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Added to EIN during September 2004:

26 - 30 September 2004

Elvis part of Rock Fashion: There was a FOX network special in the US on Sunday that featured Rock Fashion. Elvis was shown performing "Hound Dog" on the September 9, 1956 Ed Sullivan Show. The announcer stated how Elvis had revolutionized rock fashions with his "peg slacks, sideburns, hillbilly pompadour". The Elvis segment was shown last so it was regarded as the most important revolution in rock fashion. And it was back to the 1960s at Milan fashion week on Tuesday as Pucci returned to its hippie roots and Dolce & Gabbana got the catwalk all shook up with an Elvis-inspired show. D&G used Elvis Presley's granddaughter as one of their models last season and while she was absent from the spring/summer 2005 show, the King himself stared out from cropped gray T-shirts. The design duo joined Elvis on the set of his 1961 film "Blue Hawaii," wrapping models in bright red Hawaiian prints and stamping tropical flowers and birds on their trademark denim. (News, Source: Yahoo News)

Elvis co-star appearing at Elvis Film Festival: Elvis Unlimited has announced that actor Jennifer Holden who played Elvis' girl friend in the movie "Jailhouse Rock" will be at the Elvis At The Movies show in Denmark next month. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Graceland goes "pink": October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In support of this the Estee Lauder Companies have pursued the lighting of famous landmarks around the world in pink lights for the month of October - The Fifth Annual Estee Lauder Companies Global Landmarks Illumination Initiative. Graceland is proud to join the effort again this year. For the whole month of October 2004, the white lights and multi-colored lights that normally illuminate the Graceland Mansion façade and front grounds all will be switched to pink bulbs. A Breast Cancer Awareness Month banner on the front of the stone wall that surrounds the mansion property will explain to passersby why there’s a pink glow around Graceland. Check out the live GracelandCam on evenings during October to see the pink lights. (News, Source: Reuters)
Elvis photographer dies: Photographer Langston McEachern, who photograpehed Elvis Presley December 15, 1956 as a headlining act during a special performance of the KWKH Louisiana Hayride at Hirsch Coliseum in Shreveport, La., died at the age of 86. (News, Source: Yahoo News)
Saturday 25 September 2004

Bill E. Burk's Elvis World Online: He's finally here! The man affectionately known as "007", longtime Elvis author and friend of Elvis' has brought his world famous magazine, Elvis World, to cyberspace. Click above to enter Bill's online Elvis World and enjoy what he has to offer, including news, articles, Bill's books about Elvis, how to subscribe to "Elvis World" magazine and a direct link to the Elvis World Shoppers Service where you can buy the latest Elvis book releases. And don't forget to check back regularly for Elvis World updates. (News, Source: EIN/Bill E. Burk)

Elvis: A brief look back over 50 years: In his introductory article for Bill E. Burk's Elvis World Online, "007" reflects on his nearly five decades of researching The King, "digging deeper" than most other journalists have ever done. (Spotlight Article/Elvis World Online, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Who would Elvis vote for?: The grip-and-grimace photograph opposite is now the most popular object in the entire National Archives, more often requested (and put on display) than the Louisiana Purchase, the Articles of Confederation, the Federalist Papers, the Bill of Rights. That, somehow, tells us something about America, though I'm not sure what. One question it does raise, and it's not an unimportant one, is How Would Elvis Vote? (News, Source: Hartford Advocate)


New Elvis books to be published shortly: "The Ultimate Elvis in Munich Book" (ISBN 3-00-014671-7) will be released by the Elvis In Munich fan club, while the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club magazine from the UK mentions the book "From The Vaults". This book (with the logo's of the 50th Anniversary of Rock And Roll and the Elvis Today magazine) is to feature rare photo's and will come with a free audio CD. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)


Friday 24 September 2004

New DVD "The Final Days" Out Soon: This "unofficial" disc features 3 complete shows, including the very last concert Elvis ever gave in Indianapolis, Indiana. After more than 25 years, this rare original Indianapolis 8mm amateur footage of June 26th, 1977 concert will be featured on DVD with the audio and video digitally remastered. The total time of the Indianapolis concert is 52 minutes. Also featured on this DVD are the Omaha, NE June 19th '77 show, the Rapid City, June 21st '77 and the "Official CBS Special". The quality is apparently similar to the various unofficial video releases of the same material. (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only)

The very best of ELV1S Pres1ey HDCD: This attractive looking CD package has been released exclusively in Hong Kong. This Double album features 50 of the very best Elvis most -loved songs including: Don't Ask Me Why, The Thrill Of Your Love, There's Always Me, She Wears My Ring, It Hurts Me, And I Love You So (Alternate take), Rags To Riches, Young And Beautiful, It's Only Love and Unchained Melody. (News, Source: Elvis Collectors/HT Long)

Let Elvis cast the late night spell on you!: EIN's Piers Beagley turned off the lights and sampled Elvis The 50 Greatest Love Songs. Here's what he found. (CD Review, Source: EIN)

Thursday 23 September 2004

Elvis.com adds a new photo section with a Multi-Media Gallery: Elvis.com has added a new photo & video section related to the new DVD sets ‘68 Comeback Special and Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii. The gallery is well worth a visit as it includes some behind-the-scenes photos and clips that you may not have seen before. Particularly interesting are the photos and lyrics from Colonel Tom Parker's birthday party. Elvis performs new comedic lyrics to the song It Hurts Me, and fake snow is used, making fun of the Colonel's longstanding tongue-in-cheek fraternal order known as the Snowmen's League of America. The photos of the ‘68 blue-suit sit down rehearsal are also a delight. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis My Dad: How does a 14 year-old book about The King's daughter rate today? Is it worth buying? EIN takes a look inside the first biography of Lisa Marie Presley. (Book review, Source: EIN)

Lisa Marie Presley interview: Earlier this year Lisa Marie Presley appeared on the top rating Enough Rope program in Australia. Here is the full transcript of that entertaining interview. (Interview, Source: Enough Rope)

Wednesday 22 September 2004

The First Cut Is The Deepest - Elvis on the Creative Edge: EIN's Piers Beagley takes a look at Elvis in the recording studio in this enlightening article. (Spotlight Article, 2003/2004, Source: EIN)

National Elvis Presley Convention: "Elvis for Everyone" is to be held in Canberra, Australia between 26 and 28 November 2004. The program includes Elvis films, an Elvis cavalcade, tribute artist David Cazalet, Elvis memorabilia stall and a series of speakers/addresses. The topics include: Hero with a thousand faces; Hillbilly Cat or copycat?; Stories behind the gospel songs; and Elvis: Sightings & Faith - making sense of the seemingly absurd. (News, Source: Elvis Canberra)

Elvis catalog available online and nothing bigger than The Beatles!!!: Search any fee-based digital music service for the best-loved musical artists of the 20th century and most of the expected names show up. Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Frank Sinatra are all accounted for, with their complete catalogs available per song, at 99 cents apiece. There are holdouts, but none bigger than the best-selling recording group of all time, The Beatles. And this quote should get Elvis fans talking: "Should a deal come to fruition, fans would say yeah, yeah, yeah. The effect on digital music "would be huge," says Paul Resnikoff, editor of the Digital Music News Web Site. "Nothing is bigger" than the Beatles catalog. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) the best-selling album artists (millions of units sold) in the USA are: 1. The Beatles 166.5/ 2. Elvis Presley 117.5/ 3. Led Zeppelin 106.0/ 4. Garth Brooks 105.0/ 5. The Eagles 88.0. (News, Source: USA Today)

Tuesday 21 September 2004
Elvis No. 1 The Complete Chart History of Elvis Presley: Joseph Tunzi's detailed compendium of Elvis' immense impact on the USA music charts will be welcomed by all Elvisphiles. Despite one weakness this is an important release chock full of historic chart information and reproductions of Billboard charts. (Book review, Source: EIN)

Mick Gerace & the TCB Band: Australia's leading Elvis tribute artist talks to EIN about next month's tour with the TCB Band and Myrna Smith, VIP tickets for the shows, and a new song especially written for the tour. (Interview, Source: EIN)

Monday 20 September 2004
Elvis Presley The Man. The Life. The Legend.: read Bill E. Burk's review of this new book released with the co-operation of EPE. Hype or.... (Book review, Source: Bill E. Burk)
Sunday 19 September 2004

"That's All Right" Framed Mother Master Stamper: as a limited edition of 1954 copies, is this item an investment opportunity or another case of "let the buyer beware"? EIN offers its analysis of yet another "alleged" Elvis collectible. (Spotlight Analysis, Source: EIN)


Elvis Week 2004 Photo Website: EIN's intrepid Elvis Week reporter, Sanja Meegin has put together a fantastic photo website of her time in Memphis. Click in and relive the magic of Elvis Week! (Elvis News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Saturday 18 September 2004
Elvis Handbook: released in the US last month, this book by Tara McAdams will be released in Australia (RRP$29.95) and NewZealand (RRP$35.95) on 5 October. Thanks to the Australian distributor,
Bookwise International, EIN will have five copies of the book give away in a competition in the lead up to its publication. Keep watching the site. (Elvis News, Source: Bookwise International)

Lost in Elvis!: Put on your blue suede shoes for the grand opening on 18 September of a new collectible memorabilia shop "Lost in Time" in Newport Pagnell, UK. Owner of the shop Paula Clowsley has traded in her bookkeeper job to sell limited edition Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe merchandise. Paula said: "I've always been interested in collectibles in general but only seriously became involved with Elvis and Marilyn merchandise a few years ago. "I don't remember much about them myself because I was very young when Elvis died and not even born when Marilyn was alive but have always been a fan of both. "They are two of the most influential 20th century icons and they both had very similar lives because of their fame. Due to the popularity of both stars Paula found that there was still a huge demand from fans and decided to open a shop that would specialise in old style memorabilia." (News, Source: Milton Keynes Online)

Friday 17 September 2004
Elvis A 50th Anniversary Celebration: if you've got an hour or so to spare you won't be disappointed in this new documentary. Featuring interviews with Elvis' peers and friends their memories of The King are an important record of how much he was held in awe by his contemporaries. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

Elvis Presley shop opens in Vienna: A shop dedicated to selling Elvis Presley memorabilia is opening in Vienna next week. Elvis fans will be able to find shelf upon shelf of related items at the shop in the upmarket Alsergrund district. Items range from cheap souvenirs to £1,300 authorised copies of Elvis suits made by the singer’s tailor. The store is also far larger than any of the nearby stores dedicated to more traditional Vienna Musical greats like Beethoven and Mozart. “People can buy anything Elvis related here, from cheap trinkets to high-quality products,” said owner Wolfgang Hahn, who is a friend of Presley’s widow Priscilla. A guitar once played by Presley and several authentic autographs and guitar picks will be on display in a small museum in the shop. Hahn said: “I want to make Austria a mecca for Elvis fans. And I want people to know how original Elvis was. A phenomenon like that will probably never come around again. Elvis is one of the most undervalued artists ever.” The shop will also provide its own shuttle service to Vienna from all over Austria. (News, Source: Daily News, Pakistan)

'All Shook Up' Has Found Its Swivel Hips: "All Shook Up," the Broadway-bound musical inspired by Elvis Presley, has found its swivel hips. Jarrod Emick, who just completed a run in "The Boy From Oz" as the boy friend of entertainer Peter Allen, will portray a rebellious, roll 'n' roll stranger who romances a small-town girl in 1955 America. Jennifer Gambatese, currently playing the late-blooming Penny Pingleton in the Broadway company of "Hairspray," will be the object of his perseverance. The musical, featuring such Presley classics as "Heartbreak Hotel," "Hound Dog," "Don't Be Cruel" and "Love Me Tender," will play Chicago's Cadillac Palace Theatre, Dec. 19.-Jan, 23, 2005. "All Shook Up" opens March 24 at the Palace Theatre in New York. Preview performances begin Feb. 20. The show, directed by Christopher Ashley, has a book by Joe DiPietro and choreography by Ken Roberson (News, Source: Yahoo News)

Elvis autograph reaches new heights during auction: During a three day Johnny Cash memorabilia auction at Sotherby's, a photo of Elvis inscribed ’June, I love you’ sold for $18,000 which was well above its expected price of $800 to $1,200 (in line with normal prices for Elvis' written material). This appears to be the highest amount paid to date for a piece of Elvis' handwriting. (News, Source: NME/ElvisNews.com)

Thursday 16 September 2004
Mother Dolores Hart: ABC News recently spoke with Elvis' co-star in "Loving You', Dolores Hart, a starlet who turned her back on fame and fortune in Hollywood to join the church. (Elvis News, Source: Sanja Meegin/ABCNews.com)

Elvis collection heading for Memphis Library: Elvis World's "007", Bill E. Burk is full of great ideas. His latest is to donate to the Memphis Room of the Memphis Public Library hundreds of back issues of professionally-printed Elvis fan club magazines from foreign countries, among them Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Hong Kong, and Norway. Bill's idea is to make the Memphis Room the world's foremost source of Elvis information for future writers and researchers. Imagine being able to go to the MEM Room on the 4th floor of the MEM Library and being able to read about Elvis in so many different languages, including English. In time, the MEM Room will also have a copy of every ELVIS WORLD printed since EW#1 in August 1986! Bill intends to make his idea a reality in the next few weeks. (Elvis News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Irv Cass special guest at Elvis Explosion: Well known tribute artist, Irv Cass, was a guest at this year's Elvis Explosion in Wisconson. Cass was a featured performer in the award winning documentary, Almost Elvis. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: La Crosse Tribune)

Kenny Buttrey dies: One of the most influential session musicians in Nashville history, died at home in Nashville on Sunday (Sept. 12) of cancer. Kenny was 59. He was most in demand as drummer and arranger on sessions with a host of artists ranging from Bob Dylan to Neil Young and on classic songs ranging from "All Along the Watchtower" to "Tonight's the Night" and other landmark recordings of the '60s and '70s. He also recorded with on the "Harum Scarum" recording sessions in February 1965 and later in May and June, 1971 on Nashville sessions that yielded albums such as "Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas", "Elvis Now", "Elvis" (the Fool album) and "He Touched Me". (News, Source: Elvis Matters/ElvisNews.com)

Wednesday 15 September 2004

Tragedy at Elvis Convention: Elvis tribute artist Larry Hass, age 54, collapsed on stage during a performance at the Elvis Explosion competition and convention in La Crosse. He was rushed to hospital where he later died. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: La Crosse Tribune)

Jack Soden talks to Billboard: As part of its Elvis tribute edition, Billboard spoke to the President of EPE, Jack Soden. Mr Soden talks about the running of Graceland and EPE's exciting plans for the future, including book and documentary projects. (Interview, Source: Elvis World Japan/Elvis Australia)

Tuesday 14 September 2004
The Elvis Detective: Take a sneak peek inside one of the articles in the Billboard tribute to Elvis edition (out this week). Alanna Nash looks at the "mystery train" that is Ernst Jorgensen's ongoing obsession ongoing as he preserves Elvis' musical legacy. Read how Ernst got back stolen Elvis tapes, how he scored the job of looking after The King's catalog, and more interesting stories. (Spotlight Article , Source: Billboard)
How Roy Hamilton influenced Elvis: EIN takes an in-depth look at Roy Hamilton's impact on Elvis' musical style. (Spotlight Article, Source: EIN)

His Hand In Mine Sessions Boxset: a new 4CD boxset is being released (News, Source: ElvisNews.com/Elvis Berlin)

Monday 13 September 2004

Ed Bonja opens up to EIN: Ed Bonja, employee of Colonel Parker and photographer to The King, is one of the nicest men you could meet. Ed was part of the Elvis family from his childhood through to 1977 and while he declined to talk to Allana Nash for her book about The Colonel, he was kind enough to spend several hours being interviewed by EIN. In this first part of the interview Ed talks about the early years, working for The Colonel, missed opportunities and witnessing Aloha at 3am. (Interview, Source: EIN/Joan Gansky/Ed Bonja)

Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!: EIN takes a look inside one of the best ever memoirs from someone who became a friend of Elvis. With rare photos and many great stories written in an easy going, engaging style, Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! is a book all fans should enjoy.(Book review, Source: EIN)

EPE announces new TV and book project: Included in the Billboard Elvis tribute issue (dated Sept. 18 - available on newsstands on 10 September) will be an exclusive Q&A interview with Jack Soden, President of Elvis Presley Enterprises, on keeping Presley's legacy alive -- including news of the upcoming TV and book project, tentatively titled "Presley By The Presley's." (Elvis News, Source: EPE)

Sunday 12 September 2004

"All in the family" - Regina Gambill tipped to replace Debbie Johnson at EPE: Ms Gambill is likely to be appointed Director of Operations at EPE/Graceland, succeeding long time incumbent, Debbie Jarvis Johnson, Bill E. Burk's ELVIS WORLD magazine announced today! The official announcement should come from EPE early next week. Gambill is daughter-in-law to Patsy Gambill, Elvis' double cousin. Patsy worked for years on the Graceland staff. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Lisa Marie Presley bans artificial scents: Lisa Presley is such a big fan of natural scents, she has banned all forms of air fresheners from being in her presence whenever she performs. The LIGHTS OUT singer, daughter of legendary rocker ELVIS PRESLEY, forbids scented candles, potpourri and even air fresheners backstage, according to website THE SMOKING GUN. Among the items allowed backstage are sushi and vegan hot dogs. (News, Source: ContactMusic/The Smoking Gun)

Elvis tribute at Museum of Television and Radio: Through October 3, "American Pop," a tribute to Elvis Presley is being held at the Museum in Manhattan, New York with screenings from the 1968 show, "Singer Presents Presley." Museum hours: Tuesdays through Sundays, noon to 6 p.m.; Thursdays to 8 p.m. Admission: $10; students and 62+, $8; children under 14, $5. Information: (212) 621-6800.(News, Source: The New York Times)

Saturday 11 September 2004
Billboard offers discount price on Elvis issue: Billboard magazine has announced an offer whereby you can buy the Elvis 50th Anniversary commemorative issue of Billboard magazine at the discount rate of $7.95. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)
Memphis Bound 2004: An import compilation album titled 'Memphis Bound 2004" has been released by the ST-3 label. The 24 track CD covers Elvis entire catalogue, starting with "That's All Right" and finishing with "I'll Never Fall In Love Again". A bonus is the track "Strung Out" - the producer created a remix of Elvis' infamous September 1974 monologue. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Another EPE staffer resigns: Debbie Jarvis Johnson, the "glue" who has held Graceland's operations together since the opening in June 1982, yesterday resigned her position as EPE's general manager, effective 8 October! Debbie was #2 on the power chart, a half-inch below Jack Soden, CEO. EW has always had wonderful relations with Debbie. Debbie's resignation follows the resignation of EPE fan club co-ordinator Patsy Andersen in late April. (News, Source: Bill Burk)

Friday 10 September 2004

Elvis in British Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: The first five inductees into The British Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame have been announced according to a posting on the 2nd To None messageboard. The inductees are: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Madonna and U2. (Elvis News, Source: 2nd To None/ElvisNews.com)

Buyer beware on eBay: more items have been listed on the popular online auction house with the potential to rip-off fans. One item is the alleged 1957 release John's Pocket Movie Elvis Presley a "Jailhouse Rock" flip book. One seller has it listed with a 'Buy It Now' price of US$325.00! As EIN stated in its review of this book, no-one has been able to substantiate there was such a release in 1957 and most authorities believe it is more likely to be a "new millennium" publication. (Elvis News, Source: EIN/eBay)

New computer game with Elvis related characters: Two members of the TCB Band and singer Kathy Westmoreland are the principal characters in a new computer game from Sesom Ltd. (Elvis News, Source: ElvisNews.com/Elvis Matters)

Thursday 9 September 2004

Shake Rag and Elvis - Fact or myth?: what influence, if any, did the Shake Rag part of Tupelo have on The King and his music? We found this stimulating article while going through our archives. (Spotlight Article, Source: Daily Journal)

The Elvis Collection: six Elvis DVDs in an attractively priced boxset. Entertainment Today recently took a look inside the box. (DVD Review, Source: Entertainment Today)


Wednesday 8 September 2004

EIN Exclusive - Indianapolis FTD update: Fantastic news for collectors! An agreement has been made between the FTD organisation and the owner of the Indianapolis tape (see our interview with Ernst Jørgensen). This recording was made by a Dutchman who attended Elvis' final show in Indianapolis on June 26th, 1977. He had a rather bulky reel-to-reel tape recorder with him, and recorded the show with excellent results. A copy of this tape was used for the "Adios" bootleg from the early 90s, but the original tape sounds better than that release. The owner was somewhat apprehensive about sending the tape to Denmark, so Arjan Deelen will travel to Holland next month to pick it up, and deliver it to FTD personally. More info soon. (Elvis News, Source: Arjan Deelen)

Elvis' Bible for sale: From the bedroom at Graceland, to the office at Graceland, to Patsy Presley's home, to a private collector and now up for grabs. (Elvis News, Source: PRWEB)

Elvis has left the seafront: An Elvis fanatic was left all shook up when officials banned him from singing on the seafront. (Elvis News/Elvis Odd Spot, Source: The Weston & Somerset Mercury)

Elvis "stoned" during Elvis On Tour: according to press reports on the death of cinematographer, David Myers, Mr Myers was far from impressed with Elvis during the filming of Elvis On Tour. The quote causing quite a furore is: "He was not very positive on Elvis, he was much more impressed by Jimi Hendrix's performance than Presley's. Myers recalled that Presley was "so drugged" by 1972, when the concert tour was filmed, that performing "was sort of an old trick for him." (Elvis News, Source: Arizona Republic/Elvis messageboards)

Another suspect Elvis signature on eBay: EIN has previously warned about bogus Elvis signatures for sale on auction houses like eBay. A classic potential rip-off occurred last week when this signature was listed (and thankfully passed in at 100 pounds with no bids). Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware!). (Elvis News, Source: ElvisCollectors/eBay)


Tuesday 7 September 2004

Elvis #1 for two months on the Australian Sanity chart: Elvis has enjoyed great success on Australia's major "store" chart, Sanity since the release of 'The '68 Comeback Special' and 'Aloha From Hawaii' DVDs. EIN has catalogued that success for July and August. (Elvis News, Source: EIN/Sanity)

"Elvis on Tour" cinematographer dies: David Myers, the cinematographer best known for his camera work on pioneering concert documentaries including "Woodstock" and "Elvis on Tour," has died of natural causes. He was 90. In addition to "Elvis On Tour" and "Woodstock," the Oscar-winning 1970 film about the legendary outdoor rock festival, Mr. Myers shot a string of music and concert movies, including "Mad Dogs & Englishmen," "Let the Good Times Roll," "Wattstax," "Johnny Cash: Live at San Quentin," "Cracked Actor: A Film About David Bowie," Bob Dylan's "Hard Rain" and Joni Mitchell's "Shadows and Light." (Elvis News, Source: Associated Press)

Elvis impersonators theme on 'Sue Thomas FBI': American cable channel PAX, a Christian network, featured an Elvis themed episode on its "Sue Thomas FBI" program over the weekend (Sunday 9pm). (Elvis News, Source: Andrew Howard)

Monday 6 September 2004

Elvis Odd Spot: we've updated our Elvis Odd Spot section with a look at several Elvis releases from Thailand. Did Elvis really record these songs? (Odd Spot, Source: EIN)

Australian chart update: Aloha From Hawaii held steady at #4 today on the ARIA Music DVD Chart while The '68 Comeback Special slipped five places to #11. Both releases are certified Platinum. (Elvis News, Source: ARIA)

Sunday 5 September 2004
Jailhouse Rock The Bootleg Records of Elvis Presley 1970-1983: Many fans may not be aware but Lee Cotten and Howard DeWitt's excellent compendium about Elvis bootleg vinyl is still available in 2004. EIN takes a look at this rich in detail account of a fascinating and divisive subject. (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Suspicious minds about new Elvis/Blue Moon Boys acetate: news of an acetate featuring the "lost" tracks: Uncle Penn, Tennessee Saturday Night and Casual Love has met with a thumbs down from many fans. A scan of the acetate shows the artist as "Blue Moon Boys". Is it real or another fraud? We shouldn't have to wait long for the answer. (Elvis News, Source: Elvis 2nd to None/Elvis Collectors messageboards)

Elvis film night in Holland: Almost In Elvis has organized an Elvis Movie Night in the Dutch Movie Museum on December 18, 2004. The movie program consists of four blocks of 105 minutes featuring: fifties performances, MSG interview June 9th. 1972, private footage and “Elvis On Tour” and “Viva Las Vegas” op 16mm. In the third segment Almost In Elvis presents its own DVD containing "Goin' Home" (about the roots of Colonel Parker in Breda), "All Shook Up" (interview with karate master Hans Hesselman who had lessons from Ed Parker) and "If You Don't Come Back" (video clip). In the museum original movie posters of Elvis will be shown. (Elvis News, Source: ElvisNews.com/Almost In Elvis)

Saturday 4 September 2004

Graceland Cellars hits the right notes: Ready for Blue Suede chardonnay, The King cabernet sauvignon and Jailhouse Red merlot? Welcome to Graceland Cellars and Elvis Presley brand wines. They've already garnered medals (one gold, one silver and one bronze) at three respected wine competitions (Dallas Morning News, Riverside International and International Eastern). Elvis wines, part of the Signature Wines group, run around $12 a bottle; visit signaturewines.com/retail for more information. But remember, they're wines and should never be ``All Shook Up.'' (Elvis News, Source: Miami Herald)

"The Artist Collection" available for pre-order from amazon.com: This CD is part of a new mid-price series of 16 titles from various artists. The artwork is done by the artist Piven. Track listing: Mystery Train - Blue Moon - Lawdy, Miss Clawdy - Baby I Don't Care - Crawfish - Ain't That Loving You Baby - Fever - The Girl Of My Best Friend - Guitar Man - Reconsider Baby - Suspicion - Patch It Up - Polk Salad Annie - There Goes My Everything. The CD will be released worldwide next month. (Elvis CD News, Source: ElvisNews.com/Amazon.com)


Friday 3 September 2004

Elvis In Concert: with a new VCD edition of the Elvis In Concert (September 1977 CBS TV Special) circulating, we have updated our review of this hard to find item. (VCD Review, Source: EIN)

Elvis - the lost outtakes: EIN went digging when Robert Vasilevski asked the question...why are there no alternate takes for Hound Dog, Don't Be Cruel, All Shook Up and Blue Suede Shoes. The answer is a mess of blues! (Spotlight Article, Source: EIN/Elvis Collectors messageboard)

Elvis appears at the Olympics: the closing ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics featured some great entertainment. But the loudest cheers and applause were for up-and-coming pop star Sakis Rouvis, who descended from the sky on cables in an all-white jumpsuit that made him look like Elvis - the young, thin one. (Elvis News, Miami Herald)

WPEN radio drops Sinatra for Elvis: as US WPEN radio station (AM 950) switched formats from adult standards to oldies today, the Philadelphia station's devoted listeners - many of them 75 and up - took the change in stride. People like Emma Black of Clementon, who is old enough to remember the pre-Sinatra days. Told the 75-year-old station would now favor Elvis Presley over Frank Sinatra, she said, "I love Elvis Presley, believe it or not. When he sings `Are You Lonesome Tonight?' I just melt, because I've been a widow for 40 years." As devoted as listeners were to the station's mix of big band, Sinatra and pop standards, it wasn't enough. In the spring Arbitron ratings book, it was 24th out of 25 stations in the Philadelphia market, with a meager 3.0 share. (Elvis News, Courier Post Online)

Billboard "Elvis" cover: Elvis Australia has published the cover for the current Billboard magazine featuring the Elvis...50 years of rock & roll headline story. (Elvis News, Source: Elvis Australia)

Thursday 2 September 2004

Elvis' music DVD sales: will The King be a major market force with mainstream music buyers? EIN looks at the success of The '68 Comeback Special and Aloha From Hawaii and poses some contentious questions. Who is buying the new DVDs - the general public or predominately Elvis fans? And if it is the latter, what does this mean for Elvis' credibility? (Spotlight Article, Source: EIN)

Death of Elvis voted the most shocking moment in rock history: The Beatles' claiming they were 'bigger than God' and Freddie Mercury's AIDS revelation also ranked highly in the Virgin Radio poll. More than 2500 listeners voted for their most dramatic moment to celebrate 50 years since the birth of rock 'n' roll. Elvis Presley burst on to the scene with his first single That's Alright Mama in 1954, and his hip-wiggling performance on the Ed Sullivan show two years later stunned audiences. But he had an undignified death in 1977, when he suffered heart failure on a toilet. Another bizarre moment was when Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13-year-old cousin Myra. Virgin breakfast DJ Pete Mitchell said: 'There's an edge to rock and great rock and rollers, and shock and outrage are part of the package. 'It's frightening when you see how many gifted stars died before they reached their peak. 'Tragedy is all part of the rock and roll lifestyle but you can see here how many talented people have died young, that is the real tragedy.' (Elvis News, Source: The Daily Record)

'The King Is Dead' finally released: Katco Media was shipping copies of Robert Holton's look at Elvis' funeral as of yesterday. (Elvis News, Source: Katco Publishing)

New import titles announced: two new import releases have been announced. The first one is "They Released Those By Mistake" and contains out-takes and different mixes. The second one is a live recording of the May 8, 1976 Dinner Show at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel, called "A Night At The Tahoe". The absence of the word "soundboard" suggests this will be an audience recording. (Elvis News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Elvis coming back to Australia: Erickson's aircrane, nicknamed "Elvis" which played a heroic role in Australia's deadly bushfire season in early 2003 is returning to help during this year's summer season. "Elvis" grabbed national and international headlines as it was a focal point in attempts to extinguish the fires that claimed a number of lives. "Elvis" and another aircrane (or airtanker), "Isabelle", are due back in Australia in November. Their ability to drop huge amounts of water on to burning areas will be a critical tool during what experts fear will be another disastrous bushfire summer "downunder". (Elvis News, The Daily Telegraph)

Wednesday 1 September 2004

Ernst Jorgensen: EIN exclusive! Ernst talks to Arjan Deelen about the upcoming FTD release, Closing Night, and the reel-to-reel tape of Elvis' final live performance. (Interview, Source: Arjan Deelen)

New DVD's in Australia: The Elvis Presley Story (Sony) is listed for release as a mid-price release on September 10, while in November there will be a two-disc release of Lilo & Stitch (Buena Vista). The Elvis Presley Story is described as: "This is the musical and social phenomenon who's look, incredible voice and style set in motion the Rock 'N' Roll era. The story of Elvis Presley traces his early years with fascinating detail, film clips, rare early footage and a wealth of photographs are all here on this DVD." (Elvis DVD News, Source: DVD World)

When is a review not a review?: we found this review(?) of Elvis At Sun in an Australian regional entertainment magazine. You be the judge. (Elvis CD Review, Source: BMA)


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