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"Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century."

(Leonard Bernstein)


"If you're an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary; If you're not an Elvis fan, no explanation is possible."

(George Klein)


"For a dead man, Elvis Presley is awfully noisy."

(Professor Gilbert B. Rodman)



"Absolute id crashed into absolute superego...as the uptightset man in America shook hands with just about the loosest."

(Mark Feeney on the 'Elvis meets Nixon' meeting)


"Elvis is everywhere"

(Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper)


"...especially in the South, they talk about Elvis and Jesus in the same breath"

(Michael Ventura, LA Weekly)


"The image is one thing and the human being is another...it's very hard to live up to an image"


(Elvis Presley, Madison Square Garden press conference, 1972)


"Elvis was a major hero of mine. I was actually stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something"

(David Bowie)


"No-one, but no-one, is his equal, or ever will be. He was, and is supreme"

(Mick Jagger)


"I wasn't just a fan, I was his brother...there'll never be another like that soul brother"

(Soul legend, James Brown)


"Before Elvis there was nothing!"

(John Lennon)


"There were rock 'n' roll records before Heartbreak Hotel, but this was the one that didn't just open the door…it literally blasted the door off its rusted, rotten, anachronistic hinges...producing, no propelling, a fundamental, primordial and unstoppable shift in not only musical, but social, political and cultural history"

(JNP, BBC website)


"Elvis, the musician, is largely a relic belonging to the baby boomer generation...Elvis, the icon, is arguably one of the most potent symbols of popular culture"

( Dr. John Walker)


"It [rock & roll] was always about Elvis; not just because he was Elvis, but because he was the big star"

(Bono from U2)


"If they had let me on white radio stations back then, there never would have been an Elvis"

(Little Richard)


"Elvis loved opera, and he especially liked Mario Lanza. He would watch The Student Prince which was set in Heidelberg, over and over again. He loved the power of the big voices. And he loved big orchestras. He liked real dramatic things"

(Marty Lacker in 'Elvis and the Memphis Mafia')


"If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead"

(Johnny Carson)

Elvis' #1 Pop Singles on Cashbox, USA:

Heartbreak Hotel (1956)

Don't Be Cruel (1956)

Hound Dog (1956)

Love Me Tender (1956)

Too Much (1957)

All Shook Up (1957)

Teddy Bear (1957)

Jailhouse Rock (1957)

Don't (1958)

Stuck On You (1960)

It's Now Or Never (1960)

Are You Lonesome Tonight? (1960)

Surrender (1961)

Good Luck Charm (1962)

Return To Sender (1962)

In The Ghetto (1969)

Suspicious Minds (1969)

Burning Love (1972)

(The Cashbox chart is now defunct)

Elvis Facts:

Elvis was 5' 11" tall


Elvis' natural hair color was dark blond


Elvis' blood type was O Positive


Elvis' shoe size was 11D


One of Elvis'( maternal) ancestors, Morning White Dove (born 1800, died 1835), was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian


Elvis' uncle, Noah Presley, became Mayor of East Tupelo on January 7, 1936


The Presley family moved to Memphis on November 6, 1948


Elvis was issued a Social Security card in September 1950 with the # 409-52-2002


In 1954 some of the shows played by Elvis & The Blue Moon Boys were at the Overton Park Shell; the Bel-Air Club; Sleepy-Eyed John's Eagle's Nest Club and the Louisiana Hayride


Elvis' first manager was Scotty Moore, then Bob Neal, before signing with Colonel Tom Parker


The first DJ to play an Elvis record was Fred Cook (WREC), not Dewey Phillips (WHBQ). However, Dewey had the distinction of being the first DJ to play an Elvis record in its entirety


Elvis once dated famous stripper, Tempest Storm


Elvis was filmed from the waist up only during his 3rd and final appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show


In the 50s Elvis was friendly with rising stars, Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner and Ty (Bronco Lane) Hardin


Gladys Presley was 46 years old when she died, not 42, as many books suggest


The Roustabout album sold 450,000 copies on its initial release, 150,000 copies more than any of the preceding three soundtrack LPs. It was Elvis' last "soundtrack" album to reach #1 on the major album charts in the US


Elvis received $1m for filming Harum Scarum (aka Harum Holiday). The film grossed around $2m in the US


Elvis and Priscilla married on May 1, 1967


They were officially divorced on October 9, 1973


Elvis earns nearly $3.5m in 1968 and pays just over $1.4m in income tax


Elvis' return to live performing in Las Vegas on July 31, 1969 was in front of an "by invitation only" audience. Stars in attendance included Wayne Newton, Petula Clark, Shirley Bassey, Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickinson


On January 9, 1971, the national Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) announced Elvis as one of "The Top Ten Young Men of the Year". Elvis spoke at the official awards ceremony on January 16


"Elvis: Aloha From Hawai" made entertainment history on January 14, 1973, when it was beamed around the world by satellite. In the Philippines it drew 91% of the audience, in Hong Kong 70%. The viewing audience was estimated at more than 1 billion


For his 4 week Hilton Vegas season in August 1973 Elvis received $610,000

Sales of Elvis' 1973 album, Raised On Rock, were less than 200,000 units on its initial release


Elvis paid $2,959,000 in income tax in 1973


In December 1976 Elvis was sworn in as a special deputy sheriff of Shelby County (Memphis) by Sheriff Gene Barksdale


Elvis' final live concert was in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977

When Elvis died, he and his father Vernon, were embroiled in an FBI investigation called Operation Fountain Pen

More than 1,500 books have been published about The King in more than 30 languages


At Dec 2005 Elvis' biggest selling album in the US is the budget priced, Elvis' Christmas Album, with accredited sales of 9 million units (fingers crossed it reaches 10 million to give Elvis his first "Diamond" award)


By early2006, Sony BMG's "collectors label", Follow That Dream, had released more than 50 Elvis CDs


During the 1980s, tour guides at Graceland stated that Elvis' biggest selling album (globally) was Moody Blue, with sales exceeding 14 million


While Sony BMG estimates Elvis' global sales exceed 1 billion, the company is unable to substantiate this figure. Accredited sales worldwide are estimated to be less than 400 million
















































































































































































































































































Welcome to the "Elvis Information Network", home to the best news, reviews, interviews & articles about the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley...

The latest on www.elvisinfonet.com:

Friday 30 June 2006

Elvis' birthplace - is it the real one?: Sid Shaw has raised a controversial issue about Elvis' birthplace in the latest issue of his excellent "Elvisly Yours Cyber Newsletter". Folowing on earlier reports that the Presley's Tupelo home is currently sited in an incorrect spot, Sid now questions whether the one-room shack is in fact the real one. Sid says:

"Doubts are emerging that the shack in Tupelo, described as the birthplace, was never set foot in by Elvis Presley. Over the years I took the "Elvisly Yours Fan Club" tours to Tupelo and heard all sorts of rumours about the authenticity of the birthplace.  I was always impressed with the dignity of Tupelo and the tranquility of the Park they created in Elvis' memory that I just let the matter rest, especially compared to the crass commercialism of Graceland. 

However, there are members of Elvis' family now openly stating the shack is not genuine and it is just a replica of the real birthplace, including an aunt who was present at the birth and she is still alive. 

Local folklore suggests the shack was moved from the original street in Tupelo and rebuilt at the Park thus making it a tourist attraction and now money-spinner. Apparently, the land on which the Park was built is owned by a wealthy landowner in Tupelo, so it has been very convenient and lucrative for him for the shack to be called the birthplace. It is believed the original house still exists, yet somehow the shack you see in Tupelo has been allowed to keep the mythology of the birthplace.  

There is even a historical marker and I wonder what research was conducted by the Agency that issues such markers? I will be writing to them for an explanation and with our contacts in Tupelo will disclose further information to be published in future Cyber Newsletters. It seems the "Presleys" have not been treated well in that part of the South and there are still many, many of them. In fact, a genealogist in Verona Mississippi claims to have found 1,500 Presleys in the family database". (News, Source: Elvisly Yours)

Visit the "Elvisly Yours" website

Linda Thompson dating George Clooney?: George Clooney reportedly spent most of his time in Italy last week dating Linda Thompson, a former live-in girlfriend of rock'n'roll icon Elvis Presley.

The 45-year-old actor and the 56-year-old songwriter were seen dining together and boating while both were vacationing at Lake Como, Italy.

A former "Hee Haw" regular, Thompson had lived with Presley for more than three years during the 70's and later married Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner before she met and married the music producer David Foster. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Only 39 days until the start of

"Elvis Week 2006"

"Elvis theme" for Air Force One today: In theory, the Elvis pilgrimage is something of a parting gift for Junichiro Koizumi, who steps down in the fall. Koizumi is such a big Presley fan that he selected his own favorite tracks for a Japanese CD. For his part, President Bush cares so little about music that he entrusts his iPod selections to his old friend, music junkie Mark McKinnon.

But even more important than the journey to Memphis is what the trip says about Bush’s exceptionally personal form of diplomacy. Bush’s foreign policy aides insist that the idea for a Graceland visit came from the president himself, not from Koizumi. “About a year ago, the president started saying to us as staff, ‘I would like to take him to Graceland,’ and we all thought he might be joking,” said one senior administration official, who insisted on anonymity in talking about Bush’s foreign-policy discussions. “But as he repeated it several times to us, we realized he indeed thought it was a great thing to do.”

The result is an Elvis-themed day on Friday, complete with Elvis movies on Air Force One and a strategic opportunity for Koizumi to go karaoke. “I imagine that Koizumi may pick up a mike somewhere along the way,” the senior Bush aide said. “He does sing Elvis songs.”

Of course the White House would like you to know that it’s not all play. There will be extensive talks about North Korea, Iran and Iraq. And even the fun stuff can have a greater meaning: in Memphis, the two leaders will eat some of the city’s finest barbecue. Given the Japanese ban on U.S. beef because of concerns about mad-cow disease, the mere sight of Koizumi eating American meat is a symbolic stamp of approval.

As trivial as it sounds, there are certain strengths to this kind of one-on-one diplomacy. There’s little doubt among Japan analysts that the close relationship between Bush and Koizumi has been critical in improving relations between the United States and Japan. After the economic rivalries of the 1980s and the Japanese stagnation of the 1990s, the Koizumi-Bush era looks like a golden one. Both the pres and the PM mentioned Elvis in their joint press conference yesterday. (News, Source: Newsweek)

Elvis chapel rises from the ashes: The King may be gone, but his legacy lives on at the foot of the Superstition Mountains. The Superstition Mountain Historical Society and Museum in Apache Junction will soon unveil the Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel.

The building was salvaged from Apacheland Movie Ranch, which was almost entirely destroyed in a February 2004 fire. The chapel is a relic of “Charro!” — the legendary performer’s brief foray into Western movies. The chapel is scheduled to open in October, and patrons are already lining up. It will cost $300 to rent for a wedding, money that will benefit the historical society. Historical society officials said they’ve taken calls from Elvis fans who were married at Apacheland and want to renew their vows in the same chapel. They’ve also received reservation requests from people who want to exchange vows there for the first time.

“Those Elvis fans are really crazy,” said George Johnston, president emeritus of the Superstition Mountain Historical Society. “Well, maybe not crazy. More like enthusiastic.”

Hank Sheffer, a volunteer who described himself as “one of the local characters,” said it was funny to imagine Elvis fans so dedicated that they reserved a building bearing his name before construction actually finished. Once finished, the Elvis Presley Chapel will display artifacts from the Superstition Mountain Museum. The historical society added two storage rooms to hide the exhibits during ceremonies, leaving room for about 60 people. Johnston said one of the project’s next steps will be to replace the steeple, which sat beside the chapel in the dust.

Johnston said he doesn’t know of any other Elvisthemed chapel in the Valley. He said the historical society recently received an order for 50 of their new Elvis Presley Chapel shirts — from Lagos, Nigeria.

The owners of Apacheland donated the Elvis Presley Chapel and a barn used in the television series “The Rifleman” — the only remnants left by the fire of a property once popular with tourists. Volunteers then dismantled and transported the chapel and barn to the museum, which opened in 2003. Johnston said the origin of the Apacheland fire is just another Superstition Mountain mystery.

“Nobody knows,” Johnston said. “But that place was a tinderbox.”

The $30,000 budget for the chapel project came from donations of money, building materials and labor. Sheffer said one of the project’s major challenges was to convert the chapel from a prop on a movie set into a structure that will house real people, and to do both while maintaining its authenticity. “Problem being the county is insisting that reconstruction go according to code,” he said. “All the naysayers wanted to say it isn’t the original chapel. “But it is.”
(News, Source: Tribune.com)

New stage musical "Walking In Memphis": HE may be dead, but his spirit is very much alive in the hip-swinging, velvet-voiced Shaky Russell. An Elvis award-winning performer, he has co-devised the show Walking in Memphis (with Duck Chowles of The Barnyard Theatre Productions) which is sure to have audiences "all shook up" in South Africa.

This charismatic singer has wowed audiences both nationally and internationally, and taking Memphis itself by storm was the ultimate accolade. Shaky is one of today’s supreme Elvis Presley tribute performers with a style and energy that resonates of the King himself. He doesn’t impersonate, nor does he imitate. “What I do is not a ‘rip off’ but a spectacular tribute. I don’t talk to the audiences as Elvis, but about Elvis,” says 24-year-old Shaky. His career highlight was visiting Memphis, Tennessee, and being the only South African to have performed at Elvis’s home, Graceland. Shaky also had a chance to record at the legendary Sun Studio which was home to many stars including Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and, of course, Elvis himself.

“I was bouncing to the tunes of Elvis before I could walk,” quips Shaky and with his very apt name, it seems pre-determined that his life was going to be intertwined with one of the world’s greatest musical legends. The Barnyard is now ready to shake, rattle and roll. There is a cross section of tributes to him with the likes of Marc Cohn’s “Walking in Memphis”, ZZ Top’s “Viva Las Vegas”, UB40’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and the Fine Young Cannibals’ “Suspicious Minds”.

In addition to The King’s classics such as “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Devil In Disguise”, “Are You Lonesome Tonight”, “Love Me Tender” and “Jailhouse Rock”, audiences can expect to hear his recent remix “Little Less Conversation”. Paying tribute to The King will be an eleven-piece cast lead by five vocalists. Audience members can bring their own food and buy beverages at the theatre. The doors open at 18:30 and the show starts at 20:00.Walking in Memphis opens on 4 July and the first week includes a special offer of “buy 1 get 1 free”. Bookings essential on 083 913 3434 or at the theatre on 021 914 8898 between 9:00 and 17:00. (News, Source: TygerBurger)


Thursday 29 June 2006
EIN exclusive new cover design & preview of 'I Found My Thrill': Updated with a look at the great cover design. Jean-Marc Juilland works in audio restoration & remastering for FTD. His newest creation is the July 2006 release 'I Found My Thrill', which features a very rare soundboard recording from Elvis' January-February 1974 Las Vegas season. Fans are already getting excited about this rare soundboard, and EIN was lucky enough to talk with Jean-Marc and discover some fascinating facts about this brand new release. (Interview, Source: EIN, June 2006)

Jerry Schilling book signing through Bill E. Burk's "Elvis World": "Elvis World's" Bill E. Burk tells us he has bought 200 copies of the upcoming Jerry Schilling book. Jerry has graciously agreed to sign -- personally by name -- all copies ordered through "Elvis World". To buy an autographed copy of "Me And A Guy Named Elvis", contact Bill Burk. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

"ELVISDCDFORYOU" cover & tracklisting: Here is the complete cover of the "ELVISDCDFORU - The Elvis CD For You!" import CD release.

Track listing: Stuck On You (From The Soundtrack "Lilo & Stitch") - Welcome To My World (Re-mixed Version) - American Trilogy (Overdubbed Version) - Always On My Mind (Overdubbed Version) - My Boy (Overdubbed Version) - For The Good Times (Alternate Take 3) - That’s All Right (August 11, 1970 Dinner Show) - Suspicious Minds (Live) - Don’t Cry Daddy (Duet Elvis & Lisa Marie) - I Was The One (Overdubbed Version) - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Overdubbed Version) - Baby Let’s Play House (Overdubbed Version) - Rip It Up (Overdubbed Version) - Little Sister (Overdubbed Version) - Paralyzed (Overdubbed Version) - Young And Beautiful (Alternate Take 11) - Your Cheatin’ Heart (Alternate Take 9) - Just Call Me Lonesome (Alternate Take 7) - Snowbird (Undubbed Master) - There Goes My Everything (Alternate Take 1) - Help Me Make It Through The Night (Alternate Take 3) - Make The World Go Away (Alternate Take 3) - Burning Love (March 31, Reprise) - Separate Ways (Alternate Take 1) Elvis vs Rafaëlla - Don’t Be Cruel (Idols 2006/ Netherlands) - The Elvis Medley - Heartbreak Hotel (From The Soundtrack Lilo & Stitch). (News, Source: Elvis News)
More Elvis related real estate up for auction: STEVE SHUTTS is the hot name in the news these days. First he moved Elvis' old home at 1034 Audubon Drive on eBay for $900,000+ or $1 million (depending on who ends up with the title).
Next, he submitted the high bid of $2500 last week for rights to the Zippin Pippin, Elvis' favorite ride at the old Fairgrounds (now Libertyland). Wanting only one car from the Pippin, and given 30 days to remove the roller coaster, Shutts and his partner, Robert Reynolds, will place the Pippin on eBay.
AND NOW, Shutts reveals he has closed deals whereby he will be offering Vernon Presley's old home at 3650 Hermitage ... and a Memphis house Johnny Cash lived in briefly after recording for Sun Records ... both on eBay. The Hermitage house is appraised at $146,000.  The Cash house at 5676 Walnut Grove Place, at $228,000.
Shutts has asked for a 30-60-day extension to have the Pippin removed, but to date, the City Commission has not moved off its 30-day limit. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

ELLE-VIS WORLD TOUR: As lead vocalist and, “ELLE-VIS”, MARGARIDA has returned to do what she loves most – ELVIS, the man and his music! When MARGARIDA sings her Energy, Dynamism and Commitment, leave you no option but to listen!

Immediately you become aware that this has taken the ELVIS Tribute Show yet again to another level! Bestowed with her Sulty and Sensual looks and her Dark Hair, MARGARIDA radiates Charm and Charisma.

Her delivery has Passion and Integrity. Her voice is Powerful, Emotional and Captivating, a Contradiction to her tiny frame! Her glittering and stunning stage costumes and her gift of taking an ELVIS Classic and making it throb with her own personality, is truly Inspirational! She has defied all odds, broken all boundaries, amazed all critics, and skeptics, by enthralling all audiences with her New and Exciting High-Energy, Power-Packed ELLE-VIS Show!!!

The ELLE-VIS music has been tastefully re-vamped into the New Millenium whilst still retaining the Magic of the ELVIS era. ELLE-VIS will be appearing at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on 7 October. (Almost Elvis, Source: Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia)


Wednesday 28 June 2006
EIN interviews the Australian Promoter of the 'Elvis Presley In Concert' tour: This spectacular Elvis tour returns to Australia in October and fans are already getting excited. This time it is presented by Dainty Consolidated Entertainment & includes a new set-list, as well as an Elvis memorabilia display. DCE's promoter kindly agreed to talk with EIN and answer questions like, "Why are the tickets so expensive?" (Interview, Source: EIN, June 2006)

New Madison label CD - "Let It Roll": The CD "Let It Roll" will be the next Madison release. It features unreleased '70s alternate takes and unedited studio material in excellent sound quality (all in full stereo) according to the information on the FECC website. Pretty much in the same quality as "Danny Boy'' and ''Funny How Time Slips Away'' on Elvis - A Legendary Performer volume 8. This CD will show the ever-present talent of Elvis in his later period, but also his good humor and dedication while working in studio. The packaging will include a 16 page, illustrated booklet and relevant notes. More details on 'Let It Rol'l coming soon. The double CD set "The Elvis Presley Show- Holding Back The Fort" is again delayed and will follow next. (News, Source: FECC)

"Essential Elvis" CD/DVD combo: Amazon Germany has a new release listed entitled "Essential Elvis". This CD / DVD combination is set for release on June 26, 2006 in Europe through the import channels. (News, Source: Amazon.de /Elvis News)


Tuesday 27 June 2006

Andreas Roth, author of "Elvis In Munich", talks to EIN

Researcher & author, Andreas Roth, talks to EIN's Nigel Patterson about his years of research in writing "The Ultimate ELVIS IN MUNICH Book", the many discoveries he made along the way, and how he managed to secure some of the most stunning and rare Elvis photos ever published!(Interview, Source: EIN)

Enrolments close tomorrow for "Online Elvis Film Course"

Looking for a new set of skills? Like watching movies & TV? Interested in learning basic film principles while watching your favorite Elvis films?

Well then why not enrol in this year's semester of New Perspectives In Elvis Cinema. There are still a few places left and enrolments close tomorrow evening for what will be another fun-filled discovery of the hidden delights in Elvis' body of film work.

Click to read the course overview

Ancestry census reveals the Presley family didn't own a radio: Back in 1930, Tom Hanks' grandfather chased squirrels for a living, Walt Disney lived in an $8,000 Los Angeles home and Elvis Presley's family didn't own a radio. These are just a few tidbits one can dig up from Ancestry.com, which has compiled an online database of information on 500 million people, culled from every U.S. census record from 1790 to 1930. (News, Source: Scripps Howard News Service)

Jimmy Denson lets loose again!: Not all Memphians are excited about the Koizumi-Bush visit. James Denson, 78, whose mother was Elvis' mother Gladys' good friend, thinks the whole Graceland phenomenon is a "trickery driven" scam. He said he's ashamed the president he voted for twice has fallen for it.

"And this joker from Japan is a sapsucker himself," says Denson. "Anyone who idolizes a zombie dope fiend is going to burn in hell."

Read EIN's review of Jimmy Denson's "Elvis Through My Eyes" (News, Source: Commercial Appeal/Bill E. Burk)

New book "The Forgotten Family of Elvis Presley": Due out in the next few weeks is this book based on the life of Elvis' aunt Lois Smith with Uncle Johnnie Smith (brother of Gladys Presley). Some of the chapters cover the kidnapping of Lois Smith, pain and abuse, the death of Gladys Presley, and the reported death of Elvis. (News, Source: Rob Hines)

Singer-songwriter, Bill Withers, talks about Elvis: "I really stopped recording because I couldn’t get in the studio. For seven years, I was at CBS records and I couldn’t get a purchase order to go in the studio. There was a guy over there in A&R, Mickey Eichner, and he wouldn’t take my phone calls for three years. [A&R rep] George Butler, that used to work there, he told me when Eichner was in the building he would hide from me. Eichner came up with such brilliant suggestions like I should cover Elvis Presley’s “In the Ghetto.” I don’t cover Elvis Presley. For what? I got my own things. The songs that I’ve written did well for themselves, and brothers don’t cover Elvis, Elvis covers us. So that kinda turned me off to the whole process." (News, Source: Black Entertainment)

Randy Elvis: Various Artists, "Rockin' Bones" (Rhino). Raw. That's a good word to describe the new 4-disc box set "Rockin' Bones" which celebrates 1950s rockabilly music and some tunes that could been seen as a precursor to punk. In the good sense, the raw sounds — minimalist twangy guitar, simple arrangements and amateur night-quality vocals — offer rough simplicity and an honest amount of energy. Keeping in mind that this music came along during the apple pie and crew cut 1950s, this was fairly experimental stuff.

Even Elvis gets randy on "Baby, Let's Play House," one of the standout tracks. "Now listen to me baby, try to understand/ I'd rather see dead little girl than to be with another man," the King sings. If he didn't sound so good saying it, it would downright frightening. (News, Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

Elvii live in Manila: How would you like to watch and listen to Elvis Presley live? Go to the Front Page piano bar on T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila this Friday and Saturday, June 30 and July 1. Starting at 8 p.m., you can watch and listen to not just one but several Elvis Presleys. Not the real Elvis come-back-to-life, but look-alikes who sing, strum the guitar and gyrate like him. I won’t give you their names just yet, but I assure you that they are the best Elvis Presley impersonators in the country today, having won Elvis titles in various contests. A bonus will be the youngest Elvis Presley impersonator (only 9 years old) ever. This Elvis Presley madness will be followed a few weeks later by a Frank Sinatra fiesta with Sinatra wannabes trying to sound like Old Blue Eyes himself. Wait for further announcements. (Almost Elvis, Source: Amber Smith)

Elvis Presley In Concert "2006 Australian Tour":

Pre-sale tickets for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide shows go on sale "tomorrow" at 9am

Monday 26 June 2006
EIN's preview of the new FTD 'I Found My Thrill': Jean-Marc Juilland works in audio restoration & remastering for FTD. His newest creation is the July 2006 release 'I Found My Thrill', which features a very rare soundboard recording from Elvis' January-February 1974 Las Vegas season. Fans are already getting excited about this rare soundboard, and EIN was lucky enough to talk with Jean-Marc and discover some fascinating facts about this brand new release. (Interview, Source: EIN, June 2006)


Click here for updated Australian 'Elvis In Concert' Tour Information:

What kind of car would Elvis drive?: When a shy young man named Elvis Aaron Presley escaped the poverty of northeastern Mississippi’s hill country, and gyrated onto the music scene in the mid-1950s, he was part of a revolution in music and in culture. His “rock-a-billy,” a unique blend of black blues, gospel and country music went mainstream, a revelation to youth in a soon to be unsegregated South. It epitomized a changing society. (Opposite: Elvis' 1977 Cadillac Seville)

With the Depression a bad memory and the Second World War over, it was an optimistic time, and no one was more optimistic than General Motors. It bestrode the industry like a colossus, selling every second car in America and Canada. And standing atop its automotive hierarchy was the undisputed pinnacle of automobile luxury: Cadillac, the King of Cars and symbol of success. It is only fitting then that Elvis, “The King”, would aspire to a Cadillac to tell the world that this poor Mississippi boy had arrived. And tell it he did. Over the years he owned more than 100 Cadillacs, including sedans, convertibles and coupes, from his first 1954 model to a 1977 Seville.

If Elvis were here today what would he drive? No doubt it would be a Cadillac, likely an XLR-V, Cadillac’s range-topping, high performance, hardtop convertible. It would appeal to his patriotism because it, and the CTS and others, exemplifies GM’s and Cadillac’s resurgence.

Elvis liked flash and style, and none has it more than the low-slung, high powered XLR-V. From its polished wire-mesh grille to its sterling silver finished wheels, it would have said Elvis. And he would have loved it.
Elvis fans relive their memories each year at Collingwood’s Elvis Festival. This year’s the festival will be held from July 26 to 30. The Elvis Festival in Downtown Collingwood has become the largest festival of its kind world-wide.  Tens of thousands of visitors from across North America make the trip to Collingwood to enjoy a weekend of music and the popular Saturday morning Elvis Classic Car Parade. For more information, phone 1-877-446-0824. (News, Source: News Canada/Sanja Meegin)

Today in history: Today marks the 29th anniversary of Elvis' final live concert. It took place in front of a screaming, sold-out audience at the Market Sqaure Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana. In her review the following day, newspaper journalist Rita Rose said:

"Just about everything he did created mass hysteria...During C.C. Rider, flashbulbs popped wildly and by the time he had segued into Amen, he had everyone clapping in unison...Toward the end of the show he mesmerised the crowd with Hurt....Then, for the final time, he sang Can't Help Falling In Love. Even as the music faded, he wouldn't leave the stage. He walked back and forth shaking his head in disbelief at the roar as more than 18,000 fans stomped and cheered." (News, Source: Did Elvis Sing In Your Home Town, Too?, Lee Cotten)


Sunday 25 June 2006

"Monkee" Davy Jones slams dead icons including Elvis: First it was Irish actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers raising the 'Elvis was gay' issue (see story below dated 21 June), now MONKEES frontman DAVY JONES has launched an astonishing attack on dead rockers KURT COBAIN, JIMI HENDRIX, ELVIS PRESLEY and JANIS JOPLIN, questioning why society worships people who wasted their lives. The 61-year-old I'M A BELIEVER singer insists they wouldn't have been idolised if they were still alive. Jones says, "I don't have a lot of respect for people like Jimi Hendrix, or Kurt Cobain, or Janis Joplin or Elvis Presley, because they all killed themselves in one way or another. "Although I often wonder what they'd be doing now if they were still alive. Would they be these crumbling lookalikes of the same people, greeting people at the entrance of Caesar's Palace?" (News, Source: Contact Music)

Elvis CDs in 2006: Twenty nine years after Elvis 'left the building' can there really be over 50 new Elvis CDs announced within the first 6 months of 2006? How can a true Elvis fan really afford such riches? EIN updates our list of 2006 CD releases.

Elvis not certifed in Ringtone awards: "Stu" posted the following mesage on the Elvis Number Ones bulletin board:

Ringtones are now awarded sales certfication by the RIAA. On 14th June, 128 songs received awards during the first batch of presentations. In much the same way as physical singles, sales of 500,000 is Gold, a Million is Platinum then, Multi-Platinum for + 2 Million. During a ceremony, 84 songs got gold, 40 were platinum and 4 multi-plat. Unfortunately, Elvis didn't figure in the list but, it would be interesting to know how many ringtone sales he has so far. (News, Source: Elvis Number Ones)

"The Collection/Cube" CD release: Set for release on July 11, 2006 is the CD "The Collection / Cube CD" (catalogue number 86880. CD Universe gives no other details than that is supposed to be a BMG release in the "documentary" category. Set for release on the same day, also supposedly from BMG is the CD "The Collection", this time listed in the "Rock" category. (News, Source: CD Universe / Elvis News)


Saturday 24 June 2006
"Nur das Beste" German CD: BMG Germany will release a compilation for the German market in the "Nur Das Beste" series (Just The Best). This CD, containing fifties studio material, will be available July 28, 2006.

Tracks include Don't Be Cruel, Blue Suede Shoes, Jailhouse Rock, All Shook Up and King Creole. (News, Source: Collectors Service / Elvis News)

Strong response to pre-sale tickets for "Elvis Presley In Concert" in Perth: At 8am yesterday morning all of the tickets allocated in the pre-sale offer had been sold for the Perth leg of the five city tour of Australia by "Elvis Presley In Concert". While on sale for two days they sold out in less than 24 hours. Ticket sales for the Perth leg go on sale to the general public on Monday 26 June 2006. Public ticket sales for the shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane go on sale on 6 July. Pre-sale arrangements for these cities have also been announced.

For all cities on the tour the Gold & Platinum packages remain on sale until sold out. (News, Source: Elizabeth Barton/EPE/EIN)

Click for full tour info

Elvis statue back in Vegas: Elvis Presley’s life-size bronze statue, which stood in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel lobby for oh, so many years, is back in public view. First dedicated in 1978, the somewhat ungainly pose of Elvis, guitar slung over his shoulder and holding a microphone in his left hand, was re-dedicated June 21.

But it wasn’t inside the hotel. This time, Elvis the Pelvis has been kicked outdoors to a garden area, standing atop a pedestal with embedded spotlights. A new bronze plaque at the rock ‘n’ roll idol’s feet reads:

An eight-year exclusive run
in the Las Vegas Hilton Showroom
837 consecutive sold-out performances
entertained some 2.5 million people
enough to fill the Rose Bowl 25 times over!

Elvis Presley’s Las Vegas connection was given a boost by his 1964 film “Viva Las Vegas!” opposite Ann-Margret, who drove him wild before Elvis could drive his racing car in the first Las Vegas Grand Prix. (News, Source: Blogging Vegas)

Filipino impersonator records tribute to the Elvis Cup: Last year Wade Jones achieved notoriety when he sold viewing rights to a foam cup allegedly used by Elvis. Now a Filipino Elvis Impersonator (Renelvis) has recorded a  song "The Elvis Cup" ( a Tribute to the Elvis Cup). Meanwhile, Associated Press has published a weird story about the Elvis Cup: I channel Elvis' spirit through the styrofoam cup (Odd Spot, Source: Wade Jones)

Tupelo invites Japanese leader to Elvis' birthplace: Tourism leaders here have asked one of the world's biggest Elvis fans to visit the King's birthplace after a stop by Graceland next week. Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi received an invitation from the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau to tour Elvis' hometown after his June 30 trip to Memphis with President George Bush. Tupelo officials are still waiting for word on Koizumi's intentions, but if the die-hard Elvis fan comes, his visit will be a big boost for international tourism promotion here.

"What we'd like to see from this is more Japanese visitors. That's the whole purpose of it," said CVB executive director Linda Butler Johnson, who termed Japan one of the best-represented countries in foreign visitors to the rock n' roll icon's birthplace.

Johnson originally sent an invitation to both Koizumi and Bush, but Bush's schedule won't allow a side trip, said Craig Ray, Mississippi Development Authority director of tourism. A White House spokesman was still trying to confirm that by Thursday evening. Ray, who worked at the White House under the current president and his father George H.W. Bush, speculated that Koizumi might have more free time.

"We have a really good shot at the prime minister coming to Tupelo," said Ray, who forwarded Butler Johnson's invitation for Koizumi to the Japanese Embassy.

The prime minister's visit would include a trip to the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum and a tour of popular Elvis sites like Tupelo Hardware, where the King purchased his first guitar, and Johnnie's Drive In, where he used to hang out. Regardless of either man's ability to see Tupelo, the CVB prepared gift baskets for Bush and Koizumi that Butler Johnson took to Graceland on Wednesday. Baskets include gifts like mugs, T-shirts, posters and notebooks donated by the birthplace and museum, the Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association and the CVB. Koizumi, who shares a Jan. 8 birthday with Elvis, requested the chance to see Graceland during his June 28-30 visit to the United States. (News, Source: djournal.com)

"Love Me Tender" live tracks DVD: Set for release in early July is this budget DVD entitled "Love Me Tender". It contains live material of several live appearances by Elvis. (News, Source: Elvis Corner /Elvis News)

Elvis' Favourite Ride sells for $ 2,500: Elvis Presley's favorite amusement park ride has sold at auction in Memphis. The Zippin Pippin roller coaster was a top attraction at Libertyland, an amusement park Presley often rented for private parties. Libertyland is closing and its rides and concession stands were sold at auction on Wednesday. Robert Reynolds and Stephen Shutts, partners in a traveling museum called the Honky Tonk Hall of Fame & Rock-N-Roll Roadshow, bought the coaster for $2,500. It went cheap because the sale agreement gives the buyer a month to take it down and haul it away. Reynolds said he had not yet decided what they will do with the Pippin. The Pippin was bought by the city's park commission in 1947. Most of the superstructure for its 2,800 feet of track was replaced over the years, but it's still billed as one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the country. (News, Source: AP)

Friday 23 June 2006

'One Night Only!' - CD review: Madison releases an upgraded version of an old bootleg favourite, 'The Power Of Shazam'. Showcasing Elvis' once-off performance in Boston, November 10th 1971, the concert captures Elvis in great form and enjoying the larger crowds away from the Vegas/Tahoe casinos. Live recordings of Elvis in 1971 are few & far between. Here, EIN's Piers Beagley explores the concert and investigates if a 35-year old cassette recording can really sound that impressive. (CD Review, Source: EIN, June 2006)

More amazing prices for Elvis books: ElvisBookResearch reports that on the abebooks.com site, four Elvis books are listed at prices of US$1,500.00 and above! The titles are:

  • Elvis What Happened? (Dunleavy, Wests & Hebler) - $2,750.00
  • Elvis & Kathy (Westmoreland) - $2,165.00
  • Elvis Memories Beyond Graceland Gates - $1,701.00 & $1,500.00

We are also told there are more than half a dozen copies of the 1983 slimline Brixey, Dixon & Eggleston collaboration, 'Elvis at Graceland', listed at around $350.00 each!. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

Vote for Graceland as Event Site of the Year: For the second year in a row, Graceland has been nominated in the 'Event Site of the Year' category in the awards contest sponsored by the prestigious Event Solutions Magazine. Cast your vote for Graceland to show your support. Voting ends July 23 so be sure to vote today. (News, Source: EPE)

Elvis Week 2006 Update: Check out EPE's Elvis Week 2006 events calendar to see some new additions, including a concert with Terry Mike Jeffrey and the Imperials on Saturday, August 12. More updates will be posted soon. Tickets for EPE-sponsored events are on sale now through Graceland reservations. EPE says be sure to order early as they expect some events to sell out. (News, Source: EPE)

'June is Elvis Film Month' on EIN: Why was Mildred Dunnock only listed in the credits of "Love Me Tender' as 'The Mother'? For the surprising answer to this and to view the other latest additions to our Elvis film month pages click here.

Five new items added today including a rare Russian DVD cover, our 4th excerpt from 'Elvis Cinema and Popular Culture' and two Elvis related film reviews! (Elvis Film Month, Source: EIN)

Chart Update: The Elvis listings on the U.S. Billboard chart for the week ending July 1, 2006. On the Top Country Catalog Albums chart the compilation "Elvis 30 #1 Hits" climbs up 5 places to #14. On the Hot 100 Singles Sales chart the "Heartbreak Hotel" reissue climbs again, 5 places to #26. (News, Source: Elvis International Fan Club/ Elvis News)


Thursday 22 June 2006

"The King Goes Wild" DVD: Just released is the DVD entitled "The King Goes Wild". This release contains material from the 50's, 60's and 70's, including a lot of rare material, mostly released on other dvd's or taken from the Internet.

Part of the content: Including all the bonus material from the new Charro DVD, commercials during "Aloha From Hawaii" (from the EPE site), the Aloha Press Conference, Tupelo 1956, Elvis in the Army, and much more. (News, Source: Elvis News)

"Elvis Presley In Concert" Package ticket prices anger fans: There has been a strong "negative" reaction to the "Elvis Presley In Concert" Australian pricing schedule, particularly prices for the packages which include the meet & greet with the tour group.

With Platinum package tickets costing over A$500.00, many fans have expressed disappointment at the high price which will prevent them from meeting members of the tour group. A number of threads have appeared on the various Elvis messageboards and EIN has so far received more than 50 messages of disappointment from fans around Australia and internationally. (22 June 2006)

Click to tell us what you think of the ticket prices

Visit EIN's "Elvis Presley In Concert" page for all you need to know about the tour

"Elvis Presley In Concert" ticket giveaways: Next week various Australian radio stations will commence competitions giving away tickets to the five city October tour of "Elvis Presley In Concert". (News, Source: EIN)

Enrolments close in 1 week for online "Elvis Film Course": Enrolments for the 2006 semester of New Perspectives in Elvis Film close on Thursday, 28 June 2006. What you will gain from "New Perspectives in Elvis Cinema":

  • an understanding of basic film concepts (including narrative structure; camera techniques; editing; role of incidental music, etc)
  • the ability to identify how the film maker has set out to communicate with, & influence the audience - an ability you will be able to apply to any film or TV work (go ahead and amaze your friends!)
  • gain an exciting new level of appreciation & understanding about Elvis' diverse body of film work
  • be able to identify recurring “themes" & “texts” in Elvis’ film work including its changing sexual politics
  • get to watch Elvis movies and learn at the same time have a lot of FUN!
  • receive a "certificate" suitable for framing at the conclusion of the course

Click to read the course overview

"Soldier Boy" - Charmaine's latest Elvis graphic: Click to view all of Charmaine's fantastic Elvis graphics

Elvis Recipe - Breaded Chicken Liver: The ingredients are:

1 pound chicken livers
1 teaspoon seasoned salt
1 teaspoon ground pepper
1 cup flour
1/4 cup minced onion
Pinch Curry Power
1 cup oil

Wash chicken livers in cold water; pat dry.   Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Combine flour, minced onion, and curry powder.   Coat chicken livers in flour mixture.  Fry in hot oil in skillet until done. Bon Appetite! (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)


Wednesday 21 June 2006
"The Ultimate ELVIS IN MUNICH Book" (Book Review): EIN recently had the privilege of stepping inside one of the greatest 'coffee table' books ever released about Elvis. Stunning and very rare visuals complement great investigative research, as author Andreas Roth uncovers the truth about Elvis' visits to the German city. With high production and design qualities, text in both English and German, and a mine of valuable information, this superb book should be essential reading and viewing for all fans. (Book Review, Source: EIN)

'Loving You' - The Facts, Photos & Trivia: Continuing EIN's 'Film Month' looking back at Elvis' film career, EIN presents a detailed feature on Elvis' second film 'Loving You'. Do you know when Elvis first dyed his hair black? Why did Elvis have a cat named 'Wendell'? What was Deke Rivers' real name & why? Was "Kissin' Cousins" really used for Elvis as far back as 1957? Was Elvis dating Joan Blackman, Yvonne Lime or Anita Wood at the time? - or maybe all of them!? Well here's a chance to find out. (Celluloid Article, Source: EIN. June 2006)

"Elvis Presley In Concert" Set List for Aussie tour

Elvis was gay claim resurfaces: JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS is convinced ELVIS PRESLEY was homosexual - as he is suspicious of his glitzy wardrobe and maternal attachment. The Irish actor, who played the title role in 2005 TV film ELVIS, has branded the HEARTBREAK HOTEL rocker "the gayest f**king thing on two legs" after time spent researching the star yielded truly camp results. He says, "Anyone who lives with their mama that long and dresses up in that much spangly gold with black lacquer on their eyes has definitely got something going on." Angry fans can write to Rhys-Meyers: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Buttevant, County Cork, Ireland (News, Source: wenn.com/ Charmaine Voisine)

Opposite: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers with his Golden Globe award as best actor for his role as Elvis in the 2005 TV mini-series "Elvis (The Early Years)"

"Red, Hot & Blue" hotel faces possible demolition: A development partnership - Area Hotels LLC - has submitted a set of plans to Memphis and Shelby County planners showing a four-story Hilton Garden Inn being built at the southwest corner of Second Street and Linden Avenue. The eight-story-tall Chisca sits to the east of that land at 272 South Main St.

The Chisca hotel once was the host of the "Red Hot and Blue" radio program on WHBQ wound-up voice of deejay Dewey Phillips howling through the speakers, playing the first Elvis record, "That's All Right Mama", on the air in July 1954. Phillips gave the record a test spin a few days after Elvis recorded it at Sun Studio and ended up playing it several times back-to-back on his show that night.

Phillips, still remembered by some Memphians by his nickname as "Daddy-O-Dewey," also conducted Elvis' first radio interview on his show at the hotel. The Chisca is the place where it all happened, where the frenetic deejay spun rock and blues records and uttered catch phrases - still famous today - like: "Get yourself a wheelbarrow load of mad hogs, run 'em through the front door, and tell 'em Phillips sent ya."

If newly filed real estate development plans are to be believed, the recording may soon be one of the few remaining mementos of the historic hotel, which was built in 1913 and once served as the headquarters of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited /Elvis News)

Read EIN's review of the great book: Dewey and Elvis

Tuesday 20 June 2006

Elvis for sale: The Los Angeles auction house Bonhams & Butterfields is selling the purchase and sale agreement that Elvis signed for Graceland. Bonhams & Butterfields is estimating the auction of the document, being held June 25th and 26th, will bring as much as $75,000. Previous Elvis memorabilia sold by Bonhams & Butterfields has brought in $3,000,000. Check it out here. (News, Source: Memphis Flyer)

Future FTD Releases: Elvis World Japan has put together this list of future FTD releases:

Louisiana Hayride Farewell Concert 1956
The Sun Era 1954-55 (Photo Book with CD)
Writing For The King (Photo Book with CD)
Complete Million Dollar Quartet
Live In Hawaii 1961
Good Times
Promised Land
Raised On Rock
How Great Thou Art
His Hand In Mine
Pot Luck (News, Source: Elvis World Japan)

June is "Elvis Film Month" on EIN: We have added 7 new items to this page including a brief look at Elvis media texts, a rare film one-sheet and a link to the non-Elvis film, "Elvis". We also want to know your favorite Elvis film and why. (News, Source: EIN)

Boxset reissues in Japan: The following Elvis CD boxsets are due for reissue by BMG Japan on 16 August 2006:

  • Platinum, A Life In Music (4-CD, 1997, Re-release)
  • That's The Way It Is, Special Edition (3-CD, 2000, Re-release)
  • Live In Las Vegas (4-CD, 2001, Re-release)
  • Today, Tomorrow & Forever (4-CD, 2002, Re-release) (News, Source: Elvis World Japan/ Elvis News)

On stage with "This Is Elvis": Laurie Mansfield and Bill Kenwright are two of Britain's best known authorities on musicals. This musical duo are responsible for hit musicals like Are You Lonesome Tonight? Buddy, The Roy Orbison Story and Great Balls of Fire. Their latest musical is This is Elvis and focuses on the latter part of Elvis' life.

"This Is Elvis" is playing at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, Ireland from 19th-24th June.

This is Elvis is centred around a special live TV appearance that became known as The "68 Comeback Special". This performance drew phenomenal ratings and Elvis earned back his name as The King of Rock 'n' Roll.  The following year, Elvis starred at the International Hotel in Vegas performing live for the first time in seven years. This is Elvis follows the King of Rock 'n' Roll's journey back to stardom.  The musical explores this challenging time in the King's life and captures his outstanding talent.

This is Elvis recreates all the drama leading up to Elvis's first live appearance in seven years. This is a monumental concert featuring many of Elvis's greatest hits including Heartbreak Hotel, Blue Suede Shoes, Houndog, Love Me Tender and Suspicious Minds. This is Elvis is the first ever Elvis show to be endorsed by Elvis Presley Enterprises and is a cacophony of Elvis' greatest-ever hits. (News, Source: dublinks.com)

Elvis' "snack attack" #1 Dumbest Rock Star Extravaganza: On the night of Feb. 1, 1976, Elvis Presley pulled off a stunt that combined three of his favorite activities -- profligate spending, showing off to cops and eating repellent things. While entertaining two Colorado policemen at Graceland, he mentioned a sandwich that he had once eaten at the Colorado Gold Mine Company restaurant in Denver: a hollowed, buttered loaf, filled with peanut butter, jelly and a pound of fried bacon. The sandwich was meant to feed eight, but Presley had finished one unaided.

Remarkably, one of the cops expressed an interest. Even more remarkably, Presley insisted they should head to Denver to try it, a distance of 1,000 miles. His stretch Mercedes took them to the Memphis airport, where his private jet, the Lisa Marie -- upholstered in aquamarine plush in further testament to the King's understated elegance -- awaited. Two hours later, they landed in Denver, where 22 of the $49.95 "Fool's Gold'' sandwiches on silver platters, plus a bucket of Perrier water and a case of champagne, were brought to a private hangar at the airport by the restaurateur, his wife and a waiter. (News, Source: The 50 Dumbest Rock Star Extravagances as ranked by Blender magazine/Sanja Meegin)


Monday 19 June 2006

Elvis belt exceeds expectations at auction (see earlier story below dated 14 June): A belt that Elvis Presley wore during his 1972 performance in Honolulu, Hawaii brought $66,000 US at a special auction of celebrity items. The online auction in New York went live Saturday with a satellite feed to London, England. The belt — with a final price six-times the auction estimate — came from the estate of the late TV star Jack Lord of Hawaii Five-O fame and was sold to Neville Tuli, owner of an art auction house in Bombay, India.

Also at the auction, interview tapes of the late John Lennon went for $60,000, while the red evening gown worn by Dustin Hoffman in the movie Tootsie  fetched $26,400. The steel-rimmed derby hat worn by the villain Oddjob in the James Bond movie Goldfinger went for $33,600. (News, Source: CBC News, Canada)

The king rocks in country: Why does Elvis' bronze plaque hang in the Country Music Hall of Fame alongside country music's greatest artists? Click to read why (Article, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Cover Art - "The Life of Elvis Presley Fortunate Son": This book by Charles Ponce De Leon, will be released in the USA next month. (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

New Elvis books announced: Three new Elvis books have been announced for publication in the USA in 2006. They are:

  • "Elvis Presley: A Biography", Kathleen Tracy, Greenwood Press, late November 2006, Hardback
  • "Elvis Presley - Volume 1", Hal Leonard Corporation, early December 2006, ISBN: 0634099558, Hardback (sheet music release)
  • "Black Velvet Elvis", John Black, Porcupine's Quill, October 2006, ISBN: 0889842770, Paperback (subject matter of this release presently unclear) (News, Source: ElvisBookResearch)

"Elvis Presley In Concert" - View '2006 Australian Tour' Poster

No upstairs peek for the Pres & Japanese PM: The prime minister can even warble another rendition of "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You," as he did at a birthday party for Bush last year. But there are some things even presidents and prime ministers can't do at Graceland. When the two leaders and first lady Laura Bush visit Elvis Presley's home June 30, the legendary singer's private bedroom and the adjoining bath where he collapsed and died in 1977 will remain off-limits.

"You can't visit the upstairs at the White House, either," said Jack Soden, chief executive of Elvis Presley Enterprises.

The Memphis trip is a farewell gift from Bush to Koizumi, a big-time Elvis fan who will be leaving office in September.

For the most part, Koizumi (pictured opposite) and the Bushes will see the same Graceland other visitors see: the shag carpets and ceramic monkeys of the Jungle Room, which Elvis famously furnished with a 30-minute shopping spree; the glossy black baby grand piano near the living room's white, 4.5-meter sofa; and hundreds of gold records, jumpsuits and guitars in Graceland's museums.

Graceland opened in 1982. Each year more than 600,000 tourists tromp through its first floor and basement playrooms, and visit Presley's grave beside the swimming pool. But the home's upstairs is closed to the public.

The tour won't be completely standard fare, however. It will be led by Presley's only child and heir, daughter Lisa Marie, and her mother, Priscilla. Lisa Marie Presley turned over management of Graceland and sold the rights to her father's name and image last year to CKX Inc., an entertainment company that also owns the "American Idol" TV show. Graceland's new bosses won't be around for the president's visit because "they didn't want to get in the way," Soden said.

"This is not a photo op for the prime minister," he said. "This is truly a heartfelt desire to tour Graceland, and the president and the first lady want the prime minister to have that experience."

Bush and Koizumi are the first sitting heads of state to visit Graceland, but Soden's staff is accustomed to dealing with high-profile visitors. "We're always ready for visitors great and small," Soden said. "Every hour of every day we're fulfilling somebody's dream. They dream of coming and seeing Graceland and this is their moment. And that's true for the prime minister."

Presley has been one of Japan's most popular American entertainers since the 1950s and more than 2,000 Japanese tourists visited Graceland last year. The Elvis Presley Fan Club of Tokyo boasts more than 3,000 members, and The Elvis Presley Society of Japan lists 2,000. Four years ago, Japanese fans quickly bought all 200,000 copies of a limited-edition Elvis CD featuring 25 songs selected by Koizumi. (News, Source: AP)

Updated Today: Elvis Conspiracy

The most important book releases of 2004: Why was this book one of the most important Elvis book releases of 2004? EIN has the answer, and shortly will be bringing you a review of the book and an interview with its author.(News, Source: EIN)


Sunday 18 June 2006

kd Lang and Elvis: Canadian songstress k.d lang has just released her retrospective album 'Reintarnation' a best-of anthology of her independent country songs. With a look and even the quiff of Elvis, along with a voice like Roy Orbison's, k.d. lang has always carried a similar emotional musical theme throughout her career.

The cover of her new album is yet another hommage to Elvis' first LP. When asked about the cover kd said, "I just liked the idea of taking Elvis' album cover, along with The Clash's seminal 'London Calling', as I always used to get compared to Sid Vicious and Elvis Presley when I was doing country. And so I just thought that that was a tip of the hat to the people who used to call me a 'CowPunk.' It sort of goes back to the combination of Rockabilly and Punk." 

In the past k.d Lang has commented on Elvis saying, "He had total love in his eyes when he performed. He was the total androgenous beauty. I would practice Elvis in front of the mirror when I was twelve or thirteen years old."
In 1979 The Clash also noted the power of Elvis on the cover of their ground breaking album 'London Calling' (above). (News, Source:EIN 2006)

X-rays of Elvis to be sold on e-Bay: Fans of the King, Elvis Presley, will soon be able to pick up a rare piece of memorabilia connected to their hero.X-rays of Elvis` head and chest are going up for sale on the internet auction site e-Bay. The profile of the singer`s jaw and ribcage was taken in 1971, in Las Vegas, when he was suffering from sinus congestion. Bidding is expected to be fierce for the items and they are expected to sell for thousands of pounds. (News, Source: UK TV)

Another Elvis website closes: Sadly Stacy B's Elvis photo site has closed and, reading between the lines, it appears the workings of a small number of fans are responsible for the decision. Click to read Stacy's farewell message (News, Source: EIN)

"It's Elvis Time" #251 released in Holland

COLLINGWOOD ELVIS FESTIVAL: When: July 26-30. Where: Collingwood. Genres: Rock 'n' roll. Event: Elvis tribute artists entertain during a Friday night street party. Activities include classic car parade, Elvis impersonation contest and Texas Hold 'em Poker Challenge. Cost: $15-$75. Info: 1-866-444-1162, www.collingwoodelvisfestival.com. (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)


Saturday 17 June 2006

Click for:

"Elvis Presley In Concert"

Australian Tour Ticket Pricing Details

(Please note tickets do not go on sale until later this month)

Jerry Schilling memoir - cover art: Here is the cover of the upcoming Jerry Schilling book "Me And A Guy Named Elvis". Jerry Schilling was a friend of Elvis for years and is still involved in developing Elvis projects, including projects with EPE. This title will be released on August 17, 2006, but is already available for pre-order from outlets including Amazon. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Track listings for upcoming BMG Elvis "genre" albums: Thanks to Taylor Scott who sent us the track listings for the next set of "genre" albums due out on August 1.

R&B: Good Rockin Tonight; That's All Right; Baby, Let's Play House; Lawdy, Miss Clawdy; My Baby Left Me; So Glad You're Mine; I Got A Woman; Shake, Rattle & Roll; When It Rains, It Really Pours; Tryin To Get To You; Mystery Train; Trouble; Big Boss Man; Reconsider Baby; I Feel So Bad; High Heel Sneakers; Down In The Alley; A Mess Of Blues; Stranger In My Own Home Town; Pledging My Love
 LIVE: C C Rider; Johnny B Goode; Burning Love; You Gave Me A Mountain; Never Been To Spain; You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'; Polk Salad Annie; The Wonder Of You; Walk A Mile In My Shoes; What Now My Love; I Just Can't Help Believin; Bridge Over Troubled Water; Mystery Train/Tiger Man; In The Ghetto; Suspicious Minds; My Way; An American Trilogy; Steamroller Blues; How Great Thou Art; Unchained Melody 
MOVIES: Love Me Tender; Loving You; Jailhouse Rock; King Creole; G I Blues; Flaming Star; Wild In The Country; Blue Hawaii; Follow That Dream; Girls Girls Girls; Fun In Acapulco; Viva Las Vegas; Kissin Cousins; Roustabout; Girl Happy; Frankie & Johnny; Spinout; Double Trouble; Easy Come, Easy Go; Clambake; Speedway; Stay Away, Joe; Charro; Change Of Habit (News, Source: Taylor Scott)

Oprah visits Graceland?: We received the following email message from 'Magic': 'Was at Graceland on Sunday and was told by one of the tour guides that Oprah had been there very recently.' (News, Source: Magic)  


Friday 16 June 2006

Elvis tops Forbes list again: Elvis Presley, Albert Einstein, Kurt Cobain, Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe continue to earn enviable incomes from the grave, according to Forbes magazine. Presley, who died in 1977, raked in an estimated $52 million last year. Cobain, who committed suicide in 1994, generated about $50 million. Most of that came when his widow,  Courtney Love, sold 25 percent of Nirvana's song catalog in April. Einstein, who has been dead for more than 50 years, took in about $20 million in 2005, Forbes estimates. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem controls the famed thinker's estate and collects $5 million a year from the use of his images. The university also earns royalties from Disney's line of Baby Einstein toys and videos, Forbes reports, which generated $400 million in sales last year. Warhol died in 1987. Still, he earned $16 million last year through the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, which owns his estate. Monroe, who died in 1962, generated $8 million in 2005. (News, Source: AP/Sanja Meegin)

"Elvis A Legendary Performer Vol. 2" DVD released: Out now is the DVD A Legendary Performer, Vol. 2. Like the first one is the concept, same as on the Cd's that the producers have collected a lot of rare film material with Elvis.
The DVD starts with some of the earliest film of Elvis from April 19,
1955 at the Cotton Club in Lubbock, Texas. It ends at the very last
concert in Market Square Arena on June 26, 1977.
The picture quality is good all the way thru the DVD.
  (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Audubon Drive sale spin-off news: With all the drama surrounding the sale of Elvis' former residence on Audubon Drive in Memphis, Elvis World's Bill Burk sent us this message:FEDERAL BANKRUPTCY COURT has issued a continuance in the 26 June re-hearing of the bankruptcy case approved last February by Mike Freeman and Cindy Hazen.  New hearing will be 9.30 a.m. 10 July. 

Freeman and Hazen filed bankruptcy listing $43,000 to creditors.  At the time, they were listing the house's value at about $200,000.  When it sold (twice) for over $900,000, the Court was asking why the house was not listed at the higher price and why could not the creditors been paid their $43,000 out of that. Once those figures became known, all kinds of people have been asking:  "WHY even file bankruptcy when, even at $200,000, the $43,000 could easily have been paid off?" ALSO, our legal people cannot find a divorce on record in Shelby County; though they are saying they are divorced. Meanwhile, Uri Geller, whose $905,000 bid thru eBay was first accepted, then rejected in favor of Curb's reported $1 million bid, seems bent on staying in the fight for the long run. 

Both Geller and Curb have DEEP Pocket$ ... so, barring an out of court settlement (which some say will never happen), this sale could be in the courts for a long, long time. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Sillerman after Riviera Hotel - Elvis back in Vegas??: Elvis World's Bill Burk also tells us he received the following news from a contact in the know:

THIS JUST IN from my source in Las Vegas, who has a strong inside informant. He says that as of yesterday, Bob Sillerman, new owner of EPE, is still "very much in the hunt" to buy the Riviera Hotel on Vegas' Strip as part of his planned Elvis presence which, we have been told, would still be "a couple of years away" if it were started on today. BUT, BOOK IT --- Elvis will return to Vegas! (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)


Thursday 15 June 2006

New import CD - "The Sound of Vegas Vol. 1": The S&R records label announced its 5th CD release scheduled in early July and titled "The Sound Of Vegas Vol. 1". It will feature a previously unreleased audience recording of Elvis' concert in Las Vegas - August 08, 1973 Dinner show. SR label is dedicated mostly to the releasing of early seventies Elvis’ performances, but the producers decided to give the life to a parallel project called the "Sound Of Vegas", related to the 1973 - 1974 years when Elvis’ rock'n'roll attitude started to disappear and his live act was transformed to a solid, professional performances closer to the musical feeling of other Las Vegas entertainers. 

This first one - an early August 1973 concert - is taken from an excellent quality audience recorded tape and the show last about 60 minutes. It is a great performance with Elvis in good mood and strong voice. The highlights of the concert are gospel "How Great Thou Art" and Elvis’ "personal" number "My Boy" but all the repertoire is well performed with no weak moments. The CD contains a deluxe 8-page full color booklet with many rare photos taken in Las Vegas in August-September 1973. The sound was professionally restored for the best possible listening pleasure.

Track listing : 01. 2001 Theme - 02. See See Rider - 03. I Got A Woman - 04. Love Me - 05. Steamroller Blues - 06. You Gave Me A Mountain - 07. Trouble - 08. Blue Suede Shoes - 09. Rock Medley - 10. Love Me Tender - 11. Hound Dog - 12. Fever - 13. Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel - 14. What Now My Love - 15. Suspicious Minds - 16. Band Introduction - 17. My Boy - 18. I Can’t Stop Loving You - 19. An American Trilogy - 20. How Great Thou Art - 21. Release Me - 22. Can’t Help Falling In Love - 23. Closing Riff. (News, Source: FECC)

June is "Elvis Film Month" update: We have added several new items to our Elvis Film Month page today. These include a look at the long running Elvis Presley Film Society in Scotland, another Elvis film poster, stills from two Elvis movies, an article on an Elvis type "Blair Witch" movie spoof, and our third esxcerpt from the stimulating new book, Elvis Cinema and Popular Culture. In this third excerpt, author Douglas Brode considers the autobiographical element of Elvis' films, Elvis' film role as a correlative for his own stardom, and changes in the sexual politics of later Elvis films. (Source: EIN)

"Elvis and Juliet" stage play review: (see earlier story below dated 8 June) FRED Willard has long proved he's funny in both films ("Best in Show") and television ("Fernwood 2Nite"). With "Elvis and Juliet," a purported comedy written by his wife, Mary, he proves himself a loyal husband, as well - going way beyond the demands of any marriage vows.

Willard plays Arthur Julius Lesley, a successful Elvis impersonator who wants his son, Elvis Aaron (Haskell King), to follow in his footsteps. Elvis, who's in love with his refined Yale classmate, Juliet (Lori Gardner), would prefer to be an economist.

The resulting culture clash is less funny than you think. Elvis' side - they live in Vegas, natch - boasts an astrology- obsessed mother (Pamela Paul), a trashy sister (Bridget Clark) who dresses in the style of '80s-era Madonna, and a lounge-lizard uncle (David Rasche, TV's "Sledge Hammer" - see Elvis On Television) who performs as both Frank and Dean in a Rat Pack tribute show. Not surprisingly, their visit to New Haven, Connecticut, to meet Juliet's conservative parents (Warren Kelly and Carole Monferdini), the sort who have a portrait of Thomas Hardy on the wall, doesn't go well, though their teenage son (Justin Schultz) woos the Madonna clone with an impromptu rap performance.

Lacking any genuine wit, the show sputters along in sub-sitcom style for nearly two hours. Willard delivers a surprisingly subdued performance that, with the exception of the sequined jumpsuit he wears in the second act, doesn't even reflect his character's obsession. Only Rasche, delivering his smarmy dialogue with a hammy comic assurance, seems to be having any fun.
(Stage Review, Source: New York Post/Amber Smith)


Wednesday 14 June 2006

Japanese Prime Minister's visit to Graceland with US President Bush, now official: The White House has issued a statement confirming that the President and Mrs. Bush will accompany Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi of Japan to Memphis, Tennessee on June 30, 2006, the day following the Prime Minister's visit to the White House. The two leaders will visit Graceland Mansion, home of the Presley Family. The President and Mrs. Bush look forward to introducing the Prime Minister to the beauty and warm hospitality of the people of the Volunteer State. (News, Source: EPE/Bill E. Burk)

Original Elvis jumpsuit belt for sale: Auctioneer Jilien's is selling Elvis' 1972 Phoenix Suit belt on eBay. They expect it to go for between $8000 and $10000 US. Description: A white leather belt owned and worn by Elvis Presley, later given to actor and friend Jack Lord after a Hawaiian concert appearance in November 1972. The belt is heavily adored and embellished with mounted yellow metal Asian and Indian style medallions and jewelry pieces, some decorated with turquoise, lapis-like stones, faux gems, red, and black colored stones set in mounted jewelry pieces which appear throughout belt, together with a self attached triple-chain brass belt affixed at bottom, buckle having Dragon-like face, with various set stones. It has been noted that Elvis wore the belt with at least two different outfits, wearing it the last time with his well remembered heavily jeweled "Phoenix." Together with supporting documentation as well as a letter of authenticity from the estate of Jack Lord. Provenance: From the estate of Jack and Marie Lord. 38 inches length. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Click for: "Elvis Presley In Concert" Australian Tour Details

The King has rebel roots: The King of Rock and Roll is famous for his blue suede shoes, but one American woman wants him to be remembered for his relatives who sported gray. Barbara Lee Rowe, who says she's a fourth cousin of Elvis, recently opened a store on Steinwehr Avenue commemorating Elvis' Confederate cousins and uncles who served at the Battle of Gettysburg. (Spotlight Article, Source: The Evening Sun)

"Elvis World" 2006 Elvis Week Luncheon "SOLD OUT!!": Bill E. Burk tells us his annual Elvis World lunch during Elvis Week is well and truly sold out. Guest speaker this year is Jerry Schilling. (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Graceland Plaza post office soon to be marked "return to sender": The Graceland post office at Graceland Plaza will closed down soon. Instead will there be build another Elvis souvenir shop at the same spot. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

The Gospel of Elvis: Elvis Presley is purported to have said, "I know practically every religious song that’s been written." It was his Gospel Music, however, that earned him the coveted Grammy awards.
Trenton High School auditorium will be ringing with many of the gospel songs of “The King” as sung by award-winning Elvis impersonator Mike “E” of the Hound Dogs. The Quinte Community Gospel choir, directed by Alice Haveman, will be singing backup as well presenting some of their own mass-choir gospel style music along with contemporary, traditional and non-traditional gospel music. Mike “E” has planned several toe-tapping, hand clapping, spirit-uplifting renditions of many of Elvis's gospel recordings. Elvis (the real one) warmed up for recording sessions with gospel songs, and when not on tour was often at his home piano knocking out his favourite hymns. Tickets for the Thursday, June 22, 8 p.m. concert are available at the door or by e-mail <quintecommunitygospelchoir@hotmail.com>. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

There's a whole lotta Elvis going on in Portcrawl, Wales: Forget the World Cup, there was only one contest to watch at the weekend - the heats of the Best Welsh Elvis competition.

There was a Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On at the Hi Tide Inn, Porthcawl, as eight Elvis impersonators curled their lips and swung their hips in front of a crowd of hundreds. Last year's winner Dave Smith, from Aberdare, won the heat, hosted by Owen Money. But organisers said the standard was so good that all eight would go through to the grand final. Peter Phillips, who runs the contest, said: 'The standard was fantastic, so it would have been unfair to choose only one for the final.'

Mr Smith, 19, a full-time Elvis tribute act whose winning songs were Hurt and Suspicious Minds, said: 'I was pleased to win the heat. I like taking part to keep Elvis' memory alive, and for the fans to enjoy it.'

The final takes place at the Hi Tide Inn tonight at 7.30pm. The winner will be invited to perform at the Porthcawl Elvis Festival which runs from September 29 to October 1. (Almost Elvis, Source: South Wales Echo/Sanja Meegin)

You're the diver in disguise: ELVIS is alive and swimming - in Scotland. Almost 29 years after The King died, he has been spotted underwater in Scapa Flow, Orkney. But it's not the latest in the thousands of reported sightings by those who refuse to believe he is dead. The rumours of an Orkney Elvis are down to dive firm owners Ben and Sara Wade, who produce a range of novelty masks, including an Elvis one which has become a great hit with their customers. The Elvis hood, which costs £70, has an oversized wing collar, the King's distinctive hairstyle and 70s-style sunglasses. And they are now considering a full Elvis diving suit, complete with sequins. (News/Odd Spot, Source: Sanja Meegin)


Tuesday 13 June 2006

'Charro!' - Film review: Filmed in 1968 just after the sensational 'Comeback Special', Charro! was Elvis' 29th movie and finally a role where he did no singing at all. The film poster even stated, "A different kind of role.. A different kind of man." June is EIN's movie month and EIN contributor Harley Payette examines whether Elvis fans should have hoped for more in this potentially exciting Western. Was it really no better than his low-grade formula musicals? (Spotlight Article/Film Month, Source: EIN, June 2006)

Click to visit the official "Charlie Hodge" website

New Elvis tribute album featuring the Jordanaires: Rockabilly legend Robert Gordon ("Red Hot") and guitar hero Chris Spedding (Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music, Katie Melua, etc.) just returned from Nashville, where they recorded 15 Elvis songs for their upcoming album, a tribute to the King Of Rock 'n' Roll. Gordon, who still remembers the impact of hearing 'Heartbreak Hotel' at the age of nine, says that recording this album together with the Jordanaires was "exciting, exhilerating and exhausting... but wow, what an album! I can't wait for everyone to hear this album, which features the fabulous Jordanaires on 9 of the 15 tracks".

Arjan Deelen, who arranged for the Jordanaires to sing on the album, contacted bass-vocalist Ray Walker a few days ago, and Ray wrote that, "a good time was had by all, working with Robert, again. He brought the right talent to work with him in Chris Spedding. They, both, are 'right on'. We hope the best for your project and get a copy to us when it comes out!". (News, Source: www.robertgordon.dk / FECC)


Monday 12 June 2006

Charlestown fans recollections needed for Elvis article: A young Elvis Presley strolled into Charleston 50 years ago this month, delivering a 'staggering, crawling, shaking on-stage, offstage, understage performance.' At least that's what the old News and Courier wrote at the time.About 4,000 fans, many adoring teenagers, turned out for his concert at College Park, where he made quite an impact, er, imprint, even biting a reporter's hand. The News and Courier printed a few letters related to Presley's performance in the days following the show. Most chastised the singer for his supposed lewdness. Others wrote to support him.

Did you attend his concert? Do you remember him coming to town? What about Charleston's reaction to his visit? If so, The Post and Courier would like to hear from you. Please contact features writer Rob Young at 937-5188 or ryoung@postandcourier.com to share your memories. (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)

Elvis fact: As a 12th birthday gift, Elvis's father Vernon, gave him a compilation book of cartoons by New Yorker magazine cartoonist George Price. The inscription read, "May your birthday be sprinkled through'n through with joy and love and good times too. Daddy. 01-08-47." The 25¢ paperback book was published in 1945 and Elvis kept it over the years, even taking it to Germany while he was in the Army. Somehow, it along with several other books were left behind in his rented house when the family packed to return to the U.S.A. (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)


Sunday 11 June 2006

Credible Elvis biopic needed!: Why hasn't there been a credible, critically acclaimed Elvis biopic? Apart from the critically acclaimed 1979 John Carpenter & Kurt Russell TV bio and admirable but flawed "This Is Elvis", the Elvis film offerings have been generally sub-standard. From the EPE sanctioned "Elvis & Me" and "Elvis The Early Years", to the low grade "Elvis & the Colonel" (starring Beau Bridges), Elvis on the big screen has generally failed miserably. And after more than 20 years, EPE still hasn't delivered on its long awaited definitive DVD/video anthology, but has no trouble issuing new numerous merchandise licences. Over the years we have seen credible, critically acclaimed biopics for Jerry Lee Lewis ("Great Balls of Fire" starring Dennis Quaid); the Ritchie Valens story (La Bamba); the Ray Charles story (Oscar winning "Ray"), and most recently the Oscar winning "Walk The Line", telling the story of Johnny Cash and June Carter. Even more recently comes news that Hollywood superstar, Johnny Depp, is in discussions to portray Michael Hutchence in the film treatment of the INXS lead singer's tragic life. And there is also talk of a major Hollywood film treatment of the life story of the "Big O", Roy Orbison.

Yet the biggest superstar of them all is yet to see a genuine "A" grade Hollywood presentation of his life and music. With the 30th anniversary of Elvis' passing quickly approaching do we have to wait even longer for The King to receive what he deserves on the big screen? (Comment, Source: EIN)

Elvis inspired Tom Jones to sing: Sir Tom Jones has revealed Elvis Presley inspired him to become a singer. The veteran star, who shot to fame in the 60s with his hit 'It's Not Unusual' says watching 'The King' as a youngster made him realise what it took to become a star. Tom, who is adored by legions of female fans, insists Elvis taught him that sex appeal was just as important as talent.

"It was the first time I heard 'Heartbreak Hotel'. It gave me hope that I could become a famous performer, too," he was quoted by Femalefirst,as saying. knew I had the voice and the flair for it. Of course, Elvis and I became great friends," he added. (News, Source: ANI)

Elvis in Top 10 celebrity ghost list: According to The Hollywood News Web site — which sounds very official and professional but is, in fact, just something compiled by two young writers — Elvis Presley is one of our country’s top-10 “celebrity ghosts.” “Not only is this legendary singer believed to haunt his beloved home in Memphis, but also stagehands working at the Las Vegas Hilton (where he often performed in the early 1970's) have reported regularly seeing him dressed in his famous white-sequined suit.” He ranks above other Hollywood legends such as James Dean and John Wayne, but at #3 is beaten by Marilyn Monroe (#2) and Rudolph Valentino (#1). (News/Odd Spot, Source: The Memphis Flyer)


Saturday 10 June 2006

"Fake Elvis Aloha Rehearsal tapes scam on Ebay?" update: Following our story yesterday a number of interesting comments were posted on the FECC thread about the story. They included:

Thenexte: Just listen to the 1974 rehearsal tape in comparison and you'll find that a recording made on a cassette tape of this vintage is not able to capture the depth of bass that is found in these samples (and you can't increase a bass response that is not there in the first place). Another dead giveaway that this is a fairly recent recording and just another scam.

Jeroen NL: Listen to the samples and turn your bass all the way down, you will hear better that it is NOT Elvis and it is NOT the TCB Band and it is NOT The Sweets and it is NOT JD & The Stamps...(News, Source: FECC)

"Closing Night" import CD update: The CD titled '' Closing Night '' is set for release on June 18th and contains the incomplete performance of the February 23rd, 1970 closing show in Las Vegas. It will feature a 16 page colour booklet. The pr states the show is complete but '' Sweet Caroline '' from this show released on '' Bilko Gold Cuts '' isn't included. 

Track listing :01. Opening Vamp / All Shook Up ; 02. I Got A Woman ; 03. Long Tall Sally ; 04. Having Fun On Stage ; 05. Don't Cry Daddy ; 06. Monologue ; 07. Hound Dog ; 08. Love Me Tender ; 09. Kentucky Rain ; 10. Let It Be Me ; 11. I Can't Stop Loving You ; 12. See See Rider ;13. Polk Salad Annie ; 14. Blueberry Hill / Lawdy Miss Clawdy ;15. Heartbreak Hotel ; 16. One Night ;17. It's Now Or Never. (News, Source: FECC)

Lisa Marie Presley merchandise survey: The webmasters for official Lisa Presley site have issued the following media release: Many LMP Fans have requested a wider variety of items in the LMP Merchandising arena. We've listened, and have decided get the ball rolling. We've posted a very short online questionnaire to get a better idea of what items should be made available. If you have a few moments, please visit our online survey and fill it out. (Lisa Presley's World, Source: Lisa Presley site)

Great Lisa Presley wallpaper downloads: Also available now on the official Lisa Marie Presley site are three great wallpaper downloads. (Lisa Presley's World, Source: Lisa Presley site)

Correct artwork for upcoming FTD release "I Found My Thrill": (Source: Charmaine Voisine)

Tucson fans lavished Elvis: Fans screamed when the Atomic-Powered Singer visited Tucson 50 years ago, and away from the stage the king was a veritable prince. It was his first visit to the Old Pueblo. Everything's changed but the venue. And the heat. Fifty years ago this week, you could buy a pound of hamburger for three dimes or a three-bedroom bungalow for $42 a month. Or you could see a legend in the making for $1.50 in advance, two bucks at the gate.

One night and one night only, "the nation's only atomic-powered singer" gave us his all at the Tucson Rodeo Grounds. His name: Elvis Presley. On June 10, 1956, a day that would top out at 108 in the shade, Elvis brought his famous pelvis to town for the first time. Click to read full story(Opposite: Sheriff's deputies escort Elvis Presley to his car after a press conference at the Tucson Rodeo Grounds in June of 1956)

June Juanico to speak at 2006 Elvis Insiders Conference: Graceland has announced that June Juanico, who dated Elvis between 1955 and 1957, will share her memories for Friday's segment of the 2006 Elvis Insiders Conference. (News, Source: EPE/Charmaine Voisine)

Friday 9 June 2006

"Fake Elvis Aloha Rehearsal tapes scam on Ebay?": Jeremiah Smith is promoting a story and tape purporting to be Elvis recorded at rehearsal. The story is circulating on the various Internet Elvis groups. Michael intends selling the "mystery" tape on ebay. EIN has listened to the very hollow, muffled, low quality sound of clips from the tape, and in our opinion there is more than one "Elvis" singer, and many of the clips are not the voice of Elvis. Click to read Jeremiah Smith's claims

Jeremiah's story includes reference to Ernst Jorgensen having listened to the tape. EIN contacted Ernst about the tape and this was Ernst's reply:

"Have heard bits and pieces. My best guess is that it was recorded at a rehearsal for ALOHA FROM HAWAII in an empty halll (H.I.C. Arena??). It's recorded with a simple casette recorded from a seat in the hall and is very hollow in sound. It is however an interesting historical piece as far as I can tell. I have only heard bits and pieces of songs."

EIN Comment: If the tape was recorded all at one session it can't be pre-Aloha as Olivia Newton-John didn't release the original "If You Love Me, Let Me Know" until 1974. The FECC board includes an interesting message string about the tape. In EIN's opinion, it is a clear case of "caveat emptor" ("let the buyer beware"). (News, Source: Charmaine Voisine)

"New Perspectives in Elvis Cinema"

A FUN and educational online film appreciation course run over 8 to 12 weeks

Enrolments are now open for the 2006 semester

Most film critics view Elvis' body of film work as one-dimensional pop celluloid, a group of inconsequential, fluffy 'B' grade movies with Elvis singing a dozen songs to a dozen pretty girls in a dozen different exotic locales.  This description is an unfortunate misrepresentation of what Elvis celluloid is about. 

Despite what some film critics would have you believe, we cannot summarily regard Jailhouse Rock as equivalent to Blue Hawaii as equivalent to Live A Little, Love A Little, and so on. They may share some filmic similarities, but they are also structurally and politically, very different films.
There were, in fact, four distinct phases in Elvis' film career, each with its own set of narrative structure, recurring themes, and political intonations.

Since the early 1970s, and regularly since 1990, EIN has offered its popular film theory course, both in class and online, based around Elvis' film career.  Using basic film concepts, the course illuminates the four phases of Elvis' film career, identifying how each phase differs fundamentally from its predecessor, and how Elvis' film work is rich in a set of underlying political intentions or influences, and recurring motifs (themes), many of which relate to Elvis' real life story.  Why not join us on an exciting journey of discovery over the next three months as we explore what Elvis movies are really all about, and how the filmmaker has deliberately designed each film to influence our perceptions of Elvis and the world around him.We promise that after completing the course you will never again view an Elvis film (or your favorite TV program) in the same way! What you will gain from "New Perspectives in Elvis Cinema":

  • an understanding of basic film concepts (including narrative structure; camera techniques; editing; role of incidental music, etc)
  • the ability to identify how the film maker has set out to communicate with & influence the audience - an ability you will be able to apply to any film or TV work (go ahead and amaze your friends!)
  • gain an exciting new level of appreciation & understanding about Elvis' diverse body of film work
  • be able to identify recurring “themes" & “texts” in Elvis’ film work including its changing sexual politics
  • get to watch Elvis movies and learn at the same timehave a lot of FUN!
  • receive a "certificate" suitable for framing at the conclusion of the course

Click for more information about the course

Tupelo Elvis fan club resurrected: They still adamantly call themselves "The Elvis Presley Sweethearts," five die-hard school girls engrossed with the King. In 1955 they started the Tupelo Elvis Fan Club. A lifetime membership to the club was a quarter. "I didn't even have a quarter then," said Linda Hankins, who was the cousin of fan club president, Barbara Mallory, and was one of the first members of the club.

After about 50 stalemate years, the fan club rose from the dead this January on what would have been the King's 71st birthday when 125 fans from 14 states signed up as the revived club's first members. At the eighth annual Elvis Presley Festival, 54 more fans from around the world signed up to be members of the club, which offers a lifetime membership of $5 now.

"I paid my dues today; it feels wonderful," said Hankins, who, like all of the other sweethearts, is a member of the revived club. Jane Riley has helped resurrect the club. Riley said the club's first newsletter will be distributed in six weeks and will contain information about the festival this past weekend, among other things. Over the last few months the club has expanded its membership to more than 300 members.

"We have members from Sweden to California," Riley said. (News, Source: Daily Journal/Sanja Meegin)

New novel - "Hound Dog": Elvis is the premier Elvis impersonator in the whole of the Cambridgeshire region. He's fat and bald and old; partial to cocaine, he sells skunk to the local teenagers; he masturbates five or six times a day, and he hates Elvis Presley. Elvis has been married three times, but, as he says, never for very long. He finds being Elvis a useful way into the beds of Cambridgeshire's bored housewives. Elvis's life starts to go wrong when his backing singers, Gay Elvis and Fat Elvis, mutiny. They love Elvis Presley and want to sing the songs in historical sequence. He replaces them with Buddy Holly, a postman with bladder problems, but the new arrangement is not without its difficulties.

Then Eddie calls to offer the biggest gig yet of Elvis's career. Eddie, a gay gangster who 'looked after' Elvis on one of his stints in prison, wants him to perform at the birthday party of Johnny Brooks, another gangster, even more vicious, who just happens to be married to Elvis's third ex-wife. Without question, the best Elvis-impersonator novel you'll ever read, "Hound Dog" is very very funny and really quite sad. It marks the debut of a formidable new writer.

From the Publisher: A brilliantly funny first novel: 'Blandford does for fat, middle-aged, coke-addicted, sex-deviant Elvis imprersonators what Peter Guralnick has done for the man himself' (Niall Griffiths) (News, Source: Amber Smith)
Elvis Festival returns to the Ramada Inn: Local New Jersey town prepares to welcome Elvis Impersonators back for their 5th annual visit to New Jersey. Attention Elvis Fans grab your guitars and head down to the Ramada Inn for a swinging Beach Party & Patriotic Celebration with Elvis®. Date: 2 July 2006 from 10am to 4pm.

Located at the Ramada Inn Highway 9 & 70 Toms River. Featuring 10 Elvis Tribute Artists & Zanzibar Music. Elvis memorabilia vendors and more. Admission is $15.00 per person at the door. Parking is FREE. 100% of the door money donated to Tabor House. Families are encouraged to come and enjoy this event. Children under 10 admitted FREE. FREE Pin Wheels to kids while supplies last. Starring Chris Presley, Johnny P, Sammy J, Jerry EL, Ruben Castillo, Ray Kaminski, Mike Marchitto, Mike Ratcliffe, Paul Daniels, Mike Brooks, special finale by Gene Dinapoli of New York. Sponsored by Andrew & Lori Howard, B&K enterprises Elvis Costumes, Banners courtesy of Point Pleasant Distributors Bill Scholl Marketing Specialist. See our display window showcase at Buckingham BUYRITE 1000 route 70 Lakewood NJ. Elvis® is a trademark of EPE 2006. This is a sanctioned and approved Fan Club event. Contact: ajhcol33@verizon.net; telephone: 1-732-818-3330. (News, Source: Lori Howard)

"Heartbreak Hotel" CD in Holland: In cooperation with the Dutch Postal Service the Dutch fan club Elvis For Everyone released a special CD entitled "Heartbreak Hotel" to celebrate the release of the first official Dutch Elvis stamp. 500 copies were pressed.

Track listing: 1. Intro “Heartbreak Hotel”/2-9. Elvis answers/10. Behind closed doors / The studio session excerpts #1/11-16. Elvis answers/17. Behind closed doors / The studio session excerpts #2/18-22. Elvis answers/23. Behind closed doors / The studio session excerpts #3/24-32. Elvis answers/33. Softly As I Leave You (spoken live version)/34. Softly As I Leave You (rehearsal)/35-37. Elvis Answers/38. June Carter Talks About Elvis / Elvis Poem (June 4, 1960)/39. Goodbye/40. Complete Robert Carlton Brown interview (March 24, 1956)/41. Complete New York press conference (June 9, 1972). (News, Source: Elvis Corner /Charmaine Voisine)


Thursday 8 June 2006
"The Presley Women": Magazine featuring article on the "Presley women" goes on sale in Holland on 27 June. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Tupelo Festival wrap: The carnival rides no longer scrape the sky. The stages are all packed up and put away. And the thousands of people are back to their daily lives. As Elvis Festival officials wind down from what was quite a busy weekend, their thoughts are definitely not on the 2007 event. "We're still trying to catch our breath. We haven't even gone there yet," said Linda Butler Johnson, executive director of the Tupelo City Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Main Street Association assistant director Jim High said there are no current plans for next year's festival - just to make the event "as good or better" as this year's. Between the two sites - the main stage and the City Hall stage - Friday's attendance was about 8,000, High said. He estimated Saturday's crowd at 14,000.
Johnson said her team will have to regroup before thinking of next year's festival. After all, the CVB produced Saturday night's 1956 re-enactment.

No Memphis re-enactment: Elvis Presley Enterprises wanted the CVB to produce the re-enactment in Memphis in August. Johnson said the CVB will not finance or bring the production to Memphis, but if EPE intends to produce the re-enactment themselves, they will be glad to help. EPE licensing technical coordinator Shalon Turner said the re-enactment will not be done this August, and there are no plans for it in the future. "We just have so much on our plate for August," said Turner, who traveled to Tupelo for the festival. "I think they did a really nice job," she said of the re-enactment.

Gospel collection doubles: High wasn't surprised when the collection money from the Elvis Presley Festival's Sunday Gospel Concert doubled last year's amount. Everything else from the record-breaking festival had doubled. More than $1,900 was collected at the concert and will be donated to St. Jude's Hospital. Last year's total was below $1,000. "Our job is to continue to improve the festival," High said. "Our festival had more Elvis flare this year than ever." (News. Source: djournal.com)

Dutch "Elvis" stamp released: The Dutch Postal Service (TPG Post) has released its first official Dutch Elvis stamp on June 6, 2006. Almost 500.000 Elvis stamps were printed. This stamp was selected by Internet and postal voters. It is now available, in three different releases. The first day issue is the rarest, of course. (News, Source: Elvis Matters / Elvis News)

New off-Broadway play "Elvis and Juliet": Fred Willard, star of such film mockumentaries was "Waiting for Guffman" and "Best in Show," is dressed as Elvis in a new Off-Broadway play which opened June 7. This indicates that he is not acting in a revival of Ibsen's The Master Builder or Strindberg's The Father. Still, he is playing a patriarch in the new comedy, Elvis and Juliet, by his wife Mary Willard. Future in-laws clash in the play when the daughter of conservatives falls in love with the scion of a family of Vegas tribute artists. Previews began June 2 in a production by The Abingdon Theatre Company. Yvonne Conybeare directs the play about college sweethearts Juliet Jones and Elvis Lesley, whose "upcoming nuptials will soon face the truest test of love—watching their two families come together for the first time." Juliet is from a family of "conservative Connecticut academics," while Elvis hails from "a flamboyant Las Vegas clan of tribute artists." The work is billed as "a comedy about culture clash, family values and a little hunka-hunka burning love."

Fred Willard ("Everybody Loves Raymond") plays "The King" of the Lesley clan, and David Rasche (Manhattan Theatre Club's Moonlight and Magnolias, TV's "Sledge Hammer") is "his Rat Pack-lovin' brother." The cast also features Bridget Clark, Lori Gardner (as Juliet), Warren Kelley (as the Connecticut dad), Haskell King (as Elvis), Christy McIntosh, Carole Monferdini, Pamela Paul and Justin Schultz. See review above dated 15 June (News, Source: Playbill News)

Updated today - "Elvis Film Month": This month is "Elvis Film Month" on EIN. Today we have a number of new items to the section including our rating of more than 25 books published about Elvis' film career, a stunning color visual from Stay Away, Joe, and more. (Celluloid Elvis, Source: EIN)

Uri Geller reveals his "high price" for Audubon Drive residence: (see related story below dated 7 June 2006) As threats of legal action continue, psychic Uri Geller has revealed he and his partners were wliling to go as high as US$1.1m to buy Elvis' former Audubon Drive residence. Geller and his partners have hired the services of Memphis attorney, Douglas Alrutz, in the hopes of recovering the real estate. (News, Source: AP/Charmaine Voisine)

Wednesday 7 June 2006
Elvis in Tulsa 1976: The newly restored Archive of photos from the July 4, 1976 concert in Tulsa, OK  will be released on June 7, 2006. July 4, 1976  was America's Bicentennial.  There are 95 photos in this archive.  For over 25 years, George Hill only released 10 photos from this show.  Now, the complete archive is being released for the first time. All photos have been digitally restored.  On the webpage you will see several photos, a sample of the restoration process, George's Memories from the concert, Newspaper article from Tulsa the day after the show, and a VERY INTERESTING discovery that was made during the restoration of the photos concerning Elvis Presidential Seal belt. (Source: Derek Phillips, Images In Concert)


"Elvis The Way It Really Was - The Complete Uncut Outtakes" DVD: From the FECC site: "We just received a brand new 2 DVD set with the title "Elvis The Way It Really Was - The Complete Uncut Outtakes". This DVD is loaded with TTWII outtakes, and as a bonus it included the 8MM footage of Birmingham, Al. December 29th & Chicago, IL October 14, 1976 overdubbed with a soundboard audio.

Also it features 2 audience bonuses of the Jan 29th, 1971 Las Vegas and August 11th 1970 shows. The quality is almost similair what has been released so far on DVD, but here we have a truckload full. Overall you will get a lot of stuff of almost 12 hours for a fair price." (News, Source: FECC)

"Elvis The Later Years" DVD synopsis: "Elvis The Later Years" (CRP2123) will be released in the EC (Region 2) on 19 June at a retail price around 12 UK pounds. It is described as: ' This is the insider's story of The King and his music as told first-hand by the people who knew Elvis best. Featuring live concert footage from Hawaii in 1973, alongside the first hand reflections of those who knew and worked with The King personally, including musicians Bill Baiz, Larry Strickland and Ronnie Tutt from Elvis's band, Joe Guercio Elvis' musical director, Loanne Parker the colonel's secretary, road manager Joe Esposito and Sam Thompson Elvis' bodyguard from 1972-1977'. (News, Source: EIN)

London's The Elvis Shop on the move: The Elvis Shop in East London is closing its physical doors due to rising costs. However, The Elvis Shop will continue to service fans as an Internet/Mail Order business with extra email addresses and an extra phone number to be added. Click to visit The Elvis Shop or contact them by email. (News, Source: Elvis The Man and His Music, #72 - June 2006)

Dakota Fanning's "Elvis" experiment: There are those who say that Dakota Fanning is capable of anything, but can she do an Elvis impersonation?

According to Variety, the moppet star is appearing opposite Robin Wright Penn and David Morse in an untitled indie drama from Deborah Kampmeier. The film is set in The South (the trade paper fails to care where, exactly), where a young girl, the victim of abuse, tries to keep her life together by singing and dancing like Elvis.

The film is cited on IMDB as “Hounddog” & production on the film begins in North Caroline this week. The 12-year-old Fanning was most recently seen in "Dreamer" and "War of the Worlds," though she has "Charlotte's Web" set for a holiday season release.

Wright Penn starred in Kampmeier's earlier film "Virgin." The "Nine Lives" and "Empire Falls" co-star has Miramax's "Breaking and Entering" and Warner Brothers' "Beowulf" on tap. Already on the big screen in "Down in the Valley" and "16 Blocks" this spring, Morse has completed work on D.J. Caruso's "Disturbia" for DreamWorks. Morse and Wright Penn previously appeared together in Sean Penn's 1995 film "The Crossing Guard."

EIN comment: This film should be good publicity for ELVIS if it uses Elvis' real music & appeals to young kids. (News, Source: Zap2it)

Click for Elvis cheeseburger loaf recipe (Source: Charmaine Voisine)

Elvii Radio update: Elvii Radio On June 10 we'll visit Bearcreek Farms in Bryant, IN for the 3rd year in a row.  The Elvis Impersonator Contest will take place at 2pm on Saturday June 10 at the Goodtimes Theater.
You can get more information and sign up at www.elviscontest.com.  Bearcreek farms is a rustic country resort with swimming, fishing, shopping -THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN IN THE WORLD! - and more.  The contest will feature the Extravaganza Show Band. Many ETAs are already signed up - a few slots remain. On June 17 we'll visit Calgary Alberta Canada and celebrate the Anniversary at Elbow River Casino.  Contest starts at 7pm.  Sign up today to enter!  For a limited time - the entry fee will be reduced to just $25!  So sign up fast and take advantage of this offer! (Almost Elvis, Source: Elvii Radio)

Audubon Drive sale update - Mike Curb gazumps Uri Geller with $1m offer but who's telling furphies?: (see also earlier story below dated 3 June) Celebrity psychic Uri Geller says he's lost the Elvis Presley house he thought he bought last month. Geller and two partners were announced last month as the high bidders for Presley's former house on Audubon Drive. They bid $905,100 for the ranch-style house on eBay. But homeowner Cindy Hazen said Monday that they were unable to finalize the contract, so she and husband Mike Freeman sold the house Friday to Nashville record producer Mike Curb for $1 million. Hazen said Geller and a partner, New York attorney Peter Gleason, altered terms of the real estate deal so that it was unacceptable. But Geller said Hazen and Freeman reneged on the deal to accept a higher offer. He said he considers the sale to Curb "a breach of contract." "If I have to, I will take this to the Supreme Court. If I have to, I'll take this to the Pope," Geller told The Commercial Appeal newspaper by phone from his home outside London. Curb served as California chairman of Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign in 1976, became lieutenant governor of California and, under Reagan, was appointed chairman of the Republican National Finance Committee. Curb's musical career began in California and including leading the Mike Curb Congregation ("Burning Bridges") and signing the Osmond family to a record contract. He now is chairman of Curb Records and head of the Mike Curb Family Foundation, which describes itself as a "philanthropic organization dedicated to preserving music history and promoting music business education." Curb's assistant, Becky Judd, said the Curb Foundation is negotiating with a Memphis college to operate a music education center at the home. She declined to name the college. Presley bought the four-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot house at 1034 Audubon Drive in 1956 with his early song royalties. The singer, his parents and grandmother lived there for 13 months before moving to a two-story colonial house already known as Graceland, the house that Elvis would make famous.

Memphis officials say any new owner of the home will have to go through public hearings and an exhaustive approval process for it to be used for anything other a residence. "Normally people are not that keen on having something in a residential neighborhood," said Mary L. Baker, deputy director of the city's Office of Planning and Development. (News, Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

DECC's night foreman sets up last show: It was 10:30 p.m. and Hank Olson (opposite) was having a cup of vending machine coffee. He might as well stay awake for one of his last shifts after four decades as the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center's (DECC) night foreman. In the bowels of Paulucci Hall, Olson sat in his office and reminisced about a career of setting up for DECC shows between 10:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. Olson was at the DECC two months before it opened. He was there when its collection of folding tables -- today about 500 -- was only eight. He was there when Elvis Presley stopped by in 1976 and again when the King returned in 1978. (EIN comment: We're reliably informed Elvis died in August 1977 so we assume this date was meant to be 1977, April 29 to be exact) He's seen rapper Snoop Dogg and indie songstress Ani DiFranco, monster truck shows and dressage exhibitions, circuses and concerts.

Certainly, Olson has had an insider's chance to take advantage of some of the DECC's hottest tickets, but he hasn't exactly capitalized on them. He could have purchased four tickets to Elvis, for instance, but let them go on sale to the general public rather than use them for himself or his friends. (News, Source: Duluth News Tribune)

Tuesday 6 June 2006
"Elvis & the Memphis Mafia" released in the US: The softcover edition of Alanna Nash's excellent book, Elvis & the Memphis Mafia, was released by Aurum Press in the US in March. The ISBN is 1845131282 and the book contains a massive 792 pages. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

"Elvis Cinema & Popular Culture" release update: Amazon indicates that Douglas Brode's highly anticipated lateral look at Elvis' film career was published on 30 May and ships in 1 to 3 weeks. Barnes & Noble lists the release date as 21 June. (News, Source: EIN)

Updated today - "Elvis Film Month": This month is "Elvis Film Month" on EIN. Today we have added another excerpt from Douglas Brodes' stimulating examination of Elvis' film career, Elvis Cinema & Popular Culture; Elvis' top 5 films as rated in the book, "High Five Video Guide"; Elvis' appearances in the Top Ten Movie Star list; and another rare Elvis film poster. (Celluloid Elvis, Source: EIN)

"Going Back In Time" artwork & track listing: Here is the cover art and track listing of the next Straight Arrow outing titled '' Going Back In Time '' as recorded live in Orlando, Florida, Sports Stadium, February 15, 1977, 830 P.M. show. This CD is scheduled for release in late June.Track listing :01. Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from "2001 A Space Odyssey"); 02. Opening Vamp/C. C. Rider; 03. I Got A Woman/ Amen ( medley ); 04. Love Me ; 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know); 06. You Gave Me A Mountain; 07. O Sole Mio (by Sherrill Nielsen) / It's Now Or  Never (with long false start) (medley) ; 08. All Shook Up (last live version ); 09. ( Let Me Be Your ) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel  (medley); 10. Help Me; 11. Big Boss Man; 12. My Way ( with false start and with last part reprised ); 13. Band Introductions; 14. Early Mornin' Rain; 15. What'd I Say; 16. Johnny B. Goode ; 17. Drums Solo (by Ronnie Tutt); 18. Bass Solo (Blues - by Jerry Scheff ); 19. Piano Solo (by Tony Brown) ; 20. Love Letters; 21. School Day; 22. Hurt (with last part reprised); 23. Hound Dog ; 24. Can't Help Falling In Love; 25. Closing Vamp/ Announcements. Special SOUNDBOARD bonus from 15.02.1977; 26. It's Now Or Never (with long false start); 27. My Way (with false start and with last part reprised); 28. Hurt (with last part reprised). (News, Source: FECC)

Better sound "Million Dollar Quartet" release in pipeline: From the latest issue of The Man & His Music magazine: "Set for release this year by BMG (or possibly FTD) is a repackaged version of the famed Million Dollar Quartet recordings. This will come from a much improved tape source and, for the first time, feature the material in its correct sequence. It will also run approximately 12 minutes longer than previous releases. December 4th 2006 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic session, when Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash joined together for the first and only time for a jam session at Sun Records in Memphis". (News, Source: TM&HM)

Wink Martindale gets Hollywood Star: Veteran game show host Wink Martindale saw his name enshrined in concrete Friday as he received the 2,313th star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Martindale was a friend of Elvis' and interviewed him on his "Dance Party" TV show in Memphis on 20 June 1956. (News, Source: AP)

DJ Fontana Summer Tour: DJ Fontana will start a new summer tour this week in Europe, together with The Cadillac band. He will play 6 shows in Sweden and one in Milano, Italy. They made successful trip 2 months ago with the "Good Rockin' Tonight Tour". (News, Source: Elvis News)

Programming update for Elvis Radio/Sirius 13: The latest from Elvis Radio: Girl Happy is Bill Rock's Elvis movie of the week on Soundtrack Saturday Night. Doc Walker begins an Elvis Live In Concert special series chronicling four Follow That Dream Records concert releases in chronological order. He starts this week with Closing Night, a soundboard recording of Elvis's closing night of his August/September 1973 engagement at Las Vegas Hilton. The first seven songs are from the dinner show on September 3, and the remainder of the CD is from the midnight show. Check air times for this week's special programming and learn more about Elvis Radio on the Sirius Elvis page. Not a Sirius subscriber.  Check it out with a free trial subscription. (News, Source: EPE)

Monday 5 June 2006

Tupelo Homecoming report: Elvis World's Bill Burk sent us this report on the festivities at Tupelo over the weekend:

" We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend there, which included a re-enactment of the 1956 Homecoming concert and parade.  We met and photographed many of the major players from 1956 and later had dinner with a few at Vanelli's -- one of Tupelo's finest restaurants!

The upcoming "Homecoming" DVD (still not finished) was previewed at the Lyric Theater.  It's got great interviews and there are many who would love it in its current state. EW suggested to the producers that the DVD was a bit long; had lots of duplication; and could use some tightened editing before final release.  We'll see how they react when the final product is out.  This suggestion is one shared by a couple of other professionals who were there. More coverage of the weekend (both written and photographic) in Elvis World #81, coming to you in August." (News, Source: Bill E. Burk)

Elvis' Army stint subject of photo exhibition: Elvis Presley’s stint in the U.S. Army has come to mark the end of the first wave of American rock n’ roll, as well as the most vital part of his music career. But for Harold Heikkinen, it was a time he’ll never forget, and photos he took at the time are now on public display at the Dee Stadium in Houghton, Michigan. (News, Source: Daily Mining Gazette/Charmaine Voisine)

Priscilla Presley speaks at alcohol rehab center: Last Saturday, Priscilla Presley spoke at the grand opening of Stone Hawk, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Albion's former Trillium Hospital. The appearance by the late Elvis Presley's wife was confirmed Thursday evening, said Per Wickstrom, president of Stone Hawk, which also has a facility in Battle Creek and is an affiliate of Narconon International. "She said, "If Elvis and I had known about Narconon, he would be alive today," Wickstrom said. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)


Sunday 4 June 2006
Ernst Jorgensen, The Definitive Interview- 2002: In 2002 Ernst Jorgensen was interviewed by respected Elvis writer & collector Arjan Deelen. During the long interview Ernst provided some fascinating answers about what material there maybe for future releases, commented about the Bootleggers, Elvis' drug-abuse, Joe Tunzi's and Paul Dowling's rumours, missing takes, meeting Producer Felton Jarvis, seeing Elvis in concert for the only time, & much, much more. It is an interview well worth revisiting. (Interviews, Source: Arjan Deelen, EIN)

New Elvis recordings discovered & new FTD book: Ernst Jorgensen reports in the recent Elvis 'The Man And His Music' magazine that a new live version of 'That's All Right' has been found from Elvis' performance in Meridian, Mississippi, in May 1955. This brings us more hope for finding other gems like Elvis' live versions of 'Only You' or 'Rock Around The Clock'. There is also the report that a new  FTD book & CD project is being worked on called "Writing For The King" which will focus on Elvis' songwriters and feature a CD of demos plus a disc of Elvis outtakes. If anyone has heard writer Otis Blackwell's demos (Paralysed etc) then you know that Elvis fans will be in for a real treat. FTD is already working hard to finish their SUN CD & Book for release later this year. FTD's recent CD/book projects 'Flashback' & 'Rockin' Across Texas' have both been essential purchases. 'The Man & His Music' is highly recommended by EIN, subscribe now! (News, Source: TM&HM/EIN 2006)

Sale of EPE analysed: Sherwin Willmott takes a close look at the sale of 85% of EPE's marketing arm to businessman, Robert Sillerman and identifies a global market for the Elvis brand and a "sweetheart" deal for Lisa Presley. (Spotlight Elvis/Sale of EPE Archives)

Updated today - "Elvis Film Month": This month is "Elvis Film Month" on EIN. Today we have added a news item, article "The Truth About Elvis and Ann-Margret"; selected Elvis film grosses, and three more Elvis film posters from around the world. (Celluloid Elvis, Source: EIN)


Saturday 3 June 2006

'68 Comeback and Aloha From Hawaii Single-Disc DVDs - Content & Cover Art confirmed:

In August 2006, Elvis Presley Enterprises and Sony BMG will release the single-disc DVDs Elvis: '68 Comeback – Special Edition DVD and Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii – Special Edition DVD. These are follow-ups to the smash hit releases of deluxe edition box sets of '68 and Aloha material in 2004.

The single-disc releases are geared toward reaching the casual and potential new Elvis fans who could be interested in this material but are not ready to commit to the pricier box sets. The single-disc editions also make it possible to get the Elvis '68 and Aloha material into retail outlets that don't carry DVDs above a certain price point. These single-discs will reach a broader market than the box sets have and should make a nice contribution to the growth of Elvis fandom worldwide.

Hopefully, some special content on the single-discs will be pleasing to the serious Elvis fans who already have the box sets and anticipate something new with them in mind on the single-disc releases. Elvis collectors note that the 3 takes from the 'Guitar Man' production number featuring the dancers’ karate segment and Elvis’ final portion of the song 'It Hurts Me' that were mistakenly left out of the 3DVD extended-set are included here. Click here for further details & tracklisting - (News, Source EPE/EIN)

Dirty dealings? - Uri Geller's Elvis museum plan dealt setback: Uri Geller's dream of turning the first home Elvis Presley owned into a museum dedicated to the paranormal has been dealt a setback nearly as bizarre as the spoon-bending trick that made the Israeli-born psychic famous. Geller, who thought he had purchased the Memphis property in an eBay auction last month for $905,100, learned on Friday the sellers had turned around and sold the 3,000-square-foot (280-sq-metres) house to a foundation set up by Mike Curb, the longtime music producer.

The King of rock 'n' roll lived in the house at 1034 Audubon Dr. for 13 months before moving to Graceland, the now-famous Memphis estate where he died in 1977. It was not immediately clear what Curb, elected lieutenant governor of California in the late 1970s, paid for the four-bedroom, two-bath home Elvis bought in 1956 with royalties from "Heartbreak Hotel." What was clear late on Friday was that Geller was preparing for a protracted legal fight to get the house back. "We are absolutely, mind-blown angry," Geller told Reuters by telephone from his home in London. "Of course we're going to sue."

Geller and his two partners, New York lawyer Pete Gleason and Lisbeth Silvandersson, a Swedish-born jewelry maker who lives in England, may not be able to pursue a breach of contract claim against the sellers.
That's because eBay maintains real estate auctions on its site are marketing events, and not actual sales.

"The platform we provide in real estate really serves to generate interest," EBay spokeswoman Catherine England told Reuters. "... It isn't a legally binding contract."

And yet another odd twist may yet give Geller a chance. The sellers, a husband and wife, recently had their debts discharged in bankruptcy court, Doug Alrutz, Geller's Memphis lawyer, told Reuters. While the couple had included the home in their list of assets, the court did not appreciate its value. As a result, the bankruptcy trustee is now thinking about reopening the case, a move that could lead the court to reverse all the sellers' actions, Alrutz said.
(News, Source: Reuters/Robin Rosaaen)


Friday 2 June 2006
"Elvis Presley Forever" DVD tracklisting: Here is the track listing for the "Elvis Presley Forever" DVD which was released in the EC on May 26, 2006 (Region 2).

Track listing: Introduction - Burning Love - I Got A Woman - That's All Right Mama - Something - Hound Dog - Baby Waht You Want Me To Do - You Gave Me A Mountain - Heartbreak Hotel - Blue Suede Shoes - Steamroller Blues - Love Me Tender - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - My Way - I Can't Stop Loving You - Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Love Me - Just Pretend - Medley: When My Blue Moon Turns On Gold Again / Blue Christmas - Johnny B. Goode - The Wonder Of You -Tryin' To Get To You - It's Over - In The Ghetto - One Night - Heavenly Luck / Up In Heave
(News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/Elvis News)  

Updated today - "Elvis Film Month": This month is "Elvis Film Month" on EIN. Today we have added two more Elvis film posters from around the world and the first of several excerpts from Douglas Brodes' stimulating examination of Elvis' film career, Elvis Cinema & Popular Culture. (Celluloid Elvis, Source: EIN)

How Great Thou Arts' - Elvis Art Exhibition in Glasgow, Scotland: Linda Ann Connell, author of the book, "The memphis lullaby", proivided us with the press release for what appears to be a very interesting and different Elvis exhibition. (News, Source: Linda Ann Connell)


Thursday 1 June 2006

Track listings for July FTD releases?: On the FECC messageboard the track listing for the upcoming Follow That Dream editions of "Elvis Presley", "Clambake" and the live album "I Found My Thrill" were posted by Garry, quoting the new June edition of The Man And His Music magazine.

Track listing Elvis Presley: The original US album, plus multiple outtakes of: Shake Rattle And Roll / Lawdy Miss Clawdy / I Want You, I Need You, I Love You and an unreleased 1956 interview with Elvis by Don Davis.

Please note artwork opposite is of the original LP release only

Tracklisting Clambake:

Original Album

Guitar Man
Who Needs Money?
A House That Has Everything
Hey, Hey, Hey
You Don't Know Me
The Girl I Never Loved
How Can You Lose What You Never Had
Big Boss Man
Singing Tree
Just Call Me Lonesome

Additional movie masters:

You Don't Know Me (Original Film Version)
Clambake (Reprise) tk 4


Clambake tk 3B
How Can You Lose What You Never Had tk 1 & 2
You Don't Know Me (Film Version) tk 3
Hey, Hey, Hey tks 3,5,& 6
The Girl I Never Loved tks 4 & 5
Clambake tks 4 & 5
A House That Has Everything tks 4,5, & 6
You Don't Know Me (Film Version) tks 7 & 10
How Can You Lose What You Never Had tk 3
Hey, Hey, Hey tks 7 & 8
Clambake (Reprise) tk 1,2 & 3

Track listing I Found My Thrill featuring the Las Vegas January 27, 1974 Dinner Show: 2001 Theme / See See Rider / I Got A Woman - Amen / Love Me / Let Me Be There / You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' / Sweet Caroline / Love Me Tender / Long Tall Sally - Whole Lotta Shakin? On - Mama Don't Dance - Flip , Flop And Fly - Jailhouse Rock - Hound Dog / Fever / Polk Salad Annie / Spanish Eyes / Suspicious Minds / Introductions / I Can't Stop Loving You / Help Me / An American Trilogy / A Big Hunk O' Love / Can't Help Falling In Love

Bonus: My Baby Left Me (28 Jan, MS) /Tryin To Get To You (28 Jan, MS) /The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (1 Feb, DS) /Blueberry Hill / I Cant Stop Lovin' You (compiled from various shows)
(News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Forum

Update - So how much for Elvis' THIRD house?: Following our story yesterday about the house Elvis bought on Lehr St, Memphis Mafia mamber, Marty Lacker, sent us this message:

"I might be mistaken because it's been a longtime ago but I believe the house on Lehr is the house that Elvis bought for Linda Thompson's parents. They lived in it and they and Linda thought it was theirs but it seems that Elvis' father kept it in Elvis' name instead, unbeknownst to them, and when Elvis died Vernon made them leave the house and Vester and Clettes presley moved into it.  When Elvis bought it he told me that he bought it and gave it to the Thompsons and he was proud of doing so. Linda and her parents sued Vernon to get it back to no avail." (News, Source: Marty Lacker)

June is "Elvis Film Month" on EIN

Throughout June EIN will be having a look back at Elvis' film career. We will be publishing a variety of articles, news items, lists, film posters from around the world and reviews, as we consider Elvis cinema in a slightly different way to normal. Thanks to Douglas Brode and publisher, McFarland Press, this will include bringing you excerpts from Douglas' book, "Elvis Cinema & Popular Culture", a fascinating and stimulating look at Elvis' film career (see book release news below). And next week, we will announce details of the 2006 semester of EIN's popular online Elvis film course, New Perspectives in Elvis Cinema.

Click to view our "Elvis Film Month" page (added today: News & film posters)

(News/Celluloid Elvis, Source: EIN)

Book Update - "Elvis Cinema & Popular Culture": Author Douglas Brode has advised EIN that his book, "Elvis Cinema & Popular Culture", is now officially ijn print. Distribution of copies to book stores in the US and online suppliers such as Amazon will begin shortly and hopefully copies will be available to buy before the scheduled date of 30 June 2006.

Copies can be ordered directly from the publisher, McFarland Press, by calling in the USA (toll free) 1 - 800 - 253 - 2187, or online at Amazon. (News, Source: Douglas Brode)

EP fans shattering myths!: Joe Car posted this interesting message on the FECC board:

'Since the advent of the internet and thanks to many unselfish EP fans, the myth of Elvis living like a recluse is slowly melting away with constant new photo's and stories of him doing this and that. We know Elvis went out, just not to restaurants, didn't appear on talk shows, nor did he attend high profile events such as the Oscars or Grammies, as he said much earlier in his life, he was "sneaky." Just another fabrication made up by the media. They had people by the shorthairs in the seventies, eighties and even until the mid-nineties because we pretty much had to believe them at their word, not anymore however! He also was quoted in the Houston press conference from Feb 1970, as saying he enjoyed "reading." We have since found out about his passion for reading, an everyday normal passion shared by millions of people worldwide, that EP enjoyed up until his death. I can't however thank enough the people who share their photo's or post stories that are new to a lot of us.' (News, Source: FECC)

Elvis International Shop in the Netherlands closes her doors: You're able to visit the Elvis International Shop for the last time this coming weekend. The shop will be OPEN Saturday June 2nd- Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th from 1300. PM - 1800 PM.

The Elvis International Shop"  Netherlands.
Sionstraat 12
1947 J.T. Beverwijk
The Netherlands.

For more  Information you are able to call :

TUESDAY  TILL  SUNDAY  1300. PM  -  1800 PM.
06 47 87 25 78
Other Countrys Dial  : 00 - 31 - 6  47 87 25 78. (News, Source: EP Gold)

"Elvis Bulgaria" investigation smashes child exploitation network: Youngsters forced to work as modern 'Oliver Twists' · Police in Italy have smashed a criminal network that exploited hundreds of children from impoverished families in Bulgaria, forcing them to work as modern-day Oliver Twists.

The children, aged from nine, were sent out to beg on the streets and trained to pickpocket passengers on buses and subways.

Investigators said the youngsters were beaten or threatened if they did not fulfil their daily quota and were "relegated to the status of mere objects", after their families rented them out to the gang in exchange for a share in the profits or an immediate cash sum. In one case, officers in Venice came across a 13-year-old girl who was eight months' pregnant. "The group took advantage of the fact that a child under 14 cannot be arrested in Italy," Carabinieri official Gabriele Passarotto said.

Details of the investigation - codenamed Elvis Bulgaria - were revealed in Trieste in a press conference attended by Piero Grasso, Italy's chief prosecutor of organised crime. (News/Odd Spot, Source: The Guardian)
TCB Band in France: The TCB Band is in France in September for 2 Concerts; one near Paris (Boulogne Billancourt) and one in Saint-Raphäel on the south Coast. Visit Elvis My Happiness for more details. (News, Source: Elvis My Happiness)


Wednesday 31 May 2006
"Elvis vs JXL" download goes Gold: The RIAA website added a Gold certification for the digital download single "A Little Less Conversation". The digital single was awarded Gold on 31 March 2006. (News, Source: Elvis 2nd To None / Elvis News)

New restaurant to open at "Elvis Presley's Memphis" (News, Source: EPE)

So how much for Elvis' THIRD house?: Psychic/showman Uri Geller recently purchased Elvis Presley’s first home, at 1034 Audubon Drive, for more than $900,000. Two years ago, entrepreneur Robert F.X. Sillerman bought the Graceland estate, and a good portion of Elvis Presley Enterprise as well, for $125 million.So, how much would Elvis’ third house go for?We recently turned up a 1974 Commercial Appeal article which mentions that Elvis had purchased a home at 1576 Lehr, just behind Graceland. On September 20, 1974, he paid precisely $33,925 for the one-story 1,500-square-foot property, and the newspaper story noted the homeowner had been told that the King of Rock-and-Roll never planned to live there but had purchased it for an investment.

We’re not sure how much this investment has paid off over the years, but if the present owner ever considers selling it, may we suggest eBay? (News, Source: The Memphis Flyer/ Sanja Meegin)

Celebrity photographer dies: Photographer Peter C. Borsari, whose celebrity snapshots over three decades included candid moments of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Jack Nicholson, has died. He was 67. He captured images in 1969 of Elvis performing at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas (including the press conference), Elvis meeting Tom Jones back stage and Elvis performing at the Forum in Los Angeles. (News, Source: AP)

Pre-orders open for July FTD's: EIN is now taking pre-orders for the three July FTD releases.

As we reported yesterday, FTD will be releasing I Found My Thrill (soundboard 24 Jan 1974); Clambake (soundtrack with outtakes); and Elvis Presley (Classic Albums series showcasing Elvis' first ever album with outtakes and a previously unrelased 1956 radio interview).

Both Clambake & Elvis Presley will come in the deluxe 7" fold-out format. Click for more information and to order

Jimmy Hoffa in Elvis' grave!: Conspiracy theorists have floated the hypothesis that it is Jimmy Hoffa, not Elvis, in Elvis Presley's grave. (Odd Spot, Source: ProgressiveU)

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"Elvis Presley is the supreme socio-cultural icon in the history of pop culture"

(Dr. Gary Enders)


"Elvis is the 'glue' which holds our society together....which subconciously gives our world meaning"



"Eventually everybody has to die, except Elvis"

(humorist Dave Barry)


"He is the "Big Bang", and the universe he detonated is still expanding, the pieces are still flying"

(Greil Marcus, "Dead Elvis")


"I think Elvis Presley will never be solved"

(Nick Tosches)


"He was the most popular man that ever walked on this planet since Christ himself was here"

(Carl Perkins)


"When I first heard Elvis' voice I just knew I wasn't going to work for anybody...hearing him for the first time was like busting out of jail"

(Bob Dylan)


"When we were kids growing up in Liverpool, all we ever wanted was to be Elvis Presley"

(Sir Paul McCartney)


"You can't say enough good things about Elvis. He was one of a kind"

(Johnny Cash)


"And don't think for one moment he's just a passing fancy....he's got enough of it to keep him on top for a long time"

(R. Fred Arnold, Fury magazine, Aug 1957)


"It isn't enough to say that Elvis is kind to his parents, sends money home, and is the same unspoiled kid he was before all the commotion began. That still isn't a free ticket to behave like a sex maniac in public"

(Eddie Condon, Cosmopolitan)

Elvis records reaching #2 & #3 on the Cashbox Pop Singles chart:

#2: A Fool Such As I (1959)

#2: A Big Hunk Of Love (1959)

#3: Hard Headed Woman (1958)

#3: One Night (1958)

#3: (You're The Devil) In Disguise (1963)

Elvis Facts:

Tickets for Elvis' show on March 29, 1957 in St. Louis cost $2.00 to $2.50

While in Germany Elvis was hospitalised with tonsillitis in October 1959

Despite being an illegal immigrant, photographic evidence shows Colonel Tom Parker traveled to Canada with Elvis in 1957

Elvis strongly believed there weren't enough good songs in King Creole to justify releasing a soundtrack album. RCA initially agreed, releasing two very successful EPs from the movie. A soundtrack LP eventually followed

During the 1960s Elvis had his own football team, Elvis Presley Enterprises, which played in the Memphis touch football league. In the 1962 final, EPE narrowly lost to Delta Automatic Transmission, 6-13

In Clambake, (Elvis) Scott Hayward's driving licence shows February 23, 1940...taking 5 years off Elvis' real age

In the 1970s Elvis was offered $5m to stage a concert in front of the Pyramids in Egypt. When the Colonel declined the offer, Saudi billionaires raised the offer to $10m