"Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century."

(Leonard Bernstein)


"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

(George Klein)


"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

(Professor Gilbert B. Rodman)


"History has him as this good old country boy, Elvis is about as country as Bono!"

(Jerry Schilling)





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Tuesday 31 May 2005

Win an Elvis CD boxset

EIN is going to Memphis in 2007 for the 30th anniversary celebrations, and we want you to help us. We would like you to put together a tour that you the fans would like to do and see. The best entry will receive the BMG 4CD boxset "Elvis Live In Las Vegas" and be acknowledged on the tour brochure. Click to let us know where you want to go and what you want to do. (News, Source: EIN/Travelscene Tweed Valley)

George Klein's "Memories" being updated for DVD release: Radio DJ and Elvis confidant George Klein is working on an update of “Memories”, the video show he released 8 years ago. According to George the DVD version of “Memories” will be out by spring of 2006. It contains some bonus footage, mainly interviews with people who knew Elvis personally. (News, Source: Elvis Matters/Elvis News)

Was Christmas scene in Elvis by the Presleys staged?: We found this interesting posting on the alt.elvis.king messageboard - "Has anybody else noticed in the staged Christmas at Graceland that Priscilla's son wasn't present and Lisa's son Ben wasn't there either. I couldn't see them anywhere in the footage. All I could see is that cruddy boyfriend of Lisa's sitting on the couch in the jungle room. That was sickening! Lisa's daughter looked like it was the first time she had ever been in the house." (News, Source: alt.elvis.king)

Elvis is TV 'Show of the week' in Sydney: 'Elvis By The Presleys' on the ABC June 5th 8.30pm has been nominated by the Sydney Morning Herald as the TV 'show of the week'. Here is their preview by Robin Oliver - "This is far more honest than we may have expected. Just watch Priscilla Presley’s parents in the opening sequence. "You want the truth?" Ann Beaulieu urges. "We were against him". Husband Paul stays tight-lipped. He’d heard about this singer the girls were mooning over and had bought a copy of Elvis Presleys latest album for his daughter. He particularly enjoyed Hound Dog. Ann will not be denied " I was with all the other moms" she says. " I was against him". Now the good-looking Elvis was appearing on television. The 14-year-old Priscilla was banished to her room. She watched anyway through a crack in the door. Then a school pal made an unexpected revelation. "He’s a friend of mine," she said.We watch the actual meeting. A spark, perhaps, no more, but as Presley began his military service in Germany, Paul Beaulieu, an Air Force sergeant, was posted there too. Elvis and Priscilla would meet again. By now the extraordinary detail of ongoing romance, often privately filmed, always conducted with old-world courtesy, is beginning to fascinate. Priscilla was seldom alone with her generous fun loving man. On their wedding day, Elvis is seen carrying his bride across the Gracelands threshold, singing to her at the same moment as his 14 best friends- the famed Memphis Mafia – enter through the back door. There are snatches of songs throughout, but it is 37 minutes before the first complete performance. Elvis sings Trying to Get to You – a notable first screening for this version and other songs that follow. (News, Source: ABC)

Tom Jones astounded to be serenaded by Elvis: Tom Jones was dumbstruck when he heard Elvis Presley singing one of his songs - especially as he was only just starting out in the music business at the time. The Sex Bomb star subsequently struck up a friendship with Presley in the 1960s, which lasted until Presley's untimely death in 1977. But the moment Presley serenaded Jones when he was a struggling new singer is etched onto the Welsh singer's memory. Jones recalls, "I walked over to a sound stage and there he was, walking towards me, singing With These Hands, which was my first single. "I thought, 'Jesus Christ, this is my first year in the business and here comes Elvis Presley singing my song. It was mind-boggling - the year before I was skint." (News, Source: Sanja Meegin/Contact Music)

"Elvis Presley World Wide Web Virtual Library" web site relocated: This site has moved to the Elvicities web host.  From June 1st 2005, the site will no longer be available on Geocities.  The new web address is: http://www.elvicities.com/~ep_www_vl/. The new e-mail address for communication about this site is: elvispresleylibrary@elvicities.com (formerly a hotmail address). (News, Source: Susan MacDougall)

Monday 30 May 2005

"All Shook Up" cast recording released tomorrow: SONY BMG Strategic Marketing Group will release the Original Broadway Cast Recording of All Shook Up, the new hip-swiveling Broadway musical comedy today. The soundtrack features renditions of 25 Elvis Presley songs, including “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Burning Love,” “Love Me Tender,” “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” “A Little Less Conversation,” “Hound Dog,” “Don't Be Cruel,” and of course, “All Shook Up.” (News, Source: EPE)

MTV anti-Elvis: In The Netherlands there is a MTV advertisment campaign with a negative link to Elvis. The text reads: "If Elvis was still alive, he'd be dead by now. So ... what's on MTV?". The only thing we wonder is "If Elvis was still alive, would we need MTV? So ... let's play another Elvis movie". (News, Source: Elvis Today, Tomorrow & Forever/Elvis Unlimited)

"The Black Widow" - one response to "Elvis by the Presleys": The recent documentary, Elvis by the Presleys, has divided fans. While many appreciated the previously unseen footage of Elvis and candour of Priscilla and Lisa, others saw it as a marketing exercise promoting the "Beaulieu" agenda. This colorful poem reflects the latter view:
"Spider webs across the living room walls.......The halls all dusty and stale
Out comes the rusty Black widow.......Her gown crusty and yellowed
Thrones crown her forehead.........It was the lust of the money she seen
From the last name of the King......The widow has lost the right of wearing the Famous Elvis Wedding ring
She writes a book of so called love
Where in the hell did she get that from.......With the bug spray in hand
We can pan out more then.......The Beautiful Queen of all
Spiders can dish out......As you all know we frown on....The King's little black widow" (News, Source: Email - Yahoo news group)


Sunday 29 May 2005

Australian chart update: The deluxe edition of "Aloha From Hawaii" fell five places to #31 after 20 weeks on the ARIA Music DVD chart in Australia. (News, Source: ARIA)

Queen of Rockabilly hot at 67: You probably never noticed but Wanda has left the building. A blast from the past and the future, rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson was in London for a concert at Aeolian Hall this week. Backed by London traditional country quintet the Rizdales, who added a steel guitarist and pianist for the occasion, the Oklahoma City singer and guitarist showed plenty. She still has what Jackson calls her "growl." At its most volcanic, that growl is a roar, an eruption like the gruff bellows of the late bluesman Howlin' Wolf, a comparably important rock hero and as enormous, physically, as Jackson is tiny. Jackson began recording in 1954 as a country singer.

Her beau at the time was a young man called Elvis Presley she'd met on tour. Elvis urged her to switch to rockabilly. She made the leap, even if she still jumps back to classy country when she records. Her hits Funnel of Love, Let's Have a Party, Right or Wrong and Fujiyama Mama are all Rock 101. All of them, and more, jumped into the present at Aeolian Hall. She made and keeps making rock history -- as she did this week as a 67-year-old woman in a blue fringe top and black slacks on Aeolian Hall's stage. Jackson expressed a little mock disappointment that The Queen had returned to Britain too soon for a summit. "She didn't stay to meet the other queen," Jackson said. In addition to being such a rockabilly royal, Jackson is also cool enough to talk about her age. That's hot. Not that she knows it all.

"Until about two weeks ago, I didn't know there was a London, Ontario," she smiled, admitting to wondering why she was in England on a Thursday before playing Hamilton and Toronto. Like a few other major figures -- Canadian pianist Anton Kuerti and French guitarist Pierre Bensusan -- who have played London in 2005, Jackson didn't seem to notice hundreds of thousands of Londoners had stayed home. There was a party at Aeolian Hall, but there coulda, shoulda been a bigger, crazier one. Much worse, a few fans talked through Jackson's detailed yarns. So this queen talks a lot on stage. She talks about Elvis. Not just Elvis, either. "They sound better than the Party Timers," she said of the Rizdales, rating the Londoners ahead of her 1960s' band. That's praise. On records, the Party Timers' guitarist was a hot young Roy Clark. But then Queen Wanda always has had a classy court. (News, Source: The London Free Press)

Marty Lacker critical of Lisa Presley as a singer: On the alt.elvis.king messageboard we found an interesting statement by Marty Lacker about Lisa Presley's singing ability: "What Lisa does attempt is a phony southern accent and pronounciation of words with that accent.  Cher does the same thing.  Although Lisa was born in Memphis she lived most of her life in California and does not have a southern accent.  She thinks it makes her cool to sing that way--it doesn't. It comes off phony." In a separate post Marty said Lisa cannot sing. (News, Source: alt.elvis.king)

Elvis by the Presleys "downunder": The "Elvis by the Presleys" TV special on the ABC network in Australia will run for just under 90 minutes (less than the USA screening due to no commercials on the ABC). It will be aired next Sunday, 5 June at 8.30pm. (News, Source: EIN)

Saturday 28 May 2005

Ben Folds talks about Elvis: Earlier this week, CNN ran an interview with Ben Folds, an extremely talented and commercially successful singer/songwriter that was only 10 years old when Elvis died. The story can be read here: http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/Music/05/25/leisure.folds.reut/index.html

Here's what Mr. Folds had to say about Elvis: "His new album was recorded at the old RCA studios in Nashville, Tennessee, where Elvis Presley recorded. Elvis pervades Folds's conversation about professionalism. If you see him on any live television show of that era, (he was) absolutely, completely in tune, completely on, no mistakes. For anyone who thinks it's not in their power to go on the (David) Letterman show and do something meaningful, just watch Elvis on the 'Ed Sullivan Show.' It's chilling, it's so good."" (News, Source: Greg, For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard)

Asian promo CD: Released by BMG in Asia earlier this year is a promotional CD to promote the 2005 DSD Remastered CD's as well as "Love, Elvis.  It contains two songs from each of these CDs. From "Love, Elvis": Trying To Get To You / For The Good Times / Can't Help Falling In Love...From "Loving You": Trying To Get To You / Blueberry Hill / I Need You So... From "Elvis Presley": Trying To Get To You / Money Honey / I'm Counting On You... From "Elvis": Trying To Get To You / Rip It Up / When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again. (News, Source: World Wide Elvis)

Elvis in the CIA: There always has to be a new angle on the Elvis legacy. We've had his illegitimate children, the Elvis is alive phenomenon, Elvis is an alien, and now Elvis was a secret operative for the CIA.  It even has one poster claiming to have been in the CIA with Elvis!  If you want to know more visit the alt.elvis.king messageboard on Google.com (News, Source: alt.elvis.king)

Elvis 4th best ever live solo artist in the UK: Robbie Williams has been named the best live solo artist of all time. He beat legends like Bowie into second place, followed by Morrissey, Presley, Elton John and Jimi Hendrix. Paul Weller came seventh, beating Madonna (eighth), Michael Jackson (ninth) and Bob Dylan (tenth). Rockers U2 were named best live band of all time in a music survey. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)


Friday 27 May 2005

Elvis and the treasure chest of blood money: Chet Flippo reflects on the day Rolling Stone sent him to Memphis to cover Elvis' death...and the dirty tactics used by a rival magazine. (Spotlight Article, Source: CMT.com)

Shakin' Stevens wins TV battle of former stars: England's most successful Elvis tribute artist of the 1980's, Shakin' Stevens, won the final of Vernon Kay's impressive "Hit Me Baby One More Time" television show. The show, featuring once successful entertainment acts screened opposite the Eurovision Song Contest. (News, Source: AP)

Mariah makes move on Elvis: The single life looks good on Mariah Carey. This week, Carey scored her 16th number one single on Billboard's Hot 100 with "We Belong Together"--putting her in rarefied company. Only the Beatles, with 20, and Elvis, with 18, have had more Billboard number ones. (News, Source: Yahoo News)

Clinton music room features wall of Elvis: Beginning Saturday, visitors at the Clinton Presidential Library will get to see a reproduction of parts of a White House music room built for Clinton, samples from his eclectic CD collection and video of him playing in the Arkansas All-State Band as a teenager. The Clinton Library is closing in on its first-year goal of 300,000 visitors in just over six months. During a preview tour of the "World of Music" exhibit Thursday, library director David Alsobrook said it's important to keep things fresh with rotating exhibits. Musical memorabilia in the new exhibit include a recorder Clinton received from former Czech Republic President Vaclav Havel and a kerar, a lute-like instrument, presented by the people of Eritrea. Presidential guests often gave Clinton saxophones, a handful of which are part of the library's permanent exhibit.

Kaki Hockersmith of Little Rock, who redesigned the Oval Office for Clinton, put together the White House music room as a surprise Christmas present from wife Hillary. The design tied in the neoclassical White House architecture with a charcoal leather music studio look that Hockersmith called "real jazzy and masculine." The show offers a feast of memorabilia for music lovers, including Bono's handwritten lyrics to "The Hands That Built America," a song the politically active rocker sang at the library's dedication in November. The exhibit also includes a larger-than-life painting of King and one of his "Lucille" guitars. A whole wall is dedicated to Clinton's childhood idol, Elvis Presley, and includes stamps from the African nation of Chad depicting an imaginary jam session featuring Elvis and a saxophone-toting Clinton. A Beatles album cover signed by each of the Fab Four was donated by the late George Harrison's sister, Louise. The "World of Music" exhibit at Clinton's museum and library archives runs through Dec. 31. (News, Source: AP/Sanja Meegin)

Thursday 26 May 2005

Elvis By The Presleys - the ABC TV preview: EIN previews the ABC TV special that airs June 5th in Australia, and finds an insightful and touching documentary that will enthrall the general public - and move you to tears. (TV Preview, Source: EIN)

"Elvis N.Y. '72" released: The 32 page book "Elvis N.Y. '72" has now been released. The book tells the story about the days that Elvis spent in New York in June 1972. The book features three chapters - one about the press conference, one about the warm up show and one about the shows them self. Henryk Matraszek has written a very informative and interesting text that you can find in between the unpublished pictures from the Norwegian photographer Odd Gulbrandsen. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

"Elvis by the Presleys" CD & DVD chart and sales figures: Continuing in the tradition established by the King of Rock n Roll™ himself, the new "Elvis by the Presleys" double CD and DVD have scored an impressive foothold on the Billboard charts. The “ELVIS BY THE PRESLEYS” CD is perched comfortably in the Billboard Top 200, having debuted at #15, and subsequently moving to #19 and now #23 on the album chart -- it also holds the #2 spot on the Soundtrack charts this week, having peaked at #1 last week – and to date, the CD has sold more than 132,000 copies. While the DVD of the same name, the expanded version of the highly rated CBS special, debuted at #1 on the comprehensive music video charts, selling 54,339 copies, and featuring behind the scenes footage and extra content not seen previously. (News, Source: EPE)

"Elvis by the Presleys" wins time slot in the US: The CBS special "Elvis by the Presleys" received an 8.1 rating and a 15 share, winning its time slot and was seen by nearly 12 million viewers. The companion book, also called ELVIS BY THE PRESLEYS debuted at #7 on the New York Times Bestseller list. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis illegally impersonated cops to fight crime: King of rock Elvis Presley regularly broke the law by impersonating police officers - to secretly fight street crime. The late BLUE SUEDE SHOES superstar fulfilled his private ambition of becoming a cop, by making fake police badges and taking to the streets with a gun and flashing blue light, to tackle illegal activities. Presley's ex-wife PRISCILLA writes in new book ELVIS, BY THE PRESLEYS, "He had a million badges and a blue police light on his car. "He liked nothing more than putting that light on his car and pulling people over. He'd walk up to the window, show off his official badge and say, 'Son, you were speeding. Just want to warn you to slow down.' "The driver would see him and remain speechless. He liked seeing himself as a lawmaker and protector of the public. He carried guns, and if he happened to see, for instance, two men fighting at a gas station, he'd drive over and stop the fight. His very presence stopped things escalating." (News, Source: contactmusic.com)

Lewis' first concert made her think of Elvis: Actress-turned-rocker Juliette Lewis was left spellbound at her first gig, as watching hip-hop icon LL Cool J perform made her feel like she was at an Elvis Presley concert. The NATURAL BORN KILLER star, who now performs with her sleaze rock band JULIETTE + THE LICKS, was particularly impressed with LL Cool J's stage act. She recalls, "My first gig was LL Cool J when I was 13. For me, it was like watching Elvis. "There was a couch on the stage and he sang I NEED LOVE and pretended to hump the couch. I thought that was incredible." (News, Source: contactmusic.com)

Kansas City Blues released: The Fort Baxter Classic Series re-release "Kansas City Blues" containing Elvis' June 29th, 1974 evening show in Kansas City, MO. has been released. (News, Source: MSE)

South American DVDs: Four DVDs were released by Warner to the affiliated countries of South America (Peru, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile). The titles are "Jailhouse Rock", "Loving You", "King Creole" and "Esto si es Elvis - Colección Conmemorativa" (That's The Way It Is). The last one contains the original and the special edition of "That's The Way It Is". The DVDs are available for a limited time. (News, Source: Elvis Chile/ElvisNews.com)

''E King Fest' (E King Festival to the Max): The E King Festival in Canada has been cancelled due to low ticket sales. (News, Source: K. DeNike)
(My 25th, 2005)

Wednesday 25 May 2005

Trudi Forsher collection auction update: On June 6 Auctions by the Bay will be selling all Elvis items from the Trudi Forsher collection. Trudi was the Colonel's secretary in Hollywood. Her son James has decided it is time to pass on the items to Elvis collectors. The entire 100 items can now be viewed on the Forsher website. (News, Source: Bob Hayden)

Was Elvis forced to marry Priscilla?: Marty Lacker has taken issue with comments made by Priscilla Presley in Elvis by the Presleys dispelling the rumor that The Colonel and Vernon Presley pressured Elvis into marrying her. Marty Lacker stated on the alt.elvis.king messageboard: "I'm surprised she even addresses that. Let me put it this way and I normally don't do this but if she wants to face me, I will swear on the lives of my children and grandchildren that is exactly what Elvis told me in '66 on the day he apologized for his yelling during the only arguement we ever had and then asked me to be the Best Man at the wedding. Something had made him agitated the day after we came home from LA and the night before he was overjoyed and in a great mood when he saw his newly redecorated bedroom by my brother in law.  He said the reason for the argument was that her father pressured and threatened him if he didn't marry her. Therefore either Elvis or Priscilla and her parents are lying.  Guess who I believe.  It's easy to cover your ass 39 years later. I'm glad she is aware of what I have written and said." (News, Source: Marty Lacker, alt.elvis.king)

Ecclesties III The Quest game: Check out the new sci-fi game featuring characters like Sonny West, Kathy Westmoreland, James Burton, Charlie Hodge, Ed Bonja, John Wilkinson and Jerry Presley - to name a few. (News, Source: Sandi Pichon)

Tuesday 24 May 2005

"No angel": Wooed by Elvis from the age of 14, Priscilla Presley was subject to the King's every whim when she became his wife. How can she say she still loves him? (Spotlight Article, Source: The Observor)

"Elvis by the Presleys" UK sales: The CD edition of "Elvis by the Presleys" was ranked at #13 after its first week on sale in the UK with sales of 6,786. (News, Source: Brian Quinn/EP Gold)

Elvis in "Lilo & Stitch 2": In the sequel to the first Lilo And Stitch movie, "Stitch Has A Glitch" Elvis will be present again. In the movie you will hear "Stop, Look And Listen", "I Need Your Love Tonight" and "Rubberneckin'". The movie will be released on DVD in the US on August 30, 2005 and September 7, 2005 in Japan. (News, Source: ElvisWorldJapan)
CKX appoints Michael Ferrel President: CKX Inc., producer of the "American Idol" television show and manager of the Elvis Presley estate, said Monday that it appointed Michael G. Ferrel as president. Chairman and Chief Executive Robert F.X. Sillerman had also been serving as president since he bought the company in February. He will continue in these roles, the company said. (News, Source: The Associated Press)

Lisa Presley keeps her bikini line well maintained: Lisa Presley is a self-described "maniac" when it comes to keeping her genitalia completely free of hair. The LIGHTS OUT singer admits she waxes religiously, and will not tolerate any follicles springing up in that area of her body. She told BLENDER magazine, "You get used to the pain (of waxing). I'm a maniac about the bikini area - if there's any hair, I want it gone. I'm very anal about that." (News, Source: ContactMusic.com)

Elvis and Debbie - the mystery solved?: We received this interesting story from Bill Burk - "The sudden death of Haywood Watts last Wednesday (burial Friday) will have an effect on a future issue of Elvis World magazine... and here's how. I 've told you how all alumni of old South Side High School get together for dinner each 3 months... and how many of this group had their moments with Elvis, in one place or another. Well, we were standing in the buffet line at Piccadilly about last Fall and Haywood came in immediately behind us. Asked what I was doing these days and I told him "publishing EW," and Haywood began rattling off his encounter with Elvis and it's one of those "only Elvis" stories.  We made a mental note to contact Haywood "soon" and get the full details for a future issue of EW. ALSO, three months before Elvis died, I had pretty reliable reports Elvis was dating a girl named Debbie and was told she was working as a bank teller on EP Blvd.  For months I'd go into this and that bank and to this and that teller and ask for change for a dollar, looking at the nameplates of each teller, trying to find this "Debbie."  Never did. Then came the trial of Dr. Nick (that ended up with his losing his license) ... and I was looking at the list of witnesses and saw a "Debbie Watts" listed for the next day's hearings.

Not putting two and two together instantly, I called George Klein to ask who this Debbie Watts was and he said "You ought to know her. You played baseball with her father at South Side." Haywood Watts?!  Debbie Watts?!!  Father/daughter? So, IN that Piccadilly line, I told Haywood I'd like to come to his house and do the interview and, if possible, have Debbie sit in with us; telling him what had been reported to me in 1977 and he assured me that was true. Well, only DAYS after that dinner, Haywood Watts was rushed to the hospital where it was discovered he had contracted a serious case of Diabetes 2 ... and that "maybe" they would have to amputate one or both feet. Haywood went into instant deep depression and, regretfully, I never followed up on his problem. He wound up losing only one big toe, but last week, still in depression, I was told, he was in his front yard and keeled over dead with a heart attack. I attended Haywood's funeral ... as I do as many Scrapper funerals as possible ... and I let Debbie know I'd still like to talk with her whenever she feels like it.  That may be soon, later, or never ... but at least we're going to TRY! Haywood, like me, signed a professional baseball contract with the St. Louis Cardinals.  Whereas he played 2 years of minor league ball before getting hurt, I never reported -- opting at the last minute to devote all of my time to flying (and coaching kids' baseball on the side)." (News/Bill Burk's Elvis World Online, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Monday 23 May 2005

Elvis in the 1970s - A creative and commercial force that should not be ignored: The recent CBS ‘Elvis’ TV mini-series finished at 1968, the point that Elvis staged his great musical ‘Comeback’. This unfortunately helps strengthen the public’s belief that this was Elvis’ "last great performance". Astoundingly the programme didn’t even then bother to mention his extraordinary masterpiece ‘Suspicious Minds’ that followed, taking him once again back to the top of the charts! In this perceptive article Harley Payette puts the spotlight on Elvis in the 1970s, pointing out how both the general public and far too many Elvis fans are missing out on acknowledging some truly creative music. (Spotlight Article, Source: Harley Payette)

"Elvis and the Memphis Mafia" book: Alanna Nash's excellent and long out-of-print book "Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations of the Memphis Mafia" is to be reissued with the new title "Elvis and the Memphis Mafia" by Arum Press in the UK in September. Softcover format - ISBN: 1845131282. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

Best selling Elvis books (April 2005): The 5 best selling Elvis books in the US during April were: 1. Elvis By The Presleys (pre-orders)/2. Are You Hungry Tonight?: Elvis' Favorite Recipes/3. Careless Love (Peter Guralnick)/4. Last Train To Memphis (Peter Guralnick)/5. GraceLand (Chris Abari). (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch) 

New Elvis book - "Elvis: The King Revealed": This "Docubook - Audio CD", was released this month by Request Audiobooks in the USA. ISBN: 1933299509. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch) 

New Elvis book - "The Year the Music Changed: The Letters of Achsa Meachern-Isaacs and Elvis Presley": Authored by Diane Thomas and published by Toby Press, this 225 pages hardcover has the ISBN: 1592641229. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)  

New Elvis book - "Elvis: The Personal Archives": Jeff Scott's photobook will be published in the US by Channel Photographics LLC in October 2005. Hardcover, 120 pages, ISBN: 0976670828. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch) 

Softcover issue - "The Elvis Archives": This Todd Slaughter/Anne E. Nixon book will be re-issued in paperback by Music Sales Ltd, USA/UK on November 1, 2005. ISBN: 1846090679. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

Re-release of "send-up" DVD - Elvis Is Alive: Razor Digital in the US are reissuing the "comedy-mockumentary" Elvis Is Alive in late July. Catalog Number: RD0142 Stars Mr. Blackwell, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Vicki Lawrence, Rip Taylor and Fred Willard. Synopsis: 28 years after his death, Elvis continues to be spotted by long time fans around the country. Robert, a down and out documentary maker creates a morphed image of what Elvis might look like today, hanging "missing persons" posters around the country to collect leads. After interviewing dozens of people, including Fred Willard, Dr Joyce Brothers, Rip Taylor and Mr. Blackwell, he begins to believe that Elvis might actually be alive and that he might actually interview the King himself. (News, Source: Elvis World Japan)

New DVD - "Why Elvis": The Kultur label will release this Region 1 DVD in late June. (News, Source: ElvisWorldJapan)

Sunday 22 May 2005

Elvis was an alien!: A new book claims that Elvis Presley was possibly an alien from another planet. Author Michael C Luckman claims that the King believed he came from another planet and had childhood contact with extraterrestrial beings. This is all according to a tape recording alleged to be Elvis having a conversation with a female fan to be published in his book, "Alien Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll/Extraterrestrial Connection" (VH1/Pocket Books). The author also claims that UFOs visited Graceland. "Very few people know that Elvis owned 300 metaphysical books that he carried with him wherever he went," says Luckman. The book also claims that Richie Havens saw a UFO at Woodstock, and that the Beatles, Jerry Garcia, Elton John and Mick Jagger have all seen UFOs. "I know everyone is going to say this is just a case of rock stars taking drugs," Luckman said. "But on the occasions these events happened, many other people saw them at the same time." (News, Source: Elvis Express)

Rare Elvis book sells on eBay: A copy of the ultra-rare Elvis Special 1962 has sold on ebay for more than US$50.00. This "softcover" release was the first in a series of annuals from the Elvis Monthly stable in Britain. From 1963 to 1985 the Elvis Special was published as a "hardcover". (News, Source: ebay)

Australian chart update: Aloha From Hawaii (deluxe edition) climbed one place to #26 on the ARIA Music DVD chart this week. (News, Source: ARIA)

Elvis CD producer writing tell-all book?: Rumor has it that the contract of David Bendeth, the Producer and mixer who worked on the Elvis Presley CD "30 #1 Hits," expires next month with BMG and he will be working on a tell all book about the making of the project. Sounds like it will be an interesting read. So far nothing mentioned on www.DavidBendeth.com. (News, Source: Cory Cooper)

"Elvis by the Presleys" in New Zealand: The 'Elvis By The Presleys' 2 hour TV Special has been confirmed to screen on TV One at 7:30pm on May 28th. BMG NZ will be releasing both the companion CD (with 8 track bonus disc) and double DVD package tomorrow. (News, Source: Susan & Roy, NZ)

Elvis by the Presleys" DVD extras: According to Elvis Express in the UK, the Elvis by the Presleys DVD extras are: (1) Elvis meets Nixon - Jerry Schilling tells the story of Elvis’ famous secret trip to Washington to meet President Nixon. It includes the wonderful tale of how Elvis gave all the money he had on him to a solider returning Home after a long tour of duty in Vietnam. There is no new footage or photos in the 11 minute section, but a great story of the whole event. (2) Elvis: Karate Lasting just over 4 minutes the time is a little disappointing but that can be forgiven by the huge amount of previously unreleased film footage of Elvis giving his karate demonstrations. We have seen some of this footage in the 1981 movie ‘This Is Elvis’ but here we get the actual original soundtrack with Elvis explaining about the inner strength of the martial arts. (3) Memories: This is a photo gallery looking back through Elvis’ life in pictures. (4) 45 RPM - This is just simply a photo gallery of the U.S. singles that reached gold and platinum status. (News, Source: Elvis Express)

Suspect "Sun" drumstick for sale: Mega Elvis collector, Robin Rosaaen has listed on eBay a drumstick allegedly used by DJ Fontana at the Sun Studio in Memphis. The listing reads: "Rare piece of "rock and roll" Elvis recording history! This original D.J. Fontana signed drum stick comes from the 1955 SUN recording session for the hit record Hound Dog. More than 50 years ago this was in the hands of D.J. Fontana as he and the boys created with Elvis Presley what was the birth of rock and roll. Used on their early tours and at SUN studios, this has been framed in a beautiful walnut cherry wooden box that meausre 19 inches long and 7 inches wide and is a very rare piece of history for any Elvis fan and collector. After all of these years I have decided to sell this and let someone else enjoy it. There is a "reserve price" to protect my investment, but this is worth so much more in it's history with Elvis. Signed "To Larry - D.J. Fontana " this was gifted to Larry as fellow set musician in the memphis area and when he fell on hard times due to poor health, I purchased this and a few other personal items that were D.J. Fontana's." Unfortunately fans appear to have been misled by this listing and bidding. As DJ Fontana didsn't play on Elvis' Sun recordings and Hound Dog was recorded in July 1956 after Elvis joined RCA, this is a surprising error for an "expert" like Ms Rosaaen to make. eBay #7516424240. (News, Source: ebay/EIN)

Elvis special on Sirius Radio: Today, the featured album on Sirius Radio is Elvis On Tour - The Rehearsals. The special will feature recordings done at RCA's studios in Hollywood in March 1972 for that year's MGM concert film Elvis on Tour. The CD covers Elvis's rehearsals for his upcoming tour, combining classic Elvis live repertoire with some of his new studio material of that time. All the songs on this release are RCA recordings and not the MGM camera recordings that have been used on various bootleg CDs. Elvis is in great spirits and the CD includes a performance of Young And Beautiful. This CD is available on SonyBMG's Elvis collectors label Follow That Dream Records. (News, Source: EPE)

Top 3 acts of all-time on UK album chart: The All-Time Top 3 Album Acts in the UK according to the amount of weeks spent in the Charts (new Guinness Book Of British Hit Singles And Albums) are: (1) Queen - 1302 weeks; (2) The Beatles - 1293 weeks; and (3) Elvis - 1265 weeks. This is up to the end of 2004. For the first time The Beatles have been overtaken at the top. (News, Source: Brian Quinn, For Elvis CD Collectors Only messageboard)

New weekly newsletter from Patsy Andersen "What's Shakin'?": To receive Patsy's weekly newsletter send Patsy an email with 'Newsletter' in subject line to patsy_andersen@yahoo.com. (News, Source: Sid Shaw)

Jerry Presley now managed by Patsy Andersen: Speaking of Patsy, she is now managing Elvis second cousin Jerry Presley and you can book Jerry through Patsy for your events. Apparently, not only does Jerry look like Elvis but has many of his mannerisms. He is soft spoken, humble and very shy but I am sure now that Patsy is in charge his career will take off. We have heard Jerry does a great tribute show and its is nice to know a real Presley is carrying on Elvis' music legacy. Jerry is related to Elvis in several ways but the first is Elvis' great grandfather and Jerry's are brothers, then Rosella married by into the Presley Family which was Jerry's family line. If you would like more information on Jerry Presley and/or would like to book him for a show, wedding, christening, barmitzvah, corporate function or any Elvis Event simply email Patsy patsy_andersen@yahoo.com. Check out Jerry's website (News, Source: Sid Shaw)

Saturday 21 May 2005

UK charts list update: Several people asked that we publish the number of weeks for the top artists in the Guinness World Records list of the UK's most successful music acts - Elvis Presley - 2,463 (weeks on the singles & album charts); Cliff Richard - 1,972; The Beatles - 1,749; Queen - 1,725; Madonna - 1,653; Elton John - 1,615; The Shadows - 1,578; Michael Jackson - 1,477; David Bowie - 1,459; U2 - 1,402. If the "solo" weeks on chart for Paul McCartney (983) & John Lennon (544) were added to The Beatles total, they would place #1 with a total of 3,276 weeks. Other acts of interest in the Top 100 ranking included Buddy Holly at #71 (529 weeks) and Shakin' Stevens at #100 (435 weeks). (News, Source: XFM Online)

Elvis auction update: Click to see the latest about the auction of items from The Colonel's secretary's collection. Among the items being sold are: a 78 RPM single personally signed by Elvis and his cousin, Gene Smith/the Key to Elvis’ dressing room for the film Love Me Tender/Elvis Presley dressing room entry signage for Love Me Tender/photographs of the Presley Organization, many of which have never been released in books or articles before/original Elvis Hats and Elvis shirts/original Elvis Hat from 1956 – Love Me Tender/original Elvis Shirt from 1956 – 1957/a rare RCA published movie poster for the film Jailhouse Rock/fan letters to Elvis from teenagers from across the world/promotional camel from the release of the movie, Harum Scarum/a mouse trap and toy mouse that Elvis and his cousins put on my mom’s desk at Twentieth Century Fox Studios during the taping of Love Me Tender as a ‘practical joke’/a comb that Elvis used in his dressing room. (News, Source: Bob Hayden)

Lisa Marie Presley in concert (review): If her last name wasn't Presley, Lisa Marie would be one of countless talented singers and songwriters still trying to figure out what it takes to be a good performer and a relevant artist. At the Supper Club, Presley showed once again that she has a great voice that she still isn't completely sure how to use and her lack of experience on stage (she's only been performing for less than three years) still drags her down. She's still learning about pacing - the first half of the 75-minute set featured a string of songs that all seemed to run together, from "S.O.B." to "Turbulence" to "Indifferent." She still seems uncomfortable in the spotlight. And she easily gets distracted by the crowd, not having mastered the ability to deal with demanding fans yet. All of that is made even more maddening by the fact that when she gets in her zone, as she is in the last half of her set, she can be fantastic. The acoustic version of "Now What," the moving title track from her latest album, is powerful, as is "Idiot," the punk-pop confection on the other end of the emotional scale. Those songs, along with her first hit, "Lights Out," show how much potential she has. To her credit, Presley also brought along opener Angela McCluskey, who basically offers a master class in all the areas Presley needs to improve on. McCluskey was delightful during her 45-minute set of songs from her underappreciated "The Things We Do" album. She turns on the alt-country charm in "Wrong Side" then rocks it up in "Perfect Girl," while the pretty pop of "It's Been Done" plays to her strengths. Even Cyndi Lauper's surprise appearance with Presley seemed instructional. Before she even began singing, Lauper commanded the stage, ensuring that the sound mix was right and explaining to Presley's band how to watch for her cues. By the time she began "She Bop," Lauper had whipped things into shape. Presley should have been taking notes. (Concert Review, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Elvis fronts new Tupelo magazine: Visitors to Elvis' birthplace Tupelo can pick up free copies of a new 42 page 8"by 10" all color magazine Tupelo Magazine Area Attractions Guide. The most interesting item in this magazine is a picture of a green 1939 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, similar to the car in which his Elvis and his family rode to Memphis in 1948. (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only)

50th anniversary of "Pied Piper" footage celebrations: This fall in the US is the 50th aniversery of the filming of the Pied Piper of Cleveland. It was filmed at at Brooklyn High School in 1955. It was also Elvis's first performance north of the Mason/Dixon line so I have been told. There is a concert being set up for the fall and they are getting as many of the original performers as possible. All profits go to benefit the schools music program. (News, Source: Rich Rich)

Friday 20 May 2005

New FTD releases artwork: These are the covers for the other two July 2005 releases from FTD, "Tickle Me" and "Elvis Today". (News, Source: United Elvis Presley Society/ElvisNews.com)

Elvis tops list of most popular stamps: Interesting and attractive postage stamps lead people to collect them, making millions of dollars for the post office. The all-time most collected stamps and the extra income they have meant to the post office: 1. Elvis, 1993, 124 million stamps, $36 million. 2. Wildflowers, 1992, 77 million, $22 million. 3. Rock 'n' Roll, 1993, 76 million, $22 million. 4. Greetings from America, 2002, 71 million, $24 million. 5. Insects and Spiders, 1999, 61 million, $20 million. 6. Legends of Baseball, 2000, 54 million, $18 million. 7. Baseball fields, 2001, 49 million, $17 million. 8. Art of Disney, 2004, 48 million, $18 million. 9. Moon Landing, 1994, 47 million, $14 million. 10. Civil War, 1995, 46 million, $15 million. (News, Source: Steve Braun/Sanja Meegin)

"Elvis by the Presleys" UK TV ratings: 5.8 million tuned in to see ITV1's documentary, "Elvis By The Presleys", earlier in the evening. The hour-long programme, which featured unseen footage of the singer's former wife Priscilla and daughter Lisa-Marie at the family home Graceland, scooped a 26% share of the audience in its 9pm slot. Biggest audiences for the night: #1: Coronation Street (soap) ITV1 7.30PM-8PM= 10.2 million viewers 52% audience share #2: Emmerdale (soap) ITV1 7PM-7.30PM = 8.4 million viewers 46% audience share #3: EBTP ITV1 9PM-10PM = 5.8 million viewers 26% audience share Winner of the 9-10PM Hour: #1: EBTP ITV1 9PM-10PM = 5.8 million viewers 26% audience share #2: Crimewatch BBC1 9PM = 4.6 million viewers 21% audience share #3: CSI: Miami Five 9PM = 2.1 million viewers 9% audience share Winner Access Pime Time: "Coronation Street" ITV1 Winner PrimeTime: "Elvis by the Presleys" ITV1 (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

"All Shook Up" cover art: This is the cover art for the upcoming FTD release "All Shook Up", set for release 1 July 2005. It features Elvis' Las Vegas performance from August 26, 1969 (midnight show). Track listing: Blue Suede Shoes; I Got A Woman; All Shook Up; Love Me Tender; Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel; Heartbreak Hotel; Hound Dog; I Can't Stop Loving You; Mystery Train/Tiger Man; (Monologue); Baby What You Want Me To Do; Runaway; Are You Lonesome Tonight? (laughing version); Rubberneckin'; Yesterday/Hey Jude; (Introductions); In The Ghetto; This Is The Story; Suspicious Minds; Can't Help Falling In Love. (News, Source: Elvis World Japan)

Elvis by the Presleys (Book Review): With such heavy world-wide publicity can the new book really live up to expectations? Do Lisa Marie or Priscilla reveal any new secrets about the King? Is the book full of unseen photographs? EIN Elvis expert Sanja Meegin reviews the new Presley memoirs. (Book Review, Source: EIN)Elvis tops UK charts list: Elvis Presley has been named the most successful music act of all time by Guinness World Records, having spent the most weeks in the UK charts. The late singer has spent 2,463 weeks in the UK album and singles charts. He retained his position atop the annual Guinness top 100 list, followed by Cliff Richard and The Beatles. Presley returned to the singles chart earlier this year when 18 of his singles were re-released to mark what would have been his 70th birthday. It secured Presley a further three UK number ones - Jailhouse Rock, One Night and It's Now or Never. The top 10 acts were: 1. Elvis Presley 2. Cliff Richard 3. The Beatles 4. Queen 5. Madonna 6. Elton John 7. The Shadows 8. Michael Jackson 9. David Bowie 10. U2. (News, Source: BBC News)

New BMG promotion for "Elvis by the Presleys": Click to view the latest BMG promotion for Elvis by the Presleys. (News, Source: EPE)

Lisa Presley ready to sue: Lisa Presley is so furious with the US tabloids, she's now "just waiting" for an opportunity to sue them. The LIGHTS OUT singer has become something of a tabloid fixture over the years, with her marriages to MICHAEL JACKSON and NICOLAS CAGE garnering huge attention. But she's now decided that enough is enough - and she will not hesitate taking legal action if she's unhappy with what they choose to print about her. She says of the tabloids, "They're hanging on a limb with me right now. I'm just waiting for them to make another move and I'm gonna go with all guns loaded. I've kind of tried to warn them. "They're really bad right now. The same person owns all three of the major ones. So it looks like there's all these different things going on but it's the same damn people." (News, Source: Contact Music)

Thursday 19 May 2005

New documentary film "The Truth About Elvis": Filmaker Adam Muskiewicz is looking to blaze a trail in the film industry in his first film exploring the on-going myth of Elvis' death. We all have seen the tabloids over the years and the constant hoaxing of Elvis' death. Although the myth has evolved into a long-running joke, there are still many unanswered questions about Elvis. Adam is looking to finally put to rest these myths and explore the facts from all angles to get to the real story in his new documentary film, The Truth About Elvis. (News, Source: Dave Sanford, Film Producer)

The Tom Green Show: Only a handful of Elvis tribute artists can truly lay claim to having a voice that sounds remarkably like Elvis'...and Tom Green is one of them! Tom Green's albums with their strong "Elvis" vocals and excellent arrangements easily rank him as one of the world's pre-eminent Elvis vocalists. EIN reviews six of his albums. (CD Review, Source: EIN)

New Elvis Museum in Tupelo:Jim Browder has the best tour company in Memphis and now he has opened a Museum in Tupelo at Becky Martin's home with Mrs. Norma Presley, Elvis' cousin. Becky Martin was a classmate of Elvis and she was much loved by Elvis fans who visited Tupelo where she would recount stories of her childhood with Elvis. Becky sadly died but her collection lives on for fans to enjoy, courtesy of Jim and Norma. You can visit Becky's home decorated throughout with Elvis memorabilia going back from today to the 1950's. I have heard so many good things about Jim who treats his guests like royalty and takes them on fabulous tours of Memphis and Tupelo, charging very reasonable rates. Nothing is too much for Jim and he has made many, many lifelong friends of Elvis fans that visit Memphis and Tupelo and are treated to Jim's fine, southern hospitality. JB TCB Tours & Shuttle Service 1016 East Main Street Tupelo MS 38804 1-877-9JB-TOUR (News, Source: Sid Shaw)

Sonny West in Australia: EIN's Bev McKinlay soaked up the intimate atmosphere when Sonny West visited the Gold Coast to talk about his life with Elvis - an evening of loving reminiscences & laughter. (Concert Review, Source: Bev McKinley)

Al Green met Elvis in the "little boys" room: Soul great Al Green had a bizarre one-off meeting with Elvis - at a urinal. The tired of being alone legend was stunned on a night out clubbing in Memphis, Tennessee, when he dashed to the toilet to relieve himself - only to find the Jailhouse Rock legend standing next to him. And despite his eagerness to shake hands with Presley, Green deemed it an inopportune moment to make physical contact with him. He recalls, "I was standing there at the urinal and I thought this fella looked like Elvis, so I asked him. He said, 'I am Elvis Presley and you sure look like Al Green.' "I'd liked to have shaken his hand but it didn't seem like the right time to be getting so close and intimate. That's the only time we ever met." (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Elvis on eBay - all-time high number of listings: The number of Elvis items listed on eBay is now at an all-time high with more than 29,000 items for sale. Historically the number of Elvis items has beenn between 11,000 and 14,000. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Wednesday 18 May 2005
"Elvis" items up for auction: Auctionsite www.auctionsbythebay.com is offering a series of Elvis memorabilia on June 6th, from a collection owned by the son of the Colonel's former secretary (now deceased). All items will also be offered on eBay - unfortunately the sale list is yet to be published. (News, Source: Bob Hayden)

Elvis sculpture stolen: The thief who stole a 3m Elvis Presley guitar sculpture from Nashville's Music Row ain't nuthin' but a hound dog as far as irate fans are concerned. A $US3000 ($3970) reward will be offered for the culprit's arrest unless he or she returns the sculpture by Friday, officials said. One of more than two dozen individual fibreglass Gibson guitars displayed throughout the city as part of a Guitartown art project, the over-sized guitar featured a painting of Presley on the front and the words Heartbreak Hotel arrayed down the neck. It vanished on Monday from its stand in front of the RCA building. Henry Juszkiewicz, the chief executive of Gibson Guitars and sponsor of the project, was dismayed. "If the sculpture is returned by Friday, no questions will be asked and nobody will be punished," he said. "It is in the best interest of everyone in Nashville to help us locate this missing sculpture which was produced by local visual artist Alan Rhody and hours of tireless volunteer work." He said the sculpture had been expected to bring in $US20,000 ($26,500) at auction at the end of the year when the art exhibit closes, with the money going to charity. (News, Source: news.com.au)

"Elvis The Concert" grosses $1.9 million: According to Billboard, "Elvis-The Concert" did $1.9 million dollars at the gate for its 6 shows in the UK. (News, Source: Billboard/Steve Braun/Sanja Meegin)

"The Midnight Hour" new CD: Memory Records will release two new CDs next week, with previously unreleased shows from newly discovered tapes. The first CD is The Midnight Hour, a recording of Elvis' September 5, 1970 Las Vegas performance.
Tracklisting: 1. Orchestra Intro/Opening Vamp - 2. That's All Right, Mama - 3. I Got A Woman/Amen (medley) 4. I Walk The Line (excerpt)/Dialogue - 5. Love Me Tender - 6. I've Lost You - 07. I Just Can't Help Believin' - 8. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - 9. Polk Salad Annie (with impersonations) - 10. Band Introductions - 11. Johnny B. Goode - 12. Band Introductions continued - 13. Bob Dylan impersonations/Celebrity Introductious - 14. The Wonder Of You - 15. Heartbreak Hotel/All Shook Up (2 false starts only) - 16. Blue Suede Shoes - 17. Hound Dog (incomplete) - 18. Bridge Over Troubled Water - 19. Can't Help Falling In Love. Bonus tracks (Las Vegas 4/9/1970 Midnight show): 20. I Walk The Line (excerpt)/I've Lost You - 21. I Just Can't Help Believin' - 22. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - 23. Polk Salad Annie (with impersonations) - 24. Crying Time (2nd live version) - 25. My Way (excerpt)/One Night. (News, Source: Pavel Cernocky)

Rockin' The Northwest CD: The second new CD from Memory Records is Rockin' The Northwest, Elvis' concert in Eugene, Oregon on 11/27/76. Tracklisting: (pre-program) - 1. If You Leave Me Now (performed by the Sweet Inspirations) - 2. Sweet Inspiration (performed by the Sweet Inspirations). Elvis Concert - 3. Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001 A Space Odyssey Theme) - 4. C. C. Rider - 5. I Got A Woman/Amen (medley) - 6. Love Me - 7. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 8. Love Me Tender - 9. All Shook Up - 10. Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel (medley) - 11. You Gave Me A Mountain - 12. Blue Suede Shoes - 13. How Great Thou Art (incomplete) - 14. Fever - 15. Steamroller Blues - 16. It's Now Or Never - 17. America (The Beautiful) - 18. Band Introductions - 19. Early Morning Rain - 20. What'd I Say - 21. Johnny B. Goode 22. Drums Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 23. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) - 24. Piano Solo (Tony Brown) - 25. Electric Piano Solo (David Briggs) - 26. Love Letters - 27. School Day (Hail, Hail Rock'n'Roll) - 28. Hurt 29. Hound Dog - 30. Hawaiian Wedding Song - 31. Can't Help Falling In Love - 32. Closing Vamp. (News, Source: Pavel Cernocky)

"Once Upon A Time At The Hilton" CD: Released on the International label is the CD "Once Upon A Time At The Hilton" with a recording of Elvis' performance from December 6, 1976 at the las Vegas Hilton. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Elvis By The Presleys DVD released: BMG USA released the 4 hour DVD, "Elvis By The Presleys" in US stores yesterday. (News, Source: PR Newswire)

Tuesday 17 May 2005
Elvis' shirt from King Creole for sale: Now on ebay with a start price of US$3,000.00 - "Elvis Presley personal worn shirt from his best movie ´KING CREOLE´ in 1958. Comes with a letter from HOMER GILLELAND. The Shirt currently has a PARAOUNT studios label reading "E.Presley" and "Danny". This was his character´s name in the film. This shirt also has a laundry tag from PARAMOUNT studios and a PARAMOUNT MEN´S WARDROBE stamp inside the shirt as well." eBay #7516074636. (News, Source: ebay/Sanja Meegin)

"Nazi" Elvis: Several online newsites have run a story in which Elvis is portrayed as a "nazi": "Almost 28 years after his death, fans of the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, can now see their icon in a radically different light; that as a Nazi. The legend is seen wearing a Nazi cap and giving a Nazi salute in some pictures taken from a grainy half-hour home cine film. The pictures, believed to be from the Sixties, were taken during a boat trip with friends and have surfaced at the same time as Presley's ex-wife Priscilla released his home movies. "I was given it ages ago, I think when I used to own a bar. But I had never watched it. It wasn't until I found it in the loft that I decided to. When I did I was shocked," the Sun quoted Mark Ernon, who owns the tape, as saying."

As noted on several Elvis websites, if the authors had done their homework they would have found out that this footage comes from footage from a boat trip Elvis made with June Juanico while on holiday in 1956. The captain of the boat was a WWII vet who bought the hats as trophies. Elvis and some others put them on but instead of giving the nazi-salute he is waving. The footage is available on the DVD "Elvis And June - A Love Story". (News, Source: Google/Sanja Meegin)

Elvis at FeelCreative.com: FeelCreative.com launched a new art series starring Elvis. It must be your taste, but if so you can find some neat fine art at their site, available in several different formats. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Lisa Marie Presley, US TV Appearances, Free Concert & Signing: May 17 - TV appearance on Good morning America; May 18 - TV appearance on The View; May 19 - Free concert at City Hall Park, NYC, NY and Signing at J&R Store. (News, Source: lisapresley.com)

Monday 16 May 2005

Oprah magazine incenses fans: The following statement in the latest issue of "Oprah" magazine has many fans incensed: "Sorry, Elvis. While you were getting all shook up over a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, Little Richard and Chuck Berry in 1955 were out there inventing rock'n'roll." While fans are blaming Oprah, EIN wonders if she even knows about the comment. A number of times on her show she has made her positive feelings very clear and on the recent Lisa Marie-Priscilla shows Oprah stated that Lisa was the first celebrity she has ever approached to be on her show! (News, Source: Various)

Kansas City Blues (Fort Baxter): Here's the front cover and track listing of the Fort Baxter Classic Series re-release "Kansas City Blues". This CD contains the June 29th, 1974 evening show in Kansas City, MO. Originally this CD on the first Profile box-set was completed with two songs from Dayton, OH October 6th, 1974 evening show ("Johnny B. Goode" and "Can't Help Falling In Love").
Fort Baxter thought it would be best to use this time songs from the Milwaukee, WI show recorded the previous night. All the re-release will come with full color booklets (12 pages) and improved sound from the original Fort Baxter master tapes. The technology has changed and this is now possible to improve several of those recordings originally featured on the two box-sets "A Profile - The King On Stage". The total playing time is 63:18 and the CD is expected to be out soon. Track listing: See See Rider/When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Blue Christmas/I Got A Woman - Amen/Love Me/Trying To Get To You/All Shook Up/Love Me Tender/Hound Dog/Fever/Polk Salad Annie/Why Me Lord?/Suspicious Minds/Introduction of the band/I Can't Stop Loving You/ Help M /Bridge Over Troubled Water/Let Me Be There (with reprise/Funny How Time Slips Away (with reprise)/Big Boss Man/Steamroller Blues/Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp . The tracks 18-21 were recorded in Milwaukee, WI on June 28, 1974. (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Only)

Australian chart update: Aloha From Hawaii (Deluxe Edition) slipped 9 places to #27 on this week's ARIA Music DVD Chart. (News, Source: ARIA)

Baptist Memorial partly imploded: The original portion of the old Baptist Hospital between Madison and Union near South Dudley is now gone. About 300 pounds of explosives brought down the more than 310,000-square-foot physician and surgeons building and the 40,000-square-foot intern's residence in about 20 seconds. Hundreds were on hand to watch the 6 a.m. implosion. (News, Source: Elvis Matters/ElvisNews.com)

"Elvis by the Presleys" rates on TV in the US: CBS, which didn't do much with its two-part Elvis Presley biopic last week, was solid on Friday with the two-hour special "Elvis by the Presleys" (prelim 3.0/10 in 18-49, 11.6 million). (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Sunday 15 May 2005
Elvis: A Legendary Performer Vol.5 – (Madison): With hard-core Elvis collectors complaining about too much already available material dominating this new import CD, EIN’s Piers Beagley was wary as he explored this new homage to old RCA producer Joan Deary. However what he discovered was a clever, stylish and cheeky box of Elvis delights! (CD Review, Source: EIN)

Lonely Elvis reached out to Wayne Newton in desperate letter: Elvis gave pal Wayne Newton a rare insight into his desperate state of mind just three months before he died, when he wrote the crooner a heartfelt letter. Newton, who has the letter framed at his Las Vegas, Nevada home, admits he still gets choked up when he casts a glance at the scribbled note. It reads, "I feel so alone sometimes. The night is quiet for me. I'd love to be able to sleep. I'm glad that everyone has gone now... Help me lord." Newton, who befriended Elvis when the two singers realised they had dated the same woman, says, "A finer human being never took a breath of air." This is an interesting story, as Wayne Newton is previously on tape saying that he "found" this letter Elvis had written screwed up in a waste paper basket in a hotel room in Vegas. Now he is claiming Elvis gave it to him?. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Click for 1 - 14 May 2005


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