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Saturday 31 December 2011 Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!

'The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956’ Review: MRS promised a CD featuring 29 tracks all of which had been re-mastered using the most sophisticated non commercial technology. It includes restored and more complete versions of many of the Louisiana Hayride songs than ever before.
The set also includes a 100-page hard back book with informative text and many rare and new photographs of Elvis at the Hayride. Also the first hayride show from 1954 is in much improved audio than before and the last show from 1956 is now more complete and better than previously released. And all at a great low-price.

Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley provides an in-depth review of this new MRS release including some great Elvis Hayride photos.
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork) 

Four NEW Joe Tunzi Projects announced: ‘CHANGE OF HABIT’, ‘KING CREOLE’, ‘ATLANTA IN BLACK AND WHITE’ and ‘ELVIS SESSIONS IV’: Those are the 4 new titles that Joe Tunzi will be releasing the next few months. From the press release: "As we embark on our 24th year at JAT Publishing, we would like to thank so many of you for your continued support. It’s true when people say Elvis Presley fans are the greatest fans in the world. Last year was one of our busiest years ever, with a combination of CDs, DVDs, books and special projects released under the JAT umbrella. This year we look ahead to another big year, marking the 35th anniversary of the King’s passing.
In early 2012, we plan to release “Elvis 69: Featuring the Film ‘Change of Habit,” containing a wealth of never-before-seen photos. Four other projects filled with unpublished photographs exclusive to JAT will follow, including “Elvis -

Atlanta in Black and White,” documenting Elvis’ 1973 and 1975 concert performances at Atlanta’s Omni Coliseum, and a special 24th anniversary production on what is arguably Elvis Presley’s finest film, “Elvis Presley - King Creole.” In this title -- a hardback edition with over 250 photos -- we tackle the mystery surrounding the missing “King Creole” tapes. Available at the low retail price of $19.95, “King Creole” is on track for a spring release. Go HERE to pre-order
In 2013, fans can expect the definitive Elvis recording sessions book, “Elvis Sessions IV, The Recorded Music of Elvis Aron Presley 1953-1977,” with new photos, facts and information exclusive to JAT Publishing and not found on websites or in previous editions."

EIN notes that 'King Creole' is an intriguing future release as we have had so many previously and are soon to Erik Lorentzen's 'King Creole Frame By Frame' next week!
(News, Source;ElvisMatters/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Christmas Billboard Album Charts: This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops from 167 to 170 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart for w/e 7th January, 2012.
'It's Christmas Time' drops from 72 to 105 on the Top 200 Albums Chart, drops from 11 to 16 on the Catalog Albums Chart and remains at 16 on the Holiday Albums Chart.
'Elvis Christmas' drops from 94 to 114 on the Top 200 Albums Chart and rises from 18 to 22 on the Catalog Albums Chart. It also rises from 25 to 21 on the Holiday Albums Chart.
'Blue Christmas' rises from 19 to 17 on the Holiday Songs Chart, rises from 28 to 21 on the Holiday Airplay Chart and is at 22 on the Holiday Digital Songs Chart.
'Elvis: The Great Performances' is at 36 on the Top 40 Video Chart.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

'Before Darkness Falls' new Import CD: A new CD from the Straight Arrow label - Elvis' 1973 "Summer Festival" was his ninth month-long stand in Las Vegas since July-August 1969. Reviews noted his excess weight and half-hearted performances. But, despite bad press, health issues and a 1967 marriage that would soon end in divorce, Presley slowly warmed to his always-thrilled fans.
The songs here, from his Sunday shows on August 26th, 1973, are a good example of this warmth. At both shows Elvis welcomed the presence of Lisa, his beloved daughter, then just five and-a-half years old. Obviously, she provided additional inspiration for her dad. In fact, there are several rare highlights, including "A Big Hunk O' Love," "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," "Release Me" and "How Great Thou Art." And for fans of legendary bass player Emory Gordy Jr., these would be among the last dates he would ever do with Presley.
Both the Dinner and Midnight sets are taken from a 24-bit digital transfer of the first-generation copy of a privately-audience-recorded 120-minute cassette. The sound was painstakingly restored for your listening pleasure.
The August 26th, 1973 Dinner show is previously unissued, while the Midnight show was released in substandard mono by Memory Records in 2002 ("Caught In The Act"). Straight Arrow presents both shows in superb, "two-mike live ambience" stereo sound.
Like its predecessors from Straight Arrow Special Products mini series, this new release will be presented in a beautiful digipack with all the necessary information as well as a collection of photos taken during the September 1st, 1973 dinner show.
Go to EIN's 2011 CD releases for full tracklistings.
(News, Source;FECC/StraightArrow)

Elvis makes #1 In Canada at Christmas: According to Elvis Day by Day, Elvis made #1 on the Canadian ITunes Daily Top 100 Jazz Songs for 25 December, 2011!!! Elvis Presley is listed at  #1 with his version of 'Blue Christmas'.

The song is #2 on the Greek iTunes Top 100 Unknown Songs chart which it topped on 14 December, 2011.

Elvis would be laughing to know he made Number One on the Jazz charts, 34 years after he left the building! Happy New Year Elvis!

(News, Source;ElvisDaybyDay/EIN)

Thursday 28 December 2011
Ed Bonja On Tour In Australia: To coincide with Elvis' huge Birthday celebrations in Australia, Adam Nicholson presents, ‘Images of the King’, a 150-piece exhibition of rare & original photographs taken by Elvis Presley’s official photographer and tour manager Ed Bonja. This will be in Australia early 2012 at the Gold Coast, Parkes, Albany and Sydney.
Ed Bonja will be there to share the stories behind the images and every fan will be able to buy copies of original Elvis reprints Ed has personally signed.
A limited number of tickets are also on sale via www.nicholsonpresents.com for a dinner on Elvis' birthday January 8.
Enjoy a three-course meal and drinks with Ed Bonja hosting. Ed will share amazing personal stories about his life with the king.
After touring this exhibition across Australia finishing in
Sydney, an auction of the 150 piece photo exhibition will be held in Sydney at the limited seating dinner hosted by Ed Bonja. For tickets to the formal dinners with Ed Bonja CLICK HERE and direct genuine enquiries regarding the auction to adam@nicholsonpresents.com
The Mantra Legends Hotel Jan 6-8

Formal dinner plus show titled "A DINNER FIT FOR A KING" will be held on January 8th for Elvis' Birthday.
The Masonic Hall   Jan 11 - 15

Formal dinner will be held on the sat 14th at the Coachman Hotel
The Commercial Club  Jan 21 - 22

Formal dinner will be held on the Sun 22
THE CBD HOTEL  Feb 3 - 5

Formal dinner is to be held on the opening night on Friday February 3rd
There is a possiblity that a Melbourne show will also be scheduled.
Ed Bonja who spent plenty of time with Elvis has some great stories to tell.
Click HERE for all Tickets and information.
(News, Source;ANicholson)

Elvis Palm Springs Birthday Weekend: Come and celebrate Elvis' Birthday Weekend at his HONEYMOON HIDEAWAY home in Palm Springs - Sat Jan 7 to Sunday Jan 8. Join us as we welcome back Graceland's 2011 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist 4th place winner
Ted Torres and the son of legendary recording artist JACKIE WILSON, Bobby Brooks Wilson in an exciting, intimate living room concert held inside of Elvis & Priscilla Presley's famous living room!
Our ELVIS Birthday weekend features House Tours, Elvis Celebrities and Birthday Cake!

Go HERE for more info
(News, Source;Hideaway/ElvisInfoNet)

John Wilkinson Is Doing Much Better: Good news from Elvis Matters who say that reports from Springfield, Missouri is that John Wilkinson is doing much better. John was taken to the hospital last week after complaining about stomach pain. But on Christmas Day, doctors told him that everything is under control, and that he probably will be home before the end of the year, so he can celebrate New Year's Eve in the comfort of his own home.

(News, Source:ElvisMatters)

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Blue Christmas tops Greek chart: 'Blue Christmas' failed to chart on the British download lists despite a campaign by the local fan clubs.

However, fans in other parts of the world, especially in Greece, did pick it up and consequently the King has his latest #1 hit... (News, Source: Elvis News / ElvisMatters)

Blue Christmas (Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me): glorious Christmas lights display backed by Elvis: Elvis provides the soundtrack for this impressive display in Absecon, N.J. The 2010 house features multiple-story-high trees, animated Santa's helping elves, and a fully lit yard. We're big fans. (News, Source: The Daily Beast)

Click here to view "Blue Christmas" and other great Christmas lights displays

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Elvis Presley (Part 1): If ever a single musician deserved credit for taking the essence of Rock ‘n’ Roll music out of the shadows of African American culture and the early tunes of Chuck Berry and Ray Charles, and almost singlehandedly propelling it into the limelight of the American public, that musician is Elvis Presley.

And with his boyish allure, southern charm and enigmatic presence, Elvis Presley is a subject that one could spend half a lifetime digesting. Today is the time for you to acquaint yourself with ten things you probably did not know about the man affectionately referred to as The King.

1 - He was born an identical twin: Elvis Aaron Presley entered the world a few hours before dawn on the 8th January, 1935. He was born to the young couple Vernon and Gladys Presley, in a tiny, two-bedroom ‘shotgun house’ that Vernon had built in preparation of his new family. But, Elvis did not enter this world alone. A mere 35 minutes before he was delivered, Gladys had, with great difficulty, delivered Elvis’s twin brother who was tragically stillborn. The Presleys named the baby Jesse Garon Presley before laying him to rest in an unmarked grave, and chose Elvis’s middle name, Aaron, in remembrance of his stillborn twin brother.

Elvis’s close friends and family have said that throughout his life, Elvis was tormented by a great sense of grief and guilt for his lost twin. His mother, Gladys, has even said in interviews that she felt that his semi-lucid sense of loss was the crucible that forged his destiny to achieve great things, because he “possessed the power of two people, and was living for two souls.” Certain psychologists that have chosen to study the enigma of The King’s mind have also agreed with Gladys’s views, describing it in what they term as the ‘twinless twin syndrome.’

They say that once a person is made aware that they once had a twin, it sets in motion a never ceasing emotional pendulum within the person’s psyche; on one hand such a person feels the insurmountable need to prove themselves unique and a completely separate person, but on the other hand, yearn for contact with their lost twin and endure painful feelings of guilt due to their success. In fact, later on in his life, it was clear to those around him that Elvis was never at rest emotionally, and he himself would refer to his dead twin as his “original bodyguard.” It is said that he also sought communion and re-union with his twin through books, religion and meditation, sensing that his dead brother was a spiritual guide who directed him to search for meaning in life.

2 - He did not really want his first guitar: When Elvis turned 11, his parents could not  afford the bicycle that he wanted for his birthday so he asked his parents for money to buy a rifle instead. His mother, who was not too pleased with his second choice of gift, managed to talk him into getting a guitar instead, and the young Elvis bought his first guitar for $12.95 from the local hardware store. It was with this guitar that Elvis would build his musical journey on, starting with a few simple guitar lessons from friends and uncles. He would also go onto use the guitar for his very first recordings with Sun Records that would open the floodgates to his fame.

But, his obsession with guns would continue through later life. At the time of his death Elvis had nearly 40 guns in his possession including a sub-machine gun. And according to those closest to him, Elvis was fond of having a few guns on or around him at all times. They even recall how he used to shoot at TV sets if they showed either Robert Goulet or Mel Torme.

Elvis was also reported to have even performed a few shows with a pistol in each boot after receiving an assassination threat. Elvis was awarded a medal for marksmanship and another for sharpshooting during his service in the United States Military and also had a Smith & Wesson signature revolver designed in his honor.

3 - He had a strange way with women: The legend is that Elvis could make any girl fall into bed with him by just looking into her eyes. Even before the fame and super-stardom, Elvis exhibited an ability to charm and enthrall women; he was fired from his first job as an usher of a local movie theater for accepting free candy from the girl who worked the concession stand. And with his meteoric rise to fame, Elvis was soon signing ‘Elvis’ on the left breasts of star-struck female fans and ‘Presley’ on their right. He would also eventually date some of the most beautiful women in America from actresses to beauty queens. Elvis’s enigmatic pull over the female mind was such that the first riot after one of his shows took place in Jacksonville, Florida, after he closed the show by saying “Girls, I’ll see you backstage.” It is also reported that Elvis had a significant problem with teenage boys wanting to beat him up on his tour stops.

Still, for all The King’s enchantment over women, he was also afflicted by a troubling psychological complex. Suffering from a troubled childhood beginning from the day of his birth when he lost his twin, Elvis grew up being smothered with affection and over protected by his mother. This in turn resulted in Elvis growing up an emotionally stunted man-child, who needed someone to take care of him at all times. This also resulted in a deeply ingrained fear in Elvis that he might be inadequate as a lover and a paranoia that he would not live up to women’s expectations beneath the sheets. Elvis thus developed a psychological complex which drew him uncontrollably to young virgins whom he felt would not demand full-on-sex from him and would not have any prior experience to compare him against. This led to Elvis developing a series of strange relationships with girls as young as 14 while he was in his early twenties. Elvis was even reported to have turned away gorgeous and willing 20 year olds from his bed during this period of his life.

Although Elvis’s fascination with what he termed as his ‘young cherries’ might disturb some, it is reported that Elvis never moved beyond heavy petting and kissing with his younger ‘lovers.’ In fact his agent at the time, Byron Raphael, has stated that he would more often than not teach the girls to put on make-up the way he liked and stop at heavy make out sessions. Raphael also recalls one incident in which he brought three young girls into Presley’s bedroom. He says that even then Elvis did not go beyond kissing and affectionate fondling, and eventually fell asleep with his arms around them, as his records played in the background.
Like Elvis himself was fond of saying – “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.”

4 - He only performed five official concerts outside the United States: Despite his immense popularity the world over, Elvis performed a mere five concerts outside of the United States, and all of those in Canada. He did give an impromptu performance while on leave from the U.S. Army in Paris but it was not an official concert and he never performed outside of the United States again.

Although  he was planning a European tour at the time of his death, his lack of worldwide appearances was partially attributed to the international travel restrictions his manager Colonel Tom Parker faced, due to his shoddy past. Before signing on to manage Elvis, the Colonel was a small-time crook and was infamous for painting sparrows yellow and selling them as canaries.

The Colonel and The King shared a love-hate relationship due to the Colonel’s overbearing style of management that Elvis felt at times restricted his creativity and freedom. Yet, most of Elvis’s close friends have observed that a person as emotionally fragile as Elvis needed the Colonel’s firm hand guiding him on some level, and that was the reason that they stuck together for so long. It is also reported that the Colonel got 50% off everything Elvis made since 1967 and also earned additional pay as a technical advisor for all of Elvis’s movies.

(Part 2 appears below

John Wilkinson hospitalised over Christmas: Not good news for John Wilkinson. John has been in the hospital for a dew days, with a obstruction in his bowels which is something that can happen any time. He was to come home before Christmas Day, but on doctor's advice needed to stay at the hospital. We wish him a quick recovery... (News, Source: Elvis News / ElvisMatters)

2012 Parkes Elvis Festival Calendar available: The official CountryLink Parkes Elvis Festival (Australia) calendar is a must for all Elvis fans. Over 35 superb photos within the calendar capture the true spirit of the festival.

Several Elvis Tribute Artists are featured in the calendar including Dean Vegas, Paul Fenech, John 'Elvis' Collins, Damian Mullin, Allan Wright, Silas Lulic, Elias Jamhour, Royden Donohue, Steve King and many more.

Calendar bonus: Double page photo montage.

An excellent gift for family and friends....and it only costs $10.00! (postage extra). (News, Source: Simon Kerslake)

Buy here

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Elvis Presley (Part 2):

5 - He owned a pet chimpanzee: No rock star is complete without his eccentric possessions, and Elvis truly understood this when he adopted a chimpanzee named Scatter from a children’s entertainer in Memphis. Scatter was a well trained performer and also had a proclivity for peeking under women’s skirts.

Elvis is said to have found this trait hilarious and was known to amuse himself by gathering his female friends together and unleashing Scatter on them. Scatter died of liver failure due to the drinking problem that the he developed over his tenure with The King. There are also rumors that a maid poisoned the chimp after it had bitten her. (Rumors that Scatter peeked under the maid’s skirts and ran around yelling the color of her knickers are yet unconfirmed)

6 - He was threatened with arrest for gyrating: In August, 1956, Juvenile Court Judge Marion Gooding attended one of Elvis’s early concerts in Florida and was treated to an eyeful of The King’s grooving hips. The judge later threatened to have Elvis arrested if he did not tone down his stage act and warned him that he would only permit “limited side-to-side movements.”

7 - There are an estimated 250,000 Elvis impersonators.: You only know you have hit it big when significant numbers of people start imitating you; and Elvis enthusiasts and magazines worldwide place the number of Elvis impersonators anywhere between 80,000 and 250,000. But you know you are a god on earth when you have an entire association dedicated to the profession of imitating you. While Iron Maiden have the Iron Maiden’s, The Beatle’s have Beatlejuice and Oasis have No Way Sis, Elvis Presley has the A.P.E.P.T.A – more commonly known as the  Association of Professional Elvis Presley Tribute Artists.

8 - He was a natural blonde: Elvis’s signature slick and shiny raven hair was actually a dye job. The King was in fact born blonde and started dying his hair black to achieve an edgier look. The hair dyes he used to achieve his signature look are Miss Clairol 51D and Black Velvet & Mink Brown by paramount. Elvis has also confessed to dying his hair with black shoe polish in his do-it-yourself salad days.

9 - He was a religious punter…of sorts: In addition to his over the top jackets and bell-bottoms that would sometimes weigh over two stone, Elvis also wore a cross, a Star of David, the Hebrew letter Chai, and other religious symbols around his neck. His reasoning behind this was quite simple – “I don’t want to miss out on heaven due to a technicality.”

10 - He traded a $5000 watch for a $5 one: Rock ‘n’ Roll super-gods in their own right, the members of Led Zeppelin were reportedly huge fans of Elvis and were desperate to meet him while touring the US. They finally got the chance to meet The King in Los Angeles in 1973 and were pretty much rendered speechless. Apparently the only thing John Paul Jones could do during the initial stages of this meeting was compliment Elvis on his watch. The King in true princely fashion had then broken the ice by promptly swapping his 5000 dollar gold and diamond timepiece for Jones’ Mickey Mouse watch.

Elvis Presley who charmed the whole world with his undeniable talent, good looks and charisma passed away at his Memphis home, Graceland, on August 16, 1977, bidding farewell to his millions of fans that mourned his loss as they would a family member. (Article, Source: L. Fernando, The Sunday Leader)


Sunday 25 December 2011 - MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY!
The staff at EIN wish all of our readers a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! 

If Everyday Was Like Christmas
(words & music by Red West)

I hear a choir
Singing sweetly somewhere
And a glow fills my heart
I'm in peace with the world
As the sound of their singing fills the air

Oh why can't every day be like Christmas
Why can't that feeling go on endlessly
For if everyday could be just like Christmas
What a wonderful world this would be

I hear a child
Telling Santa what to bring
And the smile upon his tiny face
Is worth more to me than anything

Merry Christmas everybody! 

Christmas Elvis-Style in Bavaria: Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? .... Organised by Markus Henfling, last weekend was the special Elvis Christmas celebration in Bavaria, Germany.

In attendance was Elvis' Imperials along with performers Oliver Steinhoff and Dennis Jale and his band Jam Gang.

The intimate weekend was a sell-out and EIN contributor Arjan Deelen was there to check out the Elvis spirit over this snowy winter's weekend.....
Go here to check out our spotlight on this delightful Christmas weekend.

(Spotlight, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

MERRY CHRISTMAS ..... 5,600 Rare Elvis Photos!
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Now with over 3,000 members including many of Elvis' friends!

Or click here directly to EIN Facebook Photos.

Memphis Horns to receive Grammy: They have graced hundreds of recordings, colored hits for artists including Elvis Presley and U2 and helped shape the sound of Stax Records. Now, the Memphis Horns are being recognized with a Grammy.
The Grammys' Recording Academy announced Wednesday that the Memphis Horns -- trumpeter Wayne Jackson and saxophonist Andrew Love -- will be among the recipients of its annual Lifetime Achievement Award in February.
The Memphis Horns will receive the honor Feb 11 at the Grammy Special Merit Award ceremonies in Los Angeles. They will also be recognized during the Grammy telecast the following evening.
The Mid-South natives came to prominence in the 1960s for their work as part of the house band at Stax Records. Their signature arrangements and style would help distinguish the songs of Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Eddie Floyd, Isaac Hayes as well as also working on Elvis' Memphis sessions among others.
Wayne Jackson says, "This honor is beyond my wildest dreams."
Go here for EIN's exclusive interview with Wayne Jackson about his time with Elvis.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Elvis Birthday celebrations in Memphis:  Elvis' birthday is not far away and EPE has big celebrations planned. from Thursday, January 5 - Sunday, January 8. Special guest speakers include Elvis keyboardist Shane Keister - plus meet and greets with former members of J.D. Sumner & The Stamps: Bill Baize, Donnie Sumner, Larry Strickland and Ed Hill.
There are the usual Gospel Concert Celebration as well as Conversations on Elvis at the Memphis Marriott East.
Conversations on Elvis will feature some special segments including: former members of J.D. Sumner & The Stamps - Bill Baize, Donnie Sumner, Ed Hill and Larry Strickland - sharing their memories of knowing Elvis both on and off the stage and hear from Jeannine Adidge, sister of Pierre Adidge who produced and directed "Elvis On Tour" with Robert Abel.

Go here for the EPE Schedule of Events. 
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis in India - music publishing deal finalised: Deep Emotions Publishing, a joint-venture with Universal Music Publishing has announced that it will administer the impressive Elvis Presley music catalogue in India and SAARC countries with effect form 1 January 2012.

The Presley catalogue includes over a thousand songs that have been recorded by the Rock 'n' Roll King, Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole and other legendary entertainers. It is co-owned by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc and the families of the late, great publishing giants, Jean and Julian Aberbach. The timeless hits in the catalogue include "All Shook Up," "Love Me Tender," "A Little Less Conversation," "Jailhouse Rock," "Return to Sender," and "Can't Help Falling in Love," among many others that are among the most sought-after for commercials, television shows, movie trailers and soundtracks around the world.

Deep Emotions managing director Achille Forle said, "Over the last 15 years, against all odds, Deep Emotions has focused exclusively on music publishing. This focus, together with the accuracy and transparency of our reporting, has won for us the trust of owners of some of the greatest music repertoire on earth. The addition of the Elvis Presley catalogue is a crowning moment for the company, the greatest Christmas gift any music publisher could wish for. We are thankful to Elvis Presley Enterprises and to our partner Imagem for entrusting us the task to ensure that the songs of "The King" continue to reverberate in hearts and with brands across South Asia."

Recently Imagem Music USA and Elvis Presley Music/Gladys Music announced a worldwide music publishing deal for representation of the Elvis Presley catalogue. Deep Emotions Publishing represents Imagem Music in India.

In a joint statement, Imagem Music Group CEO André de Raaff and Imagem Music USA president Richard Stumpf said, "Elvis Presley defines Rock 'n' Roll, and his songs are loved all over the world. We are thrilled and honored to represent such a legendary body of work on a global basis, where we will ensure the songs are promoted and managed in a manner suitable for the King."

Recently Presley musical works like, "A Little Less Conversation" was included in the Dreamworks animated film Megamind; "Can't Help Falling in Love" is featured in the current film, Like Crazy; "Jailhouse Rock" was utilized for a television commercial for Fiat and in Dharma Productions' "We Are Family"; and "Fever" could be heard in a spot for Brazil's leading fashion retailer C&A, just to name a few. Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. president and CEO Jack Soden said,  "We are grateful that Elvis created such a significant amount of music during his lifetime. It's impressive how it continues to resonate with people around the world as new generations discover the King of Rock 'n' Roll." (News, Source: RadioandMusic.com)

Nun famous for kissing Elvis now praying for miracle: In the little town of Bethlehem, a cloistered nun whose luminous blue eyes entranced Elvis Presley in his first on-screen movie kiss is praying for a Christmas miracle.

Dolores Hart, who walked away from Hollywood stardom in 1963 to become a nun in rural Bethlehem, Conn., now finds herself back in the spotlight.

But this time it's all about serving the King of Kings, not smooching the King of Rock and Roll.

The former brass factory that houses Mother Dolores and about 40 other nuns cloistered at the Abbey of Regina Laudis needs millions of dollars in renovations to meet fire and safety codes, add an elevator and make handicap accessibility upgrades.

Like 73-year-old Mother Dolores, the order's nuns have taken a vow of stability with the intent to live, work and die at the complex. The order was established in 1947 in Bethlehem, a small burg in Connecticut's rolling western hills.

Now, the historically self-supporting nuns have launched a fundraiser for the $4 million renovation project dubbed "New Horizons." They don't have much money, but they have Mother Dolores: a starlet-turned-supplicant whose unique story might lure the attention and donations of generations of movie fans, particularly those who adore all things Elvis.

"This work may not be in my lifetime that it's finished, but we're sure trying," Mother Dolores said of the upgrades, which are budgeted to run about $2 million for the fire code and accessibility compliance work and another $2 million for improvements to the housing and other facilities. They hope to break ground in January.

They're not in imminent danger of needing to move out, but many of the older nuns can no longer navigate the narrow steps to the main building's third floor and must live in another building. And without adequate fire escapes, the monastery has caught the eye of local inspectors, though they've worked closely with the nuns on the improvement plans and haven't ordered them to close the building.

For Mother Dolores, the monastery has been home since she was a 23-year-old actress in 1963 and walked away from Hollywood for a life of contemplation and prayer as a postulant.

The abbey's chapel, workshops, livestock pastures and other features are part of her soul now, and its wood-paneled monastery is the only home she's known for 50 years. Its theater holds a special place in her heart, harkening to the former career that landed her on talk shows, in magazines and twice as Elvis Presley's co-star.

Dolores Hart was a vivacious, quick-witted blonde starlet when she charmed Hollywood in the 1950s and early 1960s. She shared a kiss with Presley in the 1957 Paramount film, "Loving You" -- a modest liplock over which Mother Dolores still fields frequent questions about whether the King was a good kisser.

"I don't know why they ask me. It's right there on the screen to see; it's right there for the looking," she said Thursday. Hart acted in 10 movies alongside stars including Montgomery Clift, Myrna Loy, Connie Francis and Anthony Quinn.

She said she was engaged to be married before joining God's service and leaving the acting world behind. She broke off her engagement, though her fiance remained a close friend and was a frequent visitor and supporter of the abbey until his recent death.

The nuns also received support and help over the years from Mother Dolores' longtime friend and fellow actress Patricia Neal, who was buried at the abbey after her death in August 2010.

Mother Dolores is still a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, receiving copies of movies to watch in her small room -- or cell, as they're known in the order -- to help select yearly Oscar winners. Her own movies, including the highly popular "Where the Boys Are," were made before stars routinely could negotiate to collect later royalties, she said, so that's not a potential source of income for the upgrades to the abbey.

The abbey is financially independent from the Archdiocese of Hartford and supports itself through the sale of everything from artisan cheeses and hand-crafted pottery to recordings of its choir. Mother Dolores even recently signed autographs at a New Jersey convention, a rare foray out of cloistered life as a favor for a friend, and one that helped boost the fundraising efforts.

Sister Angele Arbib, a coordinator of the New Horizons renovation and fundraising efforts, said the order is applying for grants and the nuns are trying to spread the word among the abbey's supporters, but are not disclosing publicly how much they've raised so far.

Unlike some orders, the Abbey of Regina Laudis has retained a steady number of nuns and new postulants, including two starting in the next few weeks -- but that can't continue if the housing and other facilities keep eroding with age.

"We have focused on building our community, which has been wonderful, but now it's time that we really have to address our space," said Sister Angele, 63, who left a thriving career of managing opera singers when she was 50 to join the order.

"None of this, not one single thing we're doing, is an extravagance," she said of the upgrades. "It's to make it possible for us to grow, for the elderly among us to live with as much independence as possible and to allow us to live together in surroundings that let us continue our service."

Sister Angele said the nuns are not in any imminent danger of needing to move out, though she acknowledges they'd be in dire straits if they had not anticipated the problems early enough to prepare the upgrade plans and launch the fundraising efforts.

As word has spread of their needs, supporters of the nuns and those who've visited the abbey, prayed in its chapel and picked up items in its gift shop have tried to help in ways of their own. Liz Carpenter, a Watertown resident who owns the Children's Dance Workshop, said its children have raised $600 to help through a raffle. She's been a grateful supporter since the nuns helped her through a cancer battle about 10 years ago and now volunteers to clean the church once a week.

"I wanted to teach the kids that it's important to give back," she said of their fundraiser, "especially for a place that does as many wonderful things as this one does." (News, Source: Foxnews.com)

Elvis in new DeAgostini Collection: The global Italian publishing "DeAgostini", which specializes in collecting magazines with inserts and Elvis Presley Enterprises announced that they will issue a new series of Magazine/DVD-sets.

Each issue consists of a 28-page booklet Elvis, a DVD supplement with an Elvis movie and reproductions of Elvis memorabilia from the archives of EPE in Memphis. Available is also a collection box for each issue. In Germany, the series will commence on January 18, 2012 with a new volume from available from newsagents each two weeks. (News, Source: Elvis Matters)

See Elvis, age 21: The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, in Richmond, just opened "Elvis at 21: Photographs by Alfred Wertheimer." It can be seen at VMFA, 200 N. Boulevard, through March 18. It holds 56 dramatic photos of Elvis from 1956, when he was on the brink of becoming a star. Among the images by Wertheimer is "The Kiss," taken at Richmond's Mosque Theater just days before Elvis recorded "Don't Be Cruel" and "Hound Dog."

Exhibition tickets: $8, $6 for 65 and older, students (with ID) and ages 7-17.

On the weekends, the menu at VMFA's Best Café will include peanut butter and banana panini, Elvis Blue Suede Chardonnay and specialty Elvis cocktails on the menu. Elvis books and souvenirs will be available in the VMFA gift shop.

On Jan. 8 - The King's birthday - the "mystery woman" in the "Kiss" photo - Barbara Gray - will be there to sign books and pose for photos. Jan. 20, photographer Wertheimer will sign copies of the exhibit catalog at 5:30; at 6:30, the "Elvis '56" documentary will be shown. Details: 804-340-1400; www.vmfa.museum. (News, Source: CharlotteObservor.com)

Is Elvis' Christmas Album the best ever?: If there is a challenger to the title of ‘Greatest Ever Christmas Pop Record’ held by Phil Spector’s Christmas Album, it is this, the festive LP first released in 1957 by a certain Elvis Aaron Presley.

While Spector’s album is predominantly secular, Elvis is keen to keep the ‘Christ’ in Christmas — and so, though Side A contains Santa-centric songs like ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ and ‘Santa Bring My Baby Back’, Side B features suitably reverential versions of ‘It’s No Secret (What God Can Do)’ and ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord’.

As such, the record encapsulates the modern experience of Christmas, with cheerful commercialism sitting, sometimes uneasily, alongside Christian worship.

Such a clear division between the album’s two sides doesn’t seem to have ever divided listeners: the record went ten times platinum in the US alone, though it should be noted that its status as both Elvis’s biggest-selling LP and the world’s biggest-selling Christmas album is largely due to a 1970 reissue that removed a couple of the less toe-tapping numbers. Its best track is ‘Blue Christmas’, a beautifully maudlin sing-along that sums up what it is to be broken-hearted during the holiday season better than any other pop song and that, for its sins, inspired Mud’s 1974 Christmas number one ‘Lonely This Christmas’.

‘There’ll Be Peace in the Valley’ (which features only on the original 1957 edition) may be too slow, and insufficiently festive, for modern ears but the other traditional songs, particularly ‘Oh Little Town of Bethlehem’, show just how rare an instrument Elvis’s voice was. Even singing a hymn we have all heard more times that we can count, on a record made sixty years ago, Presley sounds exciting. And, although  Elvis’s version of ‘White Christmas’ is inferior to Bing Crosby’s, the King’s recordings of ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’, ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ and ‘I Believe’ make all subsequent versions seem either ill-advised or irrelevant.

Elvis’ Christmas Album is available online for no more than £3 and, as such, it is as close to an essential Christmas purchase as any album can come. Make sure there’s a copy in your stocking. You’ll have a blue Christmas without it. (News: Source: Spectator.co.uk) 

Postscript: According to the latest certifications by the Recording Industry Association of America, Elvis' Christmas Album has shipped at least 13 million copies in the United States (three million copies of the original 1957 release on RCA Victor Records, plus ten million copies of a "budget" edition first released by RCA Camden in 1970 and then by Pickwick Records in 1975). It is the first Presley title to attain Diamond certification by the RIAA, and is also the best-selling Christmas/holiday album of all time in the United States.

Elvis Presley in Concert to be hosted at London's O2 arena: Elvis Presley will rise up from Graceland for a specially-produced UK tour next year.

The show will reunite the singer's former bandmates, singers and a 16-piece orchestra, with Elvis' spirit being projected on to state-of-the-art video screens.

Kicking off at Sheffield's Motorpoint Arena on Friday March 9th, the roadshow then moves on to Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast, before fans booking hotels near the O2 Arena can join in the fun on Friday March 16th.

Wembley Arena will then play host on the following evening, with Birmingham's LG Arena finishing the tour.

The production will see Elvis perform a full two-hour concert, with the audience able to enjoy some of his greatest hits. Presley had 18 number one singles in the UK, including All Shook Up, Jailhouse Rock and The Wonder of You. He died in 1977 but is still revered as one of the most important figures in 20th century popular culture. (News, Source: Danielle Masterson, superbreak.com)

The "Art of making "Million Dollar Quartet" sing on stage: The hit musical, ‘Million Dollar Quartet,’ spins stories out of one magical, unplanned night when a young Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins came together in a Memphis recording studio to jam.

Before The Fab Four, before “Featuring” became the most ubiquitous name on a hip-hop music file, there was the Million Dollar Quartet. One December day in 1956, four people just happened to come together in a Sun Records recording studio in Memphis, Tenn. Not just any people. The lineup boasted Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins....

Read the full 'Art of making of Million Dollar Quartet' article here

New book release - The Elvis Today Blog: What is probably the first Elvis 'blog' book is now available. Thomas Melin, author of the blog Elvis Today, has collected the first 271 posts he penned, from August 16, 2007 to January 8, 2010, in a volume for sale on blurb.com.

Thomas says: “I've always wanted to write a book, especially about Elvis. Having blogged for a couple of years now, I realized I've sort of written one already,” says Thomas Melin, a public relations officer living in Sweden.When he set the blog up back in 2007, the subject was a given. There were, and still are, a lot of websites covering news related stuff about Elvis, but no one was writing about Elvis from a personal point of view. With a few exceptions, that is still the case, which in a way is a bit surprising, taking Elvis popularity into account.

“It's like I write on my blog, I’ve been an Elvis fan for more than 30 years now. I guess not a day goes by without him taking part in my life in some way or the other. That’s what the blog is all about.” At first, Thomas' posts dealt mainly with Elvis related experiences and memories. But soon he started to express his opinion concerning albums, books, movies and so on. Now and then someone would leave a comment, something that always makes him happy.

“It's great fun writing for Elvis Today, and it still amazes me all the things there are to tell. The well of Elvis never runs dry, it seems. But it wouldn't be half as fun if I didn't know that what I write is read by fans such as myself,” says Thomas Melin.

The Elvis Today Blog book is available on blurb.com for US $9.95 http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2041822. For more information, please contact Thomas on thomasgustavmelin@gmail.com or visit his blog on www.elvistodayblog.com.

The bibliographic resource Elvis in Print: The Definitive Reference and Price Guide includes this synopsis about The Elvis Today Blog:

The first 271 blogs by the author on his blog site, www.elvistodayblog.com. As you expect from a “blog”, the topics covered are eclectic. Melin ponders issues as diverse as Elvis in the shop window and archival media reports to new bootleg releases, the need for an FTD (Follow That Dream) website and the album that never was. All in all it makes for interesting reading. Includes listing of major Elvis websites and other Elvis related blog sites.


Friday 23 December 2011 - TWO more sleeps until "Santa has left the building"....
'Rock Sex And Roll' JAT Book Preview: An exclusive EIN sneak-peak at the new JAT & Paul Lichter book 'Rock Sex And Roll'. Here are the front and back covers plus a look at one of the end sheets. 'Rock Sex And Roll' will be released at the end of January 2012 and is the biggest book published by JAT in their history with the exception of their great 'Recording Sessions' books.
It will contain approximately 250 photographs plus loads of memorabilia, recording sessions and  tour dates as well as photos from Elvis' TV appearances, tours, candids, personal Memphis photos and, of course, a look at Elvis' first movie, "Love Me Tender".  Both Joe Tunzi and Paul Lichter feel certain that this book is a definitive look at the year Elvis shook our world.

Go HERE to purchase the book at a special prepublication price of $44.99
(News, Source;PL/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis duet tops UK Christmas Music Video chart: The music video website, MUZU.TV, has unveiled the UK’s Top 10 most watched Christmas music videos:

1 Elvis Presley & Martina McBride - Blue Christmas
2 Coldplay - Christmas Lights
3 The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale Of New York
4 Justin Bieber - Mistletoe
5 WHAM! - Last Christmas

6 Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa
7 The Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)
8 Band Aid 20 - Do They Know It’s Christmas?
9 Peter Kay (Geraldine McQueen) - Once Upon A Christmas Song
Band Aid - Do They Know It’s Christmas? (News, Source: Record Collector)

Graceland announces major Elvis Presley memorabilia tour of South America: The King has left the continent. Well, sorta. In an agreement unveiled today, officials with Elvis Presley Enterprises announced a partnership with 2Share Entertainment to present a "major exhibit" of Elvis memorabilia in South America.

Set to open in September, "The Elvis Experience" will begin in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and may travel to other cities and countries. The length of the exhibit tour is still being determined.

More than 500 items will be included in the exhibit, which curators at Graceland have been working on for six months.

In addition to the exhibit, there will be a performance of "Elvis Presley in Concert," which reunites Presley's former bandmates live on stage performing with videos of Elvis singing.

The exhibit is the first of its kind outside the country and will feature Elvis's red MG automobile used in the film "Blue Hawaii" and a gold-plated rotary dial telephone from his upstairs bedroom at Graceland.

"The exhibit will include artifacts and mementos from every facet of Elvis's life and career, from his early days to his relationship with fans today," said Scott Williams, vice president of marketing and media for Elvis Presley Enterprises. "There will also be many rarely seen items from the archives that have never been on display."Also included in the exhibit will be one of the "American Eagle" white jumpsuits that Elvis wore in his 1973 "Aloha from Hawaii" television special, which was presented live via satellite around the world.

In a statement released by EPE officials, former wife Priscilla Presley said, "Elvis has always maintained a broad international appeal, and it is no surprise that there are thousands of fans across South America and Brazil who continue to embrace his rich legacy. Lisa and I are happy to be able to share some of these special items that mean so much to us, as they did to Elvis, and loan them for public display in a country where Elvis is so well-loved."

Added Rafael Reisman, president of 2Share Entertainment, "For the next nine months, our team at 2Share Entertainment will be working passionately to build out all the aspects of this first-of-its-kind exhibition. We anticipate this special loan of rare artifacts from Graceland and the performance of "Elvis Presley in Concert" will draw thousands of people from many countries around the world, so we are making sure everyone has a unique experience in Brazil."

The South American exhibit and tour is being held in conjunction with a number of new programs and special events that will be held at Graceland and around the world in 2012 to honor Presley, who died on Aug. 16, 1977, in Memphis.

"This unique and rare loan of artifacts from our collection at Graceland, in addition to the staging of this concert experience, is going to be a fantastic addition to the 35th anniversary celebration throughout 2012," said Jack Soden, CEO and president of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. "We know there are a significant number of Elvis fans in South America, and this allows us to share Elvis' rich life and legacy with them during this very special year."

For details on the exhibit and events commemorating the 35th anniversary of Elvis' death, visit elvis.com. (News, Source: James Dowd, The Commercial-Appeal)

ELVIS & ED NOT SO RARE PICS - Earlier this week Lee Dawson's Elvis Express Radio (EER) reported news of some rare negatives up for sale with a staring bid of $12,000. Lee told EIN:

But HOLD UP.....These are not as they seem! We have been informed by the man being the 'King Archives' section here on E.E.R that the negatives up for auction are NOT original from 1956.

Here is what we were told.....
1. "First of all the negatives are "Copy Negs" not originals at all."
2. "They didn't make 35mm negs in 1956."

So do these have anything rare on them at all? Doubts are now high and we are awaiting a
reply from the auction house for images of what are on the negatives so we can see IF these
are worth anything near $12,000 or a more realistic $12.00?

What would Elvis the Angry Christmas Angel do?: When I get too caught up in the running, buying, doing and utter delight we all seem to take in exclaiming the “stress” of the holiday season (“So much to do! So much to do!” Like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland forever late for a very important date) I take a deep breath and ask “what would Elvis do?”

Elvis. Elvis is the angel our son made in first grade. Matt tells us the angels, construction paper fashioned around a toilet paper tube, were supposed to represent the students themselves.

Our son had thick brown curls and poor fine motor skills so the combo met in a curious sort of pompadour. The angel’s “smile” is more a sneer (perhaps a true-to-life representation of how our son felt about the project?) The entire thing was doused in a liberal coating of glue and glitter.

Having gotten over the shock of an angel-face-only-a-mother-could-love, we came to call it “Elvis the Angry Christmas Angel.”

To answer the question of what would Elvis do? Judging from the look on his face, what Elvis would do is punch someone.

For the first year of course I made quite a fuss about Elvis because that is what mommies do. Then I tucked him away on the side of our Christmas tree because, oh my gosh he looked homicidal.

Hidden: He hung out around the lower branches for the next few years, sneering his way through the holiday seasons. I appreciated the sentiment but Elvis knew his room for advancement was limited. The point of pride at the top of our tree was reserved for a very special — and somewhat valuable — ornament. For years our tree topper was a beautiful vintage piece that Mr. Wonderful had received from an elderly friend of the family when he was just a boy himself. The box said 1949.

It was a tall spire of blown glass, beautifully shaded in the Technicolor hues of that era. I say “was” because, of course, we can’t have anything nice. It finally broke even after years of kid-glove care and use. I tried gamely to stab it atop the tree top for a few more years but each year it listed further to one side as the crack lengthened. Finally, this year, it was less “beautiful” and more “potentially deadly” if it toppled off point down. With what would we replace it?

Perfection: Like most women I can be so particular about my home, my decor, and “my” holidays. I have certain visions of how things should be. WILL be darnit! Do not mess with my pursuit of perfection. The tree, the wrap, the ribbons, the bows and the “look” of the holiday shall all be picture perfect. If Martha Stewart should pop in I’m not taking any demerits thankyouverymuch. Perusing the Internet for the perfect tree topper I saw stars and light and even some feathers? Was my tree more “rustic woodland” or “spun sugar delight?” I could have spun glass or woven fibers. So many choices (and expenses) to choose what in a family of pack rat traditionalists will be our tree topper for years to come.

Meaning: Frankly, it’s a lot of pressure. I was looking for that tree topper that had not only style but sentiment. Meaning. A history. One that would shine a message of love and acceptance down upon us for years to come. That’s hard to find in a catalog. Fortunately, I already had that all along. Elvis the Angry Christmas Angel finally received his promotion. I moved him all the way up the ladder to the very top of our tree. There he resides in all his pompadoured glittery grimacing glory. A reminder of when one small boy brought home what just might be the angriest art project ever — to have it received with love and good humor because it was his and he was and is very much loved.

It’s true what they say that with most things you can usually look back and laugh. In the case of Elvis the Angry Christmas Angel, we simply look up. (Odd Spot, Source: Kymberly Foster Seabolt, Farm and Dairy)

Elvis Insiders now FREE online: Things must be getting bad now as EPE are offering FREE membership to join the online Elvis Insiders club which used to cost $9.99 if I recall correctly?  Wanna sign up to become an Elvis Insider? Sign up free here (News, Source: EER)


Wednesday 21 December 2011 - FOUR days and Santa Claus is coming to town....

..........Today on EIN more than a dozen news items and stories..........

Historical marker erected to mark Elvis’ first major public appearance: A historical marker is being erected at the site of the old Goodwin Institute Building (demolished in 1973) in Memphis, Tennessee  to commemorate the site of the KWEM Radio Station Saturday Night Jamboree, the location of the first major public appearance by Elvis Presley before signing with Sun Records a year later.

The details of the Elvis performance in the 900 seat arena were unknown to the public before being revealed by Larry Manuel, Rockabilly star and son of KWEM's Joe Manuel who launched the Jamboree in early 1953.

Opposite: Elvis with KWEM Radio DJ Texas Bill Strength, Source: Commercial Appeal Newspaper, Robert Dye Photographer

Not only did the young Elvis make his first major appearance there, other unknown artists including Johnny Cash, Reggie Young, Barbara Pittman, Lloyd Arnold, Charlie Feathers,  and Eddie Bond were regulars on the show. The KWEM Radio Station was located in West Memphis, Arkansas, just across the Mississippi River from Memphis and broadcast many of the shows.

The Jamboree was a family oriented country music show that ran from February of 1953 to December of 1954 and was broadcast on KWEM Radio, one of only 7 radio stations in Memphis at the time. The format was much like that of the Grand Ole Opry but the Jamboree, fronted by popular Memphis radio personality, Joe Manuel, allowed and encouraged amateur country music singers and musicians to take the stage and perform for packed houses every Saturday night. Elvis Presley's first official "public appearance"  and probably first radio broadcast (as an adult) happened at the Jamboree just months before making his historic recording of " That's Alright Mama" at fabled Sun Records. (News, Source: Dale Franklin, Memphis Music History Examiner, examiner.com)

'Paul Lichter’s Elvis In Vegas' into 2nd printing: Elvis In Vegas has been on the Elvis Presley Best Sellers List in the USA on Amazon since its publication date on November 9, reaching a high of #1.  This week it has fluctuated between the #2 and #5 positions. Strong interest has seen the first US printing of 40,000 quickly becoming ‘sold out’ and the second printing of 30,000 copies is now shipping.  In May 2012 the first European printing of 30,000 will be released (this being the reason for the delay in the book's availability outside America).  

As Paul Lichter says, “This proves that 100,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong”. (News, Source: Elvis Unique/EIN)

Note: EIN’s review of Elvis In Vegas will be published shortly.

View EIN's special book preview of 'Elvis In Vegas'

Rare Photos and Negatives of Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show Cross the Block on Proxibid: Elvis fans from across the globe are in for a rare treat as rare photographs and negatives of Elvis Presley's appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show are now available for online bidding via Proxibid (www.proxibid.com), the world's largest real auction marketplace.

Bidding for these items is available until Wednesday, December 21 at 4:00 p.m. Mountain, with the last lot closing at 4:01 p.m. Mountain by visiting www.proxibid.com/dickensheet .

This court-ordered auction features two lots available for online bidding. Lot one is a set of photography negatives, and lot two includes a total of 37 photographs -- 20 framed, 13 non-framed and four rolled-up posters.

"Elvis fans will not want to miss their chance to bid on Proxibid for these photos and negatives," said Christine Dickensheet of Dickensheet & Associates. "The items available in this auction are extremely rare and will likely not be available on the open market any time soon and they are only available on Proxibid. We encourage all fans to log on, bid and win in this auction."

For more information about this auction or to place a bid, please visit www.proxibid.com/dickensheet. (News, Source: Business Wire)

Elvis Museum opens in Europe: Dusseldorf Marketing & Tourism GmbH sent over word about the opening of the biggest Elvis Presley Museum Outside of the United States. Here is the official word:  A new museum housing one of the world's largest private collections of Elvis Presley memorabilia, and the largest outside of the US, is now open to the public and offers new insights into his professional and private life with pieces that have never before been shown in public.

The museum is a new attraction in Düsseldorf's center, the historic Old Town, home to several world-class museums and the "longest bar in the world" (260 bars, pubs, and breweries in under a mile).  The extensive collection sheds new light on the artist's career during the 1940s-70s, with more than 1,800 original pieces and documents, among them his first order for a single and his transfer papers from Sun Records to RCA Victor at a fee of $40,000, an astonishing amount at the time and a move that contributed to his becoming a superstar.

The exhibit also illuminates little-known aspects of his inner life, such as his humor, faith, and intellect, and offers signs and explanations of his personal development in visual arts and spirituality. Examples include personal notes he made in his favorite book The Prophet, by the philosopher Khalil Gibran, as well as his mother's journal entries and the personal appointment book he kept in 1959 in Bad Nauheim,

Germany.  The museum owns a great deal of memorabilia from the time Presley spent in Germany, serving in the army from 1958-60, including items Presley left behind when he returned to the US in 1960, such as jewelry, furniture, clothing, and other home and personal objects. The records he had shipped to himself from the US to Germany, for example, reveal his personal taste in music at the time, and documents and letters from those years reveal his thoughts and emotions.  The exhibit also includes 2,000 original photographs that show stations of Presley's entire life, and even includes his last hand-written letter from August 15, 1977. Various aspects of his life will be highlighted with changing configurations and showcases of this extensive collection.

The museum is another reason to visit Düsseldorf, and the city's tourism offers hotel and travel specials for Presley fans. For more information, see the travel offers page on www.visitduesseldorf.de

For more information on the new Elvis Presley Museum in Düsseldorf and exhibit hours, visit www.elvis-duesseldorf.de (New, Source: antimusic.com)



to all



Elvis Country Legacy Edition – 14 days until its release!: In January 1971, Elvis was well and truly back and on top of his game. During 1970, he chalked up no less than 4 Platinum and 3 Gold album awards and 5 Gold singles. As if this sales achievement wasn't enough, on January 16, he was given the award as one of the "Top Ten Young Men of The Year" by the United States Jaycees. His new album Elvis Country released that same month received critical acclaim.

In an outstanding review for Rolling Stone, biographer Peter Guralnick said: "... Elvis Presley has come out with a record which gives us some of the very finest and most affecting music since he first recorded for Sun almost 17 years ago."

Elvis Country is, obviously, a return to roots. But it's the singing, the passion and engagement most of all which mark this album as something truly exceptional. All the familiar virtues are there. The intensity. That peculiar combination of hypertension and soul.

There is even, for those who care to recall, a frenzied recollection of what the rock era once was, as Elvis takes on Jerry Lee Lewis' masterful "Whole Lot-ta Shakin' Goin' On" and comes out relatively unscathed. He has never sung better.

Elvis Country received an RIAA Gold certification and spent 21 weeks on the Billboard album chart. The single "I Really Don t Want To Know" c/w "There Goes My Everything" reached #9 and #21 on the Billboard country and pop charts respectively. The June 1971 follow-up studio album Love Letters From Elvis also contains songs recorded during the historic four-day Nashville session that spawned Elvis Country, including "Got My Mojo Working" and "Life" (Billboard #53).

This new 2-CD Legacy Edition features both these classic original albums plus 6 bonus tracks, including the full version of "I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago," the studio jam "A Hundred Years From Now" and the single "Where Did They Go, Lord" c/w "Rags To Riches," which reached #33 on the Billboard chart.
(News, Source: Amazon)

David Lynch talks about Elvis: Director David Lynch is the reigning master of the uneasy dream, the enigmatic detail, the nook where atmosphere ultimately becomes the story.

For the first time ever, he's bringing this to the album format with his debut, Crazy Clown Time, a naturally smoke-obscured wash of Badalamenti moods, Mobycentric pulse, and mutant rockabilly. Lynch plays narrator, taking us down alleys via vocoder burble, distended Residents hick-honk or fuzz-fucked whisper.

SPIN talked with this living legend about the album, including Elvis' influence. This is an excerpt from the interview:

SPIN: There's definitely a mutated rockabilly feel of the album. How did that music first affect you as a kid?

DL: Like being hit with a truck filled with happiness [laughs]. It was a thrilling truck, and you know, I sort of wish everybody could experience that feeling. You've heard these stories. So many musicians when they saw Elvis for the first time, they just slammed their head with their first and just sad, "Damn! This is it!" And it was just suddenly so obvious. It wasn't there, and then it was there. And it had this unbelievable power, and it just screamed out, and everybody and his little brother lit up like a Christmas tree. It was unbelievably beautiful. I just, inside, felt this thrill, this love of the sound. It was like grabbing onto an electric wire.

SPIN: Blue Velvet came out in the wake of things like Happy Days and American Graffiti, and people painting the '50s and early '60s as this very nice and shiny time. And the way you used older music really flipped that on it's ear.

DL: You know, '50s music held a happiness for sure, but you know Elvis also sings "Heartbreak Hotel," and there's a kind of sweet sadness, and that dream thing that could go either way. The '50s dream, like the Fleetwoods “Come Softly to Me,” was real popular. And all the great ones there, they caught this thing. In every decade the music paints the mood. So if you listen to what was popular in the '50s, from '56 on, maybe, and it's a summer night and you're listening to this or you're slowdancing in a basement with a girl, you can go back to that time.

SPIN: Do people hand you records by other artists and describe them as "Lynchian?"

DL: No. [Laughs] That hasn't happened to me. (Interview, Source: Spin.com)

EIN Note: David Lynch's critically acclaimed 1990 film, Wild At Heart (starring Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern) has a strong Elvis sub-theme, with Nic Cage modelling his character (Sailor Ripley) on the King.

Cage (quite capably) also sings Love Me and Love Me Tender.

Elvis' daughter attends charity party: ELVIS Presley’s daughter was among the stars who helped children suffering from serious illnesses celebrate Christmas at a charity’s festive party.  Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the rock and roll legend, handed out gifts in Santa’s grotto; Eastenders star Patsy Palmer held a raffle and boxer Colin McMillan took to the stage for an impromptu dance with parents at the party for the Dream Factory charity on December 11.  The charity, which was founded four years ago, grants the wishes of children with serious illnesses and those who have had their wishes granted joined children whose wishes are soon to be realised at the event in The Bridge community centre in Princes Road, Buckhurst Hill.  

The charity’s founder, Avril Mills, said: “It was a wonderful day for the kids. We had Santa there and volunteers dressed as his elves.  “Patsy Palmer came with her kids and her and Lisa Marie were chatting with the kids and parents and giving out prezzies.  Christmas can be a difficult time for some people it was wonderful that our patrons came out to support us.” (Lisa Marie Presley’s World, Source: Guardian UK)

Classic Christmas: Elvis' Christmas Album: In 1957 at the near peak of his early success, Elvis Presley did what many artists did: He made a Christmas record. The result was what would become one of the best selling Christmas albums of all time and a classic called simply Elvis' Christmas Album, of course.

It contained the now famous "Blue Christmas" as well as a number of other carols and a few gospel tunes like "Take My Hand, Precious Lord," which were recorded on the EP Peace in the Valley a few years prior. The fact that the collection includes these gospel songs makes the controversy over his version of "White Christmas" even more laughable today.

Irving Berlin who penned the song apparently considered the Elvis version to be "profane" and called every radio station in America asking them to ban it from the airwaves. Many did comply with his request. Look, this was the same guy who was only shot from the waist up on the Ed Sullivan Show because people thought his hip gyrations were obscene. It only makes sense that they would think he was desecrating a beloved Christmas song like "White Christmas."

But, it went deeper than that. Elvis' version was done in the style of the Drifters, who had recorded the song several years before. But, because it was only played on black stations and never had any substantial popularity, it was largely ignored. Elvis, on the other hand, represented a serious threat to the powers that be.

Of course, the controversy simply fueled interest in the record and propelled it to even greater success.

Whatever the controversy, it is now a classic and considered pretty damn tame by modern standards, and the record is played incessantly throughout the holidays. (Review, Source: HoustonPress.com)

Jewelry Store 'Takes Care of Business,' Elvis-Style: For most of his life, Tim New has had two separate passions – Elvis Presley and custom jewelry. Now, he has combined them both at the store he owns, New Jewelers Beaver Ruin Road in Norcross.

On Saturday, New’s collection was on display in a corner case during a customer appreciation party. He held up a figurine of Elvis that turned out to be an unopened decanter of bourbon.  

On the shelves were numerous souvenirs devoted to the King, ranging from collector’s edition newspapers to a knife decorated with images of Elvis.

Two heart-shaped Valentine’s candy boxes also paid tribute to Elvis: One featured a photo of a young Elvis driving a car. The other was wrapped in a miniature Elvis costume. There was a 45 record of the song “Just Because” and an 8-track tape of the singer’s last studio album “Moody Blue,” with a Turtles store price tag still on it for $5.99.  New, 48, has been collecting Elvis souvenirs since he was 11, although he admits he has become more avid within the past decade. Many items in his collection were given to him by store customers, he said.

“Many folks come to the store because of their love and admiration for Elvis and his career,” New said. “They know I’m such a big fan. There are so many people out there who are Elvis fans too. This is the pinnacle of the tribute to Elvis.”

For the party, New hired an Elvis tribute artist, Doug Thompson of Hoschton, who has been performing as Elvis since kindergarten and recently turned 40. The two men met at a Christmas tree lighting in Braselton and became friends. Outside the store, customers, friends and family nibbled on food and waited for Thompson to take the “stage.”  Dilyse Herring, whose husband works at the store, was there to enjoy the food and music. “I have a lot of Elvis records. I grew up with a lot of his songs,” she said.

In a back room, Thompson and New chatted with a friend, Lee Secrest, who surprised New with a gift: an enlarged photograph of Elvis performing. Secrest has given New several similar photos, including a picture he took of Elvis leaving the Macon Coliseum about a month before he died in 1977, which hangs on the wall of the shop.

As long as he has been an Elvis fan, New has been in the jewelry business. He followed in the footsteps of his father, Harry L. New, who started the jewelry company in 1960. After his death in 2006, the younger New took over the business, moving it from La Vista Road to its current location on Beaver Ruin Road and shortening the name. The store specializes in custom jewelry, repair and estate pieces. Indeed, Thompson, dressed as Elvis, flashed a large ring that New had made for him. Fashioned of sterling silver, yellow gold and diamonds, it features a TCB logo – Taking Care of Business, an emblem dear to the King.

“I feel like Elvis when I’m wearing it,” Thompson said. (News/Almost Elvis, Source: NorcrossPatch.com)

Elvis named in dispute disability claim: The state's highest court denied a disability claim resulting from a beer-fueled fight over Elvis Presley's birthday that ended with one New York City fire fighter breaking a chair over the back of another, who then filed for disability retirement.  The New York Court of Appeals, in a 7-0 decision Tuesday, said that Robert Walsh wasn't eligible for an "accident disability retirement" because of the fight, but instead must settle for a lower-paying ordinary disability retirement.

In doing so, the court upheld two lower court rulings. Walsh cannot receive accident disability retirement payments "unless it can be determined as a matter of law on the record that the disability was the natural and proximate result of service-related accident," the court said.

"That is plainly not the case here, where [Walsh's] injuries resulted solely from an altercation with a fellow fire fighter rather than his performance of any job duties." The fight occurred in December 2003 when, according to court documents, fire fighters at Ladder Company 76 on Staten Island were sitting around the firehouse kitchen, drinking beer out of plastic cups and arguing about the date of Presley's birthday.

The dispute escalated and, eventually, Walsh accused a colleague of taking overtime from other fire fighters. Another fire fighter, Michael Silvestri, threatened to hit Walsh with a chair. Walsh remained seated with his back to Silvestri, who picked up the chair and hit Walsh, knocking him to the floor. Silvestri punched Walsh in the face until others stopped it, according to court documents. Walsh said he suffered neurological damage that prevented him from returning to duty and filed for "accident disability retirement." The Fire Department Pension Fund board of trustees denied his claim and instead awarded him the ordinary disability retirement.

Walsh challenged the determination, saying his injuries weren't the result of a "normal foreseeable risk of the work he performed," according to court documents.Two lower courts denied his claim. Information wasn't immediately available about the monetary difference in the two types of disability payments. (Odd Spot, Source: Yancey Roy, newsday.com)

Animated son of the King used to help social skills of youngsters: The Tasmanian Department of Education in Australia is using an Elvis inspired children's program to help primary school children.

Rockin’ with Lil’ Elvis is based on the cartoon (and book) series Lil’ Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers distributed by the Australian Children's Television Foundation (ACTF) with a focus around problem solving, friendship and resilience.

For students in grades 2-3 and more mature Grade 1 children.

In Rockin’ with Lil’ Elvis, students are supported in deciding what the producers have used to convey specific messages. They are encouraged to look at the characters and how they are constructed.

Students are challenged to find other ways of solving problems that occur in each episode or explain why they think the characters solved the problem a particular way.

Each episode has specific activities which are based on the material students have viewed.

  • A contact person and support person (can be the same person) is needed. He / she needs to be allocated a minimum of 1 timetabled teacher / student discussion session (approx 45 minutes) per week to discuss and prepare responses to the tasks.
  • Students will need a 30 minute session to watch the video separate to their work time.
  • All students will design a homepage which serves to introduce them to the rest of the online group.
  • Each student is required to post well-considered responses to discussion points and complete the required tasks for each episode.
  • Some assistance may be needed with keyboarding for younger students.

NB: Copies of the video / DVD are available from the Centre for External Learning and can be borrowed for the duration of the program.  Replacement cost will be invoiced for resources that are not returned.

The progress of the students will be tracked and a certificate issued on successful completion of the program. (News, Source: EIN/Tasmanian Government)

About Lil' Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers: An entertaining 30 minute children's cartoon series made by the ACTF and shown on Australia's Government funded television network, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

The title character of the series is "Lil' Elvis". The opening sequence and music reveal that he was thrown out of a white limousine in a guitar case, hinting that he is the illegitimate child of Elvis Presley. He is raised by foster parents, Grace and Len, who are fervent fans of Elvis Presley. Lil' Elvis is musically talented, singing and playing the guitar and his foster mother is convinced he is the son of Elvis Presley.

Lil' Elvis and his two friends, Lionel and Janet, form the band "The Truckstoppers", and the series follows their adventures in the outback town Little Memphis/Wanapoo. Lionel is an Indigenous Australian who plays the didgeridoo, and has a penchant for exclaiming "deadly". Janet is a beret wearing Asian girl who plays the drums.

The Truckstoppers recurring enemy is the businessman W.C. Moore, who wants to become their manager to exploit them commercially, turning Lil' Memphis into a tourist attraction. he is also obsessed with finding deposits of the mysterious mineral Berkonium. He has a Berkonium marble, which he uses to beat children at the game of marbles, their major recreational activity. He also frequently electrically zaps his hapless limousine driver.

A total of 26 episodes were filmed over two seasons (1997 and 1998) and all were released on DVD. The show also proved popular in a number of European countries. A series of books based on the TV episodes were also released.

Priscilla and Barry Crocker cosy up: AUSTRALIAN showbiz stalwart Barry Crocker "hit it off" with Priscilla Presley earlier this year. Crocker and Presley have vowed to stay in touch after a cosy lunch at the famed Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills.

The charming Crocker, whose long career includes success on TV, in film and on the stage, was introduced to Presley, the former wife of Elvis Presley, through mutual friends.

"I was there (in LA) for my son's birthday and we were set up by friends," Crocker said of the August date. "She was delightful, she was terrific. It was a very pleasant simple lunch. We hit it off really well. She said she does not usually go out with strange men, but I had a very good recommendation and I think she had Googled me and thought that I was not a total ratbag."

Crocker is working on his second autobiography, although the planned mid-year release date has hit a hurdle.

"There has been a bit of a glitch. I found out yesterday that there had been some computer problems and we are going to have to go back and redo a lot of stuff," he said. "It is a great bummer to have that happen to you. It is a set back, what else can I say." (News, Source: Herald Sun, Melbourne)

EIN Note: Barry "Bazza" Crocker, who starred in the cult Aussie film, The Adventures of Barry McKenzie is also known for his singing ability. Crocker sang the original version of the theme for the popular television program, Neighbours, and reached the Australian Top 40 in 1973 with a solid version of the Robin Luke hit, Susie Darling (on which he was backed by Olivia Newton-John).

Sunday 18 December 2011 - SEVEN days to go and It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby..
"Blue Christmas" UK campaign sadly fails: The UK Elvis Express reports that after an impressive start to the 'Blue Christmas' campaign (storming into the Amazon downloads Chart at No. 3 and showing up in the top 40 of the HMV Chart), early reports of the official UK Music Charts show that 'Blue Christmas' will fail to even  scrape into the Top 200, let alone a new Top 10.
EIN notes that while the OEPFC of Great Britain sees this as a big disappointment, the fact that their website contains no regularly updated content nor a large number of followers means that the thought of a download campaign is almost lost from the very start unless properly organised.   
From EIN's point of view fans also needed a UK based log-in to purchase the downloads, so a worldwide campaign was also fraught with trouble.

Brian Quinn is based in the UK and commented, "After perusing many music websites it appears that we all have a lot to learn about today's music charts. For a start, many of the Xmas Singles were already on the i-Tunes Chart in November. Further, the week the 'Blue Christmas' Campaign was launched was the peak purchasing week for Christmas singles which were all on sale for around 59p. Of course we only had one day before the charts were compiled for that week. After that, prices were raised by the retailers to just under a pound for most. Next time around, the campaign will have to be Project Managed. Of course, there were no hard copies on sale in the Supermarkets/Record Shops etc., and any future Campaign will, I suspect, have to have the backing of SONY(UK) if we are to stand a hope of a Top 30 entry."
(News, Source;ElvisExpress/ElvisInfoNet)

American "SoundScan" Sales: On a happier note the American "SoundScan" sales this week show that Elvis has sold 62,869 albums this week. For a guy who left the building 34 years ago these figures ain't bad!
SoundScan Totals Week Ending Dec 24th
It's Christmas Time:.............17,054
Elvis Christmas:.....................15.597
An Afternoon In The Garden:...6,133
Christmas Duets:.....................5,895
Elvis Presley - Inspirational:...3,942
Blue Christmas:........................3,841
Elvis Country: ...........................3,179
An Evening Prayer:...................3,006
Elvis Rock: ............................... 2,527
Home For The Holidays:.........1,695
New SoundScan Totals (Albums) :
It's Christmas Time...................1,350,376
Blue Christmas (2010)................736,592
Elvis' Christmas............................569,661
Christmas Duets..........................476,448
An Afternoon In The Garden.......389,128
Best Of Love (2007 re-issue).....200,768
Home For The Holidays..............188,155
Elvis Rock......................................128,787
An Evening Prayer .......................119,134
Elvis Inspirational Memories........53,821
Elvis Country....................................70,560

New SoundScan Totals (Digital Tracks - Single Song Downloads):
Blue Christmas.............................417,125 (10,344 downloads this week)
Here Comes Santa Claus.............73,832 ( 4,067 downloads this week)
(News, Source;ElvisExpress)

'Late Night In LA' new Import CD: The new Verve import label announced the release of the CD 'Late Night In LA' containing 'a much improved version of Elvis' show from May 11, 1974 at the Inglewood Forum. This concert was previously released on the official FTD label.
The Press-release states...
The first release of this concert was released through the collectors label FTD in combination with a book about the concert. Annoyingly the speed ran obviously to slow and the pitch was also wrong. When it was released as a single CD there was hope that FTD worked on the show for the better, but once again nothing was done to correct the faults. So here you can hear the show for the first time at the correct speed and the correct pitch. Also we did everything to improve the overall soundquality and as a result you‘ll get to hear a soundboard that could have sounded this good in the first place.
Go here to EIN's review of the May 11, 1974 show on the FTD 'Live In LA' and we agree it was at the wrong speed.
(News, Source;Verve)

Two New RIAA Platinum Album Upgrades For Elvis: Elvis has been awarded PLATINUM upgrades by the RIAA for the following albums:
1. 'Elvis Presley' (LPM 1254)
2. 'Elvis' (LPM 1382).
This brings Elvis' official RIAA total to 134.25 million sales.

While we all know that these two early albums have sold much more it will do for a start!
Good news for Christmas


(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Friday 16 December 2011 - NINE days to go and Santa Will Bring My Baby Back To Me!

'King Creole' new book - Preview: Elvis Files author Erik Lorentzen has provided EIN with these special preview pages from his new King Creole book. After working together on the best-selling 'Elvis: The King Of Las Vegas' (Flaming Star, Oslo, 2009), Erik and Pål Granlund have reunited to offer collectors two essential books on 'Jailhouse Rock' and 'King Creole', The King’s best and most dramatic movies. Both volumes will be released in hardback on 8th January 2012 as the first parts of an exciting new series called 'Elvis Presley In Hollywood'. They will each contain more than 400 pages and, alongside text written by Mike Eder, many hundreds of stunning, previously unpublished photographs that have been carefully selected by Erik and Pål from their extensive private collections.
Lorentzen also notes that his 'King Creole' book will not repeat any of the images that appeared in the recent FTD book and that the large selection of new unpublished photos come from new collections that they have recently bought, each containing thousands of 'new' Elvis photos!!
GO HERE for our Special King Creole PREVIEW -

(News, Source;Erik Lorentzen)

A Special Elvis Month Event Presented by The GRAMMY Museum: The GRAMMY Museum's first evening class of 2012 takes a look at the life and legacy of Elvis Presley. Taught by Executive Director Robert Santelli, "The Elvis Presley Story" is part of the Museum's January celebration of the King of Rock & Roll. Santelli will trace Presley's career from his early days in Memphis and the rise of rock & roll, through his time spent in Hollywood making movies, his late '60s comeback, and his tragic death in 1977 at age 42.
Class dates for "The Elvis Presley Story" are Tuesday, Jan 3; Tuesday, Jan 10; and Tuesday, Jan 17. Classes begin at 8 p.m. and occur in the Museum's Clive Davis Theater. "The Elvis Presley Story" is free to all Museum Members and is part of the institution's on-going Continuing Education series.
As part of their first-ever Elvis Month, The GRAMMY Museum is proud to present a special panel focusing on the King of Rock-n-Roll's time spent in Hollywood. Wednesday, January 4, 2012; 7:30pm
Join up as they take a special look into the lesser-explored side of Elvis Presley's career with Elvis At The Movies. Through a panel of his costars Mary Ann Mobley (Girl Happy and Harum Scarum), Celeste Yarnell (Live A Little, Love A Little) and Jan Shepard (King Creole ), guests will get a unique view into the inner-workings of Elvis courtesy of the people who acted along side of him. After the discussion, moderated by GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli, panelists will take audience questions.
Earlier this year Executive Director Bob Santelli made a promise that Elvis would be honored each January at the Grammy Museum.
If you are near L.A. - CLICK HERE for tickets and info. doors open at 7pm.
(News, Source;PaulGansky/ElvisInfoNetwork)

‘"Elvis monkey" and psychedelic gecko new animal finds: While the report seems a little out-there, it only goes to show Elvis' enduring legacy. A monkey with an Elvis-like hairstyle (a great quiff!), a wildly-coloured gecko and a fish that looks like a gherkin are among the more than 200 new species discovered in the Greater Mekong in 2011, environmental group WWF said this week.
The area’s diversity is so astonishing that a new species is found every two days, but regional cooperation and decision-making must take centre stage to preserve its richness, the group added.
Then there is a black and white snub-nosed monkey whose head sports an Elvis-like hairstyle, found in Myanmar’s mountainous Kachin state. Locals say the animal can be spotted with its head between its knees in rainy weather as it tries to keep rain from running into its upturned nose.
The dangers posed to local wildlife were highlighted earlier this year, when WWF said that Vietnam’s Javan rhinos have been poached into extinction.
(News, Source;ElvisIsEverywhere/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Christmas Billboard Album Charts: This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 189 to 188 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 24th December, 2011.

'It's Christmas Time' rises from 63 to 60 on the Top 200 Album Chart, rises from 11 to 8 on the Catalog Album Chart and rises from 19 to 13 on the Holiday Album Chart.

'Elvis Christmas' rises from 86 to 68 on the Top 200 Album Chart and rises from 21 to 12 on the Catalog Album Chart. It also rises from 30 to 18 on the Holiday Album Chart.

'Elvis Christmas Duets' drops from 183 to 196 on the Top 200 Album Chart.

'Blue Christmas' rises from 19 to 18 on the Holiday Songs Chart.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 14 December 2011
Download Blue Christmas - ELVIS @ #40 in HMV charts! - Keep on downloading! We are now mid-week in the official UK campaign to get Elvis into the UK singles chart with his festive offering of "Blue Christmas".
Elvis needs YOU to download the song from sites that are registered with the UK charts only.
Three sites are suggested Amazon.UK, HMV or ITunes.UK
Please click on one or more below and let’s get Elvis back in the charts.
Cost is less than £0.80p or US$1.20 - you only need to buy the song 'Blue Christmas'.
Go here to Buy from Amazon.UK
Go here to Buy from HMV
Go here to Buy from ITunesUK
It's some cheap Christmas fun - and Elvis will love you for it!
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisExpress)

Elvis Still Rocks The Charts in 2011: Thirty four years since he left the building, and despite Billboard's downgrading of his chart legacy, Elvis still features in the 2011 Billboard end-of-year charts.

Elvis was listed as Billboard's 8th Most Successful Catalog Artist for 2011.

Elvis also has two albums in the Top 50 Most Successful Catalog Albums for 2011:
28 - 'An Afternoon In The Garden' and
50 - 'Elvis Christmas'

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis is alive & she's beautiful"!:Towards the start of her career, Madonna said of country artist k.d. lang, "Elvis is alive & she's beautiful"!
kd lang has stated her appreciation of Elvis including using her pastiche of his first album for one of her album covers.

Back in the early days kd lang also did a fabulous finale of the Elvis movie classic "I'll Be Back"'
Click here to see a young kd lang in Elvis action!

News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNetwork)

‘Elvis Country’ Legacy Edition: Sony Australia announce the 'Elvis Country' Legacy release for January 13th - "just in time for what would have been Elvis’ 77th birthday!" (That's what their press release says!!)
Presley biographer Peter Guralnick wrote, "Elvis has come out with a record which gives us some of the very finest and most affecting music since he first recorded for Sun almost 17 years ago." Ernst Jorgensen wrote about the session, "Elvis seemed inspired, singing with a passion and soulfulness that recalled Memphis, the band fell in with equal feeling, their confidence and expressiveness growing along with his. Both singer and band were performing out of genre, improvising their own rhythms and phrasing on the spot, challenging each other." To paraphrase Jorgensen, "they had something to be proud of."
- Go here to the complete SONY US LEGACY article.
Go here to EIN’s SONY/FTD 2011 release page for tracklistings and details
(News, Source;Legacy/ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 11 December 2011 - today with NINE news stories...
Download Blue Christmas from today!: As mentioned below today is the start of the official UK campaign to get Elvis into the UK singles chart with his festive offering of "Blue Christmas".
Elvis needs YOU to download the song from sites that are registered with the UK charts only.
Currently almost every artist you can think of is in the download charts with a Christmas single from Brenda Lee to Paul McCartney but NO Elvis!
Three sites are suggested Amazon.UK, HMV or ITunes.UK
Please click on one or more below and let’s get Elvis back in the charts.
Go here to Buy from Amazon.UK
Go here to Buy from HMV
Go here to Buy from ITunesUK
It's some cheap Christmas fun - and Elvis will love you for it!
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisExpress)

Elvis Las Vegas "Hilton" no more!: The Las Vegas Hilton confirmed Thursday its new name beginning next month will be the LVH — Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.
For undisclosed reasons, the Las Vegas Hilton is losing its rights to use its longtime name from trademark owner Hilton Worldwide. Confirmation of the name change, effective Jan. 3, came in via the property website,"Same fame. New name."
It was in July/August 1969 that Elvis truly became synonymous with Las Vegas when he started his return to live performances at the then-named International Hotel. In one 29-day period Elvis entertained 101,509 guests, bringing in $1.5 million in ticket sales.
The hotel became the Hilton in 1971 and over the years more people saw Elvis perform there than anywhere else in the world.
In the course of his 800-plus performances in Vegas, Elvis sold $43.7 million in show tickets, about $300 million in 2011 dollars. The 2,950-room Hotel is now controlled by billionaire Thomas Barrack’s LA company Colony Capital LLC.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

‘Echoes of Elvis: The Cultural Legacy of Elvis Presley’ New Book: For a change, a new serious book about the legacy of Elvis from the Smithsonian Institution. – No book cover image yet released.
>> Known the world over as the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley still holds an enduring influence on our society that reaches across borders and puts everyone in the world on a first name basis with him. Echoes of Elvis, originally a Smithsonian Institution National Portrait Gallery exhibit of the same name, examines how Elvis' story and widespread fame fit into the greater framework of American culture. Each chapter explores a different aspect of his life to determine and explain his cultural legacy.
To understand who we became as Americans as the second half of the 20th century unfolded requires an understanding of Elvis, his origins, and what he meant to our culture. These proceedings are invaluable in the Elvis learning journey.
Author E. Warren Perry, Jr. is a writer and researcher at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.
Hardcover 136 pages Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press. To be published late December 2011.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

EPE Fan Club Presidents 2011 CD: Always a lovely Elvis collectable, this is the 2011 Christmas CD that EPE sends to all official Elvis fan club presidents.

This year it unusually features three tracks...
- Here Comes Santa Claus
- Merry Christmas Baby
- On A Snowy Christmas Night

(News, Source;ElvisExpress/EIN)

OK Results from recent Elvis Auction: There were 59 unique Elvis items are up for auction this past weekend at the 'Gotta Have Rock & Roll' Rock & Pop Culture On-Line Auction.

The results seem ok, taking into account our recent economic woes. While a fair number of the Elvis lots were passed over - some had some high minimum bids - several items went for some very nice figures indeed.
- Elvis' 1968 Comeback Black Leather Boots - $6,000
- Elvis "Elvis On Tour" Red Shirt With Scarf - $12,543
- Elvis 1950's Frontier Hotel Custom Made Suit - $6,050
- Elvis 14kt Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring - $10,365
- Elvis Presley Signed $500 Bill To Gary Pepper - $5,453

There was however no bid for Elvis' "Last Handwritten Two-Sided Note" which had a minimum bid of $10,000.

Go HERE to see lots of close up pictures of all 59 Items & the final auction bids

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Roy Orbison's widow dies: Barbara Orbison, widow of rock n’ roll pioneer Roy Orbison, died Tuesday on the 23rd anniversary of her husband’s death. She was 61. Barbara Orbison died from pancreatic cancer surrounded by her sons. Since the 1980s, Barbara Orbison devoted her time to managing her husband’s estate and keeping his legacy alive.
In a tribute to his wife, Roy Orbison had written, "I've spent my lifetime trying to figure love out. Love ranges from just fascination to something almost spiritual. In the case with my wife, Barbara, it just keeps growing all the time."
Roy Orbison died in 1988 at the age of 52, in the midst of a comeback with The Traveling Wilburys.
In 1998 Barbara Orbison accepted the Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award on her husband’s behalf, which honoured his contribution to the recording industry.
Barbara Orbison will be buried next to her husband at Westwood Village Memorial Park in L.A.
Barbara Orbison is survived by her sons Wesley Orbison, 46, Roy Kelton Orbison, Jr., 41 and Alexander Orbison, 36.
Go HERE to EIN's Spotlight on "When the Big O met the King"
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Ribbon cutting on new "Chips Moman" Highway: The new, improved and extended roadway from LaGrange, Georgia, will go by its official name of Pegasus Parkway and honoraria name, Chips Moman Highway.
Chips Moman was the producer of Elvis' crucial 1969 Memphis Sessions that took Elvis back to the top of the charts.
The December 19 grand opening ceremony will include a music tribute to Chips Moman, whose career included playing guitar on, writing songs for, and producing hit records while working with some of the industry’s biggest names, including Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.

Chips Moman, shown right with Elvis at the 1969 sessions.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

'Young Man With The Big Beat' Special Deal ENDS TOMORROW: In honor of the recent GRAMMY nomination, PopMarket.com is offering this 55th anniversary 5-CD super deluxe set celebrating Elvis Presley's explosive 1956 RCA debut at the exclusive discount price of $79.99! This set features: 5 CDs comprising all the 1956 RCA masters (digitally remastered,) Live performances including a previously unreleased live show, outtakes and rare interviews plus 80 Page 12" x 12" book.
Free postage within the USA.
Sale on now - ends 12 PM EDT Dec 12. Supplies are limited!
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'ELVIS LIVES' Tour new US dates: ELVIS LIVES 'The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Event' is an unforgettable multi-media and live musical journey across Elvis’ life. His iconic style, embraced by many of today’s artists, continues to intrigue audiences of all generations. Featuring finalists from EPEs’ worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, as well as a tribute to Ann-Margret, audiences "Can’t Help Falling In Love" with this phenomenal theatrical concert experience!
The addition of eight new engagements brings the upcoming tour to 29 cities, with planning for the next tour season already underway. Due to the strong demand for tickets to the current tour Columbia Artists Theatricals will further develop and expand the show.
The nationwide tour kicks off in Morganton, N.C., on January 14.
Cast members include Bill Cherry, Ben Klein, Kevin Mills and Victor Trevino, Jr., each representing Elvis during different stages in his career. The Elvis tribute artists will be joined by a live band, back-up singers, dancers, along with an Ann-Margret tribute artist, as well as iconic imagery made available from the Graceland archives.
Click HERE for more info and tickets.
(News, Source;AAP)

Parkes Elvis Birthday festival in Australia 2012: It's 34 years since Elvis left the building, yet more than 15,000 Elvis fans gather in the Central NSW town of Parkes to celebrate Elvis Presley's birthday every January. More fans gather in a small country Australian town than in Memphis to celebrate Elvis' Birthday!
Record crowds are expected for the Country Link Parkes Elvis Festival, to be held from 11-15 January 2012.
The Festival's events are held over a 5-day period with the program extending every year. Now more than 150 individual events are held during the festival. The 2011 Festival Program will include the main Feature Concerts starring International special Guest Dean Z, an Elvis Gospel Church Service, the famous Street Parade, free Elvis in the Park entertainment and various other novelty events such as the 'Back to the Altar with Elvis - Renewal of Wedding Vows', and the 'Miss Priscilla Dinner' along with other events including the 'Cars of the Elvis Era Show' and 'Poet's Breakfast.'
IF you need to know more - Go here for all the 2012 Elvis Festival info.
Go here for EIN's spotlight on Parkes Elvis Festival 2007.
(News, Source;ParkesFestival/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 10 December 2011
'Young Man With The Big Beat' Special Deal for 3 days ONLY: In honor of the recent GRAMMY nomination, PopMarket.com is offering this 55th anniversary 5-CD super deluxe set celebrating Elvis Presley's explosive 1956 RCA debut at the exclusive discount price of $79.99! This set features: 5 CDs comprising all the 1956 RCA masters (digitally remastered,) Live performances including a previously unreleased live show, outtakes and rare interviews plus 80 Page 12" x 12" book.
Free postage within the USA.
Sale on now - ends 12 PM EDT Dec 12. Supplies are limited!
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'If You Don’t Come Back'  New Import CD:  This disc is the "lost album" of Presley imports.  It has a long history and would likely never have been released if not for the many requests over the years. The version of "Loving Arms" here is worth the price of admission. Never has Elvis been so up-close and personal, as if he's singing in your living room!
The tracks have been carefully selected to retain the "Stax sound." At the time, this Elvis session was an unique blend of country, funk, gospel and rhythm & blues. It was an attempt to reach the mainstream sounds of the day, like Elvis achieved in 1969.
But this time RCA was embracing the famous Stax sound. Enjoy a prime slice of the "Stax sound"!
* Great Sound
* 16 Tracks
* More Up-Close Than You've Ever Heard Him Before!
* Extensive Liner Notes
* All Songs Have Different Mixes!
Only 500 CD's will have the promo poster.
Go here to 2011 CD News for tracklisting and details
(News, Source;Raised2rock)

Actor Harry Morgan Dies aged 96: Emmy-winning character actor Harry Morgan, whose portrayal of the fatherly Colonel Potter on television's MASH highlighted a show business career that included nine other TV series, 50 films and the Broadway stage, has died at the age of 96.  "He was side-splittingly funny, a very gentle and loving father-in-law," Beth Morgan said. "He was very humble about having such a successful career."
Morgan appeared in mostly supporting roles on the big screen, playing opposite such stars as Henry Fonda, John Wayne, James Garner and Dan Aykroyd.
Elvis fans will also remember him as Elvis' side-kick in Frankie and Johnny.
One of his earliest films was The Ox Bow Incident in 1943 with Henry Fonda. Other films included High Noon, What Price Glory, Support Your Local Sheriff and The Shootist.
Elvis Express radio have a lovely clip from the US TV archives of Harry Morgan talking about Elvis - "I never met a more polite kid in my life". Click here to see the short interview.
(News, Source;Elvis Express/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales: This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops from 176 to 189 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 17th December, 2011.

'It's Christmas Time' rises from 116 to 63 on the Top 200 Album Chart, drops from 24 to 11 on the Catalog Album Chart and rises from 29 to 19 on the Holiday Album Chart.

'Elvis Christmas' rises from 107 to 86 on the Top 200 Album Chart and drops from 18 to 21 on the Catalog Album Chart.

Elvis Christmas Duets Re-enters the Top 200 Album Chart at 183.

'Blue Christmas' rises from 21 to 19 on the Holiday Songs Chart.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 8 December 2011
New FTDs Released! The four new releases from the FTD label have arrived at the dealers. Especially for Christmas we get the 7" digipack Classic album release of ‘Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas’ plus the highly anticipated Classic Album release of ‘Promised Land’. FTD also publish the companion book to the ‘Young Man With the Big Beat’, Michael Rose’s ‘A Moment In Time: 4 Days in '56’ featuring a stunning glimpse of Elvis' life in May 1956.
They also release another new Vinyl double-album ‘The Elvis Is Back Sessions’.
For all the details and tracklistings go here to EIN’s 2011 FTD new releases page.
(News, Source;FTD)

Elvis LIVE in San Diego Nov 15, 1970: Found by EIN contributor Brian Quinn, some sensational new footage of Elvis Live in 1970.
Elvis shows some great karate action and the candid footage was shot very close to the stage.

The sound isn’t the best but it is Well Worth checking out.
Lean, mean and packed full of energy - Elvis at his best.
Click HERE to watch Elvis In Action.


(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNetwork)

FTD deletes 2 titles: News in that the FTD collectors label have now deleted two more titles from their extensive catalogue.
- Fashion For A King (The recent book plus 2 CDs)
- Memphis Sessions (The great selection of outtakes from the Memphis 69 Sessions)
We are told both titles are deleted with immediate effect and there is no more stock available of either release.
EIN notes that the deletion of the popular 'Memphis Sessions' release no doubt means that FTD are working on future expanded Classic Albums of 'From Elvis In Memphis' and Back In Memphis for 2012.
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Coast resident cooled Elvis’ ‘Burning Love’: Pinkie Elizabeth Smith, now aged 76, tells how she dated Elvis Presley for a few months in 1957 in Memphis. They broke up and she later met and married Fishman, an insurance salesman from Brooklyn, New York. The Fishmans enjoyed 50 years together and up until Herbert’s dying day he bragged to everyone about how Pinkie picked him over Presley.
Sadly Pinkie Fishman, is now suffering memory loss after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The memories of her four months as Elvis’ girl aren’t as vivid as they once were, and her son, Jared, fills in the gaps from the stories he has heard his entire life.
She used to have mementos of their courtship -- ticket stubs from concerts and movies, a note he wrote her on a napkin, and pictures of the two of them out on the town. But those were lost after the shuffle Hurricane Katrina caused.
She has three photos of Elvis in two of them, she and Elvis are locked in a tight embrace.
As a 21-year-old blonde from Taylorsville, she was introduced to a 21-year-old Elvis by mutual friends. She doesn’t remember how they met, just that he loved to go out late at night and drove fast everywhere they went.

Pinkie Fishman remembers Elvis as being a nice boy from Mississippi even though he was a famous singer and movie star. "He was very polite and that is what was important to me," she said Thursday, sitting in her room at the nursing home.
The two ended their relationship before Elvis was drafted into the Army at the end of 1957. Jared Fishman said Elvis’ bodyguards at Graceland made suggestive remarks to the pair when they came in one night, and when the King tried to show Pinkie to his bedroom, she refused.
"I wasn’t that kind of girl and I made sure he understood that," she said.
She believes her refusal ended their relationship. "I think it was that I didn’t want to do all the things he wanted to do," she said. "He was way too busy for that small-town girl."

Go here to the full story and photos.
(News, Source;SunHerald)

New Elvis Statue for Tupelo: The Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau will place a life-size Elvis Presley statue in front of City Hall.
The sculpture will replicate a 1956 photo by Roger Marshutz of Presley performing at a homecoming concert in Tupelo. The statue will be on a four-foot-tall platform and will be reaching down to the crowd.
CVB officials tell the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that Bill Beckwith has been hired to do the sculpture. Beckwith's other works include BB King in Indianola and William Faulkner on Oxford's Square.
The CVB board has allocated $50,000 to the project. The entire project is going to cost $75,000 to $80,000 with the Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club to help with fund raising.

Go HERE to EIN's Spotlight on Elvis Statues around the world


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US fans can Win a Trip to Experience a Tennessee Winter with Elvis: No matter where US Elvis fans are staying warm during this holiday season, they could still experience a Tennessee winter with Elvis via the new site just launched by the State of Tennessee website.
The site features some fine Graceland Christmas photos, video and much more, including an opportunity for you to enter to win a trip to Memphis to experience Graceland, The Peabody Hotel and other great Memphis attractions.
In addition, the site includes an interactive map that allows you to follow in Elvis’ footsteps across the entire state.
Click HERE for the competition and try Winter in Tennessee with Elvis site today!
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Graceland Winter Wonderland!: Talking of winter in Tennessee, EPE announce that Graceland is still open for business today even though overnight, Graceland became a winter wonderland as snow flurries came down across Memphis. While it was a light snow, guests visiting today have the opportunity to experience touring the Graceland properties with a unique setting as well as snap a couple of fantastic pictures.


(News, Source;EPE/EIN)

Monday 5 December 2011
'Jailhouse Rock: Frame By Frame' and 'King Creole: Frame By Frame' new books: Elvis Files author Erik Lorentzen announces more fabulous in-depth Elvis books. "Norway may famously be the home of giants, but it’s fast gaining a reputation as the home of gargantuan books on The King. The two men who deserve all the credit for this are well-known Elvis fans and long-standing buddies, Erik Lorentzen and Pål Granlund.
After working together on the best-selling 'Elvis: The King Of Las Vegas' (Flaming Star, Oslo, 2009), Erik and Pål have reunited to offer collectors two essential books on 'Jailhouse Rock' and 'King Creole', The King’s best and most dramatic movies. Both volumes will be released in hardback on 8th January 2012 as the first parts of an exciting new series called 'Elvis Presley In Hollywood'. They will each contain more than 400 pages and, alongside text written by Mike Eder, many hundreds of stunning, previously unpublished
photographs that have been carefully selected by Erik and Pål from their extensive private collections.
Don’t miss out on what will be the definitive works on Elvis' greatest films."

Lorentzen also notes that his 'King Creole' book will not repeat any of the images that appeared in the recent FTD book and that the large selection of new unpublished photos come from new collections that they have recently bought, each containing thousands of 'new' Elvis photos!!
Ordering information real soon.
(News, Source;ETM&HM/ Erik Lorentzen)

Blue Christmas' UK Single Campaign 2011: More UK Elvis Fan Clubs are getting across the campaign to get 'Blue Christmas' in the UK Single Charts in time for Christmas Day 2011. Hopefully fans from around the World can help them achieve their objective.
It is imperative that you do not download the single before 10th December. Any date after that is fine in the run up to Christmas Day. Please use downloading sites that count for the UK Charts e.g. iTunes, HMV or Amazon.uk.
EIN will provide the easy LINKS for you on December 10th.
Let's all try and get 'Blue Christmas' in the charts. So far nearly every artist you can think of is in the download charts with a Christmas single from Brenda Lee to Paul McCartney but NO Elvis.
Hopefully we can change that. - Brian Quinn
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

SONY (UK) on the 'Living To Love You' Hoax: Back on November 12th, Newschannel 3 said that it has uncovered a new Elvis recording 'Living To Love You'. According to attorney Violet Hinton that recording had Elvis Presley singing. She said the song came from 1976, the year before Elvis died and was verified by voice expert Ed Primeau! (see EIN's November news for the full story). EIN always stated it was a hoax.
A few days ago our good friends at Elvis Express Radio reported that voice expert, Mr. Ed Primeau contacted Elvis Express Radio and declared that RCA Records (SONY Music) had "confirmed" that the voice on 'Living To Love You' was Elvis Presley!
After hearing from EPE on the matter who were surprised to hear such a claim, our contact at SONY (UK) wrote to reporter, Brian Quinn and he states that he has it on very good authority that the 'Living To Love You' recording is a hoax. Now there's a shock...NOT!
Elvis Express Radio have now invited Mr. Ed Primeau the voice expert on the show to answer a few questions. Now THAT will be an interesting interview!
(News, Source;ElvisExpress)

Friday 2 December 2011
'Young Man With The Big Beat' Earns Grammy Nomination: Elvis' music continues to get recognition and the latest album to receive it is the newly released 5-CD super deluxe set "Young Man With The Big Beat: The Complete '56 Elvis Presley Masters," which earned itself a Grammy nomination in the Best Historical Album category last night.
This would be GREAT news for Elvis fans if it wins. The trouble is Paul McCartney is also nominated and tends to win everything he is nominated for since he always appears to collect the Award in person and that adds kudos to the show.
The 54th Annual Grammy Awards will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday, February 12, 2012.
EIN agrees that YMWTBB box-set is the most well-presented official RCA/SONY Elvis release of all-time! If only they could all be like this! - See EIN Review.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Elvis' GOLD CADILLAC Tour of Australasia 1968-69' Mini Review: Bob Hayden's Elvis Cadillac book is a book by a true Elvis fan for the Elvis fans around the world. Originally released in 2009 as a 56 page booklet, this fully revised edition, released in December 2011, now contains 106 glossy pages with many in glorious colour - thanks to the Elvis fans who rallied together to supply additional information to Bob. Countless hours were spent scouring newspapers and magazines in the Australian state libraries for new information, not only about the Cadillac, but about the people involved. Now the mystery of who the Australian Golden Girl Quest winner has been solved, and additional articles about the luxurious equipment inside have been included. Not only does this book tell the story of the Cadillac and its tour of Australasia, as a bonus there is a chapter that tells the story (with pictures) of three Australian fans, one of who met Elvis on a film set, and of the others who met Elvis backstage before his concerts in Las Vegas. If you want to read a story about a unique event that happened 43 years ago in Australia with an Elvis connection, then this is the book for you. It’s even a book Cadillac fans would surely want. - Review Glenn Reimer

Click HERE to contact the Author and to order a copy.
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'Elvis Found Alive' new mockumentary: The publicity states that, "After visiting Graceland, Director Joel Gilbert made a Freedom of Information Act request for US government files on Elvis Presley. Incredibly, documents arrived from the FBI revealing an address for Federal Agent "Jon Burrows," Elvis' 1970's alias, in Simi Valley, California. After a brief confrontation, Elvis agreed to chronicle the secret history of his life and "death" in an exclusive interview. Elvis reveals that he battled Weatherman Bill Ayers and the Mafia crime families during the 1970's, leading to a faked death to go undercover. What followed was a long struggle to return to his singing career, and an Obama administration that is preventing it to this day...." 
In the past Gilbert has directed and produced four documentary films on Bob Dylan’s music and career. His recent conspiracy film/mocumentary "Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison" was, in EIN's opinion, such a stinker as to be in the so-bad-it-is-good category!!
Go here for more info.
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Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales: This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops from 156 to 176 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 10th December, 2011.
'It's Christmas Time' drops from 78 to 116 on the Top 200 Album Chart and drops from 10 to 24 on the Catalog Album Chart.
'Elvis Christmas' drops from 96 to 107 on the Top 200 Album Chart and drops from 16 to 18 on the Catalog Album Chart. It also drops from 24 to 25 on the Holiday Album Chart.
Although these latest placings appear disappointing in fact the opposite is the case. 'An Afternoon In The Garden' sold 4154 copies last week and this week sold 7492 copies (the highest weekly sales tally since entering the Catalog Album Chart). 'Elvis Christmas' sold 6520 copies last week and this week sold 12,037 copies. 'Its Christmas Time' sold 8393 copies last week and this week sold 11,491 copies. During heavy sales periods e.g. Christmas, Catalog Albums will always fare less well chartwise as newer albums will take precedence with shoppers. However, sales of the Catalog Albums will also rise due to their exposure to more customers online and in store as has happened this week.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

New iTunes releases: Three new iTunes compilations released last week. All with the general "Public Domain" tracks - but we are sure will sell to some Christmas download fans. Nothing new but some interesting compilation of various songs.
'Gospel and Christmas Songs' a 24-track release by Fine Elegant Records.

'Frank Sinatra & Elvis Presley Christmas Melodies' 24 songs from Amra Records. Finally 'Good Times With Elvis' for some reason with a different name 'Elvis Forever' on the sleeve! from the Dayl label.
Go to ITunes of you need to know more!
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Graceland Three New Exhibits confirmed for 2012: As previously announced on EIN back in August, Graceland will be opening three new special Elvisexhibits in 2012 to commemorate the 35th anniversary year.
These 3 new exhibits will explore various sides of the king.
Elvis on Tour Exhibit
Opens January 5 at Graceland Crossing
Take an in-depth look at "Elvis on Tour," the 1972 Golden Globe award-winning documentary about Elvis’ multi-city tour during April of that year. This limited-time exhibit features artifacts such as the producer’s Golden Globe award, jewelry and stage clothing worn by the king during the concerts, rarely-seen photos, video and more. This exhibit is located at Graceland Crossing.
Elvis...Through His Daughter's Eyes
Opens February 1 as part of the Graceland VIP Tour
This special exhibit highlights the relationship between Elvis and his only child, Lisa Marie. Through numerous items, including family photos and home movies, guests will be able to explore Lisa Marie's experience of growing up at Graceland and the relationship she had with her famous father. Artifacts in this exhibit include Lisa Marie's baby foot prints, clothing, childhood tricycle, record player, crib, gold ID Bracelet given to her by her father, and much more.
ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley Exhibit
Opens March 1 at Sincerely Elvis
Celebrate Elvis’ status as a music pioneer and icon who paved the way and influenced many of today’s artists and celebrities through this exciting 2012 exhibit. The exhibit will feature many artifacts on loan from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
in Cleveland, in addition to items from the collections of many of today’s biggest names in music. Some of the featured items include: Bono’s “MacPhisto” suit from U2’s Zooropa performances; Sammy Hagar’s Yamaha Red Rocker custom guitar and outfit from his 2004 Van Halen tour; one of Bill Clinton’s saxophones;  and clothing from James Brown, Elton John, Wanda Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Ringo Star, among others.
Each exhibit will be open for one year.
(News, Source;EPE)

Elvis Presley Estate Sued For $130 Million By King's 'Real Daughter': A Swedish woman who for more than two decades has been trying to convince everyone that she's Elvis Presley's real daughter and that Lisa Marie Presley has stolen her identity, has filed a lawsuit against the Presley family claiming more than $130 million in damages for defamation and infliction of emotional distress. Previously she had refused a DNA test, but now she has agreed to one.
Lisa Johansen is the author of 1998 memoir, "I, Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley's Real Daughter." In the book, she told the story of how after Elvis died in 1977, Priscilla Presley left America while fearing for her daughter's safety. Forced to assume a new identity for her own protection, Johansen says she struggled to reclaim her name and heritage. To show she's the rightful heir of the huge Presley estate, Johansen also reportedly pointed to some evidence, such as a skull and face analysis of Lisa Marie Presley.
At the time of the book's publishing, the odd story gained some press attention, but it quickly lost its luster after Johansen reportedly refused to take a DNA test. In 2000, the Texas-based publisher of I, Lisa Marie, which had given her a $200,000 advance to write the book, sued her for $50 million for damaging sales of the book.
Johansen became mostly forgotten, subject to occasional rumors, but she hasn't backed off of her claims.
Recently, she's pressed authorities in the UK to investigate possible identity theft, and a few months ago, on the anniversary of Elvis' death, she showed up at Graceland and had conversations with some of the staff.
This led the Presley family to reach out to Marty Singer, the pitbull Hollywood attorney, who in August fired off a warning letter to Johansen's representatives. In the letter, Singer advised that the "malicious false claims and offensive wrongful conduct" of Johansen would no longer be tolerated and that it would lead to action if the woman didn't restrain herself.
So Johansen reacted by filing her own lawsuit a week ago in Tennessee federal court against the Presley estate. The woman says that the family has been attempting to intimidate her and has been spreading lies about her. She says that she went to Graceland by invitation and that the defendants are attempting to harass her away from her claims.
Meanwhile, the whole bizarre mystery might be put to rest soon enough. According to one of documents she submitted in this case, Johansen consented to a DNA test from London authorities in 2010.
The Elvis legacy is so big that the conspiracy theories still continue - see our EIN archives here.
(News, Source;AAP/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Xmas UK Chart Campaign?; Brian Quinn informs EIN that apparently, the Official UK Elvis Fan Club want to try and get one of Elvis' Christmas songs into the top ten for Christmas. The song they would like for this is of course 'Blue Christmas' and what they are asking is from the 1st of December for every fan to download 'Blue Christmas' from i-tunes or other download sites (where the download counts "chartwise") and at least try to get Elvis into the top ten. In order to get a high chart entry we will all need to download during the same week. Fans who are interested Please do not download until the exact dates are given. EIN will keep you posted!
EIN points out that The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain should get their act together and start using modern media to spread the word! There is no mention of this on their website (their latest posted news is 3 weeks old) nor are there any "purchase" links for UK fans to easily follow. In this day and age if fans want to get Elvis into the Top Ten then one needs to use more than word-and-mouth.
Thank Heavens for Brian Quinn and UK's Elvis Express Radio!
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfonet)

Nathan Tutt Passed Away: It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce this sad, sad news. We heard early this morning that Nathan's battle ended after the bravest of fights to defeat this disease yesterday evening. Our hearts, love, thoughts and prayers are with Donna, Ronnie, Hilary, Gavin, Gipsy and the entire Tutt/Campbell family at this time. We would like you all to join us in letting them know we are here for them and have our continued support , love and prayers always.
Meanwhile please, please continue to leave your messages of support for his family. The auction noted below (Click here) will continue as planned and 100% of the funds donated towards Nathan's treatment costs as pledged.
Please Click HERE to Help
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'Elvis For Everyone' Magazine #51: Two recent Elvis magazines arrived at EIN this week. The Dutch 'Elvis For Everyone' is impressive as still being the large format A4 size. This issue features articles on the new Graceland Randers, Elvis and his Stutz Blackhawk car, Bad Nauheim Elvis locations, as well as extensive CD reviews plus a detailed article on the 2012 'Original Elvis Tribute Tour' forthcoming concerts. Sadly for English-only readers, the articles are all in Dutch, but the size and photos (like the delicious rare one far right) makes it another cool European Elvis magazine.

Go HERE for more info.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'The Elvis Mag' #75: From the other side of the channel, the 'Essential Elvis' new December magazine #75 features plenty of interesting reading (though less Elvis photos). Of particular interest is the interview with Jennifer Tucker who got to examine the upstairs of Graceland for the National register back in 1991. The Stamp's Ed Hill (far right) is interviewed on his times spent with Elvis, there is lengthy examination of Hound Dog and its writer Jerry Leiber - plus an interview with composer Randy Starr and the usual reviews and news. Plenty to read as we head to Christmas.

Go HERE for more info.

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Elvis Singles Downgrade - Billboard Responds Again: Following multiple posts by EIN's Brian Quinn and others on Billboard's Facebook Page they have printed the following:
Billboard wrote: "Brian, we hope this explanation helps clarify. Thank you for your feedback and let us know if you have additional questions based on the below.
>> The chart statistics referenced the Rihanna story were based on the Hot 100 chart which launched in 1958. The Hot 100 was the first chart of its kind to rank songs based on a combination of juke box plays, airplay and sales. Prior to the Hot 100, we printed various pop charts based either on disc jockey reports/airplay, sales or juke box plays. This includes the Top 100, which started in late 1955 as a limited hybrid chat and morphed back into a sales-based chart in 1957. Elvis’ No.1s on those pre-1958 charts have been counted by some sources in conjunction with the Hot 100 when considered among No. 1 songs in the supposed rock and roll era (1955 to present), which is where the confusion lies. As is the fact that some sources equally count a pre-Hot 100 No. 1 if it topped either of the Hot 100’s predecessors (Top 100, Best-Sellers, Juke Box, Disc Jockey). As is the case with Elvis’ “I Want You I Need You I Love You” which topped the Best-Sellers chart, but not the Top 100 in 1956.
In no way are we diminishing Elvis’ chart achievements. In fact, we specifically reference Elvis in the above story, mentioning his No. 1 total prior to the Hot 100:
"Among the seven acts to tally at least 11 leaders, only two acts reached the milestone more quickly: the Beatles, in a mere, Beatlemania-fueled, one year, 11 months and one week between "I Want to Hold Your Hand" (Feb. 1, 1964) and "We Can Work It Out" (Jan. 8, 1966); and, the Supremes, who needed only four years, three months and one week between "Where Did Our Love Go" (Aug. 22, 1964) and "Love Child" (Nov. 30, 1968). (Prior to the Hot 100's Aug. 4, 1958, inception and after, Elvis Presley racked 11 No.1s on various Billboard pop charts over a rapid-fire span of three years, three months and three weeks)."
For the purpose of the Rihanna story, we were solely highlighting feats on the Hot 100, as we have often done in the past and as we did in 2008 to honor the 50-year history of the chart. The Hot 100 has long been our flagship singles ranking and we try to focus on records achieved on that chart separate from what may have occurred on any other charts that have come before or after it, without losing sight of those notable non-Hot 100 records."

EIN still believes that in only using the "Hot 100" Billboard is still distorting the impact of Elvis' past achievements. The modern "Pop Era" of rock'n'roll started well before 1958 and should still be included or amalgamated with the overall statistics.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Graceland first winter 2011 sprinkle of snow: Reported by EPE, a few small snowflakes were falling outside Elvis' Graceland in Memphis yesterday as the king's castle is all lit up for the Holidays. Have you started playing your Christmas albums yet? Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?



(News, Source;EPE)

Blue Hawaii - The Movie: Released FIFTY YEARS AGO this week in 1961 Blue Hawaii is the movie that most "serious" Elvis fans hate to love, although it is one of Elvis' most successful films. After the 1960 dramas of Flaming Star and Wild In The Country, Blue Hawaii was a return to the musical fluff first seen in GI Blues. While Elvis craved dramatic interest and acting challenges the general public thought otherwise.

Fifty years on, EIN contributor Harley Payette takes an in-depth look at Blue Hawaii and wonders if this film really was the beginning of the end - or perhaps first class family entertainment. 

See if you agree. - - Click here for the review plus some great Hawaii photos


(Spotlight, Source;Harley Payette/ElvisInfoNetwork)

'48 Hours To Memphis' FTD CD Review: Elvis' Richmond show, March 18 1974 on this FTD features a previously unknown multi-track recording. March 1974 was Elvis' ninth tour of the USA and twenty-five performances in under 3 weeks. Freed from the constraints of the Las Vegas Hilton casino crowd, Elvis was in fine form and putting on great shows getting fabulous on-stage feedback from his enthusiastic audiences from the Southern states. Every concert sold out in a few hours and extra concerts had to be added to meet the demand.
This recording was made 2 days before 'Recorded live on stage in Memphis'. It’s a fabulous discovery with the recording coming from a newly discovered, unmarked tape. The concert also gets a deluxe 7" packaging plus 16-page booklet.
Click here to EIN's in-depth review of this new FTD release..

(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Rockin' Robin Rosaaen sets the Record Straight: Recently the joint Michaan's auction of memorabilia from Elvis secretary Trude Forsher and the Rockin' Robin Rosaaen collections surprisingly did not do as well as expected.
At the time the Elvis Matters website reported that it might be due to "the economic crisis or the doubtful reputation of seller Robin Rosaaen!"
Several fans were taken aback by this comment and Rockin' Robin Rosaaen contacted EIN requesting to "Set the record right as too many times people that I have never met post incorrect information about me on some web sites without ever contacting me first". - About the statement by Elvis Matters -
RRR: I have no idea as to why anyone at Elvis Matters would make the statement about my "doubtful reputation" as a Elvis seller as I have never had any dealings with them ever.
- About the auction
RRR: I was surprised that with all of the bids, items that both Jim and I had did not reach the reserve prices. Since I have never done an Elvis auction before & only did this at the request of James Forsher, I will now only sell directly to fans instead of taking my items to an auction house. This way we don't have all of the fees involved with the auction house.
- How can fans see what items you have for sale
RRR: Many of my items are shown on my friend Robin Klarenbeek's "Elvis Legends" website - for instance my Elvis handwritten letter. CLICK HERE to see Items for Sale privately - This way fans can email me direct with any questions.
Plus I have many more Elvis items here that I will consider selling in the next few years, as I am unable to live the dream of my own Elvis Gallery to display all of these items that I have collected over the past 40 years.
- How can interested fans contact you directly
RRR: As eBay's former Elvis Expert I get phone calls and emails from around the world regarding Elvis collectibles. Fans can always email here at home rcrosaaen@aol.com
(News, Source; RockinRobinRosaaen)

MRS 'The Complete Hayride'- OUT NOW: The MRS book/CD combo produced in association with Joseph A Tunzi ‘THE COMPLETE LOUISIANA HAYRIDE ARCHIVES 1954-1956’ is now released.
All of the 29 tracks therein are re-mastered using the most sophisticated new technology. Fans will be delighted to finally hear a much improved and richer version of tracks such as ‘Hearts of Stone’ & ‘I'm Left You’re Right She’s Gone'. Amazon have placed sound samples of all the tracks from the upcoming MRS release on their website.
MRS would like fans to take note that tracks such as ‘Hearts of Stone’, ‘Money Honey’ and other such likes that were the worst recorded of the Hayride era, went through painstaking restoration. The evidence is now shown that these sound better than ever.
Also the first hayride show from 1954 is much clear than ever and the last show from 1956, is now more complete, correct and sharper than previously released .  
To Preorder for only £11.00 GBP or US$17.50 GO HERE
>>> The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956 (CD+100 Page Book)
Go HERE to 'Elvis CD Releases 2011' for tracklist & details
(News, Source;MRS)

Shawn Klush and Donny Edwards In Australia - Review: Elvis Tribute Artists Shawn Klush & Donny Edwards along with Elvis' Sweet Inspirations have recently been touring Australia together in concert. Since 2007 when EPE named Shawn Klush (right) as the “Ultimate ETA” he has become one of the World's most sought-after Elvis tribute artists. Similarly Donny Edwards regularly features in the top “Ultimate ETA” contests held in Memphis and he is renown for his remarkable authenticity.
The Sweet Inspirations need no introduction - only to mention that thankfully they are still continuing to perform under the guidance of Estelle Brown after the untimely death of Myrna Smith.
The group also helped out by joining with the Joe Esposito fundraiser that had been organised by Australian ETA Mark Andrews.
Go here to our spotlight where EIN's Sanja Meegin reviews the concert and fundraiser.

(Spotlight, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Patti Parry Memorial: The Memorial Service for Patti Parry was last Friday at Mulholland Tennis Club, Los Angeles. EIN contributors Joan and Paul Gansky were great friends to Patti and told us about the moving tribute to the very lovely Patti Parry.
>>> About 100 people were there, including Larry & Shira Geller, Cynthia Pepper, David Stanley, Jerry Schilling, Myrna Smith's son and his wife (Jaden and Candi). Priscilla slipped in after the program began, and left before it ended.
The location was beautiful and the ceremony was very moving, with three ETA's (Lou Vuto, Ted Torres, E-Rock) singing Patti's favorite Elvis songs. Patti's brother Robert, family members and friends shared their memories of Patti. We all laughed and cried as we remembered our own personal moments with Patti.
In the evening, many of us attended the fun party celebrating Patti's life, held in Hollywood (Rolling Stone restaurant). Everyone enjoyed many more songs by the ETA's, and other friends and family who showed off their own singing talents.
- Paul & Joan Gansky
Patti Parry Feb 4, 1943 - October 27, 2011 - R.I.P.

EIN passes on our deepest sympathies to her family and friends.
(Personal photos by Paul Gansky please do not copy without proper credit)
(News, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

‘Elvis Country’ Legacy Edition: Sony Legacy have issued a press release publicising the new January 3rd release.
It includes…
The original 12-song Elvis Country (subtitled "I'm 10,000 Years Old"), debuted January 23, 1971 on the Billboard album chart, peaked at #12, spent 21 weeks on the chart, and was certified RIAA Gold.
In the original Rolling Stone review future Presley biographer Peter Guralnick wrote, "Elvis has come out with a record which gives us some of the very finest and most affecting music since he first recorded for Sun almost 17 years ago." The idea of inserting excerpts of "I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago" in between the album tracks gave the LP a conceptual feel that had never been encountered before. And the songs, from the high-energy rock of "I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water" and "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" (which gives Jerry Lee Lewis a run for the money), to the big ballads that were becoming an Elvis trademark (Eddy Arnold's "I Really Don't Want To Know" and Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away" among them) that were some of Elvis' greatest performances ever.

Elvis Country was a breath of fresh air for most of his millions of fans, and signaled a renaissance of his creative energies.
The new Nashville band had the feel of the Memphis hitmakers of 1969, mainly because their core members were part of the original Muscle Shoals sound which put that town on the map: bassist Norbert Putnam, pianist David Briggs, and drummer Jerry Carrigan. Add in masterful guitarist James Burton - who had become indispensable to Elvis after the two recent Las Vegas residencies - and the scene was set.
There were inevitable contrasts to the tightly structured Memphis sessions, but it ended there. In Nashville, once the song-pluggers put in their suggestions, the rest was up to Elvis, who never ceased to surprise all who were
present He laid down first and second takes with ease, and then turned around and initiated impromptu studio jams that kept the musicians firing on all cylinders.
It all came to a head on the fourth night. After a couple of warm-ups (including Eddy Arnold's "I Really Don't Want To Know"), they thought back to the country tunes they'd already recorded, and the idea of a country album began to take shape. In short order, Elvis laid down Bob Wills' western-swing standard "Faded Love" and Ernest Tubb's "Tomorrow Never Comes." After cutting Hank Cochran's barroom weeper "Make The World Go Away" (via Eddy Arnold), Elvis and crew moved on to Willie's "Funny How Time Slips Away" and then "I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water," familiar to rock and roll fans of Johnny Rivers, but originally a big country hit for Stonewall Jackson.
Ernst Jorgensen wrote about the session, "Elvis seemed inspired, singing with a passion and soulfulness that recalled Memphis, the band fell in with equal feeling, their confidence and expressiveness growing along with his. Both singer and band were performing out of genre, improvising their own rhythms and phrasing on the spot, challenging each other." To paraphrase Jorgensen, "they had something to be proud of."

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