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Tuesday 31 March 2009
"The Gospel According To Elvis" - an EIN Spotlight by Nigel Goodall: In celebration of the new BMG release of 'I Believe: Elvis Gospel Masters' acclaimed author and EIN contributor Nigel Goodall explores this least appreciated influence on Elvis’ career. More than any other musical genre, gospel played a consistently important role in Elvis’ life, from his childhood to his final years on the road. Gospel music brought Elvis his only Grammy awards, and also became his consolation in times of stress or depression.  During the dark years of the 60s, when Elvis' recording career came close to collapsing in a sea of trivia, his spiritual releases acted as a beacon of artistic quality. Yet this side of Elvis' great legacy is too often ignored by the general public. Click here for this fascinating spotlight. (Spotlight, Source;EIN/Nigel Goodall)

Choosing Elvis Tupelo Festival headliner a long process: Tupelo June festival, the dates are announced and the poster's picked. Now the next major news expected from the Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival is the announcement of what band or singer will entertain thousands of Elvis fans at this year's event.
Festival organizers hope to have a name out by early April. "We even had crazy names up there, like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, to acts like the Zac Brown Band and Jake Owen," Daniel said. "We wanted to make it as much of a wish list as possible." With that information in hand, the list was narrowed to about 15 to 20 candidates for headliner, Daniel said.
Daniel said she would love to hire an A-list country star like Taylor Swift, but Swift's hefty, six-figure price tag is simply too steep. "That's more than our whole budget for the festival," Brangenberg said of Swift's price. "When you have a huge headliner, you have to have a high ticket price," she said. "The bigger the act, the bigger everything else - the size of the stage, the equipment, the security, the lights... Those expenses turn back to the public in terms of the price of a ticket." With a sour economy, affordable ticket prices are a priority this year, she said.
Daniel and Brangenberg offer no clues as to who this year's headliner could be, but the pair promise a good time at the 2009 festival. Past headliners of the Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival include Jo Dee Messina, Chuck Berry, B.B. King and "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks. The Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival will be June 5-7. (News, Source;EIN/SanjaM)


Red West's new film gets rave review: Red West's new film is 'Goodbye Solo' and has been receiving rave reviews. Film critic Roger Ebert has posted the following. . .. . (Right:Red West and Souleymane Sy Savane)
>>"Two actors. One from Africa. The other who was a bodyguard for Elvis. Who but Director Ramin Bahrani would find these men and pair them in a story of heartbreaking depth and power? Bahrani is the new great American director. He never steps wrong. In "Goodbye Solo," he begins with a situation that might unfold in a dozen different ways and makes of it something original and profound. It is about the desire to help and the desire to not be helped.
Now look at these actors. They aren't playing themselves, but they evoke their characters so fully that they might as well be. Red West plays William, the white man. West's face is a map of hard living.
He was a Marine and a boxer. He became a friend of Elvis in high school. He was his bodyguard and driver from 1955 -- a charter member of the "Memphis Mafia." He split with Elvis after breaking the foot of the cousin who was bringing Elvis drugs, and telling him he would work his way up to his face.
Souleymane Sy Savane plays Solo, the taxi driver. He is from the Ivory Coast, although the character is from Senegal. Savane was a flight attendant for Air Afrique. Solo is studying for just such a job. Solo lives in Winston-Salem, is married to a Mexican-American woman, adores the woman's young daughter, acts as her father. William's face was made to look pissed off. Solo's face was made to smile. We are not speaking of an odd couple here. We're speaking of human nature. You can't learn acting like this. Bahrani worked with the actors for months. Savane drove a taxi in Winston-Salem. Red West spent a lifetime rehearsing William (although in real life, he is said to be kind and friendly). Bahrani and his cinematographer, Michael Simmonds, discussed every shot.
Although this is an independent film in its heart and soul, it is a classical film in its style. It is as pure as something by John Ford. A film like this makes me wonder if we are coming to the end of the facile, snarky indie films. We live in desperate times. Wherever you live, when this film opens, it will be the best film in town."
(News, Source;EIN/SanjaM)

New line of Elvis cool design Accessories: Elvis is 'The King' and the timeless cultural icon that everybody loved and still worships. ComecoInc.com offers wholesale handbags, backpacks, belt buckles and a whole load of other chic accessories that has ultimately captured the very essence of the King. Wholesale handbags in a variety of styles such as vinyl bags, tote bags, shoulder bags, hobo bags and messenger bags are up for grabs with ComecoInc.com's tribute to Elvis Presley. The dashing good looks of the legendary icon is also eternally etched on vinyl wallets (image right), coin purses and even cosmetic boxes.
With the help of the Elvis design team, the online maker of wholesale handbags strives to combine the hottest and latest in fashion styles for all Elvis fans.
Go here to have a look (News, Source;EIN/SanjaM)

Monday 30 March 2009
President Barack Obama and super Elvis fan, former President Bill Clinton, are now "honorary members" of The Memphis Mafia. See below for details on how you too can also join up with these famous and special Elvis fans.
The Bosses' Men Induct The King's Men. Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band rhythm section members Max Weinberg (drums) and Garry Tallent (bass) will induct Elvis Presley collaborators DJ Fontana (drums) and Bill Black (bass) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Black and Fontana will enter the hall, in the sideman category, at an April 4 ceremony at Cleveland's Public Auditorium. Other members of the class of '09, with their inductors listed in parentheses, are: Metallica (Flea, of the Red Hot Chili Pepper); Run-DMC (Eminem); Jeff Beck (Jimmy Page); Bobby Womack (Ron Wood); and Little Anthony and the Imperials (Smokey Robinson).
Keyboardist Spooner Oldham will also be inducted as a sideman (by Paul Shaffer), while Wanda Jackson will enter the hall as an early influence (inductor not named yet). The Cleveland hall will open a new exhibit, "From Asbury Park to the Promised Land: The Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen," on April 1. (News, Source:StoneyNews )

Elvis' "Ode To A Robin" Sells: EIN featured an article on the Elvis Memorabila Auction last week but now the tabloid media have discovered Elvis' “Ode to a Robin”. Here is what they report...
..>>> They say one can never put a price on an item that once used to belong to one of the most famous figures in the music industry, but the most recent auction of Elvis memorabilia just did. The bird murder poem that went up for sale a little over a week ago was just now sold for the whopping sum of $20,035.20.
The unique poem managed to sell for more than the expected price. When the auction opened over at GottaHaveIt, the initial announcement said that, “Ode to a Robin,” the poem that Elvis himself wrote and was immensely proud of, would get about $4,000-5,000, since there were other items in the massive auction that seemed of more interest with fans. Yet, it looks like the King’s handwriting convinced one lucky buyer to shell out over $20,000 for it. “Elvis Presley handwrote this poem and initialed it in blue ballpoint pen on his personal stationery titled ‘From the home of… Elvis Presley.’ The yellow stationery measures 5” x 5.25”. This is a poem that Elvis would recite often on stage and in his personal life, called ‘Ode to a Robin.’ (EIN note: It can be found on the FTD 'Made In Memphis')

Elvis even used it on his home phone message machine recording. He wrote the poem down for several people and this one was given to his very good friend Charlie Hodge in the 1970’s. Comes with signed letter from Hodge on his personally stationery dated December 12, 1993.” a description of the poem on the website hosting the auction reads.
Although relatively short, the “Ode to a Robin” is full of surprises. As several media outlets have pointed out at the time the auction was opened, the poem starts on a happy note and ends in tragedy, just like the singer’s life. Its value mostly relies on the fact that it presents a side of Elvis as few got to know him, which brings this lucky buyer who nabbed it one step closer to the King as he truly was, it has been stressed.Go here for some great pictures and more details (News, Source;EIN) 

'Essential Elvis #63' magazine now out: The March/April edition of the UK Essential Elvis magazine is now out. This edition contains a fascinating interview with Elvis' 1956 girlfriend Barbara Hearn (great cover) as well as a feature on Spinout/Clambake co-star Will Hutchins. There's also the regular News & Reviews plus an article on Cricket's guitarist Sonny Curtis and the Buddy Holly & Elvis connection.

Go here for more details and information on Essential Elvis.


And don't miss this EIN Spotlight on Buddy Holly and Elvis.

(News, Source;Essential Elvis)

Seven Inches Of Pleasure: Happy 60th Birthday to the vinyl single!: For many of us the 7" 45RPM single was our first music purchase. The circle of black vinyl with a label and a hole in the middle was a magical portal into another world; they were cheap ( even a schoolboy fan's pocket money could buy one), plentiful and marketed aggressively. Even now in the age of anonymous CD singles and invisible intangible downloads, the 7" single retains a mystique, perhaps relegated to a box in the spare room or for the devoted still sought out by avid collectors, DJs and audiophiles. The supposedly superseded vinyl single still has an attraction and appeal 60 years on.
On 31 March 1949, RCA released the first commercial 7" single spinning at 45rpm. Eddy Arnold's Texarkana Baby on bright green vinyl, soon followed by Arthur Crudup's That's All Right on cerise vinyl - both rock'n'roll classics. The two formats, singles and four-track EPs, were initially colour-coded - green vinyl for country and polka, red for classical, yellow for children's, blue for international, cerise for rhythm'n'blues. By 1954, 200 million 45s had been sold
45s were also adapted to the smaller spindle of an LP player with a plastic snap-in insert known as a "spider". In countries outside of the US, 45s often had the smaller album-sized holes (ie Australia and New Zealand), or otherwise a pseudo-spider was "built-in" to the record, which could be punched out if desired (ie the U.K. especially before the 1970s).
From the mid-1950s through the 1960s, in the U.S. the common home "record player" or "stereo" (after the introduction of stereo recording) would typically have had these features: a three- or four-speed player (78, 45, 33â…“, and sometimes 16â…” rpm); with changer, a tall spindle that would hold several records and automatically drop a new record on top of the previous one when it had finished playing, a combination cartridge with both 78 and microgroove styluses and a way to flip between the two; and some kind of adapter for playing the 45s with their larger centre hole.
Careers were built around them, charts reflected their sales, then in the sixties as they did in so many areas of popular music The Beatles upped the ante by releasing multiple non album track singles a year, not with the "A" side and a sub-standard throw-away on the "B" side, instead they released double "A" sided singles and put them into a picture sleeves. Their peers and a generation of musicians took up their innovations and in the sixties the single format boomed. Then the pendulum swung to albums in the Seventies, before punk and independent artists and labels revitalised the format in the late Seventies.
In spite of their flaws, such as the lack of portability and their scratchability and vulnerability to heat, vinyl records still have enthusiastic supporters. Vinyl records continue to be manufactured and sold today, especially by independent rock bands and labels, although singles record sales are considered to be a niche market. Old records and out of print recordings in particular are in much demand by collectors the world over. Many popular new albums are given releases on vinyl records and older albums are also given reissues as well, sometimes on audiophile grade vinyl with high quality sleeves. Ironically the internet has helped keep the format alive by providing collectors and enthusiasts with global networks of singles specialist sites.
In the U.K. sales of new vinyl records (particularly 7 inch singles) have increased significantly in recent years, somewhat reversing the downward trend seen during the 1990s. In the U.S. annual vinyl sales increased by 85.8% between 2006 and 2007,[and by 89% between 2007 and 2008. One format that has seen a mini-revival in recent years is the seven-inch single, where sales have increased fivefold since 2000. Rock and indie music have driven the revival, showing there is a market for people who want attractively-packaged singles product.
Global All-Time Top 10 Singles; Elvis has Two singles in the Top-Ten.
1. Candle In The Wind '97 - Elton John (37 million)
2. White Christmas - Bing Crosby (30m)
3. Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley and His Comets (17m)
4. I Want To Hold Your Hand - The Beatles (12m)
5 Hey Jude - The Beatles (10m)
5 It's Now Or Never - Elvis Presley (10m)
6 I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston (10m)
8 Hound Dog - Elvis Presley (9m)
8 Diana - Paul Anka (9m)
9 I'm A Believer - The Monkees (8m)
10 (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - The Bryan Adams (8m)
So Happy Birthday and congratulations to the 7" single for surviving 60 years!
(News, Source;EIN/SanjaM)

THE King had a pauper's backstage rider: Joe Esposito is in Australia working the "Elvis' best friend" angle - while others close to Elvis believe that "Diamond Joe' was paid by Colonel Parker to spy on Elvis' personal life. . .
Here is today's media story from the Sun Herald.
>>> "Elvis Presley, the most influential figure in rock 'n' roll, made one simple tour demand. "Two six-packs of Mountain Valley spring water," said Presley's best friend, Joe Esposito.
"All these people today, who want certain colour M&Ms removed, or water at a certain temperature, are in show business for the wrong reason. Elvis lived to sing on stage for the people.
"He didn't care about riders. Water -- that was it."
Esposito, 71, has spent the summer in Australia his real job, however is a casino host for high rollers at Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. Steve Wynn, arguably the most powerful man in Sin City, hired Esposito for the same reason Daiquiri Group wants part of the action. His connection to Presley.
Esposito met Presley in 1958 while doing military service and stationed in West Germany.
"One thing Elvis liked about me is I'm a very organised person, a detail freak," Esposito said. "We were in Paris for a week. He saw how I handled everything, took care of money and got receipts together."

After they left the army in 1960, Esposito became Presley's road manager and bodyguard. Esposito was constantly with Presley, including when he met future wife Priscilla. He was Presley's JOINT best man at the wedding (despite what Joe himsefl says!). He was at Graceland when The King died.
Esposito said Presley was not manipulated by controversial manager Col. Tom Parker and got upset by charges he sexualised music. Presley's famous hip gyrations earned the nickname Elvis The Pelvis.
But Esposito said Presley hated the debate about his dance moves.
"It would upset him and he felt bad," Esposito said. "He'd say the critics didn't understand."
Presley told Esposito: "What I do is a natural feeling. I don't have a choreographer. Whatever I feel, I do on stage.
"I don't want to hurt or bother anybody. Whatever my body tells me to do, I do it."
Esposito said Presley never practised his songs.
He would often sing alone, for hours, at a piano -- but other people's songs. "Never his own," said Esposito.
Presley was religious and struggled to understand his God-given talents. "It was the biggest mystery of his life," Esposito said. "It drove him nuts."
Presley respected musicians and loved all music. He liked The Beatles, but could not understand the psychedelic era.
"Elvis loved entertainers who sang from the heart -- because he did," Esposito said.
"But he was confused by psychedelic music. "To him, the words didn't make much sense. Everybody was probably stoned out of their mind. "If he listened to it, he'd always ask: 'What does that mean?' "
Presley knew the score, however, when he met Priscilla Beaulieu while in Germany in 1959.
"Nobody knew she was 14," Esposito said. "She was very grown up."
Esposito said Presley and Priscilla's first encounters were playful and innocent.
"People always had the wrong impression and thought they had sex. No," Esposito said.
"They would sit and talk. He sat at the piano, she sat next to him and he would sing old songs. He was very much a gentleman. He wanted to get to know her." They married in Las Vegas in 1967.
Esposito has long said Presley could never be faithful to one woman -- including Priscilla.
"He loved women too much. He loved this one, he loved that one," Esposito said. "And all the girls he dated idolised him."
Esposito said Presley's spiral into prescription drug hell began with painkillers. "He got hooked real bad,"
The drugs would cause mood swings and depression. "Sometimes, Elvis would be very upset, then his mood would change. He would scream and yell at us, then the next day he would be fine. It wasn't too good in the last year of life. But we never thought he would die." Esposito said Presley tried to quit his addiction.
"There would be times where he would stop taking anything for a month or two," he said.
"He'd be in Hawaii on vacation, playing football on the beach, clearing his mind and feeling good, but something would happen when he got back home. If a 42-year-old man doesn't want to help himself, you can't do a damn thing about it. He has to want to do it. We talked to Elvis over and over and over again. There was nothing more we could do."
While Esposito was Presley's right-hand man, Col. Parker kept tight reins on the star. Esposito denied widespread theories that Parker manipulated Presley.
"Elvis was not an easy guy to handle," Esposito said. "He could be hard headed. But Parker came up with more smart ideas than anybody. Nobody could compare with what he did for Elvis Presley."
Esposito said Parker was careful not to overexpose Presley. "He kept a mystery," Esposito said. "They had fights and disagreements. The colonel wasn't perfect. Neither was Elvis. They were human."
Presley died on August 16, 1977, after a heart attack. Esposito was at Graceland and called the ambulance.
"I knew we were too late," he said. "He was already gone."
Esposito became tour manager for Michael Jackson, Karen Carpenter, the Bee Gees and John Denver.
Esposito said Jackson's brief marriage to Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, was a decoy because Jackson was embroiled in claims of child molestation. "She was just trying to help Michael out at the time," Esposito said. "They were friends but, little by little, people realised what she was trying to do."
Jackson has planned a string of concerts in London in July, but Esposito said Jackson's comeback chances were slim.
"He has to see a psychiatrist, but he isn't going to do that. He's not going to admit he has a problem," he said.
He smiled and said times, and celebrity culture, had changed. Most new millennium stars were ungrateful brats.
"Celebrities in the old days had more respect for the fans," Esposito said. "It bugs the hell out of me that the new kids don't know about respect and courtesy. If it wasn't for the fans, they wouldn't be stars. A lot of entertainers won't even sign autographs today. "Elvis would sign every autograph. He had respect for people."
Esposito said Presley honoured his fans too much to try the ultimate conspiracy -- that he faked his death.
"These so-called Elvis sightings are hurtful," Esposito said. "If he were alive, Elvis would never stop singing. He would rather be dead than not be on stage, singing. But I was there, man. He's gone. I wish he wasn't, but he is. Elvis is gone."
(News, Source;HeraldSun)

Become an Honorary member of the Memphis Mafia!!!:

The membership enrollment is doing so well, in the spirit of exclusitivity,  the membership enrollment will now close on April 10th  and we wanted to inform you all of how things are going and what we intend to do.

We are also proud to announce that as of today (3/26) President Barack Obama and super Elvis fan, former President Bill Clinton, are now honorary members of The Memphis Mafia.

Click here to join this exclusive club and become an Honorary member of the Memphis Mafia

Saturday 28 March 2009
'59 Rumours of Elvis' death untrue!: Fifty years ago this weekend rumours flew round the world of Elvis' having been killed in a car crash while returning to home from a trip to Frankfurt. Elvis' father Vernon and Elvis' secretary had been spotted being taken into a German hospital having survived a major car crash - but there was no sign of Elvis! This sparked world-wide rumours. Elvis however was not in the car at all. Here is the news report from the time, March 28, 1959.
Elvis' Father Hurt in Wreck:
BAD NAUHEIM, Germany (UPI): Elvis Presley's father and secretary were slightly injured in an automobile accident which totally, wrecked their car.
A spokesman for the 3d Armd Div, with which the soldier-singer is stationed near here, said Vernon Presley and the singer's secretary, Elisabeth Stefaniak, suffered bruises in the accident, which occurred Thursday night on the Frankfurt-Kassel autobahn, about five miles south of the spa where the Presleys live.
Elvis was still en route home from his Army duties at Friedberg when the accident occurred.
Presley Driving
The accident took place when the elder Presley was driving the Pfc's secretary home from a shopping tour in Frankfurt.
Miss Stefaniak is an adopted daughter Army Sfc Raymond L. McCormick.
Presley attempted to pass another car, driven by a German, when that car, in turn, pulled out in an attempt to pass a truck.
When Presley hit the brakes, his car went out of control, rolled over several times and ended up in the other lane of the highway.
The occupants were taken to a nearby German hospital, treated for bruises and discharged. (26 March 1959)
The following day Elvis was very much alive as he celebrated the halfway mark in the army with an 'Over The Hump' party. (News, Source;EIN)

'The Last Vegas Opening Night' - import CD delay: Straight Arrow label announced its 12th release near the end of December; a double CD with the famous December 2nd, 1976 Opening Night. Some fans are asking, "Why is this release delayed and will it ever see the daylight?". The answer is very simple: Straight Arrow is here to give you the best possible quality. We originally intended to use a 1978 first generation copy for this release, simply because we figured that the original tape was no longer around or could no longer be traced. But then, as the project was almost near completion, our search for the original tape finally paid off, and we got in touch with the person who recorded the concert and owns the original 120-minute master tape. The sound fidelity and overall quality of this tape is FAR superior to any copy in circulation, and unlike these copies is also 100% complete!
The negotiations took some time, but we came to an agreement, and the Straight Arrow team is now working its magic on the original tape. We can assure you that you will be impressed when you hear this; one of the King’s finest ’76 concerts in a remarkably clear and dynamic sound. The person who recorded the show also wrote the liner notes, a unique eye-witness perspective from a person who was THERE and describes the show in fascinating detail.
Tracks: CD1: 01. Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen - 04. Love Me - 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 06. You Gave Me A Mountain - 07. Jailhouse Rock - 08. It's Now Or Never / Are You Sincere (excerpt) - 09. All Shook Up - 10. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - 11. Dialogue / Don't Be Cruel (excerpt) - 12. And I Love You So - 13. I Just Can't Help Believin' (by request / last live version) - 14. Fever - 15. Softly As I Leave You - 16. Polk Salad Annie.
CD2: 01. Band Introductions - 02. Early Mornin' Rain - 03. What'd I Say - 04. Johnny B. Goode - 05. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - 06. Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) - 07. Piano Solo (Tony Brown) - 08. Electric Piano & Clavinet Solo (David Briggs) - 09. Love Letters - 10. School Day - 11. Celebrity Introductions (Vikki Carr, Glen Campbell) - 12. Hurt #1 - 13. Hurt #2 - 14. Hound Dog (with false start) - 15. Hawaiian Wedding Song (with false start) - 16. Dialogue - 17. Blue Christmas - 18. That's All Right, Mama - 19. Bridge Over Troubled Water - 20. Introduction of Vernon Presley - 21. Can't Help Falling In Love - 22. Closing Vamp.
Approx. runing time: 101 minutes (News, Source:SA)
Friday 27 March 2009


We would like to thank the worldwide Elvis fans for the wonderful reception they have given to our new Memphis Mafia organization.  We now have members from all over the world and the US.

We want to keep this an exclusive organization in our quest to keep Elvis' memory alive as this organization is not all about money. In case you are not aware, this is a Lifetime Membership. There are no annual fees that you have to pay to renew your membership. We are more interested in keeping Elvis' legacy and memory intact and forever. We also wanted to make it possible for some of the fans to be a part of the group closest to Elvis, The Memphis Mafia. Most of the members have already received their beautiful membership certificates and they are quite happy.

We are also proud to announce that as of today (3/26) President Barack Obama and super Elvis fan, former President Bill Clinton, are now honorary members of The Memphis Mafia.

(Right:Rare candid of Lamar Fike, Marty Lackar and Elvis)

Become an Honorary member of the Memphis Mafia!!!:

A once in a lifetime opportunity for fans in recognition of their undying support for Elvis, more than 30 years after his passing.

The membership enrollment is doing so well, in the spirit of exclusitivity,  the membership enrollment will now close on April 10th  and we wanted to inform you all of how things are going and what we intend to do.

Click here to join this exclusive club and become an Honorary member of the Memphis Mafia

Elvis Auction attracts high bids: As noted below the online auction house 'Gotta Have It!' featured an Elvis memorabilia auction ending on March 25 with more than 400 lots. Highlights in this auction were the blue/gold jumpsuit from the Madison Square Garden concert, the white grand piano that once stood in the music room in Graceland and a combination of a black pants and shirt that Elvis use in his free time. The auction ended with results far higher than anticipated. Many items were sold for a price over the estimated values. Somewhat surprisingly Elvis' white Knabe Grand Piano attracted no bids at all.
Worth noting are:
Madison Square Garden Jumpsuit
Estimated value $150,000-$200,000: Sold for $212,588
Black Pants and Shirt
Estimated value $9,000-$10,000: Sold for $33,152
Silver and Turquoise Stage Belt
Estimated value $10,000-$12,000: Sold for $24,906
14KT Gold and Diamond Owl Ring (shown right)
Estimated value $7,000-$8,000: Sold for $40,388.40 / € 29.733
Elvis wore this Owl ring a lot in December 1970 however Elvis eventually tired of it and gave it away on a whim to his record producer Felton Jarvis.
The strange 'Guitar Pillow' shown below with Elvis' signature went for $1,200.
Go here for some great pictures and more details
(News, Source;EIN/ElvisMatters)

Over 1,700 Rare Elvis Photos - More added today:

Only started a few weeks ago and already 600 members!

Elvis fans don't miss out on these rare and exciting photographs including 1956 Las Vegas Frontier Hotel photos in Colour! - from EIN contributor Sanja Meegin. Click here to access our Facebook - The Elvis Information Network. You need to be a Facebook Member.

One Day With Jerry Scheff in Italy: The Italian Elvis fan club 'One Night With Elvis' is offering fans a great opportunity. On June 13 in Milan they have organised a special lunch with TCB bass-player Jerry Scheff and a chance to listen to his stories from his years with Elvis. Note that the meeting will start at midday with a welcome drink and the possibility to take pictures and get autographs.

Click here for more detailsand bookings




(News, Source;OneNightWithElvis)

Why Mexicans Hated Elvis! In May 1959 while Elvis Presley’s popularity in the U.S. was arguably at its all-time peak, Mexico was in the midst of a huge anti-Elvis backlash.
Tijuana tabloids called him a racist and homossexual, after the singer reportedly told gossip columnist Federico de León "I'd rather kiss three black girls than a Mexican."A Mexican woman in the same column was quoted saying "I'd rather kiss three dogs than one Elvis Presley.”
Mexican Radio Exitos read de León's column over the air and spearheaded a boycott of the "insolent artist," while the powerful student group Federación Estudiantil Universitaria (FEU) held public record burnings.

 When Elvis’ movie King Creole screened in May 1959 at the Américas Cinema in Mexico City, newspapers who’d advertised the film under the title Melodía Siniestra (Sinister Melody) reported a “riot” occurring.
Mexican counterculture novelist Parménides García Saldaña wrote a short story, "El rey criollo," about the screening where several hundred gatecrashers reportedly shredded the seats and threw lit papers onto patrons from the balcony.
“Before the film began,” wrote Saldaña, “it was pure chaos, a f-ing riot as they say more vulgarly. The different gangs shouted ‘Here the Guerrero [neighborhood],’ ‘Here the Roma’ ...And then some chicks come in with leather jackets with swastikas painted on them, pony tails and bobby socks, real rock and roller like…a group of guys gang up around them [and shout] “‘Dance!’”

Mexican reporters suggested Elvis’ hip-wiggling and mannerisms proved he was either maricón (homosexual) or actually a woman in reverse-drag.
The movie Los chiflados del rock'n roll, a musical spoof, was promoted with posters showing Elvis in drag, being shot by rifle-toting men in sombreros, under a banner reading “Die Elvis Presley!” (right)

The book "Refried Elvis: The Rise of the Mexican Counterculture" (Berkeley: University of California Press, c1999) claims the original Elvis quote was fabricated. According to author Eric Zolov, “Herbe Pompeyo of Polygram Records in Mexico City claims that a high-up Mexican political figure wanted to contract Presley for a private party, for which he sent the performer a blank check to fill in as he wished. Presley, according to the story, returned the blank check, so the politico, extremely offended, invented the storyline about Elvis not liking Mexican women.”
Who could have imagined that, four decades later, Mexico would be producing more Elvis velvet paintings than any other region in the world…
 …not to mention giving us “El Vez, the Mexican Elvis….”

(News, Source;EINSanjaM)

John Wilkinson To Visit Belgium And Holland: Long time Elvis musician John Wilkinson is visiting Belgium and Holland in May on invitation by the Belgian/ Dutch ElvisMatters fan club. Different from previous events, the visit of John will be a more 'intimate' happening, with only 50 available tickets per evening.
Because the organizing fan club wants to make John feel extra welcome after a long and tough year with several medical ups and downs, they decided to celebrate his European visit with a top quality dinner. On May 30th in Belgium, 50 fans are invited to attend the diner in honour of John Wilkinson and his wife Terry. This takes place in the deluxe location Kristallijn, where the Belgian King Albert loves to dine.
On May 31st, John visits Eindhoven, where the Maitre D serves a 4 course menu.
Tickets including the dinner and drinks and the meet and greet with John, are 65 euro only. For tickets go here . (News, Source;ElvisMatters)

Thursday 26 March 2009
New NBC filmed Madison Square Garden Footage discovered: A video clip has been posted in the Elvis Insiders audio/video gallery featuring exclusive professionally footage that was captured by an NBC camera crew that was filming Elvis' concert at Madison Square Garden on June 9, 1972, the first night of several engagements at that venue. The rare footage switches back and forth between camera views of the audience and film of a very animated Presley performing Polk Salad Annie in front of the sold-out arena. Previous to this night, the only times Elvis had ever performed in New York City had been on stage for the Dorsey Brothers, Steve Allen and Ed Sullivan television shows. Click here to Insiders footage BUT you do need to be a member to access the footage (News, Source;EPE)

FTD 'Standing Room Only' CD to be shipped this week; According to Ernst Jorgensen yesterday the FTD 'Standing Room Only' CD will be shipped this week. Both the Deluxe double CD and the Vinyl versions of this release look exceptionally good and will hopefully become yet another FTD top-seller.



(News, Source;FTD)

The Madison Import label says "Adios": The final Madison bootleg CD release 'Rock My Soul' is out now (see below for details). It has been announced as the label's final release. This is a very sad moment for hardcore Elvis collectors since it was a great label releasing quality product. However it had been rumoured over a year ago that Madison were running out of quality soundboards and studio material to release. Their "Standing Room Only" series of five volumes was a very fine way to end, although it seemed to be in direct competition to FTD's up-coming release of exactly the same name. As the Madison producers note, "From everyone at Madison, we bid you a fond, affectionate farewell."

(News, Source:Madison)

Elvis Rocked Memphis 35 Years Ago: Elvis' bass-player Duke Bardwell remembers The King's Homecoming Concerts all too well. Thirty-five years ago this week, Elvis performed in his hometown Memphis for the first time in 13 years, for a total of 5 sell-out concerts in front of 62,000 fans. Elvis' mid-70s bassplayer Duke Bardwell remembers that Elvis was nervous about these homecoming concerts, and wanted to give his best to his hometown folks. "He was nervous, he really was", Bardwell remembers. "I was nervous too - he hadn't played in his hometown in 13 years, and we all really wanted it to go well for him". Elvis rose to the occasion, and he gave the hometown folks five dynamite shows in true Presley style. On stage, he looked breathtaking in his dazzling white outfits, and his sense of excitement about these concerts made him even more animated than usual; he charmed the crowds every night with his powerful charisma and his magnificent voice, which he used to great effect on songs like 'Trying To Get To You', 'How Great Thou Art' and 'American Trilogy'. Bardwell remembers that everybody involved was very pleased with the shows. "It went well", he says today, "The energy was good". The final Memphis concert on March 20th, 1974 was recorded by RCA for release later that year. "They were pretty smart about that", Bardwell observes, "They didn't say anything to us about it".

Elvis was real psyched about doing a live-album in his hometown because "this is where it all started out for me", and right before he went on stage, he said,"Man, I'm ready and prepared for this recording session". The resulting album, "Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis", reached #33 in the Billboard Album Charts and sold about half a million copies following its release in July 1974. The album got rave reviews in publications like "Rolling Stone", and Elvis received a Grammy award for the sensational live-version of 'How Great Thou Art' ("Well I'll be darned!", Bardwell enthousiastically says, clearly unaware of the Grammy award until now). It was, as Bardwell observes, "a great show". For Bardwell, the album is very special because he gets a rather unusual name-check from Presley: "Yes. He says 'Anyhow Duke, not talkin' to you personally, Duke, just killing time so I can drink water'. Good God!", Bardwell says laughingly, "I remember thinking, 'If you're going to talk to me, talk to me, but don't say: 'I'm not talking to you'. My family still think that that's real funny".

Duke Bardwell is touring soon in a special Elvis Show - Click here for details as well as an exclusive 2009 interview.l


(News, Source;ADeelen)


Wednesday 18 March 2009

'IN PERSON’ at The International Hotel' FTD CD review: In August 1969 Elvis was bursting with a new enthusiasm and energy. ‘In The Ghetto’ had just charted #3 in the US and Elvis needed to prove to his first Las Vegas audience that the King could truly reclaim his crown. There is no doubt that 40 years after the event it is a real treat to get a brand new 1969 performance - and even if the songs are very similar it is still fascinating to hear Elvis’ audience interaction. EIN's Piers Beagley soaks up the rock'n'roll of Elvis in 1969 with an in-depth look at FTD's "Classic Album" release of this all-important Elvis LP - and discovers some classic ELVIS Moments. Go here for the in-depth review

(FTD reviews, Source; EIN)

FTD Release Update: According to Elvis Unlimited the new "Standing Room Only" CD release on the Follow That Dream collector's label should be out next week while the limited edition vinyl re-issue of this album is scheduled for May 2009. The limited edition vinyl re-issue of the "Blue Hawaii" soundtrack is scheduled for early April. (News, Source Elvis Unlimited)

'Rock My Soul - Standing Room Only Tapes Vol. 5' New Import CD: Up next from the Madison import label will be the CD '' Rock My Soul - Standing Room Only Tapes, Vol. 5," with a fully-illustrated, 16-page booklet. The running time is little over 65 minutes. From the press-release:
"Rock My Soul" concludes the chronicling of Elvis in a hot rehearsal at RCA Hollywood. Hear Presley, the TCB band and the Stamps Quartet run down the upcoming tour with a focus and a sense of fun, with unexpected delights like "Young and Beautiful" and a stunning gospel jam, featuring only Elvis, Charlie Hodge on piano and the Stamps providing backing and sometimes lead vocals. This spirited closing segment is presented as it was recorded then, with piano on one channel and vocals on the other.
Finally, fans can enjoy the unedited second half of this March 31, 1972 rehearsal -- in superb stereo!
Track listing: 1. Burning Love 4:02  2. Help Me Make It Through The Night 3:24 / 3. Can't Help Falling In Love 2:19 / 4. Young And Beautiful 5:17 / 5. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 2:48 / 6. Release Me 3:29 / 7. I'm Leavin' (partial) 0:41 / 8. Elvis chats with musicians 3:10 / 9. C. C. Rider 2:46 / 10. Proud Mary 3:54 / 11. Never Been To Spain 3:34 / 12. The Lighthouse 6:10 / 13. When It's My Time 5:00 / 14. I, John 2:09 / 15. Bosom Of Abraham 0:52 / 16. You Better Run (with false start) 2:10 / 17. Lead Me, Guide Me 3:45 / 18. Sweet Sweet Spirit 2:42 / 19. There's A Room At The Cross (partial) 1:54 / 20. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus / Nearer My God To Thee 4:47
(News, Source: FECC)




Elvis memorabilia offered in online auction: Elvis Presley memorabilia including a performance jumpsuit and a grand piano he played at Graceland went on auction Monday in a demonstration of his commercial appeal 31 years since the King left the building.
The online auction house Gotta Have It! Collectibles will have the items on sale through March 25.
"There is a huge, huge following for Elvis and there always will be," said Peter Siegel of Gotta Have It! "He was larger than life. Today, there are children that are just totally enamored by him and kids dress like him still for Halloween."
Highlights include a blue jumpsuit and cape with gold lining that Presley wore at a Madison Square Garden performance in 1972. Siegel expected these two items to fetch at least $150,000.
The Madison Square concert marked one of the few times Presley performed in New York City and the jumpsuit is pictured on the cover of the live album "An Afternoon in the Garden."
Also on the block is Presley's white Knabe Grand Piano, which he played at his mansion, Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee from 1957 to 1969. It is expected to fetch at least $750,000.
Lot 17 is a fascinating "Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley "Memphis Mafia" Signed Guitar Pillow" !
Elvis' signature sunglasses and gold and diamond owl ring are also on sale.
For tighter budgets there are numerous magazines featuring Presley on the cover and several action figures of Presley with starting bids of $10. Go here for images and bidding. (News, Source; EIN/SanjaM)  

Arkansas Senate panel OKs "Rock 'n' Roll Highway 67": A stretch of U.S. 67 that Elvis and Johnny Cash used to travel is a comin' closer to becoming Arkansas' "Rock 'n' Roll Highway."
The Senate Transportation Affairs Committee on Monday advanced the proposal by Rep. J.R. Rogers of Walnut Ridge to designate U.S. 67 in Jackson, Lawrence and Randolph counties as "Rock 'n' Roll Highway 67."
The measure would require the state Highway and Transportation Department to put up signs marking the rock 'n' roll highway. Rogers says it would help boost economic development and tourism in that part of the state by promoting the highway's connection to the music legends.
"It preserves the history of the area that helped start the roots of rock 'n' roll. It also gives credit to the people in that area and to that area for their contributions," Rogers told the panel.
The bill, which has already passed the House, now heads to the Senate for a vote.
Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland and grew up in Dyess. Besides Presley and Cash, the bill notes that Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino also played at clubs along the stretch of highway. The venues they played at included the Silver Moon in Newport, Charley's Place in Swifton and on top of the Skylark Drive-In in Pocahontas, the proposal says.
"While academics and historians have indicated that a change in the name of this music to 'rockabilly' should be made, everyone who lived, breathed and rocked during this time called the music rock 'n' roll," Rogers' proposal says. (News, Source;EIN/SanjaM)

Opening Dates in December for Cirque Du Soleil Elvis Show: The opening show on should take place on December 16th. 2009 and is by invitation only. The official public premiere should now be on what would have been Elvis' 75th birthday; January 8th. 2010. The shows running up to that will be trial shows.
From the Aria resort website:
The king of rock 'n' roll will soon be back in the building in Las Vegas when ARIA presents a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
The creative geniuses at Cirque du Soleil have created a new show exclusively for ARIA. The production pays tribute to Elvis' music and life, fusing dance and acrobatics, live music and iconic tracks, nostalgia and modernity, high technology and raw emotion. In short, the show will be in Elvis' image: powerful, sexy, whimsical and truly unique.
(News, Source: Brian Quinn) 

'Exceeding All Expectations' new Import CD: Coming soon is a 2CD from the “Rainbow Records” import label which contains the complete performance of Elvis´ last show he ever did at the Sahara Tahoe casino resort. The closing show of May 9, 1976. From the press-release:
Way back in 1993 the “MAC” label released this show using a stunning long-box format. Because this set sold out within a few months - being a real collectors item since then - we decided to give the very interesting content of the show another chance to be listened by as many fans as possible. And to make one thing clear: this show is a real must to listen to. Hear Elvis in a very relaxed mood, not caring at all that the hotel´s management is (still) desperately wanting to force him to do much shorter performances. In fact Elvis gives the crowd more than they probably expected, being on stage for the longest performance he ever did (a stunning two-hours set), singing, laughing and talking as if he would be together with a couple of friends right at his living room at Graceland!
While the first release of this show sixteen years ago suffered from being incomplete (on both editions) we have been able to find new – and different – sources of recordings. These tapes have a listenable, decent sound quality for a fine release. We mixed the tapes using the best of more than one source. Also the new Rainbow Records release will run at the original speed which is different to the MAC release from ´93. The result is – so far - the most definite release of Elvis´ final Lake Tahoe concert.
A few words regarding the content:
Of course, you will find the tracklist at the end of this announcement, but we want to point out some real beauties of this set. A rare and unrehearsed version of “Return To Sender” must be mentioned as well as another rarity: “Young And Beautiful”. “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, dedicated to Linda Thompson and sung with passion. Elvis tells a very funny story about the “Boat Scene” in the movie “Blue Hawaii” and even sings a few lines of his “Sun” classic “Blue Moon of Kentucky”. So all in all there is a lot to discover while listening to Elvis´ not only longest, but also very unusual show! As a bonus we have included David Briggs´ instrumental version of the song “Lady Madonna” which at the time was not only used for the band introductions but also appeared as one of the leading tracks on his solo album titled “Keyboard Sculpture”.
The booklet will feature great liner notes on 20 pages in full colour!
More info soon. (News, Source;Rainbow)


Monday 16 March 2009

Elvis in 1969 - the triumphant return!!!: The King’s return to live performances is one of the highlights of his amazing career.  And one person who was there during that first season in 1969 was Maria Davies.  Courtesy of Rex Martin, EIN presents Maria’s first hand account of Elvis live in Las Vegas in 1969.  Maria’s account of the event is complemented by many wonderful photos she took in 1969 plus several from later seasons. (Spotlight, Source: Rex Martin)

Read full article

EIN Note: Due to a technical hitch, only the first page of this article appeared when first added on 12 March - all 12 pages of Part 1 of Maria's article are now available!!! They include around 20 fantastic visuals from 1969!!!!

Marty Lacker's strong feedback to The American Spectator: Further to our news item on Sat 14 March, Marty Lacker has provided EIN with his letter to The American Spectator about its cover article, Osama bin Elvis:

I have just seen the cover of your latest issue where you compare Osama Bin Laden with Elvis and your drawing of Elvis looking like a clown.

You have a self proclaimed reputation of being a Patriotic American publication primarily because you mainly represent the narrow minded rightwing and this is the way you treat an Amarican Icon like Elvis?

I'm not some Elvis fanatic, I am someone who was with and close to him for twenty years and I and others take your the cover on your rightwing rag as an insult to Elvis' memory and legacy.

I would not be surprised by learning your illustrator and editors had a good laugh when doing that cover, thinking how amusing and clever you are.  I hate to break it to you but you all are the clowns and you should all be ashamed of yourself as well as apologize in your next issue to Elvis, his family, friends and fans.

Thank you,
Marty Lacker

New video project: Elvis - Six Weeks Only is the name of the newest video project being issued by Restoration Sound & Vision, which documents Elvis Presley's first nationally-broadcast performances on Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey's "Stage Show" variety program. RS/V is pleased to offer the first installment, which features the King's inaugural performance from January 28, 1956, exclusively at their website.

A total of six different clips (reflecting all of Presley's appearances on the Dorsey program) are scheduled to be released by the company throughout 2009. The first entry contains spirited renditions of "Shake, Rattle & Roll/Flip, Flop & Fly" and "I Got a Woman". Unlike Elvis' later appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show", of the twelve songs performed on the six programs, only three are repeated- "Heartbreak Hotel" (his 1st RCA single, featured on three programs), and covers of Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" and Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shows" (each featured on two programs).

The footage of each of the "Stage Show" performance clips has been collated and meticulously restored by archivist Kevin Segura ("Elvis - The Ed Sullivan Shows", "Dark Shadows - The Beginning"), utilizing the LiveFeed Video Imaging system. The LiveFeed process, which restores the original "live broadcast" look to vintage television programs, has previously been utilized on a variety of home video projects and network television broadcasts. (News, Source: Elvis News)

"Plugged In" - new Gravel Road CD release: Ger (Tallhair) Rijff posted on FECC:

'In the 1970 rehearsals re-issue series "Plugged In" will be the first upcoming release from Gravel Road, to be followed up by Hang Loose and Get Down... Featured on Plugged In is the complete and UNCUT rehearsal from July 29, from the original vintage tape. More info on this soon to be released cd soon. Sound will be far better than on its original release from long ago. Trust the Tallhair.'

Meanwhile, Johanneson posted the following track listing for the album on FECC:

Here's the track-list of this rehearsal, taken from Keith's (Keith Flynn) site:

Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home
I Just Can't Help Believin'
Little Sister / Get Back
I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
I Was The One
Cattle Call
Baby Let's Play House
Money Honey / Hard Headed Woman (Part)
A Fool Such As I
Froggy Went A Courting
Such A Night
It's Now Or Never / Are You Horny Tonight? (1 Line)
What'd I Say
The Lords Prayer
My Country 'Tis Of Thee
Hava Nagila
My Baby Left Me
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Stranger In The Crowd
Just Pretend

Elvis Cirque du Soleil update: The king of rock 'n' roll will soon be back in the building in Las Vegas when ARIA presents a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The creative geniuses at Cirque du Soleil® have created a new show exclusively for ARIA. The production pays tribute to Elvis' music and life, fusing dance and acrobatics, live music and iconic tracks, nostalgia and modernity, high technology and raw emotion. In short, the show will be in Elvis' image: powerful, sexy, whimsical and truly unique.

The opening show on should take place on December 16th. 2009 and is by invitation only. The official public premiere should now be on what would have been Elvis' 75th birthday; January 8th. 2010. The shows running up to that will be trial shows.

On the FECC forum, Brian Quinn reports that the opening night is already “sold out”. (News, Source: Amber Smith/FECC/Elvis News)

Rock My Soul - Standing Room Only Tapes Vol. 5 (from Madison): The next release from the Madison label will be "Rock My Soul - Standing Room Only Tapes, Vol. 5". It will come with a fully-illustrated, 16-page booklet.

From the press-release: "Rock My Soul" concludes the chronicling of Elvis in a hot rehearsal at RCA Hollywood. Hear Presley, the TCB band and the Stamps Quartet run down the upcoming tour with a focus and a sense of fun, with unexpected delights like "Young and Beautiful" and a stunning gospel jam, featuring only Elvis, Charlie Hodge on piano and the Stamps providing backing and sometimes lead vocals. This spirited closing segment is presented as it was recorded then, with piano on one channel and vocals on the other.

Finally, fans can enjoy the unedited second half of this March 31, 1972 rehearsal -- in superb stereo!

Track listing: 01. Burning Love 4:02 / 02. Help Me Make It Through The Night 3:24 / 03. Can't Help Falling In Love 2:19 / 04. Young And Beautiful 5:17 / 05. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 2:48 / 06. Release Me 3:29 / 07. I'm Leavin' (partial) 0:41 / 08. Elvis chats with musicians 3:10 / 09. C. C. Rider 2:46 / 10. Proud Mary 3:54 / 11. Never Been To Spain 3:34 / 12. The Lighthouse 6:10 / 13. When It's My Time 5:00 / 14. I, John 2:09 / 15. Bosom Of Abraham 0:52 / 16. You Better Run (with false start) 2:10 / 17. Lead Me, Guide Me 3:45 / 18. Sweet Sweet Spirit 2:42 / 19. There's A Room At The Cross (partial) 1:54 / 20. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus / Nearer My God To Thee 4:47 Total: 65:06(News, Source: FECC)

Aussie Chart Update: On this week's ARIA Top 40 Music DVD Chart, Elvis has consecutive entries at #17 and #18. At #17 is The '68 Comeback Special (up 1 place from last week) and at #18 is Elvis: The King of Rock 'n' Roll (down 2 places).


Sunday 15 March 2009

Book Review - Teenagers' Hero: Steve Rino's mammoth book from Italy has met with a mix of praise and criticism.

What is the real story about this release? Is the criticism justified?

Amber Smith (with Nigel Patterson) has explored the more than 400 pages and even more images in Teenagers' Hero, and brings you her detailed review of the release and a few choice words for those who have been critical! (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Read Amber's review

Elvis Trip to Graceland: Kay Sheppard of Chambersburg and Sharon Parker of Concord are huge Elvis Presley fans and are going to Graceland in Memphis April 27 through May 2. One of the events is a "meet-up" at Marlowe's, one of Presley's favorite restaurants. They'll also visit tourist spots off the beaten path. Both women have large Elvis memorabilia collections. They say they aren't making any money off the trip, but they just want to share their love of Elvis with people or any group interested. Contact Parker (615 830-5126) or Shepard (217 327-4358) for more information. Read story (News, Source: Charmaine Jensen-Voisine)

ALMOST ELVIS - UPDATED TODAY: Overnight we have added nearly 30 items to our popular ETA page. Check out the latest events, news and links by clicking here.

And a big thank you again to Charmaine Jensen-Voisine for her untiring efforts in promoting ETAs to fans all around the world!!!

And don't forget to check out Charmaine's fantastic Elvis graphics HERE

Elvis better than the Beatles?: Yesterday, we published a news item about Elvis and the Beatles. Continuing the theme:

About 20 Lakewood High School students begin every morning with a large helping of The Beatles, Elvis and the early years of rock 'n' roll.

"It's a fun class," sophomore Jesse Mitchell, 16, said. "You get a lot of interesting facts."

The Evolution of Rock and Roll class has been taught at Lakewood for about five years, although this is the first year assistant band director Ken Will has taught it. "It happens to fit really well into my interest level," Will said.

The class starts out in the 1940s and 1950s -- covering Alan Freed -- and continues as far as they can get, into the 1980s or 90s. "We really try to gauge the interest level of the class," Will said.

On Friday, the class started looking at The Beatles and the band's rise to popularity in the United States, coupled with the band's first performance on "The Ed Sullivan Show."

"You can tell they're kind of giddy about the whole thing," Will said as the class watched the performance.

The class is filled with students of varying backgrounds and musical interests. Mitchell said one of his favorite groups is Metallica, and he can tell you just about anything about Lynyrd Skynyrd. "I didn't know anything really before that," he said.

Freshman Zach Sentivany, 14, said he decided to take the class because he just likes music. His favorite band also is Metallica."I love hard rock and just listening to music," he said. "I learn more in this class than I do in others."

One conclusion Sentivany has made during the class so far: "Elvis is better than The Beatles."

While there is, obviously, a lot of music in the class, Will said he also focuses on social issues surrounding the eras, as well as on song and lyric meanings. "It's also very much a social studies class," he said. "And an English class."

If the students can have a good time while learning about history and working on their writing skills, the class has met its goal.Will said he hopes the students can see how the music they listen to today was influenced by the early rock music.

"It's more important for them to connect where point A got to point B," he said. (News, Source: Seth Roy,The Advocate)

Petition to have 'Elvis the Movie' released on DVD: Evelyn Slayman wrote to EIN and said:

"I've signed the petition asking for the release of the "ELVIS THE MOVIE" DVD. I've sent letters to my friends who don't have computer access asking them to write to Dick Clark Productions asking that the movie be released. Believe me there be a letter writing frenzy!   I was wondering if you would consider putting the mailing address on your site. It's DICK CLARK PRODUCTIONS - CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS - 2900 OLYMPIC BLVD. -  SANTA MONICA  CA  90404  -  USA    Let's get the movie on store shelves!" 

And don't forget EIN's petition to have Touched By Love also released on DVD. Read our interview with Melissa Quigg, one of the co-stars in the film.

Songwriter of Elvis offers to write new song for Belgium: Michael Jarrett, one of Elvis Presley's songwriters, wants to help Belgium if the Belgian entry will not be approved by the EBU for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow following an official complaint of the Belgian and Dutch Elvis fans. Jarrett has offered to write a new Eurovision song for Belgium.

On Monday and Tuesday the Heads of Delegation of the 42 countries participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 will gather in Moscow and officially submit their entries to the European Broadcasting Union, after which all songs will be verified by the Reference Group of the contest. This group will pay extra attention to Copycat, the Belgian entry about which Elvis fan club ElvisMatters submitted an official complaint. The fan club members are not happy with the unacceptable lyrics of the song making fun of their idol in a tasteless way.

Michael Jarrett (71), the American musician who wrote the songs I'm Leavin' and I'll Be Home On Christmas Day for Elvis Presley, is a bit bemused by the outrage that the Belgian entry has caused. "Some people get offended at the slightest things these days," he says. "But I'd be more than happy to write a new entry for Belgium. I would consider it an honor if they would ask me." Jarrett will soon be touring in Europe and perform in Hasselt, Belgium, on 23rd May as part of The Original Elvis Tribute 2009, an American production celebrating the King's legacy. For more information, visit www.elvisnews.dk or www.myspace.com/theoriginalelvistribute2009.

See EIN's Almost Elvis page for more info on the Belgium Elvis!  


Saturday 14 March 2009

The best ever shower scene in an Elvis movie.....and proof Elvis liked to interrupt Tom Jones!: Following the news story that Elvis once serenaded Sir Tom Jones while he was in the shower, Rex Martin was inspired to determine the best shower scene in an Elvis movie.

Today, EIN presents Rex's photo article on the issue and adds the results of our own research proving Elvis made a habit of interrupting Sir Tom! (a lighthearted Spotlight, Source: Rex Martin/EIN)

Read and see the full article

Visit 'Rex Martin's Page' on EIN

Melissa Quigg talks to EIN: Many long time fans fondly remember the movie, Touched By Love.

Based on the book, To, Elvis, With Love, by Lena Canada, it tells the bittersweet story of a special relationship between a terminally ill young girl, Karen, her compassionate nurse, Lena Canada, and Karen's inspiring pen-pal friendship with Elvis.

In a candid interview, one of the young co-stars of Touched By Love, Melissa Quigg, tells EIN what it was like on the set of the movie, the funny moments, the stars of the film, why the film did not achieve widespread recognition on its release, and life after the final 'cut' of filming.

This is a special interview about a special movie and several special people! We hope yoiu enjoy it. (Interview, Source EIN)

Read Melissa's interview with EIN

FTD new Vinyl releases Confirmed: FTD has informed EIN that the two proposed Double-Vinyl releases of 'Blue Hawaii' and 'Standing Room Only' are now confirmed.
It's a new venture for FTD but Roger Semon suggests release dates.. "should be early April for 'Blue Hawaii' and late April for 'Standing Room Only'."
The releases are a special 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set, supplied in a new gatefold sleeve.
The original album release is complemented by a special soundtrack companion album featuring many stereo outtakes not previously available on this format.
- Re-mastered from original analogue US tapes
- Vinyl cutting by ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS
- DMM Copper Mastering
- 180 Grams heavyweight vinyl
- Strictly limited pressing.  - See EIN's FTD page for more info(News, Source;FTD)

Blue Hawaii - the movie: Blue Hawaii is the movie that Elvis fans hate to love, although it is one of Elvis' most successful films. After the 1960 dramas of Flaming Star and Wild In The Country, Blue Hawaii was a return to the musical fluff first seen in GI Blues. While Elvis craved dramatic interest and acting challenges the general public thought otherwise. Nearly 50 years on, EIN contributor Harley Payette takes an in-depth look at Blue Hawaii and wonders if this film really was the beginning of the end - or perhaps first class family entertainment. See if you agree. - - Click here for the review plus some great Hawaii photos

(Spotlight, Source;EIN/Harley Payette)

In search of Oahu Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii: It is no secret that Elvis loved Hawaii and its people. He vacationed there on many different occasions and was personally involved in raising money for their charities. On her recent visit to the spectacular islands, EIN contributor Sanja Meegin checked out some of the places Elvis vacationed, filmed and performed during his many visits to this beautiful island. On her travels around Oahu, she was pleased to find that Elvis is still fondly remembered by many of the locals and his memory is still very much alive.

Click here for some great photos and insights into Elvis In Hawaii.

(Spotlight, Source;EIN/SanjaMeegin)

Duke Bardwell Interview: Elvis' bass player Duke Bardwell worked both on stage and in the studio with The King in the mid-70s, playing bass on 181 concerts. Yet he’s always avoided media exposure about his association with Elvis, so in anticipation of the upcoming Elvis tribute tour in May ’09 Arjan Deelen talked to him about that association. Duke experienced some great highs with Presley, including Elvis’ first concerts in Memphis in 13 years, the two amazing Houston Astrodome shows in front of 88,000 people, the dynamite shows at the L.A. Forum.. but there were also the lows. During the period that Duke worked with Elvis, the latters problems with prescription medication were really beginning to take hold. Duke was there that infamous night in Las Vegas, when Presley told a stunned audience that he was sick of the rumours flying around about him, and that if he would find those responsible. Duke acknowledges that it was generally a difficult period, but nevertheless he still talks about Elvis with a great deal of affection, as this interview shows. “It was the most magnificent thing musically that ever happened to me…” - Duke Bardwell. Click here to the interview. (Interviews, Source;ArjanDeelen)

Sandi Miller Interview: An exclusive interview with Elvis' good friend Sandi Miller with thanks to Elvis Collectors Brasil. Sandi was a fan of Elvis just like every one of us, but over the years she became a personal friend of his, a privilege that very, very few fans can say they had. Sandi not only became Elvis' friend but was also a guest at his various homes and was present at some important moments in his career. She also took some of the most beloved candid pictures we have of him. Many of his pictures appeared in the great Behind The Image book, together with her fascinating stories of Elvis, that could be relived as it just happened yesterday, thanks to the entries on her journals. In this conversation Sandi shared some more stories about her times with Elvis Presley. We hope you enjoy read it as much as we did.

Go here to this fascinating interview.

Go here to EIN review of 'Behind The Image'..... ...(Interviews, Source;ElvisBrazil)

“THE ELVIS BOOTLEG RECORDS STORY” (How Vic Colonna made 23 Fabulous, Illegal Elvis LPs for Fun, Profit, & One to Five): Vic Colonna posted this information and synopsis about his planned book on the FECC board:

After almost thirty years, Sam Theaker (a.k.a. Vic Colonna) tells the amazing story of how he and his partner, Paul Dowling, became folk heroes in the Elvis World by single–handedly creating and marketing twenty-three legendary, definitive, and totally illegal Elvis Presley records!

“The Elvis Bootleg Records Story” begins with the FBI’s arrival at Sam’s record store to arrest him for making bootleg records. Looking back from that dramatic day, Sam gives us a broad overview of his background: from growing up in suburban Connecticut during the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll, his life–altering experiences as a long–range reconnaissance medic in Vietnam and subsequent return home, his attempted readjustment to civilian life, his marriage to Vicki, to his rekindled interest in Elvis Presley’s music, and the astounding coincidences that led him inexorably to a full–time career as the mastermind behind the most wonderful series of Elvis records ever made.

But, when Elvis dies suddenly in the summer of 1977, overnight Sam and Paul find themselves running the most successful, illegitimate record company on the planet! The money is pouring in, they have Nipper by the tail, but the burning question is: how much longer can this go on before RCA and the industry moguls send their hired guns to introduce Sam and Paul to a whole new version of “Jailhouse Rock?”

Go here for EIN exclusive The Dangerous World of Elvis Bootlegging; Vic Colonna reveals all!

Over 1,300 Rare Elvis Photos - More added today:

Only started a few weeks ago and already 560 members!

Elvis fans don't miss out on these rare and exciting photographs - from EIN contributor Sanja Meegin. Click here to access our Facebook - The Elvis Information Network. You need to be a Facebook Member.

Elvis Week 2009 Concert Celebration: The Major Elvis Week Concert in memphis will be the Elvis 1969 - A Celebration Concert on August 14, 8pm. at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts
40 years after Elvis Presley triumphantly returned to the stage at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. will reunite many of the original cast for an Elvis Week 2009 concert celebration. Live musical performances along with rare photos, videos and audio will create a magical experience that will be almost as exciting as being there in the summer of 1969.
Performers currently scheduled to participate include; Joe Guercio, Elvis’ orchestra conductor for many of his Vegas performances; The TCB Band members James Burton and Glen D Hardin; Elvis’ back up singers The Imperials, including Joe Moscheo, Terry Blackwood, Sherman Andrus and Gus Gaches, The Sweet Inspirations, including Myrna Smith, Estelle Brown, Portia Griffin, and Millie Kirkham. Additional vocals will be provided by Terry Mike Jeffrey and Andy Childs. Other artists will be announced as their appearance is confirmed. This will be a rare, once-in-a-lifetime experience that every Elvis fan will want to be part of.
Ticket pre-sale for Elvis Insiders will start on Friday, March 13, 2009 and tickets for the general public will go on sale on Friday, April 3, 2009. Click here for details.  (News, Source EPE/Rex Martin/The King's Court)

Elvis: That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works - DVD Disc 1 review: With this highly anticipated set now available, Rex Martin has received his copy and presents his initial thoughts on the first DVD disc of the set. Does it live up to expectations? Rex provides the early answer! (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

Visit Rex Martin's Page on EIN

Elvis: That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works - book review: With this highly anticipated set now available, Rex Martin has received his copy and presents his initial thoughts on the book component. Does it live up to expectations? Rex provides the early answer! (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Visit Rex Martin's Page on EIN

Click here to continue to ALL the early March 2009 ELVIS NEWS















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