"Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century."

(Leonard Bernstein)


"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

(George Klein)


"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

(Professor Gilbert B. Rodman)


"History has him as this good old country boy, Elvis is about as country as Bono!"

(Jerry Schilling)






EIN E-Alert #173.....................29 May 2005

Hi everyone

Our transfer to a new web service provider is still resulting in some email messages not reaching us. We hope to have this problem rectified in the next 24 hours. If you don't receive a reply to your message by Thursday, please resend it to us.

Our Elvis by the Presleys book competition has been delayed until later this week due to our other (Elvis boxset) competition primarily aimed at Aussie fans (see below).

Nigel & Piers

Some of the items added to www.elvisinfonet.com this week:


  • Queen of rockabilly & Elvis
  • MM member, Marty Lacker critical of Lisa Presley's singing ability
  • Elvis in the CIA!
  • Latest Elvis CD & DVD releases
  • Elvis illegally impersonated cops to fight crime
  • Was Elvis forced to marry?
  • Max Pellicano concert cancelled
  • Ecclesties III The Game released
  • Elvis in Lilo & Stitch 2 (Stitch has a glitch)
  • Lisa Presley's bikini line
  • New President for company that owns EPE
  • Elvis & Debbie - the mystery solved!
  • Elvis was an alien
  • Best selling Elvis books
  • Revelations of the Memphis Mafia: book to be re-released


  • The "real" Elvis off-stage
  • Listen to Elvis "strung out" in Vegas audio
  • Watch clips from opening night of "All Shook Up" on Broadway
  • Watch the two Graceland "tourism" ads

Articles (Spotlight)

  • Elvis and the treasure chest of blood money
  • Priscilla "No Angel"
  • Elvis in the 1970s


  • Elvis by the Presleys (TV)
  • Elvis by the Presleys (book)
  • The Tom Green Show (CDs)
  • Lisa Presley in concert (show)
  • Sonny West in Australia (show)

Win an Elvis CD boxset

EIN is going to Memphis in 2007 for the 30th anniversary celebrations, and we want you to help us. We would like you to put together a tour that you the fans would like to do and see. The best entry will receive the BMG 4CD boxset "Elvis Live In Las Vegas" and be acknowledged on the tour brochure. Click to let us know where you want to go and what you want to do. (News, Source: EIN/Travelscene Tweed Valley)

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Elvis on velvet gaining respect among collectors of 'retro'

May 29, 2005

During the late 20th century, paintings on velvet were given a bum rap. We all have heard the rather unkind jokes about pictures of "Elvis Presley on velvet."

Now in the 21st century all has changed. "El on Vel" as I like to say, has become quite chic among collectors. Those once garage sale staples dating from the 1970s and 1980s are now part of a trendy group of called "Retro." Before these pedestrian works became tony collectibles, a type of painting on fabric had long been esteemed among antiquers-in-the-now.

One of the most appealing examples of Naive Art to collect is a form of art called theorem. Dating from the early to late 1800s a theorem was a picture painted by using stencils. One or more stencil was used for each color, which, of course, was applied to a velvet background.

Courtesy of Elvis International/Elvis Charts

U.S. Billboard Elvis Chart listings


June 4, 2005

(sg - sales gainer, gg - greatest sales gainer, ne - new entry, re - re-entry)

Top  200 Albums                   - Elvis By the Presleys - down 4 to #23
Top Comprehensive Albums - Elvis By the Presleys - down 4 to #23
Top Soundtrack Albums       - Elvis By the Presleys - down 1 to #2
Top Internet Albums             - Elvis By the Presleys - down 1 to #3 
Top Comprehensive Albums - Elvis 30 #1's         - down 36 to #135 
Top Christian Albums            - Ultimate Gospel  - up 7 to #16 (sg) 
Top Country Albums              - Ultimate Gospel  - up 7 to #47 (sg)
Top Pop Catalog Albums       - Elvis 30 #1's        - down 5 to  #6  
Top Country Catalog Albums - Elvis 30 #1's         - down 1 to #2 
Top Music Video Sales     - Aloha Deluxe Edition  - up 12 to #26
Top Music Video Sales     - He Touched Me Vol 1 & 2  -up 13 to #27
Top Music Video Sales     - 68 Comeback Deluxe    -re-enters at #33
Comprehensive Music Video Sales  - Aloha Deluxe Edition  - up 12 to #26
Comprehensive Music Video Sales  - He Touched Me Vol 1 & 2  -up 13 to #27
Comprehensive Music Video Sales  - 68 Comeback Deluxe    -re-enters at #33
New entries and Re-entries on the charts include:
-68 Comeback Deluxe Edition reenters  both Music Video Sales chart at #33
Dropping off the charts include:
-none this week 
Notes of Interest include:
-EBTP debuts at #1 on the music video sales charts!-EBTP cd is hanging tough! 
-Ultimate Gospel sees an increase in sales

Amazingly, the Elvis Presley legend has refused to die, even after 28 years! The "king of rock’n’roll" died on Aug. 16, 1977 in his homeland in Graceland, Memphis, now considered a sacred place by his millions of fans all over the world. At any time of the year, Elvis fans troop to Graceland to pay homage to the "King."

Interestingly, the "King" was born into poverty to Vernon and Gladys Presley but he moved on to become one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. Proclaimed "King" at 21, Elvis died at age 42.To make the memory of Elvis Presley alive, there are hundreds of Elvis Presley clubs worldwide who see to it that their idol’s legacy is kept alive all the time.

In the Philippines, the Elvis Presley Friendship Club Phils. Int’l was founded by Chito Bertol, dubbed the "Original Elvis Presley of the Philippines," who is also the president and general manager of Manila Seedling Bank Foundation, in May of 2000. At that time, Bertol already has a radio program, the "Elvis Presley Sunday Specials," aired on DZSR from 8-10 a.m. Another Elvis Presley radio program which the club supports is "Elvis is Alive" on DWWW, hosted by Vic Morales.

This is aired every Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.Bertol organized the club with the aim in view of providing opportunity for local Elvis fans to gather together regularly to reminisce or pay tribute to their idol through musical concerts. The club, whose membership has grown to 300, will celebrate its fifth year anniversary on May 29, 2005 and to coincide with this, the club will release a new CD titled "Elvis by the Presleys" which also features new and intimate interviews with his former wife Priscilla Bealieu Presley, and their daughter Liza Marie Presley. The club, which has produced two exclusive CDS entitled "Rare Elvis" and "Rare Elvis Duets," will also present an anniversary party on May 29 at Quattro Music Bar along Timog Ave. Quezon City.

Members and guests will be treated to Elvis music to be sung by impersonators from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.A new mini-series simply titled "Elvis" will also be presented by CBSUSA TV this month. The TV special will include exclusive and vintage photos and Presley family home movies never before seen. "Elvis by The Presleys" is a double CD album containing 32 tracks plus a rarity disc featuring previously unreleased private recordings of Elvis working in a studio for such tracks as "Jailhouse Rock" and "Too Many Monkey Business."The Elvis Presley Friendship Club Phils. is only known Elvis club in the country. Bertol, whose passion and hobby is playing Elvis music and collecting Elvis memorabilia (he has a music room full of Elvis souvenirs and collectible items) said his club is accredited by Elvis Enterprises Graceland, Memphis USA.

It is also a member of the powerful Elvis Presley Alliance of Asia (EPAA) which comprise of five official Elvis fans club in such countries as Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and of course the Philippines.Bertol also said EPAA has started its thrust towards introducing Elvismania in China by initially offering an Elvis concert performed by impersonators. And apparently, EPAA has succeeded.

Because when the former president of China, Jiang Ze Ming visited Manila in l996, he sang the Elvis song "Love Me Tender" at a banquet hosted by then President Fidel V. Ramos. Then, at a meeting with then US President Bill Clinton, President Jiang sang another Elvis song, "Are You Lonesome Tonight" with Clinton playing the saxophone. Earlier this year, President Ziang specially ordered "The Elvis Presley Story" to be staged in Beijing for his and close associates’ enjoyment The stage show was warmly received by the Chinese audience and for this, Bertol said the Elvismania is ripe in China.

The officers of the Elvis Presley Friendship Club Phils. Int’l are: Chito Bertol, founding chairman; Levi Castillo, adviser; Nita de Guzman, Lely Po, Grace Sanchez, Tita Tirona, Atty. Homer Mendoza, Nina Garcia, Jovita Garcia, Alfred Sanchez, and Walter Perez, directors. Tristan Manlapaz is Goodman Friday.

AMERICAN AIRLINES promo: Worldwide Elvis has copies of an ultra-rare 3 track Elvis promo CD ONLY available when you booked a flight on AMERICAN AIRLINES in the US.


Do you have a question about Elvis?

Each week EIN receives many questions from fans around the world. A selection of questions and our answers will appear regularly in the E-Alert.

Greg (Canada): I am looking for a song called "The Lighthouse" - have you heard of it?  Where could one find it?  Thanks - please let me know if you think it does not exist

EIN: The song "The Lighthouse" was actually included in the 1972 film 'Elvis On Tour'. It is used in the rehearsal gospel sequence. Unfortunately Elvis does NOT sing on this particular track.

The footage of "The Lighthouse", "Bosom Of Abraham" and "Lead Me, Guide Me" included in Elvis On Tour was filmed at RCA's Studio A, Hollywood on March 31, 1972. Most of these gospel performances were also issued by RCA on the "Amazing Grace" CD set - but not 'The Lighthouse.'

In full ..

I, John (included in "Elvis On Tour" & on "Amazing Grace") 

The Lighthouse (included in "Elvis On Tour")

Bosom Of Abraham (included in "Elvis On Tour"& on "Amazing Grace")

You Better Run (on "Amazing Grace")

Lead Me, Guide Me (included in "Elvis On Tour"& "Amazing Grace")

Sweet Sweet Spirit (included in "Elvis On Tour")

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/Nearer My God To Thee (on "Amazing Grace")

We are sure that The Lighthouse will be included in the expanded 'Elvis On Tour' set when it eventually is released. Otherwise get hold of the Elvis On Tour DVD.

Elvis Trivia Question

What was the name of the flip side of the original "Jailhouse Rock" single?

(Last week's answer: Robert Kendall (funeral director) was the last person to see Elvis' body before his casket was closed)

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