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Hi everyone

Elvis Week is well underway and reports suggest it is indeed "a swinging time in Memphis"! Due to interstate work commitments there were less site updates than usual this week, but we've added numerous news and articles today.

The David Stanley interview is a beauty and will be added to the site tomorrow. We'll also be adding reviews of the FTD release The Impossible Dream and andi Pichon's great new book release Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!

Nigel & Piers


New to www.elvisinfonet.com this week:


Elvis News

  • Courtney Love's strange Elvis Week bid
  • Elvis & Kate Moss to be immortalised on canvas
  • Billboard magazine tribute to Elvis
  • Elvis crowned at Irish Goat Festival (yes you read it correctly!)
  • Artwork and track listings for the October FTD releases: Closing Night and Double Trouble
  • EIN's Elvis Week 2004 report (from Sanja Meegin live in Memphis!)
  • Elvis feast during August on Aussie Pay TV
  • Elvis-Frank Sinatra feud?: Nancy Sinatra speaks out
  • That's All Right: news on the original Sun master plate and a limited edition release
  • New EPE licensee
  • Chart update


  • Spinout (DVD)
  • the following nine reviews were added to our FTD Reviews section recently: Spring Tours '77; Jungle Room Sessions; Elvis That's The Way It Was; Dragonheart; Silver Screen Stereo; Fame & Fortune; Memphis Sessions; Nashville Marathon; Dinner At Eight

Elvis Odd Spot

  • check out our latest feature. Several very unusual "believe it or not" stories added this week


Elvis News

Next UK single: Todd Slaughter from the British fan cluib has advised that the next UK Elvis single is likely to be Heartbreak Hotel...but its not scheduled for release until January 2006, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of its original release!

Israel's Elvis Inn welcomes Arabs, Jews: The Elvis Inn, a truck stop diner on the outskirts of a small Israeli town, is famous for uniting Jews and Arabs for a meal and to hear the King's music. Business has picked up this week at the Abu Ghosh, Israel, restaurant as locals and tourists converge on the Elvis Inn to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the legendary entertainer's death coming up Monday, the Houston Chronicle reported Friday.

"Elvis is something that can unite not only the Arabs and the Jews but all the people of the world. A lot of people from all over the world like this music. He is the man," said Uri Yoeli, the diner's owner. Yoeli has operated the Elvis Inn like a shrine for the past 30 years, with "Love Me Tender," "Don't Be Cruel" and other Elvis classics playing all day, and bottles of Jordan River holy water, and Arab kaffiyeh headdresses setting on shelves with Elvis key chains and miniature Elvis statues.

"This is our little Graceland. Elvis is not only for the Americans. Elvis is for all the world," said Lior Bernstein, 27, who stopped by the Elvis Inn. (Source: washtimes.com)

Donna Early Presley: Criticism of Donna Early Presley is building on several Elvis messageboards. Ms Early has been the center of several suspect dealings over the years. You can read more at: http://www.elvis-collectors.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10947

New Elvis discussion group: On the subject of messageboards, a new Elvis discussion group has been formed. You can find out more by emailing: billyrebel@elvis.com

For something different visit: http://www.ghoststudy.com/monthly/aug03/elvis.html


DVD Review: The Frank Sinatra Show "Welcome Home Elvis"

Released by Quantum Leap, Region 0, B&W, 60 minutes

The Show: the special was Sinatra's last one for his sponsor, Timex. It is an old style variety show with plenty of comedy, music and dancing. Some of the lines are very funny and the comraderie between the regulars on the program is particularly strong. However, Elvis is actually in it for only a small amount of time. The audience is teased at the beginning of the special as The King sings a couple of lines from "It's Very Nice", and then we have to wait nearly 40 minutes before he reappears.

But it's worth the wait with Elvis delivering great, non-lip-synched versions of Fame and Fortune and Stuck On You. The highlight is of course the famous duets between The King and the Chairman of the Board on Sinatra's Witchcraft and Elvis' Love Me Tender. This is a piece of music history! Elvis' movements during his musical numbers are constricted, symbolic of the strategic move by the Colonel to "tone down" his boy's gyrations for a family audience. This doesn't stop a young, predominately female audience from screaming their lungs out at every twitch of Elvis' body. In total Elvis' involvement in the show is less than 10 minutes.

Overall, the special is a good natured, good humored variety show. I suspect many younger fans will find it challenging, as the variety format is virtually non-existent on TV today. The Extra Features: the extra features are impressive. There are biographies on the stars of the show: Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Nancy Sinatra, Peter Lawford and comedian Joey Bishop.

Other features on Elvis and Frank Sinatra are a discography and filmography and there is also a still feature on Elvis memorabilia. A stand-out extra feature is a 'bonus program', the documentary 'The Story of Elvis Presley A Documented Legend', originally released in 1990 by Burbank Video. Containing a lot of historical footage this is a solid examination of Elvis' life and career.

Audio: acceptable without being outstanding.

Picture: the straight video to DVD transfer badly shows its age. Digital re-mastering is sorely needed as the picture is pasty with many imperfections.

Scene selection: Yes

Verdict: While it's nice to have this special on DVD, it is a piece of music history badly in need of digital restoration.


Did you know?

  • On 1 January 1958, the price of Elvis singles in the US rose from 89c to 98c
  • Two weeks later RCA announced that advance sales for the latest Elvis single Don't/I Beg of You exceeded 1,000,000 copies
  • Gladys Presley passed away at 3.15am on this day in 1958
  • On this day in 1977, Elvis started a "pre-tour" fast, limiting his intake to fruits and other light foods
  • On 3 January 1959 Elvis publicly donated blood to the local Red Cross. This was done in response to rumors that Elvis had been killed!
  • Elvis met singer/songwriter, Paul Anka, after The King's 1 August 1971 show in Las Vegas


Elvis Trivia Question

What was Elvis' last #1 on the Billboard "Best Selling EP's" (Extended Play) chart?

(Last week's answer: Blue Hawaii)


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