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Tuesday 31 July 2007................the countdown continues............11 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Larry Geller's new website now on-line: From 1964 until the very final days Larry Geller was a close friend to Elvis. Larry's  own website is now on-line featuring information about his new book 'Leaves of Elvis' Garden', photos, book excerpts, contact details and much more. As Larry Geller was a vegetarian and nutritionalist perhaps Elvis might have lived longer had he paid more attention to Geller's healthy life-style. Go here to see Larry Geller's new website. Click here to read EIN's recent interview with Larry. (News, Source: Larry Geller)

Celebrate Elvis' life with Essential Elvis in Memphis on August 15th: While many fans will be commemorating Elvis' untimely death with the popular Candlelit Vigil, Essential Elvis will be close-by celebrating Elvis' life with several of Elvis' close friends. Elvis' cousin Billy Smith will be there along with Jo Smith, Marty & Patsy Lacker, Sam Thompson, Jeanne LeMay Dumas, Dr Nick and Dean Nichopoulos, Joe Tunzi and Susan Henning. Music will be provided by Shayne Driscoll and Colin Paul and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to charity. The event takes place at Vernon Presley's former home on Dolan Drive. As this celebration of Elvis gathering is in a residential area numbers will be limited. Please go to the Essential Elvis website for more information. (News, Source:Andrew Hearn).

'PEZ Elvis Gift Set: New on the market is this 3-track Promo CD which is only available with the 'ELVIS GIFT SET' from PEZ Candy in the US. Presented in a smartly designed tin-can, this is well-worth searching out as it is sure to be a collector's item in the future.


(News, Source; EIN/Ron  Lacourse)

Elvis features in new US National Archive: More than 6 million film and recording artefacts, including footage of Elvis' gyrations, have a new home on a hillside in this town southwest of Washington, D.C. The National Audio-Visual Conservation Center was officially turned over to the Library of Congress on Thursday. The three-building complex brings together all the library's scattered recordings and conservation staff in a specially equipped center for the first time. "It assures the permanent storage and preservation and heightened access to the audiovisual heritage of the last 110 years," said James H. Billington, the librarian of Congress.
A $155 million gift from David Woodley Packard, son of the co-founder of Hewlett-Packard Co. helped make the center a reality. Congress appropriated $82 million for the project. The trove of 6.3 million items includes footage of Elvis' 1964 movie Viva Las Vegas, the complete set of Ed Sullivan's variety shows and footage of President Franklin D.Roosevelt's speech after the Pearl Harbor attack. The oldest moving image in the collection is a five-second kinetoscope movie of a sneeze, made by Thomas Edison in 1894.
The oldest sounds are on two wax cylinders
produced by Chichester Bell and Charles Sumner Tainter in 1889. The library receives 120,000 gifts of film and  round a year. Mitch Miller, for example, just sent 200 boxes of 16mm copies of his TV program from the 1960s. A key mission of the center is to transfer unique historical images and sounds from fragile cylinders, tapes or films to digital files, which are less apt to deteriorate. (News, Source; The Washington Post)


Monday 30 July 2007................the countdown continues............12 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Kurt Russell "Elvis" biopic for DVD release: The critically acclaimed 1979 Elvis biopic starring Kurt Russell and directed by John Carpenter finally sees its official release on DVD next month. The 171 minute movie is released by First Look Media in the US on 7 August.

Artwork for illustration purposes only

Pre-order from Amazon

Film description" Kurt Russell portrays The King from his beginnings as a 35-dollar-a-week truck driver to one of the most popular music and film stars the world has ever seen. As the film opens Elvis is about to return to the stage in his heroic Las Vegas comeback show. Alone in his hotel room Elvis flashes back to his past, a lifetime away. He remembers his rebellious youth at Humes High School in Tupelo, Mississippi, his early days in Memphis, and then his meteoric rise to fame and fortune and the one true love of his life…Priscilla. Elvis also features Shelley Winters in a strong performance as his beloved mother Gladys, Kurt's dad Bing Russell as Elvis' dad Vernon, and Pat Hingle as his shady manager, Colonel Parker. Country singer Ronnie McDowell does an uncanny job of recreating Elvis' singing vocals. (News, Source: First Look Media/FECC)

"Suspicious Minds" promo CD: New Elvis 1 track CD promo for the up and coming singles campaign SUSPICIOUS MINDS, found on e-bay. (News, Source: Sean Jarvis/ EP Gold)

"Elvis The King" sampler: Also found on e-bay: ELVIS - THE KING - THE SINGLES SAMPLER 2007 PROMO RARE. (News, Source: Sean Jarvis/ EP Gold)


Sunday 29 July 2007................the countdown continues............13 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Wanda June Hill talks to EIN: Wanda June Hill, author of We Remember, Elvis recently took time out to speak with EIN correspondent, Susan MacDougall.

In a frank interview, Wanda discusses how her friendship with Elvis came about, issues with the Memphis Mafia, her books, and Elvis' death. (Interview, Source: EIN)

Elvis statues around the world: With the unveiling of the beautiful new statue in Hawaii, Elvis Express Radio has put together a mosiaic of the statues of Elvis that adorn many cities around the world.......Enjoy! (News, Source: Elvis Express Radio)

View all 12 statues

Chart Update: This week's Billboard chart placings:

Top Country Catalog Albums - Ultimate Gospel - down 1 to #17
Top Country Catalog Albums - Elvis 30 #1 Hits - remains at #12
Top Music Video - Elvis Lives - 25th Anniversary Concert - down 6 to #18
Top Comprehensive Music Video - 25th Anniversary Concert - down 16 to #19
Top Music Video - Elvis: 68 Comeback Special - down 2 to #33
Top Comprehensive Music Video - Elvis: 68 Comeback Special - down 2 to #34
Top Music Video - Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - up 4 to #30
Top Comprehensive Music Video - Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - up 4 to #31

No new (re)entries or releases dropping off the charts this week. (News, Source: Elvis International Fan Club /Elvis News)

Scotty Moore - Last Man Standing: Among the countless Elvis friends, musicians, relatives and experts who have been announced for Elvis Week 2007, one man seemed to keep away from all the ‘hoopla and hollar’: Scotty Moore. But... Scotty, 75 already, will be there. He will be starring in two shows, not coincidentally called “Last Man Standing”, on August 15 at 2 and 5 pm at the Peabody Hotel. Tickets: $45 and up. Other guest performers are singer-songwriter, Billy Swan and Bob Moore. Ticket reservations: (001) 818-991-3892 (News, Source: ElvisMatters) 

Saturday 28 July 2007................the countdown continues............14 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Feel A Hunk O’ Burnin’ Love with The Bluegrass Elvises, Volume One: A new bluegrass album pays tribute to the iconic bluegrass recordings of Elvis. Read media release (News, Source: Bob Hayden)

"Elvis 1954-1956": And once again a compilation hit the streets this month, this time it's a 3CD set entitled "Elvis 1954-1956".


CD 1: I Love You Because - That's All Right - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Blue Moon - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - Just Because - Good Rockin' Tonight - Milkcow Blues Boogie - You're A Heartbreaker - I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone - I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin') - Baby Let's Play House - Mystery Train - Tryin' To Get To You - I Forgot To Remember To Forget

CD 2: I Got A Woman - Heartbreak Hotel - Money Honey - I'm Counting On You - I Was The One - Blue Suede Shoes - My Baby Left Me - One-Sided Love Affair - So Glad You're Mine - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) - Tutti Frutti - Lawdy, Miss Clawdy - Shake, Rattle And Roll - I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

CD 3: Hound Dog - Don't Be Cruel - Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be) - Love Me Tender - We're Gonna Move - Poor Boy - Let Me - Love Me - How Do You Think I Feel - How's The World Treating You - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Long Tall Sally - Old Shep - Paralyzed - Anyplace Is Paradise - Ready Teddy - First In Line - Rip It Up (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin /Elvis News)

Wertheimer book reissue: As we originally reported some time ago, the 1994 book release by Alfred Wertheimer, Elvis '56: In The Beginning, was reissued on July 5. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/Elvis News/EIN

Sam Thompson joins Essential Elvis Event in Memphis: Essential Elvis in the UK has announced that Sam Thompson is joining the list of guests at their event on Dolan Drive in Memphis. Sam will be joining Dr. Nick, Dean Nichopoulos, Billy & Jo Smith, Marty & Patsy Lacker, Jeanne LeMay Dumas, Joe Tunzi and Susan Henning on the evening of August 15th at Vernon Presley's former home. (News, Source: Essential Elvis /Amber Smith)

Kathy Westmoreland TV taping: For those of you that won't be in Memphis, or even if you will, set your TiVo for THE EARLY SHOW ON CBS, August 16. For their special contribution to Elvis Week  ---  they'll be interviewing -- Kathy Westmoreland. They'll be taping it next week, and airing it on August 16. August is going to be an exciting month for us Kathy W. fans, between her introducing the new DVD on her website, being in the August issue of Ladies Home Journal, which is on stands now, and now being interviewed on THE EARLY SHOW ON CBS on August 16. (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)

Friday 27 July 2007................the countdown continues............15 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

"My Baby Left Me" - MRS/HMV Single release - Official Announcement:

Click for full details, ordering links and visuals (News, Source: MRS)

Sir Elton John talks about Elvis: As we reported a fortnight ago, Elton John appeared on the "Enough Rope" TV chat show in Australia and talked about Elvis. He spoke about his admiration for Elvis. He confirms that Elvis started everything for the pop culture, and that without him there would be no Beatles or Dylan. Watch the interview on YouTube (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

"Viva Las Vegas" artwork: Here is the cover art for the two CD version of Viva Las Vegas. The colour is different from the previously shown cover. (News, Source: Elvis News)

"Roots Revolution" reissue: The Hayride compilation "Roots Revolution" will be reissued by the Tomato Records label on July 30, 2007. This release contains the well known Hayride material with additional instruments. (News, Source: Amazon.co.uk /Elvis News)

    "Beryl's Cove and the Elvis Man" book release:

    Product Details

  • ISBN: 1598246747
    ISBN-13: 9781598246742
  • Release date: July 2007
  • Format: Paperback, 141pp
  • Publisher: E-BookTime LLC (News, Source: Barnes & Noble)

"Sergeant Elvis Presley In Grafenwöhr": Here is the cover art of the book "Sergeant Elvis Presley In Grafenwöhr". This book by Peter Heigl will be published by Buch und Kunstverlag in German and English any day now. The subject of the book is a field training Elvis did with Company C in Grafenwöhr (Bayern) near the Czech border. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin /Elvis News)

"Elvis Presley - The Lowdown": Due for release in the Chrome Dreams label on August 27, 2007 in the U.K and October 9 in the U.S. is the CD "The Lowdown". Synopsis: Elvis Presley The Lowdown commemorates the short life but huge impact of Elvis on a 2 CD set, and features rare interviews - many previously unpublished - undertaken with the man himself throughout his career, and a full spoken word biography and audio celebration of Elvis' life. Packaged with the collector in mind the set features two booklets with rare photos, two inner slipcases and two Elvis posters! (News, Source: Amazon.co.uk /Elvis News)

One Night With Elvis In Italy: The TCB-Band, Joe Guercio and Terry Mike Jeffrey have extended their European tour with a gig in Italy on October 7, 2007. You can visit a special website for the event. (News, Source: One Night With Elvis In Italy /Elvis News)

Talking Elvis: Talking Presidents releases for sale the first two of a line of “talking” Elvis action figures. The products will be available to Graceland visitors and on-line at ShopElvis.com and TalkingPresidents.com. Standing 12 inches tall with fully pose-able bodies, they “talk” in Elvis’ own voice. They are displayed in an attractive collectible gift box (measuring 16.5 inches tall).

Fans/Collectors Are Talking Too - Press the button on the back of the doll. The micro-chip contains over a dozen sound bites of Elvis in his own voice, only you won’t hear all of those familiar song lyrics. Instead, it’s Elvis talking. He talks about cars, women, early success, his philosophy of life, telling jokes... getting serious...

With all the Elvis memorabilia out there, it is refreshing to have something new, a product that is totally unique.

We researched all known original recordings and radio interviews from the period (1954 - 1961), selecting over a dozen of the most interesting for each product. The result: you’ll “listen” to an intimate, thoughtful, reflective, prophetic, humorous, youthful, yet wise beyond his years Elvis.

These collectible action figures provide fans a side of the King they may not know. From the detailed biography on the back of the boxes to the beautiful photos found throughout, the collectible gift box is a fitting tribute to the King.

Talking Presidents worked meticulously with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. in every step of the design process to produce an authentic and authorized collectible. Even the “gold record” found at the base of the packaging contains an authorized re-creation of the famous SUN record label.

The two products differ in look, photos, sound-bites, and wardrobe (even the outfits are recreated to exacting detail from actual garments worn by Elvis, at that time). These are true and interestingly original new collectibles for Elvis fans and collectors of all ages. Images below show the two Talking Elvis Dolls while the middle image is another EPE licensed item: Talking Elvis Desktop (of which there is also a Jailhouse Rock release). (News, Source: EPE/Elvis Express Radio)

EIN Comment: A number of sites have questioned the appeal of these latest releases. While EIN has been critical of items like the Elvis Duck, there is no doubting the widespread appeal of such items. The Talking Dolls are likely to be big sellers in the way that many fans appreciate ETAs. It is a very real, if sometimes baffling part of things Elvis.

"Adios Huntsville" released

Mark James in Memphis: Mark James, writer of “Suspicious Minds”, “Always On My Mind” and “Raised On Rock” will make a guest appearance at Elvis Unlimited’s “Back In Memphis”-show. The show is headlining B.J. Thomas and “The Memphis Boys” (American Sound Studio Band). Dickie Lee, author of “She Thinks I Still Care” and many other hits will also be a special guest. Don’t miss this event in Memphis on August 17. You can order tickets through Elvis Unlimited’s website. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited/Elvis News)

VIPs participate in Sirius Satellite Radio Collingwood Elvis Festival: The Collingwood Elvis Festival 2007 is honoured to host the following VIPs: 


The Sweet Inspirations The Sweet Inspirations began working with Elvis Presley© as both background singers and his warm-up act. Elvis© was looking for a female group for his August 1969 Las Vegas engagement. When he heard their record, he knew he'd found the group he wanted.  The Sweet Inspirations often opened Elvis' concerts in the '70's with a few songs on their own, performing fifteen or twenty minutes.  The Sweet Inspirations appeared with Elvis on almost all concert tours up through his final tour, and appeared in both of Elvis' documentary films, Elvis: That's The Way It Is and Elvis On Tour. 


Cynthia Pepper - Co-Star “Kissin Cousins”  Cynthia starred in her own television series "Margie". She guest starred in many television series such as “My Three Sons”, “Perry-Mason”, “Wagon Train”, “The Flying Nun”, “Addams Family”, “Julia”, “Lassie”, “The Jimmy Stewart Show”, “The Bob Hope Show”, and most recently had a principal role in “Miss Congeniality” (the sequel) starring Sandra Bullock.  In 1964 Elvis suggested that perhaps Cynthia would be ideal for the role of Midge Riley in “Kissin' Cousins”. Days after receiving a call from her agent, Cynthia was on the set co-starring with Elvis Presley. To her surprise Elvis had a dozen red roses with a card signed "To Cynthia, Love Elvis" waiting in her dressing room!  She feels honoured to have had the experience of working with, and getting to know Elvis, and will treasure those memories forever. Today, Cynthia travels internationally meeting Elvis' fans, providing her the opportunity to share her love and adoration for someone we all love. She looks forward to meeting Elvis' fans in Collingwood. 


Joe Guercio - Elvis’ Music Director  Joe Guercio has enjoyed a prolific career, but is probably best known for his work with Elvis Presley.   He was the musical director & conductor for Elvis' Concert Shows from the summer of 1970 to the summer of 1977.  One aspect of Elvis' tour life which was closely associated with Guercio is the opening music (The theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey) which was his suggestion.  Guercio once said conducting for Elvis was like "Following a marble down concrete steps" referring to his unpredictability. That comment led Elvis to fill Joe’s tuxedo pockets with marbles one night along with a note reading "Follow the marble....E.P."Throughout his career he has worked with Barbra Streisand, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross, Liberace and Natalie Cole.  Collingwood Elvis Festival welcomes Joe as a VIP Guest and a judge of the Gospel Competition, "Inspirational Elvis".   

VIP Appearances are in the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena on Hurontario Street, beside Town Hall on the following dates and times: 

  • Friday, July 27th all the VIPs will be introduced at approximately 5pm. Saturday, July 28th they will be in the Morning Parade. Cynthia Pepper will be in attendance at the Saturday, July 28th afternoon Trivia Concert – Long Live the King – 2pm to 4 pm. Sweet Inspirations will perform during the Saturday, July 28th night show Elvis - Then, Now & Always – 8pm to 11:30pm.
  • Joe Guercio will be an “Inspirational Elvis” Gospel Celebrity Judge on Sunday, July 29th from 1pm to 3pm.

Also, all of the VIPs will spend time in the VIP Booth located in Vendor Alley on Second Street at various times throughout the weekend for Chats, Pictures and Autographs for fans. Tickets are on sale now.  Call toll free 1-866-444-1162 or save time and order online at www.collingwoodelvisfestival.com(News, Source: K.A. DeNike)

Thursday 26 July 2007................the countdown continues............16 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

MGM Legends flyer: Here is an image of a flyer that comes with the MGM Legends DVDs. It's kind of small, but represents the cover art on each DVD. The actual discs are identical to the previous releases, indicating no remastering. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Larry King live from Graceland: CNN covers the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death live from Graceland. Priscilla Presley will be the special guest on Larry King Live. It will be the fourth time that Priscilla has met Larry King on TV: her previous appearances were in 1986, February 2001 and June 2003. The show itself premiered in June 1985 with its now-famous mix of interviews and topical discussions. Telecast each weeknight at 9 p.m, the program also features phone calls, e-mails and web cam questions from viewers around the globe. For Priscilla’s interview, everybody is welcome to mail in questions. The exact date of broadcast is not known yet. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

"Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe" book: With Elvis Week still ahead of us, another book has been announced for 2008. “Elvis at Del Webb’s Sahara Tahoe” promises to be a book on the King’s performances in Lake Tahoe, generally known as America’s second Las Vegas. Author Sue McCasland got help for this project from Joseph Krein. Published by Praytome, Germany. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Has Warner Bros discovered a new Elvis song?: It looks as if Warner Bros (Benelux) has a way of messing a perfectly good release plan up. Earlier on, Warner Bros launched the DVD campaign by advertising that Elvis has sold over “one million records worldwide”, and that massive quantities of drugs were found in Elvis’s body after he passed away. Even on the official WB/Elvis site, Elvis's last name is misspelled. But if you thought that we’ve seen it all by now, think again. This time, Warner Bros can’t even get the track listing for their own Elvis DVD’s right. All of a sudden, the new release of “Girl Happy” contains an extra track: “Good News”. Good news it is, and we can’t wait to see/hear the unknown song… Or is it another mistake? Maybe somebody should point out that a little more professionalism. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

"Elvis On Tour '75" book released: Sandi Pichon's book "Elvis on Tour '75" has been sent the last couple of days to all the dealers Worlwide!

Friday 27 July 2007 is the official street date for customers - available from your local Elvis store. (News, Source: EP Gold)


Wednesday 25 July 2007................the countdown continues............17 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

MRS to release Elvis single exclusively through HMV UK: One of Elvis Presley's best recordings from 1956 is being released as a limited edition single, EXCLUSIVE to HMV stores.

My Baby Left Me has been digitally remastered and features the original look of the HMV label and inner-sleeve.

The NEW single is being released on 20 August and will be available in both CD and Vinyl formats. The organisation behind the release is the Memphis Recording Service, whose previous releases have been the acclaimed MRS volumes and most recently Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley.

Note: Artwork is not yet finalised

Each CD and 10” vinyl copy will be numbered and Joseph Pirzada has told EIN only 15,000 CDs and 10,000 vinyl copies are being produced.

The CD will come with a bonus film of ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ filmed in Tupelo on the afternoon of September 26th 1956. This can only be viewed by computer using Quicktime.

CD Tracks:
01. My Baby Left Me
02. One Sided Love Affair
Bonus Video Track
03. Don’t Be Cruel (Afternoon Tupelo Concert Sept 26th 1956)

Vinyl Tracks:
01. My Baby Left Me
02. One Sided Love Affair
Bonus Track
03. Don’t Be Cruel (Evening Tupelo Concert Sept 26th 1956)

The single will also be available to download via HMV and i-Tunes. Joseph Pirzada will be issuing a full press release in the next few days.

This release is exclusive to HMV, and will be cheaper than the BMG single releases. This release is expected to sell out quickly and could potentially give Elvis another #1 hit in the UK.      
(News, Source: Joseph Pirzada)

Order the CD Single.................Order the 10" Vinyl

"40 Greatest Hits - The Very Best of Elvis Presley" CD release: Here are the track listing and cover art of the "40 Greatest Hits" compilation from the "Greatest Hits" label which was released July 18, 2007.

Product Description from Amazon:

Two CD 'Deluxe Edition' in cardboard gatefold sleeve featuring 40 of the King's finest '50s recordings. Each disc features 20 original gems including all his major hits like 'Blue Suede Shoes','Hound Dog','That's All Right','Don't Be Cruel','Heartbreak Hotel','Love Me Tender' and many more. This is one heck of collection featuring the songs that helped change the face of music forever.

Track listing: 1. Blue Suede Shoes 2. Hound Dog 3. That's All Right 1:58 4. Just Because 2:34
5. Long Tall Sally 6. Blue Moon 7. Money Honey 8. Tutti Frutti 9. Good Rockin' Tonight 10. Paralyzed 11. Mystery Train 12. Ready Teddy 13. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 14. Too Much 15. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 16. Milkcow Blues Boogie 17. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 18. One-Sided Love Affair
19. Baby Let's Play House 20. Shake, Rattle And Roll 21. Rip It Up 22. Don't Be Cruel 23. Heartbreak Hotel 24. How Do You Think I Feel 25. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 26. Love Me Tender 27. Anyplace Is Paradise 28. Trying To Get To You 29. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 30. My Baby Left Me 31. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) 32. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 33. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 34. Playing For Keeps 35. I Was The One 36. So Glad You're Mine 37. I'm Counting On You 38. You're A Heartbreaker
39. I Got A Woman 40. Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be) (News, Source: Amazon.com /Elvis News)

Bill Burk in Tupelo to sign books: Elvis World's intrepid founder, Bill E. Burk, will be in Tupelo signing books at the EP Birthplace on Saturday 11 August.

Bill says: "With the 1000s who will be in Tupelo that day, I am being moved outdoors under a tent, probably on the lawn in front of the chapel (as once before).  I will be wearing a very special Elvis t-shirt, so if you want photos, bring plenty of digitals!!!"

Lucille Ball confronted Elvis about his drug use: We found this message on the alt.elvis.king board interesting:

lolajo: Marty, In Sonny West's new book, he says that even Lucille Ball confronted Elvis about his drug use and she was summarily shown the door. Were you there when this happened? If so, how did this go down?

Marty (Lacker): No, I wasn't there but that's the way she was.  She was pretty brassy and said what was on her mind, she felt she was around showbiz long enough to allow her to do that.

It doesn't surprise me that she was shown the door but I'm sure it was done in a nice way.  The door that is.  Elvis didn't care who you were if you confronted him that way, he would be nice to your face but he'd tell one of us to get rid of the person. Sometimes when someone did something like that in a challenging way he would tell them to mind their own business and get the hell out.

That's why it amuses us when some uninformed, unrealistic fan makes a negative comment about us or how we handled things, as in the case of Red and Sonny hitting that guy in Tahoe, you all don't really know everything that went on and what was done to protect Elvis and most time at his bidding. (News, Source: alt.elvis.king)

Peabody Hotel to honor Elvis: The Peabody will celebrate more than just its 82nd birthday at its annual Anniversary Party this year. The "South's Grand Hotel" will pay tribute to the "King of Rock 'n Roll" by inducting Elvis Presley into the Duck Walk Hall of Fame. Priscilla Presley will be the guest of honor at the event, which will take place Thursday, August 16, 4:45 p.m. – 6 p.m. in The Peabody’s Grand Lobby.

Belz Enterprises Chairman & CEO Jack Belz will posthumously induct the Elvis Presley into the Duck Walk Hall of Fame. Priscilla Presley will accept on behalf of Elvis. The center portion of the Grand Lobby will be cordoned-off for a private, invitation-only party, but the perimeter of the Lobby and Mezzanine will be open to the public.

“The Peabody’s Duck Walk Hall of Fame honors those who have played a pivotal role in the development of Memphis. And what better icon of Memphis is there than Elvis Presley? In many ways, he put Memphis on the map,” says Douglas V. Browne, General Manager, The Peabody Memphis.

The Duck Walk Hall of Fame began in 1996 with the induction Belz family patriarch Phillip Belz. Among the other 13 present honorees since are Jack Belz, Henry Turley, Danny Thomas, Mayor Willie Herenton, Kevin Kane, and Bernard Lansky. The commemorative plaques feature duck footprints along with the name of the inductee.

The Hall of Fame runs along Union Avenue and Second Street in the sidewalk outside The Peabody. Elvis Presley’s plaque will be placed in the sidewalk on Union Avenue, near Lansky’s “Clothier to the King” gift shop, in the weeks after the August 16th ceremony.
(News, Source: EPE)

Driver Kevin Harvick Returns to Indianapolis Motor Speedway with Elvis-Themed Weekend: REESE’S® RACING and No.29 driver Kevin Harvick return to Indianapolis Motor Speedway with an Elvis-themed weekend of activities, including an Elvis-themed paint scheme on Kevin Harvick’s No. 29 car. This weekend celebrates the introduction of Reese’s Peanut Butter & Banana Creme cups featuring Elvis Presley. The Collector Edition Reese’s include a thin layer of banana creme, a flavor combination made famous by Elvis’ love of peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  Visit www.hersheys.com/reeses/elvis. (News, Source: EPE)

Viva la Elvis viagra: Three years after the FDA yanked its "Wild Thing" ads off the air, Pfizer is again taking a playful approach with a Viagra TV spot riffing on the Elvis hit "Viva Las Vegas." And this time, they got the agency's OK in advance. The 60-second spot by McCann Erickson, which debuted on last night's NBC Nightly News, features a band of forty- and fiftysomething-looking men at a roadhouse bar playing "Viva Viagra." As the narrator wraps up the risk information and the band delivers the chorus, one of them is shown roaring off on a motorcycle. (News, Source: Medical Marketing & Media)

Elvis themed hotel and casino rumored for Vegas: A hotel and casino centered entirely around the life and work of Elvis Presley is rumored for the Las Vegas strip.

Globe Street reports that property:

fronting the east side of the Las Vegas Strip immediately south of Harmon Avenue...was acquired [by FX Luxury] from Africa-Israel Investments Ltd. An Elvis-themed resort is expected, if not a sure thing.

Indeed a spokesperson for the FX Luxury company told Commercial Property News that since its affiliate company CFX owns Elvis Presley Enterprises, an Elvis Presley resort was a no-brainer.

"Elvis was the embodiment of Las Vegas and, in all surveys, is the entertainer most associated with Las Vegas."

Good lord. Meanwhile, if you can't wait for that hunka bunka burning hotel love to open, the Cirque du Soleil's Elvis show should open sometime in December 2009. (News, Source: Hotel Chatter)

Tuesday 24 July 2007................the countdown continues............18 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

'EIN's Best of Elvis on YouTube' Weekly Update: Although there was yet more YouTube Elvis police activity this past week, never fear as EIN still brings you another fascinating selection of new Elvis clips. This week we feature Elvis' 'I Was The One' live '56 in Tupelo, a beautiful tribute to Elvis and Lisa Marie, as well as some great on-stage Elvis action. We have also re-discovered the Elvis and Celine Dion 'If I Can Dream' duet for those who missed it first time around, as well as a special 'Martin Luther King' version. Finally don't miss out on two clips as a tribute to the late, great Boots Randolph. With well over two hundred videos listed, catch them all before the Internet police take them away! ('EIN's Elvis on YouTube', Source: EIN/YouTube)

"Elvis 57 - The Final Fifties Tours" book release: Alan Hanson's examination of Elvis' tours in the 1950s has been released by iUniverse (ISBN-13: 978-0595431229).

In 1957, Elvis Aron Presley was still a one man phenomenon with six titles on the charts, one movie to his credit, and two movies soon to follow. But while he pursued his dream of becoming a Hollywood actor, the military draft threatened to shatter it along with his wildly successful rock 'n' roll career. Elvis couldn't resist the excitement he found performing on stage before swarms of shrieking teenage girls, and in that final year before he entered the U.S. Army, he went back on the road for three short tours.

Elvis '57 recalls that magical year when the King played to audiences a quarter of a million people strong, and controversy and pandemonium accompanied him wherever he went. Alan Hanson takes us for a rollicking ride through eighteen major cities in the United States and Canada as he chronicles the most exciting tours of Elvis's career.

In Chicago, Elvis wore his famed gold lame suit and thirteen girls fainted in an effort to reach him. In Vancouver, British Columbia, thousands left their seats and rushed the stage, forcing him to abruptly end the show. Drawing on first-hand accounts from the disc jockeys on the front lines of Elvis's exploding career and fans who attended the '57 concerts, Hanson sweeps you back to the year that forever changed the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Available from Amazon (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

"Beryl's Cove and the Elvis Man" book release: Another book released in the US earlier this month is the this fiction title by Janet McCanless. It is published by E-BookTime (ISBN-13: 978-1598246742).

Description: Beryl's Cove is a quaint little fishing village, tourist mecca on the coast of North Carolina. Its inhabitants cater to the tourists that flock to it every year, but, this year is different. Suzanne Coldwell has been a buyer for her parents' antique shop for years, but, they are gone now, and, at age 50, she has to return to her native state to run the business. Hindering her efforts, and, those of her fellow merchants, is a series of vandalisms, and petty thievery.

On the heels of a big storm that hits the area, is the appearance of a man who deals in Elvis memorabilia, Steve Thomas, from Norfolk. His past is shadowy, and, while falling hard for Suzanne, he seems to disappear just when she needs him the most. Beryl's Cove is suddenly ablaze in a huge fire that destroys the town's landmark, right in the center of all the village businesses. Rallying to assist in putting out the flames, Steve endears himself to Suzanne, just when a body is discovered among the ruins of the historical Murdoch mansion. As our couple fall in love, and, unite as amateur sleuths to solve the mystery of the fire and thefts, you will meet the interesting and quirky folks who live in Beryl's Cove; the gorgeous business partner of Steve's, who threatens Suzanne's self esteem, an Elvis dealer who just can't seem to get her name right, and an adorable cat named Elvis. Come along for an enjoyable adventure, and meet the citizens of Beryl's Cove, North Carolina. Available from Amazon (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

Limited DVD releases in Belgium: In Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourgh only six of the ten new Warner Bros DVDs will be released. Among the titles not available are the new version of 'Viva Las Vegas' and 'That's The Way It Is'. The six new titles that will be released in August are all new DVD premieres; 'Charro', 'Stay Away Joe', 'Live A Little, Love A Little', 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Girl Happy' and 'This Is Elvis', a 2 DVD Special Edition. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Weekly World News to fold: The fantasy dressed as reality tabloid Weekly World News is ceasing publication next month. Sharply declining circulation has led to its closure. The newspaper has over the years run numerous Elvis stories based around Elvis not being dead and other sensational premises. (News, Source: MediaBistro)

Arena that hosted Elvis being demolished: The Toledo Sports Arena played host to innumerable bands and celebrities over the years, but only once was it deemed fit for a king.

Elvis Presley, the rising musical monarch of the ’50s, gyrated into town for two Thanksgiving Day concerts in 1956 and blew Toledo away.

“The screaming youngsters frequently bordered on hysteria,” a Blade reporter wrote in the next day’s paper. Read full article (Spotlight, Source: Ryan E. Smith, Toledo Blade)

Elvis at 3 statue: Michiel Van Der Sommen, the artist who also created the 13 year old Elvis statue, just announced that he is creating a new sculpture: Elvis at 3. The model is taken from the famous family portrait with Elvis posing as a toddler between his parents. This sculpture is just a pre-design. When and where the final sculpture is going to be released is not known at this moment. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Monday 23 July 2007................the countdown continues............19 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Track listing "Elvis 30 #1 Hits" DVD: Elvis World Japan has published the track listings of the upcoming "30 #1 Hits" DVD. The release will be a 15 track single disc in the US and a 30 track 2DVD release outside the US:

Later this year, Sony BMG will distribute a DVD release that could serve to introduce Elvis to new audiences of all ages, perhaps prompting their first Elvis purchase, and encourage some casual Elvis fans to get more serious.

In North America it will be Elvis #1 Hit Performances - a 15-song collection of videos of Elvis peforming some of his #1 US and UK hits. In the UK it will be Elvis #1 Hit Performances and More - the same content as the North American release and 15 additional performances of songs that were either #1 in the US or UK or are simply Elvis classics. This is sort of a DVD version of the concepts for the ELV1S 30 #1 Hits and ELVIS 2ND To None CDs of 2002 and 2003. The content is doubled for the UK version primarily because music publishing clearances are standardized in the UK for DVD releases like they are for CDs. In the United States, music publishers can hold the songs they own or represent for ransom because DVD clearance rates are not standardized as they are for CDs.

Release dates to be announced. These are expected to come out sometime in the fourth quarter of 2007, timed nicely for holiday gift sales.

Disc - 15 Songs - USA Release
Heartbreak Hotel (Stage Show)
Don't Be Cruel (Ed Sullivan Show)
Hound Dog (Milton Berle Show)
Love Me Tender (Ed Sullivan Show)
All Shook Up (68 Comeback Special)
Teddy Bear (Loving You)
Jailhouse Rock (Jailhouse Rock)
Stuck On You (Frank Sinatra Show)
Are You Lonesome Tonight? (68 Comeback Special)
Can't Help Falling In Love (Blue Hawaii)
Return To Sender (Girls! Girls! Girls!)
In The Ghetto (That's The Way It Is)
Suspicious Minds (That's The Way It Is)
The Wonder Of You (That's The Way It Is)
Burning Love (Aloha From Hawaii)
Additional 15 songs - International Release
That's All Right (68 Comeback Special)
Blue Suede Shoes (Paramaount Screen Test)
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Steve Allen Show)
Love Me (Ed Sullivan Show)
Too Much (Ed Sullivan Show)
Treat Me Nice (Jailhouse Rock)
Trouble (King Creole)
One Night (68 Comeback Special)
A Big Hunk 'O Love (Aloha From Hawaii)
Wooden Heart (G.I. Blues)
Rock-A-Hula Baby (Blue Hawaii)
Bossa Nova Baby (Fun in Acapulco)
If I Can Dream (68 Comeback Special)
Don't Cry Daddy (That's The Way It Is)
An American Trilogy (Aloha From Hawaii)

Radio Play: Will Anyone Ever Be as Big as Elvis?: Every true life rock 'n' roll television melodrama has the same scene: the unknown artist/band gives their freshly cut 45rpm single to the local disc jockey. He spins it on his top 40 radio show... and a star is born. This legend has been passed down through the generations of wannabe popstars like an ancient family recipe. The ingredients may differ, but in the end you get the same glorious results: radio play equals fame and fortune.

But does this Top of the Charts fairytale still apply in the sardonic post new millennium world we call "today"? Can a band in our current music scene walk into a radio station with a CD single in their hot little hands, impress and wow the DJ with their enthusiasm and chutzpa, obtain the magic and golden FM radio spins and then ride the wave of success all the way to Graceland? Well, then, I guess the real question would be, "Do you believe in fairytales?"

Unfortunately, the music industry, like the entire Earth, has become so overpopulated and so oversaturated with artists, music, CDs, and radio stations/shows of all kinds, that the chance of your own personal radio fairytale coming true is probably slim to none. But, don't give up on your favorite audio media outlet. Radio may not catapult you to instant superstardom but it certainly can help to push you down the path to success. (News, Source: Sheena Metal, News Blaze)

Copy of rare Paul Lichter book for sale: A copy of "Elvis Rebel Heart" one of Paul Lichter's best hardcopy Elvis photo journals is currently for sale on ebay.

Elvis didn't eat here but the King rules here: Sure, it's jarring when you consider pots of red enchilada sauce simmering in the kitchen, the aroma of warm tortillas wafting across the restaurant's dark, oak interior or the sound of corn chips dunked in salsa and crunched in a hurry.

The restaurant, nestled between a food market and an office building on Main Street, even has the words "Azteca" and "Mexican" in its name. But there is nothing remotely Aztec or Mexican about Azteca Mexican restaurant – except, of course, the food. No oversize sombreros on the walls. No mariachi musicians serenading visitors. No women in frilly floral dresses. Here, Elvis rules. And that's just the way owner J.J. Jauregui likes it.

"A lot of people do a double take when they walk in here," he says. "An Elvis-themed Mexican restaurant? What's that about, right? Well, that's just the way it is here."

The sound system plays "Heartbreak Hotel." The big-screen televisions frame close-up shots of Elvis' slicked-back hair, shimmering leather pants and hip gyrations that punctuated a musical era. The oak walls and ceilings are plastered with collectible posters and pictures. At the entrance is a life-size statue of Elvis. Over on the side are an entire case with porcelain Elvises and a slew of other knickknacks bearing his likeness.

But it wasn't always this way. When Azteca opened on Main Street in 1980, it fulfilled a lifelong dream of Jauregui's aunt Connie Skipworth. "Aunt Connie" loved antiques. Some of her ornate lamps still hang over the tables. Azteca's oak ceiling is made from the hardwood stripped off the bar floors at the old Greenbriar Inn, formerly on Garden Grove Boulevard, a secret hideout for Hollywood stars of yore such as Judy Garland and Bing Crosby.

"Man, if that hardwood can talk, we'd hear some wild and incredible stories," Jauregui says, his eyes acquiring that evil glint.

But Skipworth hated Elvis. She died two years ago on St. Patrick's Day after a long illness. If she only knew what covered the walls and ceilings of her restaurant. "She'd be mad," Jauregui says. "She's probably turning in her grave right now."

Little J.J.'s love affair started at age 5. He was sitting on a sofa in his parents' North Long Beach home, his eyes glued to a television playing the Elvis classic "Loving You."

"It was this old black-and-white tube, and the picture was kinda grainy," Jauregui says. "But he just stood there singing this song, 'Teddy Bear.' And he got me. That's my first recollection of Elvis."

As he grew up and got to high school, he wouldn't admit his admiration for the King. "Shame on me," he says now with a laugh. "I was such a coward. I thought it wouldn't be cool."

But it was a passion that simply wouldn't stay suppressed. Jauregui, who was then helping his father at his Long Beach restaurant and selling real estate for Coldwell Banker, came to Garden Grove in 1992 the night his aunt fell ill and collapsed as she was waiting tables at Azteca. He remembers the exact date, Jan. 12, 1992, because that day changed his life.

Jauregui became more involved with Azteca, which at the time already had its now famous bar, Crooner's Lounge. Skipworth decided to separate the bar from the restaurant so the lounge could stay open long after the restaurant closed. Jauregui's Elvismania resurrected itself quite unexpectedly, he says – somewhere around the time he started managing Azteca. He was looking at a picture of Elvis in The National Enquirer – a painting with a surreal feel to it.

"It had Elvis surrounded by these clouds," he said. "I bought a copy of that picture, brought it here to the restaurant, framed it in gold and put it up in the bar."

Sure, it looked cheesy, Jauregui says. "But damn! It looked so cool and so good," he adds with a laugh. "But Aunt Connie didn't like it one bit." And that was the very first piece in his collection. It was as if a hungry demon hibernating in the deep jungles of his consciousness had been awakened. In a mad frenzy, he started collecting.

"Every weekend I was out in Hollywood at shows, auctions and estate sales. I found rare posters, autographed photos, collectibles – you name it."

J.J. Jauregui soon became a name known in "the Elvis world." He was a member of every Elvis club from The Jailhouse Rockers of California to the Rock-A-Hula Girls. "They're all freaks like me," he says. When you walk into Azteca, you feel overpowered by Elvis. Much like the zesty garlic sauce Jauregui serves up with his tacos, if you experience it, it will stay with you for the rest of the day. What started with one painting in the bar multiplied and proliferated, taking over Crooner's Lounge, the restaurant's exterior, its walls and even its ceilings.

"As soon as I got something in my possession, I just couldn't wait to put it up right away," Jauregui said. "When I got something Elvis, something else that wasn't Elvis would come off the walls." So now every square inch of display space in his restaurant is covered with Elvis. "It's overkill now, and I love it," Jauregui says.

His customers' reactions run the entire gamut from utter dismay to pure ecstasy, or as a fan might put it, "be transported to Elvis heaven." As for Jauregui's taste, it hovers somewhere between edgy and risqué and screeches to a halt just a micron short of way over the top. Case in point: the painting he bought on eBay with Jesus and Elvis, the Lord looking sideways at Elvis, whose head is encircled by a halo.

"It's so wrong, it's so great," he says, looking up at the painting, which, framed in gold and a couple of cherubs, adorns the top of the bar.

Twice Jauregui has been warned by the attorneys who manage Elvis' estate to "stop using Elvis Presley's name, likeness or image" for marketing or advertising purposes. So Jauregui has learned to tone down some of his enthusiasm. He still circulates fliers about his cherished event every August when each Friday night he puts on a live show outside the restaurant with a different Elvis impersonator each week.

The two cautionary letters from the attorneys are now part of the collection and hang framed in a corner by the entrance. Right next to those letters is a photo of a young Skipworth, an enchanting beauty with a luminous complexion, a smile worthy of a Crest model and piercing dark eyes.

"I put Elvis on my walls," Jauregui says. "But Connie Skipworth is the soul of Azteca. I'm living her dream and mine."

Elvis tattoos adorn both his forearms, but on top of his right arm is Aunt Connie's name. And he still drives her old Cadillac, the one with the license plate "JJELVIS." (News, Source: Deepa Bharath, The Orange County Register)

Elvis Week 2007: It's a blowout tribute to the King, with an array of events that kick off with Fan Appreciation Day on Aug. 11, 2007 in Tupelo, Miss., with entertainment, food and a tour of the birthplace museum. Other Elvis Week highlights in Memphis include the Graceland Scavenger Hunt on Aug. 12; "Viva Las Vegas" shown at Graceland, followed by a concert; the 30th Anniversary Concert, featuring Elvis via video accompanied live by singers and musicians on Aug. 16. When, where: Aug. 11 to 19, 2007 at locations around Memphis. (News, Source: LA Times)

Aussie magazine publishes tacky Elvis tribute: As media interest in Elvis gears up for the 30th anniversary, the weekly Australian magazine, "That's Life" (issue # 30) has published a two page spread which does little to celebrate Elvis' real legacy. Featuring photos of Elvis Edwards (who changed his name by deed poll) and pint sized Kobe Paul in full jumpsuit regalia, the article reaffirms the tackier side of things Elvis. The third story in the two page article is "He proposed at Graceland". (News, Source: EIN)


Sunday 22 July 2007................the countdown continues............20 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Elvis Presley Incognito: The King of Rock N Roll: Loyal Elvis fans, Rock and Roll Fans, Moms and kids, even those aside have a found connection with him and will be lining up the block for this release. Not only for the musical entertainment but for the unveiling of the truth about one of the World's most known Icons.

We would like to present a project to you. We are pleased to announce just secured the rights and acquired the story of Elvis Presley as written in the memoirs of his stepmother Dee Presley.

Married to Vernon, Elvis’ father, for 17 years, she has a unique point of view never told before surrounding the events of Elvis’ life. From life on tour with Elvis and her three sons who were apart of the group of Elvis’ closest comrades publicly noted as, “The Memphis Mafia”, his marriage to Priscilla, the birth of his daughter Lisa Marie and finally to Elvis? tragic death.

Dee witnessed an entire side of Elvis that has never before been introduced to the general public. Even today, the upstairs portion of Graceland is not open for tour. The truth of Elvis Presley's personal life is still protected from his most faithful fans. This will be the most intimate story released about Elvis Presley written in the memoirs of a mother, the struggles she encountered, the grief experienced, and the criticism she faced for an unjust reputation.

This is the intimate story of the life of Dee Presley and her experience as a step-mother to Elvis Presley, Along with her three sons, in 1969 she moved to what then well-known, and today is burned into music history as Graceland – Her name was soon to become an echo for the family combination and life that followed - from the start of the marriage to Vernon, to the “new life” and spotlight. The feature documentary will delve into the various major milestones of Elvis’ life – from the tours, to Priscilla, to the birth of Lisa Marie, to Dee’s famous separation from Vernon.

But, there is more to this story as a dramatic explosion occurs…. Dee unfolds her boundaries in tell-all recollections of Elvis’ declining morals, extracurricular activities, secret relations, and “out-of-control” behavior. The Story soars to the heights of the most unmatched Rock N roll Star of the 20th Century, and down into the vast dark side of Elvis, the pursuit of the pathway to death, and his damaging alter-ego to both himself and those around him. (News, Source: presleyonpresley.com/EP Gold)

EVENT POSTPONED : "Nashville Celebrates Elvis" - Concert To Be Presented by Belmont University at the Ryman In Nashville: Due to scheduling conflicts that arose with key performers for this event originally scheduled for 18 August, it has been postponed until next year, possibly sometime in the first quarter of 2008.  We will post any further updates from Belmont University as we receive them. (News, Source: EPE)

Marie Osmond Honors "The King" with Baby Elvis Doll: In commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of his untimely passing, Marie Osmond pays tribute to the "King," with a very special doll, Baby Elvis. Having personally known Elvis when she was a young woman, Marie was greatly influenced by both Elvis and his music, and Elvis himself was particularly fond of Marie's mother, Olive Osmond.

“This doll holds special meaning for me because I was fortunate enough to meet Elvis, as his and my family’s entertainment paths crossed on occasion. Just like so many of you, I was completely smitten by Elvis’s charm, talent and his swiveling hips!”

The first in Marie's Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock & Roll doll series, Baby Elvis wears the iconic American Eagle Jumpsuit from Elvis's 1973 Aloha from Hawaii satellite TV concert special, which is widely regarded as the pinnacle of his superstardom. The first worldwide television broadcast of its kind, Elvis's Aloha from Hawaii special was seen by 1.5 billion viewers from around the globe, and earned more American viewers than the first moonwalk.

Knowing that he would be seen by so many television viewers worldwide, Elvis personally commissioned the customized white jumpsuit, a deliberate symbol of patriotism with its prominent eagle embellished with red, blue and gold. Marie selected this outfit for Baby Elvis, because it was one of the few costumes for which Elvis involved himself in the design concept.

Baby Elvis will also be the first-ever boy doll in the company's 16-year history to be featured on the cover of the Marie Osmond Doll Catalog. Baby Elvis is limited to an edition of 5,000 and retails for $149.95. For more information visit www.marieosmond.com. Baby Elvis is officially licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (News, Source: EPE)

MCFARLANE TOYS SALUTES 'THE KING' WITH A TRIO OF RELEASES: Elvis may have left the building, but he lives on in the hearts and minds of millions of fans. "The King" gets the royal treatment from McFarlane Toys as we announce the release of three Elvis-centric products.

'68 COMEBACK SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOXED SET - Seen as both a career milestone for the 'King' and a watershed moment in TV history, the '68 Comeback Special featured Elvis onstage with his guitar, surrounded by an audience on all sides. Regarded by many as his artistic resurrection, Elvis returned to glory, reminding the world why he was indisputably the 'King' of rock 'n' roll.

This commemorative figure is re-released in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the passing of one of history's greatest recording artists. IN STORES NOW!

ELVIS ON TOUR 3-D WALL ART - This commemorative piece celebrates one of the many highlights in Elvis' prolific career. McFarlane's Pop Culture Masterworks re-creates the original movie poster from the 1972 documentary of concert and offstage footage. The 8 ½ x 12 ¼ x 2-inch format can be displayed on a wall or any flat surface. Coming to stores in November.

ELVIS LAS VEGAS COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOXED SET - In 1969, Elvis opened at the International Hotel in Las Vegas and performed a 57-show engagement that that broke all attendance records in Las Vegas history. In 1970, he returned to the Vegas circuit a second time to break his previously established attendance record. This 6-inch figure is a re-release of one of our most popular Elvis figures. Coming to stores in November. (News, Source: TMP International, Inc./ Spawn.com/Elvis Express Radio/FECC)

Auction - A Pair of Front-Row V-VIP Seats for "Elvis: The 30th Anniversary Concert" - Backstage Intermission Hospitality Included

"Elvis Thru The Years Special Anniversary Edition" Region 1 DVD: Release date August 28, 2007. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/EP Gold)


2007/07/21        www.elvisclubberlin.de  / www.epgold.com


Saturday 21 July 2007................the countdown continues............21 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!
'Inside The Dream' The Jimmy Velvet Story: Jimmy Velvet's brand new book will be specially shipped to Memphis for Elvis Week. Printed on quality paper and with 288 pages it features more than 1000 never published photos as well as 100 Radio Station Charts explaining Jimmy's musical career. 'Inside The Dream' is delightfully described as "An over-sized coffee table book that pulls the reader personally into each decade of this historical blast from the past. You’ll find yourself saying over and over, 'I remember when….' as you turn each page and watch the past 50 years of entertainment history come back to life." Jimmy Velvet was a friend to Elvis as well as his father Vernon. The book cover alone features 91 stars that Jimmy came to know. To meet Jimmy Velvet during Elvis Week - with a chance to buy his book and personally signed photos of him and Elvis - get to the main lobby of the Clarion Hotel near Graceland. Read EIN's interview with Jimmy Velvet here and for more info go to the 'Inside The Dream' website. (News, Source; EIN/Jimmy Velvet)

Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley "DVD only" update: The last of the Ltd Edition versions of ‘Tupelo’s Own Elvis Presley’ has now been sold and has now been deleted.

The new DVD only version released 30th July will come in a smaller designed digipack and comes with a 16 page booklet. The content on the disc is the same as the previous release although there is now, a new menu system making it much easier to view around.

This release is available in all good stores in the UK and is available now for pre-order from HMV. (News, Source: MRS)


Coming to ABC This September Elvis: Viva Las Vegas: A special television event all about Elvis and how he re-invented himself in Las Vegas. Plus, never before seen music and home movies, and music's top superstars perform - all to honor the king. Don't miss Elvis: Viva Las Vegas – this September only on abc! (News, Source: EPE)

More DVDs from Russia: Here are several covers of Russian DVD releases (region 5). The titles which will become available are "Wild In The Country", "Viva Las Vegas", "Fun In Acapulco", "Flaming Star", "Girl, Girls, Girls" and "Jailhouse Rock". (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/Elvis News)

French DVD releases: Due for release in France are two new DVDs; the first one is "Toute L'histoire Du King Du Rock´n´Roll". The second DVD is a 4 DVD set entitled "Elvis Collector: Sa Vie, Sa Carrière" which is due for release August 20, 2007. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/Elvis News)

New CD in France: Due for release on August 20, 2007 in France is a CD / DVD package entitled "La Légende Du King". (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin /Elvis News)

Sun Studio tape machine for sale: Currently for sale on eBay is the Sun Ampex Mono tape Machine, used by Sam Phillips. The seller is one of Johnny Cash’s producers.

This is from the description: “As Johnny Cash’s producer, “The Great Lost Performance” I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Phillips of the famed Sun Records Studio, where Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis along with many others got their start. A few months before Sam Phillips passed away, I purchased the original tape machine used at Sun Records for a price close to what I am asking. Of course Sam had to be paid in cash. That was Sam. Anyway, up for bid is the Ampex Mono tape machine used by Sam Phillips , Sam told me it was a 1948 Ampex. Which I purchased from his home. The tape machine is still in good working condition and sounds great! I will provide a letter of origin with the tape machine. Johnny Cash helped me with putting the deal together and the deal was witnessed by a well known artist manager.”

Asking price is 60.000 $US. (News, Source: ElvisMatters)

Believe it or not?: A remarkable story in the quarterly magazine “Tilburg Magazine”: in an interview with Nelly Van Gelooven, she speaks about her secret admirer, Elvis Presley. Nelly and Elvis met in 1956 on the train between Rotterdam and Tilburg, when GI Elvis travelled incognito. Elvis fell for the Dutch lady, and played “Can’t Help Falling In Love” for her on his guitar. Still according to Nelly Van Gelooven, Elvis sent her 3 letters, but the address was unreadable and thus, they ‘returned to sender’. When Elvis passed away, the three letters were found in his bedroom…

The story, according to the editor, is supposed to be true (although we're sure that not a word is true). It will also be published on a history book on Tilburg, set for release in 2008. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

First 47 recordings: Released on July 12, 2007 on the Delta Music label is the 3 CD set entitled "1954 - 1956: The First 47 Original Recordings That Made History". (News, Source: Amazon France /Elvis News)

Audionics album "Adios Huntsville" due out next Tuesday

Chart update: The U.S. Billboard Elvis Chart listings for the week ending July 28, 2007:

Top Country Catalog Albums - Ultimate Gospel - down 3 to #16
Top Country Catalog Albums - Elvis 30 #1 Hits - down 1 to #12
Top Music Video - Elvis Lives - 25th Anniversary Concert - down 9 to #12
Top Comprehensive Music Video - 25th Anniversary Concert - down 10 to #13
Top Music Video - Elvis: 68 Comeback Special - down 7 to #31
Top Comprehensive Music Video - Elvis: 68 Comeback Special - down 7 to #32
Top Music Video - Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - down 9 to #34
Top Comprehensive Music Video - Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - down 9 to #35 (News, Source: Elvis International Fan Club)


Friday 20 July 2007................the countdown continues............22 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

'The American Way Vol.4 - SOUND of the CITY': CD review: Released by Southern Comfort this CD continues their look at Elvis' astounding 1969 sessions at Chips Moman's American Studios in Memphis. ‘Sound Of The City’ features multiple takes of songs that all present a different emotion which the down-town streets of Memphis often generate. This is Elvis creatively revitalised, working at his peak and all beautifully presented with complete versions no fade-outs and some nice eavesdropping on the group at work. A revealing fly-on-the-wall documentary of Elvis as he rediscovers his musical roots. EIN's Piers Beagley digs deep and explains how a 10 seconds "whoompa" from Elvis’ musical legacy can make him shudder with their true magnificence. (CD Review, Source: EIN, July 2007)

"Elvis: in the twilight of memory" (Book Review): June Juanico holds the distinction of having been one of Elvis' girlfriends in the mid 1950s as he became famous.

Susan MacDougall offers her views on Ms Juanico's impressive memoir. With subjects as diverse as food, sex and how Colonel Parker tried to sabotage their relationship, Elvis: in the twilight of memory is a thoughtful, well-written book giving us a window onto events in a pivotal year of Elvis's life when he was on the brink of fame and fortune. (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Limited edition Elvis statue for sale: Here is another something you may want to spend your money on… The Italian art designer Gabriele Scollo has made 100 identical and numbered Elvis statues. Each statue weighs 23 kilos, is 50 cm high, 41 cm wide and another 50 cm ‘thick’. The material uses is bronze only. This limited edition of 100 is available for 3500 euro, each. Info: Gabriele.scollo@ferrovienord.it (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Elvis helps sell kitchens: Good taste or not? - the "Elvis Is Everywhere" hype seems to grow by the day. The Belgian kitchen specialist 'Bertels' is selling kitchens with the help of Elvis. The baseline for the Summer campaign is: "Our prices are Legendary" and who else but Elvis is the ideal pick to emphasize that...? (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Elvis license plate finds donor: It was hard going but there will be an Elvis license plate issued in Tennessee. There is much food for thought in this story!

Some fans wanting a state-issued Elvis Presley license plate are getting a free ride thanks to a New Jersey Elvis fan who covered their $35 fee for the car tag. The state requires 1,000 people to pre-order and pay the fees for new specialty license plates before it begins production. If a plate fails to garner the needed pre-order amount by a certain date, it will not be produced.

The Elvis plate, which benefits the Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis, was about 100 buyers shy of meeting the benchmark, even after receiving an extension on its deadline. The New Jersey fan anonymously donated the $3,500 needed to cover the final 100 pre-ordered plates, after hearing about the license plate's troubles on Sirius satellite radio's Elvis program hosted by longtime Presley friend George Klein.

Tammy Ritchey, executive director of the hospital's foundation, The Med Foundation, said the donor wanted no recognition, but wanted to express her love of Presley through the kind of charitable donation he was known for in his lifetime. Of the $35 specialty fee, The Med receives roughly $20 in revenue for each plate sold. Tennessee has about 130 specialty plates, with different groups receiving proceeds. The most popular salutes the Tennessee Titans football team, but there are others for Korean War veterans, the Smokies and the Tennessee Walking Horse. (News, Source: Commercial Appeal)


Thursday 19 July 2007................the countdown continues............23 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

'Indescribably Blue' rare pink label promo disc: What a mega-mega rare find! An RCA promo disc noting Elvis' guitar to be shown at the 1967 US Expo! EIN thanks Ron Lacourse for the scan.

We will feature an EIN spotlight on other rare Elvis items from super-collector Barry McLean in the near future.


(News, Source; EIN/Barry McLean)

"Our Memories of Elvis" reissued with bonus tracks: Yes, it's unbelievable, but there is another CD out now. This time the Our Memories Of Elvis Vol. 1 & 2, that was also released by the Dutch fanclub "It's Elvis Time" several years ago. Back then they released both albums on 1 CD, but these producers are releasing this on 2 different cd's with of course some extra bonus tracks.

Our Memories Of Elvis - Volume 1: 1. Are You Sincere / 2. It’s Midnight / 3. My Boy / 4. Girl Of Mine / 5. Take Good Care Of Her / 6. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again / 7. Your Love’s Been A Long Time Coming / 8. Spanish Eyes / 9. Never Again / 10. She Thinks I Still Care / 11. Solitaire / Bonus Tracks: 12. Sweet Angeline / 13. Mr. Songman / 14. It’s Midnight (2nd Version)/ 15. My Boy (2nd Version) / 16. Girl Of Mine / 17. I Will Be True / 18. It’s Still Here / 19. I’ll Take You Home Kathleen / 20. It’s A Matter Of Time

Our Memories Of Elvis - Volume 2: 1. I Got A Feelin’ In My Body / 2. Green Green Grass Of Home / 3. For The Heart / 4. She Wears My Ring / 5. I Can Help / 6. Way Down / 7. There’s A Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Back In) / 8. Find Out What’s Happening / 9. Thinking About You / 10. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right* / Studio Jam Session / Bonus Tracks: 11. Shake A Hand / 12. If You Don’t Come Back / 13. If You Talk In Your Sleep / 14. Talk About The Good Times / 15. Help Me / 16. Loving Arms / 17. Thinking About You (2nd Version) / 18. Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues (News, Source: FECC)

Nevada Tourism ad featuring Elvis (Source: Amber Smith)

see original story dated 17 July 2007

Elvis inspired song in Webber/Rice musical: The opening of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Adelphi Theatre last night (17 July 2007) marked more than the West End leading man debut of Any Dream Will Do victor Lee Mead - it will also see the world premiere of a new song by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.

Written especially for this production, “King of My Heart” takes its inspiration from Elvis Presley’ greatest hits, incorporating various Elvis song titles into the lyrics. It’s sung in Act Two by the pseudo Elvis character, the be-quiffed and hip-gyrating Pharaoh (played by Dean Collinson), immediately following the existing “Pharaoh’s Song”. Lloyd Webber and Rice’s last major collaboration was on the premiere of Evita in 1976. “King of My Heart” is expected to feature on a new Joseph cast recording released later this year.

Further scheduling details for Joseph have also been confirmed. From 25 July 2007, the role of the Narrator will be played at Wednesday matinees by Fiona Reyes, rather than Bombay Dreams’s Preeya Kalidas who appears in all other weekly performances. And in the title role, Lee Mead will be on holiday for the weeks commencing 14 and 21 January, 10 March and 5 May 2008, when the role is likely to be played by his understudy, James Bisp.

With an estimated box office advance in excess of £10 million – fuelled by the popularity of the two-month BBC One reality TV casting programme Any Dream Will Do, via which the public voted 25-year-old Lee Mead into the title part - the booking period for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat has already been extended through to June 2008.

The musical, based on the Biblical tale of Joseph and his 11 jealous brothers, started life in 1968 as a 20-minute entertainment for an end-of-term school concert. The popular score includes the songs "Any Dream Will Do", "Close Every Door to Me", “Go, Go, Go Joseph”, “Those Canaan Days”, “Benjamin Calypso” and "One More Angel in Heaven". This new staging of the record-breaking 1990s production at the London Palladium, which was directed by the late Steven Pimlott, is designed by Mark Thompson and choreographed by Anthony Van Laast. (News, Source: Ryan Woods , What's On Stage)

Sony BMG UK launches site for upcoming album "Elvis The King"

2007 Summer of Elvis will be a hot one: Throw your blue suede shoes in your suitcase and and make your way to Memphis or get your computer all shook up for a summer that has become the largest celebration of Elvis in history. From race cars to candy bars and in a multitude of new movies, music offerings, products and promotions, fans all over the world can experience Elvis like never before in history.

In July, TV Land and the city of Honolulu, Hawaii will honor Elvis during the 30th anniversary year with a life-sized bronze sculpture. This TV Land Landmark will commemorate the 1973 Aloha from Hawaii concert. The sculpture will grace The Neal S. Blaisdell Center, formerly The Honolulu International Center, site of the historic Aloha from Hawaii event. August will be Elvis Month on TV Land, which will feature numerous Elvis movies, specials and documentaries.

Reese’s Peanut Butter & Banana Creme Cups featuring Elvis Presley are available through December 2007 in standard, miniatures and “The King” sizes at grocery, drug and convenience stores nationwide. With the Reese’s Elvis “Live Like the King” promotion, Elvis fans can instantly win one of more than 10,000 prizes, including a trip to Graceland in Memphis, a scarf owned by Elvis Presley, Elvis sunglasses, Elvis license plates and more.

For the ultimate grand prize, the Reese’s brand has teamed up with Boyd Coddington of TLC’s “American Hot Rod” to create an authentic Elvis tribute car. The 1957 pink Cadillac has been custom built to look just like the Cadillac Elvis used to drive and upgraded to include all the features of a 2007 custom hot rod car. Three episodes of “American Hot Rod” on TLC will chronicle the transformation of the grand prize Cadillac.

There will also be a special Reese’s and Elvis-branded paint scheme on the Kevin Harvick No. 29 Chevrolet on July 29, 2007 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Warner Home Video and Paramount Home Entertainment are pooling their DVD sales and marketing resources to release a total of 24 Elvis films. The lead titles in the promotion are Deluxe Editions of Viva Las Vegas and Jailhouse Rock and 2 Disc Special Editions of Elvis: That’s the Way It Is and This is Elvis, making its DVD debut.

Graceland Harley-Davidson, located in the Graceland Plaza area, is celebrating Elvis with the creation of “Elvis Presley 30th Anniversary Bike Signature Collection.” The Harley-Davidson motorcycles emulate the 1957 Black Harley-Davidson FLH model that Elvis owned. Each motorcycle in the collection also comes with a painting by David Uhl and a sculpture by Jeff Decker. Each is numbered from one to 30 and paired with the corresponding motorcycle. Bike number 30 will be auctioned in Memphis during Elvis Week.

The first-ever Elvis Cruise takes off on August 30 – September 3. Guests will join Jerry Schilling, The Imperials, Ruby Wilson, The Jordanaires, The TCB Band, Joe Guercio and others for an Elvis experience at sea.

This year's annual Elvis Week is a nine-day gathering of friends and fans from around the world celebrating Elvis’ life and career.

From August 11-19, events in Memphis include The Official Elvis Week Kick-Off Event at The Memphis Redbirds and AutoZone Park, Elvis Expo 2007, The Elvis Insiders Conference, The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, Elvis Music & Movies on the front lawn of Graceland, The Candlelight Vigil, Elvis: The 30th Anniversary Concert, Elvis: Midnight in Vegas Concert, and more. A Video and PodCast describing these events can be found on ElvisWeek.com under the podcast tab.

The official Elvis Week kick-off on August 11 will be with the Memphis Redbirds and AutoZone Park in downtown Memphis. Elvis music and videos, live entertainment and a huge fireworks display set to Elvis music will be featured during the evening.

The 30th Anniversary Elvis Week celebration will cap a summer of events being held throughout the world, including 25 preliminary Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contests with over 1,000 contestants vying for a spot for the preliminary contests on August 12 and the finals on August 17. Both will be held at The Cannon Center in Memphis. 

Several other new events have been added to this year’s Elvis Week to accommodate both the Elvis fans who have been coming to Memphis for years, as well as the growing numbers of new fans who have discovered Elvis more recently. Along with the traditional Candlelight Vigil on the evening of August 15 and the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, one of the highlights of the week will be Elvis: The 30th Anniversary Concert starring the real Elvis Presley via video technology, accompanied live on stage by an orchestra and a large cast of his original concert musicians and back-up singers. The event will be staged at FedExForum in Memphis on August 16. Due to the high demand for tickets, an unprecedented midnight show, also starring the real Elvis via video and a cast of his original band mates, Elvis: Midnight In Vegas, That's the Way It Is, has been added.

Other first-time events scheduled for August 13 and 14 are the Elvis Music and Movies evenings on the front lawn of Graceland. This marks the first Elvis Week entertainment event inside the gates where thousands of Memphians and fans from around the world will enjoy live music and movies from their blankets and lawn chairs at Graceland. NASCAR's four-time Most Popular Driver and lifelong Elvis fan, Dale Earnhardt Jr., will rev up the 30th Anniversary Elvis Week event by hosting the first night of the Elvis Music & Movies series with Viva Las Vegas on the front lawn of Graceland on Monday, Aug. 13.

The second evening will feature The Imperials, former members of The Stamps Quartet and The Sweet Inspirations, all performing live in concert on the front lawn followed by the screening of Warner Bros.' new concert film release, Elvis: That's the Way It Is, Special Edition, which has also been restored and digitally remastered and features 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio.

Also new this year is the Elvis Expo 2007, a giant merchandise and memorabilia showroom, August 12 - 14 at the Cook Convention Center. It will contain more than 100 booths and 35,000 square feet of all things Elvis including the latest Elvis music, movies and merchandise. Throughout the three-day event there will be performances and autograph sessions with celebrities, authors, artists and photographers. Concurrently, the popular Elvis Insiders Conference, a two-day event also featuring authors, celebrities and others involved with Elvis, will take place at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts at the Convention Center. Although the Insiders event is sold out, attendees of the Elvis Expo 2007 will be part of the entire Insiders excitement via a live broadcast of the event into the Elvis Expo 2007 Showroom. Current special guests scheduled to be part of the conference and showroom are; Priscilla Presley, Mary Ann Mobley, and many others.

New merchandise will also hit store shelves during the summer of Elvis including products from Thomas Kincade, PEZ, Marie Osmond Dolls, Bradford, and the first-ever animatronic, life-size Elvis bust will be introduced by Wowee (see story & photo yesterday).

Elvis fans who can’t make it to Memphis can still join in the fun from anywhere in the world when they visit the special Elvis Week Web site. It will include a live webcam at Meditation Garden, a virtual wall, links to partner’s online Elvis Week fun and games and, during Elvis Week, will include lots of photos and videos from Elvis Week. You can even sign up for the Elvis Video PodCast.
(News, Source: EPE)

"Maybelline" CD reissue in the EC: The budget CD "Maybellene" with Hayride material has been reissued on May 28th on the Time Music label.

Track listing: 1. Heartbreak Hotel 2. Maybellene 3. Money Honey 4. Blue Suede Shoes 5. Tweedle Dee 6. There's Good Rockin' Tonight 7. Long Tall Sally 8. I Was the One 9. Baby Let's Play House 10. That's All Right 11. Blue Moon of Kentucky 12. I Got a Woman 13. Hound Dog.
(News, Source: Elvis News)

The New Frontier Hotel in Vegas closes: Without ceremony, the Frontier quietly closed its doors on Monday July 16, at 12.01am. The resort was recently sold to the real estate investment group El Ad properties for $1.2billion.

The Old Frontier was only the 2nd hotel to be built on the Las Vegas Strip when it opened in 1942. It was renamed the New Frontier and re-modelled in 1955 with a space-age theme to reflect the atomic era with the nations optimism in exploring space in the 1950s, and Elvis made his debut appearance in the aptly titled Venus Room the following year.
(News, Source: Elvis News)

Wednesday 18 July 2007................the countdown continues............24 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

"Elvis - Muziek Mens Mythe" box set announced: The "Elvis Bible" 'Elvis - Muziek Mens Mythe' by Belgian author Marc Hendrickx will be available in two versions, both in Dutch. Both books are identical (700 pages, hard cover, hundreds of pictures and a news-update to July 2007, including future plans), but the packaging is different.

The Deluxe edition (see picture) comes in a special box with a hologram-like picture and contains the book, the 2DVD set 'The Early Years' and the documentary 'The Last 24 Hours'. While the Dutch book stores will only have the Deluxe edition, the Belgian buyers can choose between the box set and just the book. Target prices are 36 euro for the book and 49.95 for the box.

Both versions are waiting for delivery, and are available later this week. Be warned: one particular website mentions that the books have already been released. This, of course, is absolute nonsense. The books haven't left the stock room at the printer's yet. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

The man who owns Elvis: Elvis Presley was the king — rock's first icon. A hip-swiveling heartthrob with more hit records than anyone in history. Thirty years after his death, Elvis is still idolized. So what is that name worth now?

To Bob Sillerman, who bought the king's name and likeness, it was worth $114 million. That's what his company, CKX, paid for Elvis Presley enterprises two years ago. Elvis' music was not part of the deal. he sold most of his hits back to his label before his death. but the family sold 85 percent of everything else and his ex-wife Priscilla Presley says it wasn't an easy decision.

"Absolutely. I mean I'm not gonna lie. It's pretty frightening when, you know, you've been a private company for all these years," she told Sunday Morning correspondent Anthony Mason. "You know and you're the boss."

But Priscilla, the mother of his only child, Lisa Marie, says the family business needed an investor to expand. And Sillerman was just the man to do it.

"He just got it," she said. "You know there is no other company like his company."

His company also owns the "American Idol' franchise, which Sillerman bought for $175 million. Then last year he added "the greatest of all time" to his roster of icons, buying rights to Muhammad Ali's name for another $50 million. A Bronx born billionaire, Sillerman made his fortune in radio and the concert promotion business. Now he sees Elvis as an under developed asset. On his corporate jet, Mason flew with him to Memphis to tour Graceland, the 13 acre estate where Elvis lived with Priscilla and Lisa Marie. Sillerman said he doesn't feel like he owns Graceland

"It's still their home," he said. "I don't think you can own something that's as big as Elvis Presley. I think I feel a sense of stewardship. But not ownership."

Each year, 600,000 people file through Graceland. Sillerman believes he can double that number

"So many people want to come to Graceland because they want to celebrate his life," Sillerman said. "You know 40 percent of our visitors are unaccompanied kids under the age of 35. It tells you that it does get passed down."

He wants to move the visitor center which sits on the other side of Elvis Presley boulevard and put it next to Graceland. The heartbreak hotel will be torn down to make way for two bigger hotels. In the entire complex that takes up 25 acres will grow to more than 100 acres. At the same time Sillerman is working with Cirque du Soleil to create a permanent Elvis show for Las Vegas and traveling shows that could tour the world.

"China is so big it could probably support a touring show forever," Sillerman said. "We're all thrilled about it. We think it's a whole other take on Elvis," Priscilla Presley said. "I think he would absolutely love it."

"If the Cirque du Soleil numbers hold true for Elvis, as they have for every one of their other shows, we're in a position to be making 100 million dollars a year in a few years," Sillerman said. "You know, that's a no-brainer."

Starting with a single small town radio station. Now Sillerman's the man who bought "American Idol," Ali and Elvis.

"Look at what Bobby Sillerman from the Bronx has — God Bless America," Sillerman said. (Sale of EPE Archives, Source: CBS News)

Fake Elvis: Suspicious mind made him kill: A blood-soaked “house of horrors” greeted Revere police and firefighters when they answered an Elvis impersonator’s 911 call and found that the homicidal King had pinned a half-naked guest to his living room floor with a 2-foot-long machete.

“It doesn’t get more serious than this,” grim-faced assistant Suffolk District Attorney John Powers said yesterday as the first-degree murder trial of Robert Daigle, 71, got underway - a murder, Powers said, that was “without justification and excuse.”

The Sept. 19, 2003, killing of James Surette, 39, was so grisly Superior Court Judge Linda Giles cautioned jurors to steel themselves against letting pity for the dead man cloud their objectivity. His black pompadour, mutton-chop sideburns and white leisure suit replaced with shoulder-length gray hair and casual business attire, Daigle listened intently as Powers described how Surette’s blood sprayed on the ceiling and walls of the Frye Street apartment he’d stopped by for drinks.

Powers told of how Daigle later shared with investigators “seeing chunks flying off the body” of Surette as he allegedly hacked him with the blade 27 times, having already plunged a kitchen knife through his heart. Daigle, looking more like Neil Diamond yesterday than Elvis, admits he did the deed, but claimed self-defense.

“There is no more powerful human emotion than the will to live,” his defense attorney, J.W. Carney Jr., said in his opening statement. “Mr. Daigle felt that terror in his own home. He did what he had to do so that he would not die.”

The ill-fated fast friends allegedly met at a bus stop on Sept. 18, 2003, and Surette, who also lived in Revere, accepted Daigle’s invitation to come by that night and party. By the following morning, Sept. 19, 2003, Daigle contends, Surette was drunk and becoming affectionate in a “non-sexual” way. Daigle told him to leave; Surette allegedly refused and settled onto a couch to sleep clutching a kitchen knife to his bare chest after picking Daigle up and slamming him onto a glass table.

“Mr. Daigle thought the only thing he could do was to act to save himself,” Carney said. Daigle snatched the knife from Surette and buried it in his chest - a wound that proved fatal, but not before Surette’s skull was crushed and he was butchered with a mail-order machete during a frenzied, two-minute attack.

“Robert Daigle was so frightened that he would be killed,” Carney said, “that he could not stop until he was absolutely, positively sure that he’d killed the man who was going to kill him.”

Dismissing the urgency, Powers noted that Daigle took a shower and changed his clothes before summoning help. (Odd Spot, Source: Laurel J. Sweet, Boston Herald)

"Elvis In Concert - 30th Anniversary DVD Edition: The legendary TV Special filmed on Elvis Presley’s last concert tour will now be released on dvd. This new remastered edition is the best dvd version that has surfaced so far. “We’re here to entertain you, and to make you happy. So just enjoy yourself, and leave the driving to us” said Elvis to an adoring crowd on his last tour. Elvis had been doing just that for over 20 years - entertaining his fans and making them happy. 

Two shows were filmed by CBS on what was to be Elvis’ last concert tour. The June 19 appearance in Omaha, Nebraska and the June 21 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Only three songs were used from the Omaha performance in the final special, which was broadcast on October 3, 1977.  

“If you haven’t guessed by now, you’re on television” Elvis said with a characteristic grin to the audience at the June 21 show. “Don't let the lights and cameras throw you, and try not to throw the lights and cameras if you can help it.” Elvis In Concert was Elvis’ first filmed production in four years after the blockbuster Aloha From Hawaii television special. The contrast in his appearance between the two shows is striking. He was obviously way overweight, said Elvis’ friend Joe Esposito, a few years after Elvis’ death.  Although he did look ill during the filming was the magic still there. Elvis was also still singing great! Just hear Elvis singing thru touching and powerful performances of songs like How Great Thou Art and his latest RCA single Hurt. 

Chapters: Elvis Fans Comments/Getting Ready For The Show/Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey)/Opening Riff/See See Rider/That’s All Right/Are You Lonesome Tonight?/Teddy Bear, (Let Me Be Your)/Don't Be Cruel/Elvis Fans Comments/You Gave Me A Mountain/Jailhouse Rock/Elvis Fans Comments
How Great Thou Art/Elvis Fans Comments/I Really Don't Want To Know/Elvis Introduces His Father/Hurt/
Hound Dog/My Way/Can't Help Falling In Love/Closing Riff/Interview With Elvis’ Father/Special Message From Elvis’ Father Playing time 55 min. Director: Dwight Hemion Writer: Annett Wolf. Release date July 31, 2007 (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Celebrity auction features Elvis items: Profiles in History (www.profilesinhistory.com) will be having an auction of fantastic Hollywood memorabilia, much of which would be of interest to your audience. We would be most grateful if you would post the information. Feel free to add / delete for relevance, and please include the website address and that all items can be bid on LIVE via eBay Live auctions (www.ebayliveauctions.com). The auction includes the following Elvis owned items:

  • Elvis Presley’s karate gi (*$20,000-$25,000)
  • Original KWKH / Louisiana Hayride Microphone used by Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and other music legends (*$12,000-$15,000)
  • Elvis Presley personal and concert-worn concho belt (*$8,000-$10,000)
  • Elvis Presley’s gold stage-worn sunglass (*$5,000-$7,000) (News, Source: MJK Public Relations)

From the Archives - Priscilla talks about "Elvis By The Presleys": Elvis Presley was an icon who is still loved by millions 28 years after his death. But, while many admired him, few really knew him. The woman who may have known him best was his ex-wife, Priscilla Presley. She shares her memories in a new CBS special called "Elvis by the Presleys." In the special, Priscilla and her daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, speak with candor about their lives with the legendary Elvis and offer an intimate look at their family and private life.

"It's a combination of great stories, not just mine," Priscilla Presley tells The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler. She says Elvis' first cousin, Patsy Presley Geranen, and her own parents, Ann and Paul Beaulieu, share their memories about Elvis. "My mom is 79, my dad is 80," Priscilla Presley notes. "I felt they had so much to add, and we didn't want them to pass on and feel we let the opportunity go. We knew from the very beginning that this was going to be difficult."

The idea of doing this documentary came to Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley a while ago, but what prompted them to do it was the realization that only they could show the real Elvis, warts and all, to a whole new generation of people who were just discovering him and his music.

"Lisa and I thought about it," Priscilla Presley says, "We thought we can't do this. These are our memories. This is what we have to share. We've exposed so much as it is. But there are many kids now who are visiting Graceland who are asking questions: Why is Elvis still so popular today? And there are many, many books out there. There's about 500 or more books, so I can understand their confusion on who's telling the right story? There are so many different versions; other people are writing it from other books."

Looking back at the first time she met Elvis, Priscilla Presley says fans will get to see her parents version of it in the documentary.

She says, "This is the first time my parents have ever been interviewed on the subject. There's been a lot of books saying: My parents gave me away; my parents were promoting me; my mother was a stage mother, which was all absolutely untrue. My parents were very, very concerned for me, my welfare. But, again, this is a very different time. This is 1959, 1960, and, you know, Elvis was a very nervous, very vulnerable, very family-oriented. Family was very important to him, as we know. His mother held a very special place in his heart."'

Asked about what life was like when Lisa Marie arrived, Priscilla Presley says, "Oh, my gosh, it changed our lives. It changed his. He always had a very loving way about him. And for someone who hasn't been around children that much because he had no siblings, he was a natural father. We would try to be with him as much as possible, but being on the road was difficult. He would have her, as a young child, on stage. I mean, in his audiences with him. So it was a delight to see."

Vintage never-before-seen performance footage is interwoven with photographs from the Presley Estate archives and press coverage of Elvis over the years. Private home movies of the Presley family illustrate and illuminate his story. A companion book and CD will be released the same week.

"I think of happy times after I see the documentary," Priscilla Presley says. "I haven't seen these films, actually, in a long time. When we put it all together, it made us realize, God, we really had some great times. And I want the audience, the readers, to see this because, again, you have much more of an understanding of the man, not so much as the performer. You see a very different side of Elvis, again, in every aspect. By the way, I just found out the book debuts next week as number 7 of The New York Times list."

Asked why she thinks his legacy has endured," Priscilla Presley says, "He's given us so much to share. And i think he was a very special talent. When you see the documentary, you will realize why he was who he was and why he captured people's hearts. There is no other entertainer I could really compare him to."

You can see the special "Elvis by the Presleys" Friday night at 8 p.m.ET/7 p.m./CT on CBS. Also this week, a companion book and CD, with the same name, will be released. (Interviews, Source: CBS, May 2005)

Tuesday 17 July 2007.............the countdown continues...........25 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

'Best Of Elvis Presley' new Canadian budget CD: The 2007 Elvis CD releases keep on coming out! Elvis now joins the Canadian budget 'Collections' series with this 12 track CD. A June 2007 release.



(News, Source; EIN/Barry McLean)

'Introducing Elvis ' Canadian 3CD Gold Metal Box set: From BMG/SONY Canada this is a 3-CD set that will be issued in a stunning Gold Metal Box. Release date is August 14th. The BMG publicity states, "Introducing Elvis is a brand new 3 CD collection of original Elvis classics pakaged in a stunning Gold metal box. This set focuses on the early stages of The King's career, and includes many of the songs that helped him breakthrough to the mainstream, like 'Love Me Tender', 'Blue Suede Shoes', 'Hound Dog', 'Don't Be Cruel' & many more!! All 30 songs are taken from the Original RCA Masters, with no re-recordings or live track filler. Accept no substitutes. This is the King when it all began - young, fresh and ready to take on the world."

Tracklist; CD1- Love Me Tender.
1. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 2. Trying To Get To You 3. Love Me 4. 1 Love You Because 5. Paralyzed 6. 1 Want You, I Need You. I Love You 7. Anyplace Is Paradise 8. Too Much 9. I'm Counting On You 10. Love Me Tender

CD2 - Shake, Rattle & Roll
1. Shake, Rattle & Roll 2. That's All Rlght 3. Blue Suede Shoes 4. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 5. Baby, Let's Play House 6. Hound Dog 7. Long Tall Sally 8. I Got A Woman 9. Mystery Train 10. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
CD3 - Heartbreak Hotel
1. Heartbreak Hotel 2. Don't Be Cruel 3. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 4. My Baby Left Me 5. I Was The One 6. I Forgot, To Remember To Forget 7. Harbor Lights 8. That's When Your Heartaches Begin 9. Any Way You Want Me 10. Blue Moon (News, Source: EIN/Barry McLean)

Warner DVD box set: Here is the cover art of the upcoming Warner Bros. 11 disc DVD set. This set is due for release in Europe August 13, 2007 and contains reissues of:

This Is Elvis (2 DVD Set)
Elvis That's The Way It Is (2 DVD Set)
Jailhouse Rock
Viva Las Vegas

New to DVD:

Stay Away Joe
Kissin' Cousins
Girl Happy
Live A Little, Love A Little (News, Source: Noble PR /Elvis News)

Graceland featured on Australian TV tonight: Aussie fans should tune into the Network 9 show, Things To Try Before You Die, at 7.30pm tonight. Gary Sweet makes the pilgrimage to Graceland! (News, Source: TV Guide)

Film co-star get together - value for money or not?: The following article is a good example of media hyperbole:

His movies weren't exactly works of art, but for the fans there was something magical about Elvis Presley on the big screen, dancing and flirting with one starlet after another. (True...but this was one essential element of teen/Elvis films at the time)

Presley has been dead nearly 30 years, but many of his on-screen girlfriends are still around -- and they're still ready for their close-ups. Suzanna Leigh, who played Presley's love interest in "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" in 1966, has organized an event next month to offer Elvis fans a rare chance to rub shoulders with up to two dozen of his movie-set buddies.

"It's sort of an Elvis reunion," Leigh said. "I'm bringing in a lot of co-stars, directors, people who worked with Elvis." (Great!)

The three-day bash -- with tickets ranging from $75 to $150 (major point of contention)-- is scheduled to begin Aug. 16, the anniversary of Presley's death in 1977 at his Memphis residence, Graceland. It will be one of more than 30 Elvis Week events (way down on the number of events in 1987 - the 10th anniversary of Elvis' death) in Memphis from Aug. 11-18. Annual festivities for Elvis Week, the highlight of the year for the Presley faithful, include concerts, fan-club get-togethers, teary eyed memorials, and, of course, screenings of his movies.

And this year, many of his former on-screen playmates will be in town for a gala, billed as "Night of a Thousand Stars," (we don't think there's quite a thousand) that will include a garden party, storytelling, panel discussions, autograph-signing and a "glittering finale." (Fingers crossed!)

"It will be magical on the last night," said Leigh, a British actress who starred in several B-grade vampire-and-horror flicks after her role with Elvis.

Presley made 31 feature films, in most of them playing -- what else? -- a good-looking, ultra-cool chick magnet. The films can hardly be confused with Academy Award contenders, but the Elvis faithful can't get enough of them. (DVD sales would suggest otherwise...but ultra-cool chick magnet appropriate)

"The usual question they'll ask me is what was it like to kiss Elvis," said Leigh, setting up an obviously well-used line. "They'll ask was he good, and I often say, 'I think he had some practice.' " (As they say, practice makes perfect)

For many of Presley's co-stars, his films were career highlights. Leigh's autobiography, billed as a behind-the-scenes look into London's "swinging sixties in-crowd," plays on her Elvis connection in its title, "Paradise, Suzanna Style." (Clever, engaging title)

"I tell stories about his sense of humor and how much fun we had on the set and how difficult the Colonel was," Leigh said, referring to Presley's longtime manager, "Colonel" Tom Parker. (Interesting)

Other Elvis-movie cohorts expected for the Memphis event include Jan Shepard ("King Creole"), Pat Priest ("Easy Come, Easy Go"), Sue Ane Langdon ("Roustabout," "Frankie and Johnny"), Gloria Pall and Jennifer Holden ("Jailhouse Rock"), Gail Gilmore ("Girl Happy") and Celeste Yarnall ("Live a Little, Love a Little).

EIN Comment: The price of Elvis Week events has steadily risen in recent years. The grab for money is becoming more apparent but this one has received criticism as being over the top. With its final line up not set, and a number of its guest stars not actually present in person, some fans are begging the obvious question! There again, with EPE's move to ETA competitions in any city or country willing to host a substantive show, perhaps Suzanna Leigh's event offers better "real" value for money, albeit at a premium.

German artwork for "Elvis The King": The German site of Sony/BMG shows a different cover for the upcoming release Elvis The King. (News, Source: Elvis News)

"A Hot Night at Paradise Rd." CD.: A Hot Night at Paradise Rd. and features an audience recording of the August 6, 1972. D.S. Here is the tracklisting: The Sweet Inspirations / Move On/A Gift Of Love / 2001 / C. C. Rider / Proud Mary / Never Been To Spain / You've Lost That Loving Feeling / Polk Salad Annie / Love Me / Blue Suede Shoes / Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel / Little Sister/Get Back / Hound Dog / A Big Hunk O’ Love / My Way / Suspicious Minds / Introductions / What Now My Love/ American Trilogy / Can't Help Falling In Love/ Closing Vamp. (News, Source: FECC)

"A Dinner at the Hilton" CD: Another new album featuring an audience recording from February 16, 1973 D.S. Here is the tracklisting: 2001 Theme / See See Rider / I Got A Woman - Amen / Love Me Tender / You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / Steamroller Blues / You Gave Me A Mountain / Fever / Love Me / Blue Suede Shoes / Hound Dog / What Now My Love / Johnny B. Goode / Suspicious Minds / Introductions / I Can't Stop Loving You / American Trilogy / Can't Help Falling In Love (News, Source: FECC)

Chart update: On the Irish Album chart the "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" compilation dropped from #84 to #99 in it's 105th wweek on the chart. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Life size Elvis singing robot head: Just when you thought it was safe to go outside...You may remember seeing this slightly disturbing animatronic robot of Elvis Presley from WowWee shown off at CES 2007, and now you can get your own to take home and sing with ’till your tender hearts’ content. You won’t be seeing any Blue Suede Shoes though since this singing robot is only a life-size bust replica of Elvis Presley and comes complete with microphone, which is actually a wireless IR remote control.

Using the microphone remote you can control the Elvis robot in four different modes. The “Alive” mode is for conversation, “Monologue” will have Elvis tell you stories, the “Song” mode will bring on one of eight songs and of course our favorite “Sing Along” lets you sing with the King, karaoke-style (you’ll need your own mic).

The Alive Elvis Animatronic Robot can run on regular AC power or get All Shook Up with you on the road running on eight “D” batteries. You can pick up your singing Elvis robot head from The Sharper Image for just under $300.(News, Source: SlipperyBrick.com)

Elvis part of new Nevada tourism ads: The Nevada Commission on Tourism will launch new national ads this summer that feature Las Vegas entertainment icons "Elvis" and the Blue Man Group enjoying outdoor recreation at Lake Tahoe. The ads will run in midsummer and fall, as the mountain paradise recovers from economic impacts of a devastating wildfire, Lt. Gov. Brian K. Krolicki announced Wednesday.

The ads, to run on television and in travel magazines, are the latest in the tourism agency's award-winning "icon" series that portrays Las Vegas show-business figures enjoying popular recreational activities in other parts of the state and reveal Nevada's two different worlds -- neon and nature. They are viewable and downloadable at http://travelnevada.com/content.aspx?ID=264

"Show-business icons pictured unexpectedly in natural settings catch people by surprise and deliver the message that Nevada offers a lot more besides dazzling entertainment," Krolicki, tourism commission chair, said. "Coincidentally, the ads already were scheduled to run before last month's fire and now will serve to remind potential visitors across the country of Lake Tahoe's majestic beauty and outdoor adventure opportunities."

The wildfire, which burned in late June seven miles from Nevada's bustling resort and casino district on Lake Tahoe's South Shore, destroyed more than 250 homes in a forested California residential area. The cobalt-blue lake straddles the Nevada-California state line and both states' tourism-based economies are intertwined.

"We are thankful that we had selected Lake Tahoe as the focus of these ads," tourism department Director Tim Maland said. "Our goal is to draw more visitors and help the lake area to fully recover from the fire through the summer and fall. It's a four-season destination that moves from hiking, biking, boating and water sports, to skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and winter sports."

The Elvis commercial, which features red-caped Elvis characters mountain biking on Lake Tahoe's spectacular Flume Trail, will begin airing next month on national cable television including the Travel Channel, Discovery, Discovery Science and Fox News.

The Blue Man Group is shown paddling a kayak towing a raft on the blue alpine lake in a print ad that will appear in National Geographic Adventure, Sunset, Travel and Leisure and Budget Travel magazines in September and in Outside, Sunset and National Geographic Traveler magazines in October.

Other ads in the national award-winning icon series show tuxedoed Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton fly-fishing, dazzling feather-costumed showgirls skiing and playing golf and Elvis impersonators bicycling in a lush mountain canyon. DRGM Advertising of Reno designed the ads.

The icon ad series, which recently won 36 awards from the American Advertising Federation and American Marketing Association, also is featured in the tourism agency's Internet marketing efforts including e-mail campaigns and banner advertising. (News, Source: MarketWire.com)


Monday 16 July 2007..................the countdown continues..............26 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

British Film Institute tribute to Elvis: On August 16th, the British Film Institute (BFI) will pay tribute to Elvis at the BFI Southbank in London with an Elvis themed evening, featuring a screening of Jailhouse Rock, proceeded by an illustrated (and animated) lecture by Adrian Wooton, CEO of Film London, Elvis afficionado, and the man responsible for bringing Sam Phillips to the UK for the first time.

ELVIS AT THE MOVIES (18:20): In his stellar 22-year career, Elvis Presley was regarded as the King of Rock'n'Roll, and the most popular singer the world had ever seen. But now, 30 years after his death, it is easy to forget how important to that career his 30-plus movies were.

In this commemorative talk, liberally illustrated with clips from the King's best flicks, Adrian Wootton (Elvis aficionado and adviser to Turner Classic Movies on their current Elvis film season) will recount the history of Elvis's extensive career on the silver screen.

JAILHOUSE ROCK (20:15): Elvis is mean and moody in this rags-to-riches story of an ex-con turned pop star. Made at the height of his 50s fame, Jailhouse Rock was an attempt by MGM to assimilate Presley's rock'n'roll persona into the more conventional trappings of a Hollywood musical. It has a great soundtrack, featuring some classic Leiber and Stoller songs; the title track provides one of the most famous set pieces in rock'n'roll film history.

Joint ticket available for £12.50, conc £9.25 (BFI Members pay £1 less) For NFT tickets, book online at:
www.bfi.org.uk/nft or call the Box Office 020 7928 3232 (lines open 11.30am - 8.30pm). (News, Source: Elvis Express Radio)

Elvis and Priscilla's divorce lawyer dies: Harry M. Fain, a pioneering family law attorney who helped bring no-fault divorce to California in 1970 and handled the high-powered breakups of such celebrity marriages as Elvis Presley, Cary Grant and Ali McGraw, died Friday of pneumonia at a skilled nursing facility in Los Angeles. He was 88.

In his practice, Fain preferred settlement over litigation. The attorney praised Presley, his client, when the singer reached an out-of-court agreement in 1973 to pay his wife, Priscilla, nearly $1.5 million.

"This man agreed to pay her this without any contest because he wanted to be generous and make her happy," Fain said in a 1973 Times article. "I never met a man so unselfish." (News, Source: LA Times/Elvis News)

Latest issue of "Flaming Star" magazine: Volume 45 of the Norwegian Flaming Star fan club magazine contains various interesting and illustrated articles on Elvis on stage February 1970, Elvis' recording session for "I Need Your Love Tonight", an interview with Scotty Moore and various fan club events. Besides these articles this volume contains news and reviews. (News, Source: Elvis News)

New issue of Official British Fan Club magazine: This volume of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club magazine from the UK is the 50th anniversary jubilee edition celebrating 50 glorious years. Next to the news and about ten articles this edition looks back on 50 years of fan club activities, a long and entertaining history from the looks of it. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Fiction - Earthquake devastates parts of Memphis: A catastrophic massive earthquake has destroyed large parts of Memphis and its environment. The so called 'New Madrid Zone' that lies deep beneath the earth in Tennessee has caused a never before seen disaster. Experts say that the earthquake has four times the power of damage of hurricane Katrina...

Luckily enough, this story is pure fiction, being shown on the documentary 'It Could Happen Tomorrow'. The series is produced by the American 'Weather Channel' and investigates a number of real threats from natural disasters in the USA. Experts simulate the disaster as it could happen and look at the consequences. The scenario as described above is however, considered most likely to happen in Memphis within the next 50 years. (News, Source: American Weather Channel/ Elvis Matters)

Elvis encourages Tour de France competitor: A spectator dressed as Elvis Presley encourages Linus Gerdemann of Germany as he pedals to the ascent of the Colombiere pass during the 7th stage of the 94th Tour de France cycling race between Bourg-en-Bresse and Le Grand Bornand, French Alps, Saturday, July 14, 2007. Gerdemann won the stage and took the overall lead on Saturday. (Odd Spot, Source: AP PHOTO/Richard Martin, Pool)

Footballer turned actor renews vows "Elvis" style: WELSH hardman Vinnie Jones showed his lovey dovey side by renewing his wedding vows in an Elvis themed ceremony. The ex-footballer-turned-actor jetted to Las Vegas to repeat his ‘I do’s’ to his wife of thirteen years, Tanya Jones.

But it was in stark contrast to the glamorous weddings of footballers as they repeated their vows in a cheesy downtown chapel. Vinnie, 42, ditched his tough guy look to don a bright purple Elvis Presley-style suit, white socks, and a pair of dark sunglasses. And he ensured he and his wife (right) arrived in true ‘King’ comfort by renting a white convertible Cadillac with Elvis number plates and emblazoned with the phrase, ‘A tribute to Elvis.’

The couple repeated their vows in the Little White Chapel where other celebrities, including Britney Spears and Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, have tied the knot. Joined by 10 of their friends, but surprisingly minus his best buddy Jason Statham, the pair renewed their wedding in a 30-minute ceremony performed by an Elvis impersonator. And when they stepped outside the chapel Vinnie showed his soft side as he hugged and kissed Tanya – who was dressed in a flowery tight corset style dress. They then jumped into a white stretch limousine, waved to their guests and took off to celebrate.

“Vinnie Jones renewed his vows here last week,” confirmed one chapel employee. “He got into the spirit of things with his suit and transport. We usually see him playing a thug in the movies but he was sweet during the ceremony and kept grabbing his wife’s hand and kissing her.

“It was a short blessing but at least he did it in the chapel. Some people just do the drive thru. They both seemed happy to be here and were extremely polite to everyone.” (News, Source: icWales)

"Elvis Presley No. 2" CD: Elvis' second album in the UK ( LPM 1382 in the USA ) was released in April 1957 on the HMV label with a different LP cover.

This is now available on CD for the first time with this different cover as a Limited Collectors Edition. (News, Source: Barry McLean, FECC)


Sunday 15 July 2007..................the countdown continues..............27 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!
Boots Randolph; Elvis' finest saxophone player: An EIN Tribute: Homer "Boots" Randolph was one of the key Nashville musicians. During the 1960s he played on scores of hit records by such artists as Brenda Lee, Roy Orbison, the Everly Brothers and of course Elvis. Boots also had his own amazing success in 1963 with the whacky tenor-sax sound of 'Yakety Sax'. Boots Randolph's fabulous sax-work fitted perfectly within Elvis' 1960's Nashville band and often seemed to push Elvis' blues work to new highs. Boots was booked to perform this year at Elvis Week in Memphis and although he sadly won't be there in person, there is no doubt that his fabulous spirit will live on. Boots Randolph died on 3 July 2007. EIN presents a tribute to this very fine musician. (Spotlight, Source: EIN, July 2007)

"She Is The King" announces new double A sided single

She Is The King on Merrick & Rosso radio program 17 July 2007

Visit the She Is The King website

Cirque Du Soleil to unveil its Elvis show plans: In just a few days, Cirque du Soleil will reveal the storyboard for their new Elvis show opening in December 2009 although developers have already broken ground on the showroom. The multi-million dollar production is rumoured to include scenes from his movies and Elvis memorabilia – fingers crossed for some Elvis music too then! Meanwhile, to coincide with Cirque du Soleil's Beatle themed production Love, the company has opened the Revolution Lounge to extend the theme beyond the show. Could this be a taste of what we could expect for the future Elvis themes for Las Vegas. Fancy meeting for a drink at Café Europa?

Sadly, across the other side of the Strip, the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino has now been unveiled at the former site of the Aladdin Hotel, so the historical name as well as the original resort will now disappear from Las Vegas. (News, Source: Elvis UK On-line /Elvis News)

Amazing Graceland: Elvis' home not lonesome for visitors (article)

Latest celebrity visitors to Graceland: C.C. DeVille and Bobby Dall of the band Poison visited Graceland on June 10, 2007. The first visit by the band was in the 1980s. (News, Source: EPE)

Now for the Elvis trike: After the exact re-creation of the Harley Davidson Elvis used, another ‘Elvis motorcycle’ has been cloned. This time, it’s Elvis’s first Trike, a three wheel motorcycle ordered by Elvis in August 1975, two years prior to his death.

The original Trike is on display in the Motor Museum across Graceland.

But different from the Elvis Harley, the Elvis Trike comes in one copy only – including the original metal plate with the inscription “Elvis First Trike”, which Elvis had removed. Biddings begin at 75.000 $US. (News, Source: ebay/Elvis Matters)


Saturday 14 July 2007..................the countdown continues..............28 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

"Elvis Is Back" book set released: The book is made like the two “Inside” boxes. It comes in a box including a vinyl single, dvd, post cards and a certificate. The book is 152 pages. That is 40 more than the two previous ones.

Elvis Is Back is all about Elvis’ return to the music scene in 1960. This year was a bittersweet one for Elvis. He was being discharged from the Army. Music had changed in two years and he was a little insecure about his music career. Yet he enters the sessions with such ambition and determination.

He delivers a new mature diverse voice. “It's Now Or Never” and “Surrender” are truly challenging for Elvis. He proofs himself to be a truly talented singer and not just a flash in the pan. These recording sessions will forever stand out in Elvis’ history.

It’s almost as if Elvis hit the ground running upon his return. The Colonel had been busy preparing for Elvis' return for a very long time. Not only were the recording sessions lined up, an appearance on the ABC televised Frank Sinatra Special and the filming for “G.I. Blues” were immediately following.

His appearance on the Sinatra Special is warmly received by the public. Elvis innocently steals the show from Sinatra. Yet the repertoire between the two performers is very apparent. “G.I. Blues” is a very successful film for Elvis although Elvis hates being in uniform again.

During this year, Elvis is also experiencing many changes in his personal life. Elvis has met Priscilla while in Germany. But he returns to his long time girlfriend Anita Wood. They continue their relationship where it left off before Elvis left for Germany. Vernon marries Dee, which is hard on Elvis because of the loss of his mother. Elvis also brings many of his friends from Germany home and the Memphis Mafia is formed.

But still the most important thing during the year 1960 is the amazing recording sessions. We have two incredible albums from this year, “Elvis Is Back” and “His Hand In Mine.” Elvis truly proves his ability as a performer. He conquers every challenge he is faced with and proves Elvis is back!

"Elvis Is Back" includes many never before seen pictures from this period. There is even some very interesting ones from the filming of "G.I. Blues". Those were not used in the "Inside G.I. Blues" book.

The insightful text was again written by Megan Murphy.

The book is available from Elvis Unlimited. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

DVD releases in Australia to retail at under A$10.00: The following single edition DVD releases will all be available in Australia for A$9.92 from Ezy DVD on 8 August. (News, Source: EzyDVD)

The Trouble With Girls Jailhouse Rock Blue Hawaii
Paradise, Hawaiian Style Spinout King Creole
Easy Come, Easy Go Kissin' Cousins G.I. Blues
It Happened At The World's Fair This Is Elvis (2DVD) Fun In Acapulco
Elvis That's The Way It Is (SE) (2DVD) Live A Little, Love A Little Double Trouble
Harum Scarum Girls! Girls! Girls! Girl Happy


"Tiger Man #8: The producers of the "Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology" import series announced volume 8 in the booklet of their latest edition. No further details were given. (News, Source: Elvis News)

"Broadcasting Live" DVD reissue: Released on the Angry Pen. label on July 29, 2007 is a reissue of the "Broadcasting Live" DVD. (News, Source: DG Literatur/Elvis News)

Another budget CD release in EC: Here is the cover of the budget 2CD compilation "Anniversary Rock 'n' Roll Edition" which was released July 1, 2007 on the IMT label.

Track listing: CD1: I Love You Because/Blue Moon/I'll Never Let You Go (My Little Darlin')/Just Because/I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/
Good Rockin' Tonight/Trying To Get To You/I Got A Woman/Heartbreak Hotel/Money Honey/I'm Counting On You/I Was The One/Blue Suede Shoes/My Baby Left Me/One Sided Love Affair/Interview Wichita Falls (Taxes / Municipal Auditorium)/Interview San Antonio (Texas)/Interview Los Angeles (California / Shrine Audirotium)/Interview New Orleans (Lousiana / Wnoe Radio)

CD 2: So Glad You're Mine/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You
Tutti Frutti/I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel/Love Me/How Do You Think I Feel/How's The World Treating You/Paralyzed/When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/Old Shep/ Anyplace Is Paradise/Ready Teddy/Rip It Up/Interview Lacrosse (Wisconsin / Sawyer Auditorium)/Interview Tampa (Florida)/Interview Daytona (Florida)/Interview Hollywood (California / Radio Promotion) (News, Source: DG Literatur /Elvis News)

The Interviews about Elvis

Chart update: U.S. Billboard Elvis Chart listings for the week of July 21, 2007

(sg - sales gainer, gg - greatest sales gainer, ne - new entry, re - re-entry)
Top Country Catalog Album Ultimate Gospel up 1 to #13 (sg)
Top Country Catalog Albums Elvis 30 #1 Hits remains at #11 (sg)
Top Music Video Elvis Lives 25th Anniversary Concert up 3 to #3
Top Comprehensive Music Video 25th Anniversary Concert up 4 to #3
Top Music Video Elvis: 68 Comeback Special up 2 to #24
Top Comprehensive Music Video Elvis: 68 Comeback Special up 2 to #25
Top Music Video  Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii down 2 to #25
Top Comprehensive Music Video Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii down 2 to #26

New entries and Re-entries on the charts include: None

Heartbreak Hotel drops back off the Hot Singles Sales Chart (News, Source: Elvis International Fan Club)

20 Golden Hits CD: Here is the cover of the budget compilation "20 Golden Hits" which was released on the TyroStar label on May 4, 2007. (News, Source: DG Literatur/ Elvis News)

Leroy and Stich: In part three of the "Lilo And Stich" entitled "Leroy And Stitch" Elvis' music is featured again in the tracks "Aloha 'Oe", "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" and 'Jailhouse Rock". In Japan a cover from "Don't Be Cruel" will be released on single.

One of the scene selections on the DVD is called 50,000 Leroy Clones Can't Be Wrong, which is a reference to the Elvis Presley album Elvis's Gold Records, Vol. 2: 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong. (News, Source: Elvis World Japan /Elvis News)


Friday 13 July 2007..................the countdown continues..............29 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Elvis Still Selling Elvis Best: Ever wonder how the marketing minds at Elvis Presley Enterprises keep the king's pop culture reign going nearly 30 years after his death?

"We just answer the phone," said Scott Williams, EPE marketing and communications director, in a presentation Wednesday to the Public Relations Society of America's Memphis chapter.

There is, of course, more than that to creating all those tie-ins -- Elvis and Budweiser, Elvis and Harley-Davidson, an all-Elvis channel on Sirius Satellite Radio-- that keep the singer's name, image and music prominent. It was all to make Williams' point that "Elvis sells Elvis better than anything we can do."
But just answering the phones at EPE must be a chore, because they apparently ring a lot.

"I think only 3 percent of the licensing applications get approved," Williams said. "One thing about EPE that's really great is, they really think through the planning of the products and promotions."

He highlighted one that made the cut -- a partnership with Hershey's that's led to limited-edition Reese's peanut butter and banana creme cups. Reese's also will be giving away a pink Cadillac and a trip to Graceland.

"They're also going to give away ... some checks that Elvis wrote -- that have been canceled," Williams said.

"This is what's so fun about working with brands like this -- they just have some great ideas."

Williams, during his address to the PR types, also put in a pitch for elvisweek.com. That's the Web site devoted to next month's 30th anniversary edition of Elvis Week. (Sale of EPE, Source: Commercial Appeal

Elvis - Entertainer or Educator?: With the thirty year anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death on August 16 just around the corner, it would seem there would be little new to learn about him, but it turns out there is. Although he may not have realized it, Elvis Presley’s sexy moves actually modeled the ideal physical techniques for supporting a rich, warm singing voice – techniques still studied today by some of the recording industry’s biggest stars.

“Elvis was the perfect singing machine,” says celebrity voice coach Renee Grant-Williams. “He had all the right moves.”

“I constantly reference Elvis in my teaching,” claims Grant-Williams. “He had very strong legs, which he used as the basis for his support. He literally pushed into the floor using that karate-type crouch. He kept his entire upper body very loose so that it could resonate. And the way he cocked his head over the microphone really allowed the sound to vibrate freely.”

“Did he know what he was doing?” Grant-Williams asks. “Probably not, but he had extraordinary instincts and in his own way, I think he truly studied singing. He used to sit out on the back porch for hours on late summer nights with the guitar his mother gave him, trying to imitate the singers he heard at gospel churches and nightclubs.”

Grant-Williams teaches the wisdom of using Elvis’ techniques to stars such as Hannah Montana, Faith Hill, The Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw, Larry Gatlin, Bo Bice, and Huey Lewis.

“My students are surprised and grateful to have someone familiar they can relate to,” Grant-Williams says. “In fact, the first time I worked with Tim McGraw on using his body to support his voice, he looked up with mischief in his eyes and mumbled in true Elvis-style, “Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.”

Grant-Williams feels that even Elvis’ famous lip curl gave his voice an edge. “As sound leaves the body it needs to resonate against something specific,” she says. “There are options – you can direct that flow of sound to the nose, the throat, the jaw or to the sinus cavities in the face. But, I think what Elvis did – as evidenced by his lip curl – was to aim the vibration stream right at his teeth.”

“This was ingenious,” Grant-Williams says. “There’s a kind of sweet spot at the front of the teeth where vibrations can focus and still pick up resonance from all the other areas.”

“Because his moves and techniques live on, Elvis will never completely leave the building,” adds Grant-Williams.

Grant-Williams offers more advice in her book, “Voice Power: Using Your Voice to Captivate, Persuade, and Command Attention” published by AMACOM Books, New York. This book is endorsed by Paul Harvey and was selected by “Soundview Executive Book Summaries.”

Grant-Williams coaches aspiring performers as well as celebrities including Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Faith Hill, the Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw, Christina Aguilera, Linda Ronstadt, Randy Travis, and Huey Lewis. She has been quoted by Cosmopolitan, the Associated Press, Business Week, UPI, Southern Living, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, and San Francisco Chronicle. She has appeared on many broadcast outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Bravo, USA, MTV, GAC, BBC, PBS, and NPR. Grant-Williams is a former instructor at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as well as the former director of the Division of Vocal Music at the University of California, Berkeley.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Renee Grant-Williams, call 615-244-3280 or visit www.MyVoiceCoach.com (News, Source: NewsReleaseWire.com)

"Mens Muziek Mythe" book ready for release: The almost 700 pages thick Dutch Elvis ‘Bible’ Mens Muziek Mythe is ready. The books will hit the stores next week, but we were allowed a preview. Compared to the first editions (1993 – 1998), the lay-out hasn’t changed at all. The additions of the chapters 1998-2007 is up to date but, obviously, don’t take up too much space. On the pro side, we found the additions very interesting, covering all major events – up to the European Fan Club Tour in September/October, and all new releases. A big “thank you” to author Marc Hendrickx for calling “Inside Double Trouble” “The Ultimate Package” – we couldn’t agree more… On the other side, we were somewhat surprised about the poor picture quality. Strange as it may be, several black/white pictures seem to have faded a bit and they certainly haven’t gotten a refreshing treatment that could be expected for a third print. The color pictures aren’t ideal either, with an overall red glow.

The 6 lbs book is expected to be released next Week, estimated selling price is 36 euro. Avaiuklable froim Elvis Matters shortly. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Another budget CD: Here is the cover for another budget compilation entitled "Elvis Presley". This compilation was released on the Forever Go label on April 30, 2007. (News, Source: CD Universe /Elvis News)

Artwork for upcoming Blue Ray and HD DVD releases: Here are the Blue Ray and HD DVD packages of "Jailhouse Rock" and "Viva Las Vegas" which are due for release from Warner Bros on September 18, 2007. (News, Source: Amazon.com/Elvis News)

New audiobook: Due for release September 14, 2007 in Germany is the audiobook "Romono Elvis Presley". It is the audiobook version of the book "Elvis Presley" from Alan and Maria Posener which was released several years ago. The book is read by David Nathan, who does the German voiceover for stars like Johnny Depp. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin /Elvis News)

Butler pays $66,000 to settle Elvis case: A British-born butler who ran the beachside estate of a millionaire American entertainment mogul is paying $66,180 to settle charges that he used confidential information from his boss's office to trade on the stock market. Graham Lefford promoted himself as an old-style British gentleman's gentleman and has given interviews to the US media with tips on discretion and etiquette.

In a case brought last year, he was accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of reading sensitive faxes sent to the 22,000 square foot country retreat of his employer, the American Idol creator Robert Sillerman, in the Long Island enclave of Southampton.

According to the charges, Mr Lefford discovered from private correspondence in 2004 that Mr Sillerman was about to use a publicly listed shell company, Sports Entertainment Enterprises, to buy the commercial rights to Elvis Presley's estate.The butler quietly made a personal investment of $600 in the company's shares - and turned a quick profit of $48,525 when the stock rocketed days later.

Although he has neither admitted nor denied the charges, Mr Lefford this week agreed to pay back profits of $31,450, interest of $3,280 and a penalty of $31,450.

The SEC said Mr Lefford had breached an "express duty of trust and confidence" enshrined in an agreement signed with Mr Sillerman when he became an employee.

Mr Lefford, who moved to America at the age of nine and became a US citizen, has previously described himself as one of only 25 "top-notch" butlers in the US. In a 2004 interview with the New York Sun, he said the first rule of being a butler was discretion - and he blasted the Princess of Wales's former butler Paul Burrell for his tell-all tendencies.

"You can't use what you overhear," he said. "It's a breach of trust. No exceptions. It's the code. I am hired to keep my mouth shut. It's what I'm paid for." (Sale of EPE, Source: Guardian Unlimited)


Thursday 12 July 2007...............the countdown continues...........30 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Interview with Joseph Pirzada - your feedback: Today we have updated our interview with Joseph Pirzada by adding your feedback on what has turned out to be a highly controversial issue.

EIN Comment: While feedback to EIN has been generally very positive, a relatively small number of vocal posters on the FECC board have gone to town trying to dismantle Joseph Pirzada's excellent releases. How anyone could seriously say they are not first rate releases defies reason.

Rather than focusing on the overall value and quality of the releases, this small number of critics pick on one or two aspects of what are actually much, much bigger projects. The old right wing mentality of "shoot first and ask questions later" is alive and well.

Read the interview and feedback

"Elvis At The Movies" capsule review: ElvisCDResearch has issued its review of the latest Sony BMG Elvis release. It says:

The latest double album release from Sony BMG offers nothing new but pleases with its strong sound quality. With 40 tracks, it features a largely different song line up than on last year's 'Elvis Movies' album. The mastering by Vic Anesini is a real strength as both Elvis' vocal and the backing are crystal clear. Pump up the volume and enjoy!

The inclusion of lesser released tracks like Lonely Man (Wild In The Country); I'm Yours (Tickle Me); Do The Clam (Girl Happy); This Is My Heaven (Paradise, Hawaiian Style) and The Love Machine (Easy Come, Easy Go) add variety to the release.

The double album is attractively packaged in digi pack format and complemented by a two sided fold out poster which includes a narrative essay on Elvis' celluloid career by Michael Hill.

ElvisCDResearch 5 Star ratings are:

for the Hardcore Fan:

for the Casual CD Buyer:

Vernon Presley song released: On July 11, 2007, Elvis fans around the world will be given a truly unique opportunity…the chance to own a copy of the only known recorded singing of Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley.   The song, “Don’t Close Your Door,” was written and recorded by Vernon in his office at Graceland in 1973.  Its lyrics point to the circumstances involving the marital troubles that Vernon was having with his second wife, Dee. 


Until recently, the Elvis world was not even aware of this tape’s existence.  The recording, originally contained on an audiotape over 30 years old, was re-mastered for the best possible sound quality and transferred to compact disc.  The resulting sound quality is surprisingly good considering the basic equipment Vernon used. 


The new King Productions label is now proud to release this historic recording.  The first 100 copies are limited edition numbered CD-R discs that have the look and feel of a vinyl 45, but play like a regular CD!  The price per copy is only $10.00 and includes free shipping to anywhere in the world!   Did Elvis get his remarkable voice from his father?  This recording, and this recording alone, contains the answer…


Visit www.touchedbytheking.com to order!  Touched By The King is also your website for original items owned and used by Elvis! (News, Source: Touched By The King)

"Elvis The King" Aussie release: The Australian release of "Elvis The King", a 2-disc CD set, will contain the bonus tracks "Welcome To My World" on disc 1 and on dDisc 2 the live version of "If I Can Dream". The latter recently has seen exposure from the US TV duet performance with Celine Dion.

Disc 1: 1 Suspicious Minds 2 Blue Suede Shoes 3 Jailhouse Rock 4 Love Me Tender 5 Don't Be Cruel 6 King Creole 7 Hard Headed Woman 8 All Shook Up 9 Hound Dog 10 Too Much 11 Heartbreak Hotel 12 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 13 Party 14 That's All Right 15 One Night 16 (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I 17 A Big Hunk O' Love 18 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 19 Crying In The Chapel 20 Stuck On You 21 Wooden Heart 22 Viva Las Vegas 23 Devil In Disguise 24 Guitar Man 25 A Little Less Conversation (JXL) Bonus track – Welcome To My World

Disc 2: 1 In The Ghetto 2 Burning Love 3 Always On My Mind 4 The Wonder Of You - Version from 2006 "Elvis Live" CD 5 I Just Can’t Help Believin’ 6 There Goes My Everything 7 You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me 8 An American Trilogy 9 Are You Lonesome Tonight (Laughing Version) 10 My Boy 11 Green Green Grass Of Home 12 Can’t Help Falling In Love 13 Rock A Hula Baby 14 Return To Sender 15 Don’t 16 (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame 17 Good Luck Charm 18 Surrender 19 She’s Not You 20 A Mess Of Blues 21 It’s Now Or Never 22 Fever 23 Moody Blue 24 Way Down 25 My Way Bonus track – If I Can Dream

In Australia (and the UK) the DVD "Elvis #1 Hit Performances and More" will be released although the release date still has to be announced. These are expected to come out sometime in the fourth quarter of 2007, timed nicely for holiday gift sales. The content will be the same content as the North American release and 15 additional performances of songs that were either #1 in the US or UK or are simply Elvis classics. (News, Source: Elvis Australia/Elvis News)

More DVD releases: 'Elvis Presley The Last 24 Hours' will be re-released in the US on 31 July 2007. In Australia the excellent documentary film, 'Altered By Elvis', gets its R4 release on 6 August 2007. (News, Source: Elvis Australia/Elvis News/EzyDVD/EIN)

Read EIN's review of Altered By Elvis


Wednesday 11 July 2007...............the countdown continues...........31 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

"Elvis #1 Hit Performances DVD!!!: Later this year, Sony BMG will distribute a DVD release that could serve to introduce Elvis to new audiences of all ages, perhaps prompting their first Elvis purchase, and encourage some casual Elvis fans to get more serious. 

In North America it will be Elvis #1 Hit Performances -  a 15-song collection of videos of Elvis peforming some of his #1 US and UK hits.  In the UK it will be Elvis #1 Hit Performances and More - the same content as the North American release and 15 additional performances of songs that were either #1 in the US or UK or are simply Elvis classics.   This is sort of a DVD version of the concepts for the ELV1S 30 #1 Hits and ELVIS 2ND To None CDs of 2002 and 2003.

The content is doubled for the UK version primarily because music publishing clearances are standardized in the UK for DVD releases like they are for CDs.  In the United States, music publishers can hold the songs they own or represent for ransom because DVD clearance rates are not standardized as they are for CDs.  

Release dates to be announced.  These are expected to come out sometime in the fourth quarter of 2007, timed nicely for holiday gift sales.

Below is an advance look at the first draft of the back-of-the-box text for both releases and the first draft of the liner notes describing the contents are in a separate article.

ELVIS #1 HIT PERFORMANCES (1 Disc – 15 Songs – USA Release)

What an outstanding introduction to the magic of Elvis Presley! This collection of 15 wonderful performances by the King of Rock 'n' Roll showcases some of his #1 US and UK hits. Culled from his TV guest appearances, movies, and concert films and television specials -- from 1956, the year his star ascended, to the 1970s when he reached the pinnacle of his career -- this is Elvis at his best.

See Elvis perform Heartbreak Hotel, his first gold record award winner, shortly after the single's release. Witness the raucous rendition of Hound Dog that got him into trouble with the press and the morally concerned. See the matinee idol croon one of his greatest love ballads, Can't Help Falling in Love, and sing and dance in one of rock music's all-time greatest production numbers, Jailhouse Rock. Marvel at his "from the waist up only" Ed Sullivan Show performance of Don't Be Cruel. Experience Elvis in Las Vegas with an energetic delivery of Suspicious Minds and in Hawaii performing a version of Burning Love for a global television audience. Also included: Love Me Tender, All Shook Up, Teddy Bear, Stuck on You, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Return To Sender, In the Ghetto and The Wonder of You.

ELVIS #1 HIT PERFORMANCES AND MORE (1 Disc, 30 Songs – International Release)

What an outstanding introduction to the magic of Elvis Presley! This collection of 30 wonderful performances by the King of Rock 'n' Roll showcasing 21 of his #1 US and UK hits and 9 other classics. Culled from his TV guest appearances, movies, and concert films and television specials -- from 1956, the year his star ascended, to the 1970s when he reached the pinnacle of his career -- this is Elvis at his best.

The #1 Hits - See Elvis perform Heartbreak Hotel, his first gold record award winner, shortly after the single's release. Witness the raucous rendition of Hound Dog that got him into trouble with the press and the morally concerned. See the matinee idol croon one of his greatest love ballads, Can't Help Falling in Love, and sing and dance in one of rock music's all-time greatest production numbers, Jailhouse Rock. Marvel at his "from the waist up only" Ed Sullivan Show performance of Don't Be Cruel. Experience Elvis in Las Vegas with an energetic delivery of Suspicious Minds and in Hawaii performing a version of Burning Love for a global television audience.

More #1 hits: Love Me Tender, All Shook Up, Teddy Bear, Stuck on You, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Return To Sender, In the Ghetto, The Wonder of You, One Night, A Big Hunk o' Love, Wooden Heart, Rock-a-Hula Baby, Too Much, and I Want You, I Need You, I Love You. Additional Elvis classics: That's All Right, Blue Suede Shoes, Love Me, Treat Me Nice, Trouble, Bossa Nova Baby, Don't Cry Daddy, An American Trilogy, and If I Can Dream.

EIN Note: EIN understands that the original concept for this release was "Elvis 30 #1 Hits, ie. to mirror the highly successful CD of the same name. The DVD had an on again-off again history until the powers that be recognised the success of the Elvis-Celine Dion video duet of "If I Can Dream". Tentative release date is late October 2007. (News, Source: EPE/Sony BMG)

New Sony BMG releases showing 30th Anniversary sticker:

Note: Elvis At The Movies comes with fold-out poster

(News, Source: Sony BMG)

Elvis' jeweler now an EPE licensee: One of Elvis Presley Enterprises' newest licensees is Lowell Hays, who was Elvis's jeweler and friend in the 1970s.  During that time, Mr. Hays was Elvis's primary source for the great amount of jewelry he bought for himself and for friends and family. 

Mr. Hays designed many custom pieces of jewelry for Elvis, the most famous being the TCB ring. And now you may have officially licensed replicas of some of these special items directly from Lowell Hays. Visit www.elvisjeweler.com to shop the available items and enjoy some great Elvis stories and special memories from Mr. Hays. (News, Source: EPE)

"Vegas Variety" CD: The brand new Rainbow Records label will release a double CD set entitled "Vegas Variety".

This release contains a complete and nearly 90 minutes long performance of Elvis Presley´s September 1st, 1974 Dinner Show recorded from the audience in Las Vegas.

From the press release: The recording of this show has been taken from the original first generation (audience recorded) Cassette-Tape and it has been carefully worked on in a professional studio. So the Producers are able to present exactly what their aim for this project stands for: one of the best performances of Elvis´ August/September 74 concert series at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel in best possible sound-quality, rounded off by a great 16 page booklet containing all necessary information regarding the show – and lots of pictures.

We truly believe that this is a great show with an extremly talkative Elvis (including a nearly 10 minutes long monologue about the difference between kung fu and karate) who delivers a bunch of his later classics (the only 50´s throwaway-style-sung title in this show is "Hound Dog", no more „timekillers“!). Hear Elvis, who is clearly in a relaxed mood, doing classy versions of songs like „It´s Midnight“, „Big Boss Man“, „I´m Leavin´“, „If You Talk In Your Sleep“ (introducing a series of karate moves) and „Bridge Over Troubled Water“.

As a bonus you can hear recordings from the September 2, 1974 „Closing Night“, taken from the soundboard – including some rare dialogue of Elvis while „Voice“ Pete Hallin is preparing himself before singing „I Couldn´t Live Without You“. The „Strung Out Mix“ is a nice and funny gem and finally, you can hear Ed Parker talking about the King in an excerpt from a late 70´s radio show called „The Elvis Hour“.

Disc 1 (Running Time: 59:18)

[00:51] 01 - Also Sprach Zarathustra (Strauss)
[03:24] 02 - See See Rider ( Traditional )
[08:01] 03 - I Got A Woman / Amen (Charles / Traditional)
[03:13] 04 - Talking About GI BLues (Elvis talks)
[01:52] 05 - Love Me ( Leiber / Stoller)
[02:50] 06 - If You Love Me (Rostill)
[03:20] 07 - It's Midnight (Wheeler - Chesnut)
[02:37] 08 - Big Boss Man (Reed)
[03:37] 09 - Fever (Porter)
[03:17] 10 - I'm Leavin' (Jarrett - Charles)
[03:03] 11 - Softly As I Leave You (deVita - Sharper)
[02:34] 12 - Hound Dog (Leiber - Stoller)
[04:05] 13 - Polk Salad Annie (White)
[09:06] 14 - Band Introductions (traditional)
[02:46] 15 - Monologue (Elvis talks)
[04:42] 16 - If You Talk In Your Sleep (West - Christopher)
Disc 2 (Running Time: 52:29)

[09:42] 01 - Karate Monologe (Elvis talks)
[02:47] 02 - Help Me (Gatlin)
[02:40] 03 - Why Me Lord (Kristofferson)
[03:33] 04 - Let Me Be There (Rostill)
[04:35] 05 - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon)
[03:23] 06 - Hawaiian Wedding Song (King - Hoffman - Manning)
[01:41] 07 - Can't help Falling In Love (Weiss - Peretti - Creatore)
[00:45] 08 - Closing Vamp (Traditional)
[06:25] 09 - I Couldn't Live Without You (Hallin)
[02:57] 10 - Bringin' It Back (Gordon)
[03:43] 11 - Aubrey (Gates - Griffin)
[04:59] 12 - Strung Out Monologue (Elvis Talks)
[02:11] 13 - Strung Out Mix (Elvis Talks)
[00:34] 14 - Karate Monologue (Elvis Talks)
[02:34] 15 - Ed Parker (Ed Parker Talks) (News, Source: Elvis News)

Viva Las Vegas & Jailhouse Rock DVD releases to be single discs after all: The USA releases of the deluxe editions of "Viva Las Vegas" and "Jailhouse Rock" will be single discs and not double disc releases as they are currently being promoted. The content is as stated but on one Disc. The same goes for the Australian edition. (News, Source: Elvis Australia /Elvis News)

"Elvis: Viva Las Vegas" TV event in the US: Airing on Wednesday, September 12 at 9pm ET

As mentioned in an ABC announcement about their programming for the new fall season:  "For the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, ABC News is producing a two-hour TV event in High Definition that will examine how the King of Rock-and-Roll re-invented Las Vegas and how it re-invented him. Top recording stars of 2007 perform Elvis's Vegas classics, woven in with previously unreleased music and documentary footage - never-before-seen-film of Elvis’s Vegas years."

A detailed press release about this show will be issued by ABC News in the weeks ahead.

David Saltz and Rudy Bednar are the executive producers. The program is being produced in association with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (News, Source: EPE)

Unusual back cover of DVD release in China (News, Source: HT Long)

"100 Hits" 5CD boxset in EC: Here is the cover art of the Elvis (and friends) 5 CD box "100 Hits which was released May 4, 2007 on the Weton (Pool Music und Media) label.

Track listing: Disk: 1 - 1. Blue suede shoes 2. Long tall Sally 3. Tutti frutti 4. How do you think I feel 5. The girl can't help it 6. Roll over Beethoven 7. Ain't that a shame 8. I want you, I need you, I love you 9. Jumbo 10. At your beck and call 11. Anyplace is Paradise 12. Abide with me 13. Rain, rain, rain 14. Mystery train 15. Heaven on earth 16. Hush your mouth 17. Ready Teddy 18. I'm left, you're right, she's gone 19. I believe 20. Second line jump

Disk: 2 - 1. Love me 2. When my blue moon turns to gold again 3. I'm a man 4. Jump, Red, jump 5. Don't be cruel 6. Rip it up 7. I was the one 8. Strange lady in town 9. How's the world treating you 10. Answer me
11. Alright, okay, you win 12. Bark, battle and ball 13. Thirty days 14. Act of contrition 15. Swanee River hop
16. I wanna 17. Anyway you want me 18. When my dreamboat comes home 19. Old shep 20. Goodbye

Disk: 3 - 1. Shake, rattle and roll 2. Blow your horn 3. Bless this house 4. My blue heaven 5. Love me tender
6. You can't catch me 7. Only you 8. I'll never let you go 9. Bring it to Jerome 10. I'm looking for a woman
11. High noon 12. One-sided love affair 13. Little Jamie 14. Baby, let's play house 15. First in line 16. Nearer, my God, to thee 17. Be-bop-a-lula 18. Fat's Franzy 19. Have mercy baby 20. Honey Chile

Disk: 4 1. Heartbreak hotel 2. Blue moon 3. Eli, Eli 4. Woman love 5. Diddley daddy 6. Money honey 7. Hand clappin' 8. I'm sorry 9. I love her 10. I'm counting on you 11. Just because 12. Fever 13. Glory of love
14. The lord's prayer 15. Remeber when 16. I got a woman 17. Paralyzed 18. I'm in love again 19. I believe
20. If you need me

Disk: 5 - 1. Hound dog 2. Maybellene 3. Blue moon of Kentucky 4. I love you because 5. Chattanooga choo choo 6. She's got it 7. Moonlight gambler 8. Goodnight, sweet Jesus 9. That's the groovy thing 10. I'm gonna sit right down and cry 11. Happy feet 12. Pretty thing 13. Someone to watch over me 14. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 15. Have mercy 16. Hey! Bo Diddley 17. My baby left me 18. Trying to get to you 19. Blueberry Hill 20. Forgive me (News, Source: Amazon.de /Elvis News)


Tuesday 10 July 2007...............the countdown continues...........32 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

July FTD albums released - remaining track listings: According to Elvis Unlimited the July FTDs are just released. The tracks of "I Sing All Kinds" were available for a while, and here are the tracklistings for both "Raised On Rock" and "Easy Come, Easy Go".

Track listing - "Raised On Rock": CD 1: Raised On Rock; Are You Sincere; Find Out What’s Happening; I Miss You; Girl Of Mine; For Ol’ Times Sake; If You Don’t Come Back; Just A Little Bit; Sweet Angeline; Three Corn Patches

Session Highlights: I Miss You (Take 10-11); Find out What’s happening (Take 6); It’s Different Now (Rehearsal, unedited); Three Corn Patches (Take 1-2); If You Don’t Come Back (Take 5); Girl Of Mine (Take 9); I Miss You (Take 5); Three Corn Patches (Take 13-14); Are You Sincere (Take 2); Find Out What’s Happening (Take 8, 7); For Ol’ Times Sake (Take 4)

Instrumental Tracks: Color My Rainbow; Sweet Angeline

CD 2: Rough Mixes: For Ol Times Sake; If You Don’t Come Back; Find Out What’s Happening
Raised On Rock; Three Corn Patches (Including FS)

Session Outtakes: If You Don’t Come Back (Take 1-3); I Miss You (Take 1); Girl Of Mine (Take 1); Find Out What’s Happening (Takes 1,2,4,5); Three Corn Patches (Take 4-6); For Ol’ Times Sake (Take 5-7); I Miss You (Take 10); If You Don’t Come Back (Takes 8, 6); Find Our What’s Happening (Takes 8, 7); Are You Sincere (Take 1); Girl Of Mine (Take 3-6); Three Corn Patches (Take 9-10); I Miss You (Take 12-15)

Instrumental: The Wonders You Perform; Good, Bad But Beautiful

Track listing "Easy Come, Easy Go": Easy Come, Easy Go: The Love Machine; Yoga Is As Yoga Does; You Gotta Stop; Sing You Children; I’ll Take Love; She’s A Machine; The Love Machine (Take 1-3); Sing You Children (Take 1); She’s A Machine (Take 5-7); Easy Come, Easy Go (Take 10); The Love Machine (Takes 4, 5, 11); I’ll Take Love (Take 1, 2 A); She’s A Machine (Take 10); Sing You Children (Take 18-19); Yoga Is As Yoga Does (Take 5-6); The Love Machine (Take 13-14); She’s A Machine (Take 13 – Movie master)
I’ll Take Love (Take 2 B); You Gotta Stop (Instrumental take 5); Leave My Woman Alone (Instrumental take 5) (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited /Elvis News)

Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley "DVD only" available for pre-order: Due for release on July 30th in the UK is the single DVD edition of the superb 'Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley'.

If you could not afford the limited edition DVD and Book release which is being deleted very soon then this is for you. Priced at just £10.99 on the HMV website it is ideal for fans on a budget or for those who want to keep the limited edition version in mint condition and have this available for easy access. Click to pre-order your copy from the HMV website just click (News, Source: Joseph Pirzada/EIN/Elvis Express)

"Elvis '57: The Final Fifties Tours" book release: Released in June by iPublishing is the book "Elvis '57: The Final Fifties Tours" by Alan Hanson. "Drawing on first-hand accounts from the disc jockeys on the front lines of Elvis’s exploding career and fans who attended the ’57 concerts, Hanson sweeps you back to the year that forever changed the King of Rock ’n’ Roll" according to the publishers website.

Book description: In 1957, Elvis Aron Presley was still a one man phenomenon with six titles on the charts, one movie to his credit, and two movies soon to follow. But while he pursued his dream of becoming a Hollywood actor, the military draft threatened to shatter it along with his wildly successful rock ’n’ roll career. Elvis couldn’t resist the excitement he found performing on stage before swarms of shrieking teenage girls, and in that final year before he entered the U.S. Army, he went back on the road for three short tours.

Elvis ’57 recalls that magical year when the King played to audiences a quarter of a million people strong, and controversy and pandemonium accompanied him wherever he went. Alan Hanson takes us for a rollicking ride through eighteen major cities in the United States and Canada as he chronicles the most exciting tours of Elvis’s career. In Chicago, Elvis wore his famed gold lame suit and thirteen girls fainted in an effort to reach him. In Vancouver, British Columbia, thousands left their seats and rushed the stage, forcing him to abruptly end the show.

Drawing on first-hand accounts from the disc jockeys on the front lines of Elvis’s exploding career and fans who attended the ’57 concerts, Hanson sweeps you back to the year that forever changed the King of Rock ’n’ Roll. (News, Source: Elvis Presley: A Life In Books)

Bill Randle biography: Bill Randle, one of the most influential, star-making disc jockeys of the 1950s and 1960s and a Cleveland radio voice since 1949 died 3 years ago today at the age of 81. Shortly before he passed on, Bill asked his daughter Pat to finish his memoirs for him. She accepted, and she's busy working on the book. The working title is “The selling of Elvis”.

It was in the fall of 1955 when concert promoter Bill Randle worked with Elvis for the first time. Randle has said that he turned down an offer to manage the singer. But in January 1956, he did introduce Presley on his first national TV appearance on CBS' "Stage Show." By then, Randle was doing double duty, also serving as host of a popular Saturday afternoon show on WCBS in New York, where he also heavily featured Presley's music. It’s not clear yet when Pat Randle will have her fathers book finished. (News, Source: ElvisMatters) 

Elvis lost his sex appeal in the mid 1970s: Veteran actress Raquel Welch confesses to a crush on Elvis, but insists he lost his sex appeal with age. The 66-year-old, who starred alongside Presley in the 1964 movie Roustabout, recalls meeting the singer before his death in 1977 and was stunned to find him less attractive, reports New York Post's Page Six. She says, "He was more packaged. His clothes were not the same, his hair was obviously dyed now, and it was sprayed into place... It was a whitewashed, cleaned-up Elvis. They took all the sex out of him." Welch also was not a fan of Presley's famous white suit. She says, "He looked almost like Liberace." O, by the way: Welch will not be in Memphis, for Elvis Week. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

King and Queen coin: Starting this month, the British 'Legends Jewelry' will offer a series of 12 silver coins. For the first time ever, 'The King and Queen': Elvis and Queen Elizabeth II, will be portraied on one coin.

Allthough the coin is a legal payment method, coincollectors, Elvis fans and Royalty fans will be pleased to add this to their collections.

Each month of the next year will have a new release with a new theme. The first one is called 'That's All Right'. People who would like to collect this money... should have a lot of money: at the end of the series, the 12 coins ($ 99 each) will come to a total of $ 1188 (€ 879). (News, Source: Elvis Matters

Elvis billboard: This is a giant billboard, being used to promote re-development in the docklands area of Dublin. "The Point" is a music venue, and the area around it is being re-developed and improved. It will be ultimately known as "Point Village" when it's completely finished. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Monday 9 July 2007...............the countdown continues............ 33 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Newly expanded - 'EIN's Best of Elvis on YouTube' Weekly Update: Due to EIN's ever-increasing number of clips we have now expanded our YouTube selection across three separate pages. General clips of Elvis' life, as well as great should-have-been 45rpm videos, remain on our main page while Elvis in the Fifties, Movies and Interviews now get a page to themselves. This week another emotional selection as we head to the 30th Anniversary. We feature the beautiful 'You Don't Know Me', 'I Just Can't Help Believing' a sensational On Tour clip, as well as some footage from Elvis' very final concert. That fabulous candid footage from Elvis at 'The World's Fair' is also back! EIN presents over 200 of the best Elvis videos on the internet, catch them all now before the Internet police take them away! ('EIN's Elvis on YouTube', Source: EIN)

Official TCB Band website launched: The Official TCB Band Fan Club® today announced that its new website www.tcbfanclub.com is now officially live.  The site, dedicated to Elvis’ original TCB Band and its members that include Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee James Burton (guitar), Jerry Scheff (bass), Ronnie Tutt (drums), and Glen D. Hardin (piano), will serve as a virtual sanctuary to the many loyal fans seeking information on the group. Exclusive members, who can join for a small annual subscription fee, will receive comprehensive up to the minute information on the band including tour dates, autograph opportunities, advanced ticket buys, biographies, complete discographies, multimedia clips, special competitions, official TCB Band and Fan Club merchandise and much more. “It’s a lifelong dream to be working with James, Jerry, Ronnie and Glen D and to take part in launching this new website,” comments Ann Sunderland, TCB Band Fan Club Coordinator and lifelong fan and friend. “Music fans now have an outlet to show their support for one of the greatest bands of all time.” For more information on The Official TCB Band Fan Club® please visit www.tcbfanclub.com (News, Source:TCB FanClub).

Keith Flynn's Elvis Session site update: Recently updated is Keith Flynn's very fine "Recording Sessions" section of his website, which now includes the sessions for the "Guitar Man" album from 1980. He has also added a full list of session Matrix Numbers. The reason for this 1980's sessions pages update is because of errors that he has noted in other listings and websites. For fans who like exploring Elvis' recording sessions and finding out exactly what was recorded and when, EIN thoroughly recommends this site as it gives everyone a chance to see the true facts and the minute details of what was listed & logged. (News, Source:EIN).

'Elvis at the Movies', a US review: "Reissue Elvis' music, and buyers will come" - How many times can they repackage Elvis Presley's recordings, and how many times will we buy them?
The answers, apparently, are infinitely. All it takes is a new theme, a new batch of artwork -- and sometimes a few alternate takes or a set of newly remastered recordings -- and it's solid gold at the cash register.
Certainly there aren't any fresh insights on the newest Presley reissue, "Elvis at the Movies" -- unless you're new to him. It that case, everything on this double disc is kingly cool, right down to the cover art and poster of a slightly menacing Elvis holding a double-neck electric Gibson -- in the words of "King Creole" -- like a tommy gun. He's gone, gone, gone.
Elvis made a ton of bad movies. But almost all of them had the saving grace of a decent song or two.

The best ones turn up on this album: the hoodlum anthem "Jailhouse Rock," full of 1950s violence; "Return to Sender," with its totally irresistible beat, from the totally forgettable "Girls! Girls! Girls!" -- and the fabulous "Flaming Star," from the movie of the same name, which was one of The King's finest waxings.
True, the new CD's 40-song lineup isn't as much fun as the alternative compilation of Elvis' movie music but RCA/Sony isn't likely to release that one. A bootleg production on Dog Vomit Records, it has a title not printable in a family newspaper. But it rhymes with Elvis' Greatest Hits. Among its offerings are "Ito Eats" (from 1961's Blue Hawaii); "Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce" (from 1965's "Girl Happy"); and, steaming at the top of the heap, "Dominic the Impotent Bull" (from 1968's "Stay Away Joe"). There are 37 tracks in all.

The point is, for every decent film song that Elvis did, he also recorded a genuine stinker. And there are piles of mediocrity in between.

Some of this so-so material, sad to say, turns up on "Elvis at the Movies." For instance, great tunes like "Can't Help Falling in Love" and "Follow that Dream" are succeeded by two limp dishrags from "It Happened at the World's Fair" ("One Broken Heart of Sale" and "They Remind Me Too Much of You").
There are more and more of these potboilers and throwaways as the set goes on. The album, which is arranged chronologically, suggests that the longer Elvis made movies, the less he seemed to care about the soundtracks. That makes for some tough sledding on parts of Disc 2. Schlock like "This is My Heaven" and "(Such an) Easy Question" make infrequent fare like the simple rockers "Little Egypt" and "Do the Clam" sound like masterpieces.
But all this carping is relative. This is Elvis. The King. He is beyond criticism. So suffice it to say that bad movie soundtracks don't get any better than this. - Written by Ben Windham, Tuscaloosa News.
EIN full review coming soon.. (News, Source; Sanja Meegin)


Sunday 8 July 2007...............the countdown continues............34 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

A Unique Meet and Greet Event with Some of Elvis' closest Friends: A brand new event that you shouldn't miss has just been added to Elvis Week 2007. Essential Elvis will hold a meet and greet at Vernon Presley's house on Nolan Drive (beside Graceland) on August 15th at 6.PM. With the exclusive appearances of Billy & Jo Smith, Marty & Patsy Lacker, the infamous "Dr. Nick" George Nichopoulos, Jeanne Lemay Dumas and Susan Henning. For more information you can go to Essential Elvis Website. (News, Source:Andrew Hearn).


Go here for EIN's interviews with Billy Smith, Marty Lacker and Jeanne Lemay Dumas.

Joseph Pirzada's controversial interview: EIN has had masses of fan feedback to our Joseph Pirzada interview we published yesterday. Pirzada's detailed replies and information has obviously rattled a few cages within the Elvis World. EIN will publish reader's feedback in full on Tuesday, but in the meantime here is just a sample of people's feelings so far. Fans shouldn't miss out on reading this alternate view into the extraordinary world of Elvis publishing.

> It is a totally fantastic interview- BEST I EVER READ! I cannot wait for Part II!! - GM
> The interview opened my eyes to the one-sided bias within the so-say equal world of Elvis public forums. Shocking but informative. - PC
>I read the interview and he makes a lot of sense. All through the years RCA has shown disinterest in the legacy of Elvis and his priceless recordings, by not keeping them safe, losing them, erasing them, and so forth. It seems that a lot of great stuff is in the hands of private collectors and BMG or EPE is too cheap to buy this stuff. - EK
>What a fascinating interview containing some insightful comments and information. Ernst has done some fantastic stuff for Elvis fans but of course BMG limits him to what he can release. This should be read by all Elvis collectors. – BS (News, Source: EIN).

Elvis had two incredible drummers - DJ Fontana joins the TCB Band at Elvis Week: DJ Fontana met and worked with Elvis on the Louisiana Hayride 1955. He performed on 460 RCA recordings and played drums and appeared in five movies. Ronnie Tutt met Elvis in Las Vegas in 1969 and was selected as Elvis’ drummer as part of the TCB Band. He is still playing for Elvis today up on the big screen in "Elvis in Concert." Now imagine this! Elvis’ two incredible drummers for the first time on stage performing Elvis songs together for the first time. Presented by Elvis International August 14th at the Peabody Hotel at 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. shows, it’s up close and personal with the TCB Band, DJ Fontana, the Jordanaires, Millie Kirkham, and Terry Mike Jeffrey. For information and ticket orders call 818 991-3892 or e-mail: elvisint@aol.com. (News, Source:Elvis International)

Live Video from Elvis’ Meditation Garden: This year, during the annual candlelight vigil, the world will be able to participate by watching a LiveCam of Meditation Garden. We wanted Elvis Insiders to be able to have a sneak peak so you can see as we prepare and as flowers arrive from all over the world. (News, Source:EPE).


Saturday 7 July 2007...............the countdown continues............35 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Joseph Pirzada opens up to EIN: On the 53rd anniversary of the first radio broadcast of That's All Right, Mama, Joseph Pirzada, the man behind the MRS volumes and the exciting new release, "Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley", talks candidly to EIN about what was involved in producing his sets and the politics of the Elvis world.

Thought provoking, strong, and challenging, this is an interview sure to cause controversy! (Interview, Source: EIN)

Read Part 1

UK Singles set track listing: Here are the track listings of all the UK reissue singles. Each classic single will be released in a limited edition numbered CD single and 10” vinyl format, beautifully packaged utilising the original U.S. and U.K. sleeve and label artwork:
Suspicious Minds
1. Suspicious Minds
2. You'll Think Of Me
3. Suspicious Minds [Alt. Take 7]

Blue Suede Shoes
1. Blue Suede Shoes
2. Tutti Frutti
3. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy [Alt. Take 1]
  Hound Dog
1. Hound Dog
2. Don't Be Cruel
3. Any Way You Want Me [Master]
1. Party
2. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!
3. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do! [Movie Master Take 17]
Hard Headed Woman
1. Hard Headed Woman
2. Don't Ask Me Why
3. Steadfast, Loyal And True [Undubbed Master]
  King Creole
1. King Creole
2. Dixieland Rock
3. King Creole [Alt. Take 18]
Teddy Bear
1. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
2. Loving You
3. Loving You [Farm Version Alt. Take 6]
1. Don't
2. I Beg Of You
3. I Beg Of You [Alt. Take 5]
  In The Ghetto
1. In The Ghetto
2. Any Day Now
3. In The Ghetto [Alt. Take 3]
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
1. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
2. Patch It Up
3. Patch It Up [Alt. Take 9]

A Big Hunk Of Love
1. A Big Hunk O' Love
2. My Wish Came True
3. A Big Hunk O' Love [Alt. Take 1]
  Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
1. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
2. Doncha Think It's Time
3. Doncha Think It's Time [Alt. Take 48]
If I Can Dream
1. If I Can Dream
2. Memories
3. If I Can Dream [Alt. Take 1]

Always On My Mind
1. Always On My Mind
2. Separate Ways
3. Always On My Mind [Alt. Take 2]
  Viva Las Vegas
1. Viva Las Vegas
2. What'd I Say
3. Viva Las Vegas [Alt. Takes 1 & 2]
An American Trilogy
1. An American Trilogy
2. The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
3. An American Trilogy [Aloha Version]
Burning Love
1. Burning Love
2. It's A Matter Of Time
3. Burning Love [Alt. Take]

Discover your inner Elvis: People traveling across the Hernando DeSoto Bridge could soon be greeted by a king-sized banner featuring Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) is asking permission to hang the 17-foot-wide, 63.6-foot-tall banner from the Memphis Cook Convention Center.

EPE, which is busy gearing up for next month's 30th anniversary of Presley's death, will appear before the Center City Commission's Design and Review Board on Wednesday. (News, Source: Commercial Appeal)

South African fans to select their favorite Elvis tracks: First it was Holland, then Austria, now it's South Africa!

South African Elvis fans can also compile their own Elvis CD by selecting 50 favourite songs from 150 pre-selected titles. Sony-BMG launched an Elvis Ultimate 50 competition in corroboration with readers of the well-known magazine, You. Every Elvis fan that sends in their favourites, stands a chance to win a trip to Graceland for two, or a collection of Elvis CDs and DVDs. (News, Source: Annemarie Swartz)

"The Presley Prophecy" book release: Now available from lulu.com is this fiction story by Allan Morrison about Elvis' ancestor, Andrew Presley, who underakes a mission to kill the Jacobite prince, Charles Edward Dunlop, in order to prevent his own brother from hanging. Can Andrew bring himself to kill? As he grapples with his horrible challenge he learns of a prophecy that will happen one day to his kin. A fast paced thriller that grips to the very end. Includes a comprehensive Presley family tree. ISBN-13: 9781847531575. 238 pages. Available in both softcover and downloadable formats. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch/EIN)

"Chicken A la King" book release: Also available from lulu.com is this 85 page novel by Heidi Jacobsen. Synopsis: An Elvis impersonator meets a farm girl from Iowa and takes on a fast food conglomerate to save a few chickens. Scott and Ali take a trip across the country, pursued by a private investigator as they battle the evil fast food empire to save a few chickens from their fate and discover each other. Available in both softcover and downloadable formats. (News, Source; ElvisBookResearch/EIN)

Naga KRMC:

One of the more unusual Elvis websites

Preview of "Jailhouse Rock" DVD: Here is a preview of the complete design of the Warner Bros DVD reissues; the front and back cover. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Contract with the King" book release: We announced yesterday that this new novel by Paul Pullen was now available for order. Here is an excerpt from the book:

...Paul walked into Dave’s dark bedroom and paused, waiting for his tired eyes to adjust—tired from staring at the road and rearview all the way from Memphis. He stretched the stiff muscles in his back and neck then sat in an old armchair beside his roommate’s bed. A burnt-orange University of Texas curtain reached out from an open window. The faint smell of stale marijuana smoke ascended from a mound of dirty clothes between Dave’s desk and bed. A page in an open medical book fluttered.

“Dave, wake up.” Paul rubbed the goose bumps from his tanned arms then combed his fingers through his curly brown hair. The early morning breeze was unusually cool for Austin in March, but he knew it would not last. KLBJ had predicted a high of 86º. The alarm clock on Dave’s nightstand read 3 a.m. As Paul watched Dave sleep, he wished he, too, was snuggled in bed, drifting off to dreamland, but before he could even think of sleep, he had one more important task to complete. He shook Dave’s shoulder. “Dave, wake up.”


Paul, Dave, Brooks, and Rob, the Four Musketeers, had met in third grade but had not become close friends until junior high and high school, a time when forever friendships are formed. While growing up, they had reveled in numerous exploits, from painting zebra stripes on the Buckholzs’ prize-winning bull, to setting the town dump on fire, but they were now 24-year-old college students, embarking on what might prove to be greatest adventure of their lives. The others had already joined the game, and now it was time to invite Dave, the cautious one, the one Paul had wisely saved until last. “Dave, I did it. I got him.”

Dave stared at Paul’s blurred image through half-open eyes. He reached for his wire-rimmed glasses then peered at his alarm clock. He pushed himself up on one elbow, brushed back his sandy-brown hair, and stared at his friend. “Paul, you’ve got to stop smoking that pot. We’ve both got to stop, or we’ll never get through this semester alive. I bet you smoked all the way from DeSoto.”

“Dave, you know I don’t smoke anymore, and I didn’t go to DeSoto. I went to Memphis. I pulled it off, Dave. I nabbed the King. We’ve got him hidden in Detox. Tara and Brooks are keeping the first watch. He’s not lookin’ too good, Dave. We’re going to need your help.”... Buy "Contract with the King"

MGM honors The King: The King may (or may not) be dead, but the legacy of rock legend and matinee-idol Elvis Presley will live forever. Honoring the pop culture icon and hip-swinging heart-throb in time for the 30th anniversary of his tragic and untimely death - August 16, 1977 – MGM Home Entertainment brings the sequin-studded hero to DVD with the Elvis Presley MGM Movie Legends Collection and the outrageous Bubba Ho-Tep Limited Edition.

A rebel armed with a six-string and a mean fusion sound, Elvis had already changed the face of American music before conquering Hollywood with his signature sneer and perfectly-coifed pompadour. Celebrating the early screen work of the man who would be King, the four-disc Elvis Presley MGM Movie Legends Collection arrives on DVD July 24 for the suggested retail price of $39.98.

The collection includes Clambake (1967), which finds a young oil tycoon posing as a water-ski instructor in an effort to find someone who doesn’t love him just for his money; Kid Galahad (1962), a musical/boxing picture and a departure from Elvis’ frothy cinematic fare; Follow That Dream (1962), the fun-loving fable about an unorthodox family setting up a community on the side of the highway… much to the chagrin of the officious state supervisor; and Frankie And Johnny (1966), a red-hot dramatic tale of jealousy and murder.  

Elvis Presley MGM Movie Legends Collection is now available for pre-order at Amazon. As of yet, there is not a release date for the UK. Visit the DVD database for more information.

The Shady Rest retirement home is about to get a new resident: a broken-down and eccentric old geezer claiming to be the King of Rock N Roll himself!  

Cult icon Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead Trilogy, Spider-Man 3) stars as Elvis Presley in Bubba Ho-Tep, returning to DVD on August 7 in a new Special Edition - with new collectible packaging based on Presley’s own white leather Campbell swings his feeble hips and joins forces with the late, great Ossie Davis (Grumpy Old Men, Do The Right Thing) – who plays a decrepit and black President John “Jack” Kennedy – to combat a blood-sucking mummy in this “wildly creative amusement” (Premiere) from screenwriter/ director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, The Beastmaster).  

Based on the Bram Stoker Award-nominated short story by cult author Joe R. Lansdale, Bubba Ho-Tep garnered Second Place for Best International Film at the Fant-Asia Film Festival and was nominated for Best Screenplay by the Online Film Critics Society.  

The Bubba Ho-Tep (Special Edition) features commentary by Coscarelli and Campbell, as well as a separate
commentary by “The King” himself, Joe R. Lansdale reading from his own short story, deleted scenes with
optional commentary, animated photo gallery and production featurettes.
jumpsuit. (News, Source: M&G / Elvis Express Radio)

Sir Elton John talks about Elvis: Aussie fans should tune in to the Andrew Denton "Enough Rope" program next Monday night on ABC TV. His guest is Sir Elton John, and the advance pr for the show indicates that Sir Elton will be talking about The King, among many other topics. (News, Source: ABC TV)

EPE adds Meditation Garden webcam: EPE have announced that they will be adding a new web-cam aimed at the meditation garden for insiders only. The new camera is expected to be online for paying members in time for Elvis Week (although apparently it is actually now online). (News, Source: Elvis Express Radio)

Elvis : Hot Shots And Cool Clips - Volume 3 Trailer

Elvis: Hot Shots and Cool Clips -Volume 3 captures never before seen footage of classic Elvis Presley moments.

Including signing his M.G.M. movie contract in 1962, his 1957 performance in Chicago, arriving for the films Blue Hawaii and Girls! Girls! Girls!, Elvis with Frank Sinatra and Barbara Stanwyck, Elvis in Nashville, complete 1970 Houston Press Conference and Lost Holy Grail Jailhouse Rock Screen test, plus much more.


The Jailhouse Rock Screen test is in full color and never before seen in its entirety until now. This is definitely the highlight of this forthcoming DVD from JAT Productions, and according to the producer it will be one of the best DVD's released this year for celebrating the Elvis' 30th Anniversary.

You can go on YouTube and watch a cool trailer of Elvis : Hot Shots and Cool Clips-Volume 3...just click on the DVD cover and you will go directly to the trailer. Enjoy!! (News, Source: FECC)

Chart update: The U.S. Billboard chart listings for the week ending July 14, 2007:

Top Country Catalog Albums - Ultimate Gospel - up 2 to #14
Top Country Catalog Albums - Elvis 30 #1 Hits - up 1 to #11
Hot Singles Sales - Heartbreak Hotel - up 14 to #35
Top Music Video - Elvis Lives - 25th Anniversary Concert - up 7 to #6
Top Comprehensive Music Video - 25th Anniversary Concert - up 7 to #7
Top Music Video - Elvis: 68 Comeback Special - down 5 to #26
Top Comprehensive Music Video - Elvis: 68 Comeback Special - down 5 to #27
Top Music Video - Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - up 4 to #23
Top Comprehensive Music Video - Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - up 4 to #24

No new or re-entries or releases dropping off the charts. A note of interest is that "Heartbreak Hotel" logs its 75th week on the Hot Singles Sales chart and moves up 14 slots as a sales gainer this week.
(News, Source: Elvis International Fan Club /Elvis News)

David Stanley film name change: Originally "The Headhunter" and more recently, "Riding With THe King", the final name for David Stanley's film is "Protecting the King". This is the final change.  The distribution company didn’t get "Riding with the King" cleared due to it being the name of a music album.  "The HeadHunter" was also not as marketable in their opinion.   SO, the official title is, "Protecting the King". (News, Source: Impello Films)

Friday 6 July 2007...............the countdown continues............36 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Jeanne LeMay Dumas talks to EIN: Jeanne LeMay Dumas, Linda Thompson's best friend and author of the book, "Elvis, Linda and Me", talks to EIN about her new book and times with Elvis and Linda.

From the fun times to Elvis' mood swings, Jeanne offers many insights about life around The King. (Interview, Source: EIN)

"Elvis Is Back" to be released next week: Elvis Is Back the new book from Elvis Unlimited will be released on Tuesday July 10, 2007. The book has now been printed and the bookbinder is working on it at the moment.
The book will like the two “Inside” boxes come in a a box including a vinyl single, dvd, post cards and a certificate. The book will be thicker and the dvd will be much longer than in the two previous boxes.
Elvis Is Back will be about Elvis’ return to the music scene in 1960. This year was a bittersweet one for Elvis. He was being discharged from the Army. Music had changed in two years and he was a little insecure about his music career. Yet he enters the sessions with such ambition and determination. He delivers a new mature diverse voice. “It's Now Or Never” and “Surrender” are truly challenging for Elvis. He proofs himself to be a truly talented singer and not just a flash in the pan. These recording sessions will forever stand out in Elvis’ history.
It’s almost as if Elvis hit the ground running upon his return. The Colonel had been busy preparing for Elvis' return for a very long time. Not only were the recording sessions lined up, an appearance on the ABC televised Frank Sinatra Special and the filming for “G.I. Blues” were immediately following.
His appearance on the Sinatra Special is warmly received by the public. Elvis innocently steals the show from Sinatra. Yet the repertoire between the two performers is very apparent. “G.I. Blues” is a very successful film for Elvis although Elvis hates being in uniform again.
During this year, Elvis is also experiencing many changes in his personal life. Elvis has met Priscilla while in Germany. But he returns to his long time girlfriend Anita Wood. They continue their relationship where it left off before Elvis left for Germany. Vernon marries Dee, which is hard on Elvis because of the loss of his mother. Elvis also brings many of his friends from Germany home and the Memphis Mafia is formed.
But still the most important thing during the year 1960 is the amazing recording sessions. We have two incredible albums from this year, “Elvis Is Back” and “His Hand In Mine.” Elvis truly proves his ability as a performer. He conquers every challenge he is faced with and proves Elvis is back!
Elvis Is Back will include many never before seen pictures from this period. There will even be some very interesting ones from the filming of G.I. Blues. Those were not used in the Inside G.I. Blues book. Order from Elvis Unlimited (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

"Contract with the King" released: The new Elvis novel by Paul Pullen is now available for order (News, Source: Paul Pullen)

"Reflected Glory - The Elvis Legacy" book announced: Another upcoming book is "Reflected Glory: The Elvis Legacy". Apparently it is a critical examination of the phenomenon of how members of the Memphis Mafia, TCB Band and ETA's continue to make a living out of their direct and indirect association with The King. Due out in 2008. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

"Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 3" DVD: Volume 3 of Joe Tunzi's "Hot Shots And Cool Clips" is available for pre-order at Amazon. If you want to know what to expect, read our reviews of the first two volumes.

Synopsis: Elvis Hot Shots and Cool Clips Volume 3 captures never before seen footage of classic Elvis Presley moments. Including signing his M.G.M. movie contract in 1962, his 1957 performance in Chicago, arriving for the films Blue Hawaii and Girls! Girls! Girls!, Elvis with Frank Sinatra and Barbara Stanwyck, Elvis in Nashville, complete 1970 Houston Press Conference and Lost Holy Grail Jailhouse Rock Screen test, plus much more. (News, Source: Amazon.com /Elvis News)

ITV1 documentary in August (UK): ITV1 (UK) is to mark the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death next month with an hour-long documentary. Young Elvis In Colour will feature the singer's early film screen-tests together with footage of him in concert. There will also be interviews with his childhood friends and musicians. (News, Source: Brian Quinn, FECC board)

Elvis article in The Bulletin (Australia): Australian magazine The Bulletin features a two page article on Elvis in its June 3 issue. (News, Source: KiwiAlan, FECC board)

Krone Elvis - The King: Just like the Dutch Elvis fans the Austrian fans can compile their own Elvis CD too. They can select their favourite songs from 90 pre-selected titles. The Top 40 will be released with the title "Krone Elvis - The King" on August 16, 2007. (News, Source: Krone - Hitwahl /Elvis News)

"Elvis Thru The Years" DVD: A new DVD from Legend has been announced, the title "Elvis Thru The Years". This 76 minutes "collector's edition" release is due for release August 14, 2007.

Product Details:

Actors: Elvis Presley
Format: Collector's Edition, Color, DVD-Video, Full Screen, NTSC
Language: English
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Legend
DVD Release Date: August 14, 2007
Run Time: 76 minutes.
(News, Source: Amazon.com / Elvis News


Thursday 5 July 2007...............the countdown continues............37 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Warner Bros trailers for upcoming DVD releases now on YouTube: (Source: EP Gold)

Classic FM: The August edition of Classic FM magazine features a cover CD containing smooth classics. It features classical pieces which inspired modern music. Track 7 is: Martini: Plaisir d’amour Beniamino Gigli (tenor), La Scala Orchestra/Oliveri/Taken from The Gigli Edition, Vol.8 Naxos Historical 8.110269. The composition inspired Elvis' ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You (News, Source: Maurice Colgan)

"Memories Of The King" DVD: A new DVD release from Koch Media is "Memories Of The King". This DVD is due for release August 7, 2007. (News, Source: Amazon.com/Elvis News)

"Elvis #1 Hit Performances" DVD: Due for release from RCA is the DVD "Elvis #1 Hit Performances". This DVD will be released September 4, 2007. (News, Source: Amazon.com/Elvis News)

Bonus tracks on Singles box set announced: The four "bonus" tracks on the UK HMV reissue singles set are:

Blue Suede Shoes / Tutti Frutti with bonus track: Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Alt. Take 1);
Always On My Mind / Separate Ways with bonus track: Always On My Mind (Alt. Take 2);
A Big Hunk 'O Love / My Wish Came True with bonus track: A Big Hunk 'O Love (Alt. Take 1);
(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Loving You with bonus track: Loving You (Farm Version, Alt. Take 6).
(News, Source: FECC board)

Can you see the King of Rock in this rock?:
A river rock is causing quite a bit of talk in this mountain community. That is because on it there is a mark that has an uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley.

The hair, the sideburns and the collar all point to the King of Rock.

LaDell Alexander was the one to find it.

"I'm kind of a rock hound," she said.

She bought the rock, which weighs around 23 pounds, a while back in Colorado not noticing the image it carried.

"When I got home and was rinsing it off, I could see something in the rock," Alexander recounted, "And there's Elvis, plain as day, because when it's wet the black hair really stands out."

Alexander and her husband, Lynn, live in Texas, but vacation in Estes Park during the summer. That is where the "Elvis Rock" resides now and has started to attract attention.

George Frawley owns a bed and breakfast near the Alexanders and visited their house Tuesday to have a look.

"It is the real thing!" Frawley exclaimed. "I don't want to get too excited, but this is big stuff."

The Alexanders plan to put the rock on eBay and donate 10 percent of whatever they get to a charity linked to the Elvis Presley Trust. (Odd Spot, Source: KUSA*TV)

He'll pay $30,000 for Elvis poster!:

ELVIS PRESLEY WANTED: Original Feb. 1956 Wilson, N.C. Concert Poster _ Will pay $30,000 cash. (310-346-1965). Items like this, which ran last week in the classified section of The Wilson Daily Times, tend to draw both attention and skepticism, but although this one sounds too far-fetched to be true, it is no joke.

The ad was placed by Andrew Hawley, 42, a rock 'n' roll memorabilia collector from southern California. Hawley is looking for original concert posters promoting shows by musical stars Elvis Presley, Buddy Holley, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones and, based on the amounts being offered, wants them badly.

As many know, prior to his becoming a rock 'n' roll legend, Elvis Presley performed in two sold-out concerts at the Charles L. Coon High School auditorium in Wilson Feb. 14, 1956. A short time later, on Sept. 9 the same year, more than 70 million television viewers watched Elvis perform on "The Ed Sullivan Show," and the rest, as they say, is history.

Hawley has done research and found that 50 publicity posters promoting the Wilson Elvis show were distributed by Hatch Shop Print of Nashville, Tenn. They were printed on cardboard measuring 22 by 28 inches and likely nailed to utility poles, warehouses, billboards and other places around town prior to the show.

Afterwards, most of them they were probably torn down or destroyed by the weather, but for anyone who may have grabbed one as a souvenir and kept it, this could be your lucky day. Hawley has had reasonable success thus far in obtaining his posters.

"I got an Elvis poster from someone in Tupelo, Miss., (Elvis' birthplace) and a Buddy Holly one from a Madison, Wis., show in 1958," he said.

He paid $30,000 for the Elvis poster and $10,000 for Buddy Holly's. Hawley has received several calls about the Wilson ad, mainly from people who said they attended the Wilson Elvis concert, but no posters yet. As mentioned earlier, Hawley is also interested in The Rolling Stones.

"There were three Rolling Stones concerts in North Carolina in 1965 — Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro," he said. "I've seen all of these posters, and they're beautiful."

He said 150 were printed for each show, and he is offering $10,000 for one of those as well. Hawley said if anyone calls with an Elvis or Rolling Stones poster, he will come in person to get it and present the owner with $30,000 for Elvis or $10,000 for the Stones. (News, Source: WilsonTimes.com)


Wednesday 4 July 2007...............the countdown continues............38 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Phonecasting.com launches Elvis program: Phonecasting.com, an online network that allows users to create and share "phonecasts", is partnering with Elvis Presley's original drummer, D.J. Fontana, for a continuing phonecasting program about his life and career with Elvis. The show can be accessed through Phonecasting.com's Web site, played on wireless phones or played on MP3 players.

The show, entitled "We're Talkin' Elvis", will feature Fontana, legendary Memphis disc jockey George Klein as well as another member of Presley's inner circle. The broadcasts are created by calling a designated number, punching in a code and talking. Michael Sharp, founder and CEO of Phonecasting.com, says the company was happy to do the Elvis show.

"We are thrilled to offer the world the opportunity to listen to and share Mr. Fontana's life story with phonecasting audiences everywhere," Sharp says. (News, Source: Memphis Business Journal)

Fake "Elvis" money in circulation: Merchants in the UK are receiving more and more fake money with Elvis’ picture. The novelty money is available in a range of £5, £10 and £ 20. It seems to be that the money has got a realistic look and feel, but the difference is the image of a celebrity.

Besides Elvis, there are notes with Barbie, Star Wars and lots of cartoon characters. The president of the board of merchants does not understand how a salesmen can make a mistake by accepting this money, but he changed his mind after holding the bill in his hands: ‘If you fold the note in such a way that you can not see the picture, you can not see if it’s a fake.

It’s very normal that the guy behind the counter of a busy store does not see the fraud.’ In the meanwhile, there is a complain filed against the producers, because it’s against the law to copy money in such a realistic way.

You can find these notes already on Ebay, so it’s quite sure that the items are going to be real collector’s items. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

"Elvis Straight Up!" almost "sold out" again: Joe Esposito's organisation advises: If you have not purchased your copy of Elvis Straight Up! we would like to encourage you to do so at this time, since the availability of this book is limited to the remainder of our current inventory which is diminishing rapidly. To order now visit http://www.Elvisstraightup.com (Not Sold In Stores)

Boots Randolph dies: Boots Randolph, 80, a versatile saxophonist best remembered for his 1963 recording of "Yakety Sax," whose zany melody spiced the girl-chasing comedy sketches of TV star Benny Hill, died July 3 at Skyline Medical Center in Nashville. He had a cerebral hemorrhage.

Starting in the late 1950s, Mr. Randolph's saxophone abilities brought him to prominence as one of Nashville's elite backup, or session, players known as the A-Team. He became a vital part of the "Nashville sound" that blended country and pop influences.

He was featured on such bubblegum hits as singer Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and "I'm Sorry"; Elvis Presley's first post-Army release, "Elvis is Back!" (1960), featuring the bluesy "Reconsider Baby"; and singer Roy Orbison's "Mean Woman Blues" and "Oh, Pretty Woman." (News, Source: Washington Post)

"Unchained Melody" lyricist dies aged 99: Hy Zaret, who wrote the words to the classic song "Unchained Melody," died Monday (July 2) at age 99. The Righteous Brothers recorded the best-known version of the song, released in 1965 and again in 1990 after being featured in the movie Ghost. In addition, Elvis Presley reached the country Top 10 with the song in 1978, and LeAnn Rimes reached No. 3 with her rendition of the song in 1997. "Unchained Melody" has been recorded more than 300 times. (News, Source: CMT.com)

Wales fans take notice: Daily South Town says: We need help...and we don't mean in the clinical, psyciatric sense of the word. The person deemed the biggest Elvis fan in the Southland will win a copy of a velvet Elvis painting. Are you an Elvis freak? No, we mean an Elvis FREAK!

In honor of the King’s untimely demise 30 years ago this August, we want to talk to people who consider themselves the ultimate Elvis fan. We know Elvis devotees are a unique bunch, and we want to know exactly how that devotion manifests itself for you. Have you been to Graceland three dozen times and celebrate the birthdays not only of the king but of Priscilla and Lisa Marie, too? Do you have a spot in your house just for Elvis memorabilia, perhaps decked out in a jungle room motif? Do you eat peanut butter-and-banana sandwiches or a pound of bacon at one sitting just to emulate your favorite singer? In other words, are you Elvis’ greatest fan? Tell us how. We will have a group of unbiased judges review the stories and determine who is, in fact, the king/queen of the King fans.

What’s in it for you? Bragging rights, of course, but also the authentic, framed velvet Elvis painting shown on this page! Write to Steve Metsch at smetsch@dailysouthtown.com or call (708) 633-5996.

Elvis Pez release: Quote from Nostalgic Candy.com: Detailed Description - This is the ultimate collectors item for any Pez or Elvis fan. It's a limited edition embossed tin container shaped like a gold record featuring three Elvis Pez dispensers in three different styles, an Elvis CD (pictured) and three Pez candy refills.

The dispensers feature The King from different eras in his career: in his Army garb in 1958, 1968 Elvis from his famous Comeback Special and Elvis in 1973 with his trademark sunglasses and jumpsuit. On the back of the tin, you get history and pictures about Elvis from each decade. The three-track CD includes one song from each era: "Hound Dog," "Follow that Dream" and "The Wonder of You."

Each limited edition tin is numbered and has a facsimile Elvis autograph. Tin is approximately 8 inches tall.
http://www.nostalgiccandy.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1368&HS=1 (News, Source: Elvis Express Radio)

Voting in "The Dutch Collection": The response to voting at www.elvispresley.nl  for 'The Dutch Collection' is a huge success. The Top 50 varies daily due to the voting.

Some of the songs that are now in the Top 10 are: Return to Sender, Polk Salad Annie, Are You Lonesome Tonight? (laughing version), My Boy, Guitar Man & Suspicious Minds. Surprise as of now is the high ranking for American Trilogy. (News, Source: Rogier van Luyken/EP Gold)

2007/07/03           Rogier van Luyken   /  www.epgold.com

Tuesday 3 July 2007...............the countdown continues............39 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Larry Geller new interview with EIN: From 1964 until the very final days Larry Geller was a close friend to Elvis. Perhaps Elvis might have lived longer had he paid more attention to Geller's healthy life-style and managed to shake off the excessive demands of Colonel Parker. With the 30th Anniversary fast approaching Larry was kind enough to answer a lot of questions that fans have raised with EIN and to also tell us something about his new book. Larry has multiple projects happening at this very moment, so EIN extends its sincere thanks to him for sparing us the time for this interview. (Interviews, Source: EIN, June 2007)

"Elvis At The Forum"additional artwork: Here is more artwork from the new album "Elvis At The Forum", the unreleased complete afternoon show May 11th 1974 in Los Angeles.

Released by Graceland Records. The recording has been digitally transferred to a24 Bit / 96 khz (in normal language high end quality) to get the best possible sound from this 33 year old (original) tape.

Track listing: Also Sprach Zarathustra - See See Rider - I Got A Woman/Amen - Love Me - Trying To Get To You - All Shook Up - Teddy Bear/ Don't Be Cruel - Love Me Tender - You Can Have Her - Steamroller Blues - Hound Dog – Fever - Polk Salad Annie - Why Me, Lord? - Suspicious Minds - Introductions - I Can't Stop Loving You - Help Me - An American Trilogy - Let Me Be There (reprise) - Funny How Time Slips Away - Big Boss Man - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp – Announcer: Elvis has left the Building - Souvenir Announcement (News, Source: EP Gold)

On EIN later this week - two fantastic interviews:
Joseph Pirzada (the man behind the MRS volumes and Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley opens up to EIN a hard hitting interview where he has plenty to say about a number of prominent identities in the Elvis world!!!
Jeanne LeMay Dumas (author of "Elvis, Linda & Me"

Elvii Radio membership offer: EIN received this message from Elvii Radio: Happy 4th of July in the US - Happy Canada Day in Canada! We are offering a ONE DAY- ONE TIME ONLY ELVII RADIO
MEMBERSHIP FOR ETAs for just $79! That's a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP! You will receive a 12 month banner at elvii.com and a 30 day commercial at elvii radio and more! use this link..but this offer is only good for 24 hours: http://www.elvii.com/cgi-bin/store/commerce.cgi?product=ELVII.COM_MEMBERSHIP&pid=629

UPDATE: Event Canceled --- "Louisiana Hayride" Stage in Shreveport To Be Site of Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Preliminary (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Sports Illustrated in Holland: The "Bikini Special 2007" of the very popular American magazine "Sports Illustrated" is now available in Dutch as well. The magazine, specialized in swimming outfits, is for sale in both Belgium and the Netherlands, and the Summer 2007 issue contains the complete photo shoot in Memphis (and Graceland). The original American Sports Illustrated with the Memphis photo shot is still available in the ElvisMatters shop. O, before we forget: this picture was taken in the Music Room. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Boots Randolph health update: Update on the condition of Boots Randolph (80), who was unexpectedly taken to the hospital last Wednesday. Boots suffered a brain hemmorage. The doctors have good hopes that he will survive, but fear that his sax playing days are over. All scheduled performances, including the ones during Elvis Week, have been cancelled. If you would like to contact the family, here's the official email address: bootsrandolph@comcast.net (News, Source: Elvis Matters)


Monday 2 July 2007...............the countdown begins............40 days until Elvis Week 2007!!!

Another week of YouTube clampdowns by the Elvis Internet Police!
Yet again there has been a week of high level activity by the Elvis Internet Police with hundreds of clips removed. Warner Bros have been playing spoil-sport to counteract footage from their up-coming movie re-releases. This seems a strange policy since you would think that a cool YouTube clip is actually cheap publicity that would encourage fans to buy the official DVD! Similarly Warners remove the very popular 'Elvis On Tour' footage yet have no plans to release a special edition DVD that fans have been clamouring for since 2002. EPE also disappoints as over six months since they started their 'Elvis Presley Central' it still features a paltry four clips. How on earth do EPE expect this to "raise Elvis' profile" and be a site "visited often by fans"? This week YouTube itself has also removed some of the best-known posters of Elvis clips, for instance Elvos77 and Robbo42 along with all their clips.

'EIN's Best of Elvis on YouTube' Weekly Update:  On a positive note EIN have added a fine selection of thirteen new clips. This week we are in a reflective and religious mood, so check out the fine 'Take My Hand Precious Lord', 'How Great Thou Art' and 'Lead Me, Guide Me'. Don't miss the marvellous 'Blue Moon', as well as a sensational edit of 'The Wonder Of You'. We even have Elvis and Ann-Margret singing 'You're The  Boss' plus a few old gems that we have rediscovered. As EIN always says "Catch them now before the Internet police take them away!" ('EIN's Elvis on YouTube', Source: EIN/YouTube)

"Change of Habit" DVD release in France: Here is the cover of the French reissue of the "Change Of Habit" movie which is due for release July 18, 2007. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin /Elvis News)

Reflections on rock 'n' roll: An exhibition in Paris about the birth of rock’n’roll shows how music learnt to march to a new beat after the second world war. From Little Richard to Buddy Holly to Elvis, the new beat showed up Frank Sinatra's famous comment, “Rock’n’roll smells phony and false". Read full story (News, Source: The Sunday Times)

Horn Lake couple dedicates B&B to Elvis: At 12, Jenny Parry became a die-hard Elvis fan.Last year, at 49, she moved from her native England to Horn Lake with her love of Elvis still strong. So strong, in fact, that Parry and her husband, Glen, are opening an Elvis-themed bed and breakfast called Gracepines that will add to the county's growing list of bed and breakfast facilities. The Elvis bed and breakfast has four rooms, each decorated like a different Elvis movie. It will officially open Aug. 8 during the 30th anniversary. Read full story (News, Source: The Commercial Appeal)


Sunday 1 July 2007

EIN's "Ultimate 30th Anniversary Tour" to Elvis Week reviewed in national newspaper: One of Australia's most widely read newspapers, The Sunday Telegraph, today carried a full page review of our upcoming tour to the US.

Written by journalist Ed Gibbs, the article looks at all the places EIN will take in on the tour and what tour participants can expect. (News, Source: The Sunday Telegraph)

View "Ultimate 30th Anniversary Tour" brochure

"The King" 2CD track listing: The BMG release "The King" (see story 29 July 2007) comes with two bonus tracks. The first bonus track is "The Wonder Of You" from "2006 Elvis Live", the second is "If I Can Dream". This CD is scheduled for release Tuesday, August 07, 2007.

Track Listing: 1. Suspicious Minds 2. Blue Suede Shoes 3. Jailhouse Rock 4. Love Me Tender 5. Don't Be Cruel 6. King Creole 7. Hard Headed Woman 8. All Shook Up 9. Hound Dog 10. Too Much 11. Heartbreak Hotel 12. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 13. Party 14. That's All Right 15. One Night 16. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I 17. A Big Hunk O' Love 18. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 19. Crying In The Chapel 20. Stuck On You 21. Wooden Heart 22. Viva Las Vegas 23. Devil In Disguise 24. Guitar Man
25. A Little Less Conversation (JXL) 26. In The Ghetto 27. Burning Love 28. Always On My Mind 29. The Wonder Of You (Version from 2006 "Elvis Live") 30. I Just Cant Help Believin' 31. There Goes My Everything
32. You Dont Have To Say You Love Me 33. An American Trilogy 34. Are You Lonesome Tonight (Laughing Version) 35. My Boy 36. Green Green Grass Of Home n37. Can't Help Falling In Love 38. Rock A Hula Baby
39. Return To Sender 40. Don't 41. (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame 42. Good Luck Charm
43. Surrender 44. Shes Not You 45. A Mess Of Blues 46. Its Now Or Never 47. Fever 48. Moody Blue
49. Way Down 50. My Way 51. If I Can Dream (Bonus Track) (News, Source: CD Universe/Elvis News)

Paul Terry King writing book: The son of songwriter Paul Terry King, who claims to have written two songs with Elvis, is writing a book. King says:

"Fathers confide a lot of things to their sons and in most cases all that knowledge and yrs of experience goes in one ear and out the other of the boys, not this tyme though!  Paul Terry King jr. age 27 is writing a book of his recollections of his dads stories of Elvis Presley and the music corporate world in general he has heard first hand  from his father Paul Terry King Sr. who rocked the elvis world recently with his tell all stories and songs the world never heard  No doubt many more skeptics  even Patrick Lacy of Elvis Decoded fame will come over to the revelations and truthfulness of this young authors first atempt at writing.  Im the one that found on the web the Terry King murdered Elvis Presley mock case in Oregom In 1999. I was 19 then but i still remember as a kid when dad would unplug the radio and throw it at the wall when hed hear certain songs hed written being played  without his permission or credit that he had  written with friends in tennessee even before i was born!  Dad may or may not die with cancer whatever god wills but his namesake and stories will live on  forever with me and be around a long long time.to come!!!" (News, Source: Paul Terry King)

"Love Me Tender" 3CD: Here is another 3CD budget set released in the EC, this time entitled "Love Me Tender". It contains well know fifty recordings. (News, Source: Elvis Corner /Elvis News)

"The Complete Sun Sessions" reissue: Due for rerelease on July 10, 2007 by Chrome Dreams is the "Complete Sun Sessions" CD. This release contains a booklet, photos and a picture disc packaged in a deluxe card slipcase.

Synopsis: Including every finished song and surviving take recorded at Sun during 1954 and 1955 (after which Presley signed with RCA) by Elvis, Scotty Moore and Bill Black, these are the recordings made as Rock N' Roll was invented. There's little else to say, except that virtually record made since has in some direct or indirect way been hugely influenced by the contents of this astonishing collection. Also features the complete 'Hayride' live recording from '54 and '55 (Louisiana's version of the Grand Ol' Opry), and the 1953 recordings Elvis made at Sun as a present for his mother. (News, Source: CD Universe /Elvis News)

"Elvis 40 Greatest Hits" CD: Due for release on July 3, 2007 is the CD "40 Greatest Hits" which comes in a LP sleeve. This compilation comes from Spannish "Greatest Hits" label. This release is not to be confused with the mega selling UK release of the same name.

Track Listing: 1. Blue Suede Shoes 2. Hound Dog 3. That's All Right 1:58 4. Just Because 2:34 5. Long Tall Sally 6. Blue Moon 7. Money Honey 8. Tutti Frutti 9. Good Rockin' Tonight 10. Paralyzed 11. Mistery Train 12. Ready Teddy 13. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 14. Too Much 15. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 16. Milkcow Blues Boogie 17. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 18. One-Sided Love Affair 19. Baby Let's Play House 20. Shake, Rattle And Roll 21. Rip It Up 22. Don't Be Cruel 23. Heartbreak Hotel 24. How Do You Think I Feel 25. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 26. Love Me Tender 27. Anyplace Is Paradise 28. Trying To Get To You 29. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 30. My Baby Left Me 31. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
32. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 33. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 34. Playing For Keeps
35. I Was The One 36. So Glad You're Mine 37. I'm Counting On You 38. You're A Heartbreaker 39. I Got A Woman 40. Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be) (News, Source: CD Universe/Elvis News)

Night of a Thousand Stars: Fans of Elvis Presley will experience a one-of-a-kind event at "Night of a Thousand Stars" when more than two dozen celebrities gather this summer on the 30th anniversary of the death of the King of Rock and Roll. Orchestrated by actress and author Suzanna Leigh, Elvis's co-star in the 1966 film "Paradise, Hawaiian Style," the event runs from Aug. 16-18, 2007 in Memphis, Tennessee. Orchestrated by actress and author Suzanna Leigh, Elvis's co-star in the 1966 film "Paradise, Hawaiian Style," the event runs from Aug. 16-18, 2007 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Among those participating in the unique and unforgettable experience are: Pat Priest ("Easy Come, Easy Go"), Sue Ane Langdon ("Roustabout," "Frankie and Johnny"), Irene Tsu ("Paradise, Hawaiian Style"), Jan Shepard ("King Creole," "Paradise, Hawaiian Style"), Gloria Pall ("Jailhouse Rock"), Jennifer Holden ("Jailhouse Rock"), Will Hutchins ("Spinout," "Clambake"), Lance LeGault ("Girls! Girls! Girls!" "Kissin' Cousins," "Roustabout"), Leslie Bricusse (songwriter) and Yvonne Romain Bricusse ("Double Trouble"), Donna Butterworth ("Paradise, Hawaiian Style"), Michael Dante ("Kid Galahad"), Jack Carter ("Viva Las Vegas"), Jack Grinnage ("King Creole"), John Rich (director of "Roustabout," "Easy Come, Easy Go"), L.Q. Jones ("Love Me Tender," "Flaming Star" "Stay Away, Joe"), Celeste Yarnall ("Live a Little, Love a Little"), Edy Williams ("Paradise, Hawaiian Style"), Victoria Paige Meyerink ("Speedway"), Gail Gilmore ("Girl Happy," "Harum Scarum"), Tommy Sands (singer, friend) and Ty Hardin (actor, friend). Even more are expected to come to the event in coming weeks.

There will also be a special video appearance by Dolores Hart, Elvis's co-star in "King Creole" and "Loving You." She is now a Benedictine nun and spokesman for The Neuropathy Association. A portion of the proceeds from "Night of a Thousand Stars" will go to the charity that raises awareness of the neurological disorder that Mother Dolores has been battling since 1997. Visit the official "Night of a Thousand Stars" site (News, Source: PRWeb)

Chart update: The U.S. Billboard Elvis chart listings for the week ending July 7, 2007 are:

Top Country Catalog Albums - Ultimate Gospel - down 6 to #16
Top Country Catalog Albums - Elvis 30 #1 Hits - down 1 to #12
Hot Singles Sales - Heartbreak Hotel - down 8 to #49
Top Music Video - Elvis Lives - 25th Anniversary Concert - down 3 to #13
Top Comprehensive Music Video - 25th Anniversary Concert - down 3 to #14
Top Music Video - Elvis: 68 Comeback Special - down 3 to #21
Top Comprehensive Music Video - Elvis: 68 Comeback Special - down 3 to #22
Top Music Video - Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - down 6 to #27
Top Comprehensive Music Video - Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - down 6 to #28 (News, Source: Elvis International)

































































































































































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