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Prepared by Nigel Patterson (& Piers Beagley), Jan-Feb 2019


After another brisk year of Elvis related publications, EIN unveils its awards for the best Elvis books of 2018 (with links to those titles reviewed by EIN and various purchase links to Amazon sites).

Preparing a "best of" list is always a subjective exercise. Not only was it near impossible to discern one book as standing out from all others, it was also difficult to place some titles in only one category (so we have exercised our discretion in where we have included particular titles). For obvious reasons (our lack of non-English language skills) we have limited judging to English text titles only, although we acknowledge that, by all accounts, a number of excellent non-English text books were released in 2018.

The following lists do not not include all Elvis books published in 2018, rather the outstanding releases in each of the 14 award categories.

After considering more than 70 titles the results are in (including EIN's "two" Elvis Books of the Year)........


Best General Biography

There was a dearth of good general Elvis bios to choose from in 2018, in what was generally a minimalist offering (for example, Hourly History's threadbare Elvis Presley A Life from Beginning to End) in this category.

However, the one and only stand-out bio was a beauty:

Elvis Presley Music Movies Myth - (Matthew Martin)

Martin's book was privately published and offered a detailed and considered analysis of the key parts of the Elvis story on a year-by-year basis.

About Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii, the author observes:

The biggest criticism was how stilted Elvis was throughout. It was though the hugeness of the moment made him decide to strip away a lot of the playful banter that made his shows so delightful; in the first place. This Elvis seems stiff, overly-procedural in the way he moves from one song to the next.

Matthew Martin's 400+ pages hardcover book can be purchased from


Best "Subject Specific" Releases

The contenders:

  • Comeback '68 Elvis: The Story of the Elvis Special (Steve Binder)
  • Elvis @ Argentina 1956/1962 (Carlos Ares)
  • Elvis Before Graceland (revised edition) (Adrian Keller)
  • Elvis Black and White to Technicolor (Paul Belard and Joseph Krein)
  • Elvis Las Vegas '56 (Erik Lorentzen)
  • Elvis Presley Stories Behind the Songs Volume 1 (Matt Shepherd)
  • Elvis Presley Truth Will Prevail August 16, 1977 (Darrin Lee Memmer)
  • Elvis Presley The Wild One '56 (David English and Pal Granlund/FTD)
  • The Reno Brothers (Erik Lorentzen)
  • Gladys Love Presley and Elvis Presley Where No One Stands Alone (Darrin Lee Memmer)
  • On The Road With Elvis (Bruce Jackson)
  • Rebel With a Cause '56 (David English)
  • seven + ten inch from cover to vinyl (The artistry of Elvis Bootlegs)
  • The Elvis Presley Catalog (Bob Pakes) 2017 publication date but released late December 2017-early 2018

Not surprisingly, with so many high quality books released in this category there were many worthy releases and it was hard to discern a clear winner.

However, due to the important historical material that it contains on a sensitive matter (Elvis and racism), the award goes to:

Elvis Black and White to Technicolor -(Paul Belard and Joseph Krein)

(contact Paul Belard to order)

Best "Composite" Release (book+ cd/dvd)

The contenders:

and the AWARD goes to the excellent:

The Complete 50's Masters and Recordings (Memphis Recording Service)

As EIN said in its review:

... MRS has released yet another affordable and fan pleasing book and CD set. With a stunning visual element, strong narrative, 200 pages packed with Elvis looking at his fifties prime plus five CDs packed with the best soundtrack material Elvis ever recorded this set will appeal to both the casual and hardcore fan. 


Best Photo-journal or Photobook

The contenders:

  • Elvis April 1956 (Paul Belard)
  • Elvis December 1956 (Paul Belard)
  • Elvis Las Vegas '56 (Erik Lorentzen)
  • Elvis March 1956 (Paul Belard)
  • Elvis 1960 Seven Days In March (Paul Belard)
  • Elvis On Tour October 1976 (Kieran Davis)
  • Elvis Presley Rebel With A Cause '56 (David English & Pal Granlund)
  • Harum Scarum - The Book (JAT Productions)
  • Return of the Dragon (JAT Productions)
  • Strictly Elvis Through The Lens of Keith Alverson Volume 2 (Keith Alverson)
  • The Reno Brothers (Erik Lorentzen)
  • The Wild One '56 (David English & Pal Granlund)

2018 was another great years for high quality photo-journals. The field was so strong that we could not decide on a clear-cut winner - in fact we rated six books as equal stand-outs for their great mix of copious visual, well researched and written narrative and historic archival elements:

Elvis Las Vegas '56 (Erik Lorentzen)

Elvis On Tour October 1976 (Kieran Davis)

Elvis Presley Rebel With A Cause '56 (David English & Pal Granlund)

Strictly Elvis Through The Lens of Keith Alverson Volume 2 (Keith Alverson)

The Reno Brothers (Erik Lorentzen)

The Wild One '56 (David English & Pal Granlund)


Best Insider Memoir (Family-Friends-Memphis Mafia-Film Co stars)

The contenders:

  • Elvis Safe & Sound (Dick Grob) (2017 publication date but widely released in 2018)
  • The Elvis Experience (Dave Hebler)

We have to wonder what there is to be told about Elvis that we haven't read 100 times before. However, insider memoirs continue to be published (in 2019 many fans will be eagerly awaiting the release of Red and Pat West's book) and are variable in content and quality. The Grob and Hebler books are both a good read and offer a mix of the familiar, forgotten and unfamiliar.

Due to its different perspective on Elvis (protecting the King), the AWARD goes to:

Elvis Safe & Sound (Dick Grob)


Best Release for Younger Readers

The contenders are:

  • Elvis Presley Fighting for the Right to Rock (John Micklos Jr.)
  • Elvis Presley Quiereme con ternura (Stephanie Graegin) - Spanish text edition from Canada of author's Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender originally published in English in 2017
  • Kidzter Kids Meet Elvis Presley (Bob Heyman & Ali Firat Biberci)
  • And the AWARD goes to the wonderfully illustrated:
Elvis Presley Quiereme con ternura (Stephanie Graegin) - Canada


Best Non-English Text Release

EIN acknowledges that it is likely not familiar with all non-english text releases published in 2018, let alone being able to properly evaluate them. For this reason we are not making a formal award and we apologise if we have not listed other noteworthy titles. Email us if there are any you think should have been listed.

The releases are:

  • Ausgerechnet Graceland (Deitmar Geigle) -Germany
  • Elvis (Philippe Chanoinat) - Germany (originally published in France in 2016)
  • Elvis auf der Himmelsleiter: Erzählungen und Gedichte (Regina ) - Germany
  • Elvis In Love (Gustavo Jiménez Limones) - Spain
  • Elvis Presley De Legendarische King van de Rock 'n' Roll - Netherlands
  • Elvis Presley Derriere la Scene (Guy Deloeuvre) - France
  • Elvis Presley Quiereme con ternura (Stephanie Graegin) - Canada - Spanish text edition of author's Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender originally published in English in 2017
  • The Elvis Map (Jani Tuunen & Vera Juutinen) - Finnish edition
  • The Original Band of Elvis Presley Unplugged and Unseated: The First Time (Anthony Jacobson)- Germany


Best Fan Club or Fan Produced Release

The contenders:

  • Following Elvis (Rechey Davidson)
  • Following Elvis Before and After (Rechey Davidson)
  • The Elvis Map A Travel Guide (Jani Turunen and Veera Juutinen)

Each title is a strong contender. The Elvis Map is a fantastic accompaniment for any person visiting the "Elvis trail" in the US and Rechey Davidson's two "fan photos" and "fan remembrances" releases offer "fly-on-the-wall" narrative-visual delights.

After much soul-searching the AWARD goes to:

Following Elvis (Rechey Davidson)

The two Rechey Davidson books are a follow-up to his wife, Brenda Page's, neat 1978 volume I Got Ya, Elvis, I Got Ya, which detailed their experience in seeing Elvis live in concert and capturing him on camera.


Best Fiction Release

Elvis fiction continues to be a popular and narratively diverse genre. The contenders are:

  • A time for LOVE (Micheal Lawrence Isles)
  • Cloning Elvis A Comeback 40 Years in the Making (Brian David Floyd)
  • Elvis In Love (Gustavo Jiménez Limones) (Spanish text)
  • It's A Wonderful Life Presley Style: An Elvis Christmas Tale (Janet Bostic)
  • Love's Unchained Melody (Robert Evans)
  • Return to Sender (Amir Fathi)
  • The Land of Grace (Robert Burrell)

The AWARD goes to the very clever and funny novel:

Cloning Elvis A Comeback 40 Years in the Making (Brian David Floyd)


Best E-book Release.......fiction (F) and non-fiction(NF)

The contenders:

  • American Sound: Elvis Presley's 1969 Memphis Sessions (Fergus Nolan) (NF)
  • Cloning Elvis A Comeback 40 Years In The Making (Brian David Floyd) (F)
  • Concert in Heaven: Elvis Presley & Johnny Cash (NF)
  • Elvis and the Beatles (Trina Young) (NF)
  • Elvis Presley: A Moment In Time 4 Days in '56 (Michael Rose) (NF)
  • In Search of Elvis: Music Race Art Religion (Vernon Chadwick) (NF)
  • John & Elvis (Matthew Langford) (NF)
  • Return to Sender (Amir Fathi) (F)
  • Rock 'n Roll Heaven (Sean Inmon) (F)
  • The Field Guide to Elvis Shrines (Bill Yenne) (NF)
  • The Land of Grace (Robert Burrell) (F)

and the AWARD goes to the excellent photo-journal detailing when Elvis barnstorms from Detroit, to Columbus, Ohio, to Dayton, Ohio, and finally lands in Memphis to enjoy his new home on Audubon Drive:

Elvis Presley: A Moment In Time 4 Days in '56 (Michael Rose) (NF)

EIN hopes more FTD book releases will be published in ebook format.


Best Re-issue

The contenders:

  • Colonel Tom Parker: The Curious Life of Elvis Presley's Eccentric Manager (James L. Dickerson)
  • Elvis Presley Experience (Rock and Roll Comics)
  • That's Alright Elvis (James L. Dickerson and Scotty Moore)
  • The Death and Resurrection of Elvis Presley (Ted Harrison)
  • True Disbelievers: The Elvis Contagion (Professors R. Serge Denisoff and George Plasketes)

It was pleasing to see the comic book series on the Elvis story (Elvis Presley Experience) receive a re-issue in book form and the re-issue of several excellent biographies and memoirs. However, in EIN's view the clear winner in this category, on the basis of the important sociological record it provides of the early part of the "Is Elvis alive/Elvis is alive" mythology and the infamous "Elvis underground", is:

True Disbelievers: The Elvis Contagion (Denisoff & Plasketes)


Worst Release

The contenders:

Another hard choice, but due to its poor design, scant content and low grade imagery, the AWARD goes to:

Elvis Presley Concert at Madison Square Avenue in 1977


Most Incredulous Release

Each year generally brings another "over-the-top" story involving Elvis. In past years we have seen the publication of books claiming/about:

In 2018 the stand-out book challenging our understanding and knowledge of the Elvis story, with its incredible claims of:

  • Elvis writing more than 60 letters to his secret spiritual adviser, Carmen Montez
  • Vernon Presley not being Elvis' biological father
  • Elvis' abduction and confronting sexual assault
  • Elvis' previously unknown close friendships with Marlon Brando and Harry Belafonte


Letters from Elvis

(read EIN's critical review of Letters from Elvis)

(In 2017 the most incredulous release was "We Just Killed Elvis" What Now My Love? My Presley Puzzle by Aurelia Dupont Yarbrough)


And now, for the grand finale.........


EIN's "Elvis Books of the Year in 2018" are:

Nigel's #1
Piers' #1

The issue of Elvis and racism has been a recurring theme since Elvis burst onto the national (and international) stage in 1956.

Driven (in the negative) by an alleged comment attributed to Elvis published in Sepia magazine:

The only thing Negroes can do for me is shine my shoes and buy my records

the divisive theme has been reflected in books, magazines, university debates, online websites and forums, and in song, most notably Public Enemy's infamous song "Fight the Power", which includes the lyrics:

Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant shit to me you see
Straight up racist that sucker was
Simple and plain

The issue has usually been dominated by misinformation, sloppy research, “Chinese whispers” and political sensationalism.

So in 2018, Paul Belard’s Elvis From Black & White to Technicolor was a very impressive and welcome account of Elvis and race from the mid-1950s to post Elvis' death in August 1977.

Comprising a full visual, narrative and archival record of Elvis’ interaction with Black America at the height of "Presleymania" and beyond, it is the most comprehensive record of historical fact and reporting on the subject.

Be it Jim's Barber Shop in Memphis, the WDIA Revue, Elvis In Paris in 1959 or Hollywood, the Comeback Special, Las Vegas and touring..... Elvis' close relationship with Black America is well recorded both narratively and visually.

Quotes about Elvis from scores of prominent Black Americans lend cogent support to the author's record:

In an age of political terror, cultural conformity and the suburban blues, Presley laughed at the consciousness of the white upper classes. He brought the music of his rhythm and blues heroes - the Drifters, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Clyde McPhatter, Chuck Willis, and others - into the living rooms of white America for the first time. (Dr. Manning Marable, Sociologist, professor of public affairs, history and African-American Studies at Columbia University)

A thousand black, brown and beige teenage girls in the audience blended their alto and soprano voices in a wild crescendo of sound that the rafters and took off like scalded cats in the direction of Elvis (Nat D. Brown, WDIA radio station disc jockey)

I wasn't just a fan, I was his borther. He said I was good and I said he was good. We never argued about that......There'll never be another like that soul brother. (James Brown, Soul Music legend)

Elvis Black and White to Technicolor also includes hundreds of visuals showing Elvis with and enjoying the company of Black Americans, both famous celebrities and ordinary folks.

Among its incredibly rare archival material is a newspaper photo of Elvis breaking racial segregation lines in Memphis in June 1956 and a reproduction (in full) of "The Truth About That Elvis Presley Rumor" (Jet magazine, August 1, 1957).

Unfortunately, the authors were unable to source the original article in Sepia magazine which started the "Elvis is racist" rumor.

The authors use a very clever device early in the book to highlight the difference between racism and non-racism.

The importance of Belard’s record of Elvis and race cannot be understated. It is a release which sets the record straight and one which will be the reference source for Elvis fans and scholars for decades to come.

The reason Elvis became the world's most successful entertainer was purely due to his musical creativity.

The Elvis style, the movies, the all-conquering live performances would all follow.

Yet there are far too few books devoted to Elvis' music.
Ernst Jorgensen's 'A Life In Music' and Shane Brown's Reconsider Baby are the standouts.

But in 2018 author Mark Duffett gave us another fascinating insight into Elvis' music via the book 'Counting Down Elvis 'His 100 Finest Songs'.

The book is far, far more than a simple look at Duffett's 100 favourite Elvis songs and each chapter delves deep into Elvis' legacy with the book being a much deeper exploration that you might first think.

The first song examined, his #100 is 'Reconsider Baby' from Madison Square Garden.

Right away the book is challenging as surely Elvis' 1960 version is the best?

But Duffett then goes on to examine Elvis' blues roots via the 50s, 60s and 70s telling Elvis' all-important story along the way while at the same time explaining why he chose the song.

In just a small extract Duffett notes,

"One story about Elvis, just after he became famous, was that in the mid-1950s he showed up at Memphis’s black radio station, WDIA. He carried an armful of records with him and made it his mission to get the charismatic DJ Nat D. Williams to expand his show’s playlist.

Some detractors said he “stole” the blues. They were wrong. He lived them. He breathed them. From the porches in Shake Rag to the bars of Beale Street, the blues was just there. Elvis imbibed and inhabited the genre. He performed the blues. He blew them up. It’s very hard to say he was a culture thief when he lived that musical form with such bravado, with such ease.

“Reconsider Baby” makes the cut because it showcases exactly what made him so great. His music was news to mainstream America. His oeuvre was nothing short of a reconsideration of the tradition of genre separation. Walls could be heard coming down in those grooves."

The book challenged my views and also provided new insights into Elvis' music - what more could you want?

From my point of view I was shocked that Elvis' very average Olivia Newton John's covers both made Duffett's Top 100 with Let Me There at #45 and 'If You Love me (Let me Know)' #63 when other true classics such as 50s “Mean Woman Blues” #154 , 60s “Such a Night” #127 and 70s  “I’m Leavin’” #114 didn't make the cut.

But that is what makes this book such a brilliant read.

In the intro Duffett explains perfectly..

Elvis' story integrated his humble beginnings with the pinnacle of modern society. Equally, his studio music first relied on technologies of the 1950s - when a country double bass was known as a “bull fiddle”- and moved through an era of complex, multi-track consoles and mobile recording units.

Along the way, Elvis worked with many musical collaborators. His albums sold in their millions, but ultimately Elvis was a song man. Songs were his medium, his focus, his art. Now we can get back to those songs.



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