all that matters," he said."His music lives on in every generation. Just look at me: I'm 19 and I've been impersonating him since I was three years old."With the winner of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist contest getting the opportunity to compete at the finals in Graceland this August, Mr Spiteri said he's keeping his sights set firmly on his goal."Ultimately my goal is to reach Graceland and touch those gates at the place where Elvis lived," he said."If that doesn't happen then at least I've met a lot of different people and I've got to see their perspective on The King."

Despite last weekend's bad weather there's more than enough Wintersun Festival action to keep locals happy with a huge bill planned for the rest of the weekend. (By Maria Lewis)

ETA awards honor the best....Australia's "voice of Elvis" El Gamble among the winners: The Elvis Extravaganza brought to the Florida State Fair 2 day event 75 of the best of the best competitors from as far away as Sweden to compete in the Elvis worlds most coveted contest. The Elvis Extravaganza National Finals was a culmination of regional qualifying rounds held at various State Fair, Casino and premier resort venues throughout the world. Winners took home $20,000 in cash and prizes.

Vic Trevino, Denton, Texas took the overall Crown and the title of the \"Worlds Finest Elvis Impersonator 2008\" along with cash and prizes. E-Rock Haws, Buckner, Missouri took the Crown for \"Best Elvis Vocalist 2008\", Tie-Brian Brenner, Dayton, Ohio took the Crown for \" Best Look a Like 2008\", Tie- Doug Church, Mishawaka, Indiana took the crown for \"Best Look a Like 2008\", Industry ICON AWARDS were presented to: Best Vocalist - George Wagner, Best Sacred Vocalist - Travis LeDoyt, Entertainment Acheivement - El Gamble, Best Web Design - Craig Parker, Humanitarian Award - Butch Diccus, Horizon Award - Vic Trevino.

The Elvis Extravaganza is the longest operating Elvis contest providers in the world. Produced by the worlds largest independant Elvis Presley fan club in conjunction with Taste This! Productions. The Elvis Extravaganza established in 1986 with 2 members has reached over 160,000 members worldwide and is the Premier Elvis Contest providers. The Elvis Contest reaches thousands of new fans at each of it's contest hosting sites. The Elvis Extravaganza is a free to join Elvis Presley fan club. Fans can join online at http://www.elviselvis.com.
Elvis impersonators who wish to be considered can get more information at the Elvis contest website for a list of regional qualifying venues, http://www.elviscontest.com (Source: Event of Events, March 2008)

The Elvis Cruise...UPDATE

Following the tremendous success of the inaugural "Elvis Cruise" last year, Carnival Cruise Lines and St. Louis, Mo.-based The Elvis Cruise, LLC, announced today the second "Elvis Cruise." This year, it will be a four-day voyage aboard the Carnival Fantasy in August 2008.

The only authentic, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.-licensed specialty cruise that celebrates the music and life of the legendary Elvis Presley, "The Elvis Cruise" will sail round-trip New Orleans and visit Cozumel, Mexico, departing Thursday, August 28, and returning Monday, September 1, 2008.

The one-of-a-kind voyage will be hosted by Jerry Schilling, longtime friend and confidante of the late Elvis Presley, and author of the book, Me and a Guy Named Elvis. Entertainment during the cruise will include live shows from artists who performed with Elvis and have been recognized for continuing his musical legacy, including the TCB Band, the Imperials, the Dempseys, Ronnie McDowell, Terry Mike Jeffrey & Band, Andy Childs, Ruby Wilson and others.

Famed conductor Joe Guercio will serve as musical director. Best known and admired for his work with Elvis Presley, Guercio has had a prolific career. He was musical director and conductor for Elvis' concert shows from the summer of 1970 to the summer of 1977, when Elvis made his last concert appearance.

The Elvis Cruise is unique in that the nightly Vegas-style shows celebrate the various phases of Elvis' musical life and career. "And with the voyage departing from the historic Port of New Orleans, we are introducing a new show featuring the sights and sounds from Elvis' most dramatic role in his memorable film, 'King Creole,'" said Guercio.

A number of themed events also will be featured, including an on-board Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, which will award $12,500 in prize money.

Other activities will range from autograph and Q&A sessions with the musicians and hosts, to the Elvis Cruise T-shirt Party, Elvis-themed bingo, an afternoon at the movies with host Jerry Schilling and more.

"Having the opportunity to participate in the only licensed Elvis cruise is particularly special and the fact that the voyage sails from New Orleans only adds to the excitement," said Ruben Rodriguez, Carnival's executive vice president of marketing and guest experience. "This cruise provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Elvis fans to come together and enjoy the exceptional music and memories of one of the world's most celebrated performing artists, all combined with a truly outstanding 'Fun Ship' vacation experience," he added.

"All of us at The Elvis Cruise are thrilled to partner with Carnival Cruise Lines for this exciting celebration of Elvis' life," said Michael McKay, Elvis Cruise executive producer. "We are excited to provide individuals who are passionate about Elvis with the exclusive opportunity to interact with fellow enthusiasts and revered performers in a spectacular and festive cruise setting. This is really the magic of the whole experience."

The "Fun Ship" Carnival Fantasy features a diverse selection of lounges, bars and nightspots, along with a health and fitness center, Wi-Fi Internet access, cellular phone service, and three pools, one of which features the line's signature "Twister Waterslide."

The 2,056-passenger vessel also houses three restaurants, including two elegant main dining rooms with extensive menus and wine lists, and a poolside eatery offering a wide variety of cuisine and 24-hour pizza and self-serve ice cream/frozen yogurt. A sushi bar and complimentary 24-hour stateroom service are also available.

Reservations are currently being accepted for the upcoming "Elvis Cruise" aboard Carnival Fantasy. Prices begin at $699 per person based on double occupancy and include all "Elvis Cruise" activities. Pre- and post-cruise New Orleans land stays are also available.

For additional information or to book, call The Elvis Cruise, LLC at 1-800-704-3034 or visit http://www.theelviscruise.com/.





ENTRY FEE $60.00

TERRI FUTREAL 803 474 2411 OR DANNY HAYWOOD 803 221 3200


Tim Dudley Tribute to the King!

March 29, 2008 mark it in the calendar as one of newest TOP Elvis Tribute Artist in the US will perform again on Stage @ the new STATE OF THE ART Ugly Mugs Cafe'

   Address is:
   102 N. Main St.
   South Bend, IN 46601
   (Main street is one way I believe heading south.  There is parking either on the street,Free after 6PM, or there is parking garage on same side as Ugly Mugs 1st 2 Levels are FREE!)
     There is a Cover Charge of $10FREE for Children 14 years old or younger
    And what will TOP this night off.  Is NBC Channel 16 and other news channels will be there to COVER this show.  Ask NBC is doing a cover story on Tim and His Tribute to th King Show and also on his GrandFamilies of America National Spokesman role.
     So please come out and support Grandparents that are raising their grand kids or any kind of caregiver.  This is fundraiser to get the Grandparents to Washington D.C. for the GrandRally.  Where also Tim Dudley will be performing on the front steps of Capital Building in Washington D.C.
      Tim will also have tons of surprises to tell the Elvis fans that night!

There's Still A Few Tickets Available!


Booking: (517)676-9302 / (517)862-6268
Join Matts FanClub:(517)676-1721

Lee Memphis newsletter:

Hi All

First just a quick reminder that Lee Memphis King's flagship concert at the renowned  Hammersmith Apollo takes place this Saturday, 22nd March. Possibly the most awaited Elvis concert this year, this will be a spectacular production and if you have not yet booked a ticket there are still some available although attendance is already over 2000!!  Box Office:  08448 44 47 48 or On-Line

Another prestige concert booked for this year is a commemorative 31st Elvis Anniversary concert at London's Indigo2 (formerly The Millennium Dome)  on Sunday 17 August  Box Office: 0208 463 2711 .

Lee will also be presenting his acclaimed performance at other flagship venues - Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Manchester Bridgewater Hall, The Birmingham NIA, Aberdeen AECC,  Edinburgh EICC plus a special Rock and Roll Sunday Picnic concert at Broadlands,  one of Hampshire's finest stately homes.  This year also sees Lee 'Memphis' King going into Europe with concerts in Antwerp and Strasbourg. This is all in addition to his regular touring schedule across the UK - there will be around 150 concerts during 2008, making Lee the most successful Elvis Tribute Artist there has ever been in the UK and one of the hardest working men in the industry.  Please see the Concert Dates Page in our website for dates and details.

If you have not visited for some while, the Lee Memphis King Web site has been upgraded over the past months with a new look and enhanced Audio and Video pages and our on-line community continues to grow  in our chat forum . Many of the Elvis fans and supporters who got together in the forum took themselves off to Dublin in February to attend Lee's concert at The Helix Theatre. A good time was had by all and photos and accounts of the trip are on the board for everyone to see.

We have just taken delivery of our new 2008 second edition Concert Programme which will be introduced at venues very shortly so please visit our merchandise stand to see it.

Finally, here is a message from Lee:

I just want to thank everyone who attend my concerts and for the fantastic support and feedback I receive from so many people. It's more than I ever expected and makes all of the hard work that I and my band and all of the team behind me put into these shows so worthwhile. Its great to know that there is so much interest and love for Elvis and his music.

Lee Memphis King



The Friends of Lola Benefit Presents Rock and Roll Legends on Saturday, April 12, 2008, at the Troy Elks Club, featuring Elvis, The King of Rock and Roll, Roy Orbison performing “Pretty Woman” and Buddy Holly performing “Peggy Sue”, plus that “Solitary Man" Neil Diamond.  All proceeds from this benefit will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  The performing artists, Fred Wolfe, Sherman Arnold, Brian Grob, and Marco Rancilio, have generously donated their time and talent to this worthy cause.  Doors open at 5:00 p.m.

A psychic reader will be in attendance from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.; food will be served buffet style at 7:00 p.m., and the show will start at 8:00 p.m.  The evening will also include raffles, a silent auction and the sale of a benefit cookbook.  Tickets are $15.00 each for adults and $5.00 each for children ages 5 to 12 and are available now or at the door.  Advance reservations are recommended. 

For reservations and tickets, call Donna Pinneo at (248) 565-5832.  You may also mail a check made payable to Donna Pinneo and addressed to her at 292 Town Center Drive, Troy, Michigan 48084, together with a note as to how many  tickets you need and a self-addressed, stamped envelope so they may be mailed to you.  The tickets can also be held for you to be picked up the night of the benefit.  Please check out the benefit flyer by clicking here.

Location:  The Troy Elks Club is located at 1451 East Big Beaver Road (a/k/a 16 Mile Road), Troy, Michigan 48083, East of Rochester Road between Rochester Road and John R on the north side of the street.   There is an exit off I-75 at Rochester Road and Big Beaver Road is just north of that exit.   MAP

A personal note from the Fred Wolfe Fan Club President and Webmaster - My youngest grandchild, Lola, was diagnosed with Type I Juvenile Diabetes a year ago at the age of two.  She is now three years old.  On a normal day, her blood sugar levels must constantly be checked by pricking her fingers six (6) times per day and she has to have six (6) shots of insulin per day. Also, she must maintain a tightly controlled diet and scheduled food intake.  Worst of all, this disease carries with it the risk of life-threatening complications.

Many people who have Type I Diabetes die prematurely.  Diabetes is part of Lola’s everyday life.  In just a one year span of time, she has endured over 2000 finger pricks and over 2000 insulin shots, just to stay alive.  However, insulin is not a cure for diabetes – it’s merely life support.  That is why her family is holding this benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. If you cannot attend the benefit show but would like to help by making a donation, send a check made payable to Donna Pinneo to 292 Town Center Drive, Troy,  Michigan 48084.


Visit the Fred Wolfe Fan Club Website for other show dates,  great pictures, videos and interesting tidbits about Fred.

Please also visit the newly updated "official" Fred Wolfe website.  >>>>   FREDWOLFE.COM


"Irv Cass"...check out the website for one of the legends of the ETA world

"The Voice of Elvis"  Doug Church Back On (The Contest) Stage: After touring all over the United States and the world performing in England, Denmark, Hong Kong, Germany and Canada, Elvis Tribute Artist and Performer Doug Church, known the world over as "The Voice of Elvis" due to his uncanny vocal talents to sound like "The King of Rock n' Roll", Elvis Presley, has decided to step back in the world of Elvis Tribute Artist Contests. After an 11 year hiatus from performing in contests, Mr. Church has decided to get back in the mix. 

"I felt the need to grow and learn and missed the friendships and camaraderie with the other performers. Being back on the contest stage I get to see a whole new audience. I enjoy their energy and performing for them" 

Seeing Doug perform live is an incredible experience. The voice, mannerisms and stage presence takes you back to what it must have been like to feel the excitement of seeing Elvis Presley live on stage. Doug's amazing vocal range is what sets him apart from other Elvis Tribute Artists performing in the business. He still tours the world doing the shows that have won him so much acclaim and is a show you do not want to miss. See "The Voice of Elvis" Doug Church perform soon in a city near you.  ( Source: Elvis Expert)

Kristy Lee Royle - Exclusive Manager of Donny Edwards
 Kristy Lee Royle has written to Joanna at www.ladyluckmusic.com  with some great news that after working with a record company in Europe over the past year, she has signed both Donny Edwards and Shawn Klush to a world wide European record contract. The company has made her a US consultant.
Shawn has recently returned from Spain as he has been recording the first album and Donny will be going to Europe the beginning of March to record 2 albums. European tours will also be part of this project for them.


February 9, 2008 





Host John “J. Peterman” O’Hurley Masquerades As Himself On One of America’s Favorite Game Shows


Los Angeles, CA – Kristy Lee Royle from Scarsdale, NY and owner of Royal Talent L.L.C. has booked star impersonators in a male vs. female celebrity grudge match on the nationally syndicated Family Feud, beginning on Monday, February 18.  The high-stakes game where contestants must guess the most popular answers to survey questions posed to 100 people in order to win big money airs Monday-Friday at 3:00 p.m. on New York’s WWOR-TV (Channel 9).


Royal Talent has supplied the following celebrities who will be impersonated throughout the week:  Bono, Dolly Parton, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Howard Stern, Whoopi Goldberg, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton and George W. Bush.

“All these impersonators are dead-ringers for the actual celebrities,” said host John O’Hurley.  “I did double-takes a couple of times.”

Royal Talent, LLC. books various types of talent and production shows in casinos showrooms and theaters in the US and throughout the world. To book any celebrity impersonators seen on this week’s Family Feud, please contact Kristy Lee Royle of Royal Talent, LLC at (800) 818-7692 or visit their website at www.royaltalent.com

Emerald Isle ETA

I just checked out a video on youtube.com of an Elvis Tribute Artist from Ireland.

This ETA was singing a song called An American Trilogy.   This is a song that takes
a voice with allot of power to hit those high notes and there are not in my opinion
allot of ETA's that can really sing this song with such perfection and at the same
time do Elvis justice in their tribute to his memory.
I would like to suggest any fans and even ETA's to surf on over to this video and check
out Emerald Elvis' video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsNL4_NS1jA
Being just outside of Toronto Canada, never had the opportunity to see EMERALD
ELVIS perform live myself , however reading the media reviews on his site - leaves one
none less than impressed and wanting to check out his show.
So surf on over to his site and if you are in Ireland and/or surround area, find out when he is performing near you http://www.emeraldelvis.com/elvis.htm

Akron Symphony tribute to the King...with Shawn Klush

The Akron Symphony is proud to announce that the theme for Fanfare 2008 is The Ultimate Elvis Experience, an event which will culminate in a one night only concert featuring the recently crowned "World Champion Elvis Tribute Artist," Shawn Klush, along with Elvis Presley's longtime vocal backup group, The Imperials, live onstage at the Akron Civic Theatre, Akron, Ohio on Saturday, May 17, 2008.

The all-star concert will follow an Elvis-themed dinner and auction to be held at the Radisson Hotel earlier in the evening. Proceeds from the concert, dinner, and auction will benefit the Akron Symphony Orchestra, Akron Youth Symphony, and Akron Symphony Chorus.

Birthday Celebration Kickoff

To kick things off, the Akron Symphony has teamed up with area businesses and local Elvis impersonator Doug Wilson to celebrate what would be Elvis Presley's 73rd birthday on Tuesday, January 8 with a travelling, day-long Elvis Birthday Celebration. The party will arrive "Elvis style" in a cadillac provided by Dave Towell Cadillac Saab and begin with a stop for breakfast at Caribou Coffee (1 N. Hawkins Avenue, West Akron) from 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Caribou will offer customers an Elvis birthday discount on their gourmet coffee. During the afternoon, Spaghetti Warehouse (510 South Main street, Akron) will host a lunchtime party complete with a $5.99 lasagna meal deal from noon to 1:00 p.m. Finally from 6:00-7:00 p.m., Bricco (1 West Exchange Street, Akron) will offer diners a southern fish special fit for the King himself including a one of a kind banana and peanut butter dessert.

All three location stops will feature free Elvis birthday cake courtesy of Tiffany Bakery & Ice Cream, photo opportunities with local Elvis impersonator Doug Wilson, and a chance to win free tickets to the May 17th concert starring Shawn Klush and The Imperials. -- www.akronsymphony.org

Saturday February 16, 2008
Last Lap Cafe Valentine's LoveFest
Whether hot “Burning Love” or soft “Love Me Tender” is more your style when it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can be sure that Fred Wolfe will demonstrate that he “Can’t Help Falling in Love” when he asks “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” at the Last Lap Cafe Valentine's LoveFest with Elvis in Westland on Saturday, February 16th.   There is no question that there will be “A Big Hunk of Love” to go around for everyone at this event.  
Show time is 9:00 p.m. Tickets are $10.00 each.  Advance reservations-ticket purchases are strongly advised as there is always a full house when Fred performs at the Last Lap.  (Fred's performances at the Last Lap have been known to be sold out prior to the show dates.) Please note, a reservation-ticket purchase guarantees you will be admitted for the show, but it does not guarantee you a specific seat.  Tickets go on sale January 12th. For reservations and to buy tickets call (734) 266-9420 and ask for Shari or TracyAll ages welcome.
LocationThe Last Lap Cafe is located at 27758 Warren Road in Westland, Michigan, approximately 3 miles South of I-96 between Inkster and Middlebelt.

Contest of the Kings

Doug Church Live!  

Dear Friends and Fans, It's that time of year when it's cold outside and all one could want is someone to snuggle up with in front of a fire (or the TV) listening to the BEST music in the world, ELVIS music. Well, if you don't have the fire, if you don't have the time to snuggle, even if you don't have a TV, c'mon over to Mancino's, 4304 Lincoln Way East, Mishawaka, IN (574-255-3300) on Saturday the 9th of February, 2008 (showtime is 7pm). We'll warm you up with the best Love songs Elvis ever recorded. Each lady who comes to the show will be asked to name an Elvis song that has the word "Love" in it and I will sing them for you. Don't forget that Mancino's has some of the finest Italian food at affordable rates. The Valentine special is 2 spaghetti dinners, salad and bread for only $9.99 (drinks not included). 

Please join us for food, fun and the music that stands the test of time, ELVIS music. Hope to see you all there.

First Annual Niagara Elvis Fest

Death of Elvis Tribute Artist, Paul Barkham

FLORAL tributes in the shape of a three foot guitar and spelling out the name of Elvis were among the wreaths from family and friends at the funeral of Elvis impersonator Paul Barkham.

His funeral service held at Park Wood crematorium, Elland, included images of his idol and his coffin was carried into Park Wood to the music of My Way which was followed by The Wonder of You and American Trilogy.

Paul, whose home at Bridge End, Rastrick, was a shrine to Elvis, died on January 8 on what would have been Elvis's birthday.

Elvis® Meets Rod Stewart

Saturday, March 8, 2008 Empress CasinoJoliet, Illinois starring: Irv Cass as Elvis®Steve Bobbitt as Rod StewartRonny Craig - MCChange of Habit Tribute BandSpecial Surprise Guest!!! RafflesCash BarMunchies available Show to benefit the Joliet Marine Corp League"Support Our Troops" Doors open: 7:00 PM                    

Showtime:8:00 PM Limited seating availableTickets / Info


Tim Dudley Birthday Tribute

Just a reminder that on February 9, 2008 that I will have my 24th Birthday Bash show in Tekonsha, Michigan.  The show will start at 5:30PM til 8:30PM.  

Half the proceeds will go to "GrandFamilies of Michigan!" 
The tickets are:
 $10 in Advance for Adults 
 $15 at the Door for Adults
FREE for Children 5 to 15 years old!
   I have attached the flyer to this e-mail if you like reserve tickets at one of the 3 numbers listed at the bottom of the flyer.  I will be mailing them out in the regular mail this week also!  I do have apology for flyer going out in mail the guy that made copies for me copied the wrong one it had my corrections on it so. Sorry!LOL

Rock of Ages ~ Sneak Preview Showcase 

Featuring tributes to Elvis, Buddy Holly, Bill Haley, Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Roy Orbison and a cavalcade of Rock Heroes & Icons.  All tribute artists & acts welcome!!! Saturday July 19th1pm - 5pmHarmony Square ~ Main Stage85 Dalhousie Street, Brantford, ON CANADAFree Concert.  Outside Venue.  Bring A Lawn Chair.  For more information please contact: Joan Minnery, Festival Director @ (519) 752-1694Michelle King, Festival Coordinator @ (519) 752-0741 *This event is a promotional showcase for the Rock of Ages Festival & Hot Rod Show; rocking across Brantford, August 23rd - August 24th, at the Best Western Hotel & Conference Centre* 

Rock of Ages ~ Music That Changed the World & Helped Shape Generations!!! 

Jim Jones Live!

The American Legion in Milford, Ohio is celebrating it's birthday on
March 15, 2008 with a dinner/show. Cost is $15.00 per person and
features Elvis Tribute Artist Jim Jones with 3 - 50 minute sets. Call
513-227-1893 for tickets.

Allied Arts Council bringing Elvis to Cleveland, TB

On Feb. 21, Elvis will be in the room — at St. Therese Catholic Church Social Hall -  900 Clingan Ridge Dr NW, Cleveland, TN at 7 p.m. for the Allied Arts Council Winter Event.

“Elvis” is Travis Ledoyt, an impersonator that performs the music of young, 50s and 60s-era Elvis. He performs with a full live band.Ledoyt seeks to evoke the “something special that Elvis had that is unexplainable — a sort of charisma that charmed everyone.”The first time Ledoyt’s resemblance to Elvis was brought to his attention was in high school, when he “slicked back” his hair for a school event.A documentary of Elvis performing on TV is what sparked Ledoyt’s interest in the music.“I went out and bought the Sun Records collection of Elvis songs. I played the CD every day. If they had been records I would have worn them out. The following Christmas my father bought me a karaoke machine with an Elvis tape. I practiced on it so much that when the school talent show came around my friends talked me into entering it,” said Ledoyt.His practice with the karaoke machine led to a performance in a local talent show. Soon a band formed, and they played a Rockabilly Festival in Jackson, where LeDoyt met members of Elvis’ original band and signed a manager.An exciting result of signing a manager was a photo shoot for the New York Times where LeDoyt was photographed as Elvis in the Sun Records recording studio in Memphis.“I think a lot of the appeal (of the show) is the energy of a live show and whatever it was that worked in the 50s seems to still work today,” said Ledoyt.Ledoyt’s own good looks an charisma make it possible for him to portray Elvis in an era most impersonators seem to shy away from, preferring to hide behind the light shows, lamé, sunglasses and sideburns of later eras. Ledoyt’s show is full of the rollicking rockabilly that made America fall in love. The infectious fun brings back memories for those who saw Elvis during this time, and the youthful spirit is enough to get young toes tapping. Performances are filled with classics such as “Hound Dog,” “Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “Love Me Tender” and “All Shook Up” are convincingly portrayed by Ledoyt and his band in shows that last for hours.Since 2004 Ledoyt’s career has included national and international performances. He has a tour to England and Scotland scheduled for the upcoming year.He has moved from Greenfield, Ma., his hometown, to Nashville. From Nashville he has been able to work on a personal recording project: this five-year project is more evocative of the Beatles than Elvis, though his influence can be found as well, according to Ledoyt.

Tickets for Ledoyt’s Feb. 21 performance can be purchased at the Bradley/Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, 423-472-6587.


A Night With Elvis
TICKETS $12.00 
CALL  570-885--0293  FOR MORE INFO.
APRIL 14, 2007

Greg Miller is "Elvis in Las Vegas"

JANUARY 26, 2006
(80th AVE. N & 46th. WAY)
$12.50 ADULT EACH BEFORE 1-20-08
$17.50 ADULT AFTER 1-20-08
$20.00 ADULT

Tony Rocker at Beaver Dam Country Club

Tony Rocker, an award-winning professional Elvis Presley tribute artist, will perform at the Beaver Dam Area Arts Association's third "Your Arts Desire" fund raiser on Feb. 2 at Beaver Dam Country Club.  

Rocker, who will perform two, 45-minute sets, was born in Milwaukee and lives in Cottage Grove.  

Inspired by his mother's love for "The King," Rocker has been an Elvis fan all of his life. He has been performing on a regular basis since the 1980s, playing and singing in various bands that specialize in music from the 1950s to the 1970s. The entertainer started his career playing guitar, then switched to drums, and was a lead singer for several bands. He always sang Elvis songs with these bands and started performing as an Elvis tribute artist in the summer of 2002. Now he performs his own shows and is well-known for his full productions backed by his Elvis tribute band, "The Comeback Special."  

Rocker has appeared on several Wisconsin TV programs and has been publicized throughout the Midwest. The popular singer has won Elvis tribute artist awards in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa, and has performed at the State Fair and at Summerfest. He has a strong fan club and a full performance schedule.

 Mary Jane Payne, BDAAA member and sponsor said, "Tony Rocker is well-known for his commitment to a fully authentic tribute performance, demonstrating respect, dedication and admiration for Elvis Presley. He pays detailed attention to every nuance of the icon's song delivery and he invests in the most authentic costuming possible."

Those who attend the "Your Arts Desire" semi-formal for singles, couples, and groups will also enjoy a cocktail hour, dinner, live and silent auctions, photo opportunities with Tony Rocker and celebrity stand-ups, and dancing to the music of "The Little Big Band."  

The evening's program will be managed by master of ceremonies Roger VanHaren and auctioneer Darlyn Pfeiffer of Victorian Lions. The live auction will offer serenades by Tony Rocker, one-of-a-kind "Fab Frames" created by artists and community contributors, and several special items including two framed Owen Gromme prints.  

BDAAA welcomes event sponsors who will receive special acknowledgements as part of the sponsor package.  

Tickets, at $45 per person, are available at the Seippel Homestead and Center for the Arts, 1605 N. Spring Street, Beaver Dam, WISC. or from the event committee, including Brian French, Darlyn Pfeiffer, Mary Jane Payne, Betsy Lampert, Donna Rochwite and Rodney Binder.  

Tickets can also be ordered by calling 920-885-3635. Individual or table reservations should be received by Jan. 25.  


Saturday, February 2, 2008 - Vintage House Vegas Style Valentine’s Dinner Show

Join Vintage House and Salute to the Superstars for their first annual Valentine’s Vegas style dinner show.  Bring your sweetie for a fabulous night of great food and top entertainment.  Featured Artists: Frank Sinatra, Bobby Vinton, Ann Murray and Fred Wolfe as Elvis, all backed by The Radio City Band.   Dinner will be at 6:00 p.m. with show at 7:30 p.m.  $40.00 cost covers both. Prepaid reservations required.  This is sure to be a sell out so call for tickets today at (586) 415-5678  Location: Vintage House is located at 31816 Utica Road, Fraser, Michigan and is just South of Masonic Boulevard (13-1/2 Mile Road) on the East side of the street.  Map        

Saturday, February 9, 2008 - Golden Hawk Golf Club Vegas Style Valentine’s Dinner Show

Join Golden Hawk and Salute to the Superstars for their second annual Vegas dinner show.  Golden Hawk will be providing a scrumptious buffet dinner with a great Vegas style.  Featured Artists: Loretta Lynn, Jackie Wilson, Bobby Vinton, and Fred Wolfe as Elvis, all backed by The Radio City Band.  Dinner will be at 7:00 p.m. with show at 8:00 p.m.  $45.00 cost covers both. Prepaid reservations required. Call early for your tickets at (586) 727-4681  Location: Golden Hawk Golf Club & Banquet Center is located at 9861 Meisner Lane, Casco, Michigan.  If you are coming from I-94, take the 26 Mile Road - Exit #248. Turn east, toward Marine City. Go approximately 1 mile. Turn left on County Line Road. Go 2.1 miles. Turn right on Meisner Road. Go 1.2 miles. Immediately after crossing over I-94, turn right onto Meisner Lane. Golden Hawk Golf Club is the first driveway on your left. Look for the Totem Pole! If you reach the gravel section of the road, you have gone too far.  Map     

Sunday, February 10, 2008 - Dimitri's Town & Country Vegas Style Valentine’s Dinner Show

Join Salute to the Superstars and Dimitri's Town & Country of Chesterfield for their second annual Valentine’s dinner show.  Dimitri's will offer many delicious dinner entree's along with a Vegas style variety show featuring vocal impressionist Dave Zoran from Oldies 104.3, Fred Wolfe doing his tribute to the King of Rock & Roll "Elvis", and last, but not least, those local icons the Blues Brothers!  Dinner will be at 7:00 p.m. and show time at 8:00 p.m. Reservations required - no cover charge.  Entrees range from $13.00 to $22.00.  The price of your dinner includes the show. This show is sure to be a sell out so call today to get your tickets at (586) 949-9600.  Location:  Dimitri's Town & Country is located at 50875 Gratiot Avenue, Chesterfield, Michigan, just South of 23 Mile Road, on the West side of the street.  Map 

Friday, February 15, 2008 - Mac & Ray's "Love Is In The Air" Valentine's Dinner Show

Join Mac & Ray's and Salute to the Salute to the Superstars for their first annual Valentine's Vegas style dinner show. This will be a true night of romance. Mac & Rays will be providing a scrumptious buffet style dinner that will satisfy the hunger in everyone.  Following dinner "Love is in the Air" with a star studded Vegas style show featuring live tributes to Garth Brooks, Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond and a special appearance by Fred Wolfe as Elvis, all backed by the Radio City Band. So bring that special someone out for a night of romance, great food, fabulous entertainment and dancing.  Prepaid reservations required.  Call Mac & Rays for your tickets at: (586) 463-9660.  Location:  Mac & Rays is located at 42000 Sea Ray Boulevard, Harrison Township, Michigan 48045.     From I-94, take Exit #237,  turn left on to North River Road and proceed East approximately 3 miles, turn left on to Sea Ray Boulevard.    Map

‘One Night with Elvis’ will be performed by Lee ‘Memphis’ King at the Broxbourne Civic Hall on Sunday 10 February at 7.30pm.

Lee performs hits from Elvis’ entire performing career with his orchestra and singers; from the early rock ‘n’ roll years of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and ‘Hound Dog’ to the movie years of ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, and finally his comeback concert years in Las Vegas which marked his return to sell-out live performances.

Thirty years after his untimely death, the music of Elvis is more popular than ever and Lee ‘Memphis’ King has been widely acclaimed as one of the world’s best Elvis tribute artists.

All seats for ‘One Night with Elvis cost £18.50 and Friends of Broxbourne Civic Hall receive 10 per cent off the ticket price. Tickets are available from Council one stop shops, the Broxbourne Civic Hall or by telephoning the box office on 01992 441946.  Alternatively, customers can book online at the what's on section.  Pre-show meals are also available before this performance but must be booked in advance.

The Shawn Klush Story:

In just a short time Shawn Klush has emerged as the nation’s top Elvis tribute artist.  Born and raised in the small coal-mining town of Pittston, Pennsylvania, Shawn’s love for music led him to begin imitating his musical idol, Elvis Presley.  He performed in the famous Poconos region followed by a tour of Canada where he entered and won the $5,000.00 prize in the “Worldwide Elvis Competition” in Montreal.  This caught the attention of the award winning Las Vegas show, “Legends in Concert” where in 2004 he starred as ‘Elvis’ in their Branson MO. production.  He also alternated in their Las Vegas and Atlantic City show rooms.  Each January he stars in the “Elvis Birthday Tribute Tour”, an Elvis extravaganza with Elvis’ own musicians, singers, and closest friends, in major venues in multiple cities.

Shawn has recorded 2 CDs and performed with Elvis’ closest friends, musicians and singers such as JD Sumner and the Stamps Quartet, The Jordanaires, DJ Fontana, Charlie Hodge, Myrna Smith, The Sweet Inspirations and Joe Esposito. He recently portrayed Elvis in the hit TV miniseries “Shake, Rattle and Roll” which aired on CBS and VH1.  On Jan 6th 2005, just 2 days before Elvis’ 70th Birthday, Shawn became grand champion at the $25,000.00 “World Elvis Tribute Artist Competition”.

This year he received “The Peoples Choice Award” from Gibson Guitar in Nashville as “Best Concert Elvis”. Shawn was recently named the international champion of BBC1’s World’s Greatest Elvis competition in the United Kingdom. In August, Shawn was chosen by Graceland as the winner of Elvis Presley Enterprises’ first ever Ultimate Tribute Artist Contest in MemphisTN.

Shawn Klush brings all the electrifying magic of Elvis to the stage. Shawn is… “The Closest Thing to the King in Concert”  Visit the Shawn Klush website

Europe's King of Rock 'n' Roll

A FORMER soldier has been crowned Europe's King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Rob Kingsley, 39, beat thousands of challengers to win the title of the continent's top Elvis impersonator.

It caps an amazing transformation for the Scots dad-of-two who quit the Army just three years ago to play his idol on stage. Rob even changed his surname from Ainslie in honour of the King and has a jumpsuit from one of Elvis's costume designers. Rob, who is originally from Prestonpans, East Lothian, said: "It's a dream come true.

"My life has been a whirlwind since I won. They judge you on vocals, how you look and your mannerisms. I've been told I have the whole package."

Rob, who served in Kosovo and the Gulf with the 1st Battalion The Royal Scots, won the top prize at the prestigious Walk a Golden Mile in My Shoes contest in Blackpool. He landed a trophy, £1200 in cash and a cruise. It follows his success last year when he made the top 30 on the BBC's World's Greatest Elvis show.

Music giants Sony BMG have also signed him up. Rob, who has travelled the world with his act, said: "The past year has been amazing.

"Sony BMG want me to help them promote Elvis if they are re-releasing any of his music. I work very hard at getting the act right and spend hours studying footage of him and doing vocal training.

"I've also invested a lot in getting the right outfits and I'm friends with Gene Ducette, who was Elvis's designer. He made a jumpsuit for me he was going to make for Elvis. It's very valuable."

Jamie Aaron Kelley will be on CHIN radio with an interview from Ontario next Thursday morning January 17th at 11:20 a.m. their time (which is 10:20 our time in Central US - like 2 in the morning in Japan - I think) with Giovanni.  Here is the link if anyone is interested in listening.
This station has a wide range of languages.  When you go to the site, in the upper right hand corner there is a link to click on that will bring it to you live over the net.
Larry (Jamie's father)
Allison-Antrim Museum, 365 South Ridge Ave., Greencastle PA will host open houses from
Elvis Presely Exhibit

Once again, Elvis comes to the museum 3rd exhibit
January 13, 1:00 - 4:00, Sunday
January 14, 6:30 - 8:00, Monday
January 17, Noon - 3:00, Thursday
February 7, Noon - 3:00, Thursday
February 10, 1:00 - 4:00, Sunday

A friend of Allison-Antrim Museum has put together an extensive exhibit of memorabilia from a private collection which commemorates the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ rise to fame in 1956. At the beginning of 1956, Elvis Presley was not well known. By the end of that year, Elvis’ stage presence and performances, the likes of which had never before been seen, propelled him into fame and notoriety around the world. This exhibit with unique and rare pieces explains events and achievements which made this happen and made Elvis the “King.” Elvis is a member of a very small group of people who are known worldwide by only one of their names. He revolutionized pop music forever with his own style of music that was influenced by both the blues and gospel music, with which he grew up. Elvis was a major influence on the Beatles and their music a little more than a decade later.



Starring SAMMY J (International Elvis Tribute Artist)
LISA LYMAN (Patsy Cline Tribute)
(Acknowledged by the family of Patsy Cline)

Two exciting shows--One Unforgettable evening
Order tickets NOW for this Rockin' Ron Cade "Main Event"
This will be another Sell Out

Saturday February 9, 2008
The Sheraton Bucks County
(Home of the Elvis & Friends Tribute Concert)
400 Oxford Valley Road
Langhorne, Pa.

Ticket Prices...

12th Annual Midwest Tribute to the King Competition

2008 winners are:

People's Choice Award Friday Dwight Icenhower  
People's Choice Award Saturday Ben Klein  
First Place Ben Klein  
Second Place  Bill Cherry  
Third Place Dwight Icenhower  
Fourth Place Walt Sanders

Dinner and Elvis Show 

Sunday, January 20, 2008




Come and Celebrate Elvis’ Birthday-

and our

ELVIS Fan Club 1 year Anniversary!

 Dinner at 2:00----Spaghetti/Salad,Roll/Soft Drink/Dessert

Elvis Tribute Show 3:00-5:00- ETA's- w/special new debut of 2 young ETA’s

Door prizes and a raffle for charity -proceeds to“Children’s Home”

 Tickets/Reservations $10.00 on sale now!

Contact Vickie at Email address- elvistampatcb@yahoo.com --Or send check to ELVIS:  Tampa Bay TCB Fan Club, P. O. Box 82174, Tampa, FL  33682-2174

 American Legion- Post 139, 3818 Bay Vista Ave. W.,Tampa, FL  33611, 813-839-6740


Have a good day! from Vickie L. May 
ELVIS: Tampa Bay TCB Fan Club

Friends of Elvis Annual Fan Convention

Date: Saturday, 19 April 2008
Location: Legion Post. 2 Meadowbrook Lane, New Egypt NJ 08533.
Country: USA.
Join us Elvis fans for our annual Friends of Elvis convention for Charity. Featuring Live concerts by local ETAs from NJ, NY, & PA & Elvis memorabilia vendors. Tickets are $15.00 per person at the door to benefit the post the serves local VETS. Doors open at 11am for tickets, first show at 12 noon and show ends 5pm. Refreshments will be sold by the post staff. We hope you join us for a great day of fun & music presented by Lori & Andrew Howard, Zanzibar Music, Howard Enterprises, and the Friends of Elvis fan club of New Jersey.
For further information, contact: Andrew or Lori Howard
1-732-818-3330; email: ajhcol33@verizon.net

First official ETA contest of 2008 held: Over 75 Elvii from around the Globe will compete for the industries most prestigious title "Worlds Finest Elvis Impersonator" Elvii from the United States, Sweden, Germany, Japan and other Countries are expected to compete for the title.


(PRLog.Org)Jan 02, 2008 – Elvis Extravaganza' the first official Elvis contest of 2008 will be held at the Florida State Fair February 16-17, 2008

Over 75 Elvii from around the globe will compete in the Tampa, Florida competition for the industries most prestigious title "Worlds Finest Elvis Impersonator"
The Elvis Extravaganza is considered to be the funnest and fairest competitions in the Elvis World drawing in an upwards of 100's of Elvii and several thousands of Elvis Fans to it's hosting sites.
Elvis Extravaganza at the Florida State Fair will be held in the 3000 seat arena which is guaranteed to be filled to capacity with Elvii and Elvis Fans. Every one is invited it's free to watch with fair admission.

Local Elvii wishing to compete can qualify in an open round of slated competition they can contact http://www.elviscontest.com

The Elvis Extravaganza will also feature Elvis door prizes, Elvii merchandise, Elvis Presley dealers, Vendors, Special guests, Elvis trivia prizes and a drawing for fairgoers a 3 day 2 night trip to fabulous Las Vegas.

Over 75 Elvii from around the globe will compete in the Tampa, Florida competition for the industries most prestigious title "Worlds Finest Elvis Impersonator"

# # #

The Elvis Extravaganza began as a 2 person Elvis fan club tributing Elvis Presley. The Elvis Extravaganza is now the Worlds Largest Elvis Presley Fan Club with over 160,000 members worldwide. Those wanting can join the free membership club at http://www.elviselvis.com  

The Elvis Extravaganza is known worldwide for it's Elvis Impersonator contests. Held at only premier venues worldwide including: Australia, Japan, and the U.S.

to learn more goto: http://www.elviscontest.com

A Fantastic Salute to the King!

Celebrate the life of Elvis Presley and his legacy as the top entertainer of all time.

Sunday January 13 at the Al Matta Hall in Dearborn Michigan, ETA’s Sherman Arnold and Fred Wolfe present their annual Elvis Birthday bash in honor of Elvis 73rd birthday.

The Al Matta Hall is located at 5121 Oakman Blvd, Dearborn, MICHIGAN, In-between Ford Road and Michigan Avenue. The show starts at 3:00 pm and goes until 6:00 pm.

Tickets available at the door, only $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children under 12

Call 734-778-0688 or 313-582-7877 for more details.

There will be food available as well as a cash bar. Hope you can make it!

Visit their websites at



Elvis Priestly celebrates 5th Anniversary

When Archbishop Dorian Baxter — more often known as ‘Elvis Priestly’ for his impersonations — created his own breakaway Anglican church, detractors said “the church would not last for three months.” But today, Christ the King, Graceland Independent Anglican Church in Newmarket celebrated its fifth anniversary with more than 300 worshippers. Baxter, Archbishop of the Federation of Independent Anglican Churches of North America, was once banned from the pulpit by Anglican bishops for conjuring an Elvis persona at weddings and funerals and for trying to attract people to the church by singing rock ‘n’ roll songs.

Best & Worst: Doing Elvis Priestly
Best: Luring sinners with some 'Jailhouse Rock': "Elvis Presley, the king of rock 'n' roll worships Jesus Christ, the King of kings and I have led more people to change lives because of the Elvis Presley hook."
Worst: Being mistaken for Elvites. "The worst is when people think we worship Elvis."


The 11th annual contest is just around the corner, Feb. 15th
& 16th 2008 held again in Augusta Ga. at the VFW Post 3200.
The contest will pay out well over $3000.00 cash & prizes. The winner
will advance to IMAGES of the KING, Memphis Tn. August 2008 as a

Still have slots available for Friday night & Sat. afternoon.
Please visit the website for entry info & address. 

A special thanks to my lifetime sponsors B-K ENTERPRISES The only
company authorized to recreate Elvis clothing & Golden Voice Performance
Tracks Of The King,

The best tracks available. When I hear these tracks I feel like Elvis
should be walking out on stage.

Thanks for all the years.  Call Danny for info 803-221-320

Tribute artist Steve Brandes set for show in Collinsville

Elvis Presley has been gone for around 30 years now, but that doesn't stop him from selling out shows on a regular basis.

Later this month, one of the top Elvis tribute artists in the Midwest will be coming back to put on his first big show in his hometown area in almost a decade.

On Saturday, Jan. 19, Steve Brandes of Troy will be performing at the American Legion in Collinsville (1022 Vandalia Street), along with the Springfield-based The Change of Habit Band - a group that has also been doing Elvis songs for more than two decades."I love what I do," said Brandes. "Coming back to my hometown -- that's gonna be cool."

Before donning the jumpsuit and jumping full-time into the Elvis business, Brandes actually handled several traditional professions, such as building windows for houses and selling cars.

Although he often acted in plays and sang solos as a young kid, he never considered translating that singing talent to the stage. At least not until he started spending his weekends at karaoke clubs and his grandfather persuaded him to hop on the microphone and do one of Presley's classics. That first night he received a standing ovation and had several people tell him how his voice closely resembled the "King of Rock n Roll."

"It felt like putting on a glove," he recalled. "It just fit."

Years later, Brandes, now 39, prefers the term "tribute artist" rather than "impersonator," admitting that he could never take the place of the real thing.

"People think that when you are an Elvis tribute artist, you live, sleep and breathe it," he said. "It surprises them to find that off stage, I'm just a normal guy living in a townhouse apartment. I don't go around telling people that I'm Elvis."

For Brandes, who grew up in nearby Granite City, his last big show in the Metro East was in the summer of 2000 at Collinsville's Italian Fest. Since becoming a full-time performer, his schedule has included between 12 and 16 appearances per month throughout Illinois and Missouri.

After recently signing with a new promotional agency, Brandes is now set to expand his show farther around the country, reaching out to a 500-mile radius of the St. Louis area.

Brandes said he tries to give audience members the same feeling they would have gotten when attending an Elvis concert in the 1970s.

Tickets for the Jan. 19 show, honoring Presley's birthday, are currently on sale for $10 at Mane Tamers in Collinsville, IL.  (906 Vandalia), or by calling 618-344-7073. The price will be $12 at the door. It will begin at 8 p.m. and run approximately three hours.

For more information on Brandes, individuals can visit www.stevebrandes.com

The Original American Idol

The Marion County Historical Society of Marion, Ohio has a special
exhibit "Elvis: The Original American Idol" and has planned a birthday
party from 1pm-5pm Jan. 12 in the Heritage Hall of the society's museum.
The exhibit will be on display until April.  There will be karaoke and a
birthday cake.

There will be a large collection of posters, record
albums, 45 covers and autographed post cards. Visitors are encouraged to
dress in the '50's & '60's style. There's even a chance for the kids to
get involved where they can dress like a "greaser" and discover what
life was like back then for Elvis. In Coshocton, Ohio, a surprise
"Elvis" guest will be at the Windsorwood assisted living home. This will
be held at 7pm on Jan. 12 and there will be wine tasting, too. Sounds
like a great time for Ohioans celebrating the one and only greatest
entertainer of all times; Elvis Presley. 

Event to take place March 14-27

Elvis is back in the building.

The 1968 TV special “Singer Presents Elvis” will kickstart the William S. Paley Festival, to be held March 14-27 at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. A discussion with Priscilla Presley will follow a screening of the original telecast.

“Elvis (Presley) is one of our most cherished media icons, and having Priscilla Presley with us is a perfect way to celebrate the impact and influence of the Elvis phenomenon on pop culture,” said Paley Center for Media president Pat Mitchell.

“Singer Presents Elvis,” which featured Presley performing some of his most memorable songs, was the top-rated special 40 years ago, with 42% of the viewing audience tuning in.

Although the entire festival lineup hasn’t been revealed, shows already announced include “Gossip Girl,” “Pushing Daisies” and a night dedicated to Judd Apatow. The full lineup will be announced Feb. 4.

The Paley Festival moves to the Cinerama Dome in March after many years at the Directors Guild of America building in West Hollywood.

Tim Dudley performs

WoW! Not even to 2nd week of January and I have another show to add.  I'm happy to announce I will be doing a show Friday Febuary 15 (day after valentines).  This is show for "GrandFamilies."  Show will be held at Ugly Mugs 102 N Main Street, South Bend IN., which has a state of the art sound and picture equipment. 

So watch as I perform at the same time Elvis is being flashed on screen behind me.  There is LIMITED SEATING!  So first come first serve.  There is also full-menu to pick from to eat before the show.  I will also for the first time be doing an entire Gospel Set during this show.  So you don't want to miss it!    
Quote from UGLY MUGS CAFE'  in South Bend...
February 15th A Benefit for Grandfamilies of America. Featuring Tim Dudley and his act a “Tribute to the King” $5 cover at the door, 7pm til 10pm. Please come show your support to grandparents raising their grandchildren.

The Tri-City Storm of the United States Hockey League will be hosting the Chicago Steel in a two-game series Friday night and Saturday night January 11th and 12th. The Friday night contest will include a special appearance by an Elvis impersonator who will be entertaining fans with an array of songs and dancing. In addition, he will be available for fan interaction throughout the night.

The game featuring Elvis will be presented by Power 99 radio. The second intermission will include a special Elvis tribute song with giveaway items thrown into the stands courtesy of Power 99.

On Saturday night, fans are encouraged to participate in the Applebee's Auction. Anyone who saves their receipts from Applebee's can turn those in at the Storm game in exchange for "Applebee's Bucks." Those Applebee's Bucks can be used to place bids throughout the game on prizes ranging from Ron White tickets, Storm autographed items, dinner with the Storm and more. Tickets are still available for both games by calling 308-338-8011 or visiting www.stormhockey.com .

Elvis Memorial Festival
January 12-13

Little Graceland; West Highway 100

Little Graceland
Simon Vega
Route 2, Box 94, Little Graceland; Los Fresnos, TX 78566
(956) 233-5482; (956) 561-7086
Music: Rock, Rockabilly
Activities: Awards show, Concert season, car show and rides for children
Since August 1993, Simon Vega has held the annual Elvis Festival. Simon now with the assistance of the Los Fresnos Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Los Fresnos holds two annual festivals, one in August for the memorial of Elvis and a Party in January for the Kings Birthday. The festivities include: Live music, food and beverages, look a like contest, sing a like contest, car shows, trivia questions, museum tours and fun for the family. The Highlight of the festivities is the World Class impersonators that come from all around to perform the Elvis hits on stage which give the festival its proud tradition of celebration. Simon Vega joined the U.S. Army on February 6th back in 1958. Simon reported to Fort Carson, Colorado to complete a four day induction into the military. From Colorado he was sent to Fort Hood, Texas and took basic training for four weeks. During that same period of time, Elvis had arrived from his induction from Arkansas. It was at Fort Hood where, Simon introduced his wife, Theresa Vega, to Elvis for a photo opportunity. Theresa recalls that Elvis was nervous while he placed his arm around her for the picture. After the picture was taken, Elvis responded "gracias". The photo of Elvis and Theresa can be seen in the Little Graceland Museum. Although Simon had met Elvis around the barracks at Fort Hood, it wasn't until they got shipped off to Germany where Simon finally got to get the opportunity to know Elvis. In late August of 1958 when they arrived in Freidburg, Germany, both men were assigned to Company D Spearhead 3rd Army Division. It was in the "chow" line that Simon approached Elvis and reintroduced himself. From that day on, Vega and Presley became "army buddies". The two friends shared guard duty and other details. Elvis just wanted to be treated as an equal to his fellow soldiers; no better, no worse.

Johnny Loos - The '68 Comeback

Hosted by VanKnight Productions Email: Elvis5007@yahoo.com

January 11, 2008
Yellow Rose Dinner Theatre
1005 SW 4th Street
El Reno, OK  73036
Johnny Loos will perform the sitdown '68 Comeback Special for the first half and a Vegas style show for the second half.
Seating starts at 6pm. Show runs Friday and Saturday nights from January 11th through February 2nd. Contact the box office for further details and ticket reservations 405-793-7779

World first planned for 2008 Parkes Elvis Festival: Plans are underway for the first ever global podcast by an ETA during next week's Parkes Elvis Festival in NSW, Australia. Elvii Radio in the USA and Event of Events in Australia are working feverishly to put it all together.

The podcast will be of a show by Australia's original ETA, the legendary El Gamble. El Gamble is regularly voted as the #1 ETA by listeners to Elvii Radio and has built up a cult following in America with his uncanny vocal resemblance to Elvis.

An audio podcast will be carried by Elvii Radio and several hundred radio stations worldwide while a video podcast is also being worked on. The podcast is a great opportunity for the Parkes Elvis Festival and has the potential to put the Festival on the global map alongside the Collingwood Elvis Festival in Canada. More details shortly. (Source: EIN, 1 Jan 2008)

New film being screened at Elvis Birthday Bash 2008: Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Jan. 19, Capitol Theater, 206 Fifth Ave. E., Olympia. Featuring a live performance by Elvis impersonator Robert Washington, world-premiere screening of "How He Should Have Died," an Elvis costume contest and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. $10 from Rainy Day Records, Traditions Cafe, Boomerang Entertainment or at the box office the night of the show. $25 VIP tickets and more details are available at www.elvisbirthdaybash.com. (Celluloid Elvis, The Olympian Online, 1 Jan 2008)

"2008 Ultimate Elvis Competition" announced: Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. has announced that due to the huge worldwide response and overwhelming success of this year's search, it is launching the second annual "Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest" for 2008. As with 2007, contestants will be selected at existing Elvis tribute artist contests, along with fairs, festivals and other venues holding new contests. Licensed festivals from Australia to New York have confirmed to hold preliminary contests so far, with more to follow. The qualifying rounds and finals will be held in Memphis during Elvis Week in Memphis, August 9 through 17, 2008.

"The worldwide response to the first annual competition was astounding. The contest exceeded all of our expectations," stated Paul Jankowski, Chief Marketing Officer for EPE. "Both the original and the growing new generation of Elvis fans discovered yet another way to celebrate Elvis' on-going contribution to the world of entertainment. We applaud the quality of contestants and again congratulate the winner, Shawn Klush."

"To be named The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist by Elvis Presley Enterprises was one of the most meaningful experiences in my life," stated Klush. "I am greatly humbled and honored to have received such an accolade. I just love doing what I do. I do it for Elvis and his fans." The 38-year-old was selected in the "Viva Las Franklin" preliminary contest in Franklin, TN. Since winning the title he has traveled internationally for performances and appeared on several national television programs.

Judges will be looking for the "best representation of the Elvis legacy" in talent, appearance, performance, stage presence and each contestant's overall tribute to Elvis. The best overall performer will be named the "2008 Elvis Tribute Artist of the Year."

For the 2007 competitions, 24 preliminary contests were held from Norway to New Zealand to Canada and California. For 2008, confirmed preliminary events include Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia; Arnold, Missouri; Windsor, Ontario, Canada; Lake George, New York; Tupelo, Mississippi; Penticton, British Columbia, Canada; the Boston area in Arlington, Massachusetts; and Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

For additional information on the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and Elvis Week please visit www.Elvis.com  or email Ultimate@elvis.com (Business Wire/EPE, 28 Dec 2007)

Special screening of "Jailhouse Rock" in Atlanta, Georgia: PLAZA THEATRE DANCES TO THE “JAILHOUSE ROCK” WITH ELVIS BASH Elvis impersonators and a rare screening of “Jailhouse Rock” celebrate the King’s birthday at the Historic Plaza Theatre. Are your hands shaking, your knees weak? Can’t seem to stand on your own two feet? The Historic Plaza Theatre has the cure for what ails you with a special ELVIS BASH on January 12 to commemorate what would’ve been Elvis Presley’s 72nd birthday.

ELVIS BASH begins with a special Iron Elvis competition when five Elvis Presley tribute artists take the stage to see who will be crowned king. As the Elvises sing the timeless classics live on stage, vote on who has the best studded jumpsuit, lip curl and hip swivel. Performers include award-winning Elvis tribute artist Dana Daniels.

Audience members who know their Elvis trivia may walk away with prizes, too. And don’t miss the girls, girls, girls of Blast Off Burlesque as they dance to Elvis’ greatest hits.

A rare screening of one of Elvis’ most critically acclaimed films “Jailhouse Rock” follows. The 1957 flick tells the story of Vince Everett (Presley), an ex con with rock ‘n’ roll in his soul. After getting out of the big house, he becomes a singing sensation. But will success spoil Vince? Songs include “(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care,” “Don’t Leave Me Now” and “Jailhouse Rock.”

Stuff an Elvis fan’s stocking this Christmas with a pair of ELVIS BASH tickets. The show takes places Saturday, January 12, 2008 at 8 p.m. All seats are $12. Advance tickets are available at the Plaza Theatre box office and at www.plazaatlanta.com. Plaza Theatre, 1049 Ponce de Leon Ave., Atlanta GA 30306. 404-873-1939, www.plazaatlanta.com. (Source: Jon Waterhouse, 28 Dec 2007)


Frank Anthony on YouTube

For all fans in The Netherlands, Europe & further internationally TEAM FRANK ANTHONY has put on YOU-TUBE many videoclips of dutch Elvis impersonator FRANK ANTHONY Live On Stage. Now 26 videoclips are now to be seen, many more Live clips will follow. The most footage comes from the privat video collection of Frank Anthony, some footage can be called as "bootleg".

Other clips are of a better quality in view & sound.
In 2008 Frank Anthony starts with a new concert tour.

Elvis to appear at BCT: BEAVERCREEK –Elvis, aka Ryan Roth of Englewood, will present a special show to benefit the theater’s lighting fund at 8 p.m. Jan. 12.

The Elvis impersonator is a 1986 graduate of Beavercreek High School, where he was a member of the Friends Show Choir. In 1988 he had his own show at Cedar point, doing ‘50s and ‘60s rock-n-roll, and over the years he’s performed in a variety of other venues including the Grand Victoria Casino, The Fraze Pavilion, TNN: The Nashville Network and the Bell Terra Casino.

“The show that I am going to do will feature two sets. The opening set will feature rock-n-roll oldies from the ‘50s to the ‘80s. The second set will be Elvis,” he said.

“Elvis was a big musical influence for me very early on.”

Roth has been performing for the last three years at Snickers in New Lebanon.

Tickets for the Jan. 12 performance are $10 per person. Tickets can be reserved by leaving a message at (937) 429-4737 or e-mailing boxoffice@bctheatre.org. They can also be purchased online at www.bctheatre.org.

Beavercreek Community Theatre is located within the Lofino Senior Enrichment and Cultural Arts Center at 3868 Dayton-Xenia Road in Beavercreek, Ohio.

Elvis Welsh Porthcawl Festival: The King has left the building for good. But thirty years after his death, the legend lives on in the unlikely surroundings of South Wales.  Even before 1977 there were as many as 150 Elvis impersonators, or ETAs (Elvis Tribute Artists), as they demand to be called. Thirty years on, there are more than 30,000 in the US alone. Add to that thousands-strong detachments in Asia and Europe, and fans optimistically predict that at the current rate, one in 10 people on Earth will be an ETA by 2020.  In Britain, Presley-mania thrives at convention centres and themed restaurants from Greenock to Greenwich, but its unlikely centre is the seaside resort of Porthcawl. Yes, Elvis has entered Glamorgan. On an autumn weekend for the past four years, the former miners' retreat has been transformed as a glittering army of 60 sequinned and coiffed ETAs strut their stuff at the Porthcawl Elvis Festival, hoping to walk away with a coveted Elvie award. Go here for the full story. (Source: Naveen)

Australian fans take note: Moves afoot to bring 2 big name USA based ETA's to Australia in 2008! More info soon.

Two EPE sponsored ETA contests in Australia in 2008?: EPE has informed the TCB Fan Club in Queensland:

"Thanks for your responses. The reason we need this information is because as we continue to develop our ETA program we want to know if there is enough of demand for ETA's outside US to have multiple contests in other countries such as Australia. We are hopeful that there will be at least two contests in Australia this year affiliated with EPE. There was no guy named Bardo in our contest. This information is inaccurate and others have spread similar inaccuracies but I do assure you and please assure your fan club that the only way to compete in the ETA finals is by winning a prelim. Have a great week." (Almost Elvis, Source: Chris Bamford, Dec 2007)





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