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Friday 30 April 2010

'ELVIS Coming Home'- new STAR DVD: For the first time in over a year, an all new Star DVD release titled ‘ELVIS COMING HOME’ will be released in May 2010. This Star DVD collection will feature an all new mixture of Elvis songs and clips with highlights from the fascinating late sixties period. This is Pure Elvis Magic featuring typical Star video edits and mixes.
This is the first time that an all new Star DVD release will be factory pressed and available on a professional commercial DVD disc. These will be available through your favourite local Elvis dealer and a trailer promo clip for this release can be seen shortly.

The excellent sharp video mixes with brand new edited videos include the following songs:
Guitar Man, Big Boss Man, Edge of Reality, Going Home, Just Call Me Lonesome, Wonderful World, Fools Fall in Love, You Don’t Know Me, Clean Up Your Own Backyard, Rubberneckin’, A Little Less Conversation, It Hurts Me, Let Yourself Go, Power of My Love, Tomorrow is A Long Time, Singing Tree, I’m Movin’ On, Come What May, All I Needed Was the Rain, Charro!, Almost in Love, U.S. Male, Too Much Monkey Business, Stay Away, Almost.

A trailer promo clip for this release will be available shortly.

(News, Source;STAR)

'Elvis Live Live Live' DVD Promo trailer: To be released the last week of May and limited to less than 1000 copies.
Captain Video will re-release the Messiah Productions DVD simply titled ‘Elvis Live Live Live’ in May 2010. The original DVD was released on a DVD-R back in January but this time will be a factory pressed commercial DVD and will contain even more unreleased footage than before.

The extra bonus footage highlights will include for the first time ever, the complete ‘Always on my Mind’ rehearsal from ‘Elvis on Tour’. This was only ever seen before in part, on the movie ‘This Is Elvis’.

The factory pressed DVD will also include the “Rock n’ Roll Medley” rehearsal from Hollywood in 1972 in exceptional quality plus much more. Other highlights include all of the ‘Charro’ nude scenes, Elvis live at ‘Madison Square Gardens’ in 1972 with the complete Press Conference, the complete documentary on the 1971 Jaycees Awards and, the complete 1970 Houston Press Conference.


(News, Source: Captain Video)

Elvis' Induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 1986: In 1986 the 'Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame' was created and Elvis was one of the first ten inductees The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was established in 1986 and is located in Cleveland, Ohio and is dedicated to recording the history of some of the best-known and most influential musicians, bands, producers, and others that have in some major way influenced the music industry, particularly in the area of rock and roll.
As George Klein says "Elvis wasn't a star, he was a Galaxy."

(News, Source;BrianQuinn)

New Plans For Tupelo Birthplace: An official with the Elvis Birthplace and Museum expects little trouble in coming up with a 20 percent local match to garner $2.8 million from the state to enhance the Tupelo tourist destination.
The funds to improve the Tupelo birthplace of the King of Rock 'n' Roll is part of a $400 million bond package signed into law earlier this month by Gov. Haley Barbour.
Many Tupelo businesses, said Guyton, would probably see the local matching funds as an opportunity to make improvements that would attract more visitors to the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum and longer stays.
That will help those businesses and all of the local economy, agreed Tupelo Mayor Jack Reed Jr.
The first-term mayor said he supports the idea of making the birthplace a destination that would entice tourists to stay overnight instead of half a day, as many do now when they visit Tupelo as a side trip to Graceland in Memphis.
The bond package includes funds primarily for repair and renovations at the eight public universities, 15 community colleges, other state-owned buildings and for other tourism-related sites.
More than $150 million of the package is for loan programs, such as infrastructure repairs to local governments, or have provisions that prevent the state from issuing the bonds and incurring debt unless conditions are met, such as matching funds being provided.
The bond package, along with another $300 million transportation bill signed earlier this year by Barbour, combine to make one of the largest bond packages passed by the Legislature in recent years.
Guyton said the next step will be to hire an architect to put together the plans for the birthplace.
"We can't do that until the bonds are sold. We don't know when that will be," he said. The bonds most likely will be sold this year, but an exact date is not known.
The primary planned improvements would be a theater connected to the museum and gift shop and a Elvis Childhood trail leading to an amphitheater. The theater would include a state-of-the-art sound system and screen for various programs. For instance, Elvis Presley movies could be played on the large screen as could interviews of people who grew up with him.
Plus, the theater would be available for other events, such as wedding receptions.
But the plan would call for programs ongoing and scheduled 18 months in advance for the many foreign Elvis fans who schedule their travel early.
"We would do anything and everything we can think of to extend the stay in Tupelo," Henry Dodge, chair of the Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation, said in an earlier interview when he visited the Legislature to advocate for the project.
While the project had wide support among Northeast Mississippi legislators, Rep. Steve Holland, D-Plantersville, who began working on the project in the 2009 session, played a key role in its passage.
"This is already a top tourism attraction, and we are going to make it better," Holland said.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/NEMS Daily Journal)

'Christmas Today' new Venus CD release: Coming soon from Venus Productions a new double CD set titled "Christmas Today". The red CD features Nashville recordings from May 1971 with various out-takes and undubbed masters taken from great quality acetates.
This inspiring music will move you and bring you back into the Holiday Season mood. The blue CD may sound unessential to most of you, but we predict it will become one your favorite CDs straight away.
The recording sessions for the album Elvis Today took place at RCA’s studio on Sunset Boulevard, and Elvis was really up for it and his lively enthusiasm can be heard throughout the sessions.
Besides the great sound quality of both CDs, the blue one contains some unheard highlights. By example the master take of  'Fairytale' runs about 40 seconds longer and 'Susan When She Tried' also runs a bit longer with his original ending, plus there are several bits and pieces that will make you value this CD more than you think.
This Holiday delight will be released in a standard jewel case with a 16 page booklet. The booklet will feature two front/back covers you may use according to your taste or season.
Christmas is coming early in 2010 !!!
Get a copy and bring it back home as it’s Christmas Today !!!
Tracklist: CD RED: 1, I'll Be Home On Christmas Day Take 6; 2- Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees Take 3; 3- On A Snowy Christmas Night undubbed master *; 4- The Wonderful World Of Christmas undubbed master *; 5- Silver Bells Take 1; 6- I'll Be Home On Christmas Day Takes 1-2; 7- The Lord's Prayer; 8- Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees Takes 1-2; 9- The First Noel undubbed master *; 10- Winter Wonderland Take 7; 11- I'll Be Home On Christmas Day Takes 5,7,3; 12- Merry Christmas Baby Fs, undubbed master *; 13- If I Get Home On Christmas Day undubbed master *; 14- Silver Bells undubbed master *; 15- Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees Takes 5,6,7,4; 16- Winter Wonderland undubbed master *; 17- It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You undubbed master *; 18- I'll Be Home On Christmas Day undubbed master *; 19-Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees undubbed master *; 20- O Come, All Ye Faithful undubbed master *; 21- I'll Be Home On Christmas Day Take 4; 22- Silver Bells Fs,Tk2 (original session recording),Tk3 (Fs). * from acetate
1 - T-R-O-U-B-LE Take 4; 2- Green Green Grass Of Home Fs, Take 1; 3- Fairytale Take 3; 4- Bringing It Back Takes 2,3; 5- Susan When She Tried Take 6; 6- I Can Help Fs, Take 2; 7- And I Love You So Take 5; 8- Green Green Grass Of Home Takes 2,3; 9- Woman Without Love Take 1; 10- Tiger Man session jam; 11- Bringing It Back Take 4; 12- And I Love You So Take 1; 13- Shake A Hand Take 3; 14- Green Green Grass Of Home Takes 4,5; 15- Pieces Of My Life Takes 4; 16- Bringing It Back Take 1.
(News, Source;Santa)

Monday 26 April 2010
Elvis Signed Contracts Sold! The Elvis signed contracts that were recently up for Auction have been sold. The Elvis Presley signed Graceland real estate sale contract from to purchase Graceland on March 21, 1957 for $102,500, the terms in the contract included the deed on Elvis' East Memphis house located at 1034 Audubon Drive for a $55,000 deduction from the sale price. Elvis signed the document, together with his father Vernon Presley and his mother Gladys.
Graceland Farms was originally owned by S.C. Toof and named after his daughter, Grace, who inherited the farm, the portion of the land designated as Graceland today was given to Grace Toof's niece, Ruth Moore, "part of the Thomas D. Moore 179. 42 acre tract," The contract sold for US$25, 000.
Also in the auction was the Elvis signed Graceland real estate settlement sheet, which sold for US$ 10,000
The Elvis signed Audubon Dr. 1957 Real Estate contract to include 1034 Audubon Drive, Memphis Tn. in the transaction involving Graceland with Ruth Brown Moore on March 26, 1957. Elvis, Vernon and Gladys Presley all signed the contract.
It sold for US$7, 500
The Elvis Presley 1967 signed Circle G Ranch sale documents, Feb8, 1967, " 160 acre tract of land," for $437,000. 00, originally called "twinkle town farms," includes 6" x 7" brochure advertising property for sale, The Circle G, which Elvis owned from 1967 to 1974, Elvis and wife Priscilla spent part of their 1967 honeymoon on the ranch (preferring to stay not in the main house, but in one of the mobile homes on the property).
It sold for US$4, 500.
(News, Source;ElvisUnlimited.com)

Original Joe Petruccio Elvis painting on EBay: Joe Petruccio is a world renowned and EPE recognised artist. This particular water color is near 10X13 in size and has been professionally matted with acid free double matting, and framed to perfection.
This is an Original Piece, and it comes with a handwritten letter from the Artist himself attesting to the fact this piece was painted just for the Ebay seller.
Joe Petruccio Artwork can be found in several Art galleries across the United States.

Click here to the item for more details

(News, Source;SBH)

Vote For Elvis As Best Musician: Somewhat shamefully Elvis did appallingly in the official 'Best Concerts at Madison Avenue' - where has his millions of fans gone? Now is the chance to VOTE for Elvis Presley in the "Best Musician" stakes.


AND he could play guitar while gazing into Ann Margret's eyes! He deserves your vote!

Click here and VOTE!

(News, Source:BrianQuinn)

Memphis Airport Officials Get Big Lesson In Beijing: Cities without world-class airports will be left behind in a new global economic order that rewards swift, sure access to customers. That was one of the takeaways from a Beijing, China, conference this week for organizers of Memphis's airport-centered development plan and next year's Airport Cities World Conference & Exhibition.
"Simply put, the message is that to be a global player in the future, you must have a global airport to create access to the new economic highways," Memphis International Airport president Larry Cox and board chairman Arnold Perl said in an e-mail from China on Friday.
"From Munich to Dubai to Mumbai to Denver to Dallas and all around the world, there is a staggering amount of current economic investment in airport infrastructure," Jensen said.
"China, for example, plans to building 50 new airports in the next ten years and renovate many of the 152 existing facilities."
Memphis is fortunate to have longstanding emphasis on airport infrastructure, as home to FedEx since 1973 and passenger airline hubs.
"We have opportunity before us if we can seize it and maximize the potentials," Jensen said.
Cox and Perl said Beijing visitors stood in line to have photos taken with an Elvis cut-out.
"There is a great overall sense of excitement to come to the city that Elvis and FedEx made famous worldwide," they said.
(News, Source;ComAppeal/BrianQuinn)

Sunday 25 April 2010
Viva Metal Elvis!: First, you need a really strong Elvis. The man in the middle is crucial.

A dependable tribute-ized Elvis is vital, because there are moments when you question the wisdom of Metal Elvis, as the band unleashes "Jailhouse Rock" mashed with the KISS classic "Rock and Roll all Nite," and you wonder, "Is this really working? Am I being entertained, here, at this moment?"

But Chance Tinder carries you through those moments, in the same manner that Metal Elvis fans were carried through waves of crowd-surfing Friday night at the Strip's Hard Rock Café. It was not a particularly large crowd, but it was frequently manic, and one noteworthy audience member was the ever-rocking Brian Brown.

You might know Brown better as "Lucky," the O'Sheas leprechaun who hangs out on the sidewalk in front of the Irish-themed casino, wearing a little green tux and cocked top hat.

I mention Brown because, any time the star of O'Sheas is in the crowd, something of significance is unfolding.

Buoyed by Tinder, who has performed a traditional Elvis tribute act for about 20 years, Metal Elvis is attempting to secure a regular gig in Las Vegas. Seth Yudof is booking the band now, and the show at Hard Rock Café was the second this year for Metal Elvis.

Metal Elvis — the name says it all. It's a four-man band with Tinder as Elvis, Lou Beadle as "Slush" (as in, "Slash") on lead guitar, Mickey Bones as "Stikki Lixx" on bass, and Pete Kelly as "Katman Kelly" (Peter Criss of KISS is his stage tribute) on drums. The band's musicianship and stage manner brings to mind the comic metal act Steel Panther, actually. The set list is a conveyor belt of Elvis classics mashed with familiar metal anthems played at level 11: "Blue Suede Shoes" with Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher," "Burning Love" with Black Sabbath's "Paranoid," "Hound Dog" with the Poison cover of "Your Mama Don't Dance," and "Don't Be Cruel" with Ratt's "You're In Love."

Through this onslaught, Tinder never drops character, swiveling his hips and wrapping silk scarves around the necks of women at the front of the stage as Beadle soars through guitar licks. The performance, equal parts rocking and hilarious, is just crazy enough to work. But it needs a place to be.

Trying to bring Metal Elvis to Las Vegas in some sort of permanent capacity is Yudof, who is familiar with bringing unique productions to the stage in Vegas and beyond (particularly if "beyond" is Atlantic City). Hard Rock Café officials have indicated to Yudof they'd like a monthly Metal Elvis showcase, but no dates have yet been locked in. Tinder is still performing a tribute production, titled, "Showstoppers Live" at Casino Arizona in Scottsdale. Then the band is off to showrooms in Atlantic City, Philadelphia and New York. The summer is likely the earliest Metal Elvis would return to the Hard Rock Cafe.

Yudof and longtime friend and business partner Doug Leferovich front the Las Vegas entertainment production company Masquerade Productions, which represents such productions as Sin City Comedy at V Theater at Miracle Mile Shops, and Louis Prima Jr. The two are also partners in CatHouse at Luxor, which is a rock show of a different color.

So there's no arguing that an imaginative mindset is behind Metal Elvis. The most expansive, and memorable, Masquerade Production show I've seen was about five years ago at what was RA (and is now LAX) at Luxor, "Exotique," an interactive production that felt like the Circus Circus Midway if the Midway were populated by dancing cross-dressers, illusionists and seminude body painters. A strolling sleight-of-hand artist made away with my watch that night, keeping it for (I think) an hour, before kindly returning the timepiece.

One person I met that night was a performer in "Exotique," a smallish man who showed up in sweats and a beanie cap. His name was Brian Brown, as always extolling his own variety of good luck, something Metal Elvis would welcome warmly. (Review, Source: John Katsilometes, LasVegasSun)

View 'Metal Elvis' in action

Are these magazines worth US$400.00?: EIN noticed a recent listing on eBay. Eight magazines featuring Elvis cover stories.

The start price is $250.00 and the Buy It Now price is $400.00.

It will be interesting to see how many bids, if any, the listing attracts. View the listing

Aussie Chart Update: On tomorrow's ARIA Music DVD Chart, Elvis The King of Rock 'n' Roll moves up one spot to #19 after 102 weeks on the chart. Good news is that the release is now certified 3xP, representing shipped sales in excess of 45,000. On the Catalogue Album Chart, The King falls 5 places to #20 after 8 weeks on the chart, a high of #15 and certification of 1xP. (News, Source: EIN/ARIA/Mael)

Elvis joins the campaign trail: The first signs of UK PM, Gordon Brown "upping the tempo" of his campaign have emerged. Brown has now arrived in Corby, Northamptonshire for an NHS rally, and is joined by an Elvis impersonator. In an apparent explanation he told the gathering:

‘I am going to be introducing Britain's Elvis Presley. Only 4% of people in the world now still believe Elvis Presley is alive. But I think there is only about 4% of people, by the end of this election campaign, that will believe that the Conservatives are not a risk to economic recovery in this country.’

The King's appearance could also explain Alastair Campbell's rather excited tweeting last night. He had promised that a "megastar" would be joining the prime minister today. He tweeted: ‘We are talking big. I mean mega. Could be highlight of campaign.’ (News, Source: Brian Quinn/Mike Bashford/Guardian.co.uk)


Saturday 24 April 2010

Elvis Presley has an office in downtown Kalamazoo?: Check out the directory of office tenants in the Columbia Plaza office building on East Michigan Avenue in downtown Kalamazoo and you're sure to notice an unusual entry.

Elvis Presley?

That's right, according to the directory, The King has Suite 201 all to himself.

Suite 201 of the Columbia Plaza building in downtown Kalamazoo was Elvis Presley's office when he visited Kalamazoo and the Gibson Guitar factory, according to legend. Mac Waldorf, one of the owners of the building, explained the origins of the office to me this week.

The story goes that Elvis used to visit Kalamazoo back in the 1960s and 70s so that he could stop by the Gibson Guitar factory. Elvis apparently was a big fan of Gibson Guitars.

And when The King would come to town, he'd stay at the Columbia Hotel, which in the 1980s was converted to offices.

Suite 201, Waldorf said, was the room that Elvis used as an office when he stayed at the hotel.

When Waldorf and Donald Parfet, another of the owners of the building, heard the story, they decided to set the office aside and dedicate it to The King. The room features some Elvis memorabilia, including a lifesize cardboard cutout, and a small conference table and chairs. Waldorf said he allows some building tenants to use the room for meetings.

So stop by some time and see for yourself if The King is still alive. (News, Source: Alex Nixon, Kalamazoo Gazette)

Fun In Acapulco Revival: Despite recent violence, Acapulco continues to reclaim its retro-glamour – this time at a midcentury modern hotel that appeared in the 1963 film with Elvis Presley, “Fun in Acapulco.”

The Habita Group, which runs trendy boutique hotels throughout Mexico, took the ailing property, and reopened it in March as the Hotel Boca Chica. The 39-room resort, on Peninsula de las Playas north of Acapulco Bay, offers Old Hollywood-era touches, including terrazzo floors, an amoeba-shaped pool and latticed brickwork.

During the day, guests can snorkel, get a poolside massage or explore La Roqueta, an island nature preserve. But it really comes alive after sundown. Keisuke Harada, formerly of Miami’s Bond Street, runs the sushi bar. And Coco Wash, a palapa-topped waterfront disco, parties into the wee hours. Rooms from $95. (News, Source: EP Gold/Elvis Unlimited)

Digital sales boost for Elvis: As a result of 'Suspicious Minds' being featured by one of the contestants on American Idol' 'Elvis Week', the Elvis version achieved 4000 downloads which is a 207% increase over the previous week making a total of 515,000 downloads for it  to date. (News, Source: Brian Quinn/Soundscan Top Digital Tracks Chart)

Merle Haggard on Elvis: Country Singer Merle Haggard signed to Vanguard records earlier this year, and his new release is I Am What I Am. That title pretty much sums up and encapsulates what he presents. It's a very listenable, very personal and highly introspective album with many musical highlights.

It's Merle at his most talkative and most garrulous, sharing stories about his childhood, other old memories, about a train that he especially recalls and about his loves and his regrets, his thoughts about love in general, how love can be reborn, the complexities of married life, the temptations facing a musician on the road and about relationships in total. His general disappointment with the general situation in this country today comes in "I've Seen It Go Away," a weary dismissal of things today: after having seen Elvis Presley and Bob Wills onstage, he says, "When you've seen the very best/The rest can hardly play." He sums up his animus for the status quo in this line: "I've seen our greatest leaders break their people's hearts."
(News, Source: Brian Quinn)

Not a whole lotta shakin' as James Reyne takes on Elvis: PEOPLE understand that artists - painters, writers and musicians - are different. While the nation chips away at the coalface, we look around and notice that our artists are not there with us, lending a hand. They're off mixing paints, tapping on typewriters or tuning guitars. And that's all right. We are prepared to make allowances, as wide as a six-lane freeway, for them to go about their craft.

All that is expected in return is that the artist puts some love into his or her work, hopefully so that they will explain back to us the pain of love which so rules our lives. That is their job.

When things fall into place, great art can bring great commercial reward. There's nothing wrong with that. There's plenty wrong, however, with James Reyne's justifications for recording an album of Elvis Presley songs: "This was a commercial decision."

It appears Reyne's knowledge of Elvis before he started this project was of a guy who sang in movies, then got fat and died.

My knowledge of James Reyne was limited to the fact that he was born with a tremolo in his throat and used to sing with Australian Crawl.

But I think I've learned a lot about him from reading his comments on the making of the album he's called "TCB", which stands for Taking Care of Business (TCB was Elvis's motto, a kind of slogan he used among his inner team and band mates to get things going when they were touring).

Says Reyne: "A lot of the apparatus of the music industry is closed to me at this stage of my career so you want to do something that is a bit more commercial, at least get the profile up and there was that sort of thought and we then kicked around the idea and a few things had come up and we thought, 'Elvis, yeah that might be interesting,' you know it's presumptuous enough."

I'm not sure what Reyne means by the "apparatus" of the industry being closed to him, but I would have thought the only apparatus he needed was a guitar and a quiet space to come up with some good songs. I can't imagine any of that has been denied to him.

But when he says that "we" kicked around ideas and came up with Elvis, it appears it wasn't even Reyne's idea to record Elvis - that is, if this album even meets the criterion of an "idea". So Reyne, 53, looking for a buck, goes looking for the King. I have not heard the album - I never will - but I know he did not find him. Reyne's seeming lack of knowledge on the greatest singer of all time is sown in a debate he had with his producer. They discussed whether Elvis was "still as good after he came out of the army".

Elvis came out of the army in 1960, when he had only been recording for six years. Most of his great work lay ahead of him. During the seven years that followed, from 1960 to 1967, when Elvis was making bad films, he lost something of himself. His response was to spend the next 10 years to his death in 1977 making some of the most towering and important music ever made. Elvis did it entirely on his own terms and it was, without question, his most creative period.

Reyne chose to record songs that went with the films because he thinks they're sort of funny. He selected only two songs from Elvis's latter period, 1972's Burning Love and 1970's Kentucky Rain.

Reyne says: "I really wanted Kentucky Rain because it's a brilliantly written song but also quite cheesy, lyrically, but there is something that appeals to me and I think that's it with a lot of the music the tongue is in the cheek."

Kentucky Rain "cheesy"? Sorry, mate. The lyrics to this song, which tell the tale of a desperate man searching the backwoods for a woman he's lost, are among the best ever written.

As for Elvis being tongue-in-cheek, if Reyne thinks Elvis was having a bit of a joke when he recorded this enormous song, Reyne not only misunderstands Elvis, but music itself.

Says Reyne: "He was amazing when he was young but even when he was f ... ed up and corpulent and fat and screwed at the end, there is something engaging."

Here is the ant judging Mohammad.

"I wondered whether we could have the AUDACITY, PRESUMPTION and DAMN GALL to try and record an album of my versions of some Elvis songs," Reyne wrote in a press release (the capitals are his). We know the answer.

Here's something Reyne doesn't understand about fat Elvis. At the end, when he was no doubt embarrassed at his size, he did not hide from his fans. His final performances were dignified, brilliant and sorrowful. Music was all that ever mattered to him. We know what matters to Reyne. In his words, "a commercial decision".

Next time he gets an "idea", let's pray it's not Bob Dylan. (News, Source: Paul Toohey, Daily Telegraph)

Marty Lacker responds to Desiree story on Thursday 22 April: Thanks to Marty for this amusing response to our item, Happy Birthday Desiree, on Thursday:

I read the story about the new Elvis album for his first born daughter, Desiree's, birthday in Vegas. I think it's wonderful for someone to inform you of that in an email because we always enjoyed Elvis Baumgartner, the famous Vegas Street Corner wino's performances and his imitations of Elvis Presley, they were priceless and humorous.  It is touching that he always thought of his daughter Desiree as he stood on that corner and tried to croak out the lyric's of EP's songs, even though half the time he was drunk as a skunk.  We never knew he had a daughter or a family.  I would guess that he is no longer with us and I hope he's resting in peace. His daughter Desiree should be happy to listen to that album.

Now I have to go call EP's first born son, Lamar, I have to continue to try to talk him into changing his name back to Presley instead of the name he chose to use, Fike.

Company seeks bankruptcy after Elvis Presley resort plans fizzle: Elvis related company files for bankruptcy; A company with strategic land holdings on the Las Vegas Strip filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization Wednesday after its plans for an Elvis Presley-themed resort fell through.

The filing was made in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Las Vegas by FX Luxury Las Vegas I LLC, which is part of New York-based FX Real Estate and Entertainment Inc. The prepackaged bankruptcy calls for the land to be auctioned and says that if the auction doesn't yield an acceptable price, insider investors have agreed to buy it out of bankruptcy at a discount to the debt owed. The investors include American Idol TV show owner Robert F.X. Sillerman, chairman and chief executive of FX Real Estate and Entertainment; Paul Kanavos, president of FX Real Estate and Entertainment; and Las Vegas real estate investor Brett Torino.

FX Luxury listed assets of $139.6 million against liabilities of $492.6 million. Key creditors are the New York branch of Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg, owed $268 million; and NexBank of New York, owed $220.8 million.

The company owns 17.72 acres of land at the southeast corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon Avenue that are occupied by numerous small businesses and a 125-room Travelodge motel. Tenants on the land include the Hawaiian Marketplace with multiple tenants, Smith & Wollensky, McDonald’s, Fatburger, Walgreens and Sunglass Hut. The property is across the Strip from MGM Mirage's CityCenter development, where another Sillerman company receives royalties from the Viva Elvis production at the Aria hotel-casino thanks to Sillerman's control of Elvis Presley trademarks.

In court papers, FX said a February appraisal found the property's liquidation value in a forced foreclosure scenario would be about $137.7 million. FX said in its filing that it plans to auction the land as part of the bankruptcy process, but if there is a lack of qualified bidders, the investors have agreed to acquire the property for about $260 million including $15 million in cash and a new mortgage of about $245 million. The property produced revenue of $19.5 million in 2008, $17.3 million in 2009 and $3.6 million during the first quarter of this year, FX said in its filing.

In explaining the bankruptcy, FX Luxury President Mitchell Nelson said in an affidavit: "The current global financial crisis has had a particularly grave impact on the Las Vegas real estate market, including a substantial reduction in the number of visitors and per visitor spending, the abandonment of, and/or loan defaults related to, several major new hotel and casino development projects as well as publicly expressed concerns regarding the financial viability of several of the largest hotel and casino operators in the Las Vegas market."

"The current economic climate has also adversely affected the properties’ commercial leasing activities and, as a result, debtor has failed to maintain its previously high tenant occupancy rates amid these market conditions. In addition, market forecasts indicate Las Vegas may experience a prolonged decline in the development of new hotels and other entertainment venues, which could adversely affect any potential redevelopment of the properties for the foreseeable future," Nelson said in his statement. (News, Source: Steve Green, LasVegasSun.com)

Myrna Smith update: After the recent video concert tour in Europe, Sweet Inspiration Myrna Smith was admitted to a hospital in London.

She had to stay there for several weeks, making her cancelling some concerts in Vienna.

She was released from the hospital on March 29 and flew back to Los Angeles, where she went straight to the hospital for more research.

Myrna is now hospitalized since March 10, more then 6 weeks now.

We wish here lots of strength and hope she may return home healthy very soon! (News, Source: Elvis News/  Elvis Matters

Global Chart Updates: (Source: Mael)

Global Chart Update - Week 13


US (Soundscan) sales, as of this week:
• Elvis: 30 #1 Hits - 4,623,108 (sold 2,055 copies this week)


Top 50 Country Albums:
• #35 (40) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits


Top 40 DVDs:
• #19 (18) Elvis: The King Of Rock ’N’ Roll

Top 50 Catalogue Albums:
• #28 (39) The King


Top Albums - weekly shipments chart:

#23 (Re) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits


Global Chart Update - Week 14


US (Soundscan) sales, as of this week:
• Elvis: 30 #1 Hits - 4,625,459 (sold 2,351 copies this week)


Top 50 Country Albums:
• #35 (35) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits


Top 40 DVDs:
• #20 (19) Elvis: The King Of Rock ’N’ Roll

Top 50 Catalogue Albums:
• #25 (28) The King


Top Albums - weekly shipments chart:
• OUT (23) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits
Global Chart Update - Week 15


Top 50 Christian Albums:
• #26 (Re) An Evening Prayer


Top 50 Country Albums:
• #33 (35) Elvis: 30 #1 Hits


Top 40 DVDs:
• #20 (20) Elvis: The King Of Rock ’N’ Roll

Top 50 Catalogue Albums:
• #15 (25) The King

Thursday 22 April 2010

Elvis Week tickets on sale to general public: Elvis Week 2010 tickets went on sale for the general public today, Thursday, April 22, at 8:30 AM CST.

To order your tickets online or over the phone, go to ElvisWeek.com to find the links and phone numbers.

You can also find the most up-to-date event information and details on ElvisWeek.com. (News, Source: EPE)

Trying To Do The Best boxset: Coming soon from the Groove Jam label is a 4 CD Longbox with 12-page booklet. TRYING TO DO THE BEST! contains 4 audience recordings,one of them has never been released before on factory made CD.

The dates are: April 17. 1972 Little Rock (we have a much better tape than the one issued before!), november 14. 1972 Long Beach, March 2. 1974 Tulsa, and july 23. 1975 Asheville (contains rare live versions of "Turn Around Look At Me" and "Shake A Hand" + it's slightly more complete than before!). More info later. (News, Source: GrooveJam)

Happy Birthday Desiree: In May the Virgo label will reissue 2 important Las Vegas concert recordings, both were recorded on the birthday of Elvis' first-born daughter, Desirée. On august 24. 1969, during the midnight show Elvis was in top form. He was the King again. But without his 11 years old daughter he was lonely. 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' sounded very sincere on this night. He sang it from his heart...

The next date is august 24, 1970. During the dinner show he didn't forget his daughter's 12th birthday and sang 'When The Snow Is On The Roses' for the first and the last time, for Desirée. This show wasn't recorded professionally, but fortunately a member of the audience recorded it in fair quality.

Track-list of CD1: 1 - Blues Suede Shoes, 2 - I Got A Woman, 3 - All Shook Up, 4 - Love Me Tender, 5 - Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel, 6 - Heartbreak Hotel, 7 - Hound Dog, 8 - I Can't Stop Loving You, 9 - Johnny B Goode, 10 - Monologue, 11 - Baby What You Want Me To Do, 12 - Runaway, 13 - Are You Lonesome Tonight?, 14 - Words, 15 - Yesterday/Hey Jude, 16 - Introductions, 17 - In The Ghetto, 18 - Suspicious Minds, 19 - Can't Help Falling In Love

Track-list of CD2: 1 -  Opening Theme/That's All Right, 2 - I Got A Woman/Spanish Eyes (1 line only), 3 - Tiger Man, 4 - I Just Can't Help Believin', 5 - You've Lost That Loving Feelin', 6 - Band Intros, 7 - Johnny B Goode, 8 - Intros of Celebrities, 9 - When The Snow Is On The Roses, 10 - The Wonder Of You, 11 - Heartbreak Hotel, 12 - One Night/All Shook Up (false start only), 13 - Blue Suede Shoes, 14 - Hound Dog, 15 - Bridge Over Troubled Water, 16 - Suspicious Minds, 17 - Release Me, 18 - Can't Help Falling In Love/Closing Vamp, Special Bonus Track: 19 - Interview with Lucy de Barbin & Desirée Presley (News, Source: Email)

Elvis lecture by singer/songwriter Jan Rot: Today, April 22nd, the first annual Elvis Lecture will be given by Dutch singer songwriter Jan Rot. The annual Elvis Lecture aspires to treat the phenomenon Elvis Presley in a scholarly way: what is the influence of Elvis on popular culture, music, movies, literature in the present day? Singer songwriter Jan Rot is not only the translator of the lyrics of the Elvis musical All shook Up/Love me Tender, but a great fan as well. He even named his daughter Elvis.

According to Dutch press Jan Rot is one of the most interesting figures of the Dutch popscene. The first Elvis lecture will be held in the Lutheran Church in Monnickendam, Zuideinde 39. Monnickendam is situated 10 miles north of Amsterdam, 15 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station.

The Elvis Lecture is part of the Elvis in Monnickendam Event. Entrance is free. A free gift is welcome. Venue is open at 8 pm, Jan Rot starts at 8.30 pm.(News, Source: Elvis News)

Dark ash cloud over tour James Burton & Mufkin Tass lead to rescheduled dates: Tour Promoter Rock 'n Roots has announced that the planned European tour by guitarist James Burton with the band Mufkin Tass, scheduled to begin this week, is in trouble.

The Iceland ash clouds over European airspace literally throws spanner in the works: the flight booked for Burton that would land on Sunday, April 18th was canceled. Hitherto these exceptional circumstances have affected the first four dates of the concert tour. The shows that are being rescheduled are: April 20 (Goirle, CC Jan van Besouw), April 21 (The Hague, Paard van Troje), April 22 (Amersfoort, De Kelder) and April 23 (Hoorn, Manifesto). On April 20 James Burton would have begun a tour of the Dutch and a small part of the European club circuit. This time not with the TCB Band (Elvis' original backing band), but with the still virtually unknown Dutch band Mufkin Tass.

The repertoire will include songs that Burton has played in its rich history (including 'Crying', 'Daydream Believer', 'Johnny B Goode', 'Love Hurts', 'Susie Q', 'The Air That I Breathe' and ' Whole Lotta Shakin 'Goin' On' etc.). The band has been working for months on this tour, and was all set to welcome Burton in their midst for the shows. Unfortunately, it is now at the mercy of the weather. Nevertheless, it appears that James will be able to put foot on European soil a few days later than planned. Everything is being done to have Burton flown in as soon as possible in order to reschedule the missed concerts within a reasonable timeframe. Until the new dates at those venues are announced, tickets already purchased may be retained for the new shows. (News, Source: Amber Smith)

The good news is new dates have been announced:

The James Burton tour was supposed to start a few days ago. The cancelled concerts are re-scheduled now and tickets can be used on the new dates:

April 24, 2010 De Piek, Vlissingen (NL)

April 25, 2010 Cafe Zuydema, Breda (NL)

April 26, 2010 The Spirit of '66, Verviers (BE)

April 27, 2010 Jan van Besouwhuis, Goirle (NL)

April 28, 2010 Poppodium Romein, Leeuwarden (NL)

April 30, 2010 Der Hirsch, Neurenburg (DE)

May 1, 2010 Grand Casino, Basel (SZ)

May 2, 2010 013, Tilburg (NL)

May 25, 2010 Paard van Troje, Den Haag (NL)

May 26, 2010 De Kelder, Amersfoort (NL)

May 28, 2010 Manifesto, Hoorn (NL) (News, Source: Elvis News/Elvis Matters)

American Idol "Elvis" wrap-up: Elvis week always provides to be entertaining on American Idol, and this year was no different. With last year's Idol runner up Adam Lambert as the mentor, the remaining nine contestants rose to the challenge of performing some of the best known songs in the world.

Adam did a good job as mentor, promising to be completely honest with the contestants. He had good suggestions and for the most part, the contestants took his advice. Adam returned to the Idol stage on Wednesday's results show to perform Whataya Want From Me? Following his performance, he graciously thanked the show, declaring that if it weren't for Idol, he wouldn't be where he is today.

The contestant performances varied, from performances that are already radio-worthy to the bad karaoke night variety.

First, the good:

Crystal Bowersox continues to impress the audience and judges alike. At this point, she may be one of the only contestants in Idol history who's yet to get raked over the coals by the judges. Randy called her version of Saved the second coming of Bonnie Raitt. Her performance could easily be released on the radio today.

Lee DeWyze is another contestant who rarely gets a harsh critique from the judges. He's finally hitting his stride and is visibly more comfortable in the spotlight than he was just a few short weeks ago. At this point it's safe to say that no matter his final rank in the competition, Lee has a music career ahead of him.

Tim Urban, or "Teflon Tim" might end up the dark horse in this year's competition. For someone who wasn't even in the original top twenty-four, he sure is sticking around. With his Pantene commercial worthy hair and ever-present grin, he's captured the hearts of teenage girls everywhere. Although he isn't the most talented contestant, this week he got his highest praise from Simon, who with no trace of his normal snarky tone, declared Tim had gone from "zero to hero." It will be interesting to see how much longer Teflon Tim can hang on.

And the bad:

Andrew Garcia's rendition of Hound Dog sent the judges scurrying to see who could come up with the best bashing comment. Simon won, declaring that the coolness had been sucked out of Andrew. He's pretty much been hanging by a thread the entire competition so it was no surprise when Ryan declared his Idol journey over.

Katie Stevens has struggled all season to find favor with the judges and Tuesday night's rendition of Baby, What You Want Me To Do? again found the judges split. Simon called it annoying and it seems the audience agreed, as Katie was the second casualty on double elimination night.

Next up on Tuesday, April 20, is Inspirational Night with guest mentor Alicia Keys. The results show on Wednesday, April 21 will also be the Idol Gives Back show, jam packed with special guest performers. (News, Source: examiner.com)

Idols miss opportunity in choice of Elvis songs: The problem with Tuesday's American Idol wasn't so much the performances themselves -- even Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly didn't do a horrible job singing -- it was with the choices of material. For every Katie Stevens, who had a very clear message to send by covering Jimmy Reed's Baby What You Want Me to Do, there was an Andrew, who clearly missed the boat with Hound Dog.

And here's the problem with Hound Dog: That song didn't make any sense even when Elvis did it -- one of the reasons Steve Allen made him sing the song to a basset hound back in 1956. For one thing, it's a woman's song, which Elvis would have learned from Big Mama Thornton's R&B hit. Elvis' record got over because it sounded great and because it was freaking Elvis Presley singing it. Those are precisely the wrong reasons to pick a song on American Idol.

Here are 10 other songs from the King's catalog that the Idols should have listened to at least once more before making their choices for last night.

1.               I Need Somebody to Lean On: This torchy ballad from Viva Las Vegas is one of the great hidden treasures of the Presley catalog

2.               Mystery Train: Elvis' early rockabilly reworking of Junior Parker's tune mixes grief and fear with swagger and nervous energy. Plenty of other artists -- like The Band and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals -- have taken this song in different directions, giving the Idols lots of options for inspiration.

3.               Kentucky Rain: Not sure who from this season's cast could have pulled off this tune, which is pretty rangy, but it has always been one of my favorite Elvis hits.

4.               Love Letters: This beautiful waltz ballad might have been a better option for Andrew -- or even Aaron, if he hadn't been so ballad-heavy this season already.

5.               Surrender: This song, a revamping of the Italian standard Come Back to Sorrento, has a big melody and Latin rhythm that would have made it a much better choice for Siobhan Magnus than Suspicious Minds.

6.               Guitar Man: Probably the only guy who could've pulled off this Jerry Reed song would have been Casey James, but it couldn't have gotten him any worse comments from the judges than Lawdy Miss Clawdy did.

7.               Long Black Limousine: Somber, yes -- it's about a funeral procession, after all -- but I would have liked to see Andrew Garcia try his hand at this relative obscurity from the same sessions that produced Suspicious Minds.

8.               Stranger in My Own Home Town: Another great blues tune from Elvis' late-'60s Memphis recordings, this one written by Percy Mayfield.

9.               I'll Remember You: Another good ballad option.

10.     Clean Up Your Own Backyard: The message from this bluesy country tune (from one of Elvis' worst movies, The Trouble With Girls) might have been a little too pointed for any of this year's contestants to get away with. Actually, it's the tune I would have picked for Adam Lambert if they'd had an Elvis night last year. (News, Source: USA Today)

Tuesday 20 April 2010
'Elvis Meets The Beatles': An EIN spotlight on this famous night in 1965 when the Fab Four finally met the King. In 1965 The Beatles manager Brian Epstein initiated contact with Colonel Parker, and the decision was made that on the night of August 27, the Beatles would come to Elvis’ home for an informal get-together. Intensive security arrangements were worked out, and it was agreed that no press would be involved and no pictures would be taken or recordings made of whatever happened.

"So many things could have gone wrong," says Jerry Schilling, "If Colonel and Brian hadn’t gotten along, it wouldn’t have gotten past the phone-call stage. But there were no ego battles, and from the start it was approached as a pair of music greats coming together out of admiration for each other."

Piers Beagley and LA writer Chuck Crisafulli tell the story of this amazing night.

(Spotlight, Source;EIN)


Elvis artefact on display in Liverpool Beatles Exhibition: EIN contributor Tony Stuchbury recently paid a visit to Liverpool and visited The Beatles Story exhibition. There they found on display an artefact on loan from EPE, a BEAUTIFUL shirt of Elvis’s.

Coinciding with our 'Elvis Meet The Beatles' Spotlight above, click here to see Tony's great photos.


(Spotlight, Source;TonyStuchbury)

Victrola presents "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" New CD: An old friend is back with a new name…  The brand-new Victrola label is planning a number of very interesting releases for the Elvis fan & collector. Our first release is a CD reissue of the 1981 release "Greatest Hits vol. 1" (AHL1-2347). Despite the forgettable title, this is a superb album that is highly sought-after today. We’re excited about being able to present this album in its full glory, digitally improved from the original album masters and with superior packaging. 
Even now, 25 years after its original release, "Greatest Hits vol. 1" still holds up extremely well. All material on this album dates from Elvis’ comeback period, 1967 – ’73. It’s an album that makes sense: the songs fit well together and the performances are uniformly strong on a wide variety of material, with Elvis putting his own indelible stamp on them, regardless of the genre. In fact, if you would want to introduce a friend to the magic of The King’s music, then this album would be a very good starting point.
It’s interesting to note that several of the mixes / versions heard here are unavailable elsewhere. In some instances, these mixes are far superior, a case in point being "Steamroller Blues" from the Aloha rehearsal show (01-12-’73). This mix really captures the excitement of Elvis’ original performance, whereas the mix as released on "The Alternate Aloha" in 1988 is best forgotten.
This album also contains what is arguably the best-ever Elvis version of "What’d I Say", a cleverly edited live-recording from Elvis’ August 23rd, 1969 Midnight Show performance at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Since this was usually the penultimate song of the show, Elvis and the band would really let loose, creating a true frenzy at the shows by extending the song with repeated verses and extra solos. Though this was a real showstopper at those early Vegas shows, the excitement of these long versions does not really come across as well on record, and it was a sensible decision by Joan Deary to edit it for release. This track really captures the intensity and raw energy of Elvis’ 1969 comeback. Another highlight is Elvis’ tremendous revival of "Big Hunk O’ Love" from the February 17th, 1972 Dinner Show at the Las Vegas Hilton. Listen out for Elvis’ humming along to Glen D. Hardin’s piano-solo!
In 1989, RCA Australia released "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" on CD in a limited edition, but that release is now very hard to get.  There have been many requests for this album to be issued again, and Victrola is proud to be able to present this release in a deluxe fold-out digipack, with relevant photos and in-depth liner-notes. We were able to work from an original mastertape as sent by RCA to one of its international offices, and the sound quality is exceptional. All tracks were digitally remastered using 24 bit technology. This deluxe edition will be pressed in very limited quantities, so it’s bound to become a true collector’s item. Order your copy now in order to avoid disappointment – this beauty is a keeper!
(News, Source: TheVictrola Label)

'KARATE FEVER' New CD: The next release from Straight Arrow (SA 2010-15-02), will be the Las Vegas August 31st, 1974 Dinner show. Elvis Summer '74 Las Vegas engagement was quite memorable not only due to the inclusion of many new or unusual songs, but also due to the long monologues on various themes. In 1974, Elvis’ main 'non-singing' interest was karate and he was awarded with an 8th black belt degree from the Korean karate master Kang Rhee. During many of these summer '74 concerts, he tried to explain his audience what karate mean to him. Nevertheless, he was also singing more than ever and his voice was in excellent shape - he gave many memorable performances.
This is a previously unreleased audience recording. An early generation copy of the original mastertape was obtained and completely restored using today's advanced technology. The sound quality is remarkable for an off-line audio source.
Just like all previous releases from this label, this new CD will come in a deluxe package with a 16-page booklet, containing a collection of photographs taken in August / September 1974 as well as informative liner notes. This CD is set for release near the end of April 2010.
Tracklist: 1. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 2. Opening Vamp/C. C. Rider - 3. I Got A Woman/Amen - 4. Love Me - 5. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 6. It's Midnight - 7. Big Boss Man - 8. Fever - 9. All Shook Up- 10. Softly As I Leave You - 11. Hound Dog (with reprise) - 12. An American Trilogy - 13. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel - 14. Introductions by Elvis of Singers, Musicians - 15. If You Talk In Your Sleep - 16. Karate Monologue - 17. Until It's Time For You To Go - 18. Let Me Be There (with reprise) - 19. Hawaiian Wedding Song - 20. Heartbreak Hotel - 21. How Great Thou Art - 22. Can't Help Falling In Love - 23. Closing Vamp/Announcements. - Approximate running time: 79mins
(News, Source:SA)


'If I Can Dream' a possible UK World Cup Anthem! : Terry Venables has got talent - and England fans will be hoping Fabio Capello's men show enough of theirs to lift this summer's World Cup. The Three Lions have a terrific chance of winning the South Africa showpiece - and The Sun is right behind our boys. In a new advert Terry Venables talent is showcased with him singing Elvis' If I Can Dream'
England are looking to repeat their famous 1966 World Cup win by bringing the trophy back to the home of football.
Go here to Terry Venables story.

Brian Quinn notes that it could be an opportune time to re-release Elvis' version of this classic track. He has informed SONY (UK).

(News, Source;Brian Quinn)

'Elvis Rocks Mesquite' Nevada in August 2010: With $3500.00 in Prize Money 'Elvis Rocks Mesquite' has been annouced for August 5, 6 & 7, 2010 at the CasaBlanca Resort & Casino 950 West Mesquite Blvd. Mesquite NV, 89027
With four days of Elvis fun including ETA contests an Elvis Sock Hop, Elvis Karaoke. Rounds of  The best of Elvis from the 1970’s. And on the final day enjoy a special Elvis Gospel Brunch
For more details and to register Submit registration by mail to: Rea Link,,4574 Fall Creek Rd, Branson, MO 65616
or Email to: Rea_Link@yahoo.com

(News, Source,CasaBlanca Resort & Casino)

'Black Diamond' new 1976 live CD: In late May the Northern Star label will re-release Elvis' last Las Vegas concert. We're trying to make the sound quality a little bit better than it was on the previous releases of this historic concert. No more bad noise reduction,vinyl source and things like these. We have the first generation copy of the master tape and every single second will be carefully remastered. The 2 CD-set will come with a 16-page booklet,containing photographs and memorabilia from the last Vegas engagement. More infos and sound samples will be available soon.
Track-list: CD 1:  2001 - See See Rider - I Got A Woman / Amen - Love Me - My Way (with false start) - Fairytale - You Gave Me A Mountain - Jailhouse Rock - Little Sister - O Sole Mio / It's Now Or Never - Trying To Get To You - Happy Birthday To Charlie Hodge - Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Talks About His Black Diamond Ring - Blue Christmas - Softly As I Leave You - Are You Lonesome Tonight ? - That's All Right - Bridge Over Troubled Water
CD 2 : Band Introductions - Early Morning Rain - What'd I Say - Johnny B. Goode - Drum / Bass / Electric Piano Solos - Love Letters - School Days - Hurt - Such A Night - Sweet Caroline - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp
(News, Source;Northern Star)

Monday 19 April 2010

August Blu-Ray & DVD releases: EP Gold and Elvis Matters report: Three different Blu-ray releases will be available in the USA in August. On Tour Will be released on DVD and Blu Ray.

Warner Home Video will release, Elvis On Tour, the Golden Globe-winning documentary that followed Elvis on a 15-city tour of the United States in 1972 on August 3 in newly-restored and remastered Blu-ray and DVD versions. The Blu-ray release will be packaged as a Blu-ray book filled with Elvis photos, quotes, trivia, a tour itinerary, set lists, costumes, and background information about the filming techniques used.

Warner will also release a Blu-ray package of 'Elvis on Tour', 'Jailhouse Rock' and 'Viva Las Vegas', and will make each of the films available on DVD by themselves. The Blu-ray editions were ready three years ago, but have been held back for the 75th Anniversay year, 2010. It's all been remastered for high definition and the Blu-ray comes with DTS-HD audio and a book filled with photos, trivia, a tour itinerary and more.

Remastered in High Definition with 16 x 9 2.40 letterboxed image, as seen in the theatrical release. Blu-ray audio will be DTS-HD Master Audio (5.1 Surround); DVD audio will be Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround. Packaged as a Blu-ray book filled with Elvis photos, quotes, trivia, a tour itinerary, set lists, costumes, and background information about the filming techniques used.

Elvis Blu-ray Collection……..Contains all available blu-ray titles 'On Tour', 'Viva Las Vegas' and 'Jailhouse Rock'.

Then in standard DVD ....Elvis 75th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition. This DVD collection packages together 17 Elvis titles (all the same as existing solo releases) in one box along with the following UCE content:

Commemorative Concert Photo Book with Iconic Shots from Behind the Scenes of His Movies and Stage Performances and Insightful Career Highlights Notes.

10 Reproduction Memorabilia Pieces, Including Studio Correspondence and Signed Elvis Presley Checks.

Warner Home Video will also release the Elvis 75th Anniversary DVD Collection with 17 of his films, including the new Elvis on Tour and fan favorites, Jailhouse Rock and Viva Las Vegas. Besides the 14 feature films and three documentaries, the box set includes a 40-page commemorative book with iconic shots from behind the scenes of his movies and stage performances, and insightful career highlights notes.

The collection, packed in sparkly, Vegas-inspired, holographic foil with 10 reproduction memorabilia pieces including studio correspondence and signed Elvis Presley checks, is a great gift set for fans of all ages.

Select titles also feature commentaries and/or making-of featurettes. The collection will include the following DVD titles:

• Elvis on Tour
• Jailhouse Rock
• Viva Las Vegas
• It Happened At The World’s Fair
• Kissin’ Cousins
• Girl Happy
• Tickle Me
• Harum Scarum
• Spin Out
• Double Trouble
• Stay Away, Joe
• Speedway
• Live a Little, Love a Little
• Charro!
• The Trouble with Girls
• Elvis: That’s the Way It Is
• This is Elvis

New CD release - I'm Gonna Leave The Stage! (Excuse me for a second....): La Freak Records will soon re-release Elvis' February 15th 1973 D/S , originally issued on a now hard to find 1992 CD : Las Vegas Dinner Show. This is the (in)famous concert where Elvis walked off-stage in the middle of singing "Fever" for 18 minutes, leaving J.D. Sumner and The Stamps singing whatever they could to fill the show while Elvis is being off-stage. Elvis returns , performs "Can't Help Falling In Love" and suddenly decides  to continue the show. He does 5 more songs , ( including "Can't Help Falling In Love" for the second time!) and closes the show.

We managed to improve the sound quality significantly for your listening pleasure and we hope that you'll enjoy the final result. As a bonus we proudly give you 3 extra tracks from the previously unreleased February 21 D/S.

This show wasn't available in any form previously , not even on CD-R. Even better , this material was taken from a first generation booth recording and the sound quality is excellent !  ( We will release the complete show later in this year)

Tracklist:  1 - 2001 Theme, 2 - See See Rider, 3 - I Got A Woman / Amen, 4 - Love Me Tender, 5 - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, 6 - Steamroller Blues, 7 - You Gave Me A Mountain, 8 - Fever, 9 - Walk That Lonesome Road (by Stamps Quartet), 10 - Sweet Sweet Spirit (by Stamps Quartet ), 11 - When It's My Time ( by Bill Baise), 12 - How Great Thou Art (by Stamps Quartet), 13 -  I Sould Have Been Crucified (by Stamps Quartet), 14 - Can't Help Falling In Love, 15 - Faded Love, 16 - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, 17 - Polk Salad Annie, 18 - An American Trilogy, 19 - Can't Help Falling In Love, 20 - Closing Vamp / Announcements, BONUS TRACKS: 21 - Suspicious Minds, 22 - I Can't Stop Loving You, 23 - What Now My Love (with 2 false starts & reprise)
(News, Source: LeFreak Records)

New Elvis single part of Record Store Day in the USA: To support the independant record stores in the USA, the annual 'Record Store Day' is held in the USA. Various record labels are releasing a special limited edition. There will be a new version of an Elvis single too. Record Store Day is  April 17th. Support your local independent music store and purchase a copy of the exlcusive Record Store Day 7" vinyl THAT'S ALL RIGHT/BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY. It features the original 7" label art in a new picture sleeve. It also includes an mp3 download of both tracks! The record can only be bought in the stores today. Without any doubt, this will be a great collectors item! (News, Source: Elvis NewsElvis Matters)

Mattel’s Jailhouse Rock Elvis doll: Elvis' performance as Vince Everett in the ultra-hip movie inspired this collector edition portrait doll.

Authentically costumed in fitted jeans and jacket over a prison-striped shirt, the sculpted vinyl doll features the same blue eyes, pompadour hairstyle, and charismatic smile as the multi-talented star.

Extraordinary collectible in decorative display box also includes miniature replicas of the promotional movie poster and follow-up record album. Limited quantities. About 12.5" tall. (News, Source: Elvis News/Amazon)

Aussie chart update: On today's ARIA Music DVD Chart, Elvis The King of Rock 'n' Roll holds steady at #20 after 101 weeks on the chart. It is still certified 2xP.

American Idol "Elvis" highlights: In order to delight the fans, 2 former contestants of American Idol once more took up the stage last week. Those were Brooke White and Justin Gaston. Brooke White was wearing a black dress. Both of them performed duet on “If I Can Dream” of Presley.

This week both of them practiced together on the If I Can Dream. With this duet it got clear that on the basis of their talent a hit television program was availed by Brooke while Justin got the web series. “If I Can Dream” was the Christmas special of the Elvis Presley presented in 1968 for NBC.

Brooke White (opposite) and Justin Gaston are the finalist of the American Idol season 7. Possible efforts were made by Brooke White with her incredible talent to make her song relaxing and pleasant to the ears while Justin tried his best to spoil the song. Justin Gaston is not remembered by many people but he was a USA’s Nashville Star participant. (News, Source: puggal.com)


Saturday 17 April 2010

'Elvis Live Live Live' DVD: Captain Video will re-release the Messiah Productions DVD simply titled ‘Elvis Live Live Live’ in May 2010. The original DVD was released on a DVD-R back in January but this time will be a factory pressed commercial DVD and will contain even more unreleased footage than before.

The extra bonus footage highlights will include for the first time ever, the complete ‘Always on my mind’ rehearsal from ‘Elvis on Tour’. This was only ever seen before in part, on the movie ‘This Is Elvis’.

The factory pressed DVD will also include the “Rock n’ Roll Medley” rehearsal from Hollywood in 1972 in exceptional quality plus much more. Other highlights include all of the ‘Charro’ nude scenes, Elvis live at ‘Madison Square Gardens’ in 1972 with the complete Press Conference, the complete documentary on the 1971 Jaycees Awards and, the complete 1970 Houston Press Conference.

The factory pressed DVD has only a Limited Edition run of only 1000 copies and is available during the month of May through your favourite Elvis dealer. Clips will be made available soon. (News, Source: Email)

Elvis films on TV in India: Vh1 Movies will telecast Elvis Presley every Sunday this summer. 

For the first time ever on Indian television, Presley’s classic movies like GI Blues, King Creole, Blue Hawaii, Fun in Acapulco, Girls! Girls! Girls! and many more, will be telecast for the next 6 weeks, every Sunday at 9pm.

Presley often referred to as the King of Rock and Roll began his career in 1954 when Sun Records owner Sam Phillips, eager to bring the sound of African American music to a wider audience, saw in Presley the means to realize his ambition. Conscripted into military service in 1958, Presley re-launched his recording career 2 years later with some of his most commercially successful work. He staged a few concerts and in 1973, Presley staged the first ever concert broadcast globally via satellite, titled Aloha from Hawaii, and seen by approximately 1.5 billion viewers. Prescription drug abuse severely compromised his health, and he died suddenly in 1977 at the age of 42. Presley is regarded as one of the most important figures of 20th-century popular culture.  More potential fans for Elvis. (News, Source: Brian Quinn/BusinessofCinema.com)

Breyer Animal Creations® to unveil The Elvis Presley® Collection at BreyerFest®: The horse-loving spirit of Elvis will ride again this summer when Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. and Breyer Animal Creations, a division of Reeves International, Inc., join forces to launch Breyer’s Elvis Presley Collection of the horses of Graceland at the model horse maker’s annual festival, BreyerFest®, to be held July 23-25 at the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY.

The Breyer Elvis Presley Collection is a tribute to Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s favorite horses, past and present, and the collection will be launched at BreyerFest this year to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the birth of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

“As always, we’re launching the Breyer Elvis Presley Collection with a collectible Traditional® Series portrait model of Elvis’ registered American Quarter Horse Rising Sun, a gorgeous palomino named in honor of one of his favorite songs,” said Stephanie Macejko, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development at Breyer.

Priscilla Presley will join in the celebration on July 23-24 to share her love of horses and support of equine welfare. Of the three horses currently living at Graceland, Max and Tucker were adopted after being rescued and Bandit was rescued through her efforts. Priscilla will sign models of Rising Sun at BreyerFest.

“Elvis enjoyed horses and loved having them at Graceland,” said Priscilla Presley. “I’m happy to share this part of his legacy with the equestrian world in this anniversary year and to add my voice to those who support equine welfare.”

BreyerFest® will also launch the opening of the Elvis Presley Graceland Stables Exhibit at the International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park. The exhibit, borrowed from the vaults at Graceland, will include Elvis’ saddles and bridles, video footage of the family riding, and other historic archival materials on loan from the stables at Graceland. The exhibit will open BreyerFest weekend and will be on display throughout the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, to be held Sept. 25-Oct. 10, 2010.

Breyer’s 21st annual BreyerFest has a complementary theme as
Lights, Camera, BreyerFest! will celebrate everything we love about horses & Hollywood. The BreyerFest Celebration Horse this year is William and Elizabeth Shatner’s All Glory, presented at BreyerFest by Elizabeth Shatner. The three-day festival and horse fair brings together thousands of people of all ages to celebrate the iconic toy brand’s best-selling model horses with the real horse heroes that inspired them. This casual, family-friendly festival blends model horse hobby activities with three days of all-breed equine entertainment and features a large trade show, free crafts and activities, free pony rides, an exotic petting zoo, free seminars, dog agility, model horse shows, model horse workshops, a hobby information booth, autograph sessions and plenty of time to meet the equine stars of the exhibitions! Three-day tickets and single day tickets are available and every ticket includes a Breyer model and entrance to all Kentucky Horse Park activities!

Tickets are on sale now! Visit http://www.BreyerHorses.com or call FestCharge at 973-633-5090.

TO RESERVE TICKETS: Benefits vary depending on ticket purchased. Pre-registration encouraged. 

Three Day Tickets: Adults: $85 Children: $55 – Tickets include William and Elizabeth Shatner’s All Glory, a limited edition, collectible Traditional® Series Breyer model available only at BreyerFest (while supplies last) and much more! Ticket good for all 3 days. 

Single Day Tickets: Adults: $20; Children: $10 – Tickets includes one of two (2) limited edition collectible Breyer Stablemate® model horses entitled Emmy and Oscar - packaged in a tiny totes available only at BreyerFest (while supplies last).

Bridge Over Troubled Water CD: Soon to be released by the recently founded NEW MOON label is a previously unreleased soundboard recording of Elvis' March 31. 1975 M/S. Five tracks has already been released by the FTD label but all the other tracks are unreleased. The source used was a second generation soundboard tape which was remastered by NEW MOON for optimum sound quality. This new release will come in a beautifully designed packaging with a 12-page booklet, containing a selection of live photographs from the March 1975 engagement as well as informative liner notes.

Tracks: 01. Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. I Got A Woman / Amen (medley) - 04. Love Me - 05. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 06. And I Love You So (with false start) - 07. Big Boss Man (false start only) - 08. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - 09. The Wonder Of You - 10. Burning Love - 11. Band Introductions (incomplete) - 12.School Days (incomplete) - 13. Fairytale - 14- I'll Remember You - 15. Let Me Be There (with reprise) - 16. Hound Dog - 17. Bridge Over Troubled Water - 18. Little Darlin' (with false starts) - 19. Introduction of Liberace (News, Source: Email - NewMoon)

See EIN's news story dated Thursday 15 April

'Tupelo Promotion Awarded $4 Million To Improve Tourism'....Legislature approves funding to boost tourism: Sen. Bill Stone and Consultant Gary Anderson, last Monday, briefed the Marshall County Board of Supervisors the state legislature has approved the funding of a new tourism program this year, particularly for museums.

The Ida B. Wells-Barnett Museum in Holly Springs will receive $150,000 to help promote tourism in the city, and Tunica County will receive $2 million for a blues museum, as well as Lee County, $4 million, for the Elvis Presley promotion. He said money is still available for those counties that have not received funds, if they apply.

Senator Stone informed the board the Legislature also approved an $8 million bond bill for the construction of an overpass on Highway 72. He added the WIN job center that will serve both Marshal and Benton Counties was finally authorized.

On this note, the vice president of Rust College, Dr. Ishmell Edwards, voiced their support for the job center. Edwards delivered a letter to the board from Dr. David. L. Beckley, president of Rust College, in which he specified that Rust is willing to offer the vacant Mississippi Industrial College campus as a possible site for the center if the board will consider it.
At the meeting, the chancery clerk, C.W. Thomas, revealed the claims docket for the end of March was $447,704. He said cautionary measures must now be taken as expenses are becoming close to going over the cash balance.

Thomas mentioned how the cash balance and the beginning of this fiscal year was not that great as in recent years to serve as emergency withdrawal.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be held Monday, April 12. (News, Source: Brian Quinn; Andre Lockett, Editor, The Rustorian)

Which King and his court is it?: "The Tudors" (Showtime, 9 p.m.) starts its final season this month, with the King Henry VIII marrying his seventh bride, the giggly teenager Kathryn Howard, played with some spunk by Tazmin Merchant. There's one more queen to go, Catherine Parr, played by Joley Richardson.

The details of the saga have gotten better but Jonathan Rhys Meyers refuses to play the portly Henry VIII we know; rather, he's playing it the way he played that American king, Elvis; you begin to see his court as the Memphis Mafia. (News, Source: TVEye)

Read EIN's review of "Elvis The Early Years" starring Jonathan Rhys Meyer

Listening to your favourite beats (including Elvis) can keep your heart healthy: When Elton John and Kiki Dee sang Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, little did they know their song could do just that. Because it seems that listening to music you love or hate can have a physical impact on your heart.

A new study has discovered that playing your favourite records can increase your blood circulation and give you the same feel-good factor as going to the gym. Listening to songs people considered ‘joyful’ widened the blood vessels and encouraged healthy bloodflow. The opposite happened when music they didn’t like was played. The positive effect of the blood vessels widening was so great the report said it was similar to that ‘previously observed with aerobic activity or statin therapy’. Statins are used to reduce cholesterol.
Dr Mike Miller, a cardiologist at the University of Maryland Medical Centre in the US, who conducted the research, said: ‘We know that stress can cause blood vessels to tighten, but we wanted to see if they would open up when music people enjoyed was played.
‘We thought we would see an increase in bloodflow in the volunteers, but we didn’t think it would be so high.’ The implications of the results are that enjoyable music can promote higher blood flow, which could lead to lower cholesterol, reduced inflammation and lessen the risk of blood clots.
The results also revealed that nitric oxide - a chemical endorphin related to feelings of happiness - was released when the enjoyable music was played.
Musicians most liked included Sheryl Crow and Elvis Presley, while rock band System Of A Down, and rapper Tupac were disliked.
The British Heart Foundation’s Judy O’Sullivan welcomed the results. ‘Relaxation is an important part of a healthy lifestyle" she said. (News, Source: Brian Quinn; Simon Neville, Daily Mail)

American Idol "Elvis" viewing figures: The American Idol 'Elvis' Week was watched by 20.639 million people. (News, Source: Brian Quinn)

Sillerman committed to Graceland area redevelopment: Graceland's corporate owner came to Memphis on Wednesday bearing assurances that he's committed to a massive redevelopment of the area surrounding Elvis Presley's iconic home. Emerging from a City Hall meeting with City Council, Greater Memphis Chamber and Graceland officials, Robert F.X. Sillerman, chairman and CEO of CKx Inc., had some advice for Memphians:

"They should get out of their chairs and go to Graceland five or six times now and five or six times again during the year so they can say they remember it before we turned it into the spectacular that it is going to be."

Sillerman, whose entertainment company added Graceland to its portfolio in 2004, and his legal team met with council chairman Harold Collins, chamber president John Moore and Elvis Presley Enterprises CEO Jack Soden.

Collins said discussion included the status of plans to improve Elvis Presley Boulevard and importance of a top-quality redevelopment for residents of long-established Whitehaven neighborhoods that border the site. Public improvements and the creation of a tourist-development zone are among incentives that city government has put on the table.

"There was some discussion about timetables, but there was nothing definite except for Mr. Sillerman making a commitment that they were willing to do the development," Collins said. "This is a project that's going to be a massive undertaking. It's important that before it's unveiled, the community gets to share in the presentation of the project," Collins added. "It's important that Mr. Sillerman understands this is a high level of people he's going to be talking to when he unveils his plan."

City engineers have scheduled a meeting to present preliminary information about the road project and get residents' input from 6 to 8 p.m. April 26 at Whitehaven Community Center, 4318 Graceland. The revamp of Whitehaven's main street will start at the Brooks Road intersection and extend perhaps as far south as Shelby Drive, with state of Tennessee approval necessary since it's also U.S. 51. Collins said Sillerman didn't give details of the development master plan, which CKx said in its annual report last month was being reconfigured after original designs were discarded.

"He did not talk specifics of what the design would be or what it would look like, and I did not press him on that," Collins said.

Chamber officials wouldn't comment, citing confidentiality of pending development matters.

CKx confirmed sale rumors last month after The Wall Street Journal reported that the company might be sold to a private-equity division of JP Morgan Chase.

CKx spokesman Ed Tagliaferri said Wednesday that there was nothing new on the potential sale.
(News, Source: Brian Quinn)

Visit EIN's comprehensive Sale of EPE Archives

New DVD release for the serious collector: King Video has released ELVIS IN VEGAS In 1969, the time Elvis was at the peak of his powers with a stage show at the Hilton and recordings that crownedhim the most famous entertainer in the world. However, beneath the surface his own demons and thescemes of his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, were taking their toll.Featuring some of Elvis’ finest performances, home movies and rare archive footage, this DVD reveals a bizarre tale of intrigue and excess, as told by those closest to him. Showing how the Vegas experienceimpacted on Elvis’ shows, recordings, his private life and his volatile relationship with Col. Parker andall set against the glamorous backdrop of a “Sin City” that would never be the same again! Specially priced at only  $15 + $7 p&h   Limited quantity! 


Thursday 15 April 2010

'Million Dollar Quartet' The New Musical Opening on Broadway: A new musical inspired by the actual event, is currently in previews at Broadway’s Nederlander Theatre with an official opening on Sunday, April 11.The cast includes Eddie Clendening (Elvis Presley), Lance Guest (Johnny Cash), Levi Kreis (Jerry Lee Lewis), Robert Britton Lyons (Carl Perkins), Hunter Foster (Sam Phillips) and Elizabeth Stanley (Dyanne).
On December 4, 1956, an auspicious twist of fate brought Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Elvis Presley together. The place was Sun Records’ storefront studio in Memphis. The man who made it happen was Sam Phillips, the “Father of Rock and Roll,” who discovered them all. The four young musicians united for the only time in their careers for an impromptu recording that has come to be known as one of the greatest rock jam sessions of all time.
Inspired by the actual event, MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET features a treasure trove of the greatest rock and roll, gospel, R&B

and country hits from these musicians, including such iconic songs as “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Fever,” “Sixteen Tons,” “Who Do You Love?,” “Great Balls of Fire,” “Riders in the Sky,” “I Walk the Line,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.” MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET captures the infectious spirit, freewheeling excitement and thrilling sounds of a singular moment when four of the music industry’s most extraordinary talents, all in their creative prime, came together for one of the most memorable nights in music history.
Directed by Eric Schaeffer, it features a book by Colin Escott and Floyd Mutrux, and was originally directed and conceived by Mutrux. The design team for Broadway includes: Derek McLane (scenic design), Howell Binkley (lighting design), Jane Greenwood (costume design), Kai Harada (sound design) and Chuck Mead (musical arrangements and supervision).
Click here to watch the promo video
Go HERE for EIN's review of the classic 'Million Dollar Quartet' CD.
Click here for photos, free downloads, ticket information and more
(News, Source,EPE)

'ELVIS: On Tour' SONY/BMG Autumn 2010 CD Box-set?: With the 'On Tour' DVD finally being released (sadly without any extras) 2010 must at last be the year we see an official release of Elvis' Hampton Roads 'On Tour' concert. Back in 2002 Ernst Jorgensen told EIN "The reason why we haven’t put out 'On Tour' on either FTD or RCA at this time is that we would ideally like to do it with the DVD release. So we are giving them (Warners) a little more time but eventually if they don’t come around, we will release the material that we have which is pretty substantial. Nothing that you can’t guess what it is".
One can only hope for a 2CD Legacy version, or even better a 3CD box-set similar to the great 'TTWII' BMG release. The first disc has to be Elvis' sensational 'Hampton Roads' concert.  It is noteworthy that FTD/RCA have also not yet released anything from Elvis' Greensboro or Richmond concerts. A second CD of the "best" of these concerts combined with a third CD of studio rehearsals would be a fitting tribute.  
Last week (see story here) Ernst Jorgensen also said that, "Another Presley reissue is likely in the fall". With the 'On Tour' DVD being released in August 2010, the matching 'On Tour' CD release would make perfect sense.
(News, Source;EIN)

EIN's Best of Elvis on YouTube' April Update: We're back with a sensational 18 new fabulous Elvis clips. With the new 'Elvis On Tour' DVD being at last released after 38 years - why aren't there any exciting Rehearsal outakes in the 2010 version? So check out these very fine 'On Tour' videos, 'Proud Mary', 'Big Hunk O' Love',  'Love Me/All Shook Up' plus others. Don't miss some other very rare on-stage footage 'My Baby Left Me' 1974, 'Trouble' live 1973, even Felton Jarvis wandering on stage during 'If You Love me' in May 1977. Also some old gems, 'Such A Night' 1961 even 'Never Ending Love'! As EIN always says "Catch them now before they get taken away" ('EIN's Elvis on YouTube', Source:EIN)

“Amazing to Hear These Things Some 40 Years Later”; So says Elvis composer Michael Jarrett when he listenened to the 'I’m Leavin’' outtakes on the latest FTD release.
Arjan Deelen producer of  'The Original Elvis Tribute 2010’ called songwriter Michael Jarrett to play him these previously unreleased outtakes of his song. Here are some of his observations upon listening to them:

Michael Jarrett, “Amazing to hear these things some 40 years later. I used my nylon string guitar to make the original demo that was sent to Elvis. I'm glad they liked that guitar sound and James eventually got the "intro" the way I composed it, which is now a 'signature' part of the song. Hearing how things evolved is so cool. Wonderful to hear Charlie singing the high harmonies, it was his voice coupled with E's that gave it that haunting sound. They always blended so beautifully together.

I believe it was the nylon string guitar that was the key element that made this song so different and unusual at that time in E's career, although it threw a lot of his fans for a loop in accepting such a change of musical style for Elvis during that period I believe. I used my nylon string guitar to write the Christmas song as well. I always played my nylon string and took it with me on the road… I still have it and play it occasionally”.

Michael Jarrett (right) will be performing both his Elvis compositions I’m Leavin’ and I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day while on tour in Europe next month as part of ‘The Original Elvis Tribute 2010’.

Click here for Tour details and much more

(News, Source;ArjanDeelen)

Elvis Week on American Idol: Tonight is a big night for the contestants on "American Idol" because they are drawing inspiration from one of music’s biggest icons, Elvis Presley. Tune into the show Tuesday and Wednesday evening to hear the top nine contestants performing their own version of songs made famous by the king.
Making this week's show even more significant will be Adam Lambert, who will serve as the mentor for the remaining contestants on this week's episode of the show.
On the "American Idol" April 14th results show, be sure to watch "If I Can Dream" star Justin Gaston along with season seven, fifth-place finisher Brooke White as they perform Elvis' song "If I Can Dream."
(News, Source,EPE)

The Elvis Presley "Breyer Animal Creations": What will EPE think of next? EPE announces that the horse-loving spirit of Elvis will ride again this summer when EPE and Breyer Animal Creations join forces to launch Breyer’s Elvis Presley Collection of the horses of Graceland at the model horse maker’s annual festival, BreyerFest®, to be held July 23-25 at the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY.
The Breyer Elvis Presley Collection is a tribute to Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s favorite horses, past and present, and the collection will be launched at BreyerFest this year to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the birth of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
Priscilla Presley will join in the celebration on July 23-24 to share her love of horses and support of equine welfare. Three of the horses currently living at Graceland, Max, adopted after being rescued, and Bandit and Tucker, were rescued through her efforts. Priscilla will sign models of Rising Sun at BreyerFest.
“Elvis enjoyed horses and loved having them at Graceland,” said Priscilla Presley. “I’m happy to share this part of his legacy with the equestrian world in this anniversary year and to add my voice to those who support equine welfare.”
BreyerFest® will also launch the opening of the Elvis Presley Graceland Stables Exhibit at the International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park. The exhibit, borrowed from the vaults at Graceland, will include Elvis’ saddles and bridles, video footage of the family riding, and other historic archival materials on loan from the stables at Graceland. The exhibit will open at the Alltech Equestrian Games, Sept. 25-Oct. 10, 2010.
Go here for EPE horseing-around info
(News, Source;EPE)



Monday 12 April 2010

'From Sunset To Las Vegas' FTD Review: From a musically creative viewpoint 1974 was disappointing since it was the first year since Elvis came out of the army that he wouldn’t record any Studio material at all. Instead he spent nearly the whole year on Tour performing an incredible 156 concerts. In August 1974 however, possibly due to new girlfriend Sheila Ryan, Elvis decided to shake up his on-stage set-list and on 12th August Elvis arrived at RCA’s Hollywood studio to begin several days of rehearsals for his new Vegas season. The taped rehearsal features a string of exceptional songs, Promised Land, Down In The Alley, It's Midnight, Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming, Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues, etc and when released as a bootleg in 1996 it was hailed as an all-time classic discovery. 
EIN's Piers Beagley has a close look at the first official FTD release of the rehearsal tape to discover if it is still so relevant.
(FTD Reviews, Source;EIN)

"Showtime! Birmingham/Dallas '76" New double FTD Confirmed!: To be released early May, "SHOWTIME! Birmingham/Dallas ’76" is a 2-Disc Set that features Elvis in top form at 2 great December 1976 shows! It comes packaged as a 5” digipack with 8-page booklet. The Birmingham Show is from the Jefferson County Coliseum and Dallas from the Memorial Auditorium.


Disc 1 – BIRMINGHAM – December 29, 1976
 1) Also Sprach Zarathustra
 2) See See Rider
 3) I Got A Woman / Amen
 4) Love Me
 5) Fairytale
 6) You Gave Me A Mountain
 7) Jailhouse Rock

 8) It's Now Or Never
 9) Trying To Get To You
 10) My Way
 11) Polk Salad Annie
 12) Introductions / Early Mornin’ Rain
 13) What’d I Say / Johnny B. Goode
 14) Love Letters
 15) School Days
 16) Funny How Time Slips Away
 17) Hurt
 18) Hound Dog
 19) For The Good Times
 20) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
 21) Unchained Melody
 22) Mystery Train/Tiger Man
 23) Can’t Help Falling In Love
 24) Closing vamp

Note, The original source tape for Dallas is damaged. We have chosen to keep track 6 & 7 on this release for historical reasons in spite of the damage. However 'Hound Dog', performed between 'Hurt' and 'Unchained Melody' was beyond any element of repair and has consequently been left out.

Disc 2 – DALLAS – December 28, 1976 
 1) Also Sprach Zarathustra 
 2) See See Rider 
 3) I Got A Woman / Amen 
 4) Love Me 
 5) Fairytale 
 6) You Gave Me A Mountain 
 7) Jailhouse Rock 
 8) It's Now Or Never 
 9) Trying To Get To You
 10) Blue Suede Shoes
 11) My Way
 12) Polk Salad Annie
 13) Introductions/Early Mornin’ Rain
 14) What’d I Say / Johnny B. Goode
 15) Love Letters
 16) School Days
 17) Hurt
 18) ?? Hound Dog ??
 19) Unchained Melody
 20) Can’t Help Falling In Love
 21) Closing vamp

'High Sierra' Lake Tahoe LIVE 1974 new FTD: Yet another early May release, 'HIGH SIERRA' features mainly the performance from May 21, 1974 at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel with additional highlights from other shows that month (see details below). 'High Sierra' will be released in a 5” digipack format with an 8-page booklet. Strangely FTD's cover right says "May 1976" although it is definitely Elvis 1974!

1 See See Rider
2 I Got A Woman / Amen
3 Love Me
4 Trying To Get To You
5 All Shook Up
6 Love Me Tender
7 You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
8 Hound Dog
9 Fever
10 Polk Salad Annie
11 Why Me Lord

12 Suspicious Minds
13 Introductions
14 I Can’t Stop Loving You
15 Help Me
16 Bridge Over Troubled Water
17 Let Me Be There
18 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
19 Big Boss Man
20 Can’t Help Falling In Love
21 Closing Vamp
22 Johnny B. Goode
23 Steamroller Blues
24 Spanish Eyes
25 How Great Thou Art
26 It's Now Or Never
27 I’m Leavin’
28 Introducing Billy Eckstine
All tracks recorded live at the High Sierra Room at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Stateline, Nevada
Tracks 1-21 recorded May 21, 1974 at the dinner show
Tracks 22 & 27 recorded May 25, 1974 at the midnight show
Tracks 23, 24 & 25 recorded May 19, 1974 at the dinner show
Track 26 recorded May 23, 1974 at the dinner show
Track 28 recorded May 27, 1974 at the 3:00 a.m. show

'So High' FTD to be deleted: More FTD News - One of the best FTD compiles from Elvis' sixties Nashville sessions, 'So High' is to be deleted from the FTD calatogue as soon as the current stock is sold out, notes Elvis Matters. One of our top-rating CDs featuring Elvis' Nashville session outtakes 1966-1968 it is a essential on for your colection.
See EIN review here.

We are informed that the vinyl releases 'Blue Hawaii' and 'Standing Room Only' are also nearly out of stock.

(News, Source;EIN/ElvisMatters)

Lisa Marie to Testify in Court: Lisa Marie Presley along with Michael Jackson's other former wife Debbie Rowe are to appear in court to testify in the ongoing trial where his physician has been charged with manslaughter. It is being claimed that the ''Thriller'' hitmaker slept with his eyes open and his former wives'' testament will be used by defence lawyers representing Dr Conrad Murray as he fights a homicide charge, reported News of the World online.
Rowe, mother of Jackson''s eldest kids Prince and Paris, will be quizzed at Murray''s trial this year, alongwith Lisa Marie Presley and nanny Grace Rwaramba, whom the pop icon called his "wife". Murray, 56, is charged with manslaughter for the June 25 mishap over claims that he injected the singer with a fatal dose of Propofol.
The cardiologist''s defence team reportedly have evidence that the seasoned drug user often appeared awake when asleep. They say he would have his eyes open and his pupils would be dilated when he was on Propofol.
"We''ve found he would appear dopey and sleep with his eyes open when he had taken meds. We want the women closest to him to verify this.
(News, Source;Yahoo)

New APRIL Elvis International Magazine: New publisher Kjell Bjornestad is proud to announce their new April issue of the 'Elvis International Magazine'.

Sanctioned by EPE it doesn't however look like it offers too much new to Elvis aficionados.

Features articles on Elvis' Aloha jumpsuit and Joe Esposito explains why Elvis liked holidaying in Hawaii so much.

However you can see a free 16 page preview before buying.

So check it out, Click here. (Note that it takes a while to download)


(News, Source:ElvisInternationalMagazine)

Elvis "Breda Weekend" returns in 2010: Elvis Presley’s original concert photographer and tour manager Ed Bonja will be the headlining star of the "2nd Elvis Weekend Breda", which will be presented by Dutch/Belgian fan club "Elvis Memories" in cooperation with the German fan service "The King’s World".
On October 9th and 10th of 2010, many amazing features will be offered to the fans, such as live performances, live rock & roll bands, interviews and a huge international fair of Elvis items.
On Saturday, October 9th, Ed Bonja will appear at the "Elvis Weekend", sharing his in depth-memories of Elvis and his Breda native manager Colonel Tom Parker with the audience. Ed Bonja, who has shot more than 10,000 pictures of Elvis between 1970 and 1975, will also sell his unique Elvis concert posters and sign autographs.
The "2nd Elvis Weekend" will take place at Feestzalen Parkzicht.
More information coming soon.

Go here for EIN's interview with Ed Bonja.

(News, Source;EP Gold/elvismemoriesbreda)

30th Anniversary Collection: After a little delay Germany gets its own version of the 30th Anniversary (of Elvis' death that is!!) DVD box. The box carries the great sounding titles: Mein Leben ist der Rhythmus, Kaffee Europa, Blaues Hawaii, Girls! Girls! Girls!, Acapulco, König der heißen Rhythmen, Seemann Ahoi and Südsee-Paradies.


The set will be released on April 10.


(News, Source;Elvis Club Berlin/ElvisNews)

Sunday 11 April 2010

Elvis reaches special milestone on Aussie chart: On tomorrow's ARIA Music DVD Chart, Elvis The King of Rock 'n' Roll celebrates 100 weeks in the chart.

Coming in at #20 (down one spot from last week) and certified 2XP, the release is the first Elvis title to register 100 weeks on any of the ARIA charts.

1976 Birmingham and Dallas soundboards new FTD Release: As confirmed by EIN last month, FTD is soon to annouce the December 1976 live double-pack of the Dallas and Birmingham shows. Back in 2002 Ernst Jorgensen told us at EIN..
Ernst.J – We have the three December 1976 shows and one of them could be the basis of a CD and the highlights from the others. None of them are complete on soundboards because the tapes weren’t long enough for those shows. ... So we will definitely do that in the future." Elvis News says today that Sony has now given permission for both shows as an official release on the FTD label.
Go here for EIN exclusive Ernst Jorgensen interviews
(News, Source;EIN/Elvis News)

Viva Elvis electrifies Las Vegas: Viva Elvis, the new Cirque de Soleil production hosted at the Aria Hotel and Resort, brings a new world of modern technology and elite artistry to the earthy, primal music of The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Overseen by Cirque’s artistic guides, Guy Laliberte and Gilles Ste-Croix, the $100-million production was written and directed by Vincent Paterson. It follows Elvis Presley’s life and music, from his poverty-stricken childhood in Tupelo, Mississippi, to his record-breaking run on the Las Vegas Strip. Along the way, classic Cirque du Solei elements of acrobatics and stunt performance blend with original arrangements of Presley songs and dance numbers — marrying the Canadian company’s artsy, elaborate circus productions with the classic Americana, rock ‘n’ roll milieu of Graceland’s late owner and operator.

As with all of Cirque’s more recent productions, a tremendous amount of engineering and technical advancement went into Viva Elvis. Wired.com was offered an exclusive backstage tour of this Presley tribute.

To serve up an idea of the backstage machinations, the staging area measures more than 150 feet from floor to ceiling. The sides and the rear of the stage are fixed areas, while the center is composed of 16 platforms, separated into 12 sections that can rise to a height of 10 feet. Depending on the scene, the platforms may at various times in the show support performers, singers, dancers or set elements. The widest platform measures 18 feet by 80 feet and is raised by four powerful motors 26 feet below the stage.

The most impressive technological achievement in the show might be the automated computer system that moves the massive set pieces designed by Mark Fisher. Weighing as much as 45 tons, many of the show’s larger backdrops, massive high-def video screens and acrobatic elements would require a small army to move into position. Even then, the odds that a sea of stagehands could do the moving with any measure of speed or precision are slimmer than a girl saying no to a date with Presley in 1956.

Also, when you have fearless acrobats flying hither and yon above hidden webs of life-preserving nets beneath the stage, the always-safety-conscious Cirque engineers need everything onstage to be exactly on point. So, the producers and designers employed a digital sensor system that reads the position of the sets — employing the torque of powerful rack-and-pinion engines to slide or elevate the necessary backdrops and props into place.

Stagehands position reflector tubes in key backstage positions. Digital readers locate the reflectors and use them as reference points to position the sets. If the set is dark for dramatic purposes or obscured by smoke effects, the system “remembers” where those reference points were.

If any moving show element goes as much as 5 mm out of line, the safety cut-offs kick in faster than a hip shimmy, freezing the set. Yes, the show stops in its blue suede shoes for a bit — but that’s better than an injury to a member of the company.

Viva Elvis is drawing strong crowds, despite the ongoing recession rocking the entertainment capital of the world. It’s contracted for a 10-year run at the Aria, and tickets start at $100. It’s a safe bet Elvis will not be leaving the building anytime soon.

“Thank you very much.” (Review, Source: John Scott Lewinski, wired.com)

Kissin' Cousins wigs sell at auction: A update on our news item dated 3 April:

Elvis Presley Screen-Featured Wigs. The legendary Rock and Roll singer-turned-movie star Elvis Presley wore these two dark blonde hand-tied wigs while working at MGM, possibly for Kissing Cousins though the date suggests it was later rented for a subsequent production. The wig # 1300B includes the MGM studio stock card. The wig record card has "Stock No. 1300B", the date "2-11-66", and "original Player: E. Presley" typed on it. There are some pencil note markings as well. Description: Dark Blonde Modern.

The wig 1300A includes the original MGM studio cardboard box. The front of the box has been labeled "1300 B, DK. Blonde Modern, E. Presley". Both wigs are made from human hair and are in overall Fine condition. Wig 1300B has the nape extension dated 2-11-66 and has been restyled for photography. The box has been badly moisture-stained and the top cover has a broken corner. The wig box is in Fair condition. The studio card has a 1/2" tear. Otherwise it is in Very Good condition. From The MGM Wig Archive. Estimate: $3,000 - up.

Just sold for $6,572.50  US Dollars (New, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

American Idol "Elvis" theme: A reliable source has said this coming weeks American Idol theme will be Elvis in Vegas. The guest mentor will be Adam Lambert. (News, Source: Various)

Damaged Graceland Gates repaired: Since our news item on 4 April about an SVU ploughing into the iconic Graceland gates we have received a number of messages questionning why there has not been widespread media coverage of the incident.

In fact, a number of online, press and audio-visual media outlets have picked up the story. Here is one example.

The famous gates of Elvis Presley’s home of Graceland have been repaired and repainted after they were damaged when a black SUV plowed through them in Memphis on April 2, 2010.

The large automobile drove up the long drive to the Tennesee mansion about 2.30 a.m. on that Friday.


A female security guard said a black male in the vehicle started yelling at her and then drove away.
Security cameras footage is being evaluated with the hope of discovering enough information to find the culprit.

“For obvious reasons, security at Graceland and Heartbreak Hotel must remain confidential," stated a release by Elvis Presley Enterprises. “Corporate policy prevents us from being able to address or answer specific questions or concerns regarding security matters.”

The hotel is part of the corporate complex located across the street from Graceland on Elvis Presley Blvd.

“Of course, Graceland has a well-trained and staffed security department utilizing all the latest technology,” reported the statement. “Additionally, we have an excellent relationship with the Memphis Police Department and all other city agencies.”

Some reports indicate the guard was so frightened, she has not returned to work. Damage to the famed gates was minor, but significant enough to cause Elvis Presley Enterprises to have them removed for repair. Repairs were made on the arms the gates swing on and a hole in one of them. Some maintenance, including a new paint job was performed.

The year before Presley’s August 1977 death, Memphis police were called out by Harold Lloyd, Presley’s cousin and night time security at the gates. He reported a man in a white Lincoln Continental had a gun, threatening him and blocking the gates. When police arrived, they found singer Jerry Lee Lewis sitting in the car with a chrome derringer type gun lying on his lap. Lewis was arrested.

In December 2005, a Jeep ran over a patch of ice and went off the road in front of Graceland. The driver steered the Jeep into the prominent wall causing a large hole all the way through it.

The gates were installed shortly after Presley moved into his home in 1957. They were designed by Abe Saucer and built by John Dillars, Jr. of Memphis Doors, Inc. (News, Source: Jack Dennis, examiner.com)


Friday 9 April 2010

The Turban'd King: It is bizarre but footage of Elvis wearing a turban has been recently discovered from a visit to a karate studio in California in 1972. You’d almost think that this was a spoof of some sort, but it is the real deal. While we have seen some photos before the clip while only 2 minutes long is well-worth seeing. It was filmed at Dave Hebler's karate studio in California with Elvis wearing a turban while calmly signing autographs for fans.

Click here for the video



(News, Source;ArjanDeelen)

Elvis Week 2010 is coming- Preview video! From EPE here's a preview of what you can expect. Don't be left out.

Click here to the short promo video.


Click here to ElvisWeek.com for the most up to date information.



(News, Source;EPE)

Ernst Jorgenesen, Protecting a Legacy: No one in the 32 years since the King’s death has done more to continually breathe interest into Elvis Presley’s body of work than Ernst Jorgensen. Have you bought an Elvis CD in the past decade and a half? Most likely, Jorgensen’s name is on it as co-producer. Have you read a book about Presley? There’s a good chance Jorgensen wrote or co-wrote it. Perhaps no producer has so closely associated his work with one artist since George Martin and the Beatles. And Jorgensen has done it all well after Presley’s death in 1977.
It rose from a childhood interest that blossomed into an adult investigation, Jorgensen said in a phone interview. “When I was a kid, we all want heroes. Whoever it is, somebody, at the time, could be your favorite, and mine was Elvis,” he said. “And we’re talking about the mid-60s. And there was obviously this wealth of wonderful recordings from the 50s and early 60s, anything from ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ to ‘Hound Dog’ to ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight?’”
Then came Presley’s film career, Jorgensen said, and the King seemed to be usurped from his throne. “The soundtracks weren’t quite as hip as the Rolling Stones and Beatles records my classmates bought,” he said with a chuckle.
“I was having to wonder, how could a man who created all these wonderful recordings in the 50s and the early 60s suddenly come out with an album that had ‘There’s No Room to Rumba in a Sports Car’ on it? … That got me interested in analyzing it all, finding out the story behind it.”
That analysis has led to a career as almost an Elvis detective, tracking down countless pieces of heretofore unknown information and restoring older recordings to their former glory for the digital age. Jorgenson’s latest work is “On Stage: Legacy Edition,” a two-disc set compiling two live albums (“In Person” and “On Stage”) from 1969 and 1970. It was released March 23.
Jorgensen said these albums not only work as remarkable companions to each other, but demonstrate that, contrary to belief, the King still had his finger on the pulse of popular music.
“The ‘69 album was basically Elvis taking the very successful TV special he had done at the end of ‘68 and put it on a big stage. It was Elvis doing Elvis. It was rock ‘n roll, R&B and just a few new songs,” he said. “But in ‘On Stage,’ he does something which is still very energetic, but he goes out there and shows the world that he is totally aware of what’s going on, who the good songwriters are, where music has moved to.”
“On Stage” features Presley performing tracks from then-contemporary and contrasting artists like Neil Diamond and John Fogerty, and his performance of Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday” is a highlight. Jorgensen noted the range demonstrated by these two albums, released so close to one another.
“Where one is almost going back to his youth —the ‘In Person’ album — ‘On Stage’ is the opposite. It shows that Elvis is totally contemporary. Not only by his own hits, ‘In the Ghetto’ and ‘Suspicious Minds,’ but also by acknowledging whose the hit writers of the day.”
For Jorgensen, working on all of these albums is beyond a labor of love, it is an effort to preserve the magic of Presley’s original recordings for new generations. And the eternal evolution of music technology makes his work all the more potent.
Jorgensen’s plate is far from empty with the release of the new album. Having already completed books profiling Presley’s life, career and a complete chronicle of his recording sessions, he is working on a piece which would follow Presley’s travels before he was famous.
“It’s like, what do I do for a living? I do all these Elvis records. And what do I do in my spare time? I do books,” Jorgensen said.
And while Jorgensen feels a great deal of pride at the contributions he has made to the Elvis legacy, he said that there is also a great deal of pressure to always improve upon his work. “It also leaves you with that, with that thought that you always have to try to do better than you did before. Because these people are sitting there, waiting for something that is worth spending their money on … People have expectations, and with praise comes expectations to do even better. And we try to do that all the time.”
Go here for EIN exclusive Ernst Jorgensen interviews
(News, Source: toledofreepress.com) Photo by Piers Beagley ElvisInfoNetwork.

Graceland Gates Back In Place: The Graceland gates are now repaired, re-painted and back where they belong.

The following statement has been issued by EPE: For obvious reasons, security at Graceland and Heartbreak Hotel must remain confidential. Corporate policy prevents us from being able to address or answer specific questions or concerns regarding security matters.

Of course, Graceland has a well-trained and staffed security department utilizing all the latest technology. Additionally, we have an excellent relationship with the Memphis Police Department and all other city support agencies.



(News, Source;Brian Quinn/ElvisMatters-images)

Tuesday 6 April 2010

'A Heart That's True', Remembering Elvis in 2010: The Elvis 75th Celebrations continue. Out this week is the 'On Stage' special Legacy Release while back in December, SONY/RCA released "Elvis 75 -- Good Rockin' Tonight.' In February, Cirque du Soleil premiered 'Viva Elvis', its newest resident show at Las Vegas' ARIA Resort & Casino.March saw Washington, D.C's, Newseum open an exhibit that focuses on how Elvis was seen in the media, from early negative newspaper coverage that helped him become the first rock 'n' roll star, through the change in views after he served in the Army. In this special spotlight L. Kent Wolgamott of the Lincoln Journal Star investigates Elvis' endurance and talks to Ernst Jorgensen and looks at the recollections of the King by guitarist James Burton and the queen of rockabilly, Wanda Jackson.

(Spotlight, Source;LincolnStar)

'Elvis On Tour' New JAT Book: Joe Tunzi has announced a new "Elvis On Tour" book to coincide with the official 2010 DVD release. Meanwhile his next book 'Viva Las Vegas' is due out in June and there is also a soft-cover reprint of ’68 at 40 for August 2010. The 'Elvis On Tour' August book is supposed to also include the new DVD "Hot Shots And Cool Clips, Vol.5". JAT states that this will be a dynamic release with many unreleased photos which will contain many photographic surprises.



(News, Source;JAT)

Elvis' Graceland signed contract for Auction: More Elvis artifacts for auction this time the original contract to purchase Graceland in 1957 signed by Elvis Presley and both his parents. This rare document plus other property contracts signed by Elvis will be offered for auction on the weekend of April 23 - 25. The consignor of the Elvis documents is a gentleman who had worked at a law firm in Memphis that specialized in real estate.
In 1987 the Memphis law firm was throwing out unwanted documents, when Gary Sohmers a company employee noticed that one of the files was marked Elvis Presley. Out of curiosity, he pulled it out from amongst the contents of a bin and filed it away at home. Only recently did he decide to have someone take a look at the documents inside to see if any of them were valuable.
Also in the file was the contract to acquire the home Elvis initially purchased at 1034 Audubon Road. That document is also signed by all three Presleys and details the price paid and the terms. Later, when Elvis purchased Graceland, part of the agreement had him turning the Audubon Road property over to Ruth Brown Moore. Also sold will be the documents for Elvis' purchase of the Circle G Ranch. Philip Weiss Auctions are offering these great finds.
Go here for more info.
(News, Source; SanjaM)

Lady Gaga & Elvis Presley Named 'Dream' Duet: A duet featuring Lady Gaga and Elvis Presley has been voted fans' ultimate collaboration in a new poll.
Music lovers were asked to pick the two singers they would most like to see team up for a track in a survey by dating website Match.com - and a duet between the Poker Face hit-maker and The King came top.
Michael Buble and Nina Simone came second on the rundown, while soul stars Aretha Franklin and Luther Vandross were voted third.
A Will Young/Barbra Streisand duet was the fourth most popular combination, while a Bonnie Tyler and Meatloaf collaboration rounded out the top five.

(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Ian Hunter Feared He'd Be Shot By Elvis: Lead singer of Mott the Hoople, Ian Hunter once feared he would be shot by Elvis Presley after sneaking into his idol's Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee while drunk.
The Mott The Hoople frontman gained entry into the King's property in the hope of meeting the superstar after flying all the way over from Britain.
But Hunter quickly fled the scene after being warned about Presley's bad temper and penchant to shoot things when he was angry.
He recalls, "I burst into Graceland through the back door. I walked into a room... knocked on a door and it was answered by Alberta, Elvis' maid. I told her I'd come all the way from Britain to see my hero but she said Elvis was in a bad mood.
"He'd just come back from a movie theatre and hated the film. She warned me that he would bounce me off the walls - or worse. She said the last time he'd hated a movie, he'd grabbed a gun and put a bullet through the TV set. I was half-cut (drunk) but sobered up quickly. I was glad to get out of Graceland."
Of course another fan to be half-cut at Graceland's gates was the great Jerry Lee Lewis, see EIN Spotlight here.
(News, Source;SanajM/ElvisInfoNetwork)

The stuff the King was made of: Some of Elvis' prize possessions stand test of time (and travel ) for new exhibits.
A couple of weeks ago, my Memphis pal Kevin Kern showed up at the Sun-Times with a 10-pound, white-beaded cape from the King of Spades jumpsuit worn by Elvis Presley during his 1974 tour and a Maltese Cross necklace with more than 221 quarter-cut diamonds donned onstage by Presley.
The pieces are part of three new Elvis-related exhibits.
"We travel incognito," said Kern, a former Memphis television news reporter. "We're not driving a pink Cadillac. We're traveling with one ring alone that has over 11 karats of diamonds. When we fly, the stuff is in a seat next to us.
"We say we buy a seat for Elvis. The artifacts are always in sight. If we stop and go in somewhere, they go in with us. It's not often that Elvis things go on the road. Occasionally, we do loans. Only one other time in the last three years have we done media tours where we bring Elvis to you so you can play with the King's things."
The exhibit "Elvis Presley: Fashion King" opened March 1 at Graceland Crossing in Memphis, the mini-mall across the street from the mansion. Fans can catch the evolution of Presley's outfits from an artist's sketch to the final product. There are suits from Lansky's in Memphis, top coats, 15 hats, scarves, more than 50 shirts and the Taking Care of Business (TCB) 11½-carat solitaire diamond ring that hit the road.
"We've done jumpsuit exhibits, but this is the first time we've allowed the average visitor to see the inside of Elvis's personal closet," Kern said. "The exhibit space is designed to look like you're in front of a 1960s department store window."
Presley also was a roadie in the way a traveler always stumbles across a singular shoe.
While wearing white gloves, Kern pulled out one size 11 black suede shoe with real leather soles (as Sun-Times Elvis fan Laura Emerick pointed out). "People think Elvis had a blue suede shoe," Kern said. "He never did. This is from the early 1960s. He had it custom made with the EP on the top. We know he wore this to a charity show benefit in 1961 in Memphis."
How does Graceland verify common items like the comb and the crayons?
"They're found in the things [Presley's mother] Gladys saved," Kern answered. "They were from the Depression. They saved everything. That gives us versatility in doing these exhibits every couple of years. There's still a discovery now and then. About four years ago, there was a standard filing cabinet in Vernon's office. Our archivists found 1950s Memphis phone books in the drawer. In between the two of them was a 1956 TV Guide, the first time Elvis was on the cover. TV Guide doesn't have a pristine copy like we do."
The mammoth TCB ring was purchased in 1975 by Presley. The lightning bolt ring was custom made by Memphis jewelery designer Lowell Hays, who also did pieces for Al Green and Isaac Hayes. "Elvis woke Lowell up in the middle of the night and they sketched it out," Kern said. "$35,000 later, the ring came out a 11½-carat diamond solitaire. It probably would be close to the $100,000 range now. Elvis and Priscilla were flying on the Lisa Marie [airplane]. Elvis wanted a motto. There was a storm beneath the plane and a bolt of lightning. That's what gave birth to the [lightning] flash on the ring. So it's 'Taking Care of Business in a flash.'"
Kern and Forbes began to pack up their booty in large suitcases.
In a flash, Elvis had left the building.
The TCB Ring, with an 11.5 carat solitaire diamond (total weight 16.5 carats), worn by Elvis Presely, is displayed for photographs. Go here for more info
(News, Source; SanjaM/EIN/ChicagoSun-Times)

Sunday 4 April 2010

SUV damages Graceland Gates: At around 2.30 a.m. on Friday morning a black SUV drove through the Graceland Gates, in Memphis, Tennessee,damaging them. The occupant(s) then drove up to the mansion, shouted something to a famale Security Guard (the only guard on duty) and then drove off. Apparently it took the Memphis Police some 30 minutes to respond to this incident which is not acceptable at this time of the morning. I have e-mailed the Memphis Police Department registering my disapproval at the response time at this time of the morning.

The story is true and photographs of the damaged gates have been posted by Elvis fans from Memphis on the Insiders Message Board on the EPE Website. It is very strange that no national or international news agencies have picked up on this story. (News, Source: Brian Quinn)

Archival photo: Uncle Travis and fans at the gates

Aussie chart update: As it clocks up 1 week away from an impressive 100 weeks on the ARIA Music DVD Chart, Elvis The King of Rock 'n' Roll slips 1 spot to #19 on tomorrow's chart. It is still certified only 2xP.

Graceland goes Orange for a very good cause: Graceland will 'Go Orange for Animals' on the evenings of April 1-5, in honor of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.

Landmarks around the country are lighting up in orange throughout April on behalf of the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to commemorate Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, a nationwide celebration of the human-animal bond and the organization’s victories on behalf of animals.

“We’re deeply honored by the support of landmarks and sponsors that have decided to ‘go orange’ this year,” said ASPCA President & CEO Ed Sayres. “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month is a time of reflection for both the ASPCA and the nation. This month reminds us of the successes we’ve had preventing animal cruelty and helping homeless pets find safe and loving homes.” (News, Source: EPE)

Veterans group to host Elvis show: Standing Tall for Veterans Inc. will present a Sgt. Elvis Aaron Presley Vegas Show from 7:30 to 10 p.m. April 17 at Brooksville Elks Lodge 2582,

14494 Cortez Blvd. The opening act will be Dallas Smith, a Vegas-style comedy magic act. Special guest will be Robin Unger, who will sing the national anthem. The main show will feature Kenn "E" Grube performing as Elvis. Tickets to the show are $12 each. Also, a dinner buffet will be available before the show from 5 to 6:30 p.m., for $10 per person. Funds raised will benefit the Fallen Soldier Program scholarships. For ticket reservations and information, call (352) 596-2582. (News, Source: tampabay.com)

FINDING GRACELAND: PACT plays capture Elvis fans and show the funny, serious sides of life: The entrance to Graceland is secured with a large, wrought iron gate and a brick wall that runs the length of thecountry-like property. And along that brick wall are messages Elvis Presley fans have inscribed over the years, having made the pilgrimage to Memphis to let the King know what he meant to them. For Bev and Rootie, two characters in the play "Graceland," all those people who wrote a message to Elvis should get in line behind them at the gate - because THEY are the world's biggest Elvis fans.

Go ahead, just quiz them on the name of Elvis' father. Or how about the name of Elvis' plane, his manager, his mother, or what his favorite aftershave lotion was? It's Brut on the way.

The gate at Graceland is a famous symbol, almost as big as Elvis' sunglasses. But more importantly, it's a barrier to keep the fanatics at bay, and in an orderly fashion.In June 1982, the gates of Graceland opened to the public for the first time, five years after Elvis passed.And with the play "Graceland," playwright Ellen Byron captures that moment, giving us a glimpse of two Elvis fans who believe they should be the first to walk through the heavenly gates to the white-columned house upon the hill.On Friday, the Portage Area Community Theatre will begin a two week run of "Graceland," along with the accompanying play "Asleep on the Wind," at the Portage Center for the Arts. There also will be 10 short sketches from the book "Elvis Monologues."

"You can relate to all of this even if you don't know about Elvis Presley," said Ned O'Reilly, who is directing the plays. "If you know Elvis, it will just be a richer experience."

While this is the 75th year of Elvis, the King does not make an appearance in the plays, nor does much of his music. The plays are about Elvis fans who believe he made a difference in their lives.And for Rootie, the young 22-year-old at the gate of Graceland, she's there for another reason. "She is very much at a crossroads (in her life)," O'Reilly said. "She hopes she will have some kind of spiritual, mystical experience here that will save her life."

At the gate Colleen Murphy remembers where she was when she heard the news that Elvis died at his Graceland mansion.

While she wasn't a big fan growing up, she does realize the impact he's had on people like her character Bev.

In the play, the big-haired, big-hearted Bev is first in line at the Graceland gate three days before its official opening.

She is rudely interrupted by the arrival of Rootie (played by Stephanie Frank) who is a young, high-strung woman from the Louisiana Bayou.

"Bev is a simple woman. Not in terms of intelligence, but in terms of her life," Murphy said.

"She has a fairly simple life, and she is passionate about Elvis." Rootie explains to Bev that she needs to be the first inside

Graceland so she can give the King an important message. "Not a chance," is Bev's thought. And thus begins their long night of quizzing each other about Elvis."She looks down her nose at Rootie. She looks on her as a backwater type. Bev thinks of herself as a little more sophisticated," Murphy said. Frank says her character Rootie wants to get to know Bev and understand the world through a woman's point of view."She kind of finds the mother in Bev that she never had," she said.

As the night goes on, we get to see the real stories behind the lives of Bev and Rootie, beyond their one common bond of being Elvis fanatics."There is a point when it seems like they are becoming friends, but it always goes back to ‘I was here first,'" Frank said. O'Reilly points out that the first portion of the play is humorous - a lot of one-upsmanship about who deserves to go in first because they know more about Elvis. "They start telling their stories to each other, and it takes a more serious turn," he said.

Throughout their interaction, Bev finds out Rootie has lived a tough life - one without a mother and an alcoholic for a father. She is one of five kids raised in a poor household, and it was her big brother Beau who took care of her.Beau was an Elvis fan himself, and Rootie idolized him and Elvis. Toward the end of the 40 minute play, we find out that Beau decided to leave the small town he grew up in to make something of himself. He joined the military and went to Vietnam, where he was killed. At that moment, Bev and Rootie's relationship changes."(Bev) realizes there are more important things than being the first into Graceland," Murphy said. When Frank first read for the part of Rootie it was the comedy lines at the beginning of the play. But what she fell in love with is her character's poignant moments at the end.It's that realism of Bev and Rootie that attracted Murphy to the role. And it's that realism she thinks audiences will find in the two characters, perhaps knowing people like them.

"I think this play is more about the characters and how they come together because of Elvis," she said. "And it shows how important he really was to some people."

A decade earlierWhile we find out a lot about Beau in "Graceland," the accompanying play takes us back to Rootie's home when she was 13 - the last night she saw her brother alive.As funny as "Graceland" can be, "Asleep on the Wind" is a powerful piece because we already know what happens to Beau, a tall, handsome guy who wears his hair, and even talks, like Elvis. And we see Beau's little sister who thinks he walks on water.During the play, Beau meets Rootie at their favorite secret place where he tells her he's joined the Army and has signed up to go to Vietnam."Asleep on the Wind" is a flashback piece, O'Reilly said."(Beau) is extremely charming and an Elvis freak, and devoted to his baby sister."Greg Bortz plays Beau in "Asleep on the Wind," and said his character is a guy who has big dreams but is stuck living in a factory town."He feels a little guilty (about leaving)," Bortz said. "He's the only responsible male figure in (Rootie's) life."Byron wrote this piece as well, although it is a separate play from "Graceland."

In "Asleep on the Wind," 14-year-old Leah Harvey steps into the role of a younger Rootie.

"He's the only one (Rootie) connects with," Harvey said. And Rootie has to be convinced that this is the right step for Beau to take. While the two plays are very much character studies, they are formed around Elvis. And through playing the parts, the cast has come to know much more about the King. Harvey said coming into the play she knew Elvis was famous, but found out what a polite person he was."I've picked up some things I didn't know," Murphy said. "It's something people will find out through the course of the play." Elvis fans and those other peopleSeparate from the two plays, there will be 10 short pieces that will be acted out from the book "Elvis Monologues," by Lavonne Mueller.

"Every story is about an average, everyday person and how Elvis impacted them," O'Reilly said. The shorts are a few minutes long and give a look into lives of people who were impacted by Elvis, both good and bad.The monologue topics include a 10-year-old girl who reads her book report about Elvis and a lab technician who believes her co-workers are trying to clone him.The monologues have nothing to do with the characters in the two main plays, but add a touch of fun to the evening. Both "Graceland" and "Asleep on the Wind" follow standard play format, O'Reilly said, with the characters interacting with each other. The monologues, however, are directed at the audience. Whether you're an Elvis fan or not, the night is really about people following a passion.

"I just see real life in it," Murphy said.

If You Go - What: Graceland, a comic and theatrical evening inspired by Elvis Presley. Portage Area Community Theatre will put on the plays "Graceland" and "Asleep on the Wind," as well as 10 monologues from the book "Elvis Monologues." When: April 9, 10, 16 and 17 at 7:30 p.m. and April 11 and 18 at 2 p.m. Where: Portage Center for the Arts, 301 E. Cook St. Cost: $10 (Review, Source: Craig Spychalla, Portage Daily Register)

View Commercial Appeal - Elvis Photograph Galleries (News, Source: Brian Quinn)

CD Review - 'Elvis returns with 'On Stage: Legacy Edition'

It's 1970. You're in Vegas. You need a break from the gambling. What do you pick: the buffet, the showgirls or the King?

Even if you don't have the foresight to know he'll be dead in seven years, the correct answer was, is and always shall be Elvis in concert. This year, the 75th anniversary of Presley's birth, is a natural marker to unleash reissue upon reissue of his works.

Perhaps none is as essential to Elvis fans (and would-be fans) as "On Stage: Legacy Edition," released March 23 as a double CD. The album is really a repackaging of two earlier Elvis live albums: "Elvis in Person at the International Hotel" from 1969, and 1970's "On Stage."

These albums -- each one was a patchwork of Elvis shows in Las Vegas -- featured The King where he was at his best: performing live. Elvis was an actor, a gospel singer, a pompadour sensation -- but he never would have been any of those if he weren't also the consummate showman.

He knew this, too. Before breaking into a medley of his early hit "Mystery Train" and Rufus Thomas' "Tiger Man," he told the audience that when he first started out he just had a guitar and "a shaky leg." The latter is what drove audiences wild.

With "On Stage," you don't need to see Elvis to appreciate what a great performer he was. This was Elvis after his monstrous TV comeback special but before he became the rhinestone-studded-jumpsuit caricature of himself. Even on the songs that he didn't make hits -- "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond and John Fogerty's "Proud Mary," to name two -- Elvis manages to make them his own.

This album could have been cheesy. I mean, you have Elvis, in Vegas and (for part of it anyway) the 1970s. But what's remarkable is that this is a pretty straight-up collection of rock 'n' roll.

The early Elvis hits like "Hound Dog" and "All Shook Up" are here, but "Teddy Bear" is nowhere in sight. He also performs newer songs like the sublime "Suspicious Minds," "Kentucky Rain" and "In the Ghetto." Willie Nelson and The Bee Gees are represented with Elvis covers of "Funny How Time Slips Away" and the latter's "Words."

Note to younger readers: The Bee Gees made music before the awful disco era, and some of it was quite good.

"On Stage" benefits Elvis fans with the plethora of bonus material. Sure, there's a booklet of photos and an essay by Elvis author Ken Sharp.

More importantly, tracks have been added to the CDs. The disc that includes 1969's "Elvis in Person" expands that album by six tracks and the "On Stage" disc includes four additional songs, for a total of 32 songs.

The smaller moments help make "On Stage" endearing, though. Elvis fumbling the start of "I Got a Woman; " introducing "Kentucky Rain" with the seemingly modest "I hope you like it; " or a corny joke about which of his records were biggest: "They were all about the same size."

Some of the covers, like Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" and Del Shannon's "Runaway," risk turning the album into "Elvis Performs Golden Oldies." He does the songs justice but there are so many they begin to bog down the album. "Yesterday" was a recent hit at the time, but 40 years later it sounds maudlin and overdone. Elvis sounds best doing his own material.

That's even -- make that especially -- when he goes full-throttle on the Vegas sound, complete with strings, backup singers, horns and all. Elvis was made for Vegas. Maybe the reverse is true, as well.

In "On Stage: Legacy Edition" both come across in top form. (CD Review, Source: Adam Richter, The Express Times)

New JAT titles - Elvis on Tour….Back in the Windy City……..’68 at 40 receives softcover issue: Elvis Back In The Windy City has arrived and will be shipping early next week. The book Viva Las Vegas is due out in June and soft cover version of ’68 at 40 for August 2010.

JAT will release in August a new book Elvis On Tour that will enclose the new DVD Hot Shots And Cool Clips Volume 5. This will be a dynamic release with many unreleased photos which will contain many photographic surprises. (News, Source: www.jatpublishing.com /www.epgold.com)

Latest issue of Memphis Mafia newsletter released: Issue #9 (Easter Special) of the Memphis Mafia online newsletter has been sent to members. Produced by Marty, Lamar and Billy, this issue includes recollections by Billy, Jamie Lynne Burdsal's account of visiting Lisa Marie when they were both children and rare photos. To enquire about membership, email Marty

Exclusive Elvis Unlimited - Meet Barbara Hearn.....April 13th, 2010. Kl. 6 - 9 PM

Barbara Hearn was Elvis' girlfriend in 1956.

Don't Forget your camera! Autographs? Sure!

Meet Barbara at: Per & Eva Nordby - Haråsveien 15 b, 0283 Oslo

It's free for Members of Elvis Unlimited.

Order your ticket at e-mail: p.nordby@getmail.no or henrik@elvispresley.dk

Photo Source: Scripps-Howard News Service

Saturday 3 April 2010

Elvis sings the Great British Songbook: Many thanks to Thomas Melin who runs the Elvis Today blog. Thomas sent this interesting news to us:

In a Yuletide Extra from the British fan club in 2008 Todd Slaughter and Victoria Molloy wrote that they were hoping to announce a special CD album release very soon, one that they had been working on for over two years. In a post I speculated about the content of the album, but now, one and a half years later, I know my guesses were all wrong.

On May 24 Sony U.K. will release a 2 CD compilation called Elvis Presley Sings The Great British Songbook. According to the latest issue of the British fan club magazine it's "a high-profile compilation of tracks that were written by some of our greatest songwriters, and we are expecting this double CD to hit the charts throughout the summer months."

This is most certainly not your ordinary run-of-the-mill compilation..........

Read the full story on Elvis Today

Bernard Lansky update: Following recent hospitalisation, Elvis Unlimited is happy to report that Mr. Lansky is now home. His family exclusively told Elvis Unlimited that he is resting comfortably at home and they thanked Elvis Unlimited for keeping Mr. Lansky in our thoughts and prayers.

Elvis wigs from Kissin' Cousins up for auction: Elvis Presley Screen-Featured Wigs. The legendary Rock and Roll singer-turned-movie star Elvis Presley wore these two dark blonde hand-tied wigs while working at MGM, possibly for Kissing Cousins though the date suggests it was later rented for a subsequent production.

The wig # 1300B includes the MGM studio stock card. The wig record card has "Stock No. 1300B", the date "2-11-66", and "original Player: E. Presley" typed on it. There are some pencil note markings as well. Description: Dark Blonde Modern.

The wig 1300A includes the original MGM studio cardboard box. The front of the box has been labeled "1300 B, DK. Blonde Modern, E. Presley". Both wigs are made from human hair and are in overall Fine condition.

Wig 1300B has the nape extension dated 2-11-66 and has been restyled for photography. The box has been badly moisture-stained and the top cover has a broken corner. The wig box is in Fair condition. The studio card has a 1/2" tear. Otherwise it is in Very Good condition.

From The MGM Wig Archive. Estimate: $3,000 - up. (News, Source: Elvis Unlimited)

TCB Band Houseparty: Ann Sunderland from the TCB Fan Club advises:

Following the resounding success of the first TCB Band Houseparty in 2006, we thought we would repeat the experience and have once again chosen the spectacular Duns Castle in Scotland for our venue. The weekend will be inclusive of all meals, entertainment including a private TCB Band concert with Austrian singer Dennis Jale and accommodation in either the castle itself or a shared cottage in the grounds (see attached flyer). For more information on the venue/accommodation, visit Duns Castle.

If you would like further information, please email me at info@tcbfanclub.com

April Fool's Day fun in the Elvis world: There were plenty of sus stories appearing on 1 April as this item from Elvis Express suggests:

FOOL! FOOL! FOOL! - April fool's day is upon us and all over the web there are gags and japes going on relating to Elvis. One site is offering fans the chance to see colour film of Elvis performing the laughing version of 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' from 1969, to FTD about to release a new jam session where Elvis performs Chuck Berry songs for an hour. Another one sent in to us was that SONY and EPE are in talks to release Elvis' opening show from July 31st 1969. What a shame none of these tall tales are to come true.

Thursday 1 April 2010

Headline news: Elvis on Tour on DVD & Blu-ray.......Sale of EPE update.......Elvis Week 2010 announcements

Elvis On Tour DVD/Blu-ray release date announced plus screening during Elvis Week 2010: Elvis on Tour, Noted Golden Globe-Winning Documentary, Debuts August 3 in Newly-Restored and Remastered Blu-ray and DVD Versions from Warner Home Video

Elvis on Tour, the Golden Globe-winning documentary that followed Elvis on a 15-city tour of the United States in 1972, will make its debut August 3 in newly-restored and remastered Blu-ray and DVD versions from Warner Home Video. A screening of the documentary on August 14 in Memphis will follow the home entertainment release as WHV joins in the celebration of Elvis Week (August 10 – 16), commemorating the 75th birthday year of the rock ‘n’ roll icon.

Screening set for August 14 in Memphis for Elvis Week Celebration

Elvis on Tour, considered to be Presley's last film before his death in 1977, was described by Variety in their review as “a bright, entertaining pop music documentary detailing episodes in the later professional life of Elvis Presley, the pioneer Pied Piper of rock music.” The film was written and directed by Robert Abel and Pierre Adidge, and the cinematographer was Lucien Ballard. Songs included “See See Rider,” “Proud Mary,” “Burning Love,” “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Teddy Bear,” “Hound Dog,” “Can't Help Falling in Love with You,” “Love Me Tender,” “All Shook Up,” “Suspicious Minds,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Are You Lonesome Tonight” and more.

Some of the highlights of the new versions:

  • Remastered in High Definition with 16 x 9 2.40 letterboxed image, as seen in the theatrical release. Blu-ray audio will be DTS-HD Master Audio (5.1 Surround); DVD audio will be Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround.
  • Packaged as a Blu-ray book filled with Elvis photos, quotes, trivia, a tour itinerary, set lists, costumes, and background information about the filming techniques used. 25 musical numbers spotlight Elvis Presley’s talent, range and showmanship in captivating on-stage performances and intimate backstage rehearsals with his band.
  • Contains Elvis’ first performance of “Burning Love,” which was so new, Elvis referred to the lyric sheet during his performance.
  • Elvis’ Ed Sullivan Show performance is included, in which the charm, personality and musical ability that made him an icon is so evident.
  • Montage sequences (supervised by Martin Scorsese) showcasing Elvis’ early career and movies

About the Elvis Week Screening of Elvis on Tour: The August 14th Elvis Week Screening of Elvis on Tour will be a once-in-a-lifetime, big screen event for Elvis fans gathered from around the world in Memphis. Held at the historic Orpheum Theater, one of Elvis’ favorite movie houses, the screening will include a short live performance featuring former members of the Stamps Quartet of who appeared with Elvis - Bill Baize, Donnie Sumner, Larry Strickland and Ed Hill - in addition to a glimpse of additional never-before-seen Elvis footage and an exhibit of rarely-seen artifacts from the Graceland Archives. (News, Source: EPE)

The Elvis 75th Anniversary DVD Collection: EPE advises that Warner Home Video will also release the Elvis 75th Anniversary DVD Collection with 17 of his films, including the new Elvis on Tour and fan favorites, Jailhouse Rock and Viva Las Vegas. Besides the 14 feature films and three documentaries, the box set includes a 40-page commemorative book with iconic shots from behind the scenes of his movies and stage performances, and insightful career highlights notes. The collection, packed in sparkly, Vegas-inspired, holographic foil with 10 reproduction memorabilia pieces including studio correspondence and signed Elvis Presley checks, is a great gift set for fans of all ages. Select titles also feature commentaries and/or making-of featurettes. The collection will include the following DVD titles:

  • Elvis on Tour
  • Jailhouse Rock
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • It Happened At The World’s Fair
  • Kissin’ Cousins
  • Girl Happy
  • Tickle Me
  • Harum Scarum
  • Spinout
  • Double Trouble
  • Stay Away, Joe
  • Speedway
  • Live a Little, Love a Little
  • Charro!
  • The Trouble with Girls
  • Elvis: That’s the Way It Is
  • This is Elvis

Elvis Week 2010 Ticket On Sale Dates Announced:

Tickets for Elvis Week 2010 will go on sale in April, with a pre-sale first to members of the Official Elvis Insiders.

A ticket pre-sale for Elvis Insiders will start on Thursday, April 8 at 8:30 a.m. CST.
Tickets for the general public will go on sale on Thursday, April 22 at 8:30 a.m. CST

Links and passwords necessary to take part in the Elvis Insiders pre-sale will be posted on the Elvis Insiders Forum closer to the pre-sale date. You must have a valid Elvis Insiders membership number in order to be part of the ticket pre-sale. Not an Elvis Insider? Join today to make sure your seats are among the best in the house at all the events.

For a complete list of Elvis Week events, click here. For more details on when and where to purchase tickets when they go on sale click here

(News, Source: EPE)

35 years ago today, Duke Bardwell ended his association with Elvis with a waterpistol fight on stage:

Photo: Las Vegas, March 1975

On April 1, 1975, Elvis ended yet another engagement at the Las Vegas Hilton.  The past 6 or so months had not been easy for him. Some of the fall ’74 shows had been disastrous, with especially the infamous College Park shows being a “red flag moment” for many in the Presley organisation. The star had also turned 40 recently, which had resulted in headlines like “Fat and 40” and “What’s Ahead For The Aging King”. Nevertheless, despite the fact that this engagement had been postponed from its original January date due to a hospitalisation, Presley was actually in fine form during these Vegas shows, giving solid, entertaining shows with a generous dose of new material.

For Duke Bardwell, Elvis’ bassplayer since January ’74, this engagement marked the end of the line, and there was a definite sense of relief on Duke’s part: “It’s like when you’re in a relationship that you know is really not going well, and the longer you stay in, the worse it gets for everybody”. Elvis had sometimes belittled Duke openly on stage because of his bassplaying, and naturally Elvis’ at times crass comments had been a source of embarrassment for Duke.

Reflecting upon the situation today, he comments:  “I ain’t no Jerry Scheff. There is no other Jerry Scheff. But I was trying to do a good job, and be as professional about it as I could. Jerry Scheff IS a bassplayer – that’s what he does. I was a guitarplaying songwriter who just happened to play some bass and got lucky!”.  If it was checking-out time, then at least Duke did it with a bang – or rather, with a splash! During that final show, he emptied the entire contents of a waterpistol on Elvis’ chest, much to the latter’s surprise. You can see Duke talk about the waterpistol fight here:


Despite the fact that working with Elvis hadn’t always been easy, Duke still talks about him with great affection: “I never stopped loving him. To me, he was the Elvis of the 50s and I was always looking for that in him. That energy, that mysticism and all of that. I knew that what I had there in '74/'75 wasn't necessarily all that, but there was enough of him still there. I was crazy about him”.

Duke will be touring Europe in May 2010 as part of ‘The Original Elvis Tribute 2010’. For a complete overview of the shows, please go to: www.elvisnews.dk (News, Source: Arjan Deelen)

BMG Takes Over Cherry Lane: The Bertelsmann-BMG Rights Management has continued to participate on a buying spree. The music publisher acquires the New York record label Cherry Lane Music Publishing The rights by Cherry Lane include approximately 66,000 titles, including the songs of Elvis Presley, the Sex Pistols and Mariah Carey.

According to the company a binding agreement has already been made. The purchase price will be approximately 85 million U.S. dollars. With the purchase of Cherry Lane BMG Rights nearly doubled its revenues.

With the ailing music company EMI BMG has already identified the next takeover target. According to media reports BMG has joined forces with the rival Warner Music to place a bid for EMI. The talks are still at an early stage. (News, Source: Elvis Club Berlin/EP Gold)

Sale of EPE Update: "CKx Inc., the company that controls Elvis Presley Enterprises and Graceland, says it is in discussions regarding a sale of the company.

In a statement released early this week, CKx said it would not elaborate on the terms of the “possible transaction.”

CKx owns and develops entertainment content, and its properties include the rights to the image and likeness of Elvis Presley, Graceland operations, and the rights to the name, image and likeness of Muhammad Ali , and the American Idol series in the U.S.

The company's statement followed a report Friday by the Wall Street Journal, which said the company was close to selling itself to the private equity firm, One Equity Partners, which offered $6 a share. CNBC also reported this morning that the company is being acquired by one of its equity partners.

Graceland is still a moneymaker and tourist magnet, but the iconic home's attendance and revenues were virtually flat last year. The Elvis Presley home and related facilities turned an operating profit of nearly $4.9 million, up about 21 percent from 2008, corporate owners said in an annual report filed Tuesday.

But from all indications, 2009 was pretty much a holding pattern as owners worked through a much-ballyhooed redevelopment plan. Attendance was up 1.2 percent from recession-battered levels in 2008, while revenues were down 1.6 percent.

Referring to a $250 million plan that could include new hotels, visitors center, attractions and shops, the corporation, CKx Inc., "remains committed to the Graceland redevelopment and will continue to pursue opportunities on its own or with third parties," the report said.

CEO Robert F.X. Sillerman, who paid $100 million for an 85 percent stake in the Presley estate in 2004, unveiled ambitious plans in 2007. Other CKx holdings include TV shows "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance," and attractions associated with Muhammad Ali.

Graceland redevelopment planning took a hit last March when the company ended an agreement with a spinoff corporation, FX Real Estate & Entertainment, that was to have developed hotels here and in Las Vegas.

Preliminary design work was scrapped "due to current economic conditions and a lack of certainty as to exact scope, cost, financing plan and timing of this project," the report added.

Company spokesman Ed Tagliaferri said Tuesday, "As Mr. Sillerman has previously indicated, we were working on coming up with a new and exciting design. We continue to move full steam ahead on that." Memphis government and tourism officials said they believe the project is on track.

"I'm confident it is going to happen," Mayor A C Wharton said. "Mr. Sillerman has assured us of his commitment. We are in the final stages of the planning process. It's a real game-changer. It will be one of the most significant developments we've seen in a long time."

City Council chairman Harold Collins said, "As far as being on schedule, I'm not sure they ever said they had a schedule. They have brought in their design people to look at the area. They have not fully decided when they are going to release that or get the design people's finished product."

Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau president Kevin Kane said, "What I'm hearing is they're still very committed to the Memphis project. A delay, if there was one, was because of the economy and other things they were working on in Vegas."

Other attractions claim higher attendance, but Kane said nothing equals the Presley home for out-of-region visitors. "It's the one sure-fire amenity that Memphis obviously is recognized and famous for all over the world," he said. The redevelopment "will enhance not only the visitor's experience to Graceland, but it will probably be a vehicle that will increase the number of visitors to Graceland," he added.

Graceland visitor numbers:

2009: 542,728

2008: 536,196

2007: 612,541

2006: 554,193

2005: 551,292

EIN Comments: Since we published news of the possible sale of EPE by Robert Sillerman's CKX organisation, EIN has received numerous enquiries as to what the sale means for the running of EPE and Graceland. A few comments:

  • Lisa Marie continues to own Graceland (the home)
  • Business sales are not uncommon.  CKX has owned EPE for 8 years which is a reasonable time
  • As we stated in 2002 with an upfront purchase price of US$100m and a likely net return of between $5m and $10m, the sale/purchase represents a long term investment
  • The redevelopment of the area around Graceland must now be questionable until the strategic business direction of a (potential) new owner is known. 
  • Major change in the short term is unlikely as the current business model returns a healthy profit
  • It has been suggested a prime driver of the sale is a desire to move CKx from a public to a private company

For more of the latest news on the sale, visit EIN's comprehensive "Sale of EPE" news and information Archives

Elvisly Yours FORCED to "Leave the Building":  Elvisly Yours has had a shop in London for 30 years and has been at 233 Baker Street, London NW1 6XE for ten years and is a London landmark. We are even on “the knowledge” for London cabbies Over the years we have organised dozens of promotions attracting worldwide publicity for London and Britain and raising £thousands for the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre in memory of my darling wife, Maureen.

Now we are being kicked out by new landlords, an overseas company who are probably Barry Manilow lovers.

We were informed by our previous landlords that new landlords Airdeny Ltd (British Virgin Islands) had bought the premises. We never heard a word from them until their law firm Fladgate LLP served papers on us 24th March 2010 to vacate the premises 25th March 2010 at our lease expiry. We threatened to get an Injunction to delay or stop the repossession and were given an extension for five days. The new landlords are Ali al-Faraj and Yoram Yossifoff…names sound familiar? Ali al-Faraj was the previous owner of Portsmouth FC until he defaulted on a loan to buy the club. Yoram Yossifoff was also connected with Portsmouth FC and apparently was a previous owner of Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Having “put a gun to our heads” with the threat of immediate repossession they then demanded £50,000.00 per year rent. This is a 425% increase in rent on our previous lease. We offered to pay rent well above the market rate and £10,000.00 per year more than we were paying but the offer was rejected. You know, nothing has changed since the times of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham as landlords still have ridiculous power. You cannot lease shop space in London without signing away your rights to Landlords so they can kick you out anytime and charge want they want in rent. Either you pay the new rate or they have powers to change the locks of your premises. 

LEAVING PARTY Thursday April 1st Elvisly Yours 233 Baker Street, London NW1 at 12 noon-2pm Photo call with Elvises and celebrity look-alikes There will be a new beginning for Elvisly Yours. Instead of fans coming to us Elvisly Yours will go to the fans with two major worldwide Elvis Shows that have been planned for the past year with several partners. From summer 2010 “The 3 Elvises” Show will tour the world and to be announced in June another massive Elvis Show. Of course, fans will still be able to order our fantastic Elvis memorabilia online at www.elvisly-yours.com  EVERYTHING MUST GO…including display cabinets, display stands…20% off everything…Elvis glasses, mugs t-shirts, books, sketches, badges, calendars, clocks, posters…even our life size bronze statue now reduced to £800,000.00…down from £1 million.

The night I saw Elvis:

"What are these tickets for the MEN doing on my desk?" I asked Mrs B.

"They are a present," she replied.

"From whom?"

"From me to you."

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ungrateful but these were tickets to see Elvis in concert and although I enjoy his music I’m not a devoted fan like Mrs B.

"Err…might be a problem there," I said. "Seeing as Elvis died over 30 years ago."

Opposite: Mrs B. with the King

"Silly boy," said Mrs B as though addressing the class dunce. "He hasn’t stopped touring just because he’s dead."

"Really? Are you still taking your medication?"

"Relax, you’ll love it."

It was a strange experience, I can tell you. Eight thousand ecstatic fans paid over £30 a ticket to watch a film of Elvis in concert while a live orchestra accompanied him on the MEN stage.

Footage from Elvis’s 1970’s Las Vegas concerts zeroed in on band members then cut to the same musicians playing live. One minute they were youthful, longhaired hippies then bald-headed pensioners. A member of his original backing singers was too infirm to stand up. It mattered not one jot the crowd went wild.

When hysterical fans screaming ‘Elvis’ tried to rush the MEN stage I felt like that little boy in The King’s New Clothes longing to tell them it was only a film but I didn’t have the heart.

If they wanted to mob a hologram who was I to intervene?

Mrs B had her photo taken with some guy who clearly believed he was Elvis. When I asked where he was from he replied ‘Memphis’ in a broad Scottish accent.

"We just spent £60 watching an old film," I complained as we drove home.

"You spend that every day on dogs," she shrugged.

It was a fair point. (Elvis The Concert, Source: Vic Barlow, Macclesfield Express)

"Elvis" burglar set for mental evluation: Franklin county authorities have confirmed that a man accused of breaking into a home claiming to be Jesus Christ and Elvis Presley will undergo a mental evaluation. 65-year-old Jean Timms of Gun Town, Mississippi is charged with third-degree burglary, attempted indecent exposure and resisting arrest.

Police were called to a Franklin County home after Timms had apparently exposed himself to the homeowner claiming he was Jesus Christ and was there to have sex with his wife and daughter. Timms was soon arrested, claiming that he was the grandson of Harry Houdini and could not be captured.

Timms was being held without bond at the county jail. (News, Source: wncftv.com)

Elvis the Easter Egg!: Not too long now, and it's time for the annual egg hunt. We already did our homework and found this Elvis Egg. There are Beatles eggs as well, Michael Jackson eggs, Rolling Stones eggs, you name it.

Good or poor taste? We'll leave that up to you, as long as you don't hit it too hard with your spoon.

O, and yes, there's a Fifties Elvis Egg as well, but we'll save that for later. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

Alvin Stardust "My Sweet Elvis" recording on new album: 70s UK rocker (aka Shane Fenton) whose biggest hit was My Coo Ca Choo, is releasing a new album this month. The central new recording is Alvin's tribute to his idol Elvis: My Sweet Elvis. (News, Source: EP Gold/Various)

Alvin talks about Elvis

'Jailhouse Rock' EIN in-depth FTD Soundtrack review: Jailhouse Rock is one of Elvis' key films, and certainly his best "musical". Directed by Richard Thorpe and produced by Pandro Berman it reached #3 of Variety's weekly list of Top Grossing films. Despite being a genuine "musical" in the old MGM sense the film featured only 6 songs and only a Single and Extended Play was released. Of course both the Single and EP went to Number 1 and several CD compilations have since been released. Can FTD really treat us to something worth buying all over again? Who else could write 5,000 words on an old Elvis soundtrack? 

The first CD presents a compilation of 29 highlights divided into The Originals, RCA Alternate Masters, Movie Masters but with only 6 songs can FTD really give us anything new? EIN's Piers Beagley reveals all...

(FTD Reviews, Source;EIN)

Go Backstage with Elvis Presley: EPE suggest that if you have not visited Elvis Backstage 1969, be sure you take some time to browse around the Web site for a fun online interactive experience.
Read Elvis’ personal telegrams, play a few chords on his guitar, look through the clothing on his clothes rack, flip through the Colonel’s scrapbook, and lots more. This virtual experience features rare Elvis memorabilia, photos, artifacts, video and audio clips and much more.
Also, be sure to click on the 'Elvis in Person' poster on the back door for a brand new addition to the site.
Click here to go EPE backstage.

EIN says it takes a while to load but there is a lot of fun to be had. Try it!

(News, Source;EPE)

FTD are working on 1976 Birmingham And Dallas new Release: EIN has reason to believe that FTD is working on the supposed new December 1976 live double-pack. In fact the issue was discussed with EIN as far back as 2002 - so it still may be a few months away!!
Remember that EIN was the first site to tell you about the FTD Jailhouse Rock release back in 2007 - released 18 months later and reviewed above. Back in 2002 Ernst Jorgensen told us at EIN..
Ernst.J – We have the three December 1976 shows and one of them could be the basis of a CD and the highlights from the others. None of them are complete on soundboards because the tapes weren’t long enough for those shows. ... So we will definitely do that in the future."
Go here for EIN exclusive Ernst Jorgensen interviews
(News, Source;EIN)


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