What now, What next, What If?

A look at possible future FTD releases

- EIN Spotlight by Ian Garfield

The FTD label has been doing an excellent job at looking at the recording anthology of Elvis Presley and releasing every significant LP or recording session on a 1CD or 2CD ‘Classic Album’ version.

However as noted with the recent "ELVIS" second LP release there are less and less outtakes and studio sessions left in the vaults.


EIN contributor Ian Garfield first reviewed what has already been released by FTD - and now looks at how FTD might present their future 'Classic Album' releases..

During Elvis’ lifetime, RCA released a total of between 60 – 70 albums, consisting of dedicated recordings, movie soundtracks and live performances. The exact number cannot be defined as some countries issued different versions, there were cheaper releases, and general compilations. However some compilation albums did have significance. Our initial investigation listed all the possible major releases that the FTD should release - including what had already been put out(Click HERE for the article & updated list).

Now we have a look at how FTD could put together their remaining "Classic Albums".

“What now, what next, where to – What if?” (Part Two)

Continuing on from Part one – I will now be looking at the options of what FTD could possibly release with “the Classic Series” for Speedway; Live a Little, Love a Little; Charro, The Trouble with Girls and Change of Habit. 

This period was a little hit and miss for Elvis. 

The quality of soundtrack recordings were not paramount and he was starting to lose interest in the movie roles he was being asked to play – however vocally, he was in great shape and his voice during this period is powerful and dynamic.


This was the last Elvis 1960s soundtrack to be released as an LP and in the choice of stereo or mono (as monaural was being phased out). For historical reasons, this LP does have some milestones to make it a “collectors” item. Elvis recorded tracks on June 20-21 1967. He only recorded 8 songs for this movie, with “Suppose”  and “Five Sleepy Heads” being removed from the film, however appearing on the soundtrack with 3 additional bonus songs and Nancy Sinatra’s “Your Groovy Self” (another milestone for this LP, as it is the only single artist to have a non- Elvis song on his album).
Unfortunately, Speedway suffers the fate of not having many alternate takes being in the vaults. However, there is an option to add the mono versions and there are a few snippets to keep the collector happy.

Proposed track listing:
LSP-3989 (Stereo)
1.    Speedway
2.    There ain’t nothing like a song ( with Nancy Sinatra)
3.    Your time hasn’t come yet, baby
4.    Who are you (Who am I?)
5.    He’s your Uncle not your Dad
6.    Let Yourself Go
7.    Your Groovy Self (Nancy Sinatra solo)
8.    Five Sleepy Heads
9.    Western Union
10.    Mine
11.    Goin’ Home
12.    Suppose
LPM-3989 (monaural)
13.    Speedway
14.    There ain’t nothing like a song (with Nancy Sinatra)
15.    Your time hasn’t come yet, baby
16.    Who are you (Who am I?)
17.    He’s your Uncle not your Dad
18.    Let Yourself Go
19.    Your Groovy Self (Nancy Sinatra solo)
20.    Five Sleepy Heads
21.    Western Union
22.    Mine
23.    Goin’ Home
24.    Suppose
Bonus material
25.    Speedway (master take with longer outro)
26.    Your time hasn’t come yet, Baby (movie version)
27.    Suppose (Alternate Master – long version)
28.    He’s your Uncle, not your Dad (movie version – added production and duet voices)
29.    Let Yourself Go (movie version – added instruments)
30.    Speedway (movie version – shorter version with added instruments)
31.    Suppose (March 20 1967) home recorded undubbed version
32.    Speedway radio trailers
33.    Speedway movie trailers


Live A Little, Love A Little 
The Live A Little, Love A Little sessions were recorded on March 7 and 11 1968. No EP was even released for this movie only a single of A Little less conversation/Almost in Love that peaked at number 69 on the US Billboard 100. However a double “A side” single of Edge of Reality/If I Can Dream was released in Australia and did hit number 2 and was in the charts for 20 weeks. I have found some information from a bootleg called “The Live a Little, Love a Little sessions" when they released more takes to all songs, including six takes of Edge of Reality. However I have not been able to track down the audio for these, so cannot confirm their existence and suspect that some may have been fake. I hope however that FTD have uncovered some more alternate master takes.


Songs for Charro were recorded Oct 15 1968 with overdubs on Nov 25 1968. With only two songs for this movie, one over the opening credits and the other deleted from the film, there is not much to draw from these sessions: however! Hugo Montenegro conducted the sessions and incidental music for this film. His previous credits including the theme for “I Dream of Jeannie” and a cover score for the “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. The music does have some power, relevance to the period and even undertones of the James Bond theme. If FTD does have some music score from this session it could be included.

Proposed track listing:
CD One - Live a Little, Love a Little / Charro
Live A Little, Love A Little
1.    Almost in Love
2.    Edge of Reality (full outro)
3.    A Little Less Conversation
4.    Wonderful World
Bonus material
5.    Almost in Love – take 2 alternate master
6.    Edge of Reality – Take 6
7.    A Little Less Conversation – take 10 (From the Camden LP – Almost in Love)
8.    Wonderful World – take 7 movie version
9.    Almost in Love - instrumental
10.    Wonderful World – take 15
11.   Live A Little, Love A Little movie trailer
12.    A Little Less Conversation – 2002 version (single edit)
13.    A Little Less Conversation – 2002 Version (full version)
14.    Charro
15.    Let’s forget about the stars
Bonus material
16.    Charro – undubbed
17.    Let’s forget about the stars (mix from Double Features)
18.    Charro (movie version)
18    The “Charro” Suite – Hugo Montenegro
19.    Charro radio trailer
20.    Charro movie trailer

The Trouble with Girls (and how to get into it)
What a different move this was for Elvis – he hardly appeared in the first 20 mins. He recorded the songs on October 23 and December 1968. There were only four full songs with 2 possibly prepared for the “college medley”. All songs were eventually grouped together on the Double Features series in the 90’s. I still wonder why at the end of “The Whiffenpoof song” they have a “lamb/sheep”  baaaaa!


Change of Habit
Elvis’ last scripted movie and a farewell to the 60’s. The songs did have a modern feel for the era, however there was no official music release from this movie. Rubberneckin’ (recorded at the '69 Memphis Sessions but sneakily submitted by soundtrack composer Ben Weisman using the alias "Bunny Warren"!) was released as a B side. RCA Australia did release an EP in the 80’s.

CD Two - The Trouble with Girls (and how to get into it)/Change of Habit
The Trouble with Girls
1..    Clean up Your Own Backyard
2.    Swing Down, Sweet Chariot
3.    Signs of the Zodiac
4.    Almost
5.    The Whiffenpoof song
6.    Violet
Bonus material
7.    Clean up Your Own Backyard (undubbed version)
8.    Swing Down, Sweet Chariot (overdub with female vocals and brass)
9.    Almost (undubbed version)
10.    Almost – take 6
11.    Almost – take 11
12.    Movie trailer (s)
13.    Clean up your own backyard (The Guitar Man mix)

Change of Habit
14.    Let’s be Friends
15.    Change of Habit
16.    Have a Happy
17.    Let us Pray
18.    Rubberneckin’
Bonus material
19.    Let’s be Friends – take 3
20.    Change of Habit (movie version)
21.    Let Us Pray – take 5 alternate master
22.    Change of Habit – movie trailer
23.    Rubberneckin’ – take 1 and 2
25.    Rubberneckin’ – The Memphis Record remix
26.    Rubberneckin’ – 2003 single version
27.    Rubberneckin’ - 2003 extended version
28.    Movie trailer (s)

When I first looked at Live A Little, Love A Little, Charro, The Trouble with Girls and Change of Habit – I was originally working on a single “Classic Series” CD.  After some research and comparing what has been released on other movies with minimal songs, (Jailhouse Rock, Flaming Star, Follow that Dream)  I discovered that 2 reasonable releases could be achieved with even more tracks possibly available that would be a bonus to the releases.  I have added the updated versions of “A Little less conversation” and “Rubberneckin’” as a bonus for a full experience of the development of the songs. 

These track-lists at least show a possibility of what could be available and the hope of extra tracks. Looking forward to the releases FTD!

Next time – Elvis’ Television appearances!!

Click to comment - Please tell us of Your Ideas and possible additions

Spotlight by Ian Garfield.
--Copyright EIN MARCH 2015
EIN Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network.

PART ONE - Updated with Your Feedback and Comments below

“What now, what next, where to – What if?” (Part one)

Following our previous article “What now, what next, where to – what’s left” which looked at the possible releases left from FTD. These next few articles concentrate on what possibly could be released on each package.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will cover the remaining movie soundtracks and the possible inclusions that could produce a suitable release for the avid collector for these recordings.

This article will cover the possible releases of Kissin’ Cousins and Roustabout.

The soundtrack to Kissin’ Cousins was recorded Sep- Oct 1963 and March 1964 for Roustabout. It is with some uncertainty to know what is left, at this stage we are of the understanding the master takes are only left, as the session tapes may still be lost. Let’s hope there may be a little “gem” or two uncovered for these eventual releases.

Kissin’ Cousins
Kissin’ Cousins had some major budget cutbacks due to expenditure on the 'Viva Las Vegas' sessions. The tracks were pre-recorded in September 1963 and Elvis did the vocals on 10th Oct 1963. Due to this process of not having the interaction and development of the songs, it was an only a day job to overdub vocals.

With a perfect backing track Elvis only had to get a Master in the can. This unfortunately negates the chance of alternative takes and thus is why the collector has not been treated to possible alternates. The only track that has emerged is the “hillbilly overdub” released on FTD Silver Screen Stereo.
So the track listing for a possible release is very light on.

Proposed track listing:
LSP-2894 (Stereo)
1. Kissin Cousins (number 2)
2. Smokey Mountain Boy
3. There’s Gold in the Mountains
4. One boy, two little girls
5. Catchin’ on fast
6. Tender Feeling
7. Anyone
8. Barefoot ballad
9. Once is enough
10. Kissin’ Cousins
11. Echoes of Love (bonus)
12. Long lonely highway (bonus)

LPM - 2894 (Mono)
13. Kissin Cousins (number 2)
14. Smokey Mountain Boy
15. There’s Gold in the Mountains
16. One Boy, two little girls
17. Catchin’ on fast
18. Tender Feeling
19. Anyone
20. Barefoot Ballad
21. Once is Enough
22. Kissin’ Cousins
23. Echoes of Love (bonus)
24. Long Lonely Highway (bonus)

Bonus possibilities:
25. Kissin’ Cousins (hillbilly overdub)
26. Kissin Cousin Radio trailers
27. Kissin Cousin Movie trailers

There may be a possibility of some tracks being lifted from the movie soundtrack for some crowd/extra music versions only. However the difference is minimal.
This would be a very light on FTD CD, so they may have some material that could enhance the release. I have offered the selection of mono tracks to complement this soundtrack. RCA Legacy has previously coupled stereo/mono tracks on “From Elvis in Memphis”.

NOTE - See EIN's recent look at the too often ignored ballad 'Anyone' (go here to Elvis Star Track)

Roustabout has a similar story with the possibility of only minor alternate tracks. This is one FTD release that begs releasing in some format as it was a Billboard Number 1 LP in 1964.

Proposed track listing:
LSP – 2999 (Stereo)
1. Roustabout
2. Little Egypt
3. Poison Ivy League
4. Hard Knocks
5. It’s a Wonderful World
6. Big Love, Big Heartache
7. One Track Heart
8. It’s Carnival Time
9. Carny Town
10. There’s a Brand New Day on the Horizon
11. Wheels on My Heels
LPM – 2999 (Mono)
12. Roustabout
13. Little Egypt
14. Poison Ivy League
15. Hard Knocks
16. It’s a Wonderful World
17. Big Love, Big Heartache
18. One Track Heart
19. It’s Carnival Time
20. Carny Town
21. There’s a Brand New Day on the Horizon
22. Wheels on My Heels

Bonus material
23. Roustabout – take 6
24. Roustabout – take 8
25. Roustabout – take 9 (movie version and Paramount lobby spot promo recording)
26. Roustabout – take 13
27. Little Egypt – take 21
28. Little Egypt – movie version with intro and overdubs
29. There’s a Brand New Day on the Horizon – movie version with extra verse
30. I’m a Roustabout
31. Roustabout Radio trailers version range from 1 – 10
32. Roustabout Movie trailer

The French have just released a Stereo/mono mix of the above movie soundtracks, so it will be interesting to see FTD's response to any suggestions.

If any readers have any possible inclusions, please let us know. CLICK HERE and Tell us!

In vain hope that FTD read this article and readers’ comments – it might give them more ideas of how to assemble some future releases that are certainly planned. If they do and use any original ideas from these articles, please add me to the acknowledgements of the release. Many thanks FTD!

Part 2 and beyond.
Live a Little, Love a Little
The Trouble with Girls
Change of Habit…………………………….
”Coming soon”

Click to comment on this article - Please tell us of Your ideas & comments

Spotlight by Ian Garfield.
--Copyright EIN MARCH 2015
EIN Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network.

FTD - What now, What next, Where to – What’s left?: During Elvis’ lifetime, RCA released a total of between 60 – 70 albums, consisting of dedicated recordings, movie soundtracks and live performances.
The FTD label has been doing an excellent job at looking at the recording anthology of Elvis Presley and releasing every significant LP or recording session on a 1CD or 2CD ‘Classic Album’ version.
However as noted with the recent "ELVIS" second LP release there are less and less outtakes and studio sessions left in the vaults.
FTD’s first release was ‘Burbank ’68’ fifteen years ago, so with all the past releases and packaging what is left for the collector?

Go here as EIN contributor Ian Garfield examines what has been released and what is left for the FTD collectors label..

(Spotlight, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

>From Luc Lepage
Frankly I don't see the interest in mono mixes.
Kissin Cousins is short as Elvis only added his voice to pre-recorded instrumentals. If it exist, there might be an original version with another singer who served as a guide in Nashville for the session recording. If so it would be very interesting to  hear this.
Speedway can be on its own with the outtakes of Mine: a single disc only. I expect Trouble With Girls to be also on its own: there are outtakes there and there is Chautauqua the March instrumental version of Almost, plus the College Medley. Assuming Sony has the session tapes of course. Keith Flynn website is not clear on this one.

> From Colonel Snow
Perhaps the FTD team can add some of the demo versions into a Roustabout release.
The acetates of the songs 'Shout it out', 'I never had it so good' and 'Carnival of dreams' exist, songs that were never chosen for the final soundtrack selection

>From Mike S
I think the few extra tracks that were listed for "Kissin' Cousins" and "Roustabout" would be good additions to a FTD release, but I do not like the idea of having the entire album repeated in Mono. I know some people seem to like Mono recordings, but I can't imagine why if the same recordings are available in stereo!
It just makes the disc repetitive in my opinion.
Also, I did not like the inclusion of the second disc in the recent "Love Me Tender" FTD release. I'm sure the live concert on disc 2 was great, but the audio on this disc is extremely poor and not enjoyable to listen to.
Also, I think the "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" FTD CD should be re-done because they actually included the version of "Scratch My Back" with the first few notes of the song missing! How do these things happen?!
On the "Double Features" CD, it has the entire song. Why did they use the clipped version on the FTD release?

> From Gary H
Here’s a few suggestions for a potential ‘Kissin’ Cousins’ FTD:
Since the flipside to the ‘Kissin’ Cousins’ single was ‘It Hurts Me’ perhaps the mono version of that song could be included or the Italian mono mix (according to the ‘Elvis In Demand’ LP) that omits the Jordanaires vocal track (indeed the whole right stereo channel for that matter!) and perhaps including the ‘Ask Me/ Ain’t that Loving You’ single just to bump up the run time. They have no right to be there, if we’re honest, but it goes towards filling that 75 minute disc up!

>From Paul D
Hi as a starting point all the standard albums should be released regardless of how minimal the outtakes maybe. This should include all remaining movie soundtracks. Elvis On Tour containing all shows plus a disk with the rehearsals. Elvis That's The Way It Is rehearsals could also be presented  as we have had very little issued in an official capacity. Elvis In Concert a double CD edition with both shows in complete form. There should be a release that highlights all of Elvis television appearances as there must be plenty that FTD could release here.

It is my belief that it is important for  FTD to consider a re-release of A Boy From Tupelo along with King Creole as CD only editions. This could and should give fans who either could not afford or were unable to secure copies a chance to own these recordings in there best ever and ultimate form. Aside from this it would also allow many Elvis fans the opportunity to complete their collections as from what I have read many consider their FTD purchases as the final time they will possibly buy Elvis recordings. I am also hoping that FTD would consider either further Elvis For Everyone type releases with a mixture of different outtakes yet to see the light of day or possibly second volumes of selected albums as they have done with G.I Blues.

From what is known it appears for example that Viva Las Vegas and Blue Hawaii could be contenders for another volume. Unfortunately we know that not a lot more multi track concert recordings exist but there does still  appear to be fans who enjoy soundboard recordings. I hope that FTD will take this into account and continue to release some of the better shows to those collectors who enjoy Elvis's live work . Concerts should continue to run alongside the studio recordings and anything else FTD feel needs to be released.  When however the studio recordings do cease maybe FTD will look at the possibility of say releasing 2 or 3 soundboards per year as I am sure there is a market for this. I would like to finish by expressing my gratitude to the Follow That Dream label for the body of work they have produced and the enjoyment that they have given many many fans around the world. Long may this continue.

> From Gregg
Since there are no outtakes from "Kissin' Cousins", I suggest that FTD add a second CD of soundtrack outtakes from the early to mid-60's like the recently released second CD on "Elvis For Everyone."  
This would satisfy those who enjoy outtakes and those who have been asking for a second volume of "Viva Las Vegas" or "Fun In Acapulco."  
This could also be done to make "Roustabout" a two-CD set.
Also I've come up with a possible solution to what would make these last soundtracks worthwhile:
 First, release "Change Of Habit" coupled with "The Trouble With Girls."  The outtakes for these two combined could make for one possibly two CDs worth of Masters & outtakes as well as an informative booklet from FTD.  
The release of "Live A Little, Love A Little" has several outtakes available and as a bonus add "Charro" & Let's Forget About The Stars."
The release of "Speedway" could be augmented with additional outtakes of "Suppose", "Mine", & "Going Home" etc...  

>From Freddy S
I would like to see "I'm a Roustabout" in a better sound quality and also at the right speed!
The version on you tube is so much better than on Second to One.

I also would like to see rare live songs from the 70's in a special issue, including some one liners!
Raised on Rock August 6, 1973 Vegas might be great. There are more songs Elvis just sang once as a try out!
I also would like to see more home recordings and rehearsals.

>From David Marr
As the FTD books are rather expensive. I think King Creole will be given a release much like Elvis No 2 which also had limited extras.
I also think the MDQ deserves the FTD treatment with the 7inch packaging.  After all if `This is Elvis` can be put out like this an important release like MDQ deserves it too.
Beyond that lets hope someone finds a tape of the Memphis 61 show or comes across boxes of 56 outtakes !
....we can dream...

From Steven P
All elvis soundtracks need to be released by FTD ...i will buy them all!

Spotlight by Ian Garfield
--Copyright EIN MARCH 2015
EIN Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network.

EIN Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network.
Elvis Presley, Elvis and Graceland are trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises.
The Elvis Information Network has been running since 1986 and is an EPE officially recognised Elvis fan club.












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