'Houston, We Have A Problem'

Audionics CD

In-depth review by Geoffrey McDonnell

A CD of Elvis' worst concert?! - Why?

Most fans would wonder why anyone would be interested in Elvis’ worst performances. Would fans of James Brown or Frank Sinatra have the same interest in hearing tapes of their worst concerts? I somehow doubt it.

The key is that Elvis Presley has such a breathtaking legacy that some fans need, and want, to explore every minute aspect both good and bad.


EIN contributor Geoffrey McDonnell takes an in-depth look at Elvis' situation in summer 1976 and explains all..

In the same month that SONY issues the marvellous 'Elvis At Stax’ and soon after FTD releases one of Elvis best concerts of all time from 1969 'Hot August Night', the import label Audionics releases a CD of Elvis’ reputed worst-ever concert. The Elvis World is indeed a strange and wonderful beast.

Elvis’ personal turmoil and poor health certainly made some of his later shows totally fascinating, if not disturbing, to witness. However give me a ‘Closing Night 1973’ or ‘Desert Storm’ with all its incredible dialogue, over a boring routine Las Vegas casino Dinner Show any day. But as for Elvis’ reputed "worst show" in 1976, what can it possibly reveal?

UPDATE - EIN has received several reader's opinions about this release - Please see Your Say below

Elvis Houston 28th August 1976 Afternoon show at the Summit.
Released as a Soundboard CD by ‘Audionics’ in August 2013. Reviewed by Geoffrey Mc Donnell

What led up to this August show was a disastrous time for Elvis after Dave Hebler, Sonny and Red West were sacked by Elvis’ father after the June/July tour ended. From 7th July Elvis avoided the confrontation by hiding away in his Palm Springs Home with Dr, Ghanem helping to keep him "out of it". Then Elvis also had the worry about his Racquetball Courts venture he had got into with Joe Esposito, Dr Nichopolous and Mike McMahon... things were not going at all how Elvis expected. By August 10th Elvis’ lawyers were informed that Elvis wanted to be totally removed from the Racquetball project.

The significance for this next August 27th-September 8th tour was that Elvis fell out with Dr Nick enough to have to go on tour under the care of Dr Elias Ghanem and Tish Henley.... then after the poor quality Houston show (where Elvis had loaded up on sleeping pills and anti-depressants) Dr Nick had to be flown in for the tour to even be able to continue - and at the request of Colonel Parker! Dr Nick arrived back on 29th August to supervise the medication routines and by 31st August Elvis seemed much better under his watchful eye. Shows continued 'ok' until the tour ending but no way all great shows.

Journalist Bob Claypool wrote the often-quoted review about this concert for the Houston Post, in it he said…

"Elvis Presley has been breaking hearts for more than 20 years now, and Saturday afternoon in the Summit - in a completely new and unexpected way - he broke mine.
In short, the concert was awful - a depressingly incoherent, amateurish mess served up by a bloated, stumbling and mumbling figure who didn't act like "The King" of anything, least of all rock 'n' roll."

However until now we have had no recording of this concert available, not even an audience tape. Could this performance really be that bad, really be Elvis’ worst concert?

When I first wrote about this show many years ago, I sourced all the newspaper reviews (4) and corresponded with Stein Eric Skar and read 'Strictly Elvis', indeed any source that I could obtain.... needless to say I got the track listing a bit wrong: - i.e. no Hound Dog, Love Letters or Love Me Tender at all, but 90% of what I stated back then proved to be true as can be seen from the now discovered recording.

Elvis had just started this new tour the previous evening with a so-so show in San Antonio. This followed up on the previous July/August tour that was such a drop in ‘standard’ that after the Hartford 28/7/76 show Elvis even called tour manager Tom Hullett to discuss the circumstances after The Colonel had accused Elvis of not giving Fans their money’s worth with lack lustre performances. Tom Hullett recounts that he had to reassure Elvis that indeed his fans still loved him.

Other Elvis concerts from the same period indicate the same troubles and terrible performances. FTD officially released the "New Haven 30/7/76" concert which received numerous negative reviews (EIN couldn’t bear to add our personal review), similarly there is the infamous Hampton Roads show on 1st August (N.B. Another Afternoon Show) where Elvis, although having the excuse of being ill with the ‘flu, did NOT sound good at all.

The 1976 ‘problem’ with Elvis wasn’t like late 1974 where Elvis was outspokenly shouting his mouth off on an emotional roller-coast ride (Desert Storm, Chaos in College Park), it was mostly because he was so asleep from his massive amounts of sleeping medication that performing at any Afternoon Show he really hadn’t woken up, often with terrible results.

Indeed after care from Dr Elias Ghanem for the first 3 days of this tour Dr Nick simply HAD to be flown in to moderate Elvis’ medication because of such obvious poor performances. The concert in Mobile, the next Afternoon show on 29th, was another poor performance. Then from 31st August things improved as Elvis appeared more awake, brighter and performed to a better ‘standard’ until the end of the tour.

Dr. Nick made a strong case in point (in his recent book) when he elaborated on how difficult it was to ‘manage’ Elvis’ medication properly to give decent Afternoon and Evening Shows on 4th September 1976 shows.

As Dr Nick recounts…

... People had witnessed the side effects from Elvis's medications during his performance in Houston. Elvis had taken Sparine (for depression), which contributed to muscle and speech problems. It knocked the bottom out of him, dropped his blood pressure. He couldn't do diddly-squat. Whenever Elvis took Sparine at night, he stayed lethargic all the next day because it a long-acting drug. If he took a second dose, it could carry over for a long period of time. I had noticed when monitoring Elvis' condition that whenever ever he had problems onstage with his balance and speech, his blood pressure was way below normal.
In addition to administering Sparine, the doctor attending Elvis may have also given him Donnatal, a combination drug used for people with irritable bowel syndrome and also for stomach ulcers. It has a barbiturate plus an antispasmodic in it. A doctor has to be careful when using that medicine because of the time it takes it to act. The drug always had a debilitating effect on Elvis' speech and motor functions when he performed, because of the relationship between the time he took the medication and the time he had to be onstage.

Elvis was really struggling, especially after Lakeland, Florida, and Huntsville, Alabama, where he performed a brutal five shows in two days. I knew of no other entertainer in the music business who had as rigorous a tour schedule as Elvis on a continuing basis.
Finally I told Parker in front of Elvis, "This is insane. I can't be a part of seeing what this kind of schedule is doing to him".

As a result, Huntsville was the last time Elvis ever performed two shows in one night on the road.

Having explained Elvis trials and tribulations and understood what he was going through in 1976, now over 30 years later a soundboard recording has been found of this often spoken about performance. And the audio quality of this recording is very good indeed, what a shame it isn’t a better concert discovery.

This Audionics released Soundboard comes in a fold-out disc pack with about 3 photos of Elvis from Houston and 3 from Mobile A/S the next day (front and inside fold out covers) Back and shot of Elvis in a car come from the Houston show, inside Mobile E/S. The liner notes are 'Generous' towards Elvis and his situation.

The CD kicks off with the last 3 minutes of ‘See See Rider’ - immediately the listener can tell that Elvis is 'impaired' and 'thick tongued' but not as bad for instance as May 77.

'I Got A Woman/Amen’ features a great sounding J.D Sumner featured bass (twice) - where Elvis kids that J.D is the "Lowest Human he knows!".

When Elvis tells the crowd that he is "just trying to wake up" his voice is slurred. For 5 minutes a Crazy Woman grabs Elvis' total attention after this mediocre version and there is very little applause after this song. With a Bird of Paradise Flower and the Department of Treasure this track groans on for 12'45"

After a terribly slow 'Love Me' Elvis mentions that he had "the Creeping Crud" (which seemed humorous back in 1975) but then performs a poorly sung version of 'If You Love Me Let Me Know' with words missing and sounding 'strained'.

'You Gave Me a Mountain' is better, almost 'ok' as he tries a little here. A woman runs up to him and Elvis asks how she gets so much energy @ 2.30-3pm in the Afternoon.

Whilst ‘All Shook Up’, ‘Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel’ are all performed as the throwaway standard 1976 fare, being fan favourites they actually drive the audience nuts... and the sound of them comes across really well on this great sounding recording.

Before ‘And I Love You So' Elvis complains that "the band is too loud, I cannot hear myself" with 'And I Love You So' ending up another disappointing version.

Although 'Jailhouse Rock' is a poor version the audience again is still going crazy and ‘Fever' that follows is a 'slushy' version.

Then comes a near miracle, as 'America' is not bad - even getting a reprise, a concert 'highlight’. After this Elvis says "You are a great audience" and this gets the most applause so far this afternoon.

Straight into ‘Polk Salad Annie’ is another highlight but NOT because of Elvis but instead because of the band playing well and a Jerry Scheff solo. By 1976 it was all too often that the band had drag Elvis along supplying the performance power, when only a few years earlier it was all they could do to keep up with Elvis’ lead energy.

Then where the ‘Intros’ should start instead Elvis just talks with fans for 5 minutes about his $2,500 suit and a $1.5 dollar hat he is given. It would have been so damn 'boring' for the rest of the audience of 17,500.

Then Elvis, incredibly, says "time out" and close to another five minutes is wasted with another crazy fan who loves Elvis!

Also by the ‘Intros’ themselves whatever little energy Elvis had is completely gone... ‘Early Morning Rain’ is an awful version and short. Elvis does perhaps realise where he is as he mentions Ronnie Tutt having his friends out in the audience but Elvis does the absolute minimum this night. No ‘Love Letters’ and J. Scheff also gets to solo twice!

The only fun bit is introducing Tony Brown as "Monty Rock III" - the beginning of 'Disco' ~ (now he is an Evangelist). ‘What’d I Say’ is rubbish and 'J.B. Goode' is a Charlie Hodge version. All throughout the intros Elvis begins to sound worse, with his voice slurring again.

Whatever is going wrong is demonstrated when the usual concert crowd stunner ‘Hurt’ is not very good at all with Elvis’ timing badly off and his voice waving off-key. It is very sad.

Before 'Funny How Time Slips Away' Elvis asks, "What key are we in?" and although you could blame his stage PA monitors that really isn’t the problem here. Elvis sings this all-too easily performed song very poorly and when he sings "I guess I’m doing fine" it is so distressing as nothing could be further from the truth.

Tony Brown thankfully drags Elvis into the 'Can't Help Falling In Love' ending and the torturous 82 minute show is over.

Just before closing Elvis notes that the audience have been "fantastic" – as indeed they sound. The post-show closing announcements re-affirm it is indeed the Afternoon.

To be honest this must be the poorest 1976 concert I have heard, but NOT a 'disaster' because Elvis sang his songs, if poorly, and gave a long, chatty show. What he looked like performing on stage for his loving audience goodness knows, but he must have looked unsteady for certain.

The next A/S was only slightly better and yet front row fans truly seem to be enjoying themselves- best audience clapping was after 'America’. What one cannot tell from a ‘soundboard’ is the fans reactions further back from the front-certainly as the intros started would have been a great time to leave. Maybe an audience recording may have given a better overall picture of this show, but I KNOW Stein Eric Skar present was absolutely horrified by the state Elvis was in. Management fixed the situation so the ‘gravy train’ could continue but did nothing to help Elvis.

If you want to know how this performance sounds there is an interesting 14 minute excerpt of the concert that you can check out via YouTube - Click HERE.

Overall Verdict: Of course a concert as poor as this is not suitable a release for the general public or even for the FTD label. This is where bootleg releases are understandable. And if you like Elvis at his best then listen to ‘That’s The Way It Is’, ‘At The International’ or, if you want something from 1976 try FTD’s ‘Elvis Showtime’ from December. However if you are interested in examining the ups-and-downs of Elvis’ legacy then performances like ‘New Year’s Eve 1976/77’, ‘Closing Night’ or ‘Spring Tours 1977’ illustrate even more. So there is no doubt that after all the discussion and the reputation of this Houston concert - and after hearing in the last few years several ‘infamous’ show such as Detroit and College Park 1974 - it is interesting to finally hear this much talked about performance.
It’s a shame that the audio quality is so good for such a poor performance, and yes, sadly Bob Claypool was pretty accurate in his review.

Review by Geoffrey McDonnell - with added input from Piers Beagley.
-Copyright EIN September 2013
EIN Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network.

Click here to comment on this review - Do YOU think it should have been released at all?

Note - EIN does not support bootleggers since they do deprive songwriters & musicians of their well-deserved earnings. There is however no doubt that FTD/BMG will never consider these sub-par concerts for a mainstream release. Investigating Elvis' legacy legally, collectors are therefore stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The review from Bob Claypool in the Houston Post the following day sadly noted,
... Elvis Presley has been breaking hearts for more than 20 years now, and Saturday afternoon in the Summit, in a completely new and unexpected way, he broke mine.
In short, the concert was awful a depressingly incoherent, amateurish mess served up by a bloated, stumbling and mumbling figure who didn't act like "The King" of anything, least of all rock 'n' roll.
It made for a sad, pitiful afternoon even though the narrow-minded, but always present, screamers for Elvis bunch were still squealing and jumping through the whole thing. But, on this day there seemed to be less of them than ever. The Summit was sold-out, packed to the gills (17,500 people, maybe more) and for every die-hard screamer, there were at least two or three blank, stunned faces, staring at the stage in disbelief.

1. C. C. Rider (incomplete)
2. I Got A Woman / Amen
3. Love Me
4. If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
5. You Gave Me A Mountain
6. All Shook Up
7. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel
8. And I Love You So (with false start)
9. Jailhouse Rock
10. Fever
11. America The Beautiful (with reprise)
12. Polk Salad Annie
13. Introductions by Elvis of Singers, Musicians
14. Early Morning Rain (John Wilkinson)
15. What'd I Say (James Burton)
16. Johnny B. Goode (James Burton)
17. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt)
18. Bass Solo (Blues theme, Jerry Scheff)
19. Bass Solo (Battle Of New Orleans theme, Jerry Scheff)
20. Piano Solo (Tony Brown)
21. Electric Piano & Clavinet Solo (David Briggs)
22. School Day (Joe Guercio Orchestra)
23. Hurt - 24. Funny How Time Slips Away
25. Can't Help Falling In Love
26. Closing Vamp / Announcements.
Running time: 79:22

'Chaos In College Park' - CD review: Elvis' reputed worst-ever concert - why should it even be released? Possibly detrimental to Elvis' glorious legacy, this 'import' CD is one of the most controversial releases of the year. Elvis was certainly on bad form on this 1974 Opening Night, but was he really that terrible? BMG/FTD could never consider releasing this concert, yet it has to have a certain fascination to Elvis collectors. EIN's Piers Beagley presents an in-depth examination of this chaotic concert of September 27th 1974 - as well as looking at Elvis' performance the following night. Nearly 30 years after his death, does Elvis' legacy still need to be air-brushed to keep its glory intact, or can we accept him for all his human faults? (Source: EIN, November 2006)

EIN Readers comment on this controversial release

From: Stephen B
Thanks for this review.
What disappoints me a little here is that with the other noted “worst ever concert” 1974 and Chaos in College Park. That release was a positive - in that it proved the poor sounding audience recording we had already made Elvis sound in a far worse state than he really was.
The College Park concert wasn’t good but with the far better audience recording showed that the concert wasn’t that terrible after all - as we all had suspected 
Unfortunately from your review it seems obvious that Houston 1976 was really as bad as we feared all these years.
I bought College Park as I was interested but I think I have to give this sad mess-of-polk a big miss.
I also wish I had never purchased the FTD New Haven release.
From: Barry S
EIN you are a great site, one of the best, but publishing reviews of Elvis’s worst concerts does no good for Elvis’s history.
You say these bootlegs are only for collectors but then you publish a youtube link that anybody can find.
Once again Elvis will be made a fool of when people see this.
You are right when you point the blame at Colonel Parker with your good Dark Side article but then you show what a sad state Elvis got in to.
I think these bad concerts shouldn’t be released nor reviewed for the world to see.

From: John W.
Great review and with Doctor Nicks notes it makes more sense. Elvis was having a terrible time in 1976 if only Parker had put Elvis in a health farm instead of flogging his near dead horse to pay for his gambling habit.
It is very sad but I do agree that these unknown concerts are worth hearing but they should only be via bootleg labels.
It is not a good experience listening to something so unprofessional however it is still part of Elvis' legacy and I am sure was far better for those screaming girls at the front.
Thanks for the review.


From: Arnold D
I can understand some fans fears about this concert being released but it is interesting that it has generated so much debate.
I understand that a few fans would be highly against its release, but it is obviously a part of Elvis's legacy that some fans want to hear proof about, good or bad.
Most fans should realise that there is already plenty of other Elvis material out there that has already spoilt Elvis' reputation. Perhaps the worse is the video of the 1977 CBS TV show for all to see.
Fans must remember that this Houston concert wasn't some personal home-recording but a very public performance in front of 17,000 fans in a major city that he had played many times before.
Perhaps the big mistake was that Elvis chose to go on stage at all that afternoon - or was pushed by the Colonel and his cohorts. So I think it is not unreasonable for keen fans to want to hear what actually happened.

The reputation of this 'worst ever' performance made me fearful when I knew I would finally get to hear it but sometimes the myth is larger than the reality. And I personally think that it applies to this release.
Elvis performed so many dreadful concerts in 1976 that this seems just another one to me.
Sure Elvis is over-medicated and shouldn't have been on stage but was that his or the doctor's fault?
Again, Elvis (or any) superstar shouldn't have been doing two concerts a day - and knowing Elvis's regular sleeping pattern which EVERYBODY would have known why was he ever doing afternoon performances at all by this stage.

Looking positively, the audience are still screaming during the golden-oldies and the fans at the front are having a ball, however slurry Elvis is. Also there are none of those bizarre and embarrassing statements (ie Strung Out) that Elvis too often mentioned in his later 1974 concerts.
And as noted in the review the TCB band are working really hard to compensate and sound excellent.

Yes, it is a terrible concert performance from Elvis but I believe it is a soundboard that needed to be heard.
When you consider that Rocky Barra's review of Elvis' College Park concert noted that Elvis was on stage for less than 30 minutes but finally when we heard it that "fact' turned out to be completely incorrect. That is why keen collectors want to hear these recordings and more power to Audionics for releasing it.
And no, it should not have been released on the FTD label but then neither should have 'New Haven' 1976 in my opinion.

From: FECC contributor PEP.
I am personally a little surprised at some of the negative comment's, especially about whether or not this should have been released at all.
I will say though that I am glad to see a bootleg label like "Audionics" releasing this sort of thing, instead of FTD in my opinion.
This isn't my favourite year of Elvis' career either. Past 73' for me, it gets a little disappointing to see and hear Elvis' decline through the remaining year's in his choices' of music and overall look and presentation on stage.
But still, just the same. As a Elvis fan I still welcome anything new, which has not been released before.
If for nothing else for the historic value and the fact of just adding something like this to One's Elvis collection for competition.
It is a soundboard after all and a unreleased one at that.
From: FECC and FTD contributor CiscoKing
What will this concert tell us that we don't know already? Nothing!
What does any concert tell us what we don`t know already ? Nothing..!!!
Does this mean we should all stop collecting..?
For me here the positive is that it is the definite audio proof about rumours and old newspaper articles being right or wrong.
Remember “All Right Okay” (Detroit Sept., 29, 1974 AS)..?  There were rumours and reports about that show only lasted for 20 minutes cause Elvis was totally off the role...there were articles he fell out of the car before the performance..
But what was all this in reality..?..Nothing but hot air! The audio of the show proved it..and that`s why this Houston release is essential for any serious collector. It uncovers nothing but the truth..and myths get busted or confirmed.
Regarding Detroit, Rocky Barra got it so wrong. He was the publisher of one of the most respected Elvis newsletters, and was at the show.
He was totally wrong but that reputation killer..made the rounds for decades..till the audio proof surfaced.
And that is exactly the point which counts pro the release in question....
Now that there is audio evidence, it can now be confirmed that this was indeed the worst concert of his career. It was one of those. Many others are the same. It is perhaps the most talked about of those bad shows.
A lot of shows in 1976 were bad, but this one certainly lives up to its legacy.
It is a bad show..like many others... as I said..many AR`s kindly cover this fact.
It is probably the most infamous of the bad shows..cause it happened in a major city like Houston with much press....the fact that there was no audience recording available as yet added myths and made this show "the worst ever given"...in the end..it is business as usual as it was in this dreadful summer of 1976...
  - Ciscoking

Click here to comment- HAVE YOUR SAY - do YOU think it should have been released at all?

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