"Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century."

(Leonard Bernstein)


"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

(George Klein)


"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

(Professor Gilbert B. Rodman)


"History has him as this good old country boy, Elvis is about as country as Bono!"

(Jerry Schilling)


"Absolute id crashed into absolute superego...as the uptightset man in America shook hands with just about the loosest."

(Mark Feeney on the 'Elvis meets Nixon' meeting)


"Elvis is everywhere"

(Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper)


"...especially in the South, they talk about Elvis and Jesus in the same breath"

(Michael Ventura, LA Weekly)


"The image is one thing and the human being is another...it's very hard to live up to an image"


(Elvis Presley, Madison Square Garden press conference, 1972)


"Elvis was a major hero of mine. I was actually stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something"

(David Bowie)


"No-one, but no-one, is his equal, or ever will be. He was, and is supreme"

(Mick Jagger)


"I wasn't just a fan, I was his brother...there'll never be another like that soul brother"

(Soul legend, James Brown)


"Before Elvis there was nothing!"

(John Lennon)


"There were rock 'n' roll records before Heartbreak Hotel, but this was the one that didn't just open the door…it literally blasted the door off its rusted, rotten, anachronistic hinges…. producing....no propelling...an unstoppable, fundamental and primordial shift in not only musical... but social, political and cultural history"

(JNP, BBC website)

















































































































































































































































































Welcome to the "Elvis Information Network", home to the best news, reviews, interviews & articles about the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley...

The latest on www.elvisinfonet.com:

Wednesday 31 August 2005
Elvis-UFO Connection-Non-fiction Account of Alien Intervention (Book Review): In the world of Elvis literature there are a number of very obscure titles. Elvis-UFO Connection is one of them. Author Richard Daniel examines the theory that Elvis was consciously aware of repeated and continual abduction by alien beings. EIN gives its view on the merits of this highly unusual book. (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Charro "movie set" goes under the hammer: A piece of Elvis film history is up for sale. A section of the church that was blown up in Charro is for sale, plus posters and lobby cards featuring behind the scene photos from the film. To see the list of items either click above or go to ebay.com and type in "Charro - Wild West Movie Set Artifacts". Also featured are items relating to films starring Audie Murphy, Ronald Reagan and others. (News, Source: Philip Rauso)

(Visual opposite is not one of the items for sale)

Lisa Presley's thrill ride nightmare: Lisa Presley will be thinking twice before she takes US NASCAR racers up on offers of a drive around the track at the upcoming Sam's Town 250, after one speed-lover terrified her with a thrill ride. The rocker, who is set to enjoy a stint as grand marshal, once agreed to belt up for a hairy high-speed drive in former race ace WALLY DALLENBACH's motor and she's now determined to stay out of fast cars. She says, "He was riding a half inch away from the wall and bottoming out, which freaked me out. "It was exciting... but he was having his own party. A party for one." And Presley admits she doesn't know how racing car drivers put up with the intense temperatures they have to endure as they race around the track. She adds, "I got in one of those race uniforms. It's like 250 degrees with that on. It that were me, I would have been in the ER getting electrolytes." (News, Source: Contact Music)

Vote for EIN in People's Choice Awards: You can now vote for the Elvis Information Network in the The People's Choice Award category in the BT Digital Awards for 2005. A short list will be announced in late September, and by voting you will be automatically entered in the free draw to win BT Broadband for a year (UK only) and 100 music downloads courtesy of iTunes. Just click on the banner opposite to vote for EIN. Last year the People's Choice Award was won by a Madonna site. (News, Source: EIN)

Australian promotion for "Hitstory": SonyBMG Australia will be promoting the upcoming 3CD boxset, Hitstory, through an extensive media marketing campaign. The campaign will include three week's of television advertising in major capital cities and regional areas in the week commencing 23 October. Ads on Pay TV will run from 23 October for two weeks and there will be a two week campaign on metropolitan radio stations. BMG is considering other promotional activities including press advertising and spots on programs such as Sunrise and Mornings with Kerri-Anne. (News, Source: SonyBMG Australia)

'Elvis' 30 No.1 Hits' has sold more than 1 million units in the UK: Last week 'E1' re-entered the UK Album Chart at No.47 selling some 5,025 copies, bringing the cumulative sales to 1,267,706 (4 X Platinum). (News, Source; Brian Quinn)

Elvis On Tour Outtakes DVD - Disc 2: Samses posted this news of the 2nd disc on the FECC messageboard: "Me and my friend watched disc two from the EOT outtakes the other night. The quality of the footage is not as good as on the rehearsal stuff but the sound is as good. Several of the songs are edited from several angles, but no multi-angle. This version has nothing from Richmond just Hampton Roads, Greensboro and San Antonio. Content:

1. Hampton Roads, Teddy Bear and a snippet of Don´t be cruel, same as in Lost Performances but some different angels
2. San Antonio, part of Trilogy, not from the beginning, lots of Stamps and Sweets 3. San Antoni, Closing vamp – Al Dvorin gives his classic announcement on camera
4. Greensboro, Until it´s time for you to go, complete song, lots of close-ups on Jerry Schaeffs’ hands
5. Hampton Roads – Love me, Elvis announces: I want to do some oldies but goodies. Elvis picks up a black bra and puts it on his head.
6. Hampton Roads, Elvis kisses girl and the For the Good times, complete song, laughs in the end of the song a changes lyrics to “hold your warm and sweaty body close to mine” and “make believe you love me one more time – lord for my sake”. Elvis says afterwards: “That’s a pretty song”
7. Greensboro, Release Me, some without picture, more close-ups than in “On Tour” 8. Greensboro, last seconds of Heartbreak Hotel
9. Greensboro, Big Hunk o’ love, close-ups
10. Greensboro, same as 8 but other angles
11. Greensboro, same as 9 but other angles
12. Greensboro, a few seconds of the beginning of Bridge over troubled water
13. Hampton Roads, opening riff + CC Rider, some without picture
14. Hampton Roads, same as 14, other angles
15. Same as 13, 14 other angles
16. Same as 13, 14 and 15, other angles, lots of Stamps and Sweets
17. Greensboro, Burning love" (News, Source: Samses, FECC)

Several editions of Elvis On Tour Outtakes DVD circulating: There are at least three different editions of the EOT material being offered for sale. A professionally produced single disc edition (opposite) plus apparently DVDR editions in both single disc and double disc format. The proliferation of different editions is causing considerable confusion among fans. (News, Source: EIN)

Elvis remixes - a good or bad thing?: We found these interesting postings about the relative merits of Elvis remixes on the alt.elvis.king messageboard:

The case against: These so called "remixes" of Elvis's classic songs are bullsh*t.  Who wants to hear Heartbreak Hotel with a hip hop beat?   Even if people do, these remixes take a great and original piece of art and distort the idea to something Elvis never wanted. Marty, can you help?   Remi

Memphis Mafia response: Nothing I can do about it except agree with you. If the fans don't buy it they won't continue to do it.  Otherwise BMG is constantly devising ways to get y'all to pay for the same crap in a different package over and over again. Marty (Lacker)

The case for: I understand where you're coming from, because I too love the originals. But I think remixing is a way to keep Elvis' legacy alive with the younger generation.  Some of those remixes stirred interest in Elvis among the teens, and that intest lead many of them to his movies and original recordings.  And they love Elvis.  You have to move along with the times if you want to get radio play.  Elvis was always ahead of his time and changed as he grew.  As his career moved on, Elvis did too. Maybe if Elvis was alive they wouldn't be remixing his old hits, but I think if he was still recording he would be putting out more modern music, maybe even with a hiphop-type or modern day R&B beat -- but the bottom would always remain rock & roll.  He paid respect to the songs that made him famous, but did not
spend a whole of time doing it.  He was more focused on new music and new sounds, always pushing the music to the limit.  He was the ultimate entertainer, and would never have accepted pumping out repeat performances of the same material, performed the same way, year after year.  He needed to move forward. Cher is another example of  how to keep a career alive for decades -- always changing with the times but never losing her essence.  As the greatest entertainer ever, I think Elvis would be able to do just about anything and it would sell, but he would always essentially be Elvis. Yvonne (News, Source: alt.elvis.king)


Tuesday 30 August 2005

Priscilla Presley dispels rumor on Australian TV: Priscilla Presley appeared live by satellite today on Australia's top rating entertainment program, Rove Live. Priscilla's appearance was principally to promote the recent DVD, Elvis by the Presleys. However, in response to a question from host, Rove McManus, Priscilla told the audience that Elvis shot, not one, but several television sets. And she made it very clear that on all occasions Elvis' anger was not directed at the performer on the screen. Rather it was a symptom of other things in his life at the time. While Priscilla did not directly mention Robert Goulet, her comments were obviously intended to dispel the long standing myth in the Elvis world that Elvis disliked Robert Goulet's singing. (News, Source: EIN)

BMG China releases "Sunrise": BMG now has an office in mainland China. So far they've officially released: "The Great Performances", "Great Country Songs" and "50 Greatest Love Songs Collection". All these CD's comes in slip-cases with lyrics sheets and mini-Posters. The latest official Chinese release is "Sunrise". (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited/Elvis News)

Elvis suicide theory raised again: Elvis Presley' step-brother, David Stanley has told the Dutch newspaper 'De Telegraaf' that the King of music took his own life on August 16th 1977.Stanley, who's family have released at least seven books about Elvis over the years claims, “Elvis committed suicide". Stanley says. "He took three times his ‘normal’ dose of pills, knowing what would happen to him”. Stanley went on to state that Elvis committed suicide because of the release of the tabloid book "Elvis - What Happened?" written by Red West, Sonny West and Dave Hebler. And the thought of another touring tour of the U.S.A depressed him and he decided to end his life. David Stanley's film "The Headhunter" is in pre-production. (News, Source: Elvis Express)
Elvis image to feature on jeans: Levi Strauss, the jeans maker is creating a Warhol Factory X Levi's line of men's and women's clothing, including US$250 jeans and US$300 jackets. The line of clothes will use some of Warhol's most famous images, including those of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, in its new collection which will be unveiled to prospective retail buyers at a trade show in Las Vegas next week but are not due to launch in shops until the spring of 2006. Levi is synonymous with American culture in the same way that Warhol and Elvis is, Levi is an iconic brand, Andy Warhol is an iconic artist and Elvis Presley is an iconic figure.'' a spokesman said. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

'What gives with ShopElvis?' update: Further to our story yesterday, DWW319 tells us
he ordered all 3 new FTD releases (All Shook Up, Today & Tickle Me) from ShopElvis about 3 weeks ago and received them in about 4 days with free shipping. (News, Source: DWW319- Email)
World's best "young" Elvis heading to UK: Travis LeDoyt, hailed as the world's best young Elvis, is coming to the UK with his band from Nashville in Feb-Mar 2006 for a three week tour.  Watch his website at www.travisledoyt.com for more details. (News, Source: Dick McVey)
Canadian Idol pays tribute to Elvis: The final four contestants in the current season of Canadian Idol will pay tribute to Elvis by singing two Elvis songs each in the performance show on August 30 and are likely to be wearing Elvis branded clothing in the voting results show on August 31. The August 30 show (and possibly the August 31 show, too) will feature footage of the visit the final four are making to Graceland and other Elvis-related sites in Memphis this weekend. Click here to go directly to a press release about themes of the last few shows of this season. Canadian Idol airs on CTV. (News, Source: EPE)


Monday 29 August 2005
Behind The Image Vol.2 - Welcome To His World (Book Review): The front cover promises "never before seen photos" and EIN's Sanja Meegin investigates & discovers that we haven't been let down! A beautifully presented, hard cover book, featuring 144 pages of high quality glossy photographs with some fascinating stories - find out why this is an absolute must for Elvis fans. (Book Review: Source, EIN)

What gives with ShopElvis?: The three latest FTD CDs, All Shook Up, Tickle Me and Elvis Today were released more than a month ago yet EPE's online "ShopElvis" store still doesn't have them in stock. With the "ShopElvis' "free shipping" until 31 August offer and the fact that these three CDs would be the biggest sellers right now, do we smell a rat? (News, Source: EIN)

Lisa Presley's skating dreams: Rocker LISA MARIE PRESLEY still harbours dreams of becoming a champion ice skater even though she struggles to stand up on the rink. The daughter of ELVIS PRESLEY grew up hooked on Olympic ice skating and rarely missed an opportunity to watch her heroes on ice. She says, "It's an amazing talent but I suck. I can barely get around the rink. "I just try to make it look like I'm not about to break my leg." (News, Source: Contact Music)

Viatical fraud investigation leads to Elvis' house: "Nobody ever lost money; it's safe." Those words, uttered by Venice-area financial planner Herman "Skip" Jaehne, led retirees Ron Gillis of North Port and John Romanus of Port Charlotte to invest many thousands of dollars in "viatical settlements." No one could lose on the investments, Jaehne argued, because a viatical settlement is an investment in which an investor buys shares in the life insurance policies of terminally ill patients at a discount that comes off the face value of the policies. Once the patients die, as everyone does eventually, the insurance company pays off the investor.

When their investments failed to pay off within a year or two as promised, Gillis and Romanus mounted separate crusades to bring down the billion-dollar corporation that provided their viatical investments, Mutual Benefits Corp. of Fort Lauderdale, and the financial planner who sold them the investments. Their crusade would eventually take them from the halls of a Fort Lauderdale office building that Gillis described as "shabby," to Elvis Presley's deluxe house in Palm Springs, Calif., which Jaehne had purchased for $1.25 million -- the amount of money he made selling the viatical investments. "It didn't surprise me," said Romanus, of Jaehne's connection to Elvis's house. "I know from past experience, (Jaehne) always wants to do unusual business practices that most good financial planners wouldn't touch." Viatical investments were established in 1989 and came into vogue in the late 1990s. At that time, interest rates were falling, and viaticals were seen by many as an alternative to other interest-bearing investments. (News, Source: VeniceGondolier.com)

Circle G Ranch update: A few weeks back, Bill Burk's Elvis World told us of the Horn Lake (MS) Board of Supervisors granting proper zoning to promoter J. D. Stacy to develop Circle G and surrounding properties into a mega-million $$ resort, complete with more high rise towers than probably exist in all the rest of the state of Mississippi.  In getting his zoning, Stacy said he would begin closing on properties "immediately." Well, it's been weeks now and the Horn Lake Board, noting no action on the Circle G front, has sort of issued Stacy a "do it or get off the pot" ultimatum.
This is Stacy's 3rd (or 4th?) effort at developing the Circle G Ranch into Dreamsville. Meanwhile, Daniel DelPiano, one of Stacy's partners in an earlier Circle G plan, has been sentenced to a maximum penalty of five years in prison and ordered to pay $12.6 million to a former Waltham, MA-based commercial finance company the court says DelPiano defrauded. DelPiano, one-time owner of Premier Holidays International Inc., promised members of MicroFinancial Corp., of Woburn MA, club retreats to sophisticated vacation sites in return for annual fees and monthly dues, the Assistant US Attorney stated. He pleaded guilty and was immediately sentenced. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)


Sunday 28 August 2005
New Elvis photo book announced: Thanks to a strike by the newspapers in Cleveland Ohio the then 17 year old Lew Allen, writing for the school's magazine, was the only photographer to "shoot" Elvis during two performances in November 1956 in the Cleveland Arena. Just two days before Elvis' first movie "Love Me Tender" had premiered. These images of Elvis (and other rock and roll stars like Buddy Holly, Bobby Darin, Frankie Avalon, Paul Anka en The Everly Brothers) are currently on display in the "Birth Of Rock" exhibition which is part of the "Footsteps Of Elvis" exhibition.

Lew Allen informed Elvis News that next year a photobook with his images will be released through a UK publisher. According to Lew Allen his pictures, with one exception, have not been published before (but at least three are available on-line from poster shops). (News, Source: Elvis News)

New Elvis eBook - 'The Elvis Presley Guitar Chords & Tabs Song Book': The Guitar Chords & Guitar Tabulatures with Lyrics contains 36 songs with lyrics. The eBook is 58 pages long and includes a brief 4 page biography of The King. Songs include Heartbreak Hotel; Blue Suede Shoes; Long Tall Sally; Hound Dog; Don't Be Cruel; Teddy Bear and Jailhouse Rock. FREE Postage world wide! The Elvis Presley Guitar Chords & Tabs Song Book is delivered to your email box in PDF format, size 1.2MB. The book can be found on ebay. (News, Source: EBay)

"Lilo & Stitch 2" coming to a DVD near you: While they didn't know it at the time, when Disney released "Lilo & Stitch" in June of 2002, it was pretty much the last hurrah of traditional animation -- at least on the big screen. The story of a lonely, Elvis-loving Hawaiian girl who adopts a "dog" only to discover he's an alien fugitive went on to make over $145 million domestically, $246 million worldwide. With subsequent efforts like "Home on the Range" and "Brother Bear" missing the mark while computer-animated tales "Finding Nemo" and "The Incredibles" soared, the writing was on the wall.

So, in a way, it's only fitting that the direct-to-DVD sequel "Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch" is the last project from Walt Disney's Animation Studios in Sydney, Australia before the team was dissolved.

Like the original, "Lilo & Stitch 2" uses 2D animation and watercolor backgrounds commonly used in the early days of "Bambi," "Dumbo" and "Snow White," and returning voice talents include Tia Carrere, Jason Scott Lee, Kevin McDonald, Chris Sanders and David Ogden Stiers. However, some things are different. Dakota Fanning takes over the voicing of Lilo from Daveigh Chase, and directors Anthony Leondis and Michael LaBash are also new to the party. Picking up shortly after the first movie ends, Lilo is intent on following in her mother's footsteps and winning a hula contest while Stitch finds that a program malfunction is making him act out in less-than-acceptable ways.

According to Sanders, who not only voices Stitch but wrote and directed the original as well, while most people remember the central theme of the story being summed up in the line "'Ohana' means family; 'family' means nobody gets left behind," the original idea was what happens when the bad guy becomes the hero. "That's what the whole movie was based on -- the redemption of a villain," he says. "I think that's the cool thing about this [movie's] world," adds Chase. "You can be somewhat subtle. You don't have to be so simple as 'true love conquers all.' "There's nothing wrong with those stories, it's just nice to be able to do something that's a little less specific." Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch will be released on DVD Tuesday, Aug. 30. (News, Source: Zap2it.com)

Priscilla Presley on 'Rove Live': Priscilla Presley will appear live by satellite on 'Rove Live' (Tuesday 30 August) in Australia. Priscilla's original appearance a few weeks ago was postponed. (News, Source: EIN)

Aussie chart update: This week, Elvis By The Presleys has "left the building", or rather exited the ARIA Top 40 Music DVD chart in Australia. (News, Source: ARIA)


Saturday 27 August 2005
Special Radio DJ edition of Elvis by the Presleys from Taiwan: This promo CD is super rare. It has 14 tracks including: Always On My Mind, Don't Cry Daddy, The Impossible Dream, Can't Help Falling In Love, You'll Never Walk Alone, Never Ending a.o. This is impossible to find unless you know someone who works in one of the radio stations in the Far East. (News, Source: Aaron King/FECC)

Elvis on Screen (Book Review): EIN takes a peek inside the latest photo book from Japan. How does it measure up against some of its famous predecessors from the 'Land of the Rising Sun'? (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Latest celebrity to visit Graceland: Michele Lee visited Graceland on 18 August. She is in Memphis this week headlining an engagement of the stage musical Hello Dolly! at the Orpheum. Michele is best remembered for her starring role on the long running night time soap, Knots Landing. (News, Source: EPE)

Memphis Symphony's Elvis Birthday Pops tickets on sale: Tickets are on sale now for the Memphis Symphony's January 7th Elvis Birthday Pops concert. Below is the updated listing as found in the EP Birthday events calendar. Also note that on March 25 Priscilla Presley will appear with the Memphis Symphony to narrate their presentation of Peter and the Wolf. (News, Source: EPE)

A "funny" bonus for The Comeback Single Disc DVD edition: At the Elvis Insiders Conference during Elvis Week in Memphis this month EPE showed a "funny reel". This was made for the Regal Theatres screenings of '68 in America last year that promoted the release of '68 and Aloha DVD box sets EPE did a 6-minute collage of funny moments from the production of the '68 Special. This "funny reel" was put together after the DVDs were finished and was specifically for the Regal Theatre screenings, but EPE has been streaming it in the mulitmeida gallery on their ElvisDVDs.com ('68/Aloha) site ever since.

Todd Morgan further informed us that for the '68 single-disc DVD release (expected next year, but no specific date is determined) EPE is including as a DVD extra an expanded version of this funny reel, which they have already put together. For fun they showed it at the Elvis Insiders Conference during Elvis Week in Memphis this month.

Details of the all the '68 and Aloha single-disc content will be announced when all details are absolutely confirmed and will not change. The funny reel for the '68 disc is a certainty, so we felt comfortable sharing it at the Elvis Insiders Conference. (News, Source: EPE/Elvis News)

Elvis Unlimited Sweden on the move: On September 3rd Elvis Unlimited will have a grand opening of their new shop in Gothenburg, invited to cut the ribbon is Sam Thompson who will also have a talkshow during the day and share memories from his time with Elvis (72-77). Elvis Unlimited wants to take Elvis Unlimited Sweden to a new level and the move to Gothenburg was the first step says the staff of Elvis Unlimited. Björn Axelsson who´s been running things in Sweden will due to family oriented reasons hand things over to Mikael Andersson from Gothenburg. The opening on the 3rd will take place between 10am - 3pm.

New address and phone number from September 1 will be:

Elvis Unlimited
Teatergatan 15
411 35 Gothenburg

Tel. +46-522 18 28 28
Mail elvisunlimited@telia.com
Web www.elvisunlimited.se
Source: Elvis Unlimited Sweden  (News, Source: Elvis News)


Friday 26 August 2005
Aussie CD releases update: Sony BMG Australia will release the Elvis 18 #1's boxset on 23 October. The set will have a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of A$129.99. Also for release that day is the 3CD boxset, Hitstory, complete with a special fold-out Elvis poster booklet. The RRP is A$39.99. Due to a change in the cover artwork, the latest Elvis yuletide CD, Christmas Wishes RRP A$19.99 (see below), will not be released until the second week of November. (News, Source: Sony BMG Australia)

"Christmas Wishes" track listing: The track listing for the upcoming 14 track BMG Elvis yuletide release is: White Christmas/Santa Claus Is Back In Town/Silent Night/O Come All Ye Faithful/Silver Bells/It Wont Seem Like Christmas (Without You)/O Little Of Blethlehem/First Noel/Crying In The Chapel/In My Fathers House/Amazing Grace/How Great Thou Art/His Hand In Mine/An Evening Prayer. EIN note: Cover artwork will change. (News, Source: Sony BMG Australia)

Single disc Aloha & '68 Comeback Special DVD update: As we reported earlier, the single disc DVD editions of Aloha & '68 Comeback Special have been put on hold in Australia. Sony BMG has told EIN that the two releases are now not expected to be out until 2006. The RRP for both discs will be A$29.99. (News, Source: Sony BMG Australia)

The King's Ransom comes to New York: Cover band Abbey Road of Utica will be a counterpoint this year to the New York State Fair's new exhibit "The King's Ransom - Elvis Presley Museum." The exhibit features more than 200 of Presley's personal treasures, fair Marketing Director Joseph LaGuardia said. Abbey Road, a band that plays No. 1 musical hits from the past, will play songs from the King. "There's definitely some Elvis stuff," said Steve Falvo, one of three Abbey Road members. "We play other teen idols, like Ricky Nelson and the Beatles."

This is Falvo's fourth year performing at the fair, which starts Thursday and runs through Monday, Sept. 5. He said he loves it. "Thousands of people see you," Falvo said. "It's a great opportunity for new jobs." Abbey Road will perform at noon and 2 p.m. Monday, Sept. 5, at the Pizza Hut Center Stage. LaGuardia said the public will enjoy this year's fair as much as ever. Old favorites include the international horse show and wine tasting exhibits. Besides the Elvis exhibit, new attractions include the interactive SportsFest. This year's theme is "It's Fun Unlimited!" (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Content and quality of Elvis On Tour Outtakes: Sasmes posted this interesting message on the FECC board, "Visited a friend of mine the other night and watched the EOT outtakes DVD. This is the two-disc set that has been discussed the last months and that the English fan club is promoting. At first – this is not a threat to a professional release of On Tour with outtakes. The footage is apparently a copy of workprints of the on tour outtakes and the footage has not been “light edited”. This means that the footage sometimes is to bright and sometimes too dark. In TTWII SE workprints were used on “Merry Christmas baby” even though they were enchanced. Non enchanced workprints are we talking about. On some of the footage there is a clock running in the bottom of the picture, apparently for editing purposes. On most songs the picture disappears sometimes.

The sound is probably from a “giraffe microphone” used for the sound-sync. At least for the rehearsals, I do not think that the sound is from the mixing console. The sound on the rehearsal footage is therefore not very good. Said this, it is still very good quality and astonishing to watch – at least as exciting as when I first saw “The lost performances” back in -92. When disc one ended, me and my friend decided to wait with disc two, since we by the had had some drinks.
The content on disc one is: 1. Johnny B. Good rehearsal – Elvis wearing headphones, glasses and the red shirt with white top seen in “On tour”/2. Separate Ways rehearsal, same rehearsal and clothing as 1, the version from “On tour”, but this is the whole song and the TCB band is not “tight” at the end of the song/3. Proud Mary rehearsal, Elvis wearing the blue shirt that can be seen in the gospel jam section in “On tour”. However here he is wearing a blue jacket also. The sound is worse on this than on the rest of the songs. Ronny Tutt is wearing a fantastic western shirt/4. Big hunk of love – same rehearsal as 3, not the whole song/5. Big hunk of love – same rehearsal as 3-4, not the whole song/6. Big hunk of love – same rehearsal as 3-5, complete song, close-ups of Ronny Tutt/7. Burning love – same rehearsal as 3-6 but now without the blue jacket and you can see him wearing the golden belt he received from the International hotel. This is a good version, the tempo is the same as on the recorded version, he did it much faster live. Elvis moves around a lot and seems to like the song. He talks about the ending and where to start the hunka-hunka thing/8. Burning love, same rehearsal as 3-8, same tempo as 7, still problems with the ending/9. Burning love, same rehearsal as 3-8, still problems with the ending/10. Burning love, same rehearsal as 3-9, Elvis tries to fade the band at the ending, directing the stamps/11. I John, this is the footage used in “On tour”, but it is the complete song and other angles, the picture seems “larger”/

12. Interview, black and white. This is a real gem where Elvis close-up talks about music, opera, Spanish music, the diffifuslties to unwind after a performance, the “two shows a night” section is here but is complete. Elvis also talks about how he gets going on the rehearsals and how the band changes the music all the time which inspires him. Someone is telling Elvis about what they want to achieve with the film. Hamburger James helps Elvis to put on the jacket. Elvis is very, very cool in this section/13. Burning love rehearsal – only the band, someone is singing lead (C.Hodge?)/14. Burning love rehearsal – Elvis in Criss-cross jacket that was seen in “On tour”. I think this is from the rehearsal in Buffalo, must be in the beginning of the rehearsal as Elvis hair is very combed and it seems like he has to get “the motor running”/15. In the limo in Jacksonville, white pyramid suit, the “buried in a beaver” conversation seen in this is Elvis but a little longer/16. Backstage Jacksonville, pours water on Lamar Fike and dries him afterwards. I think I saw Sam Thompson?/17. Elvis in front of a mirror tying an enormous tie with Elvisbadges on. He sais: I was good at this in the service. George Parkhill presents Elvis with gold records for MSG and The wonder of you. This must be in Vegas. Elvis says “this one came out fast” about MSG/18. Backstage white pyramid/19. Some guy talks about Elvis in Tahoe, this maybe Tahoe, but Elvis was not there in -72. Could it have been shot in the fall of -71?/20. A small girl comes into a trailer that seems to be Elvis’ dressing room. He is wearing a white suit which I can´t rcall the name of. Seems like it is recorded on tour, but where/21. Cattle call, short snippet from rehearsal with the blue shirt. Joe Esposito can be seen filming/22. For the good times (just sound), backstage in red lion suit, pictures from seems to be a hotel room and from the lobby in Vegas. (News, Source: Sasmes, FECC)

Thursday 25 August 2005......watch "Elvis Vigilcast 2005" live on your pc

Sensational Elvis Week 2005 photo archives: EIN's roving reporter Sanja Meegin has created a photograph album featuring 78 fabulous images from Elvis Week 2005. Make sure you check out the sensational close-up shots of Elvis' suits, as well as views from Graceland and also the Insider's Conference. (Spotlight, Source EIN Sanja Meegin)

October FTD news update: Ernst Jorgensen's hospitalisation for Lyme's Disease has, as expected, affected upcoming FTD releases. Only Summer Festival will now be released in October. Loving You and Something For Everybody have been postponed to a later date. (News, Source: Elvis Australia )

Special Radio DJ Edition of ELVIS By The Presley from Taiwan: This Promotional CD is super rare. It has 14 tracks including: Always On My Mind, Don't Cry Daddy, The Impossible Dream, Can't Help Falling In Love, You'll Never Walk Alone, Never Ending a.o. This is impossible to find unless you know someone in the Radio Stations in the Far East. Happy hunting anyway. (News, Source: Aaron King/FECC)

A funny thing happened on the way to the conference: At the Elvis Insiders Conference during Elvis Week in Memphis this month EPE showed a "funny reel". This was made for the Regal Theatres screenings of '68 in America last year that promoted the release of '68 and Aloha DVD box sets EPE did a 6-minute collage of funny moments from the production of the '68 Special. This "funny reel" was put together after the DVDs were finished and was specifically for the Regal Theatre screenings, but EPE has been streaming it in the mulitmedia gallery on their ElvisDVDs.com ('68/Aloha) site ever since.

Todd Morgan further informed us that for the '68 single-disc DVD release (expected next year, but no specific date is determined) EPE is including as a DVD extra an expanded version of this funny reel, which they have already put together. For fun they showed it at the Elvis Insiders Conference during Elvis Week in Memphis this month. Details of the all the '68 and Aloha single-disc content will be announced when all details are absolutely confirmed and will not change. The funny reel for the '68 disc is a certainty, so we felt comfortable sharing it at the Elvis Insiders Conference. (News, Source: EPE/Elvis News)

Tribute show coming to Herts in the UK: The Elvis Collection is coming to the Gordon Craig on Saturday, September 3. This time Elvis takes to the stage courtesy of Billy J McGregor and his 12-piece band. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: Stevenage Herald)

Latest celebrity to tour Graceland: Actress Michele Lee toured Graceland on 18 August. She is in Memphis this week headlining an engagement of the stage musical Hello Dolly! at the Orpheum. Michele is best known for her starring role in the long running soap, Knots Landing. (News, Source: EPE)

"The King's Ransom" comes to New York: Cover band Abbey Road of Utica will be a counterpoint this year to the New York State Fair's new exhibit "The King's Ransom - Elvis Presley Museum." The exhibit features more than 200 of Presley's personal treasures, fair Marketing Director Joseph LaGuardia said. Abbey Road, a band that plays No. 1 musical hits from the past, will play songs from the King. "There's definitely some Elvis stuff," said Steve Falvo, one of three Abbey Road members. "We play other teen idols, like Ricky Nelson and the Beatles."

This is Falvo's fourth year performing at the fair, which starts Thursday and runs through Monday, Sept. 5. He said he loves it. "Thousands of people see you," Falvo said. "It's a great opportunity for new jobs." Abbey Road will perform at noon and 2 p.m. Monday, Sept. 5, at the Pizza Hut Center Stage. LaGuardia said the public will enjoy this year's fair as much as ever. Old favorites include the international horse show and wine tasting exhibits. Besides the Elvis exhibit, new attractions include the interactive SportsFest. This year's theme is "It's Fun Unlimited!" (News, Source: Observer-Dispatch/Sanja Meegin)

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Elvis' pelvis part of rock star Frankenstein: Spin magazine has built a veritable rock star Frankenstein, composed of Michael Stipe's skull, Elvis' pelvis and Madonna's bellybutton. Spin charts the 25 "most incredible" rock star body parts in its September issue, now on newsstands. Madonna's navel tops the list. "It's what first marked her as a mainstream provocateur," senior Spin writer Marc Spitz writes. At No. 2 is the liver of Rolling Stones'   Keith Richards, which is so durable, Spitz writes, that "when Richards finally passes, they'll line the exterior of the space shuttle with his liver tissue." REM singer Michael Stipe's oft-shaved skull comes in third, due to a hairline that's "not too high like Moby's or too low" like  Sinead O'Connor's. Other body parts include Presley's hip-shaking pelvis, Gene Simmons' tongue, Tina Turner's legs, 50 Cent's chest, Bruce Springsteen's butt and Tommy Lee's — well, you know, it's that body part below the waist. (News, Source: AP/Sanja Meegin)

James Burton immortalised by bronze statue: He has played with rockers Elvis Presley, Dale Hawkins and Rick Nelson, with John Denver and with Elvis Costello. He was one of the first two sidemen inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Now a bronze statue of a younger James Burton - he turned 66 on Sunday, as his new James Burton International Guitar Festival wound up in his home town - stands with a statue of Elvis outside the Municipal Memorial Auditorium, where both performed.
"Yeah, it looks like me," he said, smiling. "The attitude. The smile. The clothes and the guitar." The bronze guitar bears a paisley print, and Burton is keeping time with the back of his left heel. Eric Kaposta, who also made the Elvis statue, said he used old photographs for the likeness, which shows Burton between his late 20s and early 30s.

Burton was considerably younger when he first played the Municipal Auditorium, in the mid-1950s. "I was 14 years old playing on that stage there," he said, gesturing toward the auditorium. "I think of the friends I've known here and played with. It's an honor." Jeff Cook, lead guitarist for the band Alabama and now his own band, Jeff Cook & the Allstar Goodtime Band, said Burton helped influence his style.

Cook was among performers in the festival's highlight, a sellout concert Saturday night in the Municipal Auditorium. Others included Brad Paisley, Steve Wariner, Dr. John, and Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, sons of the late Rick Nelson. Actor Steven Seagal, who dabbles in music and has collaborated with Burton, was the only previously announced performer who didn't show. The three-day festival also included a trade show, clinics and outdoor performances. It was created to raise money for the James Burton Foundation, dedicated to providing musical scholarships and instruments to children and young adults.

It drew fans from as far as Hawaii, Tokyo, Denmark, Belgium and Australia, including a Scandinavian tour group of 27. Cars in the parking lot sported license plates from Kentucky, Oklahoma, Alabama and New Mexico. "James has always been a guitar hero. And I've always felt he was a little ahead of his time," Cook said. (News, Source: AP)

Share "Elvis" tracks online: Online music fans will for the first time be able to legally share tracks by big names such as Oasis, Beyonce, David Bowie and Elvis Presley after the artists' record label signed a ground-breaking deal with a new internet service provider. In what some see as signalling a dramatic shift in the way consumers buy music, the provider, Playlouder, has licensed acts from SonyBMG, the world's second largest record label, and is confident that the other two big record labels, Universal and EMI, will follow suit. (News, Source: Guardian Unlimited)

"Elvis" - symbol of freedom of consumer revolution or power based decision?: In a stimulating article for Wired News, Momus looks at some weighty issues which, at least in part, involve The King. For instance, was McCaffery right that consumers could create a grass-roots revolution (for instance, rock 'n' roll) by buying what they wanted (for instance, Elvis records)? Or was Galbraith right to say that freedom of choice was mostly illusory, dictated by decisions made by producers, distributors, retailers, advertisers and authority? (Spotlight/News, Source: Momus, Wired News)

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The importance of being Elvis: Film critic, John Ervin, looks at how Elvis has been portrayed on the big and small screen. (Source: Elites TV/Sanja Meegin, 22 Aug 2005)

Elvis' granddaughter is in the house: Riley Keough is not your average 16-year-old. Other teens might earn summer cash by folding T-shirts at the Gap. Elvis Presley's granddaughter, meanwhile, is the face of Christian Dior's Miss Dior Chérie perfume. The scent, which was launched this summer and retails for $65 and $85 at Saks Fifth Avenue, counts Julia Stiles, Emmy Rosum amd Marcia Cross among its fans. And it has Riley's face on the poster. Seeing her face staring back at her in magazines is "a little weird, but it's cool, too," Riley says.. The teenager is a veteran in front of the camera. She appeared in a Vogue cover with her mom, For now, Riley says, she's just enjoying the ride and not making future plans - including following her family's musical legacy (dad Danny Keough - pronounced KEE-o - is also a musician) by releasing her own album.
She says, "I was lucky. I got this amazing opportunity so young, but I have lots of things I want to try and want to pursue, and I guess, lots of things yet to learn." She already has mastered the catwalk, making her runway debut for designers Dolce & Gabbana in Milan in February 2004. A month earlier, she had hooked up with Dior. "I remember my mom said they wanted me to do the campaign," Riley says. "They invited me to come and see the couture show, in January 2004, and then we shot the first campaign right after."
That's the only reference allowed to Lisa Marie, who is eschewing attention because she wants the spotlight squarely on her daughter. When she's not modeling, Riley says, she keeps it simple: "During the week, I don't really wear makeup. On the weekends or going out, I wear some mascara and lip gloss, but I keep it fairly natural." Her earliest makeup memory? "Probably when I was 11. My friends and I were into lip glosses, the kind you buy in the drugstore. I went through a phase when I would go a little crazy with the pressed powder." (News, Source: USA Today)
'Citizen Elvis' has been born: 'The irony of Eric Devlin's situation has not escaped him. By day: mild-mannered, tie-wearing, law-abiding employee at a respected mutual fund firm in Charlestown. By night: the tattooed artist behind ''Citizen Elvis," a comic that details the bloody doings of a past-prime, vigilante King of rock 'n' roll. The circumstances are such, Devlin knows, that with the addition of a pair of eyeglasses and a red cape, things could go all Clark Kent on him, and very fast.'I've got two jobs, basically," he says. ''Someday -- maybe -- I'll get around to drawing a comic about my own life."
As is, he's got plenty of material to work with. Devlin, 24, and writer Eric Robinson, 28, form the creative team behind Acronym Comics, a Boston publisher that produces a handful of popular books ranging in content from the strange to the inane. (''The three things I hate the most," Elvis confides to the reader during an attack by parachuting ninjas, ''[are] parachuting, Elvis impersonators, and ninjas.")
Here's the rub: These comics, like an increasing number of other local titles being self-published by independent artists and writers, are homegrown products. From initial conception to first storyboard to the fully rendered final version, the Acronym team controls the entire creative process -- for better or for worse. ''We work, basically, only in intense bursts of energy," says Robinson. The pair both have full-time jobs, are rarely able to meet in person -- they correspond mostly by telephone and e-mail -- and finishing a single comic can be a considerable undertaking.
''From pencil to ink, the first book probably took three months to finish -- and the storyboards were already finished," Robinson added. Devlin and Robinson met in early 2003, after Robinson posted an ad on craigslist.com for a comic book artist. A graduate of Ithaca College in New York, Robinson, who had already prepared the initial script for the first ''Citizen Elvis," found the perfect complement to his writing in Devlin's artwork, which is wiry in form but surprisingly emotive. They spoke briefly by e-mail that year before meeting to exchange storyboards and concept art. Weeks later, Acronym Comics was born. (News, Source: Boston Globe)
Impersonators of all ages wow 1,000 fans at Gimli's Elvis Fest: It wasn’t the biggest Elvis festival ever held, but you could still get poked in the eye with a sideburn if you weren’t careful. Close to 1,000 fans packed the Gimli Recreational Complex on Saturday night to see 20 Elvis Presley impersonators show off their sequined jumpsuits and gyrate their hips in the town’s fourth annual Elvis Fest. The youngest impersonator was just four years old. Named Presley, the boy is the son of the festival’s co-organizer, Marsha Tarnowski. His name is fitting, considering she met her Elvis-impersonating husband at a similar festival in Ontario. The oldest impersonator at the weekend event was 60. The Gimli festival was timed to be close to Aug. 16, the day in 1977 when Elvis Presley died.

‘‘We drove eight hours from Thompson so my mom could come and see this,’’ said Adele Sweeny, a 32-year-old nurse who had her seven-year-old daughter in tow. ‘‘We picked a campground off the Internet and came down here. We love the big hoopla that surrounds Elvis.’’ Dave Greene, a 47-year-old Elvis impersonator who was at the festival, said his day job is driving a truck at a Moosehorn rock quarry. But he said his passion is squeezing into a rhinestoned outfit and belting out hits like Are You Lonesome Tonight? ‘‘The best part of this is the ability to make people laugh and make them bawl,’’ Greene said. ‘‘I was singing at a Wal-Mart, which I know is a strange venue, but this 60-year-old woman started crying when I was singing.’’ ‘‘I just held her through the whole song.’’ (News/Almost Elvis, Source: The Brandon Sun)

ELVIS' TUPELO THEN...AND NOW: The fairground where Elvis tore up the audience in 1956 and 1957 is gone, but a 14-year-old who sat in the front row at the first show -- Wynette Pugh -- was inspired to great things. She became country legend Tammy Wynette.


• At the Tupelo visitors center, 399 E. Main St., you can get a map showing a driving tour of nine sites associated with him. The map has errors: Driving around the area to find the monuments can be a hassle. Good news: The center will give you a coupon good for free admission to the Elvis Birthplace (you'll still have to pay to see the museum).

• Tupelo historian Roy Turner is finishing up a documentary about Elvis' triumphant '56 return to Tupelo. He hopes to have "Homecoming" ready for release next spring.

• Eat at Johnnie's Drive In, on East Main in East Tupelo. Little Elvis used to go there with his friends. There's a historical marker on the site. If you're part of the chain gang, the McDonald's at 372 S. Gloster St. has an Elvis theme.

• Roy Turner's wife, Debbie, just opened Hound Dog Cafe at 1439 E. Main St., in East Tupelo (inside Bishop's Flowers & Gifts). The menu includes EP's fave: fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Check the decor, which includes items from Roy's collection.

• Elvis' Birthplace: 306 Elvis Presley Drive, Tupelo, Miss. Cost: $7 for home/museum; $6 for museum only; $2.50 for home only; home/museum admission for ages 7-12 is $3.50. Chapel/grounds free. Hours: 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Details: (662) 841-1245; elvispresleybirthplace.com.

• Info about Tupelo: Convention and Visitors Bureau, 399 E. Main St., Tupelo; (800) 533-0611, toll-free; http://tupelo.net. Stop by to get birthplace directions, a coupon for free admission to the birthplace home, and a fan with Elvis' 1950s likeness on it. "It's for Elvis fans," they say. (News, Source: Duluth News Tribune)

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Melbourne’s ‘Elvis Rock'n'Roll Dance’ - a sell-out success: Saturday’s ‘Elvis Rock'n'Roll Dance’, at Kingston Town Hall in Moorabbin, was a sell-out success! The scene was wonderfully set with plenty of Cadillacs, chevies & various classic cars parked out front, while inside the Town Hall was packed with around 700 Elvis fans celebrating his life. The night featured three fine Australian Elvis tribute artists, including Mark Andrew (right). Mark Andrew will also be performing this Friday 26th at The Grand Star, Melbourne, Australia. (News/Almost Source: EIN. Sanja Meegin)

Elvis for sale...there's nothing to it, really: WE'VE said it before and we'll say it again, eBay really is a magnet for freaks. The latest offering an Eye reader from Deniliquin unearthed was from some delusional fellow who tried to sell an Elvis Presley air guitar. "Elvis was last seen using this air guitar for a private performance just days before he died," the advertisement went. "This air guitar is in mint condition . . . never again will you see an offer like this." The owner, who said he was regrettably selling because he was moving, kindly offered to ship the post pack filled with air to anywhere in the world. Not surprisingly, his treasure didn't get any bids. And the clincher. He withdrew the sale early because the item was broken or lost. Well, it would be tricky not losing nothing, wouldn't it? (News/Odd Spot, Source: eBay/Sanja Meegin)

Lisa Marie Presley (LMP) on Oprah: On August 22 and 23 in the US, the two episodes of Oprah with LMP will be re-broadcast. (News, Source: Lisa Presley site)

New Elvis remixes or not???: We reported it, then Elvis News was told by EPE that it wasn't true, and now the messageboards are buzzing with claims Joe Dimuro was on TV (but not at the Elvis Insiders Conference at Elvis Week as we originally reported). This posting by Lakeisha on the FECC Board nicely captures the argument: 'They claim that the rumored remixes are a "hoax". They say that Dimuro didn't speak about the rumored planned remixes. But he did because I saw it with my own eyes and ears on the news and heard him specifically say "we are aiming at mainstream listeners with dance re-mixes and a contemporary track for top 40 radio.' See 19 & 21 August for earlier reports. (News, Source: FECC)

More on Joe DiMuro: Strategic Marketing Group — simply titled Elvis Content Management. Aside from DiMuro's initial Presley compilation at RCA records, he helped create "Love Elvis," a special Valentine's Day DRTV special and "Elvis by the Presley's," a soundtrack to the CBS network special SonyBMG co-produced and aired in May. He ran a three-week campaign with three different spots promoting the CD and DVD package offer. Although no definite plans are set, Pearson and DiMuro are discussing prospects for creating an infomercial sometime next year. A possibility is a half-hour show hosted by someone in the Presley family and offering a unit catalog box set. It could include some unique, high-ticketed item — either audio or audiovisual — that would not be available at retail.

"I've done a 50-CD box set on Elvis," says DiMuro. "That could be a $500 ticket that could only reside vis-E0-vis the infomercial and then when we bring it to retail maybe we could break that down a bit, mark it down, cut it down and maybe come up with four or five different packages." Pearson agrees that Presley would be a likely candidate for an infomercial project but says that other artists with a large enough catalog of material might also be considered. "I think we're early in the process. I think we'll get a project done," Pearson says. "I don't think that we're going to produce an infomercial or multiple infomercials just to be in that space. I think the goal is if we have the right product and the right project, then go from there and find the best way to sell it." (News, Source: Response Magazine)  

Aussie chart update: On this week's ARIA Music DVD Top 40 Chart, 'Elvis By The Presleys' held steady at #28 after 10 weeks in the chart. (News, Source: ARIA)

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No "new" remixes after all: According To Elvis News, EPE has advised that despite earlier reports (see 19 August 2005), "Joe DiMuro did not come to Memphis for Elvis Week this year. Roger Semon made a presentation at the Elvis Insiders Conference, but there was no mention of remixes. There is no remix project on the agenda at the moment. The remix announcement circulating on fan sites appears to be a hoax, a fabrication." This advice is consistent with the BMG line following the relative failure of Rubberneckin'. EIN comment: EIN believes the BMG view is potentially shortsighted, as it is imperative the Elvis legacy be promoted to the youth market, and contemporary remixes of Elvis recordings should be one element of an integrated strategy. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Woman shares her passion for 'The King' during Elvis week: Mary Sorgee was one of those teenage girls who screeched and swooned at the sight of the king of rock 'n' roll. She fell in love with Elvis Presley's swinging hips and his sideburns when she was in high school. And at 72, Sorgee still gets weak in the knees when she watches "Blue Hawaii." "He's so darn good-looking," she said. "Any way you look at him."

Sorgee's love for Elvis may seem like borderline obsession to those who visit her apartment in Lake Charles, but Sorgee says she's just a devoted fan, faithful to the man who brought music and dance into her life. "What's not to like?" she said, eyeing her apartment walls, filled with Elvis plates, posters and records. Sorgee started collecting Elvis memorabilia in her teens "little by little," she said. Through the years, she and her husband traveled to Memphis, Tenn., eight times, bringing home a carload of commemorative plaques, bells, teacups, trinkets and teddy bears on each trip. She says has never counted the items in her collection. There are boxes under her bed - which is draped with an Elvis comforter - and in her bathroom. "They just don't make these rooms big enough," she said.

Her favorites, she said, are her music boxes. All play Elvis tunes. Sorgee lent her Elvis music to apartment complex staff members, who threw an Elvis party for residents in recognition of National Elvis Week, held Aug. 10-18. Sorgee wore an Elvis T-shirt and won a life-size cardboard Elvis cutout, which now has a special home in the corner "right where I can see him," she said. Sorgee loves to tell Elvis stories. She shares one about her husband, who stayed in a Beaumont, Texas, hotel room next to Elvis and his band one night. She said Elvis was up all night strumming and singing. Her husband knocked on the door and asked him to keep it down. "I said, 'I can't believe you said that to Elvis. Nobody tells Elvis what to do,'" Sorgee recalled.

She continues to collect Elvis things, and even cuts out newspaper clippings about him. "It would be hard to get rid of any of it," she said. Sorgee wonders what Elvis would look like if he were still alive. She's hung onto a magazine picture that shows one artist's idea of how Elvis would have aged. "I think if he hadn't have let himself go and if he would have been in better health, I think he would still be playing," she said. "There never was anyone like him, and I don't think there ever will be." (News, Source: Associated Press)

Elvis Stamp on tour: Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Louis Armstrong are coming to Durham Western Heritage Museum. They're part of the new exhibit "Art of the Stamp," featuring 100 original artworks used to create postage stamps. The exhibit opens Saturday and continues through Nov. 13. The art ranges from portraits of Woody Guthrie, Joe Louis, Billie Holiday and George Washington to illustrations of dinosaurs, trains, planes and automobiles. The earliest stamp in the exhibit is Norman Rockwell's 1960 salute to the Boy Scouts of America. The most recent, from 2003, is Michael Deas' portrait of Audrey Hepburn. The Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service organized the exhibit. The show is free with regular museum admission: $6, adult; $5, senior (62 and older); $4, child age 3 to 12; and free for members and children age 2 and younger. The museum, 801 S. 10th St., is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Information: www.dwhm.org and 444-5071. (News, Source: Omaha World-Herald)

Respect for The King: ELVIS impersonators have been warned to stay away from the King's ancestral home in Scotland on the 28th anniversary of his death. Die-hard followers of Presley do not want the occasion this weekend turned into a laughing stock. The village of Lonmay, Aberdeenshire, is hosting an "E in the Park" event. But Ally Rose, of the official Aberdeen Elvis fan club, said: "Anyone who turns up in fancy dress will be asked to change. That's where the laughable image people have of Elvis comes from. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: Sunday Mail)

Is Elvis alive?: Bill Beeny, author of 'Elvis' DNA Proves He's Alive', was on MSNBC last night at 11 pm ET (the show called "Situations" took the place of "Tucker Carlson" show)...He maintained his stance that Elvis is still alive!  He says with the sale of EPE, Elvis has plenty of money now and no one would recognize him at 70 anyway!  He said he had access through his son who is a lawyer, in the 90's, to the autopsy report that was supposed to be "sealed until 2025," and that the DNA sample of Elvis in the 1970's do not match the fingertip DNA of the casket body.  He got the information from Dr. Sexton (who died in the 1980s). Bill Beeny's site is "www.ELVISDNA.com" (News/Elvis Conspiracy, Source: Carol Kent)

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The day The Beatles met Elvis: Sometimes the greatest art lies in recognising a unique opportunity. Doug Darroch, who runs Operation Big Beat based at mid-Mersey Fort Perch Rock, off New Brighton, has come up with another stunner ... It's an Elvis Meets The Beatles show to mark this month's 40th anniversary of the one time the King of Rock 'n' roll met the Fab Four. Says Doug: "I am unaware of anywhere else in the world which is marking the meeting of the two biggest legends in popular music. "The fact that it coincides with the Mathew Street Festival is an added bonus." Doug's show was inspired by his many meetings with Alf Bicknell, The Beatles' road manager from 1964 to 66. "Alf was actually present when Elvis Presley met The Beatles," says Doug.

"We can only imagine what the real thing might have been like. But we feel we have got it pretty close." Catch the show at: Theatre Royal, St Helens, August 26; Assembly Rooms, Birkenhead Town Hall, August 27. PS: Limited edition prints by 'fifth Beatle' Stuart Sutcliffe, go on show at Hope University's Cornerstone Gallery, Everton, next Friday. Some are for sale. Cornerstone has been given special rights to handle the Sutcliffe exhibition. (News, Source: Liverpool Daily Post)

Pre-orders taken for October FTD releases: EIN is now taking pre-orders for the next three FTD releases: Summer Festival '72 (soundboard of Elvis' Las Vegas dinner show on 11 August 1972); Something For Everybody and Loving You (extended deluxe soundtrack). (News, Source: EIN)

Elvis the robot cat: Elvis the cat was involved in a tragic accident with a truck and lost the use of it’s rear legs, so Carlo Bertocchini developed a ‘robot platform’ to give it back mobility. The hard part was apparently teaching the cat to use the 2 button control, but the feline now has the hang of it, as can be seen evidentally from the video. (News/Odd Spot, Source: GadgetSpy)

Canadian Idol - The Music of Elvis Presley: Next weekend (August 30-31), the Canadian Idol Top Four travel to Graceland to visit one of the most sacred shrines in music in preparation for the following week’s Elvis homage. While in Memphis, the Final Four will also rehearse and workshop at the legendary Sun Studio, the birthplace of Rock and Roll. On Tuesday, they perform two songs each by The King. On Wednesday’s Results Show (Aug. 31), Canadian Idol runner-up Theresa Sokyrka makes a special guest appearance and performs a song from her Gold-selling debut CD 'These Old Charms'. (News, Source: channelcanada.com)

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BMG looking at new Elvis "remixes" for younger market: Joe Dimuro of BMG/SONY told the Elvis Insiders/Round table discussion at Graceland during Elvis Week that BMG was looking at releasing some new Elvis remixes for the younger generation. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

New Elvis book: Publications International in the US has released a new book about The King. Written by Richard Buskin, the title is The Private Life of Elvis. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk/Elvis World #77)

Sonny West to write series of Elvis books: Reportedly the publisher interested in Sonny West's current manuscript (being written with Marshall Terrill) wants Sonny to pen a series of books about his time with Elvis. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk/Elvis World #77)

Jim Curtin Collection Auction update: As reported by Sanja Meegin on 17 August, "superfan" Jim 'E' Curtin is auctioning his entire Elvis collection. The auction will take place on October 29 & 30 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Beverly Hills, California. The Curtin Collection includes over 25,000 photographs of Elvis, original SUN and RCA albums and Elvis-worn scarves, belts and buckles. Click to view the auction flyer (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Turner/MGM DVDs update: According a posting by Mystery Train on the FECCmessageboard, at the "Insider's Conference" during Elvis Week, Tom Brown from Turner Enterprises provided an update on the 6 DVDs announced last year for release in January 2005. Brown said they all have been mastered and are ready, but there are legal problems with a couple of songs. He knew of no date for release, but indicated they will be released. The six DVDs are: Kissin' Cousins; Girl Happy; Tickle Me; Stay Away, Joe; Charro; This Is Elvis (extended version). (News, Source: Mystery Train/FECC messageboard)

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Elvis & Me (DVD review): While the 1988 TV mini-series based on Priscilla's best selling memoir is yet to see an official DVD release, unofficial copies are available. EIN revisits a series fans either loved or hated, discovering that in 2005 maybe it deserves a second look. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

'Making of Elvis On Tour' DVD removed from ebay?: There is a claim on the alt.elvis.king messageboard that ebay management removed listings for The Making of Elvis On Tour (MEOT) 2DVD after the Turner organisation (EOT copyright owners) asked ebay to be on the look out for it.  We're not sure what to make of this claim as we have been watching ebay listings for MEOT and at least four have sold in the past few days (with another six listed!) for an average of 40 pounds.  (News, Source: EIN)

Graduate on Elvis: In Portugal, 12th degree students must do final exams to graduate from high school and apply for university. This year's English exam had two parts and the first one was all about Elvis. Both parts worth the total of 200 points. Elvis's part alone was worth 120 points. This is the first part of the exam:

Read the following text:


Vernon and Gladys' happy, if dirt-poor existence came to an abrupt end in 1938, when Vernon, to his lasting shame, was caught forging a $4 check and sent off to prison. Unable to make ends meet, Gladys lost the house and moved in with relatives, who later recalled that she and Elvis were devastated by Vernon's absence. Elvis would sit on the porch "crying his eyes out because his daddy was way", one remembered. And Gladys, a friend said, "had always been lively, but after [Vernon] went to prison, she was awful nervous".

Even after being reunited eight months later, Elvis, Gladys and Vernon all experienced sleepwalking episodes - os "action nightmares", in one cousin's colourful Southern parlance. Salvation was found where it was sought, at the Assembly of God services. His parentes may have gone for spiritual inspiration, but for young Presley, the fascination was always with the music. As Gladys recalled, "He would slide down off my lap, run into the aisle and scramble up to the platform. There he would stand looking at the choir and trying to sing with them."
Presley's vocal talent was in evidence at an early age. Not only would he sing along with the congregation, but sometimes he'd join his parents in the church choir.

"It was a small church, so you couldn't sing too loud", he commented in a 1965 interview. But he didn't have to pipe down outside the church. By age 10, he had grown bold enough to enter a talent contest at Tupelo's annual Mississipi Alabama Fair and Dairy Show. Broadcast live by a local radio station, that performance of the tearjerker "Old Shep" marked Elvis Presley's public singing debut. For his next birthday, his parents bought him a guitar, even though he had asked for a bicycle. Gladys reasoned with him: "Son, wouldn't you rather have the guitar? It would help you with your singing, and everyone does enjoy hearing you sing."
(TV Guide, Special Collector's Edition, This Is Elvis, 3 September, 2002 - adapted)

1. Justify the title of the text above
2. Explain the meaning of the following expressions in this context:
2.1. "to make ends meet"
2.2. "crying his eyes out"
2.3. "he didn't have to pipe down outside the church"
3. Comment on the role Elvis' parents played in his career.
4. Justify the use of inverted commas around "action nightmares".
5. Account for the use of the form "awful", rather than "awfully", as it occurs in line 7.
6. Change the final section (from "Gladys.") into indirect speech.
7. Relate the dates 1938 and 1965 to the origin of rock'n'roll as a post-war phenomenon.

Use between 70 and 100 words. (News, Source: Source: Burning Star) 

New "unofficial" release: The label Mystery Train which originally produced ''When All Was Kool'' will release a CD titled ''All That I Am'' next month. This CD will mostly contain interviews recorded in March 1972 and July 1972. About 45 minutes of these interviews are unreleased and should interest fans. Hear Elvis in a very relaxed and candid atmosphere talking about the early days, the army, the tours, his friends, Hollywood, driving a truck, sideburns and several other subjects. The CD will come with an extensive 20pp booklet. (News, Source: FECC)

Wednesday 17 August 2005......watch "Elvis Vigilcast 2005" live on your pc

Elvis rules on television: Our popular article examining Elvis' impact on the small screen has been updated. More than 40 entries have been added and a number of revisions made. (Spotlight Elvis, Source: EIN)

"Elvis Week 2005" last minute update: EIN's intrepid and (now) very tired roving reporter, Sanja Meegin, has logged in with her final report from Memphis. In the aftermath of the Candlelight Vigil Sanja's report includes big news that Jim Curtin is selling his enormous Elvis collection and the development plans for Graceland Plaza. (News/Elvis Week 2005, Source: EIN)

Rock & roll pioneer, Bo Diddley, bears grudge against Elvis: The following is from an interesting article recently published by Rolling Stone magazine: To use the word "influenced" is an understatement to describe the effect of (Bo) Diddley's first half-dozen singles and careening performances on rock music. In 1956, the Harlem newspaper the Amsterdam News, on first seeing Elvis Presley perform, claimed he had "copied Bo Diddley's style to the letter"; Buddy Holly borrowed Diddley's music for his biggest hit, "Not Fade Away" (some say Holly copped his horn-rimmed glasses from Diddley as well); the Stones, influenced as much by Diddley's guitar tremolo and tuning as his beat, recorded versions of "Not Fade Away" and Diddley's "Mona" for their early albums; the Grateful Dead covered Diddley and eventually played with him; De La Soul sampled his Seventies funk recordings; and everything from the Who's "Magic Bus" to U2's "Desire" to Bruce Springsteen's "She's the One" to George Michael's "Faith" is based on the ubiquitous Diddley beat.

"His chart successes may have been fewer than those of his contemporaries, but Diddley's innovations are now inextricably woven into the fabric of today's popular music," says George R. White, who wrote Diddley's only significant biography, Bo Diddley -- Living Legend. "The powerful amplification and driving rhythms he pioneered evolved into hard rock during the Sixties and continue to influence the heavy-metal bands of today. His clipped, string-scratching technique laid the foundations for funk. Jimi Hendrix picked up on his ideas. And, of course, the Bo Diddley beat itself is now probably the most famous beat in the world."

And according to Dick Taylor, "[The British Invasion] wouldn't have happened without Bo. When Bo Diddley's records came out, we'd try and copy them. We were great collectors of whatever we could find of his. It all seemed very glamorous, but we were quite surprised when we went to Chicago years afterward. Some of the people we thought were huge stars were living in pretty dire straits."

And perhaps that is why Diddley is still holding a grudge against Elvis Presley. Before he leaves his Manhattan hotel room, which is so small there is just enough space for a king-size bed and a small writing desk, Diddley recalls a television show he had seen that morning paying tribute to the pioneers of rock & roll.

"They started off with Elvis," Diddley says. He shakes his head sadly. "Elvis was not first. I was the first son of a gun out here: me and Chuck Berry. And I'm very sick of the lie. You know, we are over that black-and-white crap, and that was all the reason Elvis got the appreciation that he did. I'm the dude that he copied, and I'm not even mentioned." Diddley's voice grows louder and he gestures sharply at his chest, where the wounds have only grown deeper with time. "I'm still here -- seventy-six years old, feeling good and still working. But I don't know how much longer I can stand by and see somebody else get all the glory. I've been out here for fifty years, man, and I haven't ever seen a royalty check." (News, Source: Rolling Stone)

EPE's ElvisShop under fire: See See Rider posted this message on the FECC messageboard: "Folks, when I ordered the hardcover edition of Ernst Jorgensen's great book A Life In Music - The Complete Recording Sessions at the Official Elvis Online Store (http://www.shopelvis.com/shop.php) I was happy to have found this rare edition. The price of $34.99 seemed reasonable to me since I couldn't find the hardcover edition anywhere else. The offer disappeared from the website immediately after I had placed my order so I thought they didn't have another copy of it in stock and I was happy enough to get the last hardcover edition available!"

"What a disappointment when the book finally arrived today (badly packaged by the way for an international and oversea shipment) and it contained the softcover version that I already have. But folks, the best is yet to come: There's a price tag on the backside saying $18.99 with a new price tag stuck on this saying 34.99 $! LOL! The price at Amazon Germany is 18.50 EUR and $13.57(!) at Amazon.com. Almost one third of what the Elvis Online Store charges. I can't believe it. Advertised for the hardcover edition, couldn't deliver, didn't tell me a thing about it and made the replacement as expensive as the original article would have been. How impertinent is this, please??"
(News, Source: See See Rider, FECC)

Tens of thousands watch Candlelight Vigil "online": AOL's 'live' coverage of this year's Candlelight Vigil at Graceland was, by all accounts, a huge "viewing" success, with tens of thousands of fans around the world watching it on their computers and many more via the PBS TV stations showing it. The Vigil is archived by EPE and can be watched at any time. With guest celebrities, plenty of Elvis performances and the atmosphere of walking up to the driveway to the Meditation Garden, tune in and experience a great Vigil. EPE placed the crowd actually at Graceland at more than 10,000. Elvis World's Bill Burk suggests it was closer to 4,000 (the second smallest on record). (News, Source: Amber Smith/Bill E. Burk)

Gamblers give up on Elvis being alive: Bookmakers have revealed that wagers have all but dried up from fans betting that Elvis Presley is still alive. Over the years UK bookmakers William Hill have taken thousands of bets that Elvis will be found alive, but in the last year fans have stopped placing bets. Bookmakers have now lengthened the odds of Elvis being found alive from 100/1 to 1000/1." The biggest odds we have ever given was a Elvis related bet, we offered 14 million to one that Elvis will crash land a UFO into Loch Ness hitting the monster," said bookmaker Rupert Adams. "It is perhaps the end of an era, where even his most ardent fans no longer believe that Elvis could have remained hidden for so long." (News, Source: Channel 4.com)

A truly tacky tribute to Elvis: Elvis is in the building. And he's still generating hits. We're talking about a mosaic of the King, Elvis Presley himself, made from Post-it Notes. A total of 2,646 sticky notes, to be exact, on a 14-by-9-foot wall. The tribute to the rock 'n' roll idol, who died 28 years ago today, has gone gold, in a sense. Pictures posted on the Web have attracted more than a million hits. It's the handiwork of creative types at Capstrat, a Raleigh public relations and marketing agency. They stuck it on a wall in a conference room that is used for brainstorming. "We wanted to show employees a lot can be done with a little", said creative director Todd Coats.

(Under the gaze of Post-it Elvis, Todd Coats, left, creative director at Capstrat, discusses a new project with Charles Mangin, digital media designer for the Raleigh company)

Charles Mangin, digital media designer, assembled it over a 10-hour period -- although he was multitasking at the time. Why Elvis? Because he's an iconic figure you can have fun with, they say. Last month, after the agency posted the tribute on its Web site, Elvis fans got all shook up. Web logs blabbed about it, and the official Elvis Web site put it in its "photo spotlight" section. The original idea was for staffers to dismantle the mural, piece by piece, whenever they needed a Post-it. But so far, no one wants to bring down a legend. (News, Source: News Observor)

Foul play on Elvis messageboard: While the Elvis world is generally a happy community, it can occasionally be a nasty place as this message from Elvis Express' Lee Dawson indicates: "Yesterday I learned that on the FECC chat room, someone is pretending to be me and is going around attacking other fans and also telling other fans to go to my site in order to buy the bootleg DVD’ of TTWII and On Tour. This person is out to discredit me and to also try and cause me trouble with the authorities". We can only hope the perpetrator is exposed! (News, Source: Elvis Express)

EPE's multimedia gallery: We recommend everyone check out EPE's new multimedia Elvis gallery. It is very, very good! (News, Source: EPE)

Tuesday 16 August 2005...Day 9 (final day) Elvis Week 2005!

Tribute to Elvis: EIN presented its 28th anniversary tribute address at the commemoration, "Memories of Elvis" A Tribute to Elvis Presley, last Saturday in Canberra, Australia. (Spotlight, Source: EIN)

Memphis 3am August 16th - EIN exclusive report from Elvis Week & The Vigil: The emotions of the entire crowd were encapsulated by the announced presence of The Presley family at The Vigil. The Stamps performance was stunning and so were 'The Memphis Boys. Sanja meegin, EIN's roving reporter, signs off from Elvis Week. (Elvis Week 2005, Source: EIN)

New Fort Baxter release "Last Tango in Tahoe": The next release on the Fort Baxter Classic Series will be '' Last Tango In Tahoe ''. This CD will feature the May 27th, 1974 3:00 a.m. closing show with improved sound quality ( originally released on the '' A Profile - The King On Stage vol.2'') and a 12 pages booklet. It is scheduled for release in mid/late October. Track listing : See See Rider; I Got A Woman/ Amen; Love Me; Trying To Get To You; All Shook Up; Love Me Tender; You Don't Have To Say You Love Me; Hound Dog (with two reprises); Fever; Polk Salad Annie; Why me lord? (with reprise); Suspicious Minds; Band introductions; I Can't Stop Loving You; Help Me; Bridge Over Troubled Water (with reprise); Let Me Be There; The Wonder Of You; Big Boss Man ; The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face; *An American Trilogy; *It's Now Or Never; *Can't Help Falling In Love; *Closing Vamp. * recorded at the May 25th, 1974 dinner show (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only)

"Blue Moon ouutakes" correction: Due to a misunderstanding during a phone conversation with our roving reporter in Memphis, Sanja Meegin, we mistakenly suggested (see 13 August 2005) that Roger Semon (BMG) had played previously unheard outtakes of Blue Moon. This was in fact not the case. Our sincere apologies for this error. (News, Source: EIN)

Greece VCD biography: Released in Greece is this promotional biography documentary VCD. The VCD was released by a Greek newspaper three months ago and has a running time of 50 minutes. It appears this item will become highly sought after by collectors. (News, Source: ebay/Elvis News)

Elvis World's 19th annual Elvis Week lunch at Marlowe's: "Elvis World's" (EW) Bill Burk sent in this report of his latest "sold-out" Elvis Week luncheon. " As always, not an empty seat in the house. Guests were treated to a special "Elvis World Lunch Menu."  We tried to get Robert Burns' sweet potato pie brought back as the dessert, but Robert has moved on the greener pastures and our dessert was a cobbler, but I didn't see any half-eaten desserts going back to the kitchen. Our guests were Louis Black and Nancy Shockley, grown off-spring of Elvis' original bassist, Bill Black.

Both living in small towns north of Memphis, they brought their rural air with them and delighted the fans with tales of growing up in the Black household, including times when Elvis was their babysitter and of being backstage in the early days when young female fans stormed the stage at the end of E's performances and how they were grabbed up and hustled away, not knowing what all the fuss was about. They make a truly great comedy team. But on the serious side, they appealed for a grass roots effort to have their father inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Last week, he was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.
EW noted that Scotty Moore long ago was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall o Fame. . . "and we just don't see how you can induct one and not both since both shared all the stages with Elvis in the early years and were very much a team." The Black "children" asked fan clubs and fans to start a grass roots write-in campaign to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on behalf of their father. Their stories, in greater detail, will appear in EW78 in November. Visit the Scotty Moore Fan Site
Susan Graham, who is producing the documentary, "Return of the Blue Moon Boys," spoke briefly about that project and informed it was being delayed a little.  (We KNOW about delays ... what with CANDLE.) (News/Bill E. Burk's Elvis World Online, Source: Bill E. Burk)

"Elvis is Alive" party in Florida to end Elvis Week 2005: While Elvis fans flock to Memphis, Tenn., to hold candlelight vigils and shed tears on the anniversary of his death, Dr. Bill Beeny and other fans will be celebrating with jubilation over the DNA results. The “Elvis is Alive” Party will begin at 6 p.m. on Aug. 16, 2005, at the Barnes and Noble in West Melbourne, Florida. It will be covered with a live broadcast hosted by Jackie McCoy and Susan Ramon from “What's Happening Brevard” on www.tropicwaveradio.net. If you believe Elvis died on Aug. 16th, 1977, come to the party and learn that his death was really a well-coordinated pre-planned hoax! Ask questions and get answers from the author and researcher himself. Jackie and Susan will introduce Dr. Bill Beeny, ask Elvis Trivia and give away copies of the “Elvis' DNA, Proves He's Alive” book. There will also be the opportunity to win the exclusive limited edition Elvis is Alive t-shirts that were designed by the hot new graphics company V V Designs (www.vvdesigns.com). (News/Elvis Conspiracy, Source: Amber Smith)

Elvis Presley The Man, The Life, The Legend: Pamela Clarke-Keogh's popular biography on Elvis has been released by Blackstone Audiobooks in the following formats: Audio (ISBN: 0786135492); CD (0786177381); and MP3 (ISBN: 0786180552). There are also two Library editions - Audio (ISBN: 0786135115) and CD (ISBN: 078617840X). The Audio, CD and MP3 editions were originally released in June and the Library editions are to be released on 28 August. Anna Fields is responsible for the vocal reading. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Biggest events at Elvis Week 2005: Bill Burk informs us that the venues seemingly attracting the largest, most enthusiastic crowds, have been the 2 concerts of the Memphis Boys (American Sound house band) at the New Daisy; and the gigs under the tent at Graceland Crossing. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

New Elvis books: "Sincerely Elvis: An Anthology of Original Poems about Elvis Aaron Presley" (Beecher Smith editor) is being published this month in paperback in the US by Hot Biscuit Productions, Inc. (ISBN: 0967166799; 96 pages). Also for USA publication this month is "When I Get to Heaven the Only One Shaking Will Be Elvis" (ISBN: 1414104618). Written by Jim C. Jackson, the 72 page paperback book is published by Pleasant Word. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

"Elvis The King Revealed" audiobook re-issued: Request Audiobooks is reissuing this audiobook in the USA this month (ISBN: 1933299207). Originally released in May 2005. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Monday 15 August 2005...Day 8 Elvis Week 2005!

'Find Out What's Happening' - EIN exclusive weekend report from Elvis Week 2005: The atmousphere in Memphis is hotting up and EIN has the exclusives. EIN roving reporter Sanja Meegin meets Elvis’ father-in-law and enlightens us to what was revealed at the Elvis Insider's Conference. In a fascinating article learn about the new DVD footage, yet more new outtakes, unknown tales of Elvis, family secrets revealed and very emotional tears! You should have been there! (Elvis Week 2005, Source: EIN)

The Top 10 Elvis CDs: King of Rock and Roll or not, Elvis Presley's CD output is, thanks to RCA, a frustrating mess. Although Elvis recorded several great LPs in his lifetime, his output became so overwhelmed by bad artistic choices, greed, and outright neglect that finding the best Elvis music usually means picking through thousands of compilations. Fortunately, I’ve just done that for you. While this is far from a complete list of worthwhile Elvis recordings, it does represent the cream of the crop. Elvis' famous '68 Comeback Special (opposite) is on the list in the form of the later BMG release, Tiger Man. (News/Opinion, Source: oldies.about.com)

The Top 10 Elvis DVDs: Elvis Presley's overwhelming charisma made him a natural for television and the movies -- indeed, many of his most important, defining career moments occurred in front of the camera, one way or another. Therefore, Elvis DVDs don't just give you more Elvis than the CDs do... they open up a whole other side of his personality, which is essential in understanding someone so private. While this is far from a complete list of worthwhile Elvis DVD releases, it does represent the cream of the crop. (News/Opinion, Source: oldies.about.com)

Sad end to Chicago's annual "Elvis is Alive" 5K run: Authorities say a 54-year-old man collapsed and died following a five-kilometer race in Chicago on Saturday night. The Cook County Medical Examiner's office says the Arlington Heights man collapsed after the "Elvis is Alive 5K" run near the lakefront in the city's Lincoln Park neighborhood. Authorities have not yet released the man's name. The medical examiner's office says he was pronounced dead around 7:15 Saturday night at Chicago's St. Joseph Hospital. An autopsy is scheduled. The annual event draws thousands of runners, many of whom wore Elvis costumes. (News, Source: CBS2)

Lecturer insists on unlikely pairing of Chagall and Elvis: The late rock-and-roller Elvis Presley and the 20th century master painter Marc Chagall wouldn't seem to have much in common. But a lecturer begs to differ. Vivian Jacobson will present an "Evening with Elvis and Chagall" this month at one of Memphis' main art museums. Jacobson says both men had a message hope, reconciliation and love. Thousands of Elvis fans are in Memphis this week for the 28th anniversary of his death.

Most of the Elvis faithful will be gone when Jacobson gives her lecture August 21st, but she hopes to draw new fans to both Presley and Chagall. The program at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens will feature slides of Chagall's work accompanied by Presley's music. Jacobson is a speaker for the North Carolina Humanities Council and delivers six to 12 lectures a year on various aspects of Chagall's work. She says she began listening to Presley's music a few years ago when a friend gave her an Elvis CD. (News, Source: volunteertv.com)

Elvis eternal: There are thousands of people who will tell you they wish they'd seen Elvis perform live. Sandi Haynes Pichon is not in that number. Not even close. The Slidell resident, who grew up in Memphis, saw 150 live Presley performances, from Atlanta to Las Vegas to Hawaii and countless points in between. She has in her possession 14 scarves Elvis gave her, six of his guitar picks, six autographs, one of his belts, one of his silver eagle pendants and memories of an incalculable number of affectionate moments.

"I couldn't even count the hugs and kisses onstage, offstage, in hotels he was a very affectionate man," Pichon said. She and her girlfriends cracked the inner circle of Elvis' entourage, affectionately known as the "Memphis Mafia," which opened doors for them not accessible to most fans. Pichon has written a very personal book, straight from the heart of a fan -- not a fan who was a celebrity stalker or a groupie or a paparazzo but someone who cared dearly about Elvis and his well-being, loved his music, respected his wishes and never abused the honor of having Presley and his entourage's trust. The book, laden with color photos, is titled "Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! A Look Back at the Good Times" (Apex Publishing, United Kingdom) (read EIN's review). Thorne Peters, president of Yours in Elvis Forever Fan Club in Memphis, assisted her in the writing. Pichon and another friend met Elvis in the '50s when they were 12, when he was still living on Memphis' Audubon Drive, a local phenom of cult hero status but more accessible than after he bought Graceland.

Pichon's mom drove her and her friend Billie Frances over to his house. Billie jumped on the fender of Elvis' yellow Cadillac convertible. Sandi hopped on his green motorcycle. Meanwhile, Presley's parents drove up in a pink Caddy, then offered and gave the girls some lemonade while they continued to wait for the singer. They were about to give up when . . . . "I felt these arms go around me from behind and a voice ask, 'Wanna go for a ride?' " Pichon said in her book. After she dropped her lemonade, she finally was "able to turn around and look into the handsomest face and bluest eyes of anyone ever and a part of my heart was pledged to him eternally right in that one moment."

Her dream wasn't to be his lover. Her goal was to be a friend, a devoted and passionate fan. "I met him at age 12," she explained this week. "For me to have had any sexual attraction would have spoiled things."

Later, as an adult, she would travel out of Atlanta with friends such as Joyce Biddie, her most frequent tour companion (whom she met through the Can't Get Enough of King Elvis Fan Club), and Beverly Micke. They would sleep four and five in a room, as they did for a tour stop in Asheville, N.C., to cut costs. They always made gifts for Elvis Biddie, a lei from fresh flowers; Micke, things like a faux Faberge egg with Priscilla's or Lisa Marie's picture on it; Pichon, well . . . "I didn't have that creative ability they did," she said, "but I did make some funny things he was a practical joker and appreciated that." Elvis enjoyed getting gifts and enjoyed giving them. But, she said, coming up with creative gifts was "a challenge. The man had the capability to buy anything." These kindnesses landed them on the insider "Invited Guest" list, where their money was no longer necessary to get coveted seats. It also got them closer to their idol, where they would be showered with "down-home hospitality" and kindnesses. "I thought he couldn't sing if I wasn't there," she explained of her adoration for Elvis. "I felt I needed to be there for him. And sure, it was an ego trip; I could get off the elevator on his floor because my name was on the list."

But, she said, "I was just an everyday lady with nothing to offer him but sincere devotion which he still has." The book reveals stories about limo rides with the entourage, which Pichon vividly describes: "Along with his band, orchestra and backup singers, he had roadies and minions, family and friends, his jeweler, his doctor, his karate instructor, his bodyguards as well as his consort; right behind him was his following of worldwide fans." When the entourage reached their destinations, she said, Elvis described their arrivals as "invasions." And, she said, they'd travel with him not only for concerts, but on vacation trips as well, with Elvis picking up the tab for everyone. "He gave away jewelry and luxury cars like they were loaves of bread," she said. "He was a very generous, caring man." The anniversary of Elvis Presley's death is Tuesday. He died at age 42 in 1977. Born on Jan. 8, 1935, he would have been 70 this year. Pichon, who was going to Graceland for the anniversary, deliberately focuses on the good times and not Presley's demise.

An important footnote: Pichon has been married to her husband, Stanley Pichon, for 28 years. They met when he was a Causeway patrolman and pulled her over for speeding. He is not a huge Elvis fan. He is a huge Beatles fan and a guitarist. So their bathroom features half-Elvis, half-Beatles décor . . . if you can imagine that. She wrote the book, she said, "not to make any money but to show that he was accessible to fans. People say to me all the time, 'You're nuts the man is dead.' But it was the happiest time of my life. I think in my heart I'm still 17 I really didn't want to grow up. He had an enormous impact on the world. And I wanted to do everything I could to keep his legacy alive." The book is available online by email at spichon@charter.net and at two shops in Memphis, Memories of Elvis and Loose Ends. (News, Source: The Times-Picayune)

Aussie chart update: "Elvis by the Presleys" fell five places to #28 on this week's ARIA Music DVD Top 40 chart. It has been on the chart for 9 weeks and is certified Platinum with sales exceeding 15,000 units. (News, Source: ARIA)

Sunday 14 August 2005...Day 7 Elvis Week 2005!

EPE's "Elvis virtual wall": For many, many years fans have been writing Elvis tribute messages on the stone wall that surrounds the Graceland Mansion property. A lot of it has come from fans participting in the Candlelight Vigil each year on August 15/16. Can't be here this year for Elvis Week? Each year we now post a "virtual wall" so Elvis fans can post messages to share with their fellow fans around the world. The virtual wall for 2005 is now up and running. Click here to read what fans have posted so far and maybe leave a message of your own. (News, Source: EPE)

PBS stations to carry Elvis Vigilcast: The Elvis VigilCast, EPE's own news magazine program emanating from the Candlelight Vigil at Graceland on August 15th, will be carried live online by AOL again this year, a global event. In previous years the live transmission was available only to AOL members, but this year membership is not required, making it accessible to everyone with an Internet connection and greatly increasing the audience. As always, shortly after the live transmission the VigilCast program will be permanently archived here on Elvis.com to watch via streaming video.

For the first time this program will be seen on television as well. Elvis Vigilcast 2005 will air on select PBS (Public Broadcasting System) television stations in America. Some will carry it live and some have opted to present it on a tape-delay basis. Check your local listings for times. Following are the participating stations: KERA Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX/ WMFE Orlando, FL/WCVN-WKNO Cincinnati, OH/WLAE New Orleans, LA/ WKNO Memphis, TN/ KOZK Springfield, MO/ KAMU Waco, TX/ WKMA-WKOH Evansville, IN/ KACV Amarillo, TX/ KOZJ Joplin, MO/ Georgia State Network/ Mississippi State Network/ Kentucky State Network/ Arkansas State Network/ West Virgina State Network. (News, Source: EPE)

"American Idol's" William Hung highlights Annual Elvis parade: The man who made it big by not making it big on the show "American Idol" took part in Kansas City's annual Elvis parade Friday afternoon. William Hung was grand marshal of the festivities, which included floats, bands and Elvis impersonators of all kinds. Several thousand people turned out for the event in downtown Kansas City. This year's winning float belonged to the people behind the "Stuck on Elvis" float. Radio station 99.7 KY's morning team of Max, Tanna and Moffit started the parade 18 years ago. (News, Source: KMBC)

Saturday 13 August 2005...Day 6 Elvis Week 2005!

EIN EXCLUSIVE - October 2005 FTD's confirmed: EIN roving reporter in Memphis Sanja Meegin spoke to Roger Semon who confirmed that the FTD October 2005 releases will be the 'Loving You' extended Soundtrack, 'Something for Everybody' in the classic album series, as well as the already confirmed 'Summer Festival' live concert. Four new never before heard takes of 'Blue Moon' were also played at the Insiders conference - see 16 August for important correction on this issue. (News, Source: Roger Semon, BMG)

EPE has plans to 'tear down' Graceland Plaza: EPE CEO, Jack Soden, has told a fan appreciation at Elvis Week 2005 outing that plans call for the tearing down of Graceland Plaza, across the street from the mansion, and replacing it with a more modernized one building. When asked Graceland's future plans for Graceland Crossing (where the last two independent shops have been told they must clear out by 1st November) . . . Soden said there were plans, but for the moment he is not at liberty to discuss them. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Lacklustre Elvis segment on Larry King Live: CNN's Larry King hosted a panel of Linda Thompson, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling and George Klein on his show last night. Bill Burk wasn't impressed and asks why does King stick with the same old guests, Elvis show after Elvis show? One of his first questions, of Schilling, who was sitting in the Jungle Room, was, "What is the Jungle Room?" Esposito was introduced as Elvis' best man at his wedding to Priscilla, which is half-true, but NO mention was made that Marty Lacker was also a best man.  And he asked Esposito what he did for Elvis, to which "Diamond" Joe said, "I was his right hand man."  Again, no mention of Lacker's involvement in business affairs.

Klein said before Elvis left for the Army, he was paid $50 a week to travel with Elvis; then added, "after the Army, I didn't accept anything from him."  THAT was an eyebrow raiser from the GitGo!  Cadillacs? Gifts? Etc. Linda (who looks tired) said it was hard living with Elvis, knowing he was seeing dozens of other girls on the side; but said she learned to accept that's the way he was. To which Esposito countered:  "All the guys were single, but our wives were all married."
Esposito said, of Elvis' addiction to prescribed pills, "We all tried to help him, but he was very stubborn. HE had to be the one to make the decision and he wouldn't.  The Smiths (Gladys and her family) were all heavy drinkers and all died young.  I think boredom led Elvis to the pills."
Linda said one of Elvis' favorite charities was the Press-Scimitar's Goodfellows, who distrubuted clothing and food to needy kids each Christmas, "because Elvis had grown up in poverty and when the Presleys moved to Memphis, he was the recipient of Goodfellows gifts early on. He never forgot that." King repeated the story of Elvis buying a limousine in Miami for his limo driver there.  C'mon Larry. Come up with some new stories!! Linda mistakenly said Graceland had been a church before Elvis bought it and GK quickly corrected her, saying there had been prayer meetings in the basement, but it was never a church.
But then Klein added his boo boo, saying Gladys followed Elvis to school (at Humes) "to make sure he went to class."  In our extensive research for our HUMES YEARS book, we could find NO person who EVER saw Gladys go with, or follow, Elvis to school.  For one, he took the old Jackson Avenue bus to school (most mornings with neighbor Luther Nall); and probably in his senior year, the Presleys were living immediately across the street from the school. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

A second EIN exclusive report from Elvis Week 2005: Watch out Memphis 'The Walls Have Ears' and Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, is back once again to give us all the inside scoops. The Elvis faithful have arrived and EIN has been visiting Graceland, the Elvis Convention as well as the fabulous atmosphere at the Graceland Crossing. (Elvis Week 2005, Source: EIN)

Maxine Brown who performed with the young Elvis and knew him way back in 1954, recalls her friend in her new book. She is heading to Memphis for Elvis Week 2005 and here she talks to CMT’s Edward Morris. (Elvis Week 2005, Source: CMT.com)

Friday 12 August 2005...Day 5 Elvis Week 2005!
All Shook Up (FTD CD review): The excitement of Elvis' return to live performances in August 1969 would never be repeated. On his Midnight shows Elvis had no time limit, was able to perform to his maximum and on this special night he was in a fabulously funny mood & as loose as a goose! ‘All Shook Up’ captures Elvis’ truly infectious laughter while at the same time Larry Muhoberac's piano driven mix, and the rare song highlights, also make this CD well-worth investigating. (FTD Review, Source: EIN)

Sonny West in Memphis during Elvis Week: Sonny West is appearing nightly at "Dad's Place" in the Clarion.  Sonny has been doing rounds of Elvis talks outside the USA much of this year.  His coming book is now in the 1969 era in writing.  Eight more years of tales to be told. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

ELVIS THEN, NOW & FOREVER” Auditions for New Reality Television Show Complete: Auditions for a new reality show, “ELVIS THEN, NOW & FOREVER,” are completed and the show is ready for production. Some 450 Elvis impersonators came to the audition call. From the mind that originally created the American Idol concept, Mr. Harry T. Keane, Jr. has now fully developed the next reality competition. Based on the original concept by Mr. Keane in 1994 as revised in 1998 and 2003, Elvis impersonators from around the world now have a chance to demonstrate to the world their talent as the King of Rock & Roll.

For the past 5 months the producers of "ELVIS, THEN, NOW & FOREVER" have been auditioning Elvis impersonators from around the world, each hoping to become one of the first 20 contestants on the new reality television show, “ELVIS, THEN, NOW & FOREVER.” The show is scheduled to be released on national television in November 2005.

Around 450 entrants were vying to become one of the first 20 contestants to perform on national television. Some 1,500 individuals scored and ranked the entries. They had a difficult time selecting the final 20 contestants. Contestants were evaluated on stage presence, overall appearance, movements and of course voice. Many of the best known Elvis tribute artists entered the competition, including James Wages, Kraig Parker, Matt Spalding, Chris Solano, Rick Dunham, Robin Kelly, David Lee, Rick Alviti, Steve Murphy and Matt King, just to name a few. Mr. Keane has produced several dozen Elvis tribute shows over the past twenty years, including James Wages and the legendary Johnny Harra.

“I admire each of these talented artists for their tribute to the late King of Rock & Roll,” Keane said. “They each give their audience a taste of the King's legacy, each in their own unique way. As great as these performers are, we all realize that there was only one King of Rock & Roll. It is amazing that more than 20 years after his death, people who not yet born love Elvis’ music.”

The winner of “ELVIS, THEN, NOW & FOREVER” will receive a prize package including a near mint-condition 1968 Cadillac, a $25,000 recording contract, a $100,000 performance contract for one year and $25,000 cash. The first runner up will receive a $10,000 performance contract and $2,500 cash, while the next 3 runners-up will each get $2,500 cash. Members of the public will evaluate weekly who is their favorite Elvis tribute artist. Eventually they will determine who the next King of Rock & Roll is. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: eMediaWire)

ESPN2 to air Elvis 5K run: ESPN2 will air Saturday's Elvis 5K run three times during that day, so check your schedules.  Tyke Harrison, who will run in the race, did a taped interview from the Elvis room of his house in Texas and is due to be part of Saturday's viewing. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

86 year-old Elvis tribute artist has fans "all shook up": In his blue suede shoes and shaking his pelvis, Stan Baines is the oldest swinger in town. He has become one of Norfolk's most famous Elvis impersonators - and at 86 he is one of the oldest. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: Norfolk Eastern Daily Press)

Thursday 11 August 2005...Day 4 Elvis Week 2005!

Tickle Me - FTD soundtrack review: With no new songs or outtakes included can the new FTD extended Soundtrack really be worth purchasing? EIN is the only website with in-depth reviews of all these soundtrack CDs and we discover that, if you do like Elvis' smoother early sixties pop-style, then this could be the FTD for you. The audio quality is excellent with tracks taken from the best sources available, plus there are a few surprises in store - EIN reveals all! (FTD Review, Source: EIN)

"Wild In The Country" - Russian DVD release: Released earlier this year in Russia as the third official Elvis DVD release in that country is "Wild In The Country" by the DVD Magic company. It is 115 minutes long, stereo sound, 4:3 video format and has no additional features. Previous official DVD releases in Russia were "Jailhouse Rock" and "Love Me Tender" in 2003. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Elvis online radio show growing in status: The Elvis Express radio show has been getting a cult following as Elvis fans around the world as word spreads about this original radio show. Presented by Lee Dawson who also presents an Elvis hour on hospital radio and is a guest speaker for BBC Southern Counties Radio, the Elvis Express Radio show is heared by fans from the UK, USA, Australia, France, Yugoslavia and even Ghana. The show is presented just like a real radio show. One regular listener states; "I am 27 years old and love Elvis Presley. Elvis Express Radio is the first web show that we can call our own, its modern in it's approach and the host doesn't sound all stuffy, you feel you can approach Lee with anything. The show is the best, the host is the best and the music is the best. I LOVE IT!" A new show is available to download online every Friday from 7pm UK time and plays fans request, comments and Elvis news from the week. For more info: elvisexpress@ntlworld.com (News, Source: Click Press)

New Elvis children's book announced: Andrew Murray (author) and Nicola Slater (illustrator) have again teamed up for a new 32 page hardcover Elvis book asimed at children. "It's Show- Time Elvis!" is scheduled for release on 6 January 2006 from Macmillan Children's Books. ISBN: 1405053275 (News, Source: Amazon)

Elvis and Tupelo: Elvis Presley fans from the United Kingdom in Tupelo this week are a reminder that the most widely known attraction in Northeast Mississippi is the King of Rock n' Roll's birthplace. Britons walking around Tupelo snap pictures of sights we consider everyday, forgetting for Presley's fans the downtown area and east Tupelo are sacred ground. Presley arguably made a greater impact than any other personality of the last century on entertainment and music as a cultural force. He was gifted, charming and controversial because he broke out of the box of musical convention. He was in some ways an ultimate celebrity - lavish, showy, generous and ultimately tormented by his fame. We hope the new City Hall plaza in Fairpark eventually contains some major design element commemorating Presley and his world-shaking appearances at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair. He is, after all, the famous person from Tupelo. City Hall sits on the site of the arena where he performed for thousands of adolescent fans - the first generation to venerate him as The King. We welcome some of those fans - and younger ones - visiting the city this week. (News, Source: Editorial, Daily Journal)

Robert Miller - Elvis lives at cerebral palsy run: If you find Elvis spotters amusing, you may want to withhold judgment until after the fifth annual Elvis Run 5K and 1-mile fun run/walk on Saturday. There will be one pro and a bunch of amateur impersonators at the event, which benefits United Cerebral Palsy of Metropolitan Dallas. Who knows, one just might be the real thing. There will also be a Classic Car Show. The Elvis Run is always held near the anniversary of Elvis' death on Aug. 16, and participants are encouraged to dress in Elvis costumes or 1950s-style attire. Race day registration begins at 6:30 a.m. at the Hard Rock Cafe, 2601 McKinney Ave.

The Classic Car Show is from 7:30 to 10 a.m., and the Rock & Roll 1-mile walk starts at 7:45. The Elvis 5K Run follows at 8, Elvis Singing begins at 9 and awards will be presented at 10 a.m. Sponsors include Aquafina, BancTec, Benchmark Mortgage, CLIF Bar, Greensheets, Hard Rock Café, Mellew Productions, KDMX-FM (102.9), KEGL-FM (97.1), Orbit Drop, Post Properties, Rudy's Mexican Restaurant and Tom Thumb Food Stores. Entry fees are $25 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under. To register, call Robert Eilers at 214-351-2500 (press 1, then ext. 202), or visit www.elvisrun.com. (News, Source: Dallas News)

Wednesday 10 August 2005...Day 3 Elvis Week 2005!

EIN exclusive report from Elvis Week 2005: Watch out Memphis 'The Walls Have Ears' and Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, is back once again to give us all the inside scoops on Elvis Week 2005. While the majority of Elvis fans have yet to arrive, Sanja checked out the shopping, Beale Street and the pool! (Elvis Week 2005, Source: EIN)

New "audience" CD "Not Too Sweet": A new CD has been announced of a brand new Album NOT TOO SWEET with a September 1st 1972 listing, and it will be available within 2 weeks. Never before released and for a very large majority the very first time ever to be heard.

It features: 24 Tracks - 12 pages Full colour - picture disc - First 100 copies will have a special collectors card. Apparently it’s an audience recording with a very nice atmosphere:

"We at SR records always try to create the feeling of being there and understanding everything as good as possible. Of course within the limitations of the audio source and technical possibilities "A show of perfect showmanship". As stated in the Las Vegas NOW magazine issue September 1972. This will also be a limited edition of 500 copies only Like we did with the release of “TRYING to get to Memphis” the first 100 of NOT TOO SWEET have special collectors card included".

New tapes claimed to be the voice of Elvis: We hate to tell Steve Lawrence but the tapes he believes are of a young Elvis aren't! All he had to do was ask any Elvis fan. Ernst Jorgensen has already given the tapes the thumbs down to 'The Lost Memphis Tapes'. However, Mr. Lawrence is undeterred and running with the story in the hope of getting rich and famous. Click to read the story and listen to audio samples of the mystery singer. (News, Source: Dallas Morning Herald)

New book - "Elvis - Tutta La Produzione Italiana Di Elvis": The Italian Elvis fans compiled the book "Elvis - Tutta La Produzione Italiana Di Elvis" or in plain English "The Complete Italian Production Of Elvis" (ISBN: 8890122803). The 260 page book is a limited edition of 1000 copies and contains an overview of all Italian Elvis items. The discography contains the 78 rpm's, singles, EP's and LP's, other chapters deal with subjects like Elvis' movies and memorabilia. The book ends with a price guide. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/ Elvis News)

Condo towers to replace cottages on the Circle G ranch: The condo cottages are gone in plans for a multi-billion dollar resort at the site of a ranch once owned by Elvis Presley. The Horn Lake Board of Alderman on Monday approved a plan for 16 towers of 35 stories each to go along with a performing arts center, shops, restaurants and two golf courses. The plan calls for two of the towers to be used as hotels.

Assuming financing is secured, the Stars Resort would bring in 2,000 visitors daily in the first two years and 5,000 or more daily after five years, said J.D. Stacy, the spokesman for the development in the works since 2002. In 2004, Stacy got zoning approval for a development that covered 803 acres. That fell through when he could not close on the land.

On Monday, Stacy said developers have not closed on any of the land this time, either. He said closing without the approval of the plan would have been premature. He said closings should begin this week. The old Circle G Ranch was the former weekend retreat of Presley. He and ex-wife Priscilla honeymooned there in 1967. The developers plan to have the resort completed in 2014. The cost is expected to be $2 billion. (News, Source: Associated Press)

Bill Burk comments on Circle G plans: So will the Circle G redevelopment ever happen? Elvis World's "007", Bill E. Burk (pictured here with wife Connie) has some interesting things to say about the latest proposal:
"Today's CA has yet another beautiful word picture of how Circle G Ranch is going to look once the developers finish their project. Where once the Circle G (and tons of surrounding acres) would house expensive condos ($650,000 and up, the typical price an Elvis fan would pay for a house), a golf course or two, and an amusement area . . .today that "dream picture" got re-painted.  NOW, according to the developers, the Circle G and 100s of acres surrounding it will be covered with 35-story towers; two of which will be used as hotels for the 2000 to 5000 visitors per day.  Two championship golf courses will grace the land.  A performing arts center. Shops. Restaurants. 794 acres in all (and Circle G has only 160).

The same developer presented his first plan in 2002 . . . and couldn't come up with the $$$s. Then it was to be a 808-acre development.  Donna Early Presley was hired as the spokeswoman. The same developer presented his 2nd plan in 2004 ... and couldn't come up with the $$$s. He dropped 5 acres off his 2002 plan. So now, 2005, he drops off another 24 acres for his latest scheme.  Says now the Horn Lake (MS) Board of Aldermen have approved his zoning, he will begin closing on properties by tomorrow.

I MAY ONE DAY EAT a lot of crow for what I am about to say (again, and if I eat it, please supply mayonaise) . . . but I would not hold my breath waiting for this project to happen. High rise towers way out in the country?......Two championship golf courses in an area flooded with great golf courses, including Tunica, just around the corner?

If said developer could not raise $500 million in 2002, how can he suddenly put his hands on $2 billion for this project three years later?  Has the ghost of Vernon Presley finally untied his purse strings? Have the Saudi princes become involved? Or the Chinese, who are buying up America by the boatloads daily? (Comment, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Tuesday 9 August 2005...Day 2 Elvis Week 2005!

'Meeting Elvis' & 'Priscilla, when The King found his Queen':  Derek Johnson was a good friend of Elvis’ - maybe the only journalist to ever share a bunk with The King! He even received  personal invitations to stay at Graceland and has some wonderful stories to tell. Towards the end of his life, Elvis still confided in Johnson and made some very disturbing remarks about how sad his life had become. (Spotlight/Reference, Source: EIN, 8 August 2005)

Graceland has not been sold!!!: Despite several media reports and a number of fans believing Graceland has been sold...it has not. Here is part of EPE's official statement released in the past 24 hours: 'Although the article clearly reiterates that Lisa retained sole ownership of Graceland Mansion and her father's personal effects, the inclusion of the sentence "Lisa Marie Presley has sold the business side of her father's estate and turned over his famous, white-columned house to CKX Inc.," in the story has caused some confusion. The mention of Graceland Mansion refers to operations of the Graceland tour business and not ownership of the mansion property itself. Some fans and press misunderstood this to mean Lisa has now sold Graceland Mansion. She has not'. (News, Source: EPE)

New ELVIS® “Viva Las Vegas” Poker Set Takes Center Stage at Elvis Week: The legend of Elvis Presley lives on through America's favorite games with a twist by USAOPOLY. The timeless appeal and cross-generational allure of Elvis Presley make it easy for USAOPOLY to put Elvis spins on games everyone knows and loves to play. Following the successful releases of MONOPOLY®: Elvis, Elvis Trivia and Elvis Checkers, USAOPOLY unveils the new Elvis “Viva Las Vegas” Collector's Poker Set at the beloved Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee during Elvis Week, Monday, August 8 - Tuesday, August 16, 2005.

"Poker has this country all shook up," says John M. Davis, president of USAOPOLY. "Putting a Las Vegas Elvis twist on a classic game like poker is a natural fit.”

What makes the Elvis “Viva Las Vegas” Poker Set so different is the inspiration behind the cool white case. It's designed to look like the famous jumpsuits Elvis wore during his legendary Vegas performances. The beautiful red velvet interior holds 200 red, purple and white eight-gram clay chips embossed with Elvis' signature and two decks of high quality Elvis themed playing cards. Of course, each of the kings in each of the four suits has been transformed into Elvis (the one and only "King" of Rock & Roll) performing in concert in Las Vegas and on tour. Every element of the unique poker set is completely customized and authorized by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

The new Elvis “Viva Las Vegas” Poker Set will be available for purchase this month at Graceland and also online at ShopElvis.com. Specialty stores such as Barnes & Noble, Hastings Entertainment and Tower Records will also carry the collector's game this holiday. (News, Source: EPE)

Baldwin's Elvis Signature Piano Tuned Up For Elvis Week at a cool $14,500 each: Yesterday marked the beginning of Elvis Week at Graceland in Memphis. On this day the most expensive souvenir available at Graceland was tuned up in preparation for the arrival of thousands of fans from all corners of the globe. A first-ever custom Elvis Baldwin piano will was tuned at this morning in the Gallery Elvis gift shop at Graceland Plaza by a certified piano tuner from the Baldwin plant in Truman, Arkansas. The Elvis Presley Signature model incorporates the motif from the gates of Graceland home in the artwork on the upper frame of the piano. The Elvis model is being produced in a limited run of only 25 instruments at a cost of $14,500 each.

This exclusive model is a Baldwin 243 vertical piano in ebony with a mirrored upper frame and blue suede on the top of the lid and music shelf. The gates of Graceland - with the instantly recognizable music staff - are etched into the upper frame, which is sure to be a hit with Elvis fans everywhere. Presley's signature appears on the right side of the music shelf accompanied by his famous motto, the initials "TCB" (Taking Care of Business) above the key slip. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis Week 2005 'Quick Reference Guide': Click for EPE's quick reference guide to key events each day during Elvis Week 2005. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis article in National Examiner: A story on alleged discrepancies around Elvis' death was published in the National Examiner magazine ( 25 July 2005 issue). It includes information from Adam Muskiewicz, the filmmaker producing the documentary, The Truth About Elvis. (News, Source: Truth About Elvis)

Where to buy your Elvis wine in Memphis: Buster's Liquors on Highland at Poplar (near the Uni of Memphis campus where George Klein's gig is on 16th) is selling a full range of Elvis wines and spirits.  Buster's is ranked the #1 liquor store in Memphis every year by readers of MEMPHIS magazine. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

New books announced for 2006: Suzanne Finstad's sensational expose, Child Bride: The Untold Story of Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, will be reissued by Three Rivers Press/Random House in the US in January 2006. Other books for 2006 publication include Elvis: American Idol by Susan Doll (Publications International) and in April, Elvis Word for Word by Jerry Osborne. (News, Source: Elvis: A Life In Books)

Monday 8 August 2005...Elvis Week 2005 begins today!!!
How and where do I sell my Elvis collection?: In response to an increasing number of requests EIN receives for help in valuing and selling Elvis collections, we have prepared a detailed guide to having your collection valued and how to sell it. (Spotlight/Reference, Source: EIN)

See Elvis' Lincoln in Tupelo: The Tupelo Automobile Museum should be one stop for fans during Elvis Week. It houses both Elvis' Lincoln and Liberace's Corvette and many other "celebrity" owned vehicles. Showcasing more than 100 vehicles, the names Duesenberg (remember in Spinout?), Tony Curtis, Studebaker etc vividly spring to mind. (News, Source: The Birmingham News)

Ernst Jorgensen health update: Ernst Jorgensen's recovery Lyme Disease is going to take a while. What this means for FTD releases is not yet known. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Ed Bonja to undergo heart surgery: Ed Bonja (responsible for the book 'Elvis Shot by Ed Bonja') will undergo double by-pass heart surgery in Las Vegas either today or tomorrow. (News, Source: Dennis Roberts, Celebrity Sunglasses)

Sunday 7 August 2005...1 day until Elvis Week 2005!

Aussie chart update: After 8 weeks on the ARIA Music DVD Chart, "Elvis by the Presleys" slipped two places this week to #23. (News, Source: ARIA)

Elvis tribute artists on Good Morning America: ABC-TV's "Good Morning America" network show will air a segment on Elvis impersonators on 10 August. The network put out a nationwide call for impersonators. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: Bill E. Burk)

"Elvis: American Idol" book in 2006: PUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL is working on a 2006 book, "Elvis: American Idol."  It's being edited by Susan Doll, who has produced numerous great Elvis books for the publisher in past years. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Saturday 6 August 2005

Elvis track 2nd in "songs that changed the world": Bob Dylan's song "Like a Rolling Stone" topped a poll Friday to find the 100 songs, movies, TV shows and books that "changed the world" in the opinion of musicians, actors and industry experts. Dylan's 1965 single beat Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel" into second place in the survey for Uncut magazine. Paul McCartney, Noel Gallagher, Robert Downey Jr, Rolling Stone Keith Richards and Lou Reed were among those who gave their views for the poll.

"I absolutely remember where I was when I first heard it. It got me through adolescence," rocker Patti Smith said of the winning song. Ex-Beatle McCartney picked "Heartbreak Hotel" as his number one choice. "It's the way (Presley) sings it as if he is singing from the depths of hell," McCartney said. "His phrasing, use of echo, it's all so beautiful. Musically, it's perfect."

The Beatles' song "She Loves You" ranked at number three, followed by the Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" emerged as the most influential film at number five, followed by "The Godfather" and "The Godfather II" films in sixth place. "The Prisoner" was the top-ranking TV series at number 10, while Jack Kerouac's novel "On the Road" was the highest-ranking book, in 19th place. (News, Source: Reuters/BBC News)

New Graceland operator worries fans: The pilgrims will still weep at Elvis Presley's grave, and the souvenir shops will still swarm with credit-card waving fans, an occasional black pompadour hardly drawing a glance. But change is in the air: Strangers are in Graceland...and some fans are worried. (News/Sale of EPE, Source: New Albany Tribune)

Songs that changed the world - view #1: Heartbreak Hotel changed the world the most for me. Not only is it musically perfect, it's primordial, unlike any song before or since, being neither country, blues or rock 'n roll. No artist or band has ever been able to equal its unrefined originality. Add to this the fact that it launched the career of Elvis and sent a musical shockwave around the World, empowering others to be different and, no other song comes close. (Andy, Preston)

Elvis Prezzy - the competition: Movie channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will celebrate the life of movie legends every day this month and to mark the event the channel is offering two lucky readers the chance to win a portable DVD player and a runner-up prize of an Elvis DVD and a framed Elvis poster. Each day this month will be dedicated to one true legend of Hollywood, from Elizabeth Taylor to Paul Newman to John Wayne to Vivienne Leigh. And the month could not go by without paying special tribute to the undisputed legend of Elvis Presley. On Monday, August 16 TCM marks the 28th anniversary of Elvis Presley's untimely death. One of America's most enduring icons, he truly earned the label legend' and is still as popular as he was when he single-handedly changed popular music forever in the 1950s. Click to go to the competition page. (News, Source: This Is London)

Songs that changed the world - view #2: The best single ever has to be Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin and the best album - Dark Side of the Moon. Yes they did it for me as did School's Out by Alice Cooper - now that was when I really started to realise there was life outside of the TV. Elvis Presley who? (MB, Worcester, UK)

Elvis the "celebriduck": Celebriducks, the original creator of the first ever celebrity rubber ducks of the greatest icons of film, music, athletics and history has partnered with Graceland to release the newest Celebriduck, Elvis Presley. The ducks are being done as a limited edition with each one individually numbered and will be unveiled at Graceland for Elvis Week in August 2005. Each duck's 103 red sequin buttons are all painted by hand. “From the response and advance orders we have received, this will easily be the best selling duck we have ever created,” said Craig Wolfe, Celebriduck's president. Elvis, who is still as much a part of American
culture now as he has ever been, has been in the company's sight for years. As one of the greatest icons of music history, The King of Rock and Roll will take his place in the world of Celebriducks joining the ranks of The Godfather, James Brown; The Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne; the soul men from Chicago, The Blues Brothers, and Kiss. Bad taste or a bit of harmless fun? You be the judge. RRP US$11.95 per quack...sorry duck. (News, Source: PR Web)

More on the amazing life of Tom Parker from Elvis World's "007": When we were with Alanna Nash in Breda, Holland, researching Parker's youth, we were told the story (which did not make Alanna's book, due to space -- she could write a 2nd wonderful Parker book just with the left out portions) . . .. . . of how Parker, while in the 3rd grade, would bring classmates home and have them sit on the stairway leading up to the family apartment over the horse stables (now a distinct men's clothing store!) . . . and how he would show them a blank wall and tell them it was a movie, then describe what they were "seeing" at this "movie." And he charged one gilder each . . . and showed movies several times a month!!! For more great stories and articles from Bill, check out Bill Burk's Elvis World Online. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Elvis helps police return car to UK owners much faster: West Midlands Police has deployed a system to speed up the way abandoned and recovered vehicles are dealt with. The new system, codenamed Elvis-VR, automates processes for recording vehicle details and passes them to the relevant agencies, This speeds up the communication process, cutting down on paperwork and returning stolen vehicles to owners much sooner. Removing and disposing of abandoned vehicles cost local authorities £26m in 2003, according to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Inspector Gary Bullock, of West Midlands' roads policing department, says the force now has access to better data.

'Elvis allows us to have much more up-to-date information, better crime analysis and a better customer focus. It allows us to process vehicles through forensics and general administration and get cars back to their owners quicker,' he said. Elvis, developed by specialist software firm WPC Software, replaces a previous system that was run by motoring group the AA. (News, Source: vnunet.com)

Songs that changed the world - view #3: I love Bob Dylan and Like a Rolling Stone is a great track, but it changed nothing. No, the song that did all this was That's all Right Mama by Elvis, because that gave us Elvis, and that changed the world. Moreover the list cannot be taken as anything more than silly fun with some nonsensical choices like the David Bowie movie which influenced what exactly? (J Stanley, London, England)

CBS "Elvis" mini-series DVD update: With a German DVD release of the CBS mini-series announced for October (see 5 August 2005) and rumors of a USA release also that month, it is interesting to see a fairly brisk trade of unofficial DVD copies on eBay. Start prices range from US$9.95 to 16 UK pounds. (News, Source: ebay.com)

DVD tour of Elvis' Palm Springs estate: We found this rather confusing listing on ebay (#7535903771): "My wife and I are the owners of the former Elvis Presley Estate at 845 Chino Canyon Rd. in Palm Springs, CA.  Elvis & Priscilla purchased the home in 1970 from Mr. and Mrs. E.J. McDonald the original McDonald’s Hamburger founder.  Elvis & Priscilla used the home as a getaway when Elvis was performing in Las Vegas and on the West Coast.  Elvis died in 1977 & the home was sold in 1980 to the singer Frankie Valli & his wife.  They sold it to a group of Elvis fans from Japan in 1985 & we purchased it in early 2004 from this group.  We are selling the home for $2.5 Million through Coldwell Banker Palm Springs & the entire contents on EBay.  The item you are bidding on was actually in the home & upon your purchase you will receive a twelve minute DVD, free of charge, giving you a complete tour of the Estate & showing the location of your item. For those interested in a tour of the former Elvis Presley Palm Springs Estate; 5 bedroom, 7 bath, 5100 sq ft.  We offer a 13 minute narrated tour of the Estate including the “King’s” private 2 bath bedroom suite.  It may be purchased for $15 plus a $3 shipping charge". (News, Source: ebay.com)

Elvis spared jail: That's bizarre: An Elvis impersonator was so chuffed at being spared jail for burglary that he offered to sing for the judge. Randy Light was so delighted after Judge David Griffiths decided to not hand him a prison sentence he offered to serenade him with one of 'The King's' hits. After being asked by Judge Griffiths: "What's your favourite number?" Light, 36, who regularly performs at hotels, said: "It's certainly not 'Jailhouse Rock'. The best was 'The Wonder of You'. You can come and see me." Instead of jail, father-of-six Light got away with 100 hours of community service. The judge said: "It's in the public interest to give you a chance. The punishment will deprive you of five performances." (News/Odd Spot, Source: femalefirst.co.uk)

Friday 5 August 2005
Elvis by the Presleys (CD Review): While this could be seen as 'just another compilation’, EIN's Piers Beagley finds some audio delights in the last part of the 'Elvis By The Presleys' marketing blitz. The 5 unreleased tracks, including a new take of Jailhouse Rock, along with nice packaging makes this release worth investigating. (CD Review, Source: EIN)

Tom Parker canine anecdote: Just in from Elvis World's "007", Bill E. Burk, 'Last night I moved out some stories on Andreas Cornelius van Kuijk, alias Tom Parker. One of our dearest EW readers sent this reply today: "My dentist grew up in Tampa and believen it or not Parker was his next door neighbor.  He was a dog catcher at that time.  When Dr. Sanderson wanted a pet dog Parker had just caught one and he tried to charge his mother $20.00 for the dog.  Dr. Sanderson's father fussed at him and he decided to give the dog to him.  It was Dr. Sandersons first dog".  Looks like his desire for money started way back then.' For more great stories and articles from Bill, check out Bill Burk's Elvis World Online. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Elvis in latest "Oxford American" magazine: The latest issue of Oxford American magazine ("The Music Issue") features Elvis on the cover and on the free companion CD.

From the website: There's not much that Elvis didn't achieve, but until this year, he'd never landed on an Oxford American CD. The cut? A six-minute live version of "Suspicious Minds"; made just days before the song hit the airwaves and record bins. You'll probably love this performance since there's nothing Las Vegas-schlocky about it; both Elvis and his band sound insanely red-hot. As Alan Light, former editor of SPIN, VIBE, and TRACKS, says in his perceptive companion piece, on this track "Elvis sang like a man with something to prove."
(News, Source: Oxford American Magazine/ Amber Smith)

"Elvis Forever Gold" CD release in Ireland: A new CD is released by "Ireland Records" in their "Forevergold"-series. The title is "The First Hits", and (of course) it contains only Sun-recording, which are "free" according European copyright law now. Tracklist: Blue Moon - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Good Rockin' Tonight - Harbour Lights - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - I Love You Because - I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone - Just Because - Milk Cow Blues Boogie - That's All Right Mama - Tomorrow Night - You're A Heartbreaker. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis News)

CBS "Elvis" mini-series for DVD release in Germany: According to Elvis Club Berlin, this year's mini series will be released on October 11, at least in Germany. More information when we have it. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/Elvis News)


Thursday 4 August 2005

Ed Bonja hospitalised: Ed Bonja is in University Medical Center in Las Vegas after suffering a heart attack. (News, Source: Dennis Roberts, Celebrity Sunglasses)

Where Elvis will always be King: Walking into Pat McKenzie's home is like walking into a rock n' roll museum. His walls are literally coated from the top to bottom with memorabilia from the great rock artists of past and present. And at the head of the pack...Elvis. (News, Source: The Edmond Sun)

"I'm on a level with Elvis", says Oasis singer: Oasis singer, Liam Gallagher, one of the names set to top the bill at a giant pop festival in Spain, has told a Spanish newspaper that he and the late Elvis Presley are on the same level. "There's Elvis and me. I couldn't say which of the two is the best," Gallagher was quoted as saying, in remarks published in Spanish in the daily El Mundo. The British group was due to star in the country's foremost rock festival, at Benicassim on the tourist-packed Mediterranean coast. The festival runs for four nights starting Thursday. (News, Source: AFP)

"History" boxset in Japan: The Japanese Elvis site mentions a 3CD box titled "History" which should be released October 4, 2005. The first two discs are "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" and Ëlvis 2nd To None". The third CD is titled "The Story Continues" and contains 19 tracks. Track listing CD 3: I Beg Of You / My Wish Came True / Fame And Fortune / I Gotta Know / Flaming Star / Follow That Dream / One Broken Heart For Sale / Kissin' Cousins / Such A Night / Ask Me / Ain't That Lovin You Baby / Easy Question / I'm Yours (Single Master) / Puppet On A String / Love Letters / Separate Ways / Steamroller Blues / If You Talk In Your Sleep / My Boy. (News, Source: Elvis World Japan/ Elvis News)

Wednesday 3 August 2005

Hound Dog Cafe in Tupelo: Here is some information for you lucky (hungry?) Elvis fans who are planning to visit TUPELO during the Elvis Week Festivities!  A great new cafe in Tupelo - HOUND DOG CAFE - is now open for delicious lunches!  (The sandwiches, food items etc. are named after Elvis' songs!). The Hound Dog Cafe is located at 1439 East Main Street, about 1/4 mile going East (on MAIN STREET) from the turnoff to Elvis Presley Drive. It is located INSIDE Bishop's Flowers - which is on the left side (North) if you are heading East on Main Street.  Do stop by for a bite of lunch! Debbie Turner will make you very welcome!  - and you are sure to enjoy the great food and the delightful "decor" - Elvis, of course! Open 11am-2pm. (News, Source: Joan Gansky)

"Elvis in the building" at BC courthouse: "Elvis" was in the building last Thursday morning. It said so right on the sign posted on the first floor door on the east side of the historic Butler County Courthouse. Those going up to the fourth floor meeting room of the courthouse wouldn't have found Elvis, but instead Ron Thornburgh. However, the Kansas secretary of state and his staff hadn't come to do any impersonations, but rather to talk about changes election officials across the state will soon be implementing. "ELVIS" is the acronym for the "Elections Voter Information System." which will be a statewide data base and election management system. HAVA (the Help America Vote Act) is the federal law which drove the need for a statewide voter registration data base, Thornburgh said, with ELVIS being the application which puts that federal law into effect in Kansas. (News, Source: El Dorado Times)

Tuesday 2 August 2005

Elvis' Mercedes sparks eBay controversy: Disputes over Elvis Presley's cultural significance rage on, but one matter is not up for discussion: The enduring material value of the entertainer's legacy. Gene Epstein of Wrightstown, Pa., has filed a lawsuit against a man who allegedly reneged on an eBay bid for a 1969 Mercedes-Benz that was once owned by the rockabilly-country-gospel balladeer. According to a report from The Associated Press, Epstein's suit claims that Jason Shepherd of Ballston Lake, N.Y., entered a "Buy It Now" bid of $245,000 for the posh limo.

But the suit maintains that when it came time to pay, Shepherd claimed that the bid was erroneous—the result of his daughter accidentally striking a key on his computer. The lawsuit is seeking for Shepherd to pay the original bid, along with $150,000 in damages. The suit justified its raison d'etre by saying, "Once an item is removed from the active sale list on eBay and listed as sold, its reappearance on the active auction listings creates the impression that the item being sold is in some way unsaleable or unmarketable," according to the AP report. Epstein said, however, that he would settle the case if Shepherd issues a specifically worded apology he drew up—and pays an unspecified "token" amount. The AP says that attempts to reach Shepherd and representatives from eBay for comments were unsuccessful.

For more about the triple-threat singer-dancer-actor and his eternal ilk, see: The Elvis Index slide show and Forbes' Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list. (News, Source: Forbes.com)

New songbooks - 'Volume 35 Elvis Presley Hits' and 'Volume 36 Elvis Presley Greats': The Hal Leonard Corporation (USA) released two new Elvis songbooks last week. Both are 32 pages long and come with a companion CD. They are part of the publisher's "Piano Play-Along' series. (News, Source: Amazon)

Elvis fans will celebrate ‘The King’ at 6th Annual Big E Festival, Aug. 6 in North Georgia: Thousands of Elvis Presley fans will gather Aug. 6 in Cornelia, Ga., to celebrate the life, times and music of the King of Rock 'n Roll during the 6th Annual Big E Festival. The Loudermilk Boarding House Museum, at 271 Foreacre Street, downtown, will serve as the backdrop to the daylong festival. Singing classic Elvis tunes, more than 15 Elvis tribute artists will take the stage on the Loudermilk Boarding House porch to compete for cash and prizes and the chance to win the coveted honor of 2005 Champion or the People's Choice Winner. The festival starts at 10 a.m., with performances beginning at 11 a.m., and runs until the Elvi leave the building.

Elvis-inspired paintings and drawings by Norcross, Ga.-based artist Trevor Hawkins will hang in the Main Gallery of the boarding house. Hawkins' compilation of original work includes images of Elvis at Graceland, individual portraits of the King of Rock 'n' Roll onstage and favorite scenes from his many movie roles. Festival attendees can also tour Joni Mabe's Panoramic Collection of Everything Elvis, which is housed upstairs at the Loudermilk Boarding House Museum. Mabe, the collection's director, artist and curator from Athens, Ga., has amassed more than 30,000 pieces of Elvis memorabilia, ranging from albums, photos and her personal artwork, to museum treasures such as the Elvis Wart, the actual wart removed from Elvis' hand, and the “maybe Elvis toenail,” which Mabe found at Graceland in the Jungle Room.

“When I was 19, I heard Elvis' voice on the radio and that was just the beginning,” says Joni Mabe, whose eclectic collection of “Everything Elvis” has been visited by people from all over the world. Known as “The Queen of the King,” Mabe toured Europe and North America for 14 years with her memorabilia collection and has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Defending 2004 Festival Champ Damon Hendrix; Youth Division Winner Sean Sharp; and People's Choice Award Winner Arik Christopher will perform at the 2005 Big E Festival. Other Elvis tribute artists set to appear include Alex Swindle, Johnny Elvis, Matthew Spaulding, Rick Wade, Nigel Sherrod, Robby Dean Scott, Ron Lawson, Ronnie Norton, Ted McMullin, Walter Busby, Garyelvis Britt, Tevin Loggins, Demi Downing, Charlie Cole and Charlie Cole Jr.

Tours of the museum are free with admission to the Big E Festival, and visitors are encouraged to bring lawn chairs for the daylong music festival. Vendors selling peanut butter and banana sandwiches, barbecue and boiled peanuts will offer Elvis-friendly food, and Elvis merchandise and artwork will be available for purchase. Classic cars from the Peachtree City Cruize-In Cadillac Club will be on display throughout the day as well. For more information on the 6th Annual Big E Festival and upcoming show by artist Trevor Hawkins, contact the Loudermilk Boarding House Museum at (706) 778-2001, visit: www.jonimabe.com/festival.html. Information on Hawkins can be found on his Web site at www.popimages4u.com. (News, Source: NAMC Newswire)

Monday 1 August 2005

Elvis lives at the 2nd Annual Elvis Film Fest: If you're an Elvis fan, how can you turn down seeing the 2nd Annual Elvis Film Festival in Memphis, Tennessee? Well, if we had a budget here at iF for such firvolous things like that, you know I would be there in my shimmering gold jumpsuit just looking for someone to love me tender. As it stands, I'll just dream on and let the loyal readers at iF in on the info. Presented by Lenny’s Sub Shops, the festival will be held Monday, August 15, 2005 at the Malco Paradiso Theatre in Memphis beginning at 9:30am.

The festival is scheduled in conjunction with Graceland during Elvis Week 2005 and currently is the only one of its kind at a movie theatre in the United States. The 2nd Annual Elvis Film Festival will feature the films VIVA LAS VEGAS and ELVIS: THAT'S THE WAY IT IS: SPECIAL EDITION along with a special free viewing of the DVD, ELVIS, ALOHA FROM HAWAII.

The show times are as follows:

9:30am Viva Las Vegas
11:45am Elvis: That’s the Way It Is: Special Edition
2:30pm Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii (DVD)

Tickets for Viva Las Vegas and Elvis: That’s the Way It Is: Special Edition are $6.50 each and are available thru the Graceland sales/reservation department until August 5. There is a limited supply of free tickets are available for the 2:30pm DVD showing of Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii with a limit of two free tickets per person. All guests are encouraged to order tickets early, as shows will sell out quickly. Advanced tickets may be acquired via email at glsales@elvis.com and by calling (901) 332.3322 or (800) 238.2000. Any remaining tickets will be available the day of the event at the Malco Paradiso box office (584 South Mendenhall, Memphis) beginning at 9:00am. For more information on Graceland® and Elvis Week® 2005 events, visit www.elvis.com.
(News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Elvis World lunch sold out: No tickets are left for the annual Elvis World "Elvis Week" Lunch.  Bill Burk advises that In the planning stages -- a special menu for those attending.  Two of Bill Black's children and Susan Graham will speak on Black and the Blue Moon Boys. Lunch is 1-3 p.m. Sunday, 14 August, at Marlowe's, 4381 EP Blvd.  Tickets were mailed out last Saturday, so by now y'all should have them.  (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Jailhouse shock for Elvis stalker: A creepy Elvis fan, who stalked a pretty brunette, received a fresh jailhouse shock last month when he was put behind bars. Devout Christian Daniel McCauley, who models himself on The King, was remanded in custody accused of flouting an order that bans him from his terrified victim's home town. The besotted pest was jailed for six months in December last year for harassing the woman. But, despite later losing an appeal, the holy rocker was freed on bail, while reports were being prepared ahead of the fixing of any new sentence. He was ordered not to have any contact with his victim and also to stay out of Antrim town.

At a special sitting of Ballymena Magistrates Court yesterday, a police inspector alleged McCauley breached the bail this week by visiting his victim's mother in Antrim, leaving her "upset and frightened". McCauley's solicitor told the court his client wanted to speak to the girl's mother about the ongoing case. When McCauley appeared at Antrim Magistrates Court last year, he was given a six-month sentence for harassing his female victim, whom he met in a bar in the town. That court heard McCauley had tracked her down and bombarded her with flowers as well as visiting her home, workplace and her mother's house, despite being told his attentions were unwanted and that she was engaged to be married.

Besotted McCauley had contested the charge last December, denying harassment and saying he was merely trying to "woo" the woman. He also claimed that he had heard voices in his head telling him God wanted him to "save" his victim. A Crown lawyer told the court last year: "She found the whole thing terrifying and was afraid to go out, and afraid to be at home on her own." The victim broke down during that court sitting as she recalled: "At the start it was funny, but it's not funny when somebody continues to stalk you, sitting outside your work and you are too scared to walk anywhere on your own. "The man tortured me," she said. McCauley, of Brankinstown Road, Aghalee, was remanded in custody and is due to appear before magistrates again next month. (News, Source; Sunday Life)

"Don't be cruel" - Giant, blow-up Elvis was the first to go: “Elvis has left the building — that’s a true statement.” So says “Big Jon” Kroneberger of Big Jon’s Auto Sales in Longmont, USA. True enough, the 30-foot inflatable Elvis that drew the attention of so many drivers on South Main Street these past few years has been sold at auction — the same place Kroneberger bought the eye-catcher years ago to draw attention to his car lot. Elvis is gone, and it won’t be long before Big Jon himself abandons South Main Street and takes his business to Denver, possibly by Sept. 1, he said. (News, Source: Daily Times-Call)







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