"Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century."

(Leonard Bernstein)


"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

(George Klein)


"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

(Professor Gilbert B. Rodman)


"History has him as this good old country boy, Elvis is about as country as Bono!"

(Jerry Schilling)





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Friday 31 December 2004 ...................................."Santa Claus will be back in town in 359 days"

BMG, it's time for "Elvis' Greatest Hits" on DVD!: The time is right for BMG to invest the Definitive collection of Elvis' Greatest Hits on DVD. In this article we discuss why such a release is needed and the barriers to its production. (Spotlight/Article/Comment, Source: EIN)

The King of Rock sold his soul!: This incisive article from The Washington Post draws examples from Elvis' career that parallel the upcoming sale of EPE and the marketing of contemporary stars...with a less than flattering bottom line. (Spotlight Article, Source: The Washington Post)

Pre-publication price offer closes today - "ELVIS AARON PRESLEY: CANDLE IN THE WIND": Bill E. Burk is offering a pre-publishing price of US$40 (+ shipping)for his latest book on Elvis. All orders (checks, money orders only) must be postmarked no later than 31 December 2004. The book is being listed at $49.95 (+ shipping) on 1 January and thereafter. Shipping costs: $3 USA; $6 outside USA surface mail; $12 outside USA air mail. Order from: BURK ENTERPRISES Box 16792 Memphis TN 38186 USA (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Elvis World Lunch: Tickets are now available for Elvis World's lunch on 7 January at Marlowe's Restayrant in Memphis. Historian, Roy Turner, who knows more about Elvis than just about anyone, will be guest speaker. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Elvis water saga, part 2: Weird just got weirder! The Belmont man who on eBay sold water from a cup that Elvis drank from in 1977 for $455 last Saturday is now auctioning a one-day appearance of the cup on what would be Elvis' 70th birthday. (Odd Spot/News, Source: The Free Press)

Did Jesse Garon die at birth...book update: On 12 November we added news of a new book, Elvis Presley's Twin, Jesse Garon..The Records Show He Died...But Did He? by Stan Knight. At that time, "hazy" pr for the book led a number of sites to assume the release was a non-fiction story and the latest in a series of Elvis "conspiracy" tales. Now that the book has been released it is evident it is in fact a NOVEL being marketed with a clever "what if" tagline. (News, Source: EIN)

AMC's 24-Hour Elvis Movie Marathon: Amercian Movie Classics will have a 24-hour Elvis movie marathon in recognition of Elvis's birthday on January 8, 2005. US fans should check your local listings and the AMC site for titles and times. In between films will be some special short segments AMC recently shot at Graceland and around Memphis. (News, Source: EPE)

Another #1 for Elvis...this time his hair!: Elvis Presley's quiff and legendary sideburns have been voted the most iconic male hairstyle of all time. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Bilko's Gold Cuts Out Now: The release "Bilko's Gold Cuts" is out now. It is a compilation of the best outtakes that have been released by Bilko over the years, and includes three unreleased tracks. The songs that have been previously released are now in better sound quality, especially the songs from the CD Hang Loose. The booklet has 12 pages and features rare pictures. (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only)

Funding for TCB Game withdrawn: The toy manufacturer that announced the TCB board game earlier this year, has now stated that funding has been withdrawn, effectively nixing the project. James Burton, John Wilkinson, Sonny West and Kathy Westmoreland were supposed to lend their picture and voice to this special game. (News, Source: Elvis Matters/ElvisNews.com)

Thursday 30 December 2004 ...................................."Santa Claus will be back in town in 360 days"

Elvis fails to make Soundscan Top 100 for 2004: Unhappily Elvis At Sun is not listed in Soundscan's listing of the Top 100 selling albums for 2004. This means Elvis At Sun sold less than 634,000 copies in the US during 2004. On the "debit" side The Beatles "One" album, even though released in year 2000 - managed to shift 654,000 copies to give it position #94. EIN comment - BMG often expects to see a "spike" in sales of Elvis product around Christmas time. In recent years it appears this has not occurred. For instance, both The '68 Comeback Special and Aloha From Hawaii DVDs were expected to register good sales around Christmas 2004, yet neither has re-appeared on the Top 50 DVD Music charts in most countries...yet The Beatles continue to make the charts! (News/Comment, Source: KiwiAlan, For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard/EIN)

Elvis rules UK charts: On a more positive note, The Guinness British Hit Singles and Albums book ranks artists every year according to how many weeks they have spent in the UK singles and albums charts. And reigning supreme at the top is The King! (News, Source: Google/ElvisNews.com)

"The Tupelo-Memphis Murders" - first edition copies sold out: The first edition of The Tupelo-Memphis Murders: A Psychological Study in Self-Destruction and Murder! is "sold out". The (limited number) second edition of spiral bound copies is selling fast. ElvisBookResearch said: "This is the best, most compelling Elvis conspiracy book ever written. You simply won't have read anything like it before and your knowledge of Elvis won't be complete if you haven't read this book. Be prepared to get totally hooked and to never look at the Elvis story in the same way again!" Copies of the first edition printing are selling on eBay for up to US$45.00. (News, Source: EIN)

Elvis On Tour: Keith Flynn has developed a new list regarding Elvis' "On Tour Rehearsals" sessions. It lists where you can find all songs from these sessions. (News, Source: Keith Flynn)

Elvis on Worst Rock-Star Actors List: Blender Magazine has compilied a list of the worst rock star actors of all time. Of those "not making the grade", at #5 is Elvis. Number four is Jon Bon Jovi; #3 is "Glitter" star Mariah Carey; Bob Dylan ranked at #2 and at #1 the magazine lists Madonna: "She's always cast as the femme fatale yet cannot 'do' sexy". Britney Spears just missed the top five, coming in at #6. (News, Source: Associated Press)

Elvis and Dolly - an "ample" partnership: Talk about holiday cheer! Dolly Parton was as bubbly as champagne and as sweet as a candy cane Sunday night at Everett Events Center. In a white form-fitting, spangly bodysuit dripping with rhinestones, she looked like a life-size ornament, a buxom angel just right for the top of the Christmas tree. It wasn't a Christmas-themed show, however, but the last date in a long tour that began in October. Titled "Hello, I'm Dolly," the show was a life and career retrospective, in which she talked as much, or more, than she sang. ... She sang some surprising covers, including John Lennon's "Imagine," Kris Kristofferson's "Me and Bobby McGee," Melanie's "Brand New Key," John Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" (changed to "Girl") and Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas". Elvis showed up again, played by one of the guys from her 10-member band, in her novelty song, I Dreamed About Elvis. (News, Source: Seattle Times)

Elvis auction catalog now available online: A list of the Elvis related items going under the hammer on 9 January in Australia can now be viewed online. (News, Source: Armstrongs Auctions)

Funding for TCB Game withdrawn: The toy manufacturer that announced a TCB board game, earlier this year, has now stated that the producer has withdrawn his money, nixing this project. James Burton, John Wilkinson, Sonny West and Kathy Westmoreland were supposed to lend their picture and voice to this special game. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Wednesday 29 December 2004 ...................................."Santa Claus will be back in town in 361 days"

Jailhouse Rock to be preserved for all-time: Elvis' movie "Jailhouse Rock" is among 25 films selected by the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress to be preserved for all time. (News, Source: Reality TV World)

Depreciation Elvis style - US$19m down to......: A copy of A Touch of Gold EP (UK pressing) was recently listed on eBay with an astonishing starting bid of $19,000,000. Not surprisingly, it turned out to be a listing error (although how such an error could occur confounds EIN). The revised starting price is a more reasonable $4.81. (News, Source: eBay)

Baptist Memorial "DOA" and implosion update: As we have all known for some time, Baptist Hospital, where Lisa Marie was born and where Elvis was pronounced DOA . . . is being torn down to make way for a new BioTech Foundation facility. Bill E. Burk provides us with the latest news. (News/Bill Burk's Elvis World Online, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Say hello to Elvis? Ringtones tap into a million-dollar market: Angela Landon's boyfriend calls her on her cell phone, and she's treated to the celestial strains of Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus." When it's her family in Texas calling, her phone plays the theme from television's "Dallas." NYC friends set off a round of "New York, New York." Pesky unidentified callers? She's warned with a snippet of Elvis' "Suspicious Minds." Eminem offers a free ringtone of his single "Just Lose It" for consumers who purchase the double-disc collector's edition of his new album, "Encore." EIN suggests that consumer interest in ringtones is an area that should be taken very seriously by Elvis' record company, BMG/Sony (and EPE). (News/Comment, Source: Detroit News/EIN)

Elvis serves as the warm-up act for radio station's oldies format: If you want to hear all-Elvis, all of the time, well, as the King himself might say, it's now or never. The playlist on KANM-AM (1600), purchased last week by Don Davis, consists entirely of Elvis Presley tunes. "It's Elvis when you drive to work and Elvis when you drive home," said Davis, who also owns KJJY-AM (1550). The temporary agenda will give way to a "real oldies" format, featuring hits from 1955 to 1964, beginning at noon Saturday, Davis said. "This is just something fun for a few days before we start our actual format," he said of the Elvis format. "If you can't have fun, what's the point?" The station previously aired a selection of New Mexico Hispanic music billed as "the mix of New Mexico." A benefit of being one of the few independent station owners in town is the ability to do something quirky - like making the King top dog for a few days, Davis said. Meanwhile, don't get all shook up when Elvis becomes a less-frequent crooner on KANM in the coming year. (News, Source: Albuquerque Tribune)

Hank Garland Dead At 74: Legendary country, rock and jazz guitarist Hank Garland, who performed with Elvis, the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Charlie Parker and many others, has died at the age of 74. Garland died of a staph infection Monday at Orange Park Medical Center, said his brother, Billy Garland. In the 1950s and '60s, Walter "Hank" Garland was the talk of Nashville, known for musical riffs that could take a recording from humdrum to dazzling, as he did on Elvis hits like "Little Sister" and "A Big Hunk of Love." He had his first million-selling hit at 19 with "Sugar Foot Rag," a famous country tune. "He is heralded as a quintessential Nashville studio guitarist," musician Wolf Marshall said in an e-mail interview earlier this year. (News, Source: Associated Press)

Tuesday 28 December 2004 ...................................."Santa Claus will be back in town in 362 days"

Elvis on course for charts milestone: King of Rock Elvis Presley could land the 1,000th Number One spot in the UK singles chart. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: Fox 12)

Graceland Mansion Closed Due To Ice: Graceland Mansion was closed around Christmas due to inclement weather in Memphis. Ice has covered most of the city, and to prevent any danger to the guests or staff, EPE decided to stop tours. They opened again on Monday Decemeber 27th, resuming normal operating hours. Please call their toll-free number, 1-800-238-2010, prior to coming to confirm they are open. EPE apologizes for the inconvenience and wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday. (News, Source: EPE)

New import CD release: This is the cover artwork for a new import release titled "Twenty Days And Twenty Nights". It features rehearsals and other alternate recordings from 1970-1972. More info shortly. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

9th Annual Elvis Invitationals: The Experience Music Project will host the ninth annual Elvis Invitationals on Friday in Seattle. Amateur impersonators in full costume will get the chance to swivel their hips and perform one song backed by the Memphis Mafia band. Performers are competing for more than one-thousand dollars worth of prizes. Winners will be determined by a combination of an audience clap-o-meter and panel of judges. (News/AlmostElvis, Source: Fox 12)

Monday 27 December 2004 ...................................."Santa Claus will be back in town in 363 days"
It Happened At The World's Fair DVD release: The UK music chain HMV will release the DVD "It Happened At The Worlds Fair" as an HMV exclusive on the WHV label on 25 January 2005. It seems like copyright problems that prevented an earlier release of this DVD in the UK have been solved. The DVD is available for pre-order from HMV. (News, Source: HMV UK/ElvisNews.com)

Cybill Shepherd on sex with Elvis: As part of her recent one-woman stand-up show in London, actress Cybill Shepherd included vivid descriptions of her sexual escapades with lovers including Elvis, Don Johnson and Jeff Bridges. (News, Source: Sunday Telegraph NSW)

Sunday 26 December 2004 ...................................."Santa Claus will be back in town in 364 days"

18 #1's website: BMG has established a website, messageboard and swap shop around the upcoming (re-)release of Elvis' 18 UK #1 singles. You can also download Elvis wallpaper from the site. (News, Source: BMG)

Man offers water from the cup of The King on eBay: Wade Jones likes Elvis, but he insists he's just a casual fan. That's why, after watching a grilled cheese sandwich thought to be embedded with the image of the Virgin Mary fetch $28,000 on eBay, he decided to part with three tablespoons of water from a cup Elvis Presley used during a concert. (News/Odd Spot, Source: Charlotte.com)

Saturday 25 December 2004 ..................................................."Santa Claus is coming to town"
EIN wishes all Elvis fans and their families a very merry Christmas and a fantastic 2005!

"Elvis" casting call: The makers of a CBS miniseries about Elvis Presley will hold a casting call Sunday afternoon in Metairie. The series, "Elvis," which stars Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as Presley, as well as Randy Quaid and Rose McGowan, needs actors and extras. Interested candidates should bring a photograph to the Clearview Mall between noon and 6 p-m on Sunday. The series is set to begin shooting in early January in New Orleans. (News, Source: Yahoo News)

Elvis Lives: Billboards around the Memphis region now announce that Elvis Lives. It’s all part of the 2005 marketing and licensing campaign that was recently announced by EPE. The 2005 branding statement, ‘Elvis Lives,’ combined with the campaign’s distinctive design, celebrates Elvis’s increasing popularity throughout the world today. Elvis really does live in the hearts and minds of millions of fans of all ages who listen to his music, watch his movies and continue to purchase licensed products with his name and image," said Jennifer Burgess, Director of Marketing for EPE. (News, Source: EPE)

January Warner DVDs delayed: ElvisNews.com received the following answer from EPE regarding the six Elvis movies from Warner Bros. which were announced for release on DVD next month. "Last August, Warner colleagues gave us the information about the 6 DVD releases prematurely. The release was tentatively planned for next month but actually was not locked in. The release is now delayed with no set date announced. The moment Warner gives us official information, we'll post it in News on our site." (News, Source: EPE/ElvisNews.com)

Elvis related items to go under the hammer in Aussie auction: Armstrong's Auctions in Cardiff, NSW wis auctioning various Elvis related items on Sunday 9 January 2005. The 104 item catalog includes Elvis records, books, clocks, collectors cards, boxed Hound Dogs, figurines calendars, t-shirts, videos and more. The full catalog will be viewable online from 28 December. (News, Source: Armstrong's Auctions)

Who knew? Elvis knows Santa Claus: The two celebrities performed at the same holiday party at Riverview Home, 7979 State Road, Pennsylvania. The party was coordinated by the Justice Frank J. Montemuro, Jr. Lodge #2193, Order of Sons of Italy in America. "I've never been to an activity or event that kept their attention for so long," said Debbie Conway, recreation supervisor for the elderly and disabled residential care home. "I spent most of the time watching their reactions. It was a great event." Elvis impersonator Michael Kubach and Jillian Feurer, a dancer and student at Rock School, entertained the audience alongside Santa's Elf Sharon Hill. "They were singing, clapping, stirring up memories," said Naomi Maisonet, social worker. (News, Source: News Gleaner)

Friday 24 December 2004

Elvis Impersonator Brought Hundreds of Gifts and Songs to Neglected, Abandoned and Abused Children at Child Haven of Las Vegas: Trent Carlini, considered to be the No. 1 Elvis impersonator in the world, rock and rolled with children and nurses at Child Haven of Clark County Las Vegas' very own, Trent Carlini, considered to be the world's best Elvis stylist (performer) came to say, "Thank you. Thank you very much." (News/Almost Elvis, Source: Business Wire)

Mojo magazine ‘Hayride Special’: If you enjoy Elvis’ early music and are interested in how Elvis managed to change the course of popular culture, then don’t miss the December issue of the music magazine Mojo. Renowned author Colin Escott tells the wild, wild story of Elvis’ early Hayride period. As he says, “When Elvis Presley joined the Louisiana Hayride in 1954 he changed music history forever”. The article also features several excellent early
photographs and, even better, the magazine comes with a free 15 track CD that truly captures the importance & excitement of those early years. While the CD only features one Elvis track (The Hayride ‘Blue Moon Of Kentucky’), the others songs present Elvis tracks by original artists. These help demonstrate just how important Elvis’ influence really was. Check out fascinating tracks like The Drifters’ ‘Such A Night’ (boy did Elvis really blow the roof off that version!), Lowell Fulson’s original ‘Reconsider Baby’ and even Wanda Jackson’s ‘Hard Headed Woman’. It is captivating, timeless, revolutionary music that any Elvis fan should enjoy. Out now in Australian newsagents & music stores. (News, Source: EIN)

Elvis' Mercedes withdrawn from sale: In a report dated 22 December we listed that a Mercedes once owned by Elvis was available on eBay. In an interesting turn of events, eBay management has removed the listing. (News, Source: eBay)

CBS issues press release about upcoming Elvis" TV mini-series: This is the CBS TV press release outlining details of the upcoming mini-series based on Elvis' rise to fame. (News, Source: Elvis.com)

In-debt Lisa Marie sells most of Elvis' estate: Lisa Marie Presley is keeping Graceland but selling the bulk of the Elvis estate, including rights to her father's name and image, in a deal worth approximately $100 million. The Associated Press reports that Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. announced an agreement Thursday to sell 85 percent of its assets to businessman Robert F.X. Sillerman, founder of music and sports promoter SFX Entertainment. But why sell an estate that brings in $45 million a year for $100 million? Lisa Marie has $25 million in debts (of which she will be absolved under this deal) but on the face of it, the sale doesn't seem like a bright move. At least she gets $20 million in shares of the new company formed to run the estate. "For the past few years, I've been looking for someone to join forces with to expand the many facets of (Elvis Presley Enterprises), to take it to new levels internationally and to make it an even greater force in the entertainment industry," Presley said in a statement. Fans of Graceland tours note: The 650,000 visitors a year will still be welcome. (News/Comment, Source: Seattlepi.com)

Thursday 23 December 2004

Camryn Manheim to play Gladys Presley: Variety reports that "The Practice" Emmy winner Camryn Manheim will play Presley's mother, Gladys, in the miniseries, "Elvis". "Elvis" will tell the story of Presley's rise to superstardom and the impact he had on music and popular culture in the 1950s and '60s. The project has the blessing of the Presley estate, which will allow CBS to use master recordings of the King's songs in the miniseries. No word yet on who will play Priscilla and Vernon Presley. (News, Source: Variety)

More new book releases: A new book titled Like A Prince From Another Planet will be released in Luxembourg soon. Apparently it will contain many never before published concert shots from the 1970's. Just released is a book by Michael Hodjera The Return Of The King: An Elvis Novel: "Mystery, magic and mythology collide as Elvis returns from exile to Hawaii, only to find himself confronted by an ageless menace bent on destroying humankind…" Finally, due out from Zondervan on August 1, 2005 is Velvet Elvis: Repainting The Christian Faith (ISBN: 0310266637). It will be released both as a hardback and in audio CD format. (News, Source: Amazon/ElvisNews/ElvisBookResearch)

Vote for Elvis: Australia's Australian Broadcasting Network (ABC) is conducting a poll and the question is "which of these discs will you always associate with the crackles of vinyl?": Eloise – Barry Ryan; Don’t Be Cruel – Elvis Presley; Daddy Cool – Daddy Cool; Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd; Friday on my Mind - The Easybeats; Peter Paul and Mary in Concert – Peter, Paul and Mary. Elvis was in 4th place well behind The Easybeats, Pink Floyd and Peter, Paul and Mary. (News, Source: Elizabeth Barton)

Wednesday 22 December 2004

Elvis TV role for Bend It film star: Bend It Like Beckham star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is to play Elvis Presley. The 27-year-old actor has landed the lead role in a US mini-series about the King. He was chosen for his "uncanny" resemblance to Elvis, said executive producer Howard Braunstein. "He was the first person I'd ever thought of for the role. I watched Bend It Like Beckham and when you see him, you just say, 'He is Elvis'," Braunstein said.

"He has the physical look and the style that embodies Elvis, both the sweetness and the sex appeal." The Irish-born actor got the role by sending in a film of himself made up like Elvis and imitating the singer's distinctive drawl. "It was uncanny - the voice sounded so authentic," Braunstein said. Rhys-Meyers has also appeared in films including Vanity Fair and Velvet Goldmine. Scream actress Rose McGowan will play screen siren Ann-Margaret, who starred with Elvis in Viva Las Vegas and had an affair with him before he married Priscilla. Randy Quaid will play Elvis's manager Colonel Tom Parker in the mini-series, called Elvis, for US network CBS. (News, Source: Yahoo News)

SFX/SPEA Filing with U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission: This is the SFX/SPEA filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The filing makes very interesting (if heavy) reading and includes that the deal is contingent on a three-year audit of Lisa Presley's two combined entities (already underway), and that RFX made a down payment to Lisa Presley of $5 million. It also includes details of EPE's operating income and states that Lisa Presley will have the right to either serve as a director of the acquiring company or be able to designate an individual to serve on her behalf. (News/Article, Source: Email)

"Thank God 1981 sale of EPE didn't happen!": This is an interesting commentary from the Memphis Flyer on the sale of EPE to Robert Sillerman. (Spotlight/Article, Source: Memphis Flyer)

El Goes El Paso: The Audionics label released "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" CD some three years ago is back. Their new release scheduled in early January and titled "El Goes El Paso" will feature previously unreleased soundboard recording of Elvis' concert in El Paso, Texas, June 02, 1976 8:30 P.M.

This show will be completely new to collectors as it has also not been released on audience recorded tapes.

This release is taken directly from original soundboard tape so the sound quality will be excellent. The concert is 62 minutes long, complete and for the year 1976 it's a very good performance with Elvis in good mood and strong voice. The CD contains a de-luxe 12-page full color booklet with many rare photos taken during May/June 1976 tour. Tracks: 01. Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001 Theme) - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) - 04. Love Me - 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 06. You Gave Me A Mountain - 07. All Shook Up - 08. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel (medley) -09. Help Me - 10. Fever - 11. Jailhouse Rock - 12. And I Love You So - 13. Polk Salad Annie - 14. Band Introductions - 15. Early Mornin' Rain - 16. What'd I Say - 17. Drums Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 18. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) - 19. Piano Solo (Tony Brown) - 20. Electric Piano Solo (David Briggs) - 21. Love Letters - 22. School Day (Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll) - 23. Hurt #1 - 24. Hurt #2 - 25. Hound Dog - 26. Funny How Time Sips Away 27. Can't Help Falling In Love - 28. Closing Vamp/Announcements. Source: For CD Collectors Only (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only)

Elvis auction hint: If you bid on eBay we have a festive season hint for you. With many fans leaving on holidays now is a good time to check out what's on offer. With less competition, you increase your chances of winning items. The downside is that there are less items listed on eBay at this time of the year...but if what you are after is there you could be very lucky (and less out of pocket than usual). (News/Comment, Source: EIN)

Elvis' Mercedes for sale on eBay: With a starting price of US$5,000 and a 'buy it now' price of US$350,000, a 1969 Mercedes owned by The King has attracted more than a dozen bids. When we last looked bidding had climbed to US$85,100 with the reserve price not yet reached. (News, Source: eBay)

Status of BMG's "Elvis Lives!": EIN regularly receives enquiries about the release on DVD of the Elvis Lives! TV special. This is the latest update from EPE: "Elvis Lives!" was a TV special BMG produced as part of its promotion of the CD ELV1S 30 #1 HITS. It first aired in November 2002 on NBC-TV and has had a number of airings on VH-1 since then. The special explored and celebrated Elvis's musical and cultural impact, using footage of Elvis and interviews with celebrities - most of them music stars across a broad range of ages and musical genres. A DVD release with expanded content was announced, but has not actually happened. "Elvis Lives!" is not an EPE show. It's a BMG production, but it has our cooperation and support. We hope to hear good news from BMG sometime soon about a revised release date. We've seen samples of some of the expanded content for the DVD release and it's just great. There was so much that could not be conveyed in a one-hour (minus commercials) TV special. But, alas, the complexities of getting all the interviews, footage, music publishing, etc. cleared for the DVD release seem to be the hold-up. (News, Source: EPE)

Ask Ger Rijff: In EIN's opinion, Ger Rijff produces simply the best Elvis photobooks ever released, so it was great to hear that two of the world's best Elvis sites, ElvisNews.com and For Elvis CD Collectors Only had teamed to offer fans the opportunity to ask Ger a question. Their release said: "Ger Rijff, author of many well known books and articles, is suffering health problems lately. Therefore he decided to step back a little. For Elvis CD Collectors and ElvisNews.com found him willing to look back on his huge contributions to the Elvis-scene.
Both our sites will carry a form with which you can ask him what you always wanted to know about... Ger Rijff promised to make a work of art of the answers, and knowing his abilities we are already looking forward to it. So, the remaining of this year you have time to think about it and somewhere next year you’ll get treated with the answers." (News, Source: ElvisNews.com/For Elvis CD Collectors Only)

We couldn't resist this quote: We thought this quote about an innovative Melbourne pizza bar said it all (although we do have to note that Pat Boone is a very good singer), "Melbourne's "new wave" pizza explosion has given us many good things, but, as with any revolution, for every Elvis Presley thrown up there will be a hundred Pat Boones or Fabians." (News, Source: The Age, Australia)

Brolin Busted for domestic battery on "Elvis" star: Former Goonie Josh Brolin is in trouble for some alleged goon-like behavior. The actor was busted Sunday and charged with one misdemeanor count of domestic battery following a squabble with wife Diane Lane at the couple's Los Angeles home. The 36-year-old Brolin, who tied the knot with the 39-year-old Lane a little more than four months ago, was booked, fingerprinted and released on $20,000 bail, according to Los Angeles City Attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan. "There was a call placed to the police about five minutes to three in the morning on Sunday. Police arrived and took Mr. Brolin to the West Hollywood police station where he was booked [on the misdemeanor]," Mateljan said, noting that standard procedure in such cases is to take the accused into custody, even if there are no signs of battery. A source familiar with the incident said Lane exhibited no "visible signs" of injury. Ms Lane, who is now one of Hollywood's leading ladies, starred in the recent hit Under the Tuscan Sun and earlier played the role of Karen, a child afflicted by cerebral palsy, in the little known tearjerker, Touched By Love, based on the true story, To Elvis With Love, by nurse, Lena Canada. (News, Source: Yahoo News)

55% of voters "disagree" with Lisa Presley's decision to sell EPE: According to a message on the For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard, CNN.com ran an online poll which resulted in 55% of voters saying Lisa's decision to sell EPE was the wrong one. (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only)

Tuesday 21 December 2004

Is the sale of EPE a good or bad thing?: Elvis fans have reacted swiftly and strongly to the sale of EPE to Robert Sillerman. EIN has examined the arguments, and offers its analysis of what the sale means and whether or not the sale price is a reasonable one. (Spotlight/Article/Commentary, Source: EIN)

"Rockin' Across Texas" delayed: For those who had hoped to find the book "Rockin' Across Texas" under their Christmas tree, there is bad news. According to the latest news, the release has been postponed for 6 weeks, making the new release date, February 14th. On the other hand, the CD "Love, Elvis" with an unreleased version of "Help Me Make It Through The Night" is expected a few days earlier than we had mentioned before. According to BMG, the CD will be available no later than January 22nd. The new FTD-CD "The On Tour Rehearsals" should arrive "any day now". (News, Source: Elvis Matters/ElvisNews.com)

A very Elvis vacation: Joe Fabio and his wife, Celine, submitted this picture of them recently at the home where Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Miss. The Norwalk residents left there and drove to Memphis, Tenn., and visited his home at Graceland, where he was buried. It was fabulous, they said. Long live the King of Rock 'n' Roll! (News, Source: Long Beach Press Telegram)

Bridge Over Troubled Water: Madeleine Wilson looks at the history of the classic track, Bridge Over Troubled Water and what Elvis' recording of it meant to songwriter, Paul Simon. (Spotlight/Article, Source: Madeleine Wilson/Susan MacDougall)

Monday 20 December 2004

Elvis' leather stage pants sell at auction: A pair of Elvis' leather stage pants sold for US$35,800 on Friday at a Christies auction described as its biggest ever sale of show business memorabilia. Elvis' US Army trenchcoat was also listed but no word yet on whether it sold or not. The star sale at the auction was a Gibson guitar owned by George Harrison and used during recording of The Beatles' Revolver album. It sold for US$567,500. (News, Source: Reuters)

Elvis folks inject spirit for Lifeblood donations: Elvis Presley Enterprises is partnering with Lifeblood to ensure patients in community hospitals don't have a "Blue Christmas." To encourage individuals to donate blood in December and offset the typical blood shortage during winter months, EPE is providing T-shirts -- featuring an Elvis holiday print by local artist Joe Petruccio -- for blood donors. "We believe very strongly in Lifeblood's role in this community and supporting their mission of achieving a stable community blood supply," said Jack Soden, Lifeblood Foundation board member and CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises. All donors receive the following, courtesy of Elvis Presley Enterprises and Lifeblood: A commemorative, limited-edition Elvis T-shirt. Discounted admission to Graceland with proof of their blood donation. The opportunity to dedicate their donation to a loved one using a holiday tribute card. USA fans can call Lifeblood at 522-8585. (News, Source: Commercial Appeal)

Actor Christian Slater talks about Elvis: Christian Slater looks to The King to crown his Orangle Playlist, with A Little Less Conversation his all-time favorite track. He had this to say recently about Elvis: "I fell in love with Elvis watching all his movies - he was the ultimate rebel, very cool. He will always be the king of rock and roll - I can't imagine anyone taking his crown. At the end of the day, people do want a little less conversation and a little more action - they're good rules to live by." (News, Source: www.femalefirst.co.uk/EP Gold)

Fans start petition condemning sale of EPE: A group of fans has commenced an online petition telling Lisa Presley they resent her decision to sell majority control of EPE to Robert F.X. Sillerman and his "Vegas" based company. (News, Source: Email)

Is Graceland closing?: In the wake of Lisa Presley's decision to sell majority ownership in EPE to Robert Sillerman, Elvis messageboards and email groups have lit up with an array of doomsady and conspiracy type stories. One is that Graceland will soon close. This is the official longstanding statement from the EPE website: "No. Absolutely not. Graceland opened to the public in 1982. Every year or every few months or so since then, some tabloid writer or other mischief maker somewhere in the world has invented a story saying that Graceland will be closing. Sometimes these stories find their way into more mainstream news media in some countries. The stories tend to say that the reason for the closing is that Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa is moving into Graceland or that she is selling it. Closing or selling Graceland has never been a consideration. Any stories to the contrary are pure fiction. Graceland will be open for generations to come." (News, Source: EPE)

EIN establishes "Sale of EPE" archives: The sale of EPE to Robert Sillerman is the biggest news to hit the Elvis world since Graceland opened its doors to the public on 7 June 1982. EIN has established an "archives" of news and articles about the sale. To view the archives either click on the subject heading to this item or on the Sale of EPE "Archives" box in the middle column above. We will be adding to the archives on an ongoing basis. (News, Source: EIN)

World's "greatest" Elvis promoter joins Zamage: Sid Shaw, who runs Elvisly Yours in England, has been appointed to the 'Advisory Board' of Zamage Digital Art Imaging, Inc. (www.zamage.com), the world's leading publisher of photo-to-art artwork using proprietary processes. (News, Source: Business Wire)

"New" Peter Pan cross between Elvis and James Dean: At the grand old age of 100, Peter Pan may well be proof that fame has a life well beyond 15 minutes. The ageless, androgynous youth has spawned a worldwide industry covering books, plays, musicals, film, a TV series and pantomimes. To mark his milestone birthday, there is a new film, a centenary edition of Peter Pan and Wendy, and a plethora of productions of the play, musical and pantomime. Next month, Peter Pan, The Croc Rock Pantomime which, under the creation of Alexander McKenzie, features Peter Pan as a cross between James Dean and Elvis Presley, will open at Her Majesty's Theatre in Sydney, Australia. It will run for 22 performances from January 5 until January 22. (News, Source: Fairfax Corporation)

Sunday 19 December 2004

Long live the King?: If Elvis is dead, why won't he die? We found this article recently. It looks at the continuing fascination some people have with the thought that Elvis may not be dead. (Spotlight/Article, Source: People Online)

Investors may soon grab share of Elvis: Elvis Presley has left the building - and headed to Wall Street with some help from radio and concert entrepreneur Robert F.X. Sillerman. Sillerman unveiled a two-part business deal yesterday that will give investors an opportunity to gamble on his ability to find new markets for all things Elvis. It's predicated on the belief that the world is "under-Elvised," as he puts it. "Even in the U.S., the only way to get in contact with the Elvis experience is at Graceland," The King's estate in Memphis which attracted 650,000 visitors last year, he says. He agreed to pay $100 million for an 85 percent interest in most of Elvis' assets. Elvis' daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, will control the rest. Sillerman plans to fold his Presley holdings into Sports Entertainment Enterprises, a publicly traded company. (News, Source: USA Today)

New book "Elvis Talk": Elvis Talk is a book compiled by Andrew Hearn. This release consists of a selection of exclusive interviews with Elvis' friends, associates and celebrity fans, illustrated with many rare and unseen photographs from the archives of collector Russ Howe. Fans will enjoy over 30 unedited transcripts from various interviews with photographs and material used for the very first time. Due for release in January 2005, to coincide with Elvis' 70th birthday, this 192-page book will be available at www.essentialelvis.com (pre-order safely online from Monday 20th December), or from your local Elvis fan club/dealer. More information and wholesale enquiries e-mail: enquiries@essentialelvis.com (News, Source: Essential Elvis)

EPE responds to enquiries: EPE has received many enquiries and comments, both positive and negative, since the announcement that majority interest in EPE has been sold to impresario, Robert F.X. Sillerman. This is EPE's initial response to enquiries. (News, Source: EPE)

Article on Robert F.X. Sillerman: This is a long but informative article about the new owner of EPE. (Spotlight/Article, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Bill Burk comments on sale of EPE: Elvis World's "007" has spoken to insiders and gives his view on some of the implications of the sale: "Robert Sillerman says there will be no changes in EPE personnel; but this is a standard statement in mergers and aquisitions. Don't be surprised if soon after the deal becomes final -- expected about February 2005 -- that Sillerman will begin putting his own people in place. This would only be natural to expect. One of his first missions will be to bring Elvis closer to fans around the world. He has specifically mentioned projects (exhibits?) in Germany, Japan and Las Vegas. In the past, EPE has pursued an Elvis casino in Las Vegas; a string of nightclub/restaurants like EP's-Memphis (which was closed earlier this year after years of red ink). In both these ventures, as well as a convention hotel on Graceland property, EPE obviously couldn't attract investors. These now come into the "highly possible" range under Sillerman's guidance." (News, Source: Bill E. Burk's Elvis World Online)

"Blue Suede Clues" novel released in French: This is the cover of Daniel Klein's murder mystery "Blue Suede Clues" as released in France. The book is published by Pygmalion. (News, Source: My Happiness/ElvisNews.com)

Elvis at 69 - richer than ever: We've published this story before, however it is again getting a run in the online press following the sale of EPE, so we thought we'd re-add the link. (Spotlight/Article, Source: Bankrate.com)

Saturday 18 December 2004

A Personal Note from Lisa Marie Presley: Hello and Happy Holidays! I would like to further clarify and ease any weary minds (if there are any about the recent business announcement). First off, companies merge all the time and while it is true that EPE has been successfully holding its own for 25 years, myself, my mother and the board came to realize that in order to take the business to a whole different level, merging with another provenly successful team would accomplish that. The search for the right person has been going on for years, none of us at EPE would have done this if it weren't in the best interest of my father and his legacy. No stone was left unturned in making sure that business will be run as it historically has been, with integrity, always preserving and protecting my father. The executives, my mother and myself remain very active in the operations of Graceland and its entities. What is and has been done will remain, and merging with Bob Sillerman and his team simply gives us new opportunities that we didn't have before. Business-wise any company can always grow, what is predominately sacred and can never be touched is Graceland itself and its contents and artifacts and that is and remains mine and my family's forever. Frankly, we are all united and excited about this and I send my best wishes to you and yours for the holidays. Much love, LMP (News, Source: lisapresley.com/EPE)

Share price soars for company set to run EPE: Sports Entertainment Enterprises Inc.'s stayed hot for a second straight day Friday after shares soared more than 6,000 percent on plans to convert the shell company into a vehicle to market Elvis Presley's estate. (News, Source: CBS.Marketwatch.com)

Racquetball Hall Remodelled: After concerns from fans regarding Elvis' suits which are on display in the Racquetball Hall EPE took care of business. The Raquetball Hall has been remodeled, all the suits are in individual cases now however there are not as many on display as there used to beas there use to be. The Trophy room will be next. (News, Source: Elvis Presley Tribune/ElvisNews.com)

"The Army Days" promo CD: The Elvis For Everyone fan club will give away a promotional CD titled "The Army Days" during their Christmas meeting on Saturday, December 18, 2004. (News, Source: For CD Collectors Only/ElvisNews.com)

Friday 17 December 2004

Majority rights in EPE assets sold!: Following months of speculation in the Elvis world it has happened. Lisa Presley has sold majority (85%) rights in the assets comprising Elvis Presley Enterprises EPE) to impresario, Robert F.X. Sillerman. While the announcement will shock many fans, ownership of the Graceland mansion and surrounding property will remain with Lisa and Priscilla Presley will remain as Executive Consultant to the EPE business. The rationale for the sale is, according to Lisa, to protect and preserve her father's legacy by opening up new opportunities. (News, Source: EPE/Reuters)

Lisa Marie shows she cares: Lisa Marie Presley is very involved with children and literacy. In October of 1997, Lisa Marie, along with friend and fellow Memphian Isaac Hayes, opened the Literacy, Education and Ability Program (LEAP). (News, Source: Lisa Marie Presley website)

Lisa Marie talks babies with new beau: Lisa Marie Presley is so smitten with her new beau Michael Lockwood she's thinking about becoming a mother again at 36. The three-times married rocker, who has two kids by first husband Danny Keough, claims to have found real love with the songwriter after toying with romance with Keough, Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage. Presley says, "I can actually say that Michael is the first person I've really thought about this way, 'Oh, this is what love is.' "I want to get old with him. I would be there if he were sick. I would have children with him. I adore him." (News, Source: contactmusic.com)

New Elvis Presley Teddy Bears Introduced: America’s Value Showcase and Elvis Presley Enterprises are excited to introduce a new line of collectibles featuring many of Elvis’s greatest moments. These nine-inch teddy bears with names like Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender, Viva Las Vegas, GI Blues, King of Rock and Roll, ’68 Comeback Special, Graceland Christmas, 50th Anniversary and many others are a must-have stocking stuffer for any Elvis fan or collector. Speaking of stockings, also available are 14-inch Elvis stockings. Choose between Elvis and Graceland with all its Holiday splendor and a beautiful decorated Christmas Tree or GI Blue Christmas Stocking with Elvis in his famous military outfits; surrounded by a unforgettable Christmas scene. See all of these great products at www.avs.tv where all products are guaranteed for Christmas delivery. (News, Source: EPE)

"The Elvis Story" To Play Montreal in April/May 2005: A while back, a French-Canadian production team obtained licensing and assistance from EPE for a Broadway-style Elvis musical they had created. The Elvis Story has played to sell-out crowds each season at Le Capitole de Quebec Theatre in Quebec City for over a decade. Occasionally, the show is engaged in other cities. In April and May of 2005, The Elvis Story will play the St-Denis Theatre in Montreal. The cast and production team have done a fine job bringing the life and career story of Elvis Presley to the stage. Learn more about this production and get all the details about the Montreal engagement on the show's web site: www.elvisstory.com. Do catch this highly enjoyable production if you can. (News, Source: EPE)

"Chasing Elvis" released: Chasing Elvis, a new novel by Louisiana author Glenn P. Marcel has just been published by the Invisible College Press, an independent publisher. Chasing Elvis, a new novel by Louisiana author Glenn P. Marcel has just been published by the Invisible College Press, an independent publisher. (ICP is not a vanity press.) Chasing Elvis (ISBN 1931468206) is distributed internationally by Ingram, is listed in Books In Print, and is available through the publisher at www.invispress.com, or www.amazon.com, and other online bookstores. Elvis died in 1977, or did he? In 1982 an Elvis impersonator clumsily robs a bank, and incredibly all of the evidence points to the supposedly deceased Elvis as being the robber. A detective hot on the trail of the robber is convinced that he is chasing Elvis, but is killed in an accidental car crash near Moscow, Tennessee, leaving behind a five-year-old daughter. Twenty years later, the daughter is a tabloid reporter for Weird Magazine, a shameless, check-out counter rag. She is assigned to cover an Elvis Festival in Moscow, discovers her father’s notes, and quickly stumbles onto the Elvis-robber’s trail. What she discovers in rural Tennessee just may be the newsstory of the young century. This novel has broad-based appeal and is finding an audience with fans of Elvis and non-fans who love a sharply written conspiracy piece packed with twists and turns. The characters are edgy and the plot unique. Given the proper exposure, it is believed that Chasing Elvis could become an international best-seller. Marcel’s 1989 Juggling The Truth (Charleston Press) was critically acclaimed and a moderate regional success. Chasing Elvis $14.95 retail. 264 pages, 8.5"x5.5", trade paperback Excerpts of Chasing Elvis are available at: www.invispress.com/CEL/ (News, Source: PR Web)

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