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Friday 1 May 2009

Elvis Birthday Celebration 2010 Schedule: Although we haven't yet got to 2009's Elvis Week, EPE have posted a preliminary event schedule for Elvis' 75th Birthday Celebration in January 2010. Go to Memphis for four days of fun events in Memphis, including a Birthday Pops Concert, special anniversary proclamation ceremony, Elvis Insiders Reception, Conversations on Elvis and more.
Elvis Birthday Celebration 2010 Thursday, January 7 - Sunday, January 10:

Click here for all the details

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Free Unique DVD at Elvis Dutch Concert: ’The Original Elvis Tribute 2009’ is fast becoming the show that everybody is talking about. After years constantly getting the same acts and the same songs, we believe that Elvis fans are ready for a fresh, exciting new experience – and ‘The Original Elvis Tribute 2009’ is just that. Featuring the talents of original Elvis bass-player Duke Bardwell (181 shows with The King), Elvis-songwriter Michael Jarrett (a.o. I’m Leavin’), Award-winning Elvis-vocalist Ted Roddy, Hollywood-drummer Marc Singer (a.o. Star Wars), guitarist supreme Thierry LeCoz and backing singers Vikki Lee and Michele Jarrett, this is a show that will knock you off your feet! Many fanclub-presidents and dealers have already expressed great interest in this remarkable production, and even other Elvis-acts like Dennis Jale have already stated that they don’t want to miss this show. And with 9 shows in 6 countries in just over a week, this is also one of the most successful Elvis shows in recent years to hit Europe. No mean feat, especially when you take the worldwide economical crisis into account.
The Dutch fanclub ‘Elvis For Everyone’ will have a special surprise for the visitors to the concert in Tilburg on May 24th, a specially-produced free DVD containing a new Elvis-documentary featuring Duke Bardwell. In this programme, Duke talks freely about his association with Elvis, and even performs the beautiful ‘You And I’, a song that Elvis really loved and which Duke will perform on the May tour. As a special bonus, the DVD also contains excerpts from the last-ever television interview that Charlie Hodge did in the Benelux. A truly interesting DVD, exclusively as a free gift for those coming to the show in Tilburg. For more info, please go to: www.elvismagazine.nl
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Actor Ed Westwick has a tattoo tribute to Elvis: The 'Gossip Girl' star admits that he is a huge fan of Elvis and so decided to immortalise one of his song titles in ink on his chest. Ed said: "I'm a big fan of Elvis, man. I got 'Heartbreak Hotel' tattooed (see photo right) on my chest. Yeah, and I've got '21 Grams,' 'Love Me Two Times,' the song by the Doors. I have 'You Make Me Feel Like the One' across my shoulder."
The 21-year-old actor also has 'I Heart Romance' emblazoned on his forearm, and revealed he got the inspiration for the tattoo from an unusual place. Despite loving his role as wealthy cad Chuck Bass on the US TV show, Ed admits he is keen to win new acting roles.

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'Hey Elvis' is hoping to rock the Gold Coast: Knowing Elvis' love of horses he would probably appreciate that Australia's Gold Coast trainer Bruce Hill expects "Hey Elvis" to be a major threat in this Saturday's Prime Minister's Cup.
Hey Elvis was one of 28 nominations for the 1200m feature but is right down on the limit weight of 53kg.
"He's in terrific order for Saturday's race -- the main concern is actually getting a run," said Hill. "They'll only start 16 and I just hope he sneaks into the field."
All going to plan, Saturday's race will kick-start Hey Elvis's winter campaign geared towards the $1 million Stradbroke Hcp. "He was pretty nervous as a younger horse but he's really matured now and has continued to improve with each preparation. He hasn't had a trial leading into Saturday's race but he's done plenty of work on the track. He races well first-up and if he gets into the race I think he'll be in it up to his ears."
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Thursday 30 April 2009
"It was so crazy to hear Elvis sing about me!": 30 years after The King's death, Michele Jarrett found out that Elvis once sang about her; Michele Jarrett was barely 10 years old when Elvis died, but nevertheless she's one of the very few people who can rightfully claim that The King really sang about her - a claim that even his ex-wife Priscilla or his daughter Lisa Marie cannot make. It's even more remarkable when you realize that Elvis never met Michele nor even knew about her existence. So that's the story behind this? Well, Michele is the daughter of songwriter Michael Jarrett, who wrote a.o. 'I'll Be Home On Christmas Day' for Presley. Jarrett often used his personal life as an inspiration for his writing, and he wrote this melancholic song on Christmas Eve 1969, right in the middle of a painful divorce. He was completely alone and missing his family, when the words came to him. On the original demo that Michael recorded for Elvis, there was a verse about his children: "Been so long since I've seen little John, Michele, Christine and Kelly; And I almost forgot with all the presents, that I bought a purse for little sister to carry". When Elvis' version of 'I'll Be Home On Christmas Day' was released in late '71 on 'Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas', Michael was not surprised to find out that
Elvis had skipped that verse. After all, it was a very personal verse about Michael's kids, and he understood that Presley could not relate to it. Imagine Michael's surprise 30 years after Elvis' death, when he heard an outtake of the song where Elvis did sing the 'missing' verse! The first thing he did was call his daughter Michele (right), who was completely flabbergasted.  "It's so crazy", she says today, "I remember it was shortly after my mom passed away, and my dad sent me a clip of it.  Talk about a wild thing!  I played it for my family, and we were all just looking at each other like, is that really what I'm hearing!". Both Michael and Michele Jarrett are part of 'The Original Elvis Tribute 2009' which will be touring Europe in May. "I have always been so proud of my dad", she says, "and I'm so excited for this tour. I know this will be an amazing trip for him, as well as everybody on the tour.  I know I'm so thankful to be a part of it!".
Click here to listen to the 'missing' verse as sung by Elvis: - Click here for tour details. (News, Source;ADeelen)

Elvis Palm Springs Honeymoon Hideaway May weekend: On September 16 1966 Elvis leased the estate at 1350 Ladera Circle, Palm Springs, California for one year for $21,000. Colonel Tom Parker lived in the neighbourhood and he thought that it would be the perfect place for Elvis to relax, entertain his friends and escape from Hollywood. After their Vegas marriage on May 1 1967 Elvis & Priscilla returned to the Honeymoon Hideaway where he carried Priscilla over the threshold and up the stairs singing "The Hawaiian Wedding Song". Lisa Marie was born on February 1, 1968, exactly 9 months from the date of the honeymoon.
Fans can buy tickets to the Honeymoon Hideaway weekend over May 1st including ETA concerts plus guests Sue McCasland author of "Elvis Live at Sahara Tahoe" and super-fan & author Sandi Pichon.

Tickets from $50 click here for full details:

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Billboard Chart Updates: Billboard chart update for the week ending May 2, 2009:
'I Believe - The Gospel Masters'
The 4CD box fell off the charts last week after only three weeks on the chart.
This is a disappointment as it was well-compiled and good value-for-money.
Go here for EIN's review.
'Inspirational Memories - Collector's Edition''
Top Country Albums #72 -17 weeks on chart.
The album dropped off the Top Christian chart (last week #49) and the Top Christian and Gospel charts (last week #62).
'ELV1S 30#1 Hits'
The multi-million selling greatest hits compilation is still there at #9 on the Top Country Catalog charts.
Click here for EIN's original in-depth review.
(News, Source:ElvisNews/EIN)

Faye Dunaway vs. Elvis-loving zombie in new movie 'Flick': Hundreds of movies currently are making the rounds of domestic and international film festivals, but it's safe to say only one of them showcases Faye Dunaway in the role of a one-armed police detective from Memphis battling an Elvis-loving rockabilly zombie in Wales.
Written and directed by British horror enthusiast David Howard, "Flick" is the story of a vengeful undead Teddy Boy named Johnny Taylor (Hugh O'Conor), who is nicknamed "Flick" for his "flick knife" switchblade style. He is restored to life by the sound of the vintage rockabilly tune "Jilted Again" after the Hillman Minx automobile he drove off a dock in 1960 is pulled from the watery depths in the present day.
Coincidentally, Johnny's killing spree begins while a Memphis detective named McKenzie (Faye Dunaway) is in town as part of a police exchange with Welsh sister city Hobbs End.
"I'm from Memphis -- home of the King of Rock 'n' Roll," she growls. "I spread bigger men than you on my muffins for breakfast."
"Music was the direct inspiration for the film," said Howard, noting that the role of the Memphis detective was written specifically for Dunaway, an Oscar-winner for "Network" and an Oscar nominee for "Chinatown" and "Bonnie and Clyde."
"We knew Faye was a Southern girl (from Florida)," Howard said, "and it just felt a natural fit to draw on her own origins, the whole Southern-belle-with-a-twist

thing. Maybe as a teen-ager she danced to music from the halcyon days of Sun Records at her own school prom ... It's a nice thought.
Howard who has visited Memphis and Graceland said rock music and horror movies are pop-culture blood brothers because "the confusion, fear, anger, loathing and changes ... between childhood and adolescence can seem quite horrific, and nothing expresses mood and emotion more effectively than music. It's not difficult to see why rock and roll was seen as dangerous and heretical to the parents of 1950s teen-agers."
As for Elvis, who is referenced throughout "Flick","In the UK, the music of Elvis continues to endure... His is a cult that continues to grow and his fans, of all ages, remain legion."
(News, Source;EIN)

Elvis in 'Killshot' and other Movie soundtracks: Elvis is featured in the movie "Killshot" starring Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane and Thomas Jane. One character (played by Rosario Dawson) is an Elvis fan and Elvis is mentioned several times. On the soundtrack are three Elvis songs: "Suspicion", "Doin' The Best I Can" and "It Hurts Me". After a limited theatrical release, the film has been released on DVD in US and other countries all over the world.
"Burning Love" is on the soundtrack of "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" (starring Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Michael Douglas) and "I Got a Woman" on "He's Just Not That Into You" (starring Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, Scarlett Johansson & Drew Barrymore).

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Wednesday 29 April 2009

Elvis' Million-Dollar Guitar: Elvis' 1969 Ebony Custom Gibson Dove Guitar is for sale on Ebay for a cool Million dollars!
Described as "This is extremely rare and is the only guitar of its kind in the entire world. This guitar was actually played by Elvis Presley himself in concert and it was made specifically for him. The body of the guitar is black with a Kenpo Karate symbol at the base. The neck has the name Elvis Presley inlaid in mother of pearl. The mother of pearl inlay was performed by gruhn guitar. This is an authentic guitar given away by Elvis Presley himself during a concert."
If you have a $Million to spare - Click here to Ebay!


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New FTD Website: As promised back in 2002, a new FTD website is at last coming to reality.
In 2002 FTD's Roger Semon told us, "The Website is something that we are passionate about from the very beginning but the reality of FTD is that everything is very carefully budgeted and it’s quite expensive to put a record out despite what people may think. I think realistically we trying to get it up by the end of this year (2002) and hopefully it will include lots of snippets of information about forthcoming releases, current releases and to share things with the fans that they will not see day to day. From my point of view things like Artwork and sleeves that never made it that because they didn’t pass the litmus test. Sharing stuff like that helps you understand what it is we actually do."
Check out here and see that the FTD logo is shown noting "New site currently under construction", the site administrator is FTD's Roger Semon.
Go here to the complete 2002 FTD interview.
(News, Source;FTD)

British Journalist Derek Johnson dies: Derek Johnson who worked on the British music publication NME from 1957-86, has passed away aged 81. Johnson began contributing to NME shortly after its launch in 1952 and joined the staff full-time in 1957, leaving his post as programming director at Radio Luxembourg to do so. He worked as Features Editor and News Editor, writing prolifically for all sections of the paper. In 1960 he flew to Germany to interview Elvis Presley. The two men became friends and he interviewed Presley on several further occasions, even staying, on the singer's invitation, at Graceland.
During the 1960s he compered the annual NME Poll Winners' concerts at the Empire Pool, Wembley and was on stage to introduce The Beatles' final UK appearance in May 1966.
He also wrote that he had been forced to meet and welcome the Fab Four at the venue's kitchen door, where they arrived disguised as chefs to avoid the crowds of screaming fans.
For many years he wrote the paper's singles reviews, rounding up each week's new releases in a crisp, descriptive style, and had an uncanny ability to spot a hit.
In 1992, tabloid magazines around the world including the ‘Star’ in America and ‘People’ in Australia carried a story by British journalist and alleged friend of Elvis, Derek Johnson, called ‘The Day Elvis Confessed…I Killed A Man!’
Johnson eventually left NME in 1986 to run his own news service. He was born on January 17, 1928 in London and died on April 22 in Exeter.
(News, Source;EIN/NME)
See EIN Spotlight 'Meeting Elvis'
See the rather strange EIN Spotlight ‘Elvis Confesses…"I Killed a Man!"

New Website for June Elvis Festival in Holland: For all the information about the ElvisMatters June Festival there is a special website. With an incredible variety of events, ranging from a TCB rockshow to an Elvis Film Festival, from never-before-seen exhibitions to Cadillac rides: it's all there. To give visitors the chance to put together their own 'Elvis Schedule', we have launched a website with all the Elvis events in the center of Breda. Click the link below for a detailed look at the many events!
100 years Tom Parker 1.000 Times Elvis.
(News, Source;ElvisMatters)

Homer Simpson Vs Elvis Presley - D'oh!: For the first time since the issue of the Elvis stamps in 1993, the public also has the chance to vote on a favorite "Simpsons" stamp. In an online poll, anyone can cast a ballot for Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa or Maggie. Unlike the Elvis poll that pitted an image of a young Elvis against an older version to decide which would be printed, the "Simpsons" voting is more for fun than anything else.
"The Simpsons" are slated to have five U.S. stamps issued as a salute to the show being the longest-running comedy in television history.

To vote for a favorite stamp or enter the drawing for the poster, go to www.usps.com/simpsons.
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'Lost Stereo Tapes' Import CD: The label Miracle Surface CD "The Lost Stereo Tapes" has been released. It includes the previously released stereo masters of ‘Love Me Tender’ and ‘Treat Me Nice’ - but it can be presumed that other tracks have to be stereo created with p/c processing working from the original 'Binaural' releases.
Love Me Tender
Poor Boy
We're Gonna Move
Mean Woman Blues
Peace In The Valley
That's When Your Heartaches Begin
It Is No Secret
Blueberry Hill
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
Is It So Strange
Jailhouse Rock
I Want To Be Free
Treat Me Nice
Don't Leave Me Now
I Beg Of You
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
One NIght Of Sin (with brass overdub)
A Big Hunk O'Love (with unreleased guitar solo)

My Baby Left Me (complete version)
I Need Your Love Tonight (alternate version)
True Love (with strings)
(News, Source;FECC)

More Elvis up for Auction: The year 2009 seems to be the Year of Elvis Auctions. The Madison Square Garden jumpsuit was sold just weeks ago, and here's the next auction in line this time from Entertainment Memorabilia.
Highlights this time are his Italian-made acoustic guitar that Elvis used in the movie 'Follow That Dream' plus a 1970's powder-blue shirt and Elvis' Turquoise Ring.

Click here for the complete list & images - Auction catalogue


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Saturday 25 April 2009... .... ..... ..... ..... .... FOURTEEN New Stories added today!

George Hamilton chose Colonel Parker over Elvis!: The actor recently recalled stories about Elvis, Marilyn and JFK in his new autobiography. Hamilton states that "You had a choice -- you could either be Elvis' friend or the Colonel's friend. I chose The Colonel. I saw the Colonel operate and saw what he did for Elvis and how smart he was," said Hamilton. "The Colonel would say to Elvis, 'You can't be in film and on stage at the same time. You don't want to compete with yourself.' Elvis didn't want to work that hard. He liked to be with the Memphis guys. He liked to play paddle tennis and play touch football." Go here for 'Gorgeous George's excerpts'.

(Spotlight, Source;EIN)

New DVD 'Love Me Tender: The Love Songs of Elvis ':EMI Music will release a brand new documentary 'Love Me Tender: The Love Songs of Elvis' in time for Elvis Week in Auguts. EMI is also the producer of the highly successful concert registration 'Elvis Lives' and the gospel documentary 'He Touched Me'. Love Me Tender: The Love Songs of Elvis is the first-ever in-depth look at the love songs of Elvis. This documentary explores the remarkable music that sparked such phenomenal devotion in the hearts of fans worldwide. Hosted by Golden Globe-nominated actress Ashley Judd (pictured), Love Me Tender: The Love Songs of Elvis packs together 20 performances with interviews and other footage into a 90-minute DVD that is sure to be a "must have" for Elvis fans today and for years to come.
Love Me Tender
I Can’t Stop Loving You
The Wonder of You
I Just Can’t Help Believing
Always On My Mind
What Now My Love
Can’t Help Falling In Love
There Goes My Everything
It’s Now Or Never
Are You Lonesome Tonight
As Long As I Have You
You Don’t Know Me
Loving You
Unchained Melody
I’ll Remember You
For The Good Times
And I Love You So
You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
Just Pretend
Love Me
Until It’s Time For You To Go
Mary In The Morning
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
(News, Source:EMIMusic/ElvisMatters)

Bill E Burk - the anniversary of his passing. On April 24th last year the Elvis World lost a good friend. "007" Bill E. Burk passed away April 24, 2008, at Baptist Memorial Hospital after a brief illness. Bill E Burk was highly respected throughout the Elvis world and was one of the greatest promoters of the Elvis legacy the world has known. His name was synonymous with rigorous investigative journalism and a knack for exposing longstanding myths about events in the King's life. His legacy is still a great one!.
Go here for Bill E Burk interviews and more.

(News, Source;EIN)

New Elvis painting by David Url: Famed motorcycle lifestyle artist David Uhl has captured two icons of the early rock ‘n roll era. The "King", Elvis Presley profiling aboard his 1956 Harley-Davidson KHK for some adoring fans. After the recent Jeff Decker bronze sculpture (see EIN April 9th story) David Uhl now proudly unveils his latest painting. These pieces are a collaborative project with Harley-Davidson and EPE. You can order the prints through the David Uhl Studios at www.uhlstudios.com. Word has it that there may be a poster available in the future.
Elvis bought the 1956 KHK in January 1956 and the famous picture of him on the bike was the cover of the May 1956 issue of the Enthusiast Magazine. The bike is now in the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.



(News, Source;EIN/HarleyD)

Perlman dresses as Elvis for Halloween: Actor Ron Perlman (Hellboy) says that he'll likely begin filming "Bubba Nosferatu" - the highly-anticipated follow-up to "Bubba Ho-Tep", in which Elvis Presley took on The Mummy - in October.
"If you liked the first one, I think you're going to really dig the new take", Perlman, who'll be shooting biker series "Sons of Anarchy" until then, says.
As you'll recall, Bruce Campbell donned the elongated sideburns and dark-tinted sunnies in the first film. Even Perlman was surprised when Campbell turned down the chance to reprise the role of 'Elvis' for the sequel. (right; Perlman & Bruce Campbell)
"I loved the original," says Perlman. "I was really surprised to hear that Bruce Campbell did not want to reprise the role. So we have his blessing. I know Bruce and I would never want to go in and replace him unless he said, 'Hey man, I don't want to do this one again, but good luck with it.' So I loved the original. I love the fact that this one has Paul Giamatti in it, who I am a huge, huge fan of. And it’s a cool script."
In the new film, Elvis (Perlman) and Tom Parker (Giamatti) will go head-to-head with Dracula.
The big guy says he's not practicing his Elvis moves in front of the mirror, just hopes it "washes over" him when he puts on the jumpsuit. Go here for EIN's review of the original off-beat "Bubba Ho-Tep".
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis, Aerosmith and Rock’s Greatest Comebacks: Rolling Stone magazine is asking "What are your top 5 music comebacks??" After much newsroom discussion and debate they have a short list:
Elvis Presley: The King sets the bar high with his ‘68 Comeback Special, a TV event that heralded his return after years away from live performance (he hadn’t taken a stage since 1961) and a string of B movies with subpar soundtracks. After losing his grip on the Top 10 and getting married, Presley filmed the show that would become "one of the most powerful performances in rock history," as RS put it.
Other suggested acts are . . .
Aerosmith for their 1987’s Permanent Vacation marking their return with the quadruple-platinum Pump sealed the deal.
Johnny Cash: The Man in Black's resurrection with the 1994 'American Recordings'.
Neil Young: His comeback came with 1989’s Freedom and its single "Rockin’ In The Free World."
AC/DC: 1990’s The Razors Edge as a small return but then 2008's Black Ice as a sales monster.
Go here to register your Elvis support. (News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)

Victor Trevino Jr Wins Branson Ultimate ETA Contest: EPE sends congratulations to Victor Trevino Jr, who was the winner of the Branson Ultimate ETA Contest preliminary. Victor says he became a tribute artist to show a younger generation what Elvis was really like and where the music they listen to today came from. Victor will travel to Memphis for Elvis Week 2009 to compete for the title of Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of 2009. Click here to find out you can compete for the chance to be in Memphis for Elvis Week.


(News, Source;EPE)

Finnish " I’m Leavin’ " Promo CD: This special promo CD is a free gift to the first 600 visitors of the "Original Elvis Tribute 2009" shows at Klubi in Tampere and Turku on May 15th and 16th. This Finnish promo was made especially for these two shows and will not be available anywhere else. The design is a salute to the ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ EP from ’56; same man, same pose… 20 years later almost to the day. Go here for Tour details.


(News, Source: Arjan Deelen)

JAT new releases - Elvis In Gold & 1969 Opening night Menu: The next two projects from JAT Productions can be pre-order now on their website. The 40th anniversary commemorative '1969 Opening Night' menu with bonus CD will be available in late May 2009 and the book 'Elvis In Gold' for August 2009.

Go here for more details & to order.


(News, Source:FECC/ JAT Productions)

Ann-Margret to attend RMC President's dinner: Ann-Margret, one of Hollywood's most enduring actresses, will be the guest of honor at the Rocky Mountain College President's Reception and Dinner on May 9.
In a career spanning films starring with Elvis Presley in the 1960s to "Grumpy Old Men" with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon in the 1990s, Ann-Margret is still working in film today with four movies in production. She will be a guest of RMC President Michael Mace and his wife, Karen.
The reception will be held in the Great Hall of Prescott Commons, beginning at 6 p.m. The dinner will be held under an all-weather tent on the RMC Green, beginning at 7 p.m. Tickets are from $25. All proceeds will go for scholarship relief, said Shari VanDelinder, RMC director of development.
Tickets may be obtained by contacting VanDelinder at 406-657-1173.
Ann-Margret will also be honored during the College's 127th Commencement, May 9 at 1 p.m. in the Fortin Education Center. She will receive an Honorary Doctor of Music and Fine Arts.
Two movies featuring Ann-Margret are in production, to be released this year and in 2010. They include "A Handful of Bean," with Peter Fonda, and "All's Faire in Love," with Christina Ricci. She appeared in "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond," with Ellen Burstyn in 2008.
Ann-Margret has won a Golden Globe five times; has been nominated for Academy, Emmy and Grammy awards throughout her career; and has performed in more than 50 major films. She is well-known for her Las Vegas performances, as well as live theater performances on Broadway.
(News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)

"Elvis to play the NEC!" - Publicity gears up in UK media: The UK ExpressandStar on-line newspaper published the following publicising the new Elvis In Concert tour:…
Here’s something we never thought we’d announce. Elvis Presley is to perform in concert at the NEC . . . sort of.
In fact a live band, including some of the King’s original musicians will be playing live to a giant video screen featuring some of Elvis’s most celebrated performances.
It’s the famed production which was the high point of Elvis Week 2007 when it was performed as the 30th Anniversary Concert at the Fedex Arena in Elvis’s home city of Memphis, Tennessee. Now, two years on, Elvis is on tour "One More Time".

The tour arrives at the LG Arena on Saturday, February 20, 2010. Tickets priced £33.50 and £35 plus booking and transaction fees go on sale at 9am this Friday, April 24.
The producers have edited together a collection of Elvis’s finest concert performances that exist on film and video and removed all sound from the footage except for Elvis’s vocal track.
The Elvis footage is projected on state-of-the-art video screens. All music heard in the concert production is performed live.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Search for Scotland's best Elvis impersonator: It's all about the hip wiggling, lip quivering and leg shaking. Edinburgh is set to host a competition to find Scotland's best Elvis impersonator this summer. Around 20 Elvis hopefuls, all born in Scotland, will audition for the title at the Corn Exchange on Saturday, June 13. The event has been organised by the official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain, in association with the Capital's fan club, Edinburgh Elvis.
Scotland's winner will go on an all-expenses paid trip to compete against his counterparts from England and Ireland.
The three impersonators will perform live at the world-famous Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, in front of an audience of around 800 fans on January 8 next year – Elvis' 75th birthday.
Paul Sayers, 49, the branch leader of Edinburgh Elvis, said: "The competition has been organised to keep the memory of Elvis alive, to keep his music going and to attract a younger audience. "The participants have got to sing an Elvis song of their choice but we are looking for not just the voice, but a bit of Elvis' character, too. We are looking for an Elvis look-alike as well – they have got to play the part."
He added: "There are a lot of fans out there that don't realise how big the Elvis scene is in Britain. There are 40 fan clubs in Britain, four of which are in Scotland." A panel of judges, including Mr Sayers, will select the top three auditions from the competition, with the audience deciding on the winner.
Todd Slaughter, 63, has been president of the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain since 1967 and he will also form part of the judging panel at the Corn Exchange. He said: "We have been operating the Britain's Best Elvis competition since 2002, but we haven't done auditions in Scotland before. "It's a very good competition and it will be very entertaining. Appearing on stage in Memphis is every Elvis tribute act's dream."
Elvis impersonator Dave Hurrell will represent England in Memphis after winning the competition in Stoke-on-Trent in January, which around 30 people entered – several of whom were Welsh. The Irish auditions will take place in Dublin on May 1 & 2. The person who is crowned Great Britain's best Elvis impersonator will earn a place in the world final, which will take place in Memphis in August next year. The Edinburgh competition, called Having Fun on Stage, takes place on June 13.
Following the auditions, there will be entertainment until midnight, including a cabaret and an all-Elvis disco. Dance troupe the Memphis Maidens will also recreate a number of routines from a selection of the most spectacular Elvis shows.
(News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)

EPE wants you to vote for Memphis in Poll for Favorite City: Travel + Leisure's annual "America's Favorite Cities" survey is now online. If Elvis' hometown of Memphis is one of your favorite cities, please click here to vote and let the world know. The polls close on May 15.



(News, Source;EPE)

Graceland team in Montgomery today to promote new Elvis Presley exhibitions: Graceland visited the "Montgomery Advertiser" earlier today to promote four new exhibitions featuring Elvis Presley's $1 million guitar, gold watch and gold prescription sunglasses. Elvis Week doesn't begin until Aug. 8, but people of all ages -- not just fans of the King of Rock 'n' Roll -- may want to drive on up to Memphis for the weekend and tour Graceland and other attractions in the area.
His legacy lives on through such exhibits as Elvis in Hollywood, which tells the story of how Presley transitioned from singer to on-screen star in such classics as "Jailhouse Rock" and Love Me Tender." It includes pieces from his wardrobe, personal scripts, rare behind-the-scenes photos and more.
In Elvis Lives: The King and Pop Culture, visitors will have an interactive experience with The King and see how he influenced pop culture are we know it today.
For the full story and photographs of his guitar, watch and other pieces, check out the Montgomery Advertiser" My Life section Tuesday. (News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)
Wednesday 22 April 2009
'Standing Room Only' Vinyl Artwork: FTD is pleased to announce the release of Standing Room Only as special 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set. Supplied in a gatefold sleeve, the album features the alternative sleeve contender before the famous shot from Jacksonville took pole position before the album was officially withdrawn in 1972.
For those confused by the sleeve for FTD’s recent 2-CD Set, it represents RCA’s final chosen draft design for SRO before it’s subsequent use for the Madison Square Garden project. Tracklisting:
Disc 1 – The 1972 Proposed Abum
Side 1
1. Separate Ways 2:36
2. Never Been To Spain 3:25
3. You Gave Me A Mountain 3:14
5. Fool 2:43
6. The Impossible Dream 2:27
7. Burning Love 2:50
Side 2
8. Always On My Mind 3:38
9. It's A Matter Of Time 3:04
10. It's Over 2:21
11. It's Impossible 2:53
12. Where Do I Go From Here 2:38
13. An American Trilogy 4:28











Disc 2 – The Outtakes
Side 3
1. Always On My Mind -- take 2 3:56
2. Burning Love - takes 3,4 5:34
3. Separate Ways - takes 1-5, 11-13, 20, 21 …9:26
4. For The Good Times - take 1 3:42
5. Where Do I Go From Here - take 6 2:53
Total playing 25.40
Side 4
1. Fool - take 1 4:03
2. It's A Matter Of Time - takes 1-4 6:11
3. Burning Love - take 2 3:01
4. For The Good Times - take 3 3:17
5. Where Do I Go From Here - takes 7,8 4:07
6. Always On My Mind - take 4 3:50
Total playing 24.40
(News, Source: ElvisMatters)

Duke Bardwell;First 'Original Elvis Tribute 2009' Shows A Blast: Heading for Europe in May 2009, a tired but happy Duke Bardwell arrived back home yesterday, after the first few shows as a part of “The Original Elvis Tribute 2009” in Texas. He was particularly pleased with the band’s performance at Threadgill’s in Austin, TX last Saturday. “We really came together as a band, and played a very good show”, he says, adding that he was very impressed with the chemistry within this remarkable band: “Individually, all players are pros, and are very kind and big-hearted people....no attitudes of any kind. I absolutely love Michael Jarrett - we all do... He is one of the sweetest guys I have met in a long time, and he is much loved and respected by all. He really played his “old” ass off!”, Duke says laughingly.  “We all had a good time and left there very much encouraged and looking forward to the trip.  I think we will all travel and play very well together”. The band will be travelling to Europe in May for shows in Finland, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Holland (see also: www.elvisnews.dk ), and Duke tells us that he is very happy with the fact that “there will be many, many songs from the early years.
The band is designed to rock and roll. Ted Roddy is a rocker, and he has put together a hot rhythm-section....and that boy can SING. I’m really looking forward to playing the show and meeting the fans… but when I see all these Scandinavian blondes, I'm likely to "drop dead"!”.
Photo Above: Michael Jarrett and Duke Bardwell on stage at Threadgills in Austin, TX. on April 18th, 2009.
Click here for tour details. (News, Source;ADeelen)

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Elvis Palm Springs Honeymoon Hideaway May weekend: On September 16 1966 Elvis leased the estate at 1350 Ladera Circle, Palm Springs, California for one year for $21,000. Colonel Tom Parker lived in the neighbourhood and he thought that it would be the perfect place for Elvis to relax, entertain his friends and escape from Hollywood. After their Vegas marriage on May 1 1967 Elvis & Priscilla returned to the Honeymoon Hideaway where he carried Priscilla over the threshold and up the stairs singing "The Hawaiian Wedding Song". Lisa Marie was born on February 1, 1968, exactly 9 months from the date of the honeymoon.
Fans can buy tickets to the Honeymoon Hideaway weekend over May 1st including ETA concerts plus guests Sue McCasland author of "Elvis Live at Sahara Tahoe" and super-fan & author Sandi Pichon.
Tickets from $50 click here for details:

(News, Source;EIN)

"Elvis Presley in Concert" European Tour - Insider Tickets On Sale Now!: Elvis Presley in Concert," the production that reunites Elvis’ former bandmates live on stage with a video-projected Elvis will tour Europe in February and March of 2010 it was announced today. After multiple, sold-out concert tours and a hiatus of nearly two years, worldwide public demand is at an all-time high for this Elvis concert experience.
This latest tour will include engagements in England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland and other European countries to be announced soon. Pre Sales for the concerts in England will begin April 21 at 3 p.m. GMT for Elvis Insiders, members of the official online fan community and on April 24 at 3 p.m. GMT for the general public.
"Elvis Presley in Concert" is a production of SEG Events, in association with EPE. Performers currently scheduled to participate include: Joe Guercio, Elvis’ orchestra conductor for many of his Vegas performances; members of the original TCB Band & backup singers The Imperials and The Sweet Inspirations.
Current Tour Schedule for February & March 2010:
2010 - Feb 19 Sheffield ARENA; Feb 20 Birmingham ARENA; Feb 24 Rotterdam AHOY; Feb 26 Manchester ARENA; Feb 27 London WEMBLEY ARENA; Feb 28 London O2 ARENA; March 2 Belfast ODYSSEY ARENA; March 3 Dublin THE POINT; March 5 Newcastle ARENA; March 6 Glasgow SECC; March 7 Liverpool ECHO ARENA;
Go here for more Tour details and Sale info (News, Source:SanjaM/EIN/EPE)

Tuesday 21 April 2009

'American Studios - A Turning Point In History': Elvis' pivotal recordings at American Studios in January and February 1969 were a key turning point, not just in Elvis' amazing legacy but also in music history. Extraordinarily the 40th anniversary of Elvis' American Studios sessions has essentially passed without so much as a whimper. There is no sign marking the site where these landmark sessions took place. There has also been no media focus commemorating the string of hits generated from Elvis’ all too brief Memphis convergence with legendary producer Lincoln Wayne "Chips" Moman and the talented musicians assembled in his studio. EPE has not even acknowledged the recording or release dates of these chart topping songs. EIN recently noted the 40th Anniversary of the first chart topping song from these sessions 'In The Ghetto' and now EIN contributor Pamela Mays Decker turns a much-needed spotlight onto these unique Memphis sessions. Click here for this fascinating spotlight.

(Spotlight, Source;EIN/PamDecker)

'Dixieland Delight' new FTD: On May 18th FTD will be releasing a 2xCD set called Dixieland Delight featuring concert performances from May 31st 1975 and June 1st 1975 in Huntsville, Alabama. It is said to be released in cooperation with the forthcoming multimedia boxset Book/Dvd "Dixieland Delight" by Bud Glass & Praytomepublishing.
Elvis was truly inspired by the superb reaction he received in Huntsville, selling out five shows. It’s the only time in his career that he did so many consecutive performances in one City.
This set will be released as a 5” digipack with a 4 page colour booklet.
CD1 - Love Me* / If You Love Me (Let Me Know)* / Love Me Tender* / All Shook Up* / (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Don’t Be Cruel* / The Wonder Of You* / Burning Love* / Introductions* / Trouble (incomplete)* / T-R-O-U-B-L-E* / Hawaiian Wedding Song* / Let Me Be There* / An American Trilogy* / Funny How Time Slips Away* / Blue Suede Shoes* / For The Good Times* / Little Darlin’* / Can’t Help Falling In Love*. Bonus Songs: Johnny B. Goode / Hound Dog / I’m Leavin’.
First 18 (*) tracks recorded May 31st 1975 at the matinee show
Rest recorded May 31st 1975 at the evening show
Beginning of Matinee show not recorded. Bonus tracks have been added from the evening performance.
CD2 - Love Me* / If You Love Me (Let Me Know)* / Love Me Tender* / All Shook Up* / (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Don’t Be Cruel* / The Wonder Of You* / Burning Love (incomplete)* / Polk Salad Annie* / Introductions* / I Can’t Stop Loving You* / T-R-O-U-B-L-E* / I’ll Remember You* / Let Me Be There* / Why Me Lord* / An American Trilogy* / Funny How Time Slips Away* / Little Darlin’* / Can’t Help Falling In Love*. Bonus Songs: I Got A Woman - Amen / Release Me / Heartbreak Hotel / How Great Thou Art.
First 18 (*) tracks recorded June 1st 1975 at the evening show
Rest recorded June 1st 1975 at the matinee show
Recorded live May 31st and June 1st 1975 at Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama
(News, Source;BudGlass/Praytome)

Alanna Nash, Elvis author, to get Award:  Alanna Nash will be the recipient of the 2009 Charlie Lamb award in the career category. Her nominator stated "Esquire magazine was already calling Alanna Nash one of country music's "heavy hundred" in 1982, and what they were referring to then, and what the CMA knew when it gave her their media achievement award in 2004, still holds today: she's been a master of the detailed performer profile interview, consistently getting answers from performers others can't get to talk at all, to questions nobody else has quite had the insight to ask.
Her book-length biographies of Dolly Parton and Colonel Tom Parker are great examples of challenging subjects taken on with tireless resolve and care--and with results to match." The Charlie Lamb awards will be presented at the Friday, 22 May ICMC luncheon in the First Lecture Hall of the Gordon E. Inman Center at Belmont University in Nashville.
Go here for EIN's exclusive interview with Alanna Nash.
Ge here for review of  her book 'Elvis and the Memphis Mafia'
Go here for a spotlight on Jesse D Presley, 'The Forgotten Presley'
(News, Source;EPScrapbook)

FTD Vinyl releases Postponed: The special vinyl releases from FTD, the production of a vinyl issue of Blue Hawaii and Standing Room Only will be released later than announced. Blue Hawaii will be out on May 4 while Standing Room Only is planned for late May. Originally FTD's Roger Semon told EIN suggests release dates were. "early April for 'Blue Hawaii' and late April for 'Standing Room Only'."
The releases are a special 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set, supplied in a new gatefold sleeve.
The original album release is complemented by a special soundtrack companion album featuring many stereo outtakes not previously available on this format.

(News, Source;FTD)

Saturday 18 April 2009

Obama as Elvis "The New King": 'The Knack', a Belgium news magazine for Dutch-speakers, this weekend published an article about the first 100 days of US President Obama. The front cover features an image of Obama as Elvis, titled "The New King." It is a fascinating juxtaposition. 31 years later Elvis is still everywhere!



Go here to 'The Knack'.be website.


(News, Source;SanjaM)

Marty Lacker sent EIN an interesting note to add to our "In the Ghetto' 40th Anniversary' spotlight:

... "Colonel Parker had always drummed it into Elvis' head not to do a message song like In The Ghetto because it would offend the percentage of people who do not agree with the message and therefore it would cost Elvis but more than that, the Colonel money in sales.
Parker was more interested in him losing money than Elvis.  This was the first time Elvis went against Parker's wishes on many counts." - Marty.

Go here to the 'In The Ghetto' spotlight

Also note that now President Barack Obama and super Elvis fan, former President Bill Clinton, are honorary members" of The Memphis Mafia - you still have a chance until April 26th to join up. See below for details on how to join the club with these famous and special Elvis fans.

Become an Honorary member of the Memphis Mafia!!!:

The membership enrollment closes April 26 and we wanted to inform you all of how things are going and what we intend to do.

Click here to join this exclusive club and become an Honorary member of the Memphis Mafia

'Setting The Day' new import CD; The next release from the "SR" label scheduled for the begin of May, is titled "Setting The Day" and will feature the unreleased show from Las Vegas August 30, 1971 part Dinner Show + complete of the Midnight Show.
The SR label concentrates its work on the early 70's live period, trying to always produce unreleased shows with Elvis at the top of his ability. In this our 11th release, we are proud to present two very rare shows to give you a more complete view. The first songs are from August 30th Dinner Show, already edited although not in this audio-quality. Here SR present the highlights of the Aug 30th show plus the complete unreleased Midnight show, for the first time giving you the possibility to live the whole day and the feeling the of Elvis' love of singing that result clear in these tapes and we are glad to give you the opportunity to listen to them. The Dinner/Midnight shows from August 30th represent just two of the best shows of the season. If we look closely at the early Vegas act of August 1971 we can see that Elvis concentrates on the music to produce great shows.
Elvis singing straight to the audience without pauses or jokes, the performance is solid and rough; the basic track listing is presented superbly. Songs like Proud Mary, Sweet Caroline or Polk Salad Annie never sounded better; Elvis is still dynamic on stage especially in songs like Suspicious Minds. He presents the best of his repertoire from the last two years. The only new song is the single I’m Leaving, heavily promoted during all of 1971 and sang until 1974.
The man looks, sings and moves in a great way. Elvis is still performing at the height of his ability despite the presence of the golden cage of Vegas and the mediocre management, Elvis is still into his music. His focus, the attitude and his relationship with the music are still evident which enables him to deliver a great show.
In spite of the limitation of the audience tapes, we believe that overall in the early seventy recording they represent the best to listen the Vegas shows. These recordings come from an early generation copy of the master tape; the sound quality is good considering the early season. The sound was restored in a studio to achieve best possible results. As usually from this label, this new CD will come in a deluxe DIGIPACK, containing a collection of live photographs of the August season.
Tracks: 1. Also Sprach Zarathustra, 2. That's All Right, 3. I Got A Woman, 4. Proud Mary, 5. Sweet Caroline, 6. Polk Salad Annie, 7. It's Impossible, 8. Heartbreak Hotel, 9. Hound Dog, 10. I'm Leaving, 11. Can't Help Falling in Love (time:26 mins)
Bonus tracks: 12. Also Sprach Zarathustra, 13. That All Right, 14. I Got A Woman, 15. Proud Mary, 16. Sweet Caroline, 17. Polk Salad Annie, 18. Intro, 19. Johnny B. Goode, 20. It's Impossible, 21: Love Me, 22: Blue Suede Shoes/Whola Lotta.. 23: Heartbreak Hotel, 24: Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel, 25. It's Over, 26. Hound Dog (fs), 27: Hound Dog, 28: Suspicious Minds, 29: Band Intro, 30: I'm Leaving, 31: Bridge Over Troubled Water, 32: Can't Help Falling Love, (Total running time: 79.40) (News, Source:E-mail)

Elvis investors All Shook Up after defaulting on mortgage: Continuing on from EIN's previous story (below) on the financial collapse in Las Vegas, their review-journal published the following...
A group of investors who had planned to build an Elvis-themed resort on the Strip could be forced to sell their property because of a default on a $475 million mortgage loan. New York-based FX Real Estate and Entertainment, which owns 18 acres across from CityCenter, said its lenders informed the company on April 9 of the bank's intention to sell the land "to satisfy the principal amount ... owed to them under the mortgage loan and secured by the property."
FX said it would not be able to resolve the default issue by the May 18 deadline and "is considering all legal options, including bankruptcy proceedings" to prevent a sale of the property. The company announced in late December it had defaulted on the loan from Credit Suisse.
The value of the land had dropped to $218.8 million -- compared with the $221.3 million it cost to acquire the land between March 1998 and May 2005 -- the company's year-end filing shows. The land stretches from the Harley-Davidson Cafe on the corner of Harmon Avenue and the Strip to the Smith & Wollensky building just north of the MGM Grand. The Hawaiian Marketplace, Travelodge and several novelty shops also occupy the land. The company announced in September it was abandoning plans for a Elvis-themed resort due to the "dislocation and turbulence in the capital markets."
A licensing agreement between FX and EPE was terminated in early March when FX failed to make a $9 million annual payment.
The company also announced it was voluntarily delisting from the Nasdaq National Market after falling below the required $10 million in stockholders' equity level.
FX is a partnership between Robert F.X. Sillerman, whose publicly traded company CKX Inc. owns the name and image of Elvis Presley and the operation of Graceland; hotel developer Paul Kanavos; and residential and commercial developer Brett Torino. (News, Source;LVRJ)

Friday 17 April 2009
Rare Elvis 1956 Negatives to be Auctioned on EBay! In the run-up to Elvis’ 75th Birthday celebration, B&H Productions will auction a private photo shoot of Elvis Presley that has never before been printed or sold.  Images of Elvis that have never been published or seen by the public are very rare. That these are colour images – which were seldom taken of Elvis in 1956 – greatly increases their rarity and value. These ten photographs were taken at a private photo shoot while Elvis was in Las Vegas for his first performances there in 1956. On April 23, 1956, 21–year–old Elvis Aron Presley performed in Las Vegas for the first time at the New Frontier Hotel. Young in his career, he was wildly popular on the radio but had yet to reach the national stardom he would achieve only months later.
During Elvis' stay in Las Vegas, the editor of Dig Magazine, Ed Hummel, traveled there to interview and photograph him for a cover story for the magazine. Several photos taken at this photo shoot were used in the magazine, but these ten images were not used and were placed in storage.
They remained in storage until four years ago when Mr. Hummel gave them to his friend, Bob Striegel of B&H Productions, as a gift. Following Mr. Hummel’s death in late 2006, Mr. Striegel copyrighted the images, and has continued to keep them safely in storage. Copyright will be transferred to the buyer upon purchase in this auction. These 120mm transparent color film negatives are in excellent condition, and the colour and image quality is superb. As Elvis’ 75th birthday approaches, this auction provides a very exciting opportunity for Elvis Presley collectors worldwide. The eBay auction will be a 10 auction, ending at 3PM PST on April 23, 2009 – 53 years to the day of his first performance at the New Frontier, when they were taken. B&H has sold over 700 vintage photographs on eBay, and is proud to have received 100% positive feedback. (News, Source:SanjaM)

'The King Creole Outtakes' new import CD release: Beating FTD to their highly anticipated official release, the import label Cajun has just released 'The  King Creole Outtakes'. It is worth noting that many of the tracks have been taken from acetate sources and not the studio tapes. Here is the final artwork and track listing.
1] King Creole (Version 1 Take 8) 2] King Creole (Version 1 Take 18) 3] King Creole (Version 1 Unknown Take # 1 from acetate) 4] King Creole (Version 1 Unknown Take # 2 from acetate) 5] King Creole (Version 1 Unknown Take # 3 from acetate) 6] Crawfish (Take 7 Complete version) 7] Crawfish (Take 11 from acetate) 8] Crawfish (Take 13) 9] New Orleans (Overdubbed master) 10] Lover Doll (Take 7) 11] Lover Doll (Take 8 from acetate) 12] Lover Doll (Take 14 from acetate) 13] Lover Doll (Take 15 from acetate) 14] Lover Doll (Overdubbed for soundtrack release) 15] As Long As I Have You (Take 3)  16] As Long As I Have You (Take 4) 17] As Long As I Have You (Take 5 from acetate) 18] As Long As I Have You (Take 7 from acetate) 19] As Long As I Have You (Take 8 from acetate) 20] As Long As I Have You (Take 11) 21] As Long As I Have You
(Unknown Take # 1 from acetate)  22] As Long As I Have You (Unknown Take # 2 from acetate) 23] As Long As I Have You (Unknown Take # 3 from acetate)  24] As Long As I Have You (With guitar overdub for soundtrack release) 25] Trouble (Raw master with countdown from acetate) 26] King Creole (Version 2 Take 1 from acetate) 27] King Creole (Version 2 Take 2 from acetate) 28] King Creole (Version 2 Take 3) 29] Steadfast, Loyal And True (Take 1 from acetate) 30] Steadfast, Loyal And True (Take 3 from acetate) 31] Steadfast, Loyal And True (Take 6) 32] Steadfast, Loyal And True (Take 14) 33] Steadfast, Loyal And True (Solo version) 34] Steadfast, Loyal And True (Solo version with overdub)  35] King Creole (Version 3 Take 13 + extra guitar solo from acetate)  36] King Creole (Version 3 Take 14 from acetate) 37] Danny (Master)  38] King Creole (Take 8 - Instrumental) (News, Source;ElvisUnlimited)

Elvis Mississippi Licence Plate: Elvis always wanted a youth centre in his birthplace of Tupelo. Fans hope a new specialty license plate will help pay for it, more than 50 years after the rock 'n' roll icon came up with the idea. The Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club pushed the tag through the Mississippi Legislature last year. The club needs to collect 300 applications to ensure production of the plates featuring an image of Elvis over a picture of his birth home. They hope to hit that goal by May 10. About 120 applications have been gathered so far from supporters who will pay an additional $31 for the tag. Club president Scott Reese said Elvis held benefit concerts in Tupelo in 1956 and 1957 to raise money for a new youth centre, but it was never built. Only Mississippi residents will be able to buy the tags.
(News, Source:ElvisMatters)

Elvis Future Las Vegas plans In Trouble. FX Real Estate and Entertainment Inc. of New York said Tuesday it may file for bankruptcy protection following the collapse of its plans to build celebrity-themed properties in Las Vegas and other cities.
The company, owner of a parcel of land at Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon Avenue, across the Strip from the CityCenter development, said that on April 9 it was served notice by lenders that they plan to auction the property at a trustee sale because FX is in default under a $475 million loan secured by the property. FX said last month that $454 million was owed on that loan.
FX on Tuesday said it and its Las Vegas subsidiaries are considering all possible legal options, including bankruptcy proceedings, in light of a May 18 deadline to resolve the default. FX said it has no way of making payments to become current on the loan. As for legal action, including bankruptcy, it said it "cannot guarantee to what extent, if any, such actions may be viable or effective."
FX in recent years has been promoting plans to build properties with Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali themes and has been paying royalties to Elvis Presley Enterprises and Muhammad Ali Enterprises. Those licensing deals were canceled last month amid FX's financial troubles. Its plans in Las Vegas for a Presley-themed hotel-casino never got off the ground.
The Las Vegas property consists of six parcels totaling 17.72 acres that have in recent years been occupied by small retailers and restaurants such as the Harley-Davidson Cafe and Smith & Wollensky.
Because the recession has essentially brought Strip land sales to a halt and as financing has dried up for commercial projects, FX said it has written down the value of the Las Vegas property by $325 million to its current estimated value of $218 million. Because of that write-down, and the licensing fees paid to the Presley and Ali companies, FX said it lost $462 million on revenue of $6 million in 2008. FX also said Tuesday that its stock will soon be delisted by the NASDAQ Stock Market because it no longer is in compliance with a requirement that it have at least $10 million in stockholders' equity. (News, Source SanjaM)

Thursday 16 April 2009
"Elvis Presley in Concert" Returns for new European Tour: "Elvis Presley in Concert," the production that reunites Elvis’ former bandmates live on stage with a video-projected Elvis will tour Europe in February and March of 2010 it was announced today. After multiple, sold-out concert tours and a hiatus of nearly two years, worldwide public demand is at an all-time high for this Elvis concert experience.
This latest tour will include engagements in England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland and other European countries to be announced soon. Pre Sales for the concerts in England will begin April 21 at 3 p.m. GMT for Elvis Insiders, members of the official online fan community and on April 24 at 3 p.m. GMT for the general public.
"Elvis Presley in Concert" is a production of SEG Events, in association with EPE. Performers currently scheduled to participate include: Joe Guercio, Elvis’ orchestra conductor for many of his Vegas performances; members of the original TCB Band; Elvis’ backup singers The Imperials and The Sweet Inspirations.
Elvis concert footage for the show comes primarily from the MGM concert films Elvis, That's The Way It Is (1970) and Elvis on Tour (1972)and the historic 1973 global television special Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii, via Satellite. This footage contains some of Elvis' finest performances from the concert era of his career.
Current Tour Schedule for February & March 2010:
Feb 19 2010 Sheffield ARENA; Feb 20 Birmingham ARENA; Feb 24 Rotterdam AHOY; Feb 26 Manchester ARENA;
Feb 27 London WEMBLEY ARENA; Feb 28 London O2 ARENA; March 2 Belfast ODYSSEY ARENA; March 3 Dublin THE POINT; March 5 Newcastle ARENA; March 6 Glasgow SECC; March 7 Liverpool ECHO ARENA;
Go here for more Tour details and Pre-Sale info (News, Source:SanjaM/EIN/EPE)

Tony Curtis to be Special Guest at Elvis Week Conversations on Elvis: EPE has announced that Tony Curtis will the special guest for Session One of Conversations on Elvis at Elvis Wek on Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 10:00 am.
Tony met Elvis in 1960 when he was filming The Rat Race at Paramount Studios. Elvis was a fan of Curtis from watching his films in Memphis theaters and it is even rumored that Elvis copied Curtis' "ducktail" hairstyle in the '50s.
Session Two of Conversations on Elvis will feature some of the cast from Elvis' 1969 Las Vegas engagement at The International Hotel. Both segments will be hosted by Tom Brown from Turner Classic Movies.
The location of the event will be announced soon. Tickets are available for either event individually or you can purchase both together and save. They expect a sell out of this event so purchase tickets in advance.
Go here for Elvis Week ticket info.

(News, Source;EPE)

Goodbye Boppin' Bob Jones: The legendary Bob Jones has passed away. He died in hospital yesterday morning, after a short battle with cancer. Bob, sound engineer supreme, worked on countless UK Elvis and Rock'n' Roll releases over the last 3 decades. He's famous for bringing live to the music of Elvis from the 50s. Some of his best known work was for the "Essential Elvis" albums. The cover of 'Essential Elvis Volume 2' even carried a charming technical note by Boppin' Bob about Binaural audio. Besides RCA, Bob worked as a sound mastering engineer for many labels. His work for Bear Family is legendary. Bob was a crazy kool guy. One of a kind. Love you Bob - Ger Rijff. (News, Source;GerRijff)

Elvis pal Red West discovers ‘Solo’ stardom at age 72: As reported by EIN last month (see review below), Red West is getting some marvellous media coverage from his new movie 'Solo'. The Boston Herald also carried this recent story....
... Some actors hit stardom overnight. Others, like Red West, take a longer route to fame. At 72, West has his first leading role since he began acting 40 years ago, in the critically acclaimed "Goodbye Solo."
"I wanted to be in movies since I saw Roy Rogers as a kid. I never thought this would happen," said the Memphis native. West grew up with Elvis Presley, joined his entourage, then became a stuntman.
"I’ve had close calls, ‘Black Sheep Squadron,’ ‘Road House,’ ‘Glory Road’ - but I thought starring roles had passed by."
West hadn’t counted on Ramin Bahrani, the 34-year-old writer-director of "Solo." The son of Iranian immigrants grew up in Winston-Salem, N.C.
"Ramin was friends with another director from Memphis and when he saw me in his ‘40 Shades of Blue’ from what I understand he said, ‘That’s him.’ "
In "Goodbye Solo" West plays William, a man ready to end it all. He hires Sengalese taxi driver Solo (Souleymane Sy Savane) to drive him to a local mountain spot in two weeks. Solo can’t accept what William intends and moves in with him to change his mind.
"I had to get myself into that character," West said. "I’ve had knee replacement, I’m getting older. So I thought about these things and tried to put myself in William’s place."
Bahrani knew West could keep the cast and crew entertained for months with stories about Elvis. So he isolated West from everyone during filming.
"I tried to stay separated, but now and then Solo and I were goofing around," West said. "Ramin was always there to remind me, ‘You two don’t like each other.’ "
Aug. 16 marks the 32nd anniversary of Elvis’ death.
"I was in the Marine Corps when he did his first four movies and then I was in every one after that," West recalled from his son’s home in Redondo Beach, Calif. "To grow up with somebody like that, it’s hard to, I don’t know, to understand it. He had something nobody has or ever has had. It’s generation after generation."
As for the star’s drug-addicted, self-destructive decline and death, "I really don’t want to get into a conversation about that. I knew it was not going to turn out well," West said. "I wasn’t there at the end, I’d given up. I was working on ‘Black Sheep Squadron’ when we got the news."
Click here to the movie trailer. (News, Source;SanjaM/BostonHerald)

Third Annual Elvis Cruise Set to Sail in November 2009: EPE and Carnival Cruise Lines today proudly announce the public on sale of The Elvis Cruise, now entering its third year of sailing as a music-themed cruise. The Elvis Cruise will set sail on the 2,052-passenger Carnival Inspiration November 12-16, 2009, round-trip from Tampa, Florida, calling at Cozumel, Mexico.
Hosted by Elvis’ close friend and entourage member, Jerry Schilling, the cruise will feature live music and entertainment from some of Elvis’ former band mates and backup singers along with the best Elvis tribute artists in the world. The artists will perform nightly in "Vegas" style shows and in more intimate settings in the various lounges and performance areas on board the Carnival Inspiration. Currently scheduled to perform are The TCB Band, The Imperials, The Sweet Inspirations, Joe Guercio, D.J. Fontana, Terry Mike Jeffrey & Band, Andy Childs, Ronnie McDowell and The Dempseys along with Elvis Tribute Artists Gino Monopoli, Victor Trevino, Ted Torres, Dwight Icenhower, Jay Zanier, Simon Patrick, Bryant Scott, Mark Anthony, Joseph Hall, Kevin Mills, and George Thomas. Joining the cruise for the first time this year are Elvis’ movie co-stars Celeste Yarnall from Live a Little, Love a Little,
Cynthia Pepper from Kissin Cousins and Chris Noel from Girl Happy. Another addition this year is famed Elvis photographer Al Wertheimer.
"The type of talent performing on this cruise is what you would have found on tour or in the recording studio with Elvis, as many of the artists worked with him professionally for many years," said Jerry Schilling, host of The Elvis Cruise.
From the Carnival Inspiration’s seven-deck-high Atrium, gift shops and dining rooms to the bars, Lido Deck and main stage, you will find the King of Rock 'n' Roll and his music around every corner. In addition to Elvis-themed entertainment, guests will also enjoy in-room Elvis movies, meet and greet sessions with celebrity guests, an Elvis fashion show, trivia tournaments and many other Elvis-themed activities.
While the primary focus of the cruise is Elvis and live entertainment, guests will also enjoy the offerings and culture that go along with a visit to Cozumel. The vibrant reefs of the Mexican isle are a magnet for snorkelers and divers while a brief trip inland allows passengers to explore the rich Mayan heritage and landmarks around the island. Cabins for The Elvis Cruise are now on sale and start at US$599 per person based on double occupancy plus taxes and fees. For more information, Click here to Theelviscruise.com. (News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)

'In The Ghetto' - The 40th Anniversary: 'In The Ghetto' was released forty years ago today on April 14th 1969. While the NBC '68 TV Special, along with the single 'If I Can Dream', had pushed Elvis back to the forefront of popular culture once more, it would be the release of 'In the Ghetto' that would prove to everyone that Elvis was once again a powerful and relevant contemporary musical force.
To celebrate the 40th anniversary EIN looks back in detail at the history of this classic song, including insights from Marty Lacker, as well as an interview with composer Mac Davis.

Go here for this fascinating spotlight


(Spotlight, Source; EIN)

'I Believe: The Gospel Masters’ BMG box-set review Updated with YOUR feedback: Now updated with some reader's feedback and comments on whether 'Miracle Of the Rosary' was deliberately missed off the 4CD set.

'I Believe: The Gospel Masters’ BMG box-set review: "I Believe – The Gospel Masters" is a BMG 4CD repackage of (nearly) all of Elvis’ Gospel and Inspirational Master recordings. While true Elvis fans will have bought most of these all-important recordings several times before, BMG promises the best-quality remastered Studio Sessions, along with an interesting final CD of other inspirational material. EIN's Piers Beagley spends a week soaking in Elvis' glorious spirit as he sings for salvation and escape. He discovers a few surprises on the way and considers whether BMG has delivered a value-for money quality box-set for 2009.

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(CD Reviews, Source; EIN)

"The Gospel According To Elvis" - an EIN Spotlight by Nigel Goodall: In celebration of the new BMG release of 'I Believe: Elvis Gospel Masters' acclaimed author and EIN contributor Nigel Goodall explores this least appreciated influence on Elvis’ career. More than any other musical genre, gospel played a consistently important role in Elvis’ life, from his childhood to his final years on the road. Gospel music brought Elvis his only Grammy awards, and also became his consolation in times of stress or depression.  During the dark years of the 60s, when Elvis' recording career came close to collapsing in a sea of trivia, his spiritual releases acted as a beacon of artistic quality. Yet this side of Elvis' great legacy is too often ignored by the general public. Click here for this fascinating spotlight. (Spotlight, Source;EIN/Nigel Goodall)

'Easter Special' FTD CD review: A one-off Easter Special from FTD back in 2001. Twenty fascinating Gospel tracks - with some outtakes that even surpass the Master recordings as they catch Elvis at his most spontaneous and enthused. EIN's Piers Beagley provides an in-depth review and discovers some alternate takes beautiful enough to bring a tear to your eye!

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Ernst Jorgensen interview about the 'Easter Special' FTD. During Easter 2006 Sirius Radio DJ Doc Walker talked with Ernst Jorgensen, the respected keeper of Elvis’ musical legacy, about the FTD release 'Easter Special'. In this detailed interview Ernst reveals why he chose the particular tracks, and his thoughts on Elvis' religious sessions.


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DJ Fontana and Bill Black inducted into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame": "We had to click in the studio and we had to get along on the road," says DJ Fontana of being in Elvis's band. Elvis was of course one of the first Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees in 1986. Now it was finally Elvis' rhythm section's turn. "I appreciate that they're doing it," said drummer DJ Fontana (right). "I never played rock 'n' roll until I joined Elvis, and look at me now, here I am," said inductee and drummer D.J. Fontana. "This is great. It worked out good!"
"Elvis himself actually was a good rhythm guitar player. He played on a lot of songs with us, too -- the whole band. He'd sing and play. And he was good at it. He could do anything he decided he wanted to do."
"It's kind of a blur after this many years," said Fontana, 78. "When we worked,
we were doing six and seven days a week. We'd be in this town tonight and Chicago the next night. It was 400 and 500 miles overnight. So that's about all we had time to do -- get to where we're going, sleep a couple hours and go back and work again.
"It's hard to find three or four guys who work together and everything gels just right. . . . There'd be arguments, of course, but in five minutes, it's over. We had to click in the studio and we had to get along on the road."
Bill Black sadly died of a brain tumor back in 1965; he was only 39.
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