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"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

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"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

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"History has him as this good old country boy, Elvis is about as country as Bono!"

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Thursday 31 March 2005

Elvis By The Presleys - track listing + CD and DVD cover artwork: courtesy of BMG Australia this is the track listing for the Elvis By The Presley CD and the artwork for both the CD and DVD. (News, Source: BMG Australia)

New Elvis documentary in the works: Pickle Productions (UK) is working on a documentary film about Elvis' early years. It is being produced for the British broadcast and DVD market. Pickle Productions has previously been responsible for documentaries on Kurt Cobain, AC/DC and Queen. These have been informative historical documentaries, and the Elvis programme will follow in this tradition, looking primarily at his life in Memphis in the 1940s and 50s and his rise to fame, as well as his lasting impact on popular music. (News, Source: Pickle Productions)

Links page added to site: We have added a "links" page to the site. It currently offers links to 26 important Elvis sites and we will add to it periodically. To access the page click above or on the Links box in the left hand column. (News, Source: EIN)

Price of "second hand dealer" Elvis books soaring: According to ElvisBookResearch, second hand book dealers in the US are steadily raising the price on hard-to-find Elvis titles. While many of the titles can often be bought on ebay for a smaller amount, a selection of second hand dealer prices are: The Life of Elvis Presley (Sean Shaver) US$199.00; Elvis At Graceland (Brixey) $185.00; Tiger Man - Elvis '68 (JAT) $250.00; Elvis In Focus (Shaver) $135.00; Elvis, Photographing The King (Shaver) $120.00; Elvis The Humes Years (Burk) $125.00; Elvis A King Forever (Gibson & Shaw) $140.00 and Elvis & Kathy (Kathy Westmoreland) $225.00. Meanwhile, there are now so many copies available of the once rare book, Elvis: What Happened?, that copies can be obtained from less than US$5.00 (plus p&p).. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

Lisa Presley all loved up on tour with ex-husband and boyfriend: LISA MARIE PRESLEY has convinced her first husband DANNY KEOUGH to join her on tour. The bass player, who is the father of Presley's two children, has been reluctant to team up with his ex, but has now accepted the role of her musical sidekick on the road. Presley says, "I tried to get him on the first record but he wouldn't have anything to do with it. I think he just didn't want it to look like he needed to be associated with me to do anything. "I was like, 'Get over it, you're a great bass player. It'll be great if you're on the road,' 'cos he's also my best friend." Presley will be totally loved up on the road - her new boyfriend, MICHAEL LOCKWOOD, is the rocker's guitarist. (News/Lisa Presley's World, Source: contactmusic.com)

Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!: Photo's From the heart: Sandi Pichon, author of the book "Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!" is currently working on her second book which is to be called "Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! Photos From The Heart". The book will be a 10 x 8 colour concert book and is also going to have a chapter known as "Kisses From Elvis". This chapter will be devoted entirely to the lucky ladies who received those coveted stage kisses. If you have a picture of yourself at the stage with Elvis and would like to be included in the book, you can send the author a private email (spichon@charter.net) and she will sent you all the necessary details. (News, Source: The Elvis Express/ElvisNews.com)

Buy an Elvis jumpsuit: Aspiring Elvis tribute artists or fans simply wanting to own an Elvis-like jumpsuit should visit: http://www.ultimatebuckles.com/ (News, Source: Ultimate Buckles)

Rockwell: 'Zaphod is a bit like Elvis': Actor SAM ROCKWELL's alien character in the upcoming movie adaptation of THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY is based on a mixture of famous Americans. The 36-year-old star introduced an ELVIS PRESLEY quality to his portrayal of space monster, ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX after jokingly impersonating the rock 'n' roll king with actor VINCE VAUGHN. And from that point on, Rockwell couldn't stop bringing other famous Americans to the role. Rockwell explains, "Vince and I were taking it in turns to be Elvis, just playing around. From that improv came this kind of Elvis/Vince amalgam. "Zaphod is a bit of Vince, a little Elvis, with some BILL CLINTON and a few other things too. Maybe even a dash of GEORGE W BUSH." (News, Source: contactmusic.com)

New Elvis Script In The Making: Aaron Webster, author of the book "Elvis - A Radio History" is currently adapting and 3-act script which will be intended for theatrical feature, or made for TV production (as of yet un-optioned) WGA Writer's Guild pending. The story will be a music-filled biopic of the "Young Elvis: Memphis Flash" era; spanning May 1955 - December 1955; when Elvis zipped around in a series of junk, better and nicer Cadillac's, and he infiltrated Country and Western entertainment and upstaged hillbilly acts. The story will also detail his management relationship with country DJ, Bob Neal and how that came to include side deals with a blustering ol' carny Tom Parker, pitchman of a thousand names looking for that one Big Name to give him his one big break. Aaron Webster states; "This script has attitude, youthful, energetic, mobility and is smartly tuned to "The New Rage" positive hope-filled finale as he reaps rewards for a very busy year, and embarks upon a new career with RCA Victor". (News, Source: The Elvis Express/ElvisNews.com)

Wednesday 30 March 2005
"Elvis By The Presleys" tracklisting: This is the track listing of the upcoming "Elvis by the Presleys" CD which is due in May. Track Listing: Disc 1: Trying To Get To You/Heartbreak Hotel/I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/I Got A Woman/Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do/Peace In The Valley/Trouble/Hawaiian Wedding Song/Indescribably Blue/In The Ghetto/Suspicious Minds/I'll Hold You In My Heart/Bridge Over Troubled Water/You've Lost That Loving Feeling/It's Over/Separate Ways/Always On My Mind /My Way/Burning Love/Welcome To My World/Steamroller Blues /I Got A Feeling In My Body / If I Can Dream/A Little Less Conversation (Elvis Vs. JXL) Disc 2: bonus disc: It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You (demo)/Jailhouse Rock (previously unreleased, takes 1/5 /Anything That's Part Of You (previously unreleased, alternate take 9)/You'll Be Gone (previously unreleased, alternate take 2)/Too Much Monkey Business (alternate take)/Baby What You Want Me To Do (previously unreleased, private recording)/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (previously unreleased, private recording)/Blue Christmas (live '77 version). (News, Source: Elvis World Japan)
New book - "Elvis Presley - Desert Storm: The Shattering Of A Myth!": is scheduled for release on April 25th, 2005. This A5 format softcover book will number 225 pages and feature two of Keith Alverson's never-before-seen photographs from the Closing Show. Fort Baxter's 2 disc set, Desert Storm, will be the primary focus but fifty pages have been allocated to the 1974 Elvis Summer Festival August performances. Important contributors to the project are Mike Eder, known for his work with Joseph Tunzi, and EPFC of Great Britain member Dennis Berry. Mr. Berry's account of what he witnessed during Desert Storm is compelling and a must-read. For more information about this groundbreaking biography, please visit the author's website at www.elvisconcertmyths.com. (News, Source: Darrin Memmer)

Presley great friends with Nic Cage: Rocker Lisa Marie Presley and ex-husband Nicolas Cage have become the best of friends after looking at their disastrous 180-day marriage from a distance. The couple split in 2004 after a lover's tiff, leaving friends and fans convinced they'd always hate each other, but Presley insists nothing could be further from the truth. She says, "We were two pirates... You can't have two pirates. "That was not a fun time for either of us. He did redeem himself in the end and we did become very good friends after that and we're better like that, and (now) he's happily married and has a baby coming now, which is great. We're fine." Presley admits she should have known the marriage was doomed because she couldn't see herself living happily ever after with the movie star. She adds, "I had a bad, bad habit, which no one else should have... where I didn't think like that. I was caught up in some whirlwindy sort of romantic idea. "That's why I've made as many mistakes as I have." (News/Lisa Presley's World, Source: contactmusic.com)

ABC TV picks up "Elvis By The Presleys" in Australia: In a surprise outcome, the upcoming TV special, Elvis By The Presleys, has been picked up Australia's publicly funded national broadcaster, the ABC, and not by one of the three commercial networks. No word yet on a telecast date. Meanwhile, BMG Australia will be releasing both the CD and DVD editions of Elvis By The Presleys. With public interest in the television special high, BMG Australia will be extensively marketing both the CD and DVD. (News, Source: BMG Australia)

Presley dishes about marriage to Jackson: Lisa Marie Presley aired her "Dirty Laundry" on "Oprah." In the first of a two-part interview on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" to promote her new album, Presley spoke Monday about her brief marriage to Michael Jackson, who is on trial in Santa Maria, Calif., on child molestation charges. She told Winfrey that her marriage to Jackson, which lasted from 1994 to 1996, was real. "Do you think that he loved you as much as he could?" the talk-show host asked. "Yes, as much as he was capable of loving somebody," Presley replied. (They famously opened the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards by exchanging a long kiss.) In a "PrimeTime Live" interview with the couple in 1995, Presley told ABC's Diane Sawyer that anyone who questioned their relationship could "Eat it!" When Winfrey asked if she felt that Jackson had used her, Presley replied, "All signs point to `yes' on that. I can't answer for him." Presley, the daughter of Elvis, claimed she was uncomfortable talking about Jackson, at one point exclaiming: "This seat is hot!" The 37-year-old singer made similar comments about her former husband while promoting her 2003 debut album, describing the relationship to The Associated Press as more "toxic" than her other relationships. Then, she told the AP: "I don't want to bash him. I don't hate him, I don't have any of that going on." (News/Lisa Presley's World, Source: AP)

Re-issue of soundboard release on new label: The Snowball label is releasing the CD Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. This CD features a soundboard recording of Elvis' 19 August 1974 concert at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. This concert was previously released by Fort Baxter on the CD If You Talk In Your Sleep. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Marilyn Manson and Elvis: Citing Marilyn Manson's history of "violence, drug abuse and civil disorder," Congressman Dick Armey (R-Tx.) has asked promoters to reconsider allowing the musician to perform in Dallas's Reunion Arena on March 23. Despite this letter--in which Armey, the powerful House majority leader, describes himself as a concerned "father of five"--the show will go on. Hail Satan! (2 pages) The Armey missive reminds The Smoking Gun of a hilarious letter written 43 years ago to FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover regarding another threat to the republic. A Wisconsin Bible-thumper was so enraged by Elvis Presley's perverted concert antics that he branded the singer "a definite danger to the security of the United States." Impressionable girls, the man noted, were Presley's most helpless victims. (News, Source: The Smoking Gun)

"Brace" yourself...Elvis cup guy at it again: We received this message recently: "I'm Wade Jones..the owner of the world famous "Elvis Cup" on eBay now...I'm selling the braces that were on my teeth the night that I saw Elvis in concert,and I retrieved the famous "Elvis Cup" Here's a link to the story: http://www.elvis-express.com/braceyourself.html. Here's a link to the auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7503652990. I'm the one who sold 3 tablespoons of Elvis' water (from the cup) for $455.00 on eBay..then, I turned around and auctioned off an "appearance" of the cup on eBay for over $3,000.00...Now, I'm touring with the Elvis Cup, making public appearances. I've been in TIME, NEWSWEEK,USA Today,US Weekly,Rolling Stone,CNN, FOX News,MSNBC,Jay Leno..and tons of websites, newspapers, and radio/news shows around the world." (News/Odd Spot, Source: Wade Jones)

Tuesday 29 March 2005
Elvis Film Guide: We have updated our detailed look at Elvis' film career including reviews, film ratings and movie trivia. (Spotlight/Celluloid Elvis; Source: EIN)

Elvis DVD releases in Australia: Warner Bros will finally release the following DVDs in Australia on 13 April - It Happened At The World's Fair; Spinout; Speedway; The Trouble With Girls; Harum Scarum; Double Trouble; Jailhouse Rock and Viva Las Vegas. (News, Source: EzyDvd)

Kansas City Blues track listing: The Fort Baxter label has announced the track listing for the first release in its "Classic Series", Kansas City Blues featuring the June 29th, 1974 evening show in Kansas City, MO (see 20 March 2005). Originally released on the first Profile box-set, the disc was completed with two songs from the Dayton, OH October 6th, 1974 evening show (Johnny B. Goode and Can't Help Falling In Love). Fort Baxter thought it would be best to this time use songs from the Milwaukee, WI show recorded the previous night. Kansas City Blues is scheduled for release in early May. Track listing: 01 See See Rider/02 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/Blue Christmas/03 I Got A Woman/Amen/04 Love Me/05 Trying To Get To You/06 All Shook Up/07 Love Me Tender/08 Hound Dog/09 Fever/10 Polk Salad Annie/11 Why Me Lord?/12 Suspicious Minds/ 13 Introduction of the band/14 I Can't Stop Loving You/15 Help Me /16 Bridge Over Troubled Water/17 Let Me Be There (with reprise)/18 Funny How Time Slips Away (with reprise)/19 Big Boss Man/20 Steamroller Blues/21 Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp. Tracks 18-21 recorded in Milwaukee, WI on June 28, 1974. (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only)

Welcome Home Elvis DVD released in China: Available now in China and in many parts of Asia is the complete Frank Sinatra Show with Special guest star Elvis Presley. This Chinese DVD has an extra bonus hour long program: "The Elvis Presley Story", a documentary with lots of rare photos, songs clips and movie trailers etc. (News, Source: HT Long/ElvisNews.com)

New Elvis books announced in the USA: Two new books have been announced - The Year the Music Changed: The Letters of Achsa McEachern-Isaacs and Elvis Presley by Diane Thomas. Hardcover, 225 pages Publisher: Toby Press (September, 2005), ISBN: 1592641229. Also, Susan Doll's release, Elvis Forever in the Groove: Recording Career 50th Anniversary, is being re-issued by Publications International as a "special value" hardcover this month. ISBN: 0785383670. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

Monday 28 March 2005
"Lust, Elvis" – The unreleased BMG CD: Elvis was just a natural great-looking, sex-god and surely that deserves a CD worth of celebration. EIN suggests that instead of "Love, Elvis" BMG should have celebrated something even more natural! (CD Review, Source: EIN)

"Oprah" spoiler - Presley confirms sily end to Cage marriage: LISA MARIE PRESLEY is set to reveal exactly why her marriage to actor NICOLAS CAGE ended - and it was all down to a silly argument. The daughter of late legend ELVIS PRESLEY confirms Cage threatened to divorce her after a row - and then did just that. Presley will reveal all on OPRAH WINFREY's daytime US talk show on Monday and Tuesday (28+29MAR05). A cagey Presley simply nods and says "yeah" when Winfrey asks her to confirm the rumours about the end of her short marriage. She then tells the host, "I was upset, anyway..." (News, Source: contactmusic.com)

Elvis rules in Dubai: For Americans, Elvis Presley holds a special place in their cultural hearts. It was not surprising therefore that any link, no matter how tenuous, to the King captivates the American media as became evident after Elvstroem won the Dubai Duty Free. But, as Nash Rawiller discovered there was an air of mystique surrounding this latest 'Elvis' wanna be. "Is it you they call Elvis?" one television interviewer asked a gobsmacked Rawiller, who laughingly reassured the woman he was not. Like all good jockeys he didn't miss the opening. "But, Elvis showed tonight he can still rock and roll," Rawiller said. For the 30-year-old Rawiller, who copped a roasting for his ride on Elvstroem in the Australian Cup a fortnight earlier, the Dubai Duty Free stood out like a Vegas Elvis impersonator as a career high. Asked how winning the $2.5 million Dubai Duty Free rated in 15 years plying his trade as heavyweight jockey, Rawiller replied: "It was like winning the Melbourne Cup". (News, Source: AP)

Don't be cruel? Elvis is slighted: After initially positive reviews, the new Elvis musical on Broadway, All Shook Up, is coming in for a reviewer battering! (Review, Source: Philadelphia Inquirer)

Lisa Presley tour dates confirmed: This is the latest list of dates and venues for Lisa's upcoming tour promoting her new album, Now What. (News, Source: Official Lisa Marie Presley site)

Dean Martin telegram to Elvis: Tom from North Carolina posted this interesting message on the FECC messageboard: A documentary I watched recently, Dean Martin: The One and Only, threw out a tid bit that I had never heard before: After his recording of "Everybody Loves Somebody" displaced the boys from Liverpool, Dean sent a telegram to his good friend Elvis Presley: "If you can't handle the Beatles, I'll do it for us." (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard)

Sunday 27 March 2005

"Return To Sender" debuts at #5: Elvis has scored another top 5 hit in the UK with the re-issue of Return To Sender. She's Not You dropped 33 places to #36. (News, Source: BBC)

Sonny West in Australia: Sonny West will be touring both Australia and New Zealand in May (see 17 March for NZ details). Sonny's Aussie schedule will be announced later this week with a Gold Coast appearance already scheduled for May 14. (News, Source: Judy Young) (opposite: Sonny & Australia's Sanja Meegin)

Unsigned Elvis check for sale: Now listed on ebay is an unsigned check from Elvis' personal check book originally obtained from Charlie Hodge in Memphis in 1978. Ebay item number: 7503713721. (News, Source: ebay.com)

Presley may be rock 'n' rolling over in his grave: Unlike the review we published yesterday, USA Today wasn't very impressed with All Shook Up, the new Elvis musical on Broadway. (Show Review, Source: Sanja Meegin/USA Today)

Saturday 26 March 2005
Elvis Guitar Clock: The Bradford Exchange is currently promoting its limited edition Elvis Guitar Clock: 50 Years of Solid Gold. (News, Source: The Bradford Exchange)

All Shook Up hits Broadway: The latest Elvis musical, All Shook Up, has opened in Broadway to positive reviews. (News, Source: AP)

Elvis and Baptist Memorial Hospital: Bill E. Burk reflects back on Elvis' visits to Baptist Memorial Hospital, including the birth of Lisa Marie and events from that fateful day in August 1977. (Bill E. Burk's Elvis World)

Named and shamed: The Elvis For Everyone site in the UK has started a section naming Elvis tribute artists with questionable ethics and/or who deliver "poor" performances. (News, Source: Elvis For Everyone)

Elvis and the lady wrestler: Prominent female pro-wrestler in the 1970s, Penny Banner, had this to say about her relationship with Elvis - Q: "Is it true that you once dated Elvis Presley? Was he really a hound dog? PB: Yes...I dated Elvis 5 times in three years..our last date was one week prior to his leaving for the service..He gave me a teddy bear...an autographed photo..and a pass backstage to any of his shows...He always came to see me wrestle when I went to Memphis. Later I was invited to his mansion...Necking with him was great! ! ! My years of dreamy dates with Elvis, just before he went into the Army (from 1956 til March 1958)." (News, Source: Banner Days, autobiography of Penny Banner)

Elvis cup guy now selling piece of Elvis' jet: "I'm Wade Jones..the owner of the world famous "Elvis Cup" Elvis Styrofoam Cup ebay Guy..selling part of Elvis'Jet on eBAY now..... HERE'S THE LINK: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7501389624&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT. Anyway, I'm the one who sold 3 tablespoons of Elvis' water (from the cup) for $455.00 on eBay..then, I turned around and auctioned off an "appearance" of the cup on eBay for over $3,000.00... email me at: howardrobardhughes@yahoo.com visit my website: www.elviscup.com. Thanks, Wade." (News, Source: Wade Jones)

CKX Announces Conversion of Preferred Stock: The latest press release from EPE's parent company, CKX, Inc.: March 23, 2005--Sports Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a CKX, Inc. (NASDAQ: CKXE - News) announced today that it has received notice from The Huff Alternative Fund, L.P. and certain of its affiliates ("Huff") that they have exercised their right to convert their 2,172,400 shares of Series A Convertible Redeemable Preferred Stock of the Company into common stock of the Company, resulting in the issuance of 6,051,253 shares of common stock. Huff acquired the preferred stock which carried a face amount of $43,448,000 in February 2004. A full description of the Preferred Stock is contained in the Company's Current Report on Form 8-K which was filed with the SEC on February 8, 2005. Robert F. X. Sillerman, Chairman of CKX, Inc. commented, "We are pleased that Huff has chosen to convert their preferred shares, which had an eight year term, to common so early in the evolution of our company. This will strengthen our balance sheet, provide us with flexibility in the future and simplify our capital structure by eliminating the complex anti-dilution protections and special voting rights contained in the original instrument." CKX is engaged in the ownership, development and commercial utilization of entertainment content. (News/Sale of EPE, Source: EPE)

Sponsors Sought By The James Burton International Guitar Festival: World-renowned guitarist, James Burton, is hosting a one-night-only hero celebration of the best guitarists in the world and you are personally invited to be a part of music history in the making. August 19, 20, 21 in Shreveport, Louisiana will be an historical three days with a first-time, open to the public Trade Show, featuring the newest gear and top-of-the-line music technology, a Blowout Under the Bridge outdoor concert, and an evening with guitar greats in the James Burton International Guitar Festival Concert. As a sponsor of this event, you can guarantee return on your investment and a once in a life-time opportunity to watch and enjoy music history being made. James Burton is donating the majority of the proceeds and all of his time to the James Burton Foundation. You can get involved, too, through established sponsorship levels ranging from the Friends level of $1000 to Platinum Pick level of $50,000. In-kind sponsorships and gifts are also welcomed. A variety of equipment and services are needed to make this event a first-class opportunity for everyone involved. Please contact us at 318-424-5000 or by e-mail at jamesburtonfest@aol.com or visit jamesburtonmusic.com for more information regarding sponsorship levels and a complete list of equipment and services needed. (News, Source: EPE)

Lisa Marie & Priscilla to appear on TV together: "Oprah" Appearance with Priscilla Now a 2-Parter Here are some upcoming U.S. TV appearances for Lisa Marie Presley in conjunction with the April 5th release of her second CD Now What. Visit www.lisapresley.com for more information. Priscilla Presley, joins her daughter Lisa on the Oprah show. Oprah and staff were so happy with the taping with our two ladies that they made the unprecendeted decision to make it a two-parter. This marks the first television interview Priscilla and Lisa have ever done together. Monday, March 28: Oprah Part 1; Tuesday, March 29: Good Morning America, Oprah Part 2, this one with Priscilla; Larry King Live; Friday, April 1: Late Show with David Letterman; Tuesday, April 5: Ellen. Note: EPE will soon post a schedule of upcoming media appearances Priscilla will be making in support of the CBS television special and related book and CD, Elvis By The Presleys. (News/Lisa Presley World, Source: EPE)

Friday 25 March 2005
The King of Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley died nearly 30 years ago…but death isn’t hurting his career. For example, a new show featuring Presley has just opened on Broadway at the Palace Theater. There’s a new CBS mini-series coming in May. And Lisa Marie Presley is just about to to release her second CD. Yesterday on Soundcheck (WNYC radio, New York), critic Anthony DeCurtis dropped by to spend an hour with us, debating the achievements and the legacy of the King of Rock and Roll. Wel talked about how Presley appropriated black music, hear how his work continues to influence young performers today, and took your calls. (News, Source: wync.org)

Inside Elvis Presley: Due for release in the UK on the 19th September 2005 is a 2 DVD set and book, titled Inside Elvis Presley. The release claims to be the ultimate critical guide to the work of Elvis Presley, in concert, on record and on film. The press release states it will contain everything you ever needed to know about in an informative two disc and book set. The DVD documentary will featuring rare archive footage and commentary from a host of renowned critics in this definitive review of The King. (News, Source: The Elvis Express/ElvisNews.com)

Another rip-off: Keith Flynn contacted us about his site being ripped off. Keith says: "Can you believe someone has made a Bootleg CD of songs from my web site, and actually think they are real "Takes" ? I mean, come on, who actually thinks Elvis did a vocal overdub for the song "Angel"? or the Stereo Master for "A Whistling Tune" (Follow That Dream) has been found! I made them myself for God's sake! And with only downloading the songs from my web site, they are only poor sounding MP3 samples and not any where near the great sound quality they really are! This sort of thing really pi**es me off as all I want to do is let fans hear (and see) what is in peoples private collections, but if this is going to happen, then I will have to close my site. Can you ask around and get other people's opinions on this new release? as I hope no-one is duped into buying it! Speak to you soon, my friend. Kind Regards, Keith". Keith can be contacted at: http://www.keithflynn.com (News, Source: Keith Flynn)

Tupelo house sells: The house with the great view of Elvis' birthplace has been sold on eBay for US$325,000.00. (News, Source: ebay)

Jazz World: A copy of the one of the world's rarest magazines including an important article about Elvis has sold on eBay. The first issue of Jazz World (March 1957) featured the article Music vs. Elvis Presley. The magazine sold earlier today for US$23.50. (News, Source: ebay)

Lisa Presley at House of Blues: Lisa Marie Presley returns to the House of Blues on Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - House of Blues Orlanda, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 (show time: 8:00 PM) and Wednesday, May 4, 2005 - House of Blues Myrtle Beach, N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (show time: 8:30 PM). (News, Source: lisapresley.com)

Cover art and track listing for "The King Of Western Bop": This CD is due for release in the EU on April 11th 2005. The CD contains 27 alternate takes, master takes and live recordings. Track listing: Just Because (Master)/Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Discarded Take)/Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Master)/Harbor Lights (Master)/I'll Never Let You Go/I'll Never Let You Go (Master)/That's All Right (Discarded Take)/That's All Right
(Master)/ Tomorrow Night (Master)/I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (Discarded Take)/I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (Master)/Good Rockin't Tonight (Master)/Blue Moon (Discarded Take)/Blue Moon (Discarded Takes)/Blue Moon (Master /That's All Right (Live Radio KWKH)/Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Live Radio KWKH)/I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Discarded Take)/I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Master)/ I Love You Because (Discarded Take)/I Love You Because (Master)/You're A Heartbreaker (Master)/Milkcow Blues (Master)/ My Happiness (Private Acetate)/ That's When Your Heartaches Begin (Private Acetate)/I'll Never Stand in Your Way (Private Acetate)/It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You (Private Acetate). (News, Source: Elvis Express/ElvisNews.com)

Bar Code Elvis: One of the more unusual items to be released is a flipbook Barcode Elvis. (News, Source: alt.elvis.king messageboard)

Thursday 24 March 2005
"Elvis The Legend" CD: Here is the cover art and track listing of the free Elvis CD from the UK newspaper The Sun. The CD contains ten songs by Elvis Presley and five bonus tracks by other artists. The CD and sleeve are marked "For promotional use only". Elvis tracks: That's All Right/I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/Good Rockin'Tonight/ Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ Heartbreak Hotel/I Was The One/I Got A Woman/Blue Suede News/Baby, Let's Play House/Maybelline. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

UK mid-week sales: The following are the sales of the Top 4 singles in the UK Midweek Sales Chart: (1) 'Is This The Way To Amarillo?' - Tony Christie/Peter Kay - 53,000 copies sold; (2) 'Return To Sender' - Elvis - 19,659 copies sold; (3) 'Let Me Love You' - Mario - 11,518 copies sold; (4) 'All About You'/'You've Got A Friend' - McFly - 10,356 copies sold and falling fast. It is anticipated that Elvis will end up at No.3 (again) this week as the Mario single is a strong one and will more than likely overtake Return To Sender. (News, Source: Brian Quinn, FECC messageboard)

Elvis's Hair Helps Sell Classic Muscle Cars: Northern Illinois Classic Auto Brokers, Ltd. and Classicmusclecars.com announced today that their rock and roll memorabilia collection has acquired Elvis Presley's authentic hair. Presley's hair and other memorabilia can be viewed online at classicmusclecars.com, along with the documentation of providence on video. Presley's hair will join other memorabilia including, a rare 36 diamond TCB ring, a leather jacket worn by Presley around Graceland, a guitar given to John Wayne signed by Presley for a birthday present and many records, pictures and other miscellaneous collectibles at Classicmusclecars.com's showroom. "Elvis was not only a rock and roller, he was a car guy too. He loved beautiful cars and loved to buy them. He also gave away many of the cars that he owned, which showed great generosity and kindness from a once poor southern boy who became the most famous entertainer of our time. Although people may feel a little uncomfortable with the fact that we have acquired some of Elvis's real hair, I feel it brings him even closer to help us with the success of selling classic muscle cars. It brings out that good feeling to people when they buy classic muscle cars just like the good feeling they get when they listen to Elvis's music. He is still with us everyday at our showrooms at classicmusclecars.com," said Tony Begley, owner and founder of Northern Illinois Classic Auto Brokers and Classicmusclecars.com. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

"I Couldn't Live Without You" released: The import release I Couldn't Live Without You on the Snowy label has been released. The track listing looks quite familiar and if not mistaken it's very likely that all those tracks were lifted from mp3 files on the net.
Track listing: 01- Mystery Train (overdubbed version); 02- Milkcow Blues Boogie (overdubbed version); 03- When It Rains It Really Pours (overdubbed version); 04- Mean Woman Blues (BX take -7 acetate); 05- Treat Me Nice (first version take 8); 06- I'm Yours (stereo single version); 07- A Whistling Tune (stereo master with overdubs); 08- Angel (vocal overdubs); 09- Gold In The Mountains (solo); 10- Anyone (solo); 11 - So Close Yet So Far From Paradise (take 3); 12- So Close Yet So Far From Paradise (take 4); 13- Clambake (solo); 14- Stay Away (overdub by Jerry Reed take 3); 15- Stay Away (slow version take 2 in stereo); 16- Stay Away Joe (take 17); 17- My Little Friend (overdudded); 18- I'm Leaving It Up To You (live); 19- The First Time Ever I Held You Close (live); 20- I Couldn't Live Without You (live) (Pete Hallin). (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Priscilla & Lisa on "Oprah": As previously mentioned, Priscilla and Lisa are scheduled to appear on Oprah (in the US) this coming Monday. Earlier today, CNN-Headline News' Showbiz Tonight, did a live interview with Priscilla at the Broadway theater where "All Shook Up" play is playing. (News, Source: Official Lisa Presley site)

Wednesday 23 March 2005
Elvis Mercedes Benz for sale: Got a spare US$245,000? - "This is definitely a piece of Rolling Art probably better described as Rock and Rolling Art. Elvis purchased this car and titled it in his name. This is the one with the famous “Lightning Bolt” in gold leaf with TCB logo on both front doors". Ebay item number: 4537172984. (News, Source: eBay.com)

One London date for "Elvis The Concert" rescheduled: The previously announced May 4th presentation of Elvis The Concert at London's Hammersmith Apollo has been rescheduled to May 7th. Thus, the three-show engagement there is now May 5, 6 & 7. (News, Source: EPE)

"Trying To Get To You" released: The import release "Trying To Get To Memphis" with Elvis' August 11, 1971 Dinner Show has been released by the SR Records label. Track listing: Also
Sprach Zarathustra (2001 Theme) - That´s All Right Mama - Proud Mary - You Don´t Have To say You Love Me - Sweet Caroline - Polk Salad Annie - Intermission - Johnny B. Goode - It´s Impossible - Love Me - Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin´ On - Heartbreak Hotel - Teddy Bear / Don´t Be Cruel - Hound Dog - Memphis Tennessee - Trying To Get To You - Suspicious Minds - Band Introductions - I´m Leaving - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Impossible Dream - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Can´t Help Falling In Love Bonus songs from 10.09.1971 - DS: Jailhouse Rock - It´s Over - You´ve Lost The Loving Feeling. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

"Entertainment Tonight" live from Graceland: The 23 March (24 March in Australia) edition of Entertainment Tonight will be telecasst from Graceland. (News, Source: Christine Bamford)

Elvis convention back in Toms River: Andrew Howard and Zanzibarmusic of Old Bridge will present the fourth annual Friends of Elvis convention as it returns to the Toms River Ramada Inn, 2373 Route 9, Toms River, on April 17 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. A number of Elvis impersonators will pay tribute to the king of rock and roll during the year of his 70th birthday celebration. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Vetshouse, an organization that helps homeless veterans get back on track from problems with alcohol and drugs. Friends of Elvis donated $815 for cancer patients at its 2004 convention and $1,500 for Ocean County Arc Jan. 5. The event will include live, re-created concerts by professional impersonators from across the country, plus vendors of vintage Elvis collectibles, memorabilia, Elvis related toys, and more. Special guest author Sandi Pichon, author of Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!, will be on hand to discuss her story about how Elvis affected her life. Also appearing will be guitarist Bill Turner of Bill Haley and the Comets, plus Chris Presley, Ray Kaminski, Paul Aaron, Mike Marchitto, Paul Daniels, Mike Ratcliffe, Jim Smith, Joe Searles, Ray Hoffman, Gene Dinapoli, Roy Propes, Ron Parker, Ruben Castillo and Wayne Rippy. The finale will be performed by special guest Jerry El of New Jersey. This event is sponsored by Howard Enterprises, B&K Enterprises, and King Tracks. Tickets are $15 per adult and $12 for seniors and will be sold at the door. Vendors will be present for the duration of the show. For more information call (732) 901-5413. (News, Source: Andrew J. Howard)

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