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Saturday 14 March 2009
Osama bin Elvis?: The cover story for this month's issue of The American Spectator bears a bold and striking title, "Osama bin Elvis."  Angelo Codevilla, a former Senior Staff Member for the Senate Intelligence Committee, is its author, and as Jack Cashill explains at World Net Daily, Codevilla "argues persuasively" that Osama bin Ladin is long dead-probably, since late 2001 (the last time he was seen by any reputable person was October of that year, when he was interviewed by al Jazeerah.)

Codevilla's focus is the CIA. That so many attribute such outsize capabilities to bin Laden "can be traced to the CIA's institutional bias in favor of the idea of rogue agents and against that of state-sponsored terrorism," Cashill writes.

Cashill adds, "This bias found a particularly receptive audience in a ‘peace and prosperity' Clinton White House that had neither the cojones nor the competence to deal with its terrorism at its source."  Indeed, the Clinton administration was already quite consumed by the Arab-Israeli "peace process," when the World Trade Center was first attacked in February 1993 (reading Martin Indyk's memoir, Innocent Abroad, I'm reminded of that very narrow focus; they thought they were going to make the lions lie down with the lambs!). (Spotlight, Source: Laurie Mylroie/American Spectator)

Read full article

Marty Lacker comments on the above news article: "The American Spectator is a staunch rightwing magazine in the US and I think it's disgusting that they use Elvis, an American Icon, in this manner on the cover of their rag publication.  The only good use for that magazine is to start a fire in your fireplace."

Read "Marty's Musings" on EIN

Members of Elvis Insiders can buy pre-sale tix to Elvis Week 2009: An Elvis Week ticket pre-sale for Elvis Insiders has started and EPE says......believe us when we say, tickets are going fast!

At this time, VIP tickets to the Elvis 1969 - A Celebration Concert are SOLD OUT, except for those VIP Tickets available through the Elvis Week Premier Ticket Package and only eight Elvis Week Premier Ticket Packages are left. Even though the VIP tickets to this incredible concert are nearly gone, the event itself is NOT SOLD OUT and great tickets still remain in various price ranges.

If you are trying to buy tickets for any of the Elvis Week events via Ticketmaster online and are experiencing any difficulty, you call their toll free number at 1-800-745-3000 or call 901-525-1515. When you speak with someone, be sure to tell them you have a PRE-SALE CODE. The Pre-Sale Code can be found on the Elvis Insiders message board, for Elvis Insiders members only. (News, Source: EPE)

The best ever shower scene in an Elvis movie.....and proof Elvis liked to interrupt Tom Jones!: Following the news story that Elvis once serenaded Sir Tom Jones while he was in the shower, Rex Martin was inspired to determine the best shower scene in an Elvis movie.

Today, EIN presents Rex's photo article on the issue and adds the results of our own research proving Elvis made a habit of interrupting Sir Tom! (a lighthearted Spotlight, Source: Rex Martin/EIN)

Read and see the full article

Visit 'Rex Martin's Page' on EIN

Can Elvis equal The Beatles....even in Vegas?: Richard Abowitz writes in the LA Times:

The recession in Vegas for working Elvis impersonators has become a sort of sub genre of hard-times-hit-the-Strip stories the national media writes. Today Norm Clarke in the Review-Journal does a roundup of the reduced circumstances of those who came to Vegas to play the King. A few months ago I met an Elvis (Vegas years jumpsuit) done-up on a street corner of the Strip posing for pictures in exchange for handouts. 

Still, I wonder how much of these issues are caused by the economy and how much is the inevitable result of the passing of a generational torch? This question becomes crucial when you consider that Cirque, which has had such success with its Beatles show, "Love," now is working on a Elvis-themed  show for City Center.

I don't want to put this the wrong way. The artistry of Elvis Presley is eternally magnificent, one of the great accomplishments of 20th century recording. Of course, easily the same could be said of Duke Ellington, Vegas favorite Frank Sinatra and others. The point is there will always be fans of Presley's music, but how aware people under a certain age are of his catalog and life is less clear to me. But there is a much more obvious issue than age when comparing Elvis and the Beatles as Strip draws in 2009. Elvis got around during his too short life. With his movies, tours, concert films and years on the Vegas stage, the generation that needed to see Elvis had a chance to do so. And everyone since can buy the DVD releases The same is true of Sinatra and Duke Ellington  The Beatles are a special case. They ceased touring before making their greatest music and broke up without reuniting.

So the chance to hear Beatles music surrounded by fellow first-generation fans (with that incredible sound the theater at the Mirage offers) is so moving that every time I see "Love" I also see without fail the teary-eyed Boomers enjoying the spectacle. That "Love," the Cirque show, gives impressive theater during the entire performance is certainly a bonus. But I have always said "Love" could be half as good a show and still the Boomers would come in droves to experience the Beatles' music presented with an eye-candy theatrical performance of any quality. These are the parents of the MTV generation. They know what they missed with the arrival of music videos. And watching "Love" therefore is a perfect experience for a huge segment of Vegas tourists.

Elvis, of course, will always have a special resonance with Vegas audiences from his years in Vegas as a headliner. But I wonder if there are enough fans to make a show built around his music achieve anything close to the success "Love" has enjoyed? Again, how the show is put together is a crucial wild card, but to me there is vastly more risk with Elvis having the drawing power with tourists that could be counted on for the Beatles, despite the reverence the King still commands.

Memphis woman, Eliza Presley, seeks DNA test to prove she's Elvis's sister: In the three decades since the death of Elvis Presley in a Graceland bathroom spawned a generation of conspiracy theorists, legions of supposed love children have made claims on the King.

The majority have quickly been exposed as scams, hoaxes or the delusions of obsessed fans. Never before has a court found sufficient evidence to reopen the music legend's estate, as a Tennessee judge has now ordered, in the bizarre case of a Memphis woman claiming to be half-sister to The King - who, she says, is very much alive.

Eliza A Presley - an adopted name - says she has DNA evidence that the rock 'n' roll legend lives on, and that they share the same father. Faced with the refusal of Elvis's closest living relative, his daughter Lisa Marie, to provide a DNA sample, she has launched a lawsuit to force her claim to be examined. Her success so far is the talk of a city which has never quite got over the loss of its favourite son.

The roots of the case date back to 2002, when a Kansas City psychiatrist claimed to have been treating Elvis, now using the name of his stillborn twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley. The allegation was picked up by a local Fox station, Fox 8 News, which attempted to match a DNA sample provided by the man claiming to be Jesse to that of Elvis.

A Memphis businessman and collector stepped forward with some of Elvis' medical records, including tissue samples from two liver biopsies and his post-mortem. The samples were sent for testing and came back negative - but not just between Jesse and Elvis.

It was also discovered that the DNA from the singer's liver did not match that from his post-mortem, a claim that has supported many of the subsequent web-based theories. (Source: Times Online)

Read the full article

EIN Note: EIN expects to have an exclusive item on the Eliza Presley case shortly

Jen's Elvis Collection: Many thanks to Steven Lord for this news item and link:

You are invited to view the catalogue for the Elvis Presley memorabilia collected by the late Jennifer Deves (nee Ingram) over many years. Jen was a committed fan who collected from her early years in North Carolina and subsequently from Southern England. The catalogue has been prepared in anticipation of offering the collection for sale, probably by auction, but expressions of interest for the whole collection or individual items are welcome.

Read more and view the collection

Contact the seller

Great Pretender bill passes: Old music groups would get new protections from impostors under legislation that passed the state Senate on Tuesday.

But rest easy: Elvis impersonators should be OK.

Senate Bill 226 would hit musicians who perform under another band’s name with fines of $5,000 or more, unless they have permission to do so from at least one member of the original group. The intention is to protect old-time groups from “a sophisticated form of identity theft,” sponsoring state Sen. John Crosby said.

“Unfortunately existing law has failed miserably in this regard,” said Crosby, R-Tifton. “For years imposter musical groups have been duping customers.”

Tribute bands wouldn’t be subject to fines as long as their advertising identifies their performance as a “salute” or “tribute,” the bill states. And the legislation wouldn’t outlaw impersonations of performers such as Elvis, Neil Diamond or Frank Sinatra, Crosby said.

“All they have to do is tell the truth,” he said.

Senate Bill 226 passed 54-0 and moves to the House of Representatives for consideration. (News, Source: Chairmaine Jensen-Voisine)

View Charmaine's fantastic Elvis graphics

Lawmaker proposes rock 'n' roll highway: Three counties in northeast Arkansas would be home to a rock 'n' roll highway, if lawmakers approve a bill filed Tuesday.

The bill by Rep. J.R. Rogers of Walnut Ridge would designate a portion of U.S. 67 in Jackson, Lawrence and Randolph counties as "Rock 'n' Roll Highway 67," in honor of the much-traveled road taken by many rock stars in the 1950s.

The bill notes that Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Fats Domino, among many others, traveled that highway to perform at places like Porky's Rooftop in Newport and Charley's Place in Swifton.

The measure would require the state Highway and Transportation Department to put up signs marking the rock 'n' roll highway. (News, Source: AP)

Thursday 12 March 2009

Melissa Quigg talks to EIN: Many long time fans fondly remember the movie, Touched By Love.

Based on the book, To, Elvis, With Love, by Lena Canada, it tells the bittersweet story of a special relationship between a terminally ill young girl, Karen, her compassionate nurse, Lena Canada, and Karen's inspiring pen-pal friendship with Elvis.

In a candid interview, one of the young co-stars of Touched By Love, Melissa Quigg, tells EIN what it was like on the set of the movie, the funny moments, the stars of the film, why the film did not achieve widespread recognition on its release, and life after the final 'cut' of filming.

This is a special interview about a special movie and several special people! We hope yoiu enjoy it. (Interview, Source EIN)

Read Melissa's interview with EIN

FTD new Vinyl releases Confirmed: FTD has informed EIN that the two proposed Double-Vinyl releases of 'Blue Hawaii' and 'Standing Room Only' are now confirmed.
It's a new venture for FTD but Roger Semon suggests release dates.. "should be early April for 'Blue Hawaii' and late April for 'Standing Room Only'."
The releases are a special 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set, supplied in a new gatefold sleeve.
The original album release is complemented by a special soundtrack companion album featuring many stereo outtakes not previously available on this format.
- Re-mastered from original analogue US tapes
- Vinyl cutting by ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS
- DMM Copper Mastering
- 180 Grams heavyweight vinyl
- Strictly limited pressing.  - See EIN's FTD page for more info(News, Source;FTD)

'I Believe' Gospel Set, - No review as yet!: While already out in the USA, the majority of Elvis websites have been running an obvious promotion piece as a so-called review today. Featuring promotions for other Gospel releases such as Ronnie Milsap, as well as soulstress Bette LaVette, don't believe that this excellent BMG 4-CD set has actually passed through the writer's hands as yet.
Ron Wynn, of the nashvillecitypaper writes about the usual blurb about the box-set but adds nothing to indicate that he has seen the actual product. He mentions nothing about the packaging, nor anything of the genuine audio upgrades!
He tells us the obvious. . . "The first three discs contain all the songs from the classic LPs Peace in the Valley, His Hand in Mine and He Touched Me. The 51 selections include old time spirituals, hymns, numbers he often worked into live performance like “Crying in the Chapel” and some other pieces where he would sometimes cut loose with a sound or two that wasn’t far removed from the rock mode (“I Got a Feelin’ in My Body,” and “Put Your Hand in the Hand”).
Go here for the promo piece. EIN will review it properly once released here!

(News, Source, EIN)

John Carpenter and Kurt Russell's Elvis the Movie -- Where's the DVD?: In 1979, two years after the tragic, untimely death of the King of Rock and Roll, Dick Clark sanctioned a 3-hour TV biopic, entitled simply, Elvis.  Director John Carpenter, a lifelong Elvis fan, red hot after the success of Halloween, was hired to helm the film.  After lengthy auditions, Kurt Russell was cast as Presley and it would be this film that cemented his transition from juvenile Disney fare to more adult roles.  Carpenter and Russell, would, of course, go on to make many more films together, including Escape From New York and The Thing.
When it was originally broadcast, it was one of the highest rated TV movies ever, even outdrawing Gone With the Wind, shown opposite its premiere.  While a two-hour edited version was released on VHS in the early 90's, it has since gone into moratorium. So ... where's the DVD?
Given the pedigree of not only its subject matter, but its now famous makers, it seems a no-brainer to release this on disc.  Especially since the Elvis mini-series from a few years ago, starring Jonathan Rhys-Myers could not hold a candle to the Carpenter-Russell collaboration.  This despite the fact that the Elvis Presley Estate offered the use of Elvis' music.  The 1979 version used country singer Ronnie McDowell to sing the songs, eerily dead-on.
After contacting Dick Clark Productions waaaay back in 2003 regarding a DVD release, I was told plans were underway, but that some of the music was held up in copyright redtape (specifically the Bill Monroe estate, over the rights to Blue Moon of Kentucky, prominently featured in a major set piece).  In 2007 a DVD release date was announced, only to be pulled at the last minute, with no further info.  Fans have created an online petition to get this movie back on store shelves, and I encourage those interested to sign it.
Ranking among the best biopics ever produced (Ray, Walk the Line, Coal Miner's Daughter), Elvis is the quintessential telling of one of music's most influential performers and a shining note for two of cinema's classic collaborators.
To converts and newbies, I say deluge Dick Clark Productions with mail and calls, and let them know there is a audience for this remarkable, nearly forgotten, film.  Remind them that this year (2009) marks its 30th anniversary -- a perfect way to market this biopic.  Remind them that since Elvis makes more income to this day than he ever did while alive, there IS a vast demographic who would lay down money for it.  Tell them to pay the Bill Monroe estate whatever they want for that music, and get on with releasing this already.  Also tell them that a documentary and a commentary track by John and Kurt would be welcome (they've already expressed interest in doing this).
Click here for ELVIS THE MOVIE - TBS trailer:
Click here and sign the petition to Dick Clark productions.  
Thank you.  Thankyouverymuch.  (News, source;SanjaM)

Become an Honorary member of the Memphis Mafia!!!:

A once in a lifetime opportunity for fans in recognition of their undying support for Elvis, more than 30 years after his passing.

Lamar, Marty & Billy have combined to launch this initiative to show their appreciation and honor your efforts!

Click here to become an Honorary member of the Memphis Mafia

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Blue Hawaii - the movie: Blue Hawaii is the movie that Elvis fans hate to love, although it is one of Elvis' most successful films. After the 1960 dramas of Flaming Star and Wild In The Country, Blue Hawaii was a return to the musical fluff first seen in GI Blues. While Elvis craved dramatic interest and acting challenges the general public thought otherwise. Nearly 50 years on, EIN contributor Harley Payette takes an in-depth look at Blue Hawaii and wonders if this film really was the beginning of the end - or perhaps first class family entertainment. See if you agree. - - Click here for the review plus some great Hawaii photos

(Spotlight, Source;EIN/Harley Payette)

Click here for early March 2009 ELVIS NEWS

The Colonel - visionary genius or master of exploitation?: Music historian Peter Guralnick argues that the answer is both. Parker was the mysterious, controversial manager who guided Elvis Presley’s career from 1955 on. Before he ever met Presley, though, he had revolutionized the art of management and promotion, particularly in his long association with Eddy Arnold. In this hundredth-anniversary year of the Colonel’s birth, Guralnick will show rare early images and play the only song Parker ever asked Presley to record. Guralnick has written extensively on American music. His books include the prize-winning two-volume biography of Presley, Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love, as well as Dream Boogie: The Triumph of Sam Cooke.
The lecture is on Saturday, April 18, 1:30 p.m. Country Music Hall of Fame - Nashville, TN
After the program, Guralnick will sign books in the Museum Store. Included with museum admission. Free to museum members. For more details, contact the Country Music Hall of Fame at 615-416-2001.
Go here for EIN's exclusive interview with Alanna Nash, author of The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Parker. (News, Source:EIN/EPE)



Elvis Week 2009 Concert Celebration: The Major Elvis Week Concert in memphis will be the Elvis 1969 - A Celebration Concert on August 14, 8pm. at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts
40 years after Elvis Presley triumphantly returned to the stage at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. will reunite many of the original cast for an Elvis Week 2009 concert celebration. Live musical performances along with rare photos, videos and audio will create a magical experience that will be almost as exciting as being there in the summer of 1969.
Performers currently scheduled to participate include; Joe Guercio, Elvis’ orchestra conductor for many of his Vegas performances; The TCB Band members James Burton and Glen D Hardin; Elvis’ back up singers The Imperials, including Joe Moscheo, Terry Blackwood, Sherman Andrus and Gus Gaches, The Sweet Inspirations, including Myrna Smith, Estelle Brown, Portia Griffin, and Millie Kirkham. Additional vocals will be provided by Terry Mike Jeffrey and Andy Childs. Other artists will be announced as their appearance is confirmed. This will be a rare, once-in-a-lifetime experience that every Elvis fan will want to be part of.
Ticket pre-sale for Elvis Insiders will start on Friday, March 13, 2009 and tickets for the general public will go on sale on Friday, April 3, 2009. Click here for details.  (News, Source EPE/Rex Martin/The King's Court)

Bronze Statue of Elvis and his Harley unveiled: Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona, home of the World’s largest Harley-Davidson® dealership hosted an open-to-the-public unveiling of the one-of-a-kind life size “Elvis Presley on a Motorcycle” bronze sculpture, by world-renowned sculptor Jeff Decker.
The life-size sculpture is an exact replica of Presley’s original 1956 Harley-Davidson® KHK motorcycle. As history was revealed, the KHK was Presley’s first major purchase with his new founded fame and earnings. To ensure an exact duplication, Decker worked with a live model atop a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in the traditional lost wax casting process. With the addition of stainless steel accents, Decker was able to bring the sculpture to life and reveal the dynamic contrast in colors and textures in striking detail. To conclude the process, Decker then welded the Elvis statue atop the motorcycle to produce the overall sculpture that stands approximately 5 feet tall, spans 7 feet in diameter and weighs approximately 1,000 pounds.
Destination Daytona is located at 1637 North U.S. Highway 1 in Ormond Beach, Florida. (News, Source EIN/SMeegin)

“THE ELVIS BOOTLEG RECORDS STORY” (How Vic Colonna made 23 Fabulous, Illegal Elvis LPs for Fun, Profit, & One to Five): Vic Colonna posted this information and synopsis about his planned book on the FECC board:

After almost thirty years, Sam Theaker (a.k.a. Vic Colonna) tells the amazing story of how he and his partner, Paul Dowling, became folk heroes in the Elvis World by single–handedly creating and marketing twenty-three legendary, definitive, and totally illegal Elvis Presley records!

“The Elvis Bootleg Records Story” begins with the FBI’s arrival at Sam’s record store to arrest him for making bootleg records. Looking back from that dramatic day, Sam gives us a broad overview of his background: from growing up in suburban Connecticut during the dawn of rock ‘n’ roll, his life–altering experiences as a long–range reconnaissance medic in Vietnam and subsequent return home, his attempted readjustment to civilian life, his marriage to Vicki, to his rekindled interest in Elvis Presley’s music, and the astounding coincidences that led him inexorably to a full–time career as the mastermind behind the most wonderful series of Elvis records ever made.

But, when Elvis dies suddenly in the summer of 1977, overnight Sam and Paul find themselves running the most successful, illegitimate record company on the planet! The money is pouring in, they have Nipper by the tail, but the burning question is: how much longer can this go on before RCA and the industry moguls send their hired guns to introduce Sam and Paul to a whole new version of “Jailhouse Rock?”

Go here for EIN exclusive The Dangerous World of Elvis Bootlegging; Vic Colonna reveals all!

Elvis' ladies asked to pose nude for calendar: Actress and former 1960s sex symbol Barbara Whatley, 70, says she has been invited by an American entrepreneur to pose naked for a calendar of women involved with Elvis Presley, who asked her to marry him in 1966 after they'd canoodled in Malibu.Presumably Presley's ex-wife, Priscilla, will be approached, as will Elvis playmates such as actresses Ann-Margret, 67, and Cybill 'See her sing  -  hear her dance!' Shepherd, 59, the latter claiming 'the King' kissed her naked body. Not to forget British starlet Suzanna Leigh, 63, who said poetically after a session with Presley: 'A person could go to the gallows with such a kiss lingering on their lips.' (News, Source: Daily Mail UK)

Upcoming Highlights on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio: EPE advises:

Elvis Live In Concert- Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day
Fri 3/13 8:00 pm ET .............
Erin Go Bragh with Elvis live in concert at Notre Dame, with this concert recorded on October 1, 1973 when The King played for the Fighting Irish. (1 hr). Rebroadcast: Sun 3/15 12:00 am ET; Sun 3/15 10:00 pm ET; Tues 3/17 6:00 am ET

Saturday Special- Graceland Spring Break ’09!
Sat 3/14 12:00 pm ET ..............
Graceland Plaza is full of friends and families from all over the world who decided to go to Graceland for this year’s Spring Break. Hear the fans dedications live and make you own Spring Break request by calling 1-888-Elvis NOW (888-358-4766). (1 hr)

Soundtrack Saturday Night – Stay Away Joe
Sat 3/14 10:00 pm ET
...............Bill Rock features Elvis’ 1968 comedy-western-drama Stay Away Joe, co-starring Burgess Meredith! (2 hrs). Rebroadcast: Tues 3/17 10:00 pm ET

Tuesday 10 March 2009

In search of Oahu Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii: It is no secret that Elvis loved Hawaii and its people. He vacationed there on many different occasions and was personally involved in raising money for their charities. On her recent visit to the spectacular islands, EIN contributor Sanja Meegin checked out some of the places Elvis vacationed, filmed and performed during his many visits to this beautiful island. On her travels around Oahu, she was pleased to find that Elvis is still fondly remembered by many of the locals and his memory is still very much alive.

Click here for some great photos and insights into Elvis In Hawaii.

(Spotlight, Source;EIN/SanjaMeegin)

'Me and a Guy Named Elvis' now on Playaway: Now released on the Playaway audio format is Jerry Schilling's audio book of 'Me and a Guy Named Elvis'. Narrated by William Dufris the book comes as a purchasable portable MP3 unit. Published by Tantor Audio, ISBN:9781608120543. Go here for more details.

Go here for EIN's review of 'Me and a Guy Named Elvis' book
Go here for EIN's interview with Jerry Schilling

(News, Source;EIN)

New Exhibits Now Open at Graceland: The four new exhibits are now open.
The Elvis in Hollywood Exhibit tells the story of how Elvis transitioned from singer to on-screen star. Located in Sincerely Elvis, you can see memorabilia from Elvis' film career, including his wardrobe, personal scripts, rare behind-the-scenes photos, personal copies of his own feature films and more.
Also featured are Elvis' Rolls Royce sedans, & his 6-door Mercedes Benz limousine new to the Car Museum, The Elvis Lives: The King and Pop Culture Exhibit, plus the Graceland 70th Anniversary Exhibit - VIP Tour.

Go here for full details:

(News, Source EIN)

Sunday 8 March 2009

Become an Honorary member of the Memphis Mafia!!!:

EIN received this message from Lamar Fike and Marty Lacker:

"For many years since Elvis passed away, we, as original members of the Memphis Mafia, have marveled at the way millions of you worldwide Elvis fans have stayed with him and in many ways have made him into the cultural icon that he deserved to be. We greatly have appreciated the way you have diligently kept his memory alive. Over time we have discussed ways we could show you our appreciation and honor your efforts. 

In that light, we have decided to honor your efforts and fandom by offering you the opportunity to become honorary members of the Memphis Mafia organization, you've earned it. We have many exciting things we are planning for the organization in the near future months and years and as a member you will have the exclusitivity of being able to participate in these exciting events and offerings.

This a first, a never before offered opportunity for you the faithful Elvis fan.

You can learn more by clicking on this link:


Read Lamar's 2008 interview with EIN

Visit "Marty's Musings" page on EIN

Duke Bardwell Interview: Elvis' bass player Duke Bardwell worked both on stage and in the studio with The King in the mid-70s, playing bass on 181 concerts. Yet he’s always avoided media exposure about his association with Elvis, so in anticipation of the upcoming Elvis tribute tour in May ’09 Arjan Deelen talked to him about that association. Duke experienced some great highs with Presley, including Elvis’ first concerts in Memphis in 13 years, the two amazing Houston Astrodome shows in front of 88,000 people, the dynamite shows at the L.A. Forum.. but there were also the lows. During the period that Duke worked with Elvis, the latters problems with prescription medication were really beginning to take hold. Duke was there that infamous night in Las Vegas, when Presley told a stunned audience that he was sick of the rumours flying around about him, and that if he would find those responsible. Duke acknowledges that it was generally a difficult period, but nevertheless he still talks about Elvis with a great deal of affection, as this interview shows. “It was the most magnificent thing musically that ever happened to me…” - Duke Bardwell. Click here to the interview. (Interviews, Source;ArjanDeelen)

Aussie Chart Update: On this week's ARIA Top 40 Music DVD Chart Elvis has 2 entries:

  • Elvis: The King of Rock 'n' Roll - up 8 places to #16 after 48 weeks on the chart. High position is #4 and it is certified Platinum.
  • '68 Comeback Special - re-entry at #18. High position is #1 and it is now certified 5xP!

Bono channels Elvis' dead brother: U2 star BONO's latest onstage character has been inspired by ELVIS PRESLEY's fictional brother Jesse. The rocker debuted his new idea at the Grammy Awards and admits he liked his new look.

He says, "I thought I looked very sexy in eye make-up." But Bono insists he isn't finished working on the character: "I was calling him Elvis’ dead brother, Jesse, which maybe is in poor taste. It’s still in development! I started just messing with it a few weeks ago." (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Elvis' 1957 Cadillac Limousine: Many thanks to Wanda Heagy for the following item:

During 1957 Elvis owned a 1957 Cadillac Limousine. I have heard from someone who in 1974 got to sit in the actual car. His old high school friend had acquired it from his Aunt who used to work for Elvis, and recalls that it had goat skin carpeting and a telephone in the back seat.

Opposite: Elvis' famous Gold Cadillac

In April 2006 I was contacted by someone who works at a small auto shop in Reedsport, Oregon USA who states that he has Elvis 1957 Cadillac Limo in his shop right now. He says it is pink with a black top and the goat skin carpet. The owner, a gentlemen in that town owned it and recently passed away and the car now belongs to a charity. The current owner still has the original pink slip with Elvis's name on it.

More on "Elvis's Cadillacs"

1971 Plymouth Barracuda found with fake Elvis title: Elvis had a burnin’ love for cars--but a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda headed for a Texas auction isn’t his.

Organizers thought it was a nice hunk of Mopar muscle bought by the King himself for a female friend. It even had a title with a matching VIN listing one Elvis Aaron Presley as the owner.

But upon closer inspection, the auctioneers say they determined that the title is fake--because it has eight digits instead of nine.

Suspicious minds prevailed.


It’s not known where the fraudulent document originated, but the original story is that it was discovered between the carpet and the floor by a mechanic. Auction organizers would not release the name of the current owner of the car.

“We had done everything we could on our end. . . . We definitely don’t want to mislead anyone,” said Jennifer Tetley, a spokeswoman for the Dan Kruse-Leake Collector Car Show & Auction.

Now the car will simply be sold as a ’71 ’Cuda--which for enthusiasts is still a nice pickup. The auction is scheduled for March 21 at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Also expected to cross the block: the General Lee. This 1969 Dodge Charger is from the personal collection of John Schneider--better known as Bo Duke. This car is one of four used in the Behind the Scenes with Bo DVD, and it has been used for charities and photo shoots.

Bo, err, Schneider, is willing to talk with or e-mail any serious buyer.

A 1936 Lincoln V12 K Model Boat Tail Speedster custom built by Howard Hughes for use as his personal limo also is for sale.

And in keeping with the star-studded theme, Kruse-Leake sold Toby Keith’s 1930 Lincoln Model L last month for $89,640 at an auction in Oklahoma City. Total sales for that auction were nearly $3.3 million. (News, Source: AutoWeek)

"Elvis In Gold" book release: For August 2009  JAT Productions announces  Elvis In Gold, a photo journal exclusively capturing Elvis in the fifties. This will be a hardback edition with over 125 photos ( many unpublished and rare ), a book that will convey all the excitement of Elvis in the fifties....also COMING SOON....Elvis-Atlanta In Black and White...a book about the seventies.. (News, Source: JAT Productions /Elvis News)

Visit EIN's comprehensive Elvis Books in 2009 page

Auditions for "Who Dunnit to Elvis?": The Brown Grand Players will have auditions for "Who Dunnit to Elvis?" an original comedy/murder audience participation mystery, at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Brown Grand Theatre in Concordia, Kansas. The play will be March 28.

Those who wish to audition should decide which two or three characters they would be interested in portraying. Elvis impersonators are asked to arrive as Elvis. Auditions will be through improvisation. There will be one rehearsal, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. March 27.

For information and a cast of characters, call Susan Cantine-Maxson, executive director, (785) 243-2553 or go to www.browngrand.org. (News, Source: Salina.com)

Elvis In Concert to tour again!!: "Elvis Presley In Concert - The New Tour" is now officially confirmed for Spring 2010. It's nothing less than a small miracle that the show will tour again. After all, it was Priscilla herself who announced the 'very last screen show' at the Fed Ex Forum in Memphis, on August 16th 2007. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

The Presleys will attend Cirque du Soleil Elvis opening: While reviewing the advance storyboards for the new Elvis Presley spectacular, Priscilla Presley has assured Cirque du Soleil officials that she will be in Las Vegas for its world premiere.

Lisa Marie Presley has confirmed that she will attend the premiere, as well. Elvis' daughter attended yesterday’s 10 p.m. performance of Cirque’s Beatles Love show at The Mirage, Lisa’s second time at the musical.

Son Benjamin Keough, husband Michael Lockwood and a group of friends accompanied Lisa. Michael and she sipped Absolut and grapefruit during the show while enjoying a night out without their twin baby girls. After the performance, the group was escorted out through a backstage door for their waiting limo to return them to their villa at the Bellagio.

During her visit, Lisa Marie told Cirque officials that her mother had recently seen some of the storyboards for the new show, which is set to open at a yet-to-be announced date in December at the new MGM CityCenter complex. Lisa Marie added that they would all be in Vegas attending its world premiere.

The Elvis Presley production would follow Cirque du Soleil’s other Strip shows: Mystere, O, Zumanity, Ka, Love and its newest, Believe at the Luxor with illusionist Criss Angel. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

Friday 6 March 2009

Sandi Miller Interview: An exclusive interview with Elvis' good friend Sandi Miller with thanks to Elvis Collectors Brasil. Sandi was a fan of Elvis just like every one of us, but over the years she became a personal friend of his, a privilege that very, very few fans can say they had. Sandi not only became Elvis' friend but was also a guest at his various homes and was present at some important moments in his career. She also took some of the most beloved candid pictures we have of him. Many of his pictures appeared in the great Behind The Image book, together with her fascinating stories of Elvis, that could be relived as it just happened yesterday, thanks to the entries on her journals. In this conversation Sandi shared some more stories about her times with Elvis Presley. We hope you enjoy read it as much as we did.

Go here to this fascinating interview.

Go here to EIN review of 'Behind The Image'..... ...(Interviews, Source;ElvisBrazil)

A New Elvis message board: Something positive and new for Elvis fans. The HERE FOR ELVIS forum has been created for use by fans and has no association with any organisation, business or group. There's no hidden-agenda, bias or favouritism intended and it’s not supposed to compete with, or replace, any existing message boards.
Other message boards are known to be associated with selling their own product and so often carry biased reviews. On this new Forum the aim is simply to discuss the music & movies and life & legacy of the greatest entertainer and most charismatic personality of the last century … ELVIS, of course!
The site is open to all and costs nothing to join but it is moderated. The hope is that, within reason, members will be able to offer their comments and voice their opinions without undue harassment.
Unlike other sites, on HERE you can mention other Elvis Product suppliers without fear of your thread being deleted.
As well as the 'Elvis Only' section, an ‘Off Topic’ forum is also open for more general discussion and chat. EIN wishes them well
Check it out. CLICK here for the 'HERE FOR ELVIS forum'. (News, Source;HFE)








Elvis Legacy Project - New Web site Launched: The new Legacy Project Web site is now live on Elvis.com.
The archives department of EPE is announcing this ambitious project to gather as many video interviews as possible with those who personally encountered Elvis. "We hear many Elvis stories each week," said Angie Marchese, director of EPE archives, "and this will enable us to preserve many of those stories for Elvis fans and rock historians in the future."
These videos will be catalogued and housed in the Graceland archives.
From now until Elvis' 75th birthday, in January 2010, videos will be gathered and, beginning on February 1, 2009, a new video will be added online each week on Elvis.com for the public to view.
CLICK HERE to see the first three videos with Bobby Wood, Sam Thompson and Jerry Schilling.
Bobby Wood is a member of The Memphis Boys, who worked with Elvis in 1969 on the sessions at American Studios. In this video, he remembers his first experiences of meeting Elvis and playing with him during studio sessions in 1969.
(News, Source;EIN)

Over 1,300 Rare Elvis Photos - More added today:

Only started a few weeks ago and already 560 members!

Elvis fans don't miss out on these rare and exciting photographs - from EIN contributor Sanja Meegin. Click here to access our Facebook - The Elvis Information Network. You need to be a Facebook Member.


Wednesday 4 March 2009

Elvis: That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works - DVD Disc 1 review: With this highly anticipated set now available, Rex Martin has received his copy and presents his initial thoughts on the first DVD disc of the set. Does it live up to expectations? Rex provides the early answer! (DVD Review, Source: EIN)

Visit Rex Martin's Page on EIN

EIN Comment: There has been nearly an overwhelmingly positive response to the release of Elvis That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works. Some fans have gone as far as to hail it as "The greatest ever unofficial release!"

And already, with copies of the set very hard to obtain, sellers are raising their prices. EIN has received reports that in some cases the asking price in the EC has climbed to around 250 Euros.


Has Sony BMG undersold Elvis with the RIAA? (Update): Further to our report on 28 Feb (see below), Brian Quinn has advised EIN:

"Thanks for posting my article on the RIAA Shortchanging Elvis. I have since been contacted by a fan who states that the reason the 'Aloha' and 'Concert' double albums were not certified by the RIAA with double sales is that following the change over to the CD format in 1982 the Elvis albums in question were released on 1 CD whereas the Floyd and Beatles were always released as two, even in the CD format.

However, I feel this is still unfair to Elvis as it should be the original album release which counts. Further, what would happen now if Sony were to re-release these albums in 2CD format? Also what about the sales prior to 1982. Shouldn't these count as 'double' sales?
Lastly, of course I agree with you that this method of calculating sales is totally false and the RIAA should never have come up with it. But what is good enough for the Goose (Floyd} and (Beatles) is good enough for the Gander (Elvis).

Elvis' Tour Bus and Cadillac coming to Tupelo - not quite what it seems!: Memphis Mafia member, Marty Lacker, contacted EIN after our story on 2 March about our story on the Elvis Tour Bus. Marty says:

"I read your story today about the Kinards supposedly having Elvis' bus and Cadillac.

Elvis did not own a '57 Pink and Black Cadillac, the only pink car he had was the famous '56 Caddy that he bought for his mother and that stayed at Graceland and as far as I know is still there.
Secondly, his bus was not an MCI it was a Flex.
My question to is:WHAT THE HELL WAS ELVIS' SUPPOSED VEHICLES AND MEMORABILIA DOING IN A SPORTS HALL OF FAME?  He wasn't an athlete, he was a entertainer.

Just to be sure of my memory, I checked with some of the other guys.

Bill Kinard clarified for us that in fact it is the bus that Elvis bought for JD and The Stamps. It was not the bus Elvis owned that we used back in the 60's. Elvis did not use this bus at any time."

Read "Marty's Musings" on EIN


Monday 2 March 2009

Elvis: That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works - book review: With this highly anticipated set now available, Rex Martin has received his copy and presents his initial thoughts on the book component. Does it live up to expectations? Rex provides the early answer! (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Visit Rex Martin's Page on EIN

EIN Comment: EIN has now seen The Complete Works set and what a beauty it is! The packaging is superb. All 9 discs are colorful picture discs and the book, while slimline, is full of quality visuals from and information from the film (one of the visual highlights is a series of terrific shots of Elvis in his famous red shirt and belt). The strong box holds both the "Behind the Scenes" book and "The Shows"........a quad-foldout digipack disc compartment with great color visuals and backing imagery.

EIN is yet to listen to the audio discs or view the DVDs, but by all accounts, we will not be disappointed.

Elvis' Tour Bus coming to Tupelo: A little more of Elvis Presley is coming to his hometown.

Bill Kinard, president of Legacy Hall of Fame, said he has taken possession of a 1976-77 MCI diesel tour bus and a 1957 pink and black Cadillac that once belonged to the King of Rock n' Roll.

"We're going to get them cleaned up then put them on display," said Kinard, who owns the Fans Forever Memorial Wall in Elvis Presley Heights.

Kinard and his wife, Linda, inherited the vehicles from the Professional Sports Hall of Fame Museum in Oregon. When the museum's founder, Bruce Buseman, died in 2004, the Kinards were the museum's only legal board members.

"We'd never met Mr. Buseman in person," Kinard said. "We talked to him over the phone several times."

After some legal wrangling, a judge ruled that the bus and the car belonged to the Kinards. The judgment also included cars that were featured in the movies, "Wayne's World," "The Blues Brothers" and "Megaforce," as well as other Presley memorabilia.

The Kinards' priority was to get the bus and car to Tupelo. They worked with Larry Michaels with Celebrity Coaches to transport the vehicles. Celebrity Coaches will oversee the rehabilitation of the bus.

The goal is to have the Presley vehicles on display by June 1 in time for the 2009 Elvis Presley Festival. Kinard said if work isn't complete by then, it'll be done in time for the anniversary of Presley's death in August.

"We're trying to give people another reason to come to Tupelo," Kinard said. "We're just trying to help the city stimulate tourism." (News, Source: M. Scott Morris, Daily Journal/Charmaine Jensen-Voisine)

View Charmaine's Elvis Graphics

Elvis is in the Beatles building: A little bit of musical history will come to the Beatles Story on February 27th, with the arrival in Liverpool of a rare piece of Elvis memorabilia.

Worn by the King throughout the late '50s and loaned exclusively by Elvis Presley Enterprises in Memphis, Elvis's personally branded fashion sweater will be on show in the Beatles Story's exhibition to symbolise the huge influence Elvis had on the Beatles and their music. The sweater, estimated to be worth around £10,000, was made by the Corsicar label in California and is a typical example of Elvis' personal brand.

His initials began appearing on his clothes in the late '50s and continued to adorn shirts, jackets, jewelry and even sunglasses well into the '70s.

Elvis was a major influence on the Beatles and on John Lennon in particular. John once said, "Nothing really affected me until I heard Elvis. Before Elvis there was nothing."

When John and Paul's pre Beatles group, the Quarry Men formed they began to introduce Elvis numbers into their repertoire, performed by either John or Paul, which included 'All Shook Up', 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky', 'Hound Dog', 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Mean Woman Blues', 'I Forgot To Remember To Forget', 'I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You', 'It's Now Or Never', 'That's All Right (Mama)' and 'Love Me Tender'.

George Harrison was to comment, "I remember at school there was all that thing about Elvis. When a record came along like 'Heartbreak Hotel' it was so amazing.

"We know Elvis is great. Seeing Elvis was like seeing the messiah arrive."

Paul McCartney was to say, "Every time I felt low, I just put on an Elvis record and I'd feel great, beautiful".

Elvis went on to record several Beatles compositions, including 'Hey Jude', 'Yesterday' and 'Something'. Jerry Goldman, Managing Director of the Beatles Story said: "It's wonderful to link up with Elvis Enterprises to bring this stunning piece of memorabilia to Liverpool.

Elvis and the Beatles are the greatest artists in popular music history so it is especially apt that we bring the two great music cities of Liverpool and Memphis together."

The arrival of this wonderful and evocative piece of memorabilia marks the start of an exciting year for the Beatles Story with the opening of the new development at the Pier Head Ferry Terminal and more exciting announcements to follow. (News, Source: Jamie Bowman, clickliverpool.com)

Graceland is Less Opulent than Expected: Paul Hogarth recently took a road trip from Miami to Memphis and had this to say about Graceland:

Sure, Elvis Presley decked out his mansion with shag carpets and bright Seventies furniture more appropriate for a Las Vegas lounge. But the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s famous home was surprisingly quite modest. Elvis never forgot his humble roots, by honoring a promise to his parents who had struggled hard to raise him. He had them live with him at Graceland, and spent the next 20 years of his life making worthy charitable donations in the Memphis area. Say what you want about Elvis’ red-baiting politics … the guy still had a Heart of Gold, and his impact on music cannot be disputed. Long live the King!

Paul Hogarth kept a personal blog of his Miami-to-Memphis road trip. (News, Source: beyondchron.org)


Saturday 28 February 2009


Full show, including 2 rare bonus tracks!.......Heartbreak Hotel - All Shook Up - A Fool Such As I - I Got A Woman - Love Me - Such A Night - Reconsider Baby - I Need Your Love Tonight - That's All Right Mama - Don´t Be Cruel - One Night - Are You Lonesome Tonight - Now Or Never - Swing Down Sweet Chariot - Hound Dog

BONUS TRACKS: Award presentation to Elvis (March 25, 1961-Honolulu, Hawaii)

Interview about the USS Arizona Memorial Benefit Concert (March 1961, Hawaii)

Note from Epgold: this release is a black fabric made CDr. (News, Source: EP Gold)

Elvis That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works: Early feedback from fans who have received this set is a very positive one! The Elvis messageboards have seen postings including:

  • Awesome!
  • I got my set about an hour ago. So far I only had time to watch the first (opening)show and I must say it's great! Loooove it!
  • Oh my god, I've been waiting for this for a long long time.
  • Absolutely fantastic set! The wait has been soooo worth it.
  • Great release - awesome package, very good sound (as Russian Fan mentioned before) and smart editing of all the movie stuff (in the best quality I've seen until now). Tremendous job, well done and worth the waiting and my money.
  • Wow!!!! This is a wonderful release!!!!!
  • Its lived up to the hype.

Read more about "TTWII The Complete Works"

Has Sony BMG undersold Elvis with the RIAA?: Elvis researcher, Brian Quinn, has posted this interesting observation on the FECC board:

Currently, the RIAA certification criteria for albums are:

500,000 units: Gold album.
1,000,000 units: Platinum album.
2,000,000 or more units: Multi-Platinum album.
10,000,000 units: Diamond album.

Multi-disc albums are counted once for each disc within the album if it is over 100 minutes in length. For example, each copy of OutKast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (running time of 134:56), and Shania Twain's Up! (145:44), both double albums, were counted twice, meaning each album was certified diamond after 5 million copies were shipped. The 100 minute requirement does not apply to albums released in the vinyl era so double albums such as Pink Floyd's The Wall and The Beatles' White Album are counted double even though their running times are under the minimum.

Two Elvis Albums e.g. 'Aloha From Hawaii' (currently 5XP) and 'Elvis In Concert' (currently 3XP) were originally released in double album format and because they were below the 100 minute rule they were disqualified for 'double sales'. Bearing in mind
the above Pink Floyd and Beatles Albums why haven't the Elvis ones been given the same treatment? (News, Source: Brian Quinn, FECC)

EIN Comment: The running time of a double album is a spurious indicator in calculating award status. Regardless of running time, double albums essentially have a similar retail price.

La Vanguardia release in Spain: Here is the fifth volume (of twenty) of the collection of the local newspaper in Catalonia (Spain) "La Vanguardia".

This time it brings his first album "Elvis Presley" published in March 1956 with original tracklisting of 12 songs (without bonus).Undoubtedly 1956 was the year of Elvis and RCA took full advantage of this record editing 6 Singles and 4 Extended Play with tracks from this album.

As usual the presentation of this collection is accompanied by a deluxe hardcover book of 30 pages with information and photographs in color and black/white. It also makes reference to the official website (www.elvis.com) and their respective copyright to certify their quality of product approved. (News, Source: Elvis News)

News from EPE:

Ultimate Winner to Play Role in The Elvis Story: After more than 1,400 performances in front of 1.6 million fans, The Elvis Story will take to the stage in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada. This biographical drama, played out on stage, will feature Brandon Bennett, winner of the prestigious 2008 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, in the starring role of Elvis Presley.

Special Grand Opening Weekend VIP Package: Graceland will open three new exhibits on March 6 and 7 and we are inviting you to join us for an opening weekend celebration with a fun VIP Package. Our Opening Weekend VIP Package for two includes accommodations at Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel, VIP tours of Graceland, a special meet 'n' greet and screening with Blue Hawaii star Darlene Tompkins and more.

Booking Details for the Elvis Cruise Announced: The Elvis cruise is back for the third year and will be bigger and better than ever with more music, more live entertainment and most importantly, more Elvis. This year’s cruise will set sail November 12 through November 16, 2009, and will travel from Tampa, Florida, through the Caribbean to Cozumel, Mexico and back on the Carnival Inspiration.

Elvis Matters (Belgium) magazine: It's March, and that is excellent news for our 2200+ members. The new ElvisMatters Magazine, glossy, full color and 68 pages of non-stop Elvis news, is ready to be sent out! In this magazine, we welcome ED BONJA, Elvis's photograper, as our new and exclusive contributor. So: don't miss this one! Here's a look at the content of #24:

• Preface

• Elvis in Paris

• Visit Paris with us

• Blue Hawaii FTD

• CD’s & DVD’s

• Tom Morgan speaks

• The Crosley I-Jukebox

• Report on the X-mas show

• Book News

• Short Tracks

• Elvis Week January 2009

• Elvis turns 75

• Ruth Cobb

• Birthday Party 2009

• A Very Special Necklace

• Letters

• Peter Guralnick Interviews

• Ed Bonja's Picture

• Member's News

• Rarities on the Block

• ElvisMatters Award 2009

• Auction News

• The Colonel’s Weekend

• A first on the Record Fair

• Calendar & Events

Visit the "Elvis Matters" website

Aussie Chart Update: On tomorrow's ARIA Music DVD Top 40, Elvis The King of Rock 'n' Roll climbs 2 spots tp # 24. It has been on the chart for 47 weeks and is certyified Platinum. (News, Source: ARIA)

Low bids for Elvis items at auction: The recent Heritage Auction (held last weekend) brought in remarkably low bids. A Hound Dog, given by Elvis to JD Sumner sold for less than 300 $US (298 to be exact), and an Elvis 1957 fan hat sold for even less: just 98 $US. Highlight was a belt, supposedly worn by Elvis (with no picture proof) that sold for 10157 $US. A jacket worn in the early 60's got a bid of 3734 $US, and a contract signed by Elvis and JD Sumner sold for no more than 4780 $US. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Champion boxer wants to get married in his Elvis jumpsuit: According to The Sun, Presley fanatic Ricky Hatton, 30, is aiming to wear his Elvis jumpsuit - in the sky blue colours of his beloved Manchester City - when he weds sweetheart Jennifer Dooley.

He proposed on Valentine's Day, and a date has yet to be set.

But a pal of The Hitman said: "He wants the jumpsuit and an Elvis impersonator doing the ceremony.

"He can have his stag do out there too."
(Odd Spot, Source: The Sun)















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