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Monday 31 October 2011

"On Stage - The Ultimate Edition" CD Review: Released by the Backdraft label, this single CD presents the "Best of" the unreleased RCA multitracks featured in the earlier Rebooked deluxe box-set.
Rebooked at the International Hotel for a month long engagement from January 26, 1970 to February 23,1970, RCA was on hand to record his performances for a second live album eventually released as, On Stage – February 1970".
This CD features these multitrack -recordings including the unreleased leftovers made by RCA. These are the original rough mixes made by Felton Jarvis in early 1970 in preparation for the upcoming second Las Vegas live album. No repairs or overdubs whatsoever. This release brings back the original feeling and atmousphere that Elvis passed on to his audience.

EIN's Piers Beagley checks out this new On Stage "best-of" compile
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

UPDATED - 'The Elvis Files Vol. 4' Book Review: 'The Elvis Files Vol. 4' 1965 – 1968 contains over 1,300 stunning photos in its 570 pages and all in quality printing. It includes every public ELVIS event in his life from 1965 to 1968, every Working Moment, with hundreds of newly discovered photos. Elvis movies from 'Harum Scarum' to 'Speedway' to 'The Trouble With Girls' are covered in detail, Elvis and Priscilla's wedding, the birth of Lisa Marie and 100 pages dedicated to the Comeback Special.

There is no doubt that this is a labour of love for Norwegian Erik Lorentzen, author and long time Elvis fan, who has found a ton of images and information never before published.

Sometimes a series of Elvis books can disappoint with one magnificent volume being let down by a poor follow-up  but so far The Elvis Files have proved the opposite with every volume actually being better than its brilliant predecessor. No other series of Elvis photo-books comes close.
(Book Reviews, Source;EIN)

Elvis 1955 Cadillac goes to auction: The 1955 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood limousine that Elvis Presley used to transport his band to shows all over the Southern United States will go up for auction at Bonham's Classic California sale on November 12.
This well documented car was purchased by the King in January of 1956 and immediately repainted Black. He may have died a very rich man, but in '56 Elvis still needed his father to co-sign on the car.
Unlike many older Cadillacs that head to auction with questionable Elvis ties, this Limo is a well documented car with clear proof it was owned by Presley.
The Caddy ended up at the Elvis Presley Museum in the 1990s before being put on display at the Elvis-A-Rama Museum in Las Vegas. Currently owned by a prominent Texas collector, this piece of Memphis-by-way-of-Detroit history comes with the original conditional sales contract from Southern Motors of Memphis that was co-signed by Elvis' father, Vernon Presley. Also included is the original owner's manual with Elvis' signature on the back cover, plus one spare tire, lug wrench, and jack.
Presale estimates have the Fleetwood selling somewhere between $100,000 and $150,000.
Go here to buy it at Bonhams - & for more details
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 30 October 2011

Sir Jimmy Savile Dies, aged 84: Sir Jimmy Savile was an eccentric British disc jockey and TV presenter who raised more than £40 million for charity. He was also a keen fans of Elvis, with his radio programmes guaranteed to feature hits by The King.
The flamboyant radio DJ and face of UK TV show "Jim’ll Fix It" was found dead at home in Leeds by police officers only days after he told friends he felt "indestructible". He was due to celebrate his 85th birthday tomorrow. He had recently returned home after spending 10 days in hospital with suspected pneumonia.
Savile was knighted by the Queen in 1990 for his charity work.
RIP - James Wilson Vincent Savile, born 31 Oct 1926 - 29 Oct 2011.

Savile first met Elvis in 1960 when he presented him with his first UK Gold Disc for 'It's Now Or Never', while Elvis was filming 'Wild In The Country'.

Jimmy Saville recalled the story...
.... I remember my first meeting with Elvis, when I presented him with his first British-earned Gold Disc for 'It's Now Or Never' in the winter of 1960, while he was filming 'Wild In The Country' in Hollywood. I actually didn't have an appointment or even an address when I arrived in LA with that framed disc under my arm. I just had a scrap of paper with a phone number of the Elvis Presley office in Paramount Studios, so I dialled the number and someone answered. "I've just popped over from England with this Gold record for Elvis,'" I said.

"You've what?" an incredulous voice replied, but nevertheless my enterprise got me an appointment for 3p.m. the following day. Not with Elvis, but with the 'fearsome' Colonel Parker. 'You're late boomed the Colonel at 3.30p.m. when I arrived at the studios. '"It's 6,000 miles" I protested, "And the traffic was bad!" From that moment the Colonel and I became friends, or rather, he was the professor and I was the pupil.
"Bring the boy", the colonel said to one of his assistants - and five minutes later I was shaking hands with a legend and having my photograph taken with Elvis - the first DJ ever to be allowed that privilege.
They actually stopped work on the film, for me to make the presentation of the Gold Disc. Elvis said, 'Gee, isn't it fabulous?' and then did something quite unexpected. He danced around the set, clutching the latest trophy in his hands and showing it to everyone - artistes, technicians and studio hands, even as we chatted he wouldn't put it aside or give it to someone else to take to his dressing room.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisExpress/ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Fit For a King' Documentary on YouTube: 'Fit For a King' the story of Bill Belew, Gene Doucette and Elvis' legendary Jumpsuits is now officially on YouTube.
>>> Nothing spelled "ELVIS" more than his fabulous jumpsuits,
this is truly a unique documentary, with wonderful stories about "Fame, Fashion and Friendship".
This documentary takes you behind the scenes, with unseen pictures and footage, untold stories and unique interviews, featuring Bill Belew and Todd Morgan. From the Black leather 68 suit to Ali's Elvis Robe, and from the missing Aloha cape to the last jumpsuit Elvis ever wore -- it is all here as told by the original designers, and the owners/founders of B&K Enterprises.
The documentary also shows footage shot in Graceland, and focuses on the display of the original stage suits in Memphis.

Well worth viewing - CLICK HERE - runs 76 minutes.
(News, Source;FECC/DrJohnC)

"ELVIS" Short film: Created by British TV Studio "A Large Evil Corporation" is this new short animated movie (3 minutes) with Elvis as only character in a story worked around the Kings smash hit "Are You Lonesome Tonight".
Produced by Seth Watkins, "ELVIS" tells the story of a lonely man, looking back at his life and hoping he won't be lonely tonight.

Click here to see this great short - runs 3 minutes


(News, Source;ElvisExpress/EIN)

Sam Thompson in the UK: Essential Elvis UK is presenting two evenings of fine food and entertaining conversation with their special guest speaker, Sam Thompson.
Sam Thompson met Elvis through his sister Linda, Elvis’ long time girlfriend. He was a former Sheriff’s Deputy in Memphis when he went to work for Elvis. Starting in 1972 Sam took care of security and acted as a personal bodyguard until Elvis’ death in 1977.
Enjoy an intimate 3-course dinner in style, a special big-screen presentation and get to meet Elvis’ friend & bodyguard.

CARDIFF Angel Hotel – November 25th @ 7pm
BIRMINGHAM Thistle Hotel – November 26th @ 7pm

GO HERE to Essential Elvis for more info

Click here for EIN's interview with Sam Thompson.

(News, Source;EssentialElvis)

Saturday 29 October 2011
'The Elvis Files Vol. 4' Book Review: 'The Elvis Files Vol. 4' 1965 – 1968 contains over 1,300 stunning photos in its 570 pages and all in quality printing. It includes every public ELVIS event in his life from 1965 to 1968, every Working Moment, with hundreds of newly discovered photos. Elvis movies from 'Harum Scarum' to 'Speedway' to 'The Trouble With Girls' are covered in detail, Elvis and Priscilla's wedding, the birth of Lisa Marie and 100 pages dedicated to the Comeback Special.

There is no doubt that this is a labour of love for Norwegian Erik Lorentzen, author and long time Elvis fan, who has found a ton of images and information never before published.

Sometimes a series of Elvis books can disappoint with one magnificent volume being let down by a poor follow-up  but so far The Elvis Files have proved the opposite with every volume actually being better than its brilliant predecessor. No other series of Elvis photo-books comes close.
(Book Reviews, Source;EIN)

Thursday 27 October 2011 - 2nd Update
Patti Parry, Elvis’ “Little sister” has Died: EIN has confirmed the terrible news that Elvis’ good friend Patti Parry passed away this morning in hospital. We have heard that her brother took her to a hospital last night, and that she passed this morning.
Patti Parry was a good friend to EIN and was always a joy to be with, full of fun and life and wonderful stories of times spent with Elvis.
Patti Parry was one of a small number of girls who hung out with Elvis and the guys for many years in L.A. from the time they were young in the early 60s.
When EIN interviewed Patti Parry in 2003 she recalled that when she knew him ..  “Elvis didn't have a Mum, he didn't have a sister so I was a girl who was around who could nurture him. He needed that nurturing. I was the only girl there and if he needed it I would give him a lot of help and a shoulder to cry on. I was his Little Sister, I was a very lucky girl. (laughing) They were lucky too!”
EIN passes on our deepest sympathies to her family and friends.
Please go here to our interview with Patti Parry.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Elvis and Michael Jackson top Forbes 2011 List: It was a battle of music royalty for the top spot, as the King of Pop went head to head with the king of rock and roll in a battle of the hip-shakers Forbes List of High-Earning Dead Celebrities.
With a slew of merchandise, Graceland admissions and a Las Vegas show bringing his 2011 earnings to $55 million, Elvis Presley put up a valiant fight. Yet while Michael Jackson moonwalked his way into first spot with a staggering $170 million of revenue, this is a huge drop of $100 millions on what he earnt the first year after his death. A legendary back catalogue helped account for a large chunk of this and the singer's stake in the Sony/ATV (Beatles) catalogue also helped swell his coffers.
Jackson's earnings will no doubt continue to drop and will eventually fall below Elvis'. Elvis left the building 34 years ago - will Michael Jackson still be in the list in 32 years time? - EIN truly has its doubts.
The remaining royalty-rakers featured a range of actors, animators, pin-up girls and nuclear physicists, while ninth spot was shared by the unlikely foursome of Jimi Hendrix, Stieg Larsson, Steve McQueen and Richard Rodgers, who all brought in $7 million dollars last year.
The top five
1. Michael Jackson - $170 million
2. Elvis Presley - $55 million

3. Marilyn Monroe - $27 million
4. Charles Schulz - $25 million
5= John Lennon - $12 million
5= Elizabeth Taylor - $12 million
Go HERE to EIN's spotlight Elvis or Michael Jackson - who is the bigger star in death?
(News, Source;Forbes)

'Jailhouse Rock' On TIME Magazine List Of 100 All-Time Songs: TIME Magazine critics have selected Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock" as one of the 100 most extraordinary pop recordings in music history... From TIME Magazine: Elvis Presley had already recorded some of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller’s hits (does the breakout cut “Hound Dog” ring a bell?), but “Jailhouse Rock” was the first song the duo wrote especially for him. Or more accurately, for the movie of the same name, in which Presley was set to star. From that ominous guitar riff to the lyrics’ sly homosexual innuendo (“No. 47 said to No. 3, ‘You the cutest jailbird I ever did see"), “Jailhouse Rock” charted new territory in popular music. In the film, Presley performs the song while dancing; choreographer Alex Romero took the rock star’s signature hip swivel and worked it into a routine that rivals even the most outlandish of contemporary pop music’s theatrics.

Go here to our Jerry Leiber Interview
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Dick Clark will appear alongside Elvis Presley in new Video Game: Dick Clark is making his video game debut next month with the launch of Entertainment Games’ Retro World social casual game on Facebook. The Emmy Award-winning TV and radio host will appear in the game as he did in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Clark will serve as the guide for the growing segment of gamers over 40 that the developer is targeting with this new social game experience.
“The idea of using past images of myself to guide players through a current online social game is a very innovative approach that I found intriguing," said Clark. "I look forward to serving as your host on this nostalgic and ground-breaking gaming experience."
Clark will join other entertainment icons like Elvis Presley and John Belushi in the free-to-play game, which will debut on Facebook and then expand to Google+, the Web and mobile devices.
“Dick is something a little different from other celebrities in the game in that he is the guide of Retro World,” said Gene Mauro, President of Entertainment Games. “He is instrumental in the tutorial and in helping players understand the world.”
Mauro said Clark may be available as a purchasable avatar in the game, as well. Presley and Belushi will be available for consumers to buy and play with as a character, along with the other celebs that will be announced over the coming months.
Through the licensing deal with Dick Clark productions, a variety of Dick Clark branded virtual goods will be sold within the game.
“His iconic history lends itself to all sorts of virtual goods that cover just about every pop culture experience you can dream up,” said Mauro. “We will be announcing more on those plans soon.”
(News, Source;TheHollywoodReporter)

60 Elvis Impersonators Leave Building after Fire Panic: A group of 60 Elvis Presley impersonators had to flee a hotel in southeastern England when a DJ's smoke machine set off a fire alarm.
The rhinestone-clad lookalikes, who were performing a charity gig late Saturday, were all shook up by the panic and had to gather in a parking lot in Rochester, the Medway Messenger reported Tuesday.
Guests leaving the hotel were stunned to see a group of around 60 Elvis impersonators, dressed in wigs and full rhinestone costume, gathered in the car park.
"I was in a bit of a state getting out of my room," one guest told the Daily Mirror. "But I was more confused when I got outside to see all these people dressed as Elvis.
"There were people in full Elvis jumpsuits and wigs standing by a roundabout, looking a bit worse for the wear."
"It was certainly a talking point," organizer Katie Mosey said. "I think the people who got dragged out of their rooms were a bit stunned when they saw us all in the car park."
The rock 'n' roll kings were allowed back inside the building after bemused firefighters gave it the all clear.
(News, Source;UK Tabloids)

All Shook Up with Elvis Presley: AS reported by the Adelaide Now - Australian Mark Anthony was born a year after Elvis Presley died, but you could be mistaken for thinking he's the King himself. Guests at the Myer Melbourne Cup lunch on November 1 will get a blast from the past when Mark dons his Elvis costume and performs.
"Elvis just seemed to have everything - the charisma, the styling, his looks as well," Mark says.
His favourite songs include True Love Travels On A Gravel Road and If I Can Dream.
Mark this week left for his eighth trip to perform in the US, where Americans can't get enough of the Aussie performer.
"I think they love the novelty of an Australian doing Elvis and when they actually sit back and watch they say `Geez, this guy can do it, he's not just a novelty'," he says.
The charity lunch will assist HeartKids, Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund for Ovarian Cancer and Foodbank SA.
(News, Source;AdelaideNow/Sanja/EIN)

Tuesday 25 October 2011
Four new FTD releases for December: FTD has announced four new upcoming releases for early December....
1. 'Promised Land' - The long-awaited double-CD "Classic Album" version of  1974's 'Promised Land' album.
Recorded in December 1973 at Stax Records in Memphis, the original album was released in 1974 and is thought by some to be the best Elvis studio album from the ‘70s.
The title track, "Promised Land" was a cover of a 1965 hit by Chuck Berry and was issued as a single and hit number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and landed in the UK top ten. 
Go here to EIN's 'Sony/FTD 2011 New Releases' page for full tracklisting
2.'Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas' - The double-CD "Classic Album" version of  the 1971 album.
Every fan knows Christmas was special to Elvis and decorating Graceland for the holidays was one of his favourite things to do each year. First released as a LP in 1971, "Elvis Sings The Wonderful World of Christmas" is a true classic. It reached number one on Billboard’s Christmas/Holiday albums chart and sold more than three
million copies, being certified triple PLATINUM by the RIAA. This 2-CD set includes some of Elvis’ greatest Christmas recordings that were included on the original album as well as many first takes that you have never heard before.
Go to EIN's 'Sony/FTD 2011 New Releases' for full tracklisting
3. 'Elvis Presley – A Moment in Time, 4 Days in ’56' - An FTD 192-page book. Author and producer Michael Rose has assembled a series of photos that present a stunning glimpse of Elvis’ life in 1956. (see below)
Through hundreds of photos, many which are previously unpublished, the book gives an inside look at Elvis at his concerts in Detroit, Columbus, Dayton and Memphis in May 1956. In addition to Rose’s exclusive interviews with many who attended the shows, the book also includes rare original newspaper clippings and lots of new information about Elvis during one of the most pivotal years in his career.
If you loved RCA’s new box-set "Young Man With The Big Beat" you’ll want to purchase a copy of this book as a companion to the collection. A few of the photos in the box set, including the front cover,
actually came from the photo collection featured in this book.
4. 'Elvis Is Back' - Special double-VINYL version: The special 2-disc, 180-gram vinyl set is sure to make Elvis fans around the world happy because it’s been the most requested FTD album for vinyl release ever.  This very limited release has been re-mastered from the original analogue tapes and includes lots of great photos from the Graceland archives in Memphis.
"Elvis Is Back!" was released in April 1960 and was Elvis’ tenth album. Recording sessions took place on March 20 and April 3, 1960, at RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee. It was his first album to be released in true stereo and peaked at number two on the Top Pop Albums chart and is included in the book "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die."  The album was certified Gold on July 15, 1999, by the RIAA.
Go to EIN's 'Sony/FTD 2011 New Releases' for full tracklisting
(News, Source;FTD)

'Elvis Presley – A Moment in Time, 4 Days in ’56' by "Return To Tupelo" producer Michael Rose chronicles the four days from early 1956 as Elvis barnstorms from Detroit through Columbus, and finally back to Memphis and his new home at Audubon Drive - May 25 to May 28th 1956.
In Memphis for Elvis Week 2012 Ernst Jorgenson said that it was a 192 page photo book being produced as a companion release to the Sony/Legacy 5CD box set, "Young Man With The Big Beat".
Michael Rose has been working with Ernst Jorgenson for the last 12 months hunting down contacts and stories.

More RIAA GOLD For Elvis: As we noted in August RIAA announced that Elvis had 5 brand new Gold & Platinum albums awarded to him in September, they were...
- The Very best Of Love (2001) = Gold
- I Got Lucky (released 1971) = Platinum
- Mahalo From Elvis (released 1978) = Gold
- Elvis Sings For Kids (released 1978) = Gold
- Elvis In Person: (released 1970) = Platinum
But, in keeping with the tradition of shortchanging Elvis, it seems that the RIAA "forgot" to award Elvis a new Gold Disc for his 2006 compilation 'Elvis Christmas'

(News, Source;ElvisExpress/BrianQuinn)

More 'Elvis In Concert' shows for 2012: ElvisMatters is proud to announce more shows for 'Elvis In Concert', featuring the TCB Band, Joe Guercio and the Imperials. It looks like France is on the list for the 28th of March, as the closing show for the first 2012 tour.

Also, a stop in Copenhagen/Stockholm on the 24th is "very likely".

In May (14-24) of 2012 the Video show will be playing in South America (Brazil and Chile) for 3 or 4 shows.

(News, Source;ElvisMatters)

Monday 24 October 2011
Updated 'Young Man with the Big Beat' In-Depth Review: Released to coincide with the 55th anniversary celebration of Elvis' national break-through year, 'Young Man with the Big Beat' is a 5-disc box set in a retro format containing all of the 1956 RCA Masters including the complete albums 'Elvis Presley' (#1254) and the second 'Elvis' (#1382). It also includes a previously-unreleased live show, outtakes and rare interviews with the Elvis along with an 84-page book with a day-by-day chronology plus assorted photos and memorabilia.
Back in March 1956 an RCA promotional poster billed Elvis Presley as a "Young Man with the Big Beat". There is no doubt that the billboard’s designers would have had no idea what an impact that BIG BEAT would have on future generations, shaking the very ground of the until now easy-listening entertainment world.
Can this new box-set really capture everything that Elvis achieved in this great Rock'n'Roll year
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'A Triple Threat' New Straight Arrow CD: In the past year 'Straight Arrow' managed to obtain a couple of superb-quality Vegas and Tahoe off-line recordings suitable for special releases. The third volume of our "STRAIGHT ARROW SPECIAL PRODUCTS" mini-series is "A TRIPLE THREAT!" (SA/SP 2011-03-02) and features the super-cool Lake Tahoe concert from May 2, 1976.
Of all of Elvis’ 70s concerts, those in Lake Tahoe are the most poorly-documented. In a way it’s a real pity, because the beauty of the Nevada surroundings and the intimacy of the Sahara showroom always seemed to bring out the best in him. Although Elvis looked somewhat unhealthy in May 1976, he appeared to be in a very good mood, and his warm interaction with fans made the shows quite memorable. The May 2, 1976 gig featured on this release is one of the longest and most entertaining that he gave.
Listening to this, one might easily get the impression that Elvis was courting guests in his living room. There’s a nice intimacy to the recording, and his interplay with audience and musicians alike is a true
delight. There are also a number of vocally-impressive performances in evidence, one being Elvis’ latest RCA single, "Hurt," which he reprises twice! It is the only known date where "Hurt" was performed three times due to the terrific audience response! Worth a mention as well are solid performances of "Burning Love", "My Way", "Tryin' To Get To You" and "An American Trilogy".
This previously unreleased show is taken from a 24-bit digital transfer of a first-generation copy of original cassette. Since the recorder was very close to James Burton's stage monitor, the lead guitar is exceptionally well-defined in the sound image.
Like its predecessors, this new release will be presented in a beautiful digipack with all the necessary information, plus Lake Tahoe memorabilia and photos taken during actual gig. If you dug "FADED LOVE" and "YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY YOU LOVE ME" CDs, we'll bet that you will love this one, too.
(News, Source;SA)

Eric Bana cast as Elvis in new 'Elvis and Nixon' movie!: Dreamboat Australian actor Eric Bana has been cast as dreamboat rock and roll icon Elvis Presley in Elvis & Nixon, a movie about the famous 1970 meeting between The King and the then US President Richard Nixon. Danny Huston will play Nixon in the film, the directing debut of Saw and Princess Bride actor Cary Elwes.
Variety reports that Benaroya Pictures will finance the fact-based film with Bana's Pick Up Truck Pictures exec producing. No start date is set yet, but the film will shoot in L.A. and Shreveport.
The movie will recount the 1970 meeting at the White House between President Richard M. Nixon and rocker Elvis Presley, wherein the latter asked the president to make him a special federal agent-at-large in the war on drugs (ironic considering what would kill him just seven years later). Elvis walked right
into the Oval Office with a gift for the President: A Colt .45 pistol! 
The story served as the basis for the previous 1997 Showtime telepic Elvis Meets Nixon, which starred Rick Peters (Dexter) and Bob Gunton (The Shawshank Redemption) as Nixon.
EIN notes - With 'Fame and Fortune' already in pre production it is surprising that the Elvis & Nixon story is being filmed yet again at this time.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Coca-Cola Celebrates 125th Birthday ELVIS Style: The Coca-Cola Company celebrated its 125th birthday in style with Parisian fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac at a swank soirée in Paris last Thursday.
The soft drinks company has partnered with Castelbajac for a special JC/DC collection in honor of the brand’s anniversary.
The JC/DC Coca-Cola collection features a fashion line ranging from a centerpiece silver-sequined Coca-Cola dress to a t-shirt with a young Elvis Presley photographed by Alfred Wertheimer. “I fell in love with Coca-Cola at first sight! I was 16, and it was the only bottle who had the waist of a girl," Jean-Charles de Castelbajac said of the collaboration with the famous soft drink brand.
EIN notes - This is somewhat strange since PEPSI was Elvis' favorite cola brand.
(News, Source;ElvisMatters/AssocPress)

Sunday 23 October 2011
Treat Me Nice Elvis, His Music and the Frankenstein Creature (Book Review): The debut Elvis book by Howard Jackson deserves notice! A fascinating blend of metaphorical analysis and appreciative musical dissection, it is a fresh perspective on the King!

In Treat Me Nice, Howard Jackson presents a formidable treatise, a rich tapestry of insight, analysis, comparison and acute commentary.

Jackson's work is effectively two books in one, for as much as he traverses often quite complex psychological and metaphorical territory, he also provides a strong perspective on Elvis’ musical canon, both its strengths and weaknesses.  

Read EIN's full review here

"Elvis In Concert" for 2013 Tour: It looks like Elvis In Concert is set to continue to tour well into 2013. On the promoter Stig Edgren  website the 'Elvis In Concert' show is not only listed for the 2012 tour next year, but has now been added to the future 2013 tours list.
For 2013 it uses the more recent logo used this year in Memphis "Elvis Presley Live - The King In Concert 2013".
This was the show using the new "3D curtain" technique rather than back-projectors. Hopefully with a complete upgrade and new look, Elvis will keep touring the world and interacting with the live band.
Click here to SEG Events.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn;Elvis Express)

Colonel Parker's Nephew Selling on Ebay!: Elvis Matters notes that there may be interesting items showing up on eBay the next few weeks, as one of Colonel Parker's nephews is selling his dad's collection. This picture is just one example. From the description on Ebay: You are bidding on a nice original color photo of Elvis Presley standing with two girls named Nancy and Cheryl. The photo was taken in November 1961. The photo is in excellent condition with only a couple of small surface smears on the top center and top right corner. I am Colonel Parker’s nephew. Colonel Tom Parker married my dad’s sister (Marie Mott) in pre-Elvis days, in 1938, and remained married to her until her death in 1993. My father (Bitsy Mott) was Elvis Presley’s security manager from 1955 through 1973. He was in four of Elvis’s movies and spent about 11 months of each year on the road with Elvis and my uncle The Colonel. He was one of the selected few who actually attended Elvis’s funeral. My father gathered many items over the 17+ years and I will be listing some of his collection over the next few weeks. A letter of authenticity and other means of credibility are easily available at the buyer’s request. Thanks for looking at my items and good luck. Go HERE to Ebay details.
(News, Source;ElvisMatters)

Elvis Presley in Concert Announced for Slovakia: Meanwhile in 2012 Elvis Presley in Concert is coming to the Zimny stadion O. Nepelu in Bratislava, Slovakia, on Thursday, March 22, 2012!
Ticket pre-sale to Elvis Insiders began October 21. General on-sale tickets will be available Wednesday, October 26, 2011. Elvis Presley In Concert reunites former Elvis band mates live on stage with a state of the art video-projected Elvis.

Go here for Elvis Presley in Concert 2012 complete tour details.

(News, Source;EPE)

More Genuine Elvis Memorabilia at Auction: The Michaan's November 6th 2011 auction as we reported last month will feature a wide variety of authentic (and one of a kind) Elvis collectibles from the collections of Elvis super-fan ‘Rockin’ Robin Rosaaen and Elvis first private secretary, Trude Forsher. Over 100 genuine Elvis items will be on offer with the auction held at Michaan's Auction House.
Items listed so far include...
- Pair of pants that Elvis wore in the film "Frankie & Johnny"
- Boxing gloves from his movie "Kid Galahad"
- Personal worn off stage custom made shirts.
- His bronze lion paper weight from his Hillcrest home.
- Pair of his prescription glasses from 1977
- Large lock of Elvis hair!
- Meditation robe from March 1977 that Elvis bought for a friend.
- Movie scripts and related books.
- Signed and framed autographs
- Elvis On Tour summer & winter jackets from Joe Esposito.
- Gear shift knob from Elvis' Pantera
CLICK HERE for Auction PDF - Elvis Items start at #935
(News, Source;RockinRobinRosaaen)

Latest Billboard Album Charts: This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 126 last week to 123 this week (w/e 28th October) on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts. It also rises from 17 to 15 on the Catalog Album Charts.

'Elvis - Best Of Love' re-enters the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts at 200. It also rises from 40 last week to 36 this week on the Catalog Album Charts.

'Elvis Christmas' is also at No.26 on the Holiday Albums Chart.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Friday 21 October 2011
'Young Man with the Big Beat' In-Depth Review: Released to coincide with the 55th anniversary celebration of Elvis' national break-through year, 'Young Man with the Big Beat' is a 5-disc box set in a retro format containing all of the 1956 RCA Masters including the complete albums 'Elvis Presley' (#1254) and the second 'Elvis' (#1382). It also includes a previously-unreleased live show, outtakes and rare interviews with the Elvis along with an 84-page book with a day-by-day chronology plus assorted photos and memorabilia.
Back in March 1956 an RCA promotional poster billed Elvis Presley as a "Young Man with the Big Beat". There is no doubt that the billboard’s designers would have had no idea what an impact that BIG BEAT would have on future generations, shaking the very ground of the until now easy-listening entertainment world.
Can this new box-set really capture everything that Elvis achieved in this great Rock'n'Roll year
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'On Stage -The Ultimate Edition' - New Import CD: Due to high public demand, Backdraft has released this week, ‘On Stage - The Ultimate Edition’. Because of the fast sell-out of ‘Rebooked at the International’ many fans missed out on obtaining the deluxe box-set. To help compensate disappointed fans this release has the much sought-after stereo multi track recordings from the ‘Rebooked’ release containing the very best on this factory pressed 80 minute CD. The CD is housed in a professional looking digi-Pack with a 12 page booklet, containing the very best of the photographs plus more from the Jan/Feb 1970 engagement.

Go here for complete details and tracklisting.

This release is limited to only 750 units worldwide and is available now from your local Elvis dealer.

(News, Source;FECC)

Elvis Week 2012 General Ticket sale Starts Tuesday: Tickets for Elvis Week 2012 go on sale for the general public this Tuesday, October 25, 2011, at 10:00am.
Named as one of the most highly anticipated celebrations of 2012, Elvis Week will be the 35th anniversary and fans from around the world are already making plans for this very special celebration. It will feature several new special events, concerts and more, including an air-conditioned Entertainment Pavilion on-site at Graceland. Events for 2012 include:
>> August 16, 2012 the king returns to Memphis’ largest concert venue, the FedExForum, for a spectacular music event starring the real Elvis Presley via video, along with a cast of singers and musicians who worked with him in the past, a full orchestra, and additional singers and musicians.
>> New for Elvis Week 2012 will be an air-conditioned temporary pavilion, dubbed the 2012 Elvis Week Main Stage, installed right across the street from Graceland in which many of the concerts, dances and panel discussions will take place.
>> Special guests currently scheduled for a panel discussion on Elvis in the Movies at The 2012 Elvis Week Main Stage include: Barbara Eden, Elvis' co-star in "Flaming Star"; Mary Ann Mobley, Elvis' co-star in "Harum Scarum" and "Girl Happy"; and Jan Shepard Boyle, who appeared with Elvis in both "King Creole" and "Paradise, Hawaiian Style." Other panel discussions will include: Dixie Locke Emmons, who met Elvis at church and dated him just as his career was taking off; June Juanico, dated Elvis from 1955 to 1957; Larry Geller, Elvis' hairstylist and close friend; and Sam Thompson, Elvis' friend who worked as a personal bodyguard for him at home and on tour.
CLICK HERE for Elvis week schedule and ticket info.
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Thursday 20 October 2011
Special Elvis Memorablia in new Auction: Julien’s Auctions announces its 2nd annual Legends Auction on this Saturday, October 22, 2011. They are offering an extraordinary opportunity to own some very special Elvis Presley pieces, these include..
The original tape of March 19, 1955 and Elvis Presley’s first live performance was recorded at The Eagle’s Hall in Houston Texas. The young Presley performed five songs that evening: “Good Rockin’ Tonight” “Baby Let’s Play House” “Blue Moon of Kentucky”“I’ve Got a Woman”“That’s Alright”, Presley was introduced for the concert by the master of ceremonies, Biff Collie, as “The Bopping Hillbilly.” The recording master’s
plus the copyright to market and reproduce this recording are offered for auction for the first time. Along with the five song recording is a seven-minute interview with the young Presley from 1956 and a 15-minute interview with guitarist Scotty Moore discussing his relationship with Elvis. The estimate is US$60,000 - 80,000.
Other Elvis items featured in this auction are an acoustic guitar (supposedly) inscribed to one of his fan club presidents, a handwritten set list from an engagement at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, a prop gun given to Presley for luck by MGM executives as he began his concert series in Las Vegas and a fascinating handwritten note from Elvis to Col. Parker. Estimate US$1,000 - 2,000.
Go here to check out the auction & other good stuff.
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'Vegas Variety Vol. 7' New Import CD: Rainbow Records proudly presents Volume 7 of their series "Vegas Variety", featuring the complete performance of December 4, 1975 Dinner Show - audience recording at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Nevada. Elvis did only one show on this day.
Many fans call this Vegas engagement one of his strongest ever and the recording we hear on "Vegas Variety Volume 7" proves them to be right. It was 36 years ago and Elvis was (again) sold out for every single performance in Vegas. Until today every recording from this engagement that was released on cd showed an artist in great mood, giving a lot for the money that people spent to attend one of Elvis´ by now legendary concerts at the Hilton showroom. Rainbow Records is again able to deliver a very fine show in really nice sound, an audience recording. As usual a very high quality booklet comes with this release. It has a lot of pictures and information regarding the magic of Elvis and Las Vegas back in December of 1975 on its 20 pages.
Tracklist:1. Also Sprach Zarathustra 2. CC. Rider 3. I Got A Woman/Amen 4. Love Me 5. Fairytale / Big Boss Man (excerpt) 6. And I Love You So
7. Tryin' To Get To You 8. Blue Suede Shoes 9. It's Now Or Never 10. Polk Salad Annie 11. Band Introductions 12. Johnny B Goode 13. Drum Solo (Ronnie Tutt) 14. Bass Solo (Jerry Scheff) 15. Piano Solo (Glen D Hardin) 16. School Day 17. Celebrity Introduction (Julie Lamar) 18. Just Pretend 19. Bridge Over Troubled Water 20. Burning Love 21. Softly As I Leave You (with Sherrill Nielsen) 22. America (The Beautiful) 23. Mystery Train / Tiger Man 24. Little Darlin 25. Can't Help Falling In Love 26. Closing Vamp
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Dancers from US "So You Think You Can Dance" Visit Graceland: The top dancers from the US hit series "So You Think You Can Dance" visited the home of the King of Rock 'n' Roll this week! Before touring Graceland Mansion they found time to take a few pictures with fans. They are in Memphis to perform on October 18 at the FedEx Forum as part of their national 32-city tour.
The Season 8 dancers on tour are Caitlynn Lawson, Clarice Ordaz, Jess LeProtto, Jordan Casanova, Marko Germar, Melanie Moore, Mitchell Kelly, Ricky Jaime, Sasha Mallory and Tadd Gadduang.

For more info & more photos click here.

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Chris Isaak pays homage to Elvis on latest album: Chris Isaak’s new album 'Beyond the Sun' pays highly effective homage to the short-lived, eternally influential Sun Records roster of the mid- and late ’50s, particularly Elvis, Johnny, Jerry Lee and Carl Perkins. He’s a one-man Million Dollar Quartet.
It comes close to feeling like a flat-out Presley tribute album, since there’s no attempt to put Perkins on par with the Presley. Elvis songs comprise half of the 14 songs on the standard edition, as well as five out of the 11 bonus tracks on the two-CD deluxe version.
His fixation on the most famous figure in Sun’s solar system isn’t just a late-blooming commercial consideration: For a quarter-century, both the throb in Isaak’s voice and the upturn in his greased bangs have paid inherent and ongoing tribute to the pre-Colonel-Parker King.
By the strictest critical standards, “Beyond the Sun” ought to have more reinterpretation going on to be worth a nod. Against all odds, he’s self-produced a
set of sides that somehow sound like they were cut in 1956 without sacrificing a bit of the increased vibrancy, dynamic range, and loudness you expect out of contemporary recordings. Sam Phillips would be proud, and so will your high-end earbuds.
The more obscure the choices are, the better. That’s one reason to spend a few extra bucks and pick up the two-CD version, since the bonus disc delves further into numbers unfamiliar to all but the most diehard oldies hounds.
The primary CD has a few too many tracks chosen to lure the average consumer, and Isaak really doesn’t bring that much to exhausted standards like “Cant Help Falling in Love,” “Great Balls of Fire,” or “Ring of Fire” — though it is a kick to wait and see whether such a high-voiced singer can hit the very lowest notes that arrive late in Cash’s “Walk the Line.” (He does.)
But even the first disc includes its share of little-known material, like “Miss Pearl,” a fast-driving rave-up from Sun artist Jimmy Wages, who was definitely not part of any Million Dollar Quintet.
But the main draw is Elvis’ lesser revived early B-sides, which it’s a wonder that a Sun worshipper like Isaak didn’t take a stab at 20 or 25 years ago. There’s an argument to be made that rock roll in its purest form peaked just about as quickly as it (arguably) started, with Presley’s first Memphis sessions.
But as much as you might hope these recordings send people back to those originals, the fierce intelligence and musical agility behind “Beyond the Sun” doesn’t give folks much reason to abandon Isaak’s own versions prematurely. Released October 18, 2011. - Click here for more info and for a sneak listen.
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Tuesday 18 October 2011
Larry Moss Special Elvis Collection: Larry Moss is a native of Memphis. He and his wife Judy have been collecting memorabilia since1973. It started when they got boxing champ Joe Frazier's autograph on a dollar bill.  Larry's dad was a graduate of Hume's High School, Elvis' alma Mata, and was friends with Red West when they played football together.  This may also explain their fascination with Elvis memorabilia in particular.
Their collection includes many pieces that would be the envy of any Elvis fan and include, Scotty Moore's 1952 ES-295 guitar, Bill Black's 1956 Precision Bass (currently on loan to EPE and on display at Graceland), a guitar once owned by Elvis and used in several films like Follow That Dream and the guitar given to Anita Wood one Christmas by Elvis. Another is the Gibson Super 400 used by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in the CBS mini series during the 1968 special segment to represent Scotty's.
His collection inculdes Elvis' blue bicentennial belt, one of Elvis'
75 two-piece suits plus the white fireworks suit.
Go here to the wonderful ScottyMoore website for a look at this great collection.
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Beware of False EBay offers!: Noted below, the offer on Ebay of the "Comeback Special UNSEEN Photos Original 35mm PROOF SHEET" was definitely NOT 99% unseen and unpublished as promised, since all of the pictures are in the new Erik Lorentzen 'Elvis Files Vol.4' and printed in fabulous quality. The seller "mga138" may have been trying on a fake sale, or possibly may not have known they had been also sold before.   

Go here to an EIN look inside 'Elvis Files Vol.4' - INCLUDING these high-quality 68 RARE images

In-depth EIN review coming this weekend.

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Tom Petty Lists His Elvis Favourites: In Latest Edition of Rolling Stone Magazine Tom Petty lists his favourite ten Elvis songs. When Tom Petty was 10, his uncle got a job on the set of Elvis Presley's 1962 film Follow That Dream, and Petty stopped by. "He arrived in a fleet of white Cadillacs," Petty says. "People were screaming, handing records over a chain-link fence for him to sign. I remember his hair was so black that the sunshine was glowing off of it. Just a nod and a hello made your skin tingle. I was high for weeks. It lit a fever in me to get every record I could, and I really digested it. Elvis became the soundtrack of my early years."
His Number One - "That's All Right"  - Elvis and his band were fooling around at the end of a session at Sun with this song, and Sam Phillips heard it right away. It was a pretty obscure Arthur Crudup song, and it's incredible to me that Elvis knew it. He really put his own whack on it. He sings with a hiccup in the timing – I don't know where that came from. The Sun stuff is really high art. It's so pure, and that sense of discovery is there.
Go here to Rolling Stone for Tom Petty's Elvis Top ten.
Go here to EIN's spotlight "Tom Petty - How Elvis changed my life"
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'Memphis' The Musical Tours Graceland: ‘Memphis’ the musical, won four 2010 Tony Awards for best musical, book, original score and orchestrations and is the first national tour of a Broadway show to debut in the Orpheum. From the underground dance clubs of 1950s Memphis, Tennessee, comes a hot new Broadway musical that bursts off the stage with explosive dancing, irresistible songs and a thrilling tale of fame and forbidden love. Inspired by actual events, MEMPHIS is about a white radio DJ who wants to change the world and a black club singer who is ready for her big break. Come along on their incredible journey to the ends of the airwaves — filled with laughter, soaring emotion and roof-raising rock ‘n’ roll.
The group took time out of their busy schedule and found inspiration at the home of Elvis Presley. During their visit they learned more about the great influence that Elvis had on the city of Memphis as well as around the world.
Click here to video of the cast of ‘Memphis’ the musical as they tour Graceland.
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Saturday 15 October 2011
'Elvis and Us' Exhibition Highlight Video: You can check out a new video about what makes the newly opened Elvis and Us exhibit, at The Beatles Story in Liverpool, England, different from other exhibits around the world.
From his iconic "Jailhouse Rock" shirt to the amazing jumpsuits that characterized Presley’s later Vegas career, the new exhibition displays a fabulous array of items previously only seen in photographs, films and on stage.
The Elvis and Us exhibit will be open through 2012 and photos from the grand opening can be viewed in the Elvis and Us photo gallery.
Click here for the video.
On BBC News Radio there was also a featured on the exhibition - Click here to the BBC story via podcast.
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'Comeback Special' UNSEEN Photos on EBay: On Ebay now is a "MEGA RARE professional-quality ORIGINAL 35mm negative PROOF SHEET" Described as a glossy photograph print made directly from the photographer's negatives-this is a vintage ONE OF A KIND item produced in the year 1968 - photographers credit stamp on the back - these are some of the rarest and most gorgeous close-ups of ELVIS we've ever seen--razor sharp (limitations of camera force the sample images posted to look soft and somewhat unsharp, but the actual item is great looking and in fine condition! Images are from the NBC TV 1968 Comeback Special project announcement that very few press members were allowed to attend. 99% UNSEEN and unpublished - these individual frames can be scanned in high-res and made into BEAUTIFUL posters and prints-Proofsheets, especially from this era/event are very scarce.

Buy now for $249. Click here to EBay.


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'Elvis: Young Man Of The Nation' JAT new DVD: Rush released November 15th. Digitally re-mastered 40th Anniversary Special Release. In 1970, Elvis Presley was nominated for one of the ten outstanding young men of the nation by The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce (The Jaycees). 40 years ago on January 16, 1971 he accepted the award in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Now for the first time on DVD the complete unedited Documentary of this historic event will be made available. JAT Productions used clips and edited versions however for the first time you will now be able to see it in its entirety uncut and unedited. Witness the presentations from beginning to end of this cherished moment in Elvis Presley’s life.

EIN notes: Elvis' speech was under 2 minutes and while other footage of Elvis and Priscilla at the event may exist, the majority of the footage will probably be the speeches by the other ten outstanding young men.
No duration has been given.

- Click here to buy - Only $16.95

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Elvis - The 100 Million Video Man!: Elvis remains the King of Rock & Pop as we learn that he has just over 100 youtube videos that has all had at least One Million unique views.
Elvis Matters report that the most popular Elvis clip on the web is the If I Can Dream Duet with Celine Dion, which has just over 3 million views.

However Elvis Express now shows this is not so accurate and what's more realistic is the most viewed Elvis video on Youtube has more than 31 million unique views and is the 28th most viewed Youtube video of all time.

The Top 10 Elvis Youtube Videos Are:
1. 31,208,668 views  -  Jailhouse Rock (Colour)
2. 29,046,935 views  -  Always On My Mind
3. 23,589,340 views  -  Love Me Tender
4. 15,686,574 views  -  Amazing Grace
5. 13,228,056 views  -  Suspicious Minds (Studio Version)
6. 12,872,696 views  -  In The Ghetto (Live - TTWII-SE)
7. 10,566,861 views  -  Suspicious Minds (Live - TTWII)
8.   8,453,124 views  -  Blue Suede Shoes (Colour Screen Test)
9.   7,886,458 views  -  In The Ghetto (Elvis & Lisa Marie)
10. 5,263,870 views  -  The Wonder Of You (TTWII-SE)

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Graceland representative visits European fan clubs: This weekend the biggest European fan clubs had their six monthly meeting, hosted by ElvisMatters. Special guest at the meeting was Scott Williams, vice president Marketing of Graceland/Elvis Presley Enterprises. Scott and the European fan club presidents talked about different matters, such as the upcoming activities for the "Big One", 2012, and about the concert in the air-conditioned tent right across from Graceland.

EIN has been informed that Todd Slaughter, President of the UK 'Official Elvis Presley Fan Club' didn’t even know about it. Surely Britain is now in Europe?
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Friday 14 October 2011
RCA move took Elvis to 'Heartbreak Hotel': Another very positive review for the new 1956 box-set from the US ClarionLedger....
In November of 1955, Sam Phillips of Memphis' Sun Records sold Elvis Presley's contract to RCA for $35,000. Elvis had shook up the music business via his five singles on Sun, and with the seemingly paltry sum Phillips was able to successfully push the careers of Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and others.
Elvis entered RCA's Nashville studios in early January, recording three songs including his first RCA single, Heartbreak Hotel. Later that month Elvis made his first national television on the Dorsey Brothers' program, sparking a national craze.
A new boxed set, Young Man With the Big Beat (RCA/Legacy), collects all the recordings Elvis made for RCA in 1956 in a deluxe package that also includes live recordings, interviews and session outtakes. The set, in an album-sized sleeve, features five CDs, a richly illustrated booklet and a package containing copies of vintage ads, posters and photos.
The first two CDs contain 39 master recordings from RCA, including five songs the company acquired from Sun, and contain many
songs rarely found on "best of" packages. Here one can trace the evolution of Elvis' sound, most notably through the addition of drummer D.J. Fontana and the presence of vocal group the Jordanaires.
Two discs containing three live shows and interviews with Elvis capture the excitement of his breakthrough year, while a CD featuring multiple outtakes of Lawdy, Miss Clawdy and Shake, Rattle and Roll reveal the work that went into creating the legend.
The set's 82-page booklet follows the life and career of Elvis month-by-month throughout 1956, with detailed accounts of his live engagements, television appearances, and his ascendancy as a matinee idol.
Stunning both visually and aurally, 'Young Man With a Big Beat' lovingly documents one of the most important - chapters in America's musical history.
- Scott Barretta. Go HERE to EIN's 'Young Man With a Big Beat' info page.
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Two MAJOR Elvis Events In HOLLAND April 2012: Great news for the Dutch fans! The biggest Dutch fanclub "Elvis For Everyone" will be staging TWO major Elvis events in April 2012. Both concerts will feature "The Original Elvis Tribute 2012", a tremendous production which includes original Elvis musicians and singers like Bobby Wood, Duke Bardwell, Ginger and Mary Holladay and Jerome "Stump" Monroe. Both shows will have a different theme, each inspired by the ’68 Comeback. The first one, which will take place on April 21st 2012 at "Het Paard" in Den Haag (The Hague) will be a rocking party night, and has therefore been dubbed "the standup show" (w/ the audience dancing and having fun to the music), while the concert at 013 in Tilburg on April 22, 2012 has been dubbed "the sitdown show" and will be more relaxed, with the audience seated… A good opportunity for everybody to wind down after a wild night in The Hague. Fanclub president Constatijn Zantingh (31) says: "We’re very excited about these two shows. In order to keep Elvis in the limelight, we need to come up with new ideas all the time, and we all really like the idea of a ‘standup show’
for a wild night of fun, and a ‘sitdown show’ for those fans that prefer a more relaxed setup. Of course we hope that the fans will come to both shows, first to rock the night away to Elvis’ music in The Hague, and then to unwind together with other fans while really listening to this great band. We will have several fantastic surprises planned for these two shows, and we really want to make both nights a one-of-a-kind celebration of Elvis’ music". For more information on these remarkable shows, please visit www.elvismagazine.eu or www.elvisnews.dk Photo: Duke Bardwell is ready for a wild night in The Hague!
Click HERE for info.
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It's Elvis Time - Magazine #267: The September 2011 magazine from the Official Dutch Elvis Fanclub "It's Elvis Time" has arrived in Australia.
This month it features articles on Julie Parrish, reviews (including FTDs and Fashion For A King) and a look at Elvis Closing Night 1973 as well as interviews with Terry Mike Jeffrey & Elvis artist Betty Harper.  
The magazine is printed in Dutch, features lots on future Elvis Events and this month also features plenty of great Elvis 1973 photos (as right). The quality of the colour photos is very impressive as you can tell from the scanned images - however photographer Laurens Van Hooten has contacted EIN to say they were used without his permission.
Click here to find out more

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David Hess, Songwriter and Actor, Dies at 75: David Hess, a songwriter for Elvis Presley, Pat Boone and others in the 1950s and 1960s who went on to play murderous movie villains, died on Friday in Tiburon, Calif. He was 75.
Mr. Hess became a professional songwriter, using pseudonyms including David Hill, for Shalimar Music in 1957. He wrote or co-wrote songs that Presley recorded, including "I Got Stung", "Come Along" and "Sand Castles".
In 1956 Hess recorded the original version of the Otis Blackwell composition "All Shook Up" under the stage name David Hill which Elvis would later take to Number 1. Hess also scored a Top 10 hit in 1962 when Pat Boone sang "Speedy Gonzalez," which he co-wrote.
Hess’s film career began in Wes Craven’s first movie, "The Last House on the Left" (1972), one of the first in the "slasher" genre. Hess won the part and also composed the film’s soundtrack.
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UK Elvis Record and Memorabilia Auction: A massive collection of Elvis CDs, vinyl and memorabilia is being auctioned with Bamfords Auctions in Derbyshire, UK on Saturday 5th November, with viewing Friday 4th November.
Over 1,500 lots including old vinyl bootlegs and some fascinating overseas releases from Peru, Brazil, Japan etc.

Includes a lovely 10" Japanese 1956 HP 531 plus a Complete set of SUN 78 RPMs SUN 209; SUN 210; SUN 215; SUN 217; SUN 223 in superb glazed frame for £6000-8000.

Go here to the catalogue and to see the SUN 78rpms

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Erik Lorentzen home again: Excellent news from Elvis Matters that Elvis Files author Erik Lorentzen is home again. After a stay in the hospital, doctors found him fit and strong enough to send him home. Erik has left the hospital and is resting at home.
In 1964, Erik and his long time friend Arne Metzner, founded the Norwegian Elvis Presley Fan Club.
He was there when The King rocked Madison Square Garden in June 1972 and then in 1973, Erik met his idol backstage at Nassau Coliseum in New York. (right)
He next caught up with Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton in March 1975 and soon after took up The King's invitation to visit Graceland.
EIN wishes Erik a speedy recovery & best wishes. 
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Suzanna Leigh Keeps flogging her new book!: Suzanna Leigh, who co-stared with Elvis in the 1966 movie, "Paradise, Hawaiian Style", continues her tour of the media (see Oct 1st news below) with new features in the US 'Star' and the 'National Enquirer'. Elvis Express' Lee Dawson points out that.. Even though these publications are something of a joke within the media world, millions of Americans buy them and will believe the kind of B.S that is published within.
In these publications, Leigh claims: ""I learned Elvis had been part of one of the largest FBI investigations of the 1970s, code-named Fountain Pen. Apparently, he had been the innocent victim in a Mafia fraud case involving millions of dollars. Scores of federal agents worldwide had investigated it and Elvis was due to give evidence. The FBI was meant to be protecting Elvis when he died."
Leigh contacted Beecher Smith, who for a short time was Elvis' attorney and who in 2007 was sentenced  to 5 years in prison for receiving and possessing child pornography. "He told me Elvis and his father Vernon were supposed to appear in front of a federal grand jury on August 16, 1977 – the day Elvis died," Leigh writes in her book, "The Flip Side of Paradise". In which she also claims that she & Elvis bonded during filming and "became true soul mates."
Elvis Express Radio is hoping to interview Dick Grob on next Friday's Request Show (21 Oct) to see if her claims have any truth behind them.
(News, Source;ElvisExpress)

Australian Charity Event for Joe Esposito in Melbourne: A charity event organised Mark Andrew, the night on November 16 will include performances by Australia's best Elvis Tribute Artists including Mark Anthony and Mark Andrew, Comedians Rob Shehadie and John Baressi as well as a special appearance by Joe Esposito himself.
Joe Esposito is known for being Elvis Presley's personal close friend & road manager. His wife Martha is unfortunately suffering from a brain tumour and the ticket donation will go to her cause.
Go HERE for more information & tickets.
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Tuesday 11 October 2011
MRS 'The Complete Hayride'- Full Details: Here are the final details, artwork and track-list for the upcoming MRS release in association with ‘Joseph A Tunzi’ (JAT Productions).
‘THE COMPLETE LOUISIANA HAYRIDE ARCHIVES 1954-1956’ will be released 21st November 2011.
All of the 29 tracks therein are re-mastered using the most sophisticated non commercial technology. It includes restored and more complete versions of many of the tracks than ever before. Fans will be delighted to finally hear a much improved and richer version of tracks such as ‘Hearts of Stone’ & ‘I'm Left You’re Right She’s Gone'. The CD will also contain Elvis’ last performance on the Louisiana Hayride in December 1956 which again, is re-mastered, complete and pitch corrected.
The set also includes a 100 page hard back book with informative text and many rare and new photographs.
First Louisiana Hayride Show - 16th October 1954

1. Hayride Begins Jingle
2. Introduction/ That's All Right
3. Blue Moon of Kentucky
January 15th 1955
4. Hearts of Stone
5. That’s All Right
6. Tweedle Dee
January 22nd 1955
7. Money Honey
8. Blue Moon of Kentucky
9. I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine
10. That’s All Right
April 30th 1955
11. Tweedle Dee
July 16th 1955
12. I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone
August 20th 1955
13. Baby Let’s Play House
14. Maybellene
15. That’s All Right
Last Louisiana Hayride Show - 16th December 1956
16. Heartbreak Hotel
17. Long Tall Sally

18. I Was the One
19. Love Me Tender
20. Don’t Be Cruel
21. Love Me
22. I Got a Woman
23. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
24. Paralyzed
25. Hound Dog
26. Elvis Has Left the Building
27. Hayride End Jingle
28. June Carter Talks about Elvis on the Hayride
29. Maybellene (Tunzi Remix)
Go HERE to 'Elvis CD Releases 2011' for more details
(News, Source;MRS)

'Shreveport '75' new Import CD: Touchdown Productions proudly presents their next release, which will be the afternoon show from Shreveport, Louisiana on June 7, 1975. The King delivered a very good show with lots of highlights. The sound is of very good quality for this kind of audience recording.
EIN notes that four tracks from Shreveport 'Funny How Times Slips Away', 'Mystery Train/Tiger Man', 'Little Darlin' & 'Can't Help Falling In Love' were released as part of the "Silver Box-Set" live 1975 performance ex a good quality soundboard.
Tracklisting: See See Rider - I Got A Woman / Amen - Love Me - If You Love Me Let Me Know - Love Me Tender - Audience Talk - All Shook Up - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - Hound Dog - The Wonder Of You - Burning Love - Band Introductions - Johnny B Goode - Drum Solo - Bass Solo - Piano Solo - School Days - T-R-O-U-B-L-E - Why Me Lord? - How Great Thou Art - Funny How Time Slips Away - Little Darlin' - Mystery Train / Tiger Man - Can't Help Falling in Love.
(News, Source;Touchdown/ElvisInfoNet)

Win a trip to Graceland with CMT: CMT kicks-off the US Holidays at Graceland with Lauren Alaina and SiriusXM. You can win a trip for the Graceland holiday lighting ceremony on November 18. In addition to experiencing the most magical night of the year at the king’s home in Memphis, you’ll have a private meet‘n’greet with "American Idol" finalist and entertainer Lauren Alaina (right) and share your experience with Elvis fans around the world as you guest DJ on Elvis Radio on SiriusXM. In addition, the trip also includes:
  - two round-trip, coach airline tickets to Memphis
  - two nights at Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel
  - two VIP tickets to Graceland plus tickets for Sun Studio, The Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, and Stax Museum.
Go HERE to enter the competition - for US residents only.
(News, Source;CMT/ElvisInfoNet)

'Welcome To A Wonderful Whirl' new Import CD: The new Uranus label (is that really a good name for a label?! - EIN) just released their first CD containing the previously unreleased Dinner Show from May 11, 1973 in Lake Tahoe. Since Uranus was able to lay their hands on a first generation recording of the show, the sound is exceptionally good for an audience recording. Be surprised how great an Audience Recording can sound! The CD is packed in a paper sleeve like the Japanese paper sleeve collection or the double albums from the past. A 16 page booklet packed with color pictures completes this wonderful debut of a new label. On a mission to boldly go where no man has gone before!

EIN notes that this audience recording has been out on CDR previously.
Go here to full tracklist & details.

(News, Source;FECC)

Elvis Skydiving instructor dies in Nevada: It was supposed to be a special birthday gift to a grandmother — a family skydiving adventure with a veteran instructor who was one of the Elvis Presley impersonators who jumped from an airplane in the movie "Honeymoon in Vegas."
But the tandem skydive ended in tragedy Sunday near the Nevada-Arizona border when two parachutes failed to open, sending 75-year-old Claudette Porter of North Las Vegas and instructor James Fonnesbeck to their deaths.
Porter’s husband, Jim Porter, said his wife had talked about skydiving for at least 20 years.
"Things like that happen once in a while, and there’s just not a whole hell of a lot you can do about it," Jim Porter said.
James Fonnesbeck was among the team of skydiving Elvis impersonators in the 1992 film "Honeymoon in Vegas," starring Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

DJ Fontana to be Guest at Annual Elvis Festival: D J Fontana, Elvis Presley’s original drummer and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, will be special guest at the 19th annual event being held October 14 – 16, 2011 at the Woodland Park Community Building in Portage, Indiana. Fontana will relate stories of his introduction to a young Elvis Presley when Fontana was the staff drummer at the infamous Shreveport Municipal Memorial Auditorium and joining Elvis with the Blue Moon Boys, changing the face of popular music for all who came after.
The Elvis FANtasy Fest is a fund raiser for the Porter County Special Olympics and a dream weekend for anyone who enjoys the

music of Elvis Presley, collects Elvis memorabilia or would like to join a local fan club. The weekend includee a qualifying contest for the 2012 Ultimate® Tribute Artist Contest. Artists from across the country and from as far away and England and Australia are schedule to appear.
The festival is a weekend event October 14–16. As of 2010 the Elvis FANtasy Fest has given over $275,000 to charities in remembrance of the greatest entertainer of all time, Elvis Presley.
Go here for more info and Event Details
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Priscilla Presley on Viva ELVIS Changes: Viva ELVIS has been running for almost two years at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas. But the Cirque du Soleil has announced that the show is going to undergo some alterations. Exactly what those changes are going to be, however, nobody seems to know yet. Not even Priscilla Presley. Nor Cirque du Soleil’s Gilles St. Croix, who was one of two artistic guides involved with the creation of the show.
I spoke with Presley and St. Croix recently during the opening night party of the Cirque du Soleil’s IRIS in Los Angeles. Priscilla assured me that there was no conflict between her and the Cirque du Soleil on the rethink of the show. "We’re definitely both on the same page," she said, adding that she didn’t want anyone to get the impression that there was anything seriously wrong with Viva ELVIS.
Other Cirque shows have been revamped and all of them are in flux to a certain extent, continually being tweaked or adjusted. He agreed that Cirque was very much on the same page with Priscilla and EPE about the need to make changes to the show.
(News, Source;MontrealGazette)

Monday 10 October 2011
Record Numbers expected for Elvis Week 2012: The 35th Anniversary of the Life and Legacy of Elvis Presley is soon upon us and Graceland expects record crowds for Elvis Week 2012
During the 30th Anniversary celebration in 2007, more than 75,000 attended Elvis Week during the seven day celebration in Memphis. In 2012, there will be even more ways than ever for fans from around the world to celebrate their love for the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
>> August 16, 2012 the king returns to Memphis’ largest concert venue, the FedExForum, for a spectacular music event starring the real Elvis Presley via video, along with a cast of singers and musicians who worked with him in the past, a full orchestra, and additional singers and musicians.
>> New for Elvis Week 2012 will be an air-conditioned temporary pavilion, dubbed the 2012 Elvis Week Main Stage, installed right across the street from Graceland in which many of the concerts, dances and panel discussions will take place.
>> Special guests currently scheduled for a panel discussion on Elvis in the Movies at The 2012 Elvis Week Main Stage include: Barbara Eden, Elvis' co-star in "Flaming Star"; Mary Ann Mobley, Elvis' co-star in "Harum Scarum" and "Girl Happy"; and Jan Shepard Boyle, who appeared with Elvis in both "King Creole" and "Paradise, Hawaiian Style." Other panel discussions will include: Dixie Locke Emmons, who met Elvis at church and dated him just as his career was taking off; June Juanico, dated Elvis from 1955 to 1957; Larry Geller, Elvis' hairstylist and close friend; and Sam Thompson, Elvis' friend who worked as a personal bodyguard for him at home and on tour.
>> Concerts and dance parties at the 2012 Elvis Week Main Stage will be presented by Elvis' Imperials, The Memphis Boys, who were the legendary house band at the American Sound Studio, Andy Childs, Terry Mike Jeffrey, Jamie Aaron Kelley, Brad Birkedahl, John McClure and many others including some of the world’s greatest Elvis tribute artists.
>> The 2012 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest will also see more Elvis tribute artists than ever before from all over the world compete for the $20,000 cash prize and the title of "The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist."
More special guests will be announced soon. Ticket pre-sale for Elvis Insiders begins tomorrow 10:00am CDT Tuesday, October 11, 2011. CLICK HERE for Elvis week schedule and ticket info.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Another C.&.A Elvis Advert: Clothing chain C&A has a new magazine ad featuring Elvis. Earlier this year, C&A surprised the fans with a TV commercial (using footage taken from the movie 'Spinout') that showed Elvis performing at a party with some lovely ladies.
This time the "Love and Kiss" campaign is inspired by Elvis' 1957 movie "Jailhouse Rock".

If you missed the earlier clever TV commercial CLICK HERE to view.






(News, Source;ElvisMatters/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis author Erik Lorentzen in Hospital: Erik Lorentzen the author of 'The Elvis Files', 'King of Hawaii' etc has been taken to the hospital, where doctors performed heart surgery on him. Elvis Matters reports that the operation was a success, that Erik is doing great and doctors are optimistic about a quick and full recovery. If all goes according to schedule, he will be home by next week.
In 1964, Erik and his long time friend Arne Metzner, founded the Norwegian Elvis Presley Fan Club and his work with this organisation gave him the opportunity to see Elvis in concert on several occasions.
He was there when The King rocked Madison Square Garden in June 1972 and then in 1973, Erik met his idol backstage at Nassau Coliseum in New York. (right)
He next caught up with Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton in March 1975 and soon after took up The King's invitation to visit Graceland.
EIN wishes Erik a speedy recovery & best wishes. 
(News, Source;ElvisMatters/ElvisExpress)

Elvis Rocks Out Las Vegas as New Casino Game Is Unveiled: Elvis and his legacy of rockin’ music is celebrated in a new casino multi-level progressive jackpot slot machine. The Las Vegas Philharmonic made a special appearance at G2E to celebrate IGT’s newest slot machine, Elvis The King®. The musicians entertained visitors with some of the King’s greatest hits including Suspicious Minds and Hound Dog.
Musicians from the Las Vegas Philharmonic performed some of Elvis Presley’s greatest hits on Wednesday at G2E to celebrate the launch of IGT’s newest slot machine, Elvis The King®.
The Las Vegas Philharmonic and Bella Strings did an amazing performance of Elvis favorites including "Hound Dog", "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Suspicious Minds".
(News, Source;Tessa Bajema/ElvisInfoNet)

London's West End "Million Dollar Quartet" to close: Jukebox musical Million Dollar Quartet will play its final performance at London's Noël Coward Theatre on Saturday 14 January 2012 whilst producers make plans for a major tour of the UK and Ireland. The London production has already been seen by over 200,000 people, played over 250 performances and grossed in excess of £5 million at the Box Office since its West End premiere.
Other productions are currently playing in New York and Chicago. A major North American tour premieres this week (11 October 2011) in Cleveland, Ohio.
The musical, which played on Broadway prior to coming to London, recreates the moment in 1956 when four greats of rock ‘n’ roll – Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins – gathered at Sun Records in Memphis for an impromptu jam session.
Michael Malarkey, Derek Hagen, Ben Goddard and Oliver Seymour-Marsh star as the famous foursome, with Bill Ward as Sun Records boss Sam Phillips and Francesca Jackson as Presley’s girlfriend Dyanne.
(News, Source;AP/ElvisInfoNet)
Sunday 9 October 2011 --- 2nd Update.
Two new Import CDs; Route Records proudly present 2 classic fan favorites finally released on shinny silver factory pressed CDs!
'Elvis Golden Boy' - is the ultimate album from Germany and was released in August 1965 by the major german TV guide HÖRZU and TELDEC, the record company who handled Elvis´ publishing rights in Germany. The album is highly sought after by collectors from all over the world, as it was taken off the market within a week, when The Colonel got aware of it. This produced a real monster collectible.
This album was also available with yellow backround as a swiss book club release back in 1965, which is even much rarer than the original German HÖRZU release and is valued around 1.500 - 2.000$. A limited reprint of the swiss edition was recently available. The original HÖRZU album was official reprinted and available by RCA in 1981.
This classic album with the beautiful cover was never released on CD.
But now, if only for nostalgic reasons, this great album is finally available on factory pressed silver CD. Housed in a stunning glossy 3 panel digipack, this release contains both the very rare original 1965 first pressing  album artwork, and the cover of the limited edition yellow swiss edition.
Besides the original tracklist (all taken from the latest superb Vic Anesini masters) we added some hard to find bonus tracks to make this stunning release complete.
Please notice...this is a limited edition of only 500 copies!
With 16 tracks PLUS 9 hard-to-find Bonus Tracks
- Go HERE for full tracklisting and full details.

'It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You'- the vinyl album was released in 1982 in the UK . It  featured some great gems, that are very hard to find these days.
Some highlights are  take 2 of "O Come, All Ye Faithful". Running more than a minute longer than the original version, it has Elvis singing the first verse one more time, to the accompaniment of an organ, lending the song an almost sacred character. And the ending is dynamic, with Elvis raising his voice one octave higher than on the original.
Another highlight is the (then) unreleased master of the remake of "I'll Be Home On Christmas Day."
Also, there's the alternate version of "If Every Day Was Like Christmas," the very hard to find duet versions of ''Winter Wonderland''  with Hanna Pakarinen and ''Blue Christmas'' with Martina McBride (this is the famous '68 comeback show' version, never released on CD before and now available in stunning sound quality). And, of course, there's many, many more.......for the first
time you have a single  disc with all Elvis' Christmas / gospel  highlights. No endless takes, no endless chatter ..... put the disc in your cd player and you will have a marvellous Christmas!
Coming in a superb LONGBOX digipack sleeve, this is the ultimate 2011 Elvis Christmas gift.
  Features 29 Classic, Alternate and hard-to- find tracks, Go HERE for full tracklisting.
(News, Source;RouteRecords)

'Young Man' Unreleased Version of 'Love Me Tender': The new box set, Young Man With a Big Beat, celebrates the early career of Elvis Presley – in particular, 1956, the year he burst onto the mainstream music scene, notes Rolling Stone magazine.
"1956 was the year that changed it all," says Elvis expert and producer Ernst Mikael Jørgensen, who compiled the new box set. "What happened in ’56 was one artist – Elvis – being so dominant that he was Number One half of the year on the singles chart."
The new five-CD set includes a live disc that features 10 songs from a previously unreleased concert in Shreveport, Louisiana, in front of an audience of 7,000. It offers a glimpse of him coming into his own as a star for the first time.
"You hear Elvis singing the hits, and yet, it shows that other Elvis – that Elvis who was so different from the recording artist Elvis," Jørgensen says. "When he’s onstage he eases people. You can hear him go bananas when he twists his legs, he changes the lyrics, he mocks his own songs and his own talking."
A CD of interviews also comes with the set. Between the concert and the interviews, the package provides a lot of opportunity to hear Presley in his own voice, something Jørgensen hopes will remind fans that Presley was an artist first and foremost. "That is my passion – to try and steer people back to what it’s really about – the music. That this guy was an incredibly talented singer," Ernst Jørgensen says.
The package is carefully constructed, with an 80-page timeline that chronicles Presley's year of dominance – how he went from being an up-and-coming country artist in November of 1955 to the biggest pop music star ever. "I chose the two main interviews – the one from March at the Warwick Hotel in New York and the one from Lakeland in Florida in August," says Jørgensen. "The first interview is very insecure. In the second, the interviewer reads to him from a newspaper that basically slams Elvis – it accuses him of everything bad under the sun, and you hear Elvis, who is a lot more secure in his speaking and in his views, trying to fight back all these accusations of being vulgar. That way, in the words of himself, you can see how he develops. At the same time, if you go through the photos in the book, you actually see how he changes his physical appearance towards the end of the year, how he becomes affected by going to Hollywood to do Love Me Tender and hang out with Nick Adams and Natalie Wood and get more style in there. So you see that transition and hear at it the same time and I think that is pretty fascinating."
CLICK HERE to listen to previously unreleased 'Love Me Tender'
(News, Source;RollingStone)

'Unedited Masters: Nashville 1970' New Venus CD: The Venus publicity states....,  After the huge success and great reviews of our first release in the "Unedited Masters" series, we are proud to inform you about our, soon to be released, new volume:
Unedited Masters: Nashville 1970
Again we are able to present to you more undubbed and unedited masters, this time as recorded in Nashville, Tennessee 1970. As always, we deliver all songs without any fade-ins, fade-outs or cut-outs. Everything is presented the way it was recorded in the studio. The sound quality on this wonderful release is again "from outer space".
Hear Elvis in his prime in a way you never heard him before!
Don't you dare miss this great and limited edition and …… If it sounds like from outer space, you can be sure it's from Venus.
Most of the tracks are the unedited Overdubbed Masters.
(News, Source:FECC)

'No royalties with Internet music downloads' Elvis composers Shocked!: EIN cannot quite understand the full truth of the situation. After all there is no doubt that Paul McCartney etc are getting royalties from Beatles song downloads. Lady GaGa will similarly get her royalties - after all music downloads will be the only future way to "buy" music.
However some new reports have suggested that there maybe 'No royalties with Internet music downloads'.
Elvis composer Michael Jarrett has sent EIN the following disturbing news ...
I woke today to find out that the courts have decided to take away royalties from song writers and publishers for downloads of their music on the internet. This means that 90 % of my personal income will soon disappear as most of my royalties come from downloads.
  This will be devastating to the publishing industry and cause many folks to lose jobs as they won’t be needed. The online music stores have been paying lobbyists to lobby for this for a few years now .. Their real goal is to do away with all "intellectual property rights" of every kind .. These are the greedy music corporations doing this us.. soon the major record companies will stop selling music on CD's altogether and have only downloads for people to buy so they can get all our royalty money .. greedy bastards!
I don't know what I will do when I lose my royalty income from my Elvis songs? This is a scary thing to have happen at my age especially .. it's been hard enough since my royalty payments have been less 'n less over the years since the internet came into play and now this final blow .. it's shocking after all these years ..
Go here to MSNBC read more.
(News, Source;MichaelJarrett/ArjanDeelen)

New French 'Elvis, The True History' E-Book: Out Now and available for viewing on your iPad, Android etc it the new E-Book but this time in french, 'Elvis, The True History'.
The publication is described as.. Nearly thirty-five years after his death, Elvis Presley lives on in popular culture on the Top 20 lists of movies, television, in cyberspace and even in the countless numbers of his followers around the world. Elvis paved the way for generations of musicians through a mixture of talent, charm and provocative spirit. But beyond the glitz and eccentricities often reported in the press, we know little about the real life struggle for Elvis.
Moving away from traditional stereotypes, the biographer Kathleen Tracy has opened up the human side of the king of rock and roll, revealing soem disturbing secrets.. ..

EIN however suspects this is a reprint of  Kathleen Tracy’s 2007 incredulous biography of Elvis which was a shoddily researched and spurious release - Go here for EIN's original Kathleen Tracy Book Review
Go here for more info about the new E-Book in French..
(News, Source;MartinSt-Pierre/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis and 'The Promised Land': This month's Record Collector UK magazine this month has their feature article on Elvis....  
Elvis: the single name resonates like no other. But is it still possible to feel the presence of the man who drew the blueprint for the music we love? Patrick Humphries took a trip to Tupelo and Memphis to find out what remains… and if it moves you. Plus we hear from a man who counted Elvis as a close friend, and look at current Elvis collecting trends
A long time ago I shared a flat with my friend Peter Hogan, who was editing an Elvis book and had to make contact with a Presley acquaintance to clarify a point. In those long-ago pre-email days, he dialled 192, International Directory Enquiries, and uttered the immortal line: “Long distance information, get me Memphis, Tennessee…”
To us in the UK, where he never performed and only briefly visited, Elvis and Graceland and Memphis were more than just an ocean away, they were the promised land, unreachable and unattainable – until recently.
I first visited Memphis in 2004, to write about the 50th anniversary of Elvis’ first recording at Sun Studios, and have been lucky enough to return. Back in the day, to enter America as a visitor, they try and trick you with a green form asking reasons for your visit: Have You Ever Been Convicted Of Crimes Against Humanity? Do You Plan To Overthrow The US Government? A better way of
catching out the unwelcome visitor would be… Do You Like Elvis?
There are no direct flights to Memphis, you fly to either Newark or Houston, switch planes and fly to Tennessee. But for the real Elvis fan, the best way to travel is to get to Schipol airport in Amsterdam, and from there fly direct to Memphis – apt because Colonel Tom Parker was an illegal immigrant from Holland. …
(News, Source;RecordCollector)

Filmmakers Looking to Cast an Unknown as Elvis Presley: Rolling Stone magazine has also featured and article about 'Fame and Fortune' director John Scheinfeld. Their story includes the following..
Filmmaker John Scheinfeld made his name directing documentaries about John Lennon and Harry Nilsson, but he's the first to admit that it's hard to pull off a great feature film about Elvis. "A lot of those movies try to do too much," he tells Rolling Stone. "They go cradle to grave and they're racing through scenes and they don't give dramatic moments their due. They also feel obligated to show the artist on stage, so you're seeing concert performances with an actor. As good as they are, they aren't the artist. We have an image of these people in our mind, and an actor just won't match up."
With all that in mind, Scheinfeld has a big challenge in front of him: he's been hired to write and direct Fame & Fortune, which tells the story of Elvis Presley through the eyes of his best friend Sonny West. "I want to do an intimate drama and one of the guys happens to be Elvis," he says. "We're not doing his full life. We're not doing everything that ever happened to him. We're taking the audience on a journey of this friendship and everything that it went through over 17 years."
Scheinfeld feels that casting the right Elvis will be his biggest challenge. "My feeling is that we need to cast an unknown," he says. "If you cast a known actor, then it's 'there's so-and-so playing Elvis.' I want to find an actor who can really inhabit Elvis. So, I have in mind that we'd have to do a worldwide sort-of Scarlett O'Hara search to find the best guy for this. Then, because it's an indie film and there are commercial considerations, I think we're going to be looking to cast known faces in most of the other parts."
The script isn't finished yet, and Scheinfeld doesn't know whether or not they'll
be able to acquire the rights to Elvis' master recordings. "It's a little too early to say," he says. "We'll do our best though. We have spoken to the Jordanaires, who backed up Elvis on many of his recordings from 1959 to 1969, and they are really excited about singing on some new tracks on the film. We are also going to reach out to the TCB Band, who was his hot Vegas band from 1969 to 1970, and see if they'll play on some tracks as well."
Fame & Fortune has no release date at the moment. "Once I finish the rewrite I'm working on we'll budget this version of the script," says Scheinfeld. "Then we'll hire a casting director and get started. Much of the schedule will depend on the availability of actors. Particularly, we won't get started until we find our Elvis."
There have been announcements over the years of movies about Keith Moon, Janis Joplin, Brian Wilson and other rock icons – but the films never seem to actually get made. "A lot of the time it's script issues," says Scheinfeld. "Or somebody feels like nobody will come to the movie. By treating this like a buddy story, we're putting in a different place. But also, it's Elvis, the king of rock & roll. Not to pick on Keith Moon, but he didn't sing or write songs. He was a crazy rock & roller. My fear about a story like that is that there would be a sameness to the scenes. With this Elvis movie, I think we have a very rich and textured story."
(News, Source;RollingStone)

Thursday 6 October 2011

"ReBooked At The International'- in-depth Review: The deluxe 4CD set released by the new Backdraft label is supposedly the ultimate January / February 1970 engagement package. While RCA have given us ‘On Stage’ in various forms and FTD also released the December 15th Midnight Show on ‘Polk Salad Annie’ and rehearsals, no one has given us the complete package including 13 unreleased RCA tracks, along with a very stylish 100-page book to go with it.
It includes multi-track recordings by RCA, including unreleased leftovers that did not make the ‘On Stage’ album. Plus the original rough mixes made by Felton Jarvis in early 1970 in preparation for the up-coming ‘On Stage’ album with No repairs, No overdubs!
This boxset also includes newly sourced soundboard recordings of the Opening and Closing shows of Elvis' stunning early 1970 Las Vegas engagement - and with greatly improved audio quality.

Go here - EIN's Piers Beagley provides an in-depth review of this amazing deluxe box-set.

(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

Brand New 1973 Elvis footage at Fresno Airport: Posted on YouTube today - unseen footage of Elvis at Fresno Air Terminal as he departs the day after performing his two back-to-back sold-out shows at Fresno's Selland Arena, April 26, 1973.

Short but very sweet. Watch It HERE.
One wonders what Red West and Vernon might have been carrying in those briefcases!!

(News, Source;FECC)

'Alright, Okay, You Win' New Import CD: A Straight Arrow release audience Recording, from Detroit MI. Sept.29, 1974 afternoon show.
The publicity states... Since the late 70s, there were rumours that the tour opening in College Park was a complete disaster - one of the worst Elvis concerts ever. This rumour was first published in Jerry Hopkins' book, and it was repeated in various publications so many times that almost nobody had any doubt. In 2006, Straight Arrow released a CD called "CHAOS IN COLLEGE PARK" which was an eye-opener, and proof that it was rather decent concert with some fine performances, too.
According to several books, the Detroit, MI, September 29th, 1974 afternoon performance was another of the most controversial Elvis Presley events. In a recent book, "DAY BY DAY", it's said that Elvis was on stage for 30 minutes only, giving his worst concert of the tour.
In August, Straight Arrow obtained a bunch of tapes, among them a 1st generation copy of a previously unknown audience recording of this Detroit concert. The producers decided to release this particular recording because it is an interesting show in good sound quality. Will
another myth be shattered? Is the show as bad as its reputation? Judge for yourself. It's worth pointing out that the running time is about an hour, and not 30 minutes.
As you've come to expect from Straight Arrow, the tape was completely restored for your enjoyable listening. The disc is accompanied with a deluxe 16-page booklet, including critical liner notes and a collection of photos taken in Detroit on Sept. 29th, October 4th and in South Bend on September 30th, 1974.
'Alright, Okay, You Win' will be released in early October.
Go here for full details and Tracklist.
Go here for EIN's review of  FTD's Dragonheart October 1974 soundboard.
And here for the fascinating review of Elvis' "worst concert?" 'Chaos In College Park'
(News, Source;SA/FECC/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 5 October 2011

New 'Forty-Eight Hours to Memphis' FTD preview: Announced for a mid-October release "48 Hours To Memphis" could be the best FTD release of the year. The concert features a previously unknown multi-track recording of Elvis' Richmond show, March 18 1974. Taken from a tape copy of a professional 16-track recording, the show is complete (with some tape damage that has been fixed/altered). It has been mastered by Vic Anesini!
This recording was made 2 days before 'Recorded live on stage in Memphis'. It’s a fabulous discovery with the recording coming from a newly discovered, unmarked tape.

CLICK HERE to this 4 minute audio sample and check out brilliant audio quality of this concert release.
With samples of  'Trying To Get To You', 'Polk Salad Annie', 'Steamroller Blues', 'Rock and Roll Medley'.... (Note- 8MG in size)

Click here to pre-order your copy from Elvis The Man & His Music.

Go here to our FTD page for all the information about new Sony/FTD official releases.

(News, Source;FTD/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis and Us' exhibition Opens Today: In pictures: The exhibition, Elvis and Us, opened today at The Beatles Story in Liverpool, England. It features a multimedia, interactive experience filled with music, video and artefacts of both Elvis and The Beatles. This unique, first-of-its-kind exhibition will allow visitors to experience the power of both Elvis and The Beatles, along with their explosive impact on music and popular culture.
One of the key elements explored will be the evening Elvis and The Beatles met in person on August 27, 1965, at his home in Bel Air, California. One of the centrepieces is the white Fender bass guitar played by Elvis and The Beatles at their meeting. A true piece of pop culture history that has never been on public display before. Other artefacts include the “Jailhouse Rock” shirt, a first album acetate, telegrams from The Colonel and Elvis to Ed Sullivan, rare video footage from the earliest days of Elvis’ career, and a ticket to the ’68 Comeback Special.
Go here for exhibition info and pictures.

(News, Source;ElvisAndUs/EIN)

Elvis Presley Licensed For Online Social Gaming: EIN wonders if this is really the right thing to do? EPE have agreed a licensing agreement that will see Elvis become a character within a soon-to-be launched, story-driven online game by Social and casual game publisher Entertainment Games, Inc.
Under the agreement, EPE will license to EGAM photographs from the archives at Graceland for its upcoming social game for Facebook, Google+, mobile devices and the open web.  Today’s announcement is the latest of many key celebrity licensing deals supporting EGAM’s ambitious new social game that is being developed on the company’s proprietary Heyday platform.
A variety of Elvis-related, in-game merchandise will also be available for players to purchase. “Entertainment Games’ mission is to create a totally unique social game experience in which players engage in rich, interactive stories and games that evoke the spirit of past decades and are brought to life by authentic photos and nostalgic celebrity imagery,” said F.J. Lennon, Chief Creative Officer of Entertainment Games. “Working with Elvis is a career highlight and a dream-

come-true for the entire Entertainment Games team.”
“Elvis has nearly five million fans on Facebook and one of the most popular entertainment websites online, Elvis.com,” said Scott Williams, Vice President of Marketing and Media for EPE.
EIN thinks the comment, “We’re excited that Entertainment Games is creating a whole new place for Elvis’ fans to express their love for the king” rather controversial. Perhaps Colonel Parker is still alive after all!
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Graceland Goes Pink For National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Graceland is showing its support for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by illuminating the Mansion in pink through the end of October.
As part of the 2011 BCA Campaign's Global Landmark Illuminations Initiative, Graceland joins hundreds of famous buildings, monuments and other landmarks around the world that are shining pink lights as symbols of hope and empowerment. The initiative is to remind millions of women and men everywhere of the benefits of early detection in the battle against breast cancer.
To see a live look at Graceland lit up in pink, Go Here to GracelandCam.
(News, Source;EPE)

Graphic Elvis By Liquid Comics Takes Shape: As reported earlier this year by EIN, EPE is expanding Elvis into the new Graphics media. "Graphic Elvis" will be available in stores in April 2012 followed by an iPad edition planned for release in mid-2012, and will combine rarely before seen quotes, writings, photos and memorabilia with original pieces of artwork by leading international graphic novel artists. Commemorating the 35th anniversary of his death, the illustrated anthology will be a homage to Elvis’ lifelong appreciation of comic books.
A premium hardcover, collector’s edition is now available for pre-order at $199.

Go Here to see initial graphic concepts and what the fuss is all about.

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 3 October 2011
Meet "Mystery Kiss" Barbara Gray and author Alanna Nash: Imaging Arts and Rock and Read Books are pleased to announce the opening of a very special exhibit, "Elvis’ Mystery Kiss: From Charleston With Love," on Friday October 7. The exhibit will feature a number of photographs taken from Alfred Wertheimer’s legendary portfolio, spotlighting Elvis’s date with Charleston’s Barbara Gray, the enigmatic girl from "The Kiss" photo.
The 24 digital images on display comprise half of the 48 pictures of Barbara Gray in the Wertheimer Collection of Photographs, taken in Richmond, Va., in June 1956, when 21-year-old Elvis Presley played the Mosque Theater. Alfred Wertheimer snapped the most famous of the photographs, "The Kiss," in a stairway at the Mosque. Mr. Wertheimer took the remainder of the photographs in the Jefferson Hotel and in the cab on the ride from the hotel to the theater. Barbara Gray was unidentified for 55 years, until journalist Alanna Nash, on assignment for Vanity Fair magazine, proved Gray’s identity in 2011.
Barbara Gray will be on hand to sign prints. A small print of "The Kiss" will be packaged in a deluxe slipcase with a hardcover first edition of 'Baby, Let’s Play House: Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him', by Alanna Nash. Ms. Nash will also be present for the book signings. A limited number of signed books and prints are available for purchase.
This Friday, Saturday, Sunday at Imaging Arts, 175 King Street, Charleston
----- Go here for more Exhibit info.
Go HERE for Alanna Nash EIN exclusive interview and Mystery Kiss story.
(News, Source;TonyStuchbury/EIN)

Barbara Eden joins Elvis Week 2012 Celebration: EPE have added new updates to the Elvis Week 2012 schedule, including the addition of Barbara Eden, Elvis’ co-star in the movie "Flaming Star," who will be a special guest at Conversations on Elvis – Elvis in the Movies on August 12, 2012.
Additional schedule updates and guest announcements include:
Jan Shepard Boyle, Elvis’ co-star in "King Creole" and "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" will also join the panel of movie co-stars on August 12.
June Juanico and Larry Geller have been added to the panel of guests for the Elvis Insiders Conference on August 13.
Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest semifinalists will showcase their talents at the Elvis Week Main Stage Entertainment Pavilion on August 14.
The Memphis Boys, along with Andy Childs and Terry Mike Jeffrey, will perform a special concert event on August 14.
Conversations on Elvis on August 15 will celebrate Elvis in pictures with those who photographed Elvis and more.
See the EPE Elvis Week 2012 schedule here.

(News, Source;EPE/EIN)

Elvis' drug taking referred to in Michael Jackson trial: A former Hollywood doctor-to-the-stars has broken four decades of silence to reveal how celebrities’ demands for drugs make caring for them professionally "a near impossibility".
Now retired and in his 80s, Dr James (not his real name) treated four rock and pop icons, including late Doors frontman Jim Morrison, in the late Sixties and early Seventies.
As the case against Michael Jackson’s personal physician Conrad Murray unfolded he was "unsurprised" to learn detectives found 27 prescription medicines in the singer’s bedroom apart from the Propofol that ultimately killed him.
Dr Murray’s defence team accused Jackson’s dermatologist and longtime friend Arnold Klein, of addicting the singer to the painkiller Demerol.
Dr James said: "I know of many doctors who have, for want of a better phrase, succumbed to the celebrity swag bag and earned a fortune dispensing whatever their famous patients want whenever they want it.
"These days those physicians are known as ‘Concierge Doctors’ and their big-name patients are referred to and treated as clients rather than patients. The fact is this practice has been going on for a long, long time."
Dr James draws an immediate parallel with Elvis Presley who died from a drug overdose nearly 32 years before Jackson.
Presley had suffered multiple addictions to multiple drugs, most of them prescribed by his personal physician Dr George Nichopoulos.
Dr James said: "I treated [Jim] Morrison briefly, as he was just hitting worldwide fame and had a reputation for swallowing anything that might make him high. He had a severe chest and throat infection on the eve of a tour and was referred to me.
"It was patently obvious he had much deeper problems, so I was not surprised when, after we’d beaten his infection with regular antibiotics, he asked if I would be willing to prescribe something, as he put it, ‘to take the edge off’.
"I knew what he meant and he followed up that request by suggesting that, if I could free myself from my practice for three or four months, money would be no object if I were to join his tour.
"I had had similar requests, couched with equal ambiguity, from at least two other household-name artists.
"I said no every time, very bluntly, leaving none of them in any doubt that I did not swear my Hippocratic oath simply to become a travelling one-man dispensary catering to the whims and cravings of a rock star or a movie star.
"I could have become an extraordinarily rich man if I had been prepared to abandon my principles but at what ultimate cost? I can think of one fellow professional who must be asking that very question today."
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 2 October 2011
The Elvis World is part of Cuckoo-Land!: Yesterday EIN posted two strange stories, one from actor Susannah Leigh suggesting Elvis was killed by the mob (surely only to promote her new book!) and also "What if Elvis didn’t die in 1977?" Both stores we didn’t believe and only posted for "those interested". In some ways, these crazy stories DO show how Elvis' Legacy is THAT BIG that even 34 years after his death people go to any length and madness creating media interest using his name.
One of the last people EIN imagined would check out these wild stories is our friend and Elvis' co-best man Marty Lacker.
Marty sent us this lengthy comment.
From Marty: "Between two recent stories, that documentary you had on your site today which I watched, most of which turned my stomach and today's lunatic story about what Susannah Leigh says in her books, I'm coming to the conclusion that the Elvis World is now part of Cuckoo Land.
That documentary was the most ludicrous piece of s##t I have ever seen and anyone who spends any money buying it or even wasting time watching it has my sympathies.
As for Susannah's claims... first of all it makes me laugh that the three so-called honest experts she goes to are Dick Grob, Klein and the imprisoned Beecher Smith, who by the way she lived near when she moved to Memphis and I heard she was either dating or living with his brother. However I don't know if that's true. Susannah Leigh was close to someone in the MM and

spent many a night with him but it wasn't Elvis. I know that for a first hand fact. She had no close, intimate relationship with Elvis.
Dick Grob told some of the most ludicrous untruths in his 'Conspiracy' book including that he was a "fighter pilot" and "graduated" from the Air Force Academy. As for being hired to investigate Elvis' death, BULLSH#T.
First of all he was hired at the end of 1969 after working on the Palm Springs Police department and he was not Elvis' head of security until after Sonny West left and that was just for the last few months of Elvis' life. As for Elvis being allergic to codeine, BULLS##T, he and I used to take "Emperin Codeine" for years with no bad effects.
Now we come to Honest George Klein, who has fabricated more stories about Elvis and his involvement with him than Bayer has aspirins. ….

Please go HERE to MARTY's Musings for his complete comment..
(News, Source;MartyLacker/ElvisInfoNet)

‘ELVIS Rock, Sex and Roll!’ Trailer: Here is a trailer from JAT for their forthcoming Elvis 50's photo-book called "ELVIS Rock, Sex and Roll!" It promises 128 pages with many, many unpublished photos -

It is interesting to spot the "fake" photo in the youtube promo of Elvis supposedly sitting on the stairs. It is however a Marlon Brando photo with Elvis’ head pasted on! This photo is not actually in the book we are told. (see other book images below)

CLICK HERE for cool trailer. Elvis looked great in 1956.

Only $56 (& shipping) - special pre-order deal. - Click here to JAT

(News, Source:FECC/JATProductions)

Public Domain new 4-CD Box Set: A 4-CD box set containing Elvis' 8 classic albums and Single releases all from 1956 to 1961 has been released by the budget Real Gone label in Europe. The albums featured are 'Elvis Presley', 'Elvis', 'Loving You', 'Elvis Christmas Album', 'King Creole', 'Elvis Is Back', 'GI Blues' and 'His Hand In Mine'. The songs are now all EU public domain so can be released by any company.



(News, Source;TheKingsWorld)

Elvis Is Subject Of Legal Seminar: A legal aid group in Tennessee is trying a clever and unusual tactic to drum up an audience of attorneys to listen to a pro bono pitch: Elvis Presley.
Legal Aid of East Tennessee will be offering a free continuing legal education billed as "Elvis Law. The state and federal cases dealing with the late king of rock 'n' roll." It runs on October 4th.
The presentation is free. Attorneys attending get three hours toward a required 15 hours of continuing education each year. A 10-foot cardboard cutout of Elvis will greet attendees. And a little Elvis music may be played as they mingle before the presentation starts.
"Elvis was fascinating, he was not litigious, never sued anybody. He'd fire someone and then give them $50,000 to be nice. But when he died, litigation sprang from everywhere."
He said topics will include ownership of Elvis' name, likeness and image; media access to his autopsy records; disputes over what happened to concert tickets sold before Elvis died, and others.
"We're amazed at how many different type cases there were," Fowler said. "This relates to his popularity and fame."
However, the presentation probably will not interest Elvis fans - even those with a burning love for him.
"I think they would get a kick out of knowing it's taking place, but it's a hard look at law to keep attorneys up to date," said McDaniel.
He'll speak during the presentation, encouraging the attorneys to do pro bono work.
"It'll be bait and switch," he said. "We'll tell them about Elvis, and then try to get them to represent poor people in this area."
Fowler is from Memphis and grew up in Elvis' neighborhood. "I'd see him driving around the grounds (of Graceland), and talked to him, just "Hi, how are you?" One time he had a new big truck, and he had apparently broken a bumper."
Elvis Presley Enterprises did not return an email request for comment on the session.
GO here to Elvis Law course information.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Saturday 1 October 2011
EIN's Brian Quinn - Working for The Man!: EIN contributor Brian Quinn works hard behind the scenes but now we find out he has been doing major work with Scott Williams, Senior Marketing Director of EPE, over the past year in an effort to get 'Elvis' Christmas Album (1970 Camden Version) re-released and upgraded to Diamond status.
Brian has also been keeping EPE informed about the various RIAA rule anomalies e.g. playing-time, price etc with regard to Elvis' albums and Williams stated he was not aware of these. Scott Williams promised to bring the matter to SONY's attention with whom he has an excellent working relationship. It looks as though a word in the right place has paid off big-time and hopefully Elvis will at last get his due respect with regard to album sales.
SEE our report below regarding new RIAA certifications last month!
Brian Quinn has also brought to EPE's attention 'Elvis' Christmas Duets' having sold over 431,000 as of Christmas 2010 and asked that this should be brought to the attention of SONY. With a little 'shipping' he suspects this will be the next GOLD award.
Scott Williams stated that EPE and SONY will be issuing a Press Release very soon.
EIN thanks Brian Quinn for his great work in getting ELVIS the RIAA Awards and sales figures that the greatest entertainer of all-time truly deserves.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

"Young Man With The Big Beat" Missing EP: Elvis fans who ordered their new YMWTBB set through the SONY Elvis Presley Store so as to get the bonus replica EPA 747 Vinyl EP have been receiving box-sets minus this vinyl bonus. MyPlay have announced this as a logistical error and that the EP would follow separately. Their apology states. ..
Dear Elvis Fan, Due to a logistical error your Elvis Presley "Young Man With The Big Beat" Box set did not include the 7" Vinyl EP. We are really sorry for the oversight and we will of course send you the missing EP within the next few days.
We appreciate your patience and hope this didn't cause too much of an inconvenience for you. Thank you again for shopping at the Elvis Presley store.
Best regards, Your MyPlay Direct Team

(News, Source;SONYElvisStore)

'Elvis What If?'; The new film on YouTube 'Elvis What If?' asks "What if Elvis didn’t die in 1977?"
They suggest... "If" Elvis faked his death he wouldn’t have necessarily had to have given up his love for singing.
This Documentary will present to you all the facts, uncover the cons, lay to rest the hear say, and hopefully once and for all let all of his fans be able to let go and stop wrestling with the thought "Is Elvis Still Alive Or

Did He Pass Away", but more than anything we want to finally give closure to Elvis and let him be in peace wherever he is. Deep down we all love the man and would want what is, or was, best for him. Elvis was human after all.
Includes various clips such as "Elvis filled out His Own Medical Examiner’s Death Report… Handwriting analysis proves"!! and "Shocking evidence Elvis Is Alive?"

If you are interested, Go HERE to the What If? website and to view the entire film.
EIN Notes - For an excellent demystifying of Elvis conspiracy myths EIN recommends Patrick Lacy's book 'Elvis Decoded' - Go here for our EIN interview with Patrick Lacy.

- Go here to EIN's fascinating timeline of the "Is Elvis alive?" phenomenon.

- If you want even more Elvis Conspiracy stuff Go Here to EIN's archives.
(News, Source;WhatIf/ElvisInfoNetwork)

"Why I'm convinced the Mob killed my soulmate Elvis": EIN reported this story from Suzanna Leigh in August. The odd thing is that she has already published her book of memoirs, 'Paradise, Suzanna Style', released back in 2000 by Pen Press Publishers. EIN wonders how she can have remembered anything notable since then? How did she previously forget Elvis was killed?
However the news is back with UK tabloids reporting that....
Sixties starlet Suzanna Leigh dated Richard Harris, Steve McQueen and Michael Caine, but it was her friendship with Elvis Presley, with whom she starred in the 1966 film Paradise, Hawaiian Style, that still dominates her life. For years, she’s been plagued by doubts about his death. Here, she describes how her investigations led to a shocking conclusion..
As soon as I saw photos of the aftermath of Elvis’s death, alarm bells went off in my head.
There was a picture of a woman, who was close to Elvis, standing in the doorway at Graceland in the middle of the night, just hours after his death. She looked immaculate, her make-up perfect.
What was wrong with this? Well, if the love of my life had just been found dead, I would have looked like the Witch of Endor, mascara streaming down my face.
I was asleep in London when Elvis died — having returned to Britain in the Seventies. In the years that followed, I continued my career in England. Then, in 2003, I put my connection with Elvis to use by going to work as a VIP tour guide at Graceland.
It was there that I first heard rumours from people on the estate that Elvis had been murdered. And when I went to the library to find out more, I discovered that many reputable people believed his death — from apparent heart failure, compounded by drug abuse — was not straightforward.
In Dick Grob’s opinion, it was organised by the Mob. He told me they did not want Elvis or his father to appear in court because of all the media interest it would create, so they must have got someone inside the house. ‘That’s what Vernon believed all along,’ said Dick. ‘Someone from inside let the killer into the house.’
This was explosive stuff, and I suspected I was on the right track because odd things started happening to me. First, a wheel fell off my truck while I was driving.
To this day, I suspect someone wanted me out of the way. I didn’t wait to find out who before I left town.
I know people will find it hard to believe these claims, but I knew the real Elvis, and after what’s happened to me I’m more convinced than ever that we are a long way from discovering the full truth about his death.

GO here for the unbelievable extract from Suzanna Leigh's new book.
(News, Source;DailyMailUK/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales: This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops from #143 to #154 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and also drops from #17 to #20 on the Catalog

Soundscan Sales-figures from this week's Billboard charts (sales to September 25, 2011)
Top Catalog Albums
#19 An Afternoon In The Garden 339,535
#44 The Very Best Of Love (2007 re-issue) 168,913
#140 An Evening Prayer 97,486
#151 Elvis Rock 109,412
#174 Elvis 30 #1 Hits 4,766,326.
(Information kindly supplied by Mael.)

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

'1956, Elvis Presley’s Pivotal Year': TIME magazine featured this recent article by SONY/FTD's music producer and consultant Roger Semon. The article helps explain to readers what the new deluxe box-set 'Young Man With The Big Beat' is all about.
... "In the mid-1950s, the post-war Eisenhower era of social conformity in America was at its peak, and musically, the most threatening image appeared to be Bill Haley’s kiss-curl as he sang “Rock Around The Clock.” That all changed on Jan. 28, 1956, when a raw and electric Elvis Presley made his breakthrough on the CBS program Stage Show. Presley’s good looks, sensuous moves and mesmerizing voice made him a sensation overnight. But it wasn’t until a third appearance on the show that Presley truly challenged the status quo. On Feb. 11, the singer performed “Heartbreak Hotel” and by April, the single would be #1 on the Billboard chart. At last, teenagers had music of their own to swoon over while their parents continued listening to Frank Sinatra and Mario Lanza....

Click HERE for the full article and fabulous Elvis Photos.
(News, Source;N.Verghese/Time/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Movie Night Feat. Suzanna Leigh In Germany: THIS WEEKEND - The German fan service "The King's World" is going to present its big show on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011 in Bonn, Germany by doing an "Elvis Movie Night" ("Elvis Film-Nacht").
Headlining star of the event will be British-American actress Suzanna Leigh, who starred with Elvis in the movie "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" 45 years ago.
The movie will be shown on a big screen with Mrs. Leigh commenting it afterwards and being available to the fans for autographs and pictures. Mrs. Leigh never before appeared at an Elvis event in Germany, so that many fans are very excited to meet her for the very first time.  Co-star of the "Elvis Movie Night" will be Belgian Elvis interpreter "Elvis Junior" who is going to provide a live performance featuring his versions of some of Elvis' greatest hits.
The "Elvis Movie Night" will take place at the "Schützenhof" in Bonn- Tannenbusch (Hohe Str. 36, 53119 Bonn, Germany). Doors will be open at 6.00 pm, program starts at 6.30 pm. Admission is only 17- EUR... Go HERE for details.

(News, Source;TheKing'sWorld)

Elvis ’68 Comeback Special Tribute at The Emmy Awards: Held this September 10 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, this year’s Emmy awards gave a special nod to Elvis' 1968 television special. Priscilla Presley along with Steve Binder, Emmy Award-winning producer and director of "Elvis '68 Comeback Special," introduced one of the classic scenes from the special that helped re-launch the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s career and changed the way entertainment specials looked on television forever.
The two also presented four statues during the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards.

Go HERE to watch Elvis ’68 Special Tribute at The Emmy Awards

Go here to EIN's exclusive of the 40th Anniversary '68 Special Celebrations.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Elvis returns to Tupelo, 26th September 1956; Fifty-Five years ago Elvis Presley returned to his hometown of Tupelo as a shining star. Elvis performed two concerts at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show and the day was officially proclaimed "Elvis Presley Day".
In 1956 Tupelo was still only a small town of around 8,000 total population, yet something over 15,000 people turned up that weekend to celebrate Elvis' homecoming. These stunning concerts, performed to his local audience, were a great insight into the real Elvis performing live in front of a large crowd. Elvis was in fine humor, joking about his success and teasing the audience. He commented about the sensational ‘I Was The One’ joking "It’s plum pitiful the way we do it." The Evening Show was much wilder. The addition of ‘Baby, Let’s Play House’ and ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ plus the emergency announcements asking everyone to calm down all add to the great excitement. The bump and grind of the extended final 'Hound Dog' was fabulous.
EIN has plenty of articles about Tupelo and this homecoming performance
Go here - The MRS DVD and Film of Elvis live in Tupelo
- The Tupelo Concerts on CD
- Ron Brandon talks about his unauthorized record of the Tupelo concert
- Roy Turner, Elvis historian, talks about Elvis In Tupelo:
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

More Genuine Elvis Memorabilia at Auction: The November 6th 2011 auction will feature a wide variety of authentic (and one of a kind) Elvis collectibles from the collections of ‘Rockin’ Robin Rosaaen and Elvis first private secretary, Trude Forsher. Over 100 genuine Elvis items will be on offer with the auction held at Michaan's Auction House.
Items listed so far include...
- Pair of pants that Elvis wore in the film "Frankie & Johnny"
- Boxing gloves from his movie "Kid Galahad"
- Personal worn off stage custom made shirts.
- His bronze lion paper weight from his Hillcrest home.
- Pair of his prescription glasses from 1977
- Large lock of Elvis hair!
- Meditation robe from March 1977 that Elvis bought for a friend.
- Movie scripts and related books.
- Signed and framed autographs
- Elvis On Tour summer & winter jackets from Joe Esposito.
- Gear shift knob from Elvis' Pantera
CLICK HERE for info
(News, Source;RockinRobinRosaaen)

EIN interviews John Scheinfeld director of  'Fame & Fortune': The new film 'Fame & Fortune' is based on the book, 'Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business' the biography of Sonny West. Emmy and Grammy nominee John Scheinfeld has been chosen as the film's director. John Scheinfeld has previously written and directed some critically acclaimed films about John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Beach Boys' Brian Wilson and many others.
For Elvis fans this is good news since the film is going to be a serious drama about this extraordinary friendship between two men, rather than the usual disappointing Elvis telemovie.
In this exclusive interview EIN's Piers Beagley talks with director John Scheinfeld about the movie, chosing the cast, EPE involvement, creating a worthy cinematic journey and how he is Taking Care of Business! Go Here.
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

New RIAA Album Awards For Elvis: Elvis Presley has again been awarded more RIAA Gold and Platinum awards - some are somwhat unexpected! 
- ‘Elvis Sings For Kids/Children And Grown Ups Too’ January 01, 1978 = September 15, 2011 RCA Gold Album Solo
- ‘Mahalo From Elvis’ January 01, 1978 = September 15, 2011 RCA Gold Album Solo
- ‘The Very Best Of Love’ January 01, 2001 = September 15, 2011 RCA Gold Album Solo
- ‘Elvis In Person’ November 01, 1970 = September 15, 2011 RCA Platinum Album Solo
- ‘I Got Lucky’ January 01, 1971 = September 15, 2011 RCA Records Platinum Album Solo
- ‘Elvis' Christmas Album’ November 01, 1970 = September 09, 2011 RCA 10.00x Multi Platinum Album Solo.

These latest awards bring Elvis' overall total of awarded album sales in the U.S.A. to 133 million.
Breaking this down he has 89 GOLD albums, 50 PLATINUM albums, 25 MULTI-PLATINUM Albums and 1 DIAMOND album.
EIN notes - Great ?? to see a quality album like "Elvis Sings For Kids/Children And Grown Ups Too" finally going GOLD! – The Colonel will be laughing all the way to the bank!
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis ’68 Comeback Special Tribute at The Emmy Awards: Held this September 10 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, this year’s Emmy awards gave a special nod to Elvis' 1968 television special. Priscilla Presley along with Steve Binder, Emmy Award-winning producer and director of "Elvis '68 Comeback Special," introduced one of the classic scenes from the special that helped re-launch the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s career and changed the way entertainment specials looked on television forever.
The two also presented four statues during the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards.

Go HERE to watch Elvis ’68 Special Tribute at The Emmy Awards

Go here to EIN's exclusive of the 40th Anniversary '68 Special Celebrations.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNetwork)

"Young Man With The Big Beat" Detailed Review: David McGee in a detailed review for The Bluegrass Special writes about the special features included in "Young Man With The Big Beat," which will be in stores everywhere beginning September 27, 2011.
‘What Is Going On?’- In 1956 Elvis’s guitarist, Scotty Moore, asked the question.
Elvis supplied the resounding answer. And this new box-set chronicles that momentous year for the man who would be King.
"The heart of the five CD set is the two discs of Original Masters. Three other CDs flesh out the story of a landmark year in American music. A disc of outtakes (some previously released, some seeing the light of day for the first time) is pretty well narrowcast for Elvis die-hards who have a vested interest in hearing, say, 11 of the 12 takes of “Lawdy Miss Clawdy,” or the same number of runs at “Shake, Rattle and Roll.” The real attraction of the Outtakes disc is the inclusion at the end of a 30-minute interview with Elvis conducted by trade journalist Robert Brown at New York’s Warwick Hotel on March 24, 1956."
"With little biographical detail then available about Elvis, Brown begins the questioning with Elvis’s self-recording at Sun and his job as a
Crown Electric truck driver. Given how few interviews with Elvis exist, it’s still fascinating to hear him talk about how determined he was to make something of himself at Crown Electric. ... His own words betray the discipline and drive both Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins (below with Elvis) saw in Elvis that not only inspired them but also left no doubt in their minds as to his eventual success as an entertainer."
As Peter Guralnick noted in 'Last Train To Memphis' - After the release of  Heartbreak Hotel... “They were back on the Hayride the following week for the first time in a month. A lot had happened in that month, but for Elvis and Scotty and Bill there had been no time to gauge it, and it didn’t appear all that different from everything else that had been building and going on for the last year. They did ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ for the first time, said Scotty Moore , ‘and that damn auditorium down there almost exploded. I mean, it had been wild before that, but it was more like playing down at your local camp, a home folks-type situation. But now they turned into--it was different faces, just a whole other… That’s the earliest I can remember saying, What is going on?’”
GO HERE for the full article and ELVIS video clips.
(News, Source;ElvisThe Music) - Below right Elvis and Natalie Wood

'The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956': Coming in 2011 from the ‘Memphis Recording Service’, in association with ‘Joseph A Tunzi’ (JAT Productions), is a release for the first time on CD, the complete live recordings of the Louisiana Hayride performances by Elvis Presley.
All of the 29 tracks therein are re-mastered using the most sophisticated technology.  It will include restored and more complete versions of many of the tracks than ever before.
The CD will also contain the recent discovery of Elvis’ last performance on the Louisiana Hayride in December 1956. This will be a more complete version of the show and for the first time, be speed and pitch corrected, which Sony has failed to master for their upcoming release.
The 100 page bonus book has many rare and newly discovered photographs that were due to be shown first, in the upcoming FTD Sun book. More details and a firm release date of this will be announced shortly.
(News, Source;MRS)

Copyright the Elvis Information Network.
Elvis Presley, Elvis and Graceland are trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises.
The Elvis Information Network has been running since 1986 and is an EPE officially recognised Elvis fan club.











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