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Tuesday 30 March 2010

EPE for sale?: The company that owns the rights to the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley confirmed Monday that it is in talks over a possible sale.

CKX Inc. released a vague statement that admitted sale discussions are under way but was noncommittal over a timeline, price, terms or buyer.

One Equity Partners is the buyer, according to a Wall Street Journal report released Friday. CKX (NASDAQ: CKXE) shareholders would be paid about $6 per share, according to WSJ.

The New York-based entertainment company also owns the rights to the name, image and likeness of Muhammed Ali and the proprietary rights to the American Idol television franchise.

CKX released its annual report March 15 that showed Presley royalties and licensing revenue increased by 34.6 in 2009.

Attendance at Elvis’ Memphis home was also up in 2009. 542,728 people went to Graceland in 2009, a 1.2 percent increase compared to 536,196 in 2008. (News, Source: Memphis Business Journal)

Read EIN's comprehensive Archives on the Sale of EPE

Original Contract to Purchase Graceland, Signed by Elvis Presely, to Cross the Block on Proxibid: Proxibid, the world’s largest provider of live auction webcasting services, has been selected by Philip Weiss Auctioneers to bring its upcoming three-day auction live, online. The live auction will take place Friday, April 23 at 6:00 p.m. EDT, and will continue on Saturday, April 24 and Sunday, April 25 at 10:00 a.m. EDT daily, with online bidding taking place via Proxibid. Auction registration for each day is already available by visiting www.proxibid.com/pwauctions.

The three-day event includes many rare items, including vintage Star Wars figurines in their original packaging, important papers and Beatles memorabilia. One of the most sought-after items available in this auction is the file containing the purchase and sale agreement and settlement sheet for Graceland, the Memphis home that Presley purchased from Ruth Brown Moore in 1957. The document was signed by Elvis and his parents, Vernon and Gladys Presley, and will cross the auction block during the April 25 sale.

The file also includes the contract to acquire the home Elvis initially purchased in Memphis, at 1034 Audubon Road. That document is signed by all three Presleys and details the price paid and the terms. Later, when Elvis purchased Graceland, part of the agreement had him turning the Audubon Road property over to Ruth Brown Moore. Additionally, the documents for Elvis’ purchase of the Circle G Ranch, where Elvis and Priscilla honeymooned in 1967, will be sold as part of this file. (News, Source: news-antique.com)

Unique Elvis collection for sale: On Easter Monday April 5th 2010 (next Monday), visitors of the International Elvis and Record Fair in the city of Herenthout (Belgium) will have the chance to buy a unique collection containing rare books, gold records, B&K souvenirs, CDs, DVDs and much more. All items are individually priced. This international record fair is THE place to be for Elvis fans from all over Europe.

Needless to say that ElvisMatters is present with a large booth as well. The record fair opens at 9 am on Monday April 5th. Address: conference room TER VONCKE, 17 Vonckstraat, Herenthout Belgium. Tickets are 4 euro only. (News, Source: Elvis News/Elvis Matters)


Sunday 28 March 2010

Elvis Presley's On Stage Sparkles Like Las Vegas: To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley's engrossing On Stage album, the fine folks at Legacy Recordings have reissued it as a double-disc set that captures him in Las Vegas at a critical point in his career. Presley had spent most of the 1960s making unmemorable movies but the famed '68 Comeback Special brought him an enormous television audience. Listening to On Stage, as well as the additional reissue of Elvis in Person, it's clear that Presley gave this engagement his best shot. "The Wonder of You," a vocal tour de force, originally came from On Stage, but I had never heard his lively rendition of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline." I wouldn't have thought that would work, but now I'm a believer.

I was too young to ever see him in concert, but I can visualize the "Vegas Elvis" working the stage whenever I hear "Walk a Mile in My Shoes." One of the bonus tracks is an early performance of a future signature hit, "Kentucky Rain," and another is a rehearsal of "The Wonder of You," in which he swaps out the word "inspiration," causing the band (and me) to giggle when he croons, "You give me hope and constipation."

On Stage was recorded in February 1970, while Elvis in Person comes from his August 1969 concerts. (Elvis in Person was initially released as the first disc of From Memphis to Vegas -- From Vegas to Memphis in 1969, then reissued a year later as a single album.) You can hear the women shrieking when he busts out "In the Ghetto," although I'm partial to his unexpected cover of the Bee Gees' "Words." Among the six bonus tracks here is a live rendition of Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away." Indeed, it is funny. But don't be mistaken -- this reissue is seriously cool. (CD Review, Source: Craig Shelburne, CMT)

New 3CD Boxset - Nashville Flashback The Alternate Albums: The Ultimate Nashville marathon........now out!

Includes tons of alternate takes, rare live recordings and unreleased songs!! 'Thats The Way It Is', 'Elvis Country' and  'Love Letters From Elvis' the way you never heard them before!

Click for more info and visuals


Brief encounter with greatness, Elvis style: It's time to once again be Touched by Greatness, but first an example:

Our friend Bob Wilcox of Geneseo dropped a bombshell the other day at coffee, mentioning that he once had a bottle of Elvis Presley's Vaseline hair tonic in his possession. He said this in an offhand manner, suggesting that the rest of us must have had at least a comb from The King. We didn't.

Bob acquired his relic as a teenager when he and a friend of his sneaked into the Tulsa (Okla.) Fairgrounds Pavilion on the evening of April 18, 1956. There for an Elvis concert, they were wandering about near a side entrance when Elvis himself appeared.

"Hi guys," the performer said. "What did you do, sneak in?"

"Oh gee, yeah," Bob remembers saying.

Rather than call security, Elvis took the boys to seats near the stage. Before he went on, Elvis sent Bob on a mission to retrieve his Vaseline from the glove compartment of his car. Bob did so, and Elvis slicked his famous hair and gave the tonic back to Bob.

His mind on the music, Bob forgot (or so he says) to return the Vaseline once the show was over. It went home with him, and eventually was lost. Thus, Bob cannot fund his grandchildren's education by selling the memento on eBay.

Now, drum roll please, back to Touched by Greatness:

In the 1980s, the former Times-Union, my employer then, put out a call for stories like Bob's under the general heading of, you guessed it, "Touched by Greatness." Readers responded enthusiastically, sending in their own tales of brief but telling encounters with the famous or near-famous.

Let's do it again. Send me you stories via e-mail or regular mail. I'll pass along the best in a later column or two.

Special credit will go to anyone who was in Tulsa on April 18, 1956, and just happened to meet Elvis as he was looking for his "lost" hair tonic. (News, Source: democratandchronicle.com)

Ancestors of Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations – Source Citation Index added: Ancestors Of  Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations has been Revised and Edited. Containing over 1700 detailed sources. This treasure is unique. You will not find another Elvis genealogy that contains such detailed information, verifying Elvis real family. Elvis has very interesting heritage, with many royal lines as well as sharecroppers, and many more. You may find yourself being related. The author is Elvis' 8th cousin One removed. It only takes one ancestor and you could be related.

In addition, author and researcher Lorina Bolig has produced a Source Citation Index to make it easier for readers to find and cross-reference entries.  The addition of the Index brings the page count of her exhaustively researched and impressive book to nearly 1,000!  

Example of the Name Index:


Andrew…………………………..11, 14, 17

Dunnan ( Dumis ) Jr ................   7, 9, 11

Dunnan Sr .............................9, 11, 14

Elvis Aaron .......................................6J

essie D. Mcclowell ...................6, 7, 8

Mary.......................................9, 11, 14

Peter ....................................11, 14, 18

Rosella ......................................6, 7, 9

Vernon Elvis ................................. .6, 7

Read EIN’s review of Ms Bolig’s fascinating book 

Elvis Presley's Memphis book release: There is no question about it, Elvis Presley loved his hometown. He may have been born in Tupelo, taken Hollywood by storm, and later triumphed everywhere from Vegas to Honolulu, but to everyone in every city he said, “I would love to show you Memphis.”

Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. and Memphis’ award-winning newspaper, The Commercial Appeal, are proud to bring Elvis fans, historians, music lovers, and everyone who loves Memphis an exciting new book, "Elvis Presley’s Memphis." Both entities have opened their significant archives and discovered photographs, documents and news stories that share Memphis through the eyes of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Preorders for the book will begin on Friday, April 2 and a special enhanced version, which will include a DVD, will be on sale only at Graceland during Elvis Week in Memphis.

In celebration of this exciting new book, a special segment of Conversations on Elvis is planned for Elvis Week 2010.

Saturday, August 14th, 2010 - Conversations on Elvis: Elvis Presley’s Memphis........Session Two: 1:00 p.m. The Orpheum Theater, downtown Memphis. Michael Lollar, Commercial Appeal writer and author of Elvis Presley’s Memphis, will be on hand to take guests behind-the-scenes and share what he discovered when researching for the book. Joining Michael will be long-time Memphis supporter and former mayor Bill Morris to share stories about his experiences with Elvis. Other special guests who experienced Elvis and his love for Memphis will be announced soon. The event, hosted by Tom Brown, Vice President of Original Productions for Turner Classic Movies (TCM), will be a great way to find out more about Elvis’ hometown and what made his relationship with Memphis so powerful. Included will be rarely seen video and photos from the Graceland and Commercial Appeal archives. 
(News, Source: EPE)

New FTDs shipped to dealers: Ernst Jorgensen has advised EP Gold that Elvis Now on double CD and Jailhouse Rock on double vinyl have been shipped to dealers.

Elvis In Concert 2010:

Many thanks to Brian Quinn for these links of rehearsals, etc for the current touring show

Marty Lacker responds to Elvis and the coal mine tax fraud: Thanks to Marty for his comments on our story from last Tuesday:

The coal mine deal was all Vernon Presley's idea but he used Elvis' money.  That's what happens when you allow someone unsophisticated and unknowledgeable in financial matters to handle your money.
The funny thing is that both Alan Fortas and I told Elvis that his money should and could be working for him if he would invest with legitimate and proven successful investment brokers.  He told us both at different times to speak with his father if we knew of good information.  When both of us, again at different times, went to the office to speak with Vernon he told us to mind our own damn business. When Elvis asked us what his father said, he just shrugged as if to say,"That's Daddy", after we told him what Vernon's answer was.
The two times Vernon invested Elvis' money they both failed.  The coal mine scam and a used car dealership.
However, unfortunately it makes Elvis look like the person scammed.

Reads the original article

Read "Marty's Musings" on EIN

Aussie chart update: Elvis The King of Rock 'n' Roll climbs an impressive 17 spots on tomorrow's ARIA Music DVD Chart to #18. The release has been on the chart for 98 weeks and is still certified 2xP. On the Digital Download Album Chart Elvis has no entries but significantly another deceased music icon, Jimi Hendrix, continues to chart with his album, Valleys of Neptune (down from #9 to #22). This begs the question.......how can Sony encourage digital downloads of Elvis releases, such as the current Sony Legacy Elvis release, On Stage? (News, Source: ARIA)


Friday 26 March 2010

'Jailhouse Rock' EIN in-depth FTD Soundtrack review: Jailhouse Rock is one of Elvis' key films, and certainly his best "musical". Directed by Richard Thorpe and produced by Pandro Berman it reached #3 of Variety's weekly list of Top Grossing films. Despite being a genuine "musical" in the old MGM sense the film featured only 6 songs and only a Single and Extended Play was released. Of course both the Single and EP went to Number 1 and several CD compilations have since been released. Can FTD really treat us to something worth buying all over again? Who else could write 5,000 words on an old Elvis soundtrack? 

The first CD presents a compilation of 29 highlights divided into The Originals, RCA Alternate Masters, Movie Masters but with only 6 songs can FTD really give us anything new? EIN's Piers Beagley reveals all...

(FTD Reviews, Source;EIN)

Go Backstage with Elvis Presley: EPE suggest that if you have not visited Elvis Backstage 1969, be sure you take some time to browse around the Web site for a fun online interactive experience.
Read Elvis’ personal telegrams, play a few chords on his guitar, look through the clothing on his clothes rack, flip through the Colonel’s scrapbook, and lots more. This virtual experience features rare Elvis memorabilia, photos, artifacts, video and audio clips and much more.
Also, be sure to click on the 'Elvis in Person' poster on the back door for a brand new addition to the site.
Click here to go EPE backstage.

EIN says it takes a while to load but there is a lot of fun to be had. Try it!

(News, Source;EPE)

FTD are working on 1976 Birmingham And Dallas new Release: EIN has reason to believe that FTD is working on the supposed new December 1976 live double-pack. In fact the issue was discussed with EIN as far back as 2002 - so it still may be a few months away!!
Remember that EIN was the first site to tell you about the FTD Jailhouse Rock release back in 2007 - released 18 months later and reviewed above. Back in 2002 Ernst Jorgensen told us at EIN..
Ernst.J – We have the three December 1976 shows and one of them could be the basis of a CD and the highlights from the others. None of them are complete on soundboards because the tapes weren’t long enough for those shows. ... So we will definitely do that in the future."
Go here for EIN exclusive Ernst Jorgensen interviews
(News, Source;EIN)

FREE download from Elvis' new "On Stage Legacy Edition" Album:  Download a free track from Elvis' On Stage (Legacy Edition).
You can have Elvis’ “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” free and 'on the house', but it won’t last long.
Don’t let this deal get away!
(News, Source;EIN)

Elvis Newseum, Washington exhibit: The power of Elvis & the explosive impact he had on music and popular culture is the demonstrated in the Newseum exhibit featuring stage costumes and other professional and personal mementos from the Graceland collection.
The exhibit tells the story of Presley as he was portrayed in the news media and explores how his music and physicality pushed the boundaries of mainstream taste and free expression during a time when America was experiencing deep generational shifts.
Produced in collaboration with EPE the Newseum exhibit includes a number of rare objects from the Graceland vaults that have never before been publicly displayed. See private telegrams, letters and scrapbooks that chronicle Presley’s rise as a music and media sensation, as well as his death and his enduring legacy. The exhibit also includes an original Newseum-produced video featuring vintage
footage of the entertainer, from performances to press conferences, shown on a dazzling 90-foot-long video wall in the Newseum’s Big Screen Theater.
Relive some of the top headline making moments from Presley’s career, including:
• The breakthrough recordings that made music history.
• The smoldering performances that made him a symbol of youthful rebellion and a target of censorship.
• The early television appearances that created controversy and coverage.
• His White House meeting with President Richard M. Nixon.
• His shocking 1977 death, which dominated the news as no entertainer’s death ever had before.
The Newseum exhibit features rare photographs and original newspapers and magazines covering Presley’s career. Artifacts on loan from Graceland include Presley’s iconic 1957 Harley- Davidson motorcycle; the "American Eagle" jumpsuit and cape wore during the rehearsal for his 1973 Aloha From Hawaii concert, seen by more than 1 billion viewers worldwide; the gold and diamond belt presented to him in 1969 for breaking Las Vegas attendance records; and memorable costumes from his stage and screen appearances. Also included are rare news scrapbooks compiled by his manager, Col. Tom Parker, the coat and belt Presley wore during his historic 1970 White House meeting with Nixon and the memorial tribute book from his funeral.
Go here for Exhibition images
(News Source;EPE)

TCB guitarist James Burton Gets Legends Award Honor: TCB guitarist James Burton will be recognized at the Louisiana Public Broadcasting Louisiana Legends Awards May 6 in Baton Rouge.
Each year Friends of LPB honors outstanding Louisiana citizens who have distinguished themselves in a variety of disciplines including writing, art, entertainment, politics, public service and athletics.
Burton, a Minden native who grew up in Shreveport before leaping into the greater world of popular music, joined the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and over the last decade has added the title philanthropist to his list of achievements through the annual James Burton Rock and Roll International Guitar Festival. Through that he raises money to purchase guitars and put music back in classrooms. He’s donated hundreds to students throughout Caddo and Bossier parishes.
James Burton is one of five people who will receive this award. The ceremony will be at 8 p.m. May 6 at the Old State Capitol in downtown Baton Rouge. A champagne and dessert reception will follow.

(News, Source:ShreveportTimes)

Parkes crowns Australia's Elvis World Cup qualifier: Elvis re-entered the building in Parkes for the inaugural King's Castle Elvis World Cup Australian Qualifier last weekend.
35 Elvis Tribute Artists strutted their stuff on the stage at the Parkes Leagues Club in the battle to become Australia's representative for the Elvis World Cup being staged in Wales later this year.
Elvises had travelled from around the country to compete, with fan clubs in tow, and had the opportunity to meet some special guests in the process.
Joe Esposito, Elvis' former Tour Manager and good friend travelled to Parkes from Las Vegas to be part of the judging panel, along with Fat Pizza’s Rob Shehadie, and former Yellow Wiggle Greg Page. 12 finalists were selected from heats held over the two days to participate in the Finalé Concert which had the audience enthralled.
Mark Andrew (right) from Melbourne was crowned winner with his performances of 'That's the Way It Is' and 'You Gave Me a Mountain' in the final.
Dean Vegas from Brisbane also performed 'You Gave Me a Mountain' along with crowd pleaser 'Burning Love' to take out runner-up.
Both artists have previously been Feature Artists at the CountryLink Parkes Elvis Festival.
Mark Andrew's prize package includes a trip to Wales to represent Australia in the Elvis
World Cup in July, a gold Elvis pendant specially designed for the winner along with the prestige of being recognised as Australia's best.
The real surprise package of the weekend was Morris Posa from Sydney who won the Novice category. Morris started out really nervous in his heat, but was full of confidence by the time the final came around on Sunday night and nailed his rendition of 'Heartbreak Hotel' followed by 'Hound Dog'. The King's Castle Elvis Memorabilia Museum is open year-round in Parkes and will move to larger premises later this year. Go here for more info.
(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNet)

Rare Elvis Movie Poster for Sale: Rock-On-Collectibles are offering this fascinating Elvis movie poster for sale on Ebay.
By the artist Kozik (and signed) the movie title is The Job and features actor Jesse Garon.

It would look great on your wall!

Check it out go here.





(News, Source;Nigel/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 25 March 2010
Treasures archived for discovery: Elvis Presley’s first record: In a room stacked floor to ceiling with records from some of the best musicians of the 20th Century, Elvis Presley fans will find quite the treat.The King’s very first record lives in the Marr Sound Archives at Miller Nichols Library. Featuring “That’s All Right” and “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” it was recorded in Memphis, Tenn., under the Sun Records Company label.When Presley was first trying to get a start in the music business, he struggled. Nothing came of his first recording session at Sun Records.

Determined to give music another shot, he returned to the studio in 1954 to record two more songs, “Casual Love Affair” and “I’ll Never Stand in Your Way.”Founder of Sun Records Sam Phillips did not give Presley many words of encouragement, but he did take his number and address.Presley did not hear back from Phillips until Peer Music of Nashville sent Sun Records a demo of “Without You” and Phillips decided to let Presley have a shot at recording it.

While Presley could not seem to master the song, he was given the opportunity to try some different songs. His ability to sing those songs convinced Phillips he had some talent.That was Presley’s ticket to his future in the music industry.Those interested in listening to Presley’s first album can contact the Marr Sound Archives, located on the lower level of the library.For more information about the sound collection, visit http://library.umkc.edu/marr. (News, Source: Alexia Stout-Lang, unews.com)

Elvis! Grace and Grit exhibition: Dust off those blue suede shoes and get ready to pay tribute to the king of rock ’n’ roll as “Elvis! Grace and Grit” opens April 1 at the Petaluma Museum in California.

Petaluma is the first stop for this year’s tour of “Elvis! Grace and Grit,” which is a traveling show circulated by ARTVision Exhibitions, a company that provides photographic exhibitions to museums worldwide.

The exhibit will be on display at the Petaluma Museum through June 30.

“I knew after the Schindler exhibit earlier this year, and before ‘The Vietnam Experience’ set for later this year, that it was important to do something fun for the summer that worked well with the downtown events, so Elvis seemed perfect,” said museum president Joe Noriel. “He would be 75 this year, and many major publications are in retrospect mode. Elvis is an American icon with huge appeal.”

Born in Tupelo, Miss., Presley began his musical career in 1954. Presley was one of the originators of rockabilly, an uptempo, backbeat-driven fusion of country with rhythm and blues. His first RCA single, “Heartbreak Hotel,” released in January 1956, was a No. 1 hit. In November 1956, he made his film debut in “Love Me Tender.”

During his career, Presley was nominated for 14 Grammies — winning three — and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36. Presley died in 1977 at the age of 42 from a prescription drug overdose.

“Elvis! Grace and Grit” features 33 candid and on-the-air photographs from the CBS archives documenting Presley’s life during the late ’50s and early ’60s. The exhibit celebrates Presley’s 75th birthday and includes a display of many rare Presley artifacts — making it the largest Presley exhibit in the Bay Area.

“The images we are getting are very exclusive, from CBS,” said Noriel. “We are adding many personal donated items on loan from many local fans. We have everything from Elvis Shampoo to a rare 78 of ‘Hound Dog,’ a full Elvis suit, movie items and you name it.”

A preview party for Petaluma Museum members will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 31. There will be a silent auction of rare Presley special edition lithographs. An opening night party for the general public begins at 7 p.m. and includes a screening of Presley’s “1968 Comeback Show.” As part of the exhibit, the museum will show a 61-minute video documentary, “Elvis ’56,” at 1:30 p.m. every Saturday.

For details, contact the Petaluma Museum at 778-4398. (News, Source: Yovanna Bieberich, Argus-Courier)


Tuesday 23 March 2010.................................................................Elvis' tax affairs in focus!

Elvis and the Coal Mine - an exercise in tax fraud!:

The Elvis story never ceases to reveal new or little known facts, as an item from the December 15, 1980 edition of TIME magazine highlights.

Click here to read of the tax scam and how Elvis was (unwittingly) its biggest investor!

More on Elvis and his taxes... Elvis was no tea partyer: Maybe the rabidly anti-tax bunch known as the tea partyers who claim the mantle of patriotism as their own and love to yell "socialism" at the drop of a hat ought to take the time to seek out an example of a genuine patriot, namely the man who reportedly held the distinction at the time of his death of having paid more taxes to the federal government than any other individual in U.S. history.

This man sought no tax dodges, no tax shelters and no tax loopholes. He didn't help fund any lobbyists to see tax breaks for people in his position, didn't pressure politicians to cut the taxes of successful folks like himself and didn't whimper and moan about the taxes he owed.

He refused to hire tax consultants and clever lawyers to look for ways to reduce his tax burden - because taxes weren't a burden by his way of thinking. Rather, taxes were a way of giving back to the country he loved.

Yes, maybe the tea partyers ought to reflect on the life of this great American, Elvis Aron Presley. Annually, Elvis would gather his financial records together and entrust them to the Internal Revenue Service, allowing them to determine what his tax bill amounted to. He then wrote a check in that amount with a smile on his face, faithfully knowing that he was contributing his fair share to his beloved United States of America.

That, my friends, is true patriotism in action. Perhaps if we had more patriots like the King around instead of the overabundance of egomaniacally selfish fakers, our country wouldn't be in the financial mess that it is.

Take your own advice. Love it or leave it. JOHN N. FISHEL (Source: ydr.com)

On Stage CD released: The latest Sony Legacy 2CD has been released in the US and Europe.

After an eight-year absence from live performance, Elvis Presley made his triumphant return to the concert stage in 1969 at The International Hotel in Las Vegas. On the heels of "Suspicious Minds," "In The Ghetto," the '68 Comeback Special and the acclaimed album. From Elvis In Memphis, the year that man landed on the moon was also the year that Elvis re-claimed his standing as the ultimate live performer. On Stage and Elvis In Person are the classic live albums that capture the shows which forever cemented the long and famous association between the iconic entertainer and the sparkling desert city. Now, in the year of Elvis' 75th birthday and the launch of Cirque du Soleil's Viva Elvis show in Las Vegas, this 2-CD Legacy Edition presents both albums in their entirety, plus nine bonus tracks and a rehearsal take of "The Wonder Of You," the hit version of which is also featured. These transcendent performances chronicle Elvis' creative rebirth as a stage performer and showcase The King's deep connection with his loyal audience.

Initial reports comment very favorably on the booklet and Vic Anesini's remastering.


Elvis banned in Germany: Half a century ago, March 21st 1960: the government of East Germany bans all records and films by Elvis.

The decision was taken earlier, on February 17th 1960, but the 'ban' was official on March 21st.

Teenagers that bought or played Elvis's music or watched his movies, could be sent to court for "indecent behaviour". Times have changed since, indeed...(News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Elvis researcher, Bob Hayden, looking for input to revised edition of Gold Caddy book: Just wanted to write to you and your readers on the EIN website in regards my recently released book “Elvis Presley’s Gold Cadillac Tour of Australasia 1968-1969”.

The first issue has been sold out and I have just had a few more copies printed to meet the demand, especially from overseas.

I would like to thank you and you members for giving me all the help with getting this book out to the Elvis world.

Since the book has been releasd I have been receiving additional information from various places around Australia, and have decided to revise the book and then have it printed later in the year. I am hoping it will be printed in hard cover format.

If anyone has anything they would like to see included in the revised addition, please send me the details as soon as possible.

Thanks once again for all the help and assistance. Bob Hayden........................ Email Bob

Read EIN's review of: Elvis Presley's GOLD Cadillac Tour of Australasia 1968-69

Lisa Marie might well say…..Stories of my weight gain have been greatly exaggerated: Recent stories and images of a greatly overweight Lisa Marie are, in fact, the result of a fictional story from The Spoof!

The by line for the story was: This is Herodo Rivera reporting for The Sewer.

The story appears to have been picked up by that doyen of tabloid magazines......the National Enquirer, although the Enquirer "downsized" LMP to 165lbs (The Spoof! had Lisa Marie at 175lbs)!

Visit EIN's comprehensive section on Lisa Marie Presley (news, reviews, articles, photos)

And also from The Spoof!.......For the third time this year, the house with the Elvis Presley ghost is up for sale.

No, it's not the big house in Graceland. Plus it's not any one house. A couple of con artists have been caught after selling at least twenty other versions of the "House Haunted By Elvis Presley' all through the South.

Apparently Jacob and Joy Mathers of Alabama decided to sell their own house back in 1992 but had no buyers. Since Jacob earned his money by doing Elvis imitations all over the US and in other countries, Joy had the idea of listing the $200,000 house for $250,000 with the ad also saying, "Haunted by Elvis Presley".

It sold in three weeks.

Then, sure enough, "Elvis" appeared at odd times. Half of a banana sandwich would be found, etc. This worked so well for the Mathers that they have since sold at least a dozen or so houses "haunted by Elvis Presley" over the past 18 years.

"They kept a chart and every so often, "Elvis" would make an appearance", stated Sheriff Lonnie Bratcher of Jasper, Georgia.

After their arrest for fraud, it was revealed that some ghost hunters were the ruin of the Elvis couple. After hearing about a house haunted by Elvis Presley, they began to find half a dozen more.

"These people were swindled and lied to, but you know what, only three would prosecute the Mathers. The rest all still believe that Elvis really does haunt their house!" (EIN NOTE: This is a SPOOF story!!!)

Elvis the wild sea otter to be honoured: A Scots fishing village made famous by the children's TV programme Balamory is to honour Elvis - a wild sea otter.

The friendly mammal with the famous name was found dead under an upturned boat in Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull.

During his lifetime, Elvis had become a local celebrity and was a favourite attraction with tourists.

Mull's Sea Life Surveys has set up a memorial fund for Elvis and a local councillor has called for a statue to be erected in his honour.

Slicked hair - Helen Chalmers, who runs a bed and breakfast in Tobermory, told BBC Radio Scotland that Elvis became famous for "his ease" around people.

"Elvis seemed to be particularly comfortable with people watching him and was quite happy pottering about the main street of Tobermory with the tourists and the locals," she said.

Mrs Chalmers said the otter was given his name as his hair was always "slicked back" and "he was a bit of a performer". She added: "I've spoken to some wildlife experts and they say that when one (otter) passes away then the territory is open for another to come along and take their place. "Maybe he's left some baby otter that might come along and fill his shoes." (Odd Spot, Source: BBC News)

Visit EIN's Odd Spot page.....wacky, weird and unusual stories from the Elvis world

Aussie chart update: On this week's ARIA Music DVD Chart, Elvis The King of Rock 'n' Roll slipped 3 spots to #35 after 97 weeks on the chart.

Food for thought:

"Viva Elvis is skewed toward fans who are captivated by the cultural excess of Graceland

rather than those drawn to the startling power of his best music"

(Randy Lewis, LA Times in his review of Cirque Du Soleil's Viva Elvis)

Positive news from John Wilkinson: Elvis Matters just got a telephone call from John Wilkinson, and he sounded GREAT. He's feeling much better and the best news is: the new chemo therapy and radiation seems to work. Of course it's too soon to tell, but doctors are optimistic about a complete recovery. Hang in there, brother John! We're thinking of you and wish you all the best - we want you back among the fans!

Cancer hits Sherill Nielsen: There seems to be no end to the bad tidings these days from the former Elvis musical entourage. According to several email messages, Sherill (Sean) Nielsen suffers from cancer of the lungs.  (News, Source: Elvis Matters) 

Restaurant Elvis set for Georgia, Russia: Restaurant Elvis is planning to open a new branch in Mtatsminda Park by the end of April. According to Vika Chikaidze, assistant to the General Manager of Elvis, the restaurant’s income has increased by 60-70% since its opening.
She says that demand for Elvis fast food is very high and the number of their clients is increasing. Such high demand for Elvis’s fast food could have a negative impact on the McDonald’s business in Georgia which has led the local fast food market for the past 12 years. Recently McDonald’s started offering lower prices for its products. The company now claims to offer products at very affordable prices. Its advertisements are now common on outdoor billboards.

The prices for Elvis fast food are higher than in the McDonald’s chain but Elvis representatives claim that the popularity of their food is determined by the larger size of the hamburgers and the Thai food. The Elvis fast food restaurant, located in Tbilisi ’s Philharmonic concert hall, invested 1,200,000 USD in its Georgian business. “The franchising cost of Elvis was quite high, the full amount of which is about 250,000 USD,” Magalashvili said.

“We are competing with the other fast food restaurants present on the local market. We offer our consumers 3 types of cuisine: Thai, American and Italian. We have fast food on the first floor and on the second floor we offer our customers a restaurant service. Elvis also has a delivery service, which has become much in demand over the last two weeks and we are hoping that the popularity of this service will increase still further,” Chikaidze says.

“Since its opening the number of Elvis’s customers has increased by 50%. Elvis is very popular in Tbilisi . The reason for its popularity is because of the high quality of service and food Elvis offers its consumers,” Chikaidze says.
According to Chikaidze, Elvis was something new for most people and many were drawn to it by their interest in tasting the unusual cuisine on offer at the restaurant, for example the Thai menu.

According to Chikaidze, From Monday to Friday between 11 and 4 o’clock, Elvis offers its customers a business lunch deal at very low prices. “During this time you can get a hamburger with potato chips and a Coke for just 8 GEL,” she says.

“The fact that Elvis is located in such a prime place, in the Philharmonic concert hall, attracts even more customers. Before and after concerts or other events in the Events Hall, Elvis is full of clients,” Chikaidze says.
In the summer Elvis plans to add an open air restaurant outside of the branch in the Philharmonic hall. According to Chikaidze Elvis’s service is suitable for business people as well.

“Due to our delivery service, we have quite a large amount of orders from foreign Embassies in Georgia. This month we will host delegations from Azerbaijan and Armenia. We already hosted a delegation from the American Embassy,” Chikaidze says. “We have corporate clients and various companies existing in Georgia are already our loyal clients. In corporate sales we are also competing with other fast food restaurants existing in Georgia,” Chikaidze says. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited /Elvis News)

Monday 22 March 2010

'A Minnesota Moment' FTD in-depth review: Elvis live-in-concert in 1976 is not an easy year to review. There were no major set-list changes and more often than not Elvis was on auto-pilot, bored and overmedicated. Apart from the exceptional blast of the final December Tour, 1976 in retrospect seems a slow downward spiral. However, as with everything Elvis, there are always contradictions, changes and sometimes light at the end of the tunnel. The month leading up to Elvis' October 1976 Tour saw a positive change and Elvis' concert in Minnesota on October 17th 1976 captures a somehat rejuvenated Elvis as he headed towards those final great December 1976 concerts.

With the help of Elvis fan Steve Lecher who actually attended the concert, EIN's Piers Beagley has a close look at the new FTD release.

(FTD Reviews, Source;EIN)

50 Years ago, March 20th "Elvis Was Back'!: On Sunday March 20th 1960 Elvis and his entourage left Graceland for RCA's Nashville Studio B for sessions that would become one of his key Studio recordings of all-time. Producing seven multi-million-selling singles in just two night's work! Elvis’ original guitarist Scotty Moore was there, along with The Jordanaires and, in an inspired move, Elvis had decided to use two drummers for a more forceful sound with D.J Fontana back alongside ace session-drummer Buddy Harman. The session was arranged as top secret.
As Engineer Bill Porter noted, "The session was booked at 7 o'clock on a Sunday night. Elvis showed up at about a quarter to nine. That was normal for him. He always recorded all night long. At the very beginning of the first cut I sensed an eeriness in the control room, like somebody's behind you watching and you just want to look. Finally I did, and right behind me was Colonel Parker, Elvis, Steve Sholes (RCA's A&R) and the VP from RCA all looking at me like if I made a mistake they were going to grab me.
Nobody said anything the whole time because, as I was later told, Elvis hadn't sung in a studio in two years and they weren't sure what was going to happen! The rest is history."

That night Elvis cut ‘Make Me Know It’, ‘Soldier Boy’, ‘Stuck On You’, ‘Fame & Fortune’, ‘A Mess Of Blues’ & ‘It Feels So Right’.
See EIN's in-depth review of the sensational 'Elvis Is Back'
(News, Source;EIN)

FTD to release 1976 Birmingham And Dallas Shows?: There are ongoing rumours about the recent announcement by ElvisNews.com that the FTD label will release both 1976 shows from the last week of December as a double-pack. While the issue was discussed with EIN as far back as 2002 we have still had no actual confirmation of this rumour.
Only last week Audionics re-released the 1976 Dallas concert as 'At Full Force' so the news story could be due to "darker forces" at work. Back in 2002 Ernst Jorgensen told us at EIN..
E.J – We have the three December 1976 shows and one of them
could be the basis of a CD and the highlights from the others. None of them are complete on soundboards because the tapes weren’t long enough for those shows. Or there is a possibility to do one of them as a show. The problem is that the one that is out on bootleg is actually the best sound quality, so should we then release the one that is not out on bootleg and take the best of the other one? These are decisions to be made. Some of us know enough about the bootlegs.. they don’t sell that much.. so it shouldn’t be an excuse for not releasing anything. So we will definitely do that in the future."
EIN is awaiting official confirmation of the story.

ETA Mark Andrew wins 'The Elvis World Cup Australian Qualifier': The Australian competition this past weekend to find the Australian representative in the Elvis World Cup being held in Cardiff, Wales in July was won by Mark Andrew (shown right).
Judges included Elvis' Tour Manager Joe Esposito from Vegas and former Yellow Wiggle Greg Page.

Parkes in Australia is home to the world's biggest Elvis Birthday festival, go here for more info and interviews with the Australian entrants.

Go here to the Mark Andrew website

(News, Source;ParkesElvisFestival)

Myrna still not out of hospital! Despite earlier stories, Dennis Jale has told Elvis Unlimited that Myrna Smith is still at the hospital in London recovering from pneumonia and that they hope she can leave for Austria early next week.

From EIN and everyone in our our fan club, we wish her a speedy recovery.

Go here for EIN's exclusive interview with Myrna Smith.

(News, Source;EIN/elvisunlimited.com)

Sunday 21 March 2010

Viva Elvis - Glitzy, glamorous, affectionate, but the King's still a mystery: Randy Lewis, from the Los Angeles Times recently took in Cirque Du Soleil's eye poppingly spectacular 'Viva Elvis' show. His review records the audio-visual grandeur of the show and questions its inability to explore the mystery of just who Elvis was.

....There's also a gorgeous and moving aerial pas de deux in which two members of the troupe float effortlessly through the air to accompany the weightless sound of Elvis' vocal on Are You Lonesome Tonight?.....

Read the full review here

James Burton reveals Elvis' band never had stage monitors: In between, I saw a little bit of the latest incarnation of Hole, with Courtney Love on her best raunchy behavior, had a chat with the queen of rockabilly, the great Wanda Jackson, heard James Burton talk about playing with Elvis and saw a fun show by Smokey Robinson, who can still hit the high notes.....

As for Burton, he had plenty to say about his nine years playing with Elvis Presley. One of the greatest guitarists ever, Burton was with Elvis until he died. Among the most mindboggling things he said: that Elvis's band never had stage monitors, even in the '70s and just had to try to follow the King. (News, Source: L. KENT WOLGAMOTT/Lincoln Journal Star)

New FTD titles announced: This summer the FTD label will release both shows from the last week of December 1976 as a double package. Both concerts have seen release on import labels. Only last week Audionics re-released the Dallas concert as At Full Force...

FTD who own both original masters to the shows needs some help from you people. Very few known photos do exist of the December 28 concert. If you have any, and possible newspaper reviews of both shows, please contact us and we will pass it on to Ernst Jorgensen at FTD. Your help will be greatly appreciated. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Graceland Redevelopment Remains A Priority: Memphis Mayor A C Wharton Jr. plans to roll out his first budget proposal next week to the Memphis City Council.

When he does, the mayor will draw on themes he has emphasized since taking office in October.

One of those is the area around Graceland. Wharton has repeatedly said redeveloping it is one of his administration’s top economic development priorities. The statement affirms an ambitious plan to promote the Elvis brand worldwide by Robert Sillerman of CKX Inc., the media company that owns 85 percent of Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Since a 2005 unveiling of a $250 million blockbuster remake of the late entertainer’s Memphis home and its surroundings, Sillerman and CKX have suffered like other businesses in the worst national recession since the Great Depression.

The recession has forced Sillerman to scale back plans outside Memphis and rewrite the Memphis plans with more cautious language.

In CKX’s annual report, filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission this week, Sillerman and the company again talked of its goals for Memphis.

“The company remains committed to the Graceland redevelopment and will continue to pursue opportunities on its own or with third parties,” the report reads.

Before the last line in the annual report about CKX’s commitment to the Memphis part of its plan for the Elvis brand, CKX executives also reported, “The company has determined that there is a strong likelihood that the original preliminary design plans may require significant modifications or abandonment for a redesign due to current economic conditions and a lack of certainty as to exact scope, cost, financing plan and timing of this project.”

Sillerman has met privately with city leaders about the project. He also appeared via a video recording at a 2008 Elvis fan club gathering in

Memphis. Earlier in 2009, CKX took a $900,000 write-off on the preliminary design work for the Graceland remake. The write-off followed the failure in March 2009 by FXRE, the real estate arm of CKX, to make an annual guaranteed minimum royalty payment to EPE.

The issue was settled with a termination of the licensing agreement with EPE to develop one or more hotels at

Graceland. The hotels could still be developed through a third party. CKX still operates the Heartbreak Hotel across the street from the mansion. In January, Wharton met with Sillerman in New York. Wharton said Sillerman told him CKX is more than committed to a revitalization of the Graceland area.

“You won’t recognize Elvis Presley Boulevard in a few years,” Wharton said earlier this year. “You won’t recognize that campus.”

Wharton also said Sillerman has groused about any doubts the SEC filings have created about his commitment to the Memphis

development. (News, Source: Memphis Daily News

Read EIN's detailed "Sale of EPE Archives"

Thought for the weekend:

At that moment, remembers one journalist, “thousands of kids’ bedroom doors slammed around the nation.”  The Generation Gap was born. (referring to Elvis’ appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show)

Lady GaGa and Elvis top duets list: The British public recently voted that the duet they’d most like to see happen would be with the late Elvis Presley and Lady GaGa, according to a new online poll by Match.com.

Kate Taylor from Match.com said: “Lady GaGa and Elvis are both strong vocalists, with great charisma who just ooze sex appeal. They’re passionate, powerful performers who aren’t afraid to show their emotions through their music. Just think of the fireworks if these two had ever shared a stage together.”

She continues: “Today over half of us believe a potential partner’s taste in music is very important (55%). Why? Because music helps forge a bond at the start of a relationship, provides strength during difficult times and triggers happy memories to keep the spark alive.”

The top 5 most-wanted duets as voted by the UK public are:

1.Lady Gaga and Elvis Presley
2.Michael Buble and Nina Simone
3.Aretha Franklyn and Luther Vandross
4.Barbara Streisand and Will Young
5.Bonnie Tyler and Meat Loaf

It's official - Green Bay new home of Zippin Pippin: The mayor of Green Bay signed an agreement Thursday to buy Elvis Presley’s favorite roller coaster. Jim Schmitt held a ceremony in which the city officially acquired the rights to the Zippin Pippin. It thrilled Elvis and countless others for years in Memphis, but the wooden roller coaster stopped running when a Memphis amusement park closed down in 2005.

Now, Green Bay will pay $35,000 to acquire the name, the design, and the history of the Zippin Pippin. And they’ll spend $3 million to re-create the classic ride at Bay Beach Amusement Park. Construction will begin this summer – and it’s scheduled to open in May of next year.

Schmitt says Elvis would be proud of the city's purchase. He's looking for private funding for the ride, including, "kids with lemonade stands." Schmitt indicates they're also working on a menu adjustment to add Elvis' favorite food, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, to their concessions.


Your feedback added today:

Memphis Symphony Orchestra salutes Elvis. Elton John and Billy Joel: New music director Mei-Ann Chen says her Memphis Symphony Orchestra will have "a journey of discovery" during its 2010-11 season:

Joshua Bell appears with the orchestra May 12, 2011, to perform Tchaikovsky's "Violin Concerto."

*The symphony will perform hits from the 1970s as part of "Disco Days and Boogie Nights" in October.

*Music of the piano men features the greatest hits of Elton John and Bill
y Joel next March.

*And next Jan. 8, the orchestra celebrates Elvis Presley's birthday by performing his greatest hits.

Anyone for a hot cuppa?.....Elvis teabags: As you can see it's not only Elvis Teabags! What Elvis can't sell, huh? (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited/ EP Gold)

Hendrix breaks Elvis’ record: The Jimi Hendrix Experience's Valleys Of Neptune enters The Billboard 200 at #4, putting the rock legend back in the top five nearly 40 years after he died at the tragically young age of 27. No other artist has cracked the top five this long after his death. Elvis Presley is in second place. His Elvis: 2nd To None debuted at #3 in October 2003, a little more than 26 years after his death.

Hendrix is the second music legend to make the top five posthumously in the past two weeks. Johnny Cash bowed at #3 two weeks ago with American VI: Ain't No Grave. But Cash died less than seven years ago. It's more remarkable for an artist who died four decades ago to make significant chart waves. (News, Source: Paul Grein, Chart Watch, Yahoo Music!)

Global Chart Update - Week 10, 2010:


Top 50 Country Albums:
• #40 (27) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits


Top 40 DVDs:
• #32 (33) Elvis: The King Of Rock ’N’ Roll

Top 50 Catalogue Albums:
• #34 (35) The King

United Kingdom

Top 200 Albums:
• OUT (196) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits
• OUT (200) Off Duty With Private Presley


Top 250 Comprehensive Albums:
• OUT (193) Greatest Hits: Vol. 2
• OUT (186) Greatest Hits: Vol. 1

Top 40 Compilation Albums:
• OUT (38) Greatest Hits: Vol. 1
• OUT (40) Greatest Hits: Vol. 2


Top 75 Albums:
• #52 (40) The King - 75th Anniversary Edition [3CD]


Top 100 Albums:
• OUT (87) Elvis 75 [3CD] (News, Source: Martin Arvidsson/Elvis News) 

Has Elvis really left the building?: So this year we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the birth of Elvis?

There was a feature article last Sunday in The Tallahassee Democrat, which kept the legend alive.

I have never been an Elvis fan, yet through the years, I have seen Elvis in person three times, probably more so than the most rabid fans.

Admitting not being an Elvis fan leaves one open to severe criticism from today's seniors, those raging hormone teenagers of the 1950s and '60s.

I'll take my lumps.

My first live Elvis sighting occurred in 1955 at the Armory in Tampa, one of those buildings that could accommodate large stage-show audiences. My buddy at the time had this love of country music, and he would drag me along for company to these shows. So here we were one Sunday afternoon in the Tampa Armory suffering through a plethora of Nashville wannabees. Finally, the last act was announced, and we soon would be outta there.

The last act guy roared on stage, gyrating and jumping to the music, standing and dancing on his toes, strumming his guitar so hard that he broke the strings. From behind us, a small group of hormone raging teenage girls began to hoop, holler and weep, yell and stomp along with the guy on stage.

"What the heck is this? Who is this guy?" I incredulously asked my buddy.

"It's Elvis Presley," my buddy, big grin on his face, excitedly announced.

The show is over and we are leaving the Armory when we encounted that same group of over-exuberate teenagers, hormones still raging.

My second live Elvis sighting occurred one year later. My buddy dragged me back to the armory again, for another country music show. It was Elvis again, only this time, he had top billing, now on a grand southern tour, and packing them in.

Elvis returned........The Armory rocked.......Pandemonium prevailed.

Chairs were there to stand on. Decorum was dismissed. It was my second live encounter with Elvis, and I was not amused nor entertained.

Many years later, my third sighting of Elvis came in Lakeland, Fla., in the mid 1970s. No buddy to drag me to the show this time. Instead, I now had a wife, clearly an Elvis fan.

I loved Frank Sinatra, she didn't. She loved Elvis, I didn't. Even today on occasion, Faye threatens to play Elvis records. Lakeland had recently completed a multi-million dollar civic center complex of buildings of which included an arena, about three times the size of the Tampa Armory. Elvis is now in his 40s with considerable girth.

"Here I am," he said to the audience, "The fatty."

But did that sway the crowd? Noooooooo.

So there we were assembled, Elvis with his entourage of orchestra and backup chorus. It's hot in the arena, and Elvis goes through scarf after scarf, mopping his sweating brow, then leans down and over the stage to the ladies gathered in front, and wrapping the sweat-drenched scarfs around the necks of swooning former mid-50s hormone raging teenagers.

Who cared if he was "fatty?" They didn't.

I will admit, it was a pretty good show, professionally performed, well worth the price of admission, with Elvis a much more polished entertainer.

In my three sightings of Elvis, and to this day, I never considered Elvis a singer, nor have I ever thought he had much talent. Elvis was the King of rock n roll marketing, the highly successful product of his promoters and publicists, which made him and many other people a lot of money.

No question, Elvis loved what he was doing, and a lot of people loved what he was doing. So I guess that's OK if it brought some joy to your life. But it was the beginning of high-tech marketing, targeted toward a particular audience segment. It continues today, making big stars of non-talented performers. They rarely make music anymore. Classify it organized noise.

At 75, I wonder what Elvis would look like today. How would he have aged. Would he continue to call himself "fatty," or would he have slimmed and gracefully aged.

Being almost the age of Elvis myself, I look in the mirror and think: Elvis might look much like myself— handsome with a gorgeous full head of gray hair, suave, intelligent, wise, swarthy, yet still attractive to mid 50s teenagers.

Or he might be the opposite, retaining all his millions, taking a current page from the life of Tiger Woods, chasing cocktail waitresses in Las Vegas. (Article, Source: Jim Smith, thepostsearchlight.com)


Friday 19 March 2010
New Elvis artifact added to Insiders: Since Elvis' birth is the featured Elvis Timeline event for March, every week an artifact relating to Elvis' childhood in Tupelo is featured in the exclusive image gallery on ElvisInsiders.com. This week's artifact features Elvis' 7th grade report card. Insiders can log into the members-only website to see in which subjects Elvis excelled and struggled.

Last week, Insiders got to see the program from Elvis' 6th grade assemply at Tupelo High School, in which he played the part of a judge.

Every week, a new rare or never-before-seen artifact, photo or document from the Graceland archives is added to the exclusive gallery, just for members, on ElvisInsiders.com.

Not an Insider? Click here to learn more about the Elvis Insiders or to join today!
(News, Source: EPE)

'The King's Castle Elvis World Cup Australian Qualifier' this weekend: Parkes Australia, home to the world's biggest Elvis Birthday festival, this weekend presents 'The King's Castle Elvis World Cup Australian Qualifier'. This competition will find the Australian representative in the Elvis World Cup being held in Cardiff, Wales in July, and fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Elvis' Tour Manager Joe Esposito from Vegas and former Yellow Wiggle Greg Page as guest
judges in the competition being held at the Parkes Leagues Club.
Joe Esposito was a great friend of Elvis' while Greg Page owns The King's Castle Elvis memorabilia collection in Parkes and is a great Elvis fan himself, owning one of the world's largest Elvis collections.
Joe Esposito will join other special guests in the judging panel, all who have extensive knowledge of Elvis including The King's Castle owner Mr Greg Page. Judges will be looking for an Elvis Tribute Artist that delivers the best overall Elvis package, judging in areas of vocals, appearance, stage presence and overall performance. Novice and professional heats will be run, with a final on Sunday evening to find the very best. The Australian winner selected at Parkes will win a trip to the World Cup event in Wales in July 2010 to fly the Aussie Elvis flag.
Festival Coordinator, Ellie Ruffoni notes, "There will be some familiar faces and some new ones. Entrants include the 2010 Festival Feature concert artist Mark Andrew, 2010 Busking winner Steve King, 2010 Elvis Idol winner Steve Head as well as popular performer She Is The King plus many others. Nowhere else would audiences have the opportunity to see all these great performers in the one location, let alone on the one stage."
She notes, "Whilst there was only one Elvis, tribute artists keep The King's spirit alive and bring joy to many fans."
Heats: 2-5pm Saturday & 10am-1pm Sunday.
Finale Concert; 7.30pm Sunday.

Hurry, tickets are limited. Click here for more details
(News, Source;ParkesElvisFestival)

New Praytome Publishing book: Elvis Covering the Nation ’72 is the title of the next book release from Praytome Publishing. The work began several weeks ago with the photographs of Ed Bonja, the official Tour Manager and "Photographer for the Elvis Presley Show during the 1970’s. Bonja’s photos are well known world-wide, because Colonel Tom Parker chose many of his photos as cover shots for Elvis’ LP Albums and Singles. Bonja met Elvis for the first time during the shooting of "Girl Happy" in 1964 and later worked with the king on tours during the 70's, as well as in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, where he took over 8,000 photos of Elvis and the tour happenings. Many of these photos remain unpublished even today. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

Elvis stepbrother, Billy Stanley, looking for help with film distribution: Many thanks to Steven B. Roberts (Discovering Elvis) for the following news item.

Image source: Elvis Memories

Hello, Here's a brief overview of Ride to Remember:  I've always wanted to share with the Elvis fans one of the passions he and I shared, motorcycles.  I also wanted to show the Elvis fans that the man they loved was a good as they thought. So, I combined the two and came up with a Ride to Remember.
We started in Nashville, TN and rode to Tupelo, MS, where we met up with two Elvis historians.  They showed us around his birthplace and the school he attended and some other places, that few people are aware of, like where Vernon and Gladys were married and where Elvis used to play a child.
The next day we rode to Memphis, TN. where we visited Sun Studio, where Elvis recorded his early hits, then onto the Memphian Theater, which Elvis would rent at night and we watched movies. Then we when to Super Cycle where Elvis bought me my first Harley and all of his customized trikes, then rode to Graceland where it all began. 

During the stops along the way, and in a more intimate setting, I told many of the great and wonderful stories I had growing up with Elvis. I spent 17 years with this truly amazing man, and I wanted to show what it was like to grow up with the King of Rock and Roll as your big brother, from a member of Rock and Roll's first family. Billy Stanley.

If you can help, contact Billy

Avis and Budget car rentals special deal for Elvis fans: EPE has announced:

Use the Avis Worldwide Discount Number B559700 to save up to 25% anywhere and every time you rent!*

Elvis Fans who use the above Avis Worldwide Perks Code will receive special discounts and Avis preferred service when they rent a car. Avis Preferred Service, which is available at nearly 1,400 locations worldwide, will allow Elvis fans to enjoy faster reservations and bypass lines at the counter and provides a variety of benefits including:

- The ability to save up to 25 percent off rates throughout the U.S., Canada and international locations
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To book your discounted Budget car rental today, visit Budget.com or call 1-800-455-2848.

*Applicable only at participating locations. Some restrictions apply.

Michael Jackson record deal eclipses Elvis: As the Elvis estate could tell you, being dead is a great business deal.  Michael Jackson’s estate is living proof of that, as his heirs, controllers, and various business managers have negotiated the biggest record deal in history for the singer, who died only 9 months ago in mid-preparation for a string of comeback concerts.  

The deal is reported to be worth an estimated minimum $200 million dollars, with a high ceiling of $250 million dollars possible. 

That’s not even the best-case scenario for this sprawling 10-year deal with Sony Music that covers 7 projects.

These include video games, unreleased songs, new albums, and a re-release of Jackson’s solo album, Off The Wall. 

Go here to EIN's Jackson Lisa Marie Spotlight

Not included is merchandising, which makes this deal even more impressive and profitable for the Jackson family.  That’s a pretty impressive deal for a guy who, for 10 years before his death, was a total pariah whose last album was lucky to break even.  Imagine how big this deal would have been had Michael Jackson 2009 had been as popular as Michael Jackson 1984! (News, Source: Popfi)

The Truth About Elvis documentary - UPDATE: Film maker and researcher Adam Muskiewicz advises EIN:

On-camera interviews with some of Elvis Presley's friends are being released UNEDITED.  This raw footage is very revealing, because it doesn't just show sound bites chosen for TV. You can tell for yourself what's true, and what isn't.  New interviews are released every month on ElvisWanted.com along with various documents and photos. If you are a true Elvis fan, or a music historian, you will cherish this content.  Many of the people interviewed have not been on camera for 25 years or more!  Some the rarest and most fascinating people include:> Al Strada - Security guard who found Elvis dead in his Graceland bathroom> Dr. Nick - Personal doctor and friend who arrived minutes after Elvis was found dead> Ronnie Lee Adkins - Robbed Elvis Presley's grave at Forest Hill Cemetery> I.C. Smith - FBI agent who used Adkins as an informant> Charlie Cleaves - Shelby County Sheriff officer who led funeral procession> Phil Aitcheson, Monte Nicholson, Steven Chanzes, Bill Beeny and conspiracy theorists> Bill Mack - Owner of Elvis Presley's suicide note> Mike Walker - National Enquirer editor discusses the famous Elvis casket photo
You'll also find some of Elvis Presley's closest friends, including Joe Esposito, George Klein, Larry Gellar and Linda Thompson. 

CLICK HERE to visit www.ElvisWanted.com

Get All Shook Up on an Elvis Tribute Lunch Cruise in Sydney: While Elvis Presley and his music may not instantly be synonymous with Sydney, there's no reason that fans can't enjoy some of the King's greatest hits while staying in the capital.

On April 11th, fans of one of music's greatest stars can enjoy a tribute act while sailing around the stunning Sydney Harbour.

It could be a great way for anyone staying in accommodation in Sydney to see some of the city's sights with a little light entertainment along with way.

Rhythmboat Cruises are offering the three-and-a-half-hour-trip, which includes a buffet lunch and a "sensational" Elvis Tribute show.

The boat will cast off at 12:00 (local time) from Pyrmont Wharf in Darling Harbour, with guests able to board from 11:30. Tickets cost AU$69 (GBP42.34), with concessionary rates available.

Elvis recorded hundreds of songs during his career, including the likes of Hound Dog, Suspicious Minds and Jailhouse Rock, some of which will no doubt have everyone on the boat up and dancing.

Once you've seen the harbour and its landmarks like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from the water, you might decide that you want to get a different perspective.

Anyone who is not scared of heights could find the climb to the top of the Harbour Bridge exhilarating, or if that is too much effort, a trip in a seaplane could be the best way to see the sights of Sydney from the air. (News, Source: Sanja Meegin/laterooms.com)

Irregularities with online voting competition?: EIN reader Don Cooper writes:

I recently wrote to the website Lovesongs.com about their poll to crown the  Alltime Favorite Love Song Artist. I mentioned about the automatic voting software that has come into play in past polls. I noticed after my email Elvis lost two percentage points while other artists keeps gaining. In past polls where Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley went head to head Elvis left Jackson in the dust. Even Jackson's death shouldn't have made a difference as he has been way down in the public opinion polls for years.

I noticed the same thing happened in the Madison Square Garden poll for Best Show at the Garden. Not only was automatic voting software used they allowed two Jackson entries to everyone else's one. Both shows were from Jackson's Bad Tour. Why wasn't at least two of Elvis' MSG shows allowed in the poll? I believe an investigation should be conducted into the use of automatic voting software as it causes these contest to be unfair. Thank you.


Wednesday 17 March 2010
Myrna Smith on the mend!: Yesterday Sweet Inspiration Myrna Smith was hospitalized in London while touring with the new Elvis show. Myrna was on her way home from the Elvis Presley In Concert Tour when she suddenly had to be rushed off the airplane. Myrna had been battling pneumonia and kidney problems during the entire tour. But like a true professional, Myrna kept TCBing!
Today Elvis Unlimited spoke with Myrna just before her release from the hospital. Myrna will head to Vienna tomorrow where she will be working with Dennis Jale. We want you all to know Myrna sounded great! She was in very good spirits. There was no surgery, just some well deserved rest was needed.
Myrna asked us to thank all her friends for your well wishes and concerns. She said not to worry! And was very touched by everyone's concern for her. Myrna is back in business. And ready to TCB once again!
Go here for EIN's exclusive interview with Myrna Smith.
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Sylvia Shemwell, Sweet Inspiration Singer Passes Away: It is with deep sadness that Elvis Unlimited broke the news of Sylvia Shemwell's death on February 13, 2010. Sylvia was an original member of The Sweet Inspirations (left in the photo). She stopped touring with the group in 2001 due to a stroke.
Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Sylvia Shemwell also began singing at the young age of 5-years-old.
By the time She had turned 14, she'd won a contest for the Apollo Amateur Hour. She has worked with such greats as, Little Esther, Solomon Burke, Wilson Pickett, The Drifters, Gene Pitney, Connie Francis, the Bee Gees and Aretha Franklin. Sylvia began singing with the 'Gospellaires' in 1959.
The group consisted of Dionne Warwick, Sylvia's little sister DeeDee, and her brother John Utley. Dionne Warwick eventually joined Burt Bacharach on tour. She was then replaced by Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston.
Sylvia joined the sweets in 1963, replacing Doris Troy and in 1969, the female group started performing with Elvis live on stage. Sylvia can be seen performing on stage with Elvis in the movies Elvis: 'That's The Way It Is' & 'Elvis On Tour' and also in the TV specials, 'Aloha From Hawaii' & 'Elvis In Concert'. She also appeared in the 1980 movie, 'Idolmaker'.
Sylvia organized her own jazz trio after Elvis death, and shared the stage with the Bee Gees for four months.
Sylvia's sister, Judy Clay was also a great gospel and soul singer. She worked with Billy Vera in the 60's and were the first racially integrated duo in the US.
(News, Source;www.elvisunlimited.com)

The website for the ’Original Elvis Tribute 2010’ is now updated. New additions include a new installment in MICHAEL’S CORNER, the column by Elvis-songwriter Michael Jarrett. In it, he tells the story of how he wrote I’M LEAVIN’, and apparently, it all began in a small glass shower in Hawaii… Go to www.elvisnews.dk to read the full story. Michael Jarrett will be touring as part of ‘The Original Elvis Tribute 2010’ in May, together with a.o. Elvis mid-70s bassplayer Duke Bardwell and top Elvis-soundalike Robert Washington. This topnotch production will visit Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Finland and Poland. The dates are:
May 02, 2010: Effenaar, Eindhoven (Holland)
May 03, 2010: Malmitalo, Helsinki(Finland)
May 05, 2010: Ritz, Vaasa, (Finland)
May 06, 2010: Roma, Antwerp, (Belgium)
May 08, 2010: Bolwerk, Sneek, (Holland)
May 09, 2010: Plac Kolegiacki, Poznan,(Poland)
May 12, 2010: Cultural Center, Katowice, (Poland)
May 14, 2010: Madrid, Sala Heineken, (Spain)
May 15, 2010: Rock Planet, Pinarella di Cervia (Ravenna, Italy)

Click HERE to see the special promo for the show.

Go here for more info about “The Original Elvis Tribute”.

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Elvis royalties rocket up by 34.6 percent: Elvis may have left the building, but his star power is still growing. EPE parent company CKx Inc. released its annual report Tuesday, which showed a 34.6 percent increase in Presley royalties and licensing revenue.
The Presley business segment of CKx brought in $24.473 million in royalties and licensing revenue in 2009, compared to $18.186 million in 2008.
Attendance at Elvis’ Memphis home was also up in 2009. 542,728 people went to Graceland in 2009, a 1.2 percent increase compared to 536,196 in 2008.
Revenue from Graceland’s operations fell slightly to $36.124 million in 2009, a 1.6 percent drop compared to $36.713 million in 2008.
CKx also noted in the report that its planned, $250 million redevelopment initiative for Graceland and the surrounding area would need some retooling. It has been short on specifics for its redevelopment plan since it began acquiring land surrounding the deceased star's Whitehaven mansion.
“The company has determined that there is a strong likelihood that the original preliminary design plans may require significant modifications or abandonment for a redesign due to the current economic conditions and a lack of certainty as to exact scope, cost, financing plan and timing of this project,” according to the report.
Another wrinkle in the redevelopment effort is the terminated relationship between CKx and FX Real Estate and Entertainment Inc. The two companies entered into an agreement in 2007 that would grant FXRE the exclusive right to own, develop and operate Elvis-themed hotels, casinos and other real estate-based projects. The relationship officially dissolved in March 2009 when FXRE failed to make its annual $10 million guaranteed royalty payment, according to CKx’s report.
FXRE originally was set to develop one or more hotels at Graceland as a piece of the redevelopment project.
CKx wrote off $900,000 in deferred costs related to preliminary design work for the redevelopment, but also said it “remains committed to the Graceland redevelopment and will continue to pursue opportunities on its own or with third parties.”
CKx, through a partnership with Cirque du Soleil, recently opened a permanent live theatrical show based on the life, times and music of Elvis. The show, presented at the new Aria Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas strip, opened performances in February.
New York-based CKx (NYSE: CKXE) maintains an 85 percent ownership in Elvis Presley Enterprises.
(News, Source;MemphisBusinessJournal)

Elvis! Exhibition opens at the Newseum in Washinton: A spark that helped ignite Elvis Presley's fame more than 50 years ago was lit by the newspaper editors and critics who hated him. They detested his voice and thought his moves were unfit for family publications, all while teenagers went wild. It's that shocking style and clash with the media that also will make Elvis the subject of a new exhibition at the Newseum, a history museum that celebrates the First Amendment in Washington.
"Newspapers in the mid-'50s viewed themselves as arbiters of social values, and they felt they should be among the ones to speak most loudly when they saw someone threatening America's mores," said Ken Paulson, the Newseum's president and former editor of USA Today. "What's interesting is that fiercely negative coverage drove Elvis' fame. ... After the national news coverage kicked in, he was the king of rock 'n' roll."
Elvis' two years of service in the U.S. Army, though, was a turning point. Parents couldn't hate him anymore, and the news media eventually came along, too.
The exhibit opening March 19 traces Elvis' rise in the 1950s — in part a study in image management by his longtime manager, Col. Tom Parker — to his meeting with President Richard Nixon at the White House in 1970.
It will include rare objects from Presley's life, some never before displayed outside of Graceland and others never before publicly displayed anywhere.
Objects in the collection include Elvis' 1957 Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was key to his rebel image, his first Grammy Award for "How Great Thou Art" in 1968, the overcoat and gold belt Elvis wore to meet Nixon at the White House, and the Bureau of Narcotics badge the

president gave Presley. He had requested to be made a "federal agent-at-large" to help fight drug use. Many documents will be displayed for the first time, including the 1955 exclusive management contract Elvis and his parents signed, giving Parker 25 percent of his income. (Later, in the 1970s, Parker's stake rose to an unprecedented 50 percent.)
"If you're a die-hard Elvis fan, you either love Colonel or you hate Colonel," said Angie Marchese, Graceland's director of archives who helped develop the exhibit. "It's like everything that Colonel did for Elvis in the 50s, would Elvis have seen as big of a pop culture phenomenon without Colonel? Probably not.
"But every relationship like that draws scrutiny."
The Newseum show on view through February 2011 is among a series of exhibits this year marking what would have been Elvis' 75th birthday. In January, the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery opened an exhibit of Elvis artwork. In Los Angeles, the Grammy Museum has a Smithsonian traveling exhibit of Elvis photographs by Alfred Wertheimer.
Marchese said the images and objects give people a chance to reflect on what Elvis might be doing if he were alive.
"You'd want to think he would still be involved in music somehow, not necessarily going to Vegas and performing in jumpsuits like he was in the '70s ... his career probably would have progressed from that," she said. "I'm thinking he probably would have had a career rebirth in Hollywood as well."
Click here for special Preview Video
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Elvis connections at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2010: The 2010 Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame ceremony took place last night at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City.
In the non-performer category, record mogul David Geffen was inducted, along with the following legendary songwriters:
Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil (I Just Can't Help Believin', You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin')
Ellie Greenwich & Jeff Barry
Jesse Stone (Shake Rattle and Roll, Flip Flop and Fly, Like A Baby)
Mort Shuman (Little Sister, His Latest Flame, Viva Las Vegas)
Otis Blackwell (Fever, Don't Be Cruel, All Shook Up, Return to Sender)
The songwriters were all inducted by Carole King. Their songs were sung by the likes of Chris Isaak ("Don’t Be Cruel" by Blackwell), Eric Burdon ("We Gotta Get Out of This Place" by Mann/Weil) and Ronnie Spector ("Be My Baby" by Barry/Greenwich).
The ceremony was broadcast live on the Fuse cable network, which will air repeats at 5 p.m. Sunday, March 21, and 5 p.m. Saturday, March 27
Further information is available at www.fuse.tv
(News, Source;EIN/EPGold)

Essential Elvis UK shop and museum to open: After almost 18 years of hard work as a mail order company and magazine publisher, Andrew Hearn of Essential Elvis is delighted to announce that his personal dream of opening an Elvis shop and museum is soon to be a reality.
He says, "In just a few days I will be cutting the ribbon to my new venture in sunny Worthing, situated on the seafront just yards from the pier and next to several fantastic restaurants and bars, so why not coincide a visit with a family day out at the beach this Summer?
Collectors of Elvis memorabilia and vintage souvenirs are invited to spend some relaxed time browsing through thousands of Elvis items whilst enjoying some great sounds.
We offer a wide selection of new and used CDs and DVDs, plus many books, T-shirts and tons of great magazines, photos, jewellery and various boxsets... all 100% Elvis!
Expect to see the UK's only Elvis museum, which includes items from Elvis' personal wardrobe along with many other interesting artefacts once owned by the King himself.
We are delighted to offer a light and spacious environment with a modern contemporary design (including several plasma screens showing Elvis footage). Plus a friendly and courteous service when you visit.
*OPENING TIMES Monday - Thursday 10am to 2pm, Friday - Saturday 10am to 5pm, First Sunday of each month 11am to 4pm
*Address: Elvis Shop & Museum, First Floor, 13 Montague Place, Worthing, W. Sussex BN11 3BG,United Kingdom
Worthing is situated on the West Sussex coast ten miles west of Brighton and 18 miles each of Chichester. It lies around 60 miles south west of London.
Click here for more info.
(News, Source;Andrew Hearn)

"Elvis at 75" Panel at SXSW Music Festival to Include James Burton & Wanda Jackson: Elvis’ 75th birthday year-long celebration will continue in Austin, TX this week at the legendary SXSW (South by Southwest) music festival. TCB Band member James Burton is one of several panelists speaking during the "Elvis at 75" session on Friday March 19 at 5pm in Room 12AB of the Austin Convention Center.
Burton will be joined by the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson, who was a friend of Elvis and an amazing artist in her own right. Hits like "Fujiyama Mama" and "Let's Have a Party" established Jackson's career which continues to this day.
Click here to learn more about the SXSW music festival.

(News, Source;EPE)

Adam Fisher, new Country Music Star praises Elvis: One of the biggest buzzes concerning the recent Country Radio Seminar in Nashville was concerning newcomer Adam Fisher, and his debut Lofton Creek single, "Cotton Town."
Growing up just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean in Onslow County, there was plenty of things to attract his attention growing up, but none more so than music—especially that of a legendary singer from Tupelo, Mississippi by the name of Elvis Presley. "I don’t know about other artists, but he was a big influence on me." Fisher admits to taking his being a fan of Presley to a higher level than others that claim "The King" as an influence. "I can’t really do anything half-tailed. I couldn’t just listen to Elvis—I had to be Elvis. When I was 13 to 19, I did Elvis impersonations all around the country, so he’s a big influence on my stage show."
Talk to Fisher for any length of time about Elvis, and you will find that he has a deep appreciation and respect for what he brought to the musical table. When
asked which era of Presley’s career he preferred, he didn’t miss a beat. "My favorite Elvis period would be about 1969 or so. He had gone back to Vegas, and was wearing the jumpsuits, but they weren’t all sparkly," he says of his "comeback" era. "He was some kind of performer." Ask him about his favorite Elvis song, and while some might reply with "Love Me Tender" or "Burning Love," Fisher goes for a deep catalog cut. "I love the obscure stuff," he says, while answering with "If You Talk In Your Sleep," a relatively minor hit from the summer of 1974. The song was released in the midst of some of Presley’s finest work, such as the achingly beautiful "It’s Midnight." "That stuff was so great, and it was deep stuff for him to be doing. He gets discredited sometimes in the music world because he wasn’t a writer, he was a showman."
Ironically, it was at a show in Presley’s backyard that led to him following his dreams and moving to Music City. "I was doing an Elvis week thing in Memphis, and Stella Parton was there. She asked if I wanted to get out of these jumpsuits and do your own thing." Fisher recognized his chance. "By that time, I had enough of being something else, and I said ‘Yes, please get me out of here, and she brought me to Nashville, and helped me do my own thing." It came at the right time, he thinks, as he admits that "Nobody in my home town ever called me Adam anymore. I accidentally got good at doing Elvis, and nobody wanted to hear anyone else, so it’s good coming into my own a little bit. It feels good."
Go here for more info
(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 15 March 2010

How many red jackets from Jailhouse Rock?: Interesting and important thread on FECC about a number of red jackets, all allegedly used during the filming of Jailhouse Rock.

Was there more than one jacket or are buyers being taken for a ride?

See EIN's original story below dated 3 March

From the FECC thread:

The Baystar Dude: Yesterday one is sold on an auction in New York for $41,434.80. But on the new Hard Rock 'Memorabilia' website i find a same kind of jacket which is still on display in Gothenburg, Sweden! Who has the real one?

Little Darlin: That one from the HARD ROCK Cafe looks a little new to me.....could be the lighting as well though.

King of the Jungle: I am suspicious of both, though I am quite certain the one than recently sold in the "gottahaverockandroll" auction was a fake.

It had a "Lansky" tag rather crudely stitched in beneath the "Macgregor" (the jacket's manufacturer) tag, and I inquired with Mr. Lansky whether it looked right, and he said it didn't. I gathered that they didn't put their tag in secondary positions on pieces made by other companies. If it had a Lansky tag, it was made for Lansky's, otherwise it would just have the tag of the original manufacturer. I also talked to a good friend who was a close friend of Homer "Gill" Gilleland, whom the jacket allegedly came from. He had seen much of Gill's items given to him by Elvis, and talked with Gill about them a number of times. According to him, not only did he never see this red jacket in Gill's collection, but Gill never mentioned such a thing, which makes it hard for him to believe Gill ever owned such a recognizable item without saying a word about it.

Elvis - gone too soon: When his friend Ginger Alden said “Don’t fall asleep in there”, Elvis replied “Okay, I won’t” nobody could have guessed Elvis would pass away in the bathroom just a few moments later. These were apparently the last words spoken by the legendary singer and musician Elvis Presley who passed away on the day of August 16, 1977. He was only 42. Presley had “stumbled or crawled several feet before he died”, said the medical investigator. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead by the hospital authorities.

The autopsy reports revealed that Presley succumbed to cardiac arrhythmia or irregular heartbeats and denied any role of drug abuse in his death. “There was no indication of any drug abuse of any kind,” said the medical examiner of Baptist Memorial Hospital who performed the autopsy.

However, there were allegations of the actual cause being covered up. According to the media reports, it was said that Presley’s family, together with the autopsy physicians tried to hide the real cause of his death which was put forward as an overdose of prescribed drugs like Codeine, Valium, Morphine, etc.

But, the doctor who performed the initial autopsy rebuffed all the allegations and said: “We are not subjected to any family pressure to limit our investigation. It was a routine autopsy to discover the cause of death. We did what was necessary with the procedures that were available at the time.” As a result of the accusations, the autopsy was re-opened in 1994.

The coroner, Dr. Joseph Davis said: “There is nothing in any of the data that supports a death from drugs. In fact, everything points to a sudden, violent heart attack”.

It was not made clear whether the rock star died of natural causes or intoxication but according to many, it was a combination of both that led to his premature death. After the preliminary autopsy, Presley’s tissue samples reached laboratories for further examination that confirmed heavy consumption of drugs. Pathologist and Forensic historian Michael Baden observed the situation as, “Elvis had had an enlarged heart for a long time. That, together with his drug habit, caused his death. But he was difficult to diagnose; it was a judgment call.”

Elvis Presley, often referred to as “the king of rock-n-roll” was an American musician and actor. The Tennessee boy began his singing career in 1954 with the famous ‘Sun Records’. The versatility in his voice made him the new singing sensation of the era. Soon, he became a Cultural Icon. He won three Grammy awards after being nominated for 14 and also received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award when he was just 36.

Read our article about Elvis’ battle with bipolar. (News, Source: Celebrities with Diseases)

Was Elvis in debt to casino bosses?: Further to our story on Saturday, MM member, Marty Lacker, responded:

Liz Smith is wrong, it was Parker who was in debt to the casinos for $39 Million for his gambling debts not Elvis.

EIN also thought that had Elvis been in debt to the casinos to the tune of $39m, based on his Vegas earnings (plus the extra profits his appearance brought to the casinos), he would still have had to perform there for many, many years in order to pay off such a high debt.

Rockin' Rebels CD's: Those who missed the classic bootlegs or last year's CD-versions... there'll be another change soon to get the Rockin' Rebel series, since it will be re-issued later this month. They will be available on Amazon.co.uk. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Elvis "Kindle" book releases: With the increase in convenient and affordable self-publishing, combined with new technology opportunities to publish books, there has been a flood of Elvis releases on Amazon's "Kindle" book format. To read these books you must have an Amazon Kindle reader.

The online/download format often makes well known titles much cheaper to buy and allows new authors the opportunity to offer their writing to a mass market. Prices range from US$0.99!

Major Elvis book releaes available in Kindle format include Baby, Let's Play House (Alanna Nash); The Colonel (Alanna Nash); and the recent memoirs by Dr. Nick and George Klein.

The many Elvis titles include:

2011 Elvis Calendars

Elvis Bio-Graphic Comic: "The Elvis Presley Experience (Paperback): Elvis in comics is a rich but little known genre.

One of the most successful Elvis comic series was The Elvis Presley Experience, a 7 part biographical release from Revolutionary Comics in 1992.

Elvis in Print: The Definitive Reference and Price Guide states about the series:

The ‘biographical’ themes in each issue range from the ‘Boy King’ to ‘Elvis In Hollywood’ and ‘What Would Happen If Elvis Lived To Realise His Full Potential’. The artwork was in black and white except for colour covers. Much sought after by collectors.


And in 2011 the full 7 part series is to be released in graphic novel format:

For the first time ever, one of Rock 'N' Roll Comics most acclaimed series is collected and back in print! The Elvis Presley Experience is both scholarly and dramatic in its graphic recreation of the King's remarkable life story. Though the series was among the best selling contemporary bio-graphic comics of the 1990s, the individual issues have been out of print for over ten years. This 200-page collection features art by future Marvel and DC star Aaron Sowd (Wolverine, Hawkman, Nightwing & Flamebird), with a story co-scripted by Babylon 5 TV vet Patrick McCray (Star Wars: Sith Apprentice, Star Trek: The Continuing Mission).

  • Paperback: 148 pages
  • Publisher: Bluewater Productions (January 3, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1450700217
  • ISBN-13: 978-1450700214

Elvis Impersonator: Impersonator, Doppelgänger, Dorian Baxter, Eilert Pilarm, El Vez, Elvis Herselvis, The Honky Tonk Man, Kjell Elvis, James Yun, Cooking with Elvis, Elvis Presley, Hobby: New book by Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome, and John McBrewster (Paperback - Jan. 6, 2010; $65.00)

EIN Note: This release would want to be better than the author's earlier book, Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley's Sun Recordings, Cultural impact of Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley, Elvis and Me, Lisa Marie Presley, Relationships ... Mafia, Elvis Presley's '68 Comeback Special. That release had poor page design, was dotted with unproofed text and very overpriced.

About the earlier release, Elvis in Print: The Definitive Reference and Price Guide states:

Folio compendium of aspects of Elvis’ life and career taken from academic/thesis papers. The analysis was variable. Initial release had not been properly edited and the design at times was not good with the text on some pages very small and crammed together.

Elvis BMW found in warehouse: In a warehouse on Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco the red Elvis BMW 507 (VIN: 70,079) is found in state 5-minus, the owner is Jack Castor.

Thomas Wirth  has found the BMW 50. The full story can be read the current edition of Auto Bild Klassik 1 / 2010. (News, Source: Elvis News)

Upcoming JAT book: The new Joe Tunzi book "Back in the Windy City/Encore Performance IV" is set for release on April 6th. In case you're wondering where the title "Windy City" comes from: the city of Chicago has been known by many nicknames, but it is most widely recognized as the "Windy City". There are three main possibilities to explain the city's nickname: the weather, as Chicago is near Lake Michigan; the World's Fair; and the rivalry with Cincinnati.

It has been suggested that politicians are largely responsible for the nickname sticking. The earliest known reference to Chicago as the "Windy City" is from an 1858 Chicago Tribune article. The first known repeated effort to label Chicago with this nickname is from 1876 and involves Chicago's rivalry with Cincinnati. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Aussie Chart Update and Aussie 'Top Ten Hits' album hits $2.00 bargain bin: On this week's ARIA Music DVD Chart, Elvis The King of Rock 'n' Roll rises one place to #32 after 96 weeks on the chart. On a related issue, symbolic of its low sales performance, the 50 Australian Top 10 Hits 1956-1977 double album (which exited the ARIA Top 40 Album chart after only a handful of weeks) has apparently been relegated to the $2.00 bin in Bi-Lo stores. (News, Source: ARIA/email)

Baxter and Gravel Road go their separate ways: Get Down And Dirty will be the last co-produced title from the Fort Baxter and Gravel Road labels. After several years of reasonable succes in re-issueing vintage Baxter a.o CD titles, the owner of the original tapes has decided to call it quitts. Whatever future CD titles from old labels such as Baxter, Bilko, 2001 a.o by Gravel Road will be without the help and original tape sources as supplied by Baxter in the past. It's not known if Baxter will continue lending out vintage tapes to other labels in the future. (News, Source: Elvis News)


Saturday 13 March 2010
CD Review: Elvis Presley - On Stage: Legacy Edition:

On Stage: Legacy Edition is the latest release celebrating the 75th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s birth.

Elvis had not performed live in eight years when he took the stage at The International Hotel in Las Vegas for four weeks during the summer of 1969. He returned for another month of performances in early 1970. A number of the songs from 1969 formed the live disc of the two record set From Memphis To Vegas – From Vegas to Memphis which was released during the fall of 1969 plus ten songs from the 1970 shows were released as On Stage during June of 1970. The albums were commercially successful receiving gold and platinum sales awards respectively.

RCA/Legacy has now combined this series of concerts into a two CD set. Each disc contains an original album plus bonus tracks. The sound has been scrubbed and cleaned and a booklet with photos plus a three thousand word essay gives a history of the performances and the albums.

I have most of the Elvis catalogue on vinyl and his 1969 concerts remains my favorite live performances. It presents a young, clean, and in shape Elvis at the top of his game. The patter with the audience shows a nervousness but makes the album have an intimate appeal that his later live work lacks.

His 1969 concerts concentrate on his early material and he presents it well as he had not performed it hundreds of times. During his last years this material would be presented quickly and many times in a truncated form. Here such classic songs as “Blue Suede Shoes,” “All Shook Up,” and “Hound Dog” quickly show why Elvis was The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll. His medley of “Mystery Train/Tiger Man” is more straight forward rock while “My Babe” has toughness to it. His hits of the day, “In The Ghetto” and “Suspicious Minds” provide a nice balance to the concert. The only real miss for me was a cover of the Bee Gees hit “Words.”

There are six bonus songs included and the first three are nice additions and continue the resurrection of his classic rock material. “I Got A Woman,” “Jailhouse Rock/Don’t be Cruel,” and “Heartbreak Hotel” are all given good work-outs.

The second disc, which represents his 1970 performances, finds a far different Elvis. His concert repertoire had begun to change to more modern cover songs and this disc represents that trend. “See See Rider,” which would be overdone through the years, sounds fresh here. An early version of “Polk Salad Annie” and his only hit, “The Wonder Of You,” to be included on the original release are both performed well. Such songs of the day as “Sweet Caroline,” “Proud Mary,” and “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” all benefit from his wonderful vocals but I would have preferred more of his own material from his vast catalogue.

The bonus tracks are more to my liking. “Don’t Cry Daddy,” and “Kentucky Rain” are two of his better songs from this part of his career. The rocking “Long Tall Sally” is great even if a little out of place given the other material. A rehearsal of “The Wonder of You” completes the album.

On Stage: Legacy Edition is a fine addition to the Elvis Presley catalogue. It combines some of his best live work into one package and has the sense to keep the flow of the original albums and concerts intact. While the material has been previously issued, it should prove pleasing to his vast fan base. (CD Review: Source: David Bowling, blogcritics.org)

Elvis is King of News: Elvis Presley is the king of making headlines.

That’s why the Newseum in Washington, D.C., which displays the history of journalism, is honoring the icon with Elvis!: His Groundbreaking, Hip-Shaking, Newsmaking Story, an exhibit opening next Friday (Mar. 19).

They’ll display all the pivotal media moments of The King’s career and personal life that made headlines in his heyday, including when he was inducted into the U.S. Army and his untimely death.

Spokesperson Cathy Trost says Elvis was, and still is, a media phenomenon who “changed the way America does everything,” and that’s why his life is one of the “biggest news events in history.”

Though all major headlines and some tabloid fodder will be shown, Trost says the Newseum won’t be displaying the countless sensational newspapers that have claimed Elvis is still alive, hangs out with Bigfoot, or is actually an alien from outer space. (News, Source: FlashNews)

No EXTRAS on Elvis On Tour DVD release: Tonight we spoke exclusively to Jerry Schilling, former Elvis aid and closely involved in the making of "Elvis On Tour" in 1972.

Jerry confirmed that the DVD will be released later this year, but there will be NO extras.

The movie is property of Warner Bros while the outtakes are owned by Turner Classics. Both parties tried to come to an agreement, but unfortunately the negotiations were unsuccesful. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Alleged Unseen Home Video for sale: Leslie Hindman Auctioneers is proud to offer a fine selection of Entertainment Memorabilia in the upcoming auction to be held Tuesday, March 16th. Of particular interest is Lot 403: An original unaired series of home videos narrated by Priscilla Presley, comprising two 8mm film reels. In the film, Presley explains it contains some of her precious memories of the days she had with Elvis. The two reels of film show Elvis and his friends wrestling on the tour bus, Elvis and Priscilla riding golf carts at Graceland, and other intimate moments of unseen footage. Retrieved by the present owner from an abandoned storage locker. The present owner has made one copy of the two reels on VHS, which will accompany the present lot. These reels are being sold as is without copyright. Interested parties may make an appointment to view the VHS tape during our regular preview hours, Sunday, March 14 (12pm – 5pm) and Monday, March 15 (10am – 6pm).

NOTE: although claimed to be "unseen" we actually doubt this. The footage described here, has been released on several DVD's. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)
Global Chart Update - Week 09, 2010:

United States:

Top Christian Albums:
• # ---- (48) An Evening Prayer

Top Country Catalog Albums:
** Not available this week **


Top 50 Country Albums:
• #27 (37) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits


Top 40 DVDs:
• #33 (30) Elvis: The King Of Rock ’N’ Roll

Top 50 Catalogue Albums:
• #35 (Ne) The King
United Kingdom:

Top 200 Albums:
• #196 (196) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits
• #200 (Ne) Off Duty With Private Presley
• # ---- (170) ELVIS 75 [3CD]


Top 250 Comprehensive Albums:
• #193 (149) Greatest Hits: Vol. 2
• #186 (165) Greatest Hits: Vol. 1

Top 40 Compilation Albums:
• #38 (36) Greatest Hits: Vol. 1
• #40 (32) Greatest Hits: Vol. 2


Top 75 Albums:
• #40 (26) The King - 75th Anniversary Edition [3CD]


Top 100 Albums:
• #87 (80) Elvis 75 [3CD]
(Source: Mae/FECC)

Celluloid Elvis:

Viva Las Vegas


Elvis Conspiracy:

Interview with Adam Muskiewicz

Linda Hood Sigmon (Shuma)

Memphis photographer dies: Retired Memphis photographer Charles Nicholas has passed away at 88. Nicholas photographed Elvis Presley among many other Memphis celebrities and news events.

In one of his more iconic photos, Elvis Presley stands outside Graceland. Night has fallen, and The King is posing in the door of a new car. The lighting from a chandelier at the front of Graceland warms the scene. The shimmering light reflects off the black car, adding another glow as Elvis unleashes that famous smile/sneer.

This photograph published March 7, 1965 in the first issue of Mid-South, the now-defunct Sunday magazine.

Elvis complained of the long sessions with photographers making movie publicity stills: "I try to cut the time down to three or four hours, but sometimes you have to pose for six or eight.

A man only has so many different smiles, and I don't have many."

Graveside services will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at Eastport Cemetery in Iuka, Mississippi.
(News, Source: Elvis Unlimited/EP Gold)

Elvis' granddaughter in film: Danielle Riley Keough joined Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in the biopic about the rise of a 1970s all-girl band headlined by Joan Jett.  The Runaways cast the granddaughter of Elvis Presley and daughter of Lisa Marie Presley as the twin sister of Cherie Currie, a member of Joan Jett's rocker group, played by Fanning.


Known simply as Kiley Keough, this former model who took to the runway at age 15 is nowin The Runaways, a big jump in the career of a beautiful women with a storied heritage. Break a leg Kiley!

The Runaways debuts March 19th in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle, Minneapolis, Austin, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal. The Joan Jett biopic goes wide across North America April 9. (News, Source: Gather Celebs)


Liz Smith: Elvis and Las Vegas – The Real Story: I’M HOPING we’ll see a TV documentary called "A Kick in the Head – The Lure of Las Vegas." (It was a big hit on Great Britain’s BBC recently.)

This purports to show us that Las Vegas is a kind of American "pressure valve" and writer Adam Sweeting describes it as having the value of falling "between Bible-bashing Puritanism and a wild urge to party."

Among other revelations in this film comes the fact that Elvis and his manager Col. Parker were in debt to the casinos for $39 million (back when $39 million was a lot of money). This is what kept Elvis performing in Vegas for so long.

There are fascinating interviews with Jerry Weintraub, Wayne Newton, Brandon Flowers of the rock group The Killers and Keely Smith, who describes "the kindness of Frank Sinatra" and says "what delightful chaps the Mafiosi were." (News, Source: Liz Smith, wowowow.com)

Just 20% of all brands have a relevant or differentiating message, Nieumuth said, and 21,000 new brands are introduced each year. More than half of them fail.

Consumers are bombarded by between 4,000-5,000 marketing messages every day, "so we're competing for their time and attention," he noted. "The new consumer is time-starved. They're less trusting and more community oriented with social media like Facebook, and Twitter. "

The answer? You have to stand apart in a crowd, say something that matters, Niemuth said. "You have about three seconds to get your message across. This is more vital today than ever."

One problem, Niemuth said, is that companies are too focused on reaching customers via social media. "Don't be so obsessed with getting on Facebook," he advised the audience: "Focus your attention on what you want to say to the folks."

To find a differentiating brand benefit, a company must focus on three elements, Niemuth said: It must be important to the consumer; you should be uniquely suited to delivering it; and it should be something your competitors are not addressing. For example, GEICO Insurance sets itself apart with unique branding elements -- Mallory the GEICO gecko, the GEICO Caveman, and its popular tagline, "Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance."

A few other tidbits: Always lead with one thing, and assume you're trying to sell to a fourth-grader, Niemuth said. Keep in mind that "a single, truthful message is a funnel to run things through," he added. "Look at your marketing messages. Look hard at all your channels and be critical." (News, Source: multichannelmerchant)

Thursday 11 March 2010

Elvis Week Schedule Announced

Elvis Week is Aug 10 - 16, 2010:

Below is a tentative schedule of events planned for the week. More details about these events and others will be announced as they are confirmed. Tickets will go on sale in early spring 2010, with a special pre-sale available for Elvis Insiders. All information listed below is subject to change.

Tuesday, August 10 - Event TBA

Wednesday, August 11

Graceland Trivia Tour 5:00 p.m. Event starts at the Graceland Ticket Office. Guests are invited to tour Graceland Mansion (no audio tour) and the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum while simultaneously answering trivia questions for which answers can be found on the Graceland tour. All participants receive a gift. Adult and junior versions of the scavenger hunt will be available. Prizes for both adult and junior versions to be announced. Tickets are $30.00 for adults and $15.00 children 7-12.

Club Elvis 8:00 p.m. – 12:00 Midnight. Elvis Presley Car Museum, Graceland Plaza. Come hang out and enjoy a private party with your fellow Elvis fans. A disc jockey spins Elvis records for your listening and dancing pleasure. Cash bar featuring adult beverages (ID's checked) and soft drinks. Outdoor smoking area designated – no smoking inside. A wristband ticket allows you to come and go from Club Elvis as much as you like during the evening in order for you to enjoy all the other activities on the property. Tickets are $25. 

Midnight Southern Breakfast 12:00 Midnight – 1:30 AM. Chrome Grille, Graceland Plaza. Following Club Elvis, fans are invited next door at the Chrome Grille for a midnight southern breakfast, which will include scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, grits, biscuits and your choice of coffee, juice or soft drink. Tickets to this event are extremely limited so be sure to order in advance. Tickets are $12.

Thursday, August 12

Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Meet 'n' Greet
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Memphis Hard Rock Café on Beale Street. Private event reserved for those who purchase a special ticket package for the 2010 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.

Fan Club Presidents' Event 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Location tbd. Elvis fans are invited to celebrate the work of Elvis Presley fan clubs during this special event. In addition to celebrating and recognizing the work of fan clubs, the event will feature a program of EPE company updates and special announcements, including the latest on EPE media, marketing, licensing, merchandise, new exhibits and more. Also, attendees to the event will enjoy a feature segment with a special Elvis guest - tba. Official Elvis Presley Fan Club presidents will receive an invitation and registration form via mail to reserve their tickets for the event. Tickets are also available to fan club members and the general public for $12.

Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Semifinal Round 7:00 p.m. Location TBD. See the best Elvis tribute artists from around the world as they compete in the semifinal round of the 2010 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. Enjoy hours of Elvis music and entertainment as these preliminary winners compete for their chance to advance to the final round on Friday, August 13. Elvis tribute artists moving on to the final round of the competition on August 13 will be announced at the end of the competition. Click here for more a list of contestants and to find out more about the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. Two-day tickets are $139 and $69 (includes both semifinal and final round). The $139 ticket also includes VIP seating plus access to the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Meet 'n' Greet. A one-day ticket to just the semifinal round on August 12 is also available for $25.  

Friday, August 13

Official Elvis Insiders 2010 Elvis Week Event 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Strikezone Bowling Alley, 3330 Pine Tar Alley, Southaven, Mississippi. Last year’s Elvis Insiders event was one of the most talked about events for the week. It is back again and Elvis Insiders can once again shake, rattle and bowl as you meet new Insiders and have fun with friends during this special event filled with lots of Elvis fun. Activities during the event include bowling, billiards, Elvis trivia, food, Elvis music and movie clips and more. Special guests will also be autographing during the event – special guests tba. This special Elvis Week party is for Elvis Insiders members plus one guest. Tickets are $49.

Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Finals 7:00 p.m. Location TBD. Enjoy a phenomenal show as the finalists from the previous night’s semifinal round compete for the title. The excitement will build throughout the night as the group is narrowed down and the of Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of 2010 is named. 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Bill Cherry will also perform during the event. Click here for more about the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. Two-day tickets are $139 and $69 (includes both semifinal and final round). The $139 ticket also includes front of the house seating plus access to the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest Meet 'n' Greet. A one-day ticket to just final round is also available for $49.   

Saturday, August 14

Conversations on Elvis – Session 1
Session One : 10:00 a.m. Location TBA. Hear stories from those who knew and worked with Elvis Presley. Special guests tba. Hosted by Tom Brown, Vice President of Original Productions for Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Tickets are $20 for one session or $35 for both.

Conversations on Elvis – Session 2 Session Two: 1:00 p.m. Location TBA. Hear stories from those who knew and worked with Elvis Presley. Special guests tba. Hosted by Tom Brown, Vice President of Original Productions for Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Tickets are $20 for one session or $35 for both.

Special Evening Event TBA
8:00 p.m. 

(Source: EPE)

Sunday, August 15

Classic Sunday Morning Gospel Music Singin’ 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM. Graceland Entertainment Pavilion (north of airplane exhibit), Graceland. Enjoy a celebration of the Gospel music Elvis loved with some of the singers who performed as part of The Stamps Quartet with Elvis in Elvis on Tour. Bill Baize, Larry Strickland, Ed Hill and Donnie Sumner all performed with Elvis on stage and now they’ll be live and onstage performing many of the hits Elvis loved. Also helping to create a sense of authenticity will be a gospel group from First Assembly of God, Memphis which was Elvis’ home church for many years. An autograph session for concert attendees only will follow the concert event. This is an outdoor event and seating is very limited. Tickets are $30.

Candlelight Vigil
8:30 p.m. Gates of Graceland Mansion. After an opening ceremony at the gates of the Graceland Mansion property, fans are invited to walk up the driveway to Elvis’ gravesite and back down carrying a candle in quiet remembrance. Free admission. No tickets or reservations. Gates remain open until all who wish to participate in the procession have done so, which typically takes until the early morning hours of August 16, the anniversary date of Elvis’ passing. Free secured parking at the Graceland visitor center complex after 6:00 p.m. 

Monday, August 16

Elvis Week Finale Celebration Concert
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM. Graceland Entertainment Pavilion (north of airplane exhibit), Graceland. The perfect way to end an amazing Elvis Week! Jamie Aaron Kelley and Brad Birkendhal, formerly with The Demsey’s perform Elvis’ hits in their unique style. Another Elvis fan favorite, Ronnie McDowell, will be on hand to perform some of his favorite Elvis tunes. From the ‘50s and 68 Special to the concert years, many of your Elvis favorites will be performed. An autograph session for concert attendees only will follow the concert event. This will be an outdoor event and tickets will be extremely limited. Tickets are $30 each.

Multiple Date Events

Last Chance Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest at the Memphis Hard Rock Cafe
August 7-9. Times TBD. Memphis Hard Rock Cafe, 315 Beale Street, Memphis. Elvis tribute artists will have the chance to compete for one final spot in the semifinal round of the 2010 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. More details to come.

Morning and Evening Walk-ups for Meditation Garden Daily throughout the year, there is a special period of time for free admission walk-up visits to the Meditation Garden at Graceland. Elvis Week morning walk-ups will be from 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. on August 10-16. Morning walk-ups may not be available on August 16 due to Candlelight Vigil. Elvis Week evening walk-ups will be 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. on August 10-14 and on August 16. Evening walk-ups will not be available on August 15 due to the Candlelight Vigil.

Elvis Week Entertainment Tent at Graceland Crossing August 10-16. Continuous presentation of Elvis music performed live by various singers and bands, plus other activities. A schedule for the Elvis Week entertainment tent will be available at the Elvis Week Information Table upon arrival in Memphis.

Youth Karaoke Aug 10 & 14. 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Elvis Week Entertainment Tent, Graceland Crossing. Children and youth ages 2 to 17 are invited to perform karaoke Elvis songs. Free admission to perform and to be in the audience.

Children’s Activities August 13. 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Graceland Ticket Pavilion. Craft activities for children ages 2 to 12. Free.

Elvis Week Art Contest & Exhibit August 9-16. Ticket office pavilion in Graceland Plaza. Free admission to view this exhibition of Elvis-themed artwork from amateur and professional artists from around the world. More details on how to enter coming soon.

Elvis BINGO August 10, 11, 13, 14 & 15. Games at 11:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m. Dining Area, Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel. Bingo will be limited to 80 people, and all admitted to the dining room must have a ticket which can be picked up in the hotel lobby 30 minutes prior to each game (one per person and no children under 12 admitted). (News, Source: EPE)


Elvis book collection for sale next month in Belgium: Elvis collectors - be sure to take down the date of April 5th. That's when a unique collection of Elvis books will be sold for unbelievable cheap prices. The books come from a long-time collector who is now offering his entire set of over 150 different titles for prices you won't believe. Ger Rijff, Sean Shaver, the old and new Tunzi's, the complete Inside-series... it's all there! So, don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

International Record Fair on April 5th in Belgium. Address: "Ter Voncke Meeting Hall", 17 Vonckstraat, HERENTHOUT (Belgium) (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Global Chart Update - Week 08, 2010 (Source: Mael):

United States

Top Christian Albums:
• # 48 (Ne) An Evening Prayer

Top Catalog Albums:
• # ----- (37) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits

Top Country Catalog Albums:
** Not available this week **


Top 100 Albums:
• # ---- (95) Édition 75ième anniversaire [2CD]

Top 50 Country Albums:
• #37 (29) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits


Top 50 Physical Albums:
• # ---- (44) 50 Australian Top Ten Hits: 1956-1977

Top 40 DVDs:
• #30 (31) Elvis: The King Of Rock ’N’ Roll

United Kingdom

Top 200 Albums:
• #170 (85) ELVIS 75 [3CD]
• #196 (178) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits



Top 250 Comprehensive Albums:
• #149 (Re) Greatest Hits: Vol. 2
• #165 (Re) Greatest Hits: Vol. 1
• # ---- (180) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits

Top 40 Compilation Albums:
• #32 (Re) Greatest Hits: Vol. 2
• #36 (Re) Greatest Hits: Vol. 1
• # ---- (40) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits


Top 75 Albums:
• #26 (15) The King - 75th Anniversary Edition [3CD]


Top 100 Albums:
• #80 (76) Elvis 75 [3CD]


Top 60 Albums:
• # ---- (41) The Essential

At Full Force released: The remake of Hot Winter Night In Dallas, Elvis At Full Force has just been released by Audionics.

We also got word that GRM's Get Down And Dirty will be out on Friday. (News, Source: Elvis News)


Tuesday 9 March 2010

RARE Elvis photos - Now with over 4,300 Rare Elvis images!
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Elvis Memorabilia at the Hard Rock Cafes: A new Hard Rock Cafe website offers you the chance to find out where every piece of Elvis memorabilia is that they own. Have you seen Elvis' "Lion Belt" in Memphis- well why not check out Elvis' "Suede Jacket" in the Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi! Or Elvis' Karate GI suit in San Antonio?.

Click here for all the facts & pictures & locations.


(News, Source;EIN/ElvisMatters)

Jackson's 'penniless' brother to auction off Elvis Presley jacket to clear debt: Michael's older brother Tito Jackson has reportedly been forced to place a rare Elvis Presley jacket under the hammer to clear debts worth 17,000 pounds.
The 56-year-old was purportedly forced to let go off the item after former friend Matt Fiddes filed a lawsuit against him over an unpaid 12,000-pound bill.
"After Fiddes won the action, which was a third-party debt order, bailiffs were sent in to recover the money from Tito Jackson's London agent Ron Winter, who is contesting the order," the Daily Star quoted a source as saying.
"Goods included a rare Elvis Presley jacket, allegedly a gift from Lisa Marie Presley. A load of gold and silver record discs were also seized, including one for soul star Al Green and another for Andrew Lloyd Webber's Ovation. The bailiffs also seized original film posters for Scarface, Goodfellas and The Godfather," the source added.
The source also said: "The proposed auction should easily settle the debt, which is in excess of 17,000 pounds. But, unfortunately, it won't make a blind bit of difference to Tito's finances. One thing's for sure - Tito's hit the skids in financial terms.
"Watching on as all this stuff is flogged to pay off his debt must be very embarrassing for him."

Elvis engineer Bill Porter Auctioning more personal Items: A long time friend of Elvis, Porter is renowned for engineering nearly all of Elvis’ post 1960 hits until his death in 1977. Recording with Elvis in the celebrated “Studio B” in Nashville, Porter helped to craft some of Elvis’ greatest hits including, “Are You Lonesome Tonight” and “It’s Now or Never." Porter’s album recordings with Elvis include “Elvis Is Back," “His Hand In Mine,” “Pot Luck," and “Something for Everybody."
Bill designed the sound system for Graceland, went on the road with Elvis from 1969 to 1977 and recorded many of Elvis’ “Live In Las Vegas” shows.
From Bill Porter's personal collection, Porter's personalized leather garment bag used on tour with Elvis Presley. Bill's initials as well at the "TCB" logo are stitched on the bag in yellow-gold thread. Estimate: 300-400 US Dollars. This item currently has 1 bid at 303 US Dollars.
"TCB" stands for "Taken' Care of Business, "the name Elvis gave to his back up band. Elvis loved using the initials on his own accessories, including his famed tinted sunglasses.
There also are 5 other lots from Bill Porter's personal collection which include Elvis collectables, photos, magazines, CDs, records, plates, and various Elvis souvenirs. Bill Porter has previously auctioned his other major Elvis memorabilia in the past few years.
(News, Source;ElvisUnlimited)

Elvis Blue Hawaii Barbie Doll: Aloha, and thank you very much- Surf's up, Barbie and Elvis fans.Showcasing Elvis Presley from his first Hawaiian-themed film, Blue Hawaii in 1961, this delightfully upbeat Barbie Collector Doll mirrors The King's island look, complete with lei and ukulele. Mattel announces a follow-up for the recent releases of the Elvis 'Jailhouse Rock' and 'Elvis and Priscilla' dolls. Elvis stands about 11 1/2-inches tall, but cannot stand alone. Comes with lei and ukulele!

Go here for more info.



(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 8 March 2010

'Viva Elvis' Sony CD: Brian Quinn reports that Sony executives will be meeting in New York later this month to review the master recordings from the 'Viva Elvis' Show to finalise track listing and decide on which ones to release as a possible single or singles in advance of the Album release in September. The Marketing strategy will also be on the agenda.
The album will have the potential to be yet another big hit for Elvis.
Bob Sillerman recently stated "Viva ELVIS is a show the devoted Elvis fan will love, but it reaches beyond that. It will be thoroughly enjoyed by the casual Elvis fan, by the fans of music from Elvis's era and by anyone who ever listened to rock and roll. It is also a show that will be loved by fans of Cirque du Soleil, as it takes their talents to an entire new level."

(News, Source;BrianQuinn)

'Get Down And Dirty' tracklist confirmed: The tracklist of the new Gravel Road deluxe, double CD release has now been confirmed. This third Gravel Road Music release spotlights Elvis Presley's wild rehearsals in the summer of 1970, filmed for the MGM documentary "Elvis: That’s The Way It Is."
The character of the 15 July, 1970 Culver City rehearsal is different from the 2 previous acclaimed releases, "The brightest star on sunset boulevard (2cd)" & "Plugged in and Geared up" by GRM.

Featuring the second day of the rehearsal shooting, Elvis is studying songs, uses uncensored talking & singing. That’s one of the reasons to rename this historical rehearsal "Get down and dirty", it includes more than 25 minutes unreleased material!

Here is the complete tracklist:

Reel 1
1 Stagger Lee/Any day now
2 I Got my mojo working
3 Mary in the morning
4 I’ve lost you
5 I’ve lost you
6 Stranger in the crowd
7 The next step is love
8 You don’t have to say you love me
9 You don’t have to say you love me
10 You don’t have to say you love me
11 Sweet Caroline
12 Yesterday
13 Hey Jude
14 I can’t stop loving you
15 It’s your baby you rock it
16 Crying time
17 Riders in the sky / Surrender
18 Runaway
19 It’s now or never / Danny Boy
20 Peter Gunn theme
Reel 2
1 Walk a mile in my shoes
2 Love me
3 One night
4 Alla en el rancho grande / Twenty days and twenty nights
5 Thats’s all right
6 Twenty days and twenty nights
7 That’s all right
8 Roll out the barrel / That’s "Warner brothers"theme / I could have danced all night / Danny boy
9 Twenty days and twenty nights
10 Twenty days and twenty nights / I never fal in love again
11 Suzie Q
12 Patch it up
13 Cotton fields
14 Sylvia
15 Stranger in the crowd
16 Stranger in the crowd
17 Mona Lisa
18 How the web was woven
19 I’ll take you home again Kathleen / My wish came true
(News, Source;GravelRoad)

'Baby, Let´s Play House' - New cover: A rather fascinating new cover to the popular Alanna Nash book about Elvis and his relationships with women - to be re-published in March.
Reviews have stated:  
“Alanna Nash never ceases to amaze me. With the many Elvis books published, few ever reach the depths that Nash achieves in Baby, Let’s Play House, a page turner you’ll want to read cover to cover. It’s a fascinating look into the personal life of one of the world’s greatest performers, told by an expert storyteller.”  - Steve Binder, producer-director of the Elvis 68 Comeback Special
“If anything, Baby, Let’s Play House heightens the heartbreaking aspects of Presley’s life.” - Los Angeles Times
“By far the best study of Elvis Presley I have read. ‘The King’ emerges more clearly from this mosaic of his troubled love life than from any linear biography to date.Impressively researched, written--and felt.” - Philip Norman, New York Times.
(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNetwork)

EPE celebrates 45th Anniversary of 'Tickle Me' Release!! Hardly Elvis' best movie but EPE has an interesting campaign noting that 2010 marks the 45th anniversary its release. The film, produced for Allied Artists by Ben Schwalb and directed by Norman Taurog, opened nationwide on July 7, 1965. In the film, Elvis plays a singing rodeo rider who finds work as a stable hand at an all-female dude ranch.
Elvis received $750,000 to appear in Tickle Me, his 18th film. Due to the fact that Allied Artists was struggling to stay afloat financially, Elvis agreed to take a paycut for his appearance, but adjusted his contract so that he would receive 50% of the films profits, which was quite the negotiation coup at the time. The film's success ended up saving the production company from bankruptcy.

Go here for EINs review of the 'Tickle Me' FTD.
Click here more EPE info plus gallery of photos from Tickle Me.

(News, Source EPE/EIN)

John Wilkinson Health Update- Out Of Hospital: John Wilkinson has sent Elvis Matters an update on his medical situation. Yesterday, John had surgery and returned home the same day. He's doing fine, though very sore. Now there's nothing more to do but wait until March 15th when the doctors start his chemo/radiation treatments (5 days a week for 8 weeks). That's not going to be fun, but John has been through worse, so to quote him: "I'll just buck up and deal with it". And here's another quote from him:
"I'll never be able to thank you all enough for your love and caring about this old rocker! Again, thanks and may all your dreams come true, Johnny".

(News, Source:ElvisMatters)

Antiques Roadshow' Appraiser Prices Elvis Items: "Holy Moly! This is wickedly awesome," Gary Sohmers of popular TV programme "Antiques Roadshow" said about Joe Callaway's never-published photos of Elvis Presley from a 1956 appearance on "Dance Party" with Wink Martindale. Sohmers said the negatives alone are worth $30,000.
With his trademark Hawaiian shirt and his long silver hair pulled back into a ponytail, antiques appraiser Gary Sohmers expects to see lots of treasures, a little junk, some fakes and hopefully a few "Holy Grails" over the weekend.
As a part of a sneak peek, Sohmers, 57, hit a wow factor Thursday afternoon.
Events director Joe Callaway pulled out a stack of never-published 8-by-
10, black-and-white photos of Elvis when he appeared on Wink Martindale's local television show, "Dance Party" in 1956. In addition to the photos, Callaway has the negatives and contact sheets.
"Holy Moly! This is wickedly awesome," Sohmers valued the negatives alone at $30,000 - but also pointed out something troublesome -- the negatives were not in archival plastic sleeves. "Aye-aye-iii," he exclaimed.
Afterwards, Callaway said he had to remember, "Breathe in. Breathe out." He has no immediate plans for his treasure other than to put them back safely in storage. Still, he said, "I'm reaffirmed. Elvis is still king."
(News, Source:ElvisMatters)

Elvis Matters new magazine #28 Out Now: The most recent issue of the Dutch fanclub magazine is out. The magazine features all the regulars, a review of the FTD 'Good Times', an article by Elvis photographer Ed Bonja plus a major feature on Elvis' Circle G Ranch plus one on Cirque du Soleil.

With the issue comes a free CD of Piano Songs recorded by the Dutch singer Bouke, with Glen Hardin on piano.

Go here to order a magazine subscription.

(News, Source;SanjaM/EIN)

Sunday 7 March 2010
March 1960 - The Return Of The King: Elvis Presley left the army 50 years ago this week, to suggestions that the music he pioneered had died in his absence. On the morning of 3 March, 1960, after a flight from Germany broken by a refuelling stop at Prestwick Airport, 30 miles south of Glasgow (the only time he set foot in Britain), the DC7 jetliner carrying Elvis Presley landed at McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey, amid the remnants of a light blizzard. At the US base he was then met and escorted away from military life by Nancy Sinatra, the 19-year-old daughter of a man who had once described Presley's music as "a rancid-smelling aphrodisiac".

The truth however turned out to be a little different!

Go here to read this fascinating spotlight by Richard Williams of The Guardian.

(Spotlight, Source;Guardian/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Style and Fashion Exhibition at Graceland: The year-long celebration of Elvis Presley’s 75th Birthday continues with the grand opening of "Elvis Presley: Fashion King," at Graceland. The exhibit is the first of its kind at Elvis’ home in Memphis, and explores fashion trends ushered in by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
"Elvis Presley: Fashion King" showcases everything from the king’s handmade shirts and casual suits to his flashy jewellery and shoes, giving visitors a first-hand look at how rock ‘n’ roll royalty dressed. Visitors will see the evolution of Elvis’ outfits, from an artist’s sketch to the final product, and how these custom creations were made. The exhibit provides visitors with the feeling that they are peeking into Elvis’ personal closet. There are casual suits, top coats, hats, scarves, more than 50 shirts and many accessories, including a custom necklace featuring more than 220 diamonds and a 11.5-carat diamond solitaire ring.
"Elvis Presley: Fashion King" will be open through March of 2012. It is one of three new exhibits to open at Graceland in 2010.
A special exhibit opened on Elvis’ 75th birthday on January 8, 2010, chronicling key portions of Elvis’ life before he became an international singing sensation.
Also opening as part of the year-long birthday celebration is a special exhibit featuring Elvis’ iconic stage costumes from 1969-1977.
Go here to full story.
(News, Source;EPE/EIN)

Scottish Fan's teenage encounter with Elvis 50 years ago: It's 50 years since Elvis set foot on British soil for the first and last time. But the people who saw him on that cold night - March 3, 1960 - at Prestwick Airport have never forgotten their close encounter with the King of rock 'n' roll.
US Army Sergeant Elvis Aaron Presley, then aged 25, had finished his two-year stint in uniform and was on his way home from his German base when his plane stopped to refuel.
Fewer than 200 people saw him but for some, such as Ann Murphy - then aged 16 - it changed their lives.
"I used to babysit for a Sergeant Phelps at the US airbase. I was at work one day when he turned up at my house and told my mum that Elvis would be at the airbase that night and I should go if I wanted to see him. My mum ran to a phone box to call me at work. I couldn't believe it. I loved Elvis. I had all his records.
On the bus home, I was telling everyone I was going to see Elvis that night but they all thought it was just a

rumour. They probably thought I was crazy. I changed into my American jeans, lumberjacket, bobby socks and blue suede shoes and cycled the three miles to the airport base.
When we got to the base there was a small group of people already there, standing at the barrier in front of two huge Cadillac cars. Muriel and I were right at the barrier. We were so excited and suddenly the plane was in front of us. The door opened and there was Elvis. He was so handsome in his uniform. He waved and we started screaming. He shouted: "Where am I?" and people shouted back: "Prestwick" - but I was shouting: "I love you."
He came down the stairs and looked fantastic with that beautiful smile. We could hardly believe we were looking at him. We could nearly touch him.
Then Muriel did an amazing thing. She jumped over the barrier and threw herself twards Elvis. However a couple of huge military policemen scraped her off and put her back over the barrier.

The next thing we knew, he was away. We went to the cafe where the young folk hung out and told people we had seen Elvis. They were all laughing at us but the papers the next day proved it.
I suppose that day changed my life. I went on to marry my own Elvis. I met my late husband Andy at the dancing and he was a great jiver. He had a black quiff hairstyle and was known as the Prestwick Elvis. He used to sing Elvis songs all the time and won a talent contest as Elvis. So my daughters - Angela and Andrea - were really brought up by Elvis. They're both big fans and so are my grandchildren.
I'll never forget the day I saw my idol face-to-face.
I might have been a naive, Scottish 16-year-old - but it changed my life forever. It might have been 50 years ago but feels like yesterday."
(News, Source:SundayMail)

Producer Jerry Weintraub comments on Col. Parker: Jerry Weintraub broke up a fight at Elvis Presley's funeral, wooed Julia Roberts with $20, and played party planner to George H.W. Bush during the producer's more than 50 years in Hollywood.
In his new memoir, "When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead," due out in April, Weintraub details his highs, lows and moments of comeuppance as a film producer and manager of Presley, Frank Sinatra and John Denver, to name a few.
His story includes how at Elvis Presley's funeral, his father, Vernon, and his manager, Col. Tom Parker, argued about whether it was appropriate to sell Elvis-themed mementos to mourners in the street. Weintraub relates, "I got between them and said something like, 'What's wrong with you guys? The body's in the next room. We're about to leave for the funeral. Have some respect.'
"What a bizarre moment, the entire world gathered around the house in tears, and in a room in the house, the old man and the Colonel arguing about T-shirts."
Go here for more about The Dark Side of Colonel Parker.
(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNet)

Aaron Schroeder, Elvis Songwriter: The New York publisher and songwriter Aaron Schroeder was one of the key figures around the Brill Building in the 1950s and 1960s. He was a songwriter who preferred to collaborate with others, especially in improving the commerciality of a promising song. Several of his 300 published compositions were recorded by Elvis Presley, including the multi-million seller "It's Now or Never" (1960). He liked to say, not entirely in jest, "I don't read music – that's why I make so much money."
Aaron Harold Schroeder was born in Brooklyn in 1926, was a competent pianist, mostly playing by ear, who was first attracted to the big bands of the 1940s. An early success was with "At a Sidewalk Penny Arcade" (1948), which was recorded by both Rosemary Clooney and Guy Lombardo. In 1955, he was working as a staff writer for the publishing company Hill and Range when he learnt that they were supplying songs to Elvis Presley, who had been signed to RCA-Victor Records.
Schroeder was asked to improve a song by other staff writers, "I Was the One", and the result was the B-side of "Heartbreak Hotel" and made the US Top 20 in its own right.
Schroeder was so impressed with Presley that he said to another songwriter, Clyde Otis, "I've got a title, 'Anyway That You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)', so let's write the song." It was released as the B-side to "Love Me Tender", and, again, made the US Top 20 in its own right. Schroeder also wrote one of the first tribute songs to Presley, "My Boy Elvis" by Janis Martin.
Presley stockpiled songs to cover his time in the US army and he had great success with Schroeder's songs "I Got Stung" and "A Big Hunk O' Love". When Presley returned to civilian life fifty years ago, it was Schroeder who wrote his comeback Number 1 hit, "Stuck on You".
While serving in the US army, Presley developed a taste for Mario Lanza's recordings and took to singing "O Sole Mio" for his own amusement. Presley's publisher, Freddy Bienstock, wanted a new English lyric, and Schroeder and Wally Gold wrote "It's Now or Never" in 30 minutes. The record, which was released in 1960, sold 20 million copies. Schroeder used his windfall to start his own label, Musicor. Whenever Schroeder was away from home, he would buy his wife, Abby, a new charm for her bracelet. This led to him and Gold composing "Good Luck Charm" (1962), another trans-Atlantic chart-topper for Presley.
Besides writing rock'n'roll songs, Schroeder maintained his contact with more traditional singers. In 1958, Frank Sinatra had a hit with "French Foreign Legion" and Perry Como with "Mandolins in the Moonlight". Nat "King" Cole recorded two of Schroeder's songs, "Sweet Bird of Youth" (1959) and "Time and the River" (1960).
Later on Schroeder produced many of Gene Pitney's singles, including the Burt Bacharach and Hal David songs "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance", "Only Love Can Break a Heart" and "24 Hours from Tulsa", but Bacharach preferred to have control.
Among his other songs were "Apron Strings" (a hit by Cliff Richard but also tried out by Elvis), "Cincinnati Fireball" (Johnny Burnette), "Make Me Know You're Mine" (Conway Twitty) and "Because They're Young" by Duane Eddy.
Schroeder died in December last year.
(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNetwork)

No Sale for Elvis' strand of hair: A strand of Elvis Presley's hair, owned by a music fan in Gloucestershire, has failed to sell at auction.
The piece of hair was expected to fetch £600 but it failed to meet its reserve price.
The owner bought the hair "on a whim" in a television auction.
It was mounted in the centre of a gold disc inscribed The King's Authentic Hair, together with a photograph of the singer and a certificate of authenticity on the reverse.
A spokesman for Chorleys, the auctioneers selling the item, said: "These more fun items are not doing as well in the current market as the more serious antiques. It's just one of those things."

A clump of Elvis's hair sold at auction in Chicago for $15,000 in October last year.


(News, Source;SanajM/ElvisInfoNet)

Friday 5 March 2010

A BIG ELVIS HAPPENING in Holland, May 2nd 2010: On May 2nd, 2010,  “The Original Elvis Tribute” will return to Holland for a show at the Effenaar in Eindhoven, one of Holland’s leading concert venues. The show is being organized by the biggest Elvis fanclub in Holland, “Elvis For Everyone”, who are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year. Fanclub president Constatijn Zantingh is only 33 years old, making him one of the youngest Elvis fanclub-presidents worldwide.

Constatijn is always looking for new and innovative ways to promote Elvis for a younger audience, and it seems that this is working well for him: “The magazine is getting new members all the time. Our conventions are well attended. Our books are quite popular; the ‘Images’ book was sold out within a matter of months. Volume 2 of that book has just come out”, says Constatijn, who is very excited about the Eindhoven show: “We first booked that show last year, and it was just tremendous. It’s a very special show, and Duke Bardwell and Michael Jarrett really know how to connect with an audience. Ticketsales for the concert in Eindhoven are  quite strong already now, so I think it’s going to be a fantastic day”.

Click HERE to see the special promo for the show.

Go here for more info about “The Original Elvis Tribute”.

(News, Source:EFE/www.elvisnews.dk)

Setting the Season 2CD release: Soon available, Setting the Season (SR Records) with focus on Elvis’ live performances in Las Vegas between February 19 and February 21, 1971. This deluxe long digipack , double CD pack is the first SR release dedicated onto Vegas' fourth season.

In spite of the fact that Elvis is getting bored of Las Vegas, he is still able to the end the season by giving life to some terrific shows. Here they are presented in great audio quality , the CD 1 with the complete show from February 19 midnight show and the CD 2 with the unreleased February 22 midnight show taken from an early generation copy of the original master tape, as recorded by a member of the audience. All tracks were digitally restored for your best possible listening pleasure; the sound quality is incredibly good considering the early Vegas Season. The shows are linked from the highlight of February 21 midnight show.

We are proud to give life to a unique view with almost 160 minutes of great music with Elvis at his best for that season. As a first time for this label, the double CD will come in a deluxe LONG six panel DIGIPACK, containing a collection of live RARE photographs of the Vegas February 1971 season. (News, Source: FECC)

Elvis and Shakerag: The 1920s African-American music that flowed from Shakerag in Tupelo, Mississippi was pre-rock and roll, filled with blues, jazz, railroad songs, and sanctified music. Shakerag is now part of the Elvis tour route in Tupelo. Shakerag is the area which many books and films on Elvis acknowledged he visited and heard the music that made an impression on him before he left Mississippi. Blue Suede Shoes in the Hood CD gives you 65 minutes of original music and oral interviews, that has not been heard regarding shakerag and the worlds most known southerner. Sit back grab you some sweet tea and listen to the shakerag story.

This soundbite clip is only a fragment of the full CD we are offering. The CD entitled "Blue Sude Shoes in the Hood" became the exclusive musical score for the film documentary film "Blues Suede Shoes in the Hood" 3 years ago. It won the best Documentary and best film at the Biloxi Film Festival. The film has only been shown in a few places around the country. Pictorial footage on the film has not been seen by any Elvis or Tupelo resident or collectors anywhere in the World.

Stay tune as we will for the first time in 2010 make available some of the history of this landmark place called "ShakeRag". Tupelo Mississippi has since put up a historical marker indentifying the maginalize area. Your comments will be screened .

I was the first African-American to have discovered for the "public where Elvis truly live in the exclusive Black neighbood of Park Hill for a short time. I lived in Tupelo for 7 years looking for the unique and unkwnown contributions. (News, Source: Wsir)

Hush Puppies Pay Tribute to Elvis: You don’t have to be an Elvis impersonator to take a walk in a pair of blue suede shoes. A style inspired by Elvis Presley’s 1955 hit song is now available at menswear retailer Lansky in Memphis, Tenn., where founder Bernard Lansky personally dressed Presley throughout his career.

As part of a collaboration between the landmark store and Hush Puppies, known for its suede footwear, the retailer will offer a limited-edition collection of slip-on and laceup shoes in signature blue suede.

The store has been selling an Elvis-inspired apparel collection, Lansky Brothers – Clothier to the King, since 1990, said Julie Lansky, who heads up marketing. The line features reproductions of actual looks from the entertainer’s wardrobe, as well as pieces inspired by his personal style. The blue suede looks will be the first signature shoes.

“Customers have always asked for the blue suede shoes,” said Lansky, noting that the footwear will be co-branded. And because many pieces in the apparel line hark back to Presley’s heyday in the 1950s, a companion black-and-white slip-on and laceup in smooth leather will also be available.

The footwear will be available at Lansky at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis through the summer. The blue suede shoes retail for $145, and the black-and-white for $160. (News, Source: Elvis News/Google)

Redefining Elvis: FIRST, there was Elvis. Long before The Beatles were anointed the heart of rock and roll, ages before the Rolling Stones were crowned the loins of rock and roll, not too far from when Bob Dylan was anointed the mind of rock and roll and as recent as the 1980s, when Bruce Springsteen was the conscience of rock and roll, there was Elvis Presley, the King of rock and roll.

He reigned for a good two decades, purloining the blues and soul of black music and, with not an iota of subtlety or subtext, converted it into his own legendary making, making the girls scream in decibel madness, swoon in overawed drama and breathlessness in keeping up with his bravura.

It’s been 34 years since his less-than-delicate death but in those 31/2 decades, Elvis’ stature has transcended somewhat beyond religion, so much so that his obsessed fans have prayed and insisted that the King is alive and doing his pelvic gyrations to Hound Dog and Blue Suede Shoes. That fanaticism — and the kind of guilt, angst and attempts at redemption that Elvis’ might carried — might have turned him into a 21st Century prophet. That’s right: A prophet of rock and roll, an elevation from his monarchical sovereignty.

Reinforcing that mysticism is what propelled his old record company, RCA (now under the aegis of Sony Music) to reissue yet another reissue of his greatest hits, this time a 3-CD wonder of 75 songs to mark what would have been his 75th birthday.

Simply entitled Elvis 75, this collection supercedes the far superior 4-CD box set complete with an 80-page booklet carrying a Billy Altman biographical essay, rare pictures, reproductions of original record labels, covers and picture sleeves, film posters, master tape boxes and detailed recording, chart and personal data.

The box may yet make its way into Malaysia but for now, Elvis fans continue to worship him for more than just his music and the lightweight films.

The songs are far too familiar, a loop in the time-space continuum, a recycled deja vu, to be given a further once over. It’s pointless really because the credentials are supremely solid. The songs may be beyond criticism. They have become a life’s code for many on Earth. Cherry pick your way into the collection and see what tunes befit your generational epiphany.

Heartbreak Hotel? Blue Moon? Suspicious Minds? Moody Blue? I Just Can’t Help Believin’? That’s All Right? Each of these songs defined and redefined rock and roll’s governance and imperceptibly coerced rockers to elevated levels of groundbreaking performances.

On the discretionary aspect of music, does it matter now that much of the early, rip roaring and pelvic pulverising songs were ripped off, inadvertently or otherwise, from some poor Southern bluesman or that the stylings were crude and unrefined? What matters most was that Elvis came to the fore when the world badly needed a fresh slate, away from the flavourless and vapid music dominating the air waves and oppressing other alternative acts.

Elvis broke the taboos of the niceties of the1950s and rallied people, the people of his generation especially, away from the obscene trauma of two successive wars that pulverised the world first and then Korea, and later Vietnam.

He may have not realised that he was innovating and winging his way towards rock and roll divinity but he changed the way music was heard and appreciated and he brought people of all colours together to the consternation of the white establishment.

Elvis pioneered a new attitude, stage presence and dance (if you can define his pelvic palpitations as dance) that influenced the modern preening of frontmen like Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Bono and Mick Jagger. He whispered, wowed, hummed and purred killer ballads that shook the soul hard — for that post-war age. His voice was the sui generis the world will never witness again, save for the unnerving mimics who find their destiny in walking, talking, singing, moving and smirking like Elvis. Eddie Murphy does a scarily fine version of Elvis in Delicious, his X-rated 1980s rancid comic stand-up.

Elvis was also a walking fashion statement — deliciously strident sideburns, loud, sassy hairstyle and sartorial slickness. These statements perforated the consciousness of the rebellious new youth screaming to heave their individuality beyond their horrified parents’ haplessness in stopping the red tide of rock and roll, piercingly devilish and all. (News/Review, Source: MISHAR, NewStraitTimes, Malaysia)

'The Memphis Boys The Story About American Studios' book release: Marty Lacker advises EIN:

Thought you might like to let your readers know about a great new book that just became available today that features a very detailed and definitive chapter about Elvis' American Studios '69 sessions.

The book is called The Memphis Boys The Story About American Studios by Roben Jones.
In addition to the detail about the sessions, this book is a complete detail of all the years of hits from American Studios and is full of reminisces of each and every session cut there by Chips Moman,Tommy Cogbill, the American Band as well as songwriters. It also has knowledgeable comments by a number of highly successful people from other studios who are in awe of the accomplishments of the American guys.
I am also proud that it includes the work I did at American and the contributions I made to it as well as many first hand quotes from me. I would still recommend it even if I was not in it. Everyone who had anything to do with that studio from beginning to end has made contributions to the book and you will learn of many inside anecdotes on the recording of some of the biggest records in the history of the world.  You'll also learn the reasons why Chips turned down producing The Beatles as well as Bob Dylan after Elvis recorded there.
Anyone who has any interest in music would be remiss in not reading this book.
You can find out more about obtaining the book by going to the publisher, The University of Ole Miss Press at www.upress.state.ms.us


Marty Lacker on recent news items on EIN: THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL (28 Feb 2010) - I don't know how old the two writers are but from their names and publication they write for I suspect they are from/in Korea.  I say that because unless you experienced the change in music first hand in the 50's, I doubt you can speak authoritively about what actually happened. I was fortunate to have been there when it all begin and I was at an age to know what was happening and the change it wrought. 

I also had an advantage because I had moved from NY to Memphis back then at the age of 15 in '52. I had the knowledge of the music I heard in NY and also saw many of the artists of that day in the movie theaters on Broadway that also had live stage shows throughout the day and night featuring many of the great artists and big bands of that era.  So I really saw the drastic change that Elvis really brought to the forefront. the music and artists of that era was vastly different than what Elvis brought to the world.

Yes, there were forerunners of RnR but Elvis was the first to take more than one genre of music and combine them with another thus coming up with his never before heard style of music.  He, growing up, listened to and was influenced by blues, what was then called Race Music (later named R&B), Country Music and Gospel. Jazz played no part in Elvis' music. The influence of all four strongly formed the natural style of Elvis, that at first was called Rockabilly then because Alan Freed in Cleveland used the term Rock and Roll when speaking of the movements of the teenage dancers at a sock hop in Cleveland in the 50's.   Elvis was the first in introducing that style of music, it's what he naturally felt inside of himself.

Fats came along with his first record in 1949 "The Fat Man" on Imperial Records and that was classified Race Music.  His first major record that crossed over into what was then called RnR was "Ain't That A Shame" in '55, a year after Elvis' first record,"That's Alright" changed the face of music.  Little Richard started in '51 and he too was mainly Race Music, wherein he combined Jump Blues with Gospel and boogie woogie and his first big record was in '55 too.  Chuck Berry first became known in '55 also.

See the pattern?  What Elvis did is take the styles that influenced him and melded them into his own style that came from him naturally from what he felt in July '54 and what that caused, among other things, is the barriers for those black artists to be knocked down. He didn't set out to do that, it was just what happened naturally by teenagers who also sensed a great deal of freedom from Elvis' music, something nobody had ever done before him. Let's not forget when he first came out many people who did not know him or know what he looked like, thought he was black.  If it hadn't been for Elvis bursting force with his genre of music I doubt we'd be listening to all that music in the last  56 years and with that music he not only changed the music, he changed the culture of the world. No other artist can make that claim, if that doesn't make him The King of Rn R, I don't know what does.  Another thing, to my memory and my memory is very good, he is the first to be dubbed King of any style of music.
As for what I alluded to earlier,Alan Freed was talking about the way the teenagers were moving when they danced he wasn't talking about the genre of music when he said,"Are You Ready To Rock And Roll.! He didn't say Rock N' Roll, he was talking about the way kids rocked back and forth and rolled when dancing.  However, that term stuck in the minds of teenagers and Rockabilly was soon known as Rock And Roll.
The fact is, the people dubbed Elvis The King Of Rock N" Roll,making him the first King of any Music. he like a couple of others did not give himself that title. He earned it then and he deserves it still today.
Viva Elvis (28 Feb 2010): As for the negative reviews of VIVA Elvis Cirque show, although I haven't seen the whole show, I have seen a number of video clips as well as have read many of the reviews from the Vegas papers and elsewhere and have read the comments by people who have seen it.

I hate to say this but you know me, I tell it like it is.  I knew it wouldn't be great for two reasons, one is the Elvis input came from Priscilla and two of her ass kissers and none of them are that creative, plus I knew she would slant it from her point of view and also make sure it was partly about her two. Her minions agree with whatever she says because they get thrown a bone by her every once in awhile and they need it. One of them works for her and EPE, so they're not gonna' do anything to make her mad at them.  Naturally she had to include herself in that show by including the wedding.  If they wanted to show the real Elvis, as they claim they were doing, they should have had a number of girls around him, not just her.  What about Linda Thompson,Anita Wood and another that he really loved, Ann Margret.

Secondly, ELVIS IS NOT BROADWAY, he's not a musical  theater stage show, he proved that in his crummy musical travelogues they called his movies.  He called them that himself after awhile with a couple of exceptions in the early years. Cirque's Beatles show is different in that the people the Beatles mainly appealed to came ten years after Elvis and by then the music taste was different. 

Elvis was raw Rock N' Roll and R&B and that is so far from Broadway it's the difference of night and day.  The biggest reason his comeback special was so successful was, in addition to the fact that he had not been seen on TV by the masses in a number of years until then, the Black Leather Segment was the real Elvis Presley,not those other staged segments that were just like his movie scenes.  If the entire Special had been like the Leather segment it would have been even more highly acclaimed.

One famed reviewer in the Las Vegas Review Journal made mention that, "one of the main aspects of Elvis' life, the men around him he trusted and bonded with all of his career,The Memphis Mafia, is not even hinted at in the show".  Once again,Priscilla strikes out of pettiness, which I personally believe is a reason none of the other women including Ann Margret, are not mentioned or depicted.  It's all about Priscilla, his ex-wife.

As someone who is experienced in the production of music and shows having produced and directed a number of them successfully, I am deeply disappointed in this opportunity that presented itself in Vegas to depict and honor the memory of one of the greatest entertainers of all times and one who meant a great deal in my life, was done so shabbily.  I realize that is my opinion but it also seems, also by the reviewers, I am not alone in that opinion.

I do think though that if you can, you should see the show and form your own opinion.

Read more of Marty's Musings on EIN

Larry Geller's Review of Viva ELVIS: In contrast to Marty's views, here is another from Larry Geller:

Hal Wallis once said “An Elvis picture is the only sure thing in Hollywood.” The same might be said of “Viva ELVIS Cirque du Soleil,” one of the few sure bets in a struggling Las Vegas today.

I had the great pleasure of attending the world premiere of this highly-anticipated show in Vegas last Friday night. Waiting for the show to begin, I have to admit I was skeptical and even a bit apprehensive; I’ve been disappointed so many times in the past thirty-two years.

But then, this was Cirque du Soleil, known for their creativity and professionalism, so perhaps they would surprise me. Yet how could anyone or any show possibly capture and convey the magic of Elvis? The set designer for the show, Mark Fisher, acknowledged the challenge they faced in creating this show when he said, “Elvis has transcended reality and become a kind of mythic figure.”

Look, we all know only too well that Elvis has left the building and no one can truly bring him back. But to my utter amazement and great joy I soon realized that – in a unique and spectacular way - I was experiencing Elvis once more, sitting there in the Elvis Theater at the Aria Resort and Casino. In an eye-popping extravaganza, he dances, laughs, sings and goofs as he explodes on a massive screen. What a brilliant move, bypassing the use of any male singers for live renditions of his songs. Elvis plays Elvis, coming to life as never before. His image on the huge screen above the stage is so compelling, I had to force my eyes to look at the stage to watch the amazing performers. And they are truly amazing dancers, gymnastic-acrobats and singers, all united in Cirque du Soleil’s celebration of Elvis’ remarkable legacy.

The show hits the highlights in Elvis’ life and career, taking us on a journey that includes his musical roots in the southern church, his youthful fascination with comic superheroes, his army years, his love affair with Hollywood and his own movie career, culminating in his record-setting Las Vegas triumph.

On a personal level his relationship with Priscilla and their wedding are beautifully and gracefully portrayed. I loved the aerial ballet of two couples floating above the stage in wedding rings.

One of the most poignant and intimate moments was when “Viva ELVIS” soars into metaphor in a tender rendition of the ballad “One Night With You”. Two young men that we recognize as Elvis and Jesse Garon execute soulful acrobatics, alone and together, on a guitar-shaped apparatus suspended in front of a starry night.

“Viva ELVIS” is truly a spectacle, theatrically and dramatically chronicling Elvis’ musical biography. Rockin’ good music, breathtaking acrobats and dancers, dazzling sets and costumes play off stunning archival footage and iconic images of Elvis, making this the perfect experience. I left the theater feeling totally satisfied…yet wanting more. (News, Source:http://www.larrygeller.blogspot.com/ TCB World)

(Source: Email: Ann)

Calling all ETA's:

The first of the 2010 Elvis Extravaganza Regional events are now posted
online at http://www.elviscontest.com.

Sign up today!
(Source: Elvis Extravaganza)

Wednesday 3 March 2010

King 'n' Me (DVD Review): 'An eccentric millionaire [Michael Jacobs] sends a seasoned documentary film crew on a search to find the most legendary icon in the history of rock ‘n’ roll......The King. Is he alive, as many believe? If so, does he want to be found? Is there any credibility to the often ridiculous tales of "sightings"?

With an angry, alcoholic Director [Rob Ashkenas], a spoiled, egomaniacal celebrity journalist [Michael Dasch], and a ragtag crew of half-wits, the team searches throughout the urban jungles of Southern Florida to answer these questions. What they soon find will not only change their careers, but also their lives.'

EIN recently sat down wth a glass of Coke and a bucket of popcorn to watch King 'n' Me, one of the latest Elvis related film releases. What we found was a deliciously offbeat indi film filled with colorful characters, humor and an underlying reflection of the King's spirit. Read our full review

MRS makes history again for Elvis: ELVIS PRESLEY has for the first time entered the UK Indie Album charts with the release of Off Duty with Private Presley.

It is new at #22 and also made the Top 200 UK overall Album Chart.

MRS originally had a #1 for Elvis in the UK Indie Singles chart for 4 weeks a few years ago with ‘My Baby Left Me’ and also got into the national overall Single chart in the Top 20.

Thanks to all the Elvis fans, dealers and the MRS team for this achievement. This is truly one of the best projects we have done in recent years. ( Joseph Pirzada.......MRS – Always making history!!)

Audio component also available in downloadable MP3 format

The King's Castle Australian Qualifier for the Elvis World Cup - 20 - 21 March 2010 - Special guest judges include Joe Esposito & Greg Page

Parkes is looking for the best Elvis Tribute Artist to send to Cardiff, Wales to compete against 11 other countries in the Elvis World Cup on 4 July 2010.

Entries have now closed to competitors.

Tickets are on sale on Tuesday 23rd February from 10am. Phone or visit the Parkes Leagues Club to purchase, 02 6862 1499.

Heat tickets are $10 per day, finale tickets are $25.
 (News, Source: Chris Bamford/Parkes Elvis Festival)

John Wilkinson cancer update: Please continue to remember him in all your prayers. John is such an important part of our Elvis world and a dear friend who needs our support and certainly our prayers. John and his wife Terry will go in Monday to get the markers on his body that will tell the doctors where to aim, and in a week and 1/2 or 2 weeks it will start. It will only take 1/2 hour daily for 7 to 8 weeks. John's doctor feels that she will be able to get rid of the cancer and radiate any other area that may have a chance of the Cancer to spread. This should take care of it, and the best part is that he will not loose his hair. The news from the doctor really gave John a positive feeling. Again, he wants to thank everybody for your prayers. He WILL get through all this. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Own a piece of Elvis history: ELVIS' RED SUEDE JACKET WORN ON "JAILHOUSE ROCK" 45 COVER and PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS — Bids start at: $10,000:
Was worn frequently by Elvis as his casual every day attire and for the RCA publicity photos taken at the time of his film "Jailhouse Rock."

The jacket was purchased at Elvis' favorite men's clothier store, Lansky Brothers in Memphis.

Photos of Elvis wearing this jacket graced the covers of 2 of Elvis' most famous and biggest RCA hits, "Jailhouse Rock" and "One Night."

For more information visit: gottahaverockandroll.com

Men like Elvis's quiff and sideburns; women prefer Brad Pitt's crew cut: According to a research study, which polled more than 4,000 Britons, 50 per cent of men voted for the King's trademark quiff and sideburns. Whereas, David Beckham's coiffured "curtains" hairstyle and eighties radio DJ Pat Sharp's mullet secured 17 per cent and 15 per cent of the poll respectively, reports The Daily Express.

The research, by Head and Shoulders shampoo was conducted to determine who sported the most classic man's haircut.

However, 66 per cent of women found men with crew cuts, sported by sytle icons. Celebrities such as movie star Brad Pitt, had more sex appeal than men with quiffs. (News, Source: ANI)


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