"Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century."

(Leonard Bernstein)


"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

(George Klein)


"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

(Professor Gilbert B. Rodman)


"History has him as this good old country boy, Elvis is about as country as Bono!"

(Jerry Schilling)


"Absolute id crashed into absolute superego...as the uptightset man in America shook hands with just about the loosest."

(Mark Feeney on the 'Elvis meets Nixon' meeting)


"Elvis is everywhere"

(Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper)


"...especially in the South, they talk about Elvis and Jesus in the same breath"

(Michael Ventura, LA Weekly)


"The image is one thing and the human being is another...it's very hard to live up to an image"


(Elvis Presley, Madison Square Garden press conference, 1972)


"Elvis was a major hero of mine. I was actually stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something"

(David Bowie)


"No-one, but no-one, is his equal, or ever will be. He was, and is supreme"

(Mick Jagger)


"I wasn't just a fan, I was his brother...there'll never be another like that soul brother"

(Soul legend, James Brown)


"Before Elvis there was nothing!"

(John Lennon)


"There were rock 'n' roll records before Heartbreak Hotel, but this was the one that didn't just open the door…it literally blasted the door off its rusted, rotten, anachronistic hinges...producing, no propelling, a fundamental, primordial and unstoppable shift in not only musical, but social, political and cultural history"

(JNP, BBC website)


"Elvis, the musician, is largely a relic belonging to the baby boomer generation...Elvis, the icon, is arguably one of the most potent symbols of popular culture"

( Dr. John Walker)


"It [rock & roll] was always about Elvis; not just because he was Elvis, but because he was the big star"

(Bono from U2)


"If they had let me on white radio stations back then, there never would have been an Elvis"

(Little Richard)


"Elvis loved opera, and he especially liked Mario Lanza. He would watch The Student Prince which was set in Heidelberg, over and over again. He loved the power of the big voices. And he loved big orchestras. He liked real dramatic things"

(Marty Lacker in 'Elvis and the Memphis Mafia')


"If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead"

(Johnny Carson)

Elvis' #1 Pop Singles on Cashbox, USA:

Heartbreak Hotel (1956)

Don't Be Cruel (1956)

Hound Dog (1956)

Love Me Tender (1956)

Too Much (1957)

All Shook Up (1957)

Teddy Bear (1957)

Jailhouse Rock (1957)

Don't (1958)

Stuck On You (1960)

It's Now Or Never (1960)

Are You Lonesome Tonight? (1960)

Surrender (1961)

Good Luck Charm (1962)

Return To Sender (1962)

In The Ghetto (1969)

Suspicious Minds (1969)

Burning Love (1972)

(The Cashbox chart is now defunct)

Elvis Facts:

Elvis was 5' 11" tall


Elvis' natural hair color was dark blond


Elvis' blood type was O Positive


Elvis' shoe size was 11D


One of Elvis'( maternal) ancestors, Morning White Dove (born 1800, died 1835), was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian


Elvis' uncle, Noah Presley, became Mayor of East Tupelo on January 7, 1936


The Presley family moved to Memphis on November 6, 1948


Elvis was issued a Social Security card in September 1950 with the # 409-52-2002


In 1954 some of the shows played by Elvis & The Blue Moon Boys were at the Overton Park Shell; the Bel-Air Club; Sleepy-Eyed John's Eagle's Nest Club and the Louisiana Hayride


Elvis' first manager was Scotty Moore, then Bob Neal, before signing with Colonel Tom Parker


The first DJ to play an Elvis record was Fred Cook (WREC), not Dewey Phillips (WHBQ). However, Dewey had the distinction of being the first DJ to play an Elvis record in its entirety


Elvis once dated famous stripper, Tempest Storm


Elvis was filmed from the waist up only during his 3rd and final appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show


In the 50s Elvis was friendly with rising stars, Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner and Ty (Bronco Lane) Hardin


Gladys Presley was 46 years old when she died, not 42, as many books suggest


The Roustabout album sold 450,000 copies on its initial release, 150,000 copies more than any of the preceding three soundtrack LPs. It was Elvis' last "soundtrack" album to reach #1 on the major album charts in the US


Elvis received $1m for filming Harum Scarum (aka Harum Holiday). The film grossed around $2m in the US


Elvis and Priscilla married on May 1, 1967


They were officially divorced on October 9, 1973


Elvis earns nearly $3.5m in 1968 and pays just over $1.4m in income tax


Elvis' return to live performing in Las Vegas on July 31, 1969 was in front of an "by invitation only" audience. Stars in attendance included Wayne Newton, Petula Clark, Shirley Bassey, Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickinson


On January 9, 1971, the national Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) announced Elvis as one of "The Top Ten Young Men of the Year". Elvis spoke at the official awards ceremony on January 16


"Elvis: Aloha From Hawai" made entertainment history on January 14, 1973, when it was beamed around the world by satellite. In the Philippines it drew 91% of the audience, in Hong Kong 70%. The viewing audience was estimated at more than 1 billion


For his 4 week Hilton Vegas season in August 1973 Elvis received $610,000

Sales of Elvis' 1973 album, Raised On Rock, were less than 200,000 units on its initial release


Elvis paid $2,959,000 in income tax in 1973


In December 1976 Elvis was sworn in as a special deputy sheriff of Shelby County (Memphis) by Sheriff Gene Barksdale


Elvis' final live concert was in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977

When Elvis died, he and his father Vernon, were embroiled in an FBI investigation called Operation Fountain Pen

More than 1,500 books have been published about The King in more than 30 languages


At Dec 2005 Elvis' biggest selling album in the US is the budget priced, Elvis' Christmas Album, with accredited sales of 9 million units (fingers crossed it reaches 10 million to give Elvis his first "Diamond" award)


By early2006, Sony BMG's "collectors label", Follow That Dream, had released more than 50 Elvis CDs


During the 1980s, tour guides at Graceland stated that Elvis' biggest selling album (globally) was Moody Blue, with sales exceeding 14 million


While Sony BMG estimates Elvis' global sales exceed 1 billion, the company is unable to substantiate this figure. Accredited sales worldwide are estimated to be less than 400 million
















































































































































































































































































Welcome to the "Elvis Information Network", home to the best news, reviews, interviews & articles about the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley...

The latest on www.elvisinfonet.com:

Friday 31 March 2006

Elvis and the Mexican Bracero - is it true?: "It turns out that the main movie house in Lubbock was presenting the film "Love Me Tender," and as a special attraction Elvis would be there live. Pedro didn't think twice and asked his father's permission to go see the movie and meet Elvis in person". (Spotlight, Source: FECC)

Elvis The Concert - a new world tour?: There’s a good chance that “Elvis The Concert” will go on a worldwide tour, this fall. The video show featuring the original Elvis cast, may even bring the magic of Elvis as far as Bangkok, Japan, New Zealand, Australia. However, Europe – at this point – is not included in the tour schedule for 2006. (News, Source: Elvis Matters / Elvis News)

Remember Elvis: Joe Esposito has a new book in the pipeline!

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #53: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "If woman talks in sleep, man gets beaten to unsightly pulp" (Source: Sanja Meegin)

Priscilla interviews online


Thursday 30 March 2006
'Pieces Of My Life' - CD review: Yet another import CD from an audience recording, but Elvis’ Closing Show from Asheville July 24, 1975 happens to be a stunner. EIN’s Piers Beagley checks out one of Elvis’ best-ever shows from his last 2 years, with him singing a very unusual set-list. Everything from ‘Return To Sender’ to ‘Wooden Heart’ to ‘Shake A Hand’ and of course ‘Pieces Of My Life’ gets selected. FTD needs to find the soundboard on this one. (CD Review, Source: EIN)

Attack on book backfires - "any publicity is good publicity": It appears the robust attack on the new Lanier Shapre/Jimmy Denson book has backfired as interested fans have ordered the book to see what the fuss is all about (see original story below dated 28 March 2006). Proving the old addage, "any publicity is good publicity", following the attack there was a temporary spike in sales, at least on Amazon. Following the spike, the book dropped nearly 100,000 places on the Amazon sales ranking from 231,402 (28 March, 2006) to 327,779 (29 March, 2006). While the sales ranking does not indicate relative sales, the spike and then large drop suggests a temporary increase in sales. (News, Source: Amazon)

Believe it or not - Elvis and Barbra Streisand: Elvis4life recently posted this interesting message on the FECC messageboard:

"Christohper Andersen, who has revealed the secrets of everyone from "Jack & Jackie" & "George & Laura" to "Diana Ross" in his best-selling biographies, now turns his attention to America's reigning diva. In "Barbra: The Way She Is" [Morrow $23.95], he takes a long look at Streisand, both the artist & the woman. This exclusive excerpt is all about Barbra & some of the men who figured large in her life, if only in passing.

ELVIS PRESLEY:On her second to last night at the International [in Las Vegas], Barbra introduced Elvis from the audience. Like everyone else who had been at the disastrous opening-night performance, he was impressed with how she had managed to turn things around so dramatically.

Afterward, Presley, tanned & fit & on the verge of a major comeback, visited Barbra in her dressing room. Before she could react, he shut the door, knelt down, grabbed a bottle of nail polish from her dresser, & started painting her nails with long deliberate strokes. It was not the first time he had used this ploy to catch a woman off balance. Ann Margret, with whom he enjoyed a long & torrid affair, once told a friend Elvis enjoyed painting her toenails.

"I was...speechless," recalled Barbra, who soon added Elvis to her lengthening list of what she now referred to as her "flings". Later, when Elvis followed her at the International, Barbra "stayed over a few nights", said David Kramer, who worked for the hotel under [Kirk] Kerkorian.

Although she seemed a far cry from the big-haired, toothsome, all-American beauty queens Elvis preferred, Streisand "intrigued him", said a longtime member of Presley's entourage.

"She had 1 thing Elvis valued above all others, a God-given ability to sing. He was in awe of great talent". (News, Source: FECC)

DJ Priscilla: Priscilla Presley did more than hobnob with Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton when she visited Graceland Monday morning for the attraction’s official designation as a National Historic Landmark. She also yakked it up on Sirius Elvis Radio, thanking fans for attending the ceremony and remembering how the “68 Comeback” for NBC-TV was the first time she saw Elvis perform a live concert. Disguised just a little behind aviator shades, DJ Priscilla also played a few Elvis tunes: “If I Can Dream” and a rendition of “America.” Click for photos of Priscilla looking sharp in the Elvis Radio studio (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #52: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Why is thou art[work] great?" (Source: Sanja Meegin)

Johnny Lightning Rock Art Elvis Diecast Series: Wonderstuffer has posted a message on the FECC board saying the new 2006 Johnny Lightning Rock Art Elvis Diecast Series (6 different Cars and CDs) has been released. Every package contains a Car and a replica of a "original" Cover and a CD. (News, Source: FECC)

Audoben Drive residence auction on again: A house in Memphis, Tennessee purchased by ELVIS PRESLEY in 1956 will go up for sale on internet auction site eBay next month (APR06). Presley and his parents purchased the home in March 1956, the same month HEARTBREAK HOTEL became his first number one hit. The home was the setting for many famous photos of The King, notably ones taken by ALFRED WERTHEIMER. The family moved out of the house in 1957, when they relocated to Graceland, which was named a National Historic Landmark on Monday (27MAR06). The mid-'50s ranch-style house has a low-pitched hip roof, an attached two-car garage, a motorcycle garage and a swimming pool. Bidding on the online auction site will open on 14 April (06) and close 14 May (06). (News, Source: Sanja Meegin/Contact Music)


Wednesday 29 March 2006

New book due out tomorrow - "Elvis Cinema and Popular Culture": Douglas Brode's highly anticipated release about Elvis' body of film work is due for release in the US tomorrow by McFarland & Co. It is available to buy through Amazon and is described as:

Though Elvis Presley’s music is widely credited as starting a sea change in American popular culture, his films are often dismissed as base marketing vehicles, commercially successful but insignificant. Beyond the formulaic plotlines and increasing reliance on weak songs, however, the films—and Elvis—serve as profound cultural touchstones, revealing changing American aesthetics more than a changing Elvis. Elvis’s rebel image in 1956, as a guitar-swinging incarnation of Brando or Dean, had by 1969’s Change of Habit become safe and sterile.

This work demonstrates how Elvis, through his films, reflected a shifting social, cultural and political landscape in America. Encompassing all 31 movies and two 1970s documentaries, it provides a film-by-film study of Elvis Presley and America, and argues that each film reflects the society for which it was made. Throughout his career, most of Elvis’s characters combined rebellion with wholesome, traditional ideals, but the public’s perspective changed, and what was considered radical in 1954 was called reactionary by 1970. Studied sequentially, his films reflect those cyclical ideals, and unconsciously portray America’s process of renewal and redefinition of self.

About the author: Douglas Brode is the author of more than twenty books on the visual and performing arts. A professor of film history at Syracuse University, he lives in Phoenix, New York. (News, Source: McFarland & Co.)

Video of the official ceremony of Graceland being designated as a National Historic Landmark

BMG to sell its music publishing companies: Bertelsmann is making preparations to sell its music companies as Europe's largest media company fights to maintain its private status. People briefed on the plans said it had mandated investment bankers to prepare disposals of its music publishing catalogues and its stake in Sony BMG, Elvis Presley's Record company, its recorded music joint venture with the Japanese group.

A sale, worth an estimated €2bn ($2.4bn), would help Bertelsmann finance a buy-in of all or most of the 25 per cent stake held by Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL), its only outside investor. The prospect of the third largest music publishing company being sold is likely to prompt keen bidding. Vivendi Universal, owner of the largest recorded music company, wants to build up its music publishing assets.

Together, the music companies reported revenues of €2.1bn last year, down 16.5 per cent as CD sales fell. Operating earnings before interest and tax were up from €162m to €177m. Bertelsmann declined to comment.
(News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #51: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who wish he in land of cotton, probably never been black" (Source: Sanja Meegin)


Tuesday 28 March 2006

New book incenses well known identities in the Elvis world: A new book based on the account of Memphis resident Jimmy Denson is causing a real stir throughout the Elvis world. EIN has the background to the controversy. (News, Source: EIN)

Rare Elvis acetate sells on ebay: A one-sided metal acetate of Charro sold on ebay earlier this week for more than US$800.00. (News, Source: eBay)


Elvis A Biography by Jerry Hopkins to be reissued: The famous biography by Jerry Hopkins is being reissued in the UK by Plexus Publishing in September this year. 400 pages; ISBN: 0859653919. (News, Source: Amazon UK)

Jerry Schilling book update: Jerry Schilling's book, 'Me and a Guy Named Elvis: My Lifelong Friendship with Elvis Presley' will be released in both the US and UK in mid August 2006. The publisher is Gotham and the book's ISBN is 1592402313. Jerry has written the book with the assistance of Chuck Crisafulli. (News, Source: Amazon)

A Mystery - Elvis NBC TV Special CD release in Australia?: The Elvis Australia website has listed an Aussie release next month for Sony BMG's Vinyl Classics reissue of the 1968 Elvis NBC TV Special album . EIN has contacted Sony BMG Australia to confirm the release and been told they know nothing about it. (News, Source: BMG/Elvis Australia)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #50: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who has ex always on mind need move on" (Source: Sanja Meegin)


Monday 27 March 2006
Graceland "officially" a National Historic Landmark: It's official today - Elvis Presley's Graceland is a National Historic Landmark. (News, Source: EPE)

Should Graceland be a national landmark?: CNN is running a poll on this question. The results to date are YES (36% - 22,763 votes); NO (64% - 40,725). Click to vote (News, Source: EPE)

Cindy Walker dies: Songwriter Cindy Walker died March 23, 2006. She was 86. Elvis Presley recorded her compositions "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again" (1956) and "You Don't Know Me" (1967) which Cindy Walker composed with Eddy Arnold. Other artists that recorded her compositions are Jim Reeves, Floyd Cramer, Faron Young. Eddy Arnold, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Roy Orbison en Jerry Lee Lewis. (News, Source: Today Tomorrow And Forever / Elvis News)

"Run On" CD to reissued: The import CD "Run On" will be re-released by Front Row records. This CD contains a concert from December 7, 1976, recorded live at the Las Vegas Hilton. A date has not been mentioned yet.

Track listing: C C Rider/ I Got A Woman - Amen / Love Me / If You Love Me Let Me Know / You Gave Me A Mountain / O Sole Mio - It's Now Or Never / Blue Christmas / That's All Right Mama / Are You Lonesome Tonight / Softly As I Leave You / Fever / All Shook Up - Teddy Bear - Don't Be Cruel / Introductions / What'd I Say / Love Letters / Hail Hail Rock 'n' Roll / Hurt / Hound Dog / Hawaiian Wedding Song / You'd Better Run / Rock My Soul / Can't Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp / Announcements (News, Source: Elvis News)


Sunday 26 March 2006

"Elvis Presley Spirit of Memphis" 2DVD set: This "Collector's Edition" new release from Rajon Vision in Australia is a combination repackaging of the documentaries, 'Elvis The Last 24 Hours' and 'Elvis The Missing Years'. The Last 24 Hours inludes 13 live audio tracks performed by the young Elvis (circa Louisiana Hayride). The audio tracks are Tweedlee Dee, Heartbreak Hotel, Blue Suede Shoes, Love Me Tender, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Maybelline, Baby Let's Play House, I Got A Woman, I Was The One, Good Rocking Tonight, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender and Money Honey.

The set is nicely presented and comes with two very good 32 page booklets, one for each DVD. Running time approx. 130 minutes. NTSC format. Dolby 5.1 Sound. Rated M for infrequent coarse language. The set was released with the same title in the UK late last year. (News, Source: EIN)

Priscilla and the Wolf: Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Certainly not Priscilla Presley. The perennial beauty, famous Scientologist, star of the Naked Gun comedy trilogy, and Elvis' ex will narrate Peter and the Wolf by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev, at a concert with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra on Sunday afternoon. This particular performance of the children's classic, which has educated and entertained audiences since it was commissioned by Moscow's Central Children's Theatre in 1936, is a guaranteed sell-out. If you're lucky enough to score tickets, be sure to arrive at the Cannon Center well before the 2:30 p.m. curtain time. The symphony is hosting an "Instrument Petting Zoo," musical bingo games, and storytelling sessions in the lobby, beginning at 1:15. We know you're dying to get a glimpse of Priscilla in the flesh -- just don't forget to bring the kids!

Peter and the Wolf, 2:30 p.m., Sunday, March 26th, The Cannon Center,Memphis, $15 (News, Source: The Memphis Flyer)

George Klein's weekly "Elvis Hour" cancelled: Charmaine Voisine has sent us the following message: "Last week there was a Humes High Class Reunion.  Approximately 15+ of the alumnies attended Humes High when Elvis was a student there. During the course of the evening, a classmate of Elvis' and George Klein informed the group that the local Memphis radio station has cancelled George Klein's Elvis Hour weekly show. This show has been a Memphis tradition for 25 years.  A group has started a petition to have the station reverse their decision and keep airing the show. Contact Charmaine for more info. (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #49: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man whose dog not catch rabbit need to set trap" (Source: Sanja Meegin)
"Loving You" DVD release in Germany: Unlike UK and Irish Elvis fans, German fans will have to buy their copy of "Loving You", as "Gold Aus heißer Kehle", its German title. The DVD will be re-released in Germany (Region 2) in June 2006. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis News)


Saturday 25 March 2006
"Inside G.I. Blues " book update: Inside G.I. Blues will apparently follow the line of similar projects from Ger Rijff. This Elvis Unlimited production should contain 100 pages with colour and b&w pictures from the movie and over 200 rare and unpublished photos. The first 100 copies will be released as a Limited Deluxe Edition with a 45 rpm vinyl single and DVD. (News, Source: Essential Elvis / Elvis News)

The RIAA & Elvis update: Guillermo Felipe Perez Arguello posated this interesting message on the Elvisnumberones Bulletin Board:

The good news is that They have confirmed that Garth Brooks is not 500,000 units short of tying Elvis in certified album sales, but 2 million. Go to http://www.riaa.com/gp/bestsellers/topartists.asp

The bad news is that they have just issued, for the first time, a diaggregated list of artist tallies, showing the number of Gold, Platinum and Multi-platinum albums each artist has thus far earned, but separating those which are full lenght, from those that are shortform (EP's). So, instead of having Elvis on the list with 97 Gold, 55 Platinum and 26 Multi-platnum, now they have two Elvis Presleys, one after the other.

The second Elvis Presley wouldn't have even qualified for the shortform, but, as luck will have it, he happens to be the only artist having the minimum number of both full lenght and short form albums required to appear on the list (10 is the minimum, and he has 16 shortform albums (EP's) that went Gold.

Amazing what the RIAA can do, if only to make it appear as if Elvis is tied with the Beatles for multi-platinum ( they both have 24, when in relaity Elvis has 26, as he has 2 double platinum EP's).

Visit this, and weep: http://www.riaa.com/gp/bestsellers/artist.asp
(News, Source: Elvisnumberones)

Record Collector April 2006: (see original story 20 March 2006). Thanks to Charmaine Voisine for the cover photo.

Exclusive New Content for Elvis Insiders: This week, Elvis Insiders see an exclusive photo of Eric Roberts at Graceland, a 1972 issue of Hit Parader magazine with Elvis on the cover, an exciting interview from ElvisRadio about an upcoming '68 Special release, an FTD review from member Kylan, new stories and photos from member and friend of Elvis, Sandi Miller, and lots more. EPE says: If you haven't joined the thousands of new members, visit the FREE sample page to try it and see what you are missing. (News, Source: EPE)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #48: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who rips it up will regret it because he will need it tomorrow" (Source: Sanja Meegin)


Friday 24 March 2006

Graceland Mansion To Be Designated National Historic Landmark: Interior Secretary Gale Norton To Designate Elvis Presley’s Graceland Mansion National Historic Landmark.

WHEN: Monday, March 27, 2006
10:00 a.m. Central Time (11:00 a.m. Eastern Time)

WHERE: Graceland
3734 Elvis Presley Blvd.
Memphis, TN


Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton
Priscilla Presley
Jack Soden
Hundreds of Elvis Fans

WHAT: Interior Secretary Gale Norton will join Priscilla Presley on Monday to announce the designation of Graceland, home of the king of rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley, as a National Historic Landmark, the highest such recognition accorded by our nation to historic properties. These special places are the actual sites where significant historical events occurred, or where prominent Americans worked or lived, and represent the ideas that shaped our nation. Fewer than 2,500 historic places carry the title of National Historic Landmark.

This event is open to the public. (News, Source: EPE)

New series of Elvis Trading Cards: Press Pass will release a 90-card set of Elvis Presley Trading Cards in October in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Elvis' debut on RCA records.  Press Pass' Elvis cards will be available in six-card packs ($1.99) and in a special Gift Box (MSRP $19.99), which will include eight card packs and a die-cast replica of one of the cars that Elvis drove in the movies.  Press Pass is hoping to create a multi-series Elvis Cards franchise and has assembled huge library of Elvis photos including some that have never been published before.  Chase cards will include cards bearing swatches of scarves, shirts and jackets worn by Elvis as well as cut signatures penned by the King himself. (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)

Priscilla Presley UK dates: March 26, 2006 Priscilla will narrate "Peter and the Wolf" with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra....March 27, 2006 Priscilla will be on the "Today" Show as Graceland is designated a National Landmark...April 5, 2006 Priscilla will be at Harrods for the UK launch of the Priscilla Presley Luxury Linen Collection. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Recipe - Elvis Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich: Mix 3 Tablespoons of soft peanut butter and 1 mashed banana together.  Lightly toast 2 slices of bread.  Spread the peanut butter and banana mixture on the toast and place the slices together.  Melt 2 Tablespoons of butter in a skillet, place the sandwich in the melted butter and brown on both sides. (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #47: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man in ghetto, face down with gun in hand... have fake gun, real gun not  
still be there"
(Source: Sanja Meegin)

This week in Elvis history: Elvis is often identified with the gold lame´suit that his manager Colonel Tom Parker had Hollywood tailor Nudie Cohen make for him in 1957.  It has become one of the most, if not THE most, iconic item of rock 'n' roll wardrobe.  Lame´is made by using strands of metallic thread (not real gold) in the weave of the fabric. The first time he wore the gold suit on stage was in Chicago on 3/28/57.  He wore it on the following night in St. Louis.  He wore the full suit on stage only one more time - this being in Canada, opting instead to wear the jacket with dark slacks. Parker was afraid Elvis would wear out the fabric scooting across stage on his knees and Elvis decided the suit was more clownish than cool.  Thus the adaptation in the look.  The last appearance of Elvis on stage in components of the gold suit was in March 1961 when he performed a benefit in Hawaii to raise funds for the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial.  Again, black pants substituted for the gold pants. (News, Source: EPE)


Thursday 23 March 2006

Bogus auction items withdrawn: Memphis Flash posted this interesting message on the FECC board: "Props to Doug Norwine of Heritage Auction Galleries for pulling the following fraudulent auction, and to our very own Ray for his sharp eye in spotting the fraud in the first place.


As soon as I sent Doug the proof that each of the six items in this auction (four tickets for a nonexistent Elvis concert - and all for the same exact SEAT - and two bogus telegrams supposedly from Richard Nixon and Danny Bonaduce wishing Elvis well on the nonexistent concert) - were fake, that there WAS no September 7, 1972 Elvis concert in Cleveland or anywhere else, he quickly replied that the auction was being pulled.

Let's face it, busy auction galleries have neither the time nor the resources to investigate items on their own, and it's up to us to give them a head's up if we spot any blatantly fraudulent items.

Other items in the upcoming auction include some likely fake Elvis signatures, but those aren't as easy to disprove as this one was, where the seller was not only crooked as hell, but stupid as well." (News, Source: FECC)

The item listing referred to by Memphis Flash read:

Elvis Concert Tickets and Telegrams from Richard Nixon and Danny Bonaduce. Towards the end of his career, Elvis was playing a number of successful shows at arena venues. Featured are four tickets to his September 7, 1972, concert at the Cleveland Arena, which went for $15 each. Also included are two Western Union telegrams sent to Elvis before the concert; one from then president Richard Nixon that reads: "Dear Elvis, Best wishes for a successful Cleveland appearance," and one from "Partridge Family" star Danny Bonaduce that reads "Dear Elvis, So what's the story on the guy who follows you on stage taking up the slack on your microphone cord? Tell him to get a real job." The items are in great condition, with a couple of folding creases on each of the telegrams. Estimate: $500 - up.

Regency Superior Elvis auction: The American auction house Regency Superior, who collected close to 2 million dollar at the auction of the Jim Curtin collection last January, is offering a new set of collector's items in April (22nd - 23rd). Among the many items are a TCB jacket (2-3000 dollar), a gold and diamond ring, hundreds of records and lots of signatures. The catalogue is available here: www.regencystamps.com (News, Source: Elvis Matters / Elvis News)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #46: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who think Mary pretty in morning and pretty in evening, probably  
have Mary working all day long"
(Source: Sanja Meegin)

Elvis DVD releases in Japan: On March 25, 2006 the DVD "Elvis, The Echo Will Never Die" will be released in Japan. That same day "Elvis '56", "King Creole", "G.I. Blues", "Blue Hawaii", "Roustabout", "Girls! Girls! Girls!"." Fun In Acapulco","Paradise, Hawaiian Style" an "Easy Come, Easy Go" will be re-released by Paramount Japan.

In April "Most Famous Hits: The Early Years" will see the light in Japan and on May 24, 2006 "Elvis; From the Begining To the End" from Southern Sea wil be released.
(News, Source: Elvis World Japan / Elvis News)


Wednesday 22 March 2006

Ed Sullivan Shows NOT to be re-released: Despite initial excitement about the possibility of the Ed Sullivan shows being reissued, JonRomanovich has retracted the following posting on the FECC message board saying his statements were incorrect. Initially Jon posted:

'Andrew Solt is looking for a video distributor to release all of Elvis' appearances on the Ed Sullivan TV shows in 1956 and 1957. This will apparently be an EPE licensed product. Solt owns all the original kinescopes and they are being remastered to look as if they were shot on video. It is claimed that the shows will be complete; commercials and all.

The sound will be available in 5.1 Surround, and will include special features and commentary by Jerry Schilling. There is no firm details at this time and please remember that no official confirmation regarding this release is available, but according to the posting, Andrew Solt has owned this footage for some time'. (News, Source: FECC)

New Elvis exhibit "all shot up" (see story 20 March 2006): Elvis Presley had a reputation as a night owl and a new exhibit that opened Monday at Graceland gives a peek into his nocturnal activities. There's the jukebox, wrapped in yellow and green neon, that provided him with a steady supply of popular music. There are film clips that show family and friends discussing late-night excursions to an amusement park or his favorite movie theater, which he would rent for the night. And then there's the television with a bullet hole in the screen.

"This is the only surviving television or appliance that Elvis shot out that was kept," said Kevin Kern, a spokesman for Graceland, Presley's longtime Memphis residence.

Presley, it seems, had a habit of occasionally breaking out a firearm from his gun collection and opening fire at TVs and other items. As the story goes, entertainer Robert Goulet was performing on TV when Presley blasted the 25-inch RCA that's part of the exhibit called "Elvis After Dark." "There was nothing Elvis had against Robert Goulet. They were friends," Kern said. "But Elvis just shot out things on a random basis."

There were no reports Presley hurt anybody with his gun slinging, but he was known to have a fascination with firearms. He converted part of a rear building at the estate into a firing range. Another display also opened Monday at Graceland's Sincerely Elvis Museum, which changes its exhibits annually to show off thousands of artifacts that are not part of regular displays at the mansion. The new show is focused on the explosion of Presley's career in 1956, when he got his first gold record and his first big-time TV exposure. Gerri Resch of Belford, N.J., saw Elvis on one of his first TV appearances and the clips shown in the exhibit "...brought back a lot of memories. One of my sisters, the older one, was going nuts," Resch said. "He seemed to make everybody happy. But of course our mother said he was disgusting."

Presley died of heart disease and drug abuse at Graceland in 1977. The "After Dark" exhibit makes no mention of how his use of prescription drugs may have affected his leisure activities. Presley also collected badges from police and sheriff departments around the country and was even given a federal law enforcement ID during an uninvited visit with President Richard Nixon in 1970. Red, blue and yellow dashboard lights similar to those used by police or fire departments also are part of "Elvis After Dark." Presley, a "special deputy" appointed by the local county sheriff, used the lights from time to time to play lawman. "Elvis was the type of guy that would pull over people who he thought were speeding and give them a warning and send them home with an autograph," Kern said.

A large photo shows Presley at the nighttime scene of a traffic accident near Graceland. Beside the picture is the red leather trench coat he was wearing. "He was passing by the accident scene and he stopped to see if he could help," Kern said. (News, Source: AP)

Comedian, David Spade's Elvis obsession: David Spage, star of 'Just Shoot Me' and 'Arrested Development', is an Elvis nut. From a recent talk with Arrested Development co-star, Rob Schneider:

"He's got Elvis' watch," Schneider said, pointing to Spade.

"I do, that's right," Spade confessed. "But I don't ever wear it."

It may have been Schneider who memorably played "Tiny Elvis" on "SNL," but Spade's adulation of the King has assumed geek-like proportions.

"I went to an estate sale and got a set list. He wrote out all of his songs — just like when Rob and I used to do standup, we'd write jokes. It's his handwriting, [on paper from] a Sheraton in Michigan. 'Hound Dog,' 'Love Me Tender.' I got that, I got a gold watch that says 'Elvis' around it, and I got a jumpsuit." (News, Source: MTV.com)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #45: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "If milk cow not give milk and butter, sell to slaughterhouse" (Source: Sanja Meegin)

"King of Western Bop" vinyl release: Here is the cover art of the Simply Vinyl release of the "King Of Western Bop" 2 LP edition. The album will be released March 24, 2006.

Side 1: Just Because - Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Discarded Take 3) - Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Harbor Lights - I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin') (Discarded Take 6) - I´ll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin') - That's All Right (Discarded Take 8) - That's All Right

Side 2: Tomorrow Night - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (Discarded Take 3) - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - Good Rockin' Tonight - Blue Moon (Discarded Take 6) - Blue Moon (Discarded Take 7) - Blue Moon

Side 3: That's All Right (Live Radio KWKH) - Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Live Radio KWKH) - My Baby's Gone (I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone) (Discarded Take 4) - My Baby's Gone (I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone) - I Love You Because (Discarded Take) - I Love You Because

Side 4: You're A Heartbreaker - Milk Cow Blues Boogie - My Happiness - That's When Your Heartaches Begin - I'll Never Stand In Your Way - (It Wouldn't Be The Same) Without You (News, Source: Elvis News)

Liner note bloopers: Renan recently posted details of some of the hilarious name bloopers on the Brazilian edition of 'Elvis On Tour' (News, Source: FECC board):

-> Burning Love is titled Burning Low
-> Lawdy Miss Clawdy is Lord and his flying
-> J.D Sumner is Ed Summer
-> Kathy Westmoreland is Paul Lozart (THE WORST!!!)
-> Joe Guercio is Jou Gersio

Is it Elvis?: In response to many requests we've added large images of the Graceland "Poolhouse" photo and "Muhammad Ali and Jesse Jackson" photos to our popular Elvis Conspiracy page. (Elvis Conspiracy, Source: EIN)

Elvis Festival Celebrity Watch: Tupelo, Miss. -- The eighth Elvis Presley Festival will include a musical mix featuring gospel, hard rockers and tribute artists, organizers said. On June 2, the Main Stage will feature rockabilly trio The Dempseys, followed by country singer Jeff Bates and Travis LeDoyt, who shakes his hips like Elvis, who died on Aug. 16, 1977. New Orleans rockers Cowboy Mouth will close the opening night.

The Main Stage's June 3 lineup includes country artists Chris Cagle and Chely Wright, as well as hard-rocking Saliva.

At the Fairpark Stage, the re-creation of Elvis' triumphant 1956 homecoming concert will feature a trio of tribute artists, Donny Edwards, Jamie Aaron Kelley and Brandon Bennett. In addition, Kay Bain and The Mornin' Show Band, Sonny Burgess and The Pacers and The Dempseys will perform.

On June 4, First United Methodist Church will host The Landmarks and LeDoyt during a gospel show that also will include Elvis' backing vocalists, The Jordanaires. (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)


Tuesday 21 March 2006

"Elvis rock" (CD Review): 'Elvis rock' is part of Sony BMG's new "genre" series. Featuring 20 of The King's classic rock recordings and mastered by Vic Anesini at Sony Studios in New York, all the "genre" releases feature DSD audio technology for optimal sound quality. EIN delves into the aural delights of 'Elvis rock' and finds The King's vocal is nice and clear on all tracks. (CD Review, Source: EIN)


'Heartbreak Hotel' in Aussie charts: The new single, Heartbreak Hotel, debuted (with a bullet) at #37 on this week's ARIA Top 50 Singles Chart in Australia. (News, Source: ARIA)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #44: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who so hurt, probably not be able to sing about it" (Source: Sanja Meegin)

"Blue Hawaiian Sunset": Latest design by Charmaine. Click to view larger image


Monday 20 March 2006

Priscilla and Marco split: Tabloid story breaking news that Priscilla Presley and Marco Garibaldi have split. Priscilla and Garibaldi, an Italian raised in Brazil, have been together since 1986.  Their son, Navarone, was born March 1, 1987. At the beginning of their relationship, Priscilla Presley, 60, and Garibaldi, 10 years younger, signed a promissory agreement that if they should break up, he will not write a book about her. The news will officially hit the papers tomorrow. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Altered by Elvis: This new documentary is an exploration of lives deeply and permanently affected by Elvis Presley. As a society we know everything there is to know about Elvis Presley, but what about those he left behind? Altered by Elvis follows those who have been imprinted, fathered, fulfilled and even destroyed by the King of rock and roll. Two of those featured are Elvis' high school sweetheart, Dixie Locke, and Elvis' personal hairdresser, Larry Geller. Directed by Jayce and Tiffany Bartok. (News, Source: The Vail Trail; image from Elvis Express)

EIN Comment: This concept is not new. Several earlier videos, principally 'Mondo Elvis' (aka 'The Cult That Is Elvis') have explored the same theme. However, Altered By Elvis looks to be very promising having already been selected to screen at this year's Vail Film Festival and Memphis International Film Festival. You can view a trailer for the film on the official 'Altered By Elvis' film website

Elvis cover story in Record Collector: The excellent British music mag, Record Collector, has great interviews with DJ Fontana and Ernst Jorgenson in its April 2006 issue. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Elvis 1961 Bobblehead
Style: EP-030-9835, Price: $16.99

This is the first in series of Elvis Presley Enterprises approved collectible bobble heads. Elvis Presley is faithfully rendered from the photograph of his performance at the 1961 Memphis Charities Benefit Show. Packaged in an attractive display box. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Push continues for Elvis Presley International Airport: The "Elvis Presley International Airport, Memphis" campaign, first publicised by shrewd journalist, Scott Shepard, in the "Memphis Business Journal" 2001, and subsequently in newspapers around the globe, including "The Times" Online and the British "News of the World", raised a few eyebrows in the rest of the Memphis media.

Considering there is already a John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Louis Armstrong and John Lennon Airport, the reasons for the authorities in Shelby County Memphis to deny Elvis such an honour is quite a mystery.

Last year, on the Discovery Channel, two famous Memphians made the top ten in the list of the, "100 Greatest Americans", Martin Luther King, and Elvis Presley. Dr King was recently honoured in Washington DC.

Considering astute business man Sillerman''s massive plans for Graceland, it is high time Elvis Presley was honoured by Memphis, the city he made so famous worldwide. Even here in Ireland too.

Maurice_Colgan @ yahoo.com
2 Mooretown Road, Swords, Ireland.
Tel 01 8403685.
http://irelandtoo.blogspot.com MauriceinIreland (News, Source: XTVWorld)

New EPE exhibits open: Officially open now are two exciting new exhibitions in the Graceland visitor center – Elvis ’56 and Elvis After Dark, featuring a provocative array of items, culled from the vast Graceland archives, many of them never before shown.

The Elvis ’56 exhibit, located in the Sincerely Elvis museum in Graceland Plaza, is part of Graceland’s year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the year Elvis Presley’s career exploded and the music and popular culture of the world changed forever. The exhibit depicts the professional and personal highlights of this pivotal and dizzyingly fast-paced year of the legendary entertainer’s life with photography, footage, archival documents, wardrobe and personal items recalling his historic television appearances, his memorable concerts, his first mega-hit recordings, his first movie, the introduction of the big business of Elvis merchandising, and the first home his success allowed him to purchase for his family.

Elvis ’56 also documents the furor that erupted among The Establishment of 1950’s America when Elvis arrived on the scene with his brand of rock ‘n’ roll that blended musical genres and challenged the divisive lines of race, presented with seductive style and his controversial-for-the-times stage choreography.

Also illustrated in the exhibit are the outpouring of adoration from his new legion of fans and the media critics’ reviews that ran from glowing praise for the new star to scathing pans of Elvis as some sort of strange curiosity to be dismissed.

Items in the Elvis '56 exhibit include the famous Gibson guitar Elvis used during many performances and recordings that year, his never before seen bedroom nightstand from the Audubon Drive home, his personal copies of his 1956 hit movie "Love Me Tender" and his first TV Guide cover and correspondence
between Elvis's manager and Ed Sullivan regarding details of his second appearance on the show in New York just to name a few.

The Elvis After Dark exhibit, located in a newly created exhibit area in the Graceland Crossing shopping center, is themed around that fact that, for much of his life, Elvis Presley was a “night person.”

After the sun went down, Elvis came out to play -- after-hours shopping sprees at department stores, renting out the Memphis Fairgrounds as his own personal amusement park, turning the Memphian movie theater into a private screening room for himself and his friends, hosting parties at home and at local clubs, late-night appointments with his jeweler, flashing his police credentials to “work” a car accident scene, and on and on.

By dark of night, Elvis moved about more freely than his fame allowed him by light of day. But, sometimes, he was just sitting up in bed at home with a good book and the television. And sometimes he was in the recording studio creating his next masterpiece or working his magic on stage in Las Vegas or on national concert tour in front of ecstatic, loving audiences.

In Elvis After Dark thematic exhibits of clothing, personal items, photography and more take the visitor with Elvis into the night at home, at work and as he made Memphis his nighttime playground. As Elvis once remarked early in his career, “The world seems more alive at night…It seems like God ain’t watching.”
Some of the artifacts on display are: the funky fiber optics lamp that usually sits atop the console TV in Elvis’s bedroom, his bedside statue of Jesus, the Jukebox and TV (complete with a bullet hole through the screen) from one of his California homes, his “King of Spades” jumpsuit, one of his “That's The Way It Is” jumpsuits,
and the famous pool table upon which he played with the Beatles. For a fee, visitors can play on this pool table as well.

Both exhibits are open during regular Graceland business hours. However, Elvis After Dark and the restaurant and shops of Graceland Crossing remain open well into the evening after all other Graceland Tours and Graceland Plaza operations have closed for the day.  (News, Source: Elvis Express / EPE)

Opera star covers Elvis classic: Andrea Bocelli has recorded Can't Help Falling In Love. By all accounts it is a fantastic version, recorded live in Las Vegas for his new album 'Amore'. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Elvis wasn't Charlie's only friend: Charlie Hodge fans have a message for Charlie's Decatur family. They want them to know how much they admired Charlie, who performed with and was a friend to Elvis Presley. Since THE DAILY's story on Charlie's death ran, fans from places such as Indiana, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Malaysia and England have written to Holly Hollman to share their thoughts of Charlie.

One wrote, "I pray he is having a great reunion with Elvis."

Another wrote that Charlie "was a legend also in his time and always will be remembered as the man beside the king of music."

A woman from Pennsylvania wrote that while driving through Knoxville in May 2005, she passed a Cadillac with the license plate ELVIS-10. "I'm sure it was Charlie Hodge," she wrote. (News, Source: Daily Decatur)

Elvis duck becomes biggest seller: EPE has told Elvis Insiders members that the Elvis Celebriduck has sold out more quickly than any of the other ducks in the Celebriduck collectible line and, we are hearing, they have become a much sought-after collectible. And coming soon, ehat we've all been waiting for, the '68 Comeback Duck (no kidding!) (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #43: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "How tiger and man interbreed to make tiger man?" (Source: Sanja Meegin)

Recently updated on EIN:


Sunday 19 March 2006
Charlie Hodge talks to EIN: In 1986 Charlie Hodge sat down over a few drinks to talk to EIN's Nigel Patterson. In this rare interview, never before published on the Internet, Charlie reminisces, recalling some very funny stories of life around Elvis, the movie years, living at Graceland, Elvis and the pills, would Elvis have married Ginger Alden, and more. (Interview, Source: EIN)

'Elvis at 21: New York To Memphis' Albert Wertheimer book update: This hardback from Insight Editions featuring Albert Wertheimer's seminal Elvis photos from 1956 will be released in October 2006 in several editions. The regular hardcover will have 224 pages (ISBN:1933784016) has an RRP of US$60.00 (Amazon is offering it discounted to $37.80 + postage and handling) while the deluxe edition (248 pages; ISBN: 1933784113) will retail at a whopping US$395.00 (Amazon has it discounted to $248.85). (News, Source: Amazon)

New book - 'Elvis in the Lake and other stories': From PublishAmerica and written by this 164 page collection of short stories was released in the US last month. ISBN:1424118514. (News, Source: Amazon)

'Elvis Religion: The Cult of the King' book release update: This book by Gregory L. Reece, originally announced for release in the US late last month, has apparently been postponed until September 2006.  (News, Source: Amazon/Amber Smith)

'The Complete Sun Sessions' UK CD release: Here is the artwork for the new 2CD set from Chrome Dreams, "The Complete Sun Sessions". This 2 disc edition is officially tomorrow. Disc one contains the 29 records which is split into 2 sections. Tracks 1-12 are the 1954 Master Recordings and tracks 13-29 are the 1954 Alternate Takes & Demos.
The 26 tracks on Disc 2 are organised into 5 sections. 1-7 are the 1955 Master Recordings, 8-11 are the 1955 Alternate takes & Demos. Track 12 is an interview and tracks 13-14 are Live at the Hayride 1954 (Oct 16th). The last 2 sections are 15-24, Live at the Hayride 1955 and finally, 25-26 are The first ever Elvis studio recordings, 1953. RRP under £10.00. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

'The Million Dollar Quartet' 2CD release: Here is the artwork for the new 50th Anniversary edition of the legendary jam session which has become known as the "Million Dollar Quartet". This 2 disc edition is released on Monday 20th March by Charly Records. Disc one contains the usual 41 tracks already released by BMG and Disc two contains 32 Sun recordings by Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #42: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Girl returning letter so often not interested"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)


Saturday 18 March 2006

"Yellow Wiggle's" amazing Elvis collection: We knew it be stunning and it was. Greg Page, aka the Yellow Wiggle, is an Elvis collector and some of his amazing 200 item Elvis collection was featured on the Australian TV show, Collectors, last night. Half of Greg's collection was once owned by Elvis including clothing, Elvis' Holy Bible, and the last Cadillac Elvis ever owned. Greg beat rap superstar, Puff Diddy, at auction to obtain the automobile. (News, Source: EIN)

Elvis paintings to be auctioned: On April 19th two original paintings of Elvis will be auctioned at Madame Tussauds in London as part of their Legends sale. Both paintings are due to be featured in the new edition of the book Elvis in Art. Also the St Christopher Necklace that Elvis wore during the filming of Jailhouse Rock is up for auction. (News, Source: Elvis News)

"Elvis A Legendary Performer Volume 8" released: The new Madison release in the "A Legendary Performer"-series is out now, Volume 8 contains:

01 - Ready Teddy September 9, 1956 2:11 ; 02 - "Sullivan" Intro / When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again January 6, 1957 2:41 ; 03 - Young And Beautiful (binaural, Take 11) April 30, 1957 2:16 ; 04 - What's She Really Like (Take 5) April 28, 1960 2:29 ; 05 - I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell (Take 6, higher key) November 8, 1960 1:44 ; 06 - "Hello to Hawaii" (radio promo*) 1959 0:43 ; 07 - Ku-u-i-po (Take 1) March 21, 1961 2:24 ; 08 - (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame (Takes 11, 12) June 26, 1961 2:43 ; 09 - Night Rider (Take 4) March 18, 1962 2:10 ; 10 - Take Me To The Fair (Takes 2, 3*) September 22, 1962 1:46 ; 11- Spring Fever (Takes 1*, 2, 3) June 11, 1964 2:02 ; 12 - Kismet (Takes 1*, 2) February 25, 1965 2:39 ; 13 - Only The
Strong Survive (Take 3) February 20, 1969 2:48 ; 14 - The Wonder Of You (rehearsal, Take 2*) February 18, 1970 2:33 ; 15 - The Wonder Of You (rehearsal, Take 3* - incomplete) February 18, 1970 1:06 ; 16 - The Wonder Of You (rehearsal, Take 4, unedited) February 18, 1970 2:48 ; 17 - The Sound Of Your Cry (Take 6, extended outro*) June 4, 1970 3:59 ; 18 - Funny How Time Slips Away (Take 1, undubbed stereo) June 7, 1970 4:19 ; 19 - Stranger In The Crowd (RCA rehearsal) July 24, 1970 3:38 ; 20 - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (RCA rehearsal) July 24, 1970 3:41 ; 21 - C.C. Rider (previously unreleased soundboard) August 1972 2:40 ; 22 - Heartbreak Hotel (previously unreleased soundboard) August 1972 1:38 ; 23 - An American Trilogy (previously unreleased soundboard) August 1972 3:57 ; 24 - "Hello Australia" (radio promo*) 1959 / "Aloha" (radio interview*) January 9, 1973 1:15 ; 25 - Down In The Alley (soundboard) August 19, 1974 OS 1:54 ; 26 - Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (soundboard) August 19, 1974 OS 3:03 ; 27 - For The Good Times (soundboard) December 29, 1976 3:21 ; 28 - Danny Boy (Take 9, unedited) February 5, 1976 4:07. * previously unreleased (News, Source: Elvis News)
"Broadcasting Live" DVD: This is the cover art of a new DVD release entitled "Broadcasting Live". This region 2 DVD will be released April 17, 2006. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis News)

New edition of DVD "Elvis 56": Here is the cover art of another re-release of the "Elvis 56" DVD. This region 2 release by Wienerworld was released March 13, 2005. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis News)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #41: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Paralyzed man no cause to sing about it"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

Elvis Birthday Tour segment on Chicago TV: If you saw the Elvis Birthday Tour segment on "Upscale Chicago" last Thursday, please call FOX television at (312) 565-5532 and tell them that they you loved Upscale Chicago and the Elvis segment and would they please re-run it? and when? If you didn't see Upscale Chicago and the Elvis Birthday Tour segment on Thursday,  please call FOX television at (312) 565-5532 and ask them when are they re-running that Upscale Chicago episode? and can they run it at an earlier time because its on too late.

A Chicago based TV show that filmed interviews and backstage preparations on the first night of this years Elvis Birthday Tribute Tour at the Paramont Arts Center in Aurora, IL will air the segment overnight on Thursday.  The Upscale Chicago episode aired again overnight Thursday, March 16th, at 12:30 a.m. on WPWR channel 50 or usually channel 8 if on cable). For more information, please visit www.upscaletv.com Upscale Chicago with William Kelly - Upscale Chicago is a fast, funny, music-infused take on the world of luxury. On this week's Upscale Chicago, host William Kelly trades stories with Elvis friends, rock legend DJ Fontana and Myrna Smith of the Sweet Inspirations and learns what it was like to be Elvis from acclaimed tribute artists, Ryan Pelton and Shawn Klush. A whirlwind tour of Chicago's North Michigan Avenue, the historic Hotel Intercontinental and the premiere of the first Upscale TV music video with Motorbaby, are also featured.  (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)

New book - 'Elvis: remembering August 16, 1977': Due for release in June 2006. Written by Ron Callamore. (News, Source: Scott Haigh, FECC board)


Friday 17 March 2006

Continuing issues with site due to server crash: Our site host informs is it will now not be until tomorrow that all data is transferred following the recent server crash. EIN apologises for any pages currently missing, but fingers crossed you'll be able to access all of them by tomorrow. (News, Source; EIN)

EPE statement on future of Graceland et al: The EPE site has published a statement regarding plans for the future of Graceland, the surrounding area, Heartbreak Hotel, and possible tours of the upstairs part of the mansion. Not surprisingly, at this stage, there is no mention of the future of Elvis tribute artists. (News/Sale of EPE, Source: EPE)

Lisa Presley pregnant: Sources reveal that Lisa Marie Presley was pregnant when she tied the knot for the fourth time in January to Michael Lockwood. The couple is rumored to have been planning a spring wedding, but when the royalty rocker found she was expecting her third child, she moved the wedding date up considerably.

Lisa Marie and her new husband opted for a traditional Japanese ceremony which took place in the Far East with only 9 close friends and family.A friend reveals, "Lisa Marie was determined to look great for her wedding. I think she didn't want to be pregnant in her photographs. If they'd have waited until the spring when they were due to get married, the bump would have been showing."As soon as she found out she was pregnant in early January, she told Michael, 'Let's get married now.' They told the wedding planner she had five days to organize a wedding in Japan and told their families to pack their bags."

Another friend of the couple confirmed Lisa Marie’s pregnancy, saying, "Lisa didn't want to say anything till she was over the first trimester, but she and Priscilla are very happy." (News/Lisa Presley's World, Source: Headline News)

"Tiger Man An Alternate Anthology - Volume 2" CD release: This is the cover of the upcoming import compilation release "Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology Volume 2" with alternate and undubbed versions.

Track listing: Heart Of Rome - There Goes My Everything - Sylvia - 20 Days - Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On - The First Time (Duet) - My Way - Seperate Ways - Always On My Mind - It's A Matter Of Time - I'm So Lonely I Could Cry - Girl Of Mine - Sweet Angeline - Help me - If You Talk In Your Sleep - Thinking About You - My Boy - Talk About The Good Times - Twelfth Of Never - Tiger Man (1975 Warming Up Jam) - Moody Blue (Long Outtake) - Never Again (Undubbed) (News, Source: Elvis News)

Audoban Drive house auction postponed: The Ebay auction of our home, 1034 Audubon Drive, which was to begin on March 20, has been postponed again. The good news is that the current owners are working in agreement, probably for the first time, to sell this house properly.

Also, they are no longer working with Judith Johnson, realtor. Judith was a great help writing our application for the National Register of Historic Places. But the owners could not agree on how to best sell 1034 Audubon Drive, and she graciously offered to step down. The owners will work together to auction the home - in April- with Steve Schutts. Steve has done numerous auctions in the past of Elvismemorabilia. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited / Amber Smith)

"And I Love You So" CD release: Here is the cover art of the new audience recording release of Elvis April 27, 1977 Milwaukee concert entitled "And I Love You So - The King Rocks Milwaukee".

Track listing: 2001 Theme / CC Rider / I Got A Woman - Amen / Love Me / If You Love Me Let Me Know / You Gave Me A Mountain / Jailhouse Rock / O Sole Mio - It's Now or Never / Little Sister / Teddy Bear - Don't Be Cruel / And I Love You So / My Way / Polk Salad Annie / Band Introductions / Early Morning Rain (John Wilkinson Intro) / What 'd I Say (James Burton Intro) / Johnny B Goode / Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt Intro) / Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff Intro) / Piano Solo (Tony Brown) / Electric Keyboard Solo (Bobby Ogden Intro) / Hail Hail Rock And Roll / Hurt (plus reprise) / Hound Dog / Can't Help Falling In Love (News, Source: Elvis News)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #40: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who sing about cuddly toy not man"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

Elvis The Sale: The international organized chain-store "Kruidvat" has an Elvis collection on sale. The next few weeks, they offer the 2CD set "The Collection", with an overview of Elvis' SUN / Hayride hits for only 3.99 euro (Belgium) and even 3.89 euro (Holland). (News, Source: Elvis Matters / Elvis News)

'Carol's Gifts & Collectibles' now open: Carol Light who lost her lease for 'Memories of Elvis' with EPE late last year has opened her new outlet. The address is: 7174 Stage Road, Highway 64, Suite #123, Bartlett, TN, 38133. You can also contact Carol by clicking here (News, Source: Carol Light)


Thursday 16 March 2006

EIN "all shook up" by server problems: Our apologies for the site being offline for nearly 48 hours. It was beyond our control and related to major server issues which are now rectified. (News, Source: EIN)

"Elvis Presley - Behind the Scenes at the Seattle World's Fair" (DVD Review): Albert Fisher was there when Elvis filmed his 13th motion picture during the Seattle World's Fair in 1962. After more than 40 years he has dusted off the historic 8mm footage he captured of both events. EIN takes a look at the candid footage, now released on DVD, which shows Elvis as we rarely see him, off-camera and behind-the-scenes. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

Single disc editions of "Aloha" & "Comeback Special" update: Following a scheduling delay, EPE has announced (and as usual EPE forgets the Internet is a global audience): 'As a follow-up to the smashing success of the release of Elvis: '68 Comeback - Deluxe Edition DVD (3-disc set) and Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii - Deluxe Edition DVD (2-disc set) in 2004, single-disc DVD releases are coming from EPE in August 2006. As with the deluxe sets, the distributor will be Sony BMG.

The single-disc releases are focused on reaching the casual Elvis fan and Elvis novices who aren't ready to commit to purchasing the box sets and to get '68 and Aloha material into mass retailers that will not carry the box sets or any DVD releases above a $14.98 retail price. Of course, with any release, we keep the tried and true, serious Elvis fans in mind.

Final tapes will be turned over to Sony BMG in mid-May. Well before then, content will be finalized and an exact release date will be determined. All the details will be posted here in News on Elvis.com and on our special DVD site www.elvis.dvds.com in the weeks ahead'. (News, Source: EPE)

New King of Memphis: The parade of cars drove through the gates of Graceland, making its way up the driveway to the big house on the hill. Elvis Presley's home was closed to the public, but Memphis coach John Calipari had arranged for a private tour of this shrine for ESPN, which was filming two weeks of Tiger basketball for "The Season."

The tour guide was nattily dressed George Klein, the best man in Elvis' wedding, a host at a local casino and a longtime Memphis basketball junkie. For Klein, this was a labor of love. "If Elvis was alive today, he'd be a huge Memphis fan," Klein told Calipari.

Presley was a huge pro football fan before Klein introduced him to Wilt Chamberlain. "Elvis actually wanted to give a scholarship to the basketball team," Klein said. "But when we called, the university said the money had to be allocated to athletics in general and couldn't be earmarked for one sport.

"In the end, Elvis wound up giving an autographed picture to Wayne Yates, who was the coach at the time. Whenever Wayne would visit a recruit, he'd show the picture and tell them, 'Elvis is on our side.'"

NBA basketball moved in three years ago to this town built around a confluence of Beale Street blues and Memphis basketball. (News, Source: New York Daily News)

"Mahola From Hawaii" - new Elvis graphic by Charmaine: EIN unveils Charmaine Voisine's latest superb Elvis graphic (click here to view larger image)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #39: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who is loving you can't be loving me"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

"And I Love You So" audience recording: Set for release is another import CD called "And I Love You So". It contains an audience recording from 1977, recorded in Milwaukee. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Bud Glass initiates DVD legal action: A company named 23rd Century Productions has pirated the Bud Glass DVD, Behind The Image Volume 1. The pirated release is inferior quality and fans are warned to avoid it. Bud has initiated legal proceedings to protect his material. (News, Source: Elvis The Man And His Music #71)

New book by Larry Geller: Larry Geller, Elvis former hairdresser and “spiritual” friend is working on a new book entitled “Leaves Of Elvis Garden”. It deals with Elvis interest in the spiritual world and contains conversations, Elvis’ experiences and passages and quotes from his favorite books and more. Larry claims he and Elvis discussed writing a book on this subject, this should be the extension of that. The reason for the title is that Larry gave Elvis a book “Leaves Of Morya’s Garden” which he buried in the Meditation Garden (leaves represent pages). (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited / Elvis News)

Stax Studio ignores "The King": On July 20-25 and December 10-16 1973, Elvis Presley recorded 29 songs at Stax studios in Memphis, Tennessee. Visitors taking a tour of the famous 'STAX' studio were able to see a small display featuring the album covers featuring the recordings and a Karate gi which he wore during one of the sessions.

But now, 'STAX' officials have effectively erased Elvis from it's history. The display is gone and Elvis is no longer mentioned during the studio tour. Anyone who does not already know, would have no idea Elvis ever stepped foot in the studio and recorded some great music. You cannot even find a single Elvis CD, picture or piece of memorabilia in the Stax gift shop.

When asked about this, a Stax staff member commented; "Memphis is focussed on Elvis, but we want to show the world that Stax was more than the studio where he recorded. Stax is about soul. That's our story."

When asked if Elvis would be re-instated into the Stax history, the answer was allegedly a simple a resounding "no". (News, Source: Elvis Matters / Elvis Express)

Elvis' Stax Trax List:

If You Don’t Come Back
It’s Different Now
Three Corn Patches
Take Good care of Her
Find Out What’s Happening
I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby
Just a Little Bit
Raised on Rock
For Ol’ Time Sake
Girl of Mine
Sweet Angeline
I Got a Feeling In My Body
It’s Midnight

If You Talk In Your Sleep
Mr. Songman
Thinking About You
Love Song of the Year
You Asked Me ToHelp Me
My Boy
Loving Arms
Good Time Charlie’s got the Blues
Talk about the Good Times
Promised Land
Your Love’s Been a Long Time Coming
There’s a Honky Tonk Angel
If That Isn’t Love
Spanish Eyes
She Wears My Ring

Tuesday 14 March 2006
Kevan Budd, Elvis audio engineer, restorer and researcher talks with EIN: Kevan Budd is an Elvis audio restorer and researcher extraordinaire. His name first came to prominence due to his sensational audio restoration work for 'Elvis At Sun' in 2004. He has also brought us the definitive version of Elvis' first 3 LPs. Recently FTD released the extended 'Loving You' soundtrack compiled & mastered by Kevan which also included some extraordinary audio restoration work. In this interesting interview Kevan Budd answers a few questions that we have all wanted to ask! (Interview, Source: EIN)

"A Thunder in the Night" CD release: The S&R Records label, that released "Trying To Get To Memphis", "Not Too Sweet" and "Setting The Standard", will release "A Thunder In The Night" in late March 2006. This release features a previously unreleased audience recording of Elvis' Midnight Show from August 01, 1971 Midnight at Lake Tahoe.

This show - although not new to die hard tape collectors - has been not available in this quality before according to the info we received. The sound was professionally restored. It is one of the best shows of the year 1971 too - a great performance with Elvis in am exceptionally good mood and voice. The highlight of the concert is the rarely performed gospel "I John". The CD contains a luxe 8 page full colour booklet with many photos in a very professional layout.

Track listing: 01.That's All Right, Mama 1.59 / 02.Proud Mary 3.05 / 03.Jailhouse Rock 1.49 / 04. All Shook Up (only part) / 05.Love Me Tender 2.35 / 06.You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 2.01 / 07.You've Lost The Loving Feeling 4.15 / 08. Polk Salad Annie 4.00 / 09. If I can Dream (exc/inst.intermezzo) 0.41 / 10.Johnny B.Goode 1.38 / 11. Love Me 1.36 / 12. Blue Suede Shoes - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' on (medley) 1.33 / 13. Heartbreak Hotel 1.32 / 14. One Night (inc.) 1.11 / 15. Hound Dog (false start) 1.27 / 16. Hound Dog 1.06 / 17. Suspicious Minds 5.07 / 18. Band Introduction 3.06 / 19. I'm leaving 3.15 / 20. The Impossible Dream 3.07 / 21. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 1.21 / 22. I Can't Stop Loving You 3.07 / 23. Bridge Over Troubled Water (4.16) / 25. I John (2.06) / 26. Can't Help Falling in Love. (News, Source: FECC)

"Elvis" helps win Dutch Idols final: The Dutch Grand Finale of “Idols 2006” turned out to be another success for... Elvis! Although “Floortje” was the undisputed favorite in the polls, it was “Raffaëla” who won the song contest – thanks to Elvis. Raffaële sang “Don’t Be Cruel” in duet with Elvis (on a big screen). The driving force behind the “Idols” concept is Robert Sillerman, the new 85% owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises. 3.5 million viewers watched the “live” duet, Saturday. (News, Source: Elvis Matters / Elvis News)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #38: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who search for wife in Kentucky rain, search for sister too"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

Only 4 artists recognised for non USA album sales: Abu posted the following on the Elvisnumberones.com Bulletin Board. It is sure to add fuel to the debate over Elvis' "unproven" global sales: "

A lot of the statistics for worldwide record sales of music artists are invented by magazines to boost their circulation or to bolster publicity for their favourite artist. Any publication giving estimates for worldwide sales for an artist must be treated with caution. Reliable estimates usually quote their methods for ascertaining their estimates and/or give their sources for their data.

The IFPI (via the World Music Awards) issue a diamond award to artists who have sold over 100 million albums worldwide (I think this excludes the USA). So far there are only 4 artists that have received this award, they are Rod Stewart (2002), Mariah Carey (2003), Celine Dione ( 2004) and Bon Jovi (2005).

In 2000 a special award was presented by World Music Awards to Michael Jackson for being the best selling pop male artist of the millenium. What his sales total were I don’t know but on March 21, 1997 Sony Music presented Michael with a special award to mark sales of 100 million singles and albums OUTSIDE of the United States. Sales figures for the World Music Awards are supplied and certified by the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonography Industry). However their data for record sales during the 50s and 60s is far from complete. (News, Source: Elvisnumberones.com)


Monday 13 March 2006
Tennessee Starlight CD: The "Straight Arrow'' label that released the CD " PIECES OF MY LIFE " (SA 2005-1-02) containing the famous Asheville July 24, 1975 concert in 2005 will release their second CD later this month. The new release will be titled " TENNESSEE STARTLIGHT " (SA2006-2-02) that will contain the complete audience recording from the February 1977 tour in Johnson City, TN. on February 19.

Just as their previous release, this CD will come in a deluxe package with a 16-page color booklet containing many photographs ( some never before published ) from the actual concert and comprehensive liner notes with information about the concert and whole tour. Among the show highlights are spellbinding performances of "You Gave Me A Mountain", "My Way", "Love Letters" and "Hurt". An unusual moment comes right before the end of the show when Elvis performs a wild version of "Polk Salad Annie". According to the producers, this recording comes from an original audience recorded master tape that was transferred and professionally restored by 24 bit technology for the best possible sound quality.

Tracklist : 01. Also Sprach Zarathustra (" 2001 A Space Odyssey " theme) - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Love Me - 05. If You Love Me ( Let Me Know ) - 06. You Gave Me A Mountain - 07. Jailhouse Rock ( with false start ) - 08. O Sole Mio ( by Sherrill Nielsen ) / It's Now Or Never - 09. Little Sister - 10. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - 11. My Way - 12. Band Introductions - 13. Early Mornin' Rain - 14. What'd I Say - 15. Johnny B. Goode - 16. Drums Solo - 17. Bass Solo ( Blues ) - 18. Piano Solo - 19. Love Letters - 20. School Day - 21. Hurt ( with reprise ) - 22. Danny Boy ( by Sherrill Nielsen) - 23. Walk With Me ( by Sherrill Nielsen ) - 24. Polk Salad Annie - 25. Introduction of Miss Tennessee Terry Alden - 26. Can't Help Falling In Love - 27. Closing Vamp / Announcements. Approximate running time 67:26 (News, Source: FECC)

New Madison label release - "One Night Only!": About two weeks ago, the Madison label announced their immediate follow-up to ''Elvis - A Legendary Performer Volume 8'' would be the 2 CD set ''The Elvis Presley Show - Holding Down The Fort.'' This great title is being pushed back to late May / early June to properly meet the 30th Anniversary of Elvis' performance in Fort Worth, TX on June 3rd, 1976.

In the meantime, Madison will present '' One Night Only! '' containing Elvis' inspired, one-time only Boston performance of November 10th, 1971. This show was previously released on disc in 1997 as '' The Power Of Shazam. '' Unfortunately, the sound quality left a lot to be desired, and diminished the impact of Elvis' tremendous effort that night. This is all about to change, as the Madison label managed to recently acquire a first-generation soundboard of Elvis' wild and rockin' night in the Boston Garden. The audio is excellent and will prove to be the best 1971 show ever released, period.

For those who missed ''The Power Of Shazam'' almost nine years ago, this is your chance to finally enjoy a very special night. For the ones who possess the older title, you will not be disappointed by '' One Night Only! " (News, Source: FECC)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #37: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Woman that suspicious needs dropping"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)


Sunday 12 March 2006

Country music exhibit to include Elvis: A new exhibit titled Guitars, Fiddles and Coats of Many Colors: Country Music Highlights from the Tennessee State Museum will open at downtown Nashville museum on March 22. The exhibit includes artifacts from Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Bill Monroe, DeFord Bailey and others. Items also include the original 1947 guitar-shaped sign from the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and stage costumes designed by Nudie Cohn and Nathan Turk. The exhibit continues through January 2007. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Elvis goes Latin: A PROFESSOR who calls himself the Roman Rocker is performing classic Elvis Presley songs — in LATIN. Dr Jukka Ammondt croons Nune Aeternatis, meaning I Surrender, and Nunc Hic Aut Nunquam, (It’s Now Or Never). He also sings as The King in Sumerian — the world’s oldest written language, which died out 4,000 years ago.

“Don’t step on my blue suede shoes” becomes the catchy “Nig-na-me si-ib-ak-ke-en, e-sir kus-za-gin-gu ba-ra-tag-ge-en”.

Ammondt, 60, a Finnish classical languages lecturer, has released an album of Elvis songs called The Legend Lives Forever in Latin. He became a Roman Elvis after a divorce. The prof, who appears at a French Latin festival this weekend, said: “I baffle some people.” (News, Source:The Sun Online)

Elvis International's Chart Update

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #36: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who don't know girl of best friend party too much"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

Elvii Radio in Las Vegas: Mardi Gras Hotel and Casino will host a three day event June 23, 24, 25, 2006. This event has been designated as the Elvii Radio Listener Appreciation Party. The 3 DAY event will consist of memorabilia, collectables, special guests, and an ETA Contest. There will be karaoke after the shows nightly until midnight! Showtime is 8pm Daily. Doors open at 7pm. Single Daily and Weekend Passes are available. Tickets are on sale now (News/Almost Elvis, Source: Jamie Coyne)


Saturday 11 March 2006
"Elvis at the Movies": It looks as if April will be another busy month for ElvisMatters. After the kick off of “Elvis – Behind the Scenes” (with Dean Nichopoulis on April 14th in Holland and the 15th in Belgium), the EM-crew presents a unique project on Friday April 21st: “Elvis at the Movies”, with an exclusive expo as main attraction. The expo focuses on the movie years, with original Elvis-outfits and dozens of rare movie posters. Guest of honor is Jos Clauwers, who stood in for Elvis in “Double Trouble” during the shooting in Belgium. For more info: see the Events section. (News, Source: Elvis Matters / Elvis News)

Shirley Bassey as actor "starstruck" over doodling Elvis: It has four costume changes, a plethora of stars, and one unmistakable voice. In Another Audience With ... Dame Shirley Bassey reveals her relationship with the stars, how she found her singing voice and why she loves Bond. She was asked...

(as) Coronation St actor Anthony Cotton was recently asked, "Have you ever been starstruck?"

"Oh God, yes - Elvis Presley. I went backstage to see him after his show in Las Vegas and I had one of those jumpsuits that were very fashionable in those days. There was a button there, (gestures to top of chest), and then it was open, and a button there, and then open, and a button there, and then open, right down to my navel. He started doodling on my skin - I can't go on, I still get goosebumps just talking about it. I went to my room and got undressed and looked in the mirror and there were all these crazy drawings on me. I never washed again!" (News/Odd Spot, Source: icwales.co.uk)

TV series in Austria with all Elvis soundtrack: Austria has a new TV-series with an all Elvis soundtrack. The hero with the same name in Kupetzky is an Elvis fan. The obvious like Heartbreak Hotel is played, but also more or less rarities like Stranger in the Crowd and the rehearsal of My Way are used. The show aires every Thursday on ORF 1. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Elvis Radio on Sirius honors Charlie Hodge: Elvis Radio/Sirius Satellite 13 will present replays of two special programs that remember the late Charlie Hodge, longtime friend of Elvis Presley, who died on March 3.

The first show includes Charlie’s story “In His Own Words” from deejay Doc Walker’s last conversation with him in late 2005. The second show includes “Charlie stories”, also hosted by Doc Walker, with interviews featuring Elvis and Charlie's friends and associates Jerry Schilling, Ed Bonja, John Wilkinson, Patty Parry, Gordon Stoker and Sam Thompson.

Charlie's Story - In His Own Words
(All times Eastern.)

Wednesday, March 8 - 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM

Thursday, March 9 - 11:00 AM and 11:00 PM

Friday, March 10 - 1:00 PM and 9:00 PM

Saturday, March 11 - 12:00 Noon and 6:00 PM

Charlie Stories (By His Friends)
(All times Eastern.)

Wednesday, March 8 - 9:00 PM

Thursday, March 9 - 12:00 Midnight

Friday, March 10 - 8:00 AM

Satuday, March 11 - 1:00 PM

See the Elvis Radio page on the Sirius Satellite Radio site for more information. (News, Source: EPE)


Friday 10 March 2006

"All Shook Up" for national tour: After its 213 performance run on Broadway last year, several dates have been announced for the upcoming 35 city national tour of All Shook Up.

The tour will kick off at Milwaukee's Marcus Center on September 9th. The tour stops as of now include:

Fox Theatre
May 1st - 6th
Orpheum Theatre
May 8th - 13th
Marcus Center
September 9th -
Carr Performing Arts Center
October 24th - 29th
Hobby Center
November 7th - 19th
Fort Lauderdale
Broward Center
November 22nd - December 3rd

More cities and casting will be announced. Christopher Ashley will reprise his role as director. The original Broadway creative team which featured set design by David Rockwell and costume design by David C. Woolard is also expected to contribute to the tour.

All Shook Up ran for 213 performances on Broadway from March 24, 2005 to September 25th.

The musical is inspired by the music of Elvis Presley. It tells the story of a guitar playing man who shakes up an Eisenhower-era American town and brings romance, rebellion, and rock-n-roll into the life of a small town girl.

Some of Elvis' songs included in the score are "Blue Suede Shoes," "Can't Help Falling In Love," "Jailhouse Rock," and of course "All Shook Up." (News, Source: monstersandcritics.com)

The Top 10 Sellers of Albums Worldwide: The International Federation of the Phonographic Industries (IFPI) estimated in January the worldwide album sales of the Top 10 artists. These 'stats' were printed in the March edition of 'Record Collector" magazine. (News, Source: Paul Wood, Elvisnumberones Bulletin Board)

1. The Beatles - 400 million
2. Michael Jackson - 350 million
3. Elvis Presley - 300 million
4. Madonna - 275 million
5. Cliff Richard - 250 million
6. The Rolling Stones - 250 million
7. Nana Mouskouri - 250 million
8. Mariah Carey - 230 million
9. Celine Dion - 220 million
10. Elton John - 220 million

Elvis As The One Called Charro: JAT Productions will release its latest book "Elvis As The One Called Charro!" later this month. A limited number of copies will have a bonus CD containing radio spots and interviews. The 96 page book will contain over 150 photographs in color and black & white and feature documents and informative text pertaining to the film. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Elvis World #79: The latest issue of Bill and Connie Burk's excellent quarterly magazine, Elvis World, maintains the high standard they set 20 years ago when introducing what is one of the world's best and most respected Elvis publications. In issue #79 there is all the latest news, articles on the 50th Anniversary of Heartbreak Hotel; Elvis' jeweller, Lowell Hays retires; and former Shelby County sheriff, Bill Morris, provides some great stories of being around The King. The regular fan club updates and Bill's famous Elvis World Shoppers Service are also there. Elvis World is now in full color and the latest issue features enhanced visual color and clarity for its many photos due to a heavier paper stock being used. (Bill Burk's Elvis World, Source: EIN) Subscriptions to Elvis World are US$18.00 (USA); US$23.00 (outside USA)

Click to contact Bill Burk to subscribe to "Elvis World"

DVD release of "Elvis On Tour" postponed: According to Elvis Unlimited, the 'bare bones' DVD release of "Elvis On Tour" has been postponed. And if EIN interprets the amazon.de site correctly, it appears the release is postponed until 31 December 2006, perhaps suggesting it isn't coming, and we need to wait for the rumored special edition release. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited/ EIN )

Presley says "I married Michael Jackson to hide!": Serial bride LISA MARIE PRESLEY insists she married pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON because he could empathise with her upbringing in the limelight. The daughter of rock legend ELVIS PRESLEY - who recently wed guitarist MICHAEL LOCKWOOD - now realises her nuptials with Jackson were a lapse in judgement. She says, "I have never met a man who could cope with me, who I am, the Presley name. Which is why I married someone even more famous than myself. "Hiding behind someone else was, I guess, easier, although not necessarily the right thing to do." (News/Lisa Presley's World, Source: Contact Music)

Janelle McComb Memorial drive: Elvis Presley's Good Luck Charms Fan Club of Alabama is working together with the Tupelo Birthplace to raise money for a memorial for the late friend of Elvis, Janelle McComb. They ask that any donations be sent to:

Janelle McComb Memorial
C/O The Elvis Presley Foundation
P.O. Box 1339
Tupelo, MS 38802

If you have any questions, you can contact Lesia Marcum at Lesiamarcum@aol.com. (News, Source: EPE)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #35: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who rhumba in sports car drink too much Margarita"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)


Thursday 9 March 2006
Tribute to Charlie Hodge: EIN has prepared a tribute to Elvis' long time friend, Charlie Hodge. Our 1986 interview with Charlie will be added to the site in the next few days. (Spotlight, Source: EIN)

"Tiger Man Alt. Anthology Volume 2" CD: A new import release from the Shake label entitled "Tiger Man Alt. Anthology Volume 2" (EPCD 2) will be out soon. This CD contains various alternate and undubbed studio versions, jams and rehearsals. The details of the track listing are not yet confirmed.

The supposed tracklisting: Heart Of Rome (Undubbed) / There Goes My Everything (Undubbed) / Sylvia (Undubbed) / 20 Days (Rehearsal) / Whole Lotta Shakin'Going On (Horns Version) / The First Time (Duet) / My Way (Studio) / Seperate Ways (Strings version) / Always On My Mind (Strings Version) / It's A Matter Of Time (Strings Version) / I'm So Lonely I Could Cry (Alternate Aloha) / Girl Of Mine (Undubbed) / Sweet Angeline (Undubbed Acetate) / Help me (Studio Dub) / If You Talk In Your Sleep / Thinking About You (Long Undubbed) / My Boy (Undubbed) / Talk About The Good Times /(Undubbed) / Twelfth Of Never (David Briggs Overdub) / Tiger Man (1975 Warming Up Jam) / Moody Blue (long Outtake) / Never Again (Undubbed). (News, Source: Elvis News)

Click to view latest Elvis graphic by Charmaine: "Mr Cool"

"Inside G.I. Blues" book update: Elvis Unlimited's Henrik Knudsen posted this message on the FECC board regarding the upcoming book & single package, Inside G.I. Blues (see original news story 6 March 2006):

"The single will include a very rare radio promo. The DVD will include some unreleased footage from 1960.

Regarding our friend Ger Rijff, he's not the book designer, BUT he delivered some amazing stuff for the book and have been VERY helpful with research. Ger also okayed that we could use "Inside" as part of the title. We are also working with GER about a new book that might come out later this year.

Also not only Ger is helping, we got stuff from some of the biggest and smallest collectors in the Elvis world. So there is really something to watch out for. Rolf, I hope you are doing okay downunder? With you moving down there, I think there is room enough for us both in this world, don't you think?

To everyone else, thanks for the huge interest in this project. A lot of people are working hard to make this book very special. Anyway the book is doing very well. It will be very different to what have been seen before, in design and packaging". (News, Source: FECC)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #34: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man with wooden heart probably puppet on a string"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)


Wednesday 8 March 2006
How many records has Elvis sold?: A recent posting on the ElvisNumberOne.com Bulletin Board referred to an alleged 'private' letter written by Ernst Jorgensen regarding the issue of sales by both Elvis and The Beatles. Intrigued by several of the alleged comments in the letter, EIN asked Ernst to comment on its contents. In this interview, Ernst addresses a number of topical issues including the letter, Elvis' sales, and BMGs "genre" releases aiming to bring Elvis to new markets. (Interview, Source: EIN)

"Elvis A Legendary Performer" on DVD: With the renewed interest in the Legendary Performer-series, it was just a matter of time before the first DVD saw the light. This very release is scheduled for next week, but it’s still unclear on which label, how many copies or whether it’s a factory made DVD or not.

But the content sounds promising, with the original and uncensored “nude scene” with actress Ina Balin, an excerpt from the Houstin Astrodome shows in 1974 and home movies with the late Charlie Hodge. (News, Source: Elvis Matters / Elvis News)

"Elvis The TV Times" DVD: The 2 DVD set "Elvis The TV Times" from the Czech Republic features all of Elvis Dorsey Brothers Stage Show appearances, the Ed Sullivan Shows, Elvis with Milton Berle, plus the complete Frank Sinatra "Welcom Home Elvis" Timex show. As a bonus an exclusive 1972 TV News Extra featuring Elvis live on stage at the Hilton, the Aloha press conference and the commercials for Walls, Cresta and Nike. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #33: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man whose wish came true, not ask for enough"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

Good Rockin' Tonight - Canadian Elvis contest will raise funds for breast cancer: Dust off those blue suede shoes and prepare to get all shook up -- Elvis is coming to Oshawa. Make that 10 Elvis impersonators and one Buddy Holly for good measure. On March 26, the Canadian Legion will be hosting an afternoon of hip swivelling and lip quivering to raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Ten Elvis impersonators from across Ontario will be on hand to vie for the people's choice award, joined by special guests Robin Kelly, the 2002 Collingwood Elvis Grand Champion, and Oshawa resident James Begley who will be making his debut as Buddy Holly.

"I've been doing Elvis for almost four years and I realized that there are 40,000 Elvis impersonators in North America," Mr. Begley said. "I don't want to get lost in the shuffle, so I thought I'd try Buddy Holly too."

It will be an adjustment for local fans who are used to seeing him perform everything from 50s Elvis tunes in gold lame, to the King's later songs dressed in leather and white Vegas jumpsuits. But Mr. Begley says he is excited to tackle Buddy and is ready with the singer's signature bow tie and glasses. The showcase is being presented by Ladyluckmusic.com, a Montreal based all-Elvis radio station that brings Elvis look-a-likes and their fans together for fundraisers all over Canada. Organizer Nora Cleaveley, a huge Elvis fan, is confident that the event will attract a crowd. "Elvis popularity is at an all-time high right now. I think it's because his music is something the whole family can enjoy, from kids to seniors," she said. "And almost everyone has been affected by cancer in some way, so this is a cause people want to support."

Net proceeds from the show will go to support the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The Oshawa People's Choice Elvis Contests takes place March 26 at Royal Canadian Legion branch 43 located at 471 Simcoe St. S., in Oshawa. Doors open at noon and the show gets underway at 1 p.m. Tickets are $25 and available in advance at Wilson and Lee Music, 87 Simcoe St. N., or 905-725-4706 or by calling the legion at 905-723-4511 (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Are Elvis tribute artists an endangered species?: The new owner of the Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas is concerned about a possible ban on Elvis impersonators. Brendan Paul not only owns the Chapel, but he is a veteran Elvis impersonator. It seems that Robert F.X. Sillerman owns the rights to control Elvis' name and likeness. He is planning a major Elvis presence in Las Vegas and told the New York Times he has not decided the fate of the Elvis Impersonators.

The founder and creator of "Legends in Concert" believes it would be impossible to put a stop to the impersonators. John Stuart said, "You've got 20,000 Elvis impersonators out there. He could never stop all of them. Besides there is First Amendment protection." Years ago, Stuart paid Elvis Presley Enterprises $100,000 for the right to use "Elvis" in his lineup.

Another local impersonator, Steve Connolly, stated that he did 700 shows his first year in Las Vegas. Top impersonators are said to make over $300,000 a year. No way are they going away without a fight.So if your dream wedding is to be married by "Elvis," then you might want to book your flights and exchange your vows before Sillerman takes the dream away. (News/Almost Elvis/Sale of EPE, Source: Amber Smith)


Tuesday 7 March 2006
The Top 10 Elvis releases in 2005: Was 2005 a good year for Elvis new releases? Was there a book or a CD that really stood out amongst the plethora of Elvis material that was pumped out to unsuspecting Elvis fans? Well EIN has combed through its boxes of 2005 goodies and come up with our Elvis TOP TEN of 2005. We also include some worthy runners-up - and two real disappointments. (Spotlight Article, Source: EIN)

EPE's Heartbreak Hotel to be demolished!: The New York Times reports that the 'Heartbreak Hote', across from Graceland,l will be demolished and Elvis' presence will return to Las Vegas. The news report includes:

"The 128-room Heartbreak Hotel, which stands across Elvis Presley Boulevard from Graceland, will be demolished, along with the visitors center. In their place, Mr. Sillerman plans two 400-room hotels, convention space, an entertainment complex, restaurants, shops, an outdoor amphitheater and a spa.

Moreover, if Mr. Sillerman has his way, Elvis will become a big presence again in Las Vegas, in an interactive museum exhibit and Elvis theme show that Mr. Sillerman hopes will attract millions of visitors a year. Tapping Elvis's international popularity is next: Mr. Sillerman envisions a 15,000-square-foot exhibit that will travel around the world". (News/Sale of EPE, Source: New York Times/EPE)

EPE announces Golden Anniversary Tour Package 2006

"Clambake" like jacket sells at auction: A jacket very similar to the one worn by Elvis in Clambake, attracted strong bidding recently on eBay. After 21 bids it eventually sold for US$80.00.  (News, Source: eBay)

Johnny Cash rocking in his grave and close to eclipsing Elvis: THE Man in Black is close to eclipsing Elvis Presley as the most successful posthumous artist in recording history. Inspired by the award-winning biopic, Walk The Line, a new generation of fans are devouring the Cash legacy, propelling five albums related to the country rock pioneer's work into the ARIA top 40 [in Australia].

The Walk The Line soundtrack, featuring Cash songs sung by actor Joaquim Phoenix, is No. 4 on the ARIA album chart and has gone gold. There are four Cash compilations in the charts. It is the first time in ARIA history that one artist has had four albums (five if you count the Walk The Line soundtrack) in the Top 40. Cash, who died in 2003, also has two entries in the DVD charts with the Highwaymen Live at No. 5 and Johnny Cash Live Montreaux 1994 at No. 14. And Cashmania shows no signs of slowing thanks to the discovery of unreleased tapes at the House of Cash, the family headquarters in Tennessee. (News, Source: Herald Sun, Australia)

EIN Comment: It's great to see the fantastic talent of Johnny Cash getting deserved recognition. However, we doubt his current chart success will endure. Elvis' success in the charts, in memorabilia sales, in visitor numbers to Graceland etc puts him in a class above other deceased rock stars.

Elvis Presley Tupelo festival to feature gospel, hard rock: The eighth Elvis Presley Festival will include a musical mix featuring gospel, hard rockers and tribute artists, organisers said. The Main Stage will feature rockabilly trio, The Dempseys, on June 2, followed by country singer Jeff Bates and Travis LeDoyt, who shakes his hips like Elvis. New Orleans rockers Cowboy Mouth will close the opening night.The Main Stage's June 3 lineup includes country artists Chris Cagle and Chely Wright, as well as hard-rocking Saliva. At the Fairpark Stage, the recreation of Elvis' triumphant 1956 homecoming concert will feature a trio of tribute artists, Donny Edwards, Jamie Aaron Kelley and Brandon Bennett. In addition, Kay Bain and The Mornin' Show Band, Sonny Burgess and The Pacers and The Dempseys will perform.

On June 4, First United Methodist Church will host The Landmarks and LeDoyt during a gospel show that also will include Elvis' backing vocalists, The Jordanaires. Presley was born in Tupelo but moved with his parents in 1948 to Memphis, Tennessee, where he later began his recording career. Presley died in Memphis on August 16, 1977. (News, Source: HindustanTimes.com)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #32: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who kiss' cousins go beyond the bend"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

Elvis (and ABBA) helps surgeon operate: Sydney neurosurgeon Charles Teo says without the "pleasant background" of Abba or Elvis love songs while he operates his stress levels would be compounded by other audible distractions, such as the beeping of the monitors or the chatter of a nurse. (News, Source: The Age, Australia)


Monday 6 March 2006

Charlie Hodge Funeral Service details: The funeral service for Charlie Hodge will be held tomorrow. Details are: Tuesday, March 7th, 2006 at 2:00pm Roselawn Funeral Home, 741 Danville Road, Decatur, Alabama, 35601. Phone: (256) 353 2996 * Fans wanting to send flowers - they can be sent to the funeral home. (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)

Opposite: Charlie and another entertainment legend, Gene Autry

New book - "Inside G.I. Blues": According to a post by Tony on the FECC board, Inside G.I. Blues is due for release later this year. The release is apparently being produced by Elvis Unlimited and not the legendary Ger Rijff. Rijff was the man behind the superb book releases, Inside Loving You; Inside Jailhouse Rock; and Inside King Creole. (News, Source: FECC)

Sonny West book update: Sonny West's new book, Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business is currently in the hands of agent Tony Seidl, with three publishing houses expressing an interest in it. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Long time club president resigns: Tommy Ooi has resigned as President of the International Elvis Presley Fan Club, a unique multi-nation fan club in Southeast Asia. Ooi cites needing "a break from all the pettiness and quarrels", and is being replaced by Kevin Wong, a 20 year member of the club. Tommy Ooi will be remembered for being a high profile club president with a lot of energy. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Upcoming DVD Release - "Elvis The Early Years": Universal, in Australia, is releasing the mid-priced DVD, Elvis The Early Years on 17 May 2005. More details when we receive them. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Elvis returns to Australian TV: Parts of the Nine network in Australia will be screening "It Happened At The World's Fair" on Saturday 11 March at 1.30pm. Check your local guide. (News, Source: EIN)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #31: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who kiss her quick probably do too much monkey business"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)


Sunday 5 March 2006

Charlie Hodge Viewing and Funeral Service: (Source: Charmaine Voisine)

Tennessee viewing:

Atchley Funeral Home
118 E Main Street
Sevierville, TN  37862
Sunday, March 5th
5:00 - 8:00 PM
Alabama viewing:
Roselawn Funeral Home
741 Danville Road
Decatur, AL  35601
Monday, March 6
5:00 - 8:00 PM
Tuesday, March 7
12:00 - 2:00 PM
Funeral to follow

The death of "Sir Charles": Bill E. Burk sent this message last night about the death of Charlie Hodge:

"We just arrived back from Connie's birthday dinner and got hit smack in the face with news that Charlie Hodge died this afternoon in Pigeon Forge, TN. I've made the necessary calls to verify this. Sir Charles died this afternoon in Intensive Care at the hospital.  He had been hospitalized earlier this week from adverse reactions to his radiation treatments for cancer, but that got settled and he went home about two days ago. Today he took a turn for the worse and was rushed back to the hospital's IC ... but did not pull thru this time". (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Letters of condolences may be sent to:

The Family of Charles Hodge
c/o Memories Theater
2141 Parkway
Pigeon Forge TN 37863 USA

Campaign for Charlie Hodge Memorial: Charmaine Voisine sent the following message: "Dear Elvis Fans and Friends, I feel that there should be someone to initiate a "Memorial Plaque for Charlie Hodge" to be placed at Graceland -  after all Charlie was Elvis' closest friend and confidante. How does everybody else feel about this idea and how something like this should be initiated? Charmaine."

Click to contact Charmaine

In Memory of Charlie Hodge: Charmaine Voisine's latest graphic is in memory of the late Charlie Hodge. (Source: Charmaine Voisine)

Click too view larger image

"Rocking The Garden" DVD release: Pavel Cernocky for Memory Records has provided details of the latest NTSC/All Regions DVD release from Memory/Dragonheart Productions - "For the first time we make available to Elvis fans both Madison Square Garden concerts- afternoon and evening show on June 10th. 1972. What a DVD it is ! All available amateur video footage from both shows was put together and carefully lip - synchroned with actual sound recording.

And not only that - included is, as a bonus, very nicely restored video footage from press conference in volume and quality never seen before. Also as a bonus: The complete concert info and photo galery of rare and mostly never before seen pictures from both shows.  If you liked our first one "TIME WARP" I am sure you will love this one also.....!"

Click to view larger image (News, Source: Pavel Cernocky)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #30: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who have hard headed woman have hard luck .... "  (Source: Sanja Meegin)
"Elvis" dreams of walking Oscars 'red carpet': Impersonating a fat Elvis from the 1970s, Michael Romeo stood on Hollywood Boulevard Thursday in a white jumpsuit and cape and dreamed of walking the red carpet as an Oscar nominee. With preparations for the Oscars in full flight -- the red carpet is laid, the bleachers are up and a block of the famed street is closed off -- Romeo lamented his business of posing as Elvis was suffering.

“This is costing me $100 a day in lost money,” said Romeo, who for three years has posed for snapshots with tourists on the heart of Hollywood Boulevard in return for tips. But like many in Hollywood, he is an actor hoping for his big break.

“I am going to make it. I just need some new head shots, and an agent. Elvis needs an agent,” he said, standing yards from where workers laid plastic sheeting to protect the red carpet, where Hollywood’s biggest stars will walk after arriving for Sunday’s 78th Academy Awards ceremony. “I just need two good movies to take me from here to that red carpet,” said Romeo, who has appeared as an extra in some films. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: Amber Smith)


Saturday 4 March 2006

Charlie Hodge has died: Following several unconfirmed reports during the day, Charmaine Voisine has sent us this sad message, subsequently confirmed by Marty Lacker: It is with a very sad heart that I have to pass on to all Elvis fans around the world that a very close friend and confidante, Charlie Hodge passed away earlier on this evening as a result of lung cancer that was inoperable.  He had a couple of treatments of radiation therapy in between December and January.

Charlie Hodge first met Elvis Presley on a transport ship enroute to Germany from New York back in September 1958 and they served in the Army together and this is where their very close friendship developed and continued until  Elvis passed away in 1977.

Charlie Hodge was the guy that sang back up for Elvis, played guitar and also handed Elvis water and scarf's during his shows in the 1970's.

 Charlie has been performing nightly at the Memories Theatre for the past few years and he was only diagnosed in December 2005 that he had lung cancer and continued to perform despite that he had cancer, like Elvis, he was a true and dedicated performer for the love of his fans. We have designed a forum where fans of Elvis Presley and Charlie Hodge can come together to post up messages of condolences for the family of Charlie Hodge and also to post up messages they can share with the the Elvis community of friends and fans ~ their own experiences of meeting Charlie Hodge , spending time with him ~ or seeing him perform LIVE ~ 
This forum is in Memory of a wonderful person and great friend and confidante to our beloved Elvis Presley We would like to welcome you all to join this forum and post your messages - we will be making sure that his family and friends see this forum To join:- http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/Charlie-Hodge or :- 

"Loving You" back on the big screen: The 1957 Elvis movie classic is coming to the big screen. The Kings fans in the New York area will be given this unique opportunity on Sunday 12th March at the
Lafayette Theater in Suffern, New York. The theatre will be screening the only known 35mm dye-transfer technicolor print of 'Loving You' as part it's movie musicals weekend on March 10, 11 and 12.

Remember: Loving You screening on Sunday March 12th

Venue: The Lafayette Theater, Suffern, New York. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

Leading Elvis tribute artist back after suffering a stroke: On 16 April Frank Anthony will make his Comeback during the EASTERPOP festival 2006 in The Netherlands. On December 22, 2005 , Frank Anthony had a stroke at his home. After he awoke, Frank noticed his motor dysfunction of his rightside of his body. He and his family instantly knew there was something wrong with his health. Shortly after calling an ambulance the paramedics arrived and brought Frank to the hospital. In the hospital Frank had another stroke in the emergency room! Within 72 hours Frank's condition improved. (News, Source: Frank Anthony)

Click to read EIN's review of Dennis Uithol's impressive visual tribute to Frank Anthony

Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau Invites You To
Cruise Into Tupelo!

Enter for the Blue Suede Cruise Prize Package by April 20, 2006!

Tupelo's fourth annual Blue Suede Cruise is just around the corner, and now is the time to register for your chance to win a prize package to this classic car event.  Hundreds of participants are scheduled to roll in May 5th-7th as we all head back to the 50s and 60s with classic car cruises and contests, a swap meet and car corral, live music and fun for all ages.  On Saturday, you can cruise on over to the Dudie's Burger Festival at the Oren Dunn Museum for a famous Dudie's dough burger, more live music and more festival fun!

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #29: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Granny who get eaten by gator need good luck charm not polk salad"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

"Loving You" DVD giveaway in Ireland: Following the U.K edition of the Daily Mail free "Loving You" DVD give-a-way the Irish Daily Mail comes with a free "Loving You" DVD too this weekend. According to a posting on the FECC forum there were "plenty of TV Ads this afternoon showing clips of Elvis singing 'Party', 'Teddy Bear', and 'Got a Lot of Loving to Do'. Scenes with Lizabeth Scott and Dolores Hart". (News, Source: FECC/Elvis News)

Friday 3 March 2006

Tom Sizemore to star in "The Headhunter": Embattled actor Tom Sizemore, who is still embroiled in ongoing legal battles and drug troubles, has managed to secure a role in the proposed Elvis drama 'Headhunter'. Sizemore is set to star alongside Billy Baldwin for the film, which focuses on Elvis' younger stepbrother who joins his touring crew and is witness to the legendary rock stars tragic, and eventually fatal, overindulgence. David Stanley has signed up to direct the film, although no shooting schedule has been announced. (News, Source: Virgin.net)

50th Anniversary of "Love Me Tender": Worth a look for Elvis Presley aficionados is the 50th anniversary DVD release of "Love Me Tender" ($19.98, unrated).Presley's first film, the movie was originally going to be called "The Reno Brothers," but the title was changed to tie in to Presley's single "Love Me Tender." The story is set at the end of the Civil War. Vance Reno, played by Richard Egan, and two other Renos return from the war. This surprises the folks at home, who had been told the trio was dead. Vance is in for a surprise himself when he discovers that the girl he loves, Cathy (Debra Paget), has married his youngest brother, Clint (Presley), who stayed behind. Things get more complicated when it becomes obvious that Cathy still loves Vance.The film has its unintentionally amusing moments, such as when Presley does his trademark swivel-hips move while performing a song in a 19th-century setting. Still, Presley displays a decent range and comes across as more raw and open in this debut role than in later years when his films take on a more formulaic approach.Extras on this edition include a commentary by longtime Presley friend and historian Jerry Schilling, a photo gallery and the featurettes "Elvis Hits Hollywood," "The Colonel & the King" and "Love Me Tender: The Birth & Boom of the Elvis Hit." (News, Source: Washington Post)

Click to buy (discount price) "Love Me Tender 50th Anniversary DVD"

Priscilla Presley's linen range "fit for the King": BEING privy to the finest linens at Elvis Presley's Graceland is undoubtedly going to influence a girl. So it was no wonder Priscilla Presley -- in Australia to launch her linens range with design partner Bruno Schiavi -- this week declared her range "fit for the King". One of the world's most-famous widows hosted a catwalk show of her expensive collection of bed linens, cushions, towels and bath robes -- and there wasn't a leopard print or any blue suede in sight.

The range is as impeccably put together as the woman herself, who, at 60, looks best when she breaks her carefully maintained porcelain veneer with a giggle, as opposed to her media-wary smile. Conceding her taste for luxury between the sheets stems from her Elvis days, she said that was her first introduction to finery and once she'd slept in fine linens, she couldn't go back. The collection is top-end, but according to Presley, provides the best means for a good night's sleep. (News, Source: Herald Sun/Sanja Meegin)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #28: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man want precious Lord take hand already sold other parts to Devil"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

Presleys PUNK'D the press: LISA MARIE PRESLEY managed to keep her Japanese wedding to guitarist MICHAEL LOCKWOOD a secret for a month. Media outlets which got hold of photos from the rocker's unorthodox Kyoto nuptials last month (FEB06) were told the ceremony had just happened - but now her mother PRISCILLA admits her daughter "punk'd" the press because the wedding actually took place in January (06). The proud mum says, "She had her dream, she wanted to see how long she could get away with it and it was great because she got away with it for a month." (News/Lisa Presley's World, Source: Contact Music/Sanja Meegin)

Special officer for Elvis?: The Parkes Elvis Festival committee will investigate the possibility of funding a coordinator to oversee the planning of all future Elvis festivals. From humble beginnings the festival has grown in popularity over the years to become the region's premier January attraction. This year's event generated an estimated $4million in tourist revenue during the three day staging with thousands flocking to Parkes from throughout Australia and overseas.

Parkes Shire Council's Tourist Manager Monique Kronk said the Elvis committee had identified the need to do some long-term business planning to guarantee the festival's success. In recognising that the committee was strongly reliant on the support of Council she said strategic planning was now required to ensure the festival's growth remains sustainable - both financially and in its future impact on the town's infrastructure. "The committee intends to engage an events consultant in the next few months to workshop planning issues and opportunities,' Ms Kronk said. "They will also explore the feasibility of funding a future coordinator for the festival. A coordinator with event and management expertise is required to lead the volunteer festival committee through this important growth stage."

Ms Kronk said that options were currently being explored on how an Elvis Festival coordinator might work alongside or be combined with the proposed new Shire Events Officer. (News, Source: Parkes..Your Guide, Australia)

Elvis related items in online auction (search for "Elvis")


Thursday 2 March 2006
Free CD with subscription to 'Elvis The Man And His Music': For the month of March only, anyone subscribing to the magazine will receive a free live soundboard CD (concert not stated) with their first issue. Details of how fans can subscribe can be found at the newly revamped website which opened for business today.

This offer applies only to new subscribers or those whose previous subscriptions lapsed more than a year ago. Offer closes at midnight on March 31st.

Exclusive to the latest issue are an article by Ernst Jorgensen with background details to his Sun book / CD project (with unpublished photos), a selection of photographer Phil Gelormine's images of The King (some previously unpublished), a humourous look at some classic Bootleg Bloopers and an in-depth interview with songwriter Clyde Otis
(News, Source: 
Now Dig This /Elvis News)

"The Vegas Years Volume 1" CD release: The new Audiophile Records label will release the CD titled "The Vegas Years Volume 1" in March. This CD will contain a complete audience recording of Elvis' March 31, 1975 Midnight show from Las Vegas. According to the information we received the sound quality is "excellent for an audience recording standard" and the sound was digitally restored. Bonus tracks were taken during the dinner and midnight shows from March 30, 1975. The running time is approxomately 78:13 minutes.

Attention has been paid to the artwork. The CD will come with a full color 8-page booklet with many related photos from he Spring 1975, an informative essay and excerpts from the press reviews.


01. Opening Vamp / See See Rider
02. I Got A Woman / Amen
03. Love Me
04. If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
05. And I Love You So (with false start, funny version)
06. Big Boss Man (false start only)
07. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
08. The Wonder Of You
09. Burning Love
10. Band Introductions
11. What'd I Say
12. Drums Solo (Ronnie Tutt)
13. Bass Solo (Duke Bardwell)
14. Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin)
15. Electric Piano Solo (David Briggs)
16. School Day
17. Fairytale
18. I'll Remember You
19. Let Me Be There (with reprise)
20. Hound Dog
21. Dialogue
22. Bridge Over Troubled Water
23. Little Darlin' (with 2 false starts)
24. Celebrity Introductions (Liberace)
25. Hawaiian Wedding Song
26. Can't Help Falling In Love
27. Closing Vamp

Bonus tracks:

Las Vegas 30.03.1975 Dinner show

28. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Las Vegas 30.03.1975 Midnight show:

29. Big Boss Man
30. It's Midnight
31. My Boy
32. For The Good Times (part) / Funny How Time Slips Away
33. Sweet Caroline
(News, Source: Elvis News)

Online tool to aid planning for trip to Graceland: Planning a visit to tour Graceland just got easier. GracelandTours.com is the ultimate way to plan and organize a trip to Memphis to experience Elvis's home in Memphis. In addition to details about the different Graceland tours and packages, information about Heartbreak Hotel and links to other Memphis attractions, the site also includes home movies and a link to the live GracelandCam. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis Genre Collection CDs released: Sony BMG has reached out to new audiences for Elvis with their three new Elvis Genre Collection CDs. Each one - Rock, Country and Inspirational - contains 20 tracks. Click here to see the very nice promotional e-card. (News, Source: EPE)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #27: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Hard headed woman need man with wooden heart"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

New McFarlane Elvis Doll: Tthe 6th Elvis figure from McFarlane is "Aloha Elvis", but not from the famous 1973 worldwide satellite performance.

This figure represents Elvis' 1961 Paramount Pictures classic movie release,  "Blue Hawaii", complete with detailed base and backdrop, this re-creation of the legendary performer is a must-have addition to an already good looking set.

The "Blue Hawaii" Elvis figure is due for release in July 2006. Scale: 6-inch...Format: action figure...Packaging: clamshell. (News, Source: Elvis Express)


Wednesday 1 March 2006
The TCB Gang - The Way It Was (DVD Review): When seven close friends of Elvis get together at the Las Vegas Hilton to reminisce, you just know it's going to be a fun time! And The TCB Gang doesn't disappoint, as the seven entertain the viewer with many great stories and recollections. EIN takes a close look at what is a very nice change from the countless biographies of The King being released on DVD seemingly every month or so. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

"Sir Charles" health update: Bill Burk tells us: "I notice all kinds of reports are flying on the Elvis newsgroups relating to Charlie Hodge, so here is the straight poop, right out of Pigeon Forge, TN, as of 12.50 p.m., Tuesday, 28 February. Charlie suffered a reaction to the radiation treatments he's been undergoing and it was bothering his eating. He was hospitalized and the problem was found immediately.  For precaution, Sir Chaz was kept in the hospital a couple of extra days.

Charlie went home yesterday (27 Feb).  While he wanted to return to the stage at Memories Theater immediately, he's being asked, for his own good, to rest at home for a couple of weeks. The doctors said, after X-rays, that Sir Chaz is showing "some improvement." He will undergo another scan in about two weeks. It wouldn't be Charlie otherwise, but while in pain in the beginning of his hospital stay, I'm told he kept the nurses laughing. It can't get any straighter than this". (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

"Love Me Tender" at 50: Here is a picture of the new 50th Anniversary DVD edition of Elvis' first Hollywood movie, 'Love Me Tender', from 20th Century Fox. The DVD covers in an outer slipcase, booklet and a set of 4 reproduction lobby cards and is only available at this time from the United States.

The all new DVD Special Features on the edition include:
Widescreen Feature
Commentary by an Elvis Historian
Elvis Hits Hollywood (documentary)
The King and the Colonel (documentary)
Love Me Tender: The Birth and Boom of the Elvis Hit (documentary)
Lobby Cards
Still Gallery

Trailers: Love Me Tender & Flaming Star
(News, Source:
Elvis Express)

"Million Dollar Quartet" 50th Anniversary Edition: 2006 is the 50th Anniversary of several historic moments in the early career of Elvis Presley. Least of all is the world famous 'Million Dollar Quartet' informal jam session which took place at Sun Studios on December 4th 1956. The primary singers were Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis. To mark the 50th Anniversary, Charley Records will be releasing a special edition 2CD set. Disc one features 41 tracks from the actual session, while disc two conatins 32 classic Sun recordings from Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

The Imperials In Italy: The Imperials will debut in Milano (Italy) during a Gospel event from the Italian fan club Elvis Friends on May 13, 2006. For more information on this event visit our event section. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #26: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who say you never walk alone, probably stalker"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

Ghost of Elvis Appears on Office Depot Receipt: Could this really be the ghost of Elvis? Jenna Cage of Northern California was looking up an Office Depot rebate receipt when she discovered the ghostly image of the King eerily manifested on the receipt itself. The detailed features of the eyes, nose, and mouth are unmistakable--could this really be proof that Elvis lives?

Jenna recounts the eerie circumstances leading to the discovery of the Elvis ghost. "Last month, shortly after Christmas, I purchased 2 laptops from Office Depot. There was a mail-in rebate offer which I immediately sent in after my purchase. I had not received the rebate check so I got out the copies of the rebate paperwork with intentions to call Office Depot so they can look up the status of my rebate.

As I opened the folder to retrieve the original receipt, I almost fell out of my chair! On the receipt (right on top) was an eerie yet unmistakable ghostly image of none other than the King himself, ELVIS PRESLEY! The "ghostly image" contains very clear outlines of ELVIS' eyes, lips, and hair."

The question is how did the ghostly image appear or where did it come from? "I am not an Elvis fan", says Jenna. "I have nothing in my house that contains anything that is or connected with Elvis Presley. I have no idea how, why, or where the image came from. All I know is that the receipt is all original, unaltered, and exactly as it was when I got it from Office Depot," she states.

The receipt, dated January 12, 2006, coincidentally marks exactly 33 years (the age of Jesus when he died) to the date of Elvis' "Alternate Aloha Concert" taped January 12, 1973 that drew in over 1.5 billion viewers and was the largest, most spectacular concert of the King of rock and roll ever. It also marks 4 days after the King's (would have been) 71st birthday.

A journalist doing an article on the Elvis receipt also pointed out a very interesting yet very eerie coincidence that makes this phenomena even more bizarre. OFFICE DEPOT'S SLOGAN: "TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS" (which you can clearly see on the receipt) was apparently ELVIS' signature slogan as well! This gave the receipt's owner Jenna the chills especially since one of the ghostly images appear right on the printed slogan itself.

According to the journalist, Elvis apparently took this quote very seriously and even had a "TCB" (TAKING CARE of BUSINESS) diamond logo designed which adorned his rings, necklaces, sunglasses, etc. that he wore to concerts and on an everday basis. Over 200 curious onlookers have viewed the auction in its first few hours. "I've already received several emails commenting on how the images could be anyone from James Dean to Abraham Lincoln", states Jenna. "But the lips---the lips are definitely Elvis", she says.

View the phenomenon on eBay by searching Item #: 5671493518 or go to:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5671493518 (News/Odd Spot, Source: PR Web)


Tuesday 28 February 2006
El Gamble is back...with "In The King's Shadow The Rock 'n' Roll Years": Australia's legendary rock 'n' roller with the Elvis voice, El Gamble, is back with three new albums. EIN sat back and took in the aural delights of "The Rock 'n' Roll Years". (CD Review, Source: EIN)

Number of Elvis eBay listings rise: A recent search of "Elvis Presley" on eBay brought up a staggering 31, 536 listings!EIN thinks it would be interesting to see what percentage of the listings and what types of Elvis items actually sell. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Chinese "Elvis" proverb #25: Continuing our series of humorous Chinese proverbs based around a line from an Elvis song: "Man who indescribably blue, probably been dead long time"  (Source: Sanja Meegin)

"Sir Charles" hospitalised: Elvis’ long time friend, army body and guitarist, Charlie Hodge, has been hospitalized due to his ongoing battle with cancer. Charlie has been fighting the 'Big C' for some time. Our thoughts are with Charlie and his family. (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)

'Heartbreak Hotel' single for Aussie release: Sony BMG will release the 'Heartbreak Hotel / I Was The One' CD single in Australia on March 10, 2006. The single will also contain an alternate version of the legendary song 'Heartbreak Hotel'. This release will be a standard CD single. (News, Source: Elvis Australia/ Elvis News)

Priscilla offended by tabloid headline: Priscilla Presley says she is offended by suggestions there is something wacky about her family. Tabloid magazines this week labelled as "kooky kabuki" her daughter Lisa Marie's marriage to musician Michael Lockwood in Japan, with both wearing kimonos.

"It does offend me," Presley told AAP in Sydney. "It was not wacky in any sense of the word because you appreciate a culture and you appreciate tradition, that is wacky for somebody to say that."

Lisa Marie and Lockwood exchanged vows in a traditional Japanese ceremony on January 22, both wearing traditional Japanese costumes. It was a fourth marriage for Lisa Marie who has previously been married to Nicolas Cage, Michael Jackson and Danny Keough, the father of her two children. Priscilla Presley walked her daughter down the aisle and gave her away.

"The wackyness isn't on our end," said Presley. "I don't think we have ever been known to be wacky."Maybe having lived our whole lives in front of everyone, things might look that way but this was so well thought out and she is very happy." Presley described Lisa Marie's wedding as "beautiful". "The wedding was everything she wanted and the mood was so tranquil and very traditional in dress," she said.

Priscilla Presley arrived in Australia on Saturday for the worldwide launch of her bed linen range with Australian fashion designer Bruno Schiavi, titled The Priscilla Presley Collection. The 60-year-old was married to Elvis from 1967 to 1973 and has two children, Lisa Marie with Presley and Navarone Garibaldi with partner Marco Garibaldi. She acknowledged that Elvis, who died of a heart attack in 1977, was always going to be a big part of her life.

"It was such an impactful era that I think everyone feels they own a little bit of Elvis," she said after the launch at Sydney's inner city Myer department store. "As far as separating myself, I can't really deny that was history and I was very much a part of history in that sense. "It was a great time, a great era and a great loss". (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)



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"Elvis Presley is the supreme socio-cultural icon in the history of pop culture"

(Dr. Gary Enders)


"Elvis is the 'glue' which holds our society together....which subconciously gives our world meaning"



"Eventually everybody has to die, except Elvis"

(humorist Dave Barry)


"He is the "Big Bang", and the universe he detonated is still expanding, the pieces are still flying"

(Greil Marcus, "Dead Elvis")


"I think Elvis Presley will never be solved"

(Nick Tosches)


"He was the most popular man that ever walked on this planet since Christ himself was here"

(Carl Perkins)


"When I first heard Elvis' voice I just knew I wasn't going to work for anybody...hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail"

(Bob Dylan)


"When we were kids growing up in Liverpool, all we ever wanted was to be Elvis Presley"

(Sir Paul McCartney)


"You can't say enough good things about Elvis. He was one of a kind"

(Johnny Cash)


"And don't think for one moment he's just a passing fancy....he's got enough of it to keep him on top for a long time"

(R. Fred Arnold, Fury magazine, Aug 1957)


"It isn't enough to say that Elvis is kind to his parents, sends money home, and is the same unspoiled kid he was before all the commotion began. That still isn't a free ticket to behave like a sex maniac in public"

(Eddie Condon, Cosmopolitan)

Elvis records reaching #2 & #3 on the Cashbox Pop Singles chart:

#2: A Fool Such As I (1959)

#2: A Big Hunk Of Love (1959)

#3: Hard Headed Woman (1958)

#3: One Night (1958)

#3: (You're The Devil) In Disguise (1963)

Elvis Facts:

Tickets for Elvis' show on March 29, 1957 in St. Louis cost $2.00 to $2.50


While in Germany Elvis was hospitalised with tonsillitis in October 1959


Despite being an illegal immigrant, photographic evidence shows Colonel Tom Parker traveled to Canada with Elvis in 1957


Elvis strongly believed there weren't enough good songs in King Creole to justify releasing a soundtrack album. RCA initially agreed, releasing two very successful EPs from the movie. A soundtrack LP eventually followed


During the 1960s Elvis had his own football team, Elvis Presley Enterprises, which played in the Menphis touch football league. In the 1962 final, EPE narrowlt lost to Delta Automatic Transmission. 6-13


In Clambake, (Elvis) Scott Hayward's driving licence shows February 23, 1940...taking 5 years off Elvis' real age


In the 1970s Elvis was ofered $5m to stage a concert in front of the Pyramids in Egypt. When the Colonel declined the offer, Saudi billionaires raised the offer to $10m