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Monday 31 August 2009

Last days to order Vince Everett CD: This is the last few days for ordering the Vince Everett CD as there are only a few left. Thanks to everyone who purchased this JAT Special product. (News, Source : JAT Productions /FECC)

Aussie chart update: On this week's ARIA Music DVD Top 40 chart, Elvis scores with Elvis The King of Rock 'n' Roll at #15 (last week #13). The DVD has been on the chart for 68 weeks with a high position of #4 and is currently certified 2xP. At #28 this week is Elvis '68 Comeback Special which has been on the chart for 70 weeks. It reached #1 and is currently certified 5xP. At #42 on the ARIA Top 50 Singles chart is Katy Perry's single, Waking Up In Vegas, which features an Elvis lyric. (News, Source: ARIA)

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Message from Jerry Scheff: Hello, I would just like to thank the many, many people who have taken the time to write expressing their love & consideration.  I am deeply humbled by your concern.  I am healthy & happy so please don't worry about me for one moment.  I am just NOT playing the Stig Egren show.
It's so very good to hear from all of you, Elvis' true family. You know who you are...and so do I.
My wish is that Elvis might finally be allowed to leave the building with the dignity he deserves, and I wouldn't mind a little dignity myself:  I hope you can understand how I feel. Much love to you, Jerry O. (News, Source: www.tcbfanclub.com)

James Burton to build recording studio for children: The August concert by James Burton in Shreveport Louisiana was a huge success, and because of that, James and his wife Louise are going to install a recording studio in the Foundation Office for the kids to record free. The James Burton International Guitar Festival was created to help raise funds for the James Burton Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to raising money to provide technical training, music lessons and free guitars to young musicians.

James was fortunate that his parents sacrificed to purchase his first Fender guitar. Through his humble beginnings, James learned that a quality instrument is very important. It's been James' dream to give back to the community by helping young musicians realize their potential. Your participation in the James Burton International Guitar Festival and donation to the James Burton Foundation enables future generations of musicians to keep the music alive! (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

ELVIS PRESLEY The UK Singles Collection: Incredible collection of EIGHTY THREE original UK release 45RPM 7" vinyl singles covering the years from 1957 to 1976. This collection includes all thirteen 'silver spot' tri-centres, all twelve RCA'silver spot' round centres, twenty seven RCA Victor 'silver spot' original & thirty one orange label issues, giving a complete run from 1957 to 1976. This collection includes the rare 'Judy' & 'Big Boss Man' releases from 1967. AUD1550.25 / £ 795.00 (News, Source: 991.com)

Re-Versions II: The Italian DJ Spankox will release a follow-up to his Elvis Presley remix album "Re-Versions" on September 14, 2009. This album is released in cooperation with Elvis Presley Enterprises and will come as a limited edition Vinyl/Disc. The tracklisting should be available next week. (News, Source: Elvis Corner / Elvis News)

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Rare Flaming Star film poster

The Final Homecoming 2CD: By popular demand! For those who missed Fort Baxter's 1997 Goodbye Memphis 2СD, Audionics / Fort Baxter will release in a limited edition the 2CD-set titled The Final Homecoming (Audionics 2009-05-2 / Fort Baxter CS-1005). This release will contain the famous July 5th, 1976 Tour finale as recorded live from the mixing desk in Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee.

From the press-release: To achieve the best possible sound quality, Audionics / Fort Baxter worked with 1st generation DAT copies of the original soundboard tapes, as originally used for the 1997 release. The sound was restored in a renowned studio and is a significant improvement over the original release. As usual, this new release will come in a beautifully designed packaging with a 16-page booklet, containing a selection of live photographs from the July 5th, 1976 Memphis concert as well as informative liner notes. This 2CD is set for release in September. Don't miss your opportunity to get the ultimate release of that legendary final Memphis show! One of the show highlights is a sensational version of That's All Right, Mama. He sings it with gusto, saying: "they said he can't do that stuff anymore, by God just watch me!". He also sings a few lines of Jambalaya as well as a rare-for-the-period One Night.

The next Audionics release will contain an unreleased soundboard recording. More details soon.

Tracklisting: CD 1: 01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Love Me - 05. Fairytale - 06. You Gave Me A Mountain - 07. All Shook Up - 08. Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - 09. And I Love You So - 10. Jailhouse Rock - 11. Fever - 12. America The Beautiful - 13. One Night - 14. That's All Right - 15. Blue Christmas - 16. Introductions by Elvis of vocalists, band - 17. Early Morning Rain (John Wilkinson).

CD 2: 01. What'd I Say (James Burton) - 02. Johnny B. Goode (James Burton) - 03. Drum solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 04. Bass solo (Jerry Scheff) - 05. Piano solo (Tony Brown) - 06. Electric Piano and Clavinet solo (David Briggs) - 07. Love Letters - 08. School Day (Joe Guercio Orchestra) - 09. Hurt - 10. Hurt (full reprise) - 11. Hound Dog - 12. Funny How Times Slip Away (with reprise) - 13. Help Me - 14. How Great Thou Art - 15. Softly As I Leave You - 16. Introductions by Elvis of Vernon Presley - 17. Polk Salad Annie - 18. Jambalaya (partial) - 19. It's Now Or Never - 20. Can't Help Falling In Love - 21. Closing Vamp and announcements.

Approx. running time: 90:32 (News, Source: For CD Collectors Only/Elvis News)

Woman simply has too much Elvis: There's been an Elvis Presley sighting in Flushing.

In fact, his face can be seen all over Diane Blower's porch, as it is filled with Elvis memorabilia she needs to part with.

Blower, 70, of Flushing hopes the recent anniversary of Elvis' death on Aug. 16 will spark someone's interest in buying her items.

"(The porch) is the length of the house and both sides are full," Blower said.

Blower, who has been collecting Elvis items since he began singing, has about $1,500 worth of stuff to sell after selling half her collection a couple of years ago. She has moved from a five-bedroom house to a two-bedroom home and can't fit it all anymore.

Blower wants to sell her entire collection for $1,000 to one buyer.

Blower's menage of Elvis items includes movies, postcards, jewelry, Elvis' manager's autograph, calendars, music, an Elvis telephone that plays "Jail House Rock" when it rings, plates, bumper stickers, Christmas cards, lots of pictures, plaques with pictures of his living room and jungle room on them, a porcelain Elvis doll and a travel bag, among many other things.

"I was just crazy about him," Blower said. "If you lived back in the '50s, you would understand."

Blower can't cut Elvis out of her life completely, though. She still has a chair, pillows, purses, shirts and a footstool covered with Elvis' image. (News, Source: Sarah Schuch, Flint Journal)

Sunday 30 August 2009
Who is the greatest – Elvis or Jackson?: At a time when the world is mourning the sudden, unexpected and untimely death of Pop superstar Michael Jackson and numerous conspiracy theories related to his demise are feeding the news-crazy world media, critics have already started drawing parallels between two of the world’s greatest titans of the music industry. The comparison between Rock n Roll king Elvis Aron Presley and the King of Pop Michael Jackson is obvious as the two have so many things in common - starting from their humble beginnings to their mysterious untimely deaths.

Elvis Presley’s fascinating journey from a poverty-stricken background to superstardom is no less thrilling than Jacko’s rise to the pinnacle of success defying hardship and a plethora of traumatic experiences, which he underwent as a child.
If Elvis was the undisputed King of Rock n Roll, the other rightfully earned the status of ‘virtual God’ in the Pop music circuit.

The comparison between the two legends of the music industry is similar to several failed attempts made by western critics to figure out who is the bigger of the two biggest Hollywood superstars Robert Di Nero or Al Pacino.

Both Elvis and Jackson, were superstars in their own genre and had a distinct voice and style that challenged the social and racial barriers of their times and catapulted the western music to unparallel heights.

If the female fans of Elvis admired his striking good looks, sex appeal and magnetic persona coupled with a good sense of humour and his hip-swinging numbers, Jacko also earned a billion hearts through his groovy dance numbers and his signature ‘moonwalk’ which nobody in the world has managed to imitate with a copy-book perfection till date.

During the mid 1950s, when Elvis made his foray into the world of music, the timing was not perfect, considering the bitter memories of the World War II and the fast changing geo-political situations.

In his short but highly successful career, Elvis sold over a billion records, more than any one in the music record industry, earned 14 Grammy awards nomination (winning 3), and was named one of the 10 most outstanding young men of the nation for 1970 by the United State Junior Chambers of Commerce. He was one of the highest paid actors of that time and acted in 33 successful movies, including classics like Jailhouse Rock (1957) and King Creole (1958). The financial success of his films further added to Elvis’ popularity as eleven of his movie soundtracks made their place in top 10. The soundtrack for his film GI Blues, which was released in 1960, was number one on the Billboard top 100 album charts for ten consecutive weeks and remained on the charts for 111 weeks.

The record American sale of his 141 plus albums has earned Elvis the Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum Awards, a feat that remains unequalled. Although, Elvis performed mostly in United States, barring five live concerts in Canada in 1957, he earned global recognition and much popularity through his albums, films, concerts and TV shows.

Presley also courted controversies as his music was blamed for the rebellion of an entire generation of teenagers. Presley was accused of his highly erotic dance moves and many American parents barred their children from listening and watching his songs.

All this undoubtedly makes Elvis one of the twentieth century’s most influential figures in the music world. His Graceland mansion in Memphis, which draws more than 6 lakh visitors annually, his ever-expanding fan club and several posthumous accolades and recognitions instituted by the US govt, still boasts of a revolution which he brought into American pop music.

Same as his predecessor, Jackson’ march to success was not as easy. He saw several ups and downs in his roller-coaster like life. Although, Jackson’s enchantment with music and dance came at a tender age, it was in the year 1971 that Jacko earned worldwide recognition with the release of his first solo album ‘Off the Wall’. The album created history by breaking all records and fetched him platinum sales. As if the best was yet to come for Jacko, he stunned the world with the release of his epic album ‘Thriller’, which remains world’s best selling album ever.

“Thriller” earned him several prestigious music awards and showcased the world that he was a natural singer, a gifted dancer and a born artiste.

The success of Thriller also established his credentials as a songwriter, composer and a dancer, whose dancing abilities and style of singing has charmed continents.

Jackson’s success with ‘Thriller’ continued with the release of three other best selling albums ‘Bad’, ‘History’ and ‘Dangerous’.

Michael Jackson, who became a singing sensation and a phenomenon, ruled the music world for nearly two decades, has 8 Guinness’ world records, 13 Grammy awards, 13 number one singles to his credit. Besides, he was the only artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice.

However, Jacko, unlike his predecessor, paid a heavy price for his hard-earned success by facing media ire for his irrational behaviour, his estranged relationships with his family members and loved ones, his addiction for drugs, his obsession for surgery and skin replacement, his moves for changing his looks, his lavish Neverland Ranch, and the worst - paedophile allegations, which virtually shredded his reputation.

Both Elvis and Jackson died at a young age due to heart failure but unlike MJ, the former’s autopsy revealed no signs of drug addiction. Among the other similarities which Jackson had with Elvis, there was one direct link between the two as the former married the daughter of the Rock n Roll king, Lisa Marie Presley.

Although, the two music legends now rest in their heavenly abode, there is no denying the fact that both Elvis and Jacko had a great influence on the world culture and will remain greatest of all entertainers, who left behind a legacy that would be remembered for generations to come. Elvis’ sudden demise created a vacuum which was later filled by Jackson. However, the world, especially the music industry is now holding its breath for a reincarnation of an Elvis or a Jackson to fill the void created by King of Pop’s departure. (Comment, Source: Ritesh K Srivastava, spicezee.zeenews.com) .........more on Elvis and MJ below

Forth-coming DVD to include UNSEEN Elvis footage: It's been a year in the making, but Essential Elvis is almost ready to release the first volume of Elvis, The Beauty Queen & Me, with Jeanne LeMay. The majority of this DVD was filmed during Jeanne's trip to the UK last year. She was captured talking candidly about her time with Elvis at Graceland, on tour and in Vegas. She openly discusses how she was able to enjoy a close relationship with Elvis through her friendship with Linda Thompson, how she became a secretary at Graceland and what went on during those years. Her memories of those times are funny, fascinating and extremely riveting. Jeanne is a great talker and her warmth comes across beautifully in this 80-minute programme.

Over the past few months we have been lucky enough to have tracked down and acquired some STUNNING new 1974 cini film of Elvis, still on the original reels!!! The team has been working hard on having the reels digitally transferred and restored. The speed has now been expertly corrected, the picture quality has been enhanced and the brightness and colour has been re-worked enabling us to offer the footage in virtually perfect quality.

We are sure that this will be amongst the best quality amateur footage that you've ever seen of Elvis on stage.

For the first time you'll get to see 1974 Vegas footage captured during Elvis' August 29th 1974 midnight show, September 1st dinner show and the infamous September 2nd closing show (wearing the beautiful Man Tiger jumpsuit). There's lots of karate on these clips with Red West coming on stage at one point to help Elvis with his belt and karate gi. Elvis even knocks poor Charlie Hodge on his backside during a length kata... Amazing stuff!

There is also be some 1973 footage shot at Graceland. This includes a glimpse the gates, the grounds, the mansion itself and the pool area. This is NOT the poor quality Dutch footage that has been doing the rounds for years, but brand new footage taken from the reels and restored by us. This is TV quality material.

We are also extremely excited to tell you that we have been restoring some SUPERB footage (running for a staggering 13 minutes) of Elvis in Kansas City, Missouri on the evening of June 29th 1974. This is the most beautiful clear, close-up footage that we've seen in a long, long time with Elvis wearing the fantastic Embroidered Eagle jumpsuit.

This 100% legal DVD is a great price (compared to other similar DVDs released over the last few years) it has a slight delay on release date end August and now will be officially released mid- September. This is a factory pressed CD (not DVD-R) with a professionally printed colour cover & insert and each DVD will arrive individually shrink-wrapped.
(News, Source: Essential Elvis/EP Gold)

Memphis Named 6th Best Live Music City:

The Society of American Travel Writers has proclaimed Memphis North America's 6th best live music city, just behind a Top 5 of:

  1. New Orleans
  2. New York
  3. Austin
  4. Nashville
  5. Chicago
(News, Source: Elvis News / Google

Elvis The Ed Sullivan Shows (DVD Review): There is such an obvious sense of abandon in The Ed Sullivan Theater during these performances, it is electrifying. 1956 was Elvis Presley’s breakout year, yet music snob Ed Sullivan originally wanted nothing to do with him.

When rival Steve Allen booked Elvis and handily beat Sullivan in the ratings, the impresario changed his tune. Suddenly Presley was booked for three appearances, and the show was on.

Ironically, due to a serious auto accident, Sullivan himself missed the first event. Actor Charles Laughton introduced Elvis Presley to America that night, and it was a night to remember.

The King was in all of his element September 9, 1956. And so was his band. Even as a life-long fan of Rock ‘N Roll, I had never seen this footage before. It is everything you would expect a legend to be founded on.

Besides the charisma of Presley himself, the band behind him are unbelievable. Watching Scotty Moore take a solo during “Ready Teddy” is a joy. It is no wonder that musicians such as Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck readily acknowledged him as an influence.

Drummer DJ Fontana is another presence who just shines in his moments. For this reviewer though, it is The Jordanaires who kind of steal the show. Watching them harmonize behind Elvis during “Don’t Be Cruel” is a wonder.

Presley’s second appearance on the show is probably the most famous, because Sullivan was so scandalized by Elvis’ dancing. I was always wondering just how crazily sexual things got, and have to report that this stuff is pretty tame by modern standards.

Still, the third apperance of Presley on Sullivan was shown waist-up only. On this one Ed Sullivan is such a condescending jackass you just want Elvis to pop him one. “I want to tell the country that this is a real decent, fine boy,” says Ed.

Jeez, what a jerk.

The bonus features are pretty minimal. There are some home movies by the “Memphis Mafia,” and some embarrassing moments of Ed mentioning Elvis at various times. Besides that, I would say that John Byner’s comedy bit is the best of the bunch.

Elvis - The Classic Performances is wonderful just for what it is. A legend performing live in his prime. It is probably the best material available to see him in all of his glory. (DVD Review, Source: Greg Barbrick blogcritics.org)

Surviving Graceland - new book: This is a novel by Vanessa Grace and Amy Bea.

Abstract: Stella and Jessica are about to discover everyone’s an Elvis Fan; some people just don’t know it yet. Tormented by memories of “The Incident,” Stella and Jessica, two down-and-out reporters, will do anything to save their careers, even if it means becoming Elvis fans. Surviving Elvis Week explores how life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned. Heartfelt and hilarious, this modern day parody of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, is a touching portrayal of the comic and tragic moments that occur along the road to redemption. An impressive and triumphant debut—it is at once romantic, surprising and completely unforgettable. A must-read!

ISBN: 0-7414-5501-3 ©2009
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 261 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Literary (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

Reader feedback: This is a perfect edge of your seat, laugh out loud, funniest books I have read in years. I have been in a rut with the last few books I have read and this one threw me out of the rut and back in the fast lane! I feel priviledged that I was one of hte first to read it because this is going to be a popular book. Love their work can't wait for another one from these 2 authors. Stuart

Visit EIN's comprehensive 'Elvis Books in 2009' page

Oedipus the King, Mama! slays the critics: Here is another highly positive review of the stage play (see earlier review dated Thursday 27 August):

Leave it to the Troubadour Theater Company to seriously tweak the recession while simultaneously presenting itself _ once again _ as economy proof entertainment.

Or, put less high falutin-ly – it’s hard to groan when you’re too busy roaring with laughter or wincing over bad taste made palatable Troubie style.

Sophocles’s irony-defining tragedy, “Oedipus the King,” may well be five acts, but it’s one of dramatic literature’s more to the point tales: having unknowingly killed his father and bedded his mother, a king learns the truth and blinds himself. Weeping. Chorus “I told you so’s.” Curtain.

“Oedipus the King, Mama!” which spices up Sophocles tale to the music of Elvis Presley (and if he were alive today, can’t you picture old S. saying “Why didn’t I think of that!”) clocks in at barely 85 minutes. That includes a false start prologue, a whole lot of Elvis and a post curtain musical shout out to a different King.

Director Matt Walker, music director Eric Heinly, and an ever frisky, dance proficient ensemble have this brand of spoofery down to something like brain surgery or, if you prefer, professional assassination. As hard as they may be working _ particularly when Ameenah Kaplan’s dance steps are required -- Walker and his merry band of lit-stickers make it look so easy. The Troubies rarely do autopilot; something may always go awry. Woe, always, to any audience member who arrives late or forgets to silence a beeping device.

We begin with a few actors, plainly dressed, at music stands about to embark on the Troubadour Theater Co.’s “staged reading” of “Oedipus the King, Mama” set to the music of Elvis Presley. The recession, Walker (who will play Oedipus/Elvis) explains, has necessitated cutbacks…no costumes, no scenery, no band. This lack of production frills somewhat galls actor James Snyder who arrives in a risque soldier’s outfit, reminding all and sundry that he has recently played “Cry-Baby” on Broadway and has a CD for sale in the lobby. Beth Kennedy follows Snyder in leaving the building, muttering something about needing to get to a bank in Colorado.

Walker vamps as long as he can with an enthusiastic accordion player, but eventually the curtain parts, the togas come on, the band amps up and we’re off to Thebes. Walker’s Oedipus, with a black pompadour and employing a scarecrow like stride, ignores the advice of the blind prophet Tieiresias (Mike Sulprezio) and presses forward to determine why his kingdom is diseased. Time out is taken from this quest for Oedipus to nurse (you’ll have to see it to believe it) and otherwise get it on with his “big haired woman,” Queen Jocasta (Kennedy). Jocasta’s power-hungry brother Creon (Rick Batalla) calls Jocasta “Sissy Jo.” His name is pronounced “Cray-on” and he’s dressed to match.

Now, letting the Troubies muddy their paws with a tale awash in incest and bloodshed is akin to letting the NRA west coast membership take it to those poor fish in the proverbial barrel. The eye blinding scene isn’t nearly as gory as it might have been, but when we finally get to meet Oedipus’s daughters Antigone and Ismene (nice sight gag), a bloodbath does ensue.

I was surprised the company didn’t use “King Mama” to take the lampoon to Michael Jackson (briefly Elvis’s son-in-law). But M.J. does make an appearance. With these guys manning the ship, how could he not?

 For more info: “Oedipus the King, Mama!” plays 8 p.m. Wed.-Sat., 4 p.m. Sun. through Sept. 27 at 4252 Riverside Dr., Burbank. $32.50-$40. (818) 955-8101, www.FalconTheatre.com (Review, Source: Evan Henerson, LA Stage Scene Examiner )

Teddy Kennedy once performed as Elvis: The late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was hailed Friday night as a loving father, tireless friend and compassionate leader during an emotional ceremony of remembrance that mixed joyful tales with tears of mourning.

There was a moving rendition of "The Impossible Dream," a tribute film by director Ken Burns and the revelation that Kennedy once performed as a hip-swiveling Elvis at a staff Christmas party.

"He was awful, in my opinion," joked Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, the conservative Utah Republican and teetotaling Mormon who nonetheless became a close friend and frequent political ally of the hard-living, Irish Catholic liberal icon.

"He always used to say that if he and I were on the same bill, it was obvious that one of us hadn't read it," Hatch said with a laugh.
(News, Source: Los Angeles Times)

Michael and Elvis left legacy and lesson: I'm tired of turning on television and hearing about the recent death of Michael Jackson and/or comparing Michael with Elvis.

Yes, they had a major impact on music and entertainment at most levels. While they are missed by many since their tragic deaths, they also taught the world a lesson by their respective deaths. I hope many of their fans will realize this factor.


All of the drugs that will eventually kill you aren't purchased from the scum of society we normally refer to as drug dealers.

Reader Comments:

Untreated, active addiction is 100% fatal. Unfortunately, both Jackson and Presley, because of their wealth and fame, had many people around them who enabled their behavior rather than attempt to intervene in it. The ONLY proper treatment for addiction is total abstinence. No one has to die from addiction but sadly, so many do.-- Posted by Tattoos & Scars on Fri, Aug 28, 2009, at 7:26 PM

Michael was the King of Pop and Elvis was The King of Rock n Roll. Yes they both abused drugs but understand that Michael's doctor administered Michael's fatal injection. Of course we don't know the entire details maybe Michael wanted to die.

Elvis Presley's cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia, But it was also a known fact Elvis was addicted to codeine, Valium, morphine, and Demerol. After this information was revealed, Vernon Presley, Elvis' father, had the complete autopsy report sealed. It will remain sealed until 2027. It makes one wonder why Elvis' father would want the report sealed for 50 years. There has been much speculation surrounding Elvis's death and I am sure there will be just as much surrounding Michael's death. -- Posted by Dianatn on Fri, Aug 28, 2009, at 7:45 PM  (News, Source: www.t-g.com)


Saturday 29 August 2009
Newspaper reader remembers Elvis' tour:

Q: I went to Elvis Presley's concert in Winston-Salem in 1956. I graduated from R.J. Reynolds High School in 1954. I was told by friends at the school that his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, went to the school and gave the girls free tickets, told them that they would be seated up front and that they were to yell, holler and clap and jump up and down when he came on stage. They surely did, over and over. I will never forget that experience, even if I was not up front and I had to pay for my ticket. - C.B., Fayetteville

A: We had a feeling there would be a Live Wire reader out there who witnessed a stop on the King's February 1956 tour that took in several North Carolina high schools. And to the reader who called to say he remembers Elvis performing in Fayetteville but couldn't recall when it was, Presley played three sold-out shows in the Cumberland County Arena on Aug. 3, 4 and 5 in 1976.

And as others have pointed out, he was set to play another show in the same arena on Aug. 25, 1977. But Elvis was found dead nine days before the show at the age of 42, at his Memphis mansion, Graceland. - G.P. (News, Source: Catherine Pritchard, FayOberver.com)

Miley Cyrus would stand in the rain for Elvis: During an interview on The Today Show this morning, teen star Miley Cyrus talked with Matt Lauer about the incredible crowd that had braved the rain all night long just to see her.

When he asked her if there was any artist that she would stand in the rain for a chance to see, she said Elvis. (News, Source: EPE)

Hear what Miley said

Priscilla embarrassed by award: All eyes were on Priscilla Presley on Saturday evening as she was honored at Much Love Animal Rescue’s Third Annual Bow Wow Wow Dinner in Hollywood, in front of a star-studded crowd including Denise Richards, Tori Spelling, Jerry O’Connell and Jason Lewis.

The former wife of Elvis Presley actually admitted she was quite "embarrassed" to take home the Icon Activist’s Award as she felt there were people in the audience who had devoted much more to the cause, but nonetheless became quite emotional as she accepted the prestigious honor.

But being embarrassed wasn’t Presley's only confession — it turns out she also committed the cardinal sin of naively purchasing her three pooches from Bel Air’s infamous puppy mill (where Paris and Britney also reportedly bought their canines) which is the very thing the organization is attempting to prevent.

Mills are mass operations that keep dogs in cages for their entire lives for breeding purposes only, with very little veterinary care or human companionship. Once their reproductive ability dwindles, they are generally killed, abandoned or sold to another mill.

"I didn't know at the time but I’m glad I did that because I was able to rescue them, they would have died. It was like having a newborn baby. One was so sick I had it sleeping with me," Presley said, adding that her "baby" has turned out to be the "most loving and amazing" animal imaginable and that’s she’s type the person who worries about everything, including the well being of Elvis’s favorite animal — horses.

According to a source close to the former actress, her passion for rescuing animals has been pivotal in helping her thru the dark days in missing her late husband.

"I’ve now got rescue horses at Graceland," Presley proudly announced. "Especially now with the economy, this has really opened my eyes to what’s going on out there. We need to give a voice to these animals."

However we couldn’t help what wonder what the svelte 64-year-old was hiding beneath those ultra-dark black shades which were only removed briefly for her acceptance speech … (News, Source: Foxnews.com)

QVC - Memories Elvis 50s, 60s & 70s 3-CD Set: Thanks to David Tinson for this news item.....Hi gang, this collection looks very interesting & it's only available via QVC. "Never Been To Spain" (the live version from Madison Square Gardens), "I've Got A Thing About You Baby" plus "Wolf Call" from GIRL HAPPY are just a few of the unusual tracks included–all with fantastic packaging.

"Return of the King" book release: Here is the cover of the upcoming book on Elvis' comeback, The Return Of The King by Gillian G. Gaar.

Product Description: On January 1, 1967, a new contract between 'Colonel' Tom Parker and his sole client, Elvis Presley, gave Parker a 50 per cent cut of royalties and profits that Presely generated. It was an unashamed grab for a bigger piece of a pie that had actually been shrinking for some time. Parker's plan to re-establish Presley as a star after he left the army in 1960 had been successful at first, with the success of films like "G.I. Blues" and "Blue Hawaii" and their soundtracks. But as the decade progressed the films became formulaic, the music bland, and sales declined. By 1967 Presley's singles struggled to break the top 20, and he hadn't had a number one for six years.

Yet by the end of 1968 he was artistically revitalized, re-emerging in a TV comeback special of December that year slimmed down for the now iconic black leather suit, playing country-soul influenced rock like he meant it and loved it. It was the pivotal moment of the second great period of Presley's career, which lasted through to the end of 1970, during which he recorded some of his most enduring records, including "Suspicious Minds" and "In The Ghetto". In "Return Of The King" author Gillian Gaar shows how Presley reclaimed his crown, making an extraordinary transition from fading MoR balladeer to engaged, vital artist.

About the Author: Gillian G. Gaar is the author of several books bout music, including She's A Rebel: The History of Women in Rock & Roll, Green Day: Rebels With A Cause and The Rough Guide To Nirvana. She has also written for Mojo, Rolling Stone, Record Collector, Goldmine, and the Experience Music Project museum, among others. (News, Source: Elvis NewsAmazon.com)

Kennedy brothers remembered as "our Elvis" in Ireland: Ingrid O’Brien said she will lose a hero when Edward Kennedy is buried 3,500 miles away. Senator Kennedy, who died this week aged 77, will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery outside Washington where his two brothers John and Robert are interred.

More than 150 years ago, their great-grandfather left Dunganstown in southeast Ireland, less than four miles from O’Brien’s home in New Ross. “John, Bobby, Ted, they were like Elvis to us,” said O’Brien, 65, a former head of the local municipal authority. “Except better, because they were ours.” In the U.S., the Kennedys became the most famous members of Ireland’s diaspora. Around New Ross, a port town of 7,000 people, the family’s legacy is everywhere. (News, Source: bloomberg.com)

Pre-sale tickets to Elvis Birthday 2010 for Elvis Insiders members: EPE has announced that Elvis Insiders will enjoy a pre-sale for members starting on September 1. Details on how to purchase during the pre-sale will be available by logging on to the members only site. Tickets for the general public will go on sale on September 14. Tickets for the Elvis Birthday Pops Concert are on sale now.

For more info click here

Lisa Marie was Michael Jackson's "true love": Lisa Marie Presley was MJ's real 'love of life': The real 'love of' Michael Jackson's life was his first wife, Lisa Marie Presley, according to his biographer.

In his newly-updated book, 'Michael Jackson: The Magic, The Madness, The Whole Story,' J. Randy Taraborrelli has revealed that Jackson wanted her to have his children, but Presley resisted, feeling the marriage wasn't strong enough and fearing a custody fight if they were to divorce, which they did.

Presley was married to the King of Pop for 20 months following their 1994 wedding, reports CBS News.

Taraborrelli also revealed that Jackson never intended to marry Debbie Rowe and only did under pressure from his family and fans.

He only meant for Rowe to be the surrogate mother of his children. (News, Source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/ www.itselvisme.nl/www.epgold.com)  

"The Clash of the Titans" DVD: Here is the cover art for the upcoming DVD release "Elvis Presley Vs Johnny Cash - The Clash of the Titans" from Chrome Dreams Media - September 14, 2009.

Details: Elvis held the Rock N Roll Heavyweight title for many years, but in recent times Johnny has been seen as his true rival to during the 1950s, when the performances on this disc were recorded. And now The Man In Blacks own Rock N Roll credentials have been reassessed and ranked alongside those of The King.
This DVD contains a whopping 33 tracks 17 by Presley and 16 by Cash all recorded live during the 1950s. So place your bets, take your seats and judge for yourself exactly who was the greatest of them all.

It is estimated that Elvis has sold over one billion records worldwide, more than any other artist in history. This has since seen him inducted into four halls of fame

In the words of the historical marker that stands outside the house where he was born: Presleys career as a singer and entertainer redefined popular music.

The massive legacy of Johnny Cash strengthens as the years since his untimely death , with emerging generations getting hooked on what a real musical icon should be.
(News, Source: www.tcb-world.com  /  www.epgold.com)

ETAs and fan clubs: Do you need to advertise your Elvis fan Club? We have the perfect place here in Las Vegas. The New Jimmy Bond Radio Show  All Elvis music. Plus interviews with all the Elvis Impersonators. Call 1-888-800-1778 (Almost Elvis, Source: Christine Bamford)

Full list of new sales certifications: Thanks to Brian Quinn for this news item.......I expect you know about this already. The following List has just been published on the EPE site. It is more impressive than first seen on the video and includes a Diamond Award for the '30 No.1 Hits' from Brazil. Anyway here is the full list:

30 # 1 HITS
5 X platinum

30#1 HITS International
Germany 3x platinum
Italy – 2x platinum
Austria – 4x
Belgium 2x
Netehrlands 3x
Czech Republic 5x
Denmark – 4x
Finland - 3x
Hungary - 2x
Norway - 2x
Poland - 2x
Russia - 2x
South Africa - platinum
Sweden - 5x
Switzerland - triple
New Zealand - 4x
Argentina - platinum
Brazil – Diamond
Chile - 3x
Hong Kong – double plat
Indonesia – gold
Malaysia – double plat
Phillipines – gold
Korea – 3x
Singapore 6x
Taiwan – 4x

30 #1 HITS – UK
4x platinum
Elvis: ’68 Special Deluxe Edition
4x multi platinum

Elvis: ’68 Special Deluxe Edition

UK: '68 Special & Aloha from Hawaii
'68 Special: 4x platinum
Aloha from Hawaii: 3 x platinum

Canada: '68 Special
3x Platinum

International:'68 Special
UK - 4x platinum
Ireland - platinum
Germany - gold
France - 2x platinum
Italy - gold
Spain - gold
Austria - gold
Belgium gold
Netherlands - gold
Czech republic - gold
Denmark - gold
Finland - gold
Norway - gold
Sweden - gold
Australia - 6x platinum
New Zealand - 2x platinum
Canada 3x platinum
Aloha From Hawaii – DELUXE EDITION
3x multi platinum

Aloha From Hawaii – SPECIAL EDITION
2x multi platinum

International Aloha From Hawaii
Ireland – platinum
Germany - gold
France - 3 x platinum
Italy - gold
Spain - gold
Austria - gold
Belgium - gold
Netherlands - gold
Czech Republic - platinum
Denmark - gold
Finland - gold
Norway - gold
Sweden - gold
Australia - 6 times platinum
New Zealand - 2x platinum
Canada - 3 x platinum
Brazil - gold

#1 Hit Performances DVD
Gold & platinum

Elvis By The Presleys DVD
Double platinum

Rare Clambake film lobby card from Italy

A night in with Elvis (spoof): An interview with Elvis Presley, as imagined by Tom Doyle. The scene is a suburban London street on a Saturday evening. A rotund figure in tight black trousers, high-collared black shirt and gargantuan bejewelled sunglasses emerges, shimmering, from a silver limousine. It is unmistakeably Elvis - ‘The King’. He presses the doorbell of a terrace house...

The Friday: Elvis, hello! It’s an honour, and something of a surprise, to welcome you to London.

Elvis: Hey, thang you very much. [Elvis walks through the front door, finds the living room and parks himself on the sofa, which visibly heaves.]

The Friday: So, thanks for coming over. I thought we might order in a takeaway. What do you fancy? Pizza? Indian? Chinese?

Elvis: Sure, pizza and Indian and Chinese sound great. [He pats his barrel-like belly proudly and says...] My doctor keeps telling me I’ve got to lose a few pounds. But I figure, hey, it’s Saturday night. I can let it all hang out, baby. He says I should think about a gastric band. I told him, “I already got a tight band, thang you very much.” Heh heh.

The Friday: So what do you normally do on a Saturday night? Watch a bit of television?

Elvis: Sure, I like teevee. Shooting them, mostly, heh heh. I don’t do it so much nowadays. These flat-screens don’t pop, anyhows, they just crack. Ain’t the same.

The Friday: Shall I put some music on then? Any requests?

Elvis: “Let Me Entertain You”.

The Friday: By Robbie Williams?

Elvis: Yep. Boy, that kid can eat.

The Friday: He’s looking pretty svelte again in his new publicity shots, though…

Elvis: Yep. Damn shame. Damn shame. No disrespect, my friend, but I blame the media for turning all these new stars into skinny asses. Y’know, you can turn your size into part of your act.

In Vegas, when I sing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”, I do that line, “Baby, baby, I’d get down on my knees for you… if this suit wasn’t too tight”. And that Slim Shady was much better when he became Fat Shady. If you wanna be big, you gotta be big.

The Friday: Are you a hip-hop fan?

Elvis: The way I see it… it’s just talking over music, ain’t it? I mean, I did that back with “Are You Lonesome Tonight”. So I guess I'm the Godfather of Hip Hop. Don’t like the fashions that go with it, though. Everything’s way too baggy. Keep it tight, baby, keep it tight.

I’m down with the gold and diamonds, but keep the pants tight. Those baggy denim jeans look like the dungarees I used to have to wear back in Tupelo when we were poor. I never forget my roots. Or my family. Family is a big thang for me.

The Friday: Michael Jackson was part of your family for a while. Were you shocked by his death?

Elvis: I was, yeah. It was a tragedy, but it’s an old story, y’know. Kid becomes a big superstar, makes a lot of bad choices, surrounds himself with leeches, ain’t eating right, gets into drugs. Then, pop, his heart gives out. Dead before his time. Same old story. Tragedy.

The Friday: What happened with Michael and Lisa Marie?

Elvis: That thing with him and Lisa Marie getting married, that’s a whole other story. Whole other story.

The Friday: How do you hope he’ll be remembered?

Elvis: For the songs, man, for being a great performer. But the freaks will control how Michael is remembered, y’know. Them freaks will be seein’ his face in the contours of the moon, baby. [He pauses] Hey, what’s happening with the food? You gonna call and order it?

The Friday: Sorry, of course, Elvis. I forgot.

Elvis: Meantimes, you got anything in the kitchen? Maybe some bananas you can fry up? Little bitty cheeseburger?

The Friday: No problem, I’ll have a look.

Elvis: Just I’m gettin’ mighty hungry. Mind if I use your john while you make the call? Think maybe I’ve got a little bit of heartburn…

[Elvis disappears to the bathroom and is gone for a very, very long time.] (Source: telegraph.co.uk)

Thursday 27 August 2009

FTD announces 6 new FTD releases for 2009:

FTD has announced the plans to the end of this year. It promises to be a series of very interesting releases.

Here is the list:

SEPTEMBER: 2 releases

Jailhouse Rock - 2CD - 7"..........JAILHOUSE ROCK is a 2-disc set in the classic album series. DISC 1 features one disc of masters, alternate masters, movie masters and a few bonus cuts in mono. DISC 2 consists of session takes – all in binaural. The package features the 7” inch digipack format with 12-page booklet.

There is no IN AND OUTTAKES section to the booklet, as FTD will be releasing JAILHOUSE ROCK VOL. 2 next year, and it will make more sense to have this section when the entire intended repertoire content is released.

From Sunset to Vegas - 2CD - 5".........FROM SUNSET TO VEGAS is a 2-disc set in FTD’S 5 “ digipack format. The main body of the release is the rehearsal recorded at RCA’s studio on Sunset Blvd on August 16, 1974. There is a bonus section on Disc 2 with 10 live recordings from Elvis’ Las Vegas engagement in August/September 1974.

OCTOBER: 4 releases

Good Times - 2CD - 7"............GOOD TIMES is a 2-disc set in the classic album series. Originally released in 1974, this great album featured the legendary “Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues”, “My Boy” and “I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby”. In addition to the masters, it will contain many great outtakes from the Stax Sessions of 1973. The package features the 7” inch digipack format with 12-page booklet.

Rockin' Across Texas' - 2CD - 5" ...........ROCKIN’ ACROSS TEXAS will be released as a 2-CD set without the book that is now deleted. The 2 disc set features Elvis live in Amarillo, Texas at The Civic Center, June 19, 1974 and in Fort Worth, Texas at Tarrant County Convention Center, Recorded July 3, 1976.

Soundboard - 5"..........................................Details to be announced

The Jungle Room Sessions - 2Disc - Vinyl...................................FTD Vinyl next release is a limited edition 2-Disc vinyl set of THE JUNGLE ROOM SESSIONS. Supplied in a new gatefold sleeve featuring additional Graceland images, it will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl and DMM Copper mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Final releases from International label being shipped now!: The import 2CD/book set "Showroom International ’71" was sold out by the International label on its day of release (August 24, 2009).

This co-production with the DEA import label contains an unreleased soundboard recording of Elvis Presley's February 23, 1971 8 P.M. closing show.

The 2 CD/book set also features the January 28th Midnight show (previously released on the Fort Baxter label as ‘Lean Mean and Kicking Butt’) directly mastered from the original reel tapes.

This is the last major release from the International label and the fabulous box set release has only a limited edition run of 999 copies.

.......Contact your local "import" dealer for copies.......

The DVD release "Elvis – That’s the Way It Is - The Complete Shows" has also been released. The 2 dual layered DVDs are filled with 6 hours of the complete shows in full stereo. This release is limited to 750 copies.

It contains the shows:


  • August 10th Opening
  • August 11th D/S
  • August 11th M/S

Bonus footage (several tracks from):

  • August 14th M/S
  • August 15th M/S

DVD 2:

  • August 12th D/S
  • August 12th M/S
  • August 13th D/S (News, Source: International/Various)

Love Me Tender The Love Songs:

DVD and CD releases

Love Me Tender The Love Songs Sony USA Exclusive CD very limited $35
Love Me Tender The Love Songs EMI Sony USA Exclusive DVD $20 (shown opposite)

Buy from SPK Collectibles

Ernst's 1986 sessions book (revised edition) to be re-issued!

Reconsider Baby: the Definitive ELVIS Sessionography 1954-1977: 1986 Reprint Edition, with Additions by Ernst Jorgensen, Erick Rasmussen & Johnny Mikkelson

Book description: The central focus of this book is the body of recordings made by Elvis Presley. This is the definitive book for those who really want to know the ins and outs of the music as recorded by Elvis. The book discusses all of the known and released Elvis Presley recordings, as well as many rare items. The authors have tracked down as much information as possible on each and every record and recording, and pieced it together in order to present a clear and detailed analysis of Elvis’ music. This U.S. edition excludes a brief addendum on Elvis’ career which appeared in "Elvis Recording Sessions," in order to make room for an appendix containing additions and corrections to the sessionography. Photos. Reconsider Baby was a precuror to Ernst's Elvis Presley: A Life In Music.

Reconsider Baby product details:

ISBN: 1437968562

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
*                            ISBN-13: 9781437968569

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
*                             Format: Hardcover, 308pp

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
*                             Publisher: DIANE Publishing Company

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
*               Pub. Date: September 28, 2009................................Pre-order from Barnes & Noble

Singer Kitty White Lee (Crawfish) remembered by children: Jazz fans may remember Kitty White Lee for her recordings or for the song “Crawfish,” which she sang as a duet with Elvis Presley in the 1958 film “King Creole.”Loret Stagg, however, will remember what it was like to grow up with her as a mother.

“When I was a little girl she used to have a little gold necklace,” Stagg recalled. “And I remember now it used to be an angel. I would ask her ‘Who is that girl on your necklace?' and she would say ‘That's you.'”

Professionally known as Kitty White, the performer died of complications from a stroke on Aug. 11 at Palm Springs Health Care and Rehabilitation Center. She was 86 years old. During White's career she recorded songs for Capitol, Emarcy and Mercury records. She performed and recorded with jazz artists Laurindo Almeida, Red Callendar, Buddy Collette and Ben Webster.
And her music was featured on the soundtracks of 1950s films including “Kiss Me Deadly” and “Night of the Hunter,” in addition to the Presley film.

“Mother said he (Presley) was a really nice young man,” said Bonnie White-Mitchell, White's eldest child.

In 1967 White moved to Palm Springs with her family.
She considered the desert to be her home and a “quiet, almost spiritual place to her,” Stagg said.

White performed at the Spa Hotel for 16 years. Stagg, White's youngest daughter, remembers going to watch her mother perform “at least a couple of times a year.” White-Mitchell remembers the atmosphere her mother created during her performances.

“I remember when mother sang, life entered the room,” White-Mitchell said.

Stagg said her mother's performing ability was something she appreciated when she became an adult.

“When you have a parent who performs sometimes you don't realize just how talented they are,” she said. White was primarily a romantic ballad and jazz singer who had a voice that seemed to lift people's spirits, White- Mitchell said.

“She had a true love of music and a genuine love of people,” Stagg said.

But White's biggest love was right in her home.

She was there when her children came home from school and cooked dinner for them, Stagg said.

“My mom always loved to perform but it was a means to an end,” she said. “She wasn't interested in becoming famous. She loved to perform but she loved her family more.”

Services for White took place Aug. 18 at the Palm Springs Seventh Day Adventist Church. She was preceded in death by her ex-husband Edward White and second husband, Richard Henry Lee. She is survived by five children, all of whom live in Southern California: Bonnie White- Mitchell, Edward White Jr., Lisa White, Loret Stagg and Richard Lee; 11 grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

X marks the spot at spooky Sun Studio: The places where ELVIS PRESLEY and his band once stood while recording hits at fabled Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee have been marked with crosses on the studio floor - because those were the spots perfectionist producer SAM PHILLIPS considered the best for sound. Now, anyone recording at the music mecca is advised to use the crosses to get the optimum quality when recording tracks.

Producer T Bone Burnett recently discovered the Sun Studio secret while working on John Mellencamp's new album. He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Sam walked around that room and found where every instrument sounded best." But the in-demand producer warns others heading to Sun Studio to be prepared for a spooky experience: "It has ghosts." (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

(News, Source: Memphis Business Journal)

Theater review: 'Oedipus the King, Mama!' at the Falcon Theatre: They’re at it again.  The Troubadour Theater Company, known for mingling the plots of classics with rock 'n' roll, is back for its 14th season of music, mischief and inspired clowning with “Oedipus the King, Mama!” at the Falcon Theatre. This fusion of “Oedipus Rex” and the music of Elvis Presley reaffirms why the Troubies, as they are affectionately known, have become such a durably hot ticket.

However, even indigenous treasures can have an off night, and at their recent opening, the Troubies were not in tiptop form.  Much of the show is improvised, so a few misfires are inevitable.  But even when the Troubies are not firing on all their considerable comic cylinders, they are still full-bore hoots guaranteed to have you roaring for a goodly portion of the evening.

The problem may lie in part with the source material: Greek tragedy is a bit of a departure for the company, which has borrowed largely from Shakespeare in the past. While Shakespeare has wall-to-wall action, “Oedipus” has a lot of dour and chorally reiterative exposition as Oedipus tries to solve the mystery of his past.

At first, that’s a drag on the momentum that Matt Walker, the troupe’s founder, director and clown emeritus, fails to adequately redress. Perhaps a few more full-blown musical numbers earlier in the show might help. Over the years, Walker has assembled a core team of singer-dancer-actors who, given the opportunity, can really sizzle. And the fact that Walker gives solos to just about everyone in his talented ensemble may be admirably egalitarian, yet it seems a shame that certain performers, such as gifted Lisa Valenzuela, are underutilized.

Of course, when Oedipus-Elvis learns that he has murdered his daddy and married his mama, the show takes off like a skyrocket and inspired vulgarity is the order of the evening.  (Be forewarned: This is not a kiddie show. One particular sequence involving a blow-up sex doll is particularly gross – and absolutely side-splitting.)

When finally given their chance to shine, choreographer Ameenah Kaplan and music director Eric Heinly prove integral to the fun. Playing Oedipus, replete in a glitzy white-spangled Elvis jumpsuit, Walker staggers around like a drunken man with one leg in a ditch (Remember? Baby Oedipus had his ankles pierced when his daddy threw him out to die.)  James Snyder is an appropriately hunky young Elvis with a voice to match his looks. As Creon (note the pronunciation here), deadpan Rick Batalla sports a wild green ensemble, courtesy of costume designer Sharon McGunigle, that makes him look exactly like a bright green crayon. And, as Jocasta, Beth Kennedy displays a talent as big as her hair.  She is, as ever, divinely droll.

Oedipus the King, Mama!” Falcon Theatre, 4252 Riverside Drive, Burbank.  8 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays, 4 p.m. Sundays.  Ends Sept. 27. $32.50-$40.  (818) 955-8101.  Running time:  2 hours, 20 minutes. (Review, Source: F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times)


Wednesday 26 August 2009

Elvis - The Final Performance - new book: A brand new hardcover book entitled "Elvis - The Final Performance", which documents Elvis' final show in Indianapolis on June 26th 1977 has been released.

According to the update this is the ultimate book on the subject and it covers every aspect of the show itself. Also, there are many additional shots of Elvis' last tour with a special 'Sundial' section. There are 140+ photos. This lavish 100-page, full-colour book is designed by the guys that bought out the very popular "Images" book, which sold out very quickly. (News, Source: Elvis News/Essential Elvis)

Ancestors Of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations - Revised Edition released: Professional genealogist, Lorina Bolig, has completed her revised edition of Elvis's family history.

The result of 17 years of painstaking research, Ancestors of Elvis Presley 50 Generations is not only the definitive Elvis family history, but also brings new meaning the concept of six degrees of separation!

EIN is currently exploring the 806 pages of this mammoth book and will publish our review of the revised edition shortly.

Read EIN's review of the original edition

Priscilla spotted at Animal Rescue Event: Priscilla Presley (wearing sunglasses all night), Denise Richards (dating a new guy but wouldn't say who), Jerry O'Connell (looking suddenly thin) and Tori Spelling (admitting relations with mom Candy are still pretty bad) while playing with the puppies at the Third Annual Much Love Animal Rescue Bow Wow Wow Howlywood Event at The Lot in Los Angeles on Saturday night. (News, Source: FoxNews.com)

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Nanny sues Lisa Marie: A nanny for Lisa Marie Presley has filed a lawsuit against her employer, claiming she's been overworked caring for Presley's twin babies. Christine White says she became the primary caregiver for the children several weeks after Presley gave birth to Finley and Harper on October 7, 2008.

White claims she wasn't given breaks for meals, and was forced to work seven days a week without overtime pay. She says she didn't even get 10 minute breaks during her workdays.

Presley gave birth to the twins at the age of 40 -- after two years of trying to get pregnant. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Visit EIN's "Lisa Marie Presley's World"

Presley lashes out at former nanny: According to contactmusic.com, this has been Lisa Marie's response to Ms White:

ELVIS PRESLEY's daughter LISA MARIE PRESLEY has lashed out at her kids' former nanny, amid allegations in a new lawsuit she was overworked by the star. Christine White claims to have suffered postpartum depression after she was hired as the primary caregiver for Presley's twin daughters, Finley and Harper, several weeks after the 41 year old gave birth last October (08). The childcarer has filed a lawsuit, claiming she was forced to work seven days a week without receiving overtime, and was refused meal breaks or ten-minute rest times.

Presley has refuted the claims, telling TMZ.com, "Ms. White's self-entitlement became more and more severe as she became exposed to the various 'perks' she was given on the job." According to the singer, White was paid $650 (GBP430) a day, had chefs and other staff at her disposal, in addition to her own guest house on the property where she would sleep and take "many breaks".

Elvis vs. Jacko poll: Thanks to Brian Quinn for this news item - The following Poll is being run by Richard Branson's Virgin Empire.
To vote please go to the following URL:


THEN vote on the right hand side of the page. Jackson is well in the lead at present.

"The Music of Elvis Presley: The 1950s" CD box set: Due for release from RCA on September 29, 2009 is the 3CD box set "The Music of Elvis Presley: The 1950s ".

The tracklisting is not available yet. (News, Source: Elvis News/Amazon)

Elvis - Welcome To My World DVD: Due for release in the UK from Archive Media on September 14 is the DVD 'Welcome To My World".

From Play: This is the inside story of the King from the early years as told by former band members including legendary Elvis guitarist Scotty Moore, his long time drummer DJ Fontana and his loyal backing vocal quartet the Jordanaires who unveil the events behind the scenes. These are the musicians who actually worked with Elvis, shared long term friendship and trust of the King, performed on all the classic records, played live with Elvis on stage and appeared in the ground-breaking television shows and movies. In addition to the documentary there are live performances of many of the King's best known hits from throughout his career.

The DVD also features performances of; Shake Rattle And Roll , Burning Love, Ready, Teddy, Long Tall Sally, Whole Lotta Shakin, Hound Dog, Steamroller Blues, Too Much, Johnny B Goode, Dont Be Cruel, You Gave Me A Mountain, Love Me Tender, A Big Hunk O Love, Money Honey, I Cant Stop Loving You, Baby Lets Play House, Im So Lonely I Could Cry, Heartbreak Hotel, What Now My Love, Blue Suede Shoes, Welcome To My World, Tutti Frutti, Fever, When Will My Blue Moon Turn To Gold Again, Suspicious Minds, Peace In The Valley, and American Trilogy.

Product details:
  • Actors: Elvis Presley
  • Format: PAL
  • Subtitles: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish
  • Region: Region 2
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Classification: Exempt (News, Source: Play /Elvis News)

Larry Knechtel passes away: Larry Knechtel, a Grammy award-winning keyboardist who accompanied big-name musicians such as Elvis Presley, Ray Charles and the Dixie Chicks, is dead at 69.

Knechtel, who moved to Yakima in 2003, died Thursday at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital of an apparent heart attack. His death was confirmed by a spokesman for Valley Hills Funeral Home.

Knechtel was born in Bell, Calif., and performed live and in studio recordings with a wide range of artists, including Neil Diamond, Randy Newman, Ray Charles, The Beach Boys, The Doors, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams Jr. and Elvis Costello.

He earned a Grammy award for his arrangement of Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water," played keyboard on the Dixie Chicks' Grammy award-winning album "Taking the Long Way" and performed on the Hammond organ for the group's tour of the same name.

"Larry's resume is a history lesson in great American music all unto itself," the Dixie Chicks wrote on their Web site. "The term 'legendary musician' isn't an overstatement when talking about a multi-instrumentalist who can be heard on some of music's most legendary recordings."

Blues singer and guitar player Wayman Chapman, a friend and frequent performing partner, said Knechtel had seemed to be in good health following a recent trip to Italy with his wife, Vickie, and a grandson.

"He told me in '03 that he needed to think about retiring, but since then he'd been going like gangbusters," Chapman said.

Other survivors include Knechtel's mother, Edna Knechtel; a son, Lonnie, of Ferndale; a daughter, Shelli Kokenge, of Gleed; brothers Don Knechtel of Alabama and Bob Knechtel of California; and three grandchildren. (News, Source: AP)

EIN Note: Larry backed Elvis on the soundtrack for Love A Little, Live A Little and the '68 Comeback Special.

Associated Press photo taken at Graceland's Meditation Garden on 5 June 2009

The Essential Elvis Presley Collection 3CD re-issue: Sony Legacy will re-issue "The Essential Elvis Presley 3.0 Edition" 3CD set in an eco-friendly packaging on August 26, 2009. The set contains 48 tracks. (News, Source: Elvis News)

New DVD in France: Here is the cover of the French DVD: La l égende du King, released on August 21. (News, Source: Elvis News/ Elvis Club Berlin)


Tuesday 25 August 2009

"Inside The Dream" Book Review: Fans will know Jimmy Velvet as a friend of Elvis’ as well as the creator of the Elvis Presley Museum and owner of one of the world's biggest collectors of rock’n’roll memorabilia. Jimmy Velvet was also a successful recording artist and personally knew almost all the major stars that you can imagine - and was also luckily an enthusiastic photographer who always had his camera with him. He toured with Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard – and ELVIS - just to name a few! Being a contemporary of these mega-stars he managed to capture thousands of candid photographs in a way that a press photographer couldn’t.

The photographic memoirs of Jimmy Velvet’s amazing life ‘Inside The Dream’ was released in 2007.

EIN’s Piers Beagley spent several days examining this hefty photo-biography to give you this detailed review - including rare photos of Elvis and more!

(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

EIN's Best of Elvis on YouTube' AUGUST Update: Back with a sensational 19 new fabulous Elvis clips - and don't miss out on our six great 'Videos of the Week'; 'Spanish Eyes - remix','Proud Mary at MSG', The Lost ELVIS Home Movies, an hilarious 'Winter Wonderland' with home-footage, 'Trouble Live 1973' and a fabulous 'Help Me live in Memphis 1974'. Other delights this week are an Elvis On Tour 1972 10 minute interview, Elvis Rockin Huntsville, the guilty pleasure of 'Mexico' plus a sensational 'Stranger In My Own Home Town'. Not forgetting interviews with Kathy Westmoreland and Elvis in the army. As EIN always says "Catch them now before they get taken away" ('EIN's Elvis on YouTube', Source:EIN)

FTD Vinyl Blue Hawaii Deleted From Catalogue: Roger Semon from the FTD Label announced exclusively to ElvisMatters that the vinyl release of 'Blue Hawaii' will be deleted from the FTD catalogue. The stock at FTD is sold out for the next 8 weeks. At that time, they will receive the last 200 copies from the manufacturer. Once they are sold to the dealers, FTD will delete the title from their catalogue. If you have this item still on your wishlist, now is the time to order them while they are still available!


(News, Source;ElvisMatters)

Monday 24 August 2009

The Colonel and song publishing royalties - a "black mark" to the COlonel and a bonus for Olivia Newton John: Marty Lacker sent EIN this message:

Here's an interesting tidbit you might want to share with your readers.

In the 70's, mainly because Colonel Parker and Freddy Bienstock didn't want me to bring any good songs to Elvis, as I had been doing, because they didn't have the publishing on them, they told people like Esposito and Felton Jarvis not to tell me when a recording session was coming up.  That resulted in Elvis not being the first to hear the demo of a great song that turned out to be a big hit by someone else.

In my Memphis Music business, Mempro Inc., I represented a number of national music publishing companies as well as record labels.  Elvis of course knew all about this because I never kept anything from him, including the fact that when I got a song recorded I made money from it as that was part of my business.  He also knew that when I played a song for him sometimes but not always, I would earn money from him doing that and he had no problems with it. 

He also knew I played songs for him that I did not make money from, I just thought they'd be good for him. 

The demo I was the first to have as it was given to me by my good friend Alan Ryder of Irving/Almo music, the publishing company owned by A&M Records, was,"I Honestly Love You", written by Peter Allen who sang the demo.  As most know, Olivia Newton John had her biggest hit with that beautiful song.  Elvis never got to hear it. 

If he had, Olivia might not have had as big of a career.

Visit Marty's Musings on EIN

Catch That Rockabilly Fever by Sheree Homer is a candid account of life on the road and in the studio with '50s legends and today's talent. These are personal stories told by the artists themselves. It's a soft cover biography that will be published in October 2009 by McFarland Publishers and retail for $39.95. It will have never before seen photos (strictly 1950's photos of the legends) and rare stories from the artists themselves. Catch That Rockabilly Fever will be approximately 350 pages in length. It will be unlike any other rockabilly book on the market since it will include some of today's hottest young talent plus insightful stories from 1950's backing musicians and engineers for the first time, such as James Kirkland (Bob Luman, Ricky Nelson), Richie Frost (Ricky Nelson), Steve Handford (Bobby Lee Trammell), Tony Austin (Rock and Roll Trio), Stanley Walker (Ray Smith), Bobby Poe (Wanda Jackson), Vernon Sandusky (Big Al Downing) and Bob Sullivan (KWKH/Louisiana Hayride). Foreword by acclaimed writer Ken Burke.

These forty-six artists will have individual profiles and one glamorous photo per musician: Glen Glenn, Lew Williams, Art Adams, Marti Brom, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, Bob Luman, Ed Bruce, Dickey Lee, Jack Earls, Hayden Thompson, Maddox Brothers and Rose, Sonny Burgess, Carl Mann, Ray Smith, Johnny Powers, Larry Donn, Pat Cupp, Ronnie Hawkins, Bobby Lee Trammell, Huelyn Duvall, Gene Summers, Sonny West, Buddy Holly, The Collins Kids, Wanda Jackson, Charlie Gracie, Big Al Downing, Laura Lee Perkins, The Rock and Roll Trio, Narvel Felts, The Dave and Deke Combo, Kim Lenz, Go Cat Go, High Noon, Larry Cole, Cari Lee Merritt, Josie Kreuzer, Eddie Clendening, Suzy and Buddy Dughi, The Casey Sisters, Carl Sonny Leyland, Dawn Shipley, Sue Moreno, Ruby Ann, and Tex Rubinowitz.

Here’s hoping everyone catches that rockabilly fever. Reserve your copy today. This is a must have for any rockabilly/rock and roll fan. Here is the direct link to McFarland’s website: http://www.mcfarlandpub.com/book-2.php?id=978-0-7864-3841-9. (Book News, Source: Sheree Homer)

Elvis' singing style: Many music writers have commented on Elvis's singing style being more internal than learned.

In his challenging and controversial book, The Inner Elvis: A Psychological Biography of Elvis Aaron Presley (Hyperion, 1996), clinical psychologist, Dr. Peter Whitmer, observed:

Elvis Presley's signature singing style was pure and creative. In a childlike way, he wandered through his own musical house of blues, Gospel, country. Intuitively, he mixed together sounds that he could not specifically remember hearing but that clung to him like cotton from the fields generating something new, a musical spontaneous combustion. The process is as old as Tibetan Lamas retreating into a trance state, or as new as deciphering the mental mechanisms behind tomorrow's scientific breakthrough.

Elvis's natural ability to "shift" into his right brain allowed him quick access to this land of make-believe. It was his lodestone, whether it was escape from his inherent shyness so that he could perform in front of crowds, or to move and inspire those same croiwds with the frenzy of a man possessed.

Later in life he would light candles, sit on a floor of his hotel room or his bedroom at Graceland, and meditate himself back into that world of the child, and beyond, to the womb, that safe haven where once upon a time so very long ago all had been so right.


EIN Note: Dr Whitmer's book polarised fans on its release. Some applauded it as the first serious psychological exploration of the King, while others thought it contemporary bunkum written by a university trained researcher using theory rather than hard fact.

The book is still available from online sellers including Amazon, which also released a Kindle version last year.

Graceland FOR SALE...only $64,350.00!!: Now available on eBay, a hand made replica of Elvis' home. The auction listing reads:

One of a kind  hand made replica of  Graceland.  Made of Balsa wood, the dimensions of the house are 3'9" long by 2'4" wide.  It is 17" tall. It has 43 windows, 5 doors and 1,265 individual stones. 

Every detail of Graceland has been designed into this labor of love!  I spent 5 months and over 1300 hours. There are many more photos if you need more information.


Lisa Marie says no Elvis ballet for Scotland: Peter Schauss Ballet's production on the life of the King has been forced to cancel by Lisa-Marie Presley over the way it portrays the music icon. Presley's addictions and messy divorce were featured in the production. The production has already been performed in Scandinavia.

I think it's sad the people are so afraid of what will come out about celebrities that they don't want others to use them. I, for one, would have loved to have seen how a choreographer sees Presley's music as the backdrop for ballet.

Lots of celebrities seem to be turning up in ballet now, like Marie Antoinette. Let's see if anyone else takes on the king. (News, Source: examiner.com)

EIN Comment: While we understand the Presley family's desire to sanction only those productions which show Elvis in a positive light, censorship of the truth is not something to be admired. In the 1980s, the critically acclaimed and very powerful stage play, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, by Alan Bleasdale, took a dark tone to Elvis' last days and while its subject matter disturbed some fans it offered an element of humanity and honesty otherwise missing from rose colored productions.

Your Feedback

Chris Colclough: I would like to reply to the EIN comment on the "censorship" of the Elvis ballet, where it is said that this is censorship "of the truth". Much could be said about this, but for a start, in what sense was Elvis's divorce "messy"? It seems to me it was conducted with as much dignity as possible in such cases, with Priscilla being asked what she wanted, and being given what she wanted, with comment form Elvis that they would remain friends as they had a daughter to raise.

And if the ballet features Elvis's addictions, then this alone gives Lisa every reason for deciding that enough has already been made of this without further exploitation of this misfortune for someone's financial gain.

If it is so that it was Lisa who vetoed the ballet I applaud her, and only wish she had been able to do as much for the list of other dubious works that have made much of Elvis's problems. To report what happened to him is one thing, but to go on and on about it for decades, often in exaggerated and lurid form, is entirely different.

I'm also surprised that anyone form EIN would want this ballet to go ahead, but then respect for Elvis and support for his interests has long since gone by the board for some fans, it seems.

In response to Chris's interesting comments we thought it would be timely to run a Poll to see what other readers think:

Vote in EIN's latest Elvis Poll



Aussie Chart Update: On this week's ARIA Top 40 Music DVD Chart Elvis has 2 entries. Elvis: The King of Rock 'n' Roll (which re-entered the chart last week) makes a steep rise from # 28 to #13 (after 67 weeks on chart, a high position of #4 and certified 2xP). Re-entering the chart this week is Elvis: '68 Comeback Special at #36 (certified 5xP). (News, Source: ARIA)

James Burton's Guinness Book of World Records attempt fails: Pioneering rockabilly guitarist James Burton led an ensemble of about 800 guitar players Saturday in a celebration of his 70th birthday, but failed in his attempt to make the Guinness Book of World Records.

At the Hirsch Memorial Coliseum in Shreveport, roughly 30 miles west of his hometown of Minden, Burton led a battalion of pickers through the Elvis Presley hits "That's All Right, Mama" and "Hound Dog." (Opposite: WEndi Hebert up front of 800 other guitarists)

Guinness lists the world's largest guitar ensemble as 1,802 participants led by Andreas Vockrodt in Germany in 2007. Burton, who is known for working with the Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson bands, celebrated his birthday Friday. James Burton: http://www.jamesburtonmusic.com (News, Source: Christine Bamford)


Sunday 23 August 2009
Sadness at Graceland Stable as Sun’s Reflection Passes Away: EPE is sad to share news of the loss of a very well loved member of the Graceland family. After a full life of roaming the pastures of Graceland for 21 years, Sun’s Reflection, a Palomino American Quarter Horse, died of respiratory distress on August 14th, 2009.
Every effort to save the life of Sun’s Reflection was made by an expert team of veterinarians from the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, but Sun was unable to overcome his respiratory problems associated with age.
Sun came to Graceland in June of 1988 following the loss of Elvis’ horse, Rising Sun. Sun’s Reflection and Rising Sun came from the same blood line and both were purchased from the same farm.
Sun’s presence at Graceland represented Elvis’ love for the Palomino Quarter Horse and he will be missed by the staff of Graceland Stable in addition to the many fans that have come to know him through their visits to Graceland.
(News, Source;EPE)

More videos added to the EPE Elvis Legacy project:

Millie Kirkham - Elvis' long-standing backup singer Millie Kirkham shares stories of performing with Elvis.

Earl "Chief" Harrell - Earl talks about the first couple of times he encountered Elvis before he was a star. He also shares his story of being at Graceland the day Elvis was presented a television set by RCA.

Go here to view the videos: (News, Source;EIN/EPE)

Bob Dylan pays tribute to Elvis on August 16th; Last Sunday, on August 16, Bob Dylan was performing at the Harvey's Outdoor Arena in Tahoe. During the encores, Dylan then played an impromptu tribute to Elvis - and performed the song 'Heartbreak Hotel'. Bob Dylan rarely plays other artist's songs in concert, so this tribute on the 32nd anniversary of Elvis' death was quite special.
For a spontaneous version it is not that bad, depending what your Dylan expectations are!
Go here for the clip, no real vision as such, but audio quality is fine.
Bob Dylan, Heartbreak Hotel, Tahoe 16/8/09

(News, Source;EIN/IBob)

The King lives ... in Collinsville: Laid-off welder wins Ultimate Elvis Contest: Bill Cherry knows people make fun of Elvis tribute artists, but he's laughing all the way to the bank.
The laid-off welder from Collinsville Bill Cherry recently won the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis, Tenn.
"That's as high as it gets in the Elvis tribute business," said Cherry, 44.
The contest is the only one sponsored by Elvis Presley Enterprises, which operates Graceland.
Cherry will receive $20,000 and a contract to perform at Legends casinos.
"This happened at the right time," he said. "It's going to allow me to be financially better off, and I enjoy doing it."
Cherry was laid off from his job at American Steel in Granite City in March.
Twenty men competed in the Ultimate Elvis finals at The Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in Memphis last week. They had qualified by winning preliminary contests around the country.
"The competition was very tough," Cherry said. "When you get to Memphis, you're competing against all the winners."
Click here to see Bill Cherry's Elvis tribute
(News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)
Friday 21 August 2009

"The Collection" 7CD release: Due for release from RCA International on October 2, 2009 is the 7 CD set "The Collection".

It features an interesting compendium of 121 tracks! The recordings represent the following albums:

Christmas Album
NBC- TV Special
From Elvis In Memphis
Elvis Presley
Blue Hawaii
Moody Blue
Elvis Country

The track listing appears below. (News, Source: Amazon.co.uk/Elvis News)


Is this 7CD, 121 track set a positive one?

Is it time for Sony BMG to treat Elvis as a recording artist rather than a Greatest Hits/Compilation cash cow?

Tell EIN what you think

1. Heartbreak Hotel
2. I Was The One
3. Blue Suede Shoes
4. I'm Counting On You
5. I Got A Woman
6. One-sided Love Affair
7. I Love You Because
8. Just Because
9. Tutti Frutti
10. Trying To Get To You
11. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
12. I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')
13. Blue Moon
14. Money Honey
15. Shake, Rattle And Roll
16. My Baby Left Me
17. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
18. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
19. Santa Claus Is Back In Town
20. White Christmas
21. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
22. I'll Be Home For Christmas
23. Blue Christmas
24. Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)
25. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
26. Medley
27. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)
28. I Believe
29. Take My Hand, Precious Lord
30. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
31. Blue Hawaii

32. Almost Always True
33. Aloha Oe
34. No More
35. Can't Help Falling In Love
36. Rock-a-hula Baby
37. Moonlight Swim
38. Ku-u-i-po
39. Ito Eats
40. Slicin' Sand

41. Hawaiian Sunset
42. Beach Boy Blues
43. Island Of Love
44. Hawaiian Wedding Song

45. Steppin' Out Of Line
46. Can't Help Falling In Love (Movie Version)
47. Slicin' Sand (Alt. Take 4)
48. No More (Alt. Take 7)
49. Rock-a-hula Baby (Alt. Take 1)
50. Beach Boy Blues (Movie Version)
51. Steppin' Out Of Line (Movie Version)
52. Blue Hawaii (Alt. Take 3)
53. Medley;
54. Medley;
55. Medley
56. Medley
57. Medley
58. Memories
59. Medley
60. If I Can Dream
61. Wearin' That Loved On Look
62. Only The Strong Survive
63. I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)
64. Long Black Limousine
65. It Keeps Right On A-hurtin'
66. I'm Movin' On
67. Power Of My Love
68. Gentle On My Mind
69. After Loving You
70. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
71. Any Day Now
72. In The Ghetto
73. The Fair's Moving On
74. Suspicious Minds
75. You'll Think Of Me
76. Don't Cry Daddy
77. Kentucky Rain
78. Mama Liked The Roses
79. I Forgot To Remember To Forget (2003 Sony Remaster)
80. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
(2003 Sony Remaster)

81. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (2003 Sony Remaster)
82. Old Shep (2003 Sony Remaster)
83. Your Cheatin' Heart
84. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I (2003 Sony Remaster)
85. Just Call Me Lonesome

86. There Goes My Everything (2003 Sony Remaster)
87. Kentucky Rain (2003 Sony Remaster)
88. From A Jack To A King (2003 Sony Remaster)
89. I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)
90. I Really Don't Want To Know (2003 Sony Remaster)
91. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' (2003 Sony Remaster)
92. Green, Green Grass Of Home
93. Fairytale
94. Gentle On My Mind ( 2003 Sony Remaster)
95. Make The World Go Away (2003 Sony Remaster)
96. You Asked Me To (2003 Sony Remaster)
97. Funny How Time Slips Away (2003 Sony Remaster)
98. Help Me Make It Through The Night
99. Susan When She Tried (2003 Sony Remaster)
100. He'll Have To Go (2003 Sony Remaster)
101. Always On My Mind (2003 Sony Remaster)
102. Guitar Man
103. Unchained Melody
104. If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
105. Little Darlin'
106. He'll Have To Go
107. Way Down
108. Pledging My Love
109. Moody Blue
110. She Thinks I Still Care
111. It's Easy For You
112. Hurt
113. Never Again
114. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
115. Danny Boy
116. The Last Farewell
117. For The Heart
118. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
119. Solitare
120. Love Coming Down
121. I'll Never Fall In Love Again

Your Feedback

David Nutt: Why should Sony/BMG treat Elvis' legacy any different than his manager, ex-wife, daughter, and so-called friends have? As long as "fans" keep buying whatever Elvis product is released, there will continue to be a steady stream of haphazard "complilations", "collector's editions", etc. Col Parker set the standard for everyone to follow. And Elvis can blame himself for this "legacy" by not putting a stop to it in the early 1960s.  And yes I am a HUGE Elvis fan and thorougly enjoy your website!

Frank: Its typical marketing by BMG. No thought except for a quick buck. The Beatles catalog is being rereleased soon and already serious music mags are talking it up. It will include the original mono masters and many Beatles nuts are looking forward to that.

Jeff Irons: I'm not surprised at Sony-BMG's latest dash for cash. Will Elvis's music legacy ever be taken seriously? I for one doubt it very much.

James: I actually think this is a very good idea and certainly respectful to Elvis' music legacy. What's wrong with having some of his very best albums put out there in the mainstream market? This isn't a greatest hits release, it's a collection of his classic albums, together with bonustracks and great sound quality. People can discover some lesser known gems this way.

What more can be done ?

Some guys don't know when to bitch and complain, and when to smile. This is a GOOD thing, I sure wish I had the pleasure of discovering Elvis through packages like this one, back in the early 90s, when I became a fan. It was a wasteland then, as far as good sounding and bonus-filled Elvis albums on CD.

Ida Ritter: As always one more time Elvis music has not been taken serious.  His music legacy is so great and is so sad that it does not get the respect it should  and deserves.  But as said by somebody, Col.Parker set the record and Elvis never stopped it and until today the situation is the same, is a chain that keeps adding to it.  Yes I am an Elvis fan but not every record that comes out goes into my Elvis music library.

Louisiana Hayride to be inducted into Hall of Fame: The Shreveport-based country music show known as the Louisiana Hayride is set to be inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

The show, which ran from 1948 to 1960, hosted such country music greats as Jimmie Davis, Floyd Cramer, Webb Pierce and Faron Young. They were regularly joined by top artists from Texas to Tennessee, including Hank Williams, Kitty Wells, George Jones, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.

The Louisiana Hayride will be inducted during a ceremony at the James Burton International Guitar Festival in Shreveport on Saturday.

Burton, who is known for his guitar work with the Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson bands, is also set to be inducted, along with music businessman Stan Lewis and the late country singer Johnny Horton. (News, Source: chron.com)

Rare Clambake lobby card

(Book release) The Life Of Elvis Aaron Presley - Elvis Facts For Elvis Fans: This 85 page book appears to have slipped under the radar last year. Described as a release detailing what happened in Elvis's life and events. Written by Steve Landers it can be bought from www.lulu.com. ISBN: 978-1-4357-3905-5

New Audionics CD released: If you wanted to hear more than a new live recording and wished for a brand new song, then the new Audionics is the one to buy!

The CD " Let Me Be The One – Behind Closed Doors " containing home demos recorded in April 1974, November 1973 and 1960. Completely new songs recorded by Elvis are hard to find and Audionics is proud to include a completely UNRELEASED gem recorded in April 1974 in Palm Springs, CA.

Elvis’ duets rendition with the group Voice of the song "Let Me Be The One" is somewhat spicy to say the least but nonetheless entertaining, all his energy was saved for a great finale that is almost worth the price of the CD by itself. This incredible rarity is followed with the complete November 1973 home demos recorded at Sam Thompson’s house in Memphis, and for the first time ever complete in such EXCELLENT quality.

Finally we move back to California thirteen years earlier with Elvis on piano in the privacy of his house on Monovale Drive in Beverly Hills. This time Elvis is surrounded by Nancy Sharp and Red West. Within this intimate setting you are treated with the complete unedited home demos recorded that day, featuring for the very first time a good portion in stereo * ( they have use two microphones ) and best ever sound quality.

This new Audionics production will be presented in a standard jewel case with a 32 page booklet, and accompanying photographs taken during these years or close to them.

You will be able to hear and enjoy Elvis in the relaxed atmosphere of these private parties in California and Memphis. Get a copy while you can !!!!

Tracks: 01. Dialogue / Spanish Eyes #1 / Dialogue ; 02. Young At Heart (partial) / Dialogue ; 03. Let Me Be The One ; 04. Baby, What You Want Me To Do ; 05. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ; 06. Rocky Top (instrumental); 07. Spanish Eyes #2 (with reprise) ; 08. C. C. Rider ; 09. That's All Right, Mama; 10. Your Life Has Just Begun; 11. Tear Drops / 'sorority songs'; 12. Elvis recites a poem / Dialogue ; 13. You'll Never Walk Alone (partial) * ; 14. If I Loved You * ; 15. The Lord's Prayer / If I Loved You (reprise) * ; 16. I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder * ; 17. An Evening Prayer (partial) * ; 18. Make Believe * ; 19. She Wears My Ring *; 20. Sweet Leilani #1 * ; 21. Sweet Leilani # 2 * ; 22. Sweet Leilani (reprise) ; 23. Beyond The Reef ; 24. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano ; 25. He ; 26. Hands Off ; 27. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (partial). Total running time: 52:15

Tracks 1-3 recorded in Elvis Presley's Home, Palm Springs, CA,- April 1974/Tracks 4-11 recorded at Sam Thompson home, Memphis, TN - November 1973/Tracks 12-25 recorded at EP's Residence at Monovale Dr., Hollywood, CA. - November 1960.

* denotes stereo recording (News, Source: EP Gold)

Thursday 20 August 2009

Lisa Marie says no Elvis ballet for Scotland: Peter Schauss Ballet's production on the life of the King has been forced to cancel by Lisa-Marie Presley over the way it portrays the music icon. Presley's addictions and messy divorce were featured in the production. The production has already been performed in Scandinavia.

I think it's sad the people are so afraid of what will come out about celebrities that they don't want others to use them. I, for one, would have loved to have seen how a choreographer sees Presley's music as the backdrop for ballet.

Lots of celebrities seem to be turning up in ballet now, like Marie Antoinette. Let's see if anyone else takes on the king. (News, Source: examiner.com)

EIN Comment: While we understand the Presley family's desire to sanction only those productions which show Elvis in a positive light, censorship of the truth is not something to be admired. In the 1980s, the critically acclaimed and very powerful stage play, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, by Alan Bleasdale, took a dark tone to Elvis' last days and while its subject matter disturbed some fans it offered an element of humanity and honesty otherwise missing from rose colored productions.

Your Feedback

Chris: I would like to reply to the EIN comment on the "censorship" of the Elvis ballet, where it is said that this is censorship "of the truth". Much could be said about this, but for a start, in what sense was Elvis's divorce "messy"? It seems to me it was conducted with as much dignity as possible in such cases, with Priscilla being asked what she wanted, and being given what she wanted, with comment form Elvis that they would remain friends as they had a daughter to raise.

And if the ballet features Elvis's addictions, then this alone gives Lisa every reason for deciding that enough has already been made of this without further exploitation of this misfortune for someone's financial gain.
If it is so that it was Lisa who vetoed the ballet I applaud her, and only wish she had been able to do as much for the list of other dubious works that have made much of Elvis's problems. To report what happened to him is one thing, but to go on and on about it for decades, often in exaggerated and lurid form, is entirely different.
I'm also surprised that anyone form EIN would want this ballet to go ahead, but then respect for Elvis and support for his interests has long since gone by the board for some fans, it seems.

Vote for Elvis in important polls: Thanks to Brian Quinn for the following news item:

Two Awards that Elvis could achieve are:

(a) The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and

(b) Honorary Academy Award.

To add your support for (a) please go to http://www.oscarworld.net/ow.asp?P=79&LobbyId=3002

To add your support for (b) please go to http://www.oscarworld.net/ow.asp?P=79&LobbyId=151

At each URL click on Elvis' name and add your comments.

Elvis Story extended in Canada: Due to popular demand, the show Elvis Story with Brandon Bennett at L'Etoile DIX30 has been extended with the show now running through September 20.

For tickets, call 450-676-1030 or visit www.admission.com

- A superb production, everything is perfect. - Rythme FM

- This time, Elvis Story transports us into a world combining nostalgia with humour, offering a visual experience worthy of the most ambitious productions. - 7 jours

- Bennett took full possession of the stage with amazing confidence [...] simply magical. - Journal de Montréal

- A successful metamorphosis! The new Elvis Story brings the man and his music to the forefront like never before! Brandon Bennett is convincing!!! - RockDétente.

- Elvis Story – The new version up there with the major leagues - Rue Frontenac

Following a two-year absence, Elvis Story heads to the Greater Montréal Area to begin a new run at L’Étoile Dix30 in Brossard. To offer a fresh take on the musical revue that has been performed around the world, LCQ Productions called on talented and creative artists with firmly established reputations. Yves Aucoin, who was involved in the original production and who, among other things, has been Céline Dion’s master lighting designer for the past twenty years, and Geneviève Dorion-Coupal, best known for her work on Star Académie, her choreographies for Night Fever and Génération Motown as well as her collaboration with Les Misérables and the Cirque du Soleil.

The two were entrusted with the mission of updating the show, which has been seen by more than 1.6 million spectators. Thanks to the latest technology, the lighting effects, decors and videos have been completely revamped. In 2009, the show’s soul and energy thus appear in a whole new light. An actor, no other than Mario Saint-Amand, now plays the role of narrator and his presence is an integral part of the performance along with six backup singers and seven musicians, including a brand new brass section.

As for Brandon Bennett, winner of the prestigious 2008 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, he is more than proud to now be impersonating Presley in a world famous production officially licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises. He also feels spurred on by the enthusiasm of all those who have helped ensure the show’s success for so many years. And he is of course honoured to have been chosen to replace the talented Martin Fontaine and Jamie Aaron Kelley, who both portrayed Elvis in the previous version of the show.

Don't miss Elvis Story with Brandon Bennett at L'Etoile DIX30 from July 8 to September 20.

For tickets, call 450-676-1030 or visit www.admission.com(News, Source: EPE)

New England Elvis Festival: The first annual New England Elvis Festival will take place at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH over Labor Day weekend 2009 (September 4th -6th).

The entire weekend-long event will take place at the Radisson, which is offering a great room rate for Elvis Fans. The inaugural headline show will feature Shawn Klush, crowned in Memphis as the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist. "Aloha from New England" will also feature Pete Paquette doing an opening tribute to Elvis' younger years. The entire show will be backed by the world-famous Change of Habit Tribute Band with the irreplaceable Ronnie Craig acting as Master of Ceremonies.

The weekend will also feature a three-day Elvis Tribute Artist Competition unlike any you've seen before. Twenty top professional tribute artists will compete with longer sets and accompanied by more live music.

All this plus a Sunday morning Gospel Concert, an Elvis Memorabilia Sale taking place all weekend and more.

Click here for more details.
(News, Source: EPE)

Buy Elvis Week photos online: EPE advises that if you attended Elvis Week, you can now check out some of the pictures from the week that are now available for purchase. You may find one of yourself or your friends having fun at Elvis Week. Click here to visit the site. 

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Eliza Presley update: EIN has received as number of enquiries about our 2nd part to Eliza Presley's interview.

The delay in publishing the final part of Eliza's interview is due to her experiencing health and other issues.

However, the latest development is that Eliza re-filed her claim in Chancery Court in Memphis on 14 August. More soon.

Read part 1 of EIN's interview with Elvis's "half sister"

Elvis monument in Friedburg: A new monument was revealed last weekend in Friedberg. The Elvis sculpture measures 5 meters in height and is 3.75 meters wide. The monument is placed in the middle of the roundabout near the entrance of the Capri Club in the Ray Barracks. F

From now on, the first thing you'll see if you enter the city, is a large Jailhouse Rock silhouette of Elvis. At this time, the monument serves also as a billboard for the expo in the Capri Club that ends on October 11. The monument itself will stay when the expo closes. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)


New book release: Elvis: A Tribute to the King of Rock: Platinum Edition Collector's Vault (Hardcover)

by Frank Hyland (Author), Priscilla Presley (Foreword). Due out in October from Whitman Publishing. 144 pages.

Pre order from Amazon: Elvis: A Tribute to the King of Rock: Platinum Edition Collector's Vault

Book release - "The Life Of Elvis Aaron Presley Elvis Facts For Elvis Fans": Another self-published book, this book by Steve Landers can be bought from www.lulu.com

Book release in Germany: A new 288 pages book will be published on the exhibition "Mehr als Elvis: 60 Jahre Amerikaner in Hessen" (More than Elvis: 60 Years Americans In Hessen") in the Capri-Club (the former Ray Barracks) in Friedberg Germany.

The book has the same title as the exhibition an contains 300 images - partly unpublished - and documents the history of the Americans in Hessen in seven themes (ISBN: 9783937774657). (News, Source: Elvis News /Elvis Club Berlin)

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Black Angels in Vegas (Book & CD review): The new book + 2CD release from Venus Productions recently caught our eye and ear.

What we found was a first rate release which will delight all fans.

With rare photos, an excellent narrative account of Elvis in 1974 and great sound resonating from the audio component, there is much to be enjoyed and wondered about with this release. Elvis's use of the "F" word during the show has sparked debate and while some other shows in his 1974 Summer season were ordinary, at midnight on 30 August the King was in particularly fine form.

But what is the story with those "angels"?

Click here to read our detailed review

(Review, Source: EIN)

Wikipedia and Elvis: As serious Elvis researchers of many years EIN is surprised at the frequency with which reasonable comments or info on Wikipedia is changed. We are reminded of Nicholas Stuart’s observation in his excellent article, The Minefields of Cyberspace:

Wikipedia, for example, has almost single-handedly destroyed the business model of Encyclopaedia Britannica. It's now an acceptable reference for school assignments and a repository of general knowledge. But the site isn't static, and authors can build up on-line authority by contributing a rapid succession of minor edits. This results in an anonymous contributor having the power to overrule, say, a professor who holds recognised authority in the off-line world. Cliques dominate process, consigning others to impotent confusion and, finally, alienation. The significance of this is the way its effects are rippling through wider society.

Disconnect is growing. Some young people seem hooked by computers, leading to uncertainty about boundaries between the real and the apparent. The Internet is rapidly becoming a vital part of society something that is central not simply to work, but also to our interactions with others. We've come to depend on something we don't understand. Most importantly, no institution is tasked to tackle this emerging threat to our society.

Wikipedia will be with us for a long time but, without greater rigor aimed at information integrity, its underlying structure and process means it will be an Internet case of "reader beware". (EIN Comment)

Who's the King? Banished from the Kingdom by Sexy Elvis: To understand Elvis, you have to know the music before him.

Hot jazz _ so vibrant and affirming in the '20s and early '30s _ had mellowed during the war years. Big bands had grown bigger and softer, their edges worn smooth by an audience seeking comfort and stability in a time of hardship and loss. When the war ended, the country looked to mend its wounds with a sense of unity, shared optimism and hope.

The music reflected the time. The popular singers had big, easy voices, from the satiny Nat King Cole to the velvet fog of Mel Torme. Frank Sinatra produced an enviable string of hits such as "I've Got the World on a String" and "I've Got You Under My Skin;" Perry Como crooned "Catch a Falling Star" and the novelty song "Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)"; Patti Page sang "The Tennessee Waltz" and "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?"

Great voices all, well trained, mannered. And, as was desired in that postwar era, both the songs and the singers were non-threatening. Very non-threatening. (Opposite: Elvis with Jeanne LeMay Dumas)

But after a decade of safe, tempered, homogenous music, the youth ofAmerica were ready for a change.

In stepped the big train from Memphis. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, was barely 21 when he made "Heartbreak Hotel": Music was changed forever. He had the big voice that was expected at the time, but it was unlike anything heard before on the pop charts: Not only did it have a Southern twang, it had a youthful urgency, an irrepressibility, an untamed edge. It was lusting, it was sinful, and to millions of young people bored with the conformity that was suffocating them, it was magnificent.

In a little more than two years, Presley racked up one of the most extraordinary runs in pop music history _ "Heartbreak Hotel," "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You," "Hound Dog," "Don't Be Cruel," "Love Me Tender," "Too Much," "All Shook Up," "(Let Me Be) Your Teddy Bear," "Jailhouse Rock," "Don't," and "Hard-Headed Woman" all hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts. Aside from "Don't," they are all considered classics more than 50 years later.

The crowds went wild, more even than for Sinatra, more than they would for anyone else until the Beatles hit town. His appearances caused near-riots, and the fans who packed his concerts would not leave until the announcement came over the loudspeakers: "Elvis has left the building."

A musical genius with a golden touch, Elvis responded to his influences. Growing up in small-town Mississippi, he was exposed to country music and the gospel singing he heard in church. As a teen, he moved to Memphis, where he was fascinated by the rhythm and blues he heard from black singers on Beale Street. Like many contemporaries, he fused these styles into a hard-driving country sound, rockabilly.

Other rockabilly stars were good (Carl Perkins) and great (Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison). There was only one Elvis.

Elvis had charisma. Even his detractors, and he had many, had to admit that there was something compelling about the man and his music. He could command a stage like no one else, and his distinctive soulful baritone voice was instantly recognizable. And there was one more thing.

Rock music has always been about sex, from the term "rock 'n' roll" to the suggestive beat. And more than any other singer of his day, the young Elvis was the personification of sex, the kind of man parents didn't want their daughters to date. That one shock of hair curled dangerously down his forehead, his lips curled in a haughty sneer, his eyes flashed dark. And of course he shook his hips suggestively whenever he sang.

It wasn't subtle. But it was effective.

Not all of Elvis' efforts to capitalize on this sex appeal and charisma turned out well. He made 31 movies, some of which made a lot of money, but all of which were terrible. Even so, from these cinematic disasters came some of his greatest songs.

"Jailhouse Rock," from the movie of the same name, did more to distill the essence of rock music than any song since "Rock Around the Clock." "You're So Square (Baby, I Don't Care)" also came from "Jailhouse Rock." The great ballad "Love Me Tender" came from the movie of the same name. "Got a Lot of Livin' to Do" came from "Loving You," as did the under-appreciated title song. Even "Viva Las Vegas" has a certain greatness to it, if you're in the right mood.

In his 30s, Elvis settled into a kind of self-parody. The quality of his songs diminished, although he had a nice little string with "In the Ghetto," "Suspicious Minds," and "Kentucky Rain" all released within a few months of each other. His behavior became more outlandish _ handing out free Cadillacs to whoever pleased him _ and his taste became more garish.

This is the period that Elvis impersonators inevitably mimic, with his mutton-chop sideburns and his ghastly rhinestone-encrusted knit white jumpsuit. That was the look he had when he mounted a comeback with two hugely successful televised concerts in 1968 and 1972. This comeback may not have won many new fans, but it gave the millions who had adored him a reason to remember why.

Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Elvis' excesses got the better of him. The massive amounts of prescription drugs, the overeating, the grossly unhealthy lifestyle caught up to him when he was just 42 years old.

His music is immortal. But Elvis left the building for the last time 32 years ago.

ABOUT THE WRITER:Daniel Neman is an entertainment writer in Richmond, Va. His columns run in Boomer Life Magazine and his movie reviews are online at boomerlifemagazine.com. Readers may send him e-mail at dneman1@verizon.net. He wrote this for the Fredericksburg (Va.) Free Lance-Star.

More on Jerry Scheff not touring with Elvis In Concert (see EIN's earlier story below dated 14 August): Many thanks to Brian Quinn for this information which he received from Elvis In Concert producer, Stig Edgren:

Dear Brian:

The decision to use Nathan East on the upcoming tour was largely mine, after Jerry made it clear he longer wished to work on ETC after the tour of Australia in 2006 and the 30th Anniversary show. Both Duke and Emory were suggested, but with the permission of the estate, I wanted to open up this ‘honor’ to play with Elvis to others who proved themselves in other arenas. Nathan is one of the finest bass players in the world, playing alongside Eric Clapton for years, among many others. I am sure the fans will love watching him, and the other TCB players are also looking forward to playing with him.

Kind regards, Stig Edgren

Twelve new Gold & Platinum awards for Elvis: On August 15, 2009 Elvis was awarded another 12 Gold and Multi Platinum awards. Nearly all the awards were for either the "'68 Comeback Special" and "Aloha Special" DVDs and the "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" compilation. There was one award for the "Elvis By the Presleys" DVD. (News, Source: Elvis News)

World Record Attempt:

Did a very large group of Elvis look-a-likes achieve their goal?

Click here to find out (News, Source: Matt Shepherd)

Elvis inspired films are a strangely satisfying lot: As we all know of course, Elvis never died. No, none of that ridiculous "he's living with aliens on another planet" conspiracy nonsense. Elvis never really died because he continues to influence the arts, even to this day. Not just in music, but in film as well. Whether he's a sexual deviant, an invisible friend or even a mummy-hunting geriatric, The King lives on in our hearts, minds and movie theaters, and he will for a very long time to come.

"Bubba Ho-Tep" (2002): Might as well hit the ground with guns blazing. The conceit behind Don Coscarelli's "Bubba Ho-Tep" alone is enough to sell it. Elvis (Bruce Campbell!) never died; he simply went into hiding in a Texas nursing home, the same place where an in-hiding John F. Kennedy -- who is apparently a black man, played by Ossie Davis -- is also living out his twilight years. That same nursing home becomes the target of an ancient mummy, which preys on residents as they sit on the crapper. Only the geriatric superpowers of JFK and The King can save the day.

"Honeymoon in Vegas" (1992): Against all odds, "Honeymoon in Vegas" works. On the eve of their Las Vegas wedding, Jack (Nicolas Cage) and Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker) are caught in a sticky situation: come up with Jack's $65,000 poker debt -- lost in a rigged game, 'natch -- or leave Betsy in the care of dirty-dealing pro gambler Tommy Korman (James Caan) for the weekend. The predictable beats that follow reach their climax when Jack hitches a ride back to Vegas aboard a plane full of skydiving Elvis impersonators in light-up jumpsuits. Sure, Elvis Presley doesn't actually appear as a character in this movie. But I figure that 100 skydiving King impersonators is a mighty close second.

"True Romance" (1993): In Quentin Tarantino's first script, a love story, Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) and Alabama Whitman (Patricia Arquette) try to run away together by selling off a bundle of stolen cocaine. Of course, anytime a large stash of drugs is stolen you can expect large brutes with guns to follow the trailer. Such is the case in "True Romance," as Clarence and Alabama get mixed up in all sorts of trouble. Through all of the madness, the one thing that keeps Clarence together is his imaginary pal Elvis. Whenever the crises reach unmanageable proportions, he ducks away for a chat with The King -- played by Val Kilmer --to get his head straight.

"Forrest Gump" (1994): Little do we all know it, but the world would have been a much different place if a young Elvis Presley hadn't stopped for a night at a little bed and breakfast in Greenbow, Alabama. That's where The King met a young Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), who taught the future rock star how to shake his hips. That signature dance move inspired millions of young women, angered twice as many parents and was in many ways the keystone of a cultural revolution. All thanks to little Forrest and those damnable leg braces of his.

"Sleeping Dogs Lie" (2006): Elvis plays a minor role in "Sleeping Dogs Lie," a twisted rom-com from the mind of Bobcat Goldthwait. The bulk of the story revolves around Amy (Melinda Page Hamilton), a newly engaged young woman who labors over whether to share a dirty, shameful secret with her husband-to-be: that she... errr... pleasured her dog on a whim one quiet college evening. In an effort to inspire her daughter to be honest -- not knowing what the secret is of course -- Amy's mother relates the story of Elvis once having her and a friend wrestle in his bedroom while he watched. There's also a Roy Orbison anecdote, but he died in December. (Celluloid Elvis, Source: moviesblog.mtv.com)

Monday 17 August 2009............the city of Memphis is returning to normal

CD Review: I Got Lucky: Released last year on the RCA Camden label, this 10 track album is the CD edition of the original Camden album.

With Sony BMG's sound maestro, Vic Anesini, in charge of the mastering, does the album stand the test of time?


Read EIN's 'capsule' review to find out

Will Michael Jackson eclipse Elvis beyond the grave?: Michael Jackson has earned £60 million (NZ$145 million) since his death.

Executors of the singer's estate claim money from a film deal and merchandising contracts has "flooded" into Michael's bank accounts since he died in June. They predict the pop superstar will make another £60 million by the end of the year, and expect him to overtake Nirvana rocker Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley - who have made £450 million and £362 million respectively from beyond the grave - as the highest-earning dead celebrity in the next 12 months.

Lawyer John Branca, who is co-executor of Michael's estate, said: "Clearly this will be a new record for estates that likely will not be broken. Elvis' estate makes £33 million a year. This will be a bigger estate."

Branca and fellow co-executor, music executive John McClain, have put together a series of deals for commemorative coins, school supplies, a coffee-table book and a film. They have also been retrieving funds held for Michael by anonymous creditors, thought to amount to "several million pounds", and tallying the value of the singer's property, memorabilia and art collections.

While Michael's earnings steadily increase, his older sister La Toya has spoken about her grief at her sibling's passing. She said: "It's a very difficult moment for all of us. It's almost - you don't believe it - so you try to do the best you can by feeling his love, by helping and doing something he would want you to do."

Meanwhile, law enforcement sources claim Michael's doctor Conrad Murray had Propofol hidden in the singer's house. Police officers found three large bottles and five smaller vials of the anaesthetic stashed in a closet in Murray's bedroom at the star's Los Angeles home. They also believe Murray received regular shipments of the powerful drug - reportedly used to help Michael sleep, and believed to have played a part in his death - through courier service FedEx, which he then hid in other locations.

The search warrant used to raid the Las Vegas pharmacy frequented by Murray showed investigators were looking for FedEx records relating to "the purchase, transfer, receiving, ordering, delivery and storage of Propofol to Dr Conrad Murray". Police were also looking for credit card receipts relating to a purchase of Propofol the doctor made in May. (News, Source: star.co.nz)

EIN Comment: While it is likely Michael Jackson will surpass Elvis in revenue this year, will Jackson's ongoing sales continue to hold up? Kurt Cobain exceeded Elvis 2 years ago but it was momentary (and based on the one off sale of his recording catalog) with Elvis reclaiming his #1 position last year.

Read EIN's article: Elvis or Michael Jackson - who is the bigger star?

Interuption in service - EIN Apology: Many visitors to EIN will have noticed that the site was offline for hours in the past day or so. We apologise for this temporary interuption in service. It was caused by a spike in visitor traffic to the EIN site around 16 August.

Rare Clambake Lobby Card from Italy

Gary Pepper Elvis archives to be auctioned: Leslie Hindman Auctioneers announces a once in a lifetime opportunity for Elvis Presley collectors and fans.

Over the years many collectors have asked, “Whatever happened to the Gary Pepper collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia?” Early in his career, Presley befriended Gary Pepper, a young man with cerebral palsy, who ultimately became a close friend and the president of one of the King's first fan clubs, allowing him to amass a significant collection of personal effects gifted to him from Presley himself.

When Pepper moved to California, he left the majority of his collection to his friend and nurse, who was originally hired by Elvis to look after Gary. Hopeful that collectors and fans can enjoy the memorabilia so treasured by Gary Pepper
(shown opposite with Elvis and Priscilla at their wedding), she has recently decided to sell the collection at auction.

Untouched for over three decades, this special collection will be offered for sale at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, Sunday, October 18th, 2009 with a public exhibition Thursday, October 15th through Saturday, October 17th. A portion of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to United Cerebral Palsy of the Mid-South.

Highlights from the auction include clothing worn by Elvis Presley, a large lock of Presley’s hair, a telegram sent to Gary while Elvis was in the Army, Christmas cards to Gary from Priscilla and Elvis, a significant collection of Elvis LPs and 45s, two near mint Sun records, as well as numerous 45s from Presley's own juke box, autographed record sleeves, an incredible selection of souvenirs, movie stills and Graceland ephemera, and other memorabilia from celebrities such as signed photographs of the Jackson Five and Marilyn Monroe.

Additionally, the auction will include hundreds of candid photographs of Elvis, including photos documenting some of the most intimate moments in Presley’s life and career such as his return home from the Army, his wedding to Priscilla, Lisa Marie’s first days home from the hospital, and other photos taken at Graceland. Many of these images were taken by Gary Pepper with a Polaroid camera that Elvis gave him early in their friendship. A number of these original photographs were featured in The Tankcaster, the newsletter for Elvis’ fan club known as “The Tankers,” which are included in the auction as well as the Polaroid camera itself.

While Elvis’ life has been well documented, the intimate photographs and items in this sale give collectors and historians a new glimpse into Elvis’ life and character through his enduring friendship with Gary from the early days of his career until his death. Thirty two years after his death, this collection presents a remarkable post-script to Elvis’ life and legacy. (News, Source: artdaily.org)

Filming of Bubba Nosferatu to start by end of 2009: In a recent interview with Fangoria Radio Ron Perlman (Hellboy) gave listeners a pretty big update on the status of Bubba Nosferatu, the sequel to Don Coscarelli’s the brilliant and inspired Bubba Ho-tep. Perlman will be taking over the part of Elvis Presley. The rhinestone jumpsuit was previously worn by veteran B-movie actor Bruce Campbell.

According to Perlman, filming has been tentatively scheduled to start before the end of this year. Perlman told Fangoria, “Well, I have this window that’s about to open…I’ll be done shooting [his cable series] Sons Of Anarchy in September, and we’re hoping to get into production on Bubba in my hiatus between seasons two and three.” Perlman added that he has spoken with both director Coscarelli and co-star Paul Giamatti (Giamatti is set to play Elvis’ infamous manager, Colonel Tom Parker) and everyone is keen to get the ball rolling.

Additionally, according to Fangoria, Angus Scrimm (Phantasm) has been added to the cast. Scrimm will “play a Boris Karloff-like horror star who Elvis meets up with (pre-Ho-tep) in Las Vegas on the set of a vampire movie.”

Planning for Bubba Nosferatu has been going on since the release of Bubba Ho-tep in 2002. The growing anticipation only adds to the pile of concerns many fans have for the next installment of Elvis fighting the supernatural. There is no doubt that Perlman is a great actor, but can he capture the essence of Elvis that Bruce Campbell managed to exude in the first film? Audiences will just have to wait and see.  Visit You Tube to see Bubba Ho-Tep preview

Elvis' Personal Desk

Moving into Graceland tribute song by the Johnny Rodgers Band:

http://www.youtube..com/watch?v=3_aw3x6QHRM (Source: Christine Bamford)

Elvis cover songs - Worldwide auditions announced: Hello EIN, we will be holding a worldwide audition of Elvis Presley offical cover songs by the cooperation of Elvis Presley Enterprise! Use KORG DS-10 for part of the instrumental, create an Elvis Presley cover song, and submit entry! The winning cover song will be registered on the KORG DS-10 official viBirth website and will be available for download on iTunes!

More info:


Audition Offical Site viBirth


Sony Adopts Open Book Strategy Against Amazon: Sony has suddenly become a champion of open standards, at least in the e-book market. The company says it will scrap its own proprietary technology and support the open ePub format for its Reader e-book devices.

The move is clearly a thrust at Amazon, which has gained an early lead in the e-reader race despite launching the Kindle more than a year after Sony's Reader. Sony doesn't want to see Amazon use its closed system with the Kindle to build a an unassailable position in the e-book business the way Apple has in digital music through iTunes and the iPod.

Of course the irony is that Sony is known for its long history of supporting proprietary formats going back to the Betamax video player. Everyone knows how that turned out. Naturally, Sony doesn't want the Reader to become the Betamax of the e-book world and figures embracing open standards is its best bet to counter Amazon.

The ePub format is currently supported by the Plastic Logic, which will launch a rival e-reader early next year and which recently announced partnering with Barnes & Noble as its e-book supplier. A big question is whether Apple will come down on the closed or open standard size when, as expected, it introduces a tablet computer that can serve as an e-reader.

For its part, Sony is also showing some nimbleness on pricing by dropping the price of new releases and best sellers to $9.99 to match Amazon and launching two new lower-cost models, including a pocket-sized Reader that goes for $199. Amazon's cheapest Kindle costs $100 more.

EIN Note: Some readers may be thinking what this item has to with Elvis.  For those interested in Elvis books, Sony’s move will help keep digital book prices low and support a more open ePub arrangement, rather than numerous competing, but technically different systems. Just as digital downloads are becoming the preferred way of obtaining music, digital downloads of printed matter is gaining momentum and will be commonplace in the next few years. (News, Source: Mark Walsh, Mobile Intelligencer)

Israeli fans mark 32nd anniversary: Elvis Presley fans in Israel have marked 32nd anniversary of their Idols' death, at a diner on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Impersonators and admirers gathered at the diner, performing some of the singer's best-loved hits, and recreating the moves that made him famous.

'I (have been) imitating Elvis Presley (for) about 29 years and I love him. Today we're singing for Elvis, for his memory. We're going to celebrate his death, his life, his legacy,' Eran Lev-Ron, an Israeli Elvis impersonator said.

Elvis died on August 16, 1977 at the age of 42, in Memphis. (News, Source: Bigpond)

Elvis faithful can't visit site of last #1: Presley fans flocking to Memphis this weekend to remember the day he died are being encouraged to also celebrate the 40th anniversary of his final No. 1 hit single, "Suspicious Minds."

While they can tour Graceland, the estate where he died 32 years ago, or Sun Studio, which helped make him the King of Rock 'n' Roll, the Elvis faithful can't see the place where that hit record was made. There's nothing left, not even a historical marker, to remind people of the sessions that produced the "From Elvis in Memphis" album.

American Sound Studio folded in 1972 and the building was later torn down. In its place is a beauty shop and a crumbling parking lot.

"I haven't been back there to see," said Chips Moman, who ran the studio and produced the 1969 Elvis sessions. "I put it out of my mind."

But in 1969, American Sound Studio was at the top of its game, in the middle of a three-year span that would yield more than 100 hit records for artists that included B.J. Thomas, Neil Diamond and Dusty Springfield. Presley, meanwhile, had spent much of the previous years filming and recording soundtracks to his largely forgettable movies. He hadn't recorded in Memphis since leaving the Sun label in 1955. But he was also coming off the roaring success of his televised comeback special in December 1968 and proved willing to take some risks in hopes of charting his first No. 1 hit in six years.

"All of us had always liked Elvis, his early stuff," Moman, 72, said in a telephone interview from his home in LaGrange, Ga. "We didn't like all that movie stuff, so when we got our chance we wanted to cut some stuff that we liked."

Initially, it didn't appear Presley was going to want to move in a different direction. He arrived at the studio in January 1969 with his sizable entourage of friends and handlers, and some potential songs were presented to Moman and the band.

"And of course all those guys were boogalooing to all those terrible songs," recalled Bobby Wood, 68, piano player for the 827 Thomas Street Band. "And we were just standing around wondering, 'What in the world is going on here?"'

Wood said he was approached by Elvis confidant George Klein and asked what he thought about the songs. He answered frankly that he thought "they were a bunch of crap" and was shocked when Klein carried that message back to Presley.

"I didn't know whether Elvis was going to say 'Get out of here,' or what," Wood said. "But he just started laughing, and he was laughing to the top of his voice. So I knew he was all right after that."

The entourage began melting away as Presley began to gel with Moman and the house band in overnight recording sessions. He agreed to record "In the Ghetto," unusual in Elvis' repertoire for its social commentary on the cycle of crime and poverty, and "Suspicious Minds," which became a centerpiece of his live Las Vegas performances that would begin that year.

"I knew that he was only a good song away from being as big as he ever was," Moman said. "I knew Elvis had what it takes. We just gave him something new, and a new kind of groove."

Four years later and well into his jumpsuit-and-cape era, Elvis returned to Memphis to record at Stax Records in an effort to recapture the feel from the American sessions. Wood and several other members of the band — now known as the Memphis Boys since moving to Nashville — were brought in to back him up.

"The whole scenario had changed, and even Elvis didn't seem like he was that interested anymore," Wood said. The studio was teeming with people and there were too many distractions to record quality music, he said. "If you're not in control of the recording and getting it done with a small group of people, it's just not the same," Wood said.

Presley never lived to see another No. 1 single. He died Aug. 16, 1977, of heart disease worsened by years of prescription drug abuse. (News, Source: AP)

Sunday 16 August 2009.................... Elvis Week 2009 DAY 9

Forever Elvis - A commemorative Spotlight: Elvis touched the soul of every true fan and that hot August night in 1977 the fans returned the love. The funeral for the famous musician stopped the city. Thousands of people packed the streets, sharing their grief and love for the man who was gone. They followed the casket, which was festooned with flowers, and then, together, started singing one of the musician's most popular songs. Never before had so many voices joined in glorious harmony.... There is a universality to grief. Just as mourners in Milan did back in 1901 as they joined together to sing one of Verdi's signature tunes, so too in August 1977 did people gather from all over the world at the gates of Graceland to mourn over their lost idol.

EIN's Piers Beagley contributes a special Spotlight for August 16th - And Elvis will live, Forever.

(Spotlight, Source;EIN)

ELVIS WEEK 2009 - Saturday DAY 8 - EIN exclusive report: ‘C’mon Everybody’ and watch out Memphis because Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, is back in town once again to give us all the inside scoops on Elvis Week 2009.

Day 8 was another packed day. The Conversations On Elvis at the Cannon Centre and earlier in the day the fundraising fun run. Sanja also took in the Gladiators DVD launch as well as the SONY presentation. Finally the always emotional Candlelight Vigil.

EIN is the first website with an exclusive diary, plus daily photos - so click here & don't miss these special reports.
(Elvis Week 2009, Source:SanjaMeegin/EIN)

Elvis fans wrap up week of activities with farewell vigil: Thirty-two years after the death of Elvis Presley, the faithful still came in droves to pay tribute to "The King" of rock and roll at the annual candlelight vigil Saturday night at Graceland.
Police estimated a crowd of 8,500 at the event that concluded Elvis Week 2009, though more than 10,000 fans were expected to attend throughout the night. As always, Elvis fans came to see and be seen along the section of Elvis Presley Boulevard blocked off from traffic for the event. One group was seen wearing large golden E's on their heads.
"We're leading a life of E's," joked Donnie Hudiburg of Stillwater, Okla., who was visiting friends Trude and Peter Naff in Memphis.
Naff has been wearing the same headgear to vigils since the 20th anniversary of Elvis' death. The singer died on Aug. 16, 1977.
Others paid tribute to "The King" in song in the previgil entertainment.
After 14 years in the Navy, Scott Michael was told by a friend that he sounded like Elvis when he sang. It's certainly an unusual talent for a blue-collar guy from Staten Island, N.Y.

The 2001 vocal discovery paid off. He has been singing sound-alike Elvis songs in concert since 2003. He doesn't consider himself a tribute artist.
"I don't look like him. I don't act like him. I don't do the suits," he said. "There are a lot of guys who do the tribute acts and are very good at it. I'm just me. And there's only one Elvis."
In January, he and his wife moved to Olive Branch. The main reason, he says, was to be closer to the home of "The King."
Among the international fans in attendance were Stephen Touzen, a French Canadian who was decked out in Elvis' famed gold lamé jacket. In the nearly 90-degree summer night, he was sweating almost as much as the candle perched on the end of his acoustic guitar was dripping wax. Many others in the humid evening got much use out of the free Elvis fans that were handed out in the afternoon.
The line to walk, candle in hand, to the grave of Elvis started forming 48 hours prior to the event. As is traditional, the Elvis Country Fan Club from Texas chose the theme of the vigil, "Mine," after a song from the soundtrack to the 1968 film "Speedway."
The somber line of fans wound up the Graceland driveway to the Meditation Garden where the graves of Elvis' parents, Gladys and Vernon Presley, and grandmother, Minnie Mae Hood Presley, are also located.
Kevin Kern, director of public relations for Elvis Presley Enterprises, said the vigil was "an exclamation point at the end of the summer for both Elvis fans and Memphis tourism."
He said that many vacationers had chosen to travel within the region because of the economy. Graceland had more visitors this summer than last.
About 30,000 people participated in Elvis Week activities, he added. Two of the events -- Elvis 1969: A Celebration Concert and the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist event -- were sellouts.
"Graceland is a very affordable alternative to traveling to other places," he said. "More people are traveling by car this year and Memphis got the increased traffic."
(News, Source;MemphisCommercialAppeal)

Chips Moman gives a little more conversation on Elvis' 1969 creative rebirth: By any standard, Chips Moman has an impressive résumé. As a songwriter, Moman is responsible for several true classics, from "Dark End of the Street" to "Luckenbach Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)." As a producer, he helped define Stax Records during its early years before going on to sire a succession of hits at his American Sound Studio.
But, perhaps more than any aspect of his storied career, Moman will be remembered as the man who helped midwife Elvis Presley's creative rebirth in 1969.
On Saturday, Moman will be back in the Bluff City for a rare public appearance and an even rarer conversation about the King. He'll be here, along with the members of his famed American Studio band, to mark the 40th anniversary their work on the landmark From Elvis in Memphis album. Moman and company will be interviewed on Saturday in a panel discussion at the Cannon Center for Elvis week.
For Moman, his relationship with Elvis predates the 1969 sessions -- and actually began on a Ferris wheel. "See, I used to go out to the fairgrounds whenever Elvis would rent it out, and I would go out and hang out with him and ride the rides," says Moman.
By 1969, with his movie commitments over and the famed "Comeback Special" behind him, Elvis was ready to get back to serious recording. As it happened, the hottest band, producer and studio in the world were right in Presley's backyard.
Over the years, Moman and his American Sound Studio -- located on Thomas Street in North Memphis -- had grown into a monster. Moman had recruited a crack unit of players from the house bands at Hi Records and Phillips Records to form the American Studio group: guitarist Reggie Young, drummer Gene Chrisman, pianist Bobby Wood, organist Bobby Emmons and bassists Mike Leech and Tommy Cogbill.
The lineup, mostly with Moman behind the board, would become a hit-making machine in the latter half of the '60s, working up a series of chart smashes for artists like the Box Tops ("The Letter''), Dusty Springfield ("Son of a Preacher Man''), Neil Diamond ("Sweet Caroline''), B.J. Thomas ("Hooked on a Feeling'') and Bobby Womack ("Fly Me To The Moon") .
Given the firm grip of Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker, his label RCA, and song pluggers at Hill and Range Music Publishers, getting Elvis into Moman's studio proved a challenge. It was Marty Lacker -- onetime foreman for Presley, who'd gone to work for Moman -- who brought the project in through the back door.
"Marty was working for me and he was still in close with Elvis," says Moman. "So Marty was talking to me about Elvis and talking to Elvis about me and slowly bringing us together. He's really the one that got that album to take place."
The sessions, which took place in January and February of 1969, began with a bit of turbulence, as Moman was forced to take charge, clearing the studio of Presley's pals and business associates, and setting the tone for the record he wanted to make.
"There was a big entourage and there were these publishers in town and they were pushing the kind of songs that Elvis had been cutting, and I wanted to change that," says Moman. "See, we all liked Elvis, but we all liked Elvis in the old days. And so we were really excited about cutting him because we thought that we could do something real special."
For Moman, the secret of the sessions was finding the right material for Presley. A gifted songwriter himself, Moman always had an ear out for the next hit tune. "People were sending me songs all the time. People who write songs, they knew I would listen. I always stayed in touch with a lot of songwriters and I would constantly be calling them and asking them for new things."
Among those who provided songs for the Presley sessions were young writers like Mac Davis ("In the Ghetto"), Mark James ("Suspicious Minds"), and Eddie Rabbitt ("Kentucky Rain"). Combining the fresh material with a mix of old country, R&B and rock favorites, Presley was able to showcase his range and interpretive gifts.
For Moman, the sessions with Presley were not unique from a musical standpoint -- "we did exactly what we normally did" he says -- but Presley, who was being pushed in the studio for the first time in more than a decade, was performing with a newfound energy and enthusiasm.
"He came in there and he was on fire, man. He really was," says Moman. "He was excited about this session. I think he liked the strangeness of it, 'cause it was so different from his sessions that he'd been doing."
"He hit it off with everybody too. He was in a good mood and always joking. And it was always funny. He could tell a joke and even if it was a bad joke, everybody would laugh," says Moman, chuckling.
The collaboration between Elvis and Moman would result in Presley's return to the charts, and the King's musical resurgence, which continued with his return to live performing later that year.
Though Presley did not return to record at American, another album, Back in Memphis, containing leftovers from the American sessions, was released in 1970, much to Moman's chagrin.
"The fact is they took the culls, the throwaways, that I had and made an album out of it and released it, too. That was all outtakes. The guys from RCA, they took every tape in the world that they thought had Elvis on it. And that's how they got that other album." (A remastered version of both Memphis albums was reissued by Sony/Legacy as a two-disc package last week.)
For Moman, who's been reclusive in recent years, Saturday's Elvis interview will be a rare opportunity to hear him talk about his most famous charge. "Ordinarily I just don't do any interviews about Elvis. The thing of it is, man, I just get wore out of people asking me about Elvis," he says, with a laugh. "This is the first time I'm doing something like this, but I think it will be great to be with the (American Band) and just reminisce."
The interview will also be the first public appearance for Moman since suffering a stroke last year. He's slowly been recovering, and getting back to the things he loves most. "I'm doing better, but I'm having to really work with my left hand a lot because the stroke messed it up. I haven't been able to play the guitar very well but I'm trying. I'm starting to play my guitar a bit and write some more songs," says Moman.
"Might be another hit left in there yet."
(News, Source;MLacker)

Saturday 15 August 2009.................... Elvis Week 2009 DAY 8

ELVIS WEEK 2009 - Friday DAY 7 - EIN exclusive report: ‘C’mon Everybody’ and watch out Memphis because Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, is back in town once again to give us all the inside scoops on Elvis Week 2009.

Day 7 was a stunner ending with the fabulous TCB Band '69 Cannon Centre concert (right). Earlier in the day Sanja travelled to Tupelo checking out Elvis' house as well as Johnnies Drive In. She also spent some time learning more about Elvis from Tupelo Hardware Store's Howard Hire.

EIN is the first website with an exclusive diary, plus daily photos - so click here & don't miss these special reports.
(Elvis Week 2009, Source:SanjaMeegin/EIN)

Let Me Be The One-'Behind Closed Doors' new CD: (As recorded "at home" in 1960 - 1973 - 1974.)
If you wanted to hear more than a new live recording and wished for a brand new song, then the new Audionics is the one to buy! The label Audionics will soon release the CD "Let Me Be The One – Behind Closed Doors" containing home demos recorded in April 1974, November 1973 and 1960. Completely new songs recorded by Elvis are hard to find and Audionics is proud to include a completely UNRELEASED gem recorded in April 1974 in Palm Springs, CA.
Elvis’ duets rendition with the group Voice of the song "Let Me Be The One" is somewhat spicy to say the least but nonetheless entertaining, all his energy was saved for a great finale that is almost worth the price of the CD by itself. This incredible rarity is followed with the complete November 1973 home demos recorded at Sam Thompson’s house in Memphis, and for the first time ever complete in such EXCELLENT quality.
Finally we move back to California thirteen years earlier with Elvis on piano in the privacy of his house on Monovale Drive in Beverly Hills. This time Elvis is surrounded by Nancy Sharp and Red West. Within this intimate setting you are treated with the complete unedited home demos recorded that day, featuring for the very first time a good portion in stereo * (they have use two microphones) and best ever sound quality.
This new Audionics production will be presented in a standard jewel case with a 32-page booklet, and accompanying photographs taken during these years or close to them. You will be able to hear and enjoy Elvis in the relaxed atmosphere of these private parties in California and Memphis. Get a copy while you can! AUDIONICS 2009-04-2

01. Dialogue / Spanish Eyes #1 / Dialogue
02. Young At Heart (partial) / Dialogue
03. Let Me Be The One
04. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
05. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
06. Rocky Top (instrumental)
07. Spanish Eyes #2 (with reprise)
08. C. C. Rider
09. That's All Right, Mama
10. Your Life Has Just Begun
11. Tear Drops / 'sorority songs'
12. Elvis recites a poem / Dialogue
13. You'll Never Walk Alone (partial) *
14. If I Loved You *
15. The Lord's Prayer / If I Loved You (reprise) *
16. I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder *
17. An Evening Prayer (partial) *
18. Make Believe *
19. She Wears My Ring *
20. Sweet Leilani #1 *
21. Sweet Leilani # 2 *
22. Sweet Leilani (reprise)
23. Beyond The Reef
24. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
25. He
26. Hands Off
27. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (partial)
Tracks 1-3 recorded in Elvis Presley's Home, Palm Springs, CA,- April 1974.
Tracks 4-12 recorded at Sam Thompson home, Memphis, TN - November 1973.
Tracks 13-27 recorded at EP's Residence at Monovale Dr., Hollywood, CA. - November 1960.
* denotes stereo recording
Total running time: 52:15
(News, Source:Audionics)

Elvis Presley's birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi now a hot tourist attraction: August 16 marks the 32nd anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. In death, Elvis seems to be more popular than ever with millions of fans visiting Presley's Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee every year. Now those fans are also making the trip 90 minutes southeast of Memphis to visit the original two-room shack where Elvis Presley was born.
Taking a cue from Graceland, the restored shack is just one part of the attraction at the Elvis Presley Birthplace complex at 306 Elvis Presley Drive in Tupelo, Mississippi. The original house was designated a state historical site back in 1978, and since then the Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel was built on the grounds in 1979, and an Elvis Presley Museum was added in 1992.

While the two-room house only takes a few minutes to walk through (it's literally only two rooms!), visitors can expect to spend several hours exploring the museum and the beautiful grounds at the Birthplace complex. In the Assembly of God church, visitors can experience an old-time worship service similar to those that Elvis Presley attended as a young boy.

Elvis Presley's father, Vernon, built this two-room house himself in 1934 using lumber he purchased with money borrowed from his employer, Orville Bean. The house contained no bathroom or running water. Inside the house at 4 am on January 8, 1935, Gladys Presley gave birth to a stillborn baby boy named Jesse. A half hour later, Elvis Presley was born alive and healthy.
Elvis and his parents lived here for almost three years until Vernon got arrested for altering the amount on a check. He was sentenced to three years in jail. Orville Bean, who still held a note on the house, forced the Presleys into foreclosure leaving Gladys and her son, Elvis, to find another place to live.

In 1977, the original house was restored and decorated to replicate the 1930s lifestyle that the Presleys experienced while living in the house. At the entrance to the grounds, a 1939 green Plymouth, similar to the car that the Presleys used to move from Tupelo to Memphis in 1948, is on display.
A memorial garden was built on the grounds and features a statue of Elvis as a young boy, and the "walk of life" -- 42 granite blocks which represent each year of Presley's life. For fans seeing the ever-so-humble beginnings of the King of Rock and Roll, the Elvis Presley Birthplace certainly adds a new dimension to the legacy of Elvis Presley.
Click here to the original article and delightful slide-show of Elvis Presley Birthplace complex.
Story & Photos by EIN Contributor Trina Yannicos
(News, Source;TrinaYannicos/EIN)

Japanese Elvis statue unveiled in Kobe: Former Prime Minister and keen Elvis fan Junichiro Koizumi, 67, attended a ceremony in Kobe Harborland on Sunday held to unveil the Elvis Presley statue that sat outside the Love Me Tender store in Tokyo’s Harajuku since 1987, but was removed in January this year following the closure of the store.
Koizumi joined the crowd of about 1,000 Elvis Presley fans who braved the rain for the unveiling of the statue, which was originally paid for by the former prime minister along with contributions from several hundred other fans. Koizumi said that his love for Elvis was handy in diplomatic relations at times, and in the end seemingly outshone the statue amid the cries of “Jun-chan” that came from the crowd. 
Kobe, known as the birthplace of jazz in Japan, was chosen as the new location for the statue after locals campaigned to have it brought to the port city. Harajuku was chosen for the first site in 1987 – 10 years after The King’s passing. 


(News, Source:japantoday.com)

Polish Elvis CD Series: One of the most popular daily newspapers in Poland, Gazeta Wyborcza (Election Gazette), in conjunction with Radio Złote Przeboje (Golden Hits Radio), will release a twelve volume series of Elvis books and CDs. Each book will include a CD with Elvis’ songs. The first volume called Wiecznie Żywy (Alive Forever) hits the streets on Monday, August 17th. Volume 2, titled Narodziny Gwiazdy (A Star Is Born), will be released the following day, on August 18th. The remaining ten volumes will be issued weekly (every Tuesday) until October 27th, 2009.

Rather strangely the iconic Elvis 68 image on the side appears to be an impersonator and not Elvis! Why would you do that?!


(News, Source;ElvisNews)

Friday 14 August 2009.................... Elvis Week 2009 DAY 7

ELVIS WEEK 2009 - DAY 6 - EIN exclusive report: ‘C’mon Everybody’ and watch out Memphis because Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, is back in town once again to give us all the inside scoops on Elvis Week 2009.

Day 6 was a full day of Good Rockin' starting out with the "Music Note" dedication on Beale Street to Dewey Phillips. Sanja chatted to Jack Soden as well as catching up with the feisty Bernard Lansky. She also spent some time learning about fine Elvis art with Joe Petruccio (right).

EIN is the first website with exclusive info, plus daily photos - so click here & don't miss these special reports.

(Elvis Week 2009, Source:SanjaMeegin/EIN)

Bill Cherry new 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Winner: Congratulations to Bill Cherry, who was named the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of 2009 tonight at the final round of the EPE competition.
2nd Place: Donny Edwards- winner of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest at Pechanga Casino Resorts Preliminary Round
3rd Place: Kevin Mills - Winner of the Lake George.com Elvis Festival Preliminary Round.
As EIN noted yesterday, despite the fan craziness the big news was also that Joseph Hall in the end did not make the Top 5.
Congratulations to the three winners and all those who competed in the semifinal and final round of the competition in Memphis.

Click here for more about the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.
(News Source;EIN/EPE)

Jerry Scheff quits TCB Band European tour: Rumours have been floating around for quite a while that Jerry Scheff wanted to get out of the European TCB Band 'Elvis The Concert' tour. A recent announcement now informs us that he has now been replaced by bassist Nathan East (right). This is shocking news as the TCB Band looses one of its key members. Elvis bass-player Duke Bardwell had also been considered for the position.

Nathan East does however have a great reputation since he has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Elton John, Anita Baker, B.B. King and Quincy Jones - along with performing at the Barack Obama Inaugural Celebration Concert "We Are One" at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. But is he part of Elvis' TCB Band?

If you are in Memphis for Elvis Week make sure you get to the "Elvis 69" show to see the original TCB band together live on stage - surely not for the last time?

(News, Source;EIN)

Top Elvis-soundalike Robert Washington Joins 'The Original Elvis Tribute': Memphis: As he finishes a steaming hot "My Babe" during his well-received performance last night here in Memphis, it's easy to see why Robert Washington is viewed by so many as the world's best Elvis sound-a-like. Close your eyes and you hear the unmistakable voice of The King, with all the intensity and raw emotion that marked his best work. Especially on material from the comeback era (1968 – '70), Washington’s voice is remarkably close to Presley’s. "On August 16th, 1977, I was celebrating my 19th birthday when I heard the devastating news of Elvis' death. I was absolutely gutted", he says. "People were always saying that I sounded like him, and after winning various prizes in talent contests, I started doing live shows. The reponse was just amazing". Washington is very excited about doing a Europe tour in January 2010, as part of the production 'The Original Elvis Tribute 2010'. "I'm really looking forward to coming to Europe with such a tremendous band. These guys are some of the finest players in the business. Elvis' mid-70s bassplayer Duke Bardwell is part of the band, as well as songwriter Michael Jarrett, who wrote great songs like I'm Leavin' and I'll Be Home On Christmas Day for Elvis. This is a fantastic opportunity for me". Washington is particularly pleased with the fact that this show is a genuine tribute, and not an impersonation. "No jumpsuits, man. This is the real deal. We will be performing his songs, but I will not be wearing a jumpsuit or anything like that. This is going to be a fantastic show. We will be celebrating Elvis' 75th birthday performing many of his greatest songs, and we really want to make this a show that he would have been proud of". For more information about this unique tour, please visit: www.myspace.com/theoriginalelvistribute2010
Click here for Robert Washington's performance of  ‘Let Yourself Go’:
(News, Source;ArjanD)  

Les Paul, the original guitar hero, dies in New York at 94: Les Paul (right) the evergreen musician and inventor who created the solid-body electric guitar which ushered-in the era of rock and roll, and went on to change the face of modern music has died. He was 94.
Gibson, maker of the instruments that bear Paul’s name, announced yesterday that he had passed away overnight at White Plains hospital in New York State, following complications related to a bout of pneumonia.
He will be mourned by generations of devotees of the Les Paul guitar, which first went on sale in 1952 and is still sold today, together with a cross-section of record producers who owe their success to multi-track recording techniques, which he also pioneered.
Dozens of rock and roll legends rose to fame wielding his range of instruments. They range from Paul McCartney and Richie Sambora to Pete Townshend of The Who, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, and Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols.
Though he owed his own fame to the eponymous guitar, Paul was also a popular musician in his own right. With Mary Ford, his wife from 1949 to 1962, he earned 36 gold records for hits that included "Vaya Con Dios" and "How High the Moon," which were both number ones. Many of the duo’s songs were distinguished by innovative overdubbing techniques that form one of his most significant legacies.
Les Paul begun experimenting with overdubbing after the War, when Bing Crosby gave him an early tape recorder. He soon pioneered so-called multi-track recording, which allowed an artist to record different instruments and harmonies at different times, then edit them together.
"Without him, it's hard to imagine how rock and roll would be played today," the late Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records, once said.
Born Lester William Polfus on June 9, 1915, and brought up in Wisconsin, Les Paul taught himself acoustic guitar during childhood and began his professional career as a teenager, billed as Red Hot Red or Rhubarb Red.
A self-confessed "tinkerer," he experimented with guitar amplification for years, before coming up in 1941 with the instrument he described as "The Log," a piece of wood strung with steel strings. "I went into a nightclub and played it. Of course, everybody had me labeled as a nut."
Public reactions began to shift when Paul put wooden wings onto the body to give it a traditional guitar shape. Electric guitars gained popularity throughout the 1940s, though it wasn’t until a decade later that Gibson began production on a Les Paul.
Friends yesterday described Paul as an ebullient character with a colourful sense of humour. On his induction to the Rock and Roll hall of fame in the 1980s, he joked that people might finally realise that he was a real person, as opposed to a brand of guitar.
In recent years, Paul continued to play on Monday nights at New York's Iridium jazz club, where fans like as Jimmy Page, Dire Straits' Mark Knopfler, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen came to pay tribute and occasionally sit in with him.
"I cannot imagine life without Les Paul. He would walk into a room and put a smile on anyone’s face. His musical charm was extraordinary and his techniques unmatched anywhere in the world," said Henry Juszkiewicz, the Chairman of Gibson. "We will dedicate ourselves to preserving Les’ legacy to insure that it lives on forever."
(News, Source;EIN) (Right: Elvis and a Gibson double-neck, based on the Les Paul SG)

Elvis fans in Melbourne, Australia don't miss this August 16th Double-Bill! The Astor Theatre in St Kilda presents a double ELVIS Sunday matinee from 2.00pm August 16th. A special double screening of  'That's The Way It Is' and 'Viva Las Vegas.'
"The King struts his stuff in 'Elvis: That's The Way It Is — Special Edition', followed by the same Elvis and the same town but a very-different story, Viva Las Vegas, also starring Ann–Margret.
Go here for more details.

(News, Source;EIN/TonyC)

Ultimate Elvis Auction with Heritage auctions in 2010: January 8, 2010 marks the 75th anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley and the beginning of eight months of Elvis celebrations and sales by Heritage Auctions, culminating on August 14, 2010, with an entire auction dedicated to presenting the choicest, most desirable Elvis memorabilia ever offered. The "Ultimate Elvis Auction" is scheduled for August 14, 2010 in Memphis. In addition, each auction leading up to the Ultimate Elvis Event will feature a special Everything Elvis section. The dates: March 19-21 and July 16-18 2010.

(News, Source;Elvis Matters)

Al Dvorin's Son writing a new Elvis book: Howard Dvorin, the son of the late Al "Elvis Has Left The Building" Dvorin is currently in Memphis at the Memorablia expos. He is selling some items that once were Al's personal possessions, such as signed posters, promotional items, stuffed Hound Dogs, scarfs, backstage passes, even cardboard band stands from the fifties. In addition to that, Howard is working on a book, based on the memoirs of his late father.
(News, Source;Elvis Matters)

The 2009 James Burton International Guitar Festival Tribute to Elvis, August 22: Legend has it that a few ghosts inhabit Shreveport’s historic Municipal Auditorium, where Elvis Presley began his career along with numerous country and rock legends.
Plans are in the works to restore one of the best examples of Art Deco architecture in Louisiana, but visitors can tour the building and see Elvis’s dressing room and take in Shreveport’s musical history at the Stage of Stars Museum with its rare photos and personal artifacts of the many musicians who have played there. Outside in front are two statues — Elvis and guitarist James Burton, one of Shreveport’s best-known performers.
The Municipal Auditorium opened in 1929, with seating for 3,000 with a 54-foot-high proscenium arch and accented by an art deco design. Mardi Gras balls, circuses and the famous Louisiana Hayride radio show were regular visitors of the building, the latter featuring musicians Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Tex Ritter, Doug Kershaw, George Jones and Huddie Ledbetter.
Elvis joined the lineup on Oct. 16, 1954, when he was paid just $18 per show. On his last performance in 1956, it was said, "Elvis has left the building."
In 1969, when Elvis returned to touring, he contacted Burton and asked him to form a band. That was 40 years ago this year, a milestone that will be marked at the fourth annual James Burton International Guitar Festival on Aug. 21 and 22 in Shreveport.
Most of the festival takes place at the Hirsch Memorial Coliseum at the Louisiana State Fair Grounds with highlights including a guitar showdown and talent competition hosted by Tipitina’s Shreveport Music Office Coop at 9 a.m. Aug. 22, followed by live music at 11:30 a.m. and the attempt at a Guinness World Record featuring the most guitarists performing together at 2 p.m.
There will be a James Burton Birthday Bash featuring local and regional bands from 6 p.m. to midnight Aug. 21, at the Festival Plaza by the Red River in downtown Shreveport and a James Burton & Friends Concert will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 22, at the Municipal Auditorium with tickets costing $25 to $100.
The festival was created by the James Burton Foundation to raise money for free guitars, technical training and music lessons to young musicians who can’t afford them otherwise.
(News, Source;jamesburtonmusic.com)




Elvis Presley & Michael Jackson, A legacy for the ages: August is a big month for the Kings of Pop and Rock & Roll.
Michael Jackson was born in August of 1958, and Elvis Presley died in August of 1977.
As we all know, Michael Jackson passed away earlier this summer at the mere age of 50, while Elvis was only 42 when he died. Now that both of the Kings have passed away, people are beginning to wonder who's "legacy" will last longer.
Now, of course you have to take all of this with a grain of salt because times have changed! There is NO accurate way to gauge if MJ will remain more popular than Elvis in the long run. Each artist had an unmeasurable impact on the music world (and many other industries.) And each artist changed the way we listen to, look at, and understand music.
I once heard on the news that Miley Cyrus had surpassed Elvis in overall popularity. How is this proven? They didn't say. Lets look at it though, Miley Cyrus has a much better shot at being seen hundreds of thousands Americans every minute of every day thanks to advancements in technology. Elvis on the other hand, obviously didn't have tools like the Internet to help fuel his success.
For much of MJ's career, the Internet was either non-existant or in a very young state. But if someone said on the news that Miley Cyrus had surpassed Michael Jackson in popularity, most people would have a conniption. Why is this? It could be the very recent passing of MJ. Or it could even be people taking offense to someone comparing Hannah Montana to one of the greatest performers to ever live.
Many original Elvis fans are still around and just as big a fan now as they were the first time they heard The King. Someone like me, however, might not have as big an attachment to Elvis because I was never around for his reign of stardom. When I heard that Michael Jackson died I simply could not believe it. I'm no super fan by any means, but it hit me that I don't know a life without Michael Jackson in it. Im sure that when Elvis died, there were people who felt the same way.
So who's legacy will live on forever (or at least longer?) No one really can say. The only way that anyone could judge it would be if both stars had equal amounts of revenue, fans, and popularity along with careers that would have to be as near identical as possible.
Only time will be able to tell who's legacy will reign supreme. And in reality, in years down the line, the "results" will be skewed anyway because of obvious (and listed) reasons. Some might argue to say that with no Elvis there would be no Michael Jackson. You be the judge.
- By Derek Heidemann.
Go here to EIN's Elvis / Michael Jackson Spotlight with all the news.
(News, Source;examiner.com)

Thursday 13 August 2009................ Elvis Week 2009 DAY 6
Jimmy Velvet talks about his book & his life "Inside The Dream": Fans will know Jimmy Velvet as a friend of Elvis’ as well as the creator of the Elvis Presley Museum and owner of one of the world's biggest collectors of rock’n’roll memorabilia. Jimmy Velvet was also a successful recording artist and personally knew almost all the major stars that you can imagine - and was also luckily an enthusiastic photographer who always had his camera with him. He toured with Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard – and ELVIS - just to name a few! Being a contemporary of these mega-stars he managed to capture thousands of candid photographs in a way that a press photographer couldn’t. The photographic memoirs of Jimmy Velvet’s amazing life ‘Inside The Dream’ was released in 2007. EIN’s Piers Beagley recently caught up with him to chat about his amazing journey and how he managed to take so many fabulous candid photos.
As a Special Bonus EIN can get you 30% off the price of the bookRead this fascinating Interview to find out how.
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

ELVIS WEEK 2009 - DAY 5 - EIN exclusive report: ‘C’mon Everybody’ and watch out Memphis because Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, is back in town once again to give us all the inside scoops on Elvis Week 2009.

Day 5 was full of Elvis movies at Malco's, Sun Studios, meeting Jimmy Velvet and checking out the Elvis memorablia. Evening found time for some dancin' action as well as a nightime stroll to the Meditation Garden.

EIN is the only website with exclusive info, plus daily photos - so click here & don't miss these special reports.

(Elvis Week 2009, Source:SanjaMeegin/EIN)

Elvis Movie Marathons on TCM: Elvis may have left the building, but he hasn't left your TV. To mark the anniversary of Presley's passing, TCM will air a 24-hour marathon of 13 of the King's movies, starting at 6 a.m. Sunday. Shake, rattle and roll with TCM as they spin a greatest hits playlist fit for a King - a 13 movie marathon including Jailhouse Rock (1957), King Creole (1958), Fun In Acapulco (1963) and G.I. Blues (1960).

Click here for TCM USA ELVIS schedule

Search TCM Europe listings here

(News, Source;EIN)

New 'Jailhouse Rock' CD: Advertised today on Amazon is a new import CD called Jailhouse Rock. No track details are given. Release date August 25, 2009. We can presume this to be another public domain release.

Click here to Amazon for the scant details.


(News, Source;ElvisNews/Amazon)

Lisa Marie Turns to The Duchess For Support: Lisa Marie Presley and the Duchess of York has become close friends with Michael Jackson's ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley.
Fergie, 49, is helping Elvis's daughter get over Jacko's death by inviting her on holiday to her £25million rented villa near Marbella, Spain.
On Saturday Lisa Marie, 41, joined Fergie and Prince Andrew at Princess Beatrice's 21st birthday party.
A source said: "They met in America and have become very close.
"It may seem an odd combination but they get on very well and have lots in common. Sarah invited her to Bea's birthday. She came with her children and partner."

(News, Source;ElvisUnlimited)

Elvis is still The King after all these years: Elvis Week is in full bloom as fans celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the King’s death on Sunday. Elvis, who died Aug. 16, 1977, would be 74 years old if he was alive today.
I was 8 years old when he died.
Our TV was out of commission that day, and we had the radio on. Elvis songs were playing all day and night.
That was the day I really became a fan — the day he died.
Elvis is an authentic Southern legend, who came from dirt poor roots to blossom into the most influential singer in American history. I regret never seeing Elvis in concert. I’ve listened to people describe their experiences, and it’s almost like listening to someone recounting a spiritual encounter.
My favorite songs by Elvis are not his most popular. "It Hurts Me" tops the list followed by "It’s Now or Never," "Surrender," "If I Can Dream" and the rousing gospel number "Milky White Way."
Elvis was criticized for most of the 31 movies he starred in, but the films still managed to earn money.
My favorite of his movies is "Viva Las Vegas." The energy and joy emanating from Elvis when he played Lucky Jackson was palpable. To be fair, playing opposite Ann-Margret probably gave the King’s energy level a natural boost.
Graceland in Memphis still welcomes more than 600,000 visitors each year. It’s an interesting tour culminating in a sobering moment at the King’s grave.
My favorite memory of Elvis is watching his 1968 Comeback Special on video. I’m as heterosexual of a guy as any guy can be, but no one — man or woman — has ever looked better on TV than Elvis did when he stepped out into the round donned in black leather. Nervous at first, Elvis reminded me of
a tiger just released from his cage. You can actually see him gradually loosening up as he growled through some of his biggest hits.
A lot of people ridicule Elvis, focusing on his slide into drugs and obesity near the end of his life. He was far from perfect, but I think he wanted to be a better person. I believe when his mother Gladys died in 1958, a lot of the King’s reason for living went right out the door.
I’ve read in the media where Michael Jackson’s recent death at age 50 is being compared to the King’s. I was an impressionable 13-year-old when "Thriller" was released, and I recall how much I loved that album. But I never once placed Elvis and Michael Jackson in the same category.
Elvis is, was and always will be King.
- By Lionel Green.
(News, Source:sandmountainreporter.com)

Wednesday 12 August 2009............. Elvis Week 2009 DAY 5

'ELVIS: Vegas '69' - Book Review: Written by Ken Sharp author of the critically acclaimed ' Writing For The King' the book tells the remarkable story of Elvis' return to the concert stage told through first-hand accounts by those lucky enough to be on hand to witness Elvis' miraculous artistic and creative rebirth. But does 'Elvis:Vegas '69' live up to its promises?

EIN's Piers Beagley provides a detailed review of this absorbing and stunning book - and includes some excerpts and images.

Don't miss this review - and make sure you order the book before it sells out!


(Book Reviews: Source;ElvisInfoNet)

ELVIS WEEK 2009 - Day 4 - EIN exclusive report: ‘C’mon Everybody’ and watch out Memphis because Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, is back in town once again to give us all the inside scoops on Elvis Week 2009.

Sanja checked out the Elvis Hollywood exhibit as well as a Elvis' Pink Cadillac & playing with some gibson guitars.

EIN is the only website with exclusive info, plus daily photos - so click here & don't miss these special reports.

(EIN Elvis Week, Source:SanjaMeegin/EIN)

'That’s the Way It Is - The Complete Shows' new DVD -OUT NOW: The ‘International label’ that recently brought to you the critically acclaimed ‘Elvis – That’s the Way It Is - The Complete Works’ is now to release a DVD only version of the editors cut, now titled Elvis – That’s the Way It Is - The Complete Shows’ .
The 2 DVD’s are dual layered, (equivalent to 4 DVD’s and without loss of quality) factory pressed and are filled with 6 hours of the complete shows with excellent edits, lots of amazing multi angle sequence shots different to that of the previous release.

Also for the first time ever, the complete ‘That’s The Way It Is’ shows will be in FULL STEREO & in 5.1 Surround Sound. It also comes with an 8 page booklet insert. This is a very Limited Edition run of only 750 copies. Expected price to be around £25 - £30.
This release will coincide with the other International release ‘Showroom Internationale 1971’ same date of release and is expected very shortly. These will be the last of the ‘International’ label releases.

Click here for more info about the original DVDs & tracklist
(News, Source;International)









Weather Causes Damage At Graceland! Elvis Unlimited reported that last night just after 7, the sky over Graceland got very dark, the winds begun to whip, and the rain fell.
Guests visiting Elvis' grave were asked to evacuate the property but refused. EPE employees exclusively told Elvis Unlimited that it took 15 minutes to get guests to leave the property ( for their own safety) due to the weather conditions. Staff also said, " The fans are passionate. They really love Elvis! And despite the weather, they wanted to stay."
And hats off to the Graceland staff for wanting the  fans to come down from the hill until the storm ended. The Graceland staff put safety first. And from the picture shown, you can see why they were so concerned for tourists. A tree on the front lawn fell down during the storm. It fell and broke the original white wooden fence which has been at Graceland while Elvis lived there. I am sure Graceland will have this tree cleaned up and the lawn looking as beautiful as ever ASAP! Luckily no one was hurt not even a squirrel! (Thanks to Tony Stuchbury for the Graceland Squirrel!)
(News, Source;ElvisUnlimited/EPEScrapbook/EIN)

Tuesday 11 August 2009.................. Elvis Week 2009 DAY 4
IMPORTANT: 'Elvis On Tour' release on DVD: With perfect timing for Elvis Week the Turner Classic Movies website has a list of popular films (not available on dvd) that you can vote for to be produced on DVD. Today 'Elvis on Tour' is on the list at only #92.
1958's 'This Angry Age' staring Anthony Perkins is at number one but with only 6448 votes, Bogart's classic 'The African Queen' is at #2.
'Elvis On Tour' has 1206 votes so far.
If everyone who visits this site today CLICKS HERE TO VOTE - we can take 'Elvis On Tour' to the top of the list in one day!
Show MGM that Elvis fans care and really do want to see 'Elvis On Tour' finally released. If we can achieve a stunning set of votes then this will push MGM to release the upgraded 'Elvis On Tour Special Edition' DVD and this will get BMG to finally release the 'Elvis On Tour' CD box-set that Ernst has promised.

Votes are tallied once a day. Go ahead and vote and let your ELVIS voice be heard!

(News, Source;EIN)

ELVIS WEEK 2009 - Days 2 & 3 EIN exclusive report: ‘C’mon Everybody’ and watch out Memphis because Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, is back in town once again to give us all the inside scoops on Elvis Week 2009.

Sanja checked out the Elvis Army exhibit as well as a quieter Graceland before the major crowds arrived.

EIN is the only website with exclusive info, plus daily photos - so click here & don't miss these special reports.

(EIN Elvis Week, Source:SanjaMeegin/EIN)

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Aussie chart update: Sadly, in what is Elvis Week 2009, Elvis has no DVDs in the ARIA Top 40, with Elvis: The King of Rock 'n' Roll exiting the chart this week. 

And with no promotion from Sony BMG, the excellent new CD release, From Elvis in Memphis has sold very few copies “downunder” and hasn’t threatened to register in the ARIA Top 50 Albums Chart. Reports to EIN indicate the album is not being stocked by many retailers, with JB Hi-Fi a notable exception.

In the US, the 2CD release sold a paltry 3,700 copies in its first week. This was enough though to get it to #3 on the Billboard Country Albums Chart, showing how far sales of CDs have fallen!

Sony BMG is now waiting for the Cirque du Soleil "Elvis" album (due out early 2010) which will be its next Elvis release to receive a marketing push. (News, Source: ARIA/EIN)

Now for sale on eBay:

Memphis Recording Service The Rise of Elvis Presley Volume II: The long deleted 2nd volume in the critically acclaimed Memphis Recording Service series.


This is a book, DVD audio and 7" release.

MGM acetate of Elvis singing 'Baby I Don' Care': Vinyl acetates are highly sought after, particularly if they were Elvis' personal copy. The copy shown opposite is not attributed to being Elvis' own copy.

The Tupelo-Memphis Murders: A Psychological Study of Self-Destruction and Murder!: The most cryptic 'Elvis underground' book ever published with very controversial themes:

  • murder(s)
  • incest (an issue that will enrage some fans)
  • FBI undercover projects
  • nocturnal visits by men-in-black
  • a very mysterious Government(?) agency
  • the obligatory cover-up

Rated by ElvisBookResearch as "the best Elvis conspiracy book in years".


other items currently on eBay are:


The Memphis Lullaby album for Digital release on August 16: L.A.M. Productions are proud to announce that the album entitled, ‘The Memphis Lullaby’ will be released on August 16th 2009. ‘The Memphis Lullaby’ is Whitehaven’s debut studio album on the independent label L.A.M. Productions. The album has 14 songs all written by Linda Ann McConnell and will feature, the hit songs,‘The Memphis Lullaby’ and ‘Always.’ 

The album will be available from 170 digital stores at midnight on August 16th 2009. (News, Source: LAM)

EIN Note: EIN will publish a review of The Memphis Lullaby album in the next few days!

Are these the first "Million Dollar PLUS" Elvis related artworks on eBay???

All 3 artworks by artist, Gerald L. Sabatini

Monday 10 August 2009.................. Elvis Week 2009 DAY 3
‘Showroom Internationale 1971’ Final Details: The latest upcoming box set release from the ‘International’ label titled ‘Showroom Internationale 1971’ will be released 24th August 2009.
In conjunction with ‘DAE’ this release will feature a brand new unreleased soundboard performance from the Jan/Feb 1971 Las Vegas engagement, closing night February 23rd 8pm show.
The 2CD/Book set will also feature the January 28th Midnight show (previously released on the Fort Baxter label as ‘Lean Mean and Kicking Butt’) but this time, unlike before, it is directly mastered from the original reel tapes thus clearly showing vast noticeable sound improvements to its original release. All the audio restoration and remastering are by DAE.
This package also has an accompanying 100-page glossy hardback book featuring great unreleased photographs from the time, as well as a detailed essay encapsulating the actual engagement in January / February which help in putting this time-frame into some historical perspective by looking at what went before and afterwards.
This will be the last major release from the International label and the fabulous box set release has only a limited edition run of 999 copies.
Preview tracks can be heard on Elvis–Express radio this Friday and next. Preview copies have already been seen in Memphis.
Click here for full updated details & tracklists.
(News, Source;International)

Elvis Week Online Special Live Broadcasts:Even if you are not in Memphis for Elvis Week 2009, you can still join in the celebration from anywhere in the world via Elvis.com on-line live streaming.
The following are being featured:
Live Streaming on ElvisWeek.com of Sony Music Plaque Ceremony
August 15, 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM
- Watch as Sony BMG presents the Presley estate with more gold and platinum awards commemorating Elvis' music achievements. This will be broadcast live from Graceland plaza. A link to this page on ElvisWeek.com is coming soon.
Live Streaming of Candlelight Vigil
August 15, 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
- Watch the opening ceremony of the Candlelight Vigil at the front gates of Graceland and the beginning procession up the driveway. This live streaming will be available for the first hour of the vigil. A link to this page on ElvisWeek.com is coming soon.
Graceland LiveCam
- Click here now to see what is happening at Graceland everyday via the Graceland LiveCams. Also, be sure to visit it the evening of August 15 to watch the Candlelight Vigil procession at Graceland. A link to this page on ElvisWeek.com is coming soon.
Graceland Virtual Wall
- Connect with Elvis fans from all over the world and share you thoughts on Elvis' legacy. A link to this page on ElvisWeek.com is coming soon.
Click here for EPE info & broadcast links. (News, Source;EPE/EIN)










More videos added to the EPE Elvis Legacy project:

Elton Holland - Elton worked for Malco Theatres when Elvis would come in after-hours with friends to watch movies.

Jim "Rip" Fanning - Rip met Elvis when he was about 15 years old. He talks about Elvis' love of music and touch football.

Margaret DeMoville - Margaret shares her stories of seeing Elvis perform in both 1956 and 1957 in Tupelo.

Go here to view the videos: (News, Source;EIN/EPE)

Elvis Week 'Conversations on Elvis and Cirque du Soleil': At Conversations on Elvis - Session Two, in addition to hearing all about Elvis in Vegas in 1969, you’ll also find out about Elvis in Vegas in 2009! As you already know, very soon, Elvis will once again reign over the glittering city in a spectacular performance presented by Cirque du Soleil. In collaboration with EPE Inc. and MGM MIRAGE, the show is destined to be the star attraction at the Las Vegas Strip’s newest mega-resort, ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter, due to open in December 2009.
As part of Conversations on Elvis - Session Two, Cirque du Soleil Executive Producer Stéphane Mongeau, Director of Creation Armand Thomas and Production Manager Mike Anderson will give an exclusive first look at the new creation. The production aims to pay tribute to Elvis’ music and life, fusing dance and acrobatics, live music and iconic tracks, nostalgia and modernity, high technology and raw emotion. In short, the show will be in Elvis’ image: powerful, sexy, whimsical and truly unique. In addition to hearing some fascinating details on the production, those in the audience will also be among the first in the world to see some fun, behind-the-scenes video of the preparations that are currently taking place.
Conversations on Elvis 2 is on Sat August 15 at 1:00 p.m. at the Memphis Cannon Center.
Go here for more info
(News, Source;EPE/EIN)

'Stripped Of My Heart, My Soul' new CD out now: 36 years after it was recorded the Rainbow Records import release "Stripped Of My Heart, My Soul" has been released. It features Elvis Presley's complete performance recorded in Atlanta, Georgia on recorded July 3, 1973.

Tracklist:1. 2001 Theme 2. C.C. Rider 3. I Got A Woman / Amen 4. Help Me Make It Through The Night 5. Steamroller Blues 6. You Gave Me A Mountain 7. Love Me 8. Blue Suede Shoes 9. Medley: Long Tall Sally / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' on / Mama Don't Dance/Flip, Flop and Fly/Jailhouse Rock 10. My Way 11. How Great Thou Art 12. Hound Dog 13. Fever 14. Something 15. All Shook Up 16. Memphis, Tennessee 17. What Now My Love 18. Suspicious Minds 19. Introductions 20. I'll Remember You 21. I Can't Stop Loving You 22. Release Me 23. An American Trilogy 24. A Big Hunk O' Love 25. Can't Help Falling In Love 26. Closing Vamp
(News, Source;Email)

Sunday 9 August 2009.................. Elvis Week 2009 DAY 2
'Elvis and Gladys' author gives back to Tupelo: Last month it was announced that Elaine Dundy, author of the acclaimed "Elvis and Gladys," bequeathed $600,000 to establish the 'Elaine Dundy and Roy Turner Endowment Fund for the Arts'.
Roy Turner, a Tupelo native, (right: at the announcement) was an amateur historian when Dundy came to Northeast Mississippi in 1981 to research her book about Elvis Presley. "She paid me $5 an hour and gave me the most fantastic summer of my life," he said at the announcement of the gift at the CREATE Foundation, which will administer the endowment. That summer led to a lasting friendship between Roy Turner and Dundy.
She also developed an affinity for Tupelo. Shortly before she left London to research her book, Dundy had a drug overdose. Turner said she found much-needed comfort in Elvis' hometown. "She told her friends that coming to Tupelo and getting to know the people of Tupelo literally saved her life,"
Dundy was a well-known author before she began work on "Elvis and Gladys." Her first two novels, "The Dud Avocado" and "The Old Man and Me," recently have been released as New

York Review of Books classics. Her autobiography "Life Itself," was released in 2001.
Royalties from all of her books that are in print will contribute to the endowment. Talks are ongoing about a movie and a Broadway show based on "The Dud Avocado," which could boost royalties.
"I hope everyone realises what a massive gift it is," said Turner. The $600,000 and any future royalties will not be touched, Turner said. He estimated that about $30,000 in interest will be available each year, and a board will decide how to spend it.
The first plan is to buy a silver screen for the Lyric Theatre, which was a movie theatre when Elvis and Turner grew up in Tupelo.
Go here to EIN's exclusive interview with Elaine Dundy
Go here to EIN's exclusive interview with Roy Turner about the book 'Tupelo's Own' & the film 'Tupelo Homecoming'
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork/PJGansky)

Rosanne (TCB) Elvis fan passed away: It is with great sadness that EIN has learnt that on July 22nd Rosanne Utmom/Solomon, one of the nicest members of the TCB World website and keen Elvis fan, suddenly passed away. She was a great Elvis fan, a great person and her lighthearted posts brightened everyone's day. She is sadly missed by all and of course especially by her family. R.I.P. Rosanne. 4.27.59 - 7.22.09.
EIN sends its condolences and for those wishing to send words to her family there is a special MB set up, click here.

(News, Source;Franny/TCBWorld).

'ELV1S 30#1 Hits' Limited Edition Collector's Crate: Released on August 18, 2009 is this mini crate, T-Shirt and slip-sleeve CD of 'ELV1S 30#1 Hits'. Described as a "CD + T-Shirt + Crate= Must Have Fan Pack!" With a CD, artist t-shirt and custom storage crate, each Limited Edition Collector's Crates package is a fun-filled fan experience that's priced right and time perfectly for the 2009 holiday gift-giving season! Release Date: August 18, 2009.
Click here for more info.



(News, Source;Amazon)

John Krondes and the Elvis "Hit-Making Team" new CD & Memphis launch:
From the Press Release>>>
In a breathe of New Life, the unmistaken Memphis Sound is back in full force.  For the first time since the death of Elvis Presley in 1977, the King's entire "Hit Making Team" has returned to the recording studio with singer/songwriter John Krondes to make new music and keep the dream alive.
Nearly Ten Years in the making, and recorded in studios all across America; dedication determination, Inspiration from fans and the love for Elvis has fueled the fire for the "Hit Making Team" to keep moving toward the goal of bringing the Memphis Rock Sound back to deserving loyal fans.  Now a dream has become a "New Beginning" for the King and the re-creation of the successful musical operation that Elvis Presley had built and spearheaded for over Twenty Years. 
Joe Esposito of the Memphis Mafia is the Chairman and Godfather of the Elvis "Hit Making Team".
John Krondes and the "Hit Making Team" salute the King and dedicate the epic new CD THE END A New Beginning as a fresh start and New Beginning for the music. Significantly, this new reunion CD is the first commerical recording by the original Presley "Hit Team" since the king's passing 32 Years ago.
Featured in the new recordings are all of Elvis Presley's vocal groups: the Jordanaires, the former original Stamps Quartet, Imperials, and Sweet Inspirations.  Both of the King's Bands rock the house for the comeback; included are the TCB Band and the American Studios Band - "The Memphis Boys".  Elvis '
first drummer DJ Fontana, and star drummers Ronnie Tutt, Gene Chrisman, Steve Gadd and Anton Fig keep the beat for the "Hit Team'.  This heart-stirring project also includes scores of additional super talent who accompanied the King: Millie Kirkham, Shane Keister, Bobby Ogdin, Ron Feuer, Gary Herbig, Lanny Morgan, Buddy Spicher, Elvis Presley's Original Horn Section, Arrangers, Elvis Composers Paul Evans, Paul Parnes, Al Byron, Randy Starr, Jimmy Krondes, and many others.
The CD launch is at The Peabody Hotel Memphis, Grand Ballroom, Thursday, August 13th, 2009, 1:00-6:00pm.
For more info Click Here.
(News, Source;EIN/TCB)

New JAT Special Product a 'Vince Everett" CD: JAT Special Product announces the release of a new CD in 10 days from now. All the details are available on the flyer.

"Vince Everett" - the Elvis sound-a-like performer - was a pseudonym of singer Marvin Benefield who recorded for ABC-Paramount and in a strange coincidence his records were produced by Felton Jarvis.




(News, Source:EIN/JATProductions)

Saturday 8 August 2009.................. Elvis Week 2009 begins - Featuring the first of our special EIN reports!

ELVIS WEEK 2009 - EIN exclusive report: ‘C’mon Everybody’ and watch out Memphis because Sanja Meegin, EIN's roving reporter, is back in town once again to give us all the inside scoops on Elvis Week 2009. While it officially starts Saturday August 8th, Sanja arrived hot from LA and Vegas to check out the calm-before-the-storm. While a little quiet, there are a few new nice displays worth checking out. Sanja also met up with a tired George Klein who had been working his show on Sirius Radio.

EIN is the only website with exclusive info, plus daily photos - so click here & don't miss these special reports.

(Elvis Week 2009, Source:SanjaMeegin/EIN)

"The Car Elvis Killed" on display in California: Elvis Presley once put a bullet in it, and now you can see it up close and personal. The 1971 De Tomaso Pantera formerly owned by the King of Rock ’n’ Roll will be on display at Italian Concourse as part of its tribute to De Tomaso Automobili and the Pantera at the event’s Centrepiece Display on Friday, August 14, in Monterey, Calif, as one of the kickoffs to the area’s historic race weekend. Built to replace the De Tomaso Mangusta, and designed by Tom Tjaarda, the Pantera was the first De Tomaso made with a steel monocoque design. Not quite on the Ferrari or Lamborghini level despite its sultry Italian coachwork, it created a new niche between exoticars and American muscle cars. With a sleek body and hot performance to challenge Ferrari, the Pantera was powered by a Ford V-8 instead of an alloy V-12.
The De Tomaso Pantera featured at Concorso demonstrates Presley’s passion for both guns and cars. In a fit of rage, Elvis shot his Pantera several times when he lost patience at the car not starting. (It is unknown whether gunfire motivated the car to start the next time.) The two bullet holes on the steering wheel rim and one in the floor pan were never repaired and now serve as reminders of the star’s occasional hot temper. To make amends, Presley is rumored to have bought his Pantera a brand new Cadillac.
(News, Source:ElvisUnlimited)

'Elvis: Memphis And Beyond' new DVD: This is the cover art of the upcoming 4 DVD set "Elvis: To Memphis & Beyond".

This set is due for release September 29, 2009.




(News, Source:ElvisClubBerlin/ ElvisNews)

Friday 7 August 2009..................1 sleep until Elvis Week 2009 begins!

Elvis Week 2009 - 32 page Event Guide now available online:

Elvis Week 2009 runs from Sat 8 Aug to Sunday 16 August 2009

EPE advises its FREE online Elvis Week guide can now be downloaded:

Whether you are able to come to Memphis for Elvis Week or not, you can still check out the 2009 Elvis Week Event Guide that will be handed out here in Memphis with the latest details on events, products, Elvis news and more. Please note the link is a large file 15Mg and may take a few minutes to open or download.

Click to view the guide

Priscilla has first look at upcoming Elvis Cirque du Soleil Elvis production: Priscilla Presley had her first look at the Cirque du Soleil show inspired by the life and music of Elvis Presley in Montreal yesterday. The 78 cast members will head to Las Vegas on Friday to start rehearsals on stage in the new theatre at ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter.

You can check out some video about the show here or, if you plan on being at Elvis Week 2009, you can experience a special presentation by Cirque du Soleil Executive Producer Stéphane Mongeau, Director of Creation Armand Thomas and Production Manager Mike Anderson at Conversations on Elvis, Segement Two on Saturday, August 15 at 10:00 a.m. You can find more information about this segment here. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis items sell at auction: The auction house 'Gotta Have Rock and Roll' just closed their latest memorabilia auction, including several Elvis (related) items.

Some of the items were unsold, but the largest part changed from owner for a much higer price than the estimated prices.

The most expensive item is a two-piece outfit that Elvis used in the 70s. The pants and jacket are sold for $55,152 (€38.407). (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Vote in EIN's latest poll:


'From Elvis In Memphis' 40th anniversary release hits US charts: The 40th Anniversary Edition of "From Elvis In Memphis" Legacy Edition has made the charts in the US:

Billboard Comprehensive Album Chart: #155

Pop Catalogue Chart: #29

Country Catalog Album Charts: #3 (News, Source: FECC/Elvis News)

Herald newspaper celebrates Elvis Week with mystery serial: It's all about Elvis, again, isn't it?

For the non-Elvis folks, next week is commonly referred to as "Elvis Week" and leads up to the anniversary of his death Aug. 16, 1977. We Elvis folk at the Daily Journal offer you some fun during local "Elvis Week" with a mystery serial starting Sunday. Its writing was an adventure in itself, with nine staffers each taking a spin with a chapter, then turning the tale over to the next one to craft the succeeding episode.

Part of the fun of writing this tale -- "A 'Hunka, Hunka' Trouble" -- is not knowing what you're going to get. Each of us developed characters, events and twists and turns, so that at least twice per chapter we felt some surprise about it -- the surprise when we received the preceding chapter and our own surprise at how we left off for the next writer.

It's not Faulkner or Agatha Christie, but it's entertaining.

Speaking of Elvis, August marks the one-year anniversary of Elvis' boyhood Assembly of God Church at The Birthplace. The building was moved a few blocks from its original site in East Tupelo and was painstakingly restored to the state as believed when Elvis got some of his first musical influences there. Inside the clapboard building, you'll see an excellent three-screened depiction of a typical worship service attended by Vernon, Gladys and Elvis Presley when he was about 8. While I suggest that the young future King of Rock 'n' Roll should have had blond hair, instead of the dark hair of the film's child actor, it's still a sweet program for every Elvis fan.

If you haven't been through the museum lately, too, the revamp is well done and truly helps explain to the Elvis-educated and uneducated about Tupelo of the 1930s, his family and his influences. Especially interesting are the photos showing local scenes and people, as well as the Presley family at special events. While I was over there Wednesday, it was charming to look up and see at least one slender young man very deliberately clad in jeans and jeans-jacket with the trademark Elvis hairdo. Sweet sight to me.

In preparation for "Elvis Week," I'm going to dust off my copy of my favorite of his movies, "Loving You" with Dolores Hart. Hart appeared in one other movie with Elvis, and six years later became a Catholic nun. I don't believe other leading ladies, like Mary Ann Mobley and Ann Margret, had similar reactions to their pop stardom. The music in this film is really classic early-Elvis, and the movie mirrors his own early career. It also is the only movie his parents appeared in -- part of the audience in the big movie climax. Story goes that after his mother died, Elvis never watched the movie again.

Well, I'm going to. (News, Source: Patsy R. Brumfield, djournal.com)

Elvis brought to life in new "Lonely Street" film: In what will be its only theatrical booking prior to its DVD release next week on the Echo Bridge Home Entertainment label, "Lonely Street" opens Friday at the Hollywood 20 Cinema, in an attempt to attract the fans who are in town for "Elvis Week."

The movie -- a comic murder mystery that casts Robert Patrick as a healthy, septuagenarian Elvis -- ends its exclusive run on Aug. 16, which marks the 32nd anniversary of Presley's death.

The booking was arranged by John Jerit, whose Bartlett-based American Paper Optics company is one of the nation's largest suppliers of paper 3D glasses. Jerit and his wife, Susan Jerit, are credited as co-executive producers on "Lonely Street" because Jerit was one of the prime investors in the $1.7-million film, which was shot by writer-director Peter Ettinger in New Mexico and on sets in Los Angeles.

The direct-to-DVD route taken by "Lonely Street" seems inevitable. The movie's star (and co-producer) is Jay Mohr, who plays Bubba Mabry, an Albuquerque-by-way-of-Mississippi "two-bit gumshoe" (as he is called in the film) introduced in a series of novels (book cover shown opposite) by Steve Brewer. (The movie pays homage to Mabry's creater by having the detective visit the "Brewer Library.")

With its bright lighting (even night scenes feature an attractive neon glow) and cast of familiar-faced non-marquee names (former "Ghostbuster" Ernie Hudson; Joe Mantegna as a sleazy record producer; Mohr's wife, Nikki Cox, as a cleavage-exposing cougar newshound), "Lonely Street" plays sort of like an unsold comedy-mystery TV pilot that was retrofitted with profanity and jokes about vomit, flatulence and genitalia in hopes of attracting theatrical interest. The occasional gross-out humor (complete with sound effects) is the worst thing about the film; it's sometimes accompanied by Mohr's often redundant voiceover narration, much of which seems to have written in post-production, in an attempt to spice up the action.

For example, the scene in which Bubba meets his mysterious client is directed to that the audiences shares the sleuth's shock when "Mr. Aaron" is revealed to be Elvis Presley. The narration almost wrecks the scene, however, by telling the audience what it can see with its own eyes; it's like sitting in front of a guy at the movies who says things like "He's got a gun" when a character onscreen draws a gun.

That "Lonely Street" nevertheless emerges as okay sub-Elmore Leonard entertainment is due primarily to Patrick's dignified, respectful interpretation of the 70-something Elvis as a man who's given up drugs and fried foods for wheat grass, Tai Chi and, apparently, inner peace.

An interesting companion piece to another Bubba/Elvis movie, "Bubba Ho-tep," a horror-comedy that cast Bruce Campbell as a senior-citizen Presley, "Lonely Street" finds Elvis contemplating a comeback after faking his death three decades earlier -- a disappearance that enabled him to escape the self-parody of his final years while becoming a bigger star than ever before. "I'm everywhere and nowhere, all at the same time," he says. "People like Elvis again."

Unfortunately, even in "death," Elvis has to cope with intrusive tabloid photographers, so he hires Mabry to watch out for him -- a move that eventually turns both the detective and the King into murder suspects.

Despite being basically unrecognizable in remarkable prosthetic makeup created by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr., Patrick is able to put across Elvis' thoughtfulness as well as his humor -- and in a convincing Elvis accent, too. "Jesus, it really is you!" a reporter (Lindsay Price) exclaims after meeting the King. Replies Elvis: "I'm not Jesus, but I appreciate the comparison." (Celluloid Elvis, Source: California Chronicle)

Visit the official Elvis site for more info

Annual Elvis is Alive 5K run in Chicago: Dress up as the King for the 12th annual non-competitive run (we recommend blue suede shoes, mutton chops and a cape). Meet on the bike path across from the Columbia Yacht Club (near Randolph Street and Lake Shore Drive). A post-race party includes beer, food and live music featuring Joe "Elvis" Tirrito and the Anthony Smith Guitar Street Orchestra. Rain or shine.

Registration: Sign up at the race starting at 4 p.m. Thursday. Prices increase the week of Aug. 3 to $30.

When: August 6 : 6:45 p.m...........................Price: $25-$30. Register: fleetfeetchicago.com
Event Phone Number: 773-305-3338 ext. 2 Website: http://www.fleetfeetchicago.com/...
The Columbia Yacht Club: 111 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60601 Ph: 312-938-3625 (News, Source: Metromix, Chicago)


Thursday 6 August 2009

Bill Clinton negotiates freedom of US journalists using Elvis items: Bill Clinton returns to the US with freed North Korean prisoners. Weekly World News has acquired a transcript of his exchange with Kim Jong Il.

This morning former President Bill Clinton returned on a plane with two American journalists who had been taken prisoner for entering North Korea illegally. Their release was brokered by Clinton in a private meeting he had with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

Last week Bill Clinton took it upon himself to fly to North Korea without the blessing of the White House or Washington DC. Flying into Pyonyang the President met with Kim Jong Il to broker the release of the two American prisoners.

Kim Jong Il was pleased to meet with the former President, and was ready to turn the situation to his advantage. Clinton was briefed by intelligence about Jong Ils interests and pastimes. The two first made small talk in one of the royal palaces. Then Jong Il showed Clinton through his personal library of music memorabilia. Contained within the collection are first editions of Beatles albums, the coin tossed to put Ritchie Vallens on his fatal flight with Buddy Holly, and a mason jar filled with the soul of Robert Johnson.

Seeing an advantage Clinton offered some rare Elvis memorabilia in exchange for the journalists. Secret Service agents produced the last sequined jumpsuit ever worn by The King in concert. Then they produced an identical replica Clinton had made before leaving, which was fit to Kim Jong Ils measurements. Jong Il was very pleased at this offering. To further sweeten the deal, and to get Jong Ils promise to renew discussions on nuclear weapons, Clinton even threw in rare photographs of Elvis during his first black belt Karate test. These are some of the only known photographs to show a fully grown Elvis being thrown around like a rag doll.

Within hours Clinton was on a plane with the two released journalists. He and the two young ladies were said to enjoy the ride on his private jet, which is the only Former Presidential jet to be equipped with its own dance floor.

Kim Jong Il is said to still be running through his palatial home, wearing his Elvis replica jumpsuit and practicing Karate. (News, Source: Weekly World News)

EIN Note: The foregoing story is a satire and the photo is clearly "photoshopped"!

Could Michael Jackson outdo Elvis in merchandise sales?: Don’t look now but Michael Jackson jeans may soon be in a store near you.

According to an Associated Press report, Michael Jackson products may become a reality if a probate judge signs off on a merchandising deal with the singer’s estate. The proposed contracts give an indication of how the King of Pop may be merchandised in the coming months and years.

Among the items bandied about are trading cards, T-shirts, calendars, lighters, stuffed animals that play Jackson’s music and digital games, as well as denim products and high-end clothing lines, according to the filings.


Despite a tainted legacy while he was alive, some believe Jackson will even top The King, Elvis Presley, in annual merchandise sales. Presley’s estate generated $55 million in revenue last year, $14 million of which came from retail sales.

EIN Comment: It would not be surprisingly if Jackson comes in at #1 on this year's Forbes' Top Earning Dead Celebrities listing (assuming it retains its October to October reporting period - the 12 months measured has varied since the list's introduction in 2001). Regardless, the real test will be how sales of MJ merchandise hold up in future years.

Love Me Tender – The Love Songs of Elvis coming to a USA Public Television station near you: Elvis Presley was known as the undisputed King of Rock and Roll, but his true stealth weapon was his arsenal of love songs. Making its television debut is a new documentary, which looks at this warm side of the King. Narrated by Ashley Judd, Love Me Tender – The Love Songs of Elvis presents Presley as you’ve never seen him. It premieres in August on public television stations across the country.

Millions of words have been written attempting to analyze, explain, decipher and translate Elvis Presley’s unique hold over his audience – especially his female audience. But it cannot be charted on a graph. Elvis reached into the heart of the listener and made an immediate and lasting impact.

Elvis’ impact on the women of the world has never been truly measured or calculated. But the anecdotal record of his effect on women music fans around the world showed a lasting and overwhelming Elvis love tsunami. He struck an immediate chord in the hearts of his female followers. Women loved him, and still do.

“After living with this project for six months,” said executive producer Bill Carter, “I clearly understand why Elvis had such appeal to women worldwide. The focus on love songs reveals the sensitivity and tenderness of his personality and the passion he expressed in the delivery of these songs came straight from the heart.”

Love Me Tender is produced by Coming Home Television Productions, in conjunction with Elvis Presley Enterprises – the same people who brought public television viewers He Touched Me: The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley and ELVIS LIVES: The 25th Anniversary Concert. It is produced and directed by Michael Merriman. Executive producers are Barry Jennings and Bill Carter.

Love Me Tender – The Love Songs of Elvis is available at the shops at Graceland and can currently be pre-ordered on ShopElvis.com here

Check here for guide to broadcast times and cities

"Elvis On Tour '72" - a new Praytome Publishing project with photos by Ed Bonja:

Because high-quality cameras and films were still very expensive for fans in the early 1970’s, we have few good live shots of Elvis from this period of his career. Because most fans used the then-popular Instamatic Cameras, Elvis can be seen, for the most part, as only a thumbnail or just a small, white mark on the print. Because photographers such as George Hill, Keith Alverson, Shean Shaver or the recently-deceased Harold Newton used 35mm cameras, fans were, for the first time, introduced to very good quality photos.

A rumor has persisted that “Praytome Publishing" has been working on a book with live shots from the year 1972. Today, we gladly put this rumor to rest with the announcement that we have, indeed, begun work on such a book: “Elvis Covering the Nation ’72.”

The work began several weeks ago with the photographs of Ed Bonja, the official Tour Manager and Photographer for the Elvis Presley Show during the 1970’s. Bonja’s photos are well known world-wide, because Colonel Tom Parker chose many of his photos as cover shots for Elvis’ LP Albums and Singles. Bonja met Elvis for the first time during the shooting of "Girl Happy" in 1964 and later worked with the king on tours during the 70's, as well as in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, where he took over 8,000 photos of Elvis and the tour happenings. Many of these photos remain unpublished even today.

As you can see, our team works on several projects at the same time, giving Elvis fans the highest possible quality, including perfectly restored negatives and transparencies and as much information as possible for the never before published pictures.

The team of Praytome Publishing can hardly wait to complete this project and present it to the world.

For more exclusive updates visit Epgold or www.praytome-publishing.com website. (News, Source: EP Gold)

Elvis is feature article in latest Record Collector magazine: This is what everyone can read, for the complete article you'll need to go to the shop or subscribe to the magazine:

"Later this year, one of the biggest collections of Elvis Presley records in the country – and maybe the world – will be put up for sale. “I’ve reached the end of the road, really. I’ve literally got everything,” says proud owner Steve Lacey. “At this stage, there are only a few things that I’m missing and unlikely to get. I’d like to think that there’s someone out there who would buy a collection that has a copy of every single, LP, CD and box set that Elvis has ever released.”

Steve started collecting at the (love me) tender age of 11 and, 32 years later, has a complete collection of every record released by Elvis Presley worldwide. “My mum had two Elvis records in the house,” he recalls, “which were How Great Thou Art and You’ll Never Walk Alone. I remember the day Elvis died, I was upstairs in my bedroom and she shouted up that he was dead. I played those two records the next day and started collecting on 17 August 1977 – the day after he died.

“The first records I bough were a Sun collection and the Moody Blue LP. Now, 32 years later, I’m still up at quarter-to-four in the morning, bidding on records on the internet!”"

(News, Source: Record Collector /Elvis News)

The Boss Pays Tribute to the King!

Check out Elvis Matters for more info

Upcoming book release in Germany: The 384 book "Elvis Presley" will be released by the German Paragon-Verlag in December 2009.

This biography should contain over 400 unpublished photo's according to the press-release (ISBN: 1407580973). (News, Source: Elvis News)

Elvis on Beatles Inspiration CD: The latest issue of the UK Uncut magazine, the Beatles special, comes with a free special themed CD; 'Pre-fabs: the songs that influenced John, Paul, George & Ringo'. This 15-track compilation includes Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Carl Perkins. See below for full track details.

The Beatles recorded and performed a sizeable clutch of songs by the US rock’n’roll/R’n’B artists who opened the door and influenced them as music-hungry teenagers growing up in ’50s Liverpool. Here, in their original versions, Uncut magazine presents 15 non-Lennon/McCartney compositions that soundtracked the birth of The Beatles more than half a century ago.

"Elvis Presley - "Baby Let’s Play House"

"Recorded in Memphis for Sun in ’55, this was the song that gave Elvis his first US chart entry. Lennon later borrowed the lyric “I’d rather see you dead, little girl, than to be with another man,” for the opening line of “Run For Your Life” on Rubber Soul." (News, Source: Uncut/Elvis News)

'Elvis - The Collection' 7CD boxset: Here is the cover artwork for the forthcoming 7 CD boxset from Sony BMG.

The albums are:

Christmas Album
NBC- TV Special
From Elvis In Memphis
Elvis Presley
Blue Hawaii
Moody Blue
Elvis Country

Elvis Presley and the Original Rock 'n' Roll Kings 3CD set: Released in June 2009 by Big Three/Trad Alive (ASIN: B001FOIEXK).

Buy from Amazon

New Elvis style karaoke albums from JAK label: Released earlier this year were 2 volumes in this series.


Buy from Amazon

Elvis song on The Roots of Bob Dylan CD/DVD boxset: Released by 101 Distribution is this 3CD (60 songs) and DVD boxset. Elvis', That's All Right, Mama, is one of the CD tracks. (News, Source: Amazon)

Elvis items announced in upcoming auction: Heritage Auction Galleries has announced it's 2009 November Signature Music & Entertainment Auction. As of now there are only 9 Elvis related items on the auction block. Since consignment is open until mid September more may be added. The bidding begins on October 19, 2009.

Two of the auction pieces, the Tiger Eye Ring (see picture) and Monogrammed Lighter come from the collection of Claude Thompson. Claude was Elvis' choreographer on the 68 Comeback Special. Claude Thompson passed away in May of 2007.

Also up for auction (again, from the JD Sumner Auction) is a contract signed by both Elvis and JD in November of 1971.

The entire Elvis catalogue has 10 items so far, but more may be added. (News, Source: Elvis Matters/EP Gold)

Augusta gearing up for "Jailhouse Rock": Augusta Amusements announces the return of its "Classic Movie Night" series with a screening of the 1957 Elvis Presley classic "Jailhouse Rock" on Saturday at 7 p.m.

"Augusta Amusements is back up and running after a 40-plus-year rest. Our first event is a classic movie at the Imperial Theatre when we will re-screen the 1957 'Jailhouse Rock,' and after the movie, Jason Sikes along with the Sassy Brass Band, will take the stage and perform about 30 minutes of Elvis' hits," said Michael Deas of Augusta Amusements. "Augusta Amusements has a rich history in our community owning/managing theaters in downtown Augusta from 1931 until 1968. Our goal is to bring classic movies back to the community and maybe small concerts from time to time."

"Jailhouse Rock" was Elvis's third movie and his first for MGM. Arguably the best of Elvis Presley's pre-Army films, it showcases the sensual, "dangerous" Elvis who had won the hearts of American kids while earning the animosity of their elders. Usually, the musical numbers in an Elvis Presley movie are more compelling than the plot. But "Jailhouse Rock" is a balance of song and story from beginning to end; seldom would Elvis be so well showcased in the future.

A particular feature of this film is the classic production number to the title song, "Jailhouse Rock." It's a doozy, complete with chorus boys dressed as convicts. It's become one of rock'n'roll's most iconic moments on film, a performance considered by many to be well ahead of its time and the father of modern day music videos.

After the screening of "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis impersonator Jason Sikes, accompanied by The Sassy Brass Band, takes the stage to continue this "Evening of Elvis" in a very personal way. Jason, born in Gloverville in 1977, grew up on Elvis. As a kindergartener, Jason was already performing Elvis routines on playground picnic tables during recess. He entered and won an Elvis contest in 1998 and has been a Memphis world finalist every year since.

Jason has appeared on MTV and in television commercials, as well as on radio stations in Augusta and many large venues throughout the Southeast. Jason has opened concerts for the Marshall Tucker Band, Joe Diffie and .38 Special. Jason's Elvis show has an air of utter authenticity, and it's marked by the same energy that Elvis brought to his own performances.

Concert goers are encouraged to dress in 1950s attire (or Elvis outfits of any era) and to walk the red carpet at the entrance to Augusta's historic Imperial Theatre.

Tickets for this event, available through the Imperial Theatre box office at (706) 722-8341 or online at www.imperialtheatre.com, are just $10 each. A limited number of Golden Horseshoe tickets are available for $15. The ticket price includes the screening at the Imperial and a mini concert by Jason Sikes and The Sassy Brass Band. Doors to the Imperial Theatre open at 6 p.m. and the movie begins at 7 p.m.

On the Web, visit Augusta Amusements at www.augustaamusements.com or the Imperial at www.imperialtheatre.com.

What? Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock with Elvis Impersonator Jason Sikes and the Sassy Brass Band after the Movie

When? Aug. 8 at 7 p.m.

Where? Imperial Theatre
(News, Source: aikenstandard.com)

Tuesday 4 August 2009

Advanced Elvis Course (Book Review): Just when you thought it was safe to venture into the book store, along comes an irreverent, offbeat and at times very funny pilgrimage around Memphis.

Author and essentially Elvis philosopher, CA Conrad, has written a book which is verey different to most other books published around Elvis. What makes Conrad's tour so special?

Click here to find out

(Book Review, Source: EIN)

Sun pioneer dies: Elvis Unlimited is sad to report that at 5:20 AM CST on August 2, 2009, Sun Recording artist Billy Lee Riley passed away. Bill Lee Riley has been battling stage four colon cancer since May. His cancer had spread to his bones.

Billy Lee was admitted to St. Bernard's Medical Center in Jonesboro,Arkansas on Saturday. His wife Joyce was shocked by his death early Sunday morning at 5:20 AM. But says he went peacefully. She also said they did not see the end coming. Especially since he had been feeling better lately. Billy Lee was 75 years old. Billy Lee Riley was born on October 5, 1933 in Pocahontas, Arkansas. His father was a sharecropper and the family lived on plantations.

Billy Lee grew up picking cotton with black farm workers where he learned the blues and to play guitar on the farm. We didn't see color. "We lived together, we played together, we visited each other, all on one big farm with a bunch of integrated people." Billy Lee recalled in an interview for Rocktober Magazine. His schooling was limited to two or three months a year due to sharecropping which he did until the age of 13 when his family left the farm.At the age of 15 he joined the US Army. After servicing four year in the US Army, in 1955 Riley met Jack Clement who at the time was starting Fernwood Records. Riley met Clement who was hitch hiking in Arkansas. The men began to talk and next thing he knew, Billy Lee was recording for Jack in Memphis.

He recorded "Trouble Bound" and  "Rock With Me Baby". Although his records were not released under the Fernwood label. Clement took them to Sam Phillips at Sun to master them and Sam bought them. They were released under the Sun label. Billy Lee's first hit was "Flyin' Saucers Rock and Roll" - "I Want You Baby" released February 23, 1957 (Sun 260) after which he recorded "Red Hot" - "Pearly Lee" released September 30, 1957 (Sun 277) both with backing piano by Jerry Lee Lewis. Riley formed a band called "The Little Green Men". Riley and his Little Green Men were the main Sun studio band which played on many Sun recordings. The band consisted of Riley, Roland James, J. M. Van Eaton, Marvin Pepper, and Jimmy Wilson, and later joined by Martin Willis. In a Rocktober Magazine interview, Billy Lee said this about Elvis, "Elvis took a lot of flack, man. Most of these other guys wanted to sound like Elvis, so they say "Yeah, we took it too." I think a lot of that, just like a whole lot of history from the 50's is so distorted right now. It's hard to find the real truth. Everybody's telling stories "Aw we took a lot of flack, they didn't want us playing black music." I never did see that happen. The only one I ever did hear of that happening to was Elvis. I didn't see anybody else having problems with it and I doubt if they did. Elvis said he had problems with it, so to be like Elvis, everybody else claimed to have problems too. "

Billy Lee blames Sam Phillips for his lack of major success under the Sun label. In a Rocktober Magazine interview he said, "Sam didn't promote it, he sabotaged the record. He dropped my record for "Great Balls Of Fire." That's why I had my greatest disagreement with him. Of course, we still worked together after that, but it never was the same. But yeah, he had deliberately quit selling my record - right in front of me, with me standing there listening to him - he canceled my record. So when he did that, I lost respect for him. He just forgot everybody but except Jerry Lee Lewis, and that doesn't make me feel bad at Jerry Lee! That had nothin' to do with how I felt about Jerry Lee. Whatever I felt about Jerry Lee would be personal. That's what caused me to leave Sun. The same thing with Johnny Cash and everybody else. At one time, they've all made the same statement. Yet Sam denied it. And it backfired on him dropping all of us for Jerry Lee when he went over to Europe and lost his popularity."

In the early sixties, he moved to Los Angeles and worked with various artists including Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, and the Beach Boys. In 1969, Billy Lee returned to Sun Records which had been sold and worked under Shelby Singleton. By the 70's he returned to normal life in Arkansas and had a very minor role in music. In 1992, he was rediscovered by Bob Dylan. Dylan considered Billy Lee a hero. In 1997, Billy Lee's album, Hot Damn was considered for a Grammy. In 2005, he had a slip and fall accident at a local store and suffered a broken hip. He had two surgeries. In 2006, he released a country CD titled, Hillbilly Rockin Man.

He played the Memphis In May celebration in 2007 in Memphis, TN. His final performance came in June of this year, where he appeared with his old Sun label mate Sonny Burgess during an event at the Rock and Soul Museum in Memphis, TN. Riley is survived by his wife, Joyce, their daughter Angela Johns, and three children from his first marriage, Erin Riley, Wendy Kennedy, and Darron Riley. Funeral arrangements are pending. On August 30th, there will be a memorial show in Newport, Arkansas featuring Sonny Burgess and the Pacers, WS Holland and his band, Travis Wammack, Carl Mann, Smoochy Smith, Ace Cannon and his band, Jr. Rogers, Warren Crow, J. M. VanEaton, Dale Hawkins, C. W. Gattin, and the Blues Brothers Band.

Where is 'From Elvis In Memphis' "downunder"?: While many Australian music outlets do not have From Elvis In Memphis ‘40th Anniversary Legacy’ edition in stock, as usual JB Hi-Fi can be relied on to have copies in stock in most stores.  The retailer is also selling the release below full price at $27.95. 

The 2CD album comes with an informative color booklet including rare visuals from the recording sessions and liner notes from rock identity, Robert Gordon and Tara McAdams. 

The 2nd disc includes the Original Mono Masters and while there has been some criticism of this, it is completely undeserved as the Masters are as fresh and crisp today as they were all those years ago when many of us were young(er). 

If you buy just one Elvis album in 2009 this is the one!! It's a beauty!!!

Sony BMG will release Elvis 30 CD boxset: According to a posting on FECC, Sony states:

"Ernst Jorgensen is working on a 30 CD Box Set that will contain all official masters as released during Elvis' life time with another 3 or 4 hours of the most interesting alternate takes, demos, live recordings, home recordings. The set will be USA made and a limited edition to less than 10,000 units.

Ernst Jorgensen : This is a one shot deal. It's coming, it's here, it's gone as Colonel Parker would say. It will be 30 CDs in a very prestigious packaging with a fantastic book with it. USA made limited edition less than 10,000. It's killed me for 15 months now. The work load has been absurd but I could not deny it. I could not deny being a part of that. To me, it is the most astonishing wonderful idea. Here's a whole definition at this time is that it is all official masters as released during Elvis' life time with another 3 or 4 hours (and we have to define that) of the most interesting alternate takes, demos, live recordings, home recordings. There will not be 1 unreleased element on that box because that would be brutally unfair and only encourage bootlegging. You have to want to own that thing. We're not taking you as hostages. But at the same time, it is also a total restoration of every Elvis master with new digital technology."

Retail Cost believed to be around US$1,000.00!

Elvis holds UK eBay bidding record: In the Sun newspaper is an interesting piece about e-bay UK, listing various highlights since it started in 1999. A gold edition of the Elvis "Graceland" DVD is the most popular item ever sold on the site. In 2004 it recieved 3,668 bids. Finally selling at £71. (News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Forum)

Sunday 2 August 2009
Elvis Presley’s 1969 Music Is “Ghetto” Fabulous: At 34 years old, Elvis Presley was riding a wave of renewed interest when he returned to Memphis

for several recording sessions in early 1969. Just weeks earlier, his landmark ‘68 Comeback Special found him in superb voice and boisterous spirits. Suddenly, millions of curious TV viewers wondered what was coming next. Forty years later, who could forget? “In the Ghetto,” “Kentucky Rain” and “Suspicious Minds” — all recorded in Memphis — became his first million-selling singles in nearly eight years.

From Elvis in Memphis: The Legacy Edition, a two-disc set released on July 28, compiles all of the recordings from those invigorating sessions at American Studios. More importantly, it captures a moment in time when Presley took his creative direction from producer Chips Moman, who refused to back down to Col. Tom Parker or anyone else in Presley’s entourage.

As was his custom, Parker wanted a portion of the publishing royalties for “Suspicious Minds.” Moman not-so-politely declined. Indeed, he nearly canceled the session. If you can believe it, Presley’s handlers also tried to dissuade him from recording “In the Ghetto,” thinking its social commentary might lose some fans. Again, Moman prevailed with psychological trickery. (With so many colorful characters, the liner notes are a lot of fun to read. And you gotta love the photos.)

Presley’s attitude and charisma in “Wearin’ That Loved On Look” and “Only the Strong Survive” are completely endearing and I can almost picture him crooning “I’ll Hold You in My Heart” with a smirk, taking himself only half-seriously. Country fans may recognize songs like “I’m Movin’ On,” “Gentle on My Mind,” “True Love Travels on a Gravel Road,” “Any Day Now” and “From a Jack to a King,” yet nobody sings them quite like Elvis. That’s why this anniversary collection is essential to anyone interested in Presley’s musical legacy. (CD Review, Source: Craig Shelburne, CMT)

Sixth Annual Elvis Film Festival: The countdown has begun! Dust off the blue suede shoes, prepare for the ultimate journey down memory lane and enjoy a day with hundreds of fans from around the world with Malco Theatres’ Elvis Film Festival!

The sixth annual Elvis Film Festival, is scheduled for Tuesday, August 11, 2009 during Elvis Week®, at Studio on the Square in Midtown Memphis. This year’s festival salutes Fun in Acapulco, Roustabout and returning fan favorites Jailhouse Rock and King Creole.

Tickets are $5 each and can be purchased at the theatre box office or online at www.malco.com.
 All proceeds from the festival will benefit the Elvis Presley® Charitable Foundation.
Festival Schedule:
Screen #1
10am Jailhouse Rock
12 noon Fun in Acapulco
2pm Roustabout
4:10pm Jailhouse Rock

Screen #4
10:15am Roustabout
12:30pm King Creole
3pm Fun in Acapulco

For additional information, please contact Karen Scott, Malco Theatres Marketing Director, at 901.761.3480 or karen@malco.com.
Malco Theatres is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and is fourth-generation family-owned and operated. Malco operates over 300 screens in 31 locations across the mid-south.

Visit EIN's "Celluloid Elvis" page

Elvis 101: How to Appreciate an Elvis Movie: In Memphis, the anniversary of Elvis Presley's death on Aug. 16, 1977, has transformed over the years from pilgrimage into a weeklong celebration of the King's life and career.

In Chicago, Facets Multimedia, for nearly 35 years a bastion for film as an art form, is getting into the act with a midnight screening Aug. 8 of "Viva Las Vegas" as part of its Facets Night School cult and genre film series.

Susan Doll (shown opposite), who has a doctorate in film from Northwestern University and is the author of "Elvis for Dummies" and several other books about Presley, will introduce the film with a crash course in "Elvis 101: How to Appreciate an Elvis Movie." In a phone interview, Doll talked about why "Viva Las Vegas" makes the grade.

Q: Why "Viva Las Vegas?"

A: My first choice was "King Creole," but it's summer, and I decided to show one of the musical comedies, something lighthearted. I think the music in this one is really cool. A lot of males come to Facets Night School, and I know that Ann-Margret will be just their ticket. She really matches Elvis shake for shake.

Q: Where do you rank this movie in the Presley canon?

A: It's the high point of the Presley travelogues, which is what he disparagingly called his musical comedies. He would play a race-car driver, or a boat pilot, or an airline pilot, who dropped into some exotic vacation locale and woo the girl.

Q: What will you be talking about before the film?

A: The positive virtues of Elvis' movies. They're universally denigrated, but I'm hoping to redeem them to some degree. I know they're not Academy Award-winners, but until about 1964, they were extremely well-crafted by big-name Hollywood directors. ["Viva Las Vegas" director George Sidney also did "Showboat" and "Annie Get Your Gun."]

Q: How can people best prepare for the screening?

A: The best way would be not to read about Elvis but to watch Elvis. I would recommend (the documentary) "Elvis '56." All you have to do is see that footage of Perry Como from the same period, and it's no wonder Elvis knocked people's socks off. And watch one of his films from the '50s, like "Loving You," "King Creole" or "Jailhouse Rock."

Q: Will there be a test afterward?

A: No, but there will be a drawing and a giveaway.

Log on to facets.org for the Facets Night School schedule. (Celluloid Elvis, Source: Donald Liebenson, Chicago Tribune)

Aussie chart update: Elvis: The King of Rock 'n' Roll rises 3 places to #35 on tomorrow's ARIA Music DVD Chart. It has been on the chart for 65 weeks with a peak of #4 and is certified 2xP. (News, Source: ARIA)

Platinum For The King: Elvis Presley picked up a few Gold and Platinum Award (upgrades) for recent DVD and CD releases:

On July 1, 2009:

  • Aloha From Hawaii - Deluxe Edition: 2.00 and 3.00 Platinum;
  • Elvis #1 Hit Performances: Gold and Platinum;
  • Elvis: '68 Comeback Special - Deluxe Edition: 4.00 Multi Platinum.

July 22, 2009:

  • ELV1S 30 #1 Hits: 5.00 Multi Platinum.

EPE announced that there will be an award ceremony during Elvis Week 2009. (News, Source: RIAA /Elvis News)

Heartbreak Hotels burned as Sillerman exits real estate: Bob Sillerman, the billionaire entertainment mogul who owns the rights to Elvis Presley's Graceland, Muhammad Ali and a big share of Simon Fuller's hit TV show "American Idol," is getting out of the real-estate business after losing hundreds of millions of dollars on just two failed projects.

"I think I have shown conclusively that I am not knowledgeable enough about the real-estate business," Sillerman told The Post in an exclusive interview. "I think I should leave it to other people to pursue."

Sillerman's decision comes amid a flurry of lawsuits surrounding the construction of one of the two projects -- a luxury golf course and resort on the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

The project has failed and is in default on loans and guarantees -- some of which are looked after by Credit Suisse.

"That project has stopped," Sillerman said.

Credit Suisse last week filed a lawsuit seeking repayment of more than $21 million in personal guarantees by Sillerman.

A second company -- Anguilla Equity partners -- filed a suit seeking more than $25 million in relation to that same failed project.

Sillerman said that he has spent so much of his fortune on the Anguilla project that he should not have to pay Credit Suisse much of the $21 million the bank demands.

"I was originally asked to invest somewhere around $15 million in the Anguilla project," Sillerman said. "But since then I have put in about $200 million more of my own money just to keep it going."

Sillerman said his decision to get into the real estate business was spurred by his love of Anguilla, where he keeps a home with his wife, the writer Laura Baudo.

"The government of Anguilla asked me to do something to help the island so I went in for the right reasons but at the wrong time," Sillerman said.

Sillerman's costs are and include more than $200,000 a month just to water the $12 million Greg Norman-designed championship golf course, court papers show. The golf course is complete but the hotel and villas are not. Without constant watering, golf courses in the Caribbean are doomed. Once the grass dies, they have to be reconstructed virtually from scratch. The fate of the golf course became a bone of contention in a series of e-mails between a Credit Suisse banker and Paul Kanavos, Sillerman's business partner in developing the project.

In the final e-mail on the subject, Kanavos wrote: "Bob Sillerman is unwilling to provide further money to preserve the golf course.

"Tragically it will now be lost and will need to be completely rebuilt."

Credit Suisse declined to comment about the lawsuit other than to say they are agents for a consortium of lenders that invested in the Anguilla project.

Lawyers representing Anguilla Equity partners declined to comment about the other lawsuit.

Sillerman's Anguilla woes come hard on the heels of the failure of a $475 million Elvis-themed Las Vegas hotel being planned by FX Real Estate, a publicly traded property company controlled by Sillerman, of which Kanavos is the CEO.

"The plans for the Elvis Presley Hotel and casino have been cancelled," Kanavos said. "Las Vegas is in a depression and I do not think there will be any need for additional hotel rooms in the city for at least the next five to seven years," Kanavos added.
(James Dorman, www.nypost.com /EP Gold)

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Kanye West the new Jacko and the new Elvis!: Kanye believe the bare-faced cheek of the man?

It's been less than six weeks since Michael Jackson's death, and yet hip-hop star Kanye West reckons HE should be crowned the new King of Pop.

Oh, and he thinks he's the new Elvis Presley as well.

He said on a website: "You know everyone loves and respects Michael but times change. It's so sad to see Michael gone but it makes a path for a new King of Pop and I'm willing to take that on."

Mmm, frankly, your CV, while impressive, isn't really up to "King of Pop" standards Mister West Undeterred, he goes on: "There's nobody who can match me in sales and so it only makes sense for me to take over Michael's crown and become the new King.

"First there was Elvis, then there was Michael, now in the 21st century it's Kanye's time to rule." (News, Source: mirror.co.uk)

EIN Note: Since the Mirror published this story, Kanye West has come out and denied that he ever made the comments attributed to him.

EPE's latest marketing item:


Saturday 1 August 2009

Elvis photographer Richard Weede EIN Interview: On October 28th 1956 Elvis appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show for the second time. This was the first time that Elvis had been at the New York CBS studio since Elvis' previous Ed Sullivan appearance had been linked in live from a studio in Los Angeles.
Richard Weede, an aspiring photographer, was also in the CBS Studio that day and captured some fabulous candid images of Elvis at the Ed Sullivan rehearsals. His father was the famous opera star Robert Weede, so Rock'n'Roll was certainly not a staple at his home!
It was only recently that an envelope of these lost photographs was discovered - images that beautifully capture a classic moment in Rock'n'Roll history. EIN's Piers Beagley recently interviewed Richard Weede about his iconic 1956 Rock'n'Roll images.

Go here for the exclusive interview and 1956 photographs.

(Interviews, Source;EIN)

New ELVIS Cirque du Soleil Update: Every week, staff members and directors of the upcoming Elvis Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas offer us a special "insight" on Elvis. It gives fans the chance to meet some of the creators, and discover the creative challenges of this impressive production. New online is a word from the director of the show and the director of creation.
"It's gonna be sexy & funny & energetic and Elvis' kinda' humor. There's the bigness of Elvis Presley - but you know what? He was human just like you and me." 
Director Vincent Paterson tells us about his background and role in the creation of this major production. There is a summary of
the show's story, and starting today Vincent tells us about his first encounter with Elvis' work as a kid.
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"The curse of Elvis" - Forty years on, looking back at a Vegas residency that spawned a stigma: The Las Vegas Weekly yesterday reported the following article. EIN notes however that the article should actually be called "The Curse Of Streisand" as it was Barbra Streisand that opened the International residency and NOT Elvis! It is also a known fact that Vegas hotel reservations went up by 10% when Elvis was in town and that Vegas would be of lesser importance had it not been for Elvis' great impact helping create Vegas as an entertainment centre, as well as a gambling mecca.

From The Las Vegas Weekly: On July 31, 1969, Elvis Presley played the first headliner show at the Las Vegas International (soon to be the Hilton). He played to an invited VIP audience.
At the time, Las Vegas existed outside the counterculture erupting around the rest of the country. George Carlin could still get fired for swearing here, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas had not yet been written.

The rock generation might not have been going to Elvis’ movies, but he still had its ear as he arrived in Vegas, triumphant off of his still-revered ’68 Comeback Special. Two months before opening in Vegas, he released what might have been his best studio album, From Elvis in Memphis. Sure, 10 years of bad movies were behind him, but Presley was still a major music player re-entering the game, and Las Vegas was to be the staging ground for the ultimate comeback by the then-best-selling solo artist of all time.
Putting Presley onstage in Vegas with a band of gospel musicians might not have appeased his early rock following—or endeared him to the counterculture—but it found him revitalized and making his best music since his Sun Studio days.
Vegas was not meant to be the grave it became for Presley, but rather the launch of a new model, in which a hot artist could forsake touring and let audiences come to him. Old-school entertainers, like Frank Sinatra, had been doing Vegas for years, but their success did not rise and fall with the charts, nor did their audience expect a tour to follow each new release.
Elvis’ always-ingenious manager, Colonel Tom Parker, got his man record sums of money for Vegas, and, at first, Presley responded with some of his best music, bringing all his influences—blues, rock, gospel, country and pop—to one stage. Early live Hilton recordings remain among Presley’s most vital work, offering a sound he had a large hand in creating (compared with his produced studio work).

Entering with Elvis Presley, Vegas hit the rock world on top. Had it all stayed there, maybe artists like Bruce Springsteen and Lou Reed would not have avoided the Vegas stage for decades. But Presley died a pathetic, bloated, drug-addled parody of himself in 1977, and that image became nearly synonymous with Vegas. On bootlegs, you can hear the King near the end, talking about karate and cracking bad jokes as much as singing. And his voice, when he does sing, is shocking, lacking any of the cocksure confidence and bottomless power that defined his music as late as singles like “Burning Love.”

A year before Presley died, critic Bill Burke, witnessing a Hilton show, wrote a review quoted in Peter Guralnick’s definitive Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley: “After sitting through Elvis Presley’s closing-night performance at Las Vegas Hilton, one wonders how much longer it can be before the end comes, perhaps suddenly, and why the King of Rock ’n’ Roll would subject himself to possible ridicule.” Such ridicule became symptomatic, though Presley’s sold-out crowds here seemed indifferent to his dissipated talent.
Not until the Joint and House of Blues opened in the 1990s did Vegas became a regular touring stop. Even then, artists playing those hot venues could be found insisting to the press that Vegas was just another tour stop—and not the spot where bygone musicians went to die.

The century rolled over by the time Celine Dion opened her Vegas show, A New Day. That’s how long it took for a major artist to repeat the Presley model of 1969. Dion paid tribute to Elvis in her show’s music and style, and, while she lacked Presley’s artistic greatness, the ease of her success helped erode the Vegas stigma. The door once shut by Presley’s Vegas decay suddenly opened for headliners from Elton John to Prince to Santana, the current headliner at the Hard Rock.
But before all that, Las Vegas was a symbol for all that was uncool. Forty years ago this week, Elvis Presley opened a world of possibility, and then later destroyed it.

'Elvis: Sessions IV' new JAT book: Rumours of a new and highly anticipated update by JAT Productions of 'Elvis: Sessions IV' coming in 2010. More information soon.

Go here to JAT productions for more info.

Click here for EIN's review of 'Elvis: Sessions III,



(News, Source: JAT Productions)

Friday 31 July 2009 . . . - . . . It was Forty Years ago Today

Elvis; Concert Review 1969: EIN 40th Anniversary special Spotlight: Forty years ago today Elvis returned to Live concert performances. All the media were there but so were the true fans. EIN contributor Joan Gansky was one of the lucky ones and wrote a delightful, personal review.
"The atmosphere throughout the entire hotel was nail-bitingly electric! It is difficult for me to describe and paint a true portrait of attending in person this unique occasion - but I'll try my best. I want, and hope, you will understand the excitement of what has to be the pinnacle of Elvis' career to date! I vaguely recall the Sweet Inspirations perform - followed by a seemingly lengthy act by comedian Sammy Shore. The audience grew impatient. At last! The curtains closed. A pause. . . . A white shoe, a hand "peeked" round the curtain - now open - the thrill of a lifetime as Elvis simply stood there. He smiled happily, looking far more dynamic than any photo I had ever seen of him! - attired in white, with a long sash (belt) and a splash of color in the red kerchief (scarf). . ."  

Click here for her unique eye-witness account & photos of this fabulous event.

(Spotlight, Source;EIN)

'Elvis: Vegas '69', Ken Sharp EIN interview: 'Elvis: Vegas '69', will be the essential Elvis book purchase of 2009. The new 200-page book commemorates the 40th anniversary of Elvis’s historic return to live performance. Written by Ken Sharp author of the critically acclaimed ' Writing For The King' the book tells the remarkable story of Elvis's return to the concert stage told through first-hand accounts by those lucky enough to be on hand to witness Elvis' miraculous artistic and creative rebirth. EIN recently interviewed Ken Sharp to find out more about the book, what to expect, who were his contributors - and whether he has met Lisa Marie! (Yes he has!).

Click here to this interview and fabulous Elvis in 1969. . .. (Book Reviews, Source;EIN)

Preview of 'Elvis At The Gates' documentary: A preview of the forthcoming documentary by Larry Geller's son 'Elvis At The Gates' which premieres this August in Memphis. 'At the Gates' will examine the spiritual journey Elvis lived, where it lead him, and the connection it help to create between himself and his devoted fans after his death. A journey Larry Geller was privileged to accompany him on. A journey that Larry truly believes is one of the reasons we travel to Graceland on August 16th every year.

Dr Nick day 2 on 'E.T.' and 'The Insider': Once again Dr. Nick appeared on the sensationalistic US TV shows 'E.T' and 'The Insider' in a comparison between the final days of Michael Jackson & Elvis and the influences of their respective doctors. While publicising his new book, out February 2010, Dr. Nick said some rather unbelievable facts about his treatment of Elvis.
Dr. Nick stated, "The only times I saw Elvis he was always straight. I never saw any signs that he was taking anything (drugs)."
The program played the supposedly 'very rare' fan-video of Elvis on stage while featuring the "Strung Out" Desert Storm dialogue. They showed 1975 Black Aztec jumpsuit footage mislabeling it "Sept 1974" - as well as Elvis slurring his words badly during the Aloha 1972 media announcement.

The program stated that Elvis eyes were "vacant and glazed over" and idiotically stated that in November 1972 "Elvis did not admit to his reliance on prescription drugs."!! ... (As if any pop star would!)
Dr Nick went on to state, "I don't regret anything that I gave Elvis, I think they were all medical necessities. The problem was I didn't know everything he was taking from other people."
Nichopoulos said drugs in Elvis' system were not at "toxic or lethal levels" when he died. However most of the autopsy team at Baptist Memorial Hospital attributed the death to "polypharmacy" or drug interaction, but former medical examiner Dr. Jerry Francisco said last year he stands by his 1977 ruling that Elvis died of cardiac arrhythmia, not drugs.
(News, Source;EIN)

'Dr. Nick: Medically Irresponsible or Misunderstood?': After Dr Nick's appearance on The Insider what do you think of his actions?
Quoting from the book 'The Death Of Elvis'..
"August 17th 1977 and Vernon Presley (right) was trying to control his anger that was directed toward Nichopoulos. He couldn't help blaming Dr. Nick for his son's death. He even harbored the suspicion that perhaps Elvis had been poisoned. Those autopsy papers he signed ought to lead to some answers, and Vernon hoped soon. Meanwhile, he was going to have a showdown with Nichopoulos—and have it before the funeral—to get a few financial matters straightened out.
On the Thursday after Elvis's death, Vernon met with Nichopoulos and had his showdown. As executor of Elvis's estate, Vernon signed the consolidation agreement. Then he fired Nichopoulos as his personal physician and warned the doctor never to be late making any monthly repayments of the loan. Later, Vernon would order Baptist Hospital officials never to show Nichopoulos a copy of the autopsy. Under different circumstances he wouldn't mind exposing doctors who handed out pills by the sackful, but this time it would expose his own son. Above all, Vernon wanted to preserve the public myth of Elvis, the clean-living entertainer who opposed drug abuse. Also in the interest of appearances, Vernon allowed Nichopoulos to participate in Elvis's funeral as a pallbearer."

Have Your Say - Click here to 'Dr. Nick: Medically Irresponsible or Misunderstood?'
(News, Source;EIN)

'Elvis: Love Me Tender - The Love Songs' CD: Clever marketing to match the new DVD release 'Elvis: Love Me Tender - The Love Songs' DVD the Spring House label will release a fourteen track  lovesongs compilation CD with the same title and cover art on August 25, 2009.
From the press-release:
Always a true romantic, Elvis recorded many, many love songs throughout his career, beginning with 'I Want You, I Need You, I Love You' in 1956 and running the entire span of his life. Entire eras of his remarkable life and career can be evoked by the mere mention of the title of one of his many love songs. Mention 'Love Me Tender'and a hundred images spring to mind. The same can be said for his many other songs of romance. Elvis and his love songs had remained an unexplored area of Elvis' remarkable career. Now, "Love Me Tender - The Love Songs Of Elvis Presley" tells the warm story of the tender side of the King of Rock and Roll.

Love Me Tender
It's Now Or Never
Are You Lonesome Tonight
For The Good Times
Loving You
Can't Help Falling In Love
What Now My Love
I'll Remember You
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
Always On My Mind
The Wonder Of You
I Can't Stop Loving You
All That I Am
As Long As I Have You
(News, Source:EWJ/ElvisNews)




'Elvis -The Return Of A Prodigy', new August CD: From the producers of “Plugged in & Geared Up”  comes the fully remastered & edited Las Vegas show of “69. The special 40th anniversary "ELVIS LIVE IN LAS VEGAS ’69" Edition
- The earliest known soundboard of 1969 to date
- Newly discovered '69 audio
- The differences between the later released shows of end August 1969 will strike you.
This is the August 3, 1969 Dinner Show, straight from the original ‘69 reference mix. It is completely remastered and edited. This is the earliest soundboard to date of Elvis first Las Vegas engagement in 1969. It’s also only the sixth live performance he gave,  the music is very different from the late August  released live performances. This is to date the closest you can get to the opening show of  July 31st, 1969.
The liner notes are a review of somebody who actually was there. It will give you a very lively idea how it looked. The more than 50 photos of the same show (many in color) included will help you even more to imagine the first few shows of 1969. As a bonus we included some interviews prior to the opening show and original radio spots of 1969.
We hope at Gravel road Music  that you all are just as excited as we are about this release cause it’s a historical soundboard recording, placed in the right perspective.
Note; The show itself was released by Fort Baxter in 1993 as "Opening Night" no edits were made at the time and an effect was placed on the audio to cover up the tape noise. Now it is upfront clear and very lively as a wild 69 show should be. For the ones who have "Opening night" or the copy from this show, this release will appear as if you hear it for the first time.
Tracks: 01. Opening Theme  02.  Blue Suede Shoes  03.  I Got A Woman  04.  All Shook Up  05.  Love Me Tender 06.  Jailhouse Rock / Don't Be Cruel 07.  Heartbreak Hotel  08. Hound Dog  09.  Memories  10.  Mystery Train / Tiger Man  11.  LIFE STORY (MONOLOGUE)  12.  Baby What You Want Me To Do   13.  Are You Lonesome Tonight?  14.  Yesterday / Hey Jude   15.  introductions   16.  In The Ghetto    17.   Suspicious Minds  18. What I’d Say  19.   Can't Help Falling In Love  20.  Interviews - BEFORE OPENING NIGHT (31 JULY)  21.  RADIO SPOTS FROM 1969.

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‘FROM ELVIS IN MEMPHIS: LEGACY EDITION’ OUT NOW! & new details: OUT THIS WEEK the new ‘From Elvis In Memphis Legacy Edition’ features 36 tracks - including the Original Mono single Masters. CD 2 features the 10 songs of the LP ‘Back In Memphis’ plus another 10 bonus tracks, grouped as The Original Mono Single Masters. Four are (mono) reprises of songs that appeared on the LPs: "In The Ghetto," "Any Day Now," "The Fair’s Moving On," and "You’ll Think Of Me." The other six were all originally non-LP single sides at the time of their first release: "Suspicious Minds" (the Grammy Hall Of Fame and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee, written by Mark James); "Don’t Cry Daddy" (Mac Davis) b/w "Rubberneckin’"; Eddie Rabbitt’s "Kentucky Rain" b/w Shirl Milete’s "My Little Friend"; and finally, guitarist Johnny Christopher’s "Mama Liked The Roses."

Added to EIN today is the BMG publicity release which promises podcast promos - as well as radio series. Click HERE for FULL BMG Promo Details - Sleeve PHOTOS - and complete tracklisting.
(News, Source;Barry McLean/ElvisInfoNet)


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