"(I Got A) Feeling In My Body"

new remix CD single from Mick Gerace

11 August 2007

...Carefully poised dance remix designed to appeal to long time Elvis fans and dance floor enthusiasts...

Leading Australian ETA, Mick Gerace, is about to launch (see details below) a "dance" remix of one of Elvis' lesser known soul recordings, (I Got A) Feeling In My Body. Originally released by The King on the 1974 album "Good Times" and more recently on the 1998 CD album, Essential Elvis Vol. 5 "Rhythm and Country", the track is one of the superior, yet little known recordings by Elvis in the 1970s.

For his remix, Mick Gerace has aimed his recording at the dance floor market while being mindful not to alienate long time Elvis fans.

What is impressive about this release is the way Gerace manages to so effectively blend a "soul" vocal with a "dance" beat. Gerace pours his heart and soul into his interpretation, a carefully balanced very deep vocal reflecting the soulness of the lyric as it potently bounces off its underlying dance rhythms.

From the opening crescendo of a world famous backing group resonating "got a feeling", to the pounding bass beat backing and powerful vocal, this is an assured production.

With minimal (but effective) elements (far from overbearing in their execution) of hypno-trance, Mick Gerace and his production team have managed to produce a very strong dance track which has enough Elvis intonations to keep most fans more than happy.

As is needed to bring Elvis' music to a new generation, "(I Got A) Feeling In My Body" has very competently used current production techniques and styles to give a classic track a contemporary feel and vibe.

As for the world famous backing group on the remix...Mick Gerace is backed by none other than the Sweet Inspirations!

Verdict: "(I Got A) Feeling In My Body" is an assured production which delicately and successfully poises its appeal to both dance floor enthusiasts and long time Elvis fans. If you liked the Elvis vs JXL remix and the underground takes of Rubberneckin', you will welcome the latest Mick Gerace release.

"(I Got A) Feeling In My Body" will be released in Australia by Sony BMG

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Official launch of "(I Got A) Feeling In My Body":

"(I Got A) Feeling In My Body" will be launched at a Sony BMG "invitation only" event on 16 August 2007. It will then be publicly launched on 17 August 2007 at Darling Harbour in Sydney:

'In The Spirit of Elvis' - Sydney commemorates Elvis' 30th Anniversary: Thirty years on and still The King... Sydney Australia will be celebrating Elvis' life with a special concert on Friday August 17th. Mick Gerace will present his special 'In The Spirit Of Elvis' show with his band plus a 10-piece orchestra.

Hosting the concert will be special guest Steve Christopher - 'Elvis On Air' DJ and Elvis expert. Steve Christopher is officially endorsed by Elvis Presley Enterprises and his radio program is broadcast by over 40 stations in the USA. During the concert Mick Gerace will feature his excellent new BMG single 'Feelin' In My Body'. Taking place at the Harbour's Edge, Darling Harbour, Sydney, the concert starts at 8.30pm and will be followed by a Dance Party to keep the spirit going. And keeping in the spirit of Elvis a portion of the ticket sales will go to charity. For more information go to  www.MickGerace.com


Stop Press: Mick Gerace will appear on the popular 9 network TV program, "Mornings with Kerri-Anne" on August 16.
































































































































































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