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Tuesday 30 November 2004
Elvis In Concert (Asian DVD): EIN's Piers Beagley sat down and watched nearly 3 hours of The King near the end - the Omaha and Rapid City concerts plus the CBS TV Special. This is Piers' review of an emotionally sad but fascinating DVD experience - a visual and audio record of important historical significance. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

500,000,000 fans can't be wrong, or can they?: Tony Galvin enters the debate on Elvis' alleged record sales with a spirited, well researched and argued case. If you are at all interested in how many records and CDs Elvis has sold don't miss this great article that adds real value to the discussion. (Spotlight Article: Source: Tony Galvin)

'Elvis What Happened?' on eBay: Two weeks ago three copies of "The Bodyguard Book" (Elvis What Happened?) each sold on eBay for less than US$10.00. Over the weekend one copy sold on the online auction site for nearly US$100.00!!! In the past year numerous copies of the hard-to-find book have been listed on eBay, and on this basis EIN believes a much cheaper buying experience should be looked for and expected. Don't pay too much! (News, Source: eBay)

The Hampton Roads Concert: Track listing: 2001 Theme/See See Rider/Until It's Time For You To Go/Polk Salad Annie/Love Me / All Shook Up/Teddy Bear - Don't Be Cruel/Are You Lonesome Tonight?/I Can't Stop Loving You/Hound Dog/ ridge Over Troubled Water/Suspicious Minds/For The Good Times/ Introductions/An American Trilogy/Love Me Tender/A Big Hunk Of Love/How Great Thou Art/Sweet Sweet Spirit by JD Summer & The Stamps/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Can't Help Falling In Love/ Closing Vamp. (News, Source: Elvis Collectors/Elvis News)

EPE Christmas Single: The 2004 EPE Christmas Card (and CD) for fan club presidents features the song "Merry Christmas Baby". It comes in the usual cardboard sleeve. (News, Source: Jordans Elvis World/Elvis News)
Monday 29 November 2004
Remembering Elvis: Rodney Bingenheimer (pictured far left) still looks back fondly to the time he and Screaming Lord Sutch (next to Elvis) went to Las Vegas to meet Elvis Presley. "Elvis introduced me to Frank Sinatra," Bingenheimer recalls. "We were at this party upstairs at the International Hotel. Frank Sinatra comes walking in and Elvis says, 'Have you met Rodney?'" It's a faintly comic image,
but Bingenheimer tells the story with no hint of irony. A tiny, softly spoken figure with a moptop haircut that makes him look like an ageing Davy Jones (whose stand-in he used to be in the Monkees TV series), he is a veteran of the LA music scene. A DJ and journalist, he hosts the late-night radio show, Rodney on the Roq, that helped launch the US careers of (among others) Oasis, Sweet, Coldplay, Duran Duran and David Bowie. (News, Source: Yahoo News/Reuters)

Elvis World #74: The latest edition of Bill Burk's excellent quarterly magazine contains the usual array of interesting material including an interview with Red West and a wrap-up of Elvis Week 2004. Check out Bill E. Burk's Elvis World Online. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Elvis - If We'd Only Known details: This is the cover of the book "Elvis - If Only We'd Known" by Sandra Richards which is set for release in September 2005. From the publisher: "In the spring of 1974, Elvis received some anonymous letters from a young woman. The letters contained Bible verses, encouragement, and casual conversation. As the letters continued to arrive, Elvis became piqued with their author. Elvis wanted to know who she was but she always signed her letters with "Your friend, Sandie". Without a return address or last name he had no way of knowing how to contact her. After a couple of months, Elvis received a letter with Sandie's last name and address included on the envelope.
Immediately, Elvis decided to repay her for her letters of encouragement and made plans to travel to her home town and surprise her with a visit from him. Though Elvis traveled thousands of miles and planned and paid for a Christian concert to cover his presence-circumstances prevented their meeting. Three and a half years later, Elvis still had this young woman in his thoughts and wanted to reach her. At his last concert he sent out a message that only she would understand--if she heard it. " (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/Elvis News)

"Elvis leaves his Mark" to headline annual Parkes Elvis Revival Festival: Mark Andrew has been announced as the headline tribute artist for the upcoming Parkes (NSW, Australia) Elvis Revival Festival in January 2005. Also appearing during the festival will one of Australia's longest serving Elvis impersonators, Norm Bakker, and the intriguingly titled "Ghost of Elvis". (News, Source: Kelly Atkinson, Parkes Tourist Bureau)

"Early Edition" Sunday 28 November 2004

Elvis Sightings and Faith - Making Sense of the Seemingly Absurd: The Inaugural National Elvis Presley Convention is being held in Canberra, Australia . EIN's President, Nigel Patterson, is one of the speakers at today's "conference" sessions. In this paper he looks at the different types of Elvis "sightings" and examines the question, is the worship of Elvis developing into a form of religion? (Spotlight/Article, Source: EIN)

Media publicity high for Inaugural National Elvis Presley Convention: Media outlets in Canberra, Australia have got behind this weekend's Elvis Convention including several newspaper reports with pictures and strong promotion on radio. (News, Source: The Canberra Times)

Graceland lawn decorations switched on for Christmas: EPE has lit Elvis's traditional Christmas lawn decorations. If you can't be at Graceland, enjoy the lights by checking out the GracelandCam. Elvis's traditional decorations will remain up, both inside and out, through to January 9. EPE is urging fans to bring their families to experience the decorations and create a new holiday tradition of their own. (News, Source: EPE)

Happy Birthday Elvis on the Silver Screen: On Thursday, 6 January 2005, the Memphis Malco Paradiso will feature a special screening of That's The Way It Is - Special Edition. Fans can celebrate Elvis's birthday while enjoying Elvis in one of his greatest concert films ever. Tickets are now on sale today through Graceland reservations. Seating is limited so book early. (News, Source: EPE)

Rocking Over Texas Update: An Elvis Club Letter News contained some information conerning the FTD project Rocking Over Texas. Co aothor Stanley Oberst has been on the road for the last year looking for new Elvis stories and getting more details on existing ones. He has also found many new, very rare pictures. This book, by Stanley and Ernst Jorgensen will come with two new soundboard shows: Amarillo, Texas June 19th, 1974 and Fort Worth, Texas July 3rd, 1976. It will also include a short, never published 1960 interview with Elvis and the Colonel. Stanley Oberst also wrote the book Elvis In Texas. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Saturday 27 November 2004
Elvis Sessions III available on amazon.com: Joe Tunzi's latest release is now listed on www.amazon.com at US$59.99 plus p&p. This appears to be among the cheapest prices around. (News, Source: Amazon)

Camden CD releases: Also on Amazon.com are several RCA Camden CD releases. The titles include Elvis at the Movies and Best of Elvis. They are listed with a release date of 31 July 2004. (News, Source: Amazon.com)

"Can't Help Falling In Love" Diskette & Sheet Music: The Yamaha Corporation released this title last month. ISBN: 0634086553. (News, Source: Amazon.com)

New books: Elvis-If Only We'd Known: Written by Sandra Richards this release is apparently "a true life story bringing Elvis, God and the author into a complex triangle of unutterable despair and grief, hope and courage". ISBN: 1594572984 and published by Booksurge, LLC. Meanwhile a hardcover release called Dancing With Elvis has been announced for release in September 2005. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

Elvis' first ever Platinum award in Poland: The compilation "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" has gone Platinum in Poland. This is the first time an Elvis release has reached Platinum status in Poland. (News, Source: RocKings/ElvisNews.com)

Elvis 'Follows That Dream' with ClubsNSW: The Parkes Elvis Festival committee has secured another major sponsor for the January 2005 staging, with ClubsNSW announcing their intention to support and further boost the profile and popularity of the festival that attracts visitors to town from all over Australia. ClubsNSW were in Parkes last week to announce their platinum sponsorship of the 2005 ClubsNSW Parkes Elvis Festival. Platinum sponsorship entitles ClubsNSW to naming rights of the 2005 festival. (News, Source: Yahoo News)

Friday 26 November 2004

Ernst & Roger retained by Sony-BMG: Elvis World's "007" (Bill E. Burk) talked to Ernst Jorgensen yesterday and....it's official now. SONY owns BMG. In a big corporate meeting in Los Angeles, Sony committed to continuing both the Elvis and FTD catalogs of Elvis music. Many heads have rolled in the buyout, but Ernst and Roger Semon are still on the payroll to produce the Elvis products. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Presley promoters want help: Elvis' home and surrounds in Tupelo are in danger. (News, Source: The Clarion-Ledger)

Rare Elvis photo: Elvis World Japan provides fans with this very rare photoo of Elvis from 1955. The story: "My dad was running the Airmens Club on Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1955 and booked a young, new singer to play the club named Elvis Presley. That's my Dad, Mom, Elvis and family friend in the picture. After the show was over my Dad was asked what he thought of Elvis .... His comment was .... "I don't think he's going to make it"." (News, Elvis World Japan)

Notes from the desk of Elvis World's "007"...Bill E. Burk: Bill Burk gives us the lowdown on progress on his latest book about Elvis, the Elvis World Lunch in January 2005 and in the context of the Sony-BMG merger, "hot" news regarding Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon. (News, Bill Burk's Elvis World Online)

Debbie Wines of the Presley Commission passes away: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - The Liaison Office of the Presley Commission in the United States has announced the sad passing of Debbie Wines. Debbie served as the Executive Investigative Coordinator during the commission's tenure from 1994 through 1997, and continued working on a consulting basis with the Liaison Office to complete a book project that will be released by early 2006. The book will outline and review matters pertinent to the years of 1970 through 1977 and later, as a discussion and explanation for what happened to Elvis Presley during those times. Actual incidents will be offered to explain the events of August, 1977 as well. This office, and the fans who knew her, join in our hope that Debbie's work over the years on behalf of Elvis Presley will be revered as a compassionate and caring testimonial, and will be respected the world over. Deb Wines will be missed as we go forward to complete our mission. P. W. "Phil" Aitcheson Executive Liaison/Author (News, Source: Phil Aitcheson)

Thursday 25 November 2004
Elvis on cover of TV Guide: Elvis graces one of five covers of the December 5th issue of TV GUIDE, which hits newsstands in the US on December 2nd. (News, Source: EPE)
Don't Cry Daddy soundboard: In the latest edition of the Elvis Matters magazine a new (or old, as they, we hadn't seen it before) soundboard release of the 1997 edition of "Elvis The Concert" was mentioned. The CD also contains a rough mix of "Rubberneckin'". (News, Source: Elvis Matters/ElvisNews.com)

"BEATLES MORE POPULAR THAN ELVIS AT AUCTION": Following on from our news story yesterday, many Internet news sites are awash with headlines like this one! The Beatles have triumphed over rival rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley at an American auction - suits worn by the Fab Four sold but the King's lot failed to attract big enough bids. The four suits SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, JOHN LENNON, GEORGE HARRISON and RINGO STARR donned for the cover of their PLEASE PLEASE ME album sold for $110,000 (GBP61,000) at Bonhams in Los Angeles. However, a collection of Presley's earliest recordings - including takes of ALL SHOOK UP - failed to sell at the two-day sale over the weekend (20/21NOV04). A private collection of six tape recordings of Presley valued at between $30,000 (GBP16,600) and $50,000 (GBP27,700) did not meet their reserve price, but a signed Presley photograph did manage to fetch $2,115 (GBP1,175). Auction spokesman ERIK SIMON says the Presley tapes were withdrawn because "they did not meet the minimum price set by the owners". (News, Source: Contact Music/various)

Wednesday 24 November 2004

Rare Elvis Recordings Fail to Sell at Auction: A batch of Elvis Presley earliest RCA recordings from nearly 50 years ago failed to meet the minimum asking price at auction on Monday, but lesser keepsakes from the King of Rock 'n' Roll fetched more than $6,000. The highlight of the two-day sale of show business memorabilia by international auction house Bonhams and Butterfields was a private collection of six reel-to-reel tape recordings of Presley valued at between $30,000 and $50,000. The "pre-master" recordings of some of Presley's first sessions at RCA included never-before-heard versions of such hits as "All Shook Up" and "Jailhouse Rock" as well as studio banter among the singer, members of his band and the engineer who recorded them, Thorne Nogar. It was Nogar, working under contract for RCA, who ended up in possession of the reels and whose family put them up for bid through Bonhams & Butterfields. Nogar died in 1994. The tapes ended up being withdrawn from auction because "they did not meet minimum price set by the owners," auction spokesman Erik Simon told Reuters. He said the family did not want to divulge the reserve price set for the collection or the range of bids received. Several other pieces of Presley memorabilia did sell, including a signed photograph of the singer ($2,115), an autographed movie banner from his 1968 film "Stay Away Joe" ($3,525) and an autographed record sleeve ($470). In one of the biggest sales of the $1.1 million auction, the four original suits worn by the Beatles for their "Please Please Me" album cover sold for $110,000. (News, Source: Reuters)

Hampton Roads on CD: As fans prepare for FTD's Elvis On Tour release next month, also set for release from the Triangle label is the CD “Hampton Roads” - a show from April 1972 (also from the "On Tour" recordings). Apart from a 40 page booklet, with lots of color shots, the CD contains a reprint of the 1972 MGM pressbook. As for the packaging, this set comes packed in a “paper sleeve” just like the typical 2LP sets from that period. Furthermore the (5 color) picture disc (which is a real CD) is packed in a special made innersleeve, with pictures of 23 bootleg vinyl albums containing material from “Elvis On Tour”. (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)


Elvis day-by-day 2005 Calendar now on sale: The new 2005 Elvis ‘year-in-a-box’ calendar is already in the shops in many countries including the US, UK and Australia. A favourite for all Elvis fans, with a tear-off picture for each day, this 2005 calendar is even better than its predecessor. The excellent selection of Elvis photos includes some lovely rare shots. The paper quality, as well as the presentation, is also a definite improvement on 2004’s. For Elvis trivia fans there is a superb bonus since everyday features an Elvis trivia question (& answer). While EIN could suggest that some answers might not be correct, isn’t that half the fun of it! Above are three of our favourite images. Look for it in the Christmas Calendar stalls of your local shopping centres now. (News, Source: EIN)

Tuesday 23 November 2004

"Presley by the Presleys" DVD in 2005???: Elvis Club Berlin has reported that possibly set for release next year is the DVD project from EPE titled "Presley By The Presley's". This set, from David Saltz, is a spin off from a planned TV project. The project should contain interviews with Priscilla. Lisa Marie and cousin Patsy Presley. Patsy Presley has never done an interview. With the release of the DVD there would be a book with the same title, written by David Dalton. The book will contain many pictures, manuscripts and other documents from the Graceland Archives. Set for release in Germany on January 15th. 2005 is the movie "Ob Blond, Ob Braun" (It Happened at the World's Fair) with region code 2. Both the book and DVD were announced by EPE supremo, Jack Soden, in an interview with Billboard magazine earlier this year. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/ElvisNews)

The Legend Live: Another in the endless series of Louisiana Hayride era CD releases. This one will be released in the EC/Germany on 10 January 2005. It features the usual track listing including Heartbreak Hotel, I Was The One, Hound Dog and Blue Suede Shoes. (News, Source: EP Gold/Elvis Club Berlin)
Monday 22 November 2004
Best selling Elvis books of all-time announced: ElvisBookResearch has announced the five best selling Elvis books of all-time. They are: Elvis & Me (Priscilla Presley); Elvis (Albert Goldman); Elvis What Happened? (The "Bodyguard" book); Is Elvis Alive? (Gail Brewer-Giorgio) and Last Train to Memphis (Peter Guralnick) which pipped Elvis (Jerry Hopkins) for the #5 spot. The top four best selling books each sold more than 1 million copies. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

New Elvis jewelry line licensed: A new Elvis Presley jewelry and accessories line has been released by Silver Moon Concepts, LLC. The exciting new line includes men's and women's rings, belt buckles, pendants, necklaces, key chains, earrings, bracelets, money clips, body jewelry and leather products. You can check out items on the official Elvis site at www.elvis.com (News, Source: EPE)

Who called the National Enquirer on 16 August 1977?: There has always been mystery surrounding the call made to the National Enquirer after Elvis died, with many fans believing it was Elvis' girlfriend (fiance?) Ginger Alden. In our archives (circa 2002) we found this very interesting snippet which suggests the caller was not Ginger Alden:

Dawn (mother of Jordan) to Bill Burk: I'm not sure if you're in a position to answer this but I've heard that the call to the National Enquirer was made from a Motel very near Graceland.

Bill Burk: (Again), the Ma Bell exec said there was no way of reporting origins of calls at that time. However, National Enquirer contacts ID'd (to me, off the record) the person they said tipped them of E's death and HE was not a member of the Alden family; HE does (or did) live in Memphis. (News, Source: Bill Burk's Elvis World)

Sunday 21 November 2004

"The Definitive Elvis" CD box set release: Readers Digest offices around the world will be releasing a new Elvis boxset, most likely in the second half of 2005. Individual offices have the choice of releasing either a 4 or 5 CD set. (News, Source: BMG Australia)

Elvis, Love: Shortly after EIN broke news of and the cover artwork cover for this new BMG CD yesterday, EPE issued a statement about it and the the re-issue of three Elvis CDs in the BMG "catalog upgrade" category (see next story), including track listings. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis catalog upgrade: In January 2005 BMG has three Elvis albums scheduled for re-issue as "catalog upgrades". The three albums are "Elvis Presley", "Elvis" and "Loving You". (News, Source: BMG Australia)

This Is Elvis "unofficial DVD" review: With news of an official release on DVD of This is Elvis now effectively 'missing in action', EIN looks at a number of the unofficial releases of both the short and long versions of what is often referred to as the 34th Elvis film. (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

Rare Elvis Presley Recordings Go Up for Auction: Some of Elvis Presley's first RCA (reel-to-reel) recordings from nearly 50 years ago, including never-before-heard takes of "All Shook Up" and "Jailhouse Rock," will be put up for bid on Sunday at an auction of show business memorabilia. (News, Source: Reuters)

Will homeless Elvis sing 'Jailhouse Rock?': A homeless man dressed as Elvis is accused of robbing a convenience store in Abington on Wednesday, but was quickly arrested in Brockton along with the driver of his getaway vehicle, police said. "Elvis lives, but he's going to be singing the 'Jailhouse Rock,' " said Abington police Lt. Kevin Smith. Smith said James Russo, 34, a homeless man whose last address was 60 Pleasant View Ave., Weymouth, was wearing Elvis sunglasses and sideburns when he flashed a gun and robbed the Tedeschi's on Bedford Street. (Odd Spot, Source: Yahoo News)

Saturday 20 November 2004

"Love, Elvis" new CD release: BMG offices worldwide will be releasing "Love, Elvis", a single CD on January 24 2005. The release will feature Elvis' most recognisable love songs and is being marketed for Valentine's Day. BMG UK have announced a TV campaign around the release. The jewel-box has a solid opaque red tray and will have the sensational Wertheimer photograph on the cover. The final tracklisting will be available shortly. (News, Source: BMG Australia)

"Elvis Forever" release in Australia: BMG Australia will be including "Elvis Forever" (Elvis' 30 #1 Hits and Elvis 2nd to None) as an indent title in 2005. (News, Source: BMG Australia)

"Christmas Peace" in Australia: BMG Australia has announced that it will be re-issuing "Christmas Peace" in the digipack format for yuletide 2004. (News, Source: BMG Australia)


Exhibition traces the Elvis years as a GI in Germany: The two years that Elvis Presley spent in Germany as the most famous GI in history are the subject of a new exhibition opening in Germany on Sunday.

The organisers are putting on show 300 items from Presley's stay in Friedberg, which left the sleepy town "All Shook Up", to quote one of the King's best-known songs.

Fans can see the military-issue bag Elvis was carrying when he arrived in the northern port of Bremerhaven in 1958 to begin his military service, the partially reconstructed barracks hut where he had his regulation army haircut, or the pink Cadillac he drove on days off. The exhibition also highlights that Germany played an important role in Presley's life -- it was there that he met Priscilla, his future wife and the mother of his only child, Lisa Marie. Presley even moved his father and his grandmother into a house in Bad Neuheim, a small town near to the military camp where he was stationed. The deputy mayor of Friedberg, Michael Keller, recalled earlier this year how Presley's arrival electrified the locals. "It was rock 'n' roll and the PX shops with American products and a whole new image for Friedberg -- very exciting," he said. (News, Source: Yahoo News)

Friday 19 November 2004

John Lennon Is No. 1 Music Icon: John Lennon has defeated Elvis Presley to be voted the greatest rock 'n' roll icon of all time in a poll conducted by Q music magazine. Paul McCartney, Lennon's fellow Beatle songwriter, managed just 12th place in the poll. The results are based on reader's votes. (News, Source: Reuters)

Elvis bombs out in list of greatest 500 songs of all-time: Rolling Stone magazine has announced the 500 greatest songs of all-time. The highest placed Elvis song was Hound Dog at #19. Bob Dylan's song 'Like A Rolling Stone' was ranked the #1 song followed by 'I Can' Get No Satisfaction' (The Rolling Stones) and 'Imagine' (John Lennon). The Beatles had 23 songs on the list followed by The Rolling Stones (14) and Bob Dylan (12). The list, published in a special edition out today, was compiled by a panel of recording artists, producers, label executives, critics and songwriters. Among them were singer Art Garfunkel, Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne, vocalist Joni Mitchell and even Dylan's rock star son, Jakob. In a similar list published in 1989, the magazine named the Stones’ 'Satisfaction' as the best single of the past 25 years, with Dylan’s 'Like a Rolling Stone' placed at No. 2, a reversal of the latest ranking. (News, Source: Reuters)

Aussie release of "Frank Sinatra Show - Welcome Home Elvis" DVD: This historic show will be released in Australia on 18 January 2005 with a recommended retail price of A$24.95. Read EIN's review (News, Source: Email)

Brando's son weds Elvis' "daughter": Marlon Brando's son Christian has married a woman who claims to be Elvis Presley's daughter. Christian, 46, exchanged nuptials with 48-year-old artist Deborah Presley on 16 October 2004 at Las Vegas' Little White Chapel. Deborah claims she is an illegitimate daughter of the late rocker, but in 1988 a judge ruled that her claims have no legal merit. Christian was released from jail in 1996, after serving nearly half of a 10 year sentence for the fatal shooting of his half sister's lover in 1990. Deborah tells PEOPLE magazine that she saw a picture of Christian in 1987 and "loved him from that moment". (Odd Spot, Source: Contact Music)

Thursday 18 November 2004
One Night In Vegas: FTD EIN looks back at one of FTD's most important CD releases which captures Elvis' Opening Night in August 1970 that was filmed by MGM for That's The Way It Is. It really was a night to remember. (FTD Review, Source: EIN)
Elvis fans being ripped off!: Bogus Elvis autographs continue to flood eBay. The most blatant rip-off is this (obviously mass produced) framed portrait of Elvis (circa. Jailhouse Rock) with certificate of authenticity. At least three different traders have listed the autograph and two of them have it listed twice!
The other giveaway is that all traders have it listed with a starting bid price around US$13.00-$14.00. Genuine Elvis signatures are valued at US$500.00 and up! EIN urges fans to be very careful when buying Elvis allegedly genuine autographs. There are only a handful that are genuine. If you are ever tempted to bid on or buy an Elvis signature, first check with your local fan club or EIN for an opinion. (News, Source: EIN)

Lyrics to Elton John's Elvis inspired song: Max in Italy recently sent us the lyrics to "Porch Swing in Tupelo" composed by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. (News, Source: Max -email)

Wednesday 17 November 2004
Elvis books - fact or fiction?: Bill Burk exposes the inaccuracies in two top selling books about Elvis...Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Lucy DeBarbin and The Boy Who Would Be King by "Cousin" Earl Greenwood. (Bill Burk's Elvis World Online, Source: Bill Burk)
Revised FTD release dates: According to Elvis Unlimited these are the new release dates for te next few collectiors label titles: November 29, 2004 - "Kid Galahad" and "Follow That Dream"; December 20, 2004 - "On Tour Rehearsals"; February 15, 2005 - "Rocking Across Texas". (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Elvis Presley "Blue Christmas Cabernet Sauvignon" Brings Elvis Home for the Holidays - Graceland Cellars Releases Special Edition Label: Holiday celebrations will rock this year with the introduction of Elvis Presley(R) Graceland(R) Cellars' Blue Christmas(TM) 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon. As a special edition limited to sales during the holidays, only 4000 cases of Blue Christmas Napa Valley Cabernet were produced to commemorate Elvis' most popular Christmas song. The wine sells for a suggested retail price of $16.99-17.99 and is available at retail outlets in 36 US states through 42 distributors. "Blue Christmas Cabernet makes a great holiday gift," said Scott Cahill, CEO of Signature Wines. "Whether you bring it to a holiday party or use it to brighten-up your dinner table, Blue Christmas Cab will put people in a festive mood." Tasting Notes Lush and ripe with black currant, plums, and black cherry, Blue Christmas 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon has a wonderful core of fruit. It is well balanced with complex tannins and yearlong oak aging. A light mineral component complements the dark fruits, leather, vanilla and char. Age-worthy if choosing to lay it down through 2010, it also drinks well now. About Graceland Cellars Signature Wines bottled the first vintage of Elvis Presley Graceland Cellars wines in 2003. Launched as a tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, Graceland Cellars is committed to producing the finest California varietal wines possible for wine lovers and fans of Elvis Presley. (News, Source: Altavista)

There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis: The king of rock and sole - Elvis - is alive and well, earning his living serving fish and chips. Elvis Morton, who works at The Cliffs restaurant in Cliff Street, Cheddar, says he is used to customers singing the famous lyric from Kirsty
MacColl's 1980s hit. 'There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis' is regularly sung by customers. But the 30-year-old, who started work at The Cliffs three months ago, is more at home with battering fish than belting out hits. Elvis, of Chichester Way, Worle, said: "A lot of customers have been known to sing me the song and I've got used to it now. "In fact, on Elvis Presley's birthday many of the customers were thoughtful enough to bring in cards for me. "My mum is a big fan of Elvis and decided to name me after him." Thanks to Just For Fun, Meadow Street, Weston, for the props used in the picture. (News/Odd Spot, Source: Weston Mercury)

More Elvis books announced: The Elvis book market may not be as vibrant (sales wise) as it once was, but that hasn't stemmed the flow of Elvis titles. New titles announced are the novel Chasing Elvis (Glen Marcel) due out this month (see next news item); Volume 25 - Elvis Presley (another sheet music book release from the Hal Leonard group) due out early next month; Before Elvis There Was Nothing (Laurie Foos) - May 2005; and Are You Still Hungry Tonight?: More of Elvis and Friends Favorite Recipes (Donna Presley Early) scheduled for August 2005. The previously issued Race, Rock and Elvis (Michael Bertrand) is also due out in softcover edition in January 2005. Click to check out EIN's comprehensive list of more than 75 Elvis books either already published in 2004 or due for publication by December 2005. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

New book - "Chasing Elvis"...Elvis died in 1977, or did he?: PR for the new novel Chasing Elvis by Glen Marcel: In 1982 an Elvis impersonator clumsily robs a bank, and incredibly all of the evidence points to the supposedly deceased Elvis as being the robber. A detective hot on the trail of the robber is convinced that he is chasing Elvis, but is killed in an accidental car crash near Moscow, Tennessee, leaving behind a five-year-old daughter. Twenty years later, the daughter is a tabloid reporter for Weird Magazine, a shameless, check-out counter rag. She is assigned to cover an Elvis Festival in Moscow, discovers her father’s notes, and quickly stumbles onto the Elvis-robber’s trail. What she discovers in rural Tennessee just may be the news story of the young century. $14.95 retail. 264 pages, 8.5"x5.5", trade paperback. Order from www.bn.com (News, Source: The Invisible College Press)

Tuesday 16 November 2004
UK #1 Singles Boxset: The official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain & BMG are joining forces to promote the release of 18 individual Elvis number one singles, commencing weekly on 3 January 2005. The club will be mailing out 20,000 colour brochures over ten days encouraging members to buy the singles at major high street stores in an attempt to get each one to chart over the 18 week release period and beyond. "Although we will not be selling the singles - because we want
every sale to count, we will be offering the first single which comes with a bolt on collector box, (which makes single one chart ineligible) and we want every member to have the opportunity to get these beautiful boxes, states Todd Slaughter. "20,000 numbered CDs and 7,500 numbered 10" vinyl will be produced, more than sufficient to get Elvis into the Top Ten with each title, so it follows that there are two formats of boxes to cherish." Each single has both the original A and B side track, together with original US picture sleeve cover art. "It is an inexpensive way for Elvis fans to-once-and-for-all put Elvis ahead of all chart statistics, whilst at the same time collecting a beautiful limited numbered series which will no doubt become a future heirloom. We Elvis fans have access to his entire repertoire, and the "Follow That Dream" out-takes take us behind the scenes. Now we have something that is not only truly collectible, but a joy to the eye!" (News, Source: Todd Slaughter/ElvisNews.com)

"On Tour Rehearsals" track listing: This is the track listing of the upcoming Follow That Dream release "On Tour - The Rehearsals". The CD is set for release January 1st. 2005. It comes in the regular FTD digipack. It features recordings done at RCA’s studios in Hollywood in March 1972, which were conducted in association with that year’s MGM concert film Elvis on Tour. The CD covers Elvis’s rehearsals for his upcoming tour, combining classic Elvis live repertoire with some of his new studio material of that time. Following is the track listing: Proud Mary 2:44 (J. Fogerty) Polk Salad Annie 2:46 (Tony Joe White) See See Rider 2:32 (Traditional/arranged by Elvis Presley) A Big Hunk O’Love 2:09 (Schroeder/Wyche) Johnny B. Goode 2:20 (Chuck Berry) Young And Beautiful 2:37 (Silver/Schroeder) Love Me 1:50 (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller) Hound Dog 1:23 (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller) Lawdy Miss Clawdy 2:15 (Lloyd Price) For The Good Times 3:09 (Kris Kristofferson) El Paso 1:06 (Marty Robbins) Funny How Time Slips Away 2:47 (Willie Nelson) Help Me make It Through The Night 2:38 (Kris Kristofferson) Release Me 2:31 (Miller/ Stevenson) Burning Love 3:15 (Dennis Linde) Always On My Mind 3:44 (Wayne Carso/Johnny Christopher/Mark James) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 3:53 (Ewan McColl) Never Been To Spain 3:38 (Hoyt Axton) Separate Ways 3:38 (Red West/Richard Mainegra). (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

Does Elvis matter?: Is it Elvis that matters or what people think of Elvis that matters? This is an interesting look at Elvis' relationship to the Peterson trial in the US. (Spotlight Article, Source: Recordnet.com)

Work is woman's burning love: Recently laid off because of company downsizing, clutching a glowing letter of recommendation in her hand, Olive Gonzales of Oakland finds herself venturing forth into the job market. She's not sure what she'll do. She's got a solid work history and her whole life ahead of her. After all, she's only 85. Not retired, mind you. Not fired, by a long shot. But laid off. She lives in

a meticulously kept apartment in Oakland's Laurel district, with an Elvis collection (that borders on a shrine) in her bedroom. "So her big story is that she used to change my diapers," a friend said, beaming at his lifelong friend when he came to visit her at her home on Friday -- and to bring her an Elvis calendar. Olive started working at a jewelry store in Oakland in the 1950s, raising her five kids all alone on $1 an hour. She was never sick. The only time she took off was for holidays, vacation and one time for surgery. Even then she couldn't stand to be away from work, eager to get back to her station with its Elvis decorations and a little radio to listen to. Knowing her love of Elvis Presley (she's been to Graceland three times since she turned 82), her now ex-boss, Marc Foss brought in an Elvis impersonator just for Gonzales at last year's Christmas party. This particular Elvis was 6-foot-4. Gonzales is barely 4-foot-10. So he put her on his lap and sang to her. "I have a videotape of it, for blackmail," Foss said. So what's in the future for Olive? Wal-Mart? More time with her 11 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren? Maybe a fourth trip to Graceland? (News, Source: Oakland Tribune)

New book from Holland - "Elvis The King": This is apparently a unique portrait (in Dutch) about the musican and legend Elvis Presley. From his birth in a humble shotgun house to his tragic death in Graceland, the ‘rise and fall’ of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is portrayed in this book. The many rare pictures, and interviews with fans, friends and quotes from Elvis shed a new light on the man who’s still constantly in the picture. Special chapters about his movies, stage costumes, his army days, family life and youth in Memphis make this book an ideal X-mas gift for the dutch speaking fans. Written by Tara MacAdams, and 800 grams heavy. The book is available from Elvis Matters. (News, Source: Elvis Matters/ElvisNews.com)

"Crooner" Elvis is #4 of Britain's calendar sales list: Singer Robbie Williams is Britain's calendar stud based on sales figures so far. Beckham's popularity is on the wane - he has slipped from number two to this year's five. It is the first time the England captain has been knocked out of the top three in five years. World Cup rugby hero Jonny Wilkinson is one of the most popular male hunks in third place. Robbie Williams has knocked Sir Cliff Richard, last year's number one, into second place in the chart. Sir Cliff has been in the top three for 25 years. Crooner Elvis Presley is one above Beckham at number four. A spokeswoman for Europe's largest official calendar firm Danilo said: "It's early days yet. "The 2005 calendars haven't been in the shops that long and David Beckham still has room to manoeuvre. "But his position is a surprise." (News, Source: This Is London/ElvisNews.com)

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