"Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century."

(Leonard Bernstein)


"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

(George Klein)


"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

(Professor Gilbert B. Rodman)


"History has him as this good old country boy, Elvis is about as country as Bono!"

(Jerry Schilling)





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(updated 27 Feb)
Monday 28 February 2005

Was there anything before Elvis: John Lennon once said "Before Elvis there was nothing". How true was Lennon's statement. We found this thought provoking article on the Elvis World Japan site. In it, Will Friedwald from the New York Sun challenges Lennon's view but does it with an interesting twist. (Spotlight/Article, Source: Elvis World Japan)

Fallout from resignation of Kevan Budd: There has been a strong reaction by fans to Kevan Budd's bitter resignation from BMG/FTD. Budd is generally recognized as having done a tremendous job in remastering the sound for Elvis At Sun and his abilities were highly praised. However, there are however two sides to every story and it will be interesting to see if BMG and Ernst Jorgensen present their side so fans can evaluate the merits of each case. Or will BMG simply do what large organisations tend to do, ignore the issue and wait for it to go away? (News, Source: EIN/For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard)

Sunday 27 February 2005

Unrest at FTD - Kevan Budd resigns: Kevan Budd, the man responsible for the sound on many FTD/BMG Elvis releases has (apparently) quit BMG/FTD saying on the For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard: "I was betrayed and undermined by Ernst and Sebastian Jeansson and I no longer wish to work with such persons". Not surprisingly a number of fans have asked the FECC administrators to confirm the posting was made by Kevan himself. (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only)

Elvis debuts at #3: (Marie's the Name of) His Latest Flame could only manage #3 on the UK singles chart behind Over and Over (Nelly featuring Tim McGraw) at #1 and Get Right (Jennifer Lopez) at #2. (News, Source: BBC)

Elvis In Memphis, 25 February 1961: Bill Burk fondly recalls Elvis' two Memphis concerts following his return from the Army. There were photos, there was a hall only half-full... (Bill E. Burk's Elvis World Online, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Elvis The Concert posters: These are the posters for Elvis The Concert in Belgium and England. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

New fiction book announced: Love Me Tender: Taking Care Of Business\Play It Again, Elvis\Good Luck Charm by Jo Leigh, Joanne Rock and Stephanie Bond. This paperback will be published in 1 August 2005 by Harlequin. It will have 400 pages and its ISBN is 0373836570. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

1973 song allegedly co-written by Elvis surfaces again: Amazon.com has listed a 2 page digital download (price: US$5.95) relating to If I'd Only Bought Her Roses. It also mentions another song (Isabel/Idabel) allegedly sung by Elvis. The Amazon pr reads: "PR Newswire : Graceland 'All Shook Up' Over Elvis Presley's Last Remaining Song Now Available on eBay; Winning bid will have controlling interest to t ... es register of copyright and patent's office. [HTML] by Gale Reference Team. Format: HTML. Printable: Yes. Mac OS Compatible: Yes. Windows Compatible: Yes. Handheld Compatible: Yes. Digital: 2 pages. Publisher: PR Newswire Association LLC; ISBN: B0007UULG6 - Songwriter Paul Terry King co- author of such hits as "Love in the First Degree," sung by Alabama, and "Isabel," sung by Elvis, is auctioning his interest in the only known available Elvis song titled "If I'd Only Bought Her Roses." Presley and King co-wrote the song in 1973 and performed it privately. It was the last song written by Elvis and King prior to Elvis's death that remains unreleased and unpublished". (News, Source: amazon.com)

Saturday 26 February 2005

Elvis' coffin pillow listed on eBay: The range of Elvis items being listed on eBay is staggering. The latest amazing item listed is the pillow that Elvis' head rested on in his coffin! The pr reads: "This is the pillow that was in Elvis's casket, it was removed by my husband Robert Kendall the head funeral director on Elvis's funeral. This is the only item listed for sale to Elvis collectors. This was the biggest funeral of my husband's career and I held it for sentimental reasons. I feel that this item would better in a Elvis collection. The pillow was made from the lining and the pad from the casket, and had to be removed because Elvis sat too high and the lid would not close. This is a one of a kind Elvis piece that would be the prize of any collector's showcase. This pillow can be seen in the book "The King is Dead". The eBay link is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3876968331&indexURL=4#ebayphotohosting (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Programming Updates from Elvis Radio/Sirius: Each week, the staff of Elvis Radio/Sirius 13, the all-Elvis channel on Sirius Satellite Radio, will provide updates to EPE, including information about upcoming special programming. The first update can be accessed via the above link. (News, Source: EPE)

Original signature concert scarf and booklet for sale: Recently listed on eBay is an original silk concert scarf from a 1974 concert in Columbus, Ohio at St. John Arena. Owned by the fan who accepted it at the front of the stage by Elvis himself. It is colored deep purple with "Elvis Presley" written in silver in the corner. It has been stored since the concert and is in mint condition. Starting price, a cool US$2,000.00! If the link doesn't work go to: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=2009&item=3877498184&rd=1 (News, Source: eBay)

UK cover for "Elvis By The Presleys": Here is a second cover for the upcoming "Elvis By The Presleys" book by Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, David Dalton (Editor). The hardcover 308 pages book is set for release May 5th, 2005 by Century. (News, Source: Amazon.co.uk/ElvisNews.com)

Property overlooking Elvis' birthplace for sale: Want to live across from Elvis' birthplace? Well, the property located across the street is being sold on eBay. After receiving much attention from Tupelo city officials, the media, and support from the public, Mr. Joey Brewer, owner of The Blue Suede Shoe Bed & Breakfast, Catering, and Gifts, is auctioning his 2 acre property, located at 501 Elvis Presley Drive, Tupelo, Mississippi. Starting price: US$325,000.00. If the link doesn't work go to: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=12605&item=4359348927&rd=1 (News, Source: eBay)

"Idols of the King" Staged in San Jose: The San Jose Stage Company in San Jose, California will present the Elvis-themed musical Idols of the King this summer. It's a play that has found its way to several community theaters around the country over the last several years and has enjoyed success and good reviews. Click here to go to the San Jose Stage Company site for more information about the show. You folks who can make your way to San Jose to see Idols of the King, have a great time! Idols of the King is not an EPE-produced project, but the creators and various theaters that have presented it have received the necessary EPE cooperation with music publishing and trademark clearances. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis featured in "American Heritage" magazine: Elvis features as the cover story in the latest issue of American Heritage magazine. The article is available to read on the American Heritage website. (News, Source: netnash on For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard)

The King's daughter airs her "Dirty Laundry": Lisa Marie Presley has re-recorded Don Henley's 23-year-old hit Dirty Laundry in an effort to blast the press who have made her life difficult. The track, which will be the first single from her new album Now What, will also be used in promos for hit TV show Desperate Housewifes. Meanwhile, Presley teams up with former Sex Pisztols star Steve Jones on another new track, Idiot, and collaborates with in demand songwriter Linda Perry and Pink on six other tunes. Of writing with former 4 Non Blondes star Perry, Presley states, "I thought if I wrote with a bad a*s popular songwriter, they would try and push me to a compromised politically correct commercial place. "Thank you for not doing that! You went with who I am... and I don't think I've ever had so much fun in the writing process." Pop punk Pink guests on the tune Shine. (News, Source: ContactMusic.com)

Friday 25 February 2005
"Adios The Last Show" VCD: Elvis' last ever live concert has been released in Chile as a picture disc VCD with bonus features. EIN takes you inside the release of this historic concert. (VCD/DVD Review, Source: EIN)
EIN interviews the "art designer" of Elvis' CDs, Chris Lambeth: Chris Lambeth works for Peacock Design, the company that fashions the look for all of Elvis’ Follow That Dream CD releases and more. Creating so many new designs at such a rate, & within a tight budget, is not as easy a job as you might think. EIN’s Piers Beagley spent some time discovering how the process works.The interview offers a great insight about what goes on behind the scenes as each FTD release is produced. (Interview, Source: EIN)
Revised cover artwork - Big Boss Man: This is the revised cover artwork for the next sounboard release from FTD, and what a great cover it is. (News, Source: EPE Shop)

Marvin "GeeGee" Gambill, Former Elvis Entourage Member, Dies at 61: Marvin “GeeGee” Gambill, Jr., who was a longtime friend of Elvis and, in the 1960s, a member of his personal staff/entourage, died Sunday, February 20th. He was struck by a vehicle while walking to work in Nashville and succumbed to his injuries soon after. He was 61. GeeGee was at one time married to Elvis’s cousin Patsy Presley. (News, Source: EPE)

Lifetime's Burning Love Sweepstakes: Got a thing for The King of Rock 'n' Roll? Enter Lifetime's Burning Love Sweepstakes and you could win a trip for two to the new Broadway musical All Shook Up in New York City. Or grab a guest and head out on a rock 'n' roll pilgrimage to Graceland! Enter daily through March 1 for more chances to win! Go to LifetimeTV.com to enter. (Source: EPE)

Thursday 24 February 2005

Quirky Elvis comedy opens in Australia today: With Bubba Ho-Tep (Elvis vs. The Mummy) opening nationally in Australia today, The Courier-Mail took a look inside the quirky, off-beat comedy. (Review, Source: Courier-Mail)

Elvis "King" and "President" of eBay: Elvis Presley is like an eBay nation unto himself, with more than 25,000 items attached to his name and memory. (There are 172 items just in the subcategory of "Knives, Swords and Blades.") Everything from the original mold for Elvis' "TCB" sunglasses ("Buy it Now" for just $2.5 million) to his Palm Springs Police badge ("Buy it Now" for just $50,000) to a water cup Elvis supposedly drank from in 1977 ("Only Sir Paul McCartney can bid. I deliver in person") to enough plates, spoons and cups to serve supper to the entire state of Mississippi. You can also buy a replica of a ginormous gold ring Elvis wore in his final concert appearance. Buy it now for just $12,950. The manufacturer says, "For those on a budget we make the ring using full cut Russian Zirconia at $4,295." Good to know. Washington and Lincoln outshine Presley in terms of monuments, schools and holidays, but Elvis is the undisputed president of eBay Nation. (News, Source: Chicago Sun-Times)

Wednesday 23 February 2005

Sony/BMG Elvis Overview for 2005: Sony BMG has issued a press release with a round-up of their Elvis activities for 2005 including joint initiatives with EPE. (News, Source: EPE)

Love, Elvis: EIN's Piers Beagley listened to the latest BMG offering and came away with mixed feelings. Read Piers' detailed review of the disc and his interesting marketing suggestions for BMG. (CD Review, Source: EIN)

Elvis rules on television!: Elvis' name, image and likeness have been a powerful icon on our TV screens for decades, yet the phenomenon is rarely discussed. EIN has put together a comprehensive listing of Elvis themes, reference points and motifs seen on the small screen, taking in programs from the US, UK, Europe and Australia. (Spotlight Article, Source: EIN)

Elvis Cabbage Patch doll released: Three of the brand new Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, modeled after Howard Hughes, Elvis Presley and Oprah Winfrey, are pictured in a historical display with one of the original 1982 dolls, still in its original 1984 packaging, in the showroom for Play Along toys at the Toy Center Building in New York, during the opening day of the American International Toy Fair on 20 February 2005. (News, Source: Reuters)

UK sales and predictions: Here are the top 3 sales figures for last week's UK singles chart: Jennifer Lopez 49,928 02; Elvis 24,439 03; LL Cool J 20,000. "Music Week" prediction for sales this week is: 1 Elvis - 'His Latest Flame' (19,186 copies); 2 Nelly - 'Over And Over' (9318); 3 Jennifer Lopez - 'Get Right' (6,500). (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Dirty Laundry added to iTunes: The new Lisa Presley single, Dirty Laundry, has been added to Apple's iTunes store. (News, Source: lisapresley.com)

US DVD releases?: This is EPE's response on possible DVD releases for the upcoming TV specials: "Elvis By the Presleys" will be on DVD from BMG soon. Date cannot be announced yet. The "Elvis" mini-series is not our show. The producers have indicated it could be as long as five years before it comes to DVD. We'll post updates in News on Elvis.com as more information becomes available on these projects". (News, Source: Elvis Presley Tribune/ElvisNews.com)

Aussie DVD releases: Warner Home Video will release the following eight region 4 PAL DVD's in Australia on April 13, 2005: 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Viva Las Vegas', 'The Trouble With Girls', 'It Happened At The World's Fair', 'Harum Scarum', 'Speedway', 'Spinout' and 'Double Trouble'. 'Jailhouse Rock' and 'Viva Las Vegas' have previously been available only in NTSC format. The other six titles are released in Australia for the first time on DVD. All titles are in Widescreen except for Viva Las Vegas. (News, Source: Elvis Australia)

Tuesday 22 February 2005
Elvis A Legendary Performer Volume 5: After more than twenty years, A Legendary Performer - Volume 5 will soon be issued. Like the earlier editions in this series, it will contain many previously unavailable performances from every phase of Elvis' career, and include a 16 page, illustrated memory log. There are many highlights and the cover artwork maintains the integrity and imagery of the earlier releases in the series. (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only)

James Burton International Guitar Festival: James Burton, legendary guitarist and former bandmate of Elvis Presley, has asked us to spread the word. James personally invites you to be a part of musical history with some of his famous guitar pickin' friends during the James Burton International Guitar Festival in Shreveport. Three days of concerts, Trade Shows, Performanace clinics and more - August 19, 20 & 21. The James Burton Guitar Festival was created to help raise funds for the James Burton Foundation, which is dedicated to providing musical scholarships and instruments to children and young adults. Check out festival details at: JamesBurtonMusic.com. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis Is Back cover artwork: Here is the cover art of the upcoming Follow That Dream re-issue of "Elvis is Back". The tracks are presented in blocks: the album, the singles, first takes, March sessions and April sessions. This CD is due for release on April 1, along with "Big Boss Man" and the book "Rocking Across Texas". (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Elvis miniseries to post at i.d.e.a.s.: CBS's original miniseries "Elvis" will get a local touch from Orlando-based i.d.e.a.s., which is handling high-definition editing and audio for the four-hour series based on the life of singer Elvis Presley. Filming on the miniseries began Jan. 10 in New Orleans and runs through the first of March. Produced by Los Angeles-based Jaffe/Braunstein Films, the miniseries will use the master recordings of Presley's most famous hits for the first time in a biographical film about his life. i.d.e.a.s. expects to begin post-production work on March 21, with a completion date of April 30 in time for a two-night showing of the miniseries on CBS during the week of May 8. Originally part of the Walt Disney Co., i.d.e.a.s. became an independent company in 2001 after a management buyback. (News, Source: Orlando Business Journal)

Monday 21 February 2005

Elvis Viennale Trailer (Madison Square Garden Footage): Better online footage of Elvis live at Madison Square Garden has been found. If the link doesn't work go to: http://www.skip.at/AT/filme/trailer/trailerstage/HiRez.php?filmnr=1737 (News, Source: Christian M. on The For CD Collectors Only messageboard)

Cult Elvis movie opens in Australia: Bubba Ho-Tep opens in cinemas across Australia this week. An extraordinary movie that stars Bruce Campbell as Elvis, who is now an old man living in an East Texas retirement home. In the film Elvis teams up with fellow resident Jack (the late Ossie Davis - see 12 Feb 2005) who believes himself to be John F. Kennedy (tinted brown) and the two of them face up to an evil Egyptian entity who has escaped during transportation and has chosen their retirement home as a hunting ground for souls on which to revive. Bubba Ho-Tep is one bizarre trip. In an imaginative twist of facts,
writer/director Don Coscarelli has written a whopper of a screenplay that guarantees to make your jaw drop and your eyes open wide for the duration. It's outrageous and full of novel ideas that will tickle the fancy of anyone who is stimulated by the absurd. Margaret Pomeranz of the ABC reviewed Bubba Ho-Tep giving the film 3 ½ stars out of five. Released over one year ago in the U.S, it finally opens in cinemas across Australia this week. Read EIN's review of Bubba Ho-Tep. (News, Source: ABC)

"Surrender" debuts in UK at #2: As expected, the Jennifer Lopez single, Get Right, outsold Elvis' Surrender when the latest UK Singles Chart was released. (News, Source: BBC)

Sunday 20 February 2005

Dirty Laundry on ABC TV (in the US) tonight: Keep your ears open for 'Dirty Laundry' in the commercials for this week's episode of Desperate Housewives! - ABC Sunday at 9pm EST, 8 Central (News, Source: lisapresley.com)

Beware of false bootlegs - "From The Vaults of RCA": While the publicity announces a tracklist of potentially exciting new alternate takes and rehearsals, simple investigation reveals it to be an obvious rip-off lifting tracks off previous compiles and releases & containing nothing new. EIN's Piers Beagley tells us why we should not buy this release. (Spotlight/Article, Source: EIN)

Elvis and Johnny Carson: While not particularly connected with Elvis, they were mutual fans. Carson did meet with Elvis in 1969 and saw him live in Vegas. We have found two great stories about Elvis and Johnny Carson and a very rare photo of the two stars together. (News, Source: EIN)

Rockin' Across Texas cover artwork: This is the cover artwork for the next book and CD release from FTD. Track Listing: DISC 1 - AMARILLO See See Rider 2:46; I Got A Woman/Amen 6:46; Love Me 1:44; Trying To Get To You 2:5 ; All Shook Up 1:08; Love Me Tender 1:49; Hound Dog 1:23; Fever 3:06; Polk Salad Annie 4:3; Why Me Lord 3:42; Suspicious Minds 3:48; Introductions 3:21; I Can’t Stop Loving You 2:30; Help Me 2:52; An American Trilogy 3:51; Let Me Be There 3:41; Heartbreak Hotel 2:49; Funny How Time Slips Away 3:51; Big Boss Man 3:32; Can’t Help Fallling In Love
0:34; Interview: Odessa, Texas. 1960 (4:55). DISC 2 - FORT WORTH See See Rider 4:19; I Got A Woman/Amen 7:20; Love Me 3:04; If You Love Me 2:54; You Gave Me A Mountain 3:16; All Shook Up 1:09; (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 0:50; Don’t Be Cruel 1:12; And I Love You So 3:28; Jailhouse Rock 1:36; Fever 3:05; America 3:10;Polk Salad Annie 4:35; Introductions; Early Morning Rain, What’d I Say, Johnny B. Goode, Introductions,Love Letters, School Days; Hurt 4:01; Hound Dog 3:00; Funny How Time Slips Away 4:36; Can’t Help Falling In Love 4:08; Closing Vamp. (News, Source: Ernst Jorgensen/EP Gold/EPE)

Elvis singalong record is smashed: An Elvis impersonator is thought to have smashed the world record for the longest singalong of the King's songs (see 19 Feb 2005). Gary Jay, 41, of March, Cambridgeshire, completed his marathon on Friday after 51 hours and four minutes of songs. The old record of 42 hours, 16 minutes and eight seconds was held by an Elvis impersonator from Germany. Mr Jay, who originally set the record at Planet Hollywood in London in 2002, is now awaiting official confirmation from the Guinness Book of Records. To reclaim the title Mr Jay had to perform the marathon to a reasonable standard and in full Elvis costume with just one 15 minute break every four hours. The rock and roll milestone was celebrated with a cup of tea. (News, Source: BBC)

Saturday 19 February 2005
"Now What" cover artwork: Here is the cover art and the track listing for Lisa Marie Presley's upcoming album "Now What" which will be released by Capitol records 5 April 2005. The album will be released in two versions, one with explicit and one with non-explicit lyrics. Both will have the same cover. Track listing: 1. I'll Figure It Out 2. Turbulence 3. Thanx 4. Shine (featuring Pink) 5. Dirty Laundry 6. When You Go 7. Idiot 8. High Enough 9. Turn To Black 10. Raven 11. Now What. (News, Source: Amazon/ElvisNews.com)

Lisa Presley live on stage: Lisa Marie will be back on stage with a live show at the House of Blues in Anaheim, debuting new material from her upcoming CD 'Now What'. This concert is especially for the fans; to share the new material with them. Info: Sunday, March 20, 2005 House of Blues Anaheim, CA 92802 Show time: 8:00 PM (News, Source: www.lisapresley.com)

"Comeback Special" listed by Rolling Stone as one of coolest DVDs ever: In the February 24th edition of Rolling Stone the remastered DVD "Elvis' '68 Comeback Special" is listed as one of the "Coolest DVD's Ever". The copy reads: "Presley's deservedly legendary '68 Comeback Special, plus hours of amazing rare footage. What's Cool? Between takes, a bored Elvis calls for his electric guitar and kicks off a scorching jam on "Baby, What You Want Me to Do."" (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard)
Jailhouse Rock acetate discovered: According to Jean Marc Gargiulo of the Treat Me Nice club, a long version acetate of Jailhouse Rock has been found. (News, Source: www.treatmenice.org/EP Gold)
"Walking in Memphis" not really about Elvis: Singer-songwriter Marc Cohn recently had this to say about the time he wrote the hit Walking In Memphis: On that trip (to Memphis), he met Muriel, a weathered, 70-year-old gospel and blues singer who played gigs in an Arkansas roadhouse. They played spirituals and standards, and as they strummed and hummed, the place grew as quiet as midnight in a rural town. After the last song together, "Amazing Grace," she leaned over and whispered something about his mother. "She died when I was quite young," Cohn said. "She said that it was OK for me to move on. For a stranger to have that kind of insight, and apply it at just the right moment, was huge." So Cohn always felt a little irritated when they said "Walking in Memphis" was a song about Elvis. "As brilliant as Elvis was, he wasn't nearly as much of an inspiration as Muriel," he said. "She is the centerpiece of the song." (News, Source: Greeley-Tribune)

Best selling Elvis calendar and book in the US: MeadWestvasco's 2005 Elvis Wall Calendar is currently the best selling Elvis calendar in America. The company's Elvis desktop "day-in-a-box" calendar is currently ranked #2. Pamela Clarke Keogh's Elvis Presley The Man. The Life. The Legend is still the biggest selling Elvis book in America. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

Elvis Fashion Struts Out At Apparel Show In Vegas: There was a major Elvis sighting at the recent MAGIC Marketplace Show in Las Vegas, one of the most anticipated events in the fashion accessories & supplies industry. (News, Source: EPE)

Would you buy this?: One UK ebay seller has listed a rare Elvis book with a starting price of 300 pounds. No picture and just this description: "for sale a rare elvis presley book including his family photos and concerts phtos. good item for any fan and is collectable." (News, Source: ebay)

Elvis to make new record: One man's passion for Elvis has resulted in him taking up a 48-hour singing marathon in a bid to break a world record. Gary Jay set the original Guinness world record for singing Elvis songs non-stop for 25 hours 22 minutes and 30 seconds, while dressed as the King himself, in 2002. But last year German Elvis impersonator Franz Nubel smashed the record after performing for 42 hours, 16 minutes and eight seconds. Now the father-of-four Gary wants his crown back and has embarked on a new record-breaking attempt. Gary, 41, of Cavalry Drive, March, is only allowed to pause between songs for a maximum of 30 seconds and will only get a 15 minute break from singing every four hours. This means he will effectively go without sleep for two days, but this isn't his biggest worry. (News, Source: Cambridge News Online)

Elvis DNA - spoof story: According to a clever "spoof" story marked AP (associated Press), Priscilla Presley is now the licensee and owner of a patent that discloses the invention of chrimeric genes and cells, that replicate in nature, some of the qualities of Elvis Presley. Now, particularly in Las Vegas, scores of Elvis impersonators face the possibility of million dollar lawsuits being filed against them for alleged infringing "use" made by them. Some of these impersonators may be forced to prove they have not achieved their outstanding results (looks? voice? etc) by the prior injection of some of the protected genes and cells. "These Elvis impersonators have not sought a license or permission from EPE," said Priscilla. "From this day forward, EPE will require designated Elvis impersonators to enter into a licensing agreement called an Elvis Aaron Use Agreement." (Spoof News, Source: Bill E. Burk/The Spoof)

Friday 18 February 2005
Cover artwork for Graceland's Table: Recipes And Meal Memories Fit For The King of Rock And Roll: This is the cover for the book which will be published by Rutledge Hill Press on July, 4, 2005. The 240 pages hardcover book is written by Ellen Rolfes and EPE. Read more. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com/Amazon)

Never before published photos in new Elvis book: Bill E. Burk's upcoming book, Elvis Aaron Presley: A Candle In The Wind, will contain never before printed pictures of Elvis in Paris/exclusive pix from Germany. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Lisa Marie airplane model for sale on eBay: A wooden model of the Lisa Marie has been listed on eBay. Go to: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=14051&item=6512520363&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW (News, Source: eBay)


Charlie Hodge in Sweden: The Charlie Hodge talkshow in Sweden 23rd of february is now one week away, the venue is Folkets Hus at Järntorget in Gothenburg, 7 pm and ticketprice is 150 Sek. The producers, Elvis Unlimited Sweden will have salestables at the venue so don´t miss out on meeting Charlie and at the same time pick up some new CDs. You can order your tickets from elvisunlimited@telia.com (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Elvis' first guitar for sale: According to the website, "Autograph To You", they have all the authenticity needed to prove that this is the guitar that Gladys bought for Elvis for his 11th birthday from the Tupelo Hardware Store. In 2002 a starting bid of $350,000 was not met during a Guernsey´s Auction. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/ElvisNews.com)

New Aussie DVD release: Joe Esposito's 'Elvis: His Best Friend Remembers' will be released on (PAL region 4) DVD in Australia by distributor MRA on April 6. Joe shares his most intimate memories and incredible stories of life with Elvis. Click to read EIN's review of the DVD. (News, Source: Elvis Australia)

"Elvis By The Presleys" for Aussie release: Random House will publish the book, Elvis By The Presleys, in Australia on May 2. Along with interviews with Priscilla and Lisa Marie, taken from the CBS special, the book will include a lavish collection of personal photos, memorabilia, handwritten notes, selections from scrapbooks and previously unseen shots of Graceland. (News, Source: Random House/Elvis Australia)

Mick Gerace: talks to EIN about the TCB Band visit "downunder in 2005. (Source: EIN, 17 Feb 2005)

Thursday 17 February 2005

Elvis' Cadillac heading downunder!: A cadillac owned by Elvis in 1977 has been purchased by Greg Page and is on its way to Australia. Greg (the "yellow Wiggle") is considering a "travelling Elvis museum" to showcase his extensive Elvis collection (see next item). (News, Source: Greg Page)

Greg Page talks to EIN about the TCB Band and a lot more: In March, Greg Page is headlining a series of Aussie concerts with TCB Band members, James Burton and Glen D. Hardin. Greg recently talked to EIN about the shows, his CD deal with ABC, the whereabouts of Jerry Scheff, the Taking Care of Country Charity Fund, Greg's plans for a "travelling Elvis museum", and a very special item owned by Elvis that Greg has purchased. (Interview, Source: EIN)

Elvis Week 2005 and Birthday Celebration 2006 preliminary information: EPE has added preliminary details of this year's Elvis Week and Birthday Celebration 2006 to its site. (News, Source: EPE)

SPEA/CKX/EPE Sillerman stock price rising: Now that the majority sale of EPE has been finalised it's interesting to see that the stock price for Robert Sillerman's company is rising and many Elvis fans who got in when the sale/merger was announced are smiling. (News, Source: USA Stock Prices)

Elvis On Las Vegas Headliners CD Series: A new CD featuring Elvis live in Vegas has been announced as part of a series featuring major Vegas artists. (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard)

Elvis DVDs released in Spain: Eight Elvis DVDs have been released in Spain. The titles are: Jailhouse Rock, The Trouble With Girls, Spinout, Speedway, Harum Scarum, Viva Las Vegas, It Happened At The World's Fair and Double Trouble. (News, Source: Ivan Fructuoso/EP Gold)

First ever Madame Alexander & Elvis collectors doll: The Ashton-Drake Galleries has released the first-ever Elvis doll designed by world famous Madame Alexander. Cissette Loves Elvis is the first of 4 dolls in its series, Backstage With Elvis. (News, Source: The Ashton-Drake Galleries)

Poster launched to promote CBS TV mini-series on "Elvis": (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard)

Wednesday 16 February 2005

Jailhouse Rock film script for sale: If you've been looking for an Elvis film script for your collection, a "copy" of the script for Jailhouse Rock is currently listed on ebay. Go to: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=3874723684&ss

PageName=STRK:MEWA:IT (News, Source: ebay)

Loretta Lynn Visits Graceland: The legendary country music star Loretta Lynn visited Graceland on 14 February. She arrived unannounced to enjoy the Graceland tour with no special arrangements that are typical of a celebrity visit. (News, Source: EPE)

VIP Tickets - Greg Page, the TCB Band & Mick Gerace: “A VIP event is being organised that will give you access to an after show party with James Burton, Glen D. Hardin, Mick Gerace and Greg Page on Saturday, April 2 in Sydney. Tickets for this event will be available at a cost of $70.00. To obtain a VIP ticket please email Mick Gerace. Limited numbers available.” (News, Source: Mick Gerace)

Third London Show Added to Europe 2005: Elvis-The Concert was orginally booked for two shows - May 5 & 6 - at London's Hammersmith Apollo during its 2005 European tour. Another show on May 4 has been added to the Apollo engagement and is on sale now. (News, Source: EPE)

Roswellite recalls Elvis concert: Fifty years ago on Valentine’s Day, a relatively unknown singer who would eventually earn the love and adoration of millions of fans around the world came to Roswell. One fan remembers that day. (News, Source: Roswell Daily Record)

New CD - "From The Vaults of RCA": Set for release on the Snowball Entertainment label (EP-1) is the CD "From The Vaults Of RCA". This digi pack contains alternate takes and rehearsals. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

"Love, Elvis" in Australia: With the recent BMG album, Love, Elvis difficult to find in many record stores, BMG Australia has advised EIN it has shipped around 8,000 copies to retailers. This is well short of the 35,000 copies required for Gold certification, but not a surprising number given the album's full price status and limited promotion. (News, Source: BMG)

New CD - "Rockin' With Elvis and Friends": Another CD set for release is "Rockin' With Elvis and Friends". This disc contains alternate takes and rehearsals. (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors)

Surrender will not debut at #1 in UK: Despite holding nearly a 2,500 sales lead mid-week over Jennifer Lopez's new single (Get Right), Surrender is expected to well and truly "surrender" its lead by the close of sales counting on Saturday. (News, Source: EIN)

Tuesday 15 February 2005

Lisa Presley says "I haven't sold Graceland": Lisa Marie Presley was interviewed by the television entertainment show, ET, at the Grammy Awards. Lisa made it quite clear she has not sold Graceland, only 85% of EPE, the business arm of the Elvis industry, and that she sold it in order to take the Elvis industry to another level. (News, Source: Entertainment Tonight)

Did Elvis write the song? - EPE responds: ElvisNews.com contacted EPE about the song allegedly co-written by Elvis (see 12 Feb 2005), If I'd Only Bought Her Roses. Here is their response: "The text about Graceland/EPE being upset is baloney. We've had no contact with the sellers and did not know anything about it until fan inquiries started coming in. We ran this by BMG/Ernst Jorgensen when we first heard about it. Their opinion is that it sounds like a scam or at least someone very mistaken about what they have. Hopefully, BMG will check it out further and there'll be a definitive answer about it from them." (News, Source: EPE/ElvisNews.com)

Evil Elvis: An Elvis impersonator faces arrest for an internet harassment campaign on a rival. It began when a website claimed Steve Preston, 50, was No1 in the country's top 10 Elvis acts. Professional performer Louis Rockafella, 43, found bookings dried up after the site listed him under "amateur acts" and carried links to attacks on his singing and outfits. He and wife Janet, 32 - his manager - discovered the "independent" site was Preston's work. Louis, of Ormskirk, Lancs, said: "The work has just disappeared. Our livelihood is at stake." Preston was sent solicitor's letters threatening to sue for defamation and malicious falsehood. He told Louis' lawyers he would remove the slurs and not repeat them. But messages on a fans' site hinted Louis' web address was for sale and might be used for porn. Preston sent Janet emails including a picture of her with a lizard's head. Preston, of Haslingden, Lancs, refused to comment. Police said: "If undertakings are not given or the behaviour recurs, he will be placed under arrest." (News/Almost Elvis, Source: mirror.co.uk)

Elvis Continues UK Chart Reign With Specially Reissued Singles: Elvis' current run of weekly appearances in the top ten on the UK singles charts has continued with another near-chart-toppers - Wooden Heart peaking at #2. This is the result of a special promotion by BMG-UK releasing each week special reissues of Elvis singles that hit #1 in the UK the first time around. Results so far: All Shook Up (#2) Jailhouse Rock (#1) One Night (#1) A Fool Such As I (#2) It's Now Or Never (#1) Are You Lonesome Tonight (#2) Wooden Heart (#2) Next up is Surrender. BMG-UK has a Web site for their current and immensely successful Elvis UK #1 singles reissue promotion. Go to www.elvis18uk1s.com. (News, Source: EPE)

Cast of "All Shook Up" to perform on TODAY Show on March 11th: On March 11th, cast members from All Shook Up will perform live on the TODAY show on NBC in the USA. (News, Source: EPE)

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