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** means recently added.

Rare 1957 Colour Candid film -  From filmorvideo
Great quality candid colour film.
Its only silent but fabulous quality - 1957 at Graceland

'And I Love You So' - From lacurrry
Lovely photo-montage
The fabulous Take 1 version sung to Sheila Ryan.

'His Hand In Mine' - with rare home footage - From: nocovercharge
Nice use of the footage from Eddie Fadal's house with Elvis before his move to Germany and the death of his Mother.
Girlfriend Anita Wood is there and "His Hand In Mine" seems very appropriate

'Stand By Me' - 30th Anniversary Tribute - From:  QueenDonut
A very touching tribute for the 30th Anniversary.
Some very poignant images, enough to make you cry.
A MUST see, very moving.

'Take My Hand Precious Lord' - From  Feelings9
EIN is in a gospel mood & reflective mood.
As we approach August 16th this touched my soul.
A very poignant video that is worth repeated viewing.

'Danny Boy' - From  QueenDonut
A fabulous compile of rare Elvis footage through the years.
Cleverly edited to Elvis' 'Danny Boy' this is guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye of most Elvis fans.
Can 2007 really be the 30th anniversary? - it seems like just the other day...
One of the most touching videos around - EIN thanks Andrew UKBrit for the lead.  

'You'll Think Of Me' - From: anna8elvis
The 40th Anniversary.  One of my favourites songs from 1969.
Elvis looked So Good in 1969.

Gospel "Where Could I Go" - From: hoover4000
An enlightening story showing Elvis' kindness and humanity.
From the DVD 'He Touched Me'.
Includes some great candid footage of Elvis singing autographs at Graceland.

'Burning Love' - Happy 73rd birthday Elvis -   From: QueenDonut
A great compilation of Elvis On Tour clips - and others.
Made to commemorate what would be Elvis´ 73rd birthday...and to say we want a Deluxe "ELVIS ON TOUR" DVD release.

'An American Trilogy' - Elvis Tribute - From: TCBSonny
Featuring alternate and interesting pictures of The King, Memphis and The South.
A fine tribute with some excellent images which helps place this all-important song in context.

'Any Day Now' - From purelistener
Simple but effective photo-compilation of fine quality & rare pictures.
Another seldom mentioned song even though it was the B-side of 'In the Ghetto'

Elvis at 'The World's Fair' candid video - From:  fairone
Fabulous candid footage of Elvis hanging out during The Seattle World's Fair in 1962.
Some never-before seen film and photos.
Previously deleted, watch it now.

'Amazing Grace' - From: purelistener
One of Elvis' most sublime performances.
Set to a delicious selection of photos.

Elvis and Lisa - 'Just Pretend' - From:  daniellenelvis
A photo tribute to Elvis and Lisa, set to the wonderful 'Just Pretend.'
Beautiful, touching & well-worth several viewings.

A Day In The Life Of Elvis! - From  Jesse45408
Set to the fabulous 'Just Pretend' this is a poignant mix of Elvis from every era.
Starting with some sad 77 CBS TV footage it's a worthwhile & emotional journey.
"Just Pretend I didn't go"... - If only.

'Do You Know Who I Am' - from Rob Ireland.
Something a little different with beautiful images of Ireland superimposed to Elvis' heartbreaking 1969 song.
Great song, nice chill-out images.

'Long Black Limousine' - From purelistener
Another very appropriate and touching tribute set to an essential Elvis 1969 classic.
Features some fabulous rare and close-up photos.

Elvis leaving airport 1974 - From: bigrab42
Nice footage of Elvis signing some autographs at Dallas/Fort Worth airport September 1974.
Set to 'Separate Ways', previously removed by the Internet police this is back.

Video for Lisa- 'Dance With My Father' - From: elvislady
Great photos, touching video.
Lovely song - the singer is Kelly Coffy .

'Elvis, I Still Cry' - From  patricktcb
Sensational. A very moving tribute with beautiful images of Elvis, Lisa Marie and family. Guaranteed to make any fan feel tearful. To the song by Ilse De Lange. The touching lyrics are as follows
I'm making flowers out of paper
While darkness takes the afternoon
I know that they won't last forever
But real ones fade away to soon

I still cry sometimes when I remember you
I still cry sometimes when I hear your name
I said goodbye and I know you're alright now
But when the leaves start falling down I still cry

A Tribute to Elvis Presley - From DemolitionLover
A photo montage tribute to Elvis using Alannah Myles 'Black Velvet'. Nicely done with some delicious colour images. The celebrity quotes ex 'shakey film' is rather good. "He was and is the greatest. Enjoy" - says the creator!
-   From the lyrics to Black Velvet..
Up in Memphis the music's like a heat wave
White lightning, bound to drive you wild.
Mama's baby's in the heart of every school girl
'Love me tender' leaves 'em cryin' in the aisle
The way he moved, it was a sin, so sweet and true.
... Black velvet if you please.

Graceland grounds cine footage filmed in 1973 - From:  JAARNO88
Fascinating 8 minutes of fan footage filmed on the grounds in 1973 by a Dutch fan club.
This is when the "It's Elvis Time" Dutch Fan Club hung their famous banner "We're going to see Elvis" on Elvis' front porch!
The emotional audio is from the Radio Luxembourg broadcast by Tony Prince on the night Elvis died.

Elvis at Airport 72, 76 & 77 - From:  BurningLove1977
Some rare home-cine clips showing Elvis at different Airports in 1976 and 1977.
Although without sound it is still fascinating viewing, especially as you may recognise photos from the same time.
(EIN thanks Sanja for the link)

Elvis Presley Funeral - From: orwelliantimes
BBC news footage from Aug 16th 1977.
Very good quality footage from that terrible day.

'Don't' by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour - From:  luisanas
Something a little different & very cool. David Gilmour from Pink Floyd in concert 2001.
This was also featured on the fabulous 2005 Scotty Moore DVD.
It only goes to show just how much Elvis influenced all the music heroes of our time.
(EIN thanks Ronald for the link)

Danny Boy/The Who Elvis Tribute - From: RobIreland
A fascinating oddity.
The Who singing a tribute to Elvis - Combines 'Danny Boy' and The Who's "See Me, Feel Me".
Some beautiful Irish images.
(Thanks to UK Andrew)

'I Can't Stop Loving You' - Boots Randolph -  From:  NelnetDude
The very talented Boots Randolph sadly died earlier this month.
Here is a marvellous 1987 performance by him of 'I Can't Stop Loving You' with Floyd Cramer also on piano.
Go here for EIN's tribute to Boots Randolph


Elvis LIVE, Fifties, Movies & Interviews etc

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You Tube Elvis news
EIN Update July 2 2007 - Another week of clampdowns from the Elvis Internet Police! Yet again there has been a high level of activity by the Elvis Internet Police with hundreds of clips removed (Noted above). Warner Bros have been playing spoil-sport to counteract footage from their up-coming movie re-releases. This seems strange as you would think that a cool YouTube clip is actually cheap publicity that would encourage fans to buy theofficial DVD! Similarly Warners remove the very popular 'Elvis On Tour' footage yet have no plans to release a special edition DVD that fans have been clamouring for since 2002. Disappointingly over six months since EPE started their 'Elvis Presley Central' it still features a paltry four clips. How on earth do EPE expect this to raise Elvis'profile and be a site "visited often by fans"? This week YouTube itself has also removed some of the best-known posters of Elvis clips, for instance Elvos77 and Robbo42 along with all their clips. (EIN News bulletin July 2nd 2007)

YouTube begins removing illegal Elvis footage: When EPE announced their plans to officially use YouTube to exploit the "Presley brand", EIN knew it wouldn't be long before illegal footage would start being removed. So far only the 'On Tour Outtakes' footage and 'That's The Way It Is' material has been removed. The notification says, "This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner Warner Bros Inc because its content was used without permission". Hopefully the positive result will be that Warners will see the enthusiasm Elvis fans have for this kind of material and they will finally release the long-awaited 'Elvis On Tour' DVD. 2007 has to be the key year to market these major releases. So far EPE has sadly only managed to post THREE videos at their 'Elvis Central'. See some removed clips noted above (EIN News bulletin Jan 21st 2007)

Official Elvis channel on YouTube: Recently, EPE posted on YouTube.com two promotional videos - one for Elvis: The Ultimate Film Collection (DVD set) and one for Christmas at Graceland 2006.  EPE has now started up an official channel for Elvis videos on YouTube.com called Elvis Presley Central. 

Elvis Presley Central
debuted yesterday with Having Fun With Elvis In Burbank, the "funny reel" that is a bonus feature on the 2006 release Elvis: '68 Comeback Special - Deluxe Edition DVD.  Next up on Elvis Presley Central will be a special music video for A Little Less Conversation, which Elvis Insiders are now having a "first look" at in the members-only area of their site.
We hope you will enjoy Elvis Presley Central and help make it a popular channel on YouTube.com by visiting often and telling all your friends about it.  Your support could also help Elvis have a big hit video on YouTube from time to time.  Elvis Presley Central is one of many new ways to take Elvis and his work to new audiences.  We also hope it will be a source of enjoyment and pride for his existing fan base as well. (News, Source: EPE January 10 2007)

December 2006 article in full.

Elvis Presley Marketed To Fresh Generation Of Fans via the internet and digital sources:
Elvis Presley’s marketing company is set to target teenagers and young people in 2007 in a bid to get the ing known to a new generation of fans. Paul Janowski, chief of marketing for Elvis Presley enterprises Inc, says they plan to make use of sites like YouTube and Myspace to exploit the Presley brand. Other digital tactics such as mobile phone technology and podcasts will also be targeted in the incentive.
He explains: “I can't try to sell somebody Elvis who doesn't know who he is ... that he's not just some guy who's been gone for 30 years. "Our opportunity demographic is really going to be 12 to 34 (years old), with a sweet spot around the 18-to-24 area.” Janowski continued to Billboard: “We will take our MySpace page and we will focus on expanding our number of friends on MySpace, that kind of thing. There's all kind of Elvis content on YouTube, things that we put up, things that fans put up." The Elvis Presley brand is still massive, with his state earning around $42million in 2006. His company now wants to expand that figure.

Recent Deleted Clips - The Elvis Internet Police at work ...

Don't Cry Daddy - Elvis & Lisa Marie; From: elvisjapan [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Fantastic video of Elvis and Lisa Marie.
Not the regular 20th Anniversary version!
Another highlight of the week.

'Memories' alt take - From Elvos1977 [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Nicely produced, a great tribute.
One of my favourites this year.

Rare Home Movie 1957 - From: Gaslightsqyare [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Elvis gets his tractor stuck in the mud at Graceland & possibly Uncle Vester stops at the gates to greet the kids.
Note the Graceland gates are painted with red primer so had only just been installed..
Fantastic footage. A clip of the week!

'I've Lost You' - From  ademarbosa [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
A lovely photo-montage set to one of Elvis' best ballads.
The live version from August 1970 & featuring some wonderful photos.
(With thanks to Rob V.)

'Twenty days and Twenty nights' - From:  ademarbosa [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Very nice homage to Elvis through the years.
Another version of this great song this time set to a touching photo-montage.

'I'm Leaving' - From reeltidymusic [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Sensational video, this can make you cry.
Very nice edit, great live footage, rare home video plus a very underated classic Elvis song.
BEST clip of the week.
(With thanks to Rob V)

'Welcome To My World' - From: reeltidymusic [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Another neat idea combining Graceland images and footage from Aloha.
Dolly Parton even appears!

'For The Good Times'- From: ademarbosa [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
The very sweet studio version.
Set to a fine photo montage that features a few rare candid photos.

'Bridge Over Troubled Water' studio take 1: From: elvisjapan [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Sensational work from Elvis World Japan.
An almost a Capella version. Great lip-syncing.
As can be found on the FTD Nashville Marathon.

'Separate Ways' (Elvis and Priscilla 1972)  From: CCPRH [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Great edit of home footage capturing the real essence of the lyrics.
Media, "Is your wife Priscilla with you?". Elvis, "No she's not."
Features fabulous and rare home footage
Warners' should check this for the eventual 'Elvis On Tour' DVD release.

Polk Salad Annie (Elvis 1970 rehearsal) - By Josihno17 [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
"We're getting ready to test this suit out!" 
Includes Elvis' Peacock Suit, Phoenix and two-piece suits.  
Set to various costumes & stage performances through the years & features rare home video.

Elvis TTWII 'Mary In the Morning' rehearsal - From  foolishrain [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
From the 2000 cinema release. Elvis red-shirt rehearsal having fun with the guys. Sadly after rehearsing 'Mary In the Morning' Elvis never performed the song in concert.

'Having Fun With Elvis In Burbank' [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
- One of the first three official videos posted by EPE.
Outtakes & bloopers compile
- Worth seeing if you haven't got the single disc DVD of the 'Comeback Special' where it was included as a bonus feature.

Too Much Monkey Business' - From glenvincert [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
A clever fake edit of Elvis singing this song live on stage.
Interestingly it is the 1980 Felton overdub version.
See EIN's review of the FTD 'Too Much Monkey Business'

'The Elvis Medley 1982' - From: DJeezy2008 [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
A corny old favourite but with fun videos attached.
Features Jailhouse Rock, Teddy Bear, Hound Dog, Don't Be Cruel, Burning Love, Suspicious Minds.

'A Mess of Blues'  take 1: From: ademarbosa [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Great song from 'Elvis Is Back' and Take 1 is a classic.
Set to a delightful set of photos.
A five star FTD - check the review, buy it now!

'Sweet Angeline' (splice) - From: reeltidymusic [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
A great idea combining footage from Elvis On Tour and various films.
This version creates the impression of a studio filmed sequence and is a splice of the backing track and the vocal dub.

'Polk Salad Annie' - From  Josihno17 [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Great song, and a great edit featuring an excellent mix of rare home-footage.
4 minutes of inspired Polk Salad lunacy.
Check the guitar throwing sequence, the nicely synced Karate and clever ending.

‘Let Yourself Go’ - Elvis 68 Comeback - From: stv0127 [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
With a funkier back-beat this is the 68 TV special version.
A sensational video clip!

'Too Much Monkey Business' (Outake) - From: ademarbosa [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Great song with some amusing and rare photos.
Features the 'When Irish Eyes are smiling' intro.
She sure doesn't know her Elvis records though!

'Way Down' (extended live) - From: glenvincert [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Very clever video edit creating 'Way Down' live in 1972.
Great version, very fine edit.
Previous #3 EIN Clip of The Week

'Devil In Disguise' From: Jackiej61 [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
By the mid sixties Colonel Parker was indeed the Devil In Disguise.
Nice idea. "You cheated and you schemed"
Some great sixties Elvis photos too.

Jailhouse Rock (DJ Spankox Remix) -From: DJeezy2008 [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Having some fun messing with the colourised original video.
Note everyone's cup-of-tea but he calls it a "trial-video."
Flippy, real flippy!

'All I needed Was The Rain' (New version) -  From: ted62100 [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Nice cool laid back bluesy version.

'Elvis Presley: A Miracle' - From 1234565top [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Marvellous and moving tribute to Elvis.
This will put a tear in your eye.
Set to Vince Gill's 'Go Rest High On That Mountain'
"I know your life on earth was troubled.
Only you could know the pain.."

'Trouble' (Robbie Williams Mash-up) From: ElvisStillRockz [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Short but sweet a clever idea.
Why not the full song?

The Twist with Elvis (Chubby Checker) - From: elvisjapan [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
EIN's favourite of the week and it's not even Elvis singing!
A fabulous compile of Elvis twisting to Chubby Checker's classic hit.
Can you name all the movie clips?
Previous #1 EIN Clip of The Week

'Baby What You Want Me To Do' (Live 69) From tcbTnT [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Cool clip using 68 Comeback footage to the rocking live Vegas version.
Clever edit also includes TTWI rehearsal material.

I'm Leavin' - From tcbTnT [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
A very poignant tribute.
The video features footage of Elvis singing this great song live.
Another clip to bring a tear to your eye.

Elvis Presley: The King of Music! Forever! - From: 1234565top [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Just in case anyone has forgotten why we are all Elvis fans.
A compile of  'Great Performances'
Six minutes of Elvis delight

'For The Good Times' (Take 3) From: ademarbosa [Jan 2009 REMOVED]
Great version without overdubs.
Set to a delightful selection of photos.
Taken from the FTD 6363.


















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