"I Remember His First Love Song" - sincere tribute to The King

"I Remember His First Love Song" is a satisfying, reflective ballad recalling the first time any of us may have heard an Elvis ballad. It takes the listener back in time and allows us to recall days now long gone. But they were very important days to us all.

The single features a sincere lyrical sentiment complemented by a well measured beat:

"Love him tender, love him true

He'll always be in our hearts, in our minds"

Billy Rebel obviously sings in an "Elvis style" and it is a comfortable style...suggesting The King without imitating him. This is a tribute song that is sure to go over well with audiences. Billy's delivery is sincere, and as a singer he knows how to keep within his vocal limits.

Get close to your loved one and enjoy "I Remember His First Love Song".

About Billy Rebel

Billy Rebel has been performing since his teen years as "Billy Rebel & The Young Rebels" although he left the music business in the 80's to pursue other interests. Billy made an enexpected "comeback" in 2000 when asked to sing a few songs at a show that he was attending. He liked the feeling of being back on stage and went on to do more performing. Billy performs a variety of songs from many artists...Roy Orbision,Ricky Nelson...some original material...and about 25% Elvis tunes during his appearances.

Billy says Elvis has been his mentor since the beginning! Billy is not exactly an ETA...as he don't imitate The King...and doesn't don a jump suit. Billy simply and humbly likes to perform Elvis' tunes in his own style. Billy says: "He was the master...I am just a student of his fine vocal stylings. I don't believe anyone is as "smooth" as The King. I do appreciate all ETAs who pay tribute to Elvis with dignity and respect. Many are friends of mine."

Billy hasn't launched a website as yet although there is a welcome page at www.billyrebel.com (...coming soon.)

You can also find Billy at: http://www.elvis-in-oel.de

About "I Remember His First Love Song"

By late winter 2001 while remeniscing about Elvis with some friends...talking about his movies, songs,etc. Billy said "I remember his first love song which touched me deeply"...and later that evening Billy went on to write "I Remember His First Love Song."

It was released in 2002- The 25th Anniversary. It's been well-received by Elvis fans worldwide, although as an independent production it does not have massive distribution,and not all radio stations have it...although it continues to gain in recognition as fans inform their local stations who then play it.

To find out more about "I Remember His First Love Song", Billy Rebel can be contacted at billyrebel2004@yahoo.ca

Reviewed by Nigel Patterson