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Tuesday 28 February 2012
Elvis finally at the Oscars - But he didn't win!: While some viewers were very surprised to see ELVIS amongst the Oscar nominees, sadly the short film “God Is the Bigger Elvis” did not win the Oscar for 'Best Short Documentary'.
However it wasn’t hard to spot Elvis Presley’s old co-star on the Oscars red carpet. She was the one wearing the nun’s habit. Mother Dolores Hart, who left Hollywood 49 years ago to pursue a religious life, made a dramatic return Sunday to take part in the 84th annual Academy Awards ceremony. The Oscar-nominated documentary short film “God Is the Bigger Elvis,” tells the 73-year-old nun’s story. “It’s absolutely an extraordinary event,” said Mother Dolores, her voice barely audible above the red carpet’s screaming bleacher fans. “Believe me, this is very different than being in the monastery.” Hart left Hollywood in 1963 after starring in films with Presley, George Hamilton and others. But even before her departure, she revealed Sunday, she was being drawn to her future calling. “One of the things that Elvis and I did when we made ‘King Creole’ was we opened the Bible every afternoon before we went on set and we listened to the words of the Lord,” she recalled. Asked what Presley would think of her nomination, she replied, “I think he would be very happy.” Unfortunately the ‘God is the Bigger Elvis’ short did not win the Oscar. 'Saving Face' the documentary film about acid attacks on women was the Oscar winner. See below for the full story of Dolores Hart & the new documentary.
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Brazilian TV Interviews Priscilla: Last Sunday the Brazilian television show "Fantástico," from the Globo Network, aired an interview with Priscilla Presley by host Zeca Camargo. During the interview, taped at Graceland in Memphis, they talked about the upcoming "Elvis Experience" exhibit that will open in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on September 18, 2012, plus took a tour of the home of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

EPE are making sure the Elvis exhbit tour makes it big in Brazil.

Click HERE to see the TV clip

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Sunday 26 February 2012

'Jailhouse Rock: Frame by Frame' SNEAK PEAK: The new 400-page hardcover book from FTD and by authors Erik Lorentzen and Pål Granlund is back from the printers. Following on from the excellent 'King Creole: Frame By Frame'  the is the second volume of an exciting new series from Elvis Files' producer Erik Lorentzen combined with FTD called "Elvis Presley In Hollywood". Each book will contain more than 400 pages and, alongside text written by Mike Eder, many hundreds of stunning, previously unpublished photographs that have been carefully selected by Erik and Pål from their extensive private collections.

GO HERE for a special JAILHOUSE ROCK book preview

GO HERE to purchase directly from the author - Only Euro100 or US$130 within Europe INCLUDING  Postage - don't be ripped off by other sites.

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New vinyl single 'Like A Baby' - OUT NOW: Out Now is this cute looking fake 1960's single.
The 7" inch 45 rpm vinyl single in red vinyl combines "Like A Baby/Make Me Know It". The White RCA promotional label (47- 8025 Not For Sale, Promotional copy) indicates that this actual single was never released, other than in a promotional version. This 2012 collector's copy is limited to 500 copies.
While the songs are definitely Public Domain in the EU, EIN is not so sure about the rights to use the RCA VICTOR logo.

The vinyl single is selling for $19.
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Hear Lisa Marie's Interview with Elvis Radio: Part 2 of Lisa Marie's Interview with Elvis Radio is the new Graceland Beat Podcast

Click HERE to download the episode to hear part two of Elvis Radio's interview with Lisa Marie Presley.

She talks even more about growing up at Graceland, celebrating her birthday, and opening the new exhibit "Elvis.. Through His Daughter's Eyes."

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Saturday 25 February 2012
Elvis composer/arranger Billy Strange dies at 81; Billy Strange guitarist & arranger (shown right with Elvis) was one of the hottest players on the L.A. studio scene but is now also well-known as the co-writer of Elvis' huge worldwide smash 'A Little Less Conversation'. With Mac Davis, Strange also composed 'Memories', 'Nothingville', 'Charro' and 'Clean Up Your Own Backyard' for Elvis. He also arranged 'Edge Of Reality'.
Billy Strange also produced Nancy Sinatra's 'These Boots Are Made for Walking' and as part of the 'Wrecking Crew' played guitar on the Beach Boys' 'Pet Sounds' album.
Billy Strange first worked as musician with Elvis on the movie 'It Happened At the World's Fair' in 1962 and then played some cool guitar on the 'Viva Las Vegas' soundtrack. He continued with Elvis' sessions often as conductor/arranger, with his last session for Elvis being 1968's 'The Trouble With Girls' recordings.
As Billy Strange explains he once took the kind of phone call that thousands of musicians receive only in their best and wildest dreams.
"I was staying at a hotel in Nashville in 1965 when my telephone
rang and this unmistakable voice said, "Billy, this is Elvis. I'd like for you to stop by my studios and play some music with me"". "I was absolutely thrilled, so I went along and he just sat at the piano playing gospel songs. We had a lot of fun; so much so that we never got around to recording anything that first day."
That made it a rare day in Strange's life in the 1960s: He not only was one of the hottest players but also a successful songwriter, arranger and recording artist working in LA's top recording studios at what may have been the pinnacle of a long career in which he contributed to hit records by artists such as Presley, the Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, the Everly Brothers, Dean Martin and Willie Nelson.
Strange, who died Wednesday in Nashville at 81, is most widely known for his role as musical arranger of Nancy Sinatra's first No. 1 hit, "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'," in 1966 and her 1967 duet with her father, "Somethin' Stupid." Strange also was the budding pop singer's co-star on her eerie song "Bang Bang (He Shot
Me Down)," on which the only accompaniment to her wistful vocal were the strums and runs from Strange's tremolo-soaked electric guitar.
With his all-around skills as a songwriter, arranger and player, Strange was soon in high demand in recording studios, adding to sessions with Ricky Nelson, the Everlys and Spector, the latter connection segueing into work with Spector disciple Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, for whom he played on their high-watermark album "Pet Sounds" in 1966.
Those credits helped bring him to the attention of Presley, whose career as a recording artist faltered in the 1960s as he focused on formulaic Hollywood movies set up for him by his manager, Col. Tom Parker. After that first meeting, Presley and Strange became close friends.
As Billy Strange told author Ken Sharp - "Elvis and I always hung out together. When he moved to LA he was totally surrounded by young lady fans in this gated house that he lived in. About the only time he could get out of the house was late at night and we'd jump on our bikes and ride our Harleys all over the Hollywood hills. Elvis used to call me up around 2am or 3am and say, 'Hey Billy, let's go for a ride,' "
Certainly Elvis was familiar with what I had been doing with Nancy and Frank Sinatra and he made the choice of me as a producer and arranger for him. Everything I had ever done, particularly the Nancy Sinatra session, had a life and feeling of its own and whatever arranging capabilities I had fit the moment for Elvis. We were very lucky and had some hits.
Elvis worked like a trooper in the studio. He was as professional as anyone could be. He knew the material and knew when it was right for him. He knew exactly when a take was it. Elvis knew what he was. He was held down from being as good as he could be because of the class of material he was forced to do for his films-just his records proved that. Most of his hits weren't from films. They were songs that he chose because he liked them and knew that he could perform them well.
My favorite song that Elvis recorded of ours is "Memories." It's the most outstanding to me because I happened to just love the song. That ballad really fit Elvis at that point.
I lost a dear friend when Elvis died. I couldn't bring myself to go to the funeral of one who expired so needlessly and tragically.
Billy Strange was elected to the Musicians Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, both based in Nashville.
RIP Billy Strange - died 21 February 2012, aged 81.
Click HERE for a delightful Interview with Billy Strange about Elvis and his song 'A Little Less Conversation'. (News, Source;KenSharp/ElvisInfoNet)

'Blue Owl in Greensboro' new Import CD: Released several times before on bootleg is a new version of Elvis' classic 1972 Greensboro concert.
The publicity states...  Due out March the 2nd from the new label Inferno records is a factory pressed cd called "Blue owl in greensboro" This cd is a fantastic re-release of the legendary greensboro show recorded for elvis presleys April tour for the smash documentary "Elvis on tour" We have speed corrected the show and added a few bonus tracks from March 1972 Rehearsing for his april tour. This release comes in a fully printed cardboard sleeve and has colour photos wearing the blue owl jumpsuit.
Immediately following our first release will be Inferno records 2nd cd titled "International tigerman" a jewel case cd with fantastic full colour booklet and liner notes. Due around the 7th march. For fans by fans!

EIN notes that the publicity seems rather lacking in info.
(News, Source;FECC)

Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales: This week, 'Elvis: Best Of Love' rises from 191 to 162 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts for w/e 4th March, 2012 selling some 4141 copies. Total sales to date: 237,827 copies.

'An Afternoon In The Garden' also rises from 195 to 183 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts selling some 3755 copies. Total sales to date: 434,939 copies.

The following also appeared on the Catalog Album Charts:
'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 2134 copies. Total sales to date: 92,938 copies.
'Elvis Gospel/ An Evening Prayer' (Compilation) selling some 2025 copies. Total sales to date: 140,766 copies.
'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) selling some 1721 copies. Total sales to date: 71,677 copies.
'Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits' (Digital Sales Only) selling some 663 copies. Total digital sales to date: 129,574 copies.
'Elvis: Christmas Duets' - Total sales to date: 490,050 copies.
'Elvis Christmas' - Total sales to date: 599,351 copies.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

New “fake” Elvis album "Kingtinuing: I'm Alive": The concept has been done several times before of a “modern day Elvis” singing post 1977 songs- and far better than this! But the new album Kingtinuing: "I'm Alive" featuring musical artist Ron Jesse has just been released this week on Amazon and iTunes. Bob Sherwood former senior executive at Columbia records and CBS/Sony Music International exclaimed, “Elvis’ previously undiscovered music?!”
EIN notes that in that case Bob Sherwood must be stone deaf since this album is one of the weekest "Elvis attempts" EIN has ever come across. Check out 'Stand By Me' compared to Elvis' version - Good Grief!
The publicity states that ...  The album suggests a wonderfully creative concept that should appeal to the legions of Elvis Presley fans and Ron Jesse’s fabulous voice delivers a perfectly finished product. It is hard to tell if it isn’t actually Elvis--other than most of the music was created after he died in 1977. Vocalist Ron Jesse touches on what might have been had Elvis lived. The music touches almost all genres including the music of Richard Marx, David Foster, Josh Groban and Celine Dion. The touching Heartland song, I Loved Her First, the stage performance of Les Misérables' Bring Him Home and even some classic jazz of Louis Armstrong are included. The first track of the album “I’m Alive” is a
rollicking version of the live on-stage Las Vegas style performances complete with conversation directed to his adoring audience. The King expands his repertoire in what might be referred to as the 2012 comeback. Any fan can just close their eyes and imagine what might have been now in this latest iteration of a career which now spans 50 years. The album was created and produced by Keith Gordon and supervised by Grammy award-winner Brian Leach of Joy-Ride studios in Chicago. In reality, “I’m Alive” is the concert fantasy of a lifetime and has plans to become a live performance.
Go here to Amazon to Listen .
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Elvis Presley Boulevard gets facelift of $16 million: Marty Lacker reports to us that the Memphis City Council voted this week to allocate $16 Million to improve Elvis Presley Blvd. and the area around Graceland.
It may be the gateway to Whitehaven and Memphis' most iconic tourist attraction, but Elvis Presley Boulevard "has lost all visual and contextual cohesion" a city plan indicated. But a joint city and state initiative has voted for a $16 million makeover for a three-mile stretch of the Elvis Presley corridor.
Jack Soden, CEO of EPE concurred, saying the project also could improve Memphis' image, noting that "people from all over the world" travel the boulevard.
"We've been interested in improving the appearance of Elvis Presley Boulevard for over 20 years," he said.
EPE, whose parent firm, CKx, was purchased by a private-equity group last year, has been working on plans to add attractions in the Graceland area. But those plans are being "reshaped" in the wake of the economic downturn, Soden said.
(News, Source;MartyLacker/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Mary Magdalene Morgan Memorial: The memorial for Elvis' "first girlfriend" Mary Magdalene Morgan took place this monday in the US.
Mary Magdalene Morgan was born in Lee County on April 19, 1934, to Gurney Morgan and Mattie Williams. She grew up in East Tupelo, where she attended school with Elvis Presley and claimed to be his first date. She enjoyed raking her yard, flower gardening, taking care of her home and playing the piano.
She loved spending time with her family, who affectionately called her “Mama Sandy.” A Baptist by faith, she attended Calvary Fellowship and Worship in Tremont.
Survivors include her children, Sonya Null (Scotty) of Thaxton, Susan Morgan of Tremont, Gary Kitchens (Shelia) of Pontotoc, Larry Williams of Tremont and Kayla Morgan of Fulton; 13 grandchildren; 10 great- grandchildren; and several half-siblings and cousins. (see Mary Magdalene Morgan interview below)
Below is her Memorial Service - "It was simple and sweet, just like her".
With heartfelt sympathies to her family and with gratitude to Roy Turner
(News, Source;PaulGansky/RoyTurner/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Dolores Hart - 'God Is the Bigger Elvis': The former actress, who left Hollywood to become a nun in the 1960s, is the subject of an Oscar-nominated short, 'God Is the Bigger Elvis.' Now known as Mother Dolores, she'll attend Sunday's Oscars.
When Dolores Hart, 73, walks the red carpet at this year's Academy Awards as planned, no interviewer will need to ask who made her dress. She will be wearing her nun's habit from the Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Conn., where she lives a life of contemplation and hospitality and is mother prioress.
Mother Dolores, as she is now known, is the subject this year of an Oscar-nominated documentary short, "God Is the Bigger Elvis," which airs April 5 on HBO. The documentary chronicles her life as a nun after a Hollywood career that saw her costar with Elvis Presley ("Loving You" in 1957 and "King Creole" in 1958), Anthony Quinn ("Wild Is the Wind," 1957) and George Hamilton ("Where the Boys Are," 1960). Her favorite is "Lisa," from 1962, in which she played a Jewish refugee after World War II. Before the documentary, she last appeared on the big screen in 1963's "Come Fly With Me," a comedy about flight attendants looking for love.
Not only does "God Is the Bigger Elvis" explore Mother Dolores' life in Hollywood and at the monastery, but it also chronicles the day-to-day life of the nuns at the abbey, which is also a working farm. Like Mother Dolores, a lot of the nuns had previous occupations, including the law and science, before they changed vocations.
The documentary's director, Rebecca Cammisa, whose own mother was a nun before leaving the convent after 10 years, is thrilled that Mother Dolores is going with her to the Academy Awards on Sunday. "This is her return to Hollywood after 50 years," said Cammisa. "This is her homecoming."
While an actress, Mother Dolores attended the Academy Awards three times, the last being April 9, 1962, at the Santa Monica Civic. As for her return after half a century, Mother Dolores said over the phone from the abbey that she was looking forward to seeing "the motion picture industry at work."
"I would like to see the academy at its best," she added. "I have such respect for the community, and they have given me a way of being a part of Hollywood within the monastic enclosure. So this will be a wonderful opportunity I certainly will never enjoy again in my lifetime."
Mother Dolores had been a devout Catholic before she joined the monastery — she converted to the faith when she was 10. While appearing on Broadway in 1959 in the comedy "The Pleasure of His Company," a friend told her to visit the tranquil monastery for some rest and contemplation. It was during this first visit that Mother Dolores felt a tug at her heart that maybe she should devote her life to God.
But four years later, Mother Dolores knew the time was right. "I think it was maturity," she said. "There was a realization I had gone through many more films and I had much more experience in Hollywood and more experience in life. I had come to understand more the implications of what was necessary. I think that eventually the realization of what needed to happen caught up with me. I was able to present to lady abbess a more mature character.
Leaving the film industry for her new vocation "was something I knew absolutely I must do even though I loved my career," she said.
"I really did. I had wanted it since I was 7 years, so I certainly wasn't leaving it because I didn't like or love it. It was just something I knew that God was asking."
Go HERE for more details about the short movie and Dolores Hart.
(News, Source;SM/NaveenVerghese/ElvisInfoNet)

'Just One More Smile' new 1977 Import CD: From the new label Convair we can expect a rare recording of one of the last live performances Elvis ever did. June 23rd 1977 - From an Audience Recording - this release is for the collectors. Accompanied by a 20 page booklet telling the story of Elvis´ last tour in words and pictures plus having two different concert reviews from this concert in Des Moines this is a nice collectors-package. Although the sound of the recording is far from perfect to many ears it has to be said that the tape-source of this first CONVAIR cd is new and significantly better than known so far from circulating cdrs. - OUT MARCH 9, 2012:
Tracklisting:Also Sprach Zarathustra, See See Rider, I Got A Woman / Amen, Love Me, If You Love Me (Let Me Know), You Gave Me A Mountain, Jailhouse Rock, O Sole Mio / It's Now Or Never, Little Sister, Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel, Help Me, Danny Boy (Sherill Nielsen), Walk With Me (Sherill Nielsen), Blue Suede Shoes, Introductions, Early Morning Rain, What'd I Say, Johnny B. Goode, Band Solos, I Really Don't Want To Know, More Band Solos, Hurt, Hound Dog, Elvis introduces his father and sound engineer, Can't Help Falling In Love
(News, Source;Convair/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Presley tooth crown in UK auction: The King of Rock and Roll's crown is expected to fetch a princely £10,000 when it goes up for auction later this month. But Elvis fans thinking they can get their hands on headwear belonging to the late King Creole singer will be in for a shock.
That is because it is a dental mould of Elvis Presley's mouth, with a spare crown in place, that is going under the hammer on February 25
Jokingly called the King's Crown, it was created by former Memphis dentist Henry J Weiss just in case the star chipped or cracked his front tooth while on tour.
Weiss, Presley's dentist until 1971, did all his dental work including the preparation of a porcelain crown for his front tooth.

The lot comes with five letters of authenticity from the wife and sons of the dentist and Joe Esposito, Presley's road manager.
The model of the King's teeth is currently encased in a custom glass display where Omega Auctions, in Stockport, UK is auctioning the crown.
The firm's Paul Fairweather said: 'Following on from Lennon's tooth back in November which sold for £19,500, we were extremely excited on the consignment of this truly unique item from the King of Rock & Roll.

'Whilst it is not a real tooth, as was the case with the Lennon tooth, it is the only one in existence and we expect there to be considerable interest in this; we expect that it will sell for over £10,000.'
(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Presley's "half brother and the head of the CIA" Arrested!: A 51-year-old man told police he was Elvis Presley's half brother and the head of the CIA when they arrested him for pointing a gun at a woman outside a bank.
Mark Loescher, from Naples, (shown right - He looks so much like Elvis!!!) is accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after an incident on Friday outside a Wells Fargo bank at 5094 Airport-Pulling Road in Naples.
He also told deputies he was a half orangutan and needed to call the 'Fusion Center' to ask about his monkey blood.
Reports say Loescher's comments 'were very off the wall' and that 'it did not appear as if he was all there mentally'.
Collier County sheriff’s deputies said they were called to the bank around 5pm after Loescher allegedly pulled a fully loaded .357 Magnum on a woman who went over to his car to tell him there was smoke coming from it.
She told authorities she was fearful of her life and backed away and returned to the bank.
  When they arrived, he was still sitting in the driver's seat. A woman - who was said to be
his girlfriend - was in the passenger seat. She was permitted to leave. Loescher told police he was Elvis Presley's brother, Loesher is also said to have also told police he was a good friend of President Bush and that the two share an attorney, as well as the claims about Elvis and the CIA.
Elvis did have a twin brother but he died at birth. The real CIA director is General David. H. Petraeus. (shown right - Elvis 1976 - Can you spot the similarity?)
A gun and bullets were found in the car and he was taken to jail.
No credentials could be found which linked him to the CIA.
Loescher was taken to the hospital after complaints of high blood pressure but was later released and transported to the Naples Jail Center, where he is being held in the medical ward reserved for inmates with apparent medical and mental problems.
- EIN notes that this could only happen to a character as big as ELVIS!
(News, Source;SM/ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 20 February 2012
Mary Magdalene Morgan Interview: By 1946 and fifth grade, Elvis' interest in girls was conspicuous if not reciprocated. Elvis first sought out Elois Bedford but soon after, just as she was boarding the school bus in the afternoon, Elvis handed her a note. It read, without preamble or postscript, "I have found another girl."
The other girl Elvis found was Mary Magdalene Morgan who is often referred to as Elvis' first true "girlfriend".
 "He was just my ideal guy. He was very pleasant, very polite. He didn't talk a whole lot. Elvis was kind of embarrassed a lot. He did not like crowds. He would talk to me a lot if we were by ourselves, like when my mother and I would visit the Presley home, which we did often because Gladys was my mom's best friend." - Magdalene Morgan.

Back in 1990 EIN Contributor and Memphis journalist & author Bill E Burk interviewed Magdalene Morgan for his book on Elvis' Early Years ...
Go here to Bill E Burk's enlightening interview with Magdalene Morgan.
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

'The Elvis Files' Volume 5 (1969-1970) sneak preview: Erik Lorentzen and Pal Granlund's 'The Elvis Files' Volume 5 (1969-1970)  is on the way to completion.

Assistant Editor Paul Richardson has posted three preview pages below.
Surely this will be their biggest seller yet!

Go here to EIN's in-depth review on 'The Elvis Files Vol. 4' 1965-1968

(News, Source;PaulRichardson/EIN)


Marty Lacker joins the campaign to rename Memphis Airport in Honor of Elvis: EIN is happy to report that Marty Lacker recently wrote to a leading member of the Memphis City Council to help boost the campaign to rename Memphis Airport.
Here is his letter below -
I am compelled to write about this matter, especially in light of the hoopla and the honors bestowed upon Whitney Houston in New Jersey by the Governor of that state, Mr. Christie.  I write this on behalf of the memory of Elvis Presley.
To give you some background I was with and close to Elvis for twenty years, was his right hand man for a number of years and Co-Best Man at his wedding. I also was one of the leaders of the Memphis Music Industry from the late 60's to the mid 70's when at that time most in the Memphis Music Industry left for other music cities primarily because the powers that be here showed the music industry people that they really didn't care about them or appreciate what the industry did for the city both financially and publicity wise. I kid you not.

I had the pleasure and honor of proposing to then Mayor Loeb that to honor Elvis the city could at least change the name of Highway 51 to Elvis Presley Blvd. because at the time the newspapers kept writing stories that people kept suggesting that the airport, the downtown auditorium or something should be named for him.  I can tell you that all the hoopla it was an embarrassment to Elvis. The Mayor even made the mistake of asking Elvis what he wanted named after him, that is not an honor if he had to do that in his mind.  In late '71 I was asked by the Mayor to be the speaker to the City Council after the Mayor proposed the street name in order to get the Council to vote to name the street.  I was proud to do that on behalf of my friend Elvis.  It was passed.

I am also proud that in honor of my accomplishments in the music industry back then, I was recently honored with a Beale Street Blues Note, Memphis' version of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in November,2010.  I conceived the idea of The Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission in '72 and went before the County Commission and got it established. I was its first Chairman and also was a co-Founder of the Memphis NARAS Chapter (The Grammys).

Enough about me and now the reason I am writing.

There is a campaign now in the worldwide Elvis world by many of Elvis' millions of fans to have the  Memphis Airport named after Elvis just as many other cities have named their airports for their distinguished late celebrities.  Elvis put Memphis on the worldwide map in the 50's and it has continued through today.  The city has realized millions of dollars because of what Elvis did here and he always called this home as opposed to anywhere else he was.  He touted Memphis to many throughout the country.  The millions of people that have visited Graceland because of him since his death have brought to Memphis not only great worldwide publicity but hundreds of millions of dollars that they spend in Memphis businesses as well as the city,county and State realizing millions of tax dollars over the last 35 years.  He is a gift to Memphis that keeps on giving.

If the Gov. of New Jersey can order the flags in the State to be flown at half mast for Whitney Houston, don't you think  the Council and the Mayor can see to it that the airport bears Elvis' name?  Whitney was a great singer but she was no Elvis Presley, no artist has been. None of them had the impact on a city or world as he did. He changed the culture of the world in the 50's.

I turn to you because as I've mentioned before in emails I think you are the most common sense,competent Council member today and I would love it if you would run for Mayor.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would initiate this matter in the Council and the Mayor by proposing that this be done by the city.  If I can be of help please call on me.

Name it after Elvis and I can assure you that the world will know about the airport and where it's at.
Respectfully, Marty Lacker

  Note -.. Memphis should honour it's most famous Son by renaming their Airport 'ELVIS PRESLEY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT' CLICK HERE to sign the petition.
(News, Source,MartyLacker/ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 19 February 2012
Mary Magdalene Morgan Obit: Mary Magdalene Morgan, 77, died Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012, at Sanctuary Hospice House in Tupelo after an extended illness. She was born in Lee County on April 19, 1934, to Gurney Morgan and Mattie Williams. She grew up in East Tupelo, where she attended school with Elvis Presley and claimed to be his first date. She enjoyed raking her yard, flower gardening, taking care of her home and playing the piano.
She loved spending time with her family, who affectionately called her “Mama Sandy.” A Baptist by faith, she attended Calvary Fellowship and Worship in Tremont.
A memorial service will be at 6 p.m. Monday at the Tupelo Chapel of Holland Funeral Directors with Bro. Ray Stevens officiating.
Visitation will be from 5 p.m. to service time Monday only at the Tupelo Chapel.
Survivors include her children, Sonya Null (Scotty) of Thaxton, Susan Morgan of Tremont, Gary Kitchens (Shelia) of Pontotoc, Larry Williams of Tremont and Kayla Morgan of Fulton; 13 grandchildren; 10 great- grandchildren; and several half-siblings and cousins.
She was preceded in death by her parents.
Memorials may be made to Sanctuary Hospice House, P.O. Box 2177,
Tupelo, MS 38803. Condolences may be emailed to hollandfuneraldirectors@comcast.net.
(News, Source;RoyTurner/ElvisInfoNetwork)

UK fans - GET YOUR TICKETS FOR ELVIS: "Elvis Presley In Concert" will soon hit the UK and to those who have yet to see this tour, "GO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW"!
'Elvis Presley In Concert' is the closest thing you will ever get to seeing and experiencing what it was like to see the REAL Elvis Presley live on stage? Even though this is just Elvis on a huge screen, the emotion and the illusion is ten thousand fold what any IMP could ever bring to you as a fan of the original King of Rock n Roll, Pop, ballads and more.
The tickets are still available at the main city venues in the UK so please help keep Elvis' spirit alive. It might be the last opportunity you get and its a fantastic night out.
March  9 Sheffield
March 10 Manchester
March 13 Odyssey Arena Belfast
March 16 The O2 London,
March 17 Wembley Arena London,

CLICK HERE for UK tickets
(News, Source;ElvisExpress/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Presley & The American Music Heritage' new PD box-set: On this new 3CD set of "Public Domain" songs, Bruno Blum has compiled original Elvis recordings from the period 1954-1958 together with original versions of the songs which Elvis chose to record. The result – according to the liner notes - is a comparative retrospective which allows a better appreciation of his immense contribution to an American music hybrid which conquered the world.
Other artists featured include : Arthur Crudup, Leon Payne & The Lone Star Buddies, Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys, Billy Eckstine, Jimmy Wakely, Patti Page, The Shelton Brothers, Roy Brown, Wynonie Harris, Kokomo Arnold, Johnnie Lee Wills, Arthur Gunter, Little Junior Parker, Ray Charles, Clyde Mcphatter & The Drifters, Hal Singer, Carl Perkins, Slim And Slam, Little Richard, Lloyd Price, Big Joe Turner, Big Mama Thornton, etc.
Release date Feb 20. From the Fremeaux label
Go here for more info & to purchase
(News, Source;ElvisMatters/Amazon/EIN)

Saturday 18 February 2012
Elvis girlfriend Magdalene Morgan Dies: One of Elvis' Childhood sweethearts, Magdalene Morgan has sadly passed away.
Confirmed by EIN contributor Roy Turner from Tupelo. Roy Turner told EIN today that "I saw her in Hospice last Saturday. She was in a very bad state and now is in a much better place. She passed Monday."
Roy Turner has been trying to raise money needed to help with her family with the memorial service and cremation. - If you feel you can help please click here.
Bill E Burk once interviewed Magdalene Morgan where she talked candidly about her early friendship with Elvis.
... "I guess my infatuation with Elvis started in that little church up in East Tupelo, he sang and picked the guitar. I sang and played piano.
I was the church pianist when I wasn't but eight or nine. We were always in Christmas plays together up at the church. I always played opposite Elvis, which really thrilled me a lot. One time, I remember, he was one of the wise men and I was one of the angels. Another time, he was Joseph and I was Mary.
He was just my ideal guy. He was very pleasant, very polite. He didn't talk a whole lot. Elvis was kind of embarrassed a lot. He did not like crowds. He would talk to me a lot if we were by ourselves, like when my mother and I would visit the Presley home, which we did often because Gladys was my mom's best friend.
When I heard the Presleys were moving to Memphis, I cried a good while. I missed him. I kept missing him even after I got married and had children. I loved Elvis. I will always love Elvis. There will always be a spot in my heart

and Elvis will always be there."
RIP Mary Magdalene Morgan: April 19, 1934 - February 13, 2012.
Go here to see EIN's interview with Roy Turner about Elvis and Tupelo
(News, Source;RoyTurner/ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Vegas Variety Vol. 8' new Import CD: Rainbow Records proudly presents Volume 8 of their series "Vegas Variety", featuring the complete performance of August 6, 1972 Midnight Show at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Nevada. To be released first week of March.
From the press release.. Rainbow Records is again able to deliver a very fine show in really nice sound, recorded by some fans tape recorder which has been secretly brought with by a fan. It is important for many Elvis-Fans to have just about every show Elvis ever did in their collection. Unfortunately there is no soundboard or professional recording available for every show. But still we are fortunate enough to hear most of the concerts because of the private recordings many fans did when they visited Elvis in Las Vegas and on his many tours. Those recordings might sound a bit rough to some ears but they are what they are: A document of Elvis´ big output of live performances. As usual a very high quality booklet comes with this release. It has a lot of pictures and information covering the magic of Elvis and Las Vegas back in August/September of 1972 on its 20 pages.
Go HERE to Elvis CD News 2012 for more info for tracklist and more info.
(News, Source;VegasVariety/EIN)

Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales: This week, 'Elvis: Best Of Love' drops from 139 to 191 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart selling some 3494 copies. Total sales to date: 233,686 copies.
'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops from 165 to 195 this week (w/e 25th February, 2012) on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart selling some 3422 copies. Total sales to date: 431,234 copies.
'Elvis Rock' (Compilation) appeared on the Catalog Album Chart at 150 selling some 2065 copies. Total sales to date:147,689 copies.
'Elvis Gospel' (Compilation) also appeared on the Catalog Album Chart at 186 selling some 1836 copies. Total sales to date: 138,741 copies.
'Elvis Country' (Compilation) also appeared on the Catalog Album Chart at 192 selling some 1,820 copies. Total sales to date: 91,623 copies.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis Vegas Memories" never to be published: The anniversary of the 1982 Hilton fire on Wednesday sparked memories about longtime Hilton spokesman Bruce Banke and the Elvis Presley book project put on hold by his death.
Don Usherson, former MGM Grand publicist and longtime local entertainment reporter was recently reminiscing about Banke, a colorful character who died in late 2000 at the age of 64.
It was Banke who walked into an executive board room meeting on Aug. 16, 1977, and interrupted Hilton chairman Barron Hilton to report that Elvis had died. Moans filled the boardroom, Banke told me in 2000.
For several years before that day in 1977, Banke was working on a book about Elvis' Hilton years.
Banke's son, Bryan, a Las Vegan was contacted to see whether the family has considered moving forward on the book project.
His father had collaborated on the book, the son said, with Loanne Parker, the widow of Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker.
Some differences arose and the manuscript has been gathering dust since Bruce Banke's death.
Bryan Banke confirmed that it is unlikely that the book will ever go to a publisher for a number of (unstated) reasons.
(News, Source;NormClarkeLVJ/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 16 February 2012

Author Chris Kennedy Interview about D.J. Tommy Edwards: Tommy Edwards was one of the most successful and innovative deejays in Cleveland history, alongside his professional rival, Bill Randle. He also hosted local TV shows like Farm Bureau Jamboree, which showcased country and rockabilly artists.
He jumpstarted many country and rock 'n' roll careers north of the Mason-Dixon Line, including Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Chuck Berry, and others.
And one of Tommy Edwards' greatest, lasting achievements was recognizing Elvis Presley's talent after "That's All Right" was released in the summer of 1954 on Sun Records....
Author Chris Kennedy has recently published the sensational book '1950s Radio In Color: The Lost Photographs of Deejay Tommy Edwards’ (see EIN's review below).

EIN contributor Jeremy Roberts recently interviewed author Chris Kennedy about the book and Tommy Edwards' legacy - Click here.
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Cast for Elvis 35th Anniversary Concert Announced: EPE are excited to announce the confirmed cast of the Elvis 35th Anniversary Concert that will be at the FedExForum on August 16, 2012, during Elvis Week.  See some of Elvis' finest concert performances projected on a large video screen, accompanied live on stage by a cast of singers and musicians who worked with him, an orchestra, and additional singers and musicians.
The following guests are confirmed to perform in the concert:
- Joe Guercio
- TCB Band members James Burton, Ronnie Tutt and Glen Hardin
- DJ Fontana
- The Sweet Inspirations – Estelle Brown, Portia Griffin & Kelly Jones
- Former members of JD Sumner and The Stamps Quartet: Bill Baize, Ed Hill, Larry Strickland and Donnie Sumner
- Former members of The Imperials: Joe Moscheo, Terry Blackwood, Armond Morales and Jim Murray
- Members of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra
In addition, Elvis Presley will join the cast live on stage via a state-of-the-art screens. More guests will be announced as they are confirmed.
Click HERE for tickets - Selling fast, don't miss out.

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Memphis Horns Grammy Award: While RCA Legacy's "Young Man With The Big Beat" sadly did not win a Grammy this week, The Memphis Horns' Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love both received a Lifetime Achievement Grammy award. Only one other group of "backing musicians," Motown's Funk Brothers, has ever been recognised with the honour.
Both Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love's wife made very emotional and touching speeches when receiving the awards acknowledging their love of music - and each other.  Click here to hear these wonderful speeches.
Wayne Jackson was the diminutive spitfire on trumpet and Andrew Love the lanky, laid-back cat on sax. Together, as The Memphis Horns, they made beautiful music for five decades. They were forever just out of the spotlight, sidemen was the term, but their sound was front and center, furnishing the heart, soul, and ballast behind hit records by Elvis Presley, Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, James Taylor, U2 and countless others.
Trumpeter Wayne Jackson, 70, is still doing session work when asked, however Saxophonist Andrew Love, half of the famed Memphis Horns, could not attend the Grammy ceremony as he struggles with Alzheimer's.
Go here for EIN's exclusive interview with Wayne Jackson about his time with Elvis.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

BMW’s New Olympic Partnership Ad Gives Elvis a “10”: Elvis Presley’s “A Little Less Conversation” JXL Remix is headlining on BMW’s newest television ad.  Promoting its new 3 Series while advertising BMW’s partnership and support for the upcoming Olympic Games in London, the ad features no spoken words but the voice of Elvis. The ad is high-energy, switching between shots of the hot new sports performance vehicle and top athletes in many sports including gymnastics, diving, relay, and fencing.

Click here to watch it now!
(News, Source;EPE)

Wednesday 15 February 2012
Whitney Houston remembers meeting Elvis: Whitney Houston's mother Cissy Houston was one of Elvis' backing singers when Elvis returned to live performances in 1969 at the Vegas International Hotel. She was one of the Sweet Inspirations but left the group after Elvis' first season. This was a time of great racial tensions between whites and blacks, but Elvis always insisted on having his black group The Sweet Inspirations with him on stage.
James Burton of the TCB band also remembers meeting a young Whitney Houston at the time and ackowledges her great musical career:
“Elvis was a great guy. A great talent, a great singer, and exciting to be around. When I went to work with him in 1969, I became family,” said Burton.
It was while working with Elvis that Burton met Whitney Houston.
“When we opened in 1969 in Las Vegas at the International Hotel with Elvis, her mother Cissy was singing with us. Whitney was about maybe 6 or 7 years old standing behind the curtain, and every night after every show she was so excited to be there,”
He watched as Houston transformed from the girl hiding behind the curtain to one of the most successful pop artists of all time.
“Knowing what a great talent, and just an incredible loss to the world and the music industry. I’ll dearly miss her,” said Burton.
Burton compared the loss of Whitney Houston to Elvis or Michael Jackson. Jackson is another famous voice he’s had the pleasure to work with. Voices he said were gone too soon.
“We’ve lost so many wonderful, great entertainers. I don’t know what to say. It makes you want to, every day is special and we need to not take that for granted,” said Burton.
RIP: Whitney Houston, 1963-2012 - one of the most decorated female performers of all time - died Beverly Hills aged 48.
Go HERE to Whitney Houston interview about meeting Elvis.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

'King Creole: Frame by Frame' Out Now: The new 400-page hardcover book from FTD by authors Erik Lorentzen and Pål Granlund is now released. This is the first volume of an exciting new series from Elvis Files' producer Erik Lorentzen combined with FTD called "Elvis Presley In Hollywood". The second volume will be 'Jailhouse Rock : Frame By Frame' to be released early March.
Each book will contain more than 400 pages and, alongside text written by Mike Eder, many hundreds of stunning, previously unpublished photographs that have been carefully selected by Erik and Pål from their extensive private collections.
Lorentzen also notes that his 'King Creole' book will not repeat any of the images that appeared in the recent FTD book and that the large selection of new unpublished photos come from new collections that they have recently bought, each containing thousands of 'new' Elvis photos!

GO HERE to purchase directly from the author - Only Euro100 or US$130 within Europe INCLUDING  Postage - don't be ripped off by other sites.
Go here to EIN's sneak preview

(News, Source;EL/ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis Presley - Album Zuisou" new Japanese Book: 'Elvis Presley - Album Zuisou' is a newly published Elvis book written by Japanese author Reiko Yukawa. It is a is reference book of Japan's Elvis' 35 original albums.
The author Reiko Yukawa is a famous Japanese music critic who met Elvis several times in the 70's.
See the picture far right

Go HERE to Amazon for more info and to buy.
(News, Source;Atsushi,JapaneseElvisFanclub/

"?Elvis Bus?" for sale skulduggery: Is there yet more Elvis bus skulduggery? As a true Elvis fan can you ever remember seeing Elvis travelling on tour by bus in the late 1970s? No, of course you can't! However the never-ending saga of the bus that Elvis could have bought for JD Sumner (although EIN personally doubts that Elvis ever stepped foot in it) possibly comes to an end with the bus now up for sale to a secret bid.
Originally the bus-for-sale site was being more honest about this bus auction and included the link to Elvis Express' detailed look into the strange history of the "Elvis" bus. However we now notice that any historical link to the long debated and dodgy story is now removed!
Will fans really believe they are buying a bus that Elvis himself used On Tour - hopefully not....
As our friends at Elvis Express report... The inside and outside is nothing like it was in the 70's, the original colours outside were silver and grey. The bus was not covered in TCB logo's originally (there's even one on the toilet, tasteless & vile) and the TCB design on the sides are NOT the original ones.
GO HERE to Elvis Express' detailed look at the bus that Elvis never toured in.

To find out why this bus is still being called "Elvis's Bus", fans should e-mail John Spellings at Bus For Sale - spellings@busforsale.com

(News, Source;marcobusforsale/JC/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Presley and Jeanne Carmen Photo on Ebay: There is a great photo for sale on Ebay taken at clothes designer's Sy Devore's Halloween party 1957 featuring B-movie star Jeanne Carmen and Elvis.
While we know there are a lot of photos from that particular event, EIN cannot find this exact one in our photo-books.
However we particularly like the one of Elvis drinking a beer at the same party as shown below  - there are not many of those around!
The Ebay auction suggests circa 1958-1961 but it is in fact Halloween 1957.
Check out the attached photos from the same event below.

Go here to Jeanne Carmen's official website - she has some great stories!!!

and GO HERE to check out the Ebay photo offer.

(News, Source;JB/ElvisInfoNetwork)

‘Blue Hawaii - The Alternate Album' new CD delayed: MRS announce that the CD/Book package titled ‘Blue Hawaii - The Expanded Alternate Album' - is now delayed due to circumstances beyond their control, the release date has been put back to the 8th May 2012.
The CD is an expanded edition of the original soundtrack album ‘Blue Hawaii’ originally released in 1961.
It contains many previously unreleased out-takes and alternate versions of the soundtrack recording including Elvis’ number 1 hit, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’.
As a bonus, the CD is accompanied by a 40 page book containing many rare and unpublished photographs taken on and off the set of ‘Blue Hawaii’.
This title is currently available for Pre –order on Amazon UK and Play at below £12.
Click here to Amazon UK
Click here to Play.com
GO HERE to EIN's Elvis 2012 CD Releases for full tracklist and details
(News, Source;MRS/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Sunday 12 February 2012

50s Radio in Color - Exceptional and Stunning book release!!: Once in a while a book comes along which stands out from others. Quite simply, 50s Radio in Color is one of those rare releases!

Why?  Because it contains one of the greatest treasure trove compilations of rock ‘n’ roll performers you will ever see and the glorious images are presented in full COLOR. 

As one slowly savors (believe me you will savor each page) the time capsule and evocative imagery that 50s Radio in Color provides, you are transported back to a by-gone era, a time of innocence, bobby-soxers, fun and a world largely oblivious to the incredible and unstoppable socio-cultural change that occurred with the explosion of rock 'n' roll. (Book Review, Source: EIN)

Read EIN's detailed review here

Elvis Lives: Elvis Presley died 30+ years ago on 16 August 1977 - or so the legend goes. But maybe the story is not so simple. When the call finally came, (critically acclaimed British rock journalist) Nik Cohn went in search of the real King.

The ailing figure he has tracked down for this unique interview looks and even sounds different, but the truth of the man is laid bare as never quite before ......

read this fascinating archival article here

(Spotlight Article, Source: Observer Music Monthly)

Elvis manuscript gathers dust: The anniversary of the 1981 Hilton fire on Wednesday sparked memories about longtime Hilton spokesman Bruce Banke and the Elvis Presley book project put on hold by his death. Don Usherson, former MGM Grand publicist and longtime local entertainment reporter, and I were reminiscing Friday about Banke, a colorful character who died in late 2000 at the age of 64.

It was Banke who walked into an executive board room meeting on Aug. 16, 1977, and interrupted Hilton chairman Barron Hilton to report that Elvis had died. Moans filled the boardroom, Banke told me in 2000.

For several years before that day in 1977, Banke was working on a book about Elvis' Hilton years, Usherson recalled during lunch at the Red Velvet Café on West Sahara Avenue.I put in a call Friday to Banke's son, Bryan, a Las Vegan, to see whether the family has considered moving forward on the book project. His father had collaborated on the book, the son said, with Loanne Parker, the widow of Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker.

Some differences arose and the manuscript has been gathering dust since Banke's death.It is unlikely that the book will go to a publisher for a number of reasons, Bryan Banke said.

Usherson, by the way, is working with Robert Goulet's widow, Vera, on a possible project to honor the legendary baritone. The former Broadway star, a longtime Las Vegan, died Oct. 30, 2007. (News, Source: Norm Clarke, Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Without the King’s Consent…..so what happened?: Back in July 2010 EIN carried the story of a new book about and planned CD release of a track, Tell Me Pretty Baby, allegedly recorded by Elvis in 1954 but not released until the mid 1980s as a 7” vinyl single. 

The certainly interesting (but factually flawed) book, Without the King’s Consent, which told the background to and legal battle around the recording, was published (read EIN’s review here - listed under the 2010 heading), but as of February 2012 the planned CD single has not been issued and the website around the book and CD was discontinued in 2011.

So what happened? EIN suspects low sales for the book convinced those behind the CD release to curtail its release. 

Pragmatically, to those who have heard the recording it was plainly not Elvis, regardless of any fancy audio analysis findings!  And dare we say it, the original vinyl single release was a sales flop (EIN bought its copy at one of the Elvis Week stands in 1986 for less than $2.00).  If Tell Me Pretty Baby didn’t sell in the 1980s-early 1990s when interest in “Elvis conspiracy” type stories was at an all-time high, we doubt there was much sales hope for it now. It appears any expected gold mine thru sales of the book and CD was foiled by its subject item being a case of fool’s gold rather than the real McCoy.   (EIN Commentary)


.......More about Without the King’s Consent/Tell Me Pretty Baby.......


‘Tell Me Pretty Baby’ – Was it Elvis’ Lost Recording? (PR Release Arlington, TX (Vocus) July 29, 2010 ): Music producer Andy Jackson was intrigued when a woman looking to make a deal on his used car lot in 1977 in a Dallas suburb mentioned her father’s long-ago recording session with Elvis. Jackson met the bass player and writer of “Tell Me Pretty Baby” -- and knew, when he heard the recording, this is ‘The King!’ I am aware that 'Tell Me Pretty Baby,' the song, has been the subject of much controversy. I found Without the King's Consent, the book, personally fascinating.

‘Without the King’s Consent’ is a new bit of history on Elvis’s early years – and a story of conflict
ARLINGTON, Texas – Music producer Andy Jackson was intrigued when a woman looking to make a deal on his used car lot in 1977 in a Dallas suburb mentioned her father’s long-ago recording session with Elvis. Jackson met the bass player and writer of “Tell Me Pretty Baby” -- and knew, when he heard the recording, this is ‘The King!’

But discovering an early 1954 recording that some claim is Elvis Presley’s lost song opened a decades-long mystery and conflict between record companies and producers, Elvis’s representatives, and Jackson and his partners. Without the King’s Consent published by Trafford Publishing, by Andrew Jackson and Frederick Allen, tells the story.

Pete Falco, bass player and leader of the Red Dots, wrote “Tell Me Pretty Baby,” and remembers the day the 19-year-old singer showed up at the hall he was playing in Arizona. Falco offers him $15 to sing for the demo. Falco joined Jackson in 1977 to form International Classic Productions with a plan to produce and market the newly discovered recording, but like lots of business partnerships, it fell apart, in the midst of Elvis’s untimely death and fueled by the staunch opposition and impending legal action. Jackson turned down a $500,000 offer from RCA for the song, but meantime, 25,000 records were produced. The story of the song’s discovery became international news, and radio stations aired the song continuously, inviting listeners to judge whether “Tell Me Pretty Baby” was indeed the King’s voice. Drawn into court by RCA, despite eyewitness and expert testimony, a jury eventually agreed with RCA that the recording was deceptive and fraudulent, and that Elvis did not sing “Tell Me Pretty Baby.” Jackson was required to halt all sales of the record and pay RCA $100,000 in damages. Yet, many still believe in the authenticity of “Tell Me Pretty Baby” and find the tale believable. Dick Clark said “I am aware that ‘Tell Me Pretty Baby,’ the song, has been the subject of much controversy. I found Without the King’s Consent, the book, personally fascinating.”

With Aug. 16, 2010 marking the 33rd anniversary of the King’s death, is Jackson sitting on a gold mine, with a “Mystery Artist” recording, marking the birth of rock and roll?

About the Authors: Andrew Jackson is a songwriter, music producer and publisher, affiliated with Broadcast Music Incorporated, and has produced numerous studio recordings since 1968. His two most recent productions, “To Rachel With Love” and “Here Comes Old Hickory,” are scheduled for release soon. He lives in Texas, as does writer Frederick Allen.

Fastening his seatbelt: Many and all too various are the artistic sins that can be laid at the door of Hollywood. Not least among them is how gruesomely it misused the talents of Elvis Aron Presley.

Thirty-one feature films, and all of them awful. All right, a few are somewhat less awful. "Viva Las Vegas" (left) beside having the best Elvis-movie title song (thank you, Doc Pomus), isn't all that bad; there's a definite combustible chemistry between Elvis and Ann-Margret. Usually, he sleepwalks through these movies, and who can blame him? Here his costar keeps him very wide awake.

"King Creole" had Michael Curtiz for its director, and Don Siegel (who thought Elvis showed real promise as an actor) directed "Flaming Star."

Elvis is in the news (not that he's ever really out of the news) because a gentleman in West Horsham, England, named Paul Turner has started an online petition drive to have Memphis International Airport renamed Elvis Presley International Airport.

Now, there's a goofy idea, you may say. Well, it's certainly not as goofy as having his mother played by Angela Lansbury, in "Blue Hawaii" ("The Hawaiian Candidate"!) or his falling in love with Mary Tyler Moore, as a nun in mufti, no less, in "A Change of Habit." And not only is there rock 'n' roll precedent for renaming an airport but movie precedent, too.

Liverpool Airport became Liverpool John Lennon Airport in 2002 (at which time it also acquired the slogan "Above Us Only Sky"). And Orange County Airport, 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles, became John Wayne Airport in 1979. A bronze statue of the Duke (above left) greets arriving passengers.

Renaming the Memphis
airport would bring with it a dilemma for Elvis Presley Enterprises.

As anyone who's driven by Graceland can't help but notice, Elvis' Convair 880 private jet, the Lisa Marie, is parked on the other side of Union Avenue, where it's open to visitors (though you have to pay more, for the Platinum Tour). Does the plane stay or go to a newly renamed airport? (News, Source: Mark Feeney, Globe Staff / boston.com)

Click here to sign the petition

EIN Comment: Memphis officials have always faced a dilemma in re-naming Memphis International Airport. The importance of another 'king' to the city, the late Martin Luther King, complicates matters. Perhaps they could rename the airport in honor of both 'kings'.

New Alfred Wertheimer book releases:

Left: USA softcover release (April 2012)

Right: UK Limited hardcover edition (July 2012)

EIN comment: Wertheimers sublime 2006 release Elvis at 21 New York to Memphis was also released as an expensive limited edition in clamshell box with bonus extras with an asking price of US$395.00. Taschen's July UK release of Elvis in the Beginning will want to be something very special to justify its price of £450.00. Both books are available for pre-order from the relevant Amazon site (click above images). (News, Source: EIN/Amazon/Amazon UK)
Such A Night In Pearl Harbor (CD + 100 Page Book) [Collector's Edition]: The MRS release of Elvis' charity performance on the USS Arizona is due out on 2 April. The release is now available for pre-order from Amazon UK.

Six (6) news items added to Almost Elvis

Friday 10 February 2012
Watching Dreams Turn Into Ashes: As Elvis wound down his seventh visit to Las Vegas, he probably felt a mixture of elation, depression and nervous anticipation. The shows in August and September 1972 were sold out, professional and well-received. He looked great and sang like a bird, as these two previously unreleased sterling performances on September 2 clearly prove.

But in mid-August it was reported he had filed a divorce action in Santa Monica Court from his wife Priscilla. Then, immediately prior to his closing show, Elvis participated in a press announcement for a January 14 worldwide satellite broadcast of "Aloha From Hawaii" to an estimated total TV audience of 1.4 billion people. 1973 would be a year of enormous highs and tremendous lows, as Elvis began to watch his dreams turn into ashes.

These previously unissued Dinner and Midnight sets are taken from 24-bit digital transfers of the first-generation copies of privately-recorded cassettes. They were recorded by the same fan and are presented in superb monaural sound.

Like its predecessors from Straight Arrow Special Products mini series, this new release will be presented in a beautiful digipack with all the necessary information as well as a collection of photos of Elvis in his "Blue Swirl suit" suit as taken at the Hilton in late August / early September 1972.

If you liked Straight Arrow's previous outing "BEFORE DARKNESS FALLS", you will like this one, too!

Tracks: CD 1 / Saturday, September 2, 1972 Dinner Show: 01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. Johnny B. Goode - 04. Until It's Time For You To Go - 05. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - 06. Polk Salad Annie 07. Instrumental intermezzo / Elvis talks - 08. What Now My Love - 09. Fever - 10. Love Me 11. Blue Suede Shoes - 12. Heartbreak Hotel - 13. All Shook Up - 14. Love Me Tender - 15. Hound Dog - 16. I'll Remember You - 17. Walk That Lonesome Road (J.D. Sumner and the Stamps) - 18. Suspicious Minds - 19. Introduction of vocalists, musicians - 20. For The Good Times - 21. A Big Hunk O' Love - 22. You Gave Me A Mountain - 23. Mystery Train / Tiger Man - 24. Can't Help Falling In Love - 25. Closing Vamp / Announcements.

CD 2 / Saturday, September 2, 1972 Midnight Show: 01. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra - 02. C. C. Rider - 03. Johnny B. Goode - 04. Until It's Time For You To Go - 05. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - 06. Polk Salad Annie - 07. Instrumental intermezzo / Elvis talks - 08. What Now My Love - 09. Fever - 10. Love Me - 11. Blue Suede Shoes - 12. Heartbreak Hotel - 13. Love Me Tender - 14. Elvis welcomes UK fans - 15. Hound Dog - 16. I'll Remember You - 17. Suspicious Minds - 18. Introduction of vocalists, musicians - 19. Introduction of David Brinkley, legendary NBC-TV anchorman - 20. My Way - 21. Mystery Train / Tiger Man - 22. Can't Help Falling In Love - 23. Closing Vamp / Announcements.  (News, Source:StraightArrow)

Sensational DVD 'documentary' suggests Elvis Found Alive: You all know the basic ‘Elvis didn’t die’ conspiracy story - Elvis and Vernon inadvertently became involved with the Mob and Elvis (aka Jon Burrows) entered the Witness Protection Program (of course wouldn’t the rest of his immediate family have also needed to go with him?..….oh, I get it, don’t ruin a good conspiracy theory with factual realities.  Sorry for that Chief!) 

Or was it that Elvis, tired of his life, faked his death for anonymity? Or was it that Elvis wanted to go undercover as a Federal Agent?, or was it…….OK, so there are several theories why Elvis didn’t die on 16 August 1977. 

Anyway I digress. Joel Gilbert's latest 'documentary' presents sensational evidence that Elvis did not die in August 1977!! Gilbert has taken the original Elvis conspiracy theory and ‘value added’ by incorporating stunning new information and conspiratorial elements to its evil web of deceit and intrigue......not to mention a controversial new album featuring a very familiar voice!!

Read EIN's full review of the Elvis Found Alive DVD and CD here

“God is Bigger than Elvis” nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject category Oscar: This year's nominees deal with the Civil Rights movement, the war in Iraq, the tsunami in Japan and a wave of disfiguring attacks on Pakistani women. The fifth breaks the mold; it’s about an actress who made Elvis movies and then became a nun.

It turns out that "God is the Bigger Elvis" is about an Academy member: Dolores Hart, an actress from the 1950s and '60s who starred in 10 movies, including Elvis Presley's "Loving You" and "King Creole," before leaving Hollywood to become a nun. She now lives in a Benedictine community in Connecticut, where the filmmakers speak to her about her decision to leave behind a promising career for the cloistered life.

Despite its intriguing looks at the difficulties of that life, and at her decision to leave her fiancé for the religious order, the film comes across as a little rote; the woman now known as Mother Prioress repeats her story with quiet conviction, but remains opaque.

In the end, viewers might feel closest to Don Robinson, Hart's fiancé, who never got over her leaving him, and who still visits her regularly. This is a film about spiritual devotion, but its most indelible moments have to do with human heartbreak.

The film never mentions that Mother Prioress remains a voting member of the Academy. (News, Source: Steve Pond/The Wrap, Reuters)

Volunteers key to the success of Annual Parkes Elvis Festival: One of the great success stories behind the annual Parkes Elvis Festival over the years has been the magnificent contribution and on-going support from volunteers within the community.

This year a total of 80 local residents combined to contribute more than 700 voluntary hours towards the success of the record breaking festival – described by many as the `best ever.’

Joanne Chatman (second from left) with four of the 80 volunteers who helped make this year’s Parkes Elvis Festival `the best ever’ – Dick and Allison Howlett, Cathy Rawsthorne and Geraldine Butler

The over-riding factor behind the continued support from the volunteers is the ‘fun and joy’ experienced by them throughout the five-days. Four stalwart volunteers Geraldine Butler, Dick and Allison Howlett and Cathy Rawsthorne, gave up to 10 hours a day to this year’s event and all chorused they wouldn’t have missed it for quids.

The Howletts first became involved in the volunteer program in 2006 when the festival really started to grow in visitor numbers. They have assisted every year since.

“It is a joyous, wonderful, feel-good festival which is why we volunteer and what continues to attract thousands year in and year out,” Allison said. " Over the years we have helped with the street parade by marshalling the floats and participants, as well as assisting seat patrons in the Leagues Club auditorium for the feature concerts. This year’s festival really started for us on New Year’s Day at Elvis Central where we unpacked the memorabilia ready to be sold. We did about 10 hours a day but we’re not complaining. It is always great fun.” Allison said it is the friendliness of the Parkes community that ensures the festival’s success.

“One man I spoke too travelled down from the Gold Coast and said he is thinking of moving to Parkes to live. Not because of the festival but because of our community spirit. There’s no better endorsement than that, is there?”

Cathy Rawsthorne is another Elvis Festival volunteer junkie.

“I’ve volunteered for the past five years now and what I love about the event is the fact I’ve never heard a negative word spoken by any visitor I’ve talked to,” Cathy said. “This festival truly unites the town and the people through their love of Elvis Presley and his music.”

Cathy’s voluntary efforts have focused on Kings Castle, home of the magnificent Elvis memorabilia display owned by Greg Page of Yellow Wiggle fame, and the concert venues.

"However, my main job has been assisting people with disabilities access the allocated area opposite the Leagues Club so they can easily view the spectacular and popular parade.”

Cathy’s other 'tasks’ have included line marking Cooke Park for the stall holders as well as assisting them with any enquiries.

Joanne Chatman who for the fourth consecutive year oversaw the coordination of the volunteers in a voluntary capacity, said the pressure associated with the position was compensated by the enthusiasm from all involved.

“While we can boast 80 wonderful volunteers this year the number is never ever enough,” Joanne said. “I urge anyone who can assist in maintaining the festival’s growth and success to get involved as a volunteer for 2013.”

Information can be obtained either by visiting or phoning the Visitor Information Centre or obtaining information from the website www.parkeselvisfestival.com Geraldine Butler was encouraged to get involved in the volunteer programme by Allison and Dick Howlett. “I went to a meeting some five years ago and have been hooked ever since,” Geraldine said. “It’s such a fun event that time doesn’t matter. While I did about six and-a-half-hours a day it doesn’t mean that has to be the case for everyone. You can volunteer to do one hour if you wish,’ she said.

“Initially I helped out with the marshalling of the street parade and with the `kids corner’. This year I volunteered six days at the Elvis Central store and on the Saturday night sold tickets in the cruise raffle. And of course we were blessed with beautiful weather conditions instead of the traditional heatwave that always seems to hit Parkes around festival time.”

Joanne thanked all volunteers involved in the festival including Parkes Shire Council staff. She was supported by Allison, Dick, Geraldine and Cathy who all expressed support for their fellow volunteers and gratitude to Parkes Shire Council.

“Council staff did a magnificent job in maintaining the cleanliness within Cooke Park and its surrounds. It is something that visitors commented on throughout the festival and council can’t be praised enough,” they said. (News, Source: Parkes Champion-Post)


Wednesday 8 February 2012
‘Blue Hawaii - The Expanded Alternate Album' new CD: Memphis Recording Service will release one of its minor titles of a CD/Book package titled ‘Blue Hawaii - The Expanded Alternate Album' on the 23rd April.
The CD is an expanded edition of the original soundtrack album ‘Blue Hawaii’ originally released in 1961.
It contains many previously unreleased out-takes and alternate versions of the soundtrack recording including Elvis’ number 1 hit, ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’.
As a bonus, the CD is accompanied by a 40 page book containing many rare and unpublished photographs taken on and off the set of ‘Blue Hawaii’.
This title is currently available for Pre –order on Amazon UK and Play at below £12.
Click here to Amazon UK
Click here to Play.com
GO HERE to EIN's Elvis 2012 CD Releases for full tracklist and details
(News, Source;MRS/ElvisInfoNetwork)


Tuesday 7 February 2012
Are there "Dark Clouds" over European Elvis Presley Concert Tour?: Last week Elvis Matters reported that "'Elvis Presley In Concert ticket sales in Slovakia were so disappointing that the decision was made to cancel the entire show."  And that a second show in another country may be cancelled too, but that has not yet been confirmed. All other shows will take place as scheduled.
However EIN can report that Ticket sales are still being allowed for the Slovakia concert on Thursday March 22, 2012. So who is spreading these rumours? Are they true, if so why are tiockets still on sale?
Tickets are also still on sale for Zurich Switzerland, Antwerp Belgium, Rotterdam Holland, Scotland, Ireland, England, Bratislava Slovakia, Copenhagen Denmark, Germany, and Paris France.
GO HERE for the complete European tour and tickets.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

"Elvis Presley" first Album named one of the "50 Coolest Albums of All Time": Elvis is still making his mark 56 years after his first album changed the face of music. "Elvis Presley" the album was recently featured as Number Two in the Shortlist.com's "50 Coolest Albums of All Time".
Frank Sinatra's 1955 album 'In The Wee Small Hours' took the top spot. The Beatles 'Revolver' took out the #5 spot beaten by Robert Johnson and James Brown. 
Elvis' debut album tops the list with the website taking note of classic hits such as "Blue Suede Shoes" and calling his album cover "iconic." Shortlist refers to John Lennon's quote - "Before Elvis there was nothing," describing "the boy from Tupelo, MS" as a catalyst for rock 'n' roll.
The first million selling rock'n'roll album "Elvis Presley" landed a spot on the list for being an album filled with a "heady rush" and "seminal" music.
Shortlist.com describes the list of game changers as, "your record collection is seriously lacking in kudos without these 50 records."
"Elvis Presley" the album was released in 1956 topping the Billboard chart at #1 for ten weeks. It is the first Elvis album to reach over $1 million in sales, earning Elvis his first gold album award.
Click here to the Shortlist.com's '50 Coolest Albums of All Time'
Go HERE for EIN's review of the fabulous FTD Classic Album release
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Elvis In The Beginning' Photographs - new Wertheimer book?: There is a possibility that Alfred Wertheimer will be releasing a new deluxe book this year 'Elvis In The Beginning'. The title is very similar to his earlier book 'Elvis '56: Elvis In The Beginning' (shown right) that was first issued back in 1980.
The Elvis Matters fan club reports that "It's very doubtful that we'll see new pictures, but on the other hand: all of these new "Elvis In The Beginning" books will be personally signed by Alfred Wertheimer."
Publishing websites report it as being released by Taschen UK or German publishers.
Publication Date:25 July 2012.
One website notes the pre-order price as RRP:£450 (US$715)
See here for EIN's spotlight on Alfred Wertheimer.
Go here for EIN's review of his marvellous 2006 book 'Elvis At 21'.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Ed Bonja appears in Australia to a full-house: This weekend Ed Bonja (Elvis' official photographer) appeared to a totally packed house at the ‘Elvis Pizza Restaurant’ in Sydney. Bonja, who has been touring Australia the last month, talked about his life and experiences spent close to Elvis, as well as Colonel Parker. Ed Bonja has taken thousands of photos of Elvis from 1969 - 1975 and his iconic images featured on many of Elvis' original albums.

This picture from Elvis Matters shows Ed Bonja posing with Jacqueline Feilich (She Is The King), who won this framed Bonja photo in a secret auction - it was originally used for the 'Good Times' album cover.

Go HERE for EIN's interview with Ed Bonja.

Go here for EIN's interview with Jacqueline Feilich (She Is The King).

(News, Source;ElvisMatters/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Memphis Horns to get Grammy Lifetime Achievement award next week: Wayne Jackson was the diminutive spitfire on trumpet and Andrew Love the lanky, laid-back cat on sax. Together, as The Memphis Horns, they made beautiful music for five decades. They were forever just out of the spotlight, sidemen was the term, but their sound was front and center, furnishing the heart, soul, and ballast behind hit records by Elvis Presley, Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, James Taylor, U2 and countless others.
On Saturday, in ceremonies in Los Angeles, Wayne Jackson (right with Elvis) and Love, both 70, will receive a Lifetime Achievement Grammy award. Only one other group of "backing musicians," Motown's Funk Brothers, has ever been recognized with the honor.
The Memphis Horns will be honored along with Diana Ross, The Allman Brothers Band and George Jones, among others as part of the Grammy Special Merit Awards ceremony Saturday at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. They also will be highlighted as part of the 54th annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 12.
The Memphis Horns, Andrew Love and Wayne Jackson, were at the height of their career in September 1973. The two felt an instant chemistry as musicians and friends in a career that spanned 30 years from the start of their collaboration in the 1960s.
Trumpeter Wayne Jackson, 70, is still doing session work when asked, however Saxophonist Andrew Love, half of the famed Memphis Horns, can't attend the Grammy ceremony as he struggles with Alzheimer's. He is cared for by his wife, Willie Love, who will accept the Grammy on his behalf.
Wayne Jackson, 70, and wife Amy are writing books about his life behind the music scenes. His most recent book is "In My Wildest Dreams -- A Collection of Rock & Roll Tales Volume Two."
Go here for EIN's exclusive interview with Wayne Jackson about his time with Elvis.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

New Petition for "Elvis Presley Airport": There is a new petition that fans should sign, for Memphis to rename their International airport. ... Since the death of Elvis Presley millions of fans from across the world have travelled to Memphis & Graceland .. Graceland has had over 16 million Visitors since it opened it's front door in the early 1980's.
Elvis has brought much needed revenue to Memphis providing jobs to local people within the hotels , Airport , Eateries, Shops , Clubs , Cafe's , Zoo.
Elvis' undeniable success and contribution to Memphis Music makes this campaign a worthwhile tribute to honour Memphis' most famous resident. Liverpool renamed their Airport John Lennon airport many years ago ..Memphis should honour it's most famous Son by renaming their Airport 'ELVIS PRESLEY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT'
CLICK HERE to sign.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 5 February 2012
EPE new Lisa Marie Interview & Video: Even more from the usually quiet Lisa Marie - In this video, Elvis fans hear about the Graceland's newest exhibit, "Elvis...Through His Daughter's Eyes" from Lisa Marie Presley.
Video and photos are now available from Lisa Marie's visit to Graceland this past week. Lisa Marie joined Elvis fans to launch the new exhibit, "Elvis... Through His Daughter's Eyes."
Lisa Marie talks about her reaction when first seeing her childhood keepsakes - including the golf cart key she regularly used and a re-creation of her nursery. She also sits down with Elvis Radio's Argo to talk about what the new exhibit means to her family.
CLICK HERE for the Interview and more.
(News, Source;EPE/EIN)

"ELVIS Forever" - 35th Anniversary Concert in Europe: A special treat from "The Original Elvis Tribute Concert" This is a one-of-a-kind celebration of The King's music, as performed by those who stood next to him when he shook the world. All his greatest songs are there, including "Suspicious Minds", "All Shook Up" and "Burning Love", all performed with fire and great authenticity. This is the one Elvis show that you can't afford to miss!
DEN HAAG - Saturday, April 21 2012 (stand-up show)
TILBURG - Sunday, April 22 2012 (sit-down show)
  Live from the USA!
-Duke Bardwell (Elvis' bassplayer - TCB Bandmember)
-Bobby Wood (Elvis' piano-player - Memphis '69 Bandmember)
-Mary & Ginger Holladay (Elvis' Backing Vocalists)
-Jerome 'Stump' Monroe (The Elvis Presley Show Drummer)
-Robert Washington (The Elvis Tribute Artist)
-Carl Bradychok (Top R&R Guitarist)
Tickets: available now! -CLICK HERE
Den Haag - Saturday, April 21 2012
35,00 (regular) / 50,00 (VIP)
Tilburg - Sunday, April 22 2012
25,00 (balcony) / 39,50 (regular) / 60,00 (VIP - best seats!)
Order tickets through the above link or e-mail: elvisforeveryone@zonnet.nl
(News, Source;ElvisForEveryone/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Sivle Nora?Elvis? - Marty Lacker responds: I read your laughable "news" story about Steve Chanzes trying to sell some bullcrap for $10,000 or $20,000 that Sivle Nora is really Elvis and that Elvis is alive and he will reveal it with positive proof. (see story below)
May I suggest a better deal for anyone foolish enough to pay that kind of money or even $1 for this crap, send me the $20,000 and we'll have a great big party near Graceland and I will reveal with proof positive that Chanzes and the rest of the nutso con men are full of shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will then send half the money to St. Jude Hospital in Elvis' name and the person who puts the money up will stand a 200% chance of being happy and satisfied that his/her money was spent in a good way to help those St. Jude kids instead of giving the money to Chanzes which would be like throwing it in the sewer.
- Marty Lacker.
  PS: If I remember correctly, the impersonator who voiced Sivle Nora admitted it years ago when Gail Brewer Giorgio's story was exposed to be bullcrap.

Note that no one has bid on Ebay as yet for this great revelation!
(News, Source;MartyLacker/ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Into The Light' new Import CD: Touchdown Productions new CD is the unreleased audience recording of the Las Vegas Dinner Show from August 7, 1973. It's the second show of the season.
Touchdown notes that Elvis is in a very good mood and did a pretty fine show. The soundquality on this one is also very good for an audience recorded show!
EIN cannot testify for the audio quality however the concert has been out on CDR previously and sounded ok.
Tracklisting: Also Sprach - See See Rider - I Got A Woman/Amen - Love Me -Steamroller Blues - You Gave Me A Mountain - Trouble - Blue Suede Shoes - Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin` Goin` On/Mama Don't Dance/Flip, Flop And Fly/Jailhouse Rock/Whole Lotta Shakin` Goin` On - Love Me Tender - Hound Dog - Fever - What Now My Love - Suspicious Minds - Introductions - I Can't Stop Loving You - An American Trilogy - A Big Hunk O' Love - Can't Help Falling In Love - Closing Vamp
BONUS SONGS - Faded Love (August 7, 1973 MS) - Release Me - Bridge Over Troubled Water - How Great Thou Art - Heartbreak Hotel - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Mystery Train/Tiger Man (all songs recorded during the midnight show from August 31, 1973 and unreleased)
Go HERE to All the CD News 2012 for more info
(News, Source;ElvisNews/EIN)

Portuguese Official Elvis Stamp: The Portuguese Official Elvis Fan Club "Burning Star" presents the first Elvis stamp in Portugal!
This is a fan club stamp, only available through the fan club. This stamp is not for sale in Portuguese post offices.
This stamp can be used to send mail, weight under 20 gr, in Portugal, Madeira or Azores. The stamp is a self-adhesive 32 cent stamp. 30,6mm x 40,0mm.

To buy this stamp, please contact: geral@cofebs.com

(News, Source;www.cofebs.com/EIN)

'Elvis Love Songs' special release on CD: From the press release... After the great success of Arcade’s Elvis 40 Greatest (1975), K-Tel England wanted to release a follow-up in 1979. They bought the rights from RCA for 20 well-known ballads and released them on the Love Songs album. From the start, the TV album was a huge success. It reached No. 4 in the charts with sales of approx 250.000 copies sold within 12 months! It was an instant chart topper all over Europe and in many other countries (in Argentina and Brazil it was released as Love Collection). In Holland, it went to No. 18 in the charts. Strangely, this album was not released in the US until 1981, but then it contained only 16 songs instead of 20. Worldwide sales of Love Songs are now approx 1.000.000 copies.
The designer of the front sleeve probably had a bad day (or he just didn’t like the King) when he put together the cover for this album. It’s one of the very few success albums with such a horrible front sleeve, using a blown-up 1970’s Elvis picture. When the album was

re- released in 1981, K-Tel used a much better picture of Elvis, taken from his legendary 1968 NBC TV- Special. Here you will have both front covers, so you can choose your own favorite.
Despite it’s classic status and the fact that many fans grew up with this album in their collection, it was never released on a properly pressed CD. The 26 songs on this new album (20 original album tracks + 6 rare bonus tracks) are some of the best love songs that Elvis recorded. Suspicious Minds is included here as its the rare version without the horn overdubs and the famous fade-out / fade in at the end of the song. This version is hard to find and only available on a few RCA cd releases.
The bonus tracks include two rare and unfinished master recordings of Almost In Love and My Little Friend, the beautiful take 2 of You’ll Never Walk Alone, the stunning take 1 of Its Easy For You, a differend, unused mix of the master of Pledging My Love and also an alternate mix of Puppet On A String.
This, 500 pressed CD release, comes in a stunning 6-panel digipack with original artwork. It sure looks like a miniature version of the original album. This is the ultimate Valentines gift for 2012! Buy a copy now for your own collection or as a perfect Valentine's gift for the one you love!
Go HERE to All the CD News 2012 for more info for tracklist and more info.
(News, Source;LoveSongs/ElvisInfoNet)

"?Elvis? Bus" for sale: As a true Elvis fan can you ever remember seeing Elvis travelling on tour by bus in the late 1970s? No, of course you can't!
However the never-ending saga of the bus that Elvis could have bought for JD Sumner (although EIN personally doubts that Elvis ever stepped foot in it) hopefully comes to an end with the bus now up for sale to a secret bid.
As our friends at Elvis Express report... The inside and outside is nothing like it was in the 70's, the original colours outside were silver and grey. The bus was not covered in TCB logo's originally (there's even one on the toilet, tasteless & vile) and the TCB design on the sides are NOT the original ones (original was not pointed at the end, more blunt and its now facing the wrong way).
Let's all hope that once this bus sells, that will close this story once and for all...... But, if the next owner wants to spread fabricated tales about Elvis using this bus for his own tours etc then we will be there kicking up a fuss and shouting from the roof tops.
GO HERE to Elvis Express' detailed look at the bus that Elvis never toured in.

To bid or for more info email elvis@busforsale.com

(News, Source;marcobusforsale)

The Ultimate Elvis Presley Gold Record Collectible: A new collector's treat via EPE - a fully-licensed and framed wall art. Never before has such a product been available; it’s the ultimate Elvis Presley gold record collection. All 30 number one hits represented and plated in 24-karat gold, in one magnificent frame.
The gold leaf wood frame is more than five feet wide. Surrounded by a black suede mat and a secondary gold mat, artwork for each of the 30 hits is represented at the top and bottom of the display. Centered in the frame is an image of Elvis wearing his famous gold suit and an individually numbered, engraved, customized metal plate.
This unforgettable item is approved by EPE and only available from Photo File, Inc.
Click here for more info. Costs US$2,500.
(News, Source;EPE/EIN)

'Last Time In Spectrum' and 'Really Don't Want To Know' new 1977 Import CDs: Yet more from Elvis' last year of 1977 and two new audience recordings from the Memory label have been announced to be out this month. 'Last Time In Spectrum' is from Philadelphia, PA, May 28, 1977  and 'Really Don't Want To Know' is from Jacksonville, Florida, May 30, 1977.
Both come with an eight page booklet - BUT EIN wishes the cover designs were better - POOR Elvis!.
'Last Time In Spectrum' Tracklist: See See Rider, I Got A Woman / Amen, Love Me, My Way, Jailhouse Rock, You Gave Me A Mountain, O Sole
Mio / It's Now Or Never, Little Sister, Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel, And I Love You So, Polk Salad Annie, Band Introductions, Early Morning Rain, What'd I Say, Johnny B. Goode, Solos, School Days, Hurt, Walk That Lonesome Road (The Stamps), Hound Dog, Can't Help Falling In Love.
'Really Don´t Want To Know' Tracklist: 2001 Theme, See See Rider, I Got A Woman / Amen, Love Me, Fairytale, You Gave Me A Mountain, Jailhouse Rock, O Sole Mio / It's Now Or Never, Trying To Get To You, Little Sister, Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel, And I Love You So, My Way, Introductions, Early Morning Rain, What'd I Say, Johnny B. Goode, Solos, I Really Don't Want To Know, Introductions, Solos, School Days, Hurt, Hound Dog, Can't Help Falling In Love, Closing Vamp.
(News, Source;Memory/EIN)

'Late Night In LA' new Import CD: In early February the new label 'Verve' will release their first CD which will contain a much improved version of Elvis show from May 11, 1974. The first release of this concert was released through the collectors label FTD in combination with a book about the concert. GO HERE for EIN's Review - Annoyingly the speed ran obviously to slow and the pitch was also wrong. When it was released as a single CD there was hope that FTD worked on the show for the better, but once again nothing was done to correct the faults. So here you can hear the show for the first time at the correct speed and the correct pitch. Also we did everything to improve the overall sound quality and as a result you'll get to hear a soundboard that could have sounded this good in the first place.
EIN notes that this "speed-corrected" release was also issued last year by another import label.
(News, Source;Verve/EIN)

Friday 3 February 2012

Young Man with the Big Beat by Elvis Presley (Sony Legacy): This attractive box set packaged to resemble a multi-album vinyl set captures Elvis in 1956 when almost everything worked for him. That year, he cut “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Heartbreak Hotel,” “Love Me,” “Trying to Get to You,” ” Hound Dog,” “Don’t Be Cruel,”  ”Love Me Tender” and more, and you can hear the confidence in the tracks. He sings with the assurance that it’s all going to work because it has so far.

The set includes a live show from Shreveport as well as songs from his one setback that year, a stint in Las Vegas that didn’t speak to the swells at the casinos. You don’t notice any timidity in his performance of “Long Tall Sally” in Vegas until you hear what he comes up with when the Shreveport audience egging him on. Box sets are the coffee table books of the music world, but The Young Man with the Big Beat is an attractive document of a rare moment in anyone’s life when everything was coming up Elvis. GO HERE to EIN's in-depth review (CD Review, Source: Alex Rawlins, offbeat.com/EIN)

Multi-million dollar make-over for Elvis Presley Boulevard: Elvis Presley Boulevard is one of the most traveled roads in Memphis, but many argue the sight beyond the Graceland Estate is not fit for a king.

"It's really not becoming," said Whitehaven resident Yvonne D. Nelson.  "It's more of an eyesore."

Over the years, part of Elvis Presley Boulevard in between Brooks Road and Shelby Drive has fallen into disrepair.  Trash and blight litter the street, and the roads are in poor condition.  Citizens argue it's a poor showing in an area that is crowded with tourists arriving to see Elvis' estate.

"People from all over the world, Australia, China, whatever, they've been here," said Visitor Center worker Eric Wilburn.  "They know Elvis.  They want to see this, so therefore we want to present the best picture possible," he added.

It's why a handful of citizens gathered at Grace United Methodist Church Tuesday night to talk about what will likely be a $43 million upgrade to the street. 

With a $27 million commitment already from the Tennessee Department of Transportation, City Councilman Harold Collins hopes to secure an additional $16 million from the city over the next two years.  Collins will introduce the measure at the next city council meeting.

The money will go toward projects including road repairs, sidewalks, drainage and landscape improvements, crosswalks and signs.

"The upgrade is definitely needed.  Graceland is the second most visited home in the U.S.," Nelson said.

"The roads need to be repaved, the neighborhood needs to be renovated and they need to have a nice hotel/convention center," said one Elvis Fan named Willie Nelson.  "The city has kind of neglected this area."

The project could start as early as the end of 2012, and Collins hopes to have the project completed in three years.

"Hopefully these things will happen soon.  We can get it done and it won't take long," Wilburn said. (News, Source: Yahoo News/Channel 3 News)

Images from Lisa Marie opening the new Graceland exhibit, Elvis Through His Daughter's Eyes

See Lisa Marie interview below - Is she really going to make a film about her father?

Collecting Elvis Presley (new book release): Sean O'Neal has announced his 5th book about Elvis....Collecting Elvis Presley.

It will include:

  • 700 Color Photographs of Elvis Memorabilia
  • Selection of never before pictured Elvis collector's items
  • Current Market Value of each item
  • Tips for making sure that you buy authentic Elvis collectibles
  • History of EPE (Elvis Presley Enterprises

The author's earlier Elvis books include:

  • Elvis Presley Memorabilia (An Unauthorised Guide)
  • Elvis Inc. (The Fall and Rise of the Presley Empire)
  • Elvis The Lost Photographs 1948 to 1969 (with Joseph Tunzi)
  • My Boy Elvis (The Colonel Tom Parker Story)


Visit the "Collecting Elvis" website and view the video trailer for "Collecting Elvis Presley"

(News, Source: Amber Smith)

Pam Tillis reords Two Kings: Have you ever heard a song for the first time and gotten goosebumps?

That happened to me the moment I heard “Two Kings.”

“Two Kings” blends the legacies of two different men who had an impact on the social and cultural means of how we live: The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Elvis Presley.

Singer and now songwriter Pam Tillis co-wrote the inspirational track with Brenda O’Brien, not knowing how the song would be received. They had to have known that they had written something special.

Tillis is no stranger to music. During the ’90s, she dominated the country music charts and won a CMA for Female Vocalist of the Year. I don’t believe you could turn on a country station without hearing one her hits, like “When You Walk In The Room,” “Mi Vida Loca,” “Spilled Perfume,” or her trademark classic, “Maybe It Was Memphis.”

I love a great voice, and I beg you to find a better singer to perform “Maybe It Was Memphis.” Tillis sang the pants off that song. Her crystal-clear voice takes you to the limit when she belts out the chorus.

 “Two Kings” isn’t the norm for country radio. This track carefully blends the genres of R&B and country together. She performs the song in duet with R&B newcomer Kris Thomas.

Tillis has long excelled as a storyteller, but with this track, it goes much further. Her bluesy vocals coupled with Thomas’ smooth sound makes for an awesome pairing.

I always love it when artists think outside the box. Great things can happen when you aren’t afraid to let it happen. Case in point: Robert Plant and Alison Kraus. Their music was pure magic. The same rings true for Tillis and Thomas. Their styles give way to the moment captured in the song. This is big.

“Two Kings walked through Memphis, one had a dream, one had a song. But each man brought a message of love that lives on and on and on. And though the Mississippi River can hardly hold our tears the legacy they left us with we’ll treasure through the years. Remembering two Kings...”
Those lyrics are powerful. The backing choir gives the song a heavenly gospel feel, almost anthem-like.

Welcome back, Pam! And, Kris, I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot from you. (News, Source: David T. Farr, indieonline.com)

Who is Sivle Nora??: In 1981 Steven Chanzes released the book, Elvis...1935 -? Where Are You? Many consider this release was the genesis for the "Elvis is alive" rumor which reached its peak in the late 1980s thanks to the series of books by Gail Brewer-Giorgio and related TV specials (hosted by the late Bill Bixby).

Chanzes is now willing to tell the whole Sivle Nora story including revealing Sivle Nora's identity. Chanzes states that "This will be proof positive".

If you want to know the full story you currently have the opportunity of bidding on ebay (start price US$10,000) or you can Buy It Now for $20,000. Happy bidding!

EIN Note: The first publication to raise questions about Elvis' death was the 1977 booklet, Elvis Presley DEAD or ALIVE? It was written by Will Jima, then a private investigator in the Tennessee area and whose main claim to fame involves another popular conspiracy theory....in that he claims to having been a UFO abductee. His 12" vinyl albums (UFO Message and Revelation 666) are cult items highly sought after on ebay.

See the ebay listing

Read more about the Elvis conspiracy theory in EIN's comprehensive Elvis Conspiracy section

Record number of ETA prelims to find the 2012 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist: A record number of preliminary contests will be taking place around the world as part of the sixth annual search for the “Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist.” Contestants will be chosen at licensed preliminary venues being held at fairs, festivals, theaters and other venues. 

The semifinal rounds and final round will be held during Elvis Week 2012 which will take place in Memphis , August 10 - 18, 2012.

“In 2012, during the 35th anniversary, you’ll see Elvis’ life and legacy celebrated with concerts, festivals, special events and unique product releases taking place in countries around the world,” said Scott Williams, Vice President of Marketing and Media for EPE.

“These contests give Elvis fans worldwide an opportunity to experience his music in a fun and unique way that we’ve seen continue to grow in popularity.”  

Judges at each venue will look for the “best representation of the Elvis legacy” in vocals, style, stage wear and stage presence.  The best overall performer will be named the “2012 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist.”

In addition to the preliminary contests, fans can also enjoy some of the previous ultimate Elvis tribute artists on tour now in
Elvis Lives: The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Event, which is performing in 29 U.S. cities through March 19, 2012.

Opposite: Archival image of ETA Joe Ellis

The 2011 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest winner, Cody Slaughter, can be seen performing the role of Elvis in the North American tour of “Million Dollar Quartet” and 2008 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest winner, Brandon Bennett, is performing the role of Elvis in the Chicago cast of “Million Dollar Quartet.”

Preliminary rounds of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest that have occurred or are in the planning stages at this time include:

Tweed Tribute to Elvis Festival

 August 26 – 28, 2011  

Tweed, Ontario, Canada   

New England Elvis Festival

September 2 – 4, 2011

Manchester, N.H.

Rockin' E Jamboree at Oneida Casino

September 14 – 16, 2011

Green Bay, Wis.

Elvis FANtasy Fest

October 14 – 16, 2011

Portage, Ind.

Pocono Mountains Elvis Festival

October 21 – 23, 2011

Bushkill, Pa.

Elvis Birthday Bash and Ultimate
Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

January 6 – 11, 2012

Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

The 2012 Elvis Cruise

January 12 – 16, 2012

Nassau, Bahamas

“Fill the Blue Suede Shoes”
 Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

March 3, 2012   

Ocala, Fla.

Third Look for Japanese Elvis

March 11, 2012

Osaka, Japan

Rockin' Elvis Fest at Pala Casino

March 16 – 18, 2012

Pala, Calif.

Branson Elvis Festival
Presented by Legends in Concert

April 20 – 22, 2012

Branson, Mo.

Toronto Elvis Festival

April 20 – 22, 2012

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Philadelphia Elvis Fest

May 4 – 6, 2012

Philadelphia, Pa.

Las Vegas Ultimate ETA Contest
Presented by Legends in Concert

May 11 – 12, 2012

Las Vegas, Nev.

Hawaii Ultimate ETA Contest
Presented by Legends in Concert

May 19, 2012

Waikiki, Hawaii

Tupelo Elvis Festival

May 31 – June 3, 2012

Tupelo, Miss.

LakeGeorge.com Elvis Festival

May 31 – June 3, 2012

Lake George, N.Y.

Wintersun Festival

June 1 – 11, 2012

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

Atlantic City Ultimate ETA Contest
Presented by Legends in Concert

June 9, 2012   

Bally’s, Atlantic City, N.J.

Rockin' Elvis Fest at Oneida Casino

June 18 – 20, 2012

Green Bay, Wis.

Penticton Elvis Festival

June 22 – 24, 2012

Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

Myrtle Beach Ultimate ETA Contest
Presented by Legends in Concert

June 30, 2012

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Rockin’ Elvis Fest at Harrah’s
Cherokee Casino & Hotel

July 19 – 21, 2012

Cherokee, N.C.

Collingwood Elvis Festival

July 26 – 29, 2012

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Hard Rock Cafe
Last Chance Ultimate ETA Contest

August 10 – 12, 2012

 Memphis, Tenn.

For more information on how to compete in these preliminary rounds or attend to cheer on your favorite Elvis tribute artist, visit our Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest website. (Almost Elvis, Source: Google News)

Elvis fancy dress robber set for some Jailhouse Rock: An armed robber used a variety of bizarre fancy dress disguises - including a fisherman, Elvis and a hockey player - during raids at bookmakers across the country, a court has heard.

Martin Reilly, 53, of no fixed address, admitted a series of gunpoint robberies where he used various costumes to escape with thousands of pounds of cash.

CCTV images show Reilly inside and outside different Ladbrokes and Coral stores disguising himself with a series of fancy dress outfits using masks, fake beards, sunglasses, sideburns and wigs.

The hockey mask was used on a raid on a Ladbrokes in Bedford on September 28, in which GBP640 was stolen.

The Elvis disguise was used at a Brighton on July 11, where he escaped with GBP2780. (Odd Spot, Source: John Hutchinson, Daily Mail)

Read more on this story

Read other ODD and sometimes amusing stories involving the Elvis Presley name


Thursday 2 February 2012
Lisa Marie opens new Graceland Exhibit & talks about new Elvis Movie!: In a rare interview when opening the new  "Elvis Through His Daughter's Eyes" exhibition Lisa Marie said that she has become dissatisfied with movies chronicling her father's life and that she might make a film about the rock `n' roll icon herself.
The daughter of Elvis Presley said she has been in talks about a movie, though she didn't offer a timetable.
"There's not been anything done properly with him yet, you know, that has satisfied me in terms of capturing everything," she said, "It will happen, though."
Presley, who rarely gives interviews, was at Graceland this week to attend the opening of a new exhibit. "Elvis Through His Daughter's Eyes" is a personal look at Lisa Marie and includes her baby shoes, her first record player and a small white fur coat -- touchstones from her days living at Graceland, her father's longtime Memphis home until his death Aug. 16, 1977.
Lisa Marie lived at Graceland until she was 5, which is when Priscilla divorced Elvis and moved with Lisa Marie to California. She continued to visit Graceland, and she smiles when talking about the time spent with her dad, such as when they would ride a golf cart through the neighborhood together. She recalled waiting for her father to make his daily entrance down the stairs.
"He was always fully, fully geared up. You'd never see him in his pajamas coming down the steps, ever," she said. "You'd never see him in anything but `ready to be seen' attire."
Elvis, a renowned car and motorcycle aficionado, also was known to leave the grounds and hang out with locals in the neighborhood.
"Sometimes he would go and there would be a convoy and everybody would follow," she said. "He'd be going down Elvis Presley Boulevard and you would see these devices riding down the road, of all sorts."
Lisa Marie has spent much of the past few years taking care of her 3-year-old twin daughters she had with husband Michael Lockwood. She has two children from a previous marriage to musician Danny Keough, which ended in 1994. She also was married to actor Nicholas Cage and pop star Michael Jackson. (click here for more Lisa Marie V Michael Jackson)
Presley did not want to talk at length about Jackson. The exhibit displays a photo of her and Jackson visiting a children's hospital in Budapest, Hungary.
"It was just one of the moments that was captured ... we were helping this child get a liver transplant," she said. When asked what comes to mind when she thinks of Jackson, she said: "I can only say that I have good memories."
Lisa Marie has found time to make a new record, her third. Set for release in May, the album is being produced by Grammy-winner T-Bone Burnett.
Presley said she stays involved with the workings of EPE which licenses Elvis' name and image in merchandising. Likenesses of Elvis have appeared in countless movies and TV shows, some without permission.
"There can be a sort of cheesy take on him, which I don't always love sometimes -- you know, the later years and that whole thing with his white jumpsuit," she said. "Now I'm probably over it. But I mean it was kind of running wild for a while. It was a little bit cringe-worthy."
For her movie, Lisa Marie envisions something like "Walk the Line," the Johnny Cash biopic starring Joaquin Phoenix.
Presley, the heir to her father's estate, said she is glad the business is back in the hands of a private company, Apollo Management Group. She likes the idea of updating exhibits and the Heartbreak Hotel at the Graceland tourist attraction across the street from the home. She also would like to see revitalization of the poverty-stricken neighborhoods near Elvis Presley Boulevard.
"It makes me sad to see that, it does, because I remember when it wasn't there," she said. "I don't like to see that anywhere I am, to be honest."
Memphis officials have for years talked about improving some of the areas around Graceland, but nothing has been done. Graceland is one of Tennessee's most visited tourist attractions.
As for the exhibit, Lisa Marie said one of her favorite items is the key used to operate the golf cart because it helps her recall when she was alone with her father, riding around the neighborhood.
"That was my life," she said. "I carried it everywhere. It was never far from me or not on my person when I was a child. I hadn't seen it in 35 years."
Go here to EIN's Lisa Marie archives for more.
(News, Source;AP/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Lisa Marie Interview & look through the new Graceland Exhibit: ABC TV in the US also got a rare chance to interview Lisa Marie when she opened the new exhibit.
In the 6 minute interview she talked about memories of Elvis, the new exhibition, the new album and more.
You also get to see a look through the Graceland archives.

CLICK HERE to this great interview.

(News, Source;ABC/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Elvis director John Rich dies at 86: John Rich who directed Elvis in both Roustabout and Easy Come Easy Go has died aged 86 on January 29 last month. He is most famous for his acclaimed TV work on 'The Dick Van Dyke Show', the 'Mary Tyler Moore show', 'All in the Family', 'Gunsmoke,' 'The Twilight Zone' and 'MacGyver.'
In 1973, producer Rich shared an Emmy with executive producer Lear when "All in the Family" won the award for outstanding comedy series.
It was during the '60s that he also directed five feature films including "Roustabout" (right: John Rich, Elvis with Barbara Stanwyck) and "Easy Come, Easy Go," both starring Elvis Presley.
He received the Robert B. Aldrich Award for Extraordinary Service to the guild in 1993 and the DGA Honorary Life Member Award in 2003.
While he talked little about his movies with Elvis, Joe Krien of EER interviewed him back in 2007.
John Rich -  When we staged the fight in ‘Roustabout’, Elvis came over to me and said. "Mr. Rich can I do my own stunt?" I laughed I said no of course you can't. He said, "Why not?" "What do you mean? Why do you think we have stunt people? If something happens to you, the picture shuts down".
"But I'm a black belt in karate, I know all about this".
Oh, he pleaded and pleaded! Finally he said I really want to do this Mr. Rich". So I had a lot of witness around. He said, I will take full responsibility. Against my better judgment because he really was anxious to do this. I said well ok.
So they did the fight and he gets clipped in the head. He opened up a big cut in his forehead we shut down and they took him to the hospital.
Thank God Hal Wallis' associate producer was on the set when he heard Elvis taking responsibility. Because I would have been out on my rear end. Elvis took one day off, they bandaged him up, and Hal Wallis thought we would have to shut down.
However in the beginning of the film Elvis has a wreck with his motor cycle. So we put a large bandage (on Elvis), we tried to minimize it with make up and we continued to shoot. He wore it for quite awhile in the movie. (see picture above with Elvis wearing the plaster)
- I did a thing at the end of Elvis' contract with Hal Wallis, that I can only tell you was a throw-away. Because it was called "Easy Come, Easy Go". Because the contract was at an end, Hal wanted to spend no money on it. It was done with very little music which drove me crazy. By that time what was selling was his music so why are we cutting out all the songs? Elvis played a navy diver. It was corny but so what. His plot was the same in all his films. But he made them come alive. Sure it could have been saved. He looked good.
Elvis could have been a better actor, I think he came up very high for Roustabout. I would tease him into being better. (But..) By the time we got to "Easy Come Easy Go" Elvis was annoyed at Wallis.
(Interview excerpts Thanks to Joe Krein of EER/Elvis2001 – click here)
(News, Source;JoeKrein/ElvisInfoNet)

“ELVIS: Caught In A Trap” 10th Anniversary: In 2002, Arjan Deelen and Laurens van Houten produced the Elvis photo-book "Elvis: Caught In A Trap", which at the time set a new standard for Elvis photo publications. The book detailed Laurens’ trip to Las Vegas to photograph Elvis’ August / September 1973 shows there. The elusive Laurens van Houten has always avoided publicity and he’s always been guarded about his photos. Laurens did meet up with Arjan recently to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the book, and at that meeting he also expressed his dissatisfaction with those that use his photography without his permission, like for instance the recent “Fashion For A King” book.
In a new video excerpt - Click Here - they chat about the remarkable September 3rd, 1973 Las Vegas Closing Show -- one of the most unusual shows of Elvis' career. Laurens talks about the challenges of photographing Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton, which included having to give the hotel staff generous tips in order to get up-close. The last remaining copies of the book will be sold at the ‘Original Elvis Tribute’ shows in April ’12, but you can also order the book through the website merchadise - GO Here > www.elvisnews.dk

Read EIN's 2002 original book review here.
(News, Source;ArjanDeelen)

Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales: This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' remains at 186 this week (w/e 11th February, 2012) on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart selling some 2904 copies. Total sales to date: 424,397 copies.
'Elvis: Best Of Love' drops from 173 to 199 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart selling some 2735 copies. Total sales to date: 226,361 copies.
'Elvis Country' (Compilation) appeared on the Catalog Album Chart selling some 1,625 copies. Total sales to date: 87,962 copies.
'Elvis Rock' (Compilation) also appeared on the Catalog Album Chart selling some 1519 copies. Total sales to date:143,880 copies.
'Elvis Gospel' (Compilation) also appeared on the Catalog Album Chart selling some 1474 copies. Total sales to date: 135,182 copies.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Lisa Marie wins "The Top 10 Celebrity Offspring Singers!": Despite intense competition from Jordin Sparks, Liza Minnelli and even Miley Cyrus - Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie Presley came top of the Hollywood Gossip Poll for the "The Top 10 Celebrity Offspring Singers!"
Lisa Marie gets twice as many votes as her nearest rival!

From the article ... Did you hear Jane Carrey, daughter of beloved actor Jim Carrey, received a golden ticket to Hollywood on American Idol this week.
But the 24-year old still has a long way to go until she's considered one of the premiere celebrity offspring singers. That's right, there are a number of famous artists with similarly famous parents.
Click here to the count down.

Click here to EIN's "Lisa Marie Presley World"

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Elvis jumpsuit photos added to Elvis Mobile app: Elvis' fashion is one of the most captivating parts of his career and he often put on grand shows with vibrant costumes and never-before-seen dance moves.

In 1970, Elvis' performances shifted gears and many of his stage moves were karate moves.

During a four-week engagement at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Elvis introduced the one-piece jumpsuit as his stage costume to allow greater freedom in movement. The costumes were designed by Bill Belew and made by Ice Capades Costume Company in Los Angeles.

This week's five mobile app photos showcase the different jumpsuits Elvis often wore during his performances throughout the 70s.

These photos have been added to the Elvis Mobile 2.0 iPhone app, the Elvis for iPad app, and the Elvis Mobile 2.0 Android app.

Download the FREE Elvis Mobile app to enjoy weekly Elvis photo updates, videos, Graceland Beat podcasts and more. Plus, see what’s going on at Elvis’ home in Memphis, Tennessee with two live-cam shots of the Graceland mansion.

Visit the Elvis Mobile page on iTunes to download the new iPhone app and the new Elvis for iPad app for free!  Visit the Elvis Mobile page in the Android Market to download the new Android app for free! (News, Source: EPE)

Jerry Scheff autobiography now available for pre-order: The long awaited Jerry Scheff Autobiography is now available for pre-order.

From the publisher's pr: In this candid and perceptive memoir of his 45-year career, bassist Jerry Scheff takes us onto Elvis's private jet, on tour with Bob Dylan, and into the studio with the Doors. A stalwart presence behind some of the greatest names of popular music, Scheff has also played with Roy Orbison, Elvis Costello, the Association, Neil Diamond, Johnny Mathis, the Everly Brothers, John Denver, and Nancy Sinatra, to name just a few. Eschewing hype, Scheff provides a behind-the-scenes perspective, from having worked sleeves rolled up, side by side, with the great artists in their factories. The book opens with the TCB band's learning of the King's death while en route to a tour date, a pivotal moment for him, the rest of the band, and the world at large. He then proceeds on a nonlinear journey that mirrors the process of true life-reflection, from his roots in San Francisco to his touring all over the world. (News, Source: Brian Quinn/EIN)

Update for new Hollywood books: FTD Books and Flaming Star have decided to join forces in order to streamline the production, sales and distribution of Elvis book product.

The key element is the books created by Erik Lorenzen and Pål Granlund. Through books like “King Creole-The Music”, “Fashion for a King”, and “Elvis-The Concert Years ”, and the Norwegian fan-club magazine, the quality of the work of Flaming Star is already well known by the fans. The new release “King Creole – Frame By Frame” is a sequel to “King Creole – The Music”.

Through 440 pages, in a 25 x 30 cm format, you will be taken through the entire story of the movie, with the original manuscript as the guiding element. Each spread combines the manuscript page with the relevant photos to cover the entire movie. The book features more than one thousand photos, including actual shots from the film, publicity stills, and a lot of rare and previously unpublished behind the-scenes photos.

Hard bound and printed on glossy paper “King Creole – Frame By Frame”, is the ultimate journey through the making of what is by many considered Elvis’ finest movie. The book weighs 2,5 kilo.

On March 6, along with the new FTD releases, FLAMING STAR productions will release the follow up to “King Creole – Frame By Frame”: an intimate look at Jailhouse Rock. (News, Source: Elvis News/Elvis Matters)

Original Elvis album available on 180 gram Vinyl: Amazon Canada currently has this "Limited Edition" item listed for release on 14 February. (News, Source: Amazon Canada/EIN)

Click here to order

Film version of Upon the Day Elvis Presley Addressed The Tennessee State Legislature in development: Aaron Webster responded to EIN's review of his latest book (see below) and informed us that a film version of his Elvis novella is in development. Click here for more info (News, Source: Aaron Webster/EIN)


Aaron also provided EIN with links to two radio interviews about his latest Elvis book and his earlier superb release Elvis A Radio History from 1945 to 1955:

Four phases of Elvis feature distinct differences: If you're playing Elvis Presley during the "movie" years, there's a lot of exercise involved.

"You've got stay physically fit and active," says Kevin Mills, the performer charged with capturing that era in "Elvis Lives," a Presley-sanctioned stage show. "Elvis is a good-looking man so you've got to make sure you're in shape."

And in the later years? Mills laughs. "He always looked good. We remember him as the 'healthy' Elvis."

The show -- slated to play the Orpheum Theatre Monday -- covers four periods -- the early years, the movie years, the concert years and the jumpsuit years. Four singers play the roles; an Ann-Margret impersonator joins Mills for some of those movie songs.

"There's a lot of choreography in the show," he says. "And Lori Russo, who plays Ann-Margret, is the best in the business."

Opposite: Unidentified ETA not part of "Elvis Lives"

Naturally, the two do songs from "Viva Las Vegas" and kindle warm thoughts of the '60s. The voice? "Elvis' voice was higher then and he was more suave than in the early years."

Six dancers join the segment for some heart-pounding choreography. To get the proper look, Mills says, it takes an hour of makeup and hair. "I have his features -- the jaw and the cheekbones. But it takes some time to create the illusion." When he's not part of the "Elvis Lives" tour, Mills performs in the "Legends" show in Atlantic City.

The gig? It came about on a lark. "I sang in a rockabilly band in the late '80s and I entered a contest as Elvis. There were 80 guys in jumpsuits and I beat them all." After that, Mills was hired to play the role on cruise ships and, for the better part of two decades, Mills has been recreating the King on a nightly basis. "It's awesome," he says. "There's no other character I could imagine doing. Because of his energy and what he brought to the stage, it's exciting."

And, thanks to "Elvis Lives," The King is constantly getting new fans. Elvis Presley Enterprises is responsible for keeping the singer's music alive. "They rebranded his name and introduced him to a new generation," Mills says. Now, at the touring production of "Elvis Lives," casual fans are becoming diehard ones. "We get a standing ovation every night," Mills says. "They love it."

To stay in the hunt, however, takes work. Mills says he has performed routinely in Elvis competitions, placing third in 2009 and second in 2010. Additionally, he performed at Bill Clinton's inauguration. The secret to recalling Presley's essence lies in study, Mills says. "We look at videos to get his mannerisms, his voice. The four of us are always doing that." Those movies Elvis made? "The first four were awesome but the rest were silly," Mils says. "He hated doing them."

Elvis' acting ability? "I thought he was pretty good."

While Mills ventures to Graceland every August (for memorial festivities), he's not a groupie. "I don't have anything Elvis in my home -- nothing on the walls." Instead, he likes the man's image and says it's tough to live up to. "If he were alive today, I think he'd be producing," the former Toronto resident says. "I don't know if he'd be performing. But he'd still be in the industry. He couldn't just walk away." (Almost Elvis, Source: Bruce R. Miller, siouxcityjournal.com/EIN)


What: "Elvis Lives"

When: 7:30 p.m. Monday

Where: Orpheum Theatre

Tickets: Available at all Ticketmaster outlets.

Happy Birthday Lisa Marie!!: Today is Lisa Marie's 44th birthday!!

As part of her celebrations Lisa Marie is appearing on Good Morning America to talk about the new exhibit at Graceland...."Elvis...Through His Daughter's Eyes"

Visit EIN's extensive: Lisa Marie Presley Archives

Cast of Million Dollar Quartet performing FREE LIVE lunch time show: The cast of Million Dollar Quartet will play a free 20 minute preview concert Live at Lunch on Tuesday, February 7 at 12:15 p.m. inside City Center Plaza in downtown Appleton. The public is invited to spend their lunch hour enjoying music from the actors who play Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis in the hit Broadway show. Attendees will have a chance to win tickets to the Wednesday evening performance.

The national tour of the Tony Award®-winning Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet will make its Fox Cities Performing Arts Center debut February 7-12. Tickets for Million Dollar Quartet start at $53 and can be purchased by calling Ticketmaster at (800) 982-2787 or the Center’s ticket office at (920) 730-3760. Tickets can also be purchased in person at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center’s ticket office or online at foxcitiespac.com. Group orders of 10 or more may be purchased by calling (920) 730-3786. Group discounts and additional fees may apply.

The international smash hit musical, Million Dollar Quartet is set on December 4, 1956, when an auspicious twist of fate brought Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley together. Sam Phillips, the “Father of Rock ’n’ Roll” who was responsible for launching the careers of each icon, brought the four legendary musicians together at the Sun Records storefront studio in Memphis for the first and only time. The resulting evening became known as one of the greatest rock ’n’ roll jam sessions in history.

Million Dollar Quartet brings that legendary night to life with an irresistible tale of broken promises, secrets, betrayal and celebrations featuring an eclectic score of rock ’n’ roll, gospel, R&B and country hits including; “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Fever,” “Sixteen Tons,” “Who Do You Love?,” “Great Balls of Fire,” “Matchbox,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” “Hound Dog,” and more.

Portraying these icons are Lee Ferris as Carl Perkins, Martin Kaye as Jerry Lee Lewis, Derek Keeling as Johnny Cash, and Cody Slaughter as Elvis Presley. Christopher Ryan Grant will play the “Father of Rock ’n’ Roll,” Sam Phillips. The cast also features Kelly Lamont as Dyanne, and musicians Billy Shaffer (Fluke, drums) and Chuck Zayas (Jay Perkins, bass). Rounding out the company is: Austin Cook, Scott F. Moreau, John Michael Presney, David Sonneborn, Alyssa Marie and Billy Woodward.

The performance schedule at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center is: February 7-10 at 7:30 p.m.; February 11 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.; and February 12 at 1:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Million Dollar Quartet is locally supported by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and
Plexus Corp. Partial support for open captioning during the Saturday, February 11 matinee is provided by Octoberfest. Million Dollar Quartet is part of the 2011/12 Kimberly-Clark Broadway Across America – Fox Cities Series, which is supported by the title sponsor, Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

For more information, please visit the official Million Dollar Quartet website at milliondollarquartetlive.com (News, Source: BroadwayWorld.com/EIN)

"Have you ever wanted to be somebody else?"

"The Last Elvis" Trailer: Director Armando Bo wrote Biutiful, a sad exploration of one man’s quest to be utterly depressing at every turn.

Joy, because now he’s back with a story about a dude who perhaps will blow Javier Bardem out of the water with how low this man will fall. What I absolutely love about this trailer is that we’re given one long moment with our anti-hero, a guy who might as well think he’s the living representative of Elvis Presley. Now, it’s not the facade of him pretending to be Elvis that seems to be the hook for me here. It’s actually the way in which we move from his sad life singing in a lonely casino hall to a sad life having to play a divorced dad to a kid who doesn’t seem thrilled about the prospect of having him as a blood relative. Watch the trailer

That aside, I really do feel the pain just slowly oozing out of this trailer. The emotional notes of estrangement, loss, being disconnected from life, feeling like you want so much more for your kids, for yourself, are perfectly played here. I damn near weep for this man who looks like he’s leaving it all on the stage and there is a bit of rooting you have for the guy who is giving it his all. It is interesting that we see this faux Presley performing “Unchained Melody”, a ditty that would mark Elvis’ last television appearance before his death six weeks later. Foreshadowing? Perhaps, but what’s here is meaty and more than enough to sink your teeth into. The blood will be flowing. (Celluloid Elvis, Source: slashfilm.com/EIN)


from January 2012

The Drummer Boy From Illinois Went Crash Boom Bang! and Upon the Day Elvis Presley Addressed The Tennessee State Legislature (Mini Book Review): In 2003, Aaron David Webster released one of the decade’s best Elvis books, Elvis A Radio History from 1945 to 1955 (Republic of Texas Press). More recently he has penned a great double bill novella, blending fact and fiction through clever journalistic endeavour.  The result is a well baked recipe which neatly satisfies its pre-publication pr as being two romantic comedies. 
The author has an inviting and fluent writing style, at times evocative of the time in which his stories take place, at other times bringing a smile to your face. As its title suggests there is a strong Elvis theme and Webster’s clever device of mixing real life characters and events with fictional ingredients works a treat.  The release is an entertaining read and with one novella revolving around Elvis and a small Elvis sub-theme in the other, it should satisfy many fans.  (Book Review, Source: Nigel Patterson, EIN)

Something from Hallmark: Hallmark will release Something For Everybody on February 20.

Available from Amazon UK at the budget price of only 2 pounds 21 pence!(News, Source: Elvis News/Elvis Club Berlin)

Le jour où Elvis a chanté à Paris: Released in France earlier this month this French text book is written by Jean-Marie Pouzenac, President of one of the world's best known and Elvis fan clubs, Elvis My Happiness.

The release comprises 317 pages and is published by Editions Didier Carpentier.

  • ISBN-10: 2841677508
  • ISBN-13: 978-2841677504

Available from Amazon France here (News, Source: Amazon)

Additional info: Jean-Marie Pouzenc, president of the French fanclub 'Elvis My Happiness' has just released a new book: "Le Jour où Elvis a chanté à Paris", translated: "The day Elvis sang in Paris'. It's a fiction novel about a show at the Colombes Concert Hall, May 27th 1972. Of course the show never happened, but this book describes the 'dream' that Jean-Marie had. (News, Source: Elvis News/Elvis Matters)


"Elvis was a major hero of mine. I was actually stupid enough to believe that having the same birthday as him actually meant something"

(David Bowie)

Elvis Still King of Fashion: Earlier in January, EPE announced licensing deals with fashion stores Benetton, H&M, Dolce & Gabbana and Hot Topic, the new Vogue Fashion Magazine takes it a step further, and shows the 2012 collection of topdesigners Versace, Balmain and John Richmond, all insprired by the King's great 1973 Aloha From Hawaii American Eagle jumpsuit. (News, Source: Elvis NewsElvisMatters

FTD new March Releases Confirmed: The official announcement has been made of the up-coming new FTD releases in early March.
1 – ‘ON STAGE – FEBRUARY, 1970’ Classic Album. A 2cd 7" digipack with the regular 12-page booklet. As well as the Original Album (mastered by Vic Anesini) the album will include all of RCA’s multi-track recordings from three of Elvis’ shows.
2 – ‘OUR MEMORIES OF ELVIS’ – a nice surprise as FTD releases a 2cd 5" digipack version of the original albums, with an added bonus of the previously unreleased Volume 3 LP master tape plus six more cuts that series producer Joan Deary had prepared at the time. It comes with a 12-page booklet of relevant memorabilia and photos. Despite earlier thoughts that "Our Memories" was not a priority FTD release, the success of the recent bootleg of the same albums may have changed FTD’s plans.
3 – ‘HIS HAND IN MINE’ vinyl 2-album set. Special Limited Edition 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set.
Elvis Matters also announces that "There will be a separate announcement of book titles" soon.
Click HERE for FTD/Sony 2012 New CD Releases for tracklists and more
(News, Source;ETM&HM/ElvisMatters/FTD/EIN)

The following FTD Vinyl editions are now sold out and will not be reprinted: BLUE HAWAII, STANDING ROOM ONLY, GOOD TIMES and JAILHOUSE ROCK.

Click HERE for FTD/Sony 2012 New CD Releases for tracklists and more

MRS 'Such A Night' Audio Samples!: Amazon UK already has audio samples for the up-coming MRS release of Elvis' amazing 1961 "Such A Night in Pearl Harbor" concert.

The audio has been restored by 'Studio D' the same engineer that did technical wonders on the MRS 'Hayride' CD/Book and once again this is a stunning improvement on the previous release.

CLICK HERE for audio samples.


(News, Source;Amazon)

In January 1978, Elvis' father Vernon Presley agreed to an in-depth interview with Nancy Anderson for Good Housekeeping magazine.
The interview is incredible for Vernon's honesty and openness as he discusses everything from Elvis' birth, his childhood, his girlfriends, and even his drug habits. The interview begins ....
"My love for my son began even before he was born on January 8, 1935. At that time there was almost nobody poorer than my wife Gladys and me.
But we were thrilled and excited when we learned that we were going to be parents. I was only 18 years old, but throughout Gladys’ pregnancy it never occurred to me that I wouldn‘t be able to take care of her and the baby - -
- -

Go here to read this amazing interview.
(Interviews, Source;MRT/GoodHouskeeping/ElvisInfoNet)

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Elvis Presley, Elvis and Graceland are trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises.
The Elvis Information Network has been running since 1986 and is an EPE officially recognised Elvis fan club.











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