"Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century."

(Leonard Bernstein)


"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

(George Klein)


"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

(Professor Gilbert B. Rodman)


"History has him as this good old country boy, Elvis is about as country as Bono!"

(Jerry Schilling)


"Absolute id crashed into absolute superego...as the uptightset man in America shook hands with just about the loosest."

(Mark Feeney on the 'Elvis meets Nixon' meeting)


"Elvis is everywhere"

(Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper)


"...especially in the South, they talk about Elvis and Jesus in the same breath"

(Michael Ventura, LA Weekly)


"The image is one thing and the human being is another...it's very hard to live up to an image"


(Elvis Presley, Madison Square Garden press conference, 1972)


"Elvis was a major hero of mine. I was actually stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something"

(David Bowie)


"No-one, but no-one, is his equal, or ever will be. He was, and is supreme"

(Mick Jagger)


"I wasn't just a fan, I was his brother...there'll never be another like that soul brother"

(Soul legend, James Brown)


"Before Elvis there was nothing!"

(John Lennon)


"There were rock 'n' roll records before Heartbreak Hotel, but this was the one that didn't just open the door…it literally blasted the door off its rusted, rotten, anachronistic hinges…. producing....no propelling, an unstoppable, fundamental and primordial shift in not only musical, but social, political and cultural history"

(JNP, BBC website)


"Elvis, the musician, is largely a relic belonging to the baby boomer generation...Elvis, the icon, is arguably one of the most potent symbols of popular culture"

( Dr. John Walker)


"It [rock & roll] was always about Elvis; not just because he was Elvis, but because he was the big star"

(Bono from U2)


"If they had let me on white radio stations back then, there never would have been an Elvis"

(Little Richard)


"Elvis loved opera, and he especially liked Mario Lanza. He would watch The Student Prince which was set in Heidelberg, over and over again. He loved the power of the big voices. And he loved big orchestras. He liked real dramatic things"

(Marty Lacker in 'Elvis and the Memphis Mafia')


"If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead"

(Johnny Carson)

Elvis' #1 Pop Singles on Cashbox, USA:

Heartbreak Hotel (1956)

Don't Be Cruel (1956)

Hound Dog (1956)

Love Me Tender (1956)

Too Much (1957)

All Shook Up (1957)

Teddy Bear (1957)

Jailhouse Rock (1957)

Don't (1958)

Stuck On You (1960)

It's Now Or Never (1960)

Are You Lonesome Tonight? (1960)

Surrender (1961)

Good Luck Charm (1962)

Return To Sender (1962)

In The Ghetto (1969)

Suspicious Minds (1969)

Burning Love (1972)

(The Cashbox chart is now defunct)

Elvis Facts:

Elvis was 5' 11" tall


Elvis' natural hair color was dark blond


Elvis' blood type was O Positive


Elvis' shoe size was 11D


One of Elvis'( maternal) ancestors, Morning White Dove (born 1800, died 1835), was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian


Elvis' uncle, Noah Presley, became Mayor of East Tupelo on January 7, 1936


The Presley family moved to Memphis on November 6, 1948


Elvis was issued a Social Security card in September 1950 with the # 409-52-2002


In 1954 some of the shows played by Elvis & The Blue Moon Boys were at the Overton Park Shell; the Bel-Air Club; Sleepy-Eyed John's Eagle's Nest Club and the Louisiana Hayride


Elvis' first manager was Scotty Moore, then Bob Neal, before signing with Colonel Tom Parker


The first DJ to play an Elvis record was Fred Cook (WREC), not Dewey Phillips (WHBQ). However, Dewey had the distinction of being the first DJ to play an Elvis record in its entirety


Elvis once dated famous stripper, Tempest Storm


Elvis was filmed from the waist up only during his 3rd and final appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show


In the 50s Elvis was friendly with rising stars, Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner and Ty (Bronco Lane) Hardin


Gladys Presley was 46 years old when she died, not 42, as many books suggest


The Roustabout album sold 450,000 copies on its initial release, 150,000 copies more than any of the preceding three soundtrack LPs. It was Elvis' last "soundtrack" album to reach #1 on the major album charts in the US


Elvis received $1m for filming Harum Scarum (aka Harum Holiday). The film grossed around $2m in the US


Elvis and Priscilla married on May 1, 1967


They were officially divorced on October 9, 1973


Elvis earns nearly $3.5m in 1968 and pays just over $1.4m in income tax


Elvis' return to live performing in Las Vegas on July 31, 1969 was in front of an "by invitation only" audience. Stars in attendance included Wayne Newton, Petula Clark, Shirley Bassey, Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickinson


On January 9, 1971, the national Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) announced Elvis as one of "The Top Ten Young Men of the Year". Elvis spoke at the official awards ceremony on January 16


"Elvis: Aloha From Hawai" made entertainment history on January 14, 1973, when it was beamed around the world by satellite. In the Philippines it drew 91% of the audience, in Hong Kong 70%. The viewing audience was estimated at more than 1 billion


For his 4 week Hilton Vegas season in August 1973 Elvis received $610,000

Sales of Elvis' 1973 album, Raised On Rock, were less than 200,000 units on its initial release


Elvis paid $2,959,000 in income tax in 1973


In December 1976 Elvis was sworn in as a special deputy sheriff of Shelby County (Memphis) by Sheriff Gene Barksdale


Elvis' final live concert was in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977

When Elvis died, he and his father Vernon, were embroiled in an FBI investigation called Operation Fountain Pen

More than 1,500 books have been published about The King in more than 30 languages


At Dec 2005 Elvis' biggest selling album in the US is the budget priced, Elvis' Christmas Album, with accredited sales of 9 million units (fingers crossed it reaches 10 million to give Elvis his first "Diamond" award)


By early2006, Sony BMG's "collectors label", Follow That Dream, had released more than 50 Elvis CDs


During the 1980s, tour guides at Graceland stated that Elvis' biggest selling album (globally) was Moody Blue, with sales exceeding 14 million


While Sony BMG estimates Elvis' global sales exceed 1 billion, the company is unable to substantiate this figure. Accredited sales worldwide are estimated to be less than 400 million
















































































































































































































































































Welcome to the "Elvis Information Network", home to the best news, reviews, interviews & articles about the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley...

The latest on www.elvisinfonet.com:

Tuesday 31 January 2006

UK TV watch: 'Elvis: The Early Years: Part 1' which stars Johnathan Rhys-Meyers is being shown on Sky Movies 2 on Saturday 11 February at 10.45am and at 6.15pm and will have five more showings throughout the month.

'Elvis: The Early Years Part 2' will be shown on Sky Movies 2 on Sunday 12 February at 10.40am and again at 6.20pm with another five showings throughout February.
(News, Source: Brian Quinn, FECC)

eBay under fire over counterfeit items: A year ago, Jacqui Rogers, a retiree in southern Oregon who dabbles in vintage costume jewelry, went on eBay and bought 10 butterfly brooches made by Weiss, a well-known maker of high-quality costume jewelry in the 1950s and 1960s.

At first, Rogers thought she had snagged a great deal. When the jewelry arrived from a seller in Rhode Island, however, her well-trained eye told her the pieces were knockoffs.
Even though Rogers received a refund after she confronted the seller, eBay refused to remove hundreds of listings for identical "Weiss" pieces. It said it had no responsibility for the fakes because it was nothing more than a marketplace that links buyers and sellers.

Now, major company, Tiffany & Co., has sued eBay for facilitating the trade of counterfeit Tiffany items on the site.

As many fans know there are numerous Elvis "fake" collectibles for sale on eBay. In particular, alleged Elvis autographs/signatures can be found, often at ridiculously low prices for something that is supposedly the Real McCoy. Other counterfeit items include clothing allegedly owned or worn by Elvis and replica TCB jewelery.

Should Tiffany & Co. win its court case with eBay this could mean major changes to its business model and operations. (News, Source: Amber Smith)


Monday 30 January 2006

New book release - "Evil Elvis": Virginia Brown's 256 page novel is the story of Elvis tribute artists being murdered. The heroine, Harley, becomes involved and soon finds her own life is in jeopardy. Released this month in the US by ImaJinn Books. ISBN: 1933417846. Available from Barnes & Noble. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

Updated today:

"The King" by Jim Piazza, now available at a great price: Released late last year, ‘The King’ by Jim Piazza was being touted by the publishers as the "grandest, glitziest tribute to Elvis ever," - and it certainly is!

It's a real ‘coffee-table book’ provided your coffee table measures 1 meter by ½ a meter, because it truly is a giant of a book - and no normal bookshelf is ever going to hold it!  It is truly impressive as you will never have seen Elvis photos enlarged to this scale. Imagine a gigantic two-page spread, one metre square, with a beautiful print (from Jailhouse Rock) of the famous scene with actress Judy Tyler and Elvis shot between those pair of high-heeled legs! It's astounding!

Certainly 'over the top', but you can never have owned a photo book like this before. It comes in a selection of rhinestone-studded cover and also features some nice bits of Elvis Trivia, movie plot lines, as well as the eye-popping photos. Best of all, while it was originally priced at US$75 (A$100 in Australia) the book is now available at Amazon.com at the 60% reduced price of just US$30. Even with international postage this makes it a cheap overseas purchase. Don't get ripped off elsewhere!   Look here at Amazon (News, Source: Amazon)

"Elvis and Kathy" on ebay: Yet another copy of Kathy Westmoreland's popular and long-out-of-print memoir is for sale on ebay. The bidding had reached US$116.50 earlier today. Bidding ends on Wednesday and the item # is 7585067127. A copy of the book sold on ebay late last year for around US$170.00. (News, Source: Peter Gael)


Sunday 29 January 2006

"Elvis Killed My Brother" (Film Review & Interview): In 1990 the short film, Elvis Killed My Brother, opened to critical acclaim in Perth, Australia. Made on a restricted budget funded by the WA Film Council, the intention was to secure funding for a full-length feature film around the same subject. Sadly, additional funding was not forthcoming and this gem of a short film was largely forgotten....until recently.

Following an article EIN published last year in which the short film was mentioned, we were contacted by the star of Elvis Killed My Brother, Peter Hardy. Peter provided us with a copy of the short film and agreed to an interview. (Film review/Interview, Source: EIN)

Click for:

The best selling Elvis books of 2005: ElvisBookResearch has published a list of the biggest selling Elvis books of 2005 in the US. They are:

  • Elvis By The Presleys
  • The King (Jim Piazza)
  • Elvis and the Memphis Mafia (Alanna Nash with Billy Smith, Marty Lacker and Lamar Fike)
  • Are You Hungry Tonight? (Arlene Butler)

The list only includes Elvis books sold through retail and online stores. It does not reflect sales of Elvis books marketed solely through fan club, Elvis dealers and Elvis websites. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

USA chart update: The Elvis International Fan Club - www.ElvisInternational.com posts Billboard Weekly chart updates on Thursday's at www.ElvisCharts.com

U.S. Billboard Elvis Chart listings for the week of 4 February 2006:
Hot 100 Singles Sales           - Heartbreak Hotel      - remains at #1
Top Christian Albums            - Ultimate Gospel       - down 19 to #45
Top Country Albums              - Ultimate Gospel       - down 12 to #65  
Top Country Catalog Albums - Elvis 30 #1 Hits         - down 6 to #22

Notes of Interest - Heartbreak Hotel remains #1 on Hot 100 Sales Chart for 2nd consecutive week. (News, Source: Elvis International)

Recently updated:

The Kauai resort seen in "Blue Hawaii" will be replicated for 2008: Coco Palms Resort, the last of Kauai's hotels still shuttered by Hurricane Iniki and arguably its most famous, is finally getting a face lift, company and Kauai officials announced yesterday.

The resort, site of the famous wedding scene in Elvis Presley's film "Blue Hawaii" and the home of the last reigning queen of Kauai, will be replicated, as the buildings are too damaged to restore, said Richard Weiser, partner of Coco Palms LLC.

Opposite: Coco Palms following Hurricane Iniki

But Weiser said it is the company's priority to restore the grandeur and the "aloha" that made Coco Palms the pre-eminent resort on the Garden Isle for decades. The $220 million project is expected to begin in June or July, with a grand opening scheduled for summer 2008.

"We will continue to pay close attention to that heritage" of Grace Guslander, the general manager of the resort that turned Coco Palms into the icon it was before the devastation of Iniki in 1992, Weiser said.

Plans include using the footprints and much of the architecture of the former buildings, restoring the Polynesian decor and even building a museum to Elvis, the Hawaiian culture and the resort's history. Coco Palms will be "the remaining Hawaiian cultural hotel" in the state, said former Kauai Mayor Maryanne Kusaka, who is working with the developers. Unlike the old hotel, the new complex will be a combination of 196 condominium units and 48 hotel bungalows. It will also have a spa and two restaurants, including the Seashell, which will be nearly on the sand in Wailua Bay. It will be connected to the rest of the resort by a pedestrian overpass over Kuhio Highway.

The main resort has been entitled by the planning commission, said Weiser, and just a few more hurdles with members of the planning staff need to be jumped before construction begins. The developers held a news conference in Kauai Mayor Bryan Baptiste's office to announce the purchase of the 16.4-acre property, finalized yesterday. The deal also includes 17 acres of coconut grove and lagoons leased from the state. The purchase price was not disclosed.

Also as part of the project, Coco Palms will donate land to allow the state to widen Kuhio Highway fronting the resort. Baptiste said the road widening, from the Kapaa temporary bypass to the bridge spanning the Wailua River, is "in the governor's budget this year," with groundbreaking coming in 2007. (News, Source: The Star Bulletin)


Saturday 28 January 2006

Charlie Hodge health update: Due to the various rumors circulating about the health of "Sir Charles", we are indebted to Bill Burk for giving us the latest: 'As Paul McCartney once said, "Stories of my death have been grossly exaggerated!".  This too is the case with Charlie.  While he is battling cancer he was very much still alive yesterday.'  I'm sure all fans would agree with EIN in hoping Charlie continues to successfully battle the "Big C" and flourish! (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

"Special edition" DVD "Love Me Tender" now available for pre-order from Amazon: This Region 1 release, due out on 28 February 2006 is the first 'Elvis film' DVD to feature real special features. They are:

- Widescreen Feature
- Commentary by Elvis Historian
- Elvis Hits Hollywood
- The King and the Colonel
- Love Me Tender: The Birth and Boom of the Elvis Hit
- Lobby Cards
- Still Gallery
- Flaming Star Trailer, Love Me Tender Trailer, Wild in the Country Trailer.

We originally announced the release price would be US$15.98. It now appears the RRP is $19.98 with Amazon discounting it to $13.99. (News, Source: Amazon)

"Sunshine" LP release: Set for release in the EC on February 13, 2006 by the Domestic label on Vinyl is the LP "Elvis Presley - Sunshine". Besides SUN recordings this LP also contains the acetate "Fool, Fool, Fool", which Elvis recorded January 1955 in Lubbock. The LP is a picture disc.

Track listing"

1. That's All Right
2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
3. Good Rockin' Tonight
4. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
5. Milkcow Blues Boogie (Kokomo Arnold)
6. You´re A Heartbreaker
7. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
8. Baby Let's Play House
9. Mystery Train
10. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
11. I Love You Because
12. Harbor Lights
13. Blue Moon
14. Tomorrow Night
15. I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin)
16. Just Because
17. When It Rains, It Really Pours
18. That's When Your Heartaches Begin [acetate]
19. I'll Never Stand in Your Way [acetate]
20. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone [slow version]
21. Fool, Fool, Fool [acetate] (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin
/ Elvis News)

"Live At The Louisiana Hayride" LP release: Set for release in February 2006 on vinyl is the Hayride compilation "Live At The Louisiana Hayride" (LIP1852). This limited edition (1000 copies) comes on red vinyl and "captures the raw, thrilling experience if one of the Kings legendary stage shows" according to Music Direct.

Track listing:

1. Heartbreak Hotel
2. Long Tall Sally
3. I Was The One
4. Money Honey
5. I Got A Woman
6. Blue Suede Shoes
7. Hound Dog
8. Baby Let's Play House
9. Maybellene
10. That's Alright Mama
11. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
12. There's Good Rockin Tonight
13. I Got A Woman - Alt Version
14. Tweedle Dee
(News, Source: Elvis News)

The King and I: The Colonel Parker Story is the stuff of myth and legend, as Rob Brydon, a self-confessed Elvis fan and presenter of this two-part series, can testify.

"...For Elvis fans like me, Colonel Tom Parker has always been cast as the villian of the piece: at best, a salesman; at worst, a con-man. For fans, it's a simple equation: Elvis = Good; Colonel = Bad... It's great to find out about the man himself from the people who knew him best," he says.

From Memphis to Vegas, Nashville to New York, Rob seeks out the truth behind the rumours surrounding the King's manager, with contributions from:The Colonel's widow, Loanne Parker, '68 Special producer Steve Binderguitarist Scotty Mooreand hotel and casino magnate Barron Hilton.

Rob has exclusive access to members of the charmed inner circle of Elvis's entourage - the infamous "Memphis Mafia"  -  and to a whole host of stories.

And what stories they are: terrible movie decisions; huge gambling debts that allegedly forced Elvis into a punishing Vegas schedule; Hawaiian shirts and shorts that The Colonel wore to the King's funeral; and the details from his murky past that, even today, get the conspiracy theorists gossiping.

There are also exclusive, previously un-broadcast, recordings of the Colonel himself. Part 1 broadcast Tuesday, 31 January,BBC Radio 2, 8.30 - 9.30pm. Part 2 broadcast the following week. Tuesday, 7 February.
(News, Source: BBC Press Office/www.elvis-express.com)


Friday 27 January 2006

EIN says, please note that they are NOT pulling down RCA's 'Studio B'!!!!: Too many reputable Elvis websites are reporting the incorrect facts, which are now leaking through into the mainstream press!

Elvis did not record 'Heartbreak Hotel' in the famous 'Studio B' - but in RCA's studio in the Methodist TV Radio & Film commission, one block away in McGavock street. It is this building that has been pulled down, not the famous RCA ‘Studio B’. The first song that Elvis recorded in RCA's 'Studio B' was actually 'I Want You, I Need You, I Love You' in April 1956. 

On January 10th 1956, at 2pm, Elvis and his musicians, including for the first time drummer D.J Fontana & pianist Floyd Cramer started this landmark session. The first song they would record to loosen up would be an ‘old favourite’‘ I Got A Woman’. Well-known Nashville producer/guitarist was also on hand to co-ordinate the session. Chet also played rhythm guitar with the band. In the high-ceilinged room Bill Black’s double-bass produced a long drawn-out beat while Scotty Moore was also recording with his new custom-made ‘Echosonic’ guitar amplifier. They still couldn’t replicate that special ‘Sun Studio’ sound and so a microphone and amplifier were placed at opposite ends of the hallway outside the studio which was then fed back into the studio amplification. This helped achieve that mysterious "Sam Phillips' echo" that is so apparent in this session.
This also was the first time that the band would hear the echo themselves as they recorded. The next song was a very strange choice unlike anything that had been heard before, a mournful blues-ballad about a man who committed suicide leaving a note, "I walk a lonely street". The rest is rock’n’roll history – but the place of creation is now sadly gone. (EIN Comment)

Elvis The Definitive Collection from Readers Digest: Reader's Digest will release a 5 CD box with the title "Elvis - The Definitive Collection". All CD's have a theme: "All Shook Up" contains hits from 1954 - 1956, "Jailhouse Rock" has songs from 1957 and 1958, "Fame and Fortune" contains songs from 1958 - 1962, "Viva Las Vegas" comes with tracks from 1963 - 1968 and finally "Always On My Mind" with hits from 1969 - 2003.

From Reader''s Digest Germany:

CD 1: - präsentiert unter dem Titel „All Shook Up“ die ersten großen Hits von 1954 bis 1956. Mit 19 Jahren nahm Elvis 1954 seine erste Single „That’s All Right“ auf, die Platz 3 in den USA erreichte. 1956 hatte er dann mit „Heartbreak Hotel“ seinen ersten Nummer-eins-Hit. Die Single erschien am 27. Januar 1956 in den USA und katapultierte sich nach Elvis’ erstem TV-Auftritt am 2. Februar in der Stage Show der Dorsey Brothers auf dem Sender CBS an die Spitze der amerikanischen Single Charts. Auch „Love Me Tender“ (1954), Kassenschlager und Titelsong des gleichnamigen Kinofilms (1956), „Blue Suede Shoes“ und „Don’t Be Cruel“ finden sich auf dieser CD.

CD 2 - „Jailhouse Rock“ versammelt die Songs der Jahre 1957 und 1958 wie „(Let’s Have A) Party“, „Hard Headed Woman“ und „Jailhouse Rock“, der Titel zum gleichnamigen Film, der 1957 in Memphis in genau dem Kino Premiere feierte, in dem der junge Elvis einst als Platzanweiser gejobbt hatte.

CD 3 - "Fame and Fortune“ lautet der Titel von CD 3 mit Songs aus den Jahren 1958 bis 1962. Viele davon wurden durch Filme populär. So „Rock-A-Hula-Baby“ und „Can’t Help Falling In Love“ aus dem Film „Blue Hawaii“. 1960 dreht Elvis den weltberühmten Film „G.I. Blues“; „It’s Now Or Never“ wird über neun Millionen Mal verkauft und kletterte auch im deutschsprachigem Raum bis auf Platz 2 der Hitparade. „Fame and Fortune“ und „Stuck On You“ waren auf der ersten Single, die er nach seiner Rückkehr vom Militärdienst in Deutschland aufnahm.

CD 4 - steht unter dem Motto „Viva Las Vegas“ (1963 - 1968) und präsentiert unter anderem die Titel „Kiss Me Quick“, „Guitar Man“ und „Viva Las Vegas“: Dieser Song ist nicht nur der Titel von einem der besten Elvis-Filme, sondern auch inoffizielle Hymne der Wüstenstadt.

Die fünfte und letzte CD 5
- „Always On My Mind“ wartet mit Hits von 1969 bis 2003 auf, darunter die wilde Rockabilly-Nummer “Burning Love” und “In The Ghetto”, 1969 der erste Nummer-eins-Hit in Deutschland (aber bis dahin hatten es immerhin bereits 34 seiner Titel in die deutschen Top 30 geschafft). Von „A Little Less Conversation“ gibt es den Remix von DJ JXL aus dem Jahr 2002 zu hören. Und den Abschluss macht die von DJ Paul Oakenfold neu gemischte Aufnahme von „Rubberneckin’“, die in Großbritannien 2003 ein Top-3-Hit wurde.
(News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis News)

Hunk A Hunk A Burnin' Love
An Elvis Presley Musical Tribute

1.16.06 - 2.5.2006

AU Bar... between Park and Madison Ave...
41 East 58th Street, New York, NY, 10022, between Park and Madison Ave...
Monday- Closed Tuesday-Closed
Wednesday- Inquire by Phone
Thurs- Sun - 10pm Serving late Dinner please call for inquiries

Tel: 212-308-9455 11-7PM
Email: aubar@nyc.rr.com
Office hours: 11AM-7PM Monday-Saturday

Is the price of FTD releases too high?: With discussion about the price of FTDs currently on the FECC messageboard we thought it appropriate to republish an item from the EIN site last year: There have been a number of threads on the messageboards discussing the price of FTD releases. Some fans have argued the releases are too expensive. It is interesting to note that one of the USA's top touring acts, Jimmy Buffett, has released a number of "soundboard" recordings of his concerts in similar fold-out digipack format to FTD - these can be bought for around US$10.00 less than the Elvis FTD product. The official Bob Dylan collectors releases are also released at a price around normal RRP.

Meanwhile, it is also claimed on the FECC board that the average sales for FTD releases is 9,000. This is a dramatic increase on the 4,000-5,000 unit sales earlier claimed. FTD is yet to actually publish its sales figures so these claims are only conjecture until Ernst finally, if ever, tells us. (News, Source: EIN, originally published 10 Nov 2005)

Elvisly Yours says "Sack Jack": Sid Shaw from Elvisly Yours in England, who had an ongoing legal battle with EPE throughout the 1990s, is calling for Bob Sillerman to sack EPE CEO, Jack Soden. In support of his call, Sid (always the entrpreneur) has produced "Sack Jack" badges. These can be bought from the Elvisly Yours website. (News, Source: Sid Shaw)

"Golden Balls" for Rhys-Meyers: While on the subject of Sid Shaw, we couldn't resist this piece from his latest Elvisly Yours 'Cyber Club Newsletter':

'Rumour has it that the prestigious "Golden Globes" ceremony is going to be renamed the "Golden Balls" after Jonathan Rhys-Meyers won the Best Actor for a TV Mini Series. He played the part of Elvis Presley in the mini series, "Elvis The Early Years". This is the biggest 'balls-up' apparently in cinematic history hence the name change. Now I have not seen the mini-series as it has not appeared on British TV but I can only go by feedback from Elvis friends in America who all hated the series and thought the acting was poor and the scripts much worse. How he could have beaten actors such as Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Ed Harris and Donald Sutherland is beyond credibility. By all accounts his portrayal of Elvis was awful and I have no idea how he got the part in the first place. The film "Bend it Like Beckham" was cute but you could hardly say he shook the film world with his acting, it was just average...give me Bruce Campbell anytime, the star of the irreverent "Bubba Ho-Tep" if they make a sequel about the later years. If the mini series ever gets to England I might just watch it for two minutes and cringe but I trust the opinion of many of my American Elvis friends and will probably give it a miss.' (News, Source: Sid Shaw)

Turkish VCD releases: Over the last three years Elvis movie releases in Turkey mainly were imported releases. Now a series of movies has been released on Video CD in Turkey. The films are all dubbed into Turkish and some of them also have Turkish titles. The back sides are written in Turkish and each release contains two picture CDs.

The titles are:
1 - Easy Come, Easy Go
2 - Acapulco Eglencesi (Fun in Acapulco)
3 - Paradise, Hawaiian Style
4 - Roustabout
5 - Blue Hawaii
6 - Frankie ve Johhny (Frankie and Johnny)
7 - Tatli Nagmeler (G.I. Blues)
8 - Girls! Girls! Girls!
9 - Lilo ve Stiç (Lilo and Stitch)
(News, Source: Elvis Turk Fan Club  / Elvis News)


Thursday 26 January 2006

"Special Edition" Love Me Tender (Region 1) DVD release: According to a posting on the FECC messageboard a "Special Edition" Region 1 DVD of "Love Me Tender" will be released by Fox on 28 February. This will be the first DVD release of an Elvis movie to include some significant bonus material.

The contents will be:

- Widescreen Feature
- Commentary by Elvis Historian
- Elvis Hits Hollywood
- The King and the Colonel
- Love Me Tender: The Birth and Boom of the Elvis Hit
- Lobby Cards
- Still Gallery
- Flaming Star Trailer, Love Me Tender Trailer, Wild in the Country Trailer.

Retail price will be $15.98
(News, Source: Chris M,  FECC messageboard /Elvis News)

New Elvis "Skins" Available For Your Electronic Devices: Personalize your favorite consumer electronic device such as an iPOD, mobile phone or notebook computer with a one-of-a-kind Elvis "skin". Elvis Skins are easy to apply, easy to remove, and are available in a variety of unique designs. Over 500 consumer electronic devices are supported. Simply go to www.cellfan.com/elvis, choose your favorite design and choose the device that you want to "skin". Shipping is free worldwide. (News, Source: EPE)

"Heartbreak Hotel" #1 on Billboard Singles Sales Chart for 2nd consecutive week: Heartbreak Hotel is #1 on the singles sales chart for a second week. (News, Source: EPE)

"Loving You" DVD give-away in UK: UK fans can buy the UK newspaper, Daily Mail, on February 4th and receive a free DVD of "Loving You". A great marketing strategy which may go on to create new Elvis fans. (News, Source: Tony, FECC)

Updated on site today: Charmaine's Graphics Page...........Celluloid Elvis


Wednesday 25 January 2006
Ernst Jorgensen interviewed on Sirius Elvis Radio about the CD 'Southern Nights'- January 2006: Sirius D.J. 'Doc Walker' interviewed Ernst Jorgensen, the respected keeper of Elvis’ musical legacy, on Sirius Elvis Radio last weekend. Ernst talked about the new FTD 'Southern Nights' as well as commenting about the illegal Bootleggers. Here are the main points of his interview. (Interview, Source: ElvisSessions. - Transcript EIN, Jan 2006)

New "unofficial" concert releases: Two new import releases have been announced "Live From Vegas" and "Live From Fort Wayne". "Live From Vegas", features the concert from Las Vegas, March 30 (DS), 1975. The second CD, "Live From Fort Wayne" features the concert from Fort Wayne, June 12, 1972.

Track listing "Live From Vegas": 2001 theme / c.c. rider / i got a woman / amen / love me / if you love me let me know / and I love you so / big boss man / love me tender / burning love / band introductions / what'd I say / lawdy miss clawdy / hail hail rock'n'roll / how great thou art / hound dog / the first time ever I saw your face / can't help falling in love
Track listing "Live From Fort Wayne": opening theme (2001) / that's all right / proud mary / never Been to spain / until it's time for you to go / you don't have to say you love me / polk salad annie / love me / all shook up / heartbreak hotel / teddy bear / don't be cruel / love me tender / blue suede shoes / bridge over troubled water / hound dog / reconsider baby / it's now or never / suspicious minds / introductions / for the good times / American trilogy / funny how times slips away / I can't stop loving you / can't help falling in love. It would appear these are "audience" recordings, not soundboards. (News, Source: For CD Collectors Only / Elvis News)

Time to release these Elvis films on DVD: With most of Elvis' 33 movies already released on DVD it is time the remaining titles were issued:

  • Girl Happy (MGM)
  • Tickle Me (Allied Artists)
  • Live A Little, Love A Little (MGM)
  • Elvis On Tour (MGM)

Distributors should also release "This Is Elvis" (Warner Bros) and the early Diane Lane film, "Touched By Love", aka "To Elvis, With Love" (distributor unknown). A high quality release of "Charro" on DVD is also needed. While many fans have these titles on DVDR, official releases, preferably as Special Editions, are long overdue. (Celluloid/EIN comment)


Tuesday 24 January 2006

Long-lost Elvis photos to feature in Tupelo documentary: A collection of long-lost photos of Elvis that turned up in Dublin in 1997 will be included in a new documentary by Tupelo filmmaker Roy Turner. The photos are on loan from Maurice Colgan of Swords, Ireland. He's also the person who urged the city of Tupelo to erect a statue of Elvis next to his birthplace, and he gets his fans to periodically pester local officials about renaming Memphis International Airport.

Colgan found the photos in a market in Dublin -- 20 pages stapled together in what appears to be a printer's proof, which was once used as a preliminary step to printing a book.

The photos are all from the Mississippi-Alabama Fair of 1956, which was declared the Elvis Homecoming Fair.


The King, with his parents in tow, were escorted from the state line at Memphis to Tupelo by the Mississippi Highway Patrol. One picture shows marching bands on parade and a street banner proclaiming "Tupelo Welcomes Elvis Presley Home."

Colgan's collection also has pictures of Elvis on stage for a daytime and a nighttime show. There's also shots of Elvis enjoying the fair and accepting a guitar as a gift from the mayor.

Turner's documentary, "Elvis Homecoming 1956," will be released June 3. Theater screenings are still being negotiated. It will also be available on DVD.

EIN comment: The booklet referred to in this story is interesting. It is an obscure release with no publishing details and the date on the cover is incorrect - Elvis' Tupelo concert was the day before, September 26, 1956. The concert was filmed by Fox Movietone News. (News, Source: Maurice Colgan)

Marty Lacker takes on Paul Terry King: We recently received a message (for Marty Lacker) from songwriter, Paul King. Marty has asked us to publish his response:

Paul Terry King's original message:

Marty , I already heard in Vegas what you said about Roses the song I wrote with Elvis in 73. Face it you don't know everything!!!  You go on to say  Red wrote Seperate Ways  in it's entirety and rightfully is credited as songwriter!!!   Bullshit!   Richard Mainegra and myself were there too. Red pushed the pencil  while  You were in donald crews old office taking over/  I could tell more about that day but wont for now as it seems my daughter Leslie Faith King has been abducted from a locked hospital ward in Oklahoma City. She was born in 1977 just months before Elvis died. A beautiful green eyed vivacious red head that loved Elvis music more than most fans! An acct. is set up at Mid First Bank OKC, OKLA. # 2828110986 routing # 303087995 for those who would like to help.   Her 11 yr old son is with me and asks every day when is mommy coming home?  Lee Dawson with elvis-express.com  in England has this sad story and will appeal for help from British fans also. 

Marty Lacker's response:

1.  King claims he wrote the song with Elvis at American Studios, Elvis was only there in 1969 and I was with him every second while he was at the studio except the couple of times he went to the bathroom and I can assure you that King never wrote any song with Elvis nor did he go to the bathroom with him.  The other guys who were at the sessions, that I have talked to, agree with me. The only song Elvis contributed to was one with Johnny Horton the country singer who sang Batlle of New Orleans but he wanted no credit for that.  He did change a couple of words in Separate Ways.
2.  Secondly, Separate Ways was written mainly by Red West but in conjunction with Richard Mainegra, King had no part in it.  I just spoke with Red West and told him what Paul King said and this comes from Red.  "This guy needs to halt his phoney claims in particular about Separate Ways or he is going to have a load of trouble come down on his head including a heavy lawsuit.  Mainegra and I will come down heavy on him"
3.  I asked Chips Moman about King because I don't remember him at American.  Chips said King, who he barely remembered his name, and his writing partner who's name escapes me at the moment, were worthless as songwriters. They never brought Chips a song worth a crap.  He said he made a mistake when he signed them as writer's.
4. In 1973 I had already left running American and had been running my own company and being one of the leader's of the Memphis Music Industry so King's little tale about me taking over Chip's former partner Don Crew's office is about a nuttier a story as his tale about writing a song with Elvis and writing Separate Ways.
5. If King knows what's good for him, he'll stay clear of being anywhere near Red.

6. As for his sad story about his daughter, I'm sorry for that.

PS.  What fools that come out of the woodwork with these phoney stories since Elvis died don't understand is that while he may be gone and can't dispute their stories, there are a number of us who were close to him still here and we were with him virtually everyday. We will set the record straight and refute their bullshit.

Updated on site today: Celluloid Elvis


(Opposite: rare photo currently for sale on eBay)


Monday 23 January 2006
Elvis A Legendary Performer Vol. 8: The next release from the Madison label will be "Elvis - A Legendary Performer Volume 8". Like the first three volumes from this series this CD will feature previously unreleased live and rehearsal performances, unedited studio recordings in stereo, movie outtakes, interviews, radio greetings, and previously issued tracks with improved sound quality. The packaging will include a 16 page, illustrated booklet and relevant text.

Some of Volume 8's highlights include great performances from the Ed Sullivan shows, taken directly from the original CBS kinescopes, previously unreleased rehearsals from February 1970, the unedited, undubbed stereo master of "Funny How Time Slips Away" in perfect sound, an extended stereo version of "The Sound Of Your Cry" (alternate take 6), an unedited stereo version of "Danny Boy" (alternate take 9), a previously unreleased live rendition of "An American Trilogy" from August 1972, excerpts from an Australian radio broadcast containing messages from Elvis and a rare interview by DJ Tom Moffatt at the site of Elvis' arrival in Hawaii on January 9, 1973, a great sounding version of Elvis' last live rendition of "For The Good Times" from December 29, 1976 (mixed down to mono from the original binaural recording) and more.

We feel Volume 8 is the best of the series so far and all fans will be pleased as well. Upcoming from the Madison label will be soundboard recordings -- no Volume 9 of the Legendary series will be scheduled before early Fall 2006. Finally, Madison would like everyone to know they had nothing to do with the recent "Elvis- A Legendary Performer Volumes 3 and 4" releases.
(News, Source: FECC/ Elvis News)

'Elvis~ A Legendary Performer Volume 7' - CD Review: Following The Colonel’s marketing example of ‘too much is never enough’, Madison released yet another volume in their ‘Legendary Performer’ series. With their high productions values can this really be as good as the first two in the series, or is that the sound of scrapping at the bottom of the barrel that we can hear! EIN’s Piers Beagley opens the lid and looks into the depths. (CD Reviews, Source: EIN)

Chart update: The "Hitstory" compilation climbed to #56 from last week's #58 in the Irish Top 75 album chart. In the U.K. the DVD "Elvis Presley - Legends in concert - The early years" DVD dropped to #4 from last week's #3 on the U.K. Music DVD Top 10. (News, Source: Elvis News)


Sunday 22 January 2006

Elvis ranked #2 behind The Beatles in worldwide sales: Wikepedia has published a list of the biggest record/CD sellers worldwide. Click to view list (News, Source: Wikepedia/ Tony, alt.elvis.king)

Ernst Jorgensen talks about the latest FTD release, Southern Nights (MP3 format): In a very interesting interview on Sirius Elvis Radio, Ernst talks about 'Southern Nights', how FTD soundboards are chosen, the bootleggers, and the first artist to have a collectors label (and it wasn't Elvis!). (Source: Sirius Elvis Radio / FECC)

Promotion for "Elvis' Christmas Album" (1970 release): Rather than releasing new Christmas compilations each year, isn't it time BMG re-issued and promoted "Elvis' Christmas Album", getting it past the magical 10 nmillion sales mark in the US so that Elvis receives his first Diamond award? Currently the "budget priced" album is Elvis' highest certified album in the US at 9xPlatinum, indicating accredited sales exceeding 9 million. Alternatively, or in addition, BMG could reissue and promote "Elvis' Golden Records Vol. 1" (which has accredited sales exceeding 6 million in the US). Is this important or not?...EIN would like to know what you think.

Click to view all of Elvis' USA Platinum & Gold Awards

Pupils get all shook up thanks to Elvis: Elvis has left the building and wandered into an after-school club in Clapham. The rock 'n roll star was last spotted taking an Elvis class for the Trojans, which operates from Kings Avenue Primary School in Clapham. Elvis impersonator Colbert Hamilton said he took the job after doing a series of unfulfilling jobs.

He said: "I'm delighted Trojans have decided to give the Elvis club a go and have been thinking about how to make Elvis appropriate and enjoyable for the kids. I think Wooden Heart might be a good song to start with. I don't know if they'll all have heard of Elvis but I think his appeal is pretty timeless."

Brid Muldoon, head of operations, said: "We at Trojans strive to offer a wide range of activities and an Elvis club is certainly something a bit different."

If you are interested in volunteering at Trojans or would like to find out more about their after-school clubs, call 020 8683 9600 or visit www.trojansscheme.org.uk. To find out more about Colbert, visit www.blackelvis.co.uk. (News, Source: Putney Guardian)

"Elvis Pizza" continues to rock in Sydney, Australia: Paul Fenech, one of Australia's leading Elvis Tribute Artists, is also  the owner of 'Elvis Pizza' based in Rushcutters Bay, in Sydney. It has been operating for over 20 years and has Elvis tribute shows every Fri and Sat nites. Last year 'Elvis Pizza' played host to two Kiwi Elvis Tribute Artists who came to Sydney to perform at 'Elvis Pizza'.

Check out Paul's websites:


Saturday 21 January 2006

Elvis owned fur coat for sale on ebay: From ebay: "This auction is for a one-of-a-kind leather and mink coat that once belonged to The King himself, Elvis Aaron Presley. You will not see another one of these anywhere EVER! The present owner received it from her mother who won the coat in a contest (see photo of news article). It's in very good to excellent condition and ready to go to the new owner. The coat is mostly mink with leather around the shoulders, collar, and pockets. The belt is also leather. There are eight buttons on the front, four of which actually button while the other four are only for looks. There is an extra button sewn into the inside of the coat. One of the threads that held the flap on one of the leather pockets down has come loose, but that can be easily fixed.

If you've been dreaming about owning something that Elvis wore, this is the auction for you. It will be packed and shipped with the utmost care to ensure you receive it in the condition it was described. Due to the high value of this rare garment, insurance is priced accordingly (and required). We have no reserve on this stunning leather and mink coat so bid now and win!" Start bid price: US$10,000.00. (News, Source: ebay/Sanja Meegin)

UK TV watch - "Flaming Star" on BBC2: BBC2 will sceen Flaming Star at 1.30pm on Tuesday 24 January. (News, Source: Mark Nicholson/EPGold)

New book - "Elvis: From New York to Memphis" (Alfred Wertheimer): This hardcover release will be published by Welcome Books in August 2006. No description as yet, but obviously will feature Wertheimer's candid photos of Elvis from the 50s. For pre-order from Amazon for US$60.00; ISBN:1933784016. The publisher is also releasing a limited edition which Amazon has listed for sale at a cool US$595.00! The limited edition apparently has an extra 26 pages and a release date of September 19, 2006. (ISBN:1933784113). (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

New book - "In the Kingdom of Elvis: In the City of the Prince with No Name" (Phil Embleton): Obscure title recently released by Lulu Press. ISBN: 1411670027. Available from Amazon for US$14.75. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

Updated on EIN today:

Calling all Aussie Elvis Tribute Artists: One of Australia's leading Elvis Tribute Artists, Paul Fenech, is helping organise a Elvis Competition in New Zealand on 31st March 2006. Paul will be guest judge as well as performing  that evening. Paul is interested in expanding on this idea with an Australian Elvis Tribute Artist Show in Sydney, later this year. Paul says "It would be great if we can start getting Elvis Tribute Artists together more frequently in Australia for shows and/or competitions.

Check out Paul's websites:

Interested tribute artists can contact Paul by clicking here

"Love, Elvis" CD for release in Germany: The CD "Love, Elvis" will finally be released in Germany. The release date is now set for February 10, 2006. Track listing: Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Can't Help Falling In Love - Always On My Mind - It's Now Or Never - Love Me Tender - I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - Don't - A Fool Such As I - Any Way You Want Me - Surrender - Hawaiian Wedding Song - Doin' The Best I Can - Fever - It Hurts Me - I Just Can't Help Believin' - The Wonder Of You - Let It Be Me - It's Impossible - For The Good Times (previously unreleased) - There Goes My Everything - And I Love You So - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Unchained Melody - If I Can Dream (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis News)


Friday 20 January 2006

Wilson Pickett Obituary: Wilson Pickett died on January 18th, 2006 of a heart attack. Recording some of the the greatest souls songs of all-time - 'Mustang Sally', 'In The Midnight Hour' etc - there may seem to be little connection with Elvis Presley. However at the peak of his success the "Wicked Pickett" caused similar controversy to Middle-America as Elvis had done in the fifties. EIN's Piers Beagley provides an obituary for this great man of soul, as well as checking out the Elvis connections. (Spotlight, Source: EIN)

Charmaine's Elvis graphics come to EIN: EIN is pleased to announce that one of the Elvis world's best graphic artists, Charmaine Voisine, has joined EIN. Click above to view 14 of Charmaine's superb Elvis graphics. Charmaine's Elvis Graphics Page will be updated regularly as Charmaine completes more of her wonderful designs. Fans can also have any of Charmaine's Elvis graphics personalized. (News, Source: EIN)

Be a Guest in Elvis' kitchen: The Food Network in conjunction with EPE has commenced an interesting new competition around Elvis' kitchen at Graceland. The Grand prize winner will receive:

  • return air tickets to Memphis
  • two nights at Heartbreak Hotel
  • tour of Graceland
  • get to go inside the kitchen at Graceland
  • car hire
  • visits to Sun Studio, Stax Museum & Hard Rock Cafe
  • one (1) 11 piece set of TwoTwelve Cookware
  • one (1) Food Network potholder

Total ARV of the Grand Prize: $2,500; however actual value may vary based on winner's point of departure (EIN assumes the competition is only open to residents of the US).

SECOND PRIZES: A total of two (2) second prize winners will receive:
  • One (1) 11 piece set of TwoTwelve Cookware,
  • One (1) Food Network potholder,
  • One (1) "Graceland's Table" cookbook

THIRD PRIZES: A total of ten (10) third prize winners will receive one (1) complimentary, one-year membership to The Official Elvis Insiders.

Click to enter (News, Source: EPE/ Sanja Meegin)

Scotty Moore receives Elvis piano: Gibson Guitar Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz presented Scotty Moore with an exclusive Elvis piano produced by Baldwin Piano at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee participated in a special celebration in honor of Elvis Presley's birthday at the Gibson Guitar booth during the show.

Unfortunately some pictures on the Gibson site also show Gibson pushed the Elvis theme too far, they hired an impersonator to give away prizes.
(News, Source: Amber Smith)

Heartbreak Hotel Studio coming down: Life can be a funny thing. Just as Elvis hits #1 again with his classic "Heartbreak Hotel", the current owners of the studio where he recorded the song announced that the building will be torn down:

"The Nashville recording studio where Elvis Presley cut the RCA hit Heartbreak Hotel, the King's first breakout hit, is being torn down to make way for that unmistakable sign of urban progress: A parking lot. The studio, wedged between Broadway and Demonbreun at 1525 McGavock St. and purchased by auto-dealership magnate Lee Beaman in 1999, was the longtime home of the United Methodist Television, Radio and Film Commission." Click to read full story
(News, Source: The Tennessean / Charmaine Voisine)

Heartbreak Hotel singles sales only 4,200 in the US: In an otherwise slow sales week, Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, and Mary J. Blige, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, held court over the charts. Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel" reigned supreme on the singles side, while Blige's The Breakthrough recaptured the top slot on the Billboard 200, based on Nielsen SoundScan sales figures released Wednesday. Fifty years after initial debut, Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel" sold 4,200 copies for the week ended Sunday. The Breakthrough topped Foxx's Unpredictable that first week, but for the two subsequent charts, the positions flip-flopped. Now, Blige is back on top, selling 118,000 copies to Unpredictable's 103,000.

EIN comment: The paltry level of sales to be the #1 selling single in the US demonstrates how the market has changed with the intrroduction of music downloads and many buyer's prerference for albums. (News, Source: E Online)


Thursday 19 January 2006

"Heartbreak Hotel" #1 on Billboard Singles Sales chart: 50 years after its original release, Heartbreak Hotel is again the #1 selling single in America. The King recorded the tune -- his first-ever Number One -- two days after his twenty-first birthday during the now infamous first RCA Studios session. The genre-crossing "Heartbreak Hotel" originally spent eight weeks at Number One on the pop chart, topped the country charts for seventeen weeks and reached Number Three on the R&B charts.

The single is included in the deluxe box set Elvis #1 Singles, due January 24th. The collection features all of Presley's twenty-one Number One hits packaged together on individual discs, including a double A side containing "Hound Dog" and "Don't Be Cruel." (News, Source:Rolling Stone)

Can anyone help?...Elvis live in Dayton, Ohio, October 1976: We received this message from journalist, Anthony Shoemaker, Weekend Editor, Dayton Daily News:

"I am a reporter in Dayton, Ohio and I am working on a story about Elvis' last concert in Dayton in Oct. 1976. I am doing a sort of 'The day the King came to town' story. I want to capture the feeling of the city, the concert and collect as much information and do interviews, find artifacts, etc."

If anyone can help with information, photos etc click here to contact Anthony (News, Source: Anthony Shoemaker, Dayton Daily News)

More BMG CD compilations for release in 2006: Three more themed albums announced for 2006. This new series of themed albums will feature six single CD compilations to be released in two instalments. The first instalment of three albums will be available on 27th February 2006 and the second instalment will be released in August 2006, coinciding with the anniversary of Elvis’ death. Each album has a contemporary design and contains 20 tracks featuring essential hits from the genres that made Elvis the most important entertainer of the 20th Century:

February Releases
August Releases

EIN comment: Each edition of recycled product usually sells less than the previous edition unless backed by a good marketing campaign involving point of sale and TV advertising. BMG had to go all out in the early 1990s to reinvigorate its Elvis product and sales are again dwindling. EIN (and others) have said it before...it is time BMG treated Elvis as an "artist" and not just a "product", and looked beyond the current "greying" key demographic and fostered Elvis' appeal to a broader market using "themed" albums, particularly "blues" and "soul". We simply don't need more recycled product! (News, Source: Elvis Express/ EIN)

No "Heartbreak Hotel" single release in UK?: HMV has told Elvis Express that the single release of Heartbreak Hotel in the UK has been cancelled. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

Handwritten lyrics...Marty Lacker comments: Marty Lacker contacted EIN after our story (see 17 & 18 Jan 2006) about handwritten lyrics for a song allegedly written by Elvis. Marty says:

"Never happened.  The only time Elvis contributed to a song is when he made a few suggestions to Red West when Red wrote Separate Ways.  Red wrote the song in it's entirety and rightfully is credited as songwriter.  Elvis just made one or two changes when he recorded it." (News, Source: Marty Lacker)

"Loving You" DVD reissue in EC: The German Elvis site mentions a re-release of the classic "Loving You" movie on DVD. This release, set for release April 3, 2006, should be region 2 with only an English soundtrack. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis News)

Gospel demo made for Elvis for sale: Pete Smith sent us this news:

'My old friend in California Norm Pringle wants your opinion on the latest version of his song "TRY A PRAYER" the gospel song he composed for Elvis. The song has quite a history. Norm interviewed Elvis in 1957 at the now famous Vancouver Press Conference. The press conference can be heard www.cybercloud.com  Later when Norm was working at the Sam Goldwyn studios in Hollywood Norms parking place was next to Elvis. One day when Norm drove in who should be in his car but the King himself rehearsing a song. Norm presented a demo to Elvis but the Memphis Mafia stepped in and asked Norm to send it by mail. Elvis who used to receive over thousands songs a week probably never heard it but a new version has been recorded by famous Elvis impersonator Duke Hicks of Phoenix. The Duke and Norm have offered the song to the children of the Sago Mine Disaster as a fund raiser. Norm would like your opinion  of this rendition at Crashnorm@aol.com ' (News, Source: Pete Smith)

Red West in #1 movie: "Glory Road," which opened last Friday across the USA and was the #1 box office attraction of the weekend. Red West plays Ross Moore, trainer and "spiritual advisor," for the old Texas Western basketball team that became the first team to win the USA college basketball championship using all black players. Bill Burk says: "It's one of Red's better character roles. Josh Lucas plays Hall of Fame coach Don Haskins and deserves Oscar nomination for his inspirational performance.  Haskins' assistant coach, Moe Iba, he of the horned rim glasses, would coach at MEM State shortly after the Miners won the NCAA championship. It's 2006's feel-good sports movie of the year." (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)


Wednesday 18 January 2006

'Elvis checked in nationally with Heartbreak Hotel': An article from the San Antonio Express-News about the 50th anniversary release of the single 'Heartbreak Hotel'. An interesting news-piece featuring noteworthy comments from Ernst Jorgensen. (News, Source: San Antonio Express News)

Memphis Recording Service Volume 1 The Beginning of Elvis Presley The Birth of Rock 'n' Roll, Joseph Pirzada

"...one of 2005's best Elvis releases..."

Read EIN's review

Click to order

Mystery of handwritten lyrics by Elvis solved?: Our report yesterday resulted in numerous messages and discussion on the various Elvis messageboards. On the FECC board, Tits McGhee wrote:

"The full story of this was told way back in issue 37 of Elvis The Man & His Music. Terry Fell wrote and first recorded 'Mississippi River Shuffle' (note the proper title) in the early '50s. Elvis probably had the record with him in Germany and wrote out the lyrics, that's all."

Others saw the presence of words like "Mommy, "Mississippi" and "Mystery Train" as an indication Elvis could have written the lyrics, while yet others viewed them as another example of forged Elvis notes. (News, Source: FECC/Various)

Toronto, Canada fans - "Elvis for sale": Pete Smith sent us this message which should interest fans in the Toronto area: "We have some great Elvis rare CDs, rare unusual Elvis records and hundreds of Elvis photos for sale - all items are available in Toronto! Contact us and come and see what Elvis we have - just call us at 419 - 457- 2295 - thank you. Friends Through Elvis, Pete, Phone: 416- 457- 2295" (News, Source: Pete Smith)

Aerosmith guitarist praises Elvis: The January 2006 edition of Goldmine magazine features an interview with AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry. In the interview, Perry is asked about any favorite music artists that he has and below is his reply:

"Jimi Hendrix and Elvis. I love Elvis. It's not just the music, it's what he accomplished and what he did. Probably the most important thing he did was bring black music to white ears. I think that some of what he contributed to our culture and music gets lost in his later years, in the stereotypes. Most of the impersonators are doing the white jumpsuit [look] because he was such a caricature of himself, but he was so important in those early years that it's just a drag that it gets lost. People think about the glasses and the jumpsuit, but if it wasn't for him there is so much music that we wouldn't have heard. He was the right voice at the right time, and it precipitated that whole social change in the '60s, bringing all that music and breaking down that barrier because black music was so taboo. It existed, but to break through that into the white stronghold on music, somebody had to do it, and he did it. He had the voice. There were certainly other rockers, but they sounded white. That's why he scared the sh** out of people when he was coming around. People were expecting to see a black dude singing. Like I said, the right voice at the right time to do that. You can't say enough about what he contributed. He laid the groundwork for breaking out, and the rest is history." (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Golden Globe for "Elvis" 'like winning FA Cup': Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has said that getting a Golden Globe was like winning the FA Cup. The 28-year-old scooped the Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Film Made for Television title at the Los Angeles awards ceremony for his performance in Elvis (see report 17 Jan 2006).

"It's like scoring a goal for Arsenal in the FA Cup to win it. It does big things for your career. When you look at the people I was up against - Kenneth Branagh, Donald Sutherland and Ed Harris - they're all very accomplished actors," he said.

The actor said he had been shocked to win the award. "You kind of dream that you'll win but you never think it will become a reality," he said. He was previously nominated for an Emmy award and won a Satellite award for his performance in Elvis, but had been apprehensive about taking the role.

"I never really expected anything great from it, but it just took off in America and got 30 million viewers," he told RTE radio.

Rhys Meyers' breakthrough came when he played the young assassin in Neil Jordan's 1996 biopic of Irish revolutionary Michael Collins. He has since starred in Bend It Like Beckham and Alexander, and is currently appearing with Scarlett Johansson in Woody Allen's Match Point. He said the Golden Globe award could help him get an Oscar nomination for best actor.

"There is a good chance, with Match Point getting so much attention, that I might get a nod for that. But you never know, it's a very tough category." (News, Source: Press Association)

Elvis to appear on American Idol: Idol co-producers CKX and FremantleMedia, Fox Broadcasting, and acid-tongued judge Simon Cowell have agreed to keep the series going for at least four seasons starting with this season. Fox has agreed to pay a license fee of $18 million for this year, growing to $35.5 million in 2009.

CKX, which also licenses Elvis Presley, plans some corporate synergy. "Elvis will be making an appearance on this year's series," CEO Robert Sillerman says.
(News, Source: FECC/ Elvis News)


Tuesday 17 January 2006
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers wins Golden Globe as "Elvis": In what must be something of a surprise, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers who starred as Elvis in the CBS TV mini-series "Elvis The Early Years", has won Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television at the 63rd Golden Globe Awards. He beat noted actors Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Ed Harris and Donald Sutherland. Also nominated for the "Elvis" mini-series were Camryhn Manheim (Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television) and Randy Quaid (Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television), both of whom lost out. (News, Source: HFPA)

"The Mississippi River" (The Tupelo Song) handwritten lyric by Elvis?: Browsing through the book 'Elvis Presley Words The Complete Lyrics Volume 8 SU-THEV', we noticed the lyrics to this song allegedly written by Elvis and Jerry Fell (a Google search could not find information about Fell). The book states: "Elvis' own handwritten song lyric.....Could this song possibly be a genuine Presley composition? At the bottom of the sheet of paper he writes: Words by Elvis Presley and Jerry Fell. The original title of the song was The Tupelo Song. This title has been stroke out and given way to The Mississippi River." Click to read the song lyrics (News, Source: Elvis Presley Words The Complete Lyrics Volume 8 SU-THEV)

Bill who?: Kudos to Elvis News for following up on the story about drummer Bill Lynn who died recently. The reports included the claim that Lynn played on Elvis' 1960 smash hit, It's Now Or Never. Elvis News contacted Ernst Jorgensen who replied: "Never heard of him."

Elvis News went on to say that Lynn did play drums as a movie extra in "Easy Come Easy Go" and "Speedway". This would explain why none of the major books about Elvis' recording sessions mention Bill Lynn working on these sessions.

In an interview with Beyond The Beat Generation, Lynn briefly talked about his work with Elvis: "In '64 I began work as a musician with Elvis Presley, performing in several movies, recording and being 'just one of the guys!'"

In his home town of Bogota, Lynn owned a bar called Legends and Superstars, featuring Elvis memorabilia.

It is not clear how the story about Bill playing drums on 'It's Now Or Neve'r started but an online story published by News 24 states:

'Lynn played drums with Elvis in the 1960 song It's now or never, an English version of the Italian classic O' sole mio. A year later, Elvis sent Lynn a golden record to thank him for his collaboration. He went on to be Elvis' drummer for five years.'

(News, Source: Elvis News/Beyond the Beat Generation/News 24)

New DVD "Elvis Presley - (The Early Years) Legends In Concert": Woolworths in the UK is advertising this new budget priced DVD. Description - Elvis Presley was responsible for changing the youth culture of the western world and the face of rock and roll forever. From his humble beginnings in Tupelo, Mississippi to his meteoric rise to world Superstar through to his tragic death aged just forty two in 1977 Elvis Presley truly earned the title 'The King'. It is estimated that Elvis Presley has sold over 1.5 billion records worldwide and the sales keep rolling in as legions of new fans discover the wonderful voice and the sexuality that was "The King - Elvis Presley".

This DVD, featuring some very early footage of Elvis during his college days, is a must for all Elvis fans. Packed with many of the songs that would later become worldwide hits and overflowing with all the raw emotion and excitement of his early years.

Tracklisting: Money Honey/Witchcraft/Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra)/Baby Let's Play House/Too Much/Heartbreak Hotel (Version 1)/Love Me Tender (Version 1)/When My Blue Moon, Turns To Gold Again/Hound Dog (Version 1)/I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/Heartbreak Hotel (Version 2)/Tutti Frutti/Don't Be Cruel (Version 1)/Blue Suede Shoes/Love Me Tender (Version 2)/Ready Teddy/Hound Dog (Version 2)/Shake, Rattle 'N' Roll/Don't Be Cruel (Version 2)/Love Me/Peace In The Valley/Hound Dog (Version 2).

EIN comment: It will be interesting to see exactly what, if anything, is actually on this DVD from Elvis' college days! (News, Source: Various/EIN)

Rare book for sale on ebay...asking price starts at US$99.99!: This 223 page book is indeed rare but is it worth at least US$100.00? Growing Up with the Memphis Flash by W.A. Harbinson was published in 1994 by Ger Rijff's famed company, Tutti Frutti Productions. It tells the story and recollections of Kay Wheeler who started the first Elvis fan club. (News, Source: ebay)

Click for photos and info about "RIAA & Elvis Presley Proclamation Ceremony" at Graceland

Latest celebrity visitor to Graceland: Reigning American Idol and hit-making music star Carrie Underwood toured Graceland on January 12, 2006. (News, Source: EPE)

Patsy Presley's husband has died: Lisa Marie Presley visited Graceland in mid December, 2005 due to the death of Patsy Presley's husband Clayton Matthew Geranen. He died on December 12, 2005 only 40 years old. He was buried at the Memorial Park Funeral Home in Memphis, TN.

Clayton Matthew Geranen was a member of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis and a U.S. Navy veteran. He was a carpenter for Milan Decorators. He leaves his wife, Patsy Geranen Presley, his parents, Sue Geranen of Sacramento, CA. and Allan and Connie Geranen of Pollock Pines, CA. his grandparents, Ruth Rennie of Modesto, CA. and Robert and Lucille Sullivan of Auburn, CA. two sisters, Mary Ann Archer of Brawley, CA. and Stacy Lowry of Susanville, CA. and three brothers, Brian Geranen of San Jose, CA. Jason Ross of Sacramento, CA. and Matthew Geranen, stationed in Sasebo, Japan.

Clayton Matthew Geranen and Patsy Presley can be seen celebrating Christmas at Graceland with the entire Presley family in the documentary Elvis By The Presley’s. (News, Source: Megan Murphy/Elvis Unlimited)


Monday 16 January 2006

Ernst Jorgensen "Sun boxset & book": We received the following message from Fabris G. Luca, an Elvis researcher assisting Ernst Jorgensen with his Sun project:

"I'm an Elvis researcher expecially on the early days. Mainly all these researches are in relation to a book/CD project for the Elvis fan club network I've been asked to help with. It's a 3/4 CD 200 pages book about Elvis stay at SUN records by Ernst Jorgensen. I am now helping detail the period from July 1954 through to the end of 1955.

Ernst is BMG's chief at Elvis music archivist. The book will consist of more than 400 early photos - half of them previously unpublished. It's not an attempt of once again write the story of Elvis Presley, but more a collection of information, photos, memorabilia and stories shared by fans who where there at the time. The book will not deal in gossip or other unpleasant material - it's all about the innocence of the time and the impact of Elvis' music. We are trying to document every single show Elvis did, and we have come fairly close. So I'm looking for photos, recordings from Louisiana Hayride or Opry, or any live radio gig or interview .... ANYTHING IS WELCOME FROM THE 50s!!

And while Elvis played the Mississippi area a lot during 1955 we have very little information and no photos at all!"

If anyone can help Luca and Ernst by providing stories or photos or archival material you can contact Luca by clicking here. (News, Source: Fabris G. Luca)


Sunday 15 January 2006

'Elvis That's The Way It Is': An EIN special to coincide with the TCM movie channel showing the original 1970 Dennis Sanders' version of 'That's The Way It Is' this month (see TCM schedule below). Firstly Harley Payette examines the difference between the two movie versions, while EIN has also re-discovered our exclusive interview with Rick Schmidlin, Producer of the Special Edition.'Elvis That's The Way It Is' - The Recut vs The Original Film. In 2000, Ernst Jorgensen and film archivist Rick Schmidlin got together to try and rectify the problems of Dennis Sanders' original 'Elvis That's The Way It Is' film. Out went all the fan interviews, new performances were edited into the flick and others cut. This was an act of remarkable hubris in that they were basically redirecting the film. They only half succeeded. While this is a far better, more coherent movie than Sanders', it still is not the definitive Elvis in Vegas record. - Here EIN contributor Harley Payette explores the two versions of Elvis' sensational documentary. (Spotlight Article, Source: EIN)

EIN interview with Rick Schmidlin, Producer of 'Elvis That's The Way It Is' 2000 Special Edition: In the year 2000 EIN had an exclusive interview with Rick Schmidlin, film archivist, restorer and Producer of 'Elvis That's The Way It Is - Special Edition'. Rick has some fascinating things to say about TTWII, the restoration process, while certain songs were dropped from the original movie - and in the year 2000 he even considered 'Elvis On Tour' as his next Elvis project! (Interview, Source: EIN)

Elvis' fans in the building: Don't tell these fans Elvis has left the building.

Friends, classmates and fans of Elvis Presley came to Anna's Steakhouse Jan. 8 to celebrate the rock-and-roll icon's 71st birthday. People came from California and New Jersey - even Denmark - to wish the King a Happy Birthday.

“It's like a big family gathering,” said Nancie Craft, president of D&N's Elvis Presley Fan Club. “We try to come to Anna's twice a year - once for his birthday and one in August.”

Opposite from left: Rose Howell-Klimek; Anna Hamilton, George Klein)

Fans such as Craft, who came from Houston, Texas, gravitate to Anna's because of the Elvis and Humes High School memorabilia displayed on the restaurant's walls. Craft said Anna's is rich with Elvis history, and she knows a good Elvis-thing when she sees it. Her club was voted Fan Club of the Year in 2003 by Elvis World magazine. While the Elvis photos on Anna's walls bring fans to the restaurant, it is the comraderie and love for the King that keeps people coming back.

“It's great to see people that you haven't seen in a while and you meet new people every year,” Craft said. “You find people that you enjoy being around, and you really get to know them through the club.”

During the annual pilgrimage to Anna's, a favorite pastime for Elvis aficionados is swapping stories, especially if they involve Elvis himself. A couple fans at Anna's last week, “Rockin'” Robin Rosaaen and Will “Bardahl” McDaniel told stories about how they got their nicknames from Elvis.

McDaniel met Elvis at the Rainbow Skating Rink in Memphis almost 50 years ago. McDaniel said he was wearing a T-shirt advertising “Bardahl oil” and when Elvis saw it, the name just stuck.

“Elvis looked at me and then looked at my shirt and said ‘Bardahl. I like you. You can come by the house any day,'” McDaniel said.

Roseaan was given her name during a Las Vegas concert. At that time she worked for a health spa company who had stickers that said “I want your body.” She was on the front row at the concert and gave the sticker to Elvis. He looked at it and said, “You got it baby, Rockin' Robin.” While some shared stories about chance encounters, others at the birthday knew Elvis on a more personal level. Rose Howell-Klimek was in Elvis' class at Humes High School, and she is editing a compilation book that features writing from classmates. She also produces a website that keeps classmates informed of news and events.

Other Humes High Class of 1953 graduates at Anna's included radio personality George Klein, who stopped by for dinner on the King's birthday. Anna Hamilton, owner of Anna's Steakhouse, said she looks forward to the Elvis fans who visit her restaurant every year, especially when they come on Elvis' birthday.

“The No. 1 thing is that I am able to share my love of Elvis and of Humes High School with them,” she said. “I play the Elvis music and movies, and they can enjoy themselves.”

For Hamilton, a good meal and her love of the past is something she hopes Elvis fans will continue to come back for.

“It was very exciting, and always is, when the Elvis fans come to the restaurant,” she said. “I have gotten to know them through the years, and we are friends - Elvis friends.” (News, Source: Drew Harris, The Bartlett Express)

Shelley Winters dies: Actress Shelley Winters has died from heart failure aged 85. She had been in ill-health following a heart attack last October. Ms Winters had a long and distiguished career as a stage, TV and film actress, winning Academy Awards as supporting actress in "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "A Patch of Blue". Her other credits included A Place In The Sun, Red River, The Poseidon Adventure and the 1979 TV biopic, Elvis, starring Kurt Russell. In "Elvis", Ms Winters convincingly played Gladys Presley. (News, Source: AP/EIN)


Saturday 14 January 2006

Elvis' bad break!: In a stimulating article, William F. Buckley Jr. asks why 700,000 people visit Graceland each year. (Spotlight article, Source: AP)

"The Elvis Files" DVD released in Australia: This budget priced 1990 documentary is now available in Australia. Despite earlier indications, it is not the Bill Bixby hosted TV special but a documentary about Gail Brewer-Giorgio's book, 'The Elvis Files'. Well produced with a clever script, but overall its argument is unbalanced. Conspiracy theorists will love it! (News, Source: EIN)

New 2DVD "on stage with elvis": This new "unofficial" DVD is a follow up to the double DVD release "BEHIND THE SCENES" and contains more unreleased material from filming TTWII. (News, Source: Pavel Cernocky)


Friday 13 January 2006

Charlie Hodge battling cancer: Bill Burk gives us the facts about Charlie Hodge's illness: "Sir Charles" has secretly been battling cancer the past two months, but today the "news" leaked and is spreading like the wildfires in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. So, the get the facts straight, EW today called Memories Theater, where Sir Charles has been performing these past few years, and here's the straight poop:

Sir Charles, despite his ailment, continues to perform nightly at Memories Theater and "if you were not aware of his condition, you would never know he is sick." His humor remains high, as does his faith in God. Sir Charles met Elvis enroute to Germany in 1958 and remained with E until the end.
It would be wonderful if everyone in the Elvis world deluged Sir Charles with Get Well cards.  Send to:
Sir Charles
c/o Memories Theater
2141 Parkway
Pigeon Forge TN 37863
(News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

The tragic story of Jimmy "Orion" Ellis: EIN takes a detailed look at the amazing but eventually tragic story of Jimmy Ellis, a talented performer whose vocal similarity to Elvis was initially the key his success, but eventually part of his downfall. Featuring 25 images (including 19 album covers), several news stories, and EIN's biography of Ellis, we uncover the fascinating, bittersweet story of an entertainer who, as the "masked man", Orion, would briefly enjoy worldwide fame. From his adoption at a young age to his tragic murder, the Jimmy Ellis story is an enthralling ride. (Spotlight/Almost Elvis, Source: EIN)

"Heartbreak Hotel" single already on Billboard chart in the US: After only two days on sale, the latest Elvis single is #42 on the Billboard Sales Chart. (News, Source: Brian Quinn, FECC messageboard)

Top Elvis tribute song of 2005 announced: MQ Music in the US has announced Robbie Williams' recording, "Advertising Space", as the best Elvis tribute song of 2005. Other Elvis tribute songs considered included "King of the Mountain" by Kate Bush; "January 8, 1935" by country singer, LJ Coon; and "Journey To Graceland" by David Lee. Not considered was the superb, but yet to be released song, "Singing With Angels", by Suzi Quatro (with The Jordanaires and James Burton). (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Elvis tribute single peaks at #4 in Australia: Robbie Williams' excellent tribute to Elvis, Advertising Space, peaked at #4 on the Australian ARIA Singles chart. Now dropping down the chart, the single is yet to be certified Gold or Platinum. It is however still a strong seller with the major Aussie store chain, Sanity, where it rose to #2 on its in-house Singles chart this week. Sanity has discounted the single to A$1.76 (online price). If you haven't seen the video clip for Advertising Space EIN recommends you check it out...it's Elvis, Elvis, Elvis, all the way! (News, Source: ARIA/Sanity)

"Complete Sun Sessions" CD: Set for release by Chrome Dreams on January 30, 2006 is the CD "Complete Sun Sessions". This release should contain every finished song and surviving take recorded at Sun during 1954 and 1955 (after which Presley signed with RCA) by Elvis, Scotty Moore and Bill Black, these are the recordings made as Rock N’ Roll was invented.

The CD comes with an exclusive booklet with extensive sleevenotes by esteemed music Journalist (Melody Maker, Mojo, Q, Record Collector) author and Elvis archivist Patrick Humphries. The booklet is illustrated with rare photos from the sessions, and shots of the rarest records and sleeves connected with these sessions.

EIN Comment: The marketing blurb saying “These recordings are not otherwise available anywhere in the world" is totally implausible. With no track-listing available it seems hard to believe that this CD could feature anything new that hasn’t already been on ‘Sunrise’, ‘Sun Sessions’, ‘The Complete 1954 Memphis Recordings’ and the like. 

(News, Source: 101cds.com / Elvis News / EIN)

Top selling "Elvis" books in the US: The best selling Elvis books in America (based on a cross-section of retail store and online sales) during December 2005 were:

1. The King (Jim Piazza)

2. Elvis By The Presleys

3. Are You Hungry Tonight? (Arlene Butler)

4. Elvis The Wertheimer Collection 2006 Calendar

5. Elvis and the Memphis Mafia (Alanna Nash with Billy Smith, Marty Lacker & Lamar Fike)

(News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)


Thursday 12 January 2006
'A Tribute To The King - Scotty Moore & Friends' DVD Review: ‘Scotty Moore was in the delivery room when Rock'n'Roll was born, kicking and howling in the Tennessee night'. This DVD features the star-studded live concert, plus plenty of excellent Bonus extras. The greatest joy is the humility of Scotty Moore himself, along with seeing him laugh & smile at all these great performances. The line-up is incredible from Eric Clapton, to Mark Knopfler, to jazz-guitarist Martin Taylor. See the full review for concert photos & details. In the interview Scotty also tells some great stories, including the fact that Sam Phillips recorded plenty of other songs that Elvis tried out but that Sam never kept them on tape – “I’m sure sorry he didn’t!” (DVD Reviews, Source: EIN)

Dr Lester Hofman, Elvis' dentist, dies: Dr. Lester Hofman, Elvis' dentist, will be buried today at Baron Hirsch Cemetery in Memphis. Dr. Hofman died Tuesday, 10 January, at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis. 

The last stop away from Graceland that Elvis Presley made on that night of August 15-16, 1977, was to Dr. Hofman's office to have his teeth cleaned and a cavity filled.  He was accompanied by Ginger Alden. Hofman and his lovely wife, Sterling, were close friends to Elvis, who gave each of them a new car.
On one trip to Graceland, Dr. Hofman saw an organ in the house and told Elvis he admired the instrument.  Before the evening was over, Elvis had packed the organ in a pickup truck and, when Dr. Hofman returned home in the wee hours, the truck followed and the organ was installed in his living room. It was still one of his prized possessions when EW interviewed the Hoffmans for EW74 (November 2004). Dr. Hofman was a wonderful man who always made time to chat with Elvis fans; as did his wife. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Jim Curtin's former girlfriend "sets the record straight" on Elvis auction: Renata Ginter, former girlfriend of Jim Curtin, has told Elvis Express in the UK that she and Curtin split up three years ago and she is now happily engaged to a new man! Renata was amazed to read the recent story (see 9 Jan 2006) that Curtin was selling his Elvis collection to win her back. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

Robbie Williams celebrates with Elvis: At his sensational New Year's concert in Berlin, Robbie Williams once again acknowledged his debt to Elvis. Before singing his new single Robbie explained to the enthusiastic crowd that it was about 'The King'.

'Advertising Space' is now on sale in Australian stores at the very low price of $2. Written by Robbie Williams the song include the following poignant lyrics:

There's no earthly way of knowing
What was in your heart
When it stopped going
The whole world shook
A storm was blowing through you

Waiting for God to stop this
And up to your neck in darkness
Everyone around you was corrupted
.. Says somethin'

Through your eyes, the world was burning
'Please be gentle, I'm still learning'
You seemed to say, as you kept turning up

They poisoned you with compromise
At what point did you realise
Everybody loved your life ... But you ...

And ... No one learned from your mistakes
We let our profits go to waste
All that's left in anycase
Is Advertising space

I've seen your daughter
Man she's cute
I was scared but I wanted to
Boy, she looks a lot like you. . .

(News, Source: EIN)

Heartbreak Hotel CD single released in US: The classic single "Heartbreak Hotel" has been re-released on CD-single with an alternate take on January 10, 2006. The disc contains 3 tracks, the alternate take of the title song is the previously released take 6 from the "Platinum" box. The UK/EC release is apparently in mid February. There is a smidgen of studio talk before the alternate take 6 that wasn't on the Platinum box, but nothing to get too excited about. The sound dynamic has also been slightly improved. The packaging is nice with a little text that puts the song in historical context so why not buy it and give Elvis a little boost for this new '50th Anniversary' year!   (News, Source: Elvis News / Amber Smith/ EIN/ Greg Nolan)

The Official Elvis 2005 UK Singles Sales: The following are the official 2005 Elvis single sales figures provided by Music Week:

Jailhouse Rock - 43,500
Are You Lonesome Tonight - 42,200
Wooden Heart - 40,700
One Night - 40,000
It's Now Or Never - 39,900
A Fool Such As I - 39,600
A Little Less Conversation - 39,100
Surrender - 37,600
His Latest Flame - 36,600
Good Luck Charm - 36,300
Return To Sender - 36,100
Rock A Hula Baby - 36,100
(You're the) Devil In Disguise - 35,300
The Wonder Of You - 35,200
Crying In The Chapel - 34,500
She's Not You - 34,500
Way Down - 34,300

Total: 641,500

Further, "A Little Less Conversation" is so far the 18th. best selling single of the decade with 675,000 sales.

Missing from the list is the first single "All Shook Up" that came with the collector's box and therefore could not chart. The box was initially limited to 25,000 (but a sthere was a second, smaller pressing), so the sales of this single should be somewhere between 30,000 and 35,000. (News, Source: Elvis 2nd To None / Elvis News)

Protest over sale of one-time Elvis ranch dropped: A protest filed over the sale of Elvis Presley's old Circle G Ranch, where the singer and Priscilla Presley spent their honeymoon in 1967, has been dropped. Plans for a large retail-residential development on the site of Elvis Presley's old Circle G Ranch in Horn Lake appear ready to move ahead. A hearing in the dispute had been scheduled for Wednesday before Chancellor Mitchell Lundy. The protest was withdrawn Tuesday.

"I have withdrawn my petition," said Gerald McLemore, one of the sons of William F. McLemore, who died in 2002. McLemore's family owns the ranch that Elvis once owned. "It is a done deal as far as I'm concerned," Gerald McLemore said.

Dale Morrow, the developer whose sales contract with the McLemore family was approved by Lundy in November, said work can proceed full speed on a development plan. "Now we can get back to the business we had started earlier," Morrow said.

He said he expects to have a preliminary development plan in March for the 155-acre ranch property at Goodman Road and Mississippi 301. Morrow said the project likely would be anchored by city facilities and possibly a couple of hotels, with sit-down restaurants and shops tied to a boulevard-style main thoroughfare.

The ranch had been the key to a proposed multimillion-dollar golf and entertainment resort development touted by J.D. Stacy. When Stacy and his backers failed to secure financing for the project, Morrow stepped in. Lundy entered an order Nov. 15 approving the sale of the ranch to Morrow's High Pointe Investments LLC for $7 million, and the High Pointe contract calls for the sale to close on or before April 14. (News, Source: AP Wire)

On Australian & N.Z. PAY TV, Elvis is the TCM Channel's 'Star Of The Month': TCM is showing a fabulous fourteen Elvis films this month! Every week they start at 8.30 pm Friday night and repeat through to Saturday evening. Interestingly TCM is showing the original version of ‘That’s The Way It Is’ with all the fan comments. Here’s your chance to see the original cut, including the stunning ‘I Just Can’t Help Believin’ that for some reason was left out of the 2000 upgrade.

Friday night 13th Jan, starting at 8.30pm watch out for: Elvis On Tour/Jailhouse Rock/Girl Happy/Double Trouble

The following Friday night Jan 20th it’s the turn of: Speedway/Kissin' Cousins/That's the Way It Is/Viva Las Vegas

Friday Jan 28th: It Happened At The World's Fair/The Trouble With Girls/Elvis On Tour/Harum Scarum

Also in January, Foxtel's Biography channel is showing the Lisa Marie Presley documentary on Jan 28 at 9.30pm. (News, Source: EIN)

The Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club is back in the swing: Hundreds of Presley fans were on hand Sunday at the rock 'n' roll legend's Tupelo birthplace for activities marking the 71st anniversary of the singer's birth to Vernon and Gladys Presley. Organizers say 125 people from 14 states signed up for the "revived" fan club here.

Roy Smalley, a 54-year-old fork lift operator from Tuscaloosa, Ala. and an Elvis performer wore a black Elvis jump suit for the occasion. Smalley didn't join the club but his wife, Janie, happily paid $5 to get her official membership card.

"He's just a great performer and good lookin'," Janie Smalley said of Presley, who died in 1977. "I saw him three times in Tuscaloosa concerts and I've seen every one of his movies.

The Tupelo club had been inactive for years. Of the original club members, more than 90 percent were teenage girls, said Dick Guyton, executive director at the Elvis Presley Birthplace. This past weekend new club members snacked on Elvis birthday cake and peanuts. But there were no banana and peanut butter sandwiches, a Presley favorite, to be found.

The first in line to sign up for membership was Barbara Mallory of Tupelo, the first president of the original Tupelo fan club in 1956. The club is making a comeback because of the 50th anniversary of the singer's Tupelo homecoming concert on June 3, 2006. The new club will have its own tent near the stage as part of the Elvis Presley Festival.

"I like his fantastic voice and the way his body moves," said Pilar Azada, 50, of Houston, Texas, after she and her husband, Gavin, waited on the porch of the two-room Elvis house his father built in 1934. "His face is handsome," added Azar, who was taking time off from her catering business.

Jane Riley, a retired Tupelo teacher who serves on the committee reviving the fan club, said the group is among many linked to Elvis admirers around the globe, from Birmingham to Japan. Groups of fans from Denmark and New Zealand were among those who visited Sunday. (News, Source: Sun-Herald Online)

2006 Elvis Internationals at EMP's Liquid Lounge: Because I believe in conceptual appropriateness whenever possible, I began my foray to the 2006 Elvis Invitationals on Sat., Jan. 7, across the street from EMP's Liquid Lounge, where the event was being held. At McDonald's, I downed one and a half bacon cheeseburgers and a milk shake just for the occasion. Sadly, they only make the latter in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, not peanut butter, honey, or banana.

Arriving a few minutes after the festivities began, I caught the second of the semipro Elvis impersonators that opened the evening, Dino Macris, performing "Viva Las Vegas" with a four-piece house band. The trim Macris sported the same white jumpsuit with red rhinestone combo favored by most of the room's other Elvii, and he overdid the vibrato on "Can't Help Falling in Love" so much that my friend Kate was moved to note, "He sounds like Mr. Ed." Next up was Art Kleiner, a Bellinghamite who later handed me a business card advertising, among other things, an Elvis limo service. (Maybe next prom.) Resembling a young Jonathan Richman more than the young Elvis, with a perpetual, unforced smile, Kleiner did an easy run-through of "Heartbreak Hotel," "Little Sister," "Blue Hawaii," "Teddy Bear," and "Devil in Disguise."

Danny Putnam had the most inventive staging: He emerged in black, singing "Crying in the Chapel" followed by a pair of brides; then all of them took off their outfits to reveal red sequined hot-cha wear and launched into "Rubberneckin'." Finally, Pete Christie came out. A 50-ish man in a black suit and cape, he slurred "Burning Love" so incomprehensibly I wondered if his goal was to replicate the very late, out-of-it Elvis; he certainly got a good start by singing the first line into a dead mike. But as Kate noted, he also had the best moves of anyone, and he was compelling even as he turned "Love Me" into "Uuuuhhhh-um-be." What clinched it was his finale, "Suspicious Minds." I'm a sucker for this song anyway—it's long been my favorite Elvis hit—but Christie lunged for it, full stop. During the second verse—"If an old friend I know/Stops by to say hello/Will I still see suspicion in your eyes?"—he put his foot on a monitor and sold each line like his next five minutes depended on it. It wasn't the real thing, but it was still pretty thrilling.

The amateur contest afterward was good fun—the long-ponytailed, black-leather-clad Ken King, doing "Heartbreak Hotel," was appealingly sleazy, and a shaven-headed fellow named Blue Calcutta (after a line from the movie Honeymoon in Vegas, when Nicolas Cage spies some Indian Elvis imitators) did a terrific "It's Now or Never" that nodded to its source, "O Sole Mio." But after a while I got tired, so I went back to my apartment across the street from EMP, took 950 milligrams of Quaalude, and passed out on the toilet. (Almost Elvis, Source: Michaelangelo Matos, Seattle Weekly)

Wednesday 11 January 2006

UK Year End Of The Year Album And DVD Sales: Here are Elvis' positions in the UK Year End 2005 Top 200 Albums Chart with sales:

#117 Elvis Presley - "Hitstory" - 161,000 sales
#123 Elvis Presley - "ELV1S - 30 No 1 Hits" - 155,000 sales
#125 Elvis Presley - "Love Elvis" - 153,000 sales

#08 Elvis Presley - "Elvis by the Presleys" (72,000)
#23 Elvis Presley - "Aloha from Hawaii" (32,000)
#29 Elvis Presley - "68 Comeback Special" (less than 30,000) (News, Source: Elvis News)

Elvis in Australian DVD Chart 2005: "Elvis By The Presleys" ranked #38 on the ARIA end-of-year DVD chart for 2005. There were no Elvis albums ranked in the end-of-year Top 100 Albums chart in Australia. (News, Source: ARIA)

Lisa Presley attends Pink's wedding: Pop star PINK walked barefoot down the beach aisle to the tune of BILLY JOEL's SHE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN when she wed motocross champion CAREY HART in Costa Rica on Saturday (07JAN06). LISA MARIE PRESLEY was among the guests. Pink provided additional vocals on the song, "Shine", on Lisa's second album, "Now What". (News, Source: Contact Music)

"The First Hits" CD: Released in The Netherlands is another Hayride compilation. This 12 track compilation comes in a cardboard slipcase. (News, Source: Elvis Corner / Elvis News)

"Good Rockin' Tonight" on vinyl: The Cleopatra label will released "Good Rockin' Tonight" on 10 inch vinyl on January 10, 2006.

Track listing:
01. That's All Right, Mama
02. Baby Let's Play House
03. Good Rockin' Tonight
04. Maybellene
05. Blue Moon of Kentucky
06. Tweedle Dee (News, Source: VH 1/ Elvis News)

Woman loses that lovin' feeling and stabs boyfriend over Elvis: A woman stabbed her boyfriend with a pair of scissors because he repeatedly played the Elvis Presley hit Burning Love on the King’s birthday, January 8, police in Australia alleged today.

The 35-year-old man was treated for six stab wounds to his head, back and legs at the hospital in the farming town of Northam in Western Australia state late last night but was allowed to go home, said state police spokeswoman Ros Weatherall.

The girlfriend was charged with unlawful wounding and was to appear in a Northam court today for a magistrate to decide whether she should be released on bail, Weatherall said. (Odd Spot, Source: Ireland On-line)

Australia takes notice - our Elvis Festival Success!: Parkes hit the national media headlines on the weekend as Australia turned to watch 'the little town with the big Dish' explode with Elvis-mania. With visitor numbers surpassing all expectations and record crowds enjoying a record number of events, the success of the 2006 ClubsNSW Parkes Elvis Festival took Parkes and the nation by storm.

Visitors at this year's festival appear to have literally doubled on last year, with more than 5,000 visitors from outside Parkes estimated to have enjoyed the weekend's festivities. Closer analysis of surveys will reveal a more precise indication, but it also appears that an increased number of local residents also ventured out to watch the weekend of fun unfold.

"Based on these numbers, the direct value of the weekend's visitor expenditure has tipped over $4 million," Parkes Shire Tourism Manager, Monique Kronk said yesterday. "The value of the weekend's visitor spending spree will extend far beyond the weekend itself, with this new injection of money to Parkes indirectly stimulating more than $12 million in new money within the Parkes economy. "It seems we've got the whole nation talking, with Parkes hitting all of the major Sydney papers as well as national television and radio on the weekend," Monique said. (News, Source: Parkes Champion Post)

Elvis impersonator spared jailhouse rock: An Elvis impersonator has been spared his own jailhouse rock after magistrates handed down a community punishment. Fenland magistrates heard Elvis impersonator Gary Jordan and his friend Mark Davies set up an account in the name of Davies' landlord, and ordered £2,615.33 of equipment to be delivered to Davies' home.

It was only when a vigilant neighbour noticed their parcel was addressed to the landlord, and enquiries revealed a bogus account had been set up, that they were caught. Magistrates ordered Jordan carry out 140 hours of community work and pay costs and compensation totalling £91. Davies, of Williams Way, Manea, has to work 150 hours and pay £136 in costs and compensation. Both Davies, 40, and 42-year-old Jordan, of The Green, March, had admitted obtaining £1,919.61 worth of music equipment by deception from Images Entertainments on September 13.

Only part of the order was delivered but both men admitted attempting to obtain a total of £2,615.23 worth of goods. Davies further admitted obtaining two pairs of curtains and two mobile phones worth £239.95 from LX Direct by claiming to be Ross Chapman. John Nooijen, prosecuting, said a neighbour signed for a parcel that was destined for Davies' home address, but had Mr Chapman's name on it. She contacted Mr Chapman and the parcel contained mobile phones he had not ordered.

Anita Waterman, mitigating, said Jordan had wanted to upgrade his musical equipment but his credit rating was not good. Davies said he would obtain the equipment and Jordan listed what he needed and planned to pay the instalments. On behalf of Davies, Martin Newton said the men were planning a joint musical venture and Davies was confident the instalment payments could have been met.

Jordan hit the headlines in February last year when he reclaimed the Guinness world record for singing Elvis songs non-stop. He managed a staggering 51 hours, five minutes and 51 seconds of back-to-back hits all in aid of the C2 children's ward at Cambridge's Addenbrooke's Hospital. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: CEN News)

Tuesday 10 January 2006
"Memphis Recording Service" - simply stunning book and audio release!: Joseph Pirzada's Memphis Recording Service delivers fans an exquisite and well balanced offering of visual, aural and narrative elements in a superbly designed fold-out package. EIN takes a detailed aural and visual trip inside one of 2005's finest Elvis releases. (Book/Audio CD Review, Source: EIN)

New book announced - "Life Lessons from Elvis: If Sequin Jumpsuits Are Wrong Then I Don't Want To Be Right": Anthony Rubino's 160 page "humor" book will be released as a hardback by Routledge Hill Press in mid June 2006. ISBN: 1401602487. Available for pre-order from Amazon (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

New sheet music book - "All Shook Up": The world's most prolific publisher of Elvis sheet music books, the Hal Leonard Corporation, is releasing the sheet music soundtrack to the stage musical, "All Shook Up", in late February 2006. Tracks include Burning Love; Teddy Bear; It's Now Or Never; Jailhouse Rock and Blue Suede Shoes. Available for pre-order from Amazon (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

New audiobook announced - "Elvis: The King Revealed": Request Audiobooks are re-releasing this title in Audio CD format at the end of May 2006. ISBN: 1933299207. Available for pre-order from Amazon. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

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Monday 9 January 2006

Small numbers for birthday celebration in Memphis: Bill Burk says this year could be the sparsest group of fans ever to come to Memphis for an Elvis birthday celebration in January.  And other than Friday, when temps dropped to low 40s day, 32 at night, it has been more like an early spring day all week, with temps in the high 50s and high 60s, sunshine and blue skies.

But in two hours around the Graceland area Friday Bill noted:
  • Graceland Crossing parking lot not half full
  • Graceland parking lot had no more than 20 cars
  • Open parking spaces at Heartbreak Hotel were everywhere
  • Very few cars at the hotels on Brooks Road
  • Bob Alaniz' dealers convention in the Clarion Hotel had no more than 6 dealers and not a soul disguised as a fan
  • Brian Allward's shop, immediately next door, had about 3 visitors in the hour he was there. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Record numbers at Aussie Elvis festival leaves fans "all shook up": Record crowds have brought a welcome injection of tourism dollars to the NSW country town of Parkes. Hundreds of jumpsuited singers and dark-wigged Priscilla look-a-likes took part in the annual Elvis festival through the town centre while also on the agenda for the 3 day festival were lawn bowls, busking and an opportunity to renew your wedding vows with an Elvis celebrant. A Sunday gospel service attracted 1,000 fans while it is estimated around 5,000 visitors overall attended the festival. Unlike the Elvis birthday celebration in Memphis Tennessee, accommodation was booked out in Parkes for the festival. (News, Source: The Canberra Times)

Elvis in Tupelo documentary announced: PRESS RELEASE. Received from Roy Turner a Film Documentary maker in Tupelo.

"In an interview, Elvis referred to his return to Tupelo to play the 1956 fair as “my homecoming…” and the city turned out to prove him right.

In October 1945, Elvis sang “Old Shep” a cappella and placed 5th in the MS-AL Fair youth contest. Thus in Tupelo – at a county fair – Elvis begin what would become one of the most remarkable careers in entertainment history. The fair opened the gate for other local performances, such as Mississippi Slim’s “Saturday Jamboree” which took place on the courthouse square every weekend and was broadcast live by WELO radio.

Fall 1948, the Presleys left East Tupelo for a better life in Memphis, but their heart would forever remain in the small town and with their small circle of friends. It was a quiet move, unnoticed and perhaps an absence not even missed by many in the town.

As Elvis’ began the climb to fame, he played gyms and jamborees in Tupelo and the surrounding area: Amory, Corinth, Belden. But in 1956, he returned to Tupelo with Vernon and Gladys in tow – triumphantly escorted from the Tennessee state line all the way into town by the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

“Tupelo Welcomes Elvis Presley Home” the banner stretched across Main Street proclaimed. Elvis had flown in from Hollywood, where he was filming “Love Me Tender” just for this event. He had missed the parade with bands from the local schools playing Elvis songs, floats with Elvis themes and every storefront window of every shop with an Elvis display.

The Governor proclaimed it Elvis Presley Day. The mayor gave him the key to the city, fabricated to look like a guitar by one of the local manufacturing shops not unlike the ones Gladys used to sweet in for eight long hours a day.

Legions of fans turned out to welcome Elvis home.

“Elvis: Homecoming” is the story of that day. Elvis’ story and the story of many who were here either as a dignitary or a spectator. It is also the story of Elvis’ first performance at the fair in 1945 and his final appearance in 1957. During the research for this documentary, I have uncovered film footage of the parade, many never before seen photographs, a 1957 interview by WELO, and some unique and heartwarming stories. I look forward to sharing this story with all who love Elvis when it is completed. Relive this historic event as Tupelo folk remember the day Elvis came home.

Elvis: Homecoming will premiere June 3, 2006 during the Tupelo Elvis Festival."

Roy is looking for photos, film, and stories of the Elvis Homecoming 26th September 1956. royturner52@comcast.net..............http://press.xtvworld.com/article8662.html
(Source: Maurice in Ireland, FECC)

Wayne Newton's Elvis song, "The Letter": We found this interesting posting by "elvisjock" on the FECC messageboard. It concerns the scrawled note of desperation allegedly thrown away by Elvis in late 1976. The handwritten plea was later bought by entertainer Wayne Newton who subsequently wrote a song about it. elvisjock posted:

"Just gave the song a listen, my first in many years. Newton did a nice job with it. It's on an album called Moods and Moments.

Those that believe Elvis suffered from some type of bipolar disorder need only look at December '76 for armchair evidence. Depressed and sounding on the verge of tears during many of the Vegas shows, then going a mile a minute later in the month at Birmingham".

In our interview with Lamar Fike, Lamar talks about the letter. (News, Source: elvisjock, FECC/ EIN)

Oprah interview with Lisa & Priscilla on Aussie TV : Finally!, the episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show featuring Lisa and Priscilla Presley airs tomorrow (10 January) at 2pm on the 10 Network. This is well worth watching. (News, Source: The Guide)

Jim Curtin collection auctioned for love: Hundreds of pieces of Elvis Presley memorabilia were auctioned off over the weekend by a longtime collector trying to win back his girlfriend after she warned him, "You leave the Elvis clothes or I'll leave you."

Items auctioned in Beverly Hills included three Elvis concert suits, two of which sold for $125,000 and $50,000, said Alan Lipkin, senior vice president of Regency-Superior, which organized the online auction. The third was still on the auction block. Also sold were necklaces Elvis gave to girlfriends and friends, cufflinks he received from President Nixon and belt buckles he wore, Lipkin said. About 90 percent of the keepsakes were sold by early Sunday evening, with the auction continuing into the night.

The seller, Jim Curtin, collected Elvis memorabilia for more than 30 years and met the star numerous times. So why give up the lifetime collection?

"He's doing this to try to win back his girlfriend," said Lipkin. "She left him, saying 'You leave the Elvis clothes or I'll leave you.'"

Attempts to reach Curtin, who lives in Philadelphia and has an unlisted number, were unsuccessful. Curtin has been a die-hard fan since he was 8 years old, when he began collecting Elvis mementos, according to the Regency Web site.

"We picked up 600 cartons of memorabilia from his house," Lipkin said.

Curtin also has written books on the music legend and done impersonations across the country, according to the site. His unrelenting adoration eventually got the attention of Elvis, who personally presented Curtin with a white jumpsuit he wore in a Houston concert in 1974, the site says. Curtin's collection also included signed records, thousands of photos and two original ticket stubs to a 1956 episode of "The Ed Sullivan Show" on which Elvis appeared. The stubs sold for $19,000, Lipkin said.

Total auction sales wouldn't be tabulated until Tuesday, but organizers estimate the take could reach $2 million. (News, Source: AP)

Elvis photograph exhibition empowers: "Elvis?: Photographs by Patty Carroll" continues through Feb. 26 at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, 101 Avenue of the Arts (101 W. Second Street) Michigan City. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST Tuesday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call (219) 874-4900, or visit the Web site www.lubeznikcenter.org.

Psychobilly musician Mojo Nixon once observed that Elvis is everywhere, but a possibility that he never addressed is that Elvis might be everyone.

Artist Patty Carroll makes such an implication in her exhibition of photographs currently at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts. More than just a collection of kitschy portraits of Elvis impersonators, Carroll's show takes on the deeper questions of impersonation and imitation in general, of identity and empowerment through vicarious living. The show is also, it must be admitted, a kitschy collection of Elvis-related stuff, and so it offers a little bit for everyone.

The exhibition starts off strong with a series of photographs, hung at the entrance to the gallery, depicting an impersonator's transformation into The King; it's an amazing metamorphosis, as an extremely ordinary guy gradually becomes a wig-wearing, sneering, sequined something, a pseudo Elvis, a man pretending to be someone who was pretending to be someone.

Inside the gallery, the theme of strangely ambiguous identity continues. A matrix of letter-sized sheets of paper is tacked to the wall, printed alternately with icons of Elvis-ness (costumes, hair, microphones, sneers, sunglasses, hand gestures) and tiny, stark quotes from Elvis impersonators ("I wouldn't do anything which Elvis would disapprove of"; "I think she thinks I am really Elvis!"). Another grid of eclectic impersonator portraits (young Elvises, old Elvises, black Elvises, white Elvises) is autographed, each photo signed "Sincerely yours, Elvis" in identical handwriting.

The gaudiness of Elvis is present, too. A banner of colorful scarves, each imprinted with an impersonator's logo, hangs from the ceiling, and more portraits are encased in jeweled, flashing lightboxes. A jeweled suitcase filled with paper flowers and more imitator photos also contains a mini bust of the (real?) Elvis, while a projector aims a portrait of someone (Elvis?) onto a larger bust, creating an indecipherable portrait of an enigma.

The show's focal point is a series of huge photographs hung along a curved wall. In the center is an iconostasis, with a silhouette of the presumably real Elvis taking the place of Christ, a quartet of posing impersonators flanking him in the roles of saints. The portraits that stretch to either side are uncompromising in their detail; they are colorful and sharply focused, and by virtue of their size, they hide nothing.

The impersonators depicted represent Elvis at every age, every size, in every costume, in every well-known pose: dancing, brandishing a guitar or microphone, affecting a karate stance. But what you notice most jarringly about all these people is that they don't look like Elvis. As much as they obviously want to be Elvis, they are undeniably not Elvis; they have, instead, chosen to inhabit an identity that is disturbingly fuzzy; no longer themselves, they also are not who they hope to become. They're in a limbo of identity, that odd creature our culture has created: the imitator. (News, Source: South Bend Tribune)

Tabloid says Lisa to marry at Graceland: The latest edition of the National Examiner (Jan. 16) reports that Lisa Marie plans to get married, at Graceland. The report states there may be two receptions, one for family, the other with her country friends.  Given the notoriously unreliable nature of the tabloids it will be interesting to see how much truth there is in this report. (News, Source: Carol in Ohio)

'Elvis CDs in 2006' list updated


Sunday 8 January 2006
Elvis would have been 71 years old today!: It's hard to believe, but had Elvis not died in 1977, he would have turned 71 years old today.

Tribute on Elvis' 71st birthday (#1): In case you've forgotten, Sunday is the King's birthday. Had he not left us in 1977, Elvis Aaron Presley would be 71 years old tomorrow. Viva Las Vegas, Elvis, and thank you, thank you very much.

It is difficult to overstate the impact that Elvis had on American popular culture. Discovered in the early 1950s by legendary Memphis recording impresario Sam Phillips, he arrived on the pop music scene at a moment when commercial radio was reinventing itself in response to television's ascendancy. A half-century ago radio was a medium in search of a new message. Thanks to Presley, it found rock 'n' roll, and nothing has truly been the same since.

As his star rose, particularly following his 1956 appearances on Ed Sullivan's television show, Elvis was vilified by self-appointed defenders of decency for his "suggestive" gyrations and his penchant for what was then called "race music." No matter, the kids loved it. Thus were the first shots fired in a culture war that endures today.

His music also helped open some closed minds. However unintentionally, the singer who had learned his chops on Beale Street and at all-night Memphis gospel sings built a bridge that encouraged whites to embrace black music and musicians. The Rev. Al Green acknowledged the same when he said of Elvis, "He broke the ice for all of us."

The musical genre that Elvis spawned became the common currency of post-war baby boomers. We claimed rock 'n' roll as our own and employed it as a vehicle to test boundaries and inspire change. We constantly listened to it on the radio, bought the records and played it in our garage bands, blissfully unaware that "our music" was in fact an omelet made up of Delta blues progressions, gospel harmony and traditional country music rhythms.

Along the way, a handful of its practitioners made music for the ages. Lennon and McCartney, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones, to name but a few, owed their success in part to the man who first served up the omelet to the masses. Fifty years on, the social, political and economic impacts of rock 'n' roll continue to reverberate throughout the land.

Presley's demise has been well chronicled. Indulgence begat addiction, and toward the end he became a caricature of the persona that millions had found so endearing. The handsome, engaging performer with the benignly menacing smile was slowly buried beneath the detritus of unprecedented commercial success. Regrettably, he was unable to free himself and come up for air. He was 42 when he died.

Why, then, do we continue to remember this rockabilly renegade as a cultural icon? I suspect it is because we sensed that behind Elvis' facade of stardom lurked the substance of goodness. His longtime manager, Tom Parker, cultivated and promoted an image of Elvis that grossed millions, but we recognized the image as the illusion it was. When Elvis sang we could hear the voice of an innocent boy who merely wanted to make his mama and daddy proud. We heard a frightened man with feet of clay. Indeed, we heard ourselves.

For most of us north of 50, the name "Elvis" still conjures memories of songs like "Love Me Tender," "Hound Dog" and "Jailhouse Rock," their melodies and lyrical hooks indelibly imbedded in the hard drives of our minds. Yet what we really need today is not Elvis' music, but his heart. In an age when racial and religious intolerance threatens global security, we would all do well to reflect upon and respond to this prescient observation from the King of Rock 'n' Roll: "Everybody comes from the same source. If you hate another human being, you hate a part of yourself."

Amen, Elvis, and give Ray Charles our regards. (Source: Mark Ailsworth, Dailypress.com)

71st birthday tribute #2: Today marks Elvis Presley's 71st birthday. Although I'm not a die-hard fan, I do enjoy his music and find it fascinating that a man dead more than a quarter-century continues to collect a paycheck based solely on his past success as an entertainer. I'm not quite old enough to remember the assassination of JFK, but I do remember that day in August when a newscaster broke into my favorite soap to announce “the King is dead.” I admit I wasn't reduced to tears, because by that time, Elvis had turned into a middle-aged, overweight recluse trying to make a comeback dressed in a white polyester jumpsuit with sequins. Most 19-year-olds I knew didn't listen to Elvis. But I recognized that his passing represented the end of an era.

As I matured and his death became another date in the entertainment history books, Elvis became more famous. Velvet Elvis paintings sprouted in roadside stands. K-Tel started hawking his greatest hits on late-night television. People reported Elvis “sightings” in Kalamazoo and Coldwater. The legend of Elvis grew.

Nearly 20 years later, on a warm March afternoon in Tupelo, I paid the $1 entry fee for a tour of Elvis' birthplace. The tour guide that day was Inez Elliott, a 60-ish woman who claimed to have gone to high school with Elvis. In the broad accent of the Mississippi delta, Inez told the story of how Vernon Presley built the two-bedroom bungalow in which Gladys Presley gave birth to Elvis and a twin brother who died shortly afterward. The house was furnished much like it must have looked in the mid-1930s, and Elvis clearly was Inez' favorite topic of conversation. Following the short tour, I walked over to a museum-memorial chapel-gift shop for a souvenir. The shop was staffed by women with bouffant hairstyles, black eyeliner and light blue eye shadow.

That August, a girlfriend and I went to Memphis for the annual Elvis Presley 5-K road race benefiting United Cerebral Palsy. It coincided with the 20th anniversary of Elvis' death, which meant a 24-hour candlelight vigil at Graceland, where $15 tours were booked solid. We would get no closer than the front sidewalk that weekend.

But Elvis eventually found us. That sweltering, sultry weekend, we saw Elvis on every corner, in every barbecue joint, even in the 5-K race where dozens of fans ran in aviator-style sunglasses with fake sideburns dangling off the stems. Be it fan or impersonator, Elvis was everywhere.

Near the Mississippi River, Elvis struck a vintage 1956 pose, a bronze image so lifelike, I heard the opening chords of “Jailhouse Rock” when I saw it. Elvis was on the reverse side of playing cards, on towels, clocks, mugs, ashtrays, key rings and shot glasses. His childhood picture was silk-screened onto everything imaginable. He was in gas stations, discount outlets, souvenir shops, department stores and restaurants. He serenaded us from street corners and bars, both in person and via digitally re-mastered stereo renditions of “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Burning Love” and his last No. 1 hit, “Suspicious Minds.”

Elvis lives. Not in Kalamazoo or Coldwater, but in the countless places he haunted as a youth in Memphis and on the grounds of Graceland, the church he converted into a mansion in 1957. The brick wall that surrounds it is covered with tributes and messages to “the King,” a wailing wall that tells the story of his fans' arcane devotion, their memorials giving life to his legacy.

If it is Elvis you seek, you can find him in Memphis any time of the day or night. Perhaps you'll hear some ethereal, plaintive rendition of “Love Me Tender” or catch a glint of shiny sequins as they sparkle in the light spilling from a Beale Street tavern as you pass by.

At the very least, you'll find a reasonable facsimile. (News, Source: Renee Lapham Collins, The Daily Telegram)

"Elvis After Dark" to replace Graceland Crossing shops: According to a posting on the Elvis International Fan Club Forum, news from the annual EPE fan club president's luncheon states that the now empty shops located at 'Graceland Crossing' will be transformed into a new museum called "Elvis After Dark". This name has apparently been chosen due to the museum remaining open to the public later than the Graceland mansion and the other EPE stores.

March 1st will see a new exhibit opened in "Sincerely Elvis" Musuem which will only focus on Elvis '56. It was also mentioned that Humes Junior School is going to be safe and possibly re-named to Elvis Presley Jr School. The "Elvis Lives"  advertising campaign has come to the end of it's advertising Space and the new catchy logo from the brains at EPE is reported to be........."Elvis Is".
(News, Source: Elvis International Fan Club /Elvis Express)

USA Singles cover artwork: Here are all the covers of the U.S. #1 singles box which will be released January 25, 2006. The cover of "Heartbreak Hotel" is not the same as the CD-Single which will released January 10, 2006. (News, Source: Elvis News)

"Elvis Is Back" on vinyl: Re-released on vinyl by Speakers Corner in December 2005 is the classic album "Elvis Is Back!" (USA Living Stereo, Product No.: ALSP 2231). This edition has been recreated with all the details from the original first album release.

Track listing: Make Me Know It / Fever / The Girl of My Best Friend / I Will Be Home Again / Dirty, Dirty Feeling / The Thrill of Your Love / Soldier Boy / Such a Night / It Feels So Right / The Girl Next Door / Like a Baby / Reconsider Baby. (News, Source: Collectors Service /Elvis News)

Thief's million dollar Elvis collection to be auctioned: Last year we reported about the UK council worker who funded her "Elvis habit" by stealing car parking payments. This is the latest: An obsessed Elvis Presley fan who stole nearly £600,000 of council car parking payments to buy one of the largest collections of the singer’s memorabilia will have her hoard confiscated and auctioned. For nine years Julie Wall, a town hall cashier, amassed rare records, CDs and DVDs of the singer after stealing four tonnes of coins from cash boxes.

The 46-year-old spinster stole £597,963 from her employer, North Kesteven District Council, and then trawled auctions, record fairs and eBay to find scarce examples of Elvis’s music and signed mementoes. Wall, who became infatuated with the singer when she was 12, was jailed for three years for theft in October last year.

Judge William Harbage, QC, the recorder, ordered yesterday that the collection should be auctioned to repay the council. The “mild and modest” employee, who had worked for the council for 30 years, was responsible for counting the coins from cash boxes at the authority’s eight car parks in Sleaford, Lincolnshire.

She repeatedly held back hundreds of pounds from each box and then exchanged the coins for notes used in other council transactions. Wall then hid the money in her handbag and walked out of the council offices at the end of the day. She was caught only after an audit showed that she had been taking up to £10,000 a month. When confronted with the discrepancies and suspended, Wall attempted suicide in a bed-and-breakfast in Skegness.

Wall, from Sleaford, was taken from her cell back to Lincoln Crown Court yesterday for a confiscation hearing. The judge ordered the High Court to appoint a receiver to arrange for the public sale of the collection.

He said: “The collection’s true value will not be known until it is sold. But it will go up for auction and will need to be advertised to attract the best dealers and prices. The benefit figure is agreed at £597,963 and I am satisfied the figure for your realisable assets should be the same. Since the loss was incurred by North Kesteven District Council it is entirely appropriate that compensation should be awarded to them in the same figure.”

James Dennison, for the prosecution, said: “There is a vast quantity of, in the main, Elvis Presley memorabilia. There have been valuations, one by the defendant and one by the Crown. Some of the valuations ascribed by Julie Wall were on the low side and some were on the high side. One record was valued at £500 but the dealer put it at five times that.”

After the hearing, a council spokesman said: “We are pleased with the result and will provide every assistance to the receiver when appointed. Until the total amount the council will recoup is both known or realised it is not possible to make plans for the future.”

At the original hearing Sam Robinson, for the prosecution, had said that Wall had been “left to her own devices”, allowing her to falsify the daily car-parking income forms.

“If the machine showed £700 she would fill in the sheet to show £500. The difference would be what she would take.”

Luke Blackburn, for the defence, had said that Wall, who had lived with her parents, began work for the council at the age of 16, days after leaving school. “She is quiet, mild and modest, liked by all who have come into contact with her. The roots of this matter were planted when she was 12, when she liked the music of Elvis Presley and spent her pocket money on his records.

“She became an avid fan — but about nine years ago this developed into an obsession and all of her spare money was going to buy these items. She spent little money on anything else, such as clothing. There is not the remotest hint of high living — save for what she spent on memorabilia.” (News, Source: The Times Online)

Site updates: We have updated Elvis Booklist 2006; Elvis DVDs in 2006 and added two photos to our popular Elvis Conspiracy page.

A Voice From The Past CD: Jimmy Ellis aka "Orion" fans will be interested to know a new CD of his works is being released in Europe later this month.

The tracklisting is: Days of Autumn Gold; She Loves Me All to Pieces; The Last Date/ Without Love; I'll Never Be Free/ You Don't Know Me; Feelings (rare 1975 studio version); I´d Rather Sit Here And Remember You; Changing; It´s You Again; Tupelo Woman; Games You've Been Playing; The Closer He Gets; Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast (live); What's Forever For (live); This Is a Hold Up; My Baby´s Out Of Sight; Still In Love With Billy; I Do; Freeze Up; Saving Up My Pennies; I'm Starting Over; Out Of My Life (live); Loves ( they once tore down a wall); Nobody's Gonna Hold Me; Youre Stealing My Wife; Let Me Dream I Lay With You Tonight; How Did We Get Here Fom There (News, Source: Worldwide Elvis)

Man who played drums for Elvis dies: Bill Lynn, who played drums for rock ‘n' roll king Elvis Presley, has died in Colombia after suffering from lung problems, people close to the musician said on Friday. He was 73. Lynn died Thursday at his home in Villa de Leyva, a scenic town 200 kilometers north of Bogota where he owned the bar Legends and Superstars that featured Elvis memorabilia. The drummer was born in Bogota but grew up in the United States.

"He had a strong flu, which got worse in the early morning, and he died," said Cristina Alarcon, a friend of Lynn's and the culture and tourism secretary for the department of Boyaca. "The townspeople are very sad because Bill was one of those people who would come and stay. He had become one of Villa de Leyva's attractions," Alarcon said.

Lynn played drums with Elvis in the 1960 song It's Now or Never, an English version of the Italian classic O'sole mio.    A year later, Elvis sent Lynn a golden record to thank him for his collaboration. He went on to be Elvis' drummer for five years. (News, Source: AFP)


Saturday 7 January 2006
King of Rock is still on a roll, EPE says let the year-long celebrations begin: It was 1954 when Elvis Presley sprang wild and untamed on the music world with a Sun Records single that secured his place in rock and roll history, but it was 1956 when he cashed in as the world's first rock star. So, while the 50th anniversary of rock and roll has come and gone, the 50th anniversary of Elvis the icon has just begun. Sunday, which would have been Elvis' 71st birthday, will help kick start a year of anniversary celebrations almost unparalleled in the history of entertainment.
Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises plan to celebrate the year. The celebrations will be in the form of "many licensing and merchandising programs, special events and entertainment projects, which are in the works and will be announced over the course of 2006," according to a statement by EPE.It will celebrate a year in which Elvis, once a shy obscure truck driver, went from oddball singing sensation to radio star, recording phenomenon, TV star and, in the same year, movie star.

After recording "That's All Right" on July 5, 1954, Elvis toured with guitarist Scotty Moore and bass player Bill Black. "That's All Right" was an attention-getter, but not a huge hit, selling fewer than 20,000 copies. It did not chart nationally; it reached only No. 4 in Memphis, according to the book "Elvis -- His Life From A to Z." But Elvis was building momentum, appearing on radio's "Louisiana Hayride" before signing a contract in August 1955 with Col. Tom Parker as his manager. Three months later, the colonel negotiated the sale of Presley's contract by Sun to RCA Records.

Then it began, 1956, a year almost unparalleled in the history of entertainment. Elvis Presley had just turned 21 on Jan. 8. Two days later he held his first recording session for RCA at its Nashville studio. This was in a town where his one appearance on the Grand Ol' Opry had literally reduced Elvis to tears. An Opry official suggested he "go back to driving a truck."

Among the songs taped that day was "Heartbreak Hotel," turning a hotel into a metaphor for the breakup of a relationship. For Elvis, it turned into the beginning of a relationship with the world. The song was released Jan. 27, selling more than 300,000 copies in its first three weeks. It sat atop the Billboard pop singles chart for eight weeks and would become Elvis' first gold record.

Things then moved quickly:

Jan. 28 -- His first network TV appearance on the Jackie Gleason-produced "Stage Show" on CBS. It was followed by five more weekly appearances in a row.

March 13 -- His first album, "Elvis Presley," was released and spent 10 weeks at No. 1, becoming a gold album.

April 1 -- Elvis does a screen test for Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

April 3 -- He appears on "The Milton Berle Show" broadcast from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

April 6 -- His screen test turns into a seven-year movie contract with Paramount.

April 23-May 9 -- Elvis appears at the New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas, getting a lukewarm reception from a mature audience that didn't get it.

June 5 -- Elvis does a playful bump and grind performance of "Hound Dog" on "The Milton Berle Show." It was one of his most controversial performances, leaving many viewers indignant.

July 1 -- Elvis goes along with a spoof of the controversy by wearing white tie and black tux while singing a toned down version of "Hound Dog" to a live basset hound.

August -- Elvis begins shooting his first movie, "Love Me Tender."

Sept. 9 -- Huge ratings in Elvis' other TV appearances convince Ed Sullivan (who had said he would never allow Elvis on his show) to sign a $50,000 three-appearance deal. It is the biggest fee yet for a variety show. The appearances break ratings records.

Nov. 16 -- "Love Me Tender," a Civil War melodrama, premieres as a smash hit in New York.

Dec. 31 -- Elvis merchandising, controlled by Col. Parker, had gotten underway, and a Wall Street Journal report says it has already grossed $22 million in sales of everything from lipsticks and colognes to T-shirts and stuffed hound dogs.

The official Elvis biography by Elvis Presley Enterprises concludes that 1956 was pivotal not only for Elvis but the world:

"Elvis had become the primary symbol of the new youth culture in America. He had also become one of society's most controversial figures. His unique blending of white country and gospel music, black R&B and gospel music, white pop music and his particular brand of charisma and talent, and the resulting success and controversy had him helping greatly to begin, without premeditation, a cycle of change in music and pop culture and the mores of American society. Nothing would ever be the same. ..."

EPE and record industry surveys estimate Elvis has sold more than 1 billion record units worldwide, more than anyone in record industry history. On Sunday, his birthday, the Recording Industry Association of America will upgrade the sales certification status of  two Elvis albums, "ELV1S 30 #1 HITS" to 4x platinum, or sales of 4 million units, and "It's Christmas Time" to 2x platinum, or 2 million units.

Elvis, now dead for 28 years, is in a tie with Mariah Carey for second place among artists with the most No.1 USA Billboard hit singles in the rock era. They have 17 each, second only to The Beatles, who had 20. (Spotlight/News, Source: By Michael Lollar - ex Memphis Commercial Appeal)

Elvisfest 2006 in Charlotte, North Carolina: Elvisfest 2006 will take place Friday and Saturday at the Local 506 club and the adjacent Shorty’s Sports Bar. The festival will feature bands paying tribute to the King of Rock ’n’ Roll and mixing in some of their own tunes (though if they don’t do at least two Elvis covers, they don’t get paid). Bands perform in both venues, and Shorty’s will also have Elvis movies playing on its TV screens, a grill set up to serve of Elvis’s favorite foods (including the famed fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches), and a booth run by Heavy Rebel favorite vendor Deno’s Duds.

Dave Quick, known locally as one of the creators of the Heavy Rebel Weekender rockabilly festival, started Elvisfest in 1998. He took a few minutes from the busy holiday season to answer some e-mail questions about the festival, his fondness for The King, and the stress of putting together two big rock shows a year with an eye toward doing even more.

Q. How long has Elvisfest been going? What got this started?

A. Well, after accepting Elvis Presley as the personal Lord and Savior of Rock ’n’ Roll, my course was clear to me. My old band, Jack Black (not the actor), started Elvisfest on our record release party Jan. 8, 1998. Our next move was to invade Chapel Hill. I approached the Local 506 and the Carolina Sports Bar (now Shorty’s) about it in 1999 and they were both into it. We went from there. While the band didn’t last, Elvisfest did.

All Elvis-related parties seem to revolve around his death in August 1977. To me that seemed a little morbid considering what all He did for rock ’n’ roll, so I decided to hold Elvisfest every year to commemorate His birthday and, poetically, the birth of the greatest movement in the modern world - rock ’n’ roll! After all, we celebrate Christmas as Jesus’ birthday. We acknowledge Easter as the resurrection, but we don’t do that for Elvis, do we? Aug. 16 is always a somber day, at least in my house. Anyway, it turns out that Jan. 8 is an unusually slow time in comings and goings of rock ’n’ roll bands, as well as clubs that host them, so it seemed an ideal time to have a kickass party for the King!

Q. How different is Elvisfest from Heavy Rebel?

A. Elvisfest pre-dates Heavy Rebel Weekend and served as the template for it. I knew all the bands from Elvisfest and my touring days in Jack Black, so after Mike Martin (my HRW partner in crime) and I secured a venue, a name for the event, and a date, I just called them up and we rocked out! Elvisfest now serves as a sort of halftime marker for those hungry rockers that need a dose of HRW goodness and filth, and just can’t wait until July to get it. Elvisfest is a much smaller gathering, more intimate and stealthy, but just as rocking and chaotic.

Q. How do you select bands for  Elvisfest?

A. I don’t select them - He selects them. Simply put, those that heed His call will reap the rewards of His Rock ’n’ Roll Salvation! You just have to be open to the call, y’all. If you just listen to that squelch on the CB, you’ll hear Elvis calling to you to rock His house! You gotcha ears on, good buddy? (News, Source: Relish/Sanja Meegin)


Friday 6 January 2006

Elvis 2006 CD releases list: Today we've added yet another new feature to the site! A list of Elvis CDs to be released around the world in 2006. We've also included a number of recent releases from late 2005 and will add releases for 2007 when they are announced. The CD list already features 27 titles and includes release details,

basic information & cover image. Click above to access the list. The link can also be found in both the left (see opposite) and right hand (in Reference section) columns of our Home page. As with our Elvis DVD & Elvis Booklist, we will regularly update the CD list as new titles are announced. (News, Source: EIN)

"Elvis On Tour" DVD release in Germany?: The 1972 Elvis movie "Elvis On Tour" will apparently be released in Germany on March 10, 2006 by Warner Home Video. The movie will be released in PAL Widescreen (1.85:1) format with Dolby Digital 1.0 audio in English and German. The running time is 90 minutes and the region code is "2". The DVD will not contain any bonus material. EAN-Number: 7321921501531. (Artwork opposite for illustration purposes only)

EIN Comment: This news is being widely questioned. Mono sound is hardly attractive for a concert release and dubbing a concert into German doesn't ring true, unless only the spoken dialogue is dubbed. The release is yet to be included on amazon.de (News, Source: Various)

Unofficial "Elvis On Tour" outtakes DVD releases as well!: The bootleggers are releasing two new follow-up volumes of the "Elvis On Tour" outtakes. Volume 2 contains 1972 footage, Volume 3 contains a lengthy interview which is presented with a photo slideshow. (News, Source: Essential Elvis / Elvis News)

Elvis film marathon on Australian pay-TV: Subscribers to Foxtel/Austar are being treated to an Elvis film marathon each week during January. Starting each Friday night and running for almost 24 hours each Fri-Sat, there are a host of great Elvis movies to watch. Check your guide for film times. (News, Source: Austar/Robert Vasilevski)

Jerry Scheff legal action dismissed: A court in Vienna, Austria, has thrown out a lawsuit filed by Elvis Presley's former bass player against a European musician. The suit claimed Wolfgang Hahn violated copyright law when he recorded and performed an instrumental version of one of the last song's Presley worked on. Jerry Scheff filed suit over the tune "Fire Down Below," which he wrote for Presley in 1976. The Rock 'n' Roll king toyed with it in a studio, but never recorded it. Presley died in 1977 in Memphis and Hahn recorded the tune about 25 years later. Hahn is the lead singer and guitarist in an Austrian band that performs Elvis covers and plays at Elvis festivals around Europe under the stage name "Wolf Memphis." Scheff's lawsuit had argued that as the author of the lyrics and composer of the music for "Fire Down Below," he held the exclusive rights to the song and its unauthorized use or interpretation by other musicians. The Vienna court noted that Hahn and his manager had applied for permission to legally record Hahn's version. (New, Source: AP/Sanja Meegin)

Is Elvis alive? broadcast: Did he fake his own death? Ring in the New Year and decide for yourself at the grand opening of Mighty Stream Radio Studios located in the "Elvis Is Alive Museum" in Wright City, Missouri. This two day event will feature the special guest of honor, author Dr. Bill Beeny, who will talk about the indisputable fact that there is DNA proof that Elvis did not die in 1977. His shocking announcement in 2005, made international news with the debut of the book, “Elvis' DNA, Proves He's Alive” (www.elvisdna.com ). While Elvis fans flock to Memphis, Tennessee, to commemorate the birth of Elvis, other fans will be celebrating blue suede barbecue style. The “Elvis is Alive” Birthday Party is open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on January 5th and 6th, 2005. Admission is free and will include exclusive tours of the studio and museum. Mighty Stream Radio (www.mightystreamradio.com ) will broadcast the event and live entertainment will be provided by the acclaimed Elvis impersonator, Steve Brandes. (Conspiracy/News, Source: Bill Beeny, Jan 2005)

Thursday 5 January 2006
"Last Tango in Tahoe" CD to be released this week: The new Fort Baxter release "Last Tango" should be out this week. Th is CD features the closing show of May 27th, 1974 with improved sound quality (originally released on the ''A Profile - The King On Stage vol. 2") and a 12 pages booklet. This CD was originally scheduled for release in mid/late October 2005.

Tracklisting: See See Rider / I Got A Woman-Amen / Love Me / Trying To Get To You / All Shook Up / Love Me Tender / You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / Hound Dog (with two reprises) / Fever / Polk Salad Annie / Why me lord? (with reprise) / Suspicious Minds / Band introductions / I Can't Stop Loving You / Help Me / Bridge Over Troubled Water (with reprise) / Let Me Be There / The Wonder Of You / Big Boss Man / The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face / *An American Trilogy / *It's Now Or Never / *Can't Help Falling In Love / *Closing Vamp. * recorded at the May 25th, 1974 dinner show.
(News, Source: Elvis News)

Colonel Parker radio documentary: BBC Radio 2 is advertising a documentary on the Colonel Tom Parker. Air date yet to be announced so you can either check the BBC web site (http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2) or tune in to for further info. (News, Source: FECC)

Elvis birthday tribute: Had he not followed the usual tragic arc of American celebrity, Elvis Presley would be celebrating his 71st birthday on Sunday. But plenty of folks will be celebrating it for him at Graceland, his home turned theme park. Find out about all the concerts, tours and Elvis bingo at www.elvis.com Can't make it to Memphis? The Largo Cultural Center offers a show by Elvis tribute artists at 2 p.m. Sunday; call 727 587-6793. (News, Source: St. Petersburg Times)

Fan club president's brunch attracts sparse crowd: Only 270 reservations have been made for the Elvis club presidents brunch Saturday in Memphis -- a significant drop in normal attendance for this event. ELVIS WORLD will offer a special door prize at this event in that it will feature Elvis being named one of the nation's Top 10 Young Men by the Jaycees. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk's Elvis World Online)


Wednesday 4 January 2006

Elvis and the Memphis Mafia (Book Review): The re-issue of Alanna Nash's superb oral biography is long overdue. Justifiably acclaimed as one of the best ever books published about Elvis, the 792 page tome presents the recollections, views and emotions of three prominent members of the Memphis Mafia: Billy Smith, Marty Lacker and Lamar Fike.

Regardless of the tension sometimes inherent in the differing views presented in Elvis and the Memphis Mafia, it is always engrossing and continually offers us gold nuggets of information which add immeasurably to our understanding of the man who was Elvis Aaron Presley.

There is also great poignancy and sincerity in Elvis and the Memphis Mafia, and the reader's emotions will often flow from joy to laughter to anger and sadness. Such is the wonderful and illuminating way in which Alanna Nash has captured and presented her potent narrative. Click to read EIN's full review (Book Review, Source: EIN)

FTD releases April 2006: On April 1, 2006 the Follow That Dream label will release two new CDs. One of them will be a 7" deluxe edition of "Something For Everybody" in the classic albums series. The second CD will be a Memphis Studio outtakes CD which will feature outtakes from the American Sound Studio in 1969, the Stax studio in 1973 and last but not least, outtakes from the Jungle Room sessions at Graceland in 1976. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited/Elvis News)

January 2006 FTD releases have been shipped to suppliers: Southern Nights and Loving You have been distributed to suppliers from the FTD warehouse. EIN will post orders as soon as our shipment is received.

Golden POPs Elvis Presley Special: New Japanese "Golden POPs", a 32 pages full color music magazine comes with a Free 10 tracks audio BMG Sampler CD featuring Heartbreak Hotel, Don't Be Cruel, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, All Shook Up, Teddy Bear, Jailhouse Rock, Wearing My Ring Around Your Neck, G.I. Blues and Can't Help Falling In Love. This attractive glossy magazine also features lots of Elvis color photos plus lyrics to the 10 songs. An excellent collectors item. (News, Source: HT Long)


Tuesday 3 January 2006
ELVIS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS IN MEMPHIS:  Sharon Parker will stage an Elvis fans Meet & Greet at 7 p.m. Thursday, 5 January, at Marlowe's Restaurant, 4381 Elvis Presley Blvd.  Last year this event packed the place.  Bill Burk's Elvis World (EW) will be there in support of Sharon, as it was last year. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Elvis Fan Club Presidents Brunch: This year's brunch will be at 10 a.m. Saturday, 7 January, at the MEM Marriott East hotel.  Focus of this brunch will be the 35th anniversary of Elvis being named one of the Jaycees Top 10 Young Men of America. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)
Elvis Presley Birthday Pops: This event will be at 8 p.m., Saturday, 7 January, at the Cannon Center for Performing Arts, downtown.  The Memphis Symphony Orchestra will be joined by Terry Mike Jeffrey and The Imperials. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)
2006 BIRTHDAY CAKE CUTTING: This will take place at 9 a.m. Sunday, 8 January, on the lawn at Graceland.  Sony/BMG will present updated platinum awards. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)
Road closures in Parkes, Australia in preparation foir annual Elvis festival parade: "Many floats have already registered their interest in taking part in the parade, but we still have room for plenty more," Monique Kronk, Parkes Shire Tourism Managera said yesterday.

It's not too late - local groups, businesses and individuals can still take part in the street parade by registering with the Parkes Visitor Centre on 6863 8860. Ideas for floats are all things Elvis, anything Rock 'n' Roll or maybe take your inspiration from the theme for this year's festival - 'Girls Girls Girls,' Monique said. If businesses need some help, they can visit the Parkes Visitor Information Centre for a range of decorating props, such as Elvis flags, balloons, wigs, glasses and more.

The street parade is a true highlight of the Elvis Festival, incorporating a large number of participants, attracting the largest crowd and significant media focus. The parade will commence at the Bushmans/Clarinda Street roundabout, travel down Clarinda Street, circle around Cooke Park on Short Street, finishing near the Post Office in Welcome Street. Businesses and groups participating in the parade are asked to arrive at 11.45pm at the Bushmans/Clarinda Street roundabout.

For safety reasons the committee asks that no lollies or other items be thrown or handed out from the floats, as this presents a danger to spectators. (News, Source: Parkes Champion-Post)


Monday 2 January 2006

Elvis DVD List "2006": Today we've added a new feature to the site. A list of Elvis related DVDs announced for release around the world in 2006.

We've also included a number of releases from late 2005 and will add releases for 2007 as they are announced. The list currently has around 40 titles and includes country of release, region category and more. Click above to access the list. The link can also be found in both the left (see opposite) and right hand (in Reference section) columns of our Home page.

As with our Elvis Booklist, we will regularly update the DVD list as new titles are announced. (News, Source: EIN)

Wheelchair filmed on Graceland driveway: Those of you with a conspiracy bent will be interested in a photo taken from the Graceland cam on 30 December 2005. (Conspiracy, Source: Carol)

Russian "Elvis Presley" CD: Released in Russia late 2005 in the Rock Stars series was the album "Elvis Presley". This double CD contains 68 tracks. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Vote for "best music year" in BBC online poll

Elvis At the 1962 Seattle World's Fair DVD - value for money??: Elvis Express published this fan comment on the new DVD, "Elvis Presley at The 1962 Seattle World's Fair". PR for the release promised fans that it would contain never before seen footage of The King while filming the movie "It Happened At The World's Fair" for MGM. So, is this DVD release worth the £28.00+ price tag?

" It doesn't come in a printed box (although his website makes it look like it does) or on a factory made DVD. It's a DVD-R in a slimline clear plastic CD jewel case with a paper (nice paper) but still paper label and THATS IT!!!!

I am not happy with the fact that you pay that kind of money and it's a dvdr with no packaging and a crappy paper label.

The content: There are maybe 5 to 8 minutes of Elvis footage that IS PLAYED IN SLOW MOTION TO MAKE IT LAST LONGER.. It is nice footage of him, but too little of it.  I would have been happier with a $9.00 price tag.

Also the DVD has been made from a Digital video tape and NOT from the original 8mm...The tracking on the tape it is taken from is a bit vibrated and shaky in parts..like there was interfearence of some kind.

For that money I would have had it re-mastered straight to DVD from the 8mm and not from tape. Just this humble fans opinion". (News, Source: Elvis Express /Tony Stuchbury)


Sunday 1 January 2006 (Happy New Year!)
Lamar Fike talks to EIN (Part 2): In the absorbing, concluding part of our interview with noted Memphis Mafia member, Lamar Fike, Lamar tells us what really happened on Sunset Boulevard during the making of the '68 Comeback Special and talks about Elvis' deterioration in the final few years of his life, cancelled shows, hijinks on stage in Vegas, and a lot more. Lamar closes our interview with a highly memorable observation about actress Nicole Kidman. (Interview, Source: EIN)

"Elvis Books published 2005-07" updated: EIN's has updated its list ofbooks published about The King. We have added details of nearly 25 books taking the list to around 125 titles. (News, Source: EIN)

"In The Beginning" CD & DVD: Set for release in the UK is the CD "In The Beginning". This SUN compilation comes with a bonus DVD (the DVD is also being released on its own). The bonus DVD tells the inside story of the making of the Elvis legend by Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana, Gordon Stroker and Ray Walker. It contains vintage performaces by Elvis of "Heartbreak Hotel", "Shake Rattle And Roll", "Love Me Tender", "Peace In The Valley" plus many more. This CD contains the same content as the book/CD/DVD compilation with the same title released in 2005.

Track List CD:My Happiness / That's When Your Heartaches Begin / I'll Never Stand In Your Way / It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You / I Love You Because / That's All Right / Harbour Lights / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Blue Moon / Tomorrow Night / I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin') / I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine / Just Because / Good Rockin' Tonight / Milk Cow Blues / You're A Heartbreaker / That's All Right/Blue Moon Of Kentucky. (News, Source: Play / Elvis News)

More Elvis on Aussie TV: It's been quite a while but the Prime (Seven) network is re-screening four Elvis movies this week. On Tuesday 3 January, the flimsy Kissin' Cousins screens at 2pm, on Wednesday, the solid Frankie & Johnny, on Thursday, the weak Paradise, Hawaiian Style, and on Friday at 2pm, the underrated Clambake. Meanwhile, the ABC is repeating the excellent children's animation series, Little Elvis Jones & the Truckstoppers, at 11.10am Monday to Friday. Check your local guide. (News, Source: The Sun-Herald Television Guide)

"Loving You" - new FTD artwork and information: Kevan Budd has advised EIN that the masters for Teddy Bear, Party, Lonesome Cowboy and Hot Dog were all remastered from the new tapes Ernst recently located and acquired. The new tapes also feature the many alt masters and FTD can now present for the first time from a tape source, songs such as 'Got A Lot O' Living To Do' (finale) as well as several new alt versions never previously released including a beautiful solo end version of 'Loving You' (J 16) and the BX 7 version of 'Mean Woman Blues'.

'All Shook Up' on the set will also include a neat count in from Elvis that FTD hopes fans will enjoy. Opposite is the booklet cover. Click to view the CD cover images (News, Source: Kevan Budd)

Elvis' "hit Making Team" reassembled: Elvis Presley's Horn Section has been re-assembled by order of "Rock 'n Roll Heaven" President John Belushi and will be recorded on the new tracks by John Krondes and The Elvis "Hit Making Team" on Saturday January 7, 2006 in Los Angeles.  The Elvis Horn Section recording will take place at Westlake Recording Studios, 7265 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. - Contact Steve Burdick @ (323) 851-9800.  These are the "Original" players that worked with Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton and the 1970s concerts.  The Stamps Quartet has also just joined the project and will be recorded in Nashville January 2006, Watch for the official Stamps press release to be distributed soon. (News, Source: Ed Brown, Funky Sound of America)

Palm Springs sees New Year in "Elvis" style: Parties at private homes, country clubs and nightclubs counted down to the new year, but probably none with more drama than Paul Casey's "Elvis Musical," which began with the "2001: A Space Odyssey" theme that Elvis Presley used to open his concerts. Casey's show featured the Sweet Inspirations, Elvis' own backup singers, which added to the authenticity of Casey's dead-on salute to the King. (News. Source: The Desert Sun)

The "Big E" sleeps upstairs as grid iron stars visit Graceland: State coach Chuck Amato has enjoyed many wonderful experiences at postseason bowl games, but none have been as eventful as the 1967 Liberty Bowl. Amato was a senior linebacker that season when the Wolfpack played Georgia in the Liberty Bowl, held in Memphis. One of the pregame events scheduled for the participating teams was a visit to Graceland, home of Elvis Presley.

“We were walking through the place and everybody was asking, ‘Does Elvis still live here?’’’ Amato said. “The guide told us, ‘He’s upstairs sleeping.’ We walked by one area where there was a door was just open about like that. I guess he had come down and was in a back room. There was a crack in the door, so nosey me kind of pushed the door open. And there he was.

“I said, ‘Big E, I’m the Big C.’’’

Maybe Amato received some luck from “The King’’ because the Wolfpack wound up defeating Georgia 14-7. (News, Source: Fayetville Online)

Blue Suede Shoes CD release: Released in December 2005 in the UK was the budget release "Blue Suede Shoes" with 15 standard Hayride live recordings/interviews.

Tracklisting: Heartbreak Hotel / Long Tall Sally / I Was The One / Money Honey / I Got A Woman / Blue Suede Shoes / Hound Dog / Interviews / Baby Let's Play House / Maybellene / That's Alright Mama / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / There's Good Rockin' Tonight / I Got A Woman (alternate Version) / Tweedle Dee. (News, Source: Play/Elvis News)

"Devil Music" film features Elvis: Of the 12 "Memphians Who Made a Difference," it's safe to say none attracted as much national attention as Craig Brewer.

2005 was the Memphis filmmaker's breakout year. It began with a Dirty South bang when "Hustle & Flow" premiered Jan. 22 at the Sundance Film Festival, where Brewer's feature won the Audience Award for favorite film and sold -- after a fierce bidding war -- to Paramount Classics for $9 million. By September, Brewer was back in harness in Memphis, shooting his followup feature for Paramount: "Black Snake Moan," starring Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci. Upcoming projects -- including "Devil Music," a wild 1950s fantasy romp involving Elvis, B.B. King and Howlin' Wolf -- also are tied to Memphis.

Brewer, 34, may never be as universally beloved as such Memphis artists as, say, Rufus Thomas or Al Green, but he says he'd rather generate debate than disinterest. "I think the thing I want to do more than anything is shake things up in Memphis -- to show that as artists and as musicians and as provocateurs and as activists we shouldn't be afraid any more," he said via telephone from Los Angeles, while taking a break from the editing of "Black Snake."

"When I look at the history of the Memphis that I love the most, from the musical to the truly heroic, it's always been about some force going against what most people seemed to feel was in everybody's moral interest," he said. "Whether the issue was whether Elvis Presley should be gyrating his pelvis or whether sanitation workers should be paid a fair wage, there's always been this wrestling match in Memphis between what we ultimately really respond to and what we may feel like we're supposed to respond to."

But if Brewer made a difference in 2005, he hopes to make an even bigger difference in 2006, and in the years to come.

"I've now been around the world. I can see that Memphis is a truly credible artistic hotbed," he said. "It may not be a place where everybody is able to sell their art, but it's where many creative minds are centered. What's been missing is someone like a Sam Phillips who can look at a community of artists and say, 'I want to make sure everybody hears this.' I want to be the kind of artist who not only produces great work but also can be a cheerleader and provide opportunities for other artists." (News, Source: Commercial Appeal)




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"Elvis Presley is the supreme socio-cultural icon in the history of pop culture"

(Dr. Gary Enders)


" Elvis is the 'glue' which holds our society together....which subconciously gives our world meaning"



"Eventually everybody has to die, except Elvis"

(humorist Dave Barry)


"He is the "Big Bang", and the universe he detonated is still expanding, the pieces are still flying"

(Greil Marcus, "Dead Elvis")


"I think Elvis Presley will never be solved"

(Nick Tosches)


"He was the most popular man that ever walked on this planet since Christ himself was here"

(Carl Perkins)


"When I first heard Elvis' voice I just knew I wasn't going to work for anybody...hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail"

(Bob Dylan)


"When we were kids growing up in Liverpool, all we ever wanted was to be Elvis Presley"

(Sir Paul McCartney)


"You can't say enough good things about Elvis. He was one of a kind"

(Johnny Cash)


"And don't think for one moment he's just a passing fancy....he's got enough of it to keep him on top for a long time"

(R. Fred Arnold, Fury magazine, Aug 1957)


"It isn't enough to say that Elvis is kind to his parents, sends money home, and is the same unspoiled kid he was before all the commotion began. That still isn't a free ticket to behave like a sex maniac in public"

(Eddie Condon, Cosmopolitan)

Elvis records reaching #2 & #3 on the Cashbox Pop Singles chart:

#2: A Fool Such As I (1959)

#2: A Big Hunk Of Love (1959)

#3: Hard Headed Woman (1958)

#3: One Night (1958)

#3: (You're The Devil) In Disguise (1963)

Elvis Facts:

Tickets for Elvis' show on March 29, 1957 in St. Louis cost $2.00 to $2.50


While in Germany Elvis was hospitalised with tonsillitis in October 1959


Despite being an illegal immigrant, photographic evidence shows Colonel Tom Parker traveled to Canada with Elvis in 1957


Elvis strongly believed there weren't enough good songs in King Creole to justify releasing a soundtrack album. RCA initially agreed, releasing two very successful EPs from the movie. A soundtrack LP eventually followed


During the 1960s Elvis had his own football team, Elvis Presley Enterprises, which played in the Menphis touch football league. In the 1962 final, EPE narrowlt lost to Delta Automatic Transmission. 6-13.


In Clambake, (Elvis) Scott Hayward's driving licence shows February 23, 1940...taking 5 years off Elvis' real age


In the 1970s Elvis was ofered $5m to stage a concert in front of the Pyramids in Egypt. When the Colonel declined the offer, Saudi billionaires raised the offer to $10m