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Saturday 31 March 2012
Meet Those Who Met Elvis: EPE have started a new Video Legacy Gallery. On the site EPE share some great stories from those lucky few who met, worked with or had a personal relationship with Elvis himself. Three new videos worth checking out are ..
Fred Daviss - talks about how he first met Elvis in Las Vegas while touring with his friend James Brown. Elvis invited the two up to his hotel suite and then out for coffee. Daviss describes the two musical icons as being playfully competitive over gospel music knowledge.
(Also go here to EIN's Spotlight James Brown and Elvis, soul-brothers and spiritual kin)
Cato T. Walker III met Elvis for the first time when he was working with B.B. King in Las Vegas as the opening act for Ann-Margret. He shares

his story of meeting Elvis and being invited up to his suite at the Las Vegas Hilton.
Sam Bell grew up with Elvis in Tupelo. He was recently a guest during Elvis' 75th Birthday Celebration and shared some of his favorite stories with the audience at Conversations on Elvis.
----- Click HERE to the Video Legacy Gallery.
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Elvis’ Longtime Friend Bill Morris Featured in Memphis Magazine: Bill Morris, former Shelby County Sheriff, mayor, and close friend of Elvis is featured in the April issue of Memphis Magazine. Bill Morris talks of his life in the article "Taking Care of Business: The Bill Morris Scrapbook."
Memphis Magazine writer John Branston writes about Morris's childhood, friendship with Elvis, career, and years spent in politics. Morris shares photos from his personal collection including several of his time spent with Elvis.
Bill Morris describes the fun and playful side of the man who brought rock 'n' roll to the forefront.
"Elvis was youthful and playful. We would shoot roman candles at each other and use garbage can lids to defend ourselves," said Morris.
Morris also describes Elvis as a giving man who often spent his fame and fortune helping others in Memphis and across the world.
"When he made his first money, he gave $50,000 to the city to distribute to charity. He wrote checks to St. Jude early on and lot of them. I asked that the trauma center at The Med be named in his honor, because I thought it reflected another side of Elvis beyond his talents as a performer."
One picture features Bill Morris and Elvis' entourage at Graceland after receiving honorary deputy badges. Another photo is of Elvis, Priscilla,

and Bill at the Jaycees Awards where Morris sponsored Elvis for the "Ten Outstanding Young Men" award given by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce - the only award Elvis ever accepted in person.
After the awards show, as a token of their friendship, Elvis gave Bill and his wife, Ann, a "Taking Care of Business" and "Tender Love and Care" necklace. Bill Morris still wears the necklace to this day.
Bill Morris has been at the center of Memphis history for over 40 years and played a pivotal role in Memphis politics and law enforcement.
(News, Source;EPE)

New Elvis Collectors Book release: Being released this summer is a new Elvis collectors' price guide by Sean O'Neal called "Collecting Elvis Presley - The 1950's". Joe Krein has helped make this book possible with the author using 100s of images from his collection.

The book includes:
• 700 Color Photographs of Elvis Memorabilia
• Selection of never before pictured Elvis collector's items
• Current Market Value of each item
• Tips for making sure that you buy authentic Elvis collectibles
• History of EPE (Elvis Presley Enterprises)
Retail Price is expected at $60.00.

Click here to the promo video for the book at Elvis Express
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Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales: This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 200 to 191 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart (w/e 7th April, 2012) selling some 2668 copies. Total sales to date: 449,905 copies. It was also at 47 on the Catalog Album Chart.

The following also appeared on the Catalog Album Charts:
'Elvis: Best Of Love' selling some 2339 copies. Total sales to date: 250,950.
'Elvis Rock' (Compilation) selling some 1432 copies. Total sales 158,228 copies.
'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 1258 copies. Total sales to date: 100,861 copies.
'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) selling 1238 copies. Total sales 78,881copies.
'Elvis Gospel'/'An Evening Prayer' (Compilation) selling some 1180 copies. Total sales to date: 148,340 copies.
'Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits' (Download Sales Only) selling some 511 copies. Total sales to date: 135,310 copies.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Madonna To Surpass Elvis On All-Time #1 Albums: Madonna is due to overtake Elvis Presley as the solo artist with the most Number 1 albums. The star's new record MDNA is 29,000 copies ahead in the race to the top spot this weekend, according to the Official Charts Company.
The news will be a relief to Madonna as her recent single didn’t even make the Top 20.
As EIN contributor Brian Quinn notes, Elvis' last No.1 album in the UK was 'The King' in 2006 - some 29 years after his death. Will Madonna be getting No.1 albums 29 years after her death? I doubt it. Further, Elvis still has more No1 single hits in the UK than either The Beatles or Madonna with 21. He also has more No.2 singles than The Beatles or Madonna and been on the UK Charts for more weeks than any other artist/group. Of course, Elvis still has a chance to get more No.1 albums in the future.
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Wednesday 28 March 2012
Three new FTD Releases for late April: Three new FTD releases have been announced for late April release, one soundboard, one book and a double-vinyl Promised Land.
- 'Another Saturday Night' 1975 soundboard: A previously unreleased concert, from June 7 1975 Evening Show not even on a bootleg audience recording, plus three well-chosen bonus tracks! If one place is to be picked as the most important in the career of Elvis Presley, it is without doubt Shreveport in the northwest part of Louisiana. The exposure that Elvis got through the radio broadcast of The Louisiana Hayride in 1954-56 was one of the key factors of establishing the early part of his career. With the exception of Las Vegas, there is no place where Elvis played more shows, and his return to the city in 1975 was like a homecoming to both Elvis and the many fans he had there since he started out. We have chosen to release the soundboard from the evening show of June 7 – definitely a show that Elvis and the audience truly enjoy, and with a great set list featuring old and new favourites.

Back in January EIN noted the rumour that this would be an FTD March 2012 release, we were close!
The CD comes in a 5" digipack with an eight-page booklet featuring photos from the June 1975 tour.
Go to FTD/SONY Elvis Releases 2012 for full tracklist.


- Welcome Home Elvis 1960: Flaming Star, in collaboration with FTD, publishes a 260 pages book (with bonus CD) about the vital weeks in 1960 where Elvis regained control over his career. The format is the same as the well-known FTD book format (King Creole -The Music and A Moment In Time). The book includes:
- More than 300 photos, many of them previously unpublished,
- text by David English
- CD with the original mono master for "ELVIS IS BACK".
Pictures include Elvis coming home from the army, several press conferences, pictures at Graceland, coverage of the Sinatra TV show and much more.

'Promised Land, The Companion Album' Double-Vinyl FTD:
FTD vinyl is pleased to announce the release of "Promised Land – The Companion Album" - A Special Limited Edition 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set. This release follows the other FTD "sessions" albums in not featuring the Masters but only alternate takes.

• Disc 1- alternative version of album featuring Stax outtakes
• Disc 2 – STAX more outtakes!
• Vinyl cutting by ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS
• DMM Copper Mastering
• 180 Grams heavyweight vinyl
• Strictly limited pressing

Go to FTD/SONY Elvis Releases 2012 for full tracklist & More details.

(News, Source;ElvisMatters/ElvisInfoNet)

NOW UPDATED - 'Elvis In Concert ROCKS Copenhagen in 2012: An insider's review of the new 'Elvis Presley In Concert' tour. Tour producer Arjan Deelen was at the Copenhagen March 24 performance. This year bassist Norbert Putnam has also joined the TCB Band regulars, bringing some new energy to the shows. However there are rumours that EPE will soon replace the original band with younger performers! James Burton stated that "This is such a wonderful show. Elvis would have loved it. And now with Norbert in the band, the show is better than ever. It’s a wonderful tribute to Elvis. We all want to continue doing this show for the fans for as long as we possibly can".
In this informative review Arjan Deelen talks with the TCB Band and explains just how well the 'Elvis In Concert' tour still ROCKS - as well as wondering how long EPE will keep the TCB Band as part of the tour. NOW UPDATED with NEW Concert Videos PLUS YOUR FEEDBACK.
Click here to read the stories the TCB Band have to tell - and also have YOUR SAY on the future of 'Elvis In Concert'.
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EPE announce the "Elvis Presley Holy Land Tour": EPE and Israel Theme Tours proudly announce The Elvis Presley Holy Land Tour, taking Elvis fans to Israel May 12 - 21, 2013. Elvis fans from around the world will have the chance to explore the gospel side of Elvis with an Elvis-themed Holy Land tour experience unlike any other.
Travelers will follow in the footsteps of Jesus, cruise the Sea of Galilee, experience the Western Wall and the ancient city of Jerusalem, float in the Dead Sea, roam the beaches of Tel Aviv, and experience baptism in the Jordan River. The tour group will even make a stop at the infamous Elvis Inn Restaurant in Abu Ghosh – An Elvis-themed diner and souvenir shop.
"It’s no secret that Elvis loved Gospel music of which he won 3 Grammy awards for his spiritual recordings. This unique travel offering gives Elvis fans the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Holy Land with world famous gospel artists who worked both on stage and in the studio with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll," said Kevin Kern of Public Relations for EPE.
The tour will feature special guests Joe Moscheo and Terry Blackwood of Elvis’ Imperials, and Bill Baize, a former member of J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet. All performed with Elvis and knew first-hand his love for Gospel music. The legendary Gospel music artists will join the tour group each day for a variety of activities and exclusive fan access.
The Elvis Presley Holy Land Tour is limited to 100 travelers and tour spots will go on sale March 28, 2012. Click HERE for more info and Itinerary.
(News, Source;EPE/EIN)

'Labor Day Madness!' New Import CD: Coming soon is the latest must-own release from the celebrated Straight Arrow label. This time around fans may thrill to two fantastic Nevada summer performances by the King: the Saturday, September 2, 1972 Special 3AM Show and the Sunday, September 3, 1972 Midnight Show. Both were recorded by the same super-fan, and the Sunday tape is previously-unreleased.
The set will be housed in a deluxe digipack, with photos taken from the 1972 "Summer Festival."

As usual, the recordings are excellent quality, sourced from first-generation, 1981 cassette copies of the original mono tapes.
Sit down, relax, put on a pair of comfortable headphones, and be transported back to a crazy Labor Day weekend at the Hilton, where Elvis was rocking fans and celebrities alike. Elvis looked great and he sang even better!

Go HERE to 'All the CD News 2012' for more info for tracklist and more info.

Also the latest CD release from Straight Arrow "Watching Your Dreams Into Ashes" is out now too.
(News, Source;StraightArrow)

Elvis in cool new Google Maps app: The new "What Was There" is a virtual time machine of sorts that allows users to navigate familiar streets as they appeared in the past.
The premise is simple: provide a platform where anyone can easily upload a photograph with two straightforward tags to provide context: Location and Year.
Several Elvis photographs have been added to the local Memphis area which makes explring even more interesting.

Click Here to check it out and explore.

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Monday 26 March 2012
'Elvis In Concert ROCKS Copenhagen in 2012: An insider's review of the new 'Elvis Presley In Concert' tour. Tour producer Arjan Deelen was at the Copenhagen March 24 performance. This year bassist Norbert Putnam has also joined the TCB Band regulars, bringing some new energy to the shows. However there are rumours that EPE will soon replace the original band with younger performers! James Burton stated that "This is such a wonderful show. Elvis would have loved it. And now with Norbert in the band, the show is better than ever. It’s a wonderful tribute to Elvis. We all want to continue doing this show for the fans for as long as we possibly can".
In this informative review Arjan Deelen talks with the TCB Band and explains just how well the 'Elvis In Concert' tour still ROCKS - as well as wondering how long EPE will keep the TCB Band as part of the tour.
Click here to read the stories the TCB Band have to tell - and also have YOUR SAY on the future of 'Elvis In Concert'.
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New Elvis Week Guest and Event Announcements: Clarifying EIN's weekend info about Elvis Week.
EPE are excited to announce the following will be joining our Elvis Week lineup:
Mike Stoller will be a special guest at the Elvis Songwriters Showcase on August 11
Brad Birkedahl and band will perform during the Elvis Week Kick-Off Concert on August 11
• Ultimate ETA Contest winners Justin Shandor and Brandon Bennett will perform at the Celebrate The King Concert on August 12
• DJ Fontana, Tom Moffatt, Ginger Holladay and Mary Pederson will join the lineup at the Official Elvis Insiders Conference on August 13
• James Burton and Joe Guercio will be special guests at the Fan Club Presidents’ Event on August 14
• Loanne Parker, Dick Grob, Sam Thompson and Charles Stone will all share stories of being on tour with Elvis during Conversations on Elvis – Behind the Stage on August 17
• David Briggs, Norbert Putnam and Chip Young, session musicians on many of Elvis’ legendary recordings in the ‘60s and ’70s will speak at Conversations on Elvis – In the Studio on August 18.
The Last Chance Ultimate ETA Contest returns to the Memphis Hard Rock Cafe on August 10, 12 and 13.
More guest announcements will be coming soon!
CLICK HERE to the complete EPE Elvis Week 2012 schedule & for tickets
(News, Source:EPE/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Vote for ELVIS as the Ultimate Icon: The respected UK music paper New Musical Express are asking their readers to vote as part of their 60th anniversary celebrations to crown the ultimate music icon of NME's lifetime – as voted by you, the readers.
From Bob Dylan, Bob Marley to Eminem and Freddie Mercury, all the famous rockstars are featured. ELVIS needs your vote.

NME will be announcing the next stage of the competition in the coming weeks. Now, who will you pick…?


(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Bob Heis, Elvis Photographer, passed away: Sad new from RareElvisPresley.com who have been told by his family that Bob Heis passed away last Saturday. Bob Heis visited concert after concert and soon became one of Elvis's regular photographers and as a result, was given many of front row sets with an occasional pass from the security to film Elvis up close during these performances. Bob was present in Memphis for almost every Elvis Week, selling some of his great Elvis-shots and 8 mm videos.

Our condolences to his family and his wife Diane.

Bob Heis was one of the top Elvis concert photographers around and took over a thousand or more photos of Elvis during his performances.
His photos have also appeared in countless Elvis books over the years.

Bob Heis filmed some rare footage of Elvis from Madison Square Garden in 1972 - CLICK HERE and say your thanks and RIP to Bob Heis!

(News, Source; RareElvisPresley.com/ElvisMatters/JC/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 24 March 2012
Elvis' genuine Blue Suede Shoes up for Auction: Elvis Presley 's genuine owned and worn blue suede shoes are up for auction. They were even signed and inscribed to his long time friend Gary Pepper, who started Elvis' first fan club in Memphis. Elvis has beautifully inscribed the top of the left shoe in black ink to his dear friend. Accompanied by photograph of Elvis signing the shoe (see below) and a signed letter of authenticity from Charlie Hodge. Very good condition. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Estimate:$3,000 - $5,000
Also for auction
Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock" 6240 jacket.
The MGM label appears on the inside of the jacket collar and you can just make out the letters "EL" that had been handwritten on it. The
MGM "stamp" appear on the inside of the back of the the jacket. - Estimate:$25,000 - $30,000
Elvis' Harley Davidson leather jacket and pants:
Comes with letter of provenance from Vernon Presley and pictures of Elvis wearing this jacket as well as a picture of him wearing the tuxedo pants. - Estimate:$15,000 - $20,000
And more ....
CHECK OUT the 'Gotta Have Rock & Roll™' Auction  HERE now - ends March 30th.
(News, Source;GottaHaveRocknRoll/ElvisInfoNet)

New Elvis Week 2012 Guests Announced: New guests have been announced for the Elvis Week 2012. Recently confirmed guests include Mike Stoller, David Briggs, Norbert Putnam, Chip Young, Loanne Parker, Dick Grob, Sam Thompson and Charles Stone - who will all share stories of their time spent with Elvis. More guest announcements are coming soon!
New guests have also been named for 'Elvis Insiders Conference': Elvis Insiders will have an opportunity to sit down with some of Elvis' closest friends and former band members. This event will feature a full-day of special programming including special guests, videos and more, all celebrating Elvis. Special confirmed guests include Tom & Billie Perryman, Dixie Locke, June Juanico, Larry Geller, DJ Fontana, Tom Moffatt, and the Holladay Sisters, Ginger Holladay and Mary Pederson. On Monday, August 13, - Tickets are $35.
Tickets are also SOLD OUT for various VIP passes to Elvis Week Events, such as the Fedex Forum concert.

Graceland also has the three new exhibits open. The 40th anniversary of "Elvis On Tour" one of Presley’s most critically acclaimed films.
- "Icon: The Influence of Elvis Presley," and "Elvis Through A Daughter’s Eyes" may be the most personal exhibit as it chronicles the relationship of Lisa Marie Presley with her father.
CLICK HERE to the complete EPE Elvis Week 2012 schedule & for tickets
(News, Source:EPE/ElvisInfoNetwork)

"This Is Elvis Presley" Joe Esposito audiobook: From the Joe Esposito files, a new audiobook 'This Is Elvis Presley Vol.1' - a part of the 2012 Anniversary tribute, created by Newbury Press for Elvis fans that would like to learn more about their hero Elvis Presley.
The publicity states.. Taking three years to create, the tribute series audiobook encompasses areas of Elvis' life that have been rarely explored or written about. Carefully researched, and verified by Elvis' right hand man and road manager Diamond Joe Esposito, the information contained in the set will meet the approval of most discerning fans. To entice you to try This Is Elvis Presley, we are going to offer it to you at the introduction price of $49.95 instead of the regular price of $74.99, along with a double your money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.
Consisting of 6 Compact Discs it promises stories including...  
Comeback Special Sitting at Elvis’ Feet, The Phoenix Jumpsuits, Ashes and Rebirth, The Jerry Weintraub Scarf Situation, Elvis, the “Louisiana Colonel”, The Story about Elvis’ Black Belts, Mrs. Oleta Grimes and “Old Shep”, The Godfather of Soul and the King's Use of Capes, Roy Orbison Seeing Elvis on Stage ...
GO HERE to find out more and to purchase
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Thursday 22 March 2012
'Aloha from Hawaii' 40th Anniversary Celebrations: It has been known about for a while - and any fan could have guessed - but there will of course be major 40th Anniversary Celebrations of the 1973 ultimate extravaganza 'Aloha from Hawaii'.
Elvis "Aloha from Hawaii" 40th Anniversary Celebration recreation in Honolulu, Hawaii: The main part of the EPE Aloha celebration plans are revealed. "Experience six days and five nights of Elvis-themed musical entertainment, movie screenings, panel discussions and tours of places Elvis loved to visit when he was in Hawaii with this vacation package. This luxurious Elvis celebration culminates with an amazing multi-media experience as Elvis Presley presents his “Aloha from Hawaii” concert, exactly 40 years after it became the most watched television concert in history". 
Celebrations from January 10 –15, 2013
It is of course also very close to Elvis' Birthday Week
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/EPE/EIN)

Bruce Springsteen Praises Elvis Keynote Address: Bruce Springsteen recently credited Elvis' 1956 "Ed Sullivan Show" appearance as the beginning of a new language in popular culture. Springsteen praised Elvis' iconic moment in history during his keynote address at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin, Texas.
Springsteen quoted the late rock critic Lester Bangs by saying, "We will never agree on anything as we agreed on Elvis." He added that his "genesis moment of inspiration" was in 1956 when he watched Elvis perform on "The Ed Sullivan Show."
"It was that evening, I realized that you didn't have to be constrained by your upbringing, by the way you looked, or by the social context that oppressed you," said Springsteen during his speech.
"Elvis was the first modern, twentieth century man - the precursor of the sexual revolution, of the civil rights revolution - drawn from the same Memphis as Martin Luther King - creating fundamental outsider art that would be embraced by a mainstream popular culture."
Springsteen delivered an inspirational keynote speech in front of a packed convention center crowd - one of the largest crowds in the event's history. Springsteen talked about his musical influences, how he still practices his rock n' roll poses in his bedroom mirror, and he even picked up an acoustic guitar for a sing-a-long with the crowd.
Bruce Springsteen's black leather jacket is now being featured at the new "ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley" Exhibit at Graceland. CLICK HERE to see the video
(News, Source;EPE/EIN)

US Elvis Fans can win a trip to Liverpool and the 'Elvis And US' exhibition: Imagine Liverpool are offering a selection of prizes which includes Return flights for two people from the USA to the UK - plus a 3 night stay for two people at the luxurious McCartney Suite at the Hard Day's Night, Boutique Beatles Hotel.
I guess you have to appreciate The Beatles as well to make this really worthwhile!
The prize also includes entrance into top Liverpool attractions, The Beatles Story, Magical Mystery Tour, Cavern Club, Yellow Duckmarine, and the childhood homes of Paul McCartney and John Lennon are featured as well as the 'Elvis & Us' exhibition.
US FANS Click HERE to the sweepstakes.
(News, Source;ImagineLiverpool/EPE/EIN)

Rare Elvis Movie Acetates Discovered: Posted by The Rare Collections site today is the story of "Rare Elvis Movie Acetates Discovered" - EIN would point out that these are usually not particularly rare, nor do they contain any unreleased material, although they may be nice as a collector's piece. Their story is as follows.. 
Rare Elvis Presley Acetate Recordings from his Hollywood movies have been discovered by The Rare Collections. The collection features movie studio recordings of songs from the Elvis Presley movies; Follow That Dream (1962), Kid Galahad (1962), Flaming Star (1960) and Love Me Tender (1956). The recordings were discovered in a private collection in Orange County, California and are available for sale through The Rare Collections.
Acetate recordings were lathe-cut during the early stages of production. Changes were often made before the final versions were completed, therefore recordings often differ from the released versions and can include alternative takes, varied mixes, altered lengths, differing lyrics and altered tempos. These rare recordings have been tucked away for over fifty years and were passed from friends and relatives in the industry to The Rare Collections to help realize their value.
The collection includes several working titles printed on the acetate labels when the ultimate title had not been decided. One example within the collection is The Reno Brothers, which later became Elvis’ first film Love Me Tender. Another shows a title as There’s a Leak in This Old Building, which are lyrics to the tune We’re Gonna Move. Acetates with such discrepancies are among the most desirable among collectors.
Prices on such unique items vary dramatically, but similar Elvis acetates have sold for as little as $100 to well over $1,000 each. - GO HERE for more info and to purchase.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales: This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops from 184 to 200 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts (w/e 31st March, 2012) selling some 2804 copies. Total sales to date: 447,237 copies.

The following also appeared on the Catalog Album Charts:
'Elvis: Best Of Love' selling some 2300 copies. Total sales to date: 248,611 copies.
'Elvis Rock' (Compilation) selling some 1527 copies. Total sales to date: 156,796 copies.
'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) selling some 1520 copies. Total sales to date: 79,984 copies.
'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 1367 copies. Total sales to date: 99,603.
'Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits' (Digital Sales Only) selling some 702 copies. Total digital sales to date: 134,799 copies.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Tuesday 20 March 2012
‘The Original Elvis Tribute’ SOLD OUT Shows & Updates: ’The Original Elvis Tribute 2012’, a Danish/American production which will be touring Europe in April, is now reporting ‘sold out’ status at various locations, including Sweden and Helsinki, Finland. At the Savoy Theater in Helsinki, they decided to add an extra concert which will take place on Monday, April 9th. This will be a special Easter show, and the show that night will be different from the others on the tour due to the holiday. The band will be adding various gospels to the repertoire that night, and there will be a couple of other surprises. Ginger Holladay (far right with Elvis), who sang backup for Elvis on songs like ‘Suspicious Minds’ and ‘In the Ghetto’, recorded a special video promo for this show. Go Here.
According to Ginger, one of the surprises is that “Bobby Wood will be dressed as the Easter Bunny!”. And Bobby Wood, whose autobiography “Walking among Giants” is coming out this spring, answered Ginger’s video as follows: “I would like to say a big hello to all our friends in Finland. I am excited about coming back to your beautiful country to perform, and it will be great to see you guys again. Ginger Holladay said I would be dressed as the Easter Bunny, but that’s not true. I don’t need a costume since I really AM the Easter Bunny… ha ha”.The two shows in Holland, which will take place at Het Paard in Den Haag on April 21st and at 013 in Tilburg on April 22nd, will feature a very special guest: Joe Pirzada, the producer of various great releases on the MRS label, like the recent ‘Such A Night In Pearl Harbour’.

Pirzada’s next Blue Hawaii release will get its debut during these two Holland shows, and Joe will also be lifting the lid on his exciting future plans… He may even be playing a few rare clips, but that hasn’t been positively decided yet. Joe will also be taking questions from the audience. Joe Pirzada is a straight shooter who is not afraid to say things as he sees them, even if it upsets others, so be there, because this promises to be very interesting. Ginger Holladay also taped a video promo specifically for the Holland shows - CLICK HERE to view
For more TOUR info, Click here to www.elvisnews.dk
(News, Source;TheOriginalElvisTribute/ElvisInfoNet)

Martha Esposito passed away: It is with great sadness that EIN has to report that Joe Esposito's wife, Martha, died last night.
Martha had been having major treatment against a brain tumour but last night the inevitable happened and she passed away.
It was only back in November last year that Joe Esposito was in Australia for a Mark Andrew's organised Charity Event to raise money to help Martha's fight against cancer.
EIN sends our best wishes and condolences to Joe Esposito and his family.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

'In The Shadow Of  Kings' New Book: 'In The Shadow Of  Kings' is the exciting autobiography of Donnie Sumner. The story-line is divided into thirty-seven chapters with each chapter written as a self-contained story! Having spent eight years with the legendary J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet, one year as a part of Nashville's Grand Ole Opry and six years as a constant companion and stage musician with Elvis Presley, Donnie has had an exciting life. Donnie shares his early childhood, his separation from his biological parents and his resulting childhood journeys as the son of a Pentecostal Preacher. The Donnie Sumner Story is one of intrigue, excitement, inspiration and encouragement. Many controversial questions surround the life of Elvis Presley. As a close confidante to Elvis, Donnie shares his answers to such questions as: "Was Elvis A Christian?" and "Did Elvis Do Drugs?" Having fallen prey to drug addiction himself, Donnie came to the end of his rope and in 1976 experienced a traumatic and life changing moment. Travel the long and twisted road of Donnie's career along with him as he unfolds the stops along his journey. Now traveling nation-wide as a minister and Christian music artist, Donnie proudly proclaims that in Jesus there is a “new life” - Join Donnie as he recalls his memories spanning over five decades of musical performance.
Click here for more info or to purchase - Only $14.95 >>> In The Shadow Of Kings: From The "King of Rock" to "The King of Kings"
Paperback: 186 pages - Out on March 9, 2012.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Vegas Variety Volume 9' new 1976 Import CD:  Out Now is Rainbow Records' Vegas Variety Volume 9, bringing the complete audience-recorded performance of December 11, 1976 Dinner Show at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Nevada.
Rainbow Records is able to deliver the third to last Las Vegas performance Elvis ever did. This time the guys from RR managed to obtain the original cassette tape with a recording from this very evening. The fan who recorded the show in 1976 knew exactly how to do it and used two microphones and a very good recorder – so you can expect to hear the show in really good sound.
It is important for many Elvis-Fans to have every show Elvis ever performed in their collection. Unfortunately there is no soundboard or professional recording available for every show. But still we are fortunate enough to hear most of the concerts because of the private recordings many fans did when they visited Elvis in Las Vegas and on his many tours. Those recordings might sound a bit rough to some ears but they are what they are: A document of Elvis´ big output of live performances.
As usual a very high quality booklet comes with this release. It has a lot of rare pictures from exactly this show (Dec. 11, 1976 DS) and information

covering the magic of Elvis and Las Vegas back in December of 1976 on its 16 pages.
Go HERE to All the CD News 2012 for more info for the tracklist and more info.
(News, Source;VegasVariety/ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis In The 70's" new Import: This classic Australian 1975 double album is finally available for the very first time on a silver pressed 2 cd set!
Housed in a stunning 6 panel digipack with original artwork and sleeve notes, this 2 disc set contains the original tracklist  PLUS 18 hard to find bonus tracks!!
Limited edition only of 500 copies. Order your copy now!!


Click here to All the CD News 2012 for more info for the tracklist and more info.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Sunday 18 March 2012
Elvis Rocks London in 2012!: Our good friend Lee Dawson from Elvis Express Radio posted a very positive report on Elvis at the O2 Arena in London for last Friday night. "It's 1am here in Brighton and we've just got back from 'ELVIS PRESLEY IN CONCERT' at the O2 Arena and after the initial report of a poor turn-out for the Sheffield performance, I was worried that a small turn out at the 20,000 seat O2 would be a disaster!
There was no need to worry....the fans flocked to see the King rock the Capital City and rock it he did. There was hardly a seat left and I would easily guess more than 19,000 were there and they did Elvis proud with their enthusiasm. If this tour really is the last one in the UK, I am so pleased we got to witness 19,000 plus fans turning out for ELVIS!

To check out the great vibe, Click Here to EER's clip of 'Suspicious Minds' from the O2 Arena.
(News, Source;Elvis Express/EIN)

Graceland Virtual Tours via EPE: EPE's website Graceland now offers four new panoramic 360° views of Elvis Presley's home.
Four views are Exterior of Graceland Mansion, Mansion Foyer, Graceland Jungle Room and Racquetball Building.
They note, "See where Elvis lived, relaxed and spent time with his friends and family. Take a look at the mansion from the entrance and step inside the foyer, the famous jungle room, and the racquetball trophy room to walk the same footsteps of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Turn your virtual experience into a live one by visiting Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis."
EIN notes that being able to zoom in and look around the empty rooms - check out the ceilings - is a cool experience. You almost feel you can walk up the stairs to Elvis' bedroom!
Click HERE to check it out. The only thing missing is ELVIS!
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Warhol Elvis Presley Portrait Could Fetch $50M: An Andy Warhol portrait of Elvis Presley depicted as a cowboy is being auctioned in New York City and is expected to sell for between $30 million and $50 million.
"Double Elvis (Ferus Type)", shown right, will be offered at Sotheby's on May 9. It was exhibited at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles in 1963, the year it was executed. The auction house says it's the first "Double Elvis" to appear on the market since 1995.
The silver silkscreen painting shows the rock and roll heartthrob armed and shooting from the hip. A shadow Elvis figure is in the background. Sotheby's on Thursday identified the seller only as a private collector.
Warhol produced a series of 22 images of Elvis. Nine are in museum collections.

EIN noted that EPE total earnings for 2011 was $50 million, the same amount! Other Elvis websites are showing the incorrect painting.

Go here to EIN's spotlight on Andy Warhol and ELVIS

(News, Source;Sothebys/ElvisInfoNet)

Rockwell Records Elvis Vinyl Sale: Rockwell Records are suppliers of high quality Elvis vinyl in limited quantities featuring Elvis' songs that are Public Domain. Their picture disc releases are stunning additions for any Elvis Vinyl collectors.
If you are interested they are having a HALF-PRICE sale until the end of March.
Based in the UK they will deliver internationally.


Click here for Rockwell ELVIS Vinyl sale info & prices.

(News, Source;CBamford/ElvisInfoNet)

New EPE Worldwide Calendar of Events: EPE's website Elvis.com recently added a new Calendar of Events page to help Elvis fans find events, festivals, shows, and more going on around the world. Elvis festivals, Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest preliminary rounds, fan club events, shows, and more are all featured on the new calendar.

Click here to check-out the new EPE fan calendar!


(News, Source;EPE/EIN)

Elvis' Granddaughter Riley Engaged?: According to Us Weekly, the eldest granddaughter of Elvis Presley, Riley Keough, is engaged to her boyfriend of just six months, actor Alex Pettyfer. To add credence to the report, she's also been photographed this week sporting a nice hunka bling on her left ring finger.
Keough, 22, is the daughter of the King's only child Lisa Marie Presley and her first husband Danny Keough. Keough's famous bloodline, as well as her brooding good looks, which many have compared to her grandfather Elvis', led her to the spotlight at an early age, as she made her modeling debut at just 14. She appeared on the catwalk for high-fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior before progressing to the acting world several years later, first appearing opposite Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in 2010's The Runaways.
Keough met Pettyfer, 21, while both were working on the upcoming Stephen Soderbergh film 'Magic Mike'. Pettyfer, a British heartthrob who most recently starred in the 2011 thriller In Time, has previously been romantically linked to costars Emma Roberts and Dianna Agron. Keough herself has had a couple of previous high-profile romances including actor Jonah Hill.
The young couple have not formally announced their engagement yet. There is no comment to date on the matter from Lisa Marie Presley.
(News, Source;Nigel/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Friday 16 March 2012
FTD March Releases OUT NOW: The new FTD releases are OUT NOW and at your local Elvis dealers.
1 – ‘ON STAGE – FEBRUARY, 1970’ Classic Album. A 2cd 7" digipack with the regular 12-page booklet. As well as the Original Album (mastered by Vic Anesini) the album will include all of RCA’s multi-track recordings from three of Elvis’ shows.
2 – ‘OUR MEMORIES OF ELVIS’ – FTD release the 2cd 5" digipack version of the original albums, with an added bonus of the previously unreleased Volume 3 LP master tape plus six more cuts that series producer Joan Deary had prepared at the time. It comes with a 12-page booklet of relevant memorabilia and photos. Despite earlier thoughts that "Our Memories" was not a priority FTD release, the success of the recent bootleg of the same albums may have changed FTD’s plans.
3 – ‘HIS HAND IN MINE’ vinyl 2-album set. Special Limited Edition 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set.
Click HERE for FTD/Sony 2012 New CD Releases for tracklists and more
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)


Click HERE for FTD/Sony 2012 New CD Releases for tracklists and more

'Such A Night in Pearl Harbour' - OUT NOW through Elvis Dealers: MRS in association with JAT Productions new release ‘Such A Night in Pearl Harbor’ is OUT NOW through local Elvis dealers - although the AMAZON release date is still April 2, 2012. It contains the completely new re-mastered CD of Elvis’ performance of the benefit concert at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on March 25th 1961 to aid of the USS Arizona Memorial Fund.
The quality is of this concert is far superior than anything of this ever released before and will now be considered, one of the best Elvis concert recordings up until that time. The audio was re-mastered at Studio D who did such astounding work on the recent MRS 'Hayride' release.
Elvis performs 15 songs and sings every one as if it were the first time he had ever presented them to an audience.
Also included for the first time ever, is the 30 minute radio broadcast from Hawaii a week before Elvis’ arrival. It promoted the concert for the memorial fund, playing selected tracks from Elvis’ Christmas and ‘His Hand

in Mine’ album, released at that time including words by Elvis Presley.
As a bonus, the CD is accompanied by a 100 page hard back book that contains many rare photographs with extensive and informative linear notes detailing Elvis’ arrival and performance in Hawaii.
CLICK HERE to Order> Such A Night In Pearl Harbor (CD + 100 Page Book) - Only £13.99  (US$22) and includes audio samples to check out.
(News, Source;MRS/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Lisa Marie Presley Returns to Her Roots for New Album: Lisa Marie's new album 'Storm And Grace' is produced by T-Bone Burnett ('O Brother, Where Art Thou', Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’ 'Raising Sand'), and is released May 15th.
Lisa Marie Presley’s Storm and Grace is the album she was born to make – a raw, powerful country, folk and blues collection that finds her embracing her Southern roots and family name.
Lisa Marie recently spoke to Rolling Stone about the album, why she felt more comfortable making an American record in England, how Burnett restored her faith in music and not fighting herself anymore.
It’s such a raw record. Was it tough to make?
LMP- It was easy to make, but I had to go far in order to make it. I went to England. I was kind of uninspired and tapped out creatively from certain experiences previously on other records, so I just really needed to remove myself far away and get in a whole different setting. And I spent eight months getting used to being around there writing, and it just really easily unfolded and really naturally and organically happened.
Do you feel more comfortable with your roots as you’ve gotten older, or was it finding the right people?
LMP- It’s a great question, and the answer is both. I'm always feeling a bit like I need to fight and kick, I don’t know why. But all I ended up doing in the past by trying to do anything else was stepping and tripping on my own feet. It didn’t prove anything to anyone to do something completely different that had nothing to do with anything. It was always against myself and hurting myself, though I was thinking I was fighting other people. I had to go through those phases, I did. So then, yes, I’m not doing that anymore. But it was also being around people I knew weren’t gonna do that with me. The writers I was with weren’t trying to push me in a direction. They had no agenda.
This record strikes me as being intensely personal. How important was T-Bone in creating distance for you from the record and serving as a sounding board?
LMP- Just the fact that he wanted to do it fed life into me. My light was dimmed. The way the music industry had gone, I was disheartened. And about the second or third day in the studio I pulled him aside and said, "I just want to thank you – by doing this and believing in me and doing this record with me, you’ve really given me some light again."
EIN thinks it sounds a very interesting step forward for Lisa Marie and with the right producer..
CLICK HERE for the full interview.
(News, Source;RollingStone/ElvisInfoNet)

Back in the News "New Elvis Presley Recording" Discovered!: Back in November last year EIN stated that - NO it's not true!
However it is once again back in the news! Yesterday the New York Post noted that .. "A late songwriter’s heirs are all shook up over the recent discovery of a long-lost Elvis Presley outtake.
The children of Jimmie Crane, who died in 1998, filed suit yesterday to claim the copyright to “Living to Love You,” which The King apparently recorded in 1965 but never released.
The Manhattan federal-court filing says Crane “produced and co-authored” the number without any help from the late Detroit music exec Albert Leigh.
A lawyer for Leigh’s sons, Violet Hinton, said she has a 1993 letter in which Crane told Albert Leigh “I love working with you” and granted him the rights to “the songs you like” from Crane’s catalog.
Hinton said she offered to sell the tape to the company that manages Presley’s estate, but “I could never get them to call me back.”
She estimated it was probably worth only about $3,500 to a memorabilia collector. (EIN Notes - AS IF!)
Back in November 2011 Newschannel 3, who were obviously fooled, reached out to Graceland and Sony Music Entertainment about this story, but did not get a response. (EIN Notes - No wonder!!)
EIN notes that Elvis never recorded with producer Albert Leigh and this tape sounds like a poor imitator. Any "forensic audiovisual analyser" sure doesn't know their Elvis if they think this is Elvis singing. Crazy!
Click HERE if you want to see the full original 2011 News story - see if YOU think it is Elvis!
(News, Source;NYPost/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales: This week,'Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits' re-enters the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts (w/e 24th March, 2012) at 179 selling some 3141 copies. Total sales to date: 4,805,033 copies. 'An Afternoon In The Garden' also re-enters the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts at 184 selling some 3104 copies. Total sales to date: 444,433 copies.

The following also appeared on the Catalog Album Charts:
'Elvis: Best Of Love' selling some 2602 copies. Total sales to date: 246,311 copies.
'Elvis Rock' (Compilation) selling some 1640 copies. Total sales to date: 155,269 copies.
'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 1597 copies. Total sales to date: 99,070 copies.
'Elvis Gospel/ An Evening Prayer' (Compilation) selling some 1577 copies. Total sales to date: 145,877 copies.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis '65 Greatest Hits' new PD release: From the budget Golden Stars /Cargo Records label is yet another Public Domain release of 65 Elvis tracks that you already have! Produced as a 3CD box-set one wonders why these companies still bother!

EIN guess that ELVIS is still that big that someone somewhere will buy it all over again! 
Release date March 23.



(News, Source;Amazon/EIN)

Tuesday 13 March 2012

‘Elvis At 21’ exhibition coming to Australia’s capital: Exciting EIN exclusive news for Aussies as the Smithsonian Elvis exhibit comes to Canberra when Australia’s National Portrait Gallery hosts ‘Elvis At 21’. One of the most important partnerships for the Centenary of Canberra organisers will be the capital’s cultural institutions all of which have planned exciting new programs and exhibitions.
The National Portrait Gallery will feature a number of exhibitions the highlight of which would be 'Elvis at 21' an exhibition toured by the Smithsonian Institution Travelling Exhibition Service. The exhibition is a collection of photographs taken around the period that Elvis recorded ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘Don’t be Cruel’ and appeared on television in New York. Alfred Wertheimer was there taking photographs of this young singer who had become, almost overnight, a national sensation. And when Elvis caught the train back to Memphis, Wertheimer was with him to record the 27 hour journey.
No dates confirmed as yet. More info to follow.

Go HERE to EIN's previous spotlight on Alfred Wertheimer
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Madison Square Garden' Double FTD?: EIN has heard a reliable rumour that FTD is planning a not-too-far-away 'Madison Square Garden' Classic Album double-FTD. This past weekend the Venus import label announced their bootleg special double-pack of Elvis' well-known two RCA released Madison Square Garden performances called 'Operation: Big Apple' but taken from newly discovered source tapes (see news story below).
The 'Afternoon In the Garden' CD has of course recently been a good seller in the US via Walmart.
Having a Vic Anesini remix of Elvis' 'Afternoon In the Garden' concert would be terrific!!
EIN has asked FTD for a confirmation of their new release and a possible release date but have not had a reply as yet.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Elvis Presley in Concert' Sheffield UK mini-review: The Sheffield Star in the UK reported that fans were "thin on the ground" at the recent 'Elvis Presley in Concert' event even though the concert still carried the same great emotional connection.
Jo Davison reports...
Maybe it was ‘one more time’ too many for Elvis fans.
For though the King was in the building some 35 years after his untimely death, sadly the audience was thin on the ground. The last time 'Elvis Presley in Concert' rock'n'rolled into town, there was barely an empty seat.
Yet the die-hards who did rock up at the Motorpoint Arena had a hugely memorable night.
Presley larged it on huge, state-of-the-art video screens as ageing and uber-talented members of the original Taking Care of Business band accompanied him live, just as they had done 40 years ago.
We got Presley, frozen in time at his best; handsome and strong, slender in body and huge in voice, throwing everything into his white-suited concert performances. He opened with See See Rider, burst into Burning Love and on top of his biggest hits, he rock and rolled through the lesser-heard blues and gospel numbers he had held dear.
Ballads were so emotionally performed, tears pricked your eyes. American Trilogy was his most emotive, but Elvis’s heart-stoppingly beautiful version of Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water was the one that did it for me.
I ended up lost in that amazing voice. The charisma of a man long since gone, is still marching on.
Tickets are still ON SALE for the UK shows later this week
(News, Source;SheffieldStar/ElvisInfoNet)

Graceland Exhibitions promoted on FOX TV: The Graceland team joined WBRC-FOX6 in Birmingham, Alabama, to talk about all of the exciting events taking place at Graceland during the 35th anniversary year.
Kevin Kern, the Director of Public Relations at Graceland, brought along artifacts from three brand new exhibits being featured at Graceland in 2012 including Bob Dylan's leather jacket from the new "ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley" Exhibit, Lisa Marie Presley's Tiffany and Co. silver set from the "Elvis... Through His Daughter's Eyes" Exhibit, and the actual Golden Globe for the documentary film "Elvis on Tour" which is now being featured at the new "Elvis on Tour" Exhibit.
Click HERE to see the 4 minute news clip.
(News, Source;EPE/BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Presley to Rock Canadian Retail: Elvis fans can now "take care of business" with exciting new Elvis Presley products in Canada. A broad range of categories will be available starting in the spring of 2012 with major Canadian retailers.
X-Treme Worldwide brings a diverse range of products to the table including ladies and men’s apparel, glassware, bar accessories, and Christmas items. Calego International is creating a variety of luggage pieces, bags and accessories. Primemotion is developing a range of adult targeted collectible puzzles, including 3D lenticulars.

The launch comes during a significant milestone, which jointly celebrates the 35th anniversary of the life and legacy of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Canada is home to a devoted Elvis fan base plus the Collingwood Elvis Festival that attracts thousands of fans each year.
More details will be released soon.

(News, Source;EPE)

Sunday 11 March 2012 - - - - - - - - 2nd News Update
The Elvis Files Vol. 5 1969-1970- More sneak previews: This is surely going to be the SELL-OUT Volume of this great series. In EIN's opinion the best series of books on Elvis ever-produced. 
From the desk of Erik Lorentzen... Next month 'The Elvis Files' will Return ... The Elvis Files Vol. 5 1969 - 1970.
Bigger and better than ever: 560 pages & 1,600 photos
We haven't room for Great Photos that you have already seen. Every Section is Crammed with BEAUTIFUL, SUPERB QUALITY, "N E W" ELVIS IMAGE MOMENTS.
– This is a labour of love for me, says Erik Lorentzen, author and long time Elvis fan, who has found images and information never revealed before.
All ELVIS EVENTS in this Time Frame Period 1969-1970 are shown (with full Info.)
- Every Working Moment...
- Every Getting to that Busy Elvis Schedule
- Elvis AT PLAY Images. (over 200 Newly Discovered - seen for the first time)
- Plenty of Off Set CANDID Moments.
- All the Recording Sessions have pages of Features (Film & Studio)
- All the " Interviews" are shown.
- Elvis In Las Vegas his return to live performances
- The Tours of 1970 are showcased with Many Rare Pictures
- Houston, Phoenix, St. Louis, Detroit, Miami, Tampa, Mobile, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oklahoma City and Denver.
- The Movies: Change Of Habit and That’s The way It Is are covered in Great Details with lots of unseen photos.
- With many Surprises - more than 1600 PHOTOS on 560 PAGES
HERE for more FULL SIZE tasty ELVIS images - EIN has the scoop - plus ordering info and more...
EIN says Don't miss out - this volume will sell-out.
(News, Source;ElvisFiles/ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Madison Square Garden' import Double-Pack!: The very reliable Venus import label have announced a special double pack of Elvis' well-known two RCA released Madison Square Garden performances, called 'Operation: Big Apple'
Perhaps this is to beat the Sony Legacy classic album release of the same pairing?

The only thing interesting about their announcement is that Venus say the tapes are from a private collection and that they are newly discovered.
Vic Anesini of course recently did a REMASTER of the famous evening concert for the 'Complete Elvis Presley Masters' release which sounded damn good.
Apart from the mentioned Jerry Scheff tuning up & cut Glen Hardin intro one wonders what previously missed excitements could possibly be on this release.

(News, Source;FECC/ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Elvis Rocks Auburn Vol.1' New Import CD: Announced by Elvis Club Berlin coming out soon in a new series (no label) called 'March 1974 Tour' in long-box packaging. 'March 1974 Tour - Volume 1: Elvis Rocks Auburn' contains an audience recording from March 5, 1974 as recorded at the University Memorial Coliseum in Auburn / Alabama.
Tracklist: 2001 Theme - See See Rider - I Got A Woman / Amen - Love Me - Trying To Get To You - Sweet Caroline - Teddy Bear / Don´t Be Cruel - Love Me Tender - Johnny B. Goode - Hound Dog - Fever - Polk Salad Annie - Why Me Lord? - Suspicious Minds - Band Introductions - I Can´t Stop Loving You - Help Me - An American Trilogy - Let Me Be There (+ reprise) - Funny How Time Slips Away - Can´t Help Falling In Love / Closing Vamp.

No other details known as yet regarding audio quality.

(News, Source;ElvisClubBerlin)

Saturday 10 March 2012
New Elvis statue planned for Tupelo: The Tupelo Elvis Fan Club is pleased to partner with the Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) to help bring the dream of honoring Elvis with a life-size statue to fruition.
CVB has committed $50,000 to the project. The Tupelo Elvis Fan Club has committed to raise the remaining $25,000 to bring the statue of this beautiful image of Elvis to the Fairpark District in August 2012.
The statue is modeled after the iconic Roger Marshutz photograph lovingly referred to by fans the world over as, “The Hands”.
The statue will be located in relation to other things in the Fairpark District. The statue will be life-size and mounted on a four foot platform so fans may walk up to the statue and outstretch their hands as in the Marshutz photograph.
There will be a bricked area circling the statue. Bricks may be purchased and the donor's name and message will be engraved into the brick. Together, we can all make this a reality. Bricks, plaques and benches range are all available to put your name on.
Click here for more info - and to get with your name around Elvis in Tupelo!
Go here for EIN interview with Roy Turner about Elvis and Tupelo
(News, Source;RoyTurner/ElvisInfoNetwork)

TCB Band Meet & Greet in Birmingham UK March 18: To mark the last ever big-format 'Elvis Presley in Concert' at the LG Arena, NEC-Birmingham on the 18th March Strictly Elvis UK is arranging for two superb get-togethers.
Meet & Greet the Cast (before the Show)
At around 5:30 in the afternoon we have invited the TCB Band, the Sweet Inspirations, Elvis' Imperials and Joe Guercio to come and meet the fans at the Oasis Suite of the Crowne Plaza Hotel located opposite the LG Arena. Their attendance depends on their Sound-Check and final concert arrangements being on schedule but they will all try to make it as they want to show their appreciation for your support over the years. There is no charge for this and you are all welcome. Tea and coffee will be available for purchase. Please note that the cast will be

returning to London immediately after the Show and so this will be  your only opportunity  to meet with them.
All-Elvis Disco Party (after the Show)
Starting at 10:30pm in the Oasis Suite of the Crowne Plaza Hotel we have a Disco Party with DJ Mark Monaghan going through until 1:00am. Tickets are £10 each on the door but can be reserved by emailing: NeilCameron@strictlyelvis.net  or by calling in to our Strictly Elvis Graceland Stand in the Foyer of the LG Arena before the concert or during the Interval.
GO HERE to contact Strictly Elvis UK.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/StrictlyElvis/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Presley’s Christmas Cruise on the American Queen: Priscilla Presley has been named as a Godmother for Great American Steamboat Company's new 'American Queen'.
Presley, who is synonymous with Graceland in the steamboat’s home port of Memphis, will name her in a christening ceremony at the revitalized Beale Street Landing on April 27.
The Great American Steamboat Company has also entered into an exclusive partnership with EPE. This collaboration will present the first Elvis Cruise on the American Queen from Memphis to New Orleans this December, as well as signature Graceland experiences for guests.
Elvis Presley’s Christmas Cruise on the American Queen - Nov 30 - December 9, 2012.
Steeped in history, nostalgia and tradition, the fabled American Queen offers an unrivaled All-American hospitality experience from its elegant staterooms to its palatial public spaces and celebrated Southern cuisine created by renowned chef Regina Charbonueau. Arrive in Memphis for a one-of-a-kind pre-sail party at Graceland Plaza that will feature a special holiday celebration to kick-off the season at the king’s castle followed by
unique nighttime tour of the house, lit up and decorated for the holidays. Then, set sail from Memphis for a 7-day journey down the storied Mississippi River to New Orleans. Each day on-board will follow a unique Elvis theme with activities and live entertainment in addition to complimentary shore adventures included in each port of call.
Sounds fun - More info to follow
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales: This week,'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops out of the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts (w/e 17th March, 2012) selling some 3135 copies. Total sales to date: 441,329 copies. The album which was No.200 sold one copy more than AAITG!

The following also appeared on the Catalog Album Charts:
- 'Elvis: Best Of Love' selling some 2989 copies. Total sales to date: 243,709.
- 'Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits' (Digital Sales Only) selling some 2040 copies. Total digital sales to date: 132,251 copies.
- 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 1935 copies. Total sales to date: 97,473 copies.
- 'Elvis Rock' (Compilation) selling some 1899 copies. Total sales to date: 153,629 copies.
- 'Elvis Gospel/ An Evening Prayer' (Compilation) selling some 1766 copies. Total sales to date: 142,531 copies.
- 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) selling some 1500 copies. Total sales to date: 74,739 copies.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Marty Lacker corrects the AP news story featured below.
The Honeymoon House and Rona Barrett was not the reason he got married in Vegas instead of the house.  It had been planned months before that it would be in Vergas.  Rona was in Palm Springs the day before and she tried to snoop her way into the story by following Esposito and I to try to see if she could hear us talking about the details.  We saw her and started talking about a bunch of false information and led her on a wild goose chase which she kiddingly reminded me of a few years later at a Capitol Records party in Hollywood for Chips Moman and the American band when we signed a production deal with Capitol.
- Marty.

EIN thanks Marty Lacker for the correction

Elvis Honeymoon House in neighbor dispute: It is one of the most famous houses in the celebrity enclave of Palm Springs, the Elvis & Priscilla "Honeymoon House," where The King and his bride spent their honeymoon and the days after, almost 45 years ago.
AP reports ... But the home’s neighbors today complain that the house has become a disturbing commercial venture, with concerts, tours, parties and traffic that this upscale Desert neighborhood is unaccustomed to- and promoted on EIN!
Elvis had leased the house in 1966 for one year at a cost of $21,000 at the urging of his manager, Col. Tom Parker, who owned a home around the corner. Other celebrities in the neighborhood, called Vista Las Palmas, included Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin and Peter Lawford. The mid-century modern house had previously been featured as 1962’s "House of Tomorrow."
Elvis had planned to marry his young bride, Priscilla Beaulieu, in the house on May 1st, 1967. But gossip columnist Rona Barrett lived nearby, and she got wind of the wedding. (see above correction) So Elvis and Priscilla snuck out the back door of the
house and escaped on Frank Sinatra’s jet to be married in Las Vegas. That night the newlyweds flew back to Palm Springs for their honeymoon.
Such celebrity history draws the crowds today, and the home is marketed as a retro party palace that can accommodate up to 180 people, like last month’s "Elvis & Chocolate" party on Valentine’s Day. It’s all too much for the neighbors who came here for the peace and serenity of Palm Springs.
Those neighbors want stricter control over each event and tour, and the City has agreed, turning-down a flat, one-year permit for the house’s managers to do all the events they want. Those managers are appealing, and it will come to a head at a hearing this Thursday at Palm Springs City Hall. The outcome will determine whether the neighbors get their peace and quiet back, or whether they have to live with what some view as a noisy Heartbreak Hotel.
(News, Source;AP/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 8 March 2012 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2nd News Update!
Nominate Elvis in a serious BBC Poll: To mark Great Britain's Diamond Jubilee, the BBC will be profiling the 60 public figures who have made the greatest impact in the UK during The Queen's reign - men and women who have defined the era and whose deeds will stand the test of time. Tomorrow UK time is the Closing Date.
But who are the great achievers of the past six decades? Who will stamp their names in the history books just as Shakespeare, Drake and Raleigh did before them? Who will be remembered down the years for changing the way we live and think, for entertaining and amazing us?
EIN thinks that ELVIS PRESLEY should surely be nominated as one of the top 60 international public figures that change UK history forever - After all No Elvis, No Beatles!!
Paul McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Richard Attenborough and Stephen Fry are just four that have been mentioned.
SO - Is there someone missing from this list that you think should be celebrated for their work or art? Nominate them now!
CLICK HERE, it will take you 1 minute to add ELVIS to the list.
The BBC are a worthy corporation and ELVIS should be there on their official list.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNetwork)

'The Elvis Files' Volume 5 (1969-1970) MORE sneak previews: Erik Lorentzen and Pal Granlund's 'The Elvis Files' Volume 5 (1969-1970)  is on the way to completion.

Two more Sneak Peaks from the next volume of 'The Elvis Files' described as "a killer book" by author/producer Erik Lorentzen. The book features several pages of photos covering Elvis' visit to the site of the International Hotel, Las Vegas on 26 February 1969.
And check out this great photo from July 1969.
Surely this will be their biggest seller yet!

Go here to EIN's in-depth review on 'The Elvis Files Vol. 4' 1965-1968

(News, Source;PaulRichardson/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Cirque du Soleil's 'Zarkana' to replace 'Viva Elvis': Elvis Presley sure seemed to be more familiar name talked about in Las Vegas than "Zarkana" - but that's the new Cirque du Soleil that will be replacing 'Viva Elvis' at the Aria resort after August 2012.
"'Zarkana' is a guaranteed success, we know this show is working, we know this show is successful and we owe it to our partner to bring a sure bet," President of Cirque du Soleil said.
The underperforming "Viva Elvis" will close at Aria Aug. 18, and "Zarkana" will open Oct. 25 (with a formal debut Nov. 8), after spending its second summer at Radio City Music Hall in New York.
'Zarkana' described as Cirque's version of a rock opera, will be the Canadian company's return to its own in-house, non-branded content in Las Vegas after the last three of its seven resident titles have been themed including the Beatles and Michael Jackson.

(News, Source;MartyLacker/ElvisInfoNetwork)

‘Elvis Presley In Concert’ 2012 Belgium Video Clip: We all know the large screen Elvis concert format, but it is still great to see it still touring in 2012.

Click HERE for a 4 minute YouTube clip from the Lotto Arena Concert in Antwerp last night March 6th.

See More 2012 Concert clips BELOW
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Fire at L.A's RCA Victor 'Radio Recorders' Studio: There are rumours of a major fire at RCA's famous Radio Recorders studios in LA - however updates note that the fire appears to have been actually in their annex studio at 1041 Orange Drive, across the alley from the original Radio Recorders studio at 7000 Santa Monica Boulevard which Elvis used.

Radio Recorders became famous in 1957 for being the Hollywood studio where Elvis recorded some of his greatest hits including the 'Jailhouse Rock' (Elvis right at the famous studio) and 'Loving You' sessions and through to the sixties including 'GI Blues' and the classic 'Blue Hawaii' with its number 1 smash hit singles. It would continue as the main studio for most of Elvis' west-coast Movie Soundtrack recordings until 'Double Trouble' in 1966.
Radio Recorders is now the headquarters of Studio 56.
(News, Source;JoanGansky/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Wednesday 7 March 2012 - - 2nd UPDATE!
FTD Good News, Bad News - How many years to go?: In the EXCELLENT new issue of 'Elvis The Man & His Music' (see article below) editor Trevor Cajiao catches up for a long and interesting interview with Ernst Jorgensen.
In it Ernst answers questions about the new FTD releases 'Promised Land' and 'Wonderful World Of Christmas' (why the true undubbed 'Merry Christmas Baby' was not included), the odd idea behind the splicing of 'Stage Rehearsal', Legacy releases, FTD books (the fiasco of 'Fashion For A King' "I think the book is important but the mistakes are very annoying") as well as a long discussion on Public Domain releases and the MRS label.
Bad News is the decline in sales for FTD and all CD releases -
Ernst - "There is a steady decline on sales of all product, but that's happening in the record business generally. To some extent it's also the same with FTD - no more so on 5" than on 7" - at least only marginally. In the beginning we couldn't see that PD releases and bootlegs affected the sales of our product, but we certainly can now. There is a LOT of product available to the fans, and obviously almost everybody is struggling to keep up.
We sell less than half of what we did a few years ago.

On how long FTD will be able to keep releasing live concert soundboards - "A shot from the hip - two to three years? Ask me again then."
Good News is Ernst's comments on future releases -
On the 1969 Memphis sessions outtakes "of course the material will be made available at some point"
On Classic Albums - "We will release all the original albums in the 'Classic Albums' format, if we have something to include that makes it worthwhile."
He also notes that "Elvis In Concert" is in FTD's release plan, although not anywhere in the near future.
On the Legacy Series - "They sell very well in America - on a completely different level than FTD. The decision on how many more and how much longer is entirely up to the Legacy people. Roger and I just come up with proposals."
Go here for EIN's collected Ernst Jorgensen & Roger Semon Interviews.
And please purchase this issue of 'Elvis The Man and His Music' for the whole, very interesting interview.
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‘Elvis The Man & His Music’ March 2012: Issue #95 of this very fine magazine is out now - and in EIN's opinion it is one of their BEST ever!
The content of this 44 page issue includes....
- Catching Up With Ernst: Trevor Cajiao interviews Ernst.
- Book Reviews: 'What Elvis Never Knew', 'Treat Me Nice: Elvis, His Music And The Frankenstein Creature' and and excellent, detailed review of 'King Creole: Frame By Frame' (see sample pics right).
- As Hot As An Erupting Volcano: Ger Rijff casts an eye over the recent book 'A Moment In Time - 4 Days In 56'.
- Spinout Movie Trivia: Facts about Elvis' 22nd film.
- Meeting Elvis by Roy Brown.
- Casting the First Stone: 'Elvis: What Happened?' 35 Years on: Luther Moore examines the history behind the controversial 'bodyguards' book.
In this fascinating and lengthy article, Luther Moore looks at the bad - and the good! - of this often discussed tabloid thrashing of Elvis' legacy.
As Moore writes - So what of the book itself? Re-reading it today, some thirty five years on, it's actually a pretty tame affair, certainly when compared to much of what followed. Sensationalised, for sure. But it's certainly not the malicious, spiteful, hate-filled travesty of Goldman's later effort or the barefaced rubbish from the Stanleys. In truth, it's really little more than a sloppily compiled collection of random stories, lacking theme or context, relying on the shock value of its revelations to hold the reader's attention. As such it very much betrays Dunleavy's roots as a tabloid hack. Timelines are distorted (the book wanders back and forth aimlessly), dates - when given - are hopelessly wrong, and certain well known incidents seem to have been deliberately misconstrued to show Elvis in the least flattering light possible. The Dewey Phillips funeral incident is a perfect example. On page 159 Dunleavy has Red saying "Elvis is at Dewey's funeral and suddenly he gets a fit of the giggles. Just laughed his head off." We know, of course, that that isn't quite the full story, but Dunleavy is happy to let it stand. Worse, and far more insidious in a book
that promotes itself as a true story, Dunleavy seems to have deliberately altered verifiable material, which is an unethical and unforgivable practice...
- Plus of course, the magazine includes the usual great CD reviews and Elvis news round-up.
The BEST Elvis magazine around if you want to know about our man and his music.
DON'T MISS OUT on this great issue - Go here for more info and to purchase.
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'The Complete '68 Comeback Special' Budget Re-Release OUT NEXT WEEK: 'The Complete '68 Comeback Special' 40th Anniversary Edition CD Box-set originally issued in 2008 is now being re-released by Sony in 2012 as a "mini-book with the 4CDs" budget set on 12 Mar 2012.

You can read our original review of the 2008 box-set here.

Click below and order it now for only £12.00 (US$18) from Amazon UK

... The Complete '68 Comeback Special- The 40th Anniversary Edition


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'Elvis Forever - The Complete Collection' Vols 3/4 Out Now: Released in 1974 the double album 'ELVIS FOREVER' (volume 1) is probably the best-selling Elvis compilation album of all-time (at least in Europe) .
In Germany 1.000.000 copies were sold within a year of its release, in Finland it became the biggest selling 'greatest hits' album ever, in Belgium it sold more than 270.000 copies and in Holland it was one of the very few Elvis albums that went straight to number 1 on the charts ( in 1974 ). By the end of the 1970's the original FOREVER album had sold more copies than UK's '40 GREATEST', without even being released in the UK or US (more than 5 million copies).
After the huge success of FOREVER volume 1, RCA decided in the 1980's to release 4 more volumes in the FOREVER series. Although they sold well, they never became the huge success of the first volume.
'Elvis Forever Vol.1' was released on CD by RCA as a double cd album and as a single cd album (with 30 tracks instead of the original 32).
Volume 2 was also released, in 2 different versions, but both editions contained only 31 tracks and not 32 . The CD version of Elvis Forever Vol.2 with the original album cover (released in Holland ) is almost unfindable these days, and the CD version promoting the 'Elvis Eau De Toilette' (only released in Germany with a totally different cover) is also a rarity.
All the other volumes in the FOREVER series are unreleased on CD - Until now!
We are very proud to announce the COMPLETE collection of original ELVIS FOREVER albums on fabric silver pressed cds (Not CDRs)
Housed in stunning 3 panel digipacks with original album artwork, each FOREVER volume contains 2 discs with the 32 original album tracks plus a bonus disc with rare and hard to find recordings (some tracks are even unreleased on official CD releases). With a total of 50 rare bonus tracks, this collection of 5 double-albums has a total of 210 tracks! A massive and ultimate Elvis collection!!
But there's more....... When you buy Elvis Forever Vols 3&4 , you'll receive a FREE stunning cardboard storage box, so when you have collected the complete series you can storage them all in one beautiful box!
So start your amazing ELVIS FOREVER collection today!
Out Now: Elvis Forever Volume 3 & Volume 4. The others volumes will be released in april /may 2012
Order Now and get the stunning storage-box for Free! Limited Edition of only 500 Copies !!!!!
35 years after........Elvis is still.... FOREVER
Go HERE to All the CD News 2012 for more info for tracklist and more info.
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'Elvis Presley In Concert' 2012 European Tour Kicks-Off: An Elvis Matters who were there EXCLUSIVE report on the new Elvis In Concert tour which kicked off in Zürich, Switzerland yesterday. Over 11,000 fans attended the first show of the 3 week tour. It wasn't hard to tell that the musicians loved being on stage again, with Elvis on the big screen. James, Norbert, Glen... smiled the whole time. There were no surprises in the songlist. Even the Google Earth Intro was used again. One difference though: the video during intermission time was not "A Little Less Conversation", but a rather 'steamy' clip of Rubberneckin'. Here's what you'll see this tour.
ACT 1 - Google Earth Intro - "2001" Overture
See See Rider, Burning Love, Welcome To my World, Steamroller Blues, (intros ) Johnny B. Goode, You Gave Me A Mountain, That's Allright Mama, Hound Dog, don't Be Cruel, Heartbreak Hotel, Are you Lonesome Tonight, All Shook Up, Blue Suede Shoes, Love Me Tender,
Don't Cry Daddy, In The Ghetto, Never Been To Spain, Funny How Time Slips Away, Sweet Sweet Spirit, How Great Thou Art, If I can Dream.
Intermission Video Rubberneckin'
ACT 2 - Trouble/Guitar Man, Polk Salad Annie, You've lost that lovin' feeling, You don't have to say you love me, I got A Woman, Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Wonder Of You, Suspicious Minds, I'll Remember You, What Now My Love, A Big Hunk O' Love, My Way, American Trilogy, Can't Help Falling In Love.
- Go HERE to a 10 minute YouTube Clip of the highlights.
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'Elvis: Hawaii, For God And Country' Delayed: The release of "Elvis: Hawaii, For God And Country" Elvis' benefit concert recorded at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on March 25th 1961, will be delayed until April, as 3764 BLVD Publishing announce that they have uncovered even more rare material! 
We want to be sure our high-quality release is as complete as possible.
As a newcomer, we know one may only make a good first impression once. 
We will keep you updated on our progress.
3764 BLVD Publishing says it will be worth the wait!
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'Such A Night in Pearl Harbour' - New release date APRIL 2: MRS in association with JAT Productions will release the next Elvis Presley titled ‘Such A Night in Pearl Harbor’ on April 2, 2012. It will contain a completely new re-mastered CD of Elvis’ performance of the benefit concert recorded at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on March 25th 1961 to aid of the USS Arizona Memorial Fund.
The quality is of this concert is far superior than anything of this ever released before and will now be considered, one of the best Elvis concert recordings up until that time. The audio was re-mastered at Studio D who did such astounding work on the recent MRS 'Hayride' release.
Elvis performs 15 songs and sings every one as if it were the first time he had ever presented them to an audience.
Also included for the first time ever, is the 30 minute radio broadcast from Hawaii a week before Elvis’ arrival. It promoted the concert for the memorial fund, playing selected tracks from Elvis’ Christmas and ‘His Hand

in Mine’ album, released at that time including words by Elvis Presley.
As a bonus, the CD is accompanied by a 100 page hard back book that contains many rare photographs with extensive and informative linear notes detailing Elvis’ arrival and performance in Hawaii.
CLICK HERE to Preorder> Such A Night In Pearl Harbor (CD + 100 Page Book) - Only £13.99  (US$22) and includes audio samples to check out.
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Monday 5 March 2012
‘I am floored by what Elvis could do with his voice…’ Former TCB band-member Duke Bardwell remembers Elvis: It’s now 35 years ago that Elvis Presley died, but former bandmember Duke Bardwell continues to be fascinated by his voice:  ‘ I have to tell you, any time I hear him sing, I am floored by what he could do and how expressive and perfect his phrasing is…..I'd say "was"…..but it is an "is"’, he says. Duke was introduced to the magic of Presley’s voice at the tender age of 14: ‘I picked up on Elvis in 1957 when I heard Old Shep and was hooked’.
Bardwell worked with Elvis during 1974 and ’75, a turbulent period that marked the beginning of the end for Presley. Much has been made of Elvis’ sometimes sarcastic comments on stage towards him, but in private Duke got to see a very different side of Presley: ‘I had a couple of opportunities to be with him in private and in these situations he was very nice, considerate, inquisitive, relaxed and sincere.  This made the public "snide" remarks even more confusing’. Did he ever attend the gospel singing sessions in Elvis’ penthouse suite at the Las Vegas Hilton? ‘I did hear some of the famous after hours gospel singing sessions as a listener…..never as a participant…..I didn't know any of the songs or I would have been up in there singing with them’, Bardwell remembers. The last time he saw Presley? ‘I don't remember the exact date but it was the last show that I did with him in Vegas.  We did not speak….but we had a great water gun fight on stage…..and I won. What he said is not for print!’, Bardwell says laughingly.
Duke Bardwell will be coming to Europe this April as part of ‘The Original Elvis Tribute’, a top-notch tribute show which features various musicians and singers who worked with Presley, and he’s looking forward to it: ‘There has been little that I have done that has offered me the personal privilege of being a part of a group of talented people such as the "Tribute".  All involved are consummate performers and such lovely people.  Bobby Wood is "The Concert Master".  To work with him is such a privilege.  I have not worked with our new guitar player before but I really look forward to his youth and enthusiasm….and from what I have listened to….that boy can play.  Jerome "Stump" Monroe is a joy….solid as a big ole rock….and I love him.  The Holliday Sisters are a new addition to the show…and I can't believe we have the opportunity to play with them.  This takes the entire show to another complete level. Now….Robert Washington.  All I can say is if it wasn't for him, I'm not sure I would be doing this.  It is my great pleasure and privilege to take the stage with this man.  Come see for yourself’, he says. Asked whether he has a message for the Elvis fans coming to these shows, he smiles and says: ‘Let us celebrate the man. Let us celebrate the music.  Let us celebrate the FUN!!’.
For more information on the April 2012 'Special 35th Anniversary European Tour', please CLICK HERE.
To see Duke’s new tour promo video, GO HERE.
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The Great Fake 45RPM Switcheroo! Don't say that EIN didn't warn you! As we stated back on January 16th (look here) - Announced in various Elvis shops was a cute looking fake 1960's single. The 7" inch 45 rpm vinyl single in red vinyl combines "Like A Baby/Make Me Know It". The White RCA promotional label with RCA VICTOR logo (47- 8025 Not For Sale, Promotional copy) indicates that this actual single was never released, other than in a promotional version. - While the songs are definitely Public Domain in the EU, EIN is not so sure about the rights to use the RCA VICTOR logo.
EIN asked Ernst Jorgensen his thoughts on the copyright issue - but he said that this should be followed up with SONY directly. SONY told us that the single was a fake. The vinyl single was selling for $19.
- Now our friends at Elvis Express tells us that the Pre-Release images used to bait the fans were fake (as EIN thought) "The logo on the released single no longer has the old RCA VICTOR & nipper logo and instead now has It's Elvis Time & music notes. The white label is the same...RCA VICTOR name gone and replaced with IT'S ELVIS TIME. This is a total rip off because I know that if the truth was told, I would not have ordered in the first place."
At $19 plus postage - fans should demand a refund from their supplier. There is no way this single is a "real collectors piece" as was suggested.
- Both Elvis Express and EIN were not involved in selling this fake.
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The Tupelo Elvis Festival - Coming Soon! The Tupelo Elvis Festival is a musical celebration designed to honor Elvis Presley, Tupelo’s native son, and the impact that his music has on the world. For the 14th annual Tupelo Elvis Festival on May 31, June 1, 2, and 3, regional, national and international artists will entertain the fans. This year’s entertainment lineup includes three of the National Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Champions and renowned current musical acts that have regional and national recognition.
For the first time in the history of this festival, three of the past five National Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artists will perform at the Lyric Theatre. Not only have all three of these men been named “Ultimate” by Elvis Presley Enterprises in Memphis, but all three of them won preliminary rounds first, in Tupelo, Mississippi.
The magic starts on Thursday night, May 31st at the Lyric where Bill Cherry, the 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist and D.J. Fontana and Sonny Burgess and the Pacers will perform.
Another National winner, the 2009 Champion, Brandon Bennett from Ponchatoula, Louisiana, will be a big crowd pleaser on Friday night, June 1st.  Brandon has been honored with several international awards and is currently leading the Chicago production of  “The Million Dollar Quartet”- the musical inspired by the famed session that brought together rock ‘n roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. 
And, last but not least, is a performance on Saturday, June 2nd by the reigning 2011 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist- Cody Slaughter, the 20 year old from Harrison, Arkansas. With a long list of awards and wins, Cody has accomplished what people twice his age can only dream of.  The youngest tribute artist to ever win the title of “Ultimate”, Cody has the looks, the moves, the voice and the showmanship to specialize as a” Young Elvis”. Cody is currently in the touring production of “The “Million Dollar Quartet”, but he will take a little break to be with us in Tupelo during the 2012 Elvis Festival.
If you want to be part of this Elvis festival register now - Click HERE.
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Jerry Scheff autobiography OUT NOW: The long awaited Jerry Scheff Autobiography is now released, - EIN should receive its copy soon.

From the publisher's pr: In this candid and perceptive memoir of his 45-year career, bassist Jerry Scheff takes us onto Elvis's private jet, on tour with Bob Dylan, and into the studio with the Doors. A stalwart presence behind some of the greatest names of popular music, Scheff has also played with Roy Orbison, Elvis Costello, the Association, Neil Diamond, Johnny Mathis, the Everly Brothers, John Denver, and Nancy Sinatra, to name just a few. Eschewing hype, Scheff provides a behind-the-scenes perspective, from having worked sleeves rolled up, side by side, with the great artists in their factories. The book opens with the TCB band's learning of the King's death while en route to a tour date, a pivotal moment for him, the rest of the band, and the world at large. He then proceeds on a nonlinear journey that mirrors the process of true life-reflection, from his roots in San Francisco to his touring all over the world. This is a tale of a man who has truly grown a career from a genuine love of music and of his instrument, proving how following that gift can bring a person to places beyond his wildest dreams. It is an exciting inside view of the evolution and craft and work of making rock and roll - a must-have for true music craftsmen and music junkies in general.(News, Source:ElvisInfoNetwork)

Saturday 3 March 2012
Graceland launches 'ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley': The year-long 35th anniversary commemoration of the life and legacy of Elvis Presley continues in Memphis with the third and largest exhibit launching at Graceland in 2012.
Curated by the Graceland archives team in partnership with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, this groundbreaking exhibit features 75 artifacts on loan from the famed Cleveland museum, along with items from the collections of many of today’s biggest names in music who have been influenced by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The exhibit celebrates Elvis’ status as a music pioneer and icon that paved the way for many of today’s artists and celebrities. Items on display in this exhibit include Bono’s “MacPhisto” suit from U2’s Zooropa performances, Bob Dylan’s leather jacket that appears on the album cover "Real Live,” James Brown’s jumpsuit and vest worn in concert in the 1970s, along with artifacts from Elton John, Trisha Yearwood, Joan Jett, Wanda Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Katy Perry and many others.
Grammy award-winning artist Amy Grant, a well-known Elvis fan, gladly accepted the invitation to display her personal copy of lyrics for “Heartbreak Hotel,” handwritten for her by the songwriter, Mae Axton. “The ink is fading on the page, but the special memory of spending time with one of the great writers who gave Elvis a song to sing never will,” said Grant when asked about being included in the unique exhibit.
CLICK HERE to the video about "ICON: The Influence of Elvis Presley Exhibit.
The exhibit will be open March 1, 2012 through February 2013.
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Canadian Dentist buys Elvis' crown: A dentist in central Alberta, Canada, has shelled out nearly $10,000 to buy a dental crown made for rock legend Elvis Presley. Michael Zuk already owns a $31,000 tooth out of the mouth of Beatles icon John Lennon. The Presley crown came to him through an auction in the United Kingdom and had previously belonged to Memphis dentist Henry Weiss.
The crown is set in a model made from a mould of Presley's mouth. It comes with a letter describing an emergency trip Weiss's son had to make to Las Vegas with a crown in 1971, because Presley had broken one.
"Most of us didn't know that he had a capped front tooth. He had a smile that made women go crazy — just goes to show that some of these celebs have their weaknesses", Zuk said.

(News, Source;CanadianPress/ElvisMatters)

Huge Elvis collection for sale: If you are in Belgium or Holland next weekend why not check out this huge Elvis collection for sale. ElvisMatters just obtained a huge collection of original Elvis CDs, DVDs and books. Because the collection holds over 500 different items, we offer the CDs for lower than low prices, starting at 1 euro.

The two Collection Sales Days are Saturday, March 10th and Sunday, March 11th at the ElvisMatters Shop in Turnhout (B), 98 Otterstraat, Belgium (close to the Dutch border).  Doors open at 10 am. See you there for some exceptional bargains!
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Friday 2 March 2012
"50+ Years with Elvis" Betty Harper exhibition: Remembering the King... a new exhibition by internationally renowned Elvis artist, Betty Harper is on at The Center for Southern Folklore which presents "50+ Years with Elvis," August 1, 2012 – October 19, 2012 - throughout Elvis Week 2012 - in Memphis, TN
In observance of the 35th year anniversary of Elvis' passing and in honor of the 40th Anniversary of The Center for Southern Folklore, more than 100 pieces of Betty Harper's original Elvis artwork will be on display for fans around the world to enjoy. Discover the evolution of her drawings which will span more than 50 years, beginning with pencil (her favorite medium) to her current day artwork created in Photoshop, a medium Betty fully embraces as a incredible tool for the artist.
Since she was first entranced by the magic of Elvis in the 50's, this American artist has drawn more than 10,000 portraits of Elvis, capturing every period of the entertainer's life. Although Betty's artwork includes drawings of famous statesmen, entertainers and sports heroes, she has become most famous for her world renowned portraits of Elvis. Her intimate, searching portraits have made her "the" Elvis Artist.
With countless awards and ribbons by the time she graduated from Dreux American High School in France, Betty studied at the American Academy in Paris where she continued to develop as an artist with a style distinctly her own.
Although Betty Harper never met Elvis -- "I saw him only once, from the back of a concert hall" -- the star was aware of her work and impressed enough by it to put her on his mailing list. "One time, my father bundled up

about 400 of my drawings of Elvis and sent them to Graceland," she said. "From then on, I received Christmas cards, but I only saw him that once at the concert."
Catch a glimpse into the soul of the man who not only ruled the world of rock 'n' roll, but also ruled the hearts of many.
To learn more about the The Center for Southern Folklore go here..
Betty Harper, who will be on hand to autograph her works of art Thursday, August 9th, 2012.
Go HERE for EIN's exclusive interview with Betty Harper and a look at some of her fine work.
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'The Hillbilly Cat Returns' new Import CD: Graceland Records next CD release is the follow up to 'The Hillbilly Cat Live', a digipack with gorgeous photos and liner notes plus technical information. It features one of the best shows from his August Las Vegas engagement, namely the August 24th, 1970 midnight show, taken from the original unspoiled – a tremendous audience recording!
The Press release notes... After the success of "The Hillbilly Cat Live" volume 1 we decided to give you the other Elvis show also. Again directly taken from the original master tape created in 1970 for the double vinyl release "The hillybilly Cat "live" This second show is entitled "The Hillybilly Cat returns", volume 2. The best title to link it to "The Hillybilly Cat Live ! Together you'll have the complete vinyl lp release on two CDs and MUCH MORE , the complete shows in their original form!
By now we can state that these recordings now sounds significantly better than they it did on the 1970 vinyl bootleg.
The historic.. THE HILLBILLY CAT "LIVE"! Is a sought after double lp from Canada, featuring two 1970 Vegas shows (August 23 DS and 24 MS) Edited together as one powerhouse performance.
Many believed at the time that it was a soundboard recording, but it was simply a great stereo tape, made from a front, center table.  Now for the first time, hear it straight from the original tapes, enhanced using 21st-century techniques.
The August 24 Midnight Show is the complete tape, which was only partly released on the original double album.
This show is a little more serious but with Elvis on top of his game and in great spirits, as the Hollywood cameras were gone.
Listen for perhaps one of the rarest songs in complete form "When The Snow Is On The Roses", a tender love song originally recorded by Ed Ames, who as it was, present during this show. It's unique to point this out since Elvis rarely did something outside of this own songbook. All songs are getting the royal Elvis treatment so this show is one to take serious!
No wonder it became part of the first, and most legendary Elvis bootleg LPs!
EIN notes - Hopefully the quality is improved over the "When The Snow Is On The Roses" BMG version released over ten years ago on the "Live In Las Vegas' box-set
Go HERE to All the CD News 2012 for more info for tracklist and more info.
(News, Source;FECC/EIN)

No Elvis re-naming for Memphis Airport: Last month EIN promoted both the petition to rightfully acknowledge Memphis' greatest icon with the renaming to "Elvis Presley Memphis Airport" - as well as featuring Marty Lacker's great supportive letter to Memphis councilman Jim Strickland.
Today Marty received this dissapointing reply from Larry Cox the Director of the Memphis airport regarding the campaign.
Dear Mr. Lacker,
Councilman Jim Strickland forwarded your email to him regarding your request to name the Memphis International Airport for Elvis Presley.
This issue has surfaced from time to time by the many fans of Elvis Presley. The airport is owned and operated by the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority and has reviewed the potential to name the airport for an individual.
There are many people, Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King Jr., Danny Thomas, Fred Smith, E. W. “Ned” Cook and others, that have had major impacts on Memphis who are worthy to be considered if it is ever determined that the airport should be named for a person.
The Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority Board of Commissioners have determined that the airport’s name should remain Memphis International Airport. Elvis Presley and the other

distinguished individuals are recognized in other ways by the airport and the community.
We certainly appreciate the importance of music on Memphis and have a display in each of our three terminals that showcase three of our notable music icons, Elvis Presley, Isaac Hays, and BB King. The Airport Authority and the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau are in the process of updating the displays to include videos and music of the existing honorees and will be adding other Memphis Music icons that are not currently included.
Elvis is also featured in our rotunda in the B concourse concession areas.
We appreciate your interest and suggestions.
Best wishes, Larry

Below is Marty Lacker's new reply to Larry Cox.
Larry, I understand what you're saying because I've heard it before.
In no way am I demeaning the others you named but nobody in this city has had the impact on Memphis as Elvis.  He put Memphis on the map to 98% of the people worldwide.  I don't know if you were here in the 50's when he emerged from obscurity but he above all made Memphis known

and that is closely followed by the Music that was recorded here.
Fred Smith without a doubt contributed to Memphis with FedEx but I'd venture to say that 97% of the general public doesn't know who he is nor that Memphis is the HQ of FedEx.  99% don't know who Ned Cook is and as for Martin Luther King Jr., his only connection to Elvis is that unfortunately he lost his life here.
As I said in my email to Jim Strickland, if you name the airport for Elvis everyone in the world will know where it is because on a worldwide basis everyone knows who Elvis is. He's a gift to Memphis that keeps on giving.  I would venture to say that a high percentage of the 600,000 to 700,000 folks who visit Graceland annually gets here via the airport.
I wish you all would reconsider your position on this matter and I do appreciate that you replied to my email.
Respectfully, Marty Lacker
- - - - - - - - - -- CLICK HERE to sign the petition.
EIN truly appreciates Marty Lacker's attitude - the Airport Authority obviously have little idea of the impact of Elvis on the International community and the large number of fans that visit Memphis.
The fact that Liverpool airport is named the "John Lennon Airport" says it all. What are they thinking?

EIN also agrees that Atlanta, Georgia should have a 'Martin Luther King airport' as that is the town he is mainly associated with, born there and schooled there. Similarly Elvis is truly associated with Memphis.
(News, Source;ElvisExpress/MartyLacker/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Marketing Elvis in 2012: Scott Williams the VP of Marketing and Media for Elvis Presley Enterprises visited the Public Relations Society of America-Memphis chapter to talk about the PR strategies at EPE.

It runs a long 37 minutes however he does talk about some interesting thoughts
- "The Elvis Brand"
- What EPE puts financial investment in (ie Nissan commercial)
- Modern Family TV show. 
- Fan studies and marketing
- Social Networking
- The EPE website
& facebook

GO HERE for the full presentation
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales: This week,'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 183 to 179 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts (w/e 10th March, 2012) selling some 3205 copies. Total sales to date: 438,194 copies.

The following also appeared on the Catalog Album Charts:
- 'Elvis: Best Of Love' selling some 2893 copies. Total sales to date: 240,720 copies.
- 'Elvis Rock' (Compilation) selling some 1877 copies. Total sales to date: 151,730 copies.
- 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 1779 copies. Total sales to date: 95,538 copies.
- 'Elvis Gospel/ An Evening Prayer' (Compilation) selling some 1766 copies. Total sales to date: 142,531 copies.
- 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) selling some 1562 copies. Total sales to date: 73,239 copies.
- 'Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits' (Digital Sales Only) selling some 637 copies. Total digital sales to date: 130,211 copies.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Australia Elvis Ultimate Tribute Artists Contest this weekend in Sydney: The Sydney Elvis UETA contest this weekend includes artefacts of Elvis' on display from Greg Page's extensive ELVIS collection plus the contest and 2 headline acts over the weekend, including Damian Mullin, the January 2012 winner of the Surfers Paradise Ultimate.
It will take place at a the 500-seat Castle Hill High School Auditorium, Castle Street, Castle Hill, NSW, Australia, from 11am till 6pm on Saturday & Sunday 3rd & 4th March and will feature ten of Australia's top Elvis Tribute Artists (ETAs) who will be competing for a $AUD 3,500 first prize, a contract with LEGENDS on Stage and a spot at the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist (UETA) in Memphis, Tennessee, USA in August 2012, that will commemorate the 35th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley.
The weekend features
- "SHE IS THE KING" starring the world's premier female Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA), Jacqueline Feilich.
- "THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ELVIS" featuring Elvis' gospel songs sung by some of Australia's best ETAs,
- "ELVIS FOREVER" starring award-winning Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA) and current Australian (Surfers Paradise) Ultimate ETA winner, Damian Mullin, and more.
GO HERE for full details and SYDNEY performance times
(News, Source;UltimateAustraliaETA)

More recent news from February ....
Elvis finally at the Oscars - But he didn't win!: While some viewers were very surprised to see ELVIS amongst the Oscar nominees, sadly the short film “God Is the Bigger Elvis” did not win the Oscar for 'Best Short Documentary'.
However it wasn’t hard to spot Elvis Presley’s old co-star on the Oscars red carpet. She was the one wearing the nun’s habit. Mother Dolores Hart, who left Hollywood 49 years ago to pursue a religious life, made a dramatic return Sunday to take part in the 84th annual Academy Awards ceremony. The Oscar-nominated documentary short film “God Is the Bigger Elvis,” tells the 73-year-old nun’s story. “It’s absolutely an extraordinary event,” said Mother Dolores, her voice barely audible above the red carpet’s screaming bleacher fans. “Believe me, this is very different than being in the monastery.” Hart left Hollywood in 1963 after starring in films with Presley, George Hamilton and others. But even before her departure, she revealed Sunday, she was being drawn to her future calling. “One of the things that Elvis and I did when we made ‘King Creole’ was we opened the Bible every afternoon before we went on set and we listened to the words of the Lord,” she recalled. Asked what Presley would think of her nomination, she replied, “I think he would be very happy.” Unfortunately the ‘God is the Bigger Elvis’ short did not win the Oscar. 'Saving Face' the documentary film about acid attacks on women was the Oscar winner. See below for the full story of Dolores Hart & the new documentary.
(News, Source;AP/ElvisInfoNet)

'Jailhouse Rock: Frame by Frame' SNEAK PEAK: The new 400-page hardcover book from FTD and by authors Erik Lorentzen and Pål Granlund is back from the printers. Following on from the excellent 'King Creole: Frame By Frame'  the is the second volume of an exciting new series from Elvis Files' producer Erik Lorentzen combined with FTD called "Elvis Presley In Hollywood". Each book will contain more than 400 pages and, alongside text written by Mike Eder, many hundreds of stunning, previously unpublished photographs that have been carefully selected by Erik and Pål from their extensive private collections.

GO HERE for a special JAILHOUSE ROCK book preview

GO HERE to purchase directly from the author - Only Euro100 or US$130 within Europe INCLUDING  Postage - don't be ripped off by other sites.

(News, Source;EL/ElvisInfoNet)

Hear Lisa Marie's Interview with Elvis Radio: Part 2 of Lisa Marie's Interview with Elvis Radio is the new Graceland Beat Podcast

Click HERE to download the episode to hear part two of Elvis Radio's interview with Lisa Marie Presley.

She talks even more about growing up at Graceland, celebrating her birthday, and opening the new exhibit "Elvis.. Through His Daughter's Eyes."

(News, Source;EPE)

Elvis composer/arranger Billy Strange dies at 81; Billy Strange guitarist & arranger (shown right with Elvis) was one of the hottest players on the L.A. studio scene but is now also well-known as the co-writer of Elvis' huge worldwide smash 'A Little Less Conversation'. With Mac Davis, Strange also composed 'Memories', 'Nothingville', 'Charro' and 'Clean Up Your Own Backyard' for Elvis. He also arranged 'Edge Of Reality'.
Billy Strange also produced Nancy Sinatra's 'These Boots Are Made for Walking' and as part of the 'Wrecking Crew' played guitar on the Beach Boys' 'Pet Sounds' album.
Billy Strange first worked as musician with Elvis on the movie 'It Happened At the World's Fair' in 1962 and then played some cool guitar on the 'Viva Las Vegas' soundtrack. He continued with Elvis' sessions often as conductor/arranger, with his last session for Elvis being 1968's 'The Trouble With Girls' recordings.
As Billy Strange explains he once took the kind of phone call that thousands of musicians receive only in their best and wildest dreams.
"I was staying at a hotel in Nashville in 1965 when my telephone
rang and this unmistakable voice said, "Billy, this is Elvis. I'd like for you to stop by my studios and play some music with me"". "I was absolutely thrilled, so I went along and he just sat at the piano playing gospel songs. We had a lot of fun; so much so that we never got around to recording anything that first day."
That made it a rare day in Strange's life in the 1960s: He not only was one of the hottest players but also a successful songwriter, arranger and recording artist working in LA's top recording studios at what may have been the pinnacle of a long career in which he contributed to hit records by artists such as Presley, the Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, the Everly Brothers, Dean Martin and Willie Nelson.
Strange, who died Wednesday in Nashville at 81, is most widely known for his role as musical arranger of Nancy Sinatra's first No. 1 hit, "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'," in 1966 and her 1967 duet with her father, "Somethin' Stupid." Strange also was the budding pop singer's co-star on her eerie song "Bang Bang (He Shot
Me Down)," on which the only accompaniment to her wistful vocal were the strums and runs from Strange's tremolo-soaked electric guitar.
With his all-around skills as a songwriter, arranger and player, Strange was soon in high demand in recording studios, adding to sessions with Ricky Nelson, the Everlys and Spector, the latter connection segueing into work with Spector disciple Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, for whom he played on their high-watermark album "Pet Sounds" in 1966.
Those credits helped bring him to the attention of Presley, whose career as a recording artist faltered in the 1960s as he focused on formulaic Hollywood movies set up for him by his manager, Col. Tom Parker. After that first meeting, Presley and Strange became close friends.
As Billy Strange told author Ken Sharp - "Elvis and I always hung out together. When he moved to LA he was totally surrounded by young lady fans in this gated house that he lived in. About the only time he could get out of the house was late at night and we'd jump on our bikes and ride our Harleys all over the Hollywood hills. Elvis used to call me up around 2am or 3am and say, 'Hey Billy, let's go for a ride,' "
Certainly Elvis was familiar with what I had been doing with Nancy and Frank Sinatra and he made the choice of me as a producer and arranger for him. Everything I had ever done, particularly the Nancy Sinatra session, had a life and feeling of its own and whatever arranging capabilities I had fit the moment for Elvis. We were very lucky and had some hits.
Elvis worked like a trooper in the studio. He was as professional as anyone could be. He knew the material and knew when it was right for him. He knew exactly when a take was it. Elvis knew what he was. He was held down from being as good as he could be because of the class of material he was forced to do for his films-just his records proved that. Most of his hits weren't from films. They were songs that he chose because he liked them and knew that he could perform them well.
My favorite song that Elvis recorded of ours is "Memories." It's the most outstanding to me because I happened to just love the song. That ballad really fit Elvis at that point.
I lost a dear friend when Elvis died. I couldn't bring myself to go to the funeral of one who expired so needlessly and tragically.
Billy Strange was elected to the Musicians Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, both based in Nashville.
RIP Billy Strange - died 21 February 2012, aged 81.
Click HERE for a delightful Interview with Billy Strange about Elvis and his song 'A Little Less Conversation'. (News, Source;KenSharp/ElvisInfoNet)

Mary Magdalene Morgan Interview: By 1946 and fifth grade, Elvis' interest in girls was conspicuous if not reciprocated. Elvis first sought out Elois Bedford but soon after, just as she was boarding the school bus in the afternoon, Elvis handed her a note. It read, without preamble or postscript, "I have found another girl."
The other girl Elvis found was Mary Magdalene Morgan who is often referred to as Elvis' first true "girlfriend".
 "He was just my ideal guy. He was very pleasant, very polite. He didn't talk a whole lot. Elvis was kind of embarrassed a lot. He did not like crowds. He would talk to me a lot if we were by ourselves, like when my mother and I would visit the Presley home, which we did often because Gladys was my mom's best friend." - Magdalene Morgan.

Back in 1990 EIN Contributor and Memphis journalist & author Bill E Burk interviewed Magdalene Morgan for his book on Elvis' Early Years ...
Go here to Bill E Burk's enlightening interview with Magdalene Morgan.
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

'The Elvis Files' Volume 5 (1969-1970) sneak preview: Erik Lorentzen and Pal Granlund's 'The Elvis Files' Volume 5 (1969-1970)  is on the way to completion.

Assistant Editor Paul Richardson has posted three preview pages below.
Surely this will be their biggest seller yet!

Go here to EIN's in-depth review on 'The Elvis Files Vol. 4' 1965-1968

(News, Source;PaulRichardson/EIN)


UK fans - GET YOUR TICKETS FOR ELVIS: "Elvis Presley In Concert" will soon hit the UK and to those who have yet to see this tour, "GO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW"!
'Elvis Presley In Concert' is the closest thing you will ever get to seeing and experiencing what it was like to see the REAL Elvis Presley live on stage? Even though this is just Elvis on a huge screen, the emotion and the illusion is ten thousand fold what any IMP could ever bring to you as a fan of the original King of Rock n Roll, Pop, ballads and more.
The tickets are still available at the main city venues in the UK so please help keep Elvis' spirit alive. It might be the last opportunity you get and its a fantastic night out.
March  9 Sheffield
March 10 Manchester
March 13 Odyssey Arena Belfast
March 16 The O2 London,
March 17 Wembley Arena London,

CLICK HERE for UK tickets
(News, Source;ElvisExpress/ElvisInfoNet)

Author Chris Kennedy Interview about D.J. Tommy Edwards: Tommy Edwards was one of the most successful and innovative deejays in Cleveland history, alongside his professional rival, Bill Randle. He also hosted local TV shows like Farm Bureau Jamboree, which showcased country and rockabilly artists.
He jumpstarted many country and rock 'n' roll careers north of the Mason-Dixon Line, including Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Chuck Berry, and others.
And one of Tommy Edwards' greatest, lasting achievements was recognizing Elvis Presley's talent after "That's All Right" was released in the summer of 1954 on Sun Records....
Author Chris Kennedy has recently published the sensational book '1950s Radio In Color: The Lost Photographs of Deejay Tommy Edwards’ (see EIN's detailed book review HERE).

EIN contributor Jeremy Roberts recently interviewed author Chris Kennedy about the book and Tommy Edwards' legacy - Click here.
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

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