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"Jailhouse Rock" - artwork for HD DVD release

Wednesday 31 October 2007

Press Release "Elvis ...A Generous Heart" DVD: October 30, 2007-Ventura, CA-Following the great success of the DVD Elvis Presley…From Beginning To End, the Collector’s Edition Volume 2 has arrived-Elvis A Generous Heart. Elvis’s accomplishments as an entertainer have been well documented and they continue to be with an endless stream of music and live performances.

Because of his popularity long after his death, new material is continually unearthed and created to fill the demand.  Marshall Blonstein, president of Morada Music, the parent company of Tangiers Entertainment, and his creative team have put together a new and unique and never before seen perspective on Elvis.

The media unfortunately prefers to focus on sensationalism and all the negative things stars do. Elvis A Generous Heart focuses on the King’s charity to organizations, friends, and total strangers. Everyone knows that Elvis was the most successful entertainer in the world.  We have heard of all the riches he attained because of that success.



Little has been reported about what a great man he was and the way he freely shared his wealth, his “generous heart”. Elvis loved to make people happy; he gave hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, jewelry and cars away just to see people light up.

This revealing DVD takes you through the history of Elvis from being a poor sharecropper’s son with little more than basic daily subsistence to the most beloved, wealthy and famous entertainer in the world. Even though he reached such great heights, he remained a humble country boy always ready to share his love and treasures with friends, family, and even complete strangers. There are many reasons the world mourned his death back in 1977 and it was more than for the joy he brought to people in live performances, movies and recorded music. Many of the unknown events include the legendary Aloha From Hawaii concert  in 1973 that raised more than $75,000 for cancer research and in 1964 Elvis purchased the FDR presidential yacht and donated it to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital,  who in turn raised $55,000 for research upon its sale. People who were the closest to Elvis do in depth interviews on the DVD to tell some now celebrated and new stories of his generous heart.

Elvis A Generous Heart is a wonderful tribute to an artist that recorded timeless music that remains as popular today as when it was released. His stature as performer on stage, in the studio and in films remains unrivaled. Thanks to this DVD so does the man’s generous heart.


Contact: Marshall Blonstein

Company: Audio Fidelity

Address: 870 East Front Street, #3, Ventura, CA 93001

Telephone: (866) 203-0647

Fax: (805) 648-7552

E-mail: info@audiofidelity.net

Website: www.audiofidelity.net

"Rock Back The Clock" says Straight Arrow: The "Straight Arrow" label will release a CD at the end of this year titled "ROCK BACK THE CLOCK" (SA 2007-8-02). It will be a special release of Elvis’ infamous first New Year's Eve show in Pontiac, Michigan.

The producers are aware that this concert was previously released from another source but in the case of this release, they were able to obtain an ORIGINAL TAPE recorded by the same person that taped the College Park, MD, 27.09.1974 using the same recorder and microphone. That concert has been released on Straight Arrow's 2006 CD "CHAOS IN COLLEGE PARK".

The main reason for this new and ultimate Pontiac '75 release is that the sound quality is excellent for an off-line recording. Since no soundboard recording of this show exists, only audience taped documentation of this historic event is available. Over the last 15 years, three independent audience recordings were collected and on each source there was a major problem: excessive echo caused by the large stadium space. This new source is very clear and most importantly, almost echo-free because the person with recorder was sitting very close to the sound system.

The content of the show is well known, with the playlist based on Elvis' previous Las Vegas engagement. Among the Pontiac highlights are powerful performances of "Trying To Get To You", "One Night" and "Heartbreak Hotel" and also the ballads "You Gave Me A Mountain" and "And I Love You So", which were sung with passion. Finally, a thundering performance of "How Great Thou Art" brought the stadium down. The one and only real drawback is an unrehearsed "My Way"; Elvis had problems with the lyrics and he paused the song in the middle for a few seconds.

We live in the days when almost every obscure CD label is hyping that their product was "taken directly from the original tape"…is, what else - "professionally remastered" and of course – with "fantastic results". Every new CD seems to contain some "deluxe 16-page full color booklet" with many "unpublished photos" in a "very professional layout". The “Straight Arrow” label does not want to exaggerate. If you have any of the previous “Straight Arrow” CD releases, then you know what to expect in design and sound quality.

This new CD will contain a 20 page booklet with approx. 60 photos. Some of them are unpublished, some not, but they all were carefully hand-picked from the almost 150 available shots to give the listener a visual overview of The Event. You will see Elvis before and after the show as well as in both jumpsuits on stage. An unusual photo of the Silverdome stage before the concert is included as well as the review from the local newspaper, original ticket stub and show poster. To make the release even more authentic, sleeve notes were written by a fan that was so happy to be there... The “Straight Arrow” team wishes you a Happy New Year 2008 and hopes that you will enjoy this special New Years Eve release!

Tracks: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from "2001 A Space Odyssey") - C. C. Rider - I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) - Monologue (Elvis split his pants) - Love Me - Tryin' To Get To You - And I Love You So - All Shook Up - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel (medley) - Heartbreak Hotel - One Night - You Gave Me A Mountain - Polk Salad Annie - Elvis left the stage to change the jumpsuit - Sweet Sweet Spirit (by J. D Sumner & The Stamps) - Band Introductions - What'd I Say - Drums Solo (Ronnie Tutt) - Bass Solo (Blues - Jerry Scheff) - Piano Solo (Glen D. Hardin - for the last time with Elvis on stage) - Electric Piano Solo (David Briggs) - School Day (Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll) - My Way (with break) - Love Me Tender - Monologue / New Year Countdown - Auld Lang Syne - How Great Thou Art (with last part reprise) - It's Now Or Never - America (The Beautiful) - Elvis thanks / Introduction of Lisa Marie and Vernon Presley - Hound Dog - Wooden Heart (part only) - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp. (News, Source: FECC)
New Elvis books in Canada: Due for release in Canada is the book "Elvis Presley, Le Livre Des Trésors". This book by Robert Gordon and Anne Bleuzen comes with a CD containing ten original interviews. The publisher is K&B, the release date December 1, 2007 (ISBN-10: 2915957339 / ISBN-13: 978-2915957334).

The illustrated paperback biography by Collectif has been translated from the German to the French language ("Elvis Presley: La Biographie En B.D.") and will be published by Petit à Petit on November 19, 2007 (ISBN-10: 284949111X / ISBN-13: 978-2849491119).

Announced for March 2008 is the book "Elvis Presley (Reliure Inconnue)" by F. X. Feeney (Auteur) and Paul Duncan (Direction). The 192 pages book will be published by Taschen in the French, German and English langueage (ISBN-10: 3822823236 / ISBN-13: 978-3822823231)
(News, Source: Amazon.ca /Elvis News)

See EIN's comprehensive listing of around 150 Elvis books published in 2007-08

"Elvis - Blue Suede Collection" DVD boxset: This is due for release in the USA on 27 November. The 8 films in the set are: Elvis That's The Way It Is; This Is Elvis; Jailhouse Rock; Viva Las Vegas; Girl Happy; It Happened At The World's Fair; Kissin' Cousins; Live A Little Love A Little. (News, Source: Amazon)

Special Editions of Comeback Special & Aloha for release in Japan: The single disc Special Editions of these TV specials will be released by Sony BMG in Japan on 21 November. (News, Source: Elvis World Japan)

"Love Me Tender" DVD re-issue in Japan: Fox will re reissue Elvis' first feature film, Love Me Tender, in Japan on 21 December. (News, Source: Elvis World Japan)

Mini Elvis 2008 Calendar: Now available from Amazon

"In Search Of Elvis" book reissue: Charlie Connolly's thoughtful book about Elvis is to be reissued in the UK by Abacus in February 2008.

Synopsis: Since his death in 1977 Elvis Presley has become an even greater cultural icon than when he was making records and consuming deep-fried peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches.

IN SEARCH OF ELVIS sees Charlie Connelly set off on a journey to discover what makes Elvis so significant today and how his spirit is being kept alive more than half a century after he changed popular culture for ever.

Charlie's odyssey takes him to Finland to meet an academic who performs Elvis songs in long-dead languages - while wearing a kilt; to Canada to find the orthodox Jewish Elvis tribute artist, Schmelvis; to Scotland to get fitted out with the Presley tartan; and culminates in Memphis, where Charlie stays at the Heartbreak Hotel (which is at the end of Lonely Street) and records a song in Sun Studio, the very room where Elvis arguably invented rock'n'roll. Hilarious yet informative, and written with Charlie Connelly's customary wit and charm, this book will appeal to Elvis fans of all ages. (News, Source: Amazon UK)


Saturday 27 October 2007
"What'd I Say" error on new single: Apparently the the "Viva Las Vegas" re-issue single contains the wrong version of "What 'd I Say". The original B-side contained the 1964 version of "What'd I Say" and not the 1970 version from the Platinum box set as the preview copy our reader received contained. What happened to quality control? (News, Source: Elvis News)

"Studio Stars Collection" DVD: This is the cover art of the Elvis Presley DVD box set in the "Studio Star" series from Fox. This set is due for release November 19, 2007.

Synopsis: He was the King of Rock and Roll. Talented, heart-breakingly handsome and charismatic – a natural for the big screen. The 33 movies he left behind serve as a constant reminder of a unique artist who was adored by millions and who was undoubtedly one of the most important fi gures in 20th century popular culture.

FOLLOW THAT DREAM: Elvis Presley is at his dreamboat peak in this musical comedy that finds the sexy star crooning fi ve original songs in an amusing and fast-paced romp boasting a delightful mixture of songs, romance, humour and good old homespun warmth! When his scheming pop decides to 'homestead' the family on a public beach, Toby Kwimper (Presley) digs the exotic setting - but hates the attention he is suddenly receiving. Though he just wants to play his guitar, Toby fi nds himself up to his baby blues in trouble with government bureaucrats, crime bosses and even two smitten 'kittens' - an adopted little sister who feels more than sisterly love for him, and a social worker with more than his welfare on her mind!

FLAMING STAR: In the years after the Civil War, western Texas is an uneasy meeting ground of two cultures: one white, the other Native-American. Elvis stars as Pacer Burton, the son of a white rancher (John McIntire) and his beautiful Kiowa wife (Dolores Del Rio). When fi ghting breaks out between the settlers and natives, Pacer is pulled into the deadly violence despite his peace-making efforts.

LOVE ME TENDER: In his fi lm debut, singing idol Elvis Presley stars in this action-fi lled romance set in the aftermath of the Civil War. After hearing his older brother (Richard Egan) has been killed in combat, a young Texas farmer (Presley) marries the man's sweetheart (Debra Paget). But his brother returns, sparking a bitter sibling rivalry and tragic confrontations with Union soldiers.

Presley specialised in playing the bad boy, and this is Elvis at his baddest! 'Wild In The Country' features one of Elvis’ greatest and most overlooked roles; a rebellious backwoods delinquent gifted with a rare literary talent. Hope Lange is the sympathetic psychiatrist who tries to help Elvis, Tuesday Weld is the King's seductive cousin, and Millie Perkins portrays his childhood sweetheart. Boasting a screenplay by Clifford Odets, this is perhaps the sexiest and most passionate of all Presley films, and features a quartet of hit songs, including; 'I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell', 'Lonely Man', and 'Wild In The Country'. It's Elvis at his wildest, his baddest and his best.

Barcode: 5039036036122
Catalogue number: 3751401000
Original language: English
Product format: DVD
Label: Fox
Colour format: Colour and Black/White
DVD region: 2 - Europe and Japan
DVD special features: None Listed.
Primary genre: Feature Film
Secondary genre: Musical
(News, Source: Virgin Mega Store/Elvis News)

100th edition of "Elvis News" magazine: Elvis Unlimited just put out the 100th edition of their Elvis News magazine. Congratulations guys! This edition contains news, reviews, interviews, this time with a young female fan and a look at the Elvis link with Miami.

One warning though, opening the envelope leading ETA, Doug Church stares at you, but fortunately that was the back cover, our man featured the front cover.
(News, Source: Elvis News Denmark /Elvis News)

New "Greatest Hits" CD: Here is the cover art of the 2CD Greatest Hits compilation that was released on the Promo Sound label on October 2, 2007. (News, Source: Amazon.com/Elvis News)
Friday 26 October 2007

New Sony-BMG Elvis yuletide album from Hallmark stores: Courtesy of Barry McLean here is the cover artwork for the latest Sony/BMG Elvis Christmas album pressed for Hallmark stores. The album has 15 tracks:

Tuesday 23 October 2007

"Elvis: A King In The Making" (Book Review): The Alfred Wertheimer photo archives is arguably the most famous Elvis visual collection in the world. And while the master photographer was only with Elvis for a relatively short time, the visuals he captured offer a timeless exposition of the young King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis at his peak.

And finally, Wertheimer's magnificent photographs have been released in a way which does them proper justice.

Elvis: A King In The Making was recently released in Australia and New Zealand. What EIN found was the best photo-journal release of 2007 and one of the strongest Elvis book releases in many years! Read our full review

"The Spirit of Sound Hifi" series: Universal Music in Hong Kong just released in their "The Spirit Of Sound Hifi" series a 2 CD set in the best quality with 51 Elvis songs. The 2 CD set comes in a special slipcase for protecting the disc from scratches.

It's not the regular release like in the US and Europe with the live songs, but a "Dolby Digital Compact Disc". It comes with a 6 page booklet with all the Elvis songs in English. (News, Source Peter Haan/FECC)

Saturday 20 October 2007
More "golden disc" reissues?: The booklet of the first "Golden vinyl edition" of Elvis' debut album, "Elvis Presley", mentions several new releases in this format. Titles for 2007 are "Elvis" and "For LP Fans Only". New titles for 2008 should be "Loving You, "Elvis Christmas Album", "Elvis Golden Records" and "A Date With Elvis". (News, Source: ElvisNews.com)

"Big Boss in Trouble" CD: The new import label EPB76 records announce its first release entitled titled "Big Boss In Trouble".

This release features Elvis June 6, 1976 show as recorded from the audience in Atlanta. The CD is due for release early November and runs for 80 minutes.

From the press release: This release is taken directly from original master tape and professional remastered with a great audio-quality. Its a full length show , the best of the June tour. It's a very good performance with Elvis in good mood and strong voice, the highlights of the concert are surely the rare last live version of “Shake A Hand” and an outstanding performances of “America", "Hurt" and "Big Boss Man”.

The CD contains a de-luxe 16-page full color booklet with 16 rare photos mostly unreleased taken from the original concert in a very professional layout.

Extract from the inside note: Atlanta, June 6th and the end of a tour of 13 shows where the last four were just in Atlanta. In spite of a passable tour with Elvis often not in good condition, slow in his movements and lacking concentration in some songs. Despite this the tour was completely sold out and with the public full of enthusiasm. The last show, presented here lasts 80 minutes. We decided to leave out the solos because the audio quality was very bad in respect to the rest of the tape and overall to keep the concert to one CD of purely Elvis.The Show is good the repertoire result very interesting without doubt is no the classic boring concert of the last period of Elvis' live activity. Elvis sings 19 songs with a great mood with a great public reaction, here is almost possible to breath the atmosphere of the Elvis' performance. The electricity that Elvis generates in the attendance is possible to touch with our hands what mostly considering the limitation of the audience tape here is the winner element…

Tracklist: 01. Also Sprach Zarathustra- 02. C.C. Rider- 03. I Got A Woman/Amen- 04. Love Me- 05. If You Love Me- 06. You Gave Me A Mountain- 07. All Shook Up-08. Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel- 09. Help Me- 10. Jailhouse Rock- 11. Fever- 12. America The Beautiful- 13. Band Introductions- 14. Love Letters- 15. School Days/Hurt #1- 16. Hurt #2- 17. Burning Love- 18. Big Boss Man- 19. Shake A Hand- 20. Funny How Time Slips Away- 21. Mystery Train- 22. Tiger Man- 23. Can't Help Falling In Love- 24. Closing Vamp/Announcements.
(News, Source: Elvis News)

7" vinyl release mixed by the Stray Cats: Released in the US by the Cleopatra label is a seven inch pink vinyl edition of "That's All Right (Mama)".

This track has been newly remixed and is coupled with a new mix of "Maybellene".

Both mixes were done by members of the legendary rockabilly group, the Stray Cats. (News, Source: eBay/Elvis News)

New vinyl pic disc: Rockwell Records releases its second vinyl Elvis picture disc this month.

"Any Way You Want Me" contains 15 studio recordings from 1956 and is a limited edition release of 2000 copies. (News, Source: Rockwell Records)

Release of "Elvis The Movie" (Kurt Russell) update: After our news item yesterday, Elvis Australia contacted First Look Media. First Look said that release of the Kurt Russell "Elvis" biopic on DVD is "to be advised".


Wednesday 17 October 2007

Christmas Peace "slipcase" issue from Sony-BMG Canada: Thanks to Barry McLean for these scans of the cover artwork for this new 20 track CD release:

"It's Tahoe Time" CD released: The CD "It's Tahoe Time" from the Rainbow Records import label has been released.

This release contains the complete October 13, 1974 show from Lake Tahoe.

Tracklisting: (Running Time: 56:00)

01 - See See Rider [02:44] (traditional) 02 - I Got A Woman / Amen [06:40] (Charles / traditional) 03 - Love Me [01:24] (Leiber - Stoller) 04 - All Shook Up [00:58] (Blackwell) 05 - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel [02:28] (Mann-Low / Blackwell-Presley) 06 - Heartbreak Hotel [01:25] (Axton - Durden) 07 - If You Love Me (Let Me Know) [02:45] (Rostill) 08 - Fever [03:05] (Davenport - Coole) 09 - Big Boss Man [02:42] (Smith - Dixon) 10 - It's Midnight [03:06] (Wheeler - Chesnut) 11 - Hound Dog [01:52] (Leiber - Stoller) 12 - Band Introductions [04:37] (instrumental, public domain) 13 - Lawdy, Miss Clawdy [03:11] (Price) 14 - Why Me, Lord? [02:38] (Kristofferson) 15 - I'm Leavin' [03:04] (Jarrett - Charles) 16 - Johnny B. Goode [02:07] (Berry) 17 - Hawaiian Wedding Song [01:58] (King - Hoffman - Manning) 18 - Can't Help Falling In Love [01:42] (Weiss - Peretti - Creatore) 19 - Bonus: Music Makers "Guitar" feat. James Burton [07:12] (instrumental, public domain) (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited /Elvis News)

Tuesday 16 October 2007

The Susan Doll "3 pack" book release: A 3 book package from Susan Doll which will be officially released in the US in November at a price of US$29.95. It contains the books "The Secret Life Of Elvis", "The Essential Elvis" and "The Music And Movies Of Elvis". (News, Source: Bill Burk's Elvis World)

Monday 15 October 2007

Weekly Elvis magazine series being released in Australia: The publication group DeAgostini is releasing a weekly Elvis magazine series in Australia.

The memorabilia storage box and cover of issue #1 are shown opposite

Maria Simone advises EIN that:

"I don't think the DeAgostini site has the just-released Elvis series added as yet because it is still fairly new.

However if collectors decide to subscribe they will receive 2 issues with their first shipment and 4 issues every other 28 days.  They will also receive 5 gifts for their subscription:

*An Elvis print with the first delivery
*'68 Comeback Special DVD with second delivery
*Free binder to collect the booklets in with third delivery
*Elvis wall clock with fourth delivery
*Framed Elvis film cell with fifth delivery

They can cancel subscripion at any time but these gifts mentioned above are only available to subscribers, as opposed to people who buy their copies from the newsagency each time.  One issue per week.  The magazines are $7.95 each and every 14 days buyers have an option of paying $19.95 instead of the regular $7.95 so they can receive a free DVD.  A special collector's case is available for the DVDs.  The line includes some of Elvis' films, for instance Viva Las Vegas and performances suh as 'The Way It Is'.
The first part of the collection is only priced at $2.95 and comes with the magazine, the special box to collect the memorabilia the publication comes with, and a guide to this collector's edition. The binders are $14.95 to order from De Agostini.  Excluding of course the one that is sent for free to subscribers with the third shipment.  DVD cases priced the same.
Each issue will feature music and movie memorabilia from Elvis' career.  Letters, greeting cards, concert tickets and personal items such as social security card and third grade school report, all reproduced from the originals are among the collectors' items.  A buyer/subscriber receives 5 of these artefacts with each purchase.  One piece of the memorabilia per issue will be a mini poster (a miniature reporduction of original posters from events in Elvis' career - screen & pefomances).
The magazine itself, features various aspects of Elvis' life and career.  Issue 1 includes:
*Elvis' family roots - reference to 'life story' and displays family tree up to Elvis's great grandfather and great grandmother

*Elvis Presley - musical history
*Dressed to thrill - covers King's wardrobe
*A secret visit to the white house - Elvis meets Nixon
*Reference to artefacts for collection
*'68 Comeback Special with brief reference to its filming.
The booklets are printed on quality paper, similar to concert programmes and document  Elvis' life with narrative and nice photos". (News, Source: Maria Simone)

New Larry Geller book hits #1: Sales of pre-publication copies of Larry Geller's new book, Leaves of Elvis' Garden, have propelled it to #1 on the online sales outlet Quick Pick Distribution. Read EIN's review of Leaves of Elvis' Garden

Friday 12 October 2007

Official announcement and ad for the latest MRS project:


Thursday 11 October 2007
Elvis At The Hayride: Here is the cover art for the "Elvis At The Hayride" CD which was released by CBUJ Entertainment September 18, 2007.

Disc 1: 1. Intro 2. That's All Right Mama 3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
4. Narrative 5. Hearts Of Stone 6. That's All Right Mama 7. Tweedle Dee
8. Narrative 9. Money Honey 10. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 11. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 12. That's All Right Mama

Disc 2: 1. Narrative 2. Good Rockin' Tonight 3. I Got A Woman 4. Narrative
5. Tweedle Dee 6. Narrative 7. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 8. Narrative 9. Baby Let's Play House 10. Maybellene 11. That's All Right Mama
12. Narrative 13. I Was The One 14. Love Me Tender 15. Narrative
16. Hound Dog 17. Elvis Has Left The Building 18. Telegram Elvis And Colonel 19. Narrative
(News, Source: Source: CD Universe/Elvis News)
Wednesday 10 October 2007
Tiger Man Volumes 8 & 9: The profit hunters behind the "Tiger Man - An Alternate Anthology" still can find enough fools to buy their product. Thus they magically compiled two new volumes, the eighth and the nineth, on their pc.

Tracks #8: Blueberry Hill (Take 8) - King Of The Whole Wide World (Uncut Master - Take 4) - I’m Falling In Love Tonight (Take 6) - So Close Yet So Far (Take 4) - Easy Come Easy Go (Unedited Master - Take 9) - Suppose (Long Version Master - Take 1) - Let Yourself Go (Master - Take 5) - Edge Of Reality (Master - Take 8) - Little Less Conversation (Master - Take 16) - Almost In Love (Single Version) - Gentle On My Mind (Differend Mix) - True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (Differend Mix) - Kentucky Rain (Differend Mix) -
Cindy Cindy (Undubbed Master) - The Fool (Undubbed Master) - The Sound Of Your Cry (Extended Version) - It’s Your Baby You Rock It (Undubbed Master) - How The Web Was Woven (Undubbed Master) - Don’t Cry Daddy (Rehearsal X Rated) - Until It’s Time For You To Go (Undubbed Master) - We Can Make The Morning (Undubbed Master) - Burning love (Rehearsal) - You Dont Have To Say You Love Me (On Stage) - America The Beautiful (On Stage - Mixed Master) - Return To Sender (On Stage) - Unchained Melody (On Stage)

Tracks #9: Relax (Take 12 & 13 - Unedited Master) - I’m A Roustabout - So Close Yet So Far (Take 5) - Who Are You (Take 6) - Five Sleepy Heads (Take 3) - Suppose (Short Version - Take 7) - Blue Suede Shoes (Remix For "This Is Elvis") - Jailhouse Rock (Spliced Version) - Let’s Forget About The Stars (Undubbed Master) - In The Ghetto (Mix) - It’s Keep Right On A Hurtin’ (Mix) - Who Am I (Mix) - You’ll Think Of Me (Single Version) - Let’s Be Friends (Undubbed Master) - Don’t Cry Daddy (On Stage) - I’ve Lost You (On Stage) - Little Cabin Home On The Hill (Undubbed Master) - Mary In The Morning (Undubbed Master) - I’ll Never Know (Undubbed Master) - Make The World Go Away (Take 3) - Rags To Riches (Take 4) - Fools Rush In (Undubbed Master) - It’s Only Love (Undubbed Master) - An American Trilogy (From "This Is Elvis") - Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (Rough Cut Mix) - For The Heart (Undubbed Master) - Blueberry Hill (On Stage) (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin /Elvis News)

Sunday 7 October 2007

New York RCA Studio 1: The Complete Sessions (CD with Bonus DVD-A & Book): Details of the next project from Memphis Recording Service (Joseph Pirzada) are now available. Play UK is selling the release for £16.99. Release date is 16 November 2007.

EIN will publish Part 2 of its controversial interview with Joseph Pirzada around the time of the New York RCA Studio 1 release. (News, Source: Play.com/FECC)

Track listing:

  1. Blue Suede Shoes
  2. My Baby Left Me
  3. One Sided Love Affair
  4. So Glad You"Re Mine
  5. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
  6. Tutti Frutti
  7. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
  8. Shake Rattle And Roll
  9. Hound Dog
  10. Don't Be Cruel
  11. Anyway You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)
  12. Don Davis Interviews Elvis
  13. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Sessions
  14. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Sessions
  15. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Sessions
  16. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Sessions
  17. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Sessions
  18. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Sessions
  19. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Sessions
  20. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Sessions
  21. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Sessions
  22. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Sessions
  23. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Sessions
  24. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  25. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  26. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  27. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  28. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  29. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  30. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  31. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  32. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  33. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  34. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  35. Shake Rattle And Roll Sessions
  36. Shake Rattle And Roll - (Undubbed Edit Master)
  37. My Baby Left Me - Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup (Bonus Track)
  38. Hound Dog - Freddie Bell And The Bell Boys (Bonus Track)
  39. So Glad You're Mine - Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup (Bonus Track)

"36 Greatest Hits" CD: A new budget double CD compilation entitled "36 Greatest Hits" has been released on the Dutch Weton Wesgram label. It contains 36 fifties hits. (News, Source: Elvis News)

"Heartbreak Hotel" budget CD: A 14 track budget compilation entitled "Heartbreak Hotel" has been released by the Dutch Weton Wesgram label. (News, Source: Elvis News)

High Sierra Fever: Here is the cover art of the forthcoming release High Sierra Fever from the Straight Arrow label.

This CD will feature the Lake Tahoe, May 7th, 1973 Midnight show as taken from an excellent quality audience recorded tape.

Compared to the January/February 1973 Las Vegas shows, Elvis was in better voice in Lake Tahoe, and his shows were more engaged and playful again.

This concert includes classy performances of "Steamroller Blues", "You Gave Me A Mountain", "I'm Leavin' ", "What Now My Love", "I'll Remember You", "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "A Big Hunk O'Love".

As a bonus, an excerpt of "Surrender" and the seldom performed "It's Over", recorded during the Midnight Show the previous day were added. Both mastertapes were recorded by the same person, and they are of equal sound-quality. This recording comes from a 1st generation copy of the original tape. As you’ve come to expect from us, the sound was restored in a renowned studio to achieve the best possible results. And it's not necessary to emphasize another Straight Arrow label tradition – this new CD will come in a deluxe package with a 16-page booklet, containing a collection of live- and candid photographs from April, May and June 1973, rare Lake Tahoe memorabilia, informative liner notes as well as details about Elvis' Lake Tahoe 1973 season. This CD is set for release in late September. Don't miss your opportunity to spend an unforgettable hour with The King in High Sierra!

Tracks: 01. Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from "2001 A Space Odyssey") - 02. Opening Vamp / C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) - 04. Love Me Tender - 05. Steamroller Blues - 06. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - 07. You Gave Me A Mountain - 08. Love Me - 09. Blue Suede Shoes - 10. Heartbreak Hotel - 11. Long Tall Sally / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (medley) - 12. I'm Leavin' - 13. Hound Dog (slow & fast) - 14. Fever - 15. What Now My Love - 16. Suspicious Minds - 17. Band Introductions - 18. I'll Remember You - 19. I Can't Stop Loving You - 20. An American Trilogy - 21. A Big Hunk O'Love - 22. Bridge Over Troubled Water - 23. Can't Help Falling In Love - 24. Closing Vamp.
Special bonus (recorded in Lake Tahoe, May 06, 1973 Midnight show): 25. Surrender (excerpt) / It's Over Approximate running time: 60:00 (News, Source: FECC)

A Wild Weekend In Huntsville: The new release A Wild Weekend in Huntsville ! - volume one from the Madison label is out now.This CD features the concert from May 31, 1975 afternoon show in Huntsville, AL. Some tracks has been previously released but this show is available for the very first time unedited, and as recorded from the mixing board that day at the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, AL. 

All the Huntsville shows from the May / June 1975 tour were pretty good and among the best from this period. Elvis is in good form, humor, spirit and it shows throughout the performance. Unfortunately the show has not been recorded in its entirety and starts early during '' Love Me ''. The sound quality is excellent and this new CD comes with a 16 page full color booklet. Watch out soon for Volume Two featuring the afternoon performance recorded the following day in Huntsville, AL


Tracks:1- Love Me  ( incomplete ) 2:03 ; 2- If You Love Me ( Let Me Know ) 3:08 ; 3- Love Me Tender 2:47 ; 4- All Shook Up 1:57 ; 5- Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 2:09 ; 6- The Wonder Of You ( w/ false start ) 2:25  ; 7- Burning Love 3:28 ; 8- Introduction of the vocalists, John Wilkinson., James Burton 1:37 ; 9- What I'd Say ? ( featuring James Burton ) 0:52 ; 10- Drum Solo ( featuring Ron Tutt ) 1:25 ; 11- Bass solo ( featuring Jerry Scheff ) 1:26 ; 12- Piano solo ( featuring Glen D. Hardin ) 1:02  ; 13- Introduction of Charlie Hodge, Voice, Joe Guercio and his orchestra 0:39 ; 14- School Day ( featuring Joe Guercio & orchestra ) 1:14 ;  15- Trouble 0:54 ; 16- T-R-O-U-B-L-E 3:39  ; 17- Hawaiian Wedding Song 2:14 ; 18- Let Me Be There ( with reprise ) 3:21 ; 19- An American Trilogy 5:04 ; 20- Funny How Time Slips Away 2:47 ; 21- Blue Suede Shoes 1:22 ; 22- For The Good Times 3:11 ; 23- Little Darlin' 2:34 ; 24- Can't Help Falling In Love 1:39 ; 25- Closing vamp 0:35

Bonus : 26- Elvis at the WFL football game August 9, 1975 0:31. Tracks 15-17, 21-22 and 26 are previously released! (News, Source: FECC)

Elvis In Concert - 30th Anniversary - bootleg DVD edition: The legendary TV Special filmed on Elvis Presley’s last concert tour has now been released on DVD - but only as a bootleg. The publicity says that this new remastered edition is the best DVD version that has surfaced so far.

Synopsis: “We’re here to entertain you, and to make you happy. So just enjoy yourself, and leave the driving to us” said Elvis to an adoring crowd on his last tour. Elvis had been doing just that for over 20 years - entertaining his fans and making them happy.

Two shows were filmed by CBS on what was to be Elvis’ last concert tour. The June 19 appearance in Omaha, Nebraska and the June 21 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Only three songs were used from the Omaha performance in the final special, which was broadcast on October 3, 1977.

“If you haven’t guessed by now, you’re on television” Elvis said with a characteristic grin to the audience at the June 21 show. “Don't let the lights and cameras throw you, and try not to throw the lights and cameras if you can help it.”

Elvis In Concert was Elvis’ first filmed production in four years after the blockbuster Aloha From Hawaii television special. The contrast in his appearance between the two shows is striking. He was obviously way overweight, said Elvis’ friend Joe Esposito, a few years after Elvis’ death.

Although he did look ill during the filming was the magic still there. Elvis was also still singing great! Just hear Elvis singing thru touching and powerful performances of songs like How Great Thou Art and his latest RCA single Hurt. Playing time 55 min. Director: Dwight Hemion Writer: Annett Wolf
(News, Source: Elvis Unlimited/Elvis News)

"Elvis: The Biography" for 'downunder' release: Just in time for Christmas, Jerry Hopkin's revised one volume tome about the Elvis story is to be released in Australia and New Zealand in December. The 350 page softcover is published by Plexus Publishing (ISBN-13: 9780859653916). RRP A$42.95/NZ$49.99 (News, Source: Bookwise Australia)
Friday 5 October 2007

"Faux Elvis" (Book Review): The world of Elvis fiction is a particularly rewarding one in which the recent release Faux Elvis is an intelligently constructed and valuable addition. Its themes and believable characters have a broad appeal - from the casual fan to conspiracy theorists who want to debate the events of August 16, 1977.

Faux Elvis is also unusual in that it is a work of historical fiction, where fact and fiction are blended together. The result is a most satisfying one.

Delightfully written, Faux Elvis is an entertaining and absorbing read. (Book Reviews, Source: EIN)

Read EIN's full review of Faux Elvis


'She Is The King' interview with EIN: 'She Is The King' is the only woman ever to be selected by EPE to compete in the first ever worldwide sponsored Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competition. There is no doubt that since her performance at Elvis Week this year she is also rapidly building a cult-following not only in Australia but also in the US. EIN had the opportunity to catch up with her recently, listen to some songs from her new album, as well as ask her some challenging questions such as, 'Shouldn't fat ETAs in bad jumpsuits be banned?!' Her answers were illuminating, and her new album tracks sound very fine indeed. Go here for the interview and more photos. (Interviews, Source; EIN)

French triple CD pack: Here is the 3 CD package containing the albums "Elvis Presley", "Aloha From Hawaii" and "Moody Blue" which was released October 2, 2007 in France. (News, Source: Amazon.com /Elvis News)

"Destination Vegas" DVD: MVD has set a October 30th release for Elvis Presley Destination Vegas DVD in the US. Here is some pr about the release: To mark the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, this unauthorized critical review uses previously unseen private footage of Elvis Presley, and classic original songs, to tell the story of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Many documentaries have told the story of the early life of Presley, his army career or his death, but Destination Vegas is the first and definitive documentary to tell the story of Elvis's residency in Vegas, a town that was to become synonymous with him. Using previously unseen and unknown private footage, we peel away from the facade of the formal camera to explore a defining, yet controversial chapter in Elvis' life, which not only stifled him, but also defined him as the superstar that he would forever be known.

Bonus Materials: Recordings of private and public conversations Elvis had around the Vegas years • Elvis photo gallery. (News, Source: Antimusic.com)

EIN Note: By all accounts "Destination Vegas" is one to avoid. Read the FECC forum thread

Thursday 4 October 2007
"Gold vinyl" CD release: Elvis' debut album will be the first Elvis release to be released as a "gold vinyl" CD. It comes packaged as a deluxe digipack with 20 a page fully illustrated booklet containing all song lyrics. This CD contains the original tracklisting plus bonus songs.

Original Album Tracks: Side One - Blue Suede Shoes; I'm Counting On You; I Got A Woman; One-sided Love Affair; I Love You Because; Just Because

Original Album Tracks: Side Two - Tutti Frutti; Trying To Get To You; I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (over You); I'll Never Let You Go (little Darlin'); Blue Moon; Money Honey

Bonus Material: Shake Rattle And Roll (undubbed Master); Shake Rattle And Roll (performing Live On The Air, 1955); I Got A Woman (march 19, 1955); Heartbreak Hotel (radio Station Recording, 1956); One-sided Love Affair (with Countdown); I'm Counting On You (newly Remastered & Remixed Version); Yippee Yi Yo Yippee Yi Yay (with Imagene Coca, Andy Griffith & Steve Allen, July 1 1956); At The Dance Party (Memphis TV Station)
(News, Source: For Elvis CD Collectors Forum /Elvis News)

Elvis Interview Record now on CD: The Elvis Presley Interview Record originally released on vinyl in 1984 will be released for the first time on CD. This release will be limited to 300 copies only and will contains the original artwork & tracks!

The 1956 interviews

Elvis Presley-excerpt from a TV guide interview 1956
Colonel tom parker-excerpt from a TV guide interview 1956
Vernon & Gladys Presley Tupelo, Mississippi, Sept. 26, 1956
Elvis Presley Tupelo, Mississippi, Sept 26, 1956

* Recorded at the Mississippi-Alabama fair & Dairy Show - Tupelo, Mississippi, Sept. 26, 1956.

The 1960-61 interview

Image change since discharge from the army-by accident or design?
Elvis talks about his mother
How does Elvis view himself?
Does he enjoy his work?
How does he relax?
Does he have any time to read? If so, what does he read?
Does he like himself? 0:43 8-does he like to work?
If he were starting out again (in 1961) would he do anything differently? Does he have any specific goals for the future?
Does he think he has changed much as a person? How does he view the criticism that has been leveled at some of the people surrounding him?
If he were a father and could only give his child one piece of advice, what would that be?
(News, Source: Elvis News)
Tuesday 2 October 2007

"Elvis Rules on TV": Today we publish a major update to our popular Spotlight article "Elvis Rules on TV". From the article:

To date there have been few serious examinations of Elvis themes on television and most listings of Elvis on television have focused on US programming. What follows is arguably the most comprehensive listing of Elvis themes, reference points and motifs on the small screen, taking in programs from the US, UK, Europe and Australia.

In this update we have added more than a dozen substantive entries, added a new category, and also provide details of programs known to be available on DVD. (Spotlight, Source: EIN)


Monday 1 October 2007

"Jailhouse Rock" - artwork for HD DVD release























































































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