"Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century."

(Leonard Bernstein)


"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

(George Klein)


"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

(Professor Gilbert B. Rodman)


"History has him as this good old country boy, Elvis is about as country as Bono!"

(Jerry Schilling)


"Absolute id crashed into absolute superego...as the uptightset man in America shook hands with just about the loosest."

(Mark Feeney on the 'Elvis meets Nixon' meeting)


"Elvis is everywhere"

(Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper)


"...especially in the South, they talk about Elvis and Jesus in the same breath"

(Michael Ventura, LA Weekly)


"The image is one thing and the human being is another...it's very hard to live up to an image"


(Elvis Presley, Madison Square Garden press conference, 1972)


"Elvis was a major hero of mine. I was actually stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something"

(David Bowie)


"No-one, but no-one, is his equal, or ever will be. He was, and is supreme"

(Mick Jagger)


"I wasn't just a fan, I was his brother...there'll never be another like that soul brother"

(Soul legend, James Brown)


"Before Elvis there was nothing!"

(John Lennon)

















































































































































































































































































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Sunday 31 July 2005


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Australian chart update: On the ARIA Music DVD Chart, 'Elvis By The Presleys' slipped seven places today to #21. It is certified Platinum x 1 and has been on the chart for 7 weeks with a peak position of #3. (News, Source: ARIA)

Ginger Alden "Elvis" auction: Auction house, Lelands, has a series of "Elvis related" items owned by Ginger Alden up for sale. The items include a hand embroidered Native American shirt and a colorful leather motorcycle jacket worn by Elvis (see photo opposite). (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Call for 10th planet discovered on 8 January to be named "Elvis": ' NASA funded astronomers announced that they had found a lump of rock and ice that is larger than Pluto and the farthest known object in the solar system. The discovery will likely rekindle debate over the definition of "planet" and whether Pluto should still be regarded as one.' As the new planet (#2003 UB313) was discovered on 8 January fans on the FECC Elvis messageboard are calling for it to be named "Elvis". (News, Source: FECC messageboard/Amber Smith)

Australian Elvis tribute during Elvis Week 2005: To mark the 28th anniversary of Elvis' passing, "Memories of Elvis" A Tribute to Elvis Presley, is being held on Saturday 13 August at the Canberra Irish Club. Entry by gold coin donation. (News, Source: Garry Buckley)

Janelle McComb funeral: A packed house at Janelle McComb's funeral Friday in Tupelo, as expected.  Jack Soden and Todd Morgan represented Graceland; Patsy Andersen was there.  Priscilla and Lisa Marie sent floral arrangements. Her son, Jim Hill, and her brother, Buddy Patey, told stories of growing up with Janelle. The EP Birthplace Board is planning recognition for Janelle when fans gather there on Monday, 8 August.  Details not final yet. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Saturday 30 July 2005

Buyer defaults on eBay bid for Elvis Mercedes Benz: A 66-year-old Wrightstown resident has filed suit in federal District Court in Philadelphia against a New York man. He's accusing the man of reneging on a bid he made on e-Bay to buy a 1969 Mercedes Benz that was once owned by Elvis Presley. In his lawsuit, Gene Epstein claims that Jason Shepherd of Ballston Lake, New York, entered a "buy-it-now" bid of 245-thousand dollars for the vehicle. But when it came time to collect, Epstein says, Shepherd allegedly claimed that the bid was a mistake made when his daughter accidentally hit a key on his computer. The lawsuit is seeking for Shepherd to pay the original bid, along with 150-thousand dollars in damages. Attempts to reach Shepherd for comment have been unsuccessful. (News, Source: Associated Press)

Sirius Satellite Radio to feature Elvis Week 2005: The King is back! The annual honoring of Elvis Presley also known as Elvis Week will take place on August 8 through August 16 and will be featured only on Sirius Satellite Radio's Elvis Radio.Elvis Radio will be broadcast live from Graceland and will feature interviews with special guests such as Joe Esposito, Elvis' road manager for 17 years, producer Jerry Schilling, members of the American Studios House Band, who backed Elvis in Memphis and The Jordanaires, who sang with Elvis up until the 1970's.Moreover, Elvis Radio will broadcast the 28th Annual Elvis Week Candlelight Vigil ceremony and procession. This special coverage will be on Monday, August 15 at 5:00 p.m. ET. Sirius' Elvis Radio is the world's only official, authorized all-Elvis, all-the-time radio channel. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin - EIN's intrepid "roving" reporter who will be providing regular updates from Memphis during Elvis Week)

"Elvis squeeze" plans tribute album to The King: A few years ago, Wanda Jackson made the 40 Greatest Women of Country Music list at number 35, edging ahead of Lucinda Williams, K.T. Oslin, Barbara Mandrell, LeAnn Rimes and Linda Ronstadt (Patsy Cline topped the list).The Queen of Rockabilly tag still lingers, although she probably has sung more gospel and country than rockabilly. She has been in the business since the 1950s. Her voice is rawer than most female singers today, more Muddy Waters than Tammy Wynette. She'll bring the same passion for music and fire-breathing chops to a performance with Ruby Dee & The Snake Handlers on Saturday in Seattle. Jackson is working on a CD, a tribute to her old boyfriend, Elvis Presley. Her version of Elvis' "Let's Have a Party" was a Top-40 hit. And yes, she can still growl. Jackson earned another measure of respect in June when the National Endowment for the Arts named her a recipient of a National Heritage Fellowship, the country's highest honor in the folk and traditional arts. (News, Source: HeraldNet)

Australia's foreign minister does Elvis: Alexander Downer (Australian Foreign Minister), sang a reworked version of It's Now Or Never at a karaoke party to close this week's ASEAN meeting in Laos. Several observors said he even included a pelvic thrust. (News, Source: The Canberra Times)

Letterman mentions Elvis & the Memphis Mafia: During an interview with Kelly Preston this week on the Late Night with Letterman program, Ms Preston mentioned eating out at Denny's with husband John Travolta, and how he liked going there so much he knew the menu very well. Host, David Letterman joked that 'When Elvis did that sort of thing they would have just called ahead and shut the place down, and Elvis would have gone with Red and Sonny and those guys'. (News, Source: Amber Smith)  

Elvis' stepbrother in Amsterdam: David Stanley, Elvis' youngest stepbrother, author of several books about Elvis and the man behind the upcoming film, The Headhuinter, will be in Amsterdam on 26 August. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Friday 29 July 2005
"Elvis - The King - Films That Rock" DVD price reduction in Australia: This 3DVD boxset, featuring Love Me Tender, Wild In The Country and Flaming Star will re re-issued by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on 10 August 2005 at a reduced recommended retail price of A$44.95. Aussie fans should check out www.ezydvd.com.au - they have a catalog of nearly 50 Elvis DVDs available to buy! (News, Source: Ezy DVD)

Elvis' maid book signing: Nancy Rooks of Fayette County will be signing copies of her most recent book titled Inside Graceland: Elvis' Maid Remembers on July 30 from 10:30 a.m. through 3 p.m. at Sippins in Somerville. The book is Rooks' third, and tells of her experiences working as a cook and maid for rock icon Elvis Presley from 1967 until his death in 1977. Rooks said that her recent book is full of insight into the daily routines in Graceland and what it meant to be close to Elvis and his family on a daily basis. "My intention in writing this book is very straitforward," she said. "I want to share, quite simply, what it was like for me to work for him as a maid and cook." (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Elvis' Palm Springs residence for sale: The former Elvis Presley Estate at 845 Chino Canyon Rd. in Palm Springs, CA is just put up for sale. Elvis and Priscilla purchased the home in 1970 from Mr. and Mrs. E.J. McDonald. The home is for sale for $ 2.5 Million through Coldwell Banker Palm Springs. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited/Elvis News/EIN)

No Elvis Laser Light Show during Elvis Week 2005: The Sharpe Planetarium at the Pink Palace will not present the "Elvis: Legacy in Light" laser show during Elvis Week. But the museum does have several Elvis items that will interest fans in town for the annual salute to the King of Rock and Roll. The planetarium reopened for public shows July 9 after a hiatus of four months because of city budget cuts. But the lineup of shows, now presented on Saturdays, does not include "Elvis: Legacy in Light." As staff is hired to replace the staff laid off in March, days, shows and show times will be added. The Pink Palace has several items on display of interest to Presley fans. In the Pink Palace Mansion exhibit, "From the Boss to the King," visitors can see Elvis's Army uniform and Army trunk from the time he was stationed in Germany in the '60s, as well as photos of Sergeant Presley in uniform. In the lobby, the script from Elvis's 1958 film, "King Creole," is on display. A picture of Elvis with a Cotton Carnival Queen and Carnival court member can be seen in the "Memphis Celebrates Cotton" area. For information, call 320-6362 or visit memphismuseums.org. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Thursday 28 July 2005
The Making of "Elvis On Tour" DVD: Copies of this eagerly awaited DVD are being sold on eBay for 25 pounds. By "shopping around", fans should be able to find the DVD for 20 pounds from selected fan clubs. Please note EIN does not sell this item. (News, Source: eBay)

"Elvis A 50th Anniversary Celebration" DVD: With the current screenings of this documentary in the US, Bill & Connie Burk found this source for fans interested in buying the DVD edition. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Contact Music removes story about Lisa Presley: A story published a few days ago about Lisa Presley has been removed from the Contact Music site. EIN has the full story. (News, Source: Contact Music/Sanja Meegin)

Wednesday 27 July 2005
Ernst Jorgensen health update: Said to be recovering nicely from Lyme Disease after-effects in Denmark.  NO surgery necessary. EJ's status on being in Memphis for Elvis Week is questionable at this time.  Family asks that this subject not be overly-discussed; that EJ's doing OK. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Janelle McComb visitation details:

Visitation:    5-9 pm, Thursday, 28 July
Burial:         11 a.m., Friday, 29 July
Peguese Funeral Home, 535 W. Jefferson St., Tupelo MS 38804 (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Hard Rock's "Rock Across America" Mobile Tour To Visit Graceland: Hard Rock has another exhibit traveling across America this summer. Their Rock Across America tour will make a stop at the Graceland visitor center next week. The two tractor trailer units of exhibits will be available with FREE admission for Graceland visitors to enjoy on 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM on Monday, August 2 and Tuesday, August 2. Visit the Hard Rock site's tour page and see the following: Hard Rock's givin' you a front row look into the lives and careers of rock superstars and the roadies that accompany them! Join us from May to October as we take you on an interactive journey and immerse you in the ultimate rock n' roll road trip... the "Rock Across America" mobile tour has begun ! From stops to redecorate the music memorabilia at some of our most popular Hard Rock Cafes, to concerts and festivals around the country, the "Rock Across America" mobile tour offers you a first hand look at rock & roll history.

But that's not all... the mobile tour also features an interactive 4D experience that truly rocks! An interactive movie takes the visitors backstage and on a visual journey from a roadie’s point of view, immersing them into the experience of life on the road with Bruce Springsteen, Motley Crue and Simple Plan. You’ll experience the non-stop action, awesome sites and sounds of the ultimate road trip with the bands ,while your seat movesand interacts with the film. And that's just for starters! It's also got legendary pieces of rock memorabilia allowing you to relive and experience your favorite rock n' roll memories. Mementos from Motley Crue including a custom made Crown Royal themed guitar from the late “Dimebag” Darrell of Pantera, Eddie Van Halen's custom made Kramer Electric Guitar, a suit from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a drum head signed by Matt Sorum of Velvet Revolver, plus autographs, rare photos and concert posters from some of rocks greatest musicians including the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Jimi Hendrix. So what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the spirit of rock n' roll and experience the Hard Rock Mobile Tour ! You don't want to miss it! (News, Source: EPE)

Discounted Elvis Week Pass at Graceland: Parking in Graceland's main visitor parking lot is $5.00 per day. But, we know many Elvis fans visit the Graceland property several different days during Elvis Week. As a courtesy to Elvis Week participants, we are offerin special discounted multiple-date parking passes. One accommodates folks who are here for the entirety of Elvis Week and the other accommodates those who get to come in only for the latter half of the week. A 10-day pass good for August 7-16, 2005 is available at the 60% discounted price of $20.00. A 5-day pass good from August 12-16, 2005 is available at the 60% discounted price of $10.00. This parking pass includes unlimited access to the parking lot during regular business hours and for Elvis Week events and activities on the Graceland properties. Parking passes will be sold at the parking booth upon arrival. The passes come in the form of a keepsake "cling" window decal. (News, Source: EPE)

Tuesday 26 July 2005
Janelle McComb update: Late yesterday afternoon, Janelle McComb - longtime dear friend of Elvis, his family, his fans and EPE - died of heart failure at her home in Tupelo, Mississippi. The moment her husband Roy and the family have finalized arrangements regarding visitation, services and memorials we will update this article. Our love, thoughts and prayers are with Roy and the family in this time of great loss that we deeply share. Flowers may be sent to the funeral home. We will post the address when we have it. Cards and letters of condolence may be sent to Graceland and we will forward them. Send to:
The McComb Family
c/o Graceland/Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.
3734 Elvis Presley Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38116

E-mails may be sent to Graceland@elvis.com and we will collect and forward them. Fans can remember Janelle through some of her written works for Elvis, his family and EPE on the EPE/Graceland website. Many fans will be familiar with her work "The Priceless Gift". (News, Source: EPE)

Ernst Jorgensen hospitalised: Ernst Jorgensen, BMG's "Man Elvis," who ramrods the FTD releases, is in serious condition in a Denmark hospital. Ernst contracted a disease called "Borrelia infection" from a tick bite he received on his horse farm north of Copenhagen.  Normally, this can be treated with medications, but EJ's body rejected the medications and he has been hospitalized in serious condition. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Janelle McComb dies: Janelle McComb has passed away at her home. More news when we have it. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Elvis 1st, 2nd & 4ever (DVD review): Based on the CDs 'Elvis 30#1s' and '2nd To None' this sensational DVD features 81 Elvis video clips cleverly remade & remodelled, some of them truly inspirational! This is a fabulous DVD concept that needs to be released by EPE/BMG. EIN's Piers Beagley examines over 4 hours of Elvis clips and picks his favourites from this hard-to-obtain import release from the ‘23rd Century/Star Company’. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

"Elvis On Tour - Hampton Roads" DVD: Click to view a longer edition of this eagerly anticipated footage. (News, Source: Email)

Elvis Art Exhibition: The Elvis International Art Show (Fan Art from Graceland's Archives) will be unveiled at a wine 'n cheese party this Friday night at Memphis Heritage, 509 S. Main. Graceland has kept every single piece of art sent in by fans over the past 50 years and many of these will be on display. The show opens July 29 and runs for a month. SO, if you're here for Elvis Week, drop by and look at this art display.  There are some fine restaurants in the South Main area, including the Arcade, Memphis' oldest restaurant, where Elvis used to go and which has a designated Elvis booth inside. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Elvis featured on new "Shake, Rattle & Roll" double album: Sanctuary TV are delighted to announce the August 22, 2005 double CD release of Shake, Rattle & Roll - an album that brings together all the excitement and cool of early Elvis, Gene Vincent, Little Richard, and Eddie Cochran! With 15 #1 singles, the album embodies the original roots of 1950's rock'n'roll music, a time that revolutionised the music, created youth culture and changed society for ever. This deluxe 2-CD archive set contains 50 classic rock 'n' roll hits making it an essential purchase for fans both new and old. The set includes Elvis singing That's All Right, Mama and Good Rockin' Tonight. (News, Source: antiMusic.com)

Elvis flavored "Cry Baby" released as "Director's Cut" DVD in the USA: John Waters' 1990 tribute to the teenage delinquent and Elvis Presley movies of the 1950s remains his most popular and accessible film to date. With a fantastic lead performance from Johnny Depp and an excellent supporting cast made up of some interesting cult movie figures, Cry-Baby may not pack the offensive punch his earlier material did but it's still one hundred percent John Waters from start to finish and it's the perfect follow up to his 1988 film, Hairspray. Depp plays Wade Walker, nicknamed Cry-Baby for his strange ability to shed only a single tear. He's perfect as Cry-Baby, bringing just enough pathos and Elvis-like swagger to the role to really make it work. If this were Depp's show and Depp's show alone, it'd be a good film but thanks to the motley crew of supporting players, it's actually a great film. (News, Source: DVD Talk)

"Elvis Week 2005" celebrations in Canberra, Australia: ElvisCanberra will be having its own Elvis Week in Canberra, the national capital of Australia. Events include: Tuesday 16th August - "Sacred songs of the King" at Wesley Church; Fri 19 Aug - Hellenic Club will have Mark Andrew entertaining; Sat 20 Aug - ACT Rock and Roll, supported by ElvisCanberra Inc and Deakin Soccer and Social will host Vince Gelonese. To find out more: email elviscanberra@tpg.com.au or ring 0408 947 935. (News, Source: Russ Morison)

Australia's Floriade will have "rock & roll" theme: On Saturday 17 September, ElvisCanberra Inc at the request of the Floriade Committee, will commence Floriade's theme of Rock and Roll with an Elvis Day of songs and tributes to the King. They encourage Canberrans and any EIN subscriber that wishes to join them to email elviscanberra@tpg.com.au or ring 0408 947 935. (News, Source: Russ Morison)

Monday 25 July 2005
New book - "The King": Set for release in November is a new book by Jim Piazza. With a high price tag (between US$47.00 & $75.00) the hardback book to be published by Black Dog & Levanthal Publishers is described as: 'From his beginnings in a shotgun shack in Tupelo, Mississippi, to his untimely death at Graceland, Elvis’s life story is stunningly revealed in detail, in words and hundreds of pictures, on a scale that dwarfs anything previously published'. (News, Source: amazon.com)

Elvis goes to Russia: Singer/songwriter Igor Yuzov and bassist/balalaika player Oleg Bernov met in Los Angeles in 1995 and immediately knew it was time to form a Russian party band that would draw crowds of beer-swilling, fun-loving fans. That band was The Red Elvises. Yuzov supposedly got the name from a dream, in which Elvis came to him wearing a red dress, but we'll take that with a grain of salt. One thing is for sure: Throughout their various incarnations, the Red Elvises have become a bar staple featuring pompadours, glitzy costumes and, um, oversized instruments. Shows start August 6-7 at Pennsylvania's Bethlehem Musikfest, then they visit the state's Johnstown FolkFest September 3-4 before moving back to their adopted West Coast. In October they visit San Francisco, Petaluma, Portland, Vancouver, Tacoma and Seattle, among other cities, before calling it quits at Yakima, Wash.'s Grant's Brew Pub November 6. The Red Elvises have released several albums including "Grooving to the Moscow Beat" and "Surfing In Siberia". (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Sunday 24 July 2005

Australian chart update: In its 6th week on the ARIA Music DVD Chart, "Elvis By The Presleys" slipped three places this week to #14. (News, Source: ARIA)

Ernst Jorgensen comments on October FTD releases: In a discussion with EP Gold's Andylon Lensen, Ernst Jorgensen has revealed that 'Raised On Rock' is not a definite release for October 2005. Ernst said the studio release could just as well be 'Promised Land' or 'Good Times'. He also said stories that 'Clambake' would be the film soundtrack release in October were simply rumour. The only release confirmed for October is 'Summer Festival '72', a soundboard recording of Elvis' Las Vegas dinner show on 11 August 1972. According to Ernst this show has never been released before, not even unofficially. Ernst said that the full October FTD release schedule should be known within a month. (News, Source: EP Gold)

"Welcome to Gulag Graceland": Just when you thought it was safe to approach Elvis Week 2005, Sid Shaw in England has published his latest attack on Graceland and EPE. Whether or not you agree with Sid, he certainly writes with a lot of passion. (Spotlight Article, Source: Sid Shaw, Elvisly Yours)

Singer prompts reunion of Elvis' musicians: There's a musical Elvis Presley reunion under way, and the only thing missing is the King of Rock n' Roll. John Krondes, a singer and songwriter, has teamed with what he calls Elvis' "Hit Making Team." It includes The Jordanaires and The Sweet Inspirations, as well as the TCB Band and the Memphis Boys band. "It's weird how all this is coming together," Krondes said over breakfast at the Cracker Barrel on Barnes Crossing Road. "I'm not an Elvis impersonator. That's not what this is about." He was in Tupelo this week to gather in the Elvis mystique and to meet with Sigi Kramer and Angela Marley, a pair of Elvis fans and Luxembourg residents who've been promoting Krondes' efforts in Europe. "We planned to come here for a year. We didn't know John when we planned it," Kramer said. "We thought this would be a great place to meet him, where it all began." Actually, Krondes' story began in New York, where his late father, Jimmy Krondes, was a songwriter. He had a hit called "The End" that was recorded by Earl Grant in 1958.

People who know their Elvis history may remember Tupelo's favorite son sang "The End" the first day he met Priscilla Beaulieu.
"Elvis sang the song but he never recorded it," Krondes said. A few years ago, Krondes was driving through Las Vegas, where he saw a poster of The Jordanaires. He said he was compelled to meet the legendary singers. "I told them about my father and The End,'" he recalled. "They said, Sure, kid, send us a tape.'" A CD isnow in the works and could be released in six months. There have been recording sessions in Los Angeles and Nashville. Many of the songs have been written by composers who provided tunes to Elvis. The project has earned the backing of longtime Elvis friend Joe Esposito, who now works for Wynn Hotels in Las Vegas. "I'm trying to help him as much as I can," Esposito said. "These are my friends, and I think they're doing some good songs. John came up with a fine idea." (News, Source: DailyJournal)

Buy a guitar just like Elvis did: Remember Elvis' first guitar? Well anyone may now purchase a guitar from Tupelo Hardware where the Presley family bought that first guitar. James Simmons and his son, Eddie, have been furnishing guitars to Tupelo Hardware for the past two years. Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Pam Tillis are among those who have purchased a guitar. (News, Source: James Simmons, The Lakeland Music Store)

Online, Eva Cassidy trumps Elvis: When Amazon.com released its Musicians Hall of Fame this month, ranking the Top 25-selling CD's in the site's 10-year history, a few of the results might have been surprising - Enya at No. 8? - but all the names on the list were recognizable stars. Except one: No. 5, Eva Cassidy. Cassidy was an angelic-voiced but little-known singer whose death from cancer at 33, in 1996, inspired a phenomenal demand for her renditions of songbook standards, jazz and gospel, leading to six posthumous albums culled from unreleased recordings. She's not necessarily out of place on Amazon's list, which skews wildly toward white pop-rock (the only solo black artist is Ray Charles at No. 23) and hardly reflects album sales beyond Amazon. But ahead of Bob Dylan (No. 9), Bruce Springsteen (No. 12) and Elvis (No. 25)?

The explanation probably lies in the rise of the Internet as a tastemaker, and the explosive growth of online commerce that Amazon itself pioneered. The independent Blix Street label began releasing Cassidy's recordings in 1998, the year Amazon added music to its inventory. A word-of-mouth campaign, fueled by chat rooms and fan sites, began to seep into the news media, and by December 2000 two Cassidy albums had pushed a top-selling Beatles compilation down to No. 3 at Amazon, with three other Cassidy albums at Nos. 4, 5 and 7. Just how many CD's she has sold on Amazon to reach No. 5 is unknown; the company does not release sales information other than comparative rankings. But thanks to Amazon consumers, Eva Cassidy is enjoying an unlikely, and lucrative, sort of immortality. (News, Source: New York Times)

Saturday 23 July 2005

"Bubba Ho-Tep" to be released on DVD in Australia: The cult film starring Bruce Campbell and the late Ossie Davis, "Bubba Ho-Tep" (Elvis vs. The Mummy) will be released on DVD in Australia on September 7. The DVDs 'special features' will include "Elvis", where Elvis looks back at his life as Presley, and "Fit for A King", a featurette looking at Elvis costuming. (News, Source: SAIN)

Read more about "Bubba Ho-Tep"

Aussie chart update: While "Elvis by the Presleys" CD exited the ARIA National Top 50 Chart this week, the CD re-entered the Top 20 of the major store chart, Sanity. The CD rose one place on the Sanity chart to #20. To further confuse the chart situation in Australia, while the DVD edition slipped to #11 on the ARIA National Music DVD Chart, on the Sanity store chart it is ranked #6 (down two places from its ranking last week). (News, Source: Sanity/ARIA)

Dealing with the death of Elvis: Memphis-Artist Sabe Lewellyn and others exhibit works about Elvis in a show entitled "Burning Love". The Exhibit is being held at Midtown Artist Market at 2027 Madison Avenue August 8th through August 20th. Opening night reception is on August 13th 7 to 10 pm. Ticket sales are $10 in Advance and $15 at the door. This event will benefit Youth Villages. George Harrison, Bob Dylan, and Woody Guthrie have all been muses to Sabe.

This is the first time he has dealt with Elvis. Most of Sabe’s work deals with self, myth, and mysticism. He doesn’t know why he never thought of Elvis as a springboard for his work. “He is probably the biggest self in history surrounded by a nebula of myth,“ says Sabe. He continues, “ Elvis was very spiritually strong I envy that fortitude.” Sabe grew up in the Delta of rural southern Arkansas. Drawn by Tennessee’s musical heritage, he moved to Memphis in 1998. He is passionate about music seeing an interchangeable presence between poetry and music. as a meditation tool to lose and find self he explains.

Sabe Lewellyn 1980 Court Ave., Memphis, TN 38104 -
www.sabestudios.com - email: sabe@sabestudios.com 901-483-1327. (News, Source: Sabe Lewellyn)

Linda Thompson files for divorce: Elvis' former girlfriend LINDA THOMPSON is heading for divorce again after filing papers against her songwriter/producer husband in Los Angeles. Thompson has cited "irreconcilable differences" for the split. Ironically, Thompson and Foster currently appear as a happily married couple in reality US TV show PRINCES OF MALIBU. Sources claim the divorce was planned before the reality show aired. Thompson, a former Miss Tennessee, was Presley's girlfriend when he died in 1977. Foster is famous for his Grammy Award-winning work with artists like MADONNA, WHITNEY HOUSTON and CELINE DION. This will be Foster's first divorce and Linda's second. The actress was formerly married to Olympic athlete BRUCE JENNER. The Princes of Malibu has developed a cult following and this week was the #1 search among TV shows on Yahoo, beating Desperate Housewives and The Simpsons. (News, Source: Contact Music/Yahoo)

Jordanaires join Brian Setzer for a cameo: Brian Setzer plays his pompadour off in the first of a proposed series of discs spotlighting rock heroes. For the first release in this series the spotlight is on the legendary SUN label that brought forth Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and other greats, who all waxed for Sam Phillips' '50s imprint with the cheerful sunrise logo. The album offers a touch of authenticity with a cameo from the legendary Jordanaires, Elvis' favorite harmonizers. (News, Source: Google/Elvis News)

Friday 22 July 2005
New look Graceland site: The official Elvis website has a new look. Click here to view. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Bernard Lansky talks to EIN: EIN's Piers Beagley chews the fat with a man instrumental in Elvis' fashion sense, the great Bernard Lansky. Bernard talks candidly about Elvis, Priscilla, Lisa Marie, the clothes he made for Elvis, Michael Jackson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Nicolas Cage and more in a fascinating interview. Parental guidance advised. (Interview, Source: EIN)

Gospel music, Elvis part of MSU history: Pete Lancaster remembers it like it happened yesterday. All he was doing one July day in 1975 was a favor for then-Murray State University President Dr. Constantine Curris by offering whatever assistance he could to those running the Blackwood Stamps School of Music, co-headlined by legendary Gospel acts the Blackwood Brothers and J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet. That included period visits to the Regents Hall headquarters for those acts to see if there was anything they needed. Then the phone rang and, with nobody manning the residence hall's main office, Lancaster decided to answer it, having no clue with whom he was about to speak.

"I said, 'Regents Hall, this is Pete Lancaster. How may I help you?' And the person said, 'Uh, yeah Pete, is J.D. Sumner there?' So I hand him the phone and he says in that low voice of his, 'Oh, hello Elvis,'" Lancaster remembered, realizing how he had no idea that the voice had been that of the King of Rock n' Roll himself, Elvis Presley. "No, I really didn't, but you're just not expecting something like that. "Still, J.D. and his group backed up Elvis in his concerts, and they were on just about all of his Gospel albums, so it shouldn't have been a surprise that he'd call. I didn't ask J.D. what it was about, either, but I figure it did have to do with them doing something with Elvis later." Sumner and his group no doubt received added attention from the music world through the relation with Presley, but the group proved it could more than make a name for itself on its own. Actually, that was probably etched into stone many years earlier.

The Stamps bear the name of V.O. Stamps, the man credited with first making Gospel music a widely-known, commercial commodity. He founded the School of Music in 1924 and eventually formed the first version of the Stamps Quartet. Since then, the group has achieved perennial power status in the Gospel world with the a cappella version of "Sweet, Sweet Spirit" still stirring audiences to this day, around five years after Sumner's death at the age of 73. Several of its members are in the Gospel Hall of Fame, including Sumner, who was with the Blackwood Brothers before becoming the Stamps' bass man. The Blackwoods also were favorites of Presley, who attended many of the quartet's conventions they hosted in his hometown of Memphis, Tenn. That convention was started in 1956 in Louisville with Sumner and James and Cecil Blackwood being the main organizers. Then, after Sumner had left to join the Stamps in 1966, he and James Blackwood, lead singer of his group, headed the school that came to Murray in 1972. Some three years later, that marriage yielded history. (News, Source: Murray Ledger & Times)

New book - "The Year the Music Changed": Watching Elvis perform in Atlanta in 1956 inspired Diane Coulter Thomas to write a novel called "The Year The Music Changed". It's a coming-of-age story set in 1955 and told as a year-long correspondence between Elvis and a 14-year-old girl. The book will be published in September 2005 by The Toby Press. Publisher's Weekly calls the book "a warm, lively and immensely readable novel that will especially touch fans of "the King." (News, Source: Diane Coulter Thomas)

New McFarlane Elvis doll : A few alert members mailed Elvis Matters with a rather remarkable conclusion about the latest McFarlane figurine. The big poster right behind Elvis, announces a concert in New York on September 10th 1956. Fifties experts will tell you that Elvis wasn't anywhere near New York that day - let alone that he'd do a show that evening. More so, he didn't even have the gold lame suit that Nudie's made for him. So how can that suit be on the poster...? A puzzling fact, but still the figurine is one of the very best done in the McFarlane series. Online orders are welcomed here: shop@elvismatters.be. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Germany re-release of The Definitive Elvis documentary: In Germany "The Definitive Elvis" documentary series will be re-released by Black Hill on September 30, 2005 in the well known metal boxes. According to the preliminary information on Amazon Germany this re-release contains nothing new. (News, Source: amazon.de / Elvis News)

Shreveport fans want guitarist's statue next to Elvis: Efforts are underway here to raise money for a bronze statue of Shreveport guitarist James Burton, once a band leader for Elvis Presley. The statue would be placed near an existing statue of Elvis outside the Municipal Auditorium, where Elvis performed on the old Louisiana Hayride show in the early 1950s.

"I just think he has done almost as much as Elvis to put this place on the map," said Martha Phillips, an Orange County, Calif., resident who said she first visited the Hayride more than 50 years ago, even before Presley's first peformance there. With help from the Shreveport Downtown Development Authority, the local Elvis Angels Fan Club has raised nearly half the money needed for the $50,000 statue. However, those efforts have hit a summertime lull as the deadline to have the statue in place by mid-August approaches.

"It's slow. We really, really need some donations," said Dianne Patrick Mitchell, president of Elvis Angels. Fans hope to unveiling the stature to kick off the James Burton International Guitar Festival set for Aug. 19-21 in Shreveport. The festival's main event, the "James Burton and Friends" concert, is set for Aug. 20 in Municipal Auditorium. Burton, a Louisiana-born musician who still calls Shreveport home, played with Elvis between 1969 and 1977. Johnny Wessler, executive director of Friends of the Municipal Auditorium, said plans are to put Burton's statue to the left side of Elvis.

"That's where he always played, right over his left shoulder," Wessler said. "That's the way it was in just about every picture you see. He's right there." (News, Source: Associated Press)

Ecclesiaste III game launch: Sesom International Limited, creators of the new game of the future: ECCLESIASTE III “THE QUEST” will launch the game at three Meet & Greet events in
Edmonton: July 26 and 27 at 1pm at River City Games, Kingsway Garden Mall, and July 26 at 3:30pm at “A Touch of Nostalgia” at Londonderry Mall. Special guests for these events will be Elvis Presley’s cousin, Jerry Presley and Sandi Pichon, author of “Raised On Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!” Commander Presley and LCDR Pichon are members of the crew of the Galaxy Class Star Ship Ecclesiaste III. Gord Steinke of Global News or someone on his behalf will be on hand to receive a commemorative plaque declaring him an Honorary Star Fleet Captain. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

Thursday 21 July 2005

Elvis On Tour Outtakes DVD: While mystery still surrounds the upcoming release of this DVD, EIN recommends the following link for those interested in Elvis On Tour material. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Elvis trophy unveiled at Gates of Graceland: Hollywood has Oscar. Broadway has Tony. The NHRA has Wally. And now Memphis Motorsports Park has Elvis. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

New CD release - "Elvis Music and Interviews": This is the cover art of the CD 'Music And interviews" which was released by the Chrome Dreams (UK) / Phantom (US) labels in June and May 2005 respectively. This release is not authorized by EPE according to the text on the cover, but does come with a free mini-poster. (News, Source: amazon.com / Elvis News)

Kenny Chesney joins ranks of Elvis & Elton John: Kenny Chesney is on his "Somewhere In The Sun" tour, and he's racking up records matched by only two artists before him. He's sold out three nights at Atlanta's Philips Arena. In the history of Atlanta's major arenas, only Elvis Presley and Elton John have sold out three nights in a row. For the math-minded, that's close to 18,000 tickets per night. Chesney said when they told him, it took him back a little bit. He said the first record he ever bought was Elvis' "Greatest Hits" and he feels he's in some pretty special company. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Wednesday 20 July 2005
Warman's Elvis Field Guide (Book Review): The first half of this book essentially looks at The King's life and career through an eye pleasing series of color and b&w photos and the second half details his American record (vinyl) releases, with catalogue details and a price guide. But how good is it? (Book Review, Source: EIN)
Honorary award for Leiber and Stoller: The 5th edition of the World Soundtrack Awards, to be held in Gent, Belgium on October 15, holds a special "Elvis"-surprise. Oscar winner Rachel Portman will be sharing the stage with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, the legendary composers for Elvis. The two New York writers will get the full spotlight with the presentation of the Liftetime Achiement Award. Leiber and Stoller are the most important songwriters and producers of the early years of Rock ‘n’ Roll. They were the authors of over 10 million sellers for Elvis, and they wrote music for several Elvis-movies. (News, Source: Elvis Matters/Elvis News)

Priscilla Presley on Aussie TV: Priscilla Presley will be appearing on one of Australia's most popular shows, "Rove Live" next Tuesday night (26th July) at 9.30pm - Channel 10. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Tuesday 19 July 2005

Why Elvis? (DVD Review): EIN casts an eye over the latest DVD documentary release and discovers some surprising things. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

DNA search to find illegitimate Elvis siblings: Timothy Farrell has launched a search for potential half-siblings, in order to determine whether there is a match between him and other individuals as he continues his journey to determine if he is Elvis' son. (News, Source: Timothy Farrell blogspot)

Elvis by the Presleys DVD & CD winners: The lucky winners in our recent "Elvis by the Presleys" DVD & CD giveaway were Kathy Baysdon, Glenn Goldsmith, Bob Hayden, Jenny Winston, Peta Johnson, John Philips and Celia Bright. Winners will be notified by email. Many thanks to Sony BMG for providing the prizes.

Elvis by the Presleys book winners: The two lucky winners in our "Elvis by the Presleys" book competition were Sue McDonald and Gavin English. Winners will be notified by email. Many thanks to Random House for providing rhe prizes.

Lisa Marie finally relates to Priscilla: Singer Lisa Marie Presley has a better relationship with her mother PRISCILLA now than ever before - and her prim parent even tries to swear occasionally to make her daughter feel more at home. The feisty rocker, 37, was always devoted to her late father ELVIS PRESLEY, but she finally feels just as comfortable with her actress mother. She says, "We've reached a place where we like and respect each other. "After so many years of torture, misunderstandings and men getting involved - her boyfriends, or mine - it's been really nice. "She even tries to say 'f**k' sometimes now, which cracks me up, because she does it so politely." (News/Lisa Presley's World, Source: Sanja Meegin)

"Don't Be Cruel" the search for the best Elvis: Taping of the 'Elvis Idol' type show starts in Las Vegas next month. The new reality television show, "Don't Be Cruel," uses an elimination format in its quest to find the world's best Elvis tribute artist. The winner will drive away in a 1965 14-karat gold-plated Cadillac and record the controversial, unreleased song, If Only I'd Bought Her Roses, allegedly co-written by Elvis in 1973. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: Elvis-A-Rama/Sanja Meegin)

Monday 18 July 2005

The King and I: Alice Kahn looks inside Priscilla Presley's best selling memoir, "Elvis and Me". (Spotlight Article, Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

Elvis #1 Singles Boxset will be released in Australia: BMG Australia has told EIN that it will be releasing the Elvis #1 Singles boxset. A release date is yet to be confirmed. The Aussie release of the single disc DVD editions of The '68 Comeback Special and Aloha From Hawaii has been put on hold for the time being. (News, Source: BMG)

Sunday 17 July 2005

Australian chart update: After four consecutive weeks in the top 10, Elvis By The Presleys slipped to #11 on this week's ARIA Music DVD chart. The album edition has dropped out of the Top 50 Album chart. (News, Source: ARIA)

"Best Elvis tribute artist" taping on 8 August : David Warner's voice will be tested at a Las Vegas casting call to find the world's best Elvis Tribute Artist. The search is part of a TV pilot for an elimination-style reality show. To secure his audition for the biggest Elvis search in history, Warner played a sample recording to contest sponsors over the phone. They responded with a contract and told him to arrive in Vegas for the Aug. 8 taping. (News, Source: Cadillac News)

Ralph Bettman, man who lit stage lights for Elvis, dies: Ormond Beach resident Hanford "Ralph" Bettman once set the stage lights for performers such as Perry Como, Elvis Presley and Ed Sullivan. After the Second World War, Bettman worked for CBS in New York City. As lighting director, he lit the stage for Elvis' 1957 appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. He also worked with Jack Benny, Red Buttons, Rosemary Clooney, and his favorite, Perry Como. Bettman retired from CBS after 35 years at age 73. (News, Source: The Daytona Beach News)

Saturday 16 July 2005

Biographer claims 'King of Pop' to die like 'King of Rock': Michael Jackson biographer Stacy Brown is urging the pop superstar's family to continue their suicide vigil on him - because he's convinced the King Of Pop is keen to die. Both Jackson's father Joe and brother Jermaine have expressed their concerns about the pop star's failing health and pressures he faced during his four month child molestation trial earlier this year (05). But Brown, who penned new expose Michael Jackson: The Man Behind The Mask with the singer's former sidekick Bob Jones, fears the superstar is still at risk. The writer says, "I don't think Michael Jackson will be alive in 10 years time. It's amazing to me that what happened to Elvis (Presley) hasn't happened to him. "He lives on the edge. He's bound to crash and burn. He's 87 pounds and six foot tall - that's unhealthy." But Brown doesn't think Jackson has the courage to take his own life in the conventional sense. He adds, "I don't think he has it in him to take his own life. I don't see him putting a gun to his head. It'll be an accidental overdose - something like that. "It's the most tragic story in pop music history - and he's not dead yet." (News, Source: World Entertainment Network)

Joe Guercio honored with IEBA Founders Award: Joe Geurcio, Elvis's longtime concert conductor and musical director, has been honored by the International Entertainment Buyers Association with their 2005 Founders Award. Click here to go the the IEBA site for details. (News, Source: EPE)

"Elvis A Legendary Performer, Vol. 6" delayed: A manufacturing fault has delayed release of the Madison label's latest CD. It should now be released in late July - early August. (News, Source: Elvis News)

New Elvis DVD announced: "Walking in Memphis" (named after the hit single by Marc Cohn) will be released in the EC on 22 August. No other details are presently available. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Elvis themed gift shop being added to Memphis International Airport: As part of a refurbishment initiative, Memphis International is adding an Elvis themed gift shop for summer 2005. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Pauline Nicholson obituaries: These tributes to Elvis' former cook were published a few days ago. In one we learn how Pauline referred to Elvis as her "white son" and of the important phone call she received from Priscilla Presley five days before she passed away. (News, Source: Commercial Appeal/AP/Jonathan V.)

CKX, Inc. added to Russell 1000(R) Index: CKX has announced a major achievement with this news. The Russell 1000® Index measures the performance of the 1,000 largest companies in the Russell 3000® Index and is constructed to provide a comprehensive and unbiased barometer for the large-cap segment of the U.S. equity market. The index represents approximately 92% of the U.S. market. (News/Sale of EPE, Source: EPE)

Friday 15 July 2005

"Elvis" mini-series receives 6 Emmy Award nominations: The 2005 miniseries "Elvis" has been nominated for 6 Emmy's: Best miniseries; Outstanding Lead Actor, Miniseries or Movie - Jonathan Rhys Meyers; Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie - Randy Quaid; Supporting Actress, Miniseries or Movie - Camryn Manheim; Outstanding Casting for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special; and Outstanding Costumes for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special. Winners will be announced on August 27, 2005. (News, Source: emmys.org)

"Uncut Legends - Elvis" magazine released in Australia: Following the European and US release of this magazine, it has now appeared in major Australian newsagencies. The 148 page tribute release is crammed full of well researched articles, rare tidbits and a nice selection of color and b &w photos. (News, Source: EIN)

Ernst Jorgensen to contribute to "Elvis World" magazine: Further to yesterday's story that Ernst J. dined with Bill and Connie Burk during their recent holiday in Denmark, we can now report that Ernst has agreed to contribute to Bill's long-running quarterly magazine, Elvis World. Ernst's contribution could start with the November 2005 (#78) issue. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Rare Elvis handwritten letter for sale on ebay: This is a very interesting item apparently written by Elvis to a deejay in Lebanon, PA. With less than two days to go bidding is over US$500.00. ebay # 7529977709. (News, Source: ebay.com)

"Burnt" Elvis image in frypan for sale: You need to look at this one to believe it. Low starting bid for a real oddity in the vein of items listed by the Wade, the "Elvis water guy": "A cooking accident while making pancakes has revealed the image of Elvis in the burnt bottom of the pan caused by pancake mix". ebay #559695692. (News/Odd Spot, Source: ebay.com, 14 July 2005)

Elvis Behind The Image Vol. 3: Bud Glass and Praytome Publishing are working on a third volume in this DVD series.  It will include more interviews with celebrity guests and as yet, unnamed, never before released Super8 footage. (News, Source: EP Gold)

Thursday 14 July 2005

Coco Palms renovation plans are rapidly moving forward - Elvis would approve: The Coco Palms Resort, dormant for 13 years, is going to be developed into a mixed-use facility that will feature 200 condominium units and 104 hotel rooms, according to Donna Apisa, president and principal broker of Oceanfront Realty International, the sales broker in charge of the project. Nestled on 45 acres in Wailua, a location once reserved for Hawaiian royalty, the Coco Palms Resort achieved early exposure and fame in the 1961 Elvis Presley movie, "Blue Hawaii." Apisa said construction would cost in excess of $200 million. There will be no timeshare units. The 396-room hotel has been closed since Sept. 11, 1992, when Hurricane ‘Iniki struck Kaua‘i.

In spite of the current damaged condition of Coco Palms, Rivera is still coordinating weddings, and will continue doing so at Coco Palms through his Blue Hawaii Weddings, reminiscent of Elvis and the movie, "Blue Hawaii," filmed at Coco Palms in 1961. Elvis' bungalow, fondly known as Cottage 56, will be restored and used as a memorial to Elvis. In addition, a movie museum is being planned, according to Apisa. Also planned are three restaurants, including the Sea Shell Restaurant across Kuhio Highway from the main property, a conference space, spa, general store, signature shop, and a beauty salon. A pedestrian overpass will connect the Coco Palms Resort with the Sea Shell Restaurant and Wailua Beach. Within the resort is a famous, 2,000-tree coconut grove, which is the largest of only three similar groves in the entire state of Hawai‘i. (News, Source: Kauai News/Sanja Meegin)

Ernst Jorgensen dines with Bill "007" Burk: On their last day of holidays in Denmark, Bill Burk and wife Connie lunch with Ernst Jorgensen (BMG/FTD) and his partner Helle at the Riz Raz restaurant. We look forward to hearing about just what was discussed.  (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

New DVD "Elvis The Memphis Flash - How It All Began": On 15 August, Chrome Dreams in the UK will release this Region 2 DVD: "Why was Rock ‘n’ Roll invented in Memphis by a quiet, respectable and religious young man with a passion for all types of music? How did the events that led up to that fateful session on 5th July 1954 conspire to create a brand new music and a brand new way of life for all those who came along in its wake? With contributions from those who were there at the time and from others who have studied the subject in depth, and with rare footage and photographs, and music from those pivotal sessions and from subsequent recording dates, and with a host of other features, this film goes some way to discovering the Why and the How. It is the most detailed, informative and downright entertaining film yet to emerge about this period and about these historical events". The DVD runs for 80 minutes. Cat #: CVIS387. The DVD can be ordered from sendit.com. (News, Source: Sendit.com)

Graceland to celebrate Elvis Week 2005 August 8-16: The nine-day celebration of the late superstar's life is held throughout the city of Memphis with numerous events and charity benefits, culminating in the annual Candlelight Vigil on August 15th attended by tens of thousands. Elvis.com to feature 6th annual live internet VIGILCAST(TM) of the Candlelight Vigil for fans around the world. Each year since Elvis' death in 1977, thousands of people from around the world have gathered at his home Graceland, in Memphis, to celebrate his life in a week of events now known as ELVIS WEEK. And, for the sixth year, fans from all over the world can participate in the largest activity, the Candlelight Vigil on August 15th, via the live VIGILCAST(TM) on AOL.

The week is filled with numerous and varied activities such as the 21st Annual Elvis Art Contest & Exhibit, 2nd Annual Elvis Film Festival, Elvis Week Dance Party, Elvis Presley International Art Show and a special Graceland Scavenger Hunt. Other activities include Conversations on Elvis, an Elvis Week tradition where Elvis friends and associates share stories and answer questions. Official Elvis Insiders club members from around the world gather for the Official Elvis Insiders Conference, and returning this year are the annual Elvis Trivia Contest and the 23rd Annual Elvis Presley International 5K Run and Fun Walk, benefiting United Cerebral Palsy.

The Elvis Week Concert featuring Terry Mike Jeffrey with The Imperials takes place on Saturday, August 13th, and Elvis International: The Magazine Presents A Good Rockin' Elvis Day Festival on Sunday, August 14th. The annual Candlelight Vigil and Vigilcast(TM) 2005 is Monday August 15th. This is the largest Elvis Week event, when thousands of fans are invited to walk up to Elvis' grave carrying a candle in quiet remembrance. A portion of the evening will be broadcast live on AOL as the sixth annual VIGILCAST(TM). (News, Source: EPE)


Wednesday 13 July 2005
Michael Jackson owns publishing rights to Elvis and The Beatles!: During the dark days of his criminal trial, when conventional wisdom said a financially strapped Michael Jackson should sell his 50 percent stake in The Beatles song catalog, the unconventional entertainer instead moved to buy the other 50 percent, a new lawsuit reveals. But as the phrase "new lawsuit" suggests, the pop singer's financial empire remains on embattled ground. Jackson's latest litigant is a finance company, Prescient Acquisition Group, which filed a breach-of-contract suit against the entertainer Monday in New York City, reports said. Prescient claims it helped Jackson come up with the cash to gobble up the rest of Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, the rights holder to 400,000 songs, including more than a few lucrative hits by Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and, most of all, The Beatles. The treasure trove of pop, rock and roots history is said to be worth $1 billion. Jackson reportedly has not yet gone ahead and purchased the outstanding 50 percent. "The reality is, we have helped Michael Jackson acquire a magnificent asset and he'll be able to fund his exotic lifestyle for the rest of his life," Steven Altman, an attorney for Prescient, told BBC.com. (News, Source: E! Online)

Elvis' cook passes away: Pauline Nicholson, a former cook for Elvis Presley, has died of cancer. She was 76. Pauline also worked as Elvis' housekeeper and sometimes looked after Lisa Marie when she was little. She has continued cooking for the Presley family after Elvis' death and can even be seen in the recent DVD release 'Elvis By The Presleys' which shows her preparing a meal for Lisa Marie and her mother Priscilla when they came to Memphis and requested Nicholson cook for them. Pauline loved to tell stories of her time with Mr. P (as she would call Elvis). Nicholson, leaves behind a husband of 55 years, seven daughters, a son, an adopted son, 24 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

Mississippi State to review sales tax waiver on proposed 'Circle G' resort: The state of Mississippi will review a proposal to waive some taxes on the proposed golf course and entertainment resort at the site of the old Circle G Ranch once owned by Elvis Presley. The ranch was the former weekend retreat of Presley. He and ex-wife Priscilla honeymooned there in 1967. J.D. Stacy, an Atlanta-based developer, and unnamed investors want to turn the former ranch into a resort complete with two golf courses, luxury condominiums and two hotels. Horn Lake Mayor Nat Baker has said he has questions about the scope of the project and what the diversion of sales tax income will mean financially for Horn Lake.

"I am skeptical about it," said Baker. "I am looking out for the taxpayers. Until they present these other documents, I am going to be skeptical about it." Baker said the only thing that he has seen concerning the proposed project has been a "concept plan. I want to see the architectural studies and more detailed plans," said Baker.

Stacy has said CGR's investors have been in negotiations to purchase the 155-acre Circle G Ranch from the McLemore family as well as additional acreage near the property near Goodman Road and Mississippi 301 west of Horn Lake. The first step of the process will be to determine if the Circle G Ranch proposal is a qualified project under a state program by which taxes may be diverted from the city to the developer until the 35 percent investment is recouped or a period of 10 years has passed, whichever comes first. The proposal will be reviewed by the Mississippi Development Authority. Horn Lake aldermen approved the proposal on June 21.

The application filed by CGR International for the sales tax incentive program was received just under the wire, said State Rep. John Mayo, D-Clarksdale. Mayo said developers may wish to claim that the project's cost will be $2 billion but the state will only let CGR claim up to $200 million. The project will have to be completed and then the state will audit the project's accounting records to determine what part involves tourism and what portion does not, officials said.MDA spokesman Scott Hamilton said the sales tax rebate can be claimed based on "actual investment" only, not projections. "Any project on which we provide subsidies, grants or rebates is subject to an audit," said Hamilton. (News, Source: The Clarion-Ledger)

Sonny West in Memphis during Elvis Week 2005: Sonny West will be doing his "Memories of Elvis Show" at The Clarion in Memphis, with special guest Don Rose on August 10 and run every night through the 14th. The shows begin at 7 pm. $15 gets you into both shows. Sonny tells some amusing and loving stories about the years he worked for Elvis and also takes questions from the audience. Don will be doing his Golden Oldies show. (News, Source: Sandi Pichon)

Sandi Pichon book signing during Elvis Week 2005: Sandi Pichin will be signing copies of her book, "Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!" at the following locations: August 11: 11am-2pm Airport Inn and 4-6 pm Marlowe's for the Alzheimers Benefit Dinner; August 12:  2-4 pm  Airport Inn; August 13:  9-11 am Airport Inn noon and 5 pm Pool Party at 1034 Audubon Drive; August 14: Good Rockin' Tonight, Marriott Hotel. (News, Source: Sandi Pichon)


Tuesday 12 July 2005

Future UK releases: In the editiorial of the most recent Official UK Elvis Presley Fan Club magazine there is mention of future releases:

'The success in the UK of the “Elvis by the Presley’s” Book, CD and DVD triology has amazed everyone, especially as each item topped three of the British Sales charts. Now the next anniversary is going to be a big one for the RCA record label, and January 10th will see the 50th anniversary of the recording of their first Presley single “Heartbreak Hotel”. In the UK, Elvis’ first singles were not pressed on the RCA imprint because the record company had no representation in the UK in 1956 – they were issued by HMV which at the time shared the nipper-dog trade mark with the American giant. So it is being discussed that there could be limited editioned singles on the HMV label available in HMV stores only, and RCA limited edition singles available every where else, except in HMV outlets with possibly even 10” HMV vinyls too. With such exposure Elvis is sure to top the singles charts in 2007 yet again. More news as it breaks. Also being considered is an album set featuring much of Elvis’ first ever recording session in Nashville of 10th January 1956.

And there is much much more to come. Stay tuned, and keep your membership current, so that you don’t miss out on any of the future exciting events. Remember at the very end of December 2006 the official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain celebrates it’s 50th anniversary with a book, a CD album, plus a special nationwide radio show tribute'. (News, Source: Todd Slaughter / Elvis News)

Chips Moman interview CD: The upcoming Dutch magazine "Almost In Elvis" has the Elvis American Sound Studio Sessions as its theme. The magazine comes with a CD containing an interview with Chip Moman and other musicians who were present at the famous 1969 session. (News, Source:Today Tomorrow And Forever / Elvis News)

"Elvis The Great Performances" on Aussie TV: The ABC TV network in Australia is screening the three 'Elvis The Great Performances' documentaries. The first documentary, Center Stage, screens tonight at 11.10pm. The remaining episodes screen on Tuesday 19 and Tuesday 26 July. (News, Source: ABC TV)

Monday 11 July 2005

"The Making of Elvis On Tour" DVD: According to Elvis Express, "Rumours are going around the Internet that a DVD is being released in October 2005 entitled, 'The Making of Elvis On Tour'. In an email received by us, the source states that the rumoured release will have a running time of two hours and will contain "Previously Unseen Footage" of Elvis in rehearsal and on stage, all filmed while making the 1972 MGM movie. There is no information as to whether this is an official release or a bootleg, but we would certainly be surprised if Warner Home DVD were to release a 2 hour making of documentary, when the actual film is still yet to see it's debut on DVD". (News, Source: Elvis Express)

Dutch "Elvis On Tour" Convention: The Dutch fanclub "It's Elvis Time" will organize an "Elvis On Tour" convention on October 23rd. Special guests will be John Wilkinson, Glenn D. Hardin & Bill Belew. Also they will have a big screen with some interesting footage "Elvis, the lost performances Vol. 2 & Elvis the concert (compilation of the 25th anniversary concert 2002 in Memphis). And you can see an Elvis exhibition. (News, Source: It's Elvis Time/FECC)

The "mysterious" Hooper Twins reflect on working with Elvis: The twins, known by their stage names as Bud and Bud, were the youngest of five kids, born on a 60-acre cotton farm in Joaquin (in east Texas), to Arthur and Bertha Hooper. After picking cotton the boys learned to play their guitars, then, they started to look for paying gigs. As part of their stage identity, the two have steadfastly refused to be known by their real first names, preferring instead to be known simply as "Bud and Bud." Only family and personal friends are privy to their names.The Louisiana Hayride was second in popularity only to the Grand Old Opry. They played, impressed the promoters and became regulars. Soon they were driving to Shreveport on Saturdays, doing the show and returning to Houston. They were getting paid union scale wages, which meant each one received fifteen dollars per appearance. Then came one of their many brushes with fame.

Elvis Presley, who at this time was trying to make a name for himself, also did the show. Like the boys, he also played gigs at the Ft. Worth Hoedown, and the Big D Jamboree, in Dallas. Elvis used to come down to Houston and played at the Magnolia Gardens, and at Cooks Hoedown. He didn't have a band in those days. Once, when he came to Houston to play at Cooks, so the boys backed him up.

"I remember he used to have a heavy hand with his guitar," said Bud. "Elvis was always breaking his strings. He was not much of a musician in those days, but he was a hell of a performer. Elvis knew how to use his body; and his guitar was more than a musical instrument, it was a prop. He used that guitar like it was an extension of his torso. One day, months after we met him and played a gig with him, we where working a live radio show in a used car lot in Houston. We were doing "That's all right with Mama." He was driving by when he heard us playing his song on his car radio. He came over, finished the song, shook hands and left." (News, Source:Houston Courier Online)

Sunday 10 July 2005
Dewey and Elvis - a phenomenal story: Louis Cantor's recent book about the eccentric Memphis deejay, Dewey Phillips, and his relationships with Elvis and the other Phillips, Sam, is a story full of humor, pain and spirit. It adds real value to our understanding of the Elvis legacy and is arguably the best Elvis book of 2005 and one of the best of all-time. (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Australian chart update: "Elvis by the Presleys" has slipped four places to #9 on this week's ARIA Music DVD Chart. The CD edition has slipped twelve places to #45 on the Album chart. Both releases have been on the chart for 4 weeks. (News, Source: ARIA)

Flying Elvis' Brisbane breakfast: Nine Flying Elvis impersonators from the US, called the E Team, will travel straight from the Brisbane International Airport to have breakfast at the Brekky Creek Hotel (2 Kingsford Smith Drive - Breakfast Creek, Telephone 07-32625988) on Tuesday morning (12 July from 7.30am), along with Prentice Chaffin, America’s leading Elvis impersonator. Prentice will dine in full costume and will perform. The E-team and Prentice are in Queensland for the International Airshow. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: Christine Bamford)

Saturday 9 July 2005

Elvis, king of the cockpit: Officials in Memphis are in a dilemma over whether to rename the city’s airport “Elvis Presley International” in honour of “The King”, who grew up near by. The move would be in line with other celebrity runways, including John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Louis Armstrong, John Lennon and John Kennedy airports. But the civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis in 1968, and many believe it would be more appropriate to call it the “King Airport”, to honor both famous figures. (News, Source: Maurice Colgan)

Life-sized Elvis slot machine for sale: Check out this very unusual listing on eBay (# 6192068498). The starting bid required is a cool US$75,000.00! And it has had only one owner. (News, Source: eBay/Sanja Meegin)

Elvis - Prestige Collection DVD set: Set for release on September 30, 2005 is the DVD box set "Elvis - Prestige Collection". This region 2 DVD set contains the titles "The Trouble with Girls", "Harum Scarum", "Spinout", "Double Trouble", "Viva Las Vegas", "Jailhouse Rock", "It Happened At The World's Fair" and "Thats The Way It Is". (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/Elvis News)

Tracing the Elvis family tree - can you help?: We received this intriguing request from a relative of Elvis' - "Hi there my name is Debbie Flynn and I am a Great Grand Daughter of Niecey Presley.  I live in Florida and I have cousins that visited one of Elvis's Aunts that lived somewhere around the Bradenton, Florida area in the late 50's to early 60's.  This means that Niecey Presley must have known that side of the Presleys back then for my cousin to remember going over there.  She said she remembers this woman saying Elvis had been there for a week and had just left that morning.  She can not remember the ladies name.  She was a little girl then.  I heard of these visits throught my life growing up and knew Niecey must have known this relative of Elvis's.  Supposedly Niecy and my line are from Hans Jurie (John) side (son of Valentine Presler), which makes me think these two were cousins and kept in touch.  I don't want to take any more of your time and I could tell you more of these visits but I am woking on my family tree now, and I guess this should have been done years ago and this information would not have been lost.  If you know why even some of his family was here or who they were I would really apreciate it  because it will help tie up loose ends that I have.  Much Thanks!!!!" If you can help Debbie click here to contact her. (News, Source: Debbie Flynn)

Friday 8 July 2005
July FTD CDs have been released: The three FTD CD's (All Shook Up; Tickle Me and Elvis Today) due for release in July have been shipped by FTD to distributors. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Elvis Fest saved for another year by cost-saving tactics, other changes: Tupelo's Elvis Presley Festival turned a $9,135 profit in 2005, enough to keep the event going for another year. Before the 8th annual festival last month, planners had hinted at canceling the downtown event if it didn't start making money. Last year, it lost $5,465. In 2003, it lost $2,642. Cost-cutting measures and new twists broke the losing streak this year, festival organizer Jim High told a meeting of Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association on Tuesday.

High said organizers saved $4,000 by forgoing rain insurance and another $1,000 by halving the number of portable toilets at the event. Instead of paying vendors to sell beer, they staffed the booth with volunteers and even manned their own food stand to earn extra cash. The carnival that coincided with the festival for the first time this year provided a $2,850 commission and organizers catered their own E-Club and VIP events to trim costs.

High said they spent $25,000 less on entertainment than last year despite getting stars such as Chuck Berry and Tracy Byrd. "We just did a better job of getting the right people at the right price," High said. Elvis Presley Enterprises, which owns rights to Elvis' likeness and image, raised its festival licensing fee to a $5,000 flat rate, up from last year's rate of 10 percent profits on Elvis merchandise sales. High said based on ticket sales, the weekend festival attracted about 11,000 people, up from 8,500 tickets last year. (News, Source: AP)

Tyler Hilton plays "Elvis": In his first professional acting role, singer/songwriter Tyler Hilton was cast in the role of a lifetime - he plays his first musical idol, Elvis Presley. "It was really nerve-wracking," Hilton said in a phone interview from a tour stop in Memphis. "At first I was thinking maybe I shouldn't do the thing because it's too much pressure and what if I screw it up. But then I thought if they offer me the part and I said 'no' and saw someone else do it, I'd be like, 'What! Why didn't you take that?' " The husky-voiced folk pop singer plays a young Presley in "Walk the Line," a biopic of country-music legend Johnny Cash. The film, which is due out later this year, stars Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. While Hilton did little research to play Presley, he did dedicate time to learning the King's famous hip-popping moves - moves that Hilton does not plan to incorporate into his Tucson show Wednesday. "No, I couldn't pull that off," he laughed. (News, Source: Arizona Daily Star/Sanja Meegin)

Thursday 7 July 2005

It happened 51 years ago today: Dewey Phillips played "That's All Right, Mama" on his radio show, "Red, Hot and Blue"...the response was heard around the world and is now history!!! Across the ocean in Northern Ireland the cries of a newly born baby boy could be heard....the response is now the "Elvis Information Network"!

Elvis was a racist #4: Continuing our controversial series of articles, Susan MacDougall, a retired lecturer at the University of Canberra, enters the debate on accusations that Elvis was racist. (Spotlight Article, Source: Susan MacDougall)

Jerry Schilling writing book: Memphis Mafia member, Jerry Schilling, has commenced writing a book about his time with Elvis. Jerry knew Elvis from way back to the Humes High School years. He was there during the movie years, at the concerts and even when Elvis met President Nixon. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Chinese Elvis CDs: Released in China (according to the info on eBay) are several Elvis CDs. Most are re-releases of old BMG titles. The CDs are a 2CD edition of "Artist Of The Century" in a jewel case wrapped in a paper sleeve with a poster.

Presented in the same way but with a multi page booklet in stead of a poster is the single CD "The Ultimate Love Songs Collection". Combining both formats is the Chinese 2CD edition of "Sunrise". A "plain" CD release without the usual paper sleeve is the "Golden Hits" release with 20 hits by our man. Combining several older releases from China is the long box set "Super Platinum" which contains the six titles: "Elvis Rhythm And Country", "A Afternoon In The Garden", "A Touch Of Platinum 1" on two single CDs and "A Touch Of Platinum 2" on two discs. (News, Source: Elvis News)

MBNA merger - your Elvis credit card not affected: MBNA, which issues the Elvis credit card, announced June 30 that it will merge with Bank of America by the end of the year. This transaction will have no immediate impact on the way your account is managed. In the long run, the consolidation of two of the nation's top financial institutions will result in an even stronger menu of product offerings for GROUP members and a continued single-minded focus on customer satisfaction. For more information on this merger, go to www.mbna.com. (News, Source: EPE)

New Elvis online forum: Lisa Somerville has established a new online Elvis forum for fans. It is called Elvis Speak. (News, Lisa Somerville)

Pat Geiger condolences: After our news report (4 July), we received the following message from Joan Gansky: "We are very sorry to notify you of the sad news that devoted Elvis fan, Pat Geiger, passed away peacefully on July 2nd. You will all remember how tirelessly this tenacious and wonderful lady worked to get recognition for Elvis on a United States postage stamp and the successful conclusion of her campaign on January 8th 1993. Pat had recently been living with her son Larry and his wife in California.  According to her wishes, there will be no memorial services.  Her final resting place will be back in her beloved Vermont - next to her mother. Condolences may be sent to: The Geiger Family, 135 McCarron Way, Hemet, CA 92545, USA." (News, Source: Joan Gansky)

"Elvis His Best Friend Remembers" DVD released in Australia: MRA released this DVD by Joe Esposito in Australia yesterday. The best price we have seen is at ezydvd.com.au (A$14.95 plus p&p). Read EIN's review of the USA DVD release. (News, Source: Ezy DVD)

Elvis items for sale: The site, Elvis Outlet (www.elvisoutlet.com), has a number of Elvis items for sale including a Sun Studios invoice, RCA collectible and an Elvis "juice" glass (with COA). (News, Source: Christine Bamford)

Wednesday 6 July 2005
EPE confirms concert tickets lack factual proof: Further to our news story on 4 July about tickets being sold for alleged Elvis concerts in September 1977, EPE has advised EIN: "From time to time these tickets pop up and we get questions about them. To date we have not come across any information in the documents from Col. Parker that another tour was scheduled beyond August 1977.  Venue contracts and all the other details of a tour are executed
well in advance.  And from the pattern set of previous tours it looked like Elvis was touring two to three weeks
and then off two to three weeks and then back on tour.  Logic tells me that other tours were possibly in various stages of development.  But factually we have not found any documents to substantiate that logic." (News, Source: EPE Archives Staff)

EPE talks about Graceland Crossing closures: Further to our news stories (5 June, 7 June and 26 June) about the closure of two "independent" stores at Graceland Crossing, Elvis Express has published the following comments from EPE, " Todd Morgan, spokesman for Elvis Presley Enterprises said EPE empire made the business decision due to "it doesn't make a lot of sense to lease space to a competing business." Morgan also said that EPE is constantly considering ideas to expand its visitor center complex, including Graceland Crossing,which is just up the street from Graceland and situated in front of EPE's Heartbreak Hotel.

EPE purchased the Graceland Crossing area in 1997 and has long considered building a major Elvismuseum to tell the Elvis Presley story down to the smallest detail. But a museum like thatwould be better placed be in the larger Graceland Plaza complex which is located directly across the street from the Graceland mansion.  

But the first option would mean moving some attractions in Graceland Plaza to Graceland Crossing, less than a quarter-mile north. However, Morgan said that the museum plans remain indefinite, and
there are no specific plans for use of the Graceland Crossing space. "We have nothing on the drawing board," he said. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

James Burton festival line-up announced: Shreveport is holding an international guitar party, and everybody is invited. That was the gist of the message shared by the organizers of the James Burton International Guitar Festival during a news conference Monday. Set to take place Aug. 19-21, the festival will feature two concerts and a three-day trade show. The festival's main event, a "James Burton and Friends" concert, is set for Aug. 20 at Municipal Auditorium. In addition to Burton, a local legend who played with Elvis Presley between 1969 and 1977, performers at the "Friends" concert will include Brad Paisley, Sonny Landreth, Eric Johnson, Johnny Rivers, Steve Wariner, Johnny Hiland, the Nelson brothers -- Matthew and Gunnar, Jeff Cook of band Alabama, Jeff Baxter, Seymour Duncan, Steve Luthaker of Toto, Johnny A, Doyle Dykes, Greg Koch, Roscoe Beck, Dr. John, Steve Cropper, Dickie Betts of Allman Brothers and movie-star-turned-musician Steven Seagal.

"I guarantee you, even if you're not a musician, and you're just a music connoisseur, you will not want to miss this," said Jeff Burton, James' son. "We're proud to bring it here to Shreveport. We're proud to bring it here to Municipal Auditorium. ... We're hoping that everybody here joins us on board and just makes it a fantastic thing." Proceeds from the festival will be donated to the James Burton Foundation, which aims to provide children and young adults with instruments, scholarships and grants. "I want to see the kids continue the music legacy and give them the support they need with new instruments ... and music lessons, whatever it takes to continue what we're doing in our music industry," James Burton said. (News, Source: James Burton Music/ Elvis News)

Elvis flies the flag while on a downward spiral: Nothing says America like a parachuting Elvis carrying a flag. “He’s got me all shook up,” admitted Big Ray Caddell, real estate agent and head of the Kool Kats swing band. Sweat glossed the face of Elvis, aka Matt Fitch of Aerial Adventures, as he greeted his fans at Charlottesville’s McIntire Park. A Scottish woman visiting her sister giggled as he struck a kung-fu pose for a picture. (News, Source: DailyProgress.com)

Huge Elvis vinyl collection for sale on eBay: If you want to see an impressive Elvis vinyl collection visit eBay listing # 4743747732. (News, Source: eBay/Sanja Meegin)

Tuesday 5 July 2005

Elvis at #3 on UK Albums chart of all-time: Elvis Presley, who earlier this year was named the most successful music act of all time by the British Hit Singles and Albums, was at number three in the album chart. The top ten artists were: 1. Queen (1,322 weeks) 2. The Beatles (1,293 weeks) 3. Elvis Presley (1,280 weeks) 4. U2 (1,150 weeks) 5. Dire Straits (1,136 weeks) 6. Simon and Garfunkel (1,114 weeks) 7. Madonna (1,032 weeks) 8. David Bowie (1,005 weeks) 9. Elton John (989 weeks) 10. Michael Jackson (966 weeks). (News, Source: AP)

'68 Comeback Special CD set for special EC release: Due for release across Europe on July 25th is a special edition pressing of Elvis' classic NBC-TV Special album (1968) on compact disc. For those collectors who care about packaging, the presentation is wonderful. The CD itself is made to look like a vinyl LP, in black (on both sides) with grooves and a label on top. A jewel case with standard booklet fits into special slipcase for this “Special edition,” issued in conjunction with Sony Germany. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

All eligible for Elvis pet show: Kids, as well as adults, will have the chance to show off their pets and compete for prizes when the city hosts its annual pet show on Wednesday, July 27, at Corson Park. This year's competition will be themed, "You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog," and will be in honor of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis. "We plan to have a lot of fun with the Elvis Pet Show," Liz Nicke, recreation supervisor, said. "Last year (for the Pet's in the City show), over 100 participated." (News, Source: Bridgetown News/Sanja Meegin)

Riverside Park ready for a hunka-hunka Elvis fun: Solano prepared the jacket as part of the costume for his fifth consecutive performance at the Michigan Elvisfest, this weekend at Riverside Park. The festival, sponsored by the Depot Town Association, is in its sixth year and Solano is one of 10 Elvis impersonators who will be performing. Greg Jacque will make his first appearance, landing himself a place at Elvisfest after winning first place in the Star Search in Belleville. "That was the first impersonator contest I've ever won,'' he said. "I'm performing with the big boys now.'' (News, Source: The Ann Arbor News/Sanja Meegin)

Monday 4 July 2005
Bogus Elvis concert tickets being sold...again: Tickets for Elvis concerts allegedly scheduled in September 1977 are again being offered for sale. When Elvis died he was preparing to leave on his August 1977 tour due to finish in Memphis on 28 August. This was the last tour publicly announced. However, according to the website Elvis.Org, tickets have appeared for the following never announced September 1977 shows: Terre Haute, Indiana (16 & 26 September); Huntington, West Virginia (20 & 22 September) and Savannah, Georgia (28 September). Currently on eBay, a ticket for the 22 September 1977 show in Huntington (ebay #7527558879) is for sale as is a ticket for the Terra Haute show on 26 September. The dates and cities for the September shows suggest the tickets are bogus. EIN has asked EPE for confirmation. (News, Source: eBay/Elvis.org)

July FTD releases: FTD will ship its three July releases (Tickle Me; Elvis Today & All Shook Up) by Wednesday of this week. (News, Source: Chad Heywood)

"Elvis - The Memphis Flash" DVD: Nice cover but will this new DVD about Sun Records and how it all began offer anything new? (News, Source: Elvis Express)

"Across the Country Vol. 1" a fake?: According to a post by bigredg@tiscali.co.uk on the FECC messageboard the "not yet released Audionics CD is a fake. Apparently it is not made by Audionics at all but by the USLA (Unreleased Soundboard Liberation Army)'. This posting follows earlier claims that Kansas City Blues on the Fort Baxter label is also a fake. (News, Source: BigRedG, FECC messageboard)

Pat Geiger the driving force behind the "Elvis stamp" has passed away: Pat Geiger has lost her battle with cancer. Pat will always be remembered as the driving force in having the Elvis stamp - the biggest selling stamp in US Post history released. The stamp was chosen by the public (1.2 million ballots returned) and released on 8 January 1993. Around 500,000,000 sales have been recorded. The stamp was designed by Mark Stutzman. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Elvis & Marilyn have classic appeal: American stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley are more sexy than today's Hollywood icons, according to a UK survey. The poll, commissioned by Muller, asked 1000 Britons which American stars they would most like to spend the night with. Fifties screen legend Marilyn Monroe was the preferred choice for men, followed by Calamity Jane actress Doris Day. Modern-day stars Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Halle Berry came next. Elvis came top among the women polled, followed by John Wayne, crooner Frank Sinatra, 1950s rebel James Dean and Humphrey Bogart. Robert De Niro was next, while Tom Cruise and Pitt languished behind their classic counterparts. The younger generation of Britons, aged 16-24, also reckoned that Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe were twice as desirable as Robert De Niro and Madonna. (News, Source: Daily Record News)

Has Elvis left the building?: Beverly-based WBOQ is one of the few local stations that still includes music from the ’50s on its playlists, though admittedly not nearly as much as the likes of CBS-FM in its heyday. WBOQ’s program director Charlie Curtis says even if there’s still an audience for the rock and doo-wop of the 1950s, most radio stations are sure to steer clear of it.  “There is no tradition in radio other than making money,” says Curtis. “That’s the thing that people find hard to understand. Radio is a business just like any other. You can play all polka all the time and you’ll have a small group of very happy, loyal listeners. But you won’t make any money and you’ll be out of business.” If that’s the case, then what does the future hold for true oldies music, which DeVenne and others readily describe as the root of authentic American rock ’n’ roll? If Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry and, yes, Elvis Presley are slowly but surely being squeezed out of the American music scene, where can the baby boomers turn? Well, they could always go see “Herbie Fully Loaded.” “I think it’s always going to be there for people,” says DeVenne. “When they stop listening, I’ll go off off the air.” (News, Source: TownOnline.com)

Elvis' son appears!: It's been a long time since the tabloid media had a field day (and increased sales) with stories of Elvis' "alleged" illegitimate children. Names like Lucy DeBarbin, Deborah Presley and Elvis Presley Jr. were well known in the Elvis world for a few years in the late 1980s. At one time more than a dozen people claiming to be Elvis' offspring hit the headlines. Well this week, Timothy James Farrell has come forward claiming to be the result of a liaison between Elvis and Rebecca Stewart in 1954. (News/Odd Spot/Conspiracy, Source: Scatter, FECC messageboard)

Sunday 3 July 2005

Australian chart update: "Elvis by the Presleys" has slipped two places to #5 on this week's ARIA Music DVD Chart - it is now certified Platinum. The CD edition has slipped eleven places to #33 on the Album chart. It has yet to be certified. (News, Source: ARIA)

"Black & White Elvis" (CD Review): "Black & White Elvis," a double-CD collection released by Mood Music in their Mood Classics series, does not pretend to present original versions of the forty-eight tracks that make up the set. Instead, Alex Jay, the compiler, presents older versions of songs later recorded by Elvis and uses them to demonstrate the influences  and impressions to which Elvis might have been exposed. Just about all of the numbers were, indeed, later recorded by Elvis himself, but this is almost a very happy coincidence. (CD Review, Source: David Neale)

Chart updates: In Ireland the "Elvis by the Presleys" compilation CD dropped off the Top 75 albums chart. Meanwhile the DVD with the same title dropped to #4 from last week's #1 in the Top 10 Music DVD chart. In Canada, "Elvis by the Presleys" dropped off the Top 100 albums chart while the "ELV1S 30#1 Hits" dropped to #33 from last week's #23. In the New York Times best-selling books list "Elvis by the Presleys" is up to #23 from last week's #29. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Saturday 2 July 2005

False rumor taints Elvis: Continuing our series on accusations Elvis was racist and stole "black music, we look at an alleged comment made by Elvis in the mid 1950s: "The only thing Negroes can do for me is buy my records and shine my shoes." (Spotlight Article, Source: Cox News Service)

Elvis in Amarillo, Texas - a look back at "Elvismania": When Elvis appeared for the first time in Amarillo, it was before Hank Snow on the bill. The public didn't like him so that we had to cancel his performance and send Snow earlier than planned on the stage. That was 1955 - but in April 1956 it was totally different: the Auditorium was filled with 2547 visitors up to the last seat. The crowd broke through doors and windows in order to see Elvis. The fire defense patrol came in order to not let break the total chaos out. Before the show, we had major problems. The people stood so thickly pressed that it was impossible for us to open the doors! The crowd was so large, that on Buchanan Street the traffic simply stood absolutely still. I announced finally over a microphone that we would open the side entrances and the people flooded in. When only around 500 fans were left, we tried to open the front doors again. The mass pressed forward and a young girl was thrown through the glass door - however she wasn't hurt at all and wildly raced back in order to get a good seat. (Article, Source: Paul Terry King/Bringin' It Back #10, April 1995)

Cheyenne Jackson's poster stolen: A New York City theater has changed its poster policy following the theft of a life-size likeness of "All Shook Up" leading man Cheyenne Jackson.
"The ripped-off poster was glued onto the outside of the window," says a spokesman for the theater. "Now the pictures are getting glued onto the inside of the window." Jackson, signed to the Elvis Presley musical through December, has been meeting with agents, as well as television network and movie executives, the New York Daily News reported Friday. "I'd like to make the transition to movies," says Jackson, who recently finished work on his first movie "Curiosity," the paper reported. (News, Source: UPI)

Lisa Presley in "Inside Entertainment": Lisa Presley is the the subject of the cover story in the July issue of Inside Entertainment. (News, Source: Official Lisa Presley site)


Elvis Behind The Image 'Welcome to his world' Vol. 2 released: The second volume of Bud Glass' Behind The Image book has been released. (News, Source: EP Gold)

Friday 1 July 2005

The new EIN site turns 1 today! Many thanks to everyone who has provided support, encouragement and helped us to go from strength to strength! It is really appreciated!

The schism between Elvis' stage and studio work: In live concerts Elvis pleased himself by making sure that he pleased the audience. In the studio however many of Elvis' greatest performances came out of Elvis simply singing for his own entertainment. In this thought-provoking article EIN contributor Harley Payette puts the spotlight on this interesting dichotomy.  (Spotlight Article, Source: Harley Payette)

Elvis owned and worn slacks for sale: A pair of pants worn by Elvis in 1967-68 have been listed on ebay. The style of the slacks and the material date from that time as well as the photograph of Elvis wearing them sitting on the couch in his home with newly born Lisa Marie and Priscilla. The pants have a 32" waist with approximately 31 1/4" length and are labeled "Sy Devore". Devore was known as the tailor to the stars. The reserve price has already been met and earlier today bids stood at US$3,000.00. eBay #752756054. (News, Source: eBay/Sanja Meegin)

EPE signs eFashion to handle its online business: Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) announced today it has signed the nation’s leading ecommerce provider, eFashion Solutions, LLC, (www.efashionsolutions.com) to manage the global web-retailing for officially licensed and trademarked Elvis products. The arrangement will also result in cheaper shipping to non-US destinations. (News, Source: EPE)

Bad news from Sweden: The "Elvis by the Presleys" DVD exited the Swedish Music DVD chart after only a three weeks stay. (News, Source: Elvis News)

"Dream King' tour of Australia falls through: Negotiations to bring one of America's top tribute artists, Trent "The Dream King" Carlini, to Australia for a four state tour in late 2005 have fallen through. (News, Source: Monika Leone)






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