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Elvis Interviews etc


Bill Medley talks about Elvis - From musicstartshere
Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers talks about times with Elvis.
Great stories of being driven in Elvis limo and Elvis getting on stage at Bill Medley's own concert.
Well worth checking out.

Kathy Westmoreland talks about Elvis - junglerom
A delightful 2 minute interview about Elvis.
Kathy talks about the fun of life with Elvis.

Elvis train interview 21st March 1960. - From everythingelvis1935
Elvis being interviewed on a train on 21st March 1960.
Very short but sweet.

Ronnie Tutt tells a story getting a ring from Elvis in Oct. From 2000
Ronnie Tutt, from the TCB band at a 2000 German Fan Convention
He tells a story getting a ring from Elvis in the 70's.

Kathy Westmoreland interview - junglerom
Highlights of Kathy Westmoreland talking about Elvis from her "Tribute to Elvis" DVD.
She obviously really cared for Elvis

Goldie Hawn remembers meeting Elvis - From JAARNO88
A short but sweet story from Goldie Hawn.
"Elvis kick started my hormones"

Elvis On Tour 1972 interview - elvistheking1935
This is the 10 minutes of interview with directors Robert Abel & Pierre Adidge.
A fascinating insight into Elvis at the time.
A must see.

Army Interview - From chatham43
Fascinating interview as Elvis gets reday to leave the army.
A must see.

Sam Phillips and Sun Records interview -  From: RichardContact1962
"I did everything as long as it was halfway legal"
The incomparable, VERY colourful and VERY animated Sam Phillips describing his unique method of recording.
A fascinating 9 minutes. From the Good Rockin' Tonight Legacy of Sun Records tribute.
Previous EIN #3 Video of the week.

Elvis interview Portland 57: From: anneesvinyl
Elvis arrival in Portland 1957 and media interview.
A fascinating insight into the Elvis mania of the time.

Elvis Sails 1958 - From: budeta52
Fabulous army photos from 1958 & 1959, some deliciously rare.
- See Elvis in this underpants!
Set to the Elvis Sails interview. Runs 8 minutes.

Colonel Parker from ABC's Nightline - From: MrKyte
Absolutely fascinating 7 minute interview from August 15th 1987 with Colonel Parker.
Parker blames Elvis’ lack of successful dramatic films on studios not being able to pay Elvis enough for his appearances.

Billy and Jo Smith talking about the fateful final night: From: BurningLove1977
Elvis' cousin Billy Smith and Jo talking emotionally about the final night.
From the documentary 'Rare Moments with the King'.
Billy Smith was probably Elvis' best ever friend. Go here for EIN's interview with Billy.

Lisa-Marie Presley Profile 2005 Interview -  From: LMPfan2
An ABC Sunday Profile Interview with Lisa Marie from 2005.
A very interesting 10 minutes.

Lisa Marie talks about Riley Keough on Letterman - From: Rileykeough
Lisa-Marie talking about her daughter Riley Keough.
Supposedly posted by Lisa's daughter!

Ann-Margret Interview - From Charlie Rose
A fascinating 10 minute Ann-Margret interview with Charlie Rose from 1994.
Both she and Elvis married other people in May of 1967 - and Ann-Margret is still married to Roger Smith.
She gets great respect for not revealing any dirty secrets but also talks very honestly about her former alcoholism and other fascinating topics.
She gets very tearful talking about the loss of Elvis, showing what a beautiful person she was inside as well as out. A MUST SEE.

Ed Parker, Marty Lacker, Bill Burk talk about Elvis - From JAARNO88
Elvis' friends including Bill Burk and Dee Stanley talk about their friend Elvis.
Ed Parker makes some very honest & enjoyable comments.

Graceland VIP Tour - From  jromanovich
A video of the 2005 VIP Graceland Tour around the backlot & grounds. Elvis' original tractors, Graceland apartments, the back exit etc.


Great 45rpm videos that should have been..


Sadly this section was recently decimated by the Elvis Internet Thought-Police!

'It Feels So Right' - From SabinaEllena
One of my all-time favourites - the studio version.
Great footage edited mainly from Tickle Me.
well worth a look

'Big Hunk O' Love' Close up Elvis - From oasiscam
Elvis Rehearsing 'Big hunk O' Love' March 31st 1972
Great up-close footage.
This needs to be in the new 'On Tour' DVD.

'I Just Can't Help Believing' - From:  641020313
One of my all-time favourite Elvis songs.
A different edit than the original movie and at last it will be added to the up & coming special TTWII DVD set.
Pure Elvis magic.

'My Boy' -  From  purelistener
Great photo montage capturing the emotional side of the song and the relevance to Lisa Marie.
A compelling performance


Elvis in Television Commercials

Elvis' astounding legacy is never ending and his impact is reflected in the fact that Elvis is so often used in today's  Television commercials. The recent resurgence started with the swinging Audi Elvis and was kicked into this new millennium by the Nike World Cup soccer advert - which then helped Elvis hit Number One in the charts. One of the very best was the recent BBC Radio 2 advert with Elvis introducing his band of Superstars. As suggested by John Pietz, EIN presents sixteen TV adverts featuring Elvis. With special thanks to John Pietz.      

Nike Elvis - From: kralcjgiarc
Directed by the talented Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame (another Elvis connection!)
Made for the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan.
Introduced a new generation to 'A Little Less Conversation'.

Lipton Brisk Tea -  From: dannotv
More fantastic inspiration as a claymation Elvis does an altered version of 'Jailhouse Rock'.
Great work also featuring James Brown and Willie Nelson.

Nestle Kit-Kat  - From: RicochetNI
Another smart and funny advert featuring a man dressed like Elvis watching TV reports on sightings of Elvis!
"The King Is Alive" but just relaxing! - A great idea.

Honda Motors - From: HondaRPA
Featuring a funked-up "Burning Love".
The commercial even suggested a possible new remix release.

Energizer Batteries -  From: corta525
Very humorous, one of my favourites.
Clever use of subliminal Elvis and a look-alike.

Omo detergent [from Thailand] -  From: senthilspace
Demonstrating that Elvis is everywhere, this advert was produced for Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia.
One hundred Elvis look-alikes were shot on the streets of Bangkok.
A clever idea set to the tune of 'Viva Las Vegas'

Public Service Road Safety Announcement - From: chineseelvis888
From the U.K - a witty use of ETAs in a Road Safety announcement.

Volvo 2005 - From: ryanpelton
Nice touch using ETA Ryan Pelton in a pink Cadillac

Downtown Las Vegas - From: jljfilms
Advertising the older part of Vegas, the part Elvis featured in Elvis' 'Viva Las Vegas'
No images of Elvis, but the song is of course 'Viva Las Vegas'.

Imperial Margarine  - From: grahamedoyle
Doesn't all your family dress in jumpsuits for dinner?!
Clever use of the Elvis image - Their slogan for a long time has been "Fit for a King"


Elvis Week 2007 - the 30th Anniversary

A promo video for Elvis Week -  From: kevzeppelin07
A cute commercial for Elvis Week 2007.
Just in case you needed to know why you should be there!

The 30th Anniversary Concert intro & two numbers - From: Sideburnn
The fabulous new introduction with "Elvis" leaving Graceland and being helicoptered to the Fedex Forum.
An essential video soon to be on the Graceland official site.
See EIN's exclusive review & photos here. It was a sensational night.

The 2007 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist - From: AppealTV
A look at the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competition and the winner Shawn Klush.
Six minutes. It's not Elvis but he's very good.

Candlelight vigil at Graceland - From: AppealTV
A look at fans gathering at the Graceland gates and the Candlelight Vigil.
A nice video capturing the special feel of the night.

Insiders Conference Priscilla interview - From: elvisweek2007
Now is your chance to hear and see Priscilla at the Elvis Insiders Conference.
Filmed via cell-phone the quality is not too bad. 10 minutes.
Read Priscilla's Larry King interview here.

Elvis Expo & Memphis Mafia reunion 2007  - From Appeal TV.
A look at more ETAs as well as the Elvis Expo with more than 100 booths and 35,000 square feet of Elvis.
As if you really need a rubber talking Elvis head!
Of more interes is a look at George Klein's Memphis Mafia reunion at Alfred's on Beale Street featuring DJ Fontana, Patti Patty, Jerry Schilling and others.

An overview of Elvis Week 2007 - From: elvisweek2007
An overall look at Elvis Week 2007 and what to expect.
Some interesting shots of Memphis, Graceland - and yet more ETAs!

James Burton on Beale Street - From: barbarat24
James Burton had seemingly endless energy as he was playing everywhere we went during Elvis Week.
Here is a look at his show at Alfreds on Beale Street
EIN was there, where were you?


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