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Items added 20 June - 10 July 2004

Instructor uses Elvis to teach music history: the fourth grade kids at Canyon Creek School in the US are rockin' to The King. For teacher Candy Holzer it began as a fun way to teach students about music history. (Elvis News, Source: The (Billings) Gazette, 10 July 2004)

EPE announces fan club panel names: with fan angst simmering below the surface, EPE has announced the names of fan club presidents chosen to participate in a round table discussion with EPE staff during Elvis Week 2004. (Elvis News, Source: EPE, 10 July 2004)

The Elvis Archives: the cover artwork has been released for Todd Slaughter's upcoming book about Elvis (Elvis Book News, Source: Amazon, 10 July 2004)

Fans celebrate the 50th anniversary: Andrew J. Howard has put together a very interesting article based around the reactions of a number of Elvis fans (Article, Source: Andrew J. Howard/Pete Smith, 10 July 2004)

"Comeback Special" deluxe DVD edition almost Platinum in Australia: BMG Australia only needs to ship around 900 copies of the Comeback Special DVD next week for it to pass the Platinum status mark of 15,000 copies. The release qualified for Gold status when 7,500 copies were shipped. Around 8,000 copies of the Elvis At Sun album have been shipped to retailers (albums need to ship 35,000 copies in Australia to reach Gold status). BMG Australia is still on track to release the Aloha From Hawaii deluxe DVD edition on Monday 19 July. (Elvis DVD News, Source: BMG Australia, 9 July 2004)

Everything you ever wanted to know about Elvis Presley's "Graceland": EIN takes a penetrating look at Elvis' Memphis mansion, its history, touring the home and much more (Article, Source: EIN 9 July 2004)

That's All Right: EIN reviews the new BMG Elvis CD single (Elvis CD Reviews, Source: EIN, 9 July 2004)

Many USA fans miss out on historic moment in time: apparently Elvis-fans in the Eastern Time Zone in the USA missed out on (or had, by some luck, waited an hour) to hear Elvis's Golden Moment in time "That's All Right" played on the radio! It had been advertised incorrectly as noon ET, when it was actually played noon CT. (Elvis News, Source: Carol in Ohio, 9 July 2004)

New Elvis novel released: in the vein of Daniel Klein's excellent Elvis Presley super-sleuth series of novels, Abyss Press has released an Elvis mystery. (Elvis News, Source: Barnes & Noble, 9 July 2004)

"It was 50 years ago today": you may not have seen or read David Neale's article about Elvis and the birth of rock & roll. And you may not agree with everything David has to say, but this is an article that makes us think (Article, Source: David Neale, 8 July 2004)

Let's rock as rock 'n' roll turns 50: around 1,500 radio stations around the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of the birth of rock 'n' roll by playing Elvis' That's All Right, Mama (Elvis News, Source: Herald Sun, Australia, 7 July 2004)

Elvis honored with stamp sheets in England: The King of rock & roll is gracing the front of four new stamp sheets in Britain (Elvis News, Source: Brian Quinn, 6 July 2004)

BMG awards "That's All Right Mama": it's the 50th anniversary of the birth of rock & roll and BMG has presented awards around That's All Right, Mama (Elvis News, Source: Elvis News, 5 July 2004)

Aloha From Hawaii: EIN takes its first look at the deluxe edition release of Elvis' historic 1973 concert, Aloha From Hawaii (DVD review, Source: EIN, 6 July 2004)

Sun Studio's survivor recalls: Scotty Moore, the lone survivor from that day 50 years ago recalls a monumentous session. (Elvis News, Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal, 4 July 2004)

50 years ago today...: EIN commemorates the 50th anniversary of the birth of rock & roll...that historic day when a young singer named Elvis Aaron Presley stepped up to the microphone in Sun Studios in Memphis Tennessee and recorded a song that would literally change the world, That's All Right, Mama (Article, Source: EIN, 5 July 2004)

The debate rages - 50 years on, but was Elvis the first: global media is reporting on the 50th anniversary of the birth of rock & roll. But not all reports see Elvis as the beginning (Elvis News/Article, Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5 July 2005)

Polk Salad Annie: FTD releases its latest Elvis soundboard recording this month. The cover artwork and track listing have been issued. (FTD News, Source: Elvis News/Elvis Presley Superstar, 5 July 2004)

Interview (Part 1) - Elaine Dundy: author of the major book, 'Elvis and Gladys:The Genesis of The King', talks to EIN about her amazing life and Elvis, in a candid two-part interview (Source: EIN, 1 July 2004)

Update on "Boy from Tupelo" CD: EIN thanks Bob Hayden who has advised us that this CD is not a sampler/promo but actually a release on the BMG Special Products label (Elvis CD News, Source: Bob Hayden, 4 July 2004)

That's All Right, Mama certified Gold: the BMG 'Elvis 2nd To None' site indicates that an RIAA Gold certification will be made to EPE, Scotty Moore and the estates of Sam Phillips and Bill Black at a ceremony at Sun Studios on 5 July. The award represents dopcumented sales exceeding 500,000 copies in the USA and will be Elvis' 52nd Gold Single and 149th Gold record overall. (Elvis CD News, Source: 2nd To None, 4 July 2004)

Fans start campaign to boycott EPE: Disenchanted with the way they are treated by Graceland, a group of Elvis fans have started a campaign to boycott EPE functions (Elvis News, source: Email, 3 July 2004)

Correction to story on Aussie Media blitz: EIN has been informed that the Elvis story expected in next week's New Idea was pulled at the last moment. (Elvis News, Source: email, 2 July 2004)

Elvis Recorded Live In Memphis: EIN's Piers Beagley takes an in-depth look at one of Elvis' best concerts in 1974, now released with a fabulous new sound mix that puts you right in the center of the Mid-South Coliseum (FTD review, Source: EIN, 2 July 2004)

Media blitz in Australia for 50th anniversary: Australian media has plenty planned for fans on Monday July 5. (Elvis News, Source: BMG Australia, 1 July 2004)

'Boy From Tupelo' Promo CD released: another promo CD has been announced to mark the 50th anniversary of the birth of rock and roll. (Elvis News, Source: Elvis CD News/Worldwide Elvis, 2 July 2004)

Help needed with Elvis book: what were you doing on August 16, 1977 when Elvis died? Your remembrance can be part of an upcoming book. (Elvis News, Source: Elvis Australia, 2 July 2004)

EIN Exclusive: The TCB Band and Sweet Inspiration, Myrna Smith will be appearing for "one concert only" in Australia next month with the country's premier Elvis tribute artist, Mick Gerace. (Elvis News, Source: Mick Gerace, 18 June 2004)

Elvis At Sun: EIN's Piers Beagley takes an in-depth exploration of the CD release of a seminal part of musical history. (Source: EIN, 1 July 2004)

'68 Comeback Special: read EIN's review of this absolutely stunning 3DVD deluxe release. (Source: EIN, 30 June 2004)

Article - Elvis vs. Bing - who really was The King?: a biography about the late Bing Crosby mounts a strong case that Bing Crosby was a bigger, more influential star than Elvis. In a thought provoking article, EIN's Nigel Patterson looks at the cases for both singers. (Source: EIN: 30 June 2004)

Article - Elvis vs. The Beatles (Part 2) (Nigel eats humble pie): in a follow up article to one of our most controversial Spotlight on The King editions, Nigel Patterson discusses your strong response to his views and updates the debate. (Source: EIN, 30 June 2004)

1 track CD sampler pressing of 'That's All Right, Mama': artwork for BMG's promotional CD sampler. (Elvis News, 30 June 2004)

That's All Right Mama - with the release of Elvis' new single in the UK, there is speculation it could be another #1 hit there. Fans are apparently flocking to buy copies and the HMV record chain has suggested it is destined to be Elvis' 19th #1 hit in England. (Source: Elvis News, 30 June 2004)

Such Vicious Minds delayed: publication of the fourth instalment in Daniel Klein's great series about Elvis Presley super-sleuth has been delayed until August 7. (Elvis News, Source: Elvis News, 30 June 2004)

Baby name dilemma: a couple in Belgium have a very unusual Elvis related problem. Can you help? (Elvis News, Source: Ananova, 30 June 2004)

Aloha From Hawaii (PAL) DVDs delayed: due to a problem in chapter 1 of disc one, BMG offices are recalling/delaying the release of the Aloha From Hawaii 2DVD deluxe editions. At around 4' 18" into chapter 1 the disc jumps to Chapter 2. In Australia, BMG now hopes to release the set on Monday 19 July. The problem appears to be limited to PAL editions, and apparently doesn't affect NTSC copies. (Elvis News, Source: BMG, 28 June 2004)

Elvis scores his latest #1 selling single: 50 years after he recorded That's All Right, Mama, the recently re-released single has hit #1 on the US Billboard Singles Sales chart. (Elvis News, Source: Billboard, 29 June 2004)

Elvis Radio announced: radio subscription service provider Sirius and EPE have announced the launch of a 24 hour a day Elvis channel. (Elvis News, Source: News Ltd/EPE, 28 June 2004)

New book release: On September 30, 2004, a 432 page book will be released called "The Elvis Handbook". The hardcover book is written by Tara McAdams. (Elvis News, Source: Elvis News, 28 June 2004)

New book release: "Tarzan Presley" by Nigel Cox was released this month. The 464 pages paperback novel is published by Victoria University Press (ISBN 0-86473-480-8). (Elvis News, Source: Elvis News, 28 June 2004)

Jailhouse Rock ranked at #21 on the 100 Greatest Movie Songs of All-Time list. (Elvis News, Source: Reuters, 24 June 2004)

Elvis Word for Word Vol. 2: Elvis Unlimited has advised us of their latest release providing newly accessed material of The King's every spoken word (speeches, press conferences, interviews etc). (CD News, Source: Elvis Unlimited, 24 June 2004)

Elvis News - Graceland CEO Letter To All Elvis Fans: Jack Soden, CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises has written a letter to all Elvis fans answering criticisms about EPE on fan messageboards. (Elvis News, Source: EPE, 22 June, 2004)

Aloha From Hawaii & '68 Comeback DVDs: editing errors have been identified in the long awaited Elvis satellite special and Comeback Special DVDs. BMG Holland has issued a statement. (DVD News, Source: Elvis News/Luyken, 22 June 2004)

Elvis "King of the British Charts": the latest edition of British Hit Singles and Albums confirms Elvis as the King of chart longevity. (Elvis News, Source: Elvis News, 20 June 2004)

Elvis Music Legend, Movie Star, The King: new book release (Book News, Source: Amazon, 20 June 2003)


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