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Wednesday 30 March 2011
'Spanish Eyes: By Request' New Import CD: Gravelroad Music (GRM) returns with yet another great package like ELVIS: GOOD TO BE BACK, this time it's SPANISH EYES: BY REQUEST, Elvis live at the Sahara Tahoe in May 1974.  This absolutely excellent tape, from the Tahoe Friday, May 24, 1974 MS, was the very first available soundboard recording from Lake Tahoe, released in 1995 by Fort Baxter.  At this show Elvis was heard taking a personal request for "Spanish Eyes," not something he did too often... 
Now the performance is presented by GRM at the correct speed, with improved sound and in a super-deluxe package.  Along with a booklet filled with Tahoe '74 facts, photos and detailed liner notes, there is also a reproduction of the rare May 1974 Sahara Tahoe reservation postcard with the color photo of Elvis on back, and another menu-sized, "Your Personal Invitation" card with the invite on the flip-side.  Both of these collectables are very hard to find, and suitable for framing.
GRM would like to consider this YOUR personal invitation to the May 24, 1974 midnight show at the SAHARA TAHOE.  For new fans
the show will be a thrill and for longtime fans, an absolute rediscovery.  This show captures Elvis being happy and giving his best.
Tracklist: 1. C. C. Rider  2. I Got A Woman / Amen  3. Love Me   4. Tryin' To Get To You  5. All Shook Up  6. Love Me Tender  7. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me  8. Hound Dog  9. Fever  10. Polk Salad Annie  11. Why Me Lord (with reprise)  12. Suspicious Minds  13. Introduction of singers, musicians, orchestra  14. I Can't Stop Loving You  15. Help Me  16. Bridge Over Troubled Water  17. Let Me Be There  18. Spanish Eyes  19. Big Boss Man  20. Funny How Time Slips Away  21. Can't Help Falling In Love  22. Closing Vamp
Running time: 62:00
All tracks are 24-bit restored and remastered for a fresh, high fidelity sound.
(News, Source;GRM)

Elvis promoter Jerry Weintraub Doco on TV: A self-made Brooklyn-born impresario, Jerry Weintraub was only 26 when he enjoyed his first great success with Elvis Presley. He went on to work with such legendary musicians as Frank Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond and John Denver.
There is a fascinating documentary about the legendary Hollywood producer, directed by Oscar nominee Douglas McGrath, where Jerry Weintraub, the film producer and personal manager steps out from behind the scenes as he takes his turn in the spotlight with the feature-length documentary HIS WAY. The film premieres Monday, April 4th at 9:00p.m. exclusively on HBO.
His stories about Elvis will be very interesting to hear. Charming, clever, confident, brutally honest, unabashed, unorthodox and sometimes outrageous, Weintraub presents a portrait of a man who was taught early in life to work hard and dream big, to pursue his visions and to never take no for an answer.
However on the Jimmy Fallon talk show yesterday Weintraub talked about the difficulties of setting up his Elvis concert on the July 4th holiday in Miami. The odd thing that EIN noticed was that Elvis only played Miami twice and that was actually in September 1970.
The film debuts on MONDAY, APRIL 4th (9:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT) in the USA exclusively on HBO.
(News, Source;HBO/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Johnny Harra hospitalized: Johnny Harra, the Elvis impersonator who was cast as the 42 year-old Elvis Presley in the 1981 docu-drama 'This Is Elvis' has recently been hospitalized with a blood clot in his lung.
Johnny is going through some hard times right now and friends are asking fans to pray for his good health and a good outcome.



(News, Source;ElvisExpertCoryCooper)

Elvis Presley UK Sun Collection, the lost sleeve notes: An quirky story from author Nigel Goodall. The Elvis Presley Sun Collection was one of the first writing gigs that he undertook on spec for an album. On hearing about the project, he approached Shaun Greenfield, then the RCA product manager in the UK, with his offer to submit some sleeve notes for the 16-track compilation of recordings Elvis had made in the Sun Studios in Memphis between 1954 and 1955. Although RCA had asked Roy Carr of the New Musical Express to write the notes, it was not one hundred percent settled if he would. It was under those conditions and the proviso that if Carr went ahead, they would be featured on the finished album. Unfortunately Carr's sleeve-notes made the album even though Goodall had already delivered them to RCA. The only copy of the notes that Nigel retained was his own personal copy that were printed on a blank white record sleeve, and signed by Elvis in 1976, but regrettably lost during a house move in the early 90s.
For more Elvis UK Album insights Click Here - there are a few other Elvis items listed in the Album section that he has worked on.
(News, Source;NigelGoodall)

Monday 28 March 2011
'Elvis International' magazine New April 2011 issue: Coming soon is the April edition of the EPE officially licensed magazine from Darwin Lamm and Kjell Bjornestad.
This month's edition features stories on 'The White Suit that touched a Nation' plus rare photos from 'Wild In The Country' and more...
(News, Source;ElvisInternational)

"All Time Best" CD released In Germany:The King's World informs us that in Germany the well-known book publishing company "Reclam" has just released the new cd "All Time Best", which we already announced earlier this month. The tracklist is the same as on "Elvis 30 # 1 Hits". The cover design correspondends to the traditional cover design of Reclam's pocket books.
New informations reveal that Reclam, which has never appeared in the music business until now, has started a quite new series called "Reclam Musik Edition", featuring best-of albums of six famous artists. Beside Elvis there are also cds of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Santana and Miles Davis. The series is co-produced by the German Sony Legacy Club and will be expanded in summer of 2011.
The cds are available in book stores as well as in record shops.
(News Source:The KingsWorld)

The Life And Times of J.D Sumner: Our friend Bud Glass has reminded EIN of this interesting book released back in 2009. J.D Sumner was a legend in his own right, before he ever worked with Elvis.
Elvis loved and respected J.D., and confided in him more than most people realize.  I had the privilege of being close friends with J.D. and spent countless hours with him privately. The life he lead, and the things he accomplished were not only  fascinating, but groundbreaking in their time.  J.D. was a true pioneer who not only captured the hearts of many around the world, but also of the young boy who used to go see J.D. perform in the 50's.  That boy, later because the greatest entertainer the world has ever known.  And his music and style was in part, influenced by Southern Gospel music, and specifically by his friend, the Legendary Bass singer,  Mr. John Daniel Sumner.
If you missed out on this book, you may be interested in this, 270 pages, loaded with photos.
You will love this great read ..told by J.D. himself, from his unique perspective. 

(News, Source;BudGlass)

'From Tahoe To Vegas' Import CD Out Now: SR Records have just released "From Tahoe to Vegas" with the focus on Elvis' July & August 1971. From the Publicity Release (the poor grammar is as emailed)
>> This import comes in deluxe long digipack, double CD pack is the second SR release dedicated onto July Tahoe engagement. As SR attitude we present Elvis at the peak of his possibility and without doubt the Lake Tahoe July 1971 season presents Him at the top, of his possibility but in the same time with a sort of continuity in the next month in Vegas He still able to delivery solid shows although shorter overall to the end of the Season. Here are presented three unreleased complete shows in a very good audio quality coming from early generation tapes. Here you have the possibility to listed officially the second show from Tahoe 71 ever in the best audio quality ever…we work on the tape to give you to the possibility to listen with pleasure one of the best show ever of Elvis in the seventy. We are happy and proud of the result we hope you can enjoy too, in spite of the limitation Of the audience recording you can listen in a very

balanced form all the instruments and Elvis super powerful voice. The show is fantastic and the track listing is very interesting with a lot of rare songs as MY BABE, I JUST CAN'T Help Believing and Help ME MAKE THROUGH THE NIGHT and with the unusual conclusion with Bridge over troubled water.. The Other Two Shows coming form August 26 and 27 midnight Show in spite Elvis' starting to feel the tire from both of the season, They are still solid with a superb audio, overall in the August 27 He sound terrific full of vocal energy with a tape with a full sharp sound that give justice to the listener. No surprises on the track list but all the songs are delivered with energy and solid enthusiasm. All tracks were digitally restored for your best possible listening pleasure; the sound quality is incredibly good considering the early period. We are proud to give life to a unique view with almost 120 minutes of great music with Elvis at his best. Again We are happy to give you the possibility to listen for the second time a show from Like Tahoe 71. For the Third time for this label, the double CD will come in a deluxe LONG six panel DIGIPACK, containing a collection of live RARE photographs of both the Seasons. Don't miss it.<<<
EIN however suspects this of being a poor quality copy of a cdr that's been available for years.
Click here to July 24th 1971 concert sound example - Thanks to Ciscoking.
(News, Source;email/FECC/CiscoKing)

Friday 25 March 2011
Elvis USS Arizona Memorial Benefit Show - Golden Anniversary: Fifty years ago today, Elvis Presley helped raise money and directed much-needed attention to the stalled efforts to build the USS Arizona Memorial.
In the late 1950s the US Congress authorized the construction of the memorial to honor the crewmembers entombed when the USS Arizona was sunk during an aerial attack by the Japanese that plunged the United States into World War II. The Pacific War Memorial Commission was tasked with raising $500,000 to build the USS Arizona Memorial.
Ralph Edwards, host of the hit TV series, "This is Your Life," kicked off the public fundraising efforts on his Dec. 3, 1958 show when he featured Arizona crewmember and Medal of Honor recipient Samuel Fuqua. More than $95,000 was raised.
But contributions and attention dwindled over the next couple years, with less than half of the $500,000 raised. Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, read about the stalled efforts in the Los Angeles Examiner.
Presley, who was already scheduled to be in the islands to film "Blue Hawaii," agreed to help by performing a benefit concert. It was his last live stage performance for more than eight years.
On March 25, 1961, the 26-year-old Presley took the stage to an arena packed with 4,000 frenzied, screaming fans who paid anywhere from $3 to $100 a ticket.
Introducing him Rear Admiral Campbell noted, "Our Honored guest tonight is a fine American. He has had many starring roles. In one of these roles, his role as a soldier in the U.S. Army, his performance was outstanding, and it's a great pleasure, to welcome him here, and to present to you... Elvis Presley."
Elvis performed 15 songs that night, including 'Heartbreak Hotel', 'Such
A Night', 'I Got A Woman', 'I Need Your Love Tonight', 'Don't Be Cruel', 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' and 'Swing Down Sweet Chariot'. He ended the show with a rousing performance of "Hound Dog," which included a slide across the stage on his knees. This was the final night that Elvis would wear his famous gold lame jacket on stage.
The concert raised about $54,000, and public and private donations poured in following the show, which received heavy publicity across the country. Hawaii's then-freshman Sen. Daniel Inouye, who today is the most senior member of the Senate, helped secure the final $150,000 to complete the construction during the fall.
"Mr. Presley's role is significant because it brought renewed interest in finishing the memorial and undoubtedly had an influence on the citizens of the United States and our government," Daniel Martinez, Pearl Harbor historian said.
The USS Arizona Memorial was dedicated the following year on Memorial Day — May 30, 1962. The gleaming, white, open-air structure straddles the Arizona's sunken hull, where 1,177 lives were lost. In all, some 2,400 sailors, Marines and soldiers were killed in the attack on Dec. 7, 1941.
Elvis is now being remembered for his contributions as the historic sites at Pearl Harbor enter a new era.
Pacific Historic Parks, in partnership with EPE, will start selling Commemorative T-shirts on Friday for $24.95 to commemorate the iconic crooner's historic benefit concert at Pearl Harbor's Bloch Arena on March 25, 1961. Proceeds will support the educational programs at the USS Arizona Memorial and the new $56 million Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.
"This is one of many examples we have of Elvis' desire to use his talent to help and honor others," Jack Soden, president and CEO of EPE said, "Especially considering his own military service, we're certain this one was especially significant to Elvis."
Click here for the 2011 Commemorative T-Shirt.
ALSO - Go here to the Official Scotty Moore website for a fascinating and very detailed article on the Hawaii Bloch Arena and the USS Arizona Memorial.
Note that the soundtrack to this sensational concert was released on the "Silver box-set" but is scheduled for a future FTD upgraded release.
Click here for the rousing version of ‘Such A Night’ from the benefit show.
(News, Source;HawaiiAdvertiser/ElvisInfoNetwork)

3 Million Fans in 2011 Can't Be Wrong! Another milestone for the King of Rock 'n' Roll! This week Elvis Presley hit the 3 million mark for fans on Facebook. Also, just one week ago, Elvis reached 25,000 followers on Twitter.
Click here to Elvis.com Facebook page.

Meanwhile Click here to EIN's ELVIS Rare Photographs Facebook page - over 2,300 individual members - several of them Elvis' personal friends- and with over 5,800 photos.

(News, Source;EPE)

New Public Domain CD Releases: There are several Public Domain release out now capitalising on the 50-year EU law public domain stretching into 1960.
'Elvis Is Back' - from the Play-24-7 label combining Elvis two 1960 original albums 'Hand In Mine' and "Elvis Is Back" together in their "The Original Masters Collection".
'Simply Elvis' - Another from the Play 24/7 label a 2CD-set in their "Original Masters Collection" series.
'The Complete 59 - 60 Sessions' - From the The Chrome Dreams label combining all of Elvis vinyl releases from the period plus Elvis' performances on the TV show with Frank Sinatra.

Note that if the Sinatra songs came from the BMG "Elvis 60's box-set" then the Public Domain law on this would not apply.

(News, Source;EIN/Elvis75)

'Elvis: The Patriot A Man's Love Of God and Country' - More Info: The Press Release about this new book, taking a brand new look at Elvis' darker period in1976, features a very interesting Kathy Westmoreland interview.
>>> 'Elvis Presley – The Patriot: A Man’s Love Of God And Country. The Summit ‘76: A Triumph Of The Human Spirit' is a 200 page, A5 format soft cover featuring the stunning artwork of Night Rider Designs, beautiful photographs of Bob Heis, and world class photographer Manuel Chavez’s never-before-published shot of Elvis flipping the “f” you middle finger to a heckler at the Summit on 28th August 1976. “The Little Girl With The Beautiful High Voice” joins Rosemary Alden, Sandi Miller and Joseph Tunzi as prominent contributors to this project dedicated to Lisa Marie Presley, the non-conforming, truth-seeking rebel.
The Patriot opens with “The Man In Black, The Memphis Flash & Hollywood Hokum (Walk The Line)” and “Academia & The Media Try, But Fail, To Paint A Patriot As A Pillhead” – 10 pages dedicated to Elvis’ historic meeting with President Richard Nixon. But it’s Chapter 3 that will leave many readers in a state of shock. Numbering 20 pages and entitled “The Hycodan Overdose: Thank God For Blonde Miracles… Enter Sandi Miller,” it thoroughly debunks one of the most damaging drug-based allegations (he furnished prescription-strength cough syrup to a sweet, innocent teenager from San Francisco resulting in her overdose in his Palm Springs bed and emergency hospitalization) lodged against Elvis Presley.
More than five of this chapter’s 20 powerful pages are devoted to Elvis: What Happened?, with two subsections written specifically as useful knowledge for
Lisa Marie Presley: “ ‘Disposable’ People In EP’s Life? Providing A Deeper Understanding For LMP And Oprah Winfrey” and “EP To Whom It May Concern: ‘I am not fucked up. I’ve got a daughter and I’ve got a life.’ ” A lot of good folks admire Kathy Westmoreland and recognize her importance to Elvis, not only in his personal life, but on stage and in the studio.
 On 20th March 2011, Kathy Westmoreland spoke with the author about this forthcoming project and also revealed the biggest heartbreak Elvis suffered in the 70’s.
Darrin Lee: “How much would it hurt or disappoint Elvis if Lisa Marie believed the accusations in the bodyguard book and elsewhere?”
Kathy Westmoreland: “I don’t believe Elvis would survive. He couldn’t live. I think it would just kill him. From my heart, I’m telling you it would crush him more than anything anyone could possibly imagine.”
DL: “There couldn’t be anything worse happen to him than for his daughter to believe the drug accusations?”
Kathy Westmoreland: “No. There could be nothing worse happen to him. I can’t think of anything. There’s nothing else that would hurt him more and Lisa was the only thing he worried about.”
DL: “Did he pretty much say, ‘What’s my girl gonna think?’ ”
Kathy Westmoreland: “Yeah. ‘What’s Lisa gonna think? What’s gonna happen to her? What’s she gonna believe?’ ” That was his big concern. He was just beside himself on realizing that she would be subjected to trying to figure all this out.”
DL: “In all the years that you knew Elvis, Kathy, was this the most hurt – the biggest heartbreak – that you observed?”
Kathy Westmoreland: “It’s the biggest one. It’s the one.”
DL: “Do you recall Elvis asking, ‘What if the public turns against me because of the bodyguard book?’ ”
Kathy Westmoreland: “I think he did say something to that effect, but he knew that he couldn’t please everybody and he would be the first to tell you that. He cared about Lisa. Knowing that Lisa would believe it and be affected by it for the rest of her life – Elvis couldn’t have handled it. He’d have an instant heart attack.”
(News, Source;DarrinLee)

'Elvis Is Back' OUT of the Billboard Album Charts: Unfortunately, 'Elvis Is Back' (Legacy Edition) has dropped out of the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart after only one week.

Very sad news for such a great album.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis' DNA For Sale!:  Celebrity Gene is a brand new Canadian company, the first company in the world to sell pure, viable DNA – from both celebrities and everyday people – in beautiful glass necklace pendants. Celebrity DNA available includes that of the late Elvis Presley, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and Al Capone (50% of original DNA sales of Diana, Elvis and Jackson will go to each celebrity’s favorite charity). Many more celebrity extractions are in the works and announcements will follow. Other services Celebrity Gene provides include preparation of pendants containing the DNA of loved ones or even from cherished pets. Lovers of ancient and extinct cultures may also be interested in Celebrity Gene’s line of DNA products from species including saber-tooth tiger and meglodon.
Extraction and preparation of uncontaminated, intact DNA is an intensely complex job, requiring a very specific skill set. Ancient samples are even more difficult to obtain.
Go here for more info
EIN contributor Brian Quinn ponders. I wonder if they need EPE's permission to undertake such tests? Previously, EPE have refused such requests.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Tuesday 22 March 2011
'Elvis: The Patriot A Man's Love Of God and Country' New book Out Soon: It's been a long time coming but this soon to be released book features the stunning artwork of Night Rider design’s Chris Middleton and photographs from Bob Heis, George Hill (courtesy of Derek Phillips & “Images In Concert”), Keith Alverson and Elvis World’s Phil Gelormine. In addition, the project includes one of the most incredible photographs of Elvis ever captured on film. It's a new look at Elvis in 1976.
World class photographer Manuel M. Chavez was assigned by the Houston Post to shoot The Elvis Presley Show’s sold-out matinee at the Summit on 28th August 1976 and Lord have mercy did he evermore do his job when he caught Elvis in ass kickin’ mode! CLICK HERE for more info
(News, Source: DarrinLee)

Elvis' USS Arizona Memorial Benefit Concert 50th Anniversary Commemoration: The USS Arizona Memorial straddles the sunken battleship and is dedicated to remembering all those who lost their lives in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
More than 4,000 fans attended the concert on March 25, 1961, purchasing tickets ranging in price from $3 to $100. The concert, which featured Elvis Presley and an all-star lineup of entertainers, raised just over $54,000 toward the $500,000 goal. Many public and private donations followed the show, and the USS Arizona Memorial was dedicated on May 30, Memorial Day, 1962.
Back in 1960, initial fundraising efforts to build the Memorial had stalled, with only half of the funds needed raised. In an effort to re-energize the campaign, Hawaii journalists sent out an appeal to newspaper editors across the country asking for editorial support. Elvis Presley and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, read about the effort to raise funds and decided to do a benefit concert in Hawaii to help.
In honor of the 50th anniversary of Elvis' benefit concert for the USS Arizona Memorial, EPE have posted photos and videos.
Click here for photos from Elvis' arrival, the press conference and the concert and watch a video that includes footage from Elvis' arrival in Honolulu for the concert plus his 1968 return visit.
(News, Source;EPE)

'Long Lonely Highway: A 50s Elvis Scrapbook' Classic Book reissue: One of the legendary Ger Rijff’s earliest books, Long Lonely Highway: A 50s Elvis Scrapbook, is being reissued by Diane Publishing in the US on 28 May 2011.   Chock full of great text and archival material the hardcover release features 200 pages.  Barnes & Noble has it for pre-order at the discount price of US $16.87 plus postage.  The book was first published in 1985 with a reissue in 1987.  It is one of Rijff’s most sought after titles! 

Click here to EIN's special on Ger Rijff's Elvis Books


(News, Source: bn.com)

'Golden Boy - 146 Elvis Originals' Public Domain 10cd Box-set!: Isn't it crazy that by 1960 Elvis could have released 146 classic songs that can be packaged into a TEN CD 'Public Domain set in 2011!
I guess it shows the power and musical dominance and creativity of our man.
NOTHING new here...
Release date 21 Feb 2011, From the 'Documents' label.
All for just 10.GBPounds - or US$17 !

Great "Value For Money" or perhaps "The Same Old Rip-Off" Click here to investigate.

 (News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Gospel in the Cathedral: This last weekend in the UK was the special feature of "Elvis In The Cathedral" both in Cardiff as well as Coventry on Saturday. A spectacular live Elvis gospel concert in two incredible venues, starring Elvis Presley's backing singers The Imperials, direct from Nashville.
Elvis' Imperials were joined by the Morriston Orpheus Male Voice Choir and soloist Jenson Bloomer.
Canterbury Cathedral has a rich musical heritage dating back more than a millennium - but last weekend the traditional church music for which it is world famous was replaced with the sounds of Elvis. Elvis was nominated for a total of 14 Grammy Awards but won only three – all for his Gospel recordings. His third Gospel album, His Hand In Mine, a multi-platinum selling release, celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2010 and is still selling in big numbers today.
To mark this milestone, the Elvis' Imperials sang Elvis' favourite gospels at the Cathedral. The group was in perfect vocal shape and they did a great job. Congratulations to all, the standing ovations were well deserved! Or as one of the fans put it: "These Guys are fantastic and some of the best you will meet in the ELVIS world. I was there to see this and found it a very emotional night!"
Click here to the Cathedral YouTube clip.
(News, Source;ElvisMatters/EIN)

Sunday 20 March 2011

Special Guests Announced for 2012 Elvis Cruise: The EPE January 2012 Elvis Cruise will feature even more entertainers than any previous Elvis cruise! Among the more than 40 entertainers on board the cruise will be internationally known recording artists Terry Mike Jeffrey and Andy Childs, 12 of the worlds most talented Elvis tribute artists, Elvis’ Imperials, the Holladay Sisters who backed up many of Elvis’ hits in the late 1960s, and The Memphis Boys, who were Elvis’ session players on his American Sound Studio recordings. Additional special guests include Elvis’ former music director Joe Guercio, photojournalist Al Wertheimer and ten co-stars from movies like "Kissin’ Cousins," "Speedway," "Girl Happy," and many others.
The cruise, held January 12 to 16, 2012, will help kick off the 35th anniversary year and will sail from Jacksonville, Florida, to Nassau, Bahamas on the Carnival Fascination.
Click here for more Elvis Cruise Info and the list of Cruise Special Guests.

(News, Source;ElvisCruise)

'Elvis and Nancy On The Speedway' Sold Out & Elvis 1956 Book News; Author Paul Lichter has informed EIN that Elvis Presley And Nancy Sinatra On The Speedway has sold out at JAT and so fans better hurry if they want to get a copy for themselves. A manufacturing problem with the bonus compact disc has delayed the shipping of the book and CD by two weeks. My sincere thanks to all Elvis fans for the making this book a success. ElvisUnique has less than 100 copies left that can be purchased at elvisunique.com. Click here.

New 'Elvis '56' JAT book. This is the most exciting Elvis project I've ever been involved in. There are more world premier photographs and extensive coverage of the year Elvis changed the world than has ever been attempted before and I guarantee you Elvis will rock your world like never before in the ground-breaking history-making Paul Lichter, Joseph A. Tunzi JAT book.
(News, Source;PaulLichter)

Annette Day In UK Elvis OEPFC Event: Elvis' co-star in the film Double Trouble Annette Day will be the special guest at the charity Elvis Presley Fan Club event on June 18th, at Sachas Hotel in Piccadilly, Manchester. Annette was spotted selling antiques on her father’s market stall in the Portobello Road, London by Judd Bernard a scout for film producer Norman Taurog. Within six months the 17 year-old was acting opposite Elvis Presley in the cross-channel comedy film 'Double Trouble'.
Annette Day will be interviewed about her work with Elvis and the time that she spent with him in Los Angeles,
Click here for details.


(News, Source;OEPFC)

'Elvis Is Back' Enters Billboard Album Chart: 'Elvis Is Back' (Legacy Edition) enters the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart at No.199 for week ending 26th March.
It is also No.29 on Billboard’s Top Catalog albums.
EIN contributor Brian Quinn notes that, "I thought it would have done much better considering it has been in and around the Amazon Top 100 Albums mark for several weeks. Hopefully, it will improve next week."
So do we!

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Priscilla Presley on "Entertainment Tonight" & "The Talk": Priscilla Presley made two television appearances this week. She joined the ladies of CBS' "The Talk" for a candid conversation about her close friendship with daughter Lisa Marie, and what it was like to be married to the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Priscilla also appeared on CBS' "Entertainment Tonight," where she shared stories about picking out items for Elvis' stage wardrobe, how she would like to see the Fox show "Glee" do an Elvis-themed episode, and her opinion of Justin Bieber.
Click here to see the ET Interview and here to "The Talk" Interview.

(News, Source;EPE)

New Shawn Klush Tour Dates and Las Vegas Announcement: EPE has officially licensed our upcoming event at the same location where Elvis made History, The Las Vegas Hilton. It will be bigger and better than ever with many new great additions and surprises. The dates are definite July 28th – July 30th, 2011. The new name of the event is "The Las Vegas Elvis Fest" (Heart of the King) We will inform you in advance, prior to the general public, when tickets will be on sale. There will also be a special discount code for Shawn Klush fans. We are in massive meetings over schedules, activities, prices, special guests and so much more. Tickets should be on sale in about a week. Performing in the same room where Elvis made history, with much of the same cast, is very special to Shawn and the guests will include Elvis’ Imperials, the Sweet Inspirations, DJ Fontana, Joe Esposito, Sammy Shore and so much more. Don’t miss the Elvis Event of the Year. Vegas here we come!
Shawn is touring the next few months and from July 22nd Shawn returns to headline the largest Elvis fest in Collingwood, Canada.
Click here for more info
(News, Source;ShawnKlush)

Thursday 17 March 2011

New Elvis Movie Confirmed: It has been confirmed in today's Financial Times that Simon Fuller of XIX Entertainment is financing a movie based on Elvis' rise to fame to be made by Sony Pictures Entertainment. EIN contributor Brian Quinn suspects this will be based on Peter Guralnick's 'Last Train To Memphis'.

A new positive movie about Elvis' sensational beginnings would be great for all Elvis fans. With big names involved in financing it will be interesting to see how this one pans out. The main problem will be getting the right actor to portray Elvis. And no confirmation so far as to whether it be a TV only production or one for the regular film circuit.


(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

'Matinee Majesty' new Import CD: In a few days, Straight Arrow will release a new CD called 'Matinee Majesty' (SA 2011-19-02) as recorded at the Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island, Saturday, June 26th, 1976, 2:30PM.
Unlike many other concert recordings from 1976, this one is quite enjoyable. It was Elvis' 2nd show of the tour and he was still full of energy and in fine voice. Most of songs are performed well, including the oldies. The highlights, however, are ballads like "And I Love You So", "Love Letters", a double dose of "Hurt" and a majestic performance of the 2nd national anthem, "America The Beautiful".
The fidelity and clarity of this STEREO audience recording is excellent. We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised with such a topnotch recording of a very upbeat performance from what is generally known as a troubled year for our man. As you've come to expect from Straight Arrow, the producers managed to get the best possible source - an original tape was obtained from a person who WAS THERE. This recording was completely restored and the
sound was enhanced for the best possible listening pleasure.
The CD package is completed with a 16-page booklet, including a collection of photos from the Providence matinee show and a very positive press review of the show.
"Matinee Majesty" will be released in March, 2011. Don't miss your chance to obtain another cool show from The King. It is a magical prequel of another Providence concert, the one from May 23, 1977, released by Straight Arrow just a few weeks ago!
Click here for details and tracklist.
(News, Source;SA)

Vegas hotel which hosted Elvis, Sinatra and The Beatles to close in May: Elvis Presley Examiner Trina Yannicos reports that the Sahara Hotel, one of the few original Las Vegas hotels still standing, announced on Friday that it would be closing its doors this May. The Sahara, which opened in 1952, is located at the end of the Vegas strip, a substantial distance from all the new mega-resorts which now make the Sahara seem outdated.
Back in the 1950s and 1960s, the Sahara was one of the top hotels in Vegas. Many celebrities would stay there when visiting Sin City including Elvis Presley and The Beatles.
Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack were some of the many legendary singers who performed at the Moroccan-themed Sahara. Many scenes from the original film version of Ocean's Eleven starring the Rat Pack were also filmed at the Sahara.
Elvis Presley stayed at The Sahara on several occasions, most notably during the filming of "Viva Las Vegas" in 1963. He reportedly stayed in the Presidential Suite during the filming with co-star and love interest, Ann-Margret.
The Beatles stayed at the Sahara in 1964 when they performed in concert at the Las Vegas Convention Hall on August 20, 1964. Since they couldn't go hang out in the casinos for fear of being mobbed by fans, slot machines were brought up to The Beatles' rooms so they could get a taste of Vegas.
To commemorate the Beatles historic visit, the Sahara opened "The Beatles Suite", part of the Sahara's Vintage Suite Collection. The room is decorated with retro furnishings reminiscent of the 1960s.
If you want to experience one of the last historic hotels in Vegas, you have until May 16, 2011, when the Sahara closes for good. - Click here for more images
(News, Source;Examiner.com)

"The Elvis Today Blog" new Book: What is probably the first Elvis blog book is now available. Thomas Melin, author of the blog Elvis Today, has collected the first 271 posts he penned, from August 16, 2007 to January 8, 2010, in a volume for sale on blurb.com.
“I've always wanted to write a book, especially about Elvis. Having blogged for a couple of years now, I realized I've sort of written one already,” says Thomas Melin, a public relations officer living in Sweden.
When he set the blog up back in 2007, the subject was a given. There were, and still are, a lot of websites covering news related stuff about Elvis, but no one was writing about Elvis from a personal point of view. With a few exceptions, that is still the case, which in a way is a bit surprising, taking Elvis popularity into account.
“It's like I write on my blog, I’ve been an Elvis fan for more than 30 years now. I guess not a day goes by without him taking part in my life in some way or the other. That’s what the blog is all about. It's great fun writing for Elvis Today, and it still amazes me all the things there are to tell. The well of Elvis never runs dry, it seems. But it wouldn't be half as fun if I didn't know that what I write is read by fans such as myself,” says Thomas Melin.
The Elvis Today Blog book is available on blurb.com for US $9.95
Click here for a preview of the book.
(News, Source;TMelin)

Monday 13 March 2011
'Aloha' voted in NME's 50 greatest live albums of all time 2011: The hip UK music magazine New Musical Express has this month voted Elvis' 'Aloha From Hawaii' as one of the best "Greatest live albums of all time".
Placing Elvis at #30 it states.. 
'Aloha From Hawaii' Recorded: Honolulu, 1973. Why it's so good: This gig was broadcast live via satellite, and was the most watched broadcast by an entertainer in TV history, airing in more than 40 countries. At the time, the event was also the priciest entertainment TV special, costing $2.5 million."
Elvis is in good company as the highest placed albums were...
1. Thin Lizzy - 'Live And Dangerous' 1977, 
2. Neil Young & Crazy Horse - 'Live Rust' 1973
3. The Who - 'Live At Leeds' 1970
4. Radiohead - 'I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings' 2001
5. Johnny Cash - 'At Folsom Prison', May 1968.
(News, Source;NME)

Elvis & the NEW 'Hawaii Five-0' connection: Elvis always loved Hawaii, the people and the country, choosing it as his favourite holiday destination. Elvis performed his biggest concert ever in Hawaii, loved the original Hawaii Five-0 TV series and was good friends with "Steve McGarrett" actor Jack Lord.
Interestingly the popular new series of Hawaii Five-0 also has an Elvis connection.
In 1975 Elvis was dating girlfriend Sheila Ryan - but by the summer she had met actor James Caan and would soon tire of Elvis' on-tour demands. Sheila Ryan married James Cann in early 1976 and in August they had a son Scott Andrew Caan.
It is Scott Caan who plays the new "Danno" Williams in the 2011 CBS television series.
Go here to EIN's spotlight Elvis & Jack Lord - a special friendship:
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

New Spankox Remix Album & Single: The new Elvis Presley “Re:Volution” album including 12 never released before newly remixed Public Domain tracks sung by the King of Rock’n’Roll will be released in May 2011.
Remixed by Agostino Carollo "Spankox" who was recently prosecuted by EPE for copyright issues.
The promotion states that.. "The first single, a stunning and amazing new version of “Big Boots” that seems to be sent directly by Elvis from Heaven to his fans, will be released on iTunes on March 9, 2011.
  The song, an instantly catchy and radio-friendly tune that works very well on the dancefloor, can be already heard on iTunes and on YouTube. It is already generating rave reviews because of the exceptional clarity of the voice of the King (it really seems it’s a contemporary recording) and the top quality of the production and of the new musical arrangement"

EIN however believes that this could be revenge against EPE since the original song from G.I Blues was plain  ghastly - and this version is a total stinkeroonie! The "new generation" of Elvis fans do not need to hear this old poop! Elvis would NOT be sending this from Heaven!
Click here to check it out - Don't say we didn't warn you!
(News, Source;Spankox/EIN)

New Elvis Exhibits at Graceland: EIN contributor Trina Yannicos has sent us more info on the new Graceland exhibits...
>> The media team from Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion is currently on the road promoting three new exhibits about Elvis. Kevin Kern, Graceland Director of Public Relations, brought along several original Elvis Presley items from the exhibits to spread the word on this rockin' Elvis road trip across the USA.
Kern is promoting the three new Elvis exhibits which have recently opened at Graceland including: "Elvis! His Groundbreaking, Hip-Shaking, Newsmaking Story"; "The Roots of Elvis" and the "Elvis 1956 Interactive Timeline".

Click here to Trina's full article - for Photos of the new exhibits and Elvis Presley artefacts, the interview with Kevin Kern, photos from last year's Newseum exhibit and more.

(News, Source;TrinaY)

Friday 11 March 2011

'Elvis By Special Request '71 At 40' Book Update. More information on the first JAT Publications book devoted to Elvis' November 1971 concert tour. Text and photos provided by Paul Lichter. This deluxe limited edition hardback book by Joe Tunzi and Paul Lichter captures the beauty and excitement of Elvis' most exciting and undocumented tour. Over 250 colour and black/white stunning world premier and rarely seen custom photographs. As a bonus some spectacular photographs of memorabilia from this great Elvis moment in time is included. Elvis '71 At 40 is your front row ticket to the greatest array of Elvis concert photos ever assembled at one time in one book.
See the revised front cover (still not finalised) and sample photographs and memorabilia below.

Elvis By Special Request '71 At 40 is scheduled for an early summer release.

The book will retail for $69.99.

Click here for SPECIAL prepublication offer at elvisunique.com - only $49.99. This is the lowest price that will be available anywhere and is my way of thanking Elvis' loyal fans for their continued support.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Graceland beat Podcast: Today's Graceland podcast, tell more about the 2011 Elvis Week schedule and how to get tickets, explains how hear which "American Idol" finalist Scott McCreery calls Elvis Presley his major musical influence, and get details on a brand new online art contest that celebrates Elvis in 1956!
Click here to listen to the Podcast.
Click here to Elvis Week 2011 Event Schedule
(News, Source;EPE)

Linda Thompson & Norbert Puttnam to Join TCB European Cruise: The TCB Cruise 2011 takes place between Sept 14 and Sept 24 on board of the Five Star Cruiser “Norwegian Jade”. Special guests include The TCB Band, Joe Esposito, Jerry Schilling, Dennis Jale, Linda and Sam Thompson. The cruise sails to the Greek Islands Corfu, Santorini, Mycanos, Olympia. Departure & arrival at the harbour of Venice.
Legendary bass-player Norbert Puttnam - or 'Putt' as Elvis called him will now also join the cruise.
Elvis Matters added this greeting from Linda Thompson: "To Elvis fans everywhere. I send you greetings from beautiful Malibu, California! Thank you for your continued love, loyalty and support! I am very much looking forward to the Mediterranean cruise with the TCB band, some of my family, friends and many of the wonderfully devoted fans who will be on board with us. See you in September! With TLC, Linda."
Click here for more TCB Cruise information.
(News, Source:ElvisMatters)

Financial 'Trouble' for CKX and Graceland: Elvis may have banking issues as CKX Inc which owns the rights to the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley as well as the operations of Graceland, has announced they are holding off on the ambitious $250 million plan to redevelop the late singer's estate after reporting a wider fourth-quarter loss.
With CKX, the company that controls the Elvis Presley brand and Graceland, posting a loss in 2010, it appears plans to redevelop the legend’s former home are on hold. An expanded visitors center, merchandising shops and, potentially, a new hotel, will not be coming to Graceland any time soon.
Attendance at Graceland dropped 4.4 percent to 518,940 visitors last year, down from 542,728 in 2009, according to the filing. Revenue from the attraction fell slightly to $36 million as higher merchandise sales helped offset the slump in visitors.
The overall Elvis business, including royalties and licensing, fell 5.4 percent to $57.3 million, the regulatory filing said.
In 2005, CKX, which owns 85 percent of Elvis Presley Enterprises, announced a makeover of the 13.5 acre estate in Memphis, to include an expanded visitor center, more shops and a potential new hotel.
Last year, CKX hinted that the massive project would be scaled back because of the tough economy.
(News, Source;NYP)

‘Café Europa Sessions' release Delayed until May: This special MRS 4 CD-Set/100 page book contains nearly 4 hours of Elvis’ officially UNRELEASED studio takes from the ‘Café Europa’ sessions, recorded for the movie ultimately titled G.I.Blues.
The audio contained here include the Master recordings from the original soundtrack album ‘G.I.Blues’ plus, hours of alternate takes of all songs, with all the Elvis studio banter intact and, instilling new insight and live atmosphere into the complete making of this historic movie soundtrack.

In addition to these rare recordings, the set includes a 100 page book entertained with pages of unreleased photographs, memorabilia and goes behind the scenes. Amazon now announces the book's release as early May 2011.

(News, Source;Amazon)

'Elvis In Vegas' Book update: As EIN noted below, Paul Lichter's Elvis In Vegas book will be in book stores on September 29, 2011 and is presently being offered for $23.10 instead of the retail price of $35.00 by Amazon. As had been reported on websites for the past couple of years this book was to be 600 pages and 1,000 photographs. Owing to the recent bankruptcy of Borders Books in the US and the worldwide poor economy the book is now being released in hardback with 288 pages, 300 colour photographs and 75 black/white. The extensive souvenir section is where most of the editing has occurred. This section contained over 300 pieces of Vegas memorabilia and may be released in the future as a separate book. Paul Lichter's Elvis in Vegas features extensive text on all of Elvis' Las Vegas experiences as well as detailed and comprehensive information on every show, every song and every jumpsuit plus incredible rare and, in many cases, unseen photographs.

(News, Source;PLichter)

'Leaving Jackson On Fire' New Venus Release: Venus Productions will soon release their third  book / CD set as a beautiful hardcover book and featuring the soundboard recording of June 9, 1975 evening from Jackson, MS in great sound quality. This show has been previously released 15 years ago under the title ''Cut 'Em Down To Size''. No doubts several fans missed it back then but well worth the wait as this new packaging is superbly presented and in great sound quality.
Like ''Black Angels In Vegas'' and ''Bringing It All Back Home" this set includes many beautiful colour photographs and liner notes spread over 80 pages.
1- Intro; 2- See See Rider ; 3- I Got A Woman / Amen ( sp ) ; 4- Love Me ; 5- If You Love Me, Let Me Know ; 6- Love Me Tender ( false start ) / All Shook Up ; 7- Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel ; 8- Hound Dog ; 9- The Wonder Of You ; 10- Polk Salad Annie ; 11- Introduction of the vocalists, John W. and James Burton ; 12- Johnny B. Goode ; 13- Drum solo ; 14- Bass solo ; 15- Piano solo ; 16 -Introduction of Charlie H., Voice and Joe Guercio ; 17- School Day ; 18- T-R-O-U-B-L-E ; 19- Why Me Lord ; 20- Let Me Be There ; 21- An American Trilogy ; 22- Funny How Slips Away ; 23- Mystery Train / Tiger Man ; 24- Help Me Make It Through The Night ; 25- Can't Help Falling In Love / Closing vamp
Tracks 1 & 2 : June 10, 1975. Track 3 : June 10, 1975 with ending spliced from June 9, 1975.
See EIN's recent review of the excellent Venus set 'Bringing It All Back Home'
(News, Source;Venus)

'Scope´s Hope – Elvis Sells Out' New Import CD: The brandnew BSM Label brings you an audience recording of Elvis Presley´s show in Norfolk, Virginia of July 20, 1975 - 2:30PM (Matinee Performance). The cd has a running time of 79:50 min! The summer tour of 1975, with the exception of the final five city tour of 1976, can easily be considered the last great stand Elvis made. He was healthier, happier, and less distracted by his personal life on stage than he had been in 1973 and 1974. Back was an Elvis filled with happiness to be touring. He was having a very good time with slightly different setlists, his good ole´ TCB band, and the audience. He also pulled out many rare songs, even songs he had never performed live before, and mixed up his set list quite a bit on this summer tour. He was singing with power and inspiration.
Especially in this Norfolk matinee performance he did an extremely powerful version of 'How Great Thou Art' and a rare "Promised Land". So have fun and enjoy the first release by BSM! Every copy of this cd comes with an 20 page booklet full of information regarding the show PLUS an extra poster containing the photo from the front cover of the cd booklet!
Go here to EIN's Elvis CD News 2011 for track details.
(News, Source;FECC)

'An Afternoon In The Garden' back in Billboard Charts yet Again! The album 'An Afternoon In The Garden' has re-entered the Billboard Album Charts (again) at No.172 for week ending March 19th.
Back in February it went to #137 on the Top 200 Album Charts and #16 on the Catalog Album Charts.
EIN contributor Brian Quinn suspects this was due to the recent 'Elvis In Concert' productions and other concert interest.
We are informed that the album is on sale for $5, along with others, at such stores as Walmart.
Click here to buy for only US$10 from Amazon
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Tuesday 8 March 2011
New Exhibits at Graceland: This month the 'Elvis! His Groundbreaking, Hip-Shaking, Newsmaking Story' opens. This exhibit was created by the Newseum, the interactive museum of news in Washington, D.C., in partnership with EPE. Dozens of additional artifacts have been added. Audiences can experience the power of Elvis' impact on the media. This exhibit explores how Elvis' music and physicality pushed the boundaries of free expression at a time when America was experiencing deep generational shifts.
In January Graceland opened the Elvis in 1956 Interactive Timeline. Highlights from this exhibit include: Elvis’ 1st gold record "Heartbreak Hotel," his 1st Gold album," the hotel bill for Elvis' 1st performances in Las Vegas, his 1956 Gibson J200 (which is the oldest guitar in the Graceland collection) and rarely seen photos and video footage capturing the year that skyrocketed Elvis to stardom. This exhibit is featured in the Graceland Trophy Building.
Another exhibit just opened is 'The Roots of Elvis Exhibit'.
FOX Studio10 got the inside scoop - Click here for the FOX 10 Graceland video & full story
(News, Source;Fox10)

Three New PD iTunes Releases: Out on March 1 2011 are three new iTunes releases, supposedly on the Svetlana Novojilova Shulguina Label! All Public Domain songs.
Check iTunes for details.

(News, Source;iTunes)

New Elvis Auction Coming Up: Elvis Matters reports on another Elvis auction coming up on March 16 & 25th - from GottaHaveRockandRoll auctions. The Elvis Presley collection includes film and stage worn costumes from the 50s, 60's – 70’s, jewelry, his Karate Gi, handwritten items and more.
The Karate gi is one of only six Elvis Presley owned and worn known to exist. Elvis gave it to his friend and valet Alan Fortas. Valued at $7000 -8000
Of particular interest is this Elvis On Tour navy blue IC costume shirt with yellow scarf. A solid navy silk hand tailored shirt with high collar with hand top stitching with six button front opening with elastic gathering at the forearms and at the wrists. Valued at $4000 - 5000
Click here to see the whole ELVIS selection
The auction will open on 16 March 2011
(News, Source:ElvisMatters/EIN)

Rare 1956 Elvis Ticket on Ebay: A fabulous collector's piece - and ORIGINAL October 11th, 1956 ELVIS PRESLEY concert ticket, for the show held at Cotton Bowl Stadium, in Dallas, TX. This is from one of Elvis's earliest concerts - he was a mere 21 years old! Authenticated by PSA! Elvis tickets are the most commonly reproduced entertainment tickets in existence. Here is your chance to own an original, which has been certified by PSA, the world's leading ticket authenticator! In addition, this ticket comes with original newspaper clippings/photographs of the event.

Yours for US $3,495.00 ( - with Free Shipping!!!)
Go here for info and press cuttings.



(News, Source;ElvisMatters)

Saturday 5 March 2011

Elvis By Special Request - '71 at '40: A new JAT publication to be released in May 2011, with over 150 photographs in color and black & white from the November 1971 Tour, many unpublished.... a must for any Elvis fan.
Note: cover shown is not finalised.

Click here to www.jatpublishing.com  for the on-line special offer.

(News, Source:JosephTunzi)

'Vegas Variety Vol. 5' new Import CD: Rainbow Records is back with a brand new release and it is the 5th volume in the popular "Vegas Variety" - series. You won't believe what you´ll hear – expect the unexpected!
Question: How many concerts do you know where Elvis performed a medley of "Hound Dog - I've Lost You - Hound Dog"? You don't have to answer. Just let us know if you can imagine a Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck- and Glen Campbell- impersonation by Elvis on "Polk Salad Annie" (at a later part of the song) where he finally says "Me", impersonating himself and receiving rapturous applause. Or a totally crazy version of "You´ve Lost That Lovin´ Feelin´" where Elvis changes the lyrics like this: "You Never Close Your Legs…" And probably an even more crazy short, funny and much to fast version of "Love Me Tender".
Not to mention that hearing another mindblowing "Blue Suede Shoes - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Blue Suede Shoes" Medley from 1970 is simply breathtaking. It is also a real surprise that Elvis is able to do such an incredible rundown on "Bridge Over Troubled Water" just a couple of minutes later.
You may still wonder what makes this concert so special? Well, obviously the fact that this show has happened and until now all the

Elvis books did not know about it and have miscalculated the total shows for Elvis 3rd Vegas engagement. The fan who recorded this show labeled the tape as "September 6, 1970 - 3 AM" being the 3rd Show of that day. We have no reason to doubt this.
It's pure Elvis. He's raw and wild, crazy and weird but funny all the time. It seems he's just enjoying whatever he is doing on stage. Rainbow Records was able to work from the original tape from the fan who also recorded the previously released November 12, 1970 show called "The Essence of Energy". So you know what to expect soundwise - but anyhow the content will blow you away!
As always you can expect a high quality 20 pages booklet with never before seen memorabilia from the International Hotel, with rare photos and an interview with "That's The Way it Is" producer Denis Sanders.
Go here to EIN CD News for full tracklisting.
(News, Source;Rainbow)

New Elvis Magazines: Our friends at Elvis News report that 2 new magazines are out this week. First and best of them all: Elvis - The Man And His Music. This 91st issue has a very nice article on the original recordings of some of Elvis' 70's recordings. Furthermore there is an interview with Johnny Christopher, writer of a couple of songs Elvis recorded, a closer look on Hawaii '61. Of course the regulars are present too: news, letters and reviews, among those a huge review (and a very good one) of Boxcar's The Final Curtain.
The second mag this week is ElvisMatters #32. As always the presentation is beautiful. The magazine foucsses on the news and this issue has extra room for the recent deaths of Myrna Smith and Sherill Nielsen. Furthermore there is a Dutch translation of the EIN review of The Complete Masters set.

(News, Source;ElvisNews/ElvisMatters)

Strange German Re-Release Of "30 # 1 Hits": The King's World reports that there will be another re-release of the very successful album "Elvis 30 # 1 Hits" in Germany, which appears to be somewhat strange. Obviously the cd will be issued by the publishing company "Reclam", which usually produces books of all kind including many school-books.
The cd is called "All Time Best", but features the same content like "30 # 1 Hits". Release date is March 25th, 2011. Until now we don't have any information, if the cd will be regularly sold at record stores or offered at book stores or will be available by mail order only

(News, Source:The KingsWorld)

Two new MEMORY import CDs out soon! The Memory label is back!
- Burst Of Fire: As recorded live in Las Vegas, NV, at the Hilton Hotel Showroom, August 25th, 1973 Dinner show. 
The first CD is called "BURST OF FIRE" (CD MR 2060-2) and is a solid Las Vegas show with a strong setlist. Among the highlights are "Bridge Over Troubled Water", "Release Me" and "An American Trilogy". Lisa Marie was in the audience and Elvis sings "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" for her. 
This recording was taken from a 1st generation copy of the original audience recorded tape. For the majority of collectors this will be a new, previously unknown show, coming from a recently found cassette! The CD booklet will contain a collection of August/September 1973 photos and liner notes. 
Tracks:  1. Also Sprach Zarathustra, 2. C. C. Rider, 3. I Got A Woman / Amen, 4. Love Me, 5. Steamroller Blues, 6. You Gave Me A Mountain, 7. Blue Suede Shoes, 8. Rock medley: Long Tall Sally / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Mama Can't Dance / Jailhouse Rock / Hound Dog, 9. Love Me Tender, 10. Fever, 11. Bridge Over Troubled Water, 12. Suspicious Minds, 13. Band Introductions, 14. Release Me, 15. Medley: Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel, 16. An American Trilogy, 17. A Big Hunk O'Love, 18. Heartbreak Hotel (incomplete), 19. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (incomplete), 20. Can't Help Falling In Love, 21. Closing Vamp.  Running time: 52:22 
- Elvis At Bay: As recorded live in St. Petersburg, FL, at the Bayfront Center, September 3rd, 1976.  
The second CD is titled "ELVIS AT BAY" (CD MR 2061-2) and dates from a rather uneven Elvis tour. Nevertheless, the last few shows were of a solid standard, compared with the first ones in Houston, San Antonio & Macon. The Bayfront Center performance is one of finest shows of the tour. Elvis is focused, his voice is strong, he’s giving good versions of songs like "And I Love You So", "America", "Polk Salad Annie" & "Hurt". He is also in an exceptionally good mood, joking with Charlie ("I guess they understand how lonely Charlie's been...") and with the audience ("What do you think? I'm the Pope and I'm gonna bless you? No way.")
This recording was taken directly from the original tape obtained from the person who recorded the show. His own memories of the show are presented inside the booklet. All accompanying photographs were taken in St. Petersburg, September 3, 1976.
Tracks: 1. Also Sprach Zarathustra, 2. C. C. Rider, 3. Medley: I Got A Woman / Amen, 4. Love Me, 5. If You Love Me (Let Me Know), 6. You Gave Me A Mountain, 7. And I Love You So, 8. Jailhouse Rock, 9. Help Me, 10. All Shook Up, 11. Medley: Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel, 12. America The Beautiful (with reprise), 13. Polk Salad Annie, 14. Band Introductions, 15. Early Morning Rain, 16. What'd I Say, 17. Johnny B. Goode, 18. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt), 19. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff), 20. Piano Solo (Tony Brown), 21. Electric Piano Solo (David Briggs), 22. Love Letters, 23. School Day, 24. Hurt, 25. Hound Dog, 26. Funny How Time Slips Away, 27. Medley: Mystery Train / Tiger Man, 28. Can't Help Falling In Love, 29. Closing Vamp / Announcements.  
Running time: 68:41
(News, Source;Memory)

Wednesday 2 March 2011..... with TEN big News Stories !
‘Café Europa Sessions' New MRS release: The MRS press release states that, This special 4 CD-Set/100 page book contains nearly 4 hours of Elvis’ officially UNRELEASED studio takes from the ‘Café Europa’ sessions, recorded for the movie ultimately titled G.I.Blues.
The audio contained here include the Master recordings from the original soundtrack album ‘G.I.Blues’ plus, hours of alternate takes of all songs, with all the Elvis studio banter intact and, instilling new insight and live atmosphere into the complete making of this historic movie soundtrack.
These recordings are transferred and processed in 24bit 192k stereo. ALL of the outakes contained in this 4 CD set were NOT published during the 50 year period from when it was recorded. MRS reserves all rights of action against any third party interfering with the lawful distribution of this product.
In addition to these rare recordings, the set includes a 100 page book entertained with pages of unreleased photographs, memorabilia and goes behind the scenes,

with full text and documentation and includes contributions from Ray Walker of the Jordanaires and a forward by Sid Tepper who co- wrote the songs ‘Shoppin’ Around’ and the title song ‘G.I.Blues’.
The four CD set features an incredible 103 tracks.
Click here to order from Amazon, only £28.00 or US$45.
Out EU Wide - 21st March 2011.
Go here to EIN's New 2011 Elvis CD Releases for complete tracklist & more details.
(News, Source;MRS)

'Elvis Sings Guitar Man' new FTD: 'Elvis Sings Guitar Man' is announced as the next FTD release, set for April 6th. As with the classic album releases of 'Standing Room Only' and 'Memphis Tennessee', 'Elvis Sings Guitar Man' is an album that never was, but in our opinion should have been. So here it is.
1) Guitar Man 2:22
2) Tomorrow Is A Long Time 5:24
3) Big Boss Man 2:54
4) Love Letters 2:52
5) Indescribably Blue 2:50
6) Fools Fall In Love 2:08
7) Hi-Heel Sneakers 2:48
8) Down In The Alley 2:54
9) Come What May 2:03
10) Mine 2:39
11) Just Call Me Lonesome 2:08
12) You Don't Know Me 2:32
13) Singing Tree 2:22
14) I'll Remember You 2:48
15) Beyond The Reef (overdubbed version)
16) Guitar Man – takes 1,2,5 4:22
17) Tomorrow Is A Long Time – takes 1,2 6:15
18) Big Boss Man – take 2 3:35
19) Love Letters –take 2 2:53
DISC 2 as always features the Sessions and outakes.
Click here for complete FTD tracklist & details.
(News, Source:ElvisMatters)

20) Fools Fall In Love – takes 1,4 2:40
21) Hi-Heel Sneakers – take 5 4:58
22) Down In The Alley – take 1 3:13
23) Come What May – take 2 2:12
24) Singing Tree – take 1 3:11
25) I’ll Remember You – vocal o' take 2 4:14

'Elvis Live in LA' New FTD: As with 'The Way It Was' and 'Rockin' Across Texas', FTD will release a 5" CD only version of this book project: "Live in LA". (FTD does NOT plan to release "CD only" versions of 'Flashback' and 'Writing For The King').
1: Also Sprach Zarathustra, 2: See See Rider, 3: I Got A Woman/Amen
4: Love Me, 5: Trying To Get To You, 6: All Shook Up, 7: Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel, 8: Love Me Tender, 9: Steamroller Blues, 10: Hound Dog, 11: Fever, 12: Polk Salad Annie, 13: Why Me Lord, 14: Suspicious Minds, 15: Introductions, 16: I Can't Stop Loving You, 17: Help Me, 18: American Trilogy, 19: Let Me Be There, 20: Funny How Time Slips Away, 21: Big Boss Man (San Bernardino May 10 1974),
22: Can't Help Falling In Love (San Bernardino May 10 1974)
Bonus - You Can Have Her (audience recording)
Go here for EIN's review of the 'LIVE in LA' Book/CD
(News, Source:ElvisMatters)

UPDATE - Lisa Marie NOT Moving From England: Lisa Marie has posted the following on Twitter negating the false tabloid reports (as noted in the story below)
Message from Lisa Marie - For the sake of (anglo) clarity
"Reports that I don't like England and am moving back to the US are completely untrue and made up by the same reporter from "The Sun" who has been consistently and relentlessly making up lies and fabrications about me since I moved there last August. For the record and once again, my family and I absolutely adore England and our life in England, There are no plans to move as is being reported." -LMP
(News, Source:BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

'Good To Be Back' CD Review: Elvis was back in top form vocally in late ’75 after a three month relax - and the December 13th, Midnight Show stands out as one of the finest from this engagement. This show was the first soundboard to be released on bootleg back in ’91, causing quite a sensation at the time. 20 years on, Gravel Road Music have re-released the album using renowned ProTools technology to improve the sound quality to the best.
Presented in a stunning digi-pack with numerous photos from the actual show, memorabilia related to this engagement, intelligently written liner-notes packed in a 28 pages booklet. The release also features a special limited 'Concert Tour ’75 Photo Folio' with some totally new color photos in high quality from the '75 Tours.

Go here as EIN contributor Armond Joseph reviews this great release.
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Elvis in Vegas' new Paul Lichter Book: Coming this October will be the new book from Paul Lichter, 'Elvis in Vegas'. Described as 288 pages hardcover. Publisher: Overlook Hardcover, ISBN-10: 1590201876.

Release date October 27, 2011.
List Price: $35.00.
Click here for Amazon Pre Order offer of $26.24.



(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'From Paradise Lost' Elvis Owned Book on Ebay: Everyone knows how spiritual Elvis was. In the 1960's he really became involved in reading spiritual books of all religions vociferously. He often talked with some in the Memphis Mafia about certain books. A coincidence occurred in the 1960's when he talked about a well known book, "From Paradise Lost To Paradise Regained." Shortly after that a fan gave him a copy of this book. He had never met this fan before and she had inscribed it to Elvis with a very nice wish for him.
Elvis had this book for years and from time to time would read it and quote from it. A few years later he gave this book to longtime friend and Memphis Mafia Member Marty Lacker. Marty served as Elvis' co-Best Man at Elvis' wedding. Marty has kept this book that Elvis had given him all these years and in cleaning out one of his book shelves in his home office he came across the book and decided to sell it so some fan could have a personal memento of Elvis, something that belonged to him and used often. Book comes with a letter of authenticity from Marty Lacker.
Click here to Ebay for details and photos.
(News, Source;Ebay)

‘Elvis In The Cathedral’ March special UK events. It’s the last chance to buy tickets for this incredible event - just TWO weeks away! ‘Elvis In The Cathedral’ Cardiff March 18 and Coventry March 19th.
A spectacular live Elvis gospel concert in two incredible venues, starring Elvis Presley's backing singers The Imperials, direct from Nashville.

The Imperials are joined by the Morriston Orpheus Male Voice Choir and soloist Jenson Bloomer, plus the events also feature a VIP party.

Tickets for this very special event are selling fast so if you want the opportunity to see, hear and meet the Imperials in an outstanding location book fast.
Click here to Book now: Concert tickets are £19 - £29


(News, Source;Elvis.co.uk)

Elvis in new 'Record Collector' Magazine: Elvis Features in the new UK Record Collector magazine. The feature story is about "60 Gems from The Ultimate Elvis Presley Collection'.
>>> Later this year, one of the biggest collections of Elvis Presley records in the country – and maybe the world – will be put up for sale. "I’ve reached the end of the road, really. I’ve literally got everything," says proud owner Steve Lacey. "At this stage, there are only a few things that I’m missing and unlikely to get. I’d like to think that there’s someone out there who would buy a collection that has a copy of every single, LP, CD and box set that Elvis has ever released."
Steve started collecting at the (love me) tender age of 11 and, 32 years later, has a complete collection of every record released by Elvis Presley worldwide. "My mum had two Elvis records in the house," he recalls, "which were How Great Thou Art and You’ll Never Walk Alone. I remember the day Elvis died, I was upstairs in my bedroom and she shouted up that he was dead. I played those two records the next day and started collecting on 17 August 1977 – the day after he died.. . .

Click here for info.
(News, Source;RecordCollector)

Budapest to name landmark after Elvis: Budapest's mayor says Elvis Presley will be declared a posthumous honorary citizen of Hungary's capital and a city landmark will be named after him.
Mayor Istvan Tarlos said Wednesday that Elvis will be commemorated because of his support for Hungary in the wake of the short-lived, anti-Soviet revolution of October 1956.
On the city's website, visitors can pick one of 12 locations to be renamed after Elvis, including street crossings, a small square and a site at the foot of Margaret Bridge, which spans the Danube River. Voting closes March 15.
On Jan. 6, 1957, during his last appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show," Elvis sang a gospel standard, "Peace in Valley," which Sullivan said reflected the singer's preoccupation with Hungarians' plight after the uprising.
The city will also rename a landmark for Elvis. Twelve locations are under consideration and the public can vote for their favorite spot until March 15.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

'At Cazzie's House' new Ann Arbor release: The Touchdown label will release the CD At Cazzie's House, containing the show in Ann Arbor on April 24, 1977.  "Feel the excitement of the audibly enthusiastic audience while you're listening to an excellent sounding and complete audience recording", is what the producers say. The CD will hit the street at the end of March.
Tracklisting. 1] Also Sprach Zarathustra, 2] See See Rider, 3] I Got A Woman / Amen, 4] Elvis Welcomes The Audience, 5] Love Me, 6] If You Love Me (Let Me Know), 7] You Gave Me A Mountain, 8] Trying To Get To You, 9] 0 Sole Mio / It's Now Or Never, 10] Blue Hawaii (exc.), 11] Little Sister, 12] Teddy Bear/ Don't Be , ruel, 13] Help Me, 14] My Way, 15] Polk Salad Annie, 16] Band Introductions, 17] Early Morning Rain, 18] What'd I Say - Johnny B. Goode, 19] Ronnie Tutt Solo, 20] Jerry Scheff Solo, 21] Tony Brown Solo, 22] Bobby Odgin Solo, 23] School Days, 24] Hurt (with reprise), 25] Hound Dog, 26] Unchained Melody, 27] Little Darlin`, 28] Can't Help Falling In Love, 29] Closing Vamp, 30] Closing Announcement.
(News, Source;FECC)

Lisa Marie Presley to move out of England: Englis Press are reporting that Lisa Marie has finally decided to quit her $12 million estate in England. Her move is a consequence of her failure to adopt country lifestyle. The singer made California her residence after death of her father in 1977. But she sold her ranch for $9 million last year to move to England. But she has changed her mind in a year and decided to back to US and settle there.
She lives with her husband Michael Lockwood. Last year couple shifted to Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, South East England. She chose this place as it's in vicinity to East Grinstead, Sussex. Its the same place where Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard settled in 1959 after moving out from United States.
A source informed The Sun newspaper, "Lisa Marie thought she'd love life in England but simply couldn't settle. She wanted to get away from Hollywood but ended up missing it. Although she enjoyed the scenery in Kent, the lifestyle wasn't for her".
She spent only 6 months in England, and now planned to move out of the place along with music producer husband Lockwood and their two year old twin daughters, Harper and Finley. Her $8 million estate in England spawns 90 acre and even has its own lake. House is 11-bedroom. It's not yet clear that whether she has put property on sale.
(News, Source;Tribune)

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Australian 'Elvis is Back!' 2-CD Legacy Edition OUT NOW: Despite notifications that the 'Elvis Is Back! 2-CD Legacy Edition' release was delayed one week, it is out now in Australia, and was in the shops February 26th. The Australian version is not an imported version as noted on other Elvis websites.

Two words exploded worldwide on December 19, 1957 – “Elvis Drafted!” – but three words resounded across the universe even more explosively on March 3, 1960: “Elvis Is Back!”  the album that Elvis Presley began recording in Nashville on March 20th, and finished in the legendary overnight session of April 3-4th, is widely regarded as possibly the best album he ever made.
A half-century later, "Elvis Is Back" is now coupled with 1961’s "Something For Everybody," an album he recorded back in Nashville one year later.

Along with one dozen hit single sides recorded (also in Nashville) and charted over roughly the same period of time, the deluxe "ELVIS IS BACK: LEGACY EDITION" is OUT NOW. 
Click here for US order - only US$16. Click here for Australian order - only AU$22 Don't believe other Elvis sites making you pay more!
(News, Source;EIN)

Elvis Week 2011 Tickets on sale: A special ticket pre-sale for Elvis Week Events for Elvis Insiders started today March 1. Apart from the "Elvis Presley LIVE - The King in Concert" as noted below, there are three other interesting events worth checking out.
Saturday August 13
"Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock ‘n’ Roll"- Hosted by Peter Guralnick and Knox Phillips
At the Orpheum, 203 South Main Street, Memphis. This special event will feature a screening of the film "Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock ‘n’ Roll," with Peter Guralnick and Knox Phillips speaking after the presentation. The film, written and co-produced by Guralnick, tells the story of the founder of Sun Records, who discovered and recorded some of the greatest artists of American music in the 1950s, including Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash, among others. The film features rare performance footage and interviews with Howlin’ Wolf, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Ike Turner, Charlie Rich, among others. Following the film, enjoy commentary by Peter Guralnick and Knox Phillips, Sam’s son, as they talk about Sam and share memories. 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Tickets to this event are $10.00.
Saturday August 13
Official Elvis Insiders Event - "Rollin’ on the River"
Have some Elvis fun on the Mississippi on the Memphis Queen III Riverboat. Elvis Insiders are invited to go rollin’ on the Mississippi River for the Elvis Week 2011 event. Enjoy light hors d'oeuvres, dancing, Elvis music and fun with friends and fellow members as you cruise the Mississippi River enjoying the beautiful Memphis skyline aboard the Memphis Queen III Riverboat.
From 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Sunday, August 14
'Southern Gospel Singin’ with Elvis’ Imperials.
At the Graceland Entertainment Pavilion enjoy a celebration of the gospel music Elvis loved with some of the singers who performed as part of Elvis’ Imperials (right). Joe Moscheo and Terry Blackwood, who both performed with Elvis on stage, along with group members Royce Taylor and Darrell Toney, will perform many of the hits Elvis loved. In addition, also performing will be gospel group Soul City from First Assembly of God, Memphis, which was Elvis’ home church for many years.
Tickets are $30.00.
GO HERE for the complete 'Elvis Week 2011 Schedule of Events' scheduled so far and ticket info.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

'Million Dollar Quartet' London review: The new London production of 'Million Dollar Quartet' has received four out of 5 stars in the Guardian newspaper review.
>> "1956 was a momentous year: the Suez crisis, the Hungarian revolution... But it was also a time of cultural upheaval, and this exuberantly nostalgic show recreates the occasion on 4 December when Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins all converged on the Sun Records studio in Memphis for some impromptu music-making.
Though the show pinpoints the eclipse of the Sun and the tensions within the group, such as Perkins's resentment of Presley's refashioning of Blue Suede Shoes, what we see on stage is a celebration; and, if you're of a certain generation, it's a joy to hear once again numbers such as Hound Dog, Great Balls of Fire and I Walk the Line.
Obviously, the cast have to compete with our memories of the real thing, but Ben Goddard does a particularly good job of conveying the anarchic wildness of Jerry Lee Lewis. But Michael Malarkey as Elvis, Derek Hagen as Johnny Cash and Robert Britton Lyons, the one authentic American, as Carl Perkins offer substance as well as shadows. Bill Ward as the path-finding Phillips and Francesca Jackson as Elvis's squeeze, who offers a notably sultry, microphone-caressing version of Fever, add to the gaiety of a show that taps into all our yesterdays."
The 'Million Dollar Quartet' is playing the Noel Coward Theatre, London
Go here for the complete review.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet/Guardian)

'Elvis, That's The Way It Is' - Live In Memphis AUGUST 13: The highlight of Elvis Week 2011 is "Elvis Presley LIVE - The King in Concert" at 8:00 p.m. at The Orpheum, 203 South Main Street, Memphis. "Elvis Presley Live: The King in Concert" is a multi-media music event that puts a hot studio session band and back up vocalists on stage in Memphis as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is projected, larger than life, on state-of-the-art LED screens. Hosted by Joe Guercio, Elvis' musical conductor and close friend for many years, this is a rare opportunity to experience an Elvis concert in Memphis, the city known around the world as the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll. This is a virtual Elvis Presley concert - with Elvis singing lead vocals - presented exactly like one of his classic live performances at the Las Vegas Hilton showroom. All the sound, other than Elvis' signature vocals, have been pulled out of his best concert performances in the epic film "Elvis: That's the Way It Is.” All musical accompaniments in this concert are performed live except for Elvis' voice. The contemporary staging and overall production help create the illusion that Elvis is on stage. Also making a special appearance during this evening will be Elvis’ Imperials, singing a few of Elvis' favorite gospel numbers. Saturday, August 13th is truly a night with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll that you’ll want to experience in Memphis with your friends, family and fans from around the world during Elvis Week 2011.
Tickets to the event are $45.00 or $89.00 for VIP ticket which includes VIP seating plus access to an Elvis Presley LIVE Post-Party and collectible event lanyard/badge.
Go here for more information.
(News, Source;EPE)

Bruce Jackson Memorial Service in Sydney: There was a  Bruce Jackson Memorial Service at the Sydney Opera House Friday, February 25, EIN contributor Geoffrey McDonnell was there and conveyed the emotion of the event.
Bruce Jackson - "Bruce the Goose" as Elvis called him - was one of the legends of the live sound business in both Australia and worldwide - he worked for Elvis for six years.
Bruce Jackson initial start was creating one of the largest audio businesses in Australia before moving to the USA and becoming the Sound Engineer for Elvis Presley. He started to work for Elvis in 1971 when he was only in his early twenties continuing through to Elvis’ final concert.
Towards the very end of Elvis’ last ever concert on June 26th 1977, Elvis thanked Bruce personally, 'I would like to thank my sound engineer Bruce Jackson from Australia'…
The Bruce Jackson Memorial Service was a 90 minute memorial service. It was extremely moving and when heavy weights like Roy Claire made speeches you just knew the significance of the man!
Bruce Springstein made a nice video presentation and so did 'U2' and I remember particularly the excellent speech by his nephew, daughters & Opera House sound man as being phenomenal.
The memorial featured a string orchestra classical piece heard via a Bruce Jackson installed sound system the sound was superb. Of course the Bruce "Elvis Birthday greetings" from June 3rd 1976 were heard too.
Around 500 people attended and drinks were served in a bar after the service ended at 12 noon.
From the many, MANY presentations made at the Opera House during the service there is no doubt that Bruce Jackson really was unique in the sound industry and tremendously innovative in his field.
It is a very sad loss for everyone.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet/Geoffrey McDonnell)

2011 Elvis Week Schedule & Ticket Sale Dates Announced!: Get ready to rock 'n' roll! Tickets for the 2011 Elvis Week celebration in Memphis go on sale soon, and the schedule of events has just been posted on the brand new 2011 Elvis Week website.
Elvis Insiders will be the first in line for tickets during a pre-sale on Tuesday, March 1, at 8:30 a.m. CST. Tickets for the general public will go on sale on Tuesday, March 8, at 8:30 a.m. CST. See more information about purchasing tickets and ticket packages.
Links and passwords necessary to take part in the Elvis Insiders pre-sale will be posted on the Elvis Insiders News section closer to the pre-sale date. You must be a Basic or Plus Elvis Insider member to be part of the pre-sale.
Special guests at this year's celebration will include D.J. Fontana, Elvis' Imperials, Joe Guercio, Al Wertheimer, John Wilkinson, and many more.

Click here to see a schedule of Elvis Week events!

(News, Source;EPE)

Elvis' Police Badges - Police Chief Shares Department Tales: Mark Erickson divulges how a Morton Grove Police badge ended up in the hands of Elvis Presley.
A Morton Grove Police badge from the estate of Elvis Presley recently turned up on eBay.
The king of rock and roll often made friends with police officers while touring the country. When making stops in various cities he would befriend local officers and for whatever reason, Presley began collecting police badges. Many of the badges he acquired throughout the years are on display at Graceland, the late entertainer’s home, which is now a museum.
When Police Chief Mark Erickson learned about the badge on eBay he picked up the phone and called the officer who used to wear the now famous badge.
"Am I in trouble?" The now retiree asked.
Of course he wasn't but since the badge had been gifted to Presley more than 35 years ago, federal laws have since changed. And, these new laws prohibit the transfer or sale of genuine police badges.
That's just one of the many stories Erickson divulged to a crowd of listeners at a recent library event. The informal conversation at the library was a way for residents see to a different side of the police department.
Erickson joined the Morton Grove Police Department 28 years ago as a patrolman. During his career he worked in crime prevention and as a D.A.R.E. officer., and later appointed to police chief in 2009.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/EIN)

Two new MEMORY import CDs out soon! The Memory label is back! After a break of more than one year, the Memory label will be releasing two new CDs in March. Both CDs will contain previously unreleased recordings. - No cover details or design supplied as yet -
- Burst Of Fire -
As recorded live in Las Vegas, NV, at the Hilton Hotel Showroom, August 25th, 1973 Dinner show. 
The first CD is called "BURST OF FIRE" (CD MR 2060-2) and is a solid Las Vegas show with a strong setlist. Among the highlights are "Bridge Over Troubled Water", "Release Me" and "An American Trilogy". Lisa Marie was in the audience and Elvis sings "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" for her. 
This recording was taken from a 1st generation copy of the original audience recorded tape. For the majority of collectors this will be a new, previously unknown show, coming from a recently found cassette! The CD booklet will contain a collection of August/September 1973 photos and liner notes. 
Tracks:  1. Also Sprach Zarathustra, 2. C. C. Rider, 3. I Got A Woman / Amen, 4. Love Me, 5. Steamroller Blues, 6. You Gave Me A Mountain, 7. Blue Suede Shoes, 8. Rock medley: Long Tall Sally / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Mama Can't Dance / Jailhouse Rock / Hound Dog, 9. Love Me Tender, 10. Fever, 11. Bridge Over Troubled Water, 12. Suspicious Minds, 13. Band Introductions, 14. Release Me, 15. Medley: Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel, 16. An American Trilogy, 17. A Big Hunk O'Love, 18. Heartbreak Hotel (incomplete), 19. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (incomplete), 20. Can't Help Falling In Love, 21. Closing Vamp.  Running time: 52:22 
- Elvis At Bay -  
As recorded live in St. Petersburg, FL, at the Bayfront Center, September 3rd, 1976.  
The second CD is titled "ELVIS AT BAY" (CD MR 2061-2) and dates from a rather uneven Elvis tour. Nevertheless, the last few shows were of a solid standard, compared with the first ones in Houston, San Antonio & Macon. The Bayfront Center performance is one of finest shows of the tour. Elvis is focused, his voice is strong, he’s giving good versions of songs like "And I Love You So", "America", "Polk Salad Annie" & "Hurt". He is also in an exceptionally good mood, joking with Charlie ("I guess they understand how lonely Charlie's been...") and with the audience ("What do you think? I'm the Pope and I'm gonna bless you? No way.")
This recording was taken directly from the original tape obtained from the person who recorded the show. His own memories of the show are presented inside the booklet. All accompanying photographs were taken in St. Petersburg, September 3, 1976.
Tracks: 1. Also Sprach Zarathustra, 2. C. C. Rider, 3. Medley: I Got A Woman / Amen, 4. Love Me, 5. If You Love Me (Let Me Know), 6. You Gave Me A Mountain, 7. And I Love You So, 8. Jailhouse Rock, 9. Help Me, 10. All Shook Up, 11. Medley: Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel, 12. America The Beautiful (with reprise), 13. Polk Salad Annie, 14. Band Introductions, 15. Early Morning Rain, 16. What'd I Say, 17. Johnny B. Goode, 18. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt), 19. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff), 20. Piano Solo (Tony Brown), 21. Electric Piano Solo (David Briggs), 22. Love Letters, 23. School Day, 24. Hurt, 25. Hound Dog, 26. Funny How Time Slips Away, 27. Medley: Mystery Train / Tiger Man, 28. Can't Help Falling In Love, 29. Closing Vamp / Announcements.  
Running time: 68:41
(News, Source;FECC)

'Elvis! His Groundbreaking, Hip-Shaking, Newsmaking Story' Exhibit Now Open!: Experience the power of Elvis Presley's impact on the media in the Elvis! His Groundbreaking, Hip-Shaking, Newsmaking Story, now open in the Sincerely Elvis museum. This exhibit explores how Elvis' music and physicality pushed the boundaries of free expression at a time when America was experiencing deep generational shifts.
The exhibit is one of three new exhibits debuting at Graceland this year. Last week, The Roots of Elvis Exhibit opened as part of the Graceland VIP tour. Sponsored by the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau, this exhibit tells the story of Elvis' early years and the influences that shaped him as a person and music legend. In January, the Elvis in 1956 Interactive Timeline was unveiled in the Graceland Trophy Building. It celebrates the year Elvis Presley catapulted from anonymity to superstardom with his first RCA single and national hit, "Heartbreak Hotel," his first album, "Elvis Presley," his first movie, "Love Me Tender," and his first television appearances.
Go here for more Graceland info.
(News, Source;EPE)

Colonel Parker's Elvis hoard - Marty Lacker comments:
>> Reading your story (see below) and watching the short video pertaining to all the things Parker had in his Madison office squirreled away unbeknownst to Elvis, made me even detest the carny con man even more.  In my opinion, all of those things pertaining to Elvis should have been in Elvis' possession at Graceland or at least a copy of them for his enjoyment and memories. Those are things that Elvis generated not Parker and truth be told, Parker probably charged those things to Elvis as expenses through the  years Elvis was alive.  EPE should never have had to pay for them after Elvis died and the courts got rid of Parker.  Lisa Marie really owes Blanchard Tual, the Memphis court appointed attorney who became her Guardian Ad Litem for uncovering all of Parker's terrible actions in all those years with his side deals and other actions.

I wholeheartedly agree with Dave Marsh and could add much more to it. More and more I think things should be exposed that this con man got away with. - Marty Lacker

See EIN's special spotlight on 'The Dark Side Of Colonel Parker'
(News, Source;MartyLacker)

Tickets On Sale for "Elvis R8cks" Concerts in Belgium & Holland: The Belgian and Dutch Elvis fan club 'ElvisMatters' is celebrating its 8th anniversary with a special live concert titled “Elvis R8cks." The production will feature members of the TCB Band, a symphonic orchestra, and the Dutch singing sensation Bouke. In 2009, the 28 year-old singer won the Dutch TV show “Where is Elvis?!” with his strong, powerful voice that left even musical director Joe Guercio speechless!

The "Elvis R8cks" show is coming to the Cultureel Centrum De Warande in Belgium on May 20, 2011 and to the Theater De Reehorst in Holland on May 21, 2011. The shows will feature rare live songs like ‘Promised Land’, ‘Moody Blue’, ‘It’s Midnight’ and many others.
Click here for tickets and details.

(News, Source;ElvisMatters)

'Bringing It All Back Home' CD/Book Review: From Venus productions last year, a double CD/Book set of Elvis performing in Memphis. The first CD contains the matinée performance of March 16, 1974, his first live appearance in his hometown since 1961. The second CD features the only performance by Elvis at the Mid-South Coliseum on June 10th 1975. Both concerts are still NOT officially released and Venus have created a high-quality production with a delightful 132 page book full of great photographs and text. The notes say that the source used was the "first generation soundboard tapes" and it sure sounds like it! Both concerts are in great quality and deserve to be released by FTD!

As we head into 2011 EIN looks back to check out a few favourite releases from last year.
Go here for lots of images from this neat publication as EIN's Piers Beagley gives this a thumbs up!

(CD Reviews; Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Colonel Tom Parker, his collection in Madison: Like him or not, Colonel Tom Parker kept very well organized files on everything Elvis. Back in 1983 Parker was forced to sell his assets to EPE and to drop any claims he had to Elvis' estate after Lisa Marie's representatives filed allegations in court against The Colonel for mismanagement. It is quite unbelievable how Parker kept so much stuff during Elvis' life and which finally helped him make that special deal with EPE.
CLICK HERE to see in this rare video Parkers store of movie reels, promos, documents etc. Why Graceland keep fans from seeing so much of this unreleased material is beyond belief. Enjoy this amazing video and hear for yourself how hard Tom Parker worked for Elvis as a manager!.
Critic Dave Marsh delivered one of the most damning assessments of Colonel Parker when he said, "Parker was the most overrated person in the history of show-business. The Colonel went to his grave believing he had pulled off some carny trick, when what he had actually done was sell genius short for 23 years."
See EIN's special spotlight on 'The Dark Side Of Colonel Parker'
(News, Source;MikeWindgren/EpGold/EIN)

Copyright the Elvis Information Network.
Elvis Presley, Elvis and Graceland are trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises.
The Elvis Information Network has been running since 1986 and is an EPE officially recognised Elvis fan club.











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