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Sunday 31 May 2009

Roy Orbison and Faron Young sing Elvis Presley and others!: The Memphis Recording Service is back with this CD release of intriquing "home recordings" by Roy Orbison and Faron Young!



CAT# : MRS20006656





 1.    All Over Again    1:52

2.    Good Rockin' Tonight    :40

3.    Heartbreak Hotel    1:31

4.    Blue Suede Shoes    1:26

5.    Long Tall Sally    1:11

6.    You're Just Like Water    2:26

7.    Blue Suede Shoes    :49

8.    Hound Dog    :07

9.    Tutti Frutti    :52

10.  I Walk The Line    :49

11.  Honky Tonk Man    1:01

12.  Blue Suede Shoes    :41

13.  The Wake Of Love    1:24

14.  Tutti Frutti    :42

15.  I'm Walking The Floor Over You    :30

16.  Night Train To Memphis    :26

17.  Don't Stay Away (Til' Love Grows Cold)    :28

18.  I'm Movin' On    :18

19.  My Two Timin' Woman    :44

20.  Singin' The Blues    1:26

21.  Just Call Me Lonesome    1:15

22.  Honky Tonk Man    1:30

23.  All Over Again    :36

24.  You'll Never Walk Alone    :37

25.  Mountain Dew    1:13

26.  Mr. Brown    2:17

27.  (I'm Gonna Live Some) Before I Die    :47

28.  I Miss You Already (And You're Not Even Gone)    :18

29.  Tutti Frutti    1:11


30.  That's All Right    1:33

31.  I Want You, I Need You, I Love You    1:07

32.  I Was The One    2:55

33.  That's All Right    2:42

34.  Hey Miss Fannie    1:09

35.  Mary Lou    2:00

36.  You're My Baby    2:32

37.  Slippin' and Slidin'    1:22

38.  Ready Teddy    1:08

39.  Hound Dog    :59

40.  Don't Be Cruel    2:17

41.  Lawdy Miss Clawdy    1:08

42.  Closing Chatter    :50

An unreleased home recording of a rare and off­stage behind the scenes glimpse, of the early Rock n’ Roll era featuring Roy Orbison and Faron Young. In the fall of 1956, these two musicians visited the home of Judy Baker in Corpus Christi, Texas for some partying and socializing. Someone brought a guitar and requested an impromptu performance. Judy captured the evening on her portable tape recorder. This has become known as the ‘Party of 56’ and photographs are included in the enclosed 20 page CD booklet. The recording shows a testament to the pervasive influence of Elvis Presley on the music and performers of the day.

Please note that this is a home recording. Every effort has been taken to achieve optimum sound quality, however since these recordings are previously unreleased, priority is given to its historical content. (News,Source: Memphis Recording Service)

Dixieland Delight FTD component released: On May 18, 2009 the latest “Follow That Dream" release - a 2-CD set titled 'Dixieland Delight' - has seen the light of day and is available now at your local Elvis dealer. For the first time ever, Elvis' official record label is supporting and cooperating with another company, which is well-known for delivering high-quality Elvis products. Because of this cooperation, the team of Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing feels very honored.

The cooperation takes place in different areas of the product. The main topic for both the FTD-release and the Multimedia-Box set concerns the five consecutive performances of Elvis in Huntsville, AL
, in 1975.

On May 15th, the official press release by Praytome Publishing announced the concept of the box set, and details were revealed about the content.

One of the highlights will be an extraordinary three-hour documentary with more than twenty interviewees - all of them original eyewitnesses to the shows. Also, dozens of high quality photos, as well as memorabilia and ticket stubs will be presented in a special hardcover book. Wait! There is more to discover in that box set....

To give the fans nowadays an idea of what the shows were like, the best idea is to provide them audio recordings of the performances. 'Follow That Dream', also known as FTD, liked the idea to dignify these special shows with an extra release. Soon after, the decision was made to release two shows from the Huntsville gigs (Matinee Show May 31, 1975 + Matinee Show June 1, 1975). Because the producers wanted to use all the space on the CD’s, the remaining free space was filled up with additional bonus songs from the other Huntsville shows.

When you have a see the design of the FTD package, you will quickly notice that the cooperation is clearly evident. FTD not only decided to adapt "Dixieland Delight" as the title – an original Bud Glass concept from the very beginning design for the book cover; but FTD also adapted the front cover shot of the "Dixieland Delight" book, a great shot taken by George Hill during the Matinee Show of May 31, 1975.

It's worth mentioning that this is the very first five-inch FTD release that comes with an exclusive eight-page booklet. All of the photos, tickets and memorabilia items you will find in the booklet were provided by Bud Glass Productions / Praytome Publishing. The detailed liner notes were written by Bud Glass, the author of “Dixieland Delight” and previous releases like Elvis – “Behind The Image” and “Elvis - Born To Rock”.

The package for the FTD release is really something special - not only because of the fresh artwork and classy design, but also for being a 2-CD set with an exclusive eight-page booklet. By creating this very special product, FTD producers, Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon, have set the tone that the five consecutive performances of Elvis Presley in Huntsville deserve very special treatment.

A special note on the inlay reads: "In cooperation with Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing for their up-coming multi-media box set: DIXIELAND DELIGHT"

As the official press release states, there will be a special placeholder where you can put your FTD release inside of the Multimedia box. That is the right place to be for the FTD! Do not hesitate any longer! Ask your local dealer for the new FTD release, so that you will have the first collectible item - the "Dixieland Delight" 2CD Set - for the upcoming Multimedia box by Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing.
(News, Source: EP Gold)

"Illustrated Lyrics" Elvis book never saw the light of the day: Someday a company like Pixar will create a virtual Beatles reunion concert, depicting them in real time as they are (or would be) now, singing their greatest hits as they might perform them today. I suppose there are copyright and other obstacles involved, but I guarantee it would be a blockbuster among my rapidly aging generation. Yet failing this digital reunion, memories of the Fab Four and the British Invasion can now be stirred by Alan Aldridge’s book THE MAN WITH KALEIDOSCOPE EYES (Abrams, $35).

Aldridge was the illustrator whose airbrushed images captured the ethereal essence and comic brilliance of the Beatles’ lyrics in a two-volume work titled “The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics” (1969 and 1971), which he edited and which included the graphics of other significant illustrators along with his own. Although Aldridge’s art is not psychedelic in the San Francisco style, it is certainly drug-inspired in a fab-gear-mod-London way — the pictorial analogue to “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.”

Aldridge also tried to do an “Illustrated Lyrics” book for Elvis. Instead, having taken himself to Hollywood in 1981, he started to do concept designs for Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s manager: the “Throne of the Rock ’n’ Roll King” — a “multimedia dais” intended for the lobby of the International Hotel in Las Vegas — and an inflatable statue of Elvis. “Like all things that sound too good to be true,” he writes, “my deal with the Colonel quickly fell apart. Designing stuff for Elvis didn’t have the allure and glamour of movies.” (News, Source: The New York Times)

EbAY 'Elvis book' Watch

AUSTRALIA'S largest Elvis Presley collection has arrived for Wintersun and its owner is looking for a permanent home for it on the Tweed.The Elvis Collector, Rusty Roberts, who recently relocated to the Gold Coast, is hoping to find a restaurant or cafe on the Tweed to house his 20,000 items relating to the King of Rock 'n' Roll.“This is the big life move for me,” the 37-year-old said.“The Tweed and Gold Coast are huge tourism destinations, and one of the big drawcards in tourism is fantasy.“Elvis is perfect for tourism because he is not around any more.”

Mr Roberts was ybusy setting up his immense collection at the Seagulls Club in Tweed Heads West where it opened yersterday and wil run until the end of Wintersun on Monday, June 8.

Mr Roberts said he is hoping to attract the attention of any restaurant, cafe or business on the Tweed or Gold Coast that he could turn into “

Graceland”.“I can see an Elvis-themed restaurant becoming its very own Hard Rock Cafe. It could be a very big thing for the area,” he said.The collector originally ran a restaurant in the Hunter Valley known as The Elvis Collector Theme Restaurant.“It was decked out from front to back with everything Elvis,” he said.

“The problem down there though is that we had to rely on locals for support. There was not much of a tourism industry in the area.”Items in Mr Roberts' collection range from the 1950s memorabilia to products still being made today.Among the most unusual in his collection are Elvis-related postcards, taffy, aftershave, golf balls, shower curtain, napkins, umbrella, lamp, socks, mouse pad, mugs, soft drink, coffee, books, Pez dispensers, candles, thermometer , doormat, cardboard cut outs, an oven mitt, salt and pepper shakers and board games.

“If you can think of something with Elvis' face on it we have it,” Mr Roberts said.“I think the best things in the collection are the scrapbooks with old articles and pictures from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Everyone loves them and some people will spend hours reading them.

Mr Roberts said his love for Elvis began when he was a child.

“I've just always wanted it. My parents had the records at home when I was growing up and I've just stuck with him ever since,” he said. “When I was 12 I had a table at a club with my little Elvis collection; the next year I was back with another table and then another. It just kept growing,” Mr Roberts said. Mr Roberts says Elvis die-hards also like to pick his brain with Elvis trivia.

“I know everything there is to know about Elvis. One of the weirder questions I'm asked is if he is still alive.

Tweed Tourism general manager Phil Villiers said he enjoys the idea. “Wintersun is always so popular and it would be great to have an Elvis-themed restaurant all year round,” Mr Villiers said.

Wintersun has officially kicked off and will run until Monday, June 8. (News, Source: Amber Smith/Tweed Daily News)

Robert Plant and Elvis sing to each other!: In 2008, Rolling Stone magazine assembled a panel of 179 judges from the ranks of musicians and singers, record company executives and music industry insiders, journalists and Rolling Stone staff. Each voter was asked to list his or her 20 favourite vocalists from the rock era, in order of their importance. Those ballots were recorded and weighted according to methodology developed by the accounting firm of Ernst & Young, which then tabulated and verified the results for Rolling Stone magazine.

Elvis ranked #3 behind Ray Charles at #2 and Aretha Franklin at #1.

Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant penned the article on Elvis: There is a difference between people who sing and those who take that voice to another, otherworldly place, who create a euphoria within themselves. It's transfiguration. I know about that. And having met Elvis, I know he was a transformer.

The first Elvis song I heard was "Hound Dog." I wasn't equipped with any of the knowledge I have now, about the Big Mama Thornton version or where all that swing was coming from. I just heard this voice, and it was absolutely, totally in its own place. The voice was confident, insinuating and taking no prisoners. He had those great whoops and diving moments, those sustains that swoop down to the note like a bird of prey. I took all that in. You can hear that all over Led Zeppelin.

When I met Elvis with Zeppelin, after one of his concerts in the early Seventies, I sized him up. He wasn't quite as tall as me. But he had a singer's build. He had a good chest — that resonator. And he was driven. "Anyway You Want Me" is one of the most moving vocal performances I've ever heard. There is no touching "Jailhouse Rock" and the stuff recorded at the King Creole sessions. I can study the Sun sessions as a middle-aged guy looking back at a bloke's career and go, "Wow, what a great way to start." But I liked the modernity of the RCA stuff. "I Need Your Love Tonight" and "A Big Hunk o' Love" were so powerful — those sessions sounded like the greatest place to be on the planet.

At that meeting, Jimmy Page joked with Elvis that we never soundchecked — but if we did, all I wanted to do was sing Elvis songs. Elvis thought that was funny and asked me, "Which songs do you sing?" I told him I liked the ones with all the moods, like that great country song "Love Me" — "Treat me like a fool/Treat me mean and cruel/But love me." So when we were leaving, after a most illuminating and funny 90 minutes with the guy, I was walking down the corridor. He swung 'round the door frame, looking quite pleased with himself, and started singing that song: "Treat me like a fool. . . ." I turned around and did Elvis right back at him. We stood there, singing to each other.

By then, because of the forces around him, it was difficult for him to stretch out with more contemporary songwriters. When he died, he was 42. I'm 18 years older than that now. But he didn't have many fresh liaisons to draw on — his old pals weren't going to bring him the new gospel. I know he wanted to express more. But what he did was he made it possible for me, as a singer, to become otherworldly.

Aussie Chart Update: On the ARIA Music DVD Top 40 Chart dated 1 June 2009, Elvis continues to chart with two DVD's:

#29: '68 Comeback Special (up from #33 last week; high position #1; 65 weeks on chart; certified 5xP)

#32 (holding steady): Elvis: The King of Rock 'n' Roll (60 weeks on chart; high position #4; certified 2xP)


Saturday 30 May 2009

Elvis friend from way back seeks to restore the artist's reputation:

Jerry Schilling knew Elvis the man before he became Elvis the icon.

Before the jumpsuits. Before Vegas. Before the drugs. Before the impersonators.

Before all that, Schilling was there.Schilling - who will sign copies of his book, "Me and a Guy Named Elvis," at an Elvis art exhibit in Naples on Saturday - knew Elvis was special the moment he met him in Memphis in July 1954.

Elvis Presley's first single, "That's All Right Mama," had just started getting radio play when Schilling joined him and some other guys in a pick-up game of football. Elvis was 19 at the time. Schilling was 12.

Nobody said anything, nobody introduced Elvis by name, but Schilling just knew that charismatic, charming guy had to be the one he'd heard on the radio. Even back then, there was a superstar quality about Elvis.

"It was like James Dean had just walked out of 'East of Eden,'" recalls Schilling, 67, of West Hollywood Hills, Calif. "And it was kind of magical."

More football games would come. And later, when Elvis became famous, he invited Schilling to become a member of the so-called Memphis Mafia, his inner circle of buddies and confidantes.

From then until Elvis' death in 1977, Schilling did everything from promotion to security work to producing to being a movie stand-in. He was there when Elvis met Nixon and The Beatles. He rushed Elvis and Priscilla Presley to the hospital the day their daughter, Lisa Marie, was born.

After Elvis died, Schilling went on to manage other rockers such as The Beach Boys and Billy Joel. But then he decided to write "Me and a Guy Named Elvis" to humanize the legend. He wanted to show the deeply intelligent Elvis, the generous Elvis, the underrated record-producer Elvis.

"He had an ear of gold," Schilling says. "He knew what a hit record was in 20 seconds. And he knew what songs to pass on."

Schilling's book-signing coincides with the opening of "The Art of Elvis" at American Royal Arts gallery. The show features rarely seen photographs of The King, French posters from his movies (including "Love Me Tender"), paintings by noted Elvis Presley artist Joe Petruccio and other Elvis-related items.

The show coincides with what would have been Elvis' 75th birthday this year. It continues through July at the gallery.

"It's an amazing display," promised Jim Lentz, head of the American Royal Arts chain of galleries. "It's pretty cool."

Schilling will sign copies of his book and talk about his old friend. So many people remember the overweight, drug-addled Elvis, Schilling says, but that was how Elvis was only at the very end of his life.

He wants people to know "the real Elvis."

"I wanted it to be a backstage pass," he says of his book. "We all know what happened to Elvis onstage, the good and the bad, and in the movies. But he was a human being. He had struggles.

"I hope this book gives him some of the dignity that he deserves." (News, Source: Charles Runnells, News-Press.com)

Musicard released in Finland: Finnish record company Poptori has released an Elvis Musicard. Musicards are products that include a postcard, an envelope and a CD full of music with the same theme that the card has.

The card with a photo of Elvis from Jailhouse Rock doesn't have any writings so you can write your own text on it.

Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood, Audrey Hepburn and James Dean also have their own Musicards.

The price is only 5 EUR and Elvis fans outside of Finland can order products via email info@poptori.fi or at www.mielenravintoa.com (the website is only in Finnish, thought).

Elvis card incl. 12 tracks:

01 Jailhouse Rock
02 All Shook Up
03 Don't Be Cruel
04 Hound Dog

05 Blue Suede Shoes
06 Love Me Tender
07 Hartbreak Hotel
08 I'll Never Let You Go
09 Ready Teddy
10 Long Tall Sally
11 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
12 Hard Headed Woman (News, Source: Elvis News)


Dr. Nick's Elvis items going under the hammer: Numerous pieces of Elvis Presley memorabilia--including prescription bottles, jewelry, guns, clothes and furniture--will be among the items available at Julien's Auctions Summer Sale, to be held June 26-27 at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, according to a press release.

Many of the items come directly from the collection of George C. "Dr. Nick" Nichopoulous, the doctor that was charged with over-prescribing controlled substances to Presley during the months leading up to the entertainer's 1977 death.

Nichopoulous, who was acquitted but later had his license suspended on the same charges, has consigned more than 45 items, including several prescription bottles with an estimated value of $800 - $1,200 each, his medical bag valued at $4,000-$6,000, a red strobe light Presley gave him for quick access to Graceland, a nasal douche and a laryngeal scope.

Several security items Presley gifted to Dr. Nick also will be featured in the auction, including numerous pistols, a billy club, a "Special Deputy Sheriff Shelby County" badge issued to the doctor, and a blue strobe light for his car that the doctor used on the night Elvis died.

All of the Dr. Nick items will be accompanied by "Dr. Nick's Memories of Elvis" DVD that explains the history and events surrounding the gifts in the doctor's own words.

The auction also will feature several items that once belonged to the Jackson Five, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Liberace and Karen Carpenter, among many others.

A complete list of items, including photos and estimated values, can be found at the Julien's Auctions website. (News, Source: Live Daily)

Next week on EIN: Dr. Nick: Medically irresponsible or misunderstood?

FTD releases Vinyl edition of Blue Hawaii!: FTD has finally released to dealers the vinyl edition of its Blue Hawaii production. (News, Various)

Chart Update:

US - Billboard (week ending: 6 June, 2009 – w.22):
Top Country Albums:
#72 (65) Collector’s Edition: Elvis Inspirational Memories – Elvis Presley (21st week)
Top Country Catalog Albums:
#9 (8) Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits – Elvis Presley (329th week)

Top 50 Country Albums (week ending: 24 May, 2009 – w.22):
#26 (23) Elv1s: 30 #1 Hits – Elvis Presley (84th week)
#33 (28) Essential Elvis – Elvis Presley (25th week)

Top 40 DVD Chart (week ending: May 25, 2009 - w.22):
#32 (33) - Elvis: The King of Rock 'n' Roll (59th week)
#33 (32) - The '68 Comeback Special (64th week)

Monthly shipments (April) Top 100:
#20 The Legend Lives on - Elvis Presley
(News, Source: Mael, FECC board)


Thursday 28 May 2009

Elvis Presley Stable Tour: Priscilla Presley was at Graceland today for the opening of the new Elvis Presley Stable Tour, which is now open to the public for the first time.

Artifacts on display as part of the tour include saddles used by Elvis and his entourage, footage of Elvis on horseback at Graceland and more.

Click below to see some photos from the opening of the exhibit today. If you are an Elvis Insider, you can also login to ElvisInsiders.com and see some additional photos featuring Priscilla only available for members. (News, Source: EPE)

Read and see more

Black Angels in Vegas: The first release from the brand new label Venus Productions is titled "Black Angels in Vegas". This 2 CD-set will contain the August 30, 1974 Midnight show, professionally remastered from a newly discovered first generation soundboard tape. The sound quality is stunning according to the press-release.

The set will come to you in a beautiful full color, hardcover book with many rare and unpublished pictures plus extensive liner notes, spread over 60 pages.

Tracklisting: 2001 Theme / See See Rider / Dialogue / I Got A Woman - Amen / Love Me / If You Love Me / It's Midnight / Big Boss Man / Fever / All Shook Up / Softly As I Leave You / Hound Dog / American Trilogy / Elvis introduces Dean Nichopoulos / Suspicious Minds / Band Introductions / Karate Monologue / If You Talk In Your Sleep / Elvis introduces Kang Rhee / Karate Dialogue / Help Me / Let Me Be There (+ reprise) / How Great Thou Art (+ reprise) / Hawaiian Wedding Song / You Gave Me A Mountain / Can't Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp (News, Source: Elvis News/ For CD Collectors Only)

Deluxe version of 'From Elvis In Memphis': As posted earlier on EIN and confirmed by Ernst Jorgensen the 1969 American Sound studios SONY release will be called 'From Elvis In Memphis'.
To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' historic American Studio session that resulted in "Suspicious Minds," "In the Ghetto" and "Kentucky Rain" among many others, Sony Music will release a deluxe version of From Elvis In Memphis, including all the 32 masters recorded at these sessions. These recordings have been remastered from the original album masters for optimum sound quality.
The message from Elvis Unlimited below is incorrectly titled.

(News, Source;EIN)

"In The Ghetto: The 40th Anniversary Of The Memphis Recordings": Due for release from Sony Music on June 27, 2009 is the CD "In The Ghetto: The 40th Anniversary Of The Memphis Recordings". The format is not yet confirmed, but the plan is to include the 32 masters from the session at the American Studios.

(News, Source: Elvis Unlimited/Elvis News)

Cover artwork and details on George Klein memoir: George Klein's long awaited memoir, "Elvis My Best Man", has now been rescheduled for publication in January 2010. (News, Source: Amazon)


  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Crown Publishing Group (NY) (January 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0307452743
  • ISBN-13: 978-0307452740

Gigantic USA tour in 1962?: On the FECC board, Brian posted this interesting message:

Hello everyone, In late 1962 Colonel Parker was planning a gigantic 43 city tour across the U.S. that he bills the Greatest tour ever that will guarantee Elvis more than 1 million dollars, RCA however gets cold feet and suggests a compromise of 11 dates. Colonel Parker doesn't like this idea so he turns it down.

This was a shame as I think a big gigantic 43 city tour with Elvis touring across the U.S. in late 62/early 63 would've been the biggest tour undertaken by any artist up until this point. Also I image some of those 43 dates would've been in outdoor stadiums and this was before the Beatles at Shea stadium so maybe Elvis could've set a big attendance record in a big outdoor venue before they did. Anyway since Elvis was making movies and hadn't toured in about 4 years and the show from the U.SS. Arizona was great this tour would've most likely been fantastic.

My Question is: I found out that the biggest audience Elvis played to at the time was 26,000 at the Cotton Bowl in 1956 so say this tour went as planned in 1962 do you think Elvis could've drawed 50,000 to 65,000 for one shown during this time?

Coming in the next few days:

Part 1 of EIN's EXCLUSIVE interview with Eliza Presley!

Is Eliza Elvis' half sister???

Visit EIN's comprehensive Eliza Presley archives


Opposite: Eliza visits Vernon Presley's grave in the Meditation Garden at Graceland

EPE continues to expand: Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. had another year of growth and expansion in its licensing division. In addition to Graceland and its related attractions in Memphis, EPE is involved in a worldwide licensing program, merchandising, music publishing, and television, film, video and Internet projects.

"This has been one of our best years in the Elvis licensing program. We continue to partner with new and exciting licensees as well as maintaining many long term relationships that result in Elvis merchandise in dozens of territories around the world," stated EPE vice president of world wide licensing Carol Butler.

Elvis was a pioneer in the licensing world from the first day he stepped on stage. In 2008, EPE signed numerous licensees and worked closely with them to maximize the business through public relations and marketing activities.

Now, with over 250 licensees worldwide, EPE works with companies in a wide variety of licensing categories, such as Cirque du Soliel, Mattel Inc., Bradford Exchange, Hallmark, Gibson Guitar, Elvis Harley, John Deere, American Greetings, Pez Candy and Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

EPE's Licensing Division is charged with the responsibility of protecting and preserving the integrity of Elvis Presley, Graceland and other related properties. (Sale of EPE, Source: AP)

Sillerman company defaults on loan: Robert F.X. Sillerman, chief executive officer of CKX Inc. and owner of the “American Idol” brand, owes a $21.4 million on a loan, Credit Suisse Group AG said in a court filing in New York.

Credit Suisse’s Cayman Island’s branch filed the request for summary judgment in lieu of a complaint in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan. Credit Suisse was acting as the agent on behalf of the holders of the loan.

The bank, Switzerland’s second-largest, alleges that Sillerman has failed to pay the outstanding balance due under a credit agreement with Flag Luxury Properties LLC, in Anguilla, British West Indies, and that Sillerman has defaulted on a series of payments due since April 2008.

“Defendant is obligated to pay $21,400,000 to Credit Suisse,” the bank said in court papers filed May 21, adding later, “the demand on the defendant was refused.”

Subsequent payments that became due also remain unpaid, the bank said in court papers. Sillerman also has failed to make the required principal payments due since June 2008, the bank alleged. The outstanding principal due under the first-lien credit agreement is $137.2 million, Credit Suisse said in court papers.

‘Entertainment-Themed’ Projects - Flag Luxury is described in company releases as an “affiliate” of FX Real Estate and Entertainment Inc., a company chaired by Sillerman and formed in 2007, “to engage in the development and ownership of entertainment-themed real estate projects.”

Flag announced a deal to operate what it described as an “exclusive ultra-luxury hotel and residences” in 2008 on the island of Anguilla, British West Indies. The property was named the Baccarat Hotel and Residences at Temenos, Anguilla.

CKX, based in New York, also owns the rights to the names and images of Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley, as well as Presley’s Graceland mansion.

Ed Tagliaferri, an outside spokesman for Sillerman, didn’t return a voicemail message left at his office seeking comment yesterday.

Duncan King, a Credit Suisse spokesman, declined to comment on the bank’s legal action. Rick Matthews, a spokesman for Flag, didn’t return a voicemail message seeking comment after regular business hours yesterday.

The case is Credit Suisse, Cayman Islands Branch v. Robert F.X. Sillerman, 601595/2009, New York State Supreme Court (Manhattan).

To contact the reporter on this story: Patricia Hurtado in New York federal court at pathurtado@bloomberg.net. (Sale of EPE, Source: Patricia Hurtado/EP Gold)

Elvis on the All-Time Swiss Charts: Switzerland's Top 40 charts date from 1968.  While Elvis doesn’t feature in the Top 100 Singles of All-Time on the Swiss Charts, he has featured in the Top 10 End of Year Charts on two occasions:

  • 1968: #10 – In The Ghetto
  • 2002:  #5 – Elvis vs. JXL (A Little Less Conversation) (News, Source: SwissCharts.com)

My Treasured Memories of Elvis: Here is the cover art of "My Treasured Memories of Elvis" by July Palmer which is due June 2009.

This photo of Elvis on stage was taken at the Las Vegas Hilton during the Summer Festival engagement (September) of 1972.

Elvis was wearing a blue jumpsuit with silver designs. Judy considers her photos of  this engagement to be her favorite set.  (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Gunners fans are not on song with 'cursed' Elvis song: Arsene Wenger could be all shook up this time next season - if the Gunners axe the jinxed Elvis Presley song to which they run out at the Emirates.

Disgruntled fans are convinced the King's ballad The Wonder Of You, possibly chosen by Wenger, is cursed and has brought the team bad luck in their trophy-less time at the stadium. And they hope today's game against Stoke City will be the last time Cesc Fabregas and his team-mates enter the field to the song.

"We have pleaded with Arsenal to ditch the song but some deluded bod in the hierarchy likes it because they continue playing it," said campaigning season-ticket holder Chris Adsett, 36.

"Some people reckon it was chosen by Arsene but we can't find out for sure." (News, Source: In Arsenal)

Elvis Festival expected to draw 6,000 to Lake George this weekend: If you can't make it to Las Vegas to get your fill of all things Elvis, try Lake George this weekend. The sixth annual LakeGeorge.com Elvis Festival from May 28th through May 31st features 50 Elvis tribute artists -- including eight from the Capital Region -- competing in professional, amateur and youth categories for over $8,000 in prize money.

Over 6,000 Elvis Presley fans are expected at the festival.

Highlights include a free opening night ceremony in Shepard's Park, a memorabilia show and sale, tribute shows, and after-hours parties. For more information, visit www.lakegeorgeelvisfest.com (News, Source: CBSalbany.com)

Elvis Presley in Concert Announces Rotterdam Presale: Tickets for Elvis Presley In Concert on February 24, 2010, in Rotterdam, Holland, at the AHOY will be on presale exclusively for Elvis Insiders for 24-hours only on Wednesday, June 3 beginning at 10:00 hrs. (Holland Time). The link to purchase the presale tickets online will be placed on the Elvis Insiders members only message board shortly before the presale. There is an eight ticket limit per order. (News, Source: EPE)


Tuesday 26 May 2009
Last Chance for the Elvis Exhibition in Sussex UK: British Elvis fans shouldn't miss out on seeing a few of the King's personal possesions at Coopers Jewellers in Hove. Presented by UK's Essential Elvis there's plenty to see including movie memorabilia, Elvis' police badges a beautiful personal record player - and even his 1977 jogging top. EIN contributor Tony Stuchbury checked out the exhibition and found some very interesting Elvis items. It's FREE, only 1 hour from London - with this Saturday as the last chance to see it.

(News, Source;EIN)

'Elvis: Vegas '69' book gets Graceland launch: Ken Sharp's 'Elvis: Vegas '69' book will be officially premiered at Elvis Week 2009 in Memphis. Fans will be delighted to know that the book will be packed with over 150 stunning full colour and B&W images, many culled from the Graceland archives. It will also include vintage Vegas/Elvis concert memorabilia, a '69 show index and much more, the book will transport the reader back to "the Strip" for one of the most electrifying moments in Elvis' monumental career.
'Elvis: Vegas '69' is an all new 200-page hardback book that commemorates the 40th anniversary of Elvis’s historic return to live performance. Written by Ken Sharp, author of the critically acclaimed FTD book, Writing For The King, the book tells the remarkable story of Elvis's return to the concert stage told through first-hand accounts by those lucky enough to be on hand to witness his miraculous artistic and creative rebirth. Sharp has also authored or co-authored many other music books including Overnight Sensation: The Story Of The Raspberries, Power Pop!, Meet The Beatles...Again!, Reputation Is A Fragile Thing: The Story Of Cheap Trick, and Small Faces: Quite Naturally.
With Sharp's latest book, you'll learn the backstory behind what led to Elvis's triumphant return to live performance. You'll go behind closed doors with Elvis and the band in pre-show rehearsals and revel in the excitement and anticipation of opening night. The actual opening show is then chronicled through the eyes of the people that were there along with the press conference, after show celebration and more.
Elvis Week 2009 in Memphis will be the site of the worldwide book premiere and launch. Go here for the EIN review of  the FTD book 'Writing For The King' by Ken Sharp ... (News, Source;EIN/KS)












Elvis Presley's Palm Springs estate to become "Graceland West": The owner of Elvis' Palm Springs estate has big plans for the future. Reno Fontana and his wife, Laura, purchased the home at 845 West Chino Canyon Road from a Japanese businessman at a bargain price of $1.25 million in 2003. Since the previous owner discovered his fear of flying overseas from Japan to the U.S. after he bought the estate, he rarely visited the property over the 18 years that he owned it. As a result, the Spanish-style white stucco property was in disrepair when the Fontanas bought it and they have been renovating the outside of the house for the last six years.
But they won't stop there. The Fontanas have put plans into motion to create an entertainment complex surrounding the estate. Similar to Graceland in Memphis, the Palm Springs property will have buildings next door to house an Elvis museum, theater, recording studio, bowling alley, wedding chapel, guest houses and plenty of parking "Graceland West."
The property has recently been designated as the first event home to be registered in Palm Springs which permits a commercial business to operate in a residential area. Reno Fontana estimates the expansion will take five years to complete.
However, unlike Graceland, Elvis' Palm Springs Estate will feature modern decor and not the original furnishings and atmosphere of the 1970s when Elvis and Priscilla lived there. Fontana calls it the "Elvis of the Future". They have hired renowned interior decorator Carleton Varney to recreate a luxury lifestyle fit for "The King."
The Chino Canyon estate was purchased by Elvis and Priscilla Presley on April 14, 1970. They put $20,000 as a down payment and financed $85,000 for a total purchase price of $105,000. When Elvis bought the house, it was 3500 square feet. After Elvis and Priscilla got divorced in 1973, Elvis expanded the house with an additional 2000 square feet for a party room, a new bedroom with two bathrooms, and a sauna. Go here to their website
Go here for full article and more photographs. (News, Source;EIN)
Monday 25 May 2009

'Flaming Star' an in-depth Spotlight: Flaming Star was Elvis' post-army chance to prove himself in a dramatic role and as a serious actor. Elvis had complained about his previous film 'GI Blues' being so lightweight. He even went as far as telling Priscilla that he was "goddamn miserable" about it. With terrible timing 'Flaming Star' would be released just 4 weeks after the family-friendly 'GI Blues' and unfortunately it would falter at the box-office. Described by US critic Leonard Maltin as "along with Jailhouse Rock, Presley's best film", Flaming Star is too often ignored by Elvis fans. 50 years on EIN contributor Harley Payette turns a well deserved in-depth spotlight at this often over-looked film. After reading this article there is no doubt that fans will want to revisit this fine Elvis western.
Go here to this fascinating in-depth review.

(Spotlight; Source;Harley Payette/EIN)

'The Original Elvis Tribute' - Concert Review: The Original Elvis Tribute rock'n'rolled through Finland last week and the Finnish Elvis fans had a blast! Elvis' bass-player Duke Bardwell anchored the show while a fascinating selection of rare Elvis songs, including His Latest Flame, Fame And Fortune and Power Of My Love, helped create something unique. Composer Michael Jarrett performed very touching versions of his own songs I’m Leavin’ and I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day - while the night also rocked out with a tight band, some rockabilly style guitar and fabulous drumming. At over two hours this was a great night for Elvis fans.
The tour also visited Poland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Go here for the full review and pictures.

(Spotlight, Source;JuttaVetter)

'Stranger In The Crowd' new Import CD: The upcoming CD release by Audionics label is entitled "STRANGER IN THE CROWD" and it contains the excellent August 13, 1970 dinner show. Import collectors first heard this recording as a part of boxed set called "TTWII - The Complete Works" but all 6 shows was presented in mono sound only.
'Stranger In The Crowd' is different kind of release - whole show is in FULL STEREO sound, taken from original mastertape. There is no noise and balance of instruments and voices is excellent. This release will be presented in a beautiful 3-panel digipack, with 16-page full color booklet. Most of accompanying photographs were taken during August 13, 1970 dinner show, with few additional candid shots from August 1970. Released is scheduled for early June '09.
Tracklist: 01. Opening Theme (Joe Guercio Orchestra) - 02. Opening Vamp / That's All Right, Mama - 03. I Got A Woman - 04. Hound Dog - 05. Monologue - 06. Love Me Tender (with false start) - 07. Don't Cry Daddy - 08. In The Ghetto - 09. I Just Can't Help Believin' - 10. Stranger In The Crowd - 11. Make The World Go Away - 12. Sweet Caroline (with false start)* - 13. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - 14. Polk Salad Annie - 15. Band Introductions / Instrumental break - 16. Band Introductions / Introduction of Art Carney - 17. The Wonder Of You - 18. Heartbreak Hotel - 19. Blue Suede Shoes
20. One Night - 21. All Shook Up - 22. Bridge Over Troubled Water - 23. Suspicious Minds - 24. Can't Help Falling In Love.  * spliced with August 11th, 1970 Dinner show version
Bonus track: 25. Sweet Caroline (with false start) - complete August 13th, 1970 Dinner show mono version
(News, Source;Audionics)

No new recording discovered of Pittsburgh concert: The story we reported yesterday appears to be false. There are two audience recordings of Elvis' Pittsburgh December 1976 concert available - but no recording of 'Soundboard' quality. The promotional blurb below has also been seen before a few years ago.
The famous John Herman recorded tape was officially released on FTD's 'Elvis New Year’s Eve.' The other audience recorded tape (to which the story below is referring) is featured on the 'Rags To Riches' bootleg. While this tape was recorded slightly closer to the piano, hence Elvis playing Rags To Riches sounds clearer, it still is only an audience recording and has its own faults.
For all the intricate details go here to the FECC posting.
(News, Source;EIN/FECC)


Sunday 24 May 2009

New recording discovered of Pittsburgh concert???: Can it be true. Many doubt it, but G.I. Blues posted this message recently on the FECC board:


In the past Elvis' Pittsburgh has been released in varying quality on the following releases:

  • Rockin' with Elvis New Year's Eve
  • Auld Lang Syne
  • Rags to Riches
  • New Years Eve (FTD)

Simpsons stamp vote fails to surpass Elvis: The US Postal Service noted the 916,927 votes cast for its "Simpsons" survey falls short of the 1.1 million votes received in 1992 when America voted for a "younger vs. older" Elvis stamp image, with the younger winning by a 3-to-1 margin. The Maggie stamp was voted No. 1, followed by Homer, then Bart, Marge and Lisa. (News, Source: AP)

Autographed "Orion" albums for sale: We received this message from Rick Cutlip:

"I have several autographed Orion albums that belonged to my mother. If you know anyone that may be interested in them please email me. Thank you and God bless!"

Email Rick more more details

Picture opposite not necessarily one of the albums for sale

New Elvis book release in Australia: The Hinkley Books group has released (with a 2008 publication date) the large hardcover (with dust jacket) title, Elvis, by Susie Behar, in Australia. The 304 page photo journal is a solid release with quality images, none of which appear to be previously unreleased. The chapters cover (in chronological order) all of Elvis' life and career from 1935 to today!

Each of Elvis' films is covered in an individual chapter and the King's live performances While Behar's text isn't the most incisive it is thoughtful and, importantly, doesn't resile from the negative aspects of the Elvis story. The book also includes a list of Elvis' #1 records around the world and his other achievements.

The book is targeted at both long time and casual fans and will be welcomed by many buyers. ISBN-13: 978-1741828801.

The release is discounted in some stores (eg. QBD outlets) from around A$40.00 to $12.95. It represents excellent value at either price.

This title has also been releaed by both Hinkley Books and Igloo Books Ltd overseas, sometimes with the title: Elvis (Picture This). (Book News, Source: EIN)

For more Elvis books........visit EIN's comprehensive Elvis Books in 2009 section

The Rockin' Rebel re-issue: The classic "Rockin' Rebel vol. 1" bootleg album will be re-issued on CD on the G.A. label. This CD comes in a jewel-case.

Tracklisting - Milton Berle Show:
Hound Dog

  1. Elvis Meets Deborah Paget
  2. I Want You I Need You I Love You
  3. Presentation Of Billboard Award
  4. My Baby's Gone
  5. I Dont Care If The Sun Dont Shine
  6. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  7. I'll Never Let You Go
  8. King Creole
  9. As Long As I Have You

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Hard Headed Woman
  2. Trouble
  3. Dixieland Rock
  4. Don't Ask Me Why
  5. Lover Doll
  6. Crawfish
  7. Young Dreams
  8. Steadfast Loyal And True
  9. New Orleans
Remix: Dixieland Rock Intrumental Remix

(News, Source: Elvis NewsElvis Corner)

Movie Versions:

  1. King Creole / Crawfish
  2. Steadfast Loyal And True
  3. Lover Doll
  4. Trouble
  5. Dixieland Rock
  6. Young Dreams
  7. New Orleans
  8. King Creole
  9. Don't Ask Me Why
  10. As Long As I Have You

Bonus: Interview From Lacrosse Wisc.

Saturday 23 May 2009

FTD #81 released: FTD has released the double CD Dixieland Delight.

Details include: Beginning of Matinee show not recorded. Bonus tracks have been added from Evening performance. Tracks 1-18 recorded June 1, 1975 at the evening show. Tracks 19-22 recorded June 1, 1975 at the matinee show. Recorded live May 31 & June1, 1975 at Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama.

On the FECC board, Tallhair2 has posted that it would only cost FTD 50p extra per unit to provide a booklet with its releases. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited/FECC)

Gall Wasp named after Elvis: Many thanks to Brian Quinn for this news item:

On reading through your current news page it made me laugh to see the small piece about 'Elvisaurus'. It may also interest you to know that the gall wasp was also named after Elvis in 2004 with the latin name of:

True, you can check it out on Google. The man is everywhere!(Odd Spot, Source: Brian Quinn)

New Red West film (News, Source: Shane)

Calling all London area ETA's:

Heritage House,
6 Eldon Street,
EC2M 7LS ,
London United Kingdom
Contact Centre : +447045735361
Available 08:30 to 18:00 ( UK time)

Respected ELVIS - My Name is Rev Kelly Bentley Festival Director of Heritage Music Company here in the London UK . A company that specializes in promotions of events in the entertainment industry. We promote and gives international exposure to musicians and entertainers all over the globe.

We came across your profile and we are impressed with your services,experience,your kind of entertaining heart of course is okay by us. We want to have your talent involved in these year event.

We are hosting a Music Festival event in which we want you to perform here in London UK .
We are writing to invite and confirm your booking to perform at the Heritage Music Cultural Festival . You will never regret working with us.
We are powered by some great sponsors here in the Uk.

The Venue as follows:
Friends House Hall( London ) Hospitality Friends House
173 Euston Road
London NW1 2BJ
Date 16th, of June 2009

The Heritage Music Company Payment for service will be discussed as soon as you honor our invitation. If you have any more publicity material, please do not hesitate to contact us. Document and contract will be send to you as soon as you honor our invitation. Please provide the company more information. Home address, phone contact, website and other necessary data to get a formal letter of invitation from the company. We promise a very solid arrangement. Thanks for your cooperation.

Yours Sincerely
Rev Kelly Bentley
Festival Director

Visit EIN's Almost Elvis pages

Police officers harassed 'Elvis' over Good Friday Agreement: A Derry man claims he was "harassed" by police who detained him at an English airport while he was dressed as Elvis. The Gobnascale man, who was en route to his stag weekend, claims he was repeatedly asked his opinion on the Good Friday Agreement during a two-hour interrogation at Newcastle Airport. He claims that the officers also "confiscated" his mobile phone for forensic analysis.

The 40 year-old, who has never been convicted for any "political offence", was beginning his stag weekend with 16 others when he was allegedly "singled out" by officers as he stepped off a plane from Belfast.

"I was dressed as Elvis for the stag do, complete with wig, guitar - the whole nine yards. Then they called me by my nickname rather than my full name and asked me to step aside - so I knew right away that something was not right. I was taken to an interrogation room downstairs where I was held for an hour and 50 minutes without being told under which act I was being held."

The local man said his detention "could not in any way be justified".

"They repeatedly asked me my opinion on the Good Friday Agreement and I said 'I have no opinion on it, I'm not political'. I just told them that the war was over."

He added: "I was harassed and victimised for nothing by Special Branch police - I can't understand what it was all about."

The officers said the interview was "routine", however the detainee maintains that it was "anything but". "It started with a Branch man saying,' this can take anything from one hour to 24 hours it's down to you' - that's no routine check," he claimed.

The groom-to-be and his fiancee are now "fearful" for their honeymoon plans which involve a stop-over in England.

"I'm really worried that I'll be stopped again when we go on our honeymoon in July - that would be a disaster for us." (Odd Spot, Source: Ian Cullen, Derry Journal, Northern Ireland)

Visit EIN's Odd Spot page for more unusual Elvis related stories


Friday 22 May 2009

'ELVIS: VEGAS '69' - new book release: July 31, 1969 marks a historic milestone in Elvis's career. Bolstered by the runaway success of the '68 Comeback show and energized by productive recording sessions at American Sound Studios, which would spawn such timeless hits as "Suspicious Minds", "In The Ghetto" and "Don't Cry Daddy," Elvis launched his return to live performance at Las Vegas's International Hotel in the summer of 1969.  

Here is a chance for all fans to join us for a front row seat with...ELVIS: VEGAS '69. 

Elvis: Vegas '69 is a new 200-page hardback book that commemorates the 40th anniversary of Elvis’s historic return to live performance. Written by Ken Sharp, author of the critically acclaimed FTD book, Writing For The King, the book tells the remarkable story of Elvis's return to the concert stage told through first-hand accounts by those lucky enough to be on hand to witness Elvis's miraculous artistic and creative rebirth.
- Culling 100 new interviews, the 60,000 word text offers a gripping account of this seminal event told by the people who were there including Priscilla Presley, Elvis's TCB bandmates, the Sweet Inspirations, the Imperials, the Memphis Mafia, celebrities in attendance, International hotel personnel including owner Kirk Kerkorian, hotel President Alex Shoofey, publicity and showroom staff, security, international media and much more.
- Learn the backstory behind what led to Elvis's triumphant return

to live performance. You'll go behind closed doors with Elvis and the band in pre-show rehearsals and revel in the excitement and anticipation of opening night. We'll also exhaustively chronicle the opening show on July 31, 1969 through the eyes of the people that were there, press conference, after show celebration and more.
- Packed with over 150 stunning full color and B&W images, many culled from the Graceland archives, vintage Vegas/Elvis concert memorabilia, a '69 show index and much more, the book will transport the reader back to the Strip for one of the most electrifying moments in Elvis's monumental career.
- Slated for publication in August, the book will retail for US$50. Ordering details will be announced soon.
Click here for the ELVIS: VEGAS '69 website. and for more info contact Ken Sharp at sharpk@aol.com.
Go here for the EIN review of  the FTD book 'Writing For The King' by Ken Sharp
Go here for Ken Sharp's fascinating interview with Ernst Jorgensen.  - (News; Source;K Sharp)

More from EPE on the "Deluxe Version of From Elvis In Memphis": To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' historic American Studio session that resulted in "Suspicious Minds," "In the Ghetto" and "Kentucky Rain" among many others, Sony Music will release a deluxe version of From Elvis In Memphis, including all the 32 masters recorded at these sessions. These recordings have been remastered from the original album masters for optimum sound quality. More details on the release to come.
In honor of the anniversary and release, The Memphis Boys, who played with Elvis on the historic session, and joined by Ernst Jorgensen, will be on stage at Conversation on Elvis to share their memories of what went on during this amazing session.
The Memphis Boys, Bobby Emmons, Bobby Wood, Gene Chrisman, Mike Leech and Reggie Young, are a rhythm section whose professional careers began in and around Memphis in the early sixties. They played on more hit recordings at that time during a six month period than any other studio rhythm section in history,
according to Billboard Magazine. They also played on Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline," Willie Nelson's "Always on My Mind," B.J. Thomas' "Hooked on a Feeling," Herbie Mannand's "Memphis Underground" and Billy Swan's "I Can Help." For complete bios on all The Memphis Boys, visit their site here.
Producer and catalog expert Ernst Jorgensen has been instrumental in the revival of Elvis Presley’s body of recordings for more than a decade; the box sets he co-produced for RCA, including The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, From Nashville to Memphis, Walk a Mile in My Shoes, and Platinum: A Life in Music, have been nominated for Grammy Awards and have sold well over a million copies. He is also author of the definitive account of Elvis’ recording sessions, Elvis Presley: A Life in Music. Ernst is instrumental in the development of each release on the Follow That Dream label.
Go here for the EPE story.
Go here for EIN's Spotlight on Bobby Wood and The Memphis Boys.
Go here for EIN's Spotlight on 'In The Ghetto' the 40th Anniversary. (News, Source;EIN/EPE)

Michael Jackson, The King of Poop; Thinks he is bigger than Elvis and the Beatles!: LAGossip website reports >>. Michael Jackson, who begins his 'This is It' concert run at the O2 arena in London this summer, apparently thinks he is bigger than the Beatles and Elvis. I am told that the alleged King of (kiddie) Poop will perform one song (I wasn’t told which one) that will compare his achievements with Elvis and the Beatles and will show how Michael is on top. The performance allegedly ends with the statement "King of Rock, Pop, and Soul" flashing on the screen.
If all this is true, Michael Jackson is even more of a joke than people ever though he was. Not only did he weasel his way out of two child molestation cases, but his comebacks have been laughable.
Back in 1995, Michael Jackson began a Nazi like campaign complete with statues of himself that sailed all over the world.
His attempts to top the charts failed miserably, although he was able to get a number one single – You Are Not Alone – by deep discounting the single to ninety-nince cents, one third the cost of regular singles.
In 2001, Michael held a concert dedication to himself at Madison Square Garden in New York City, complete with several special guests to boost his credibility. The television ratings for the concert were very high, but the reviews were brutal. His album Invincible, released around the same time, was an international bomb.
If Michael Jackson is the "musical genius" he and his fans claim he is, then why can’t he just sit down, write his own songs (without relying on several hip producers), play his own instruments, and launch an album without the desperate amount of self-produced hype he usually puts forward? Don’t get me wrong: Michael Jackson was an entertainment phenomenon during the 1980s. However, his relevance and success has considerably dwindled since the early nineties. Elvis Presley may have died and the Beatles may have split up, but both acts can still be mentioned without laughing. Mentioning Michael Jackson's name these days not only brings laughs, but gasps of disgust as well. (News, Source;SanjaM/LAGossip)

Don't worry, Elvis would have Lost American Idol, Too: Charlotte Laws, host of the TV show 'Uncommon Sense' had this to say.....
>>This year's American Idol competition was the embodiment of America's culture war. It was never a singing contest. Today, I was interviewed on the Sirius radio show "Across the Nation with Bob Dunning," and I correctly predicted Kris Allen would win the American Idol (AI) title even though Adam Lambert is the true talent and will be a worldwide superstar. Allen will most likely disappear into the woodwork within a year.
Why did I predict this? Because five of the seven past winners have been Christians, and all of the past AI winners have come from culturally more conservative states than their opponents. Allen is from a small town in Arkansas, and Lambert is from a big city in California. Allen is a church leader, and Lambert has never disclosed his religious beliefs.
The majority of Americans identify as politically right of center. During the 2008 election, polls showed them to be more in line with the values of John McCain than Barack Obama. Barack Obama was able to overcome this hurdle and win the election because he was seen as a moderate. Lambert can in no way be
described as moderate on stage. His flashy stage presence and the lingering questions about his sexual orientation put him firmly in the liberal camp.
American Idol is not a singing contest in which the most talented is crowned in the end. It is a show based on a democratic process in which callers-who tend to lean conservative--choose the performer with whom they can identify. The majority seek a winner who is wholesome as apple pie and who share their value system. Additionally, the AI demographic tends to be white, middle-aged females who are slightly more conservative than the average American.
Lambert is an iconoclast and was never the front-runner in this race. He was always the underdog.
Memorable newspaper headlines called the Allen-Lambert showdown: "Good vs. Evil" and "David vs. Goliath." Did anyone actually believe ordinary Americans would vote for a contestant equated with "evil"?
A Kris Allen win is the expected and a continuation of the same.
The real story would have been a Lambert win. It would have indicated a cultural shift in America, especially as same-sex marriage initiatives sweep the land.
Elvis Presley's appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show horrified the masses who thought the singer was upsetting the morals and mores of society. Elvis was the Adam Lambert of his time. And he would have lost American Idol as well."
EIN Notes - Look at American TV from the 1950s and you know that she is correct. (News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)


Thursday 21 May 2009

3rd update today:

Track listing "The Jailhouse Rock Sessions": Due for release on the Laurel label is the CD "The Jailhouse Rock Sessions". This CD uses the cover of the classic Laurel bootleg. Tracklisting:

The Masters: 1. Jailhouse Rock 2. Young And Beautiful 3. I Want To Be Free 4. Don't Leave Me now 5. Baby I Don't Care 6. Treat Me Nice

Movie Versions: 7. Jailhouse Rock (Intro Version) 8. Jailhouse Rock (Version 2) 9. Young And Beautiful (Version 1) 10. Young And Beautiful (Bar Scene) 11. Don't Leave Me Now (version 1) 12. Don't Leave Me Now (Version 2) 13. I Want To Be Free 14. Treat Me Nice 15. Young And Beautiful (Version 3)

: 16. Baby I Don't Care 17. Jailhouse Rock (Version 1) 18. Jailhouse Rock (Version 2)

Bonus Track: 19. Mickey Shaughnessy One More Day
(News, Source: Elvis NewsElvis Corner)

NEW Sony Music Re-release of 'From Elvis In Memphis': To commemorate the anniversary of these recordings, Sony Music will release a deluxe version of From Elvis In Memphis (original cover artwork shown opposite), including all the 32 masters recorded at these sessions. These recordings have been remastered from the original album masters for optimum sound quality. More details to come on this release.

Ernst have told Elvis Unlimited, that his idea is a deluxe boxset type. With a nice booklet and maybe even including a DVD. This will NOT be a FTD project, but a nice product for Record Stores around the world. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

About the album: From Elvis in Memphis is the thirty-fourth album, not counting budget compilations on the RCA Camden subsidiary, by Elvis Presley, released on RCA Records, LSP 4155, in June 1969. Recorded at American Sound Studios in Memphis, it peaked at #13 on the Billboard 200, and is considered by many critics to be his best album. In 2003, the album was ranked number 190 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Many of the songs recorded at American by Presley derived from the country and western repertoire, such as the 1962 hit "It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'" by Johnny Tillotson, Hank Snow's #1 country smash in 1950, "I'm Movin' On," and Eddy Arnold's 1947 chestnut, "I'll Hold You In My Heart." Even the more modern, late sixties country approach in "Gentle On My Mind" found a place. By including these songs, along with contemporary soul such as Jerry Butler's recent "Only the Strong Survive," like Ray Charles earlier in the decade with Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, Presley reinforced the musical links between country and rhythm and blues.

Chuck Jackson had sung the original Top 40 version of "Any Day Now" by Burt Bacharach in 1962, and future country singer and 1970s television star Mac Davis provided "In the Ghetto," Presley's stab at a message or protest song aligned with the times. Released as the lead single on April 14, two months before the album hit the stores, it went to #3 on the singles chart, and provided another break with his public image as cultivated by the escapist fare of his sixties film career.

The reissue of May 16, 2000, includes six tracks released as either A or b sides recorded at the same sessions for the album. "Don't Cry Daddy," also by Davis, and "Kentucky Rain" were both sizeable hits in 1970, but "Suspicious Minds" became one of Presley's signature tunes, and gave him the final chart-topper of his career as the decade came to a close. (Comment, Source: Wikipedia)

See the following recent EIN Spotlights:

The Memphis Sessions 40th Anniversary

'In The Ghetto' The 40th Anniversary

Tony Curtis withdraws from Elvis Week 2009 but The Memphis Boys & Ernst Jorgensen in: Unfortunately, due to a personal conflict, Tony Curtis will be unable to join us for Elvis Week 2009. He sends his regrets and hopes to join us in the future.

However, we do have some very exciting news about the guests who are able to join us for segment one of Conversations on Elvis.

The Memphis Boys, joined by Ernst Jorgensen, will be on stage to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of their historic American Studio session with Elvis that resulted in "Suspicious Minds," "In the Ghetto" and "Kentucky Rain" among many others. Along with photos, videos and music, host Tom Brown will find out what went on during this amazing session.

The Memphis Boys are a rhythm section whose professional careers began in and around Memphis in the early sixties. They played on more hit recordings at that time during a six month period than any other studio rhythm section in history, according to Billboard Magazine. They also played on Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline," Willie Nelson's "Always on My Mind," B.J. Thomas' "Hooked on a Feeling," Herbie Mannand's "Memphis Underground" and Billy Swan's "I Can Help."

Producer and catalog expert Ernst Jorgensen has been instrumental in the revival of Elvis Presley’s body of recordings for more than a decade; the box sets he co-produced for RCA, including The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, From Nashville to Memphis, Walk a Mile in My Shoes, and Platinum: A Life in Music, have been nominated for Grammy Awards and have sold well over a million copies. He is also author of the definitive account of Elvis’ recording sessions, Elvis Presley: A Life in Music. Ernst is instrumental in the development of each release on the Follow That Dream label.

Joining Ernst will be all The Memphis Boys; Bobby Emmons, Bobby Wood, Gene Chrisman, Mike Leech and Reggie Young. For complete bios on all The Memphis Boys, visit their site here. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Jerry Scheff in Memphis for Elvis Week: Jerry Scheff will now be able to join the TCB Band on stage in Elvis 1969: A Celebration Concert on Friday, August 14 at 8:00 p.m. in The Cannon Center. For tickets and more information about the concert, click here. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin)

Barack up, Elvis down in SSA baby name's list: The annual US Social Security Agency’s list of baby names is out. Barack jumped 10,000-plus spots from 2007 to 2008 to land with a rank of 2,409th. The SSA also provided its yearly look at “Elvis,” which has not left the building but did move closer to the exit. Don’t get all shook up, but Elvis fell from 673 in 2007 to 713 in 2008. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Impressive cover artwork for 'Elvis - The King Of Las Vegas': New book "Elvis - The King Of Las Vegas" is a photo -book about Elvis in Las Vegas 1956 - 1976.


The Concerts
The wedding
A list of all the stage suits Elvis used on stage

The list is going on and on.....

200 pages, with 1000 pictures, size 20 x 30 - hard back cover.
(News, Source: EP Gold)

Elvis Perkins lives in the shadow of greatness.........the impotence of being Elvis........seriously, why would you do that to your kid?: There are plenty of ways for parents to ruin a child's life before the child can have any say in the matter: Mom could booze it up while pregnant, Dad could leave the baby sitting in front of the microwave, or they could both commit the most inexcusable of crimes against infants and give their little bundle of tax breaks a stupid name.

And while the current generation of breeders has ensured a hellish adolescence for all the Apples, Bronx Mowglis, and Pilot Ispektors of the world, those kids have nothing on the ones named after the famous and/or infamous.

Decider has sympathy for anyone named "Adolf" after 1939 (unless they're the proud spawn of white supremacists, in which case they can fuck off), and it has even more for anyone named "Elvis" born after 1956—like Elvis Perkins, the recording artist (he's not a big fan of the term "singer-songwriter") of Elvis Perkins In Dearland, playing tonight at Iota Club And Cafe. Because no matter how you slice that fried peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich, it's going to taste like pressure to be great. Here's why.

The blue shadow will fall all over town (and your life).......Perkins is a unique case in terms of post-Sun Records Elvises in that he's lived for 33 years under the umbra of not only Elvis Aaron Presley but also his parents, Anthony "Norman Bates" Perkins and photographer/actress/model Berry Berenson. While not trading directly off of the family name, Perkins hasn't exactly fled the shadow of his family tree; his father's death of AIDS and his mother's death on Sept. 11 have largely influenced his doom-tinged folk. 

The best way to avoid the unrealistic expectations that stem from being a pop musician named Elvis is to be the exact opposite of The King Of Rock 'N' Roll. Presley may have committed some mournful tunes to tape, but nothing like the Dearland track "Shampoo." Perkins' bookish looks also fly in the face of the young Presley's image as sex incarnate, a lesson he might have learned from the original "other Elvis," Elvis Costello. Costello's challenges to the throne extend beyond hiding "Elvis is king" in the checkerboard cover of My Aim Is True—what Village Voice critic Frank Rose would term the singer-songwriter's "avenging dork" personality, a constantly conflicted self-image that actively railed against the rock 'n' roll status quo, all the while coveting its more lurid temptations (hence nearly all of Armed Forces).

Despite setting several passing records at the University Of Michigan, former Pro Bowl quarterback Elvis Grbac might as well have been named Rodney Dangerfield Grbac for the lack of regard he received in the NFL. (No regard at all!) It didn't help that Grbac was constantly being tapped as a predecessor: first for San Francisco 49ers Hall Of Famer Steve Young (who himself had to make good on the legacy of Joe Montana) and later for Trent Dilfer, who had led the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl ring the season before Grbac joined the team. At the end of a 2001 season whose highlights included a concussion and a constant stream of "Elvis has left the building" jokes, Grbac retired.

You've got to be a man, you've got to take a stand......Sharing your name with an icon of virility like "The Pelvis" could cause even the most secure man to question his own masculinity, so it's unsurprising to find Elvises racing cars, playing rugby, and squaring off in the UFC ring. The most accomplished sporting Elvis, however, is a figure skater: Canada's Elvis Stojko, who won the silver medal in men's singles at the '94 and '98 Winter Olympics. With his hockey hair and martial arts-inspired routines, Stojko put a little hair on figure skating's chest, something he's actively attempting to do in his current campaign to "masculinize" the sport. (Read: Make it less "gay.") Not that he's insensitive toward figure skating's homosexual following; as he told ABC News, "It's not that men's skating has to totally obliterate the gay guys that are skating or the gay public that's watching it. It's trying to find a balance to male skating." Someone should introduce Stojko to Miss California   

Please, let's forget the past.......It's hard out there for an Elvis, but it's always been that way. As if they knew another Elvis' name would one day shine from stage lights and ironic/reverent clothing accessories, Celtic Christians essentially lost all record of Saint Elvis of Munster, aside from the fact he baptized Saint David, patron saint of Wales. But Saint Hunka Hunka Burning Love was upstaged even in his biggest moment, when the baby Peter reportedly splashed holy water in the eyes of a blind man and restored his sight. (BABY MIRACLE!) 

Prehistoric creatures can't escape from not being Elvis either: When the Jurassic predator Cryolophosaurus was discovered in 1991, paleontologists referred to it as "Elvisaurus" due to a pompadour-like crest on the dinosaur's skull. And who said T. Rex was the king of dinosaurs? (Article, Source: Erik Adams, decider d.c.)

Elvis book releases which slipped under the radar!: While the Elvis book world may not be as robust as it once was, with low sales for most releases, there are still more than 100 Elvis related books released each year, signifying Elvis' ongoing socio-cultural impact. In fact, in most years there are far more Elvis books released than Elvis CDs!

ElvisBookResearch has advised EIN of the following Elvis related book releases, a number of which which seem to have slipped under the radar:

Title Author Publisher/Release Date/Format/Pages ISBN 10/ISBN 13 Available from
Elvis Presley: Archivos Ineditos Marie Clayton Parragon Inc (Spain)/Oct 2007/Hardcover/383pp 1407510088/978-1407510088 Amazon UK
All Shook Up Shelley Pearsall Alfred A. Knopf/May 2008/Hardcover/272 pages 0375836985/978-0375836985 Amazon UK
All Shook Up Shelley Pearsall Yearling Books/2009/Softcover reprint/224 pages 0375838392/978-0375838392 Amazon UK
All Shook Up Shelley Pearsall Random House/2008/Library Binding 0375938397/978-0375938399 Amazon UK
Elvis: Webster's Timeline History 1651-2007 Philip M. Parker ICON Group International Inc/June 2008/Softcover/176 pages ASIN: 8001CV84OA Amazon UK
Suspicious Minds Cristy Barrett Kregel Publications/July 2008/Softcover/240 pp 0825425409/978-0825425400 Amazon UK
Elvis by Candlelight: Memories by Candlelight Mary Lou Anderson Booksurge LLC/July 2008/Softcover/186 pages 1439203733/978-1439203736 Amazon UK
Elvis Presley - Zone/Sep 2008/Softcover/28pp 1906361037/978-1906361037 Amazon UK
Elvis Presley (alt. edition) - Zone/Sep 2008/Softcover/28pp 1906354081/978-19063654084 Amazon UK
I Wanted To Be Elvis, So What Was I Doing in Moose Jaw? Ray St. Germain PPI/2008/Softcover ASIN: 8001BY4IES Amazon UK
The Elvis Treasures Dale Cotton & Marcie DiPetrio Carlton/2008/Hardcover/64pp 1862005214/978-1862005211 Amazon UK
Vom Grapevine Zum Fahrschein. Ubersetzung in der Deutschsprachigen Popularmusik am Beispel der Leider von Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Juanes und Anderen - ibidem-Verlag/Oct 2008/Softcover/126 pages 3898219410/978-3898219419 Amazon UK
Picture This: Elvis - Hinkler Book Distributors/Oct 2008/Softcover /304 pages 1741828805/978-1741828801 Amazon UK
Elvis - Parragon Book Service Ltd/Nov 2008/Hardcover 1407543873/978-1407543871 Amazon UK
Elvis Susan Behar Hinkler Books/Jan 2009/Hardcover ASIN: B001PYR3A0 Amazon UK
Elvis Presley: King of Rock & Roll William Kelly Kendall Hut Pub Co/Aug 2008/Hardcover 0757557554/978-0757557552 Amazon UK

Elvis (Albumes) (Spanish Edition)


Tai-marc Le Thanh Luis Vives Editorial/April 2009/Hardcover/40pp/ for younger readers


Amazon USA
Love Me Tender Audrey Couloumbis Random House Books for Young Readers/April 2009/Hardcover/224 pages 0375838392 / 978-0375838392 Amazon USA
Love Me Tender Audrey Couloumbis Random House Books for Young Readers/April 2009/Library Binding/224 pages 0375938397/978-0375938399 Amazon USA
Love Me Tender Audrey Couloumbis Yearling/April 2009/Softcover reprint ed./224 pages (for ages 9-12) 0375838406/978-0375838408 Amazon USA
Love Me Tender Audrey Couloumbis Random House Books for Young Readers/2008/Kindle (Amazon Digital)/324KB - 224 pages ASIN: B0018G4H54 Amazon USA
Images of Elvis - Parragon Books/Sep 2009/Softcover 1407558072/978-1407558073 Amazon USA
The Florida House - Mission One: Vampires, Bigfoot, Elvis and the Bates Motel Kristie Lynn Higgins Amazon/2009/Kindle (Digital) - Amazon USA

For more Elvis books........visit EIN's comprehensive Elvis Books in 2009 section

Elvis as religion: some symbols and rituals

Elvis: the High Priest/God

Graceland: Mecca

Graceland & Tupelo: Places of worship

ETAs/Impersonators: the Disciples

Fans: Followers

Jumpsuits: Ceremonial garb

Records/Memorabilia: Religious relics

Elvis Week: Pilgrimage

Candlelight Vigil: Ritual

Giving of the scarves: Ritual

Structured fan club proceedings including playing of club song: Ritual

Fan club memorials: Shrines

"Elvis rooms": Shrines

For more on 'Elvis as Religion' click here

Can you help with Elvis newspaper clippings?: Sebastiano Cecere from the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Italy needs your help. Sebastiano says:

I'm looking for newspaper clippings collectors who want to share with me.  I only look for clippings up to december 1977, so I'm not interested in "my visit at Graceland", article of the virtual concert, the TBC Band and so on. Just Elvis, his life, music and career. Up to his death. Should you want to share, get in touch with me. Thanks, Sevastiano Cecere

Email Sebastiano if you can help

Frank Sinatra on Elvis' death:

"I'm just a singer. Elvis was the embodiment of the whole American culture."

Tuesday 19 May 2009

'Nevada Nights' FTD review: Elvis' 1974 summer Las Vegas season was a roller-coaster of emotional performances. There is no doubt that Opening Night August 19 on CD1 is one of the key concerts of Elvis' career. This is the famous performance where Elvis decided to update his regular set-list to give the faithful fans something new to hear. For this reason this concert has always been a favourite bootleg amongst serious Elvis fans. There is in fact no other 1970’s concert where Elvis did songs for the very first time, the very last time as well as other unique song performances. It was that rare a show. With Nevada Nights, FTD for the first time gives us a double digi-pack of two concerts from the same season. EIN's Piers Beagley checks it out.

(FTD Reviews, Source;EIN)

'Hound Dog' new Leiber & Stoller autobiography: 'Hound Dog: The Leiber & Stoller Autobiography' by Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller with David Ritz has been announced for a June 9 release.
The publicity notes, "In 1950 a couple of rhythm and blues-loving teenagers named Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller met for the first time. In 1956 "Hound Dog" would become a #1 record for Elvis Presley, and Jerry and Mike became the King's favorite songwriters. They wrote such early Elvis hits as "Jailhouse Rock," "Treat Me Nice," and "You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)." Their affection for Elvis was mutual, but Elvis's manager, "Colonel" Tom Parker, didn't appreciate Jerry and Mike's independent ways and ended the relationship."
Hardcover: 336 pages, Publisher: Simon & Schuster (June 9, 2009). ISBN-13: 978-1416559382.
In a recent press interview they talked about their times writing in the fifties and working with Elvis.
Mike Stoller: I always thought of it as R&B, but when people told us it was rock'n'roll I took their word for it. But rock'n'roll  -for a lot of people it was everything they loved and for other people it was everything they hated.
Jerry Leiber: We were really committed to black music, not rock'n'roll. We thought rock'n'roll was really silly, to be frank with you and concocted by Alan Freed and Jerry Wexler and a couple of other ne'er-do-wells in the music business that were trying to rustle up publicity and excitement about a form, and the form was essentially white."
Go here for the interview highlights.
(News, Source;EIN)

'Sahara Tahoe' Hotel to close in June: The 'Horizon Tahoe' (Sahara Tahoe) will be closing permanently on June 5, 2009. It had been projected for 2010 however with the fast downturn in the economy the gambling and holiday industry has been hard hit. Earlier this month it already had to downsize its casino and lay off 75 workers.
"There's an oversupply of gaming product in the marketplace," said a spokesman for the Horizon's owner, Tropicana Entertainment. Englehart said no reductions are planned at Tropicana's other Tahoe casino, the MontBleu. The MontBleu, formerly Caesars Tahoe, was extensively remodelled in 2006, while the Horizon has been depicted in court papers as a rundown property. It's a sad moment since a lot of fans will now never get the chance to see the great setting the Sahara Tahoe was for Elvis' other casino seasons outside Las Vegas.
The Praytome book about Elvis' performances in Lake Tahoe is well-worth checking out. Click here for info.
Read EIN's in-depth review of the FTD Lake Tahoe CD 'Takin'Tahoe Tonight'
(News, Source;EIN)

Essential Elvis latest issue Out Now! The May/June issue of UK's Essential Elvis magazine features an in-depth interview with Barbara Klein Bauer (George Klein's former wife), and a really interesting chat with songwriter Les Reed (Sylvia and This Is Our Dance). None other than Ken Sharp (author of Writing For The King) has submitted an exclusive article looking at Elvis' 1968 comeback special, which includes several mini interviews. Ken actually spoke to several guys involved in the special for this piece including Steve Binder, Chris Bearde, Bones Howe, Gene McAvoy and Tom Sarnoff.
Subscribers will enjoy a stunning UNRELEASED photograph on the front cover taken at Barbara and George Klein's Vegas wedding at Elvis' International Hotel suite on November 5th 1970. The shot is crystal clear in glorious colour, and has never been seen before. There is also a superb UNRELEASED shot, bought to the Elvis word for the first time only through our magazine, of Elvis playing pool in a bar in Mississippi in 1955.

Click here for more info and to take out a subscription (News, Source;EssentialElvis)

Shawn Klush returns to tour Australia: With 'Completely Elvis' the Elvis' are in the building! Taking you on a classic journey from the rockin' 50's, through the sensational 60's and finally into the triumphant 70's; in concert and in costume.
Highlighting Elvis' classic costumes including: the 1950's Gold Lame suit, GI Blues uniform, Blue Hawaii outfit, '68 Comeback Special leather suit and the Las Vegas and Concert Years jumpsuit.
Shawn Klush (USA), Donny Edwards (USA), Brandon Bennett (USA) and Stephen Kabakos (Canada) each depict, with amazing accuracy, enthralling and energetic performances which perfectly captures the look, sound and unique vocal styling of Elvis, the 'King of Rock & Roll'.
Their uncanny sound and appearance will make you feel as if you are watching the King himself. Amazing musicianship elevates the entertaining and genuine portrayals of the famous songs we all know and love. The incredible authenticity of the show takes you on a ride that is unprecedented.
Costumes, charisma and charm are coupled with the songs that made Elvis the undisputed 'King of Rock and Roll'. This combination of artists is not like any ever seen in Australia before. The shows are in November. Click here for more details. Completely Elvis!
(News, Source: SanjaM/EIN)




Katy Perry put on her Blue Suede Shoes: Chart topping pop-star Katy Perry put on her blue suede shoes for this week’s America Idol – when she took on an Elvis influenced number: The kooky singer wore a bizarre bejewelled white suit – complete with collar and a cape showing the name of her favourite Idol act, Adam Lambert.
Her over-the-top rendition of Waking Up In Vegas saw her take over the stage with the help of some eccentrically-dressed backing dancers. Meanwhile, Danny Gokey has become the latest contestant to be eliminated from the show – leaving Adam and Kris Allen to battle it out in next week’s final.

(News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)

Elvis - Flat Panel Loud-Speakers: The Lifestyle Leisure Company has announced the launch of the new Elvis Presley limited edition flat speaker range. This new High Powered portable speaker is the size of an A4 piece of paper and is only 40mm thick. It is a brand new product that combines state of the art design and technology. It is compatible with many home devices such as a computer or music system.
This new range of classic design Elvis speakers has only just been launched and this is an opportunity to be one of the first worldwide to own the product. It has been officially licensed from EPE and is manufactured by the UK's leading Jukebox manufacturer.  Go here for more info.

(News, Source;ElvisSpeakers.com/ElvisMatters)

Two more videos added to the EPE Elvis Legacy project:

John Bramlett - Who grew up with Elvis in the same neighborhood in Memphis. They spent time playing football, going to the movies and more.
Lowell Hays - Elvis' jeweler in the 1970s, shares some of his stories about Elvis giving away jewelry to fans.

(News, Source;EIN/EPE)

"Earnhardt and Elvis" Guitar Up for Auction: EPE have posted that Elvis fans won't want to miss this opportunity to bid on the unique Gibson guitar. This is a one-of-a-kind Gibson guitar to commemorate “Earnhardt and Elvis” to be auctioned off in support of the Dale Earnhardt Foundation and the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation.
This guitar has been autographed by Priscilla Presley and Teresa Earnhardt and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Sam Bass. 
Features of the Customized Gibson ES-335 include:
-Custom artwork featuring the King of Rock n' Roll, Elvis Presley and the Intimidator, -Dale Earnhardt
- Classic semi-hollowbody design
- Dual '57 Gibson humbuckers
- Thin tapered '60s neck & Rosewood fingerboard
- Nickel hardware & Grover tuners
- ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece  
The mission of The Dale Earnhardt Foundation is to “Continue The Legend™” and legacy of Dale Earnhardt through charitable programs and grants that sustain his lifelong commitment to Children, Education and Environmental/Wildlife Preservation. Go here for more info and the chance to bid.
(News, Source;EPE)


Saturday 16 May 2009

Dixieland Delight Multimedia boxset details: EP Gold has published details of the Praytome Publishing multimedia boxset tie-in with the next FTD release.

From the Praytome Press Release: On the image you see the new FTD - 2CD Set "Dixieland Delight" in front of the mysterious Multimedia-Box-Set "Dixieland Delight" by Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing

We got many requests and received dozens of questions what this Multimedia-Box-Set is all about. Because of the historical importance in the history of the Elvis concerts during the 1970 this five show stand will be presented in a never before done way:

With so many information about the shows and hundreds of different photos that cover the performances, it would not have been fair to squeeze the existing material into a single book with 144 pages. So the production crew came up with the idea of a package that absolutely deserves the expression of “a true collector’s item”:

This Multimedia-Box-Set consists of the following:

• two great full colour, hardcover books
• two special 45’s vinyl with never before heard audio
• a DVD documentary with a running time of more than 3 hours
• a total of 20 different interview partners and eye-witnesses to this extraordinary event
• special guest appearances of Sheila Ryan, Donnie Sumner, Charles Stone and others
• Bonus Audio Disc with never before released material
• Bonus DVD Disc with unedited footage and extra material
• Special Memorabilia slide-in module including
• poster
• calendar
• tour paperwork
• newspaper article reprints
• collection of buttons that were sold during the Elvis concerts with Huntsville images on display
• reproduction of the parking ticket
• reproduction of backstage pass
• reproduction of the tickets to the 5 individual Huntsville performances
• a total of 5 unique photos – one from each show being a high quality reprint directly from the negative
• a placeholder where you can place the 2 CD “Follow That Dream” (FTD) release of “Dixieland Delight”
• a special plate that identifies the numbered box set of this limited edition release

This box set will be released in a special limited & numbered edition and will be split into 4 separate releases.

Friday 15 May 2009
Who said Elvis was dead?: Well he mightn’t have got through to the final in last night’s 1st semi final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, but Belgium's Copycat (singing a song of the same name) did a very respectable and energetic Elvis-like rockabilly performance complete with shaky legs. (News, Source: EIN/SBS)


View the 1st semi final show: www.sbs.com.au

Elvis remix back to the mixing board: Recently Essential Elvis posted an entry on their blog that a new Elvis remix was in the works.

From the Blog: Cherry Lane Music Publishing has signed Allan Pineda Lindo, (also known as Apl.de.Ap., a founding member of the Black Eyed Peas) to a long-term, worldwide publishing agreement. Cherry Lane has represented the publishing of The Black Eyed Peas since 2003.

"It is wonderful and very natural for us to deepen our relationship with Apl," said Cherry Lande, senior VP of creative services and marketing. "In addition to his solo work, we have him working on outside projects such as an Elvis Presley remix." Lindo, who is also a record producer, said, "I am looking forward to working with Cherry Lane and expanding upon my producing and solo career. It has been a privilege to work on the Elvis remix - such a legendary and inspiring artist."

This was updated today: Just got this in from EE:UK reporter Brian Quinn regarding the possible new Elvis remix single:

Just to inform you that the the Allan Pineda LINDO Remix is not going to happen. Apparently the track was done without approval from Sony and when they did hear it they did not like it. It would seem they have asked Lindo to go back into the Studio to alter the remix. This is the current state of play. (News, Source: Essential Elvis/Elvis News)

Latest Spanish reissue: The 13th release in the local Catalonian (Spain) "La Vanguardia" newspaper is "Elvis´Golden Records Vol. 3". It was remastered by BMG and published in September 1997. The CD has the original tracklisting from original album (LSP-2765) published in August 1963 with 6 Hollywood bonus tracks previously released:

  • Wild In The Country.
  • Wooden Heart.
  • The Girl Of My Best Friend.
  • Follow That Dream.
  • King of the Whole Wide World.
  • Can't Help Falling in Love

As usual the CD comes in a 30 pages deluxe hardcover book with information and photographs in color and black/white. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Reissue of The Jailhouse Rock Sessions: Due for (re)release from the Laurel label is the CD "The Jailhouse Rock Sessions". (News, Source: Elvis Corner/Elvis News)

The Music of Elvis Presley A Collector’s Guide – new book release: Released May 13, 2009 is the 422 pages book "The Music of Elvis Presley A Collector's Guide" by Gregory Branson-Trent. The book was released through the self publishing publisher Create Space.

From the press-release: More Than 30 years have passed since the death of Elvis Presley, yet the deceased singer, still widely acclaimed as The King of rock and roll, continues to sell records, inspire legions of worshiping fans, and preside over quickie weddings in Vegas.

Elvis is the one who gave us everything from Blue Suede Shoes and Hound Dog to Heartbreak Hotel and Love Me Tender. Over the course of his career, Elvis appeared in thirty-one movies, each one a smashing financial, if not critical, success. Perhaps most importantly, however, if you want to be the King, you've got to live like the King. No celebrity before or since has done as much to redefine the notion of living large as Presley.

This book will take you back to a complete overview of Elvis' career, included are:

  • A Complete Discography
  • A Total Chart Listing Of All Releases
  • A Complete Image Collection Of All Albums And Singles.
  • A Biography Of Elvis' Career And Personal Life.
  • The Elvis Timeline
  • Elvis' Movies
More than 30 years have passed since the death of Elvis Presley, yet the deceased singer, still widely acclaimed as The King of rock and roll, continues to sell records, inspire legions of worshiping fans, and preside over quickie weddings in Vegas. How does one become the King? Well, for starters, it helps to have a distinctive style. Elvis "The Pelvis" won the madly thumping hearts of teenage girls everywhere by packaging his smoky-voiced singing with some scandalously sensual hip-swinging. It never hurts to crank out some hit singles, as well.

Elvis is the one who gave us everything from Blue Suede Shoes and Hound Dog to Heartbreak Hotel and Love Me Tender. A high-profile career in Hollywood is certainly a plus. Over the course of his career, Elvis appeared in thirty-one movies, each one a smashing financial, if not critical, success. Perhaps most importantly, however, if you want to be the King, you've got to live like the King. No celebrity before or since has done as much to redefine the notion of living large as Presley.

This book will take you back to a complete overview of Elvis’ career. Branson-Trent’s book takes on all aspects of Presley’s Career, from a full discography, to a biography and reveals many aspects of his chart performance and his life in movies. In short it is everything Elvis with pictures.

To order direct from the publisher: https://www.createspace.com/3383236  (ISBN/EAN13: 144217031X / 9781442170315)

EIN Note: For buyers outside the USA, CreateSpace shipping charges are very high!

More Elvis books: Further to the foregoing news, ElvisBookResearch advises EIN that 2 new Elvis related books have been released/announced:

Flowers for Elvis: This is a fiction release written by Julia Schuster and published by Bell Bridge Books (USA) in April.  It is described as a quirky Southern tale with a literary edge, surprising humor and uplifting spirit.  With a fanatical Elvis fan as one of the main characters, the author takes the reader on a flower strewn tour of misguided love and maternal betrayal which culminates at Elvis’ funeral.

My Treasured Memories of Elvis: This book by Judy Palmer Bendewald, is produced by Elvis world identity, Mike Freeman, and is illustrated by the legendary Elvis pencil sketch artist, Betty Harper.  Release date 26 May from Memphis Explorations.  No other details are presently known about this release.

Visit EIN's comprehensive Elvis Books in 2009 reference page

'Dries, The Dutch Secret Behind Elvis' TV documentary: On Friday June 26, exactly 100 years after the birth of Colonel Tom Parker, the Dutch TV station Veronica will air the documentary ‘Dries, The Dutch Secret Behind Elvis’. The docu is made by Silver Spirit Pictures, the company behind director and ElvisMatters member Jorrit van der Kooi. The night before the docu airs on TV, the world premiere will be held at the Must See Theatre in Breda, as a kick off for the Elvis Festival in Dries van Kuijks birthplace. After the docu is aired on TV, the Aloha From Hawaii special can be seen on the same channel. (News, Source: ElvisMatters /Elvis News)

Viva Las Vegas tops list: The Las Vegas Review Journal listed the best Las Vegas-themed tunes. The Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman song "Viva Las Vegas" as performed by Elvis Presley tops the list.

"Las Vegas is an interesting place because of the nostalgia other people attach to it," says Ken Hanlon, director of the Arnold Shaw Popular Music Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. "Of course, the people who live here don't seem to have that same sense of nostalgia."Strangely, none of these is the city's official theme song. That distinction is claimed by George Dare, who says his "Shine, Las Vegas" was awarded the title in 1986. (A City Hall spokesman, however, calls it merely "an" official song. "There could be others," the spokesman says, although he doesn't know how many or what their names might be.)
  1. "Viva Las Vegas," Elvis Presley
  2. "Leaving Las Vegas," Sheryl Crow
  3. "Let's Go To Vegas," Faith Hill
  4. "Big in Vegas," Buck Owens
  5. "Sin City," AC/DC
  6. "Heaven or Las Vegas," Cocteau Twins
  7. "Here's to Las Vegas," Barry Manilow
  8. "Me and My Monkey," Robbie Williams
  9. "Sin City," Flying Burrito Brothers
  10. "L.V. (Las Vegas)," Clint Holmes
The comment on Elvis' song: Churning like a freight train alongside the Strip, this twangy rocker would make a much better official theme song for Vegas than for Viagra. It perfectly nails the excitement of checking into your hotel room with Benjamins to burn: "How I wish that there were more/Than the twenty-four hours in the day/'Cause even if there were forty more/I wouldn't sleep a minute away."Its organic feel is a testament to both the song's writers and singer, since its history is anything but organic. It began as an assignment from the filmmakers issued to several Brill Building pros in 1963, the title of Presley's 14th film already being in place. The late Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman -- who already had a track record with the King -- simply crafted the preferred "Viva Las Vegas.""He was always surprised that it was the hit that it became," says Sharyn Felder, Pomus' daughter. "It was never a favorite song of his, by any stretch."

Not once, Felder says, did her dad even visit the town he so famously wrote about. (News, Source: Las Vegas Review Journal)

Indian fan club celebrates Elvis’ 75th: A loyal fan club in northeast India is marking the 75th birthday of legendary rock and roll figure Elvis Presley. The Elvis Presley fan club in Shillong has more than ten members who are still diehard fans of the undisputed king of rock and roll. Presley's birthday falls on January 8th, but fans recently went on stage to revive the old glory of their cherished rock star among the Elvis fans and people in the city.

Shillong Elvis Fan Club member Donboklang Dohling recorded an album entitled “A Tribute to Elvis, Volume One.”

[Donboklang Dohling, Elvis Fan and Mimicry Artist]: "This show is happening and I am glad with this turnout we are getting. So we hope that the interest will grow again like it was earlier… We will try to make our show grander in the future.”

The concert also attracted several international Elvis fans.
(News, Source: New Tang Dynasty Television)
Setting The Day album released: The SR import release entitled "Setting The Day" has been released. This digi-pack contains an audience recording as recorded live in Las Vegas on August 30, 1971 containing part of the Dinner Show an the complete August 30, 1971 Midnight Show. (News, Source: Elvis News)


01. Also Sprach Zarathustra 1.17
02. That's All Right, Mama 2.18
03. I Got A Woman 2.45
04. Proud Mary 2.40
05. Sweet Caroline 2.26
06. Polk Salad Annie 4.02
07. It's Impossible 2.47
08. Heartbreak Hotel 1.40
09. Hound Dog 1.29
10. I'm Leaving 3.09
11. Can't Help Falling in Love 1.32

Time 25.24

Bonus tracks:

12. Also Sprach Zarathustra 1.16
13. That All Right Mama 2.22
14. I Got A Woman 2.37
15. Proud Mary 2.44
16. Sweet Caroline 2.20
17. Polk Salad Annie 4.19
18. Intro 0.53
19. Johnny B. Goode 1.44
20. It's Impossible 2.48
21: Love Me 1.32
22: Blue Suede Shoes/Whola Lotta.. 1.36
23: Heartbreak Hotel 1.33
24: Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel 2.15
25. It's Over 2.09
26. Hound Dog (fs) 1.30
27: Hound Dog 1.28
28: Suspicious Minds 5.32
29: Band Intro 3.25
30: I'm Leaving 3.15
31: Bridge Over Troubled Water 5.50
32: Can't Help Falling Love 2.09.....Time 54.26

New ELVIS PRESLEY record release: Thanks to Roger Akehurst (Rockwell Publishing) for advising that ALL SHOOK UP has been released on Black vinyl. Also a NUMBERED Limited Edition of 250 on RED vinyl. Available direct from us. Click on the link: http://web.me.com/rogerna/SALES/Direct_Sales.html (see earlier story dated 9 May)

Thursday 14 May 2009

Impello Films Begins Pre-Production of Next Feature Film, Restoring My Father's Honor: Elvis’ youngest step-brother, David Stanley, has commenced work on his next feature film. 

Stanley released his first feature film, Protecting the King, his story of growing up around Elvis in 2007.  Restoring My Father’s Honor has a compelling primary theme and is likely to prove controversial!

From the media release: From writer, producer, director D. Edward Stanley who captured international interest at his Cannes premier and later through the worldwide release of Protecting The King in 2007, comes a true story that has been buried for more than fifty years. Restoring My Father’s Honor follows

Stanley’s father, Master Sgt. William J. Stanley as he fights his way through D-Day on bloody Omaha Beach only to face an enemy in the form of Vernon Presley, father of Rock icon Elvis Presley.

Impello Films Inc. announced today (3 Oct 2008) it has begun pre-production work on its next feature film “Restoring My Father’s Honor.” With his first feature film “Protecting The King” released worldwide in 2007, writer/producer/director D. Edward Stanley now brings a true story to the screen that has been buried for more than 50 years.

In 1958 Master Sgt. William (Bill) J. Stanley, 3rd Armored Division, was stationed in Frankfurt Germany with his wife and three young sons. That same year Vernon Presley followed his son Elvis Presley, now an Army private also assigned to the 3rd Armored Division, to Frankfurt. In a twist of fate these two men would meet, setting off a series of events that would lead to deceit, dishonor and betrayal. Sgt. Stanley had known only victory in 17 years of military service. From the bloody beaches of Normandy France in 1944 to the carnage of the Korean War, he was a combat soldier with medals that gave silent testimony to his honor and courage. But the day Vernon Presley arrived in Frankfurt, the groundwork was laid for a battle not of guns, tanks and military strategy but of greed, power and money.

Sgt. Stanley would unknowingly be drawn into a battle he didn’t know how to win – a battle that would not only cost him his family, but the honor of the country that he had dedicated his life to defend. “Sgt. Stanley was my father,” said D. Edward Stanley. “I never really got to know my Dad until after his death when I received his memoirs in the mail. I grew up at Graceland as the step-brother of Elvis Presley. The story of what happened to him and how it impacted his life has never been told. And it’s certainly an unknown chapter of the Presley saga.”

“Restoring My Father’s Honor” promises to reach a broad range of audiences with its human drama, military flavor and compelling content. “It’s the story of a combat veteran who fought in some of this nation’s greatest crusades for freedom yet became a casualty of fame,” said Stanley. “But it’s also a story of redemption and restoration.” For more information about Restoring My Father’s Honor visit the films official website at www.restoringmyfathershonor.com.

Impello Films engages in the production and development of the intellectual properties of writer/director D. Edward Stanley as well as other acquired properties for exploitation in various media and markets. The production company’s offices are located at 9131 Jasmine Lane, Irving, Texas 75068. For more information about Impello Films visit www.impellofilms.com

Restoring My Father’s Honor website: http://www.restoringmyfathershonor.com/

Read EIN’s review of Protecting the King

Elvis & the Edge of Reality: Academy Award-winning screenwriter and film director Cameron Crowe is featured in the latest issue (June 2009) of the film magazine, 'Empire' and chooses his "Top 10 Musical Moments in Film". At number 8 in the list is Elvis Presley and his performance of 'Edge of Reality' from the 1968 M.G.M movie, 'Live A Little,
Love A Little'
and here is what Crowe says of this particular performance:

"Many credit the Colonel for steering Elvis into his (arguably-cheesy) '60s movie period. Actually it was Norman Taurog who defined the so-called Elvis Movie that became the King's bread-and-butter after the more authentic Loving You - Jailhouse Rock - King Creole phase.

" Taurog ended all that with G.I. Blues and went on to shoot eight more Elvis kissing-dancing loving classics. The rootsy early Elvis was never seen again, but in it's place was a riveting run of films that Elvis literally walked through at a pace of three a year. Every once in a while, a true genius would be shooting through. Elvis' weariness sometimes created seismically funny and accidentally profound sequences. Like this one. Groove out to his true foray into psychedelia. You can't quite believe it exists." (News, Source: Elvis Express Radio)

End of an era as French Elvis hangs up his ‘blue suede shoes” and France announces set of postage stamps in his honor: The man many call ‘the greatest legend you don’t know about’, the incomparable Johnny Hallyday, has acommenced his retirement tour.

After half a century as a rebel rocker and national hero, Johnny Hallyday, the “French Elvis”, began taking his leave last week with a farewell tour that has sent his army of fans into mourning.

Hallyday, who is nearly 66, may be a bit of a joke outside the French-speaking world but the retirement from stage of the evergreen star is being marked as the end of an era, complete with an issue of commemorative postage stamps. The faithful camped for days by the stadium in Saint-Etienne for the opening night of Tour 66 — I’m Stopping Here, his sold-out six-month, £20 million show. More than a million people will watch the tour, more than expected for any other act in France this year.

“Johnny is our God. We live and breathe him,” said Jacky, a sixtysomething fan of the guitar-slinger, who is fondly admired by everyone from President Sarkozy to left-wing intellectuals. “We couldn’t stand being without him,” said Christine, Jacky’s wife.

Hallyday, who has sold about 100 million records since 1960, made his name imitating US stars before the young Beatles and Stones did the same. While Britain’s American-style acts worked with the common language, Hallyday managed to turn America into a parallel French universe. Generations of French identify with the sound and the style of the Harley-riding chanteur du blues.

The stadium erupted when Hallyday opened the show with his classic Bon Vieux Temps du Rock’n’Roll and then followed with Quelque Chose de Tennessee and his anthem, Que Je T’aime. The thinking classes may smile at his cheesy pastiche of an imaginary America and his lack of songwriting talent, but they have long credited him as a powerful entertainer who has touched something in the collective soul. Le Figaro likened his sound recently to the nostalgia evoked by Marcel Proust’s madeleine cake in A la Recherche du Temps Perdu.

“He is our travelling companion, a piece of the history of France,” it said. Hallyday, who plans to carry on recording from time to time, is winning critical praise for his latest acting role, as an old gangster in Vengeance, a new film by Johnnie To.

The acclaimed Hong Kong director is presenting the film in competition at next week’s Cannes festival. He said in yesterday’s Le Monde newspaper that he had never filmed an actor with such piercing eyes. The Idole des Jeunes, as Hallyday is still called, has acted for several star directors, including Jean-Luc Godard. Jean-Philippe, his previous film, is set in an alternative modern France that has never known Hallyday. He plays an elderly salesman called Jean-Philippe Smet who is urged to turn his hand to singing.

Two generations of French pop stars have followed Hallyday but none has really filled his rocker shoes.

Hallyday has also included a set of Elvis songs in his farewell Concert tour. Among the songs are "That's All Right Mama" and "Blue Suede Shoes", followed by the Hallyday penned tribute song "Tennessee". It is not unusual for Hallyday to include Elvis songs in his set.  Love Me Tender, Tutti Frutti and Blue Suede Shoes have often been included in his song list while on tour.

The rock 'n' roll singer tours Belgium and France with six musicians on stage.

EIN Comment: If you haven’t heard or seen Johnny Hallyday we recommend you do!  While maybe not the greatest singer and his songs are usually sung in French, this guy has charisma in spades.  On CD we recommend his excellent Anthologie series which showcases his major recordings and on DVD sample his stunning ‘event” performance in front of more than half a million fans at the Eiffel Tower: 100% Johnny: Live a la Tour Eiffel.  And for something completely different, sample his Live In Las Vegas album, where a full plane load of French fans flew in to give him a standing ovation!  (News, Sources: Charles Bremner, The Times/AP/EIN)

Another FTD title being deleted: Elvisa reports on the FECC board that Rockin’ Across Texas is the next FTD to be deleted from the catalog. Ken Jensen also provided this list of the titles so far deleted by FTD:

  • Out in Hollywood
  • Silver Screen Stereo
  • The Way It Was (book/CD combo)
  • The Nashville Marathon
  • Fame and Fortune
  • Studio B
  • Long Lonely Highway
  • 6363 Sunset
  • Flashback
  • Rockin’ Across Texas (book/CD combo)

Elvis on iPhone: Elvis is shaking up Apple's iPhone. Elvis Presley Enterprises announced on Wednesday it was releasing a free iPhone application which will allow fans to view newly released pictures and videos of the "The King" and listen to podcasts from Elvis Radio.

Fans can also use "Elvis Mobile" to "report Elvis sightings around the world" to elvis.com or view footage from a live camera at his longtime Memphis, Tennessee, residence, Graceland.

"Elvis always believed in embracing new technology and this new Elvis Mobile application is another unique way to continue Elvis' legacy," said Scott Williams, vice president of marketing for Elvis Presley Enterprises. "We're giving fans of the King of Rock 'n' Roll another tool to experience Elvis in a new and interactive way," he said.

Tens of thousands of applications for the iPhone have been created by developers and the California-based Apple recently celebrated the billionth application download from its online App Store.

Access it by going to iTunes from your iPhone, go to the "App Store" and use the keywords: "Elvis Mobile" (News, Source: AP)

Billboard Charts Update: Billboard charts for week ending 16th May:
Top Christian Albums:
#42 - I Believe: The Gospel Masters
Top Christian & Gospel Albums:
#57 - I Believe: The Gospel Masters
Top Country Albums:
#58 - I Believe: The Gospel Masters
Top Country Catalog Albums:
#6 - Elv1s 30#1 Hits
Top Music Video:
#33 - He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley Vol.1 & 2 (20th week)
#37 - Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversary Concert (45th week)

Aussie Chart Update: On this week’s ARIA top 40 Music DVD Chart, Elvis The ’68 Comeback Special rises 4 places to #26.  It has been on the chart for 62 weeks with a peak at #1.  Also on the chart, Elvis: The King of Rock n Roll falls 8 places to #36.  It has been on the chart for 57 weeks with a peak at #4.  Importantly, this week its certification status achieves another milestone, rising to 2xP! (News, Source: ARIA)

Dutch artist records Elvis wearing Elvis: The Dutch artist Guus Meewis recorded a new album in the Abbey Road studios where the Beatles recorded most of their famous work. In that studio - wearing an Elvis T-shirt - he recorded a cover of Elvis' There he recorded a Dutch cover of "They Remind Me To Much Of You" with the Dutch title "Denk Ik Alleen Aan Jou". (News, Source: Elvis News)


Wednesday 13 May 2009

'From Elvis To Garth' Bobby Wood & The Memphis Boys; EIN contributor Pamela Mays Decker turns a much-needed spotlight on Bobby Wood, keyboardist and a musical inspiration behind Elvis' important 1969 Memphis sessions. Extraordinarily the 40th anniversary of Elvis' pivotal recordings at American Studios has essentially passed without so much as a whimper and with no respectful fanfare from EPE. As part of The Memphis Boys Bobby Wood recorded some astounding material which totalled over 100 chart hits in four years – a feat yet unmatched. He is writing his memoirs subtitled "From Elvis to Garth" which is slated for later this year. 

Go here for a fascinating look into Bobby Wood and this amazing musical scene. 


(Spotlight, Source;Pam Decker/EIN)  

Ernst Jorgensen on 1970-71 soundboards: According to a post on the FECC board, Ernst Jorgensen has told Ciscoking that Sony BMG DOES NOT have any Elvis soundboards from Elvis’ September 1970 tour or any soundboards of Elvis in Lake Tahoe in 1971.
EIN sees this as a disappointment since Elvis' September 1970 tour was by all accounts spectacular. Joe Tunzi's 'Elvis Sessions 3' list several concerts that he believes were recorded to Soundboard from that particular tour. 
Ernst went on to say (in the context of the Huntsville, Alabama shows) he does not consider what the bootleg labels issue in making his decisions about FTD releases.
When EIN recently asked Ernst about the Madison label bootleg releases of Elvis' 'On Tour' Standing Room Only series - which coincided badly with FTD's release of the same material - Ernst stated that "it certainly does not infuriate me - it may infuriate SONY."
Showing a nice sense of humour Ernst also joked,"Bootleggers don't send me samples"!
(News, Source:EIN/Ciscoking, FECC) (Right:The Phoenix 1970 bootleg cover)

New Book "Elvis - The King Of Las Vegas"; EP Gold has the news that a new Elvis photo book is to be released next month.
"Elvis - The King Of Las Vegas" is a photo-book about Elvis in Las Vegas 1956 - 1976.
With the contents:
- The Concerts
- Holidays
- The wedding
- A list of all the stage suits Elvis used on stage
The list is going on and on.....
200 pages, with 1000 pictures, size 20 x 30 - hard back cover.
Planned release date June, 2009

(News, Source;EpGold)

New “Elvis Mobile” iPhone and iPod Applications Now Available: EPE along with RESOLUTE Games Corporation, announced today the release of “Elvis Mobile,” a free iPhone application (app) available to iPhone or iPod Touch users via the iTunes App Store. Elvis Mobile puts Elvis at your fingertips with this easy-to-use and interactive application. Features of the new Elvis Mobile app allow fans to view newly released pictures and videos, listen to podcasts from Elvis Radio, provide Graceland Livecam access, and even report Elvis sightings around the world. Content on Elvis Mobile will be maintained by Elvis Presley Enterprises and updated daily.
“Elvis always believed in embracing new technology and this new Elvis Mobile application is another unique way to continue Elvis’ legacy,” says Scott Williams, EPE Vice President of Marketing. “Elvis has had a commanding online presence for a number of years with elvis.com. With Elvis Mobile on the iPhone and iPod Touch, we’re giving fans of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll another tool to experience Elvis in a new and interactive way.”
Go here all the info - (News, Source;EPE)

"My Years With Elvis and The Colonel" new book by Charles Stone:'Praytome Publishing' have announced their next book release to be "My Years With Elvis and The Colonel". Their press release says....
>> While everyone is talking about the recently announced FTD release and the upcoming Multi-Media-Box-Set by Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing, we want to present to you the final artwork for the next Praytome Publishing release:
You are not familiar with the name 'Charles Stone'? Well, you have heard of Elvis Presley and Colonel Parker, haven't you?
Charles Stone - Concert West - Management Three - organisation of the tours: these terms all go together, and without them the Elvis Presley Tours in the 70's would not have been the same.
We are happy to announce that Charles Stone has decided to share his memories of his years with Elvis and the Colonel and that he has chosen 'Praytome Publishing' for this project. Click here for more info.
Soon you will learn more about the book's content, as well as the release date.
More details about the FTD & Praytome project "Dixieland Delight" and about what we mean when we talk about a "Multi-Media-Box-Set" will be available next week.

(News, Source;praytomepublishing.com)

ELVIS Tribute Concert - Tilburg, The Netherlands: Don't  miss out for on May 24, 2009 'The Original Elvis Tribute' will be playing in 013 Tilburg, The Netherlands. It's the last show of the European concert tour. For this day there's a special DVD release for all visitors.
Also to be released is a special Elvis CD release: Elvis Unforgettable. For the first time available on May 24. Coming soon more information on this cd, but for now we have the cover artwork.
Tickets ( 29,50 ) for this event are available through: elvisforeveryone@zonnet.nl or www.ticketmaster.nl
Click here to a nice YouTube promo for this event:
Click here for more information: www.elvismagazine.eu

(News, Source;ATilburg)

EIN apologises for the lack of recent YouTube updates - but it appeared that the "Internet Fun Police" were using our site as a reference for removing Elvis clips! Every clip we suggested was removed very soon after. Since all we are doing is promoting the great legacy of the man & his music & his movies the situation was becoming a little frustrating. But "Here we go again" ....
EIN's Best of Elvis on YouTube' May Update: We're back with a sensational 28 new fabulous Elvis clips and don't miss out on our five great 'Videos of the Week'; 'Got My Mojo Working Live', Elvis & Ann Margret -'You`re The Boss', 'Too Much Monkey Business', 'In The Ghetto' photo-montage and some wonderful Army footage. Other delights this week are 'My Babe' (live '69), a 'Good Luck Charm' sixties compilation, Elvis in Portland 1957, 'What'd I Say' rare rehearsal plus a very silly 'Hound Dog' clip that you know Elvis would love. Not forgetting interviews with Sammy Shore and Goldie Hawn. As EIN always says "Catch them now before they get taken away" ('EIN's Elvis on YouTube', Source:EIN)

New Duke Bardwell Documentary: The renewed interest in Duke Bardwell, who played bass for Elvis at 181 shows in the mid-70s, has now resulted in a new American documentary being produced about him. Titled “Bayou Country”, it’s centered around a classic song that Duke wrote, but of course his association with Elvis and other artists like José Feliciano, Tom Rush and Kenny Loggins are also explored. Click here to see a trailer from this interesting documentary:
In this clip, Duke talks about his teenage days as a child with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), his early career, as well as his association with Elvis, including a neat story about him hanging out with Elvis in his Lake Tahoe penthouse and playing ‘You And I’ for him again & again. Duke will be doing shows in Finland, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Holland beginning next week as a part of ‘The Original Elvis Tribute 2009’. These shows will also mark the first time ever that Duke participates in an Elvis-tribute tour. For more information about these unique shows, please go here:

(News, Source;AD)

Greg Page & the World's fourth largest private Elvis collection: In 1999 The Wiggles from Australia were touring the US and when they got to Memphis, Tennessee, group leader Anthony Field suggested they all make a pilgrimage to Graceland. Greg Page, who was the yellow-skivvied Wiggle, wasn't even much of a fan when he walked through the door of 3734 Elvis Presley Boulevard. By the time he walked out again, he was a convert.
"It was just such an incredibly powerful story," he says. "This guy came from a dirt-poor background and became the world's biggest superstar. Then he spiralled downwards and died at the age of 42. Seeing all the things he owned and wore had a big effect on me."
That's an understatement. Page estimates he now has the fourth largest collection of Elvis Presley memorabilia on the planet. The first thing he bought was a cheque Elvis had written and signed to one of his bodyguards. After that, he admits, "I went a bit crazy." As well as various outfits and jewellery from his stage performances and movie appearances, he owns Elvis's Bible, one of his TVs, a guitar and the desk and filing cabinet of his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. In the garage is the last car Elvis owned, a 1977 Cadillac Seville.
"It's an expensive hobby and the cost is not something that I like broadcasting," he says. "I know what I've spent. I have the figure in my head and I'm fine with it. But if it just stayed sitting here, then it would be a waste of money." (Right:Greg Page surrounded by Elvis!)
The collection is mainly at his Sydney home, meticulously displayed in illuminated glass cases, with the clothing on rows of store dummies, accompanied by archival photographs and laminated information cards. However Greg is helping set up a museum in Parkes, western NSW, where there is an Elvis festival every January. The collection will be on display throughout their Elvis celebration weekend.
The 37-year-old father of two ("neither of my kids care about Elvis at all," he says) left the Wiggles in November 2006 after being diagnosed with orthostatic intolerance (a nervous system disorder) but it's clear that this Elvis project is a passion that keeps him more than occupied. "You could go on collecting forever but you have to draw the line somewhere", he says. 'There's no point in just saying 'I own this' and "I own that'. Now I want to share all of this with Elvis fans and other people.

'April Fool's Dinner' import CD Review: Originally issued as the classic vinyl bootleg 'Rockin' with Elvis April Fool's Day', this new Audionics/Southern Comfort release 'April Fool's Dinner' is somewhat of a nostalgic ride for hard-core Elvis collectors. With upgraded audio - at last taken straight from the original Master Tape - the show itself is a classic of Elvis having fun, singing well and enjoying being back on stage. While the concert is taken from an audience tape there are plenty of highlights as well as some fine bonus tracks from the Midnight Closing Show. A packed CD plus an exceptionally glossy well-designed cover. Go here for the full review.

(CD Reviews, Source;EIN)

“The Genuine Elvis – Photos and Untold Stories about the King” - a Preview: EIN contributor Pamela Decker is excited to share with fellow fans around the world that within the coming weeks, she will bring you exclusive interviews with some good friends of hers who have a forthcoming book, “The Genuine Elvis – Photos and Untold Stories about the King” which is set for release this summer at Graceland.  
You’ve likely heard about “The Genuine Elvis,” which was announced in late February. The book, by Ronnie McDowell, Edie Hand and Joe Meador, will feature countless never-before-heard stories, candid color and black & white photos and special memories – compiled as a tribute to Elvis. Among the stories are touching anecdotes from Elvis’s high school pals, fond personal recollections of good friends and relatives, and memories from a lucky few who were fortunate enough to spend Christmases at Graceland. 
Along with Edie and Ronnie is co-author Joe Meador. A 30+ year music industry veteran, Joe is a songwriter, manager, producer and performer who has worked with artists such as Rick Nelson and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. He serves as president and CEO of Nashville’s Grand Entertainment Group www.grandentertainment.com. 
In addition to dozens of beautiful photos by Al Wertheimer, the book features contributions from a host of other Elvis friends and family members. One such contributor is Louise Smith, widow of Elvis’ cousin Gene, who opens up to share rare memories. She also plans to appear at select book signing events with the authors. Fans who pre-order will receive autographed copies (from all three authors) of the book. 
Edie confirmed that the official launch of “The Genuine Elvis – Photos and Untold Stories about the King” will take place at Graceland’s bookstore on August 14, 2009 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Look for the interviews with the authors in June, along with more information about other cities hosting official book signing events.

Please Sign This ELVIS Petition: I am petitioning for an award to be created and named after Elvis Presley. I have written a letter outlining my idea and sent it to all the key places.
This is what Elvis Presley has always been about. Bringing people together,through kindness and generosity. How fitting if he were to be honored this way and it all came about through good people working together with no thought to personal gain. Only to better the world we all live in.
Elvis Presley was admired and cherished in life. Years after his passing his memory continues to light our lives, and so it is fitting that we continue to admire and cherish this wonderful man.
I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes less than a minute of your time. Thanks! And Please forward to all your contacts. TLC "Always for Elvis."
There is no donation required to sign this petition. Simply sign, comment if you wish and close document. Your signature will be recorded.
Go here for more details - Or why not just sign the petition? (News, Source;MH/EIN)

Click here to continue to ALL the early MAY 2009 ELVIS NEWS


















































































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