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Tuesday 30 April 2013
Lansky Brothers, Dress Like The King!: Check out a short documentary by Health Beauty Life on the Lansky Brothers and Elvis Style.
The store offers culture bending threads and accessories that are at once, cutting edge hip and retro-rock vintage. All presided over by Mr. Hal Lansky, he is the "clothier to the king", Elvis Presley.
The YouTube feature runs 11 minutes and features some great Elvis clothes - Click HERE.

Go here for EIN's exclusive interview with Bernard Lansky who died back in November 2012

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New Elvis Fashion Collection Debut: American Express threw a huge splashy party at Opening Ceremony‘s SoHo flagship, celebrating the launch of the Opening Ceremony Elvis collection – their Fall 2013 extravaganza of variously Elvis Presley-themed pieces. There also aren’t a lot of fashion parties where the DJ spins rockabilly classics from Elvis and Charlie Feathers.
While others, mostly the straight up women's wear, visually reference aspects of Elvis’ life. For example, several knits have a cool casino-like print (alluding to Elvis’ later years as a Vegas performer)," writes fashionista Ashley Cardiff. 
The new collection features iconic photos of the king as well as references to his lyrics and themes in his music. Fans can purchase striped, button-down tops with tiny Elvis

silhouettes, bedazzled tees inscribed with "Elvis" and "TCB" - and of course what collection would not be complete without blue suede shoes and blue suede totes.
The Fall/Winter 2013 collection features a selection of archival photographs, song titles such as “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Love Me Tender”, lettering from the singer’s record sleeves, and crystal details in the style of Elvis’ legendary “Taking Care of Business” ring. These celebrated moments of the king are realized on an array of dress shirts, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, and denim jackets.
The Opening Ceremony Elvis collection will be available in select retailers beginning in August 2013
Go here for more.
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George Jones, Country legend, has died: Country music legend George Jones died Friday April 26 at Vanderbilt Uni Medical Center.
Born September 12, 1931, Jones is regarded among the most important and influential singers in American popular music history. He was the singer of classics hits including "She Thinks I Still Care," "The Grand Tour," "Walk Through This World With Me," "A Good Year for the Roses", "Tender Years" and "He Stopped Loving Her Today," the latter of which is often at the top of industry lists of the greatest country music singles of all time.
Tammy Wynette noted, "The greatest voice in country music, both past and present, certainly is that of George Jones. Never have I heard a voice packed with such emotion and feeling and I truly doubt that we’ll ever hear an equal. Some of the proudest moments of my career are my recordings with George. Long live the King!"
In 1955, his "Why Baby Why" became his first Top 10 country single,
peaking at number four and beginning a remarkable commercial string: Jones would ultimately record more than 160 charting singles, more than any other artist in any format in the history of popular music.
Jones' first number one hit came in 1959 with "White Lightning," a Mercury Records single that topped Billboard country charts for five weeks. He married Tammy Wynette in 1969. Jones signed with Epic Records in 1971 and worked with producer Billy Sherrill to craft a sound at once elegant and rooted, scoring with "The Grand Tour," "Bartenders Blues" and many more. Sherrill also produced duets between Jones and his then-wife Tammy Wynette, and in the 1970s they scored top-charting hits including "We're Gonna Hold On," "Golden Ring" and "Near You."
  His solo career cooled until 1980, when he recorded "He Stopped Loving Her Today," which won Country Music Association prizes for best male vocal and top single. He also earned a Grammy for best male country vocal performance.
Elvis recorded the Dickie Lee penned "She Thinks I Still Care" during the infamous 'Jungle Room Sessions'.
Go HERE for more on this music legend George Jones.
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'To Live And Die In Dixie' New Import CD: Coming out soon is the new Straight Arrow's double-digipak release "TO LIVE AND DIE IN DIXIE", featuring audience recordings of the February 19, 1972 Dinner and Midnight performances. This 6th Las Vegas season has been somewhat overlooked by bootleggers, mainly due to the below-par sound quality of the audience recorded tapes available. The last few years, the Straight Arrow team has been looking for good sounding amateur recordings from this particular season, and we are pleased to announced that we finally succeeded in locating two very good tapes obtained directly from the person who recorded them.
Most of the fans know that this is the engagement where Priscilla told Elvis that she was leaving him. Very little else seems to stand out for the casual observer. In many ways that's a pity, because this engagement is crucial on a number of levels. Firstly, because it represented a return to form. The early '72 Vegas shows surprised both the critics and fans because of Elvis' serious commitment to his music

and his no-nonsense delivery. These shows marked also the first time that he performed the now-legendary "Theme 2001" / "C. C. Rider" opening, plus he also introduces various new songs to the show that are now widely considered as his finest show additions from the 70s, including "A Big Hunk O‘Love", "You Gave Me A Mountain", "Never Been To Spain", "I’ll Remember You" and "An American Trilogy". Actually, the best-ever versions of "Trilogy" are from this engagement!
As a bonus, we added the only known live-performance of "I'm Leaving It All Up To You" from the February 10th, 1972 Midnight show.
Both shows are strong and focused and they give the listener a good impression of Elvis' renewed interest in his music and his stage performances. These concerts are previously unreleased and they are presented in their complete form and in the best possible sound quality.
Go to EIN's 'All the CD News 2013' for more info and full tracklist
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'Better Than Ever!' New Import CD/Vinyl; To be released late May on the VV label will be their third release entitled "Better Than Ever!" featuring both the complete live soundboard recording on January 26th 1970 Las Vegas opening show and the complete unreleased live audience recording from Houston on February 28, 1970 Afternoon Show . After the success of the first two releases we decided: first to improve the product and second, keeping the same formula to give you more.…..
The producers are aware of the fact that the opening night show, as one of the best Elvis Presley concerts ever, has been previously released in different imports. But Here we give you the chance to listen to the show in its entirety for 1st time in a double collector vinyl set, 45 rpm speed.
The second show, the Houston unreleased February 28nd afternoon show, presents Elvis at the pick of his possibility, although not new to tape collectors, will not have been heard in this quality before. This release is taken directly from a first generation tape and has been professionally remastered to an excellent audio quality. Elvis at Houston is pure dynamite , delivering a great performance that compares with the opening night in terms of quality, giving to this release the status of "UNIQUE".
’Better than Ever" wants to give you a unique perspective of the man and his music during this February 1970. The Vegas second season allows Elvis, after paying his debt to the golden past in the ’69 season, to demonstrate his true abilities. We see the best of Elvis in songs that will become the fulcrum of the Elvis show until 1972 Here you can hear the complete opening night. Houston three days later only from the end of the Vegas season, for Elvis the very first opportunity to face a real audience from his comeback to live scenes. The result six supernatural shows with record attendance set in

the Saturday evening show…, Here you can hear the complete February 28nd afternoon show.
The Double LP set 140 vinyl gram 45 rpm speed for a better high resolution sound, it never sounded better!!!!Is a limited hand numbered 500 copies. It comes with an three fold 300 gram high quality GLOSSY sleeve both sides printed, giving an unique view. The sleeve will be accompanied Newspapers clips and with many photographs of the Elvis different suits wore in February. Both the vinyl disc will have for the first time of the label, glossy full colour paper sleeve, including high quality photos with track listing.
The CD with the Houston show, will be accompanied with slim four panel digipack .
Go to EIN's 'All the CD News 2013' for more info and full tracklist
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"Tupelo is a kaleidoscope" a new Arrest: Federal agents of all sorts invaded northeast Mississippi several days ago, on a mission: Find the man who sent a poison-laced letter to the president. But the United States government quickly found itself entangled, once again, in a misunderstood land dominated by squabbling tribes and petty vengeances.
Agents first arrested an impersonator, Kevin Curtis (right) released him, and then on Saturday arrested his nemesis, a karate instructor. Gradually investigators concluded that what they had descended upon was probably less about the president - or the US senator and retired state judge who also received letters - than a serious case of indigenous bickering.
That shocks no one here. "Tupelo is a kaleidoscope," said sociologist Mark Franks, who grew up in nearby Booneville. There are true geniuses walking the streets of Tupelo, he said, and incredibly wealthy, generous people. But also, "every wall-eyed uncle and 'yard cousin' - just referencing the local pejorative - makes it into Tupelo, Mississippi. It creates a peculiar culture."
Tupelo is best known as the hometown of Elvis, after whom it has named streets, waterways and dry cleaners.
Unlike many other Southern towns its size, it has several excellent museums, street art and a public arena large enough to attract the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus this month.
People in the area were not surprised when the FBI, Secret Service and other agencies showed up looking for whomever sent letters laced with ricin to President Obama, Senator Roger Wicker, and retired Mississippi Judge Sadie Holland.
The agents quickly nabbed a man in nearby Corinth named Paul Kevin Curtis. He worked as a performer including being an Elvis impersonator, spun wild conspiracies about the local hospital selling body parts and apparently signed the poisoned letters with his own initials.
But the FBI found no evidence of ricin in Curtis' home and no incriminating research on his computer. They decided he hadn't sent the letters after all and released him Tuesday. Within hours agents had raided the home of his archenemy: J. Everett Dutschke, karate instructor. Curtis claimed Dutschke wanted to frame him.
On Saturday the US attorney charged Dutschke with "knowingly developing, producing" and stockpiling ricin. If convicted he faces maximum penalties of life imprisonment and a $US250,000 fine.
Hours before his arrest, Dutschke answered his door by opening it just enough to look out with one dark eye. He held a kitten, which also looked outside. "I'm sorry, I just...," he started. His voice was soft. "I can't talk. I'm so, so sorry."
Could he say, at least, what started this mess?
"Just look around you," he said. "This place is crazy."
Go HERE for the full article
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Saturday 27 April 2013

Awesome 1974 Elvis Footage!: It's been kicking around on import DVDs for a while, but this is some of the best fan footage of Elvis in 1974 - from Kansas City June 29th, 1974. Elvis gets the giggles at the start which is very cute! He is in great humour.
Apparently this footage was filmed by the late Rex Martin when he toured the states in "74" before it was stolen from his vast collection.

Well worth watching - recommended Click HERE.
Thanks to Ian on FECC for the word-up.

And go HERE to read our exclusive EIN interviews with Rex Martin.

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The Nations Favourite Elvis Song - UK: The factual arm of ITV Studios UK, Shiver, has been commissioned by ITV to produce The Nation's Favourite Elvis Song, a 90-minute prime-time special focused on the top 20 songs by the King of Rock 'n' Roll. The production, which will air later in the year, features commentary from Priscilla Presley as well as a number of producers and musicians.
Mark Robinson, the creative director of Shiver, commented: "Our Nation's Favourite… format has celebrated some of the greatest acts in popular music, but none bigger than the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself. This special tells the fascinating stories behind Elvis' best known songs, in the words of the people who knew him best, climaxing with the revelation of The Nation's Favourite Elvis Song."
Phil Savill, the director of marketing for CMG/Sony Music, added: "I am delighted that ITV have chosen to celebrate the marvellous music of Elvis Presley with this ITV special. He is arguably still the Nation's Favourite recording artist and we are delighted that ITV will be counting down through his 20 most popular tunes to reveal The Nation's Favourite Elvis Song."
EIN contributor Brian Quinn notes, This is good news indeed for Elvis in the UK. A similar programme featuring the Bee Gees proved very successful chartwise. No date has yet been given.
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Elvis & Alfred Wertheimer Talk at GRAMMY Museum: Next week get to the GRAMMY Museum for a discussion with Alfred Wertheimer about his new book, "Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll."
The event is on Wednesday, May 1, at 7:00 p.m. at the GRAMMY Museum LA. Tickets are only $15.
"Elvis who?" was photographer Alfred Wertheimer’s response when, in early 1956, an RCA Victor publicist asked him to shoot an up-and-coming crooner from Memphis. Little did Wertheimer know that this would be the job of his life: just 21 years old, Elvis Presley was - as we now know - about to become a legend.
Trailing him like a shadow, Wertheimer was given unlimited access to get up close and personal with Elvis. Even as the singer was seducing young women in dark hallways, he allowed the photographer to record his every move. Wertheimer took nearly 3,000 photographs of Presley that year, creating a penetrating portrait of a man poised on the brink of super-stardom.
On stage with Wertheimer will be GRAMMY Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli, who also wrote the forward for the book, and the editor of the book, Chris Murray.
Click here for more GRAMMY MUSEUM info and Tickets
Go here for EIN's Spotlight on Alfred Wertheimer.
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EPE Partners with March of Dimes for 75th Anniversary: As part of the 75th Anniversary, EPE is teaming up with a charity close to Elvis' heart. The Memphis March for Babies will take place on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at Shelby Farms at 8:00 a.m. Among thousands of attendees, will be Mary Kosloski, an original poster child for March of Dimes pictured in the photo with Elvis on the foyer steps of Graceland.
Kosloski will be attending the 2013 Memphis March for Babies where many of these famous photos of Elvis supporting the March of Dimes will be showcased in the 75th Anniversary Tent. During her visit to Memphis, Kosloski will be recreating her famous 1957 pose on the interior staircase of Graceland.
There are at least 20 other photos of Elvis Presley in the March of Dimes Archives photography collection. These include photos of Elvis with national poster child Mary Kosloski and other polio sufferers, both children and adults.
Elvis actively supported the March of Dimes in the 1950s to promote

polio vaccination among teenagers after the Salk polio vaccine was licensed for use in 1955. A key March of Dimes photo depicts Elvis Presley receiving his own polio vaccination from Dr. Harold Fuerst on October 28, 1956. Elvis agreed to this photo opportunity to support the March of Dimes Teens Against Polio (TAP) publicity efforts. That it was done on October 28, 1956, the date of Elvis Presley's second appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, is especially remarkable. Elvis’ appearances on this show were enormously important in the explosive popularity of rock 'n' roll in the 1950s.
Learn more about the March of Dimes mission and how you can help by visiting MarchofDimes.com. - Go HERE
Go HERE for EIN's exclusive 2007 interview with Joanne Kelly, another March Of Dimes poster girl.
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Elvis 1977 Guitar in National Music Museum: A 16th-century Amati violoncello displayed in the National Music Museum has long been nicknamed "The King," but the ghost of a legendary rock ‘n’ roller has arrived in South Dakota to reclaim his regal moniker.
A slightly smashed acoustic guitar played by Elvis Presley on his final tour in 1977 now greets visitors in front of the museum’s main galleries. The Martin D-35 was tossed aside by "The King" during a St. Petersburg, Fla., concert after suffering a broken strap and string, said Robert Johnson, a Memphis-based guitarist who donated the item.
"He broke the strap and at the same time he broke a string," said Johnson, noting Presley’s frustration. "He tosses it straight up in the air and it just comes down."
Johnson, who played with singer Isaac Hayes donated the Elvis guitar and four other celebrity items to the National Music Museum, on the University of South Dakota campus.
Johnson, a longtime collector, also donated a Chet Atkins hollow body guitar given to country pianist Floyd Cramer and later played by Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley, a 1966 custom Grammer guitar made for Johnny Cash, a 1961 Kay Value Leader guitar signed by blues legend Muddy Waters and one of Bob Dylan’s Hohner Marine Band harmonicas.
The museum is shifting its focus from acquisitions to developing programs to get the attraction better known around the country, "I’m ready to be the best-known musical instrument museum and not the best- kept secret."
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Latest Billboard Album Charts :Sadly Elvis has no albums on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 4th May, 2013, - but he is still selling!
The following appeared on the Catalog Album Chart:
- 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 70 to 61 selling some 2,148 units. Total sales to date: 545,695 units. It also drops from 127 to 140 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 2,147units. Total physical sales to date: 544,707 units. It also rises from 72 to 70 on the SMEI Album Chart.
- 'Heart And Soul' drops from 65 to 80 selling some 1,971 units. Total sales to date: 637,987 units. It also drops from 126 to 152 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 1,969 units. Total physical sales to date: 637,420 units. It also drops to 15 on the Country Catalog Album Chart and drops from 71 to 90 on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International) Album Chart.
- 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) rises from 154 to 132 selling some 1,602 units. Total sales to date: 176,623 units.

- 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) drops from 137 to 182 selling some 1,405 units. Total sales to date: 150,798 units.
- 'The Very Best Of Love' drops from 157 to 198 selling some 1,342 units. Total sales to date: 353,487 units.
- 'Viva Las Vegas' drops from 76 to 77 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 357 units. Total sales to date: 56,122 units
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Elvis Impersonator framed!!: Authorities have released Elvis impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis after questioning him in relation to ricin-poisoned letters mailed last week to President Obama and Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, after clearing him of any suspicion. Curtis had been perhaps too obvious of a suspect, with evidence falling into place against him suspiciously easily and now it’s emerged why: he was allegedly framed by local republican politician J. Everett Dutschke, who had previously sought office in a failed election bid, as part of some kind of political grudge against a local judge.
Curtis initially appeared to have given his identity and guilt away, signing the ricin letters with his own "KC" initials. But questions emerged as to why Curtis, an Obama supporter, would turn around and try to poison the man he’d just gotten done voting for. Searches of his home and property revealed no trace of ricin and nothing to connect him to the letters. He was ultimately cleared and released. But if a story about an Elvis impersonator and poisoned letters can get stranger, this one does.
The FBI is reportedly now investigating Dutschke for allegedly framing the Elvis

If the frame-up allegations prove true, it would explain several of the inconsistencies in the case: why the Elvis impersonator would send poison letters that had no chance of reaching their intended recipients, why he would attempt to harm a president he had just voted for six months earlier, and why he would give away his identity by signing his own name to it. While the investigation is far from over, this story is probably only going to get even stranger before it’s all said and done.
EIN notes that maybe this is the start of a plot to have all crazy Elvis Impersonators arrested! That could be a good thing!
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Thursday 25 April 2013

'Elvis Files Magazine ISSUE 3' - Review: Released March 2013, this magazine was created by Erik Lorentzen in order to feature Elvis stories that would not fit into his "Elvis Files" series of books - as well as a place to include all the extra new unpublished Elvis photos that he has recently purchased.
The real score here is of course that Erik Lorentzen has managed to get hold of Frank Powolny’s 1956 September photographs - and there are plenty here over twenty good size shots - and in great quality too.
There are of course plenty of other articles in the magazine including ....
- A look at Elvis and Mary Ann Mobley
- Rare photos from 'Follow That Dream'.
- Personal fan stories of meeting Elvis
- Elvis Gospel in his 68 Maroon suit
- Ann-Margret: The Girlfriend Who Isn’t One.

Plus plenty more Rare Candids not featured in previous Elvis Files books.
Go HERE as EIN investigates the new March issue- with plenty of rare Elvis photos.
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DJ Fontana to perform at Toledo Elvis Festival: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer DJ Fontana speaks with an enthusiasm that belies his 82 years. Ask him about his career in music and he starts at the beginning.
"I was in high school way back — way, way back," Fontana said "I started playing in bars and cocktail lounges and piano, bass and drums, small groups, you know. And that went on for a long time, and then I joined the Louisiana Hayrides in Shreveport. Then Elvis came in."
Yes, that Elvis. Fontana played on many of his most iconic recordings: "Hound Dog," "Jailhouse Rock," "Don’t Be Cruel," "Heartbreak Hotel" more than 400 Elvis songs feature Fontana — so many that the man himself can’t keep them all straight.
"I can’t remember the names of any of them, hardly, because there were so many of them," Fontana said. "Every now and then I’ll hear one and say, ‘Oh, I did that one!’"
What’s amazing, though, is that fans can see Fontana onstage — still playing, still rocking, all these decades later. And Toledo-area fans — those attending the Toledo Elvis Festival THIS SATURDAY April 27 — will get the chance sooner rather than later.
It’s been 35 years since Elvis left the building, and yet his music still plays on. Generations of fans that never had the chance to hear the King play live have been fostered in his absence, with more being born every day. It’s for fans like these — and their parents, and grandparents —that the Toledo Elvis Festival is so special.
The regular event, put on by Elvis Presley’s Sweet Sweet Spirit Fan Club, is a celebration of the legacy and memory of the King.
The 2013 edition of the Toledo Elvis Festival will feature performers from all over the country singing in tribute to the King, but the most anticipated appearance will be by Fontana.
Click for Toledo festival Info.
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'Only Believe' New Import CD: Elvis Presley, unquestionably the most popular entertainer to ever appear on the famed Las Vegas Strip, returns to the main showroom of the International Hotel !
With the limited Album "Snowbird Revisited" we started off with the first of three shows from 1971 January – February Las Vegas season.
With great pleasure we announce the second show "ONLY BELIEVE". This is a fantastic show of January 27, 1971 Midnight.
If you enjoyed "Snowbird Revisited", you’ll going to love "ONLY BELIEVE"!
It took 18 years to come up with a fully re-mastered audio and deluxe artwork with plenty photos and liner notes of January 1971. All housed in a modern seventies styled package.
We guarantee, you’ll hear details not heard before!
With the research we figured out that it is very likely that only "Suspicious Minds" and "The Impossible Dream" were not recorded. Because of the energy of the show, the show of 28th of January Midnight was the best choice to restore it to a complete show. We took these songs and edited them to make them fit the show.
This is a limited edition and will match the previous release.
Go to EIN's 'All the CD News 2013' for more info and full tracklist
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Billy Ray Cyrus and Randy Travis Film Elvis Presley Show: Country star Billy Ray Cyrus is hoping to revive his acting career with a new TV show in which he plays a "dysfunctional" Elvis Presley impersonator who finds religion.
(EIN notes that this should be filed under ‘You’ve Got To be Kidding’ – see news story below)
The Achy Breaky Heart hitmaker has teamed up with fellow country musician Randy Travis and Cyrus is confident the series will be picked up by a TV network.
He tells Billboard.com, "I filmed a pilot with Randy Travis called Still The King - I play a dysfunctional Elvis impersonator who becomes a preacher. Randy's the sheriff. It's a great story, and I think it will find a home pretty soon."
Cyrus is also set to begin shooting new movie Like A Country Song in Nashville, Tennessee, next month (May13).
The singer had a regular role in his daughter Miley's Disney sitcom Hannah Montana, which wrapped in 2011, and has since made a handful of appearances in 90210.
EIN Notes 'Poor Elvis' - Considering that two crazy impersonators have recently been arrested in the US for major criminal issues, perhaps the announcement about a TV series about a "dysfunctional" Elvis Presley impersonator could be better timed.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Another Impersonator Arrested After 30-hour Standoff: Two IMP crazies in a week, file under 'You've GOT to be Kidding!' Micky King, who is a longtime Elvis Presley impersonator in the Des Moines area, allegedly called authorities on Saturday evening asking for assistance with a dispute. But when they showed up and began talking to him, he appeared to become more upset.
This Elvis allegedly didn't want to leave the building -- so he got into a standoff with police in Des Moines, Iowa, that lasted more than 30 hours.
Officials on the scene noticed King had a weapon, however King allegedly yelled at the six officers on the scene and fired at least one shot at police.
The officers shot back, but told the station they didn't think King was injured. He allegedly shut the doors and locked out the officers and started the standoff, which ended just after midnight Monday, according to the Des Moines Register.
Police coaxed the pretend Presley onto his porch and subdued him with a stun gun.
He was taken to hospital for minor injuries before being booked on weapons charges.
"Poor Elvis!"
EIN notes that maybe this is the start of a plot to have all crazy Elvis Impersonators arrested! That could be a good thing!

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Tuesday 23 April 2013
Elvis Still Top of Billboard's Top 40 Singles List: Here's an updated look at the acts with the most Top 40 titles dating since the Hot 100's Aug. 4, 1958, launch. This does not include Elvis' massive 1956 and 1957 chart successes.
1. Elvis Presley - 80
2. Lil Wayne - 61
3. Elton John - 57
4. "Glee" Cast - 51
5. The Beatles - 50
6. Madonna - 49
7. Stevie Wonder - 46
8. James Brown - 44
9. Aretha Franklin - 43
10. Marvin Gaye - 41
10. the Rolling Stones - 41
10. Taylor Swift. - 41
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis At Nassau Coliseum NY 1975 A/S: New footage discovered of Elvis live in 1975 - Check out his crazy flared trousers!
Elvis at the Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, New York (Long Island) on July 19th, 1975.
... "This Super8mm video is from the matinee (2:30PM) show. I was only 16 years old at the time, but it was such a memorable experience. Elvis was the greatest entertainer of all time.. Although it's not the highest quality, I am adding this video as a memory jogger for those who may have been in attendance that day."

Not of the greatest quality but well worth a look - CLICK HERE.

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

'My Memories of Elvis' new Book: Self-published last month this book by Jo Anne Truiett Phillips was first written back in 1979 for her three daughters. A lifelong fan Jo Anne Truiett Phillips saw Elvis on stage 11 times. The first time was August 1955 at the Louisiana Hayride. But it was in December 1955 that she got her photograph taken with Elvis, "I completely stopped breathing he was holding me so tight!" Elvis also signed the label of her record she had taken along...
Paperback from CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Although only 38 pages long it's a great buy at only $4 from Amazon
Click here for more info and to purchase


(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Films FAQ' New Book: Following on from the Mike Eder book about Elvis' music, Paul Simpson (author of the Rough Guide To Elvis) is publishing his 'Elvis Films FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the King of Rock 'n' Roll in Hollywood' The publicity states... If Elvis Presley had not wanted to be a movie star, he would never have single-handedly revolutionized popular culture. Yet this aspect of his phenomenal career has been much maligned and misunderstood partly because the King himself once referred to his 33 movies as a rut he had got stuck in just off Hollywood Boulevard. Elvis Films FAQ explores his best and worst moments as an actor, analyzes the bizarre autobiographical detail that runs through so many of his films, and reflects on what it must be like to be idolized by millions around the world yet have to make a living singing about dogs, chambers of commerce, and fatally naive shrimps. Elvis's Hollywood years are full of mystery, and Elvis Films FAQ covers them all! Which of his own movies did he actually like? What films did he wish he could have made? Why didn't he have an acting coach? When will Quentin Tarantino stop alluding to him in his movies? And was Clambake really the catalyst for his marriage to Priscilla? Elvis Films FAQ explains everything you want to know about the whys and wherefores of the singer-actor's bizarre celluloid odyssey; or, as Elvis said, "I saw the movie and I was the hero of the movie."
Paperback 400 pages. To be released Sept 2013.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Riley Keough at Tribeca Film Festival: With the most famous musician in the world as your grandfather, there's no escaping the limelight. And Elvis's granddaughter Riley Keough certainly stole the show at the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday, thanks to her striking resemblance to mother Lisa Marie, 45, and grandmother Priscilla, 67.
The 23-year-old, who wore a sheer lace top and yellow shorts to the opening night of Mistaken For Strangers, turned heads thanks to her family's trademark red hair as she posed for photos.
She might be trying to launch her acting career, but the young star became more of a talking point at the New York event thanks to her standout Presley looks.
Riley, who recently starred alongside Kristen Stewart in The Runaways, seems to have followed in her mother's and grandmother's footsteps with her hair colour, ditching the blonde that she was better known for.
Wearing her attention-grabbing auburn locks in loose waves, the King's eldest grandchild was instantly
recognisable as Lisa Marie's daughter, looking like her spitting image.
Riley might be better known for her famous lineage at the moment, but the star is trying to establish her own career in the world of entertainment.
After a number of projects including Yellow with Sienna Miller and Magic Mike with Channing Tatum, she's set to star in the forthcoming Mad Max film.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 21 April 2013
'Aloha From Hawaii' 40th Anniv LEGACY CD Review: There is no doubt that most people reading this review will know Elvis’ phenomenal Aloha From Hawaii' concert inside out. Every fan will know the TV broadcast, most fans will have bought the album several times, a fair number will have also bought the "Alternate Aloha" rehearsal and a few will have seen the original broadcast on TV back in 1973.
We all know this classic record-breaking concert so well. Dressed in his stunning "American-Eagle" jumpsuit, tanned, slim and Adonis-like, Elvis was truly at the peak of his later career.
But with no "new" material to be offered on this Legacy 40th Anniversary re-release do the audio re-masters and packaging with 24 page booklet create a release worth of such a magnificent event.
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley takes a good look at this all-important 40th Anniversary release and discovers the Good and the Bad..
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

'Growing Up Graceland' New Film project: Over the last 40-plus years, there have been hundreds of films and books about the late King of Rock N’Roll -- Elvis Presley. Is it possible that another film about the iconic music legend’s life that fans have never seen before can now be done? Apparently so. LA's BiteSize Ent, has optioned the rights to David E. Stanley and Dr. David Gruder’s book 'Conversations with the King: Journals of a Young Apprentice' and will adapt the book into a feature filmtitled "Growing Up Graceland." The film will be produced through BiteSize’s feature film production arm, led by Academy Award® winning producer Gene Kirkwood ("Rocky," "New York, New York," "Gorky Park") and Ross Elliot. "Growing Up Graceland" will be based on David Stanley’s seventeen-year spiritual journey with his stepbrother and mentor Elvis Presley. Stanley moved into Graceland when he was four-years old and Presley quickly became his father figure and mentor. Growing up to become one of Presley’s most trusted aides; David witnessed Presley’s extraordinary behind-the-scenes gifts that few ever talked about. He was also one of the only people Elvis confided in about his spiritual search for meaning during the final years of his life. "We plan on home growing this movie. Plans are to shoot some of it in Nashville and some in Memphis," reveals Gene Kirkwood during a recent visit to Nashville. "And we’ll be using a lot of the local people here too. But this will be somewhat of a small movie, similar to how we did the original Rocky movie—with a lot of unknowns. Plans are to use an unknown actor for the lead role of Elvis. This will be the role of a lifetime for some lucky young actor!
I’ve always wanted to do an Elvis movie but I could never find the exact project until now". Mr. Kirkwood says he’s very pleased with the overall script, which took 6 months to complete. But the story is not really from Elvis’ point of view. He says, "It’s David’s, from his point of view of his years of living at Graceland. After meeting David, reading his book, and listening to his stories, I realized there is another side of the Elvis phenomenon… a bigger story… and one that has never been told," said Kirkwood. "My family moved from living on a military base in Germany to Graceland in March 1960. I was four-years-old and when I walked up the steps of the Graceland mansion, this was a true fairytale for me," recalls author David Stanley. "The beautiful part of this story is when my mom, myself and my two brothers first moved to Graceland, Elvis was just so accepting of us. I had just lost my dad thru a divorce and I was an angry little kid. I didn’t understand what divorce was. But Elvis spent a lot of time trying to explain to me that my dad still really loved me." According to film producer Kirkwood and author Stanley, the Growing Up Graceland movie will show the world another side of Elvis the fans have never seen before. "I’m tired of hearing all of the stories of how Elvis died. This movie will be different. This will be a family oriented film. It’s almost like a Christmas story from The Waltons. I feel really great about working on this project." Growing Up Graceland will be released sometime next year.
(News, Source;NP/ElvisInfoNet)

'Caught On Camera' - Two new Import CDs: 'Caught On Camera'  - The Complete Tv Appearances 1956 - 1960 Part One & Two are two great new CDs and part of the popular 'The Bootleg Series'...
("Top Notch Nashville - Part 1, 2 & 3" - "Top Notch Hollywood" - "Live Love Hollywood")
‘Caught On Camera - The Complete TV Appearances’ part one and two represents all TV appearances Elvis Presley did from 1956 to 1960. From Elvis’ first national TV appearance in the USA on January 28, 1956, on The Dorsey Brothers Stage Show to his first televised appearance since coming home from his military service in Germany on May 12, 1960 (taping on March 26), on The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis.
INCLUDING all Elvis' appearances from: "Stage Show", "The Milton Berle Show", "Teenage Dance Party", "The Steve Allen Show", "Hy Gardner Calling", "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis"...
This is the one and only collection bringing all these historic recordings together. A great collection in the best possible sound and ofcourse, complete!
- Including 16 pages booklet with photos and recording information.
Go to EIN's 'All the CD News 2013' for more info and full tracklists
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Friday 19 April 2013

Elvis Week 2013 General Public Tickets on sale: EPE is already warming up for Elvis Week 2013 with tickets for the general public now on sale .
Elvis Week 2013 is Saturday, August 10 - Saturday, August 17. EPE are excited to be bring back the Elvis Week Main Stage at Graceland again this year.
The Main Event this year is the repeat of the “Aloha from Hawaii” 40th Anniversary Enhanced Screening that was shown in Hawaii this past January (and damn good it was too - See EIN Review here

See Elvis Week 2013 Schedule highlights below

Note that the "Elvis Week Main Stage All-Access Pass" gives fans admission to all published EPE events listed on the schedule for the Elvis Week Main Stage with doors open 10 minutes prior to doors for individual ticket holders. It is in is in very limited number and sells out quickly.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway featured in the Wall Street Journal: The Lily-pad shaped steps bridged a waterfall and led our group to the front gate, where a fluorescent-muumuu-clad Priscilla Presley impersonator named Darlene Perez-aka Darling Presley-was waiting for us.
"Elvis recognized Graceland in these walls," she said, batting her false eyelashes and stroking the peanut-brittle masonry in the entryway. "The minute he stepped into the backyard, he looked around and realized he wanted to get married here."
Palm Springs may not be the first, or even the third, place that comes to mind when pondering Elvis Presley. But in 1967, he and Priscilla honeymooned in the midcentury modern Honeymoon Hideaway and he spent much of his final decade in the city, leaving a mark that remains to this day. I wouldn't describe myself as an Elvis fanatic, but I've always admired his originality and boldness. Elvis was wearing eye makeup and jumpsuits well before David Bowie made them chic.
Located in the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs emerged in the 1920s as a retreat for Hollywood stars lured by its sunny weather and privacy. By the 1960s, it was a playground for the famous: Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor were all frequent visitors. These days, Palm Springs is making a comeback with vacationers who enjoy the midcentury architecture, the Coachella music festival and the retro vibe.
In 1966, Elvis Presley leased the five-bedroom home at the urging of the notoriously controlling Colonel Parker, who lived around the block. The Hideway was built in 1960 by Robert Alexander, part of a father-son development company responsible for more than 2,000 houses in Palm Springs. Mr. Alexander had created the home for himself and his wife, Helene. Elvis rented the home for $21,000 a year (a copy of the lease hangs on the wall) after the Alexanders died in a plane crash.
Then 31, Presley was struggling to mount a musical comeback amid the twin threats of the British Invasion and the rise of hippie counterculture. He had made a series of films that were mostly profitable-and critically despised and so he turned to the desert to seek inspiration.
The 5,500-square-foot home has curved walls in every room and was renovated in the 1990s to restore it to its 1960s glamour. Now it's a museum stocked with Elvis memorabilia.
According to Hideaway lore, Elvis and his then-fiancée, Priscilla, planned to wed at the home, but changed plans after realizing that their next-door neighbor, Hollywood gossip columnist Rona Barrett, was hot for the story. By the time the paparazzi pulled up to the house on the morning of their wedding day, May 1, 1967, the couple had made their way out the back door into Frank Sinatra's limo. Mr. Sinatra flew Elvis and Priscilla to Las Vegas in his Learjet and chartered a plane for everybody else. (The Elvis estate spokeswoman says that the escape to Vegas was the plan all along.)
Over martinis at a bar that evening, we engaged in a lively debate about what, exactly, went wrong toward the end of Elvis's career. Would he still be alive if his music had remained relevant? Did his manager trigger his undoing by pushing him toward Hollywood? What was with the white embroidered jumpsuits? Then we heard it: the King's low, rumbling voice singing the 1969 hit, "In the Ghetto," over the sound system.
When it was released, the song was Elvis's first top-10 hit in the U.S. in four years. Listening to it, we forgot about all about the city's golf courses and tennis courts. We had fallen completely under Elvis's spell. We stopped talking and thought of the glory of Elvis....
Go HERE for the complete Wall Street Journal article..
Click HERE for more info on the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway and their MAY 17/18/19 Elvis Weekend
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Ricin Suspect Paul Kevin Curtis, Conspiracy Theorist & Impersonator: US prosecutors have filed criminal charges against a Mississippi man, who worked as an Elvis impersonator, for threatening to harm President Barack Obama by sending him a letter that initially tested positive for the deadly poison ricin.
The letters were mailed on April 8 from Memphis, TN, and they were signed, “I am KC and I approve this message.”
While the investigation is still ongoing, new clues are emerging about the 45-year-old Elvis impersonator who was arrested by federal agents at his home in Corinth, MS. A cousin, Ricky Curtis, in an interview claimed that the accused ricin poisoner had experienced problems with his cleaning business. He also claimed that Kevin Curtis is a conspiracy theorist who wrote a collection of articles called Missing Pieces about a conspiracy to trade in body parts that he thought he uncovered while working for a hospital from 1998 to about 2000.
Apparently, Paul Kevin Curtis has a long-time local reputation for being a little whackadoo. One rumour is that Kevin Curtis had talked about going undercover to blow the lid off the corrupt world of…wait for it… Elvis impersonator
Laugh if you like, but performing as an Elvis impersonator in the Mississippi delta region near the Tunica area casinos, Tupelo and top Memphis tourist attraction, Graceland, can be a lucrative business for some area men. Kevin Curtis also billed himself as a master impressionist who could “do” other stars like Buddy Holly.
Corinth is a small town of about 14,000, the police had blocked off part of his neighborhood. However, there didn’t seem to be any hazardous materials crews, and residents weren’t evacuated.
(News, Source;AP/ElvisInfoNet)

Ultimate Big Easy to Graceland Sweepstakes: New EPE/ENCORE sweepstakes with a great prize.  Not only will Elvis fans have the opportunity to watch Elvis movies throughout the month of May, fans now have an opportunity to win an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime trip to Graceland and the Big Easy, where Elvis filmed one of his favorite movies "King Creole." For US residents only.
One lucky winner and guest will receive a private after-hours tour of Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis plus exclusive access to the Graceland archives, along with a seven night Mississippi River cruise on the American Queen®, and so much more.
Grand Prize Package Includes:
- Airfares for two to New Orleans, LA, with return airfare for two from Memphis, TN
- Two nights in New Orleans with accommodations at the Roosevelt Hotel
- Seven nights aboard the American Queen Steamboat® from New Orleans to Memphis.
- Two nights at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN
- Exclusive, after-hours private tour of Graceland with an archivist, plus access to tour the Graceland archives
- Two tickets to visit Sun Studio, Stax Museum, Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, and the Memphis Zoo
Looks like a GREAT prize  - Click HERE to enter.
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Wednesday 17 April 2013
Elvis Information Network Fan Club, only 27 years old turns 100! - One of the world's very best Elvis Fan Clubs, the Elvis Information Network was 27 years old this Easter - and at the same time published its 100th fan club newsletter!
As many Elvis fan clubs slow down, EIN still keeps going strong as a worldwide on-line Elvis information service having started over 27 years ago as a small local fan club in Canberra, Australia.
It is certainly worthy of a fantastic celebration for everyone involved with EIN.

From local fan club to online behemoth… EIN turns 100 – a retrospective!: EIN’s origins twenty-seven years ago can be traced back to a meeting of a dozen Elvis fans at the Ainslie Football Club in Canberra, Australia on a hot summer day in February 1986.
And for over 25 years EIN has been sending out quarterly newsletters to its local fan club members. 
This past Easter 2013, EIN posted out its 100th newsletter, a feat worthy of a celebration!

Go Here as Honorary EIN President Nigel Patterson looks back at the history of EIN - and includes some unique photos from Elvis Week 1987.

(Spotlight; Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Elvis Week Through The Years - Sanja Meegin looks back: EIN's Sanja Meegin has been to Memphis and attended Elvis Week 13 times in the past 15 years. During that time she has witnessed great concerts as well as met up with many of Elvis’ family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
For the past decade Sanja has done her best to get to every concert, book signing, ceremony, convention, appearance and memorial that she could manage and report back to EIN for those who couldn’t be there to experience it for themselves. Of course that hasn’t been easy when combined with the excruciatingly hot Southern summer temperatures, the lure of cocktails on Beale Street and keeping the hours Elvis kept whilst there – party all night, sleep all day - but she has done her best! - Part of our EIN 100th newsletter celebration!
Go here as Sanja looks back at her fifteen years of visiting the Promised Land and Elvis Week.
(Spotlight; Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

'Elvis Remembered: 1935-1977' Special Book Deal: Written by Gillian G. Gaar and published back in February 2013 this book/combo includes 30 items of memorabilia plus a DVD with rare footage and it is authorized by EPE.
The publicity states... Elvis may have left the building . . . but he's never left our hearts. Remember Elvis on the 35th anniversary of his death with the only book that's officially authorized by his estate! The lavishly illustrated volume features images from the Graceland archives, more than 30 items of removable facsimile memorabilia, and a DVD with rare footage of performances, press
conferences, and behind-the-scenes fun. The King's admirers will feel close to their idol as they pore through personal letters, telegrams, publicity material, and more-including his first contract with the legendary Colonel Tom Parker.

While the Retail Price is usually $75 - CLICK HERE>> Elvis® Remembered: 1935-1977 <<< for a special deal at less than $48 with free shipping in the US.
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Monday 15 April 2013
New Book 'Elvis Music FAQ' - Some Details: Author Mike Eder, who has contributed to JAT and the Elvis Files books, will have his first book out later this year "Elvis Music FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the King's Recorded Works".
EIN members have asked us for some more details about this book and what it entails. Here EIN asks author Mike Eder some preliminary questions..
EIN: How long have you been working on the book?
Mike Eder: I was signed late fall 2011 upon  my submission of an outline and sample chapter. I began my main period of work at the start of 2012. The text was finished last December and I am now doing the very final editing, photo placement, etc.
EIN: How will the book differ from Ernst Jorgensen's 'A Life In Music' book?
Eder: Being that I respect his work, and also knowing that most fans have read it, I decided to try to make it as different as possible.
His work was done hands on, and mine was done through being a hard core fan for 31 years. Much of the book is my take on Elvis' records issued during his lifetime, my only real goal being an attempt to find some balance when assessing Elvis the artist and human being. This isn't going to be a whitewash, but I made it my goal to write about Elvis' issues with some open compassion.
Along with the records, I also cover every major career event such as films, tours, sessions etc.
I put the importance back on what Elvis himself tried to
present as an artist. I am a pretty independent thinker when it comes to music so I can guarantee my take on his career differs from those published before. I was also as meticulous as possible on getting the facts correct.
Actually if any book influenced this one it was Robert Matthew-Walkers seminal 1978 "Elvis Presley : A Study In Music". He praised songs or knocked them as he saw fit. There were no sacred cows, nor were there any songs beyond redemption. The format of my book is completely different in both style and opinion, but his success at thinking about Elvis independently from others was an inspiration if you will. 
EIN: What 'Inside scoops" can fans expect?
Eder: I own more than 400 books on Elvis. and set myself the goal of not copying any previous style or conclusions. There are enough unique items in the book to keep the hard core fan interested, and both they and more casual Elvis listeners will find a lot together in one place. Whenever I could I discussed facts and subjects I hadn't seen in other books. When that was not possible I tried to focus on things not covered elsewhere in enough detail. On top of that I think it still covers all the basics.
EIN: Colonel Parker, good or bad?
Eder: Parker never went about things the way I would have. Even the 1955 RCA contract should have had an addendum permitting Sam to continue recording Elvis. Yet placing my own instincts aside, I must admit he was very astute in the fifties. That goes especially where television was concerned. If I were Elvis I would have fired him upon hearing the "G.I. Blues" demos or at very least when I saw he wasn't going to let me tour. 
- Elvis Music FAQ aims to be the one essential companion that explains the reason why the voice heard over the speakers still carries such resonance. Dozens of rare images accompany this engaging text.
Paperback, 400 pages. Backbeat Books - Out October 15, 2013.
>> PRE-ORDER HERE Elvis Music FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the King's Recorded Works - special pre-order offer at only US#13.10 
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis to be Immortalized In Stained Glass: The brick corner of North Church Street in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee soon will be fit for superstars, as a local artist works with celebrities to create colorful tributes in the windows of the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame.
Stretching the length of the museum’s façade, the nine second-story windows will be replaced with stained glass representations of some of rockabilly’s finest creators and supporters.
Henry Harrison, museum president, said several window designs have already been selected and include icons such as George Klein, Elvis Presley, Charlie Daniels and Brian Setzer.
“They are the super-historical stars,” Harrison said. “They are the ones who created the sounds, who people dressed and cut their hair like and had a dynamic impact on American culture.”
High school pals Klein and Presley will be represented together in their rockabilly days in the first window, coming to life through the fingertips of local artist Lee Gaugh.
After looking at samples of Gaugh’s work, including a window at the First United Methodist Church, Harrison had his eye on Gaugh as an experienced artist to tackle the project.
An installation ceremony was held Saturday afternoon for the first window.
“The stained glass windows are built to last as long as the great artists like Michelangelo and da Vinci built over 500 years ago,” Harrison said. “We think that the Jackson, Tenn., Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame will be the only museum in the U.S. that has preserved through a variety of visual arts the physical appearance of icons of rockabilly history.”
Go here for original article -
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Historic Aircraft From Elvis' Army Days Restored: After more than 40 months of restoration, the infamous C-118 Liftmaster aircraft that brought Elvis home from Germany in 1960, has been restored by the McGuire Air Force Base in Lakehurst, New Jersey. In a recent article on JointBaseMDL.ad.mil, Staff Sergeant David Carbajal writes about how this military plane contributed to American history.
One of the C-118's most notable legacies is when Elvis Presley returned to the U.S. from Germany on the aircraft. After his promotion to Sergeant in January of 1960, Elvis left Germany on March 2, arriving in New Jersey the next day for a press conference. He was officially discharged from active duty on March 5, 1960.
"It's a huge piece of not only American history, but of McGuire history as well" states Aungelic Nelson, 305th AMW historian. "This aircraft isn't a part of Elvis' history, Elvis is a part of this aircraft's history."
According to the military base, this Liftmaster also contributed to operations SAVE HAVEN I and II, saving more than 14,000 Hungarian refugees from oppression from 1956 - 1957.
Volunteers contributed more than 4,000 hours, mostly their off-duty time, toward the aircraft's fuselage refurbishment, interior, propeller blades and paint scheme, since renovation began October 2009.
Read all about the history of the C-118 Liftmaster - Click HERE.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 14 April 2013

'Nobody' a new Elvis short: A Columbia College film student and a Chicago screenwriter are bringing their love for the king to the big screen in June, with a new short film titled "Nobody."
'Nobody' is a Sideburned Cinema short film, currently in production, which centers around Elvis during his senior year at Humes High. Writer, producer and director William Bryan and producer Tom Radovich both stopped by Graceland this week to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of Elvis' first performance at Humes High School in 1953. The film-making duo also guested as DJs on SiriusXM's Elvis Radio.
Elvis once stated: “I wasn’t popular in school. I wasn’t dating anybody and then they entered me in this talent show, and I came out and did my first number, ‘Till I Waltz Again With You’ by Teresa Brewer. It was amazing how popular I was after that.”
The new film project cinematically tells the story of the tender relationship between an 18-year-old Elvis and his mother, a devoted high school teacher and the 1953 Humes High School talent show that changed everything.
Learn more about the film project by visiting NobodysShortFilm.com.
Click HERE for more info

(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Aloha and Record Collector News: Record Collector News is the most complete guide to record stores in California and Websites worldwide.
The free magazine aims at the music collector and places Elvis on the cover of their latest issue. In the magazine the give a detailed look at the new 'Aloha via Satellite' Legacy release. The cover story gets several pages, and since this magazine is for music lovers, it focuses on the most important part; the music from the concert.
The article features an interview with Ernst Jorgensen, it includes...
Q. Elvis has always had a special relationship with Hawaii. Did you feel that as well?
Ernst J: We certainly know he did, he went there often for both filming of his movies and later for his holidays. Whether it has any consequence for the actual is less likely.
Q. Can you offer some observations about Elvis doing this revolutionary TV broadcast as opposed to his live shows. Did the technical preparation or collaboration take on a bigger undertaking as it was a new technical forum for broadcast. Elvis and the band rose to the occasion.
E J: I think the most important issue here was to be able to show the world — not just the U.S. — what an Elvis Presley show was like. Ultimately to sell a lot of records. It was always of the utmost importance for Elvis’ manager, Colonel
Parker, to do something for Elvis that maintained that his artist was on another level than any other performer. The Colonel also knew that Elvis delivered his best if he was challenged.
Q. Can you compare and contrast the Elvis New York City Madison Square Garden 1972 live recording with this 1973 live recording in Hawaii? As far as quality, performances, tape results, and the growth of Elvis still as a stage performer.
E J: There are only seven months between the two events, so I think it’s hard to talk about growth — both represent challenges to Elvis (he didn’t think New York would like him), so Aloha is possibly only a step up in the circumstances of the show — the magnitude of a worldwide live broadcast — that he could deliver a flawless performance under that kind of pressure.
  Read the complete article - Click here
(News, Source;RecordCollector/News/ElvisMatters/ElvisInfoNet)

Hotel Room dedication to John Wilkinson: A historic Route 66 hotel in Springfield has dedicated a themed room to late musician John Wilkinson, the former Springfield, Missouri resident.
The room, located in the Best Western Rail Haven motel next to the Elvis-themed room, honors the musician who played more than 1,200 shows with Presley from 1968 until Presley’s death in 1977.
Wilkinson, 67, died in January after a four-year battle with cancer and is survived by his wife, Terry, whom he married in 1983.
Tears were shed and memories were shared as Wilkinson’s friends and family gathered at the motel on Friday to view the room for the first time.
Tom Petit met Wilkinson in 1972 while working at a hotel in Aurora, and they became close friends.
Petit was unaware of who Wilkinson was when he checked in, Petit said. Later that evening, two women came to the hotel, asking for Wilkinson’s room number.
"The next morning, before I got off work, Wilkinson was down in the bar having breakfast, having it served to him in the lounge because he didn’t want to be around all the people," Petit said. Wilkinson held up a finger to pause Petit and listened to a song that was playing on the jukebox.
A few moments after the song was over, Wilkinson told Petit, "Sorry, but that’s the only song we play that you can hear me play in."
Petit said he thought, "Who is this guy? What are we talking about here?"
Wilkinson had two notes in the song "Burning Love" that could be heard. Petit said now he can’t listen to the song without hearing the guitar and those notes.
Wilkinson thanked Petit for taking care of things for him the night before.
"We sat down and we talked for a few minutes," Petit said. "Next thing you know, we’re talking for half an hour."
Elliott said creating the room for Wilkinson would be a great idea since he and Presley were close friends.
"And it ties into Springfield history," Elliott said.
Go here for Hotel & reservation information
Go HERE to EIN's Tribute & Interview with John Wilkinson
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Sanja's Sunday Rare Elvis Photos - added to EIN today:

Elvis fans don't miss out on these rare and exciting photographs - from EIN V-P Sanja Meegin.

Go HERE to EIN's Rare Photos page.

Now with over 5,300 photos and with more added every week – including YouTube footage.

Click here to access our Facebook Elvis Information Network. You need to be a Facebook Member.

Latest Billboard Album Charts- Elvis' 127th Chart entry! : For w/e 20th April 'Heart And Soul' entered the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart at 187, 2013 selling some 2,826 units. Total sales to date: 633,776 units. This 1995 compilation album finally debuts on the chart, giving ELVIS his 127th chart entry. The set is selling especially well with mass merchants, as its selling for only $5 at Walmart. Elvis continues to hold the record -- by far -- for the most-charted albums in the history of the Billboard 200 chart of which 27 made the Top 10 and 10 made it to No.1 (giving a total of 67 weeks in the top spot).
The following albums also appeared on the Catalog Album Chart:
- 'Heart And Soul' rises from 55 to 38 selling some 2,826 units. Total sales to date: 633,776 units. It also rises from 121 to 110 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 2,824 units. Total physical sales to date: 633,211 units. It also rises from 14 to 9 on the Country Catalog Album Chart and rises from 64 to 62 on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International) Album Chart.
- 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 65 to 53 selling some 2,590 units. Total sales to date: 541,318 units. It also rises from 1136 to 122 on the

Physical Album Chart selling some 2,589 units. Total physical sales to date: 540,335 units. It also drops from 69 to 71 on the SMEI Album Chart.
- 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) rises from 95 to 91 selling some 2,052 units. Total sales to date: 147,781 units.It also rises from 177 to 160 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 2,048 units. Total physical sales to date: 145,142 units. It also drops from 92 to 94 on the SMEI Album Chart.
- 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) drops from 116 to 117 selling some 1,852 units. Total sales to date: 173,479 units. It also rises from 196 to 184 on the Physical Album Chart. Total physical sales to date: 172,436 units.
- 'The Very Best Of Love' drops from 134 to 154 selling some 1,634 units. Total sales to date: 350,619 units.
- 'Viva Las Vegas' rises from 93 to 73 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart. Total sales to date: 55,430 units.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

ELVIS LIVES Continues to Rock Theatres Around USA: The multi-media production "ELVIS LIVES The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Event" continues to pack houses across the United States and fans are raving over the unforgettable musical journey across Elvis' life.
According to The Daily Athenaeum, "The show captured each stage of Elvis’s career through music and video slideshows, and it displayed each performer’s ability to recreate the star’s essence."
ELVIS LIVES continues to capture the imaginations and interests of fans of all types including Broadway, concert and Elvis aficionados. This is an unforgettable multimedia and live musical journey of Elvis' life, featuring finalists from Elvis Presley Enterprises' annual worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, each representing Elvis during different stages in his career.
Go HERE to 'Almost Elvis' for more info and tickets
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Friday 12 April 2013
Boxcar “Elvis – Aloha via Satellite” Final Details and Trailer: Boxcar Enterprises will finally release its long anticipated title “Elvis – Aloha via Satellite” on June 3rd 2013 as part of a 40th Year Anniversary special celebration.
This massive, most comprehensive 450 page hardback volume is packaged with hundreds of photographs many of which have never before been seen.  Also collected here exclusively, are scores of historical memorabilia as well as the Colonels original internal documents and scripts that explores the making of this historical event from the early plans all the way to the many RCA releases that followed from around the world. This, with the informative text - by Elvis enthusiast Steve Barile - included in this release is intended to create a time-travel experience of sorts documenting the most groundbreaking event in the annals of television history.
The unfortunate delay was in the new material and printing.
Now to be officially released - June 3rd 2013.
Click here for VERY COOL 2 minute YouTube preview trailer - well worth a look - You can PRE-ORDER the book CLICK here >>> - Elvis - Aloha Via Satellite: A 40th Anniversary Commemorative Release (Elvis Presley) for only £80.00 or US$123 - Don't let dealers rip you off!
(News, Source;Boxcar/ElvisInfoNet)

New Elvis photography Exibition at Uni of Tennessee: The new exhibit of old Elvis Presley photographs entitled “Elvis: Grace and Grit” opened this week at the University of Tennessee in Martin, Tennessee.
Before the days of Elvis wannabes and before the plethora of Elvis look alikes, there was Elvis.
Curated from the CBS Photo Archives, the exhibit examines the young and feisty, talented and sexy, Elvis Presley who revolutionized pop music in the early sixties.  His trailblazing renditions of blacks-only blues with rock shot him to the top of the charts and into the libidos of America's teenage girls.
Sam Richardson, the head of archives for Paul Meek Library, searches for different exhibits to bring here to UTM.
The exhibition consists of 27 black and white photographs of Elvis in the late 1950s. He was photographed on the Ed Sullivan Show, which became even more popular once the “King of Rock and Roll” made several appearances.
The Elvis exhibition should intrigue students because of the history that hits close to Martin, Tenn. Gordon Stoker was a native from Gleason, Tenn. and a member of the Jordanaires. Other group members included Neal Matthews, Hoyt Hawkins and Hugh Jarrett. Stoker just recently passed away on March 27, 2013. He was 88 years old.
“Elvis came from the small town of Tupelo, Miss. He showed us that anyone can make it from a small community, which relates to students here at UTM. Plus, Elvis Presley is cool,” said Richardson.
“Students will enjoy looking at these old black and whites of Elvis in his prime. It’s exciting to have these types of exhibits right here on campus,” Medling said.
“Elvis: Grace and Grit” will be on display now until May 31. It is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm.
Go here for info
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Elvis' name in Michael Jackson upcoming Trial: Tour manager Paul Gongaware warned Michael Jackson's 1993 tour doctor, "Don't be a Dr. Nick", a reference to Elvis Presley's last physician, according to a deposition for the upcoming wrongful death trial.
"Dr. Nick was the doctor whose overprescription of drugs to Elvis had led to Elvis' death," according to a court filing by lawyers for the Jackson family.
Presley collapsed in the bathroom of  Graceland on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42. While his death was ruled the result of an irregular heartbeat, the autopsy report was sealed amid accusations that abuse of prescription drugs caused the problem.
"Dr. Nick", Dr. George Nichopoulos, said later he was treating Presley for insomnia. He was charged with over-prescribing drugs to Presley, but he was acquitted. He later lost his medical license.
Presley's death came days before he was to begin a new tour organised by the concert promoter Concerts West.
Jackson died on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50. The coroner ruled his death was caused by a fatal combination of sedatives and the surgical anaesthetic propofol.
Jackson's death came shortly before his "This Is It" comeback concerts, organised by AEG Live, were to have debuted in London. AEG got into the concert promotion business when it purchased Concerts West, a young company that had taken the name of Elvis' last promoter.
Jackson's mother and three children are suing AEG Live, claiming the concert promoter is liable for the singer's death because it hired Dr. Murray.
Elvis' name could loom in the wrongful death trial which is starting this month in a Los Angeles courtroom, especially if his daughter takes the stand. Lisa Marie Presley, who was married to Jackson from May 1994 until January 1996, is on the witness list.
"I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did," Jackson told his wife during their short marriage, according to a blog Presley published a day after Jackson's death.
The Jackson lawyers used the Elvis and "Dr. Nick" reference to argue that "AEG knew Jackson had suffered chronic substance abuse and drug
dependency problems for many years." Gongaware, now AEG Live's co-CEO, managed Jackson's "Dangerous" and "HIStory" tour between 1993 and 1997.
AEG's lawyers will use Jackson's drug use history in their defense, arguing that it showed Jackson was responsible for his own death.
"Mr. Jackson is a person who was known to doctor shop," AEG's attorney Marvin Putnam said. "He was known to be someone who would tell one doctor one thing and another doctor something else."
(News, Source;SanjaM/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 11 April 2013
Elvis Insiders Elvis Week 2013 Tickets on sale: EPE is already warming up for Elvis Week 2013 with tickets for Elvis Insiders on sale now.
Elvis Week 2013 is Saturday, August 10 - Saturday, August 17. EPE are excited to be bring back the Elvis Week Main Stage at Graceland again this year.
The Main Event this year is the repeat of the “Aloha from Hawaii” 40th Anniversary Enhanced Screening that was shown in Hawaii this past January (and damn good it was too
- See EIN Review here
See Elvis Week 2013 Schedule highlights below
Note that the "Elvis Week Main Stage All-Access Pass" gives fans admission to all published EPE events listed on the schedule for the Elvis Week Main Stage with doors open 10 minutes prior to doors for individual ticket holders. It is in is in very limited number and sells out quickly.
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'Elvis Music FAQ' New Book: Author Mike Eder, who has written some excellent articles for such as JAT and Elvis Files books, will have his first book out later this year "Elvis Music FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the King's Recorded Works". Real cover now announced, shown right.
Elvis Music FAQ is for anyone who has been inspired by an Elvis Presley record. Following in the tradition of the FAQ series, in Elvis Music FAQ , a lot of rare information is woven together in one concise, entertaining package. There are chapters about every year of Elvis's career, including a look at his pioneering original record label Sun; insight on his management; the continued importance of television in his career; a summation of each Presley concert tour; the inside scoop about the role Elvis's band members and songwriters played in his sound; stories about the amusing musical oddities created by those trying to ride on the Elvis success train; details about the contentious role drugs played in his career; and, finally, a full review of every record the King ever issued. One might say that the only truths about Elvis Presley can be found in the grooves of his records, where his natural talent and passion for music comes through always. Elvis Music FAQ aims to be the one essential companion that explains the reason why the voice heard over the speakers still carries such resonance. Dozens of rare images accompany this engaging text.
Paperback, 400 pages. Backbeat Books - Out October 15, 2013.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

US channel ENCORE presents "The Elvis Movie Collection" all May: For the entire month of May, US cable TV channel ENCORE is presenting your favourite films starring the legendary King of Rock 'n' Roll, every night at 8:00 p.m. EST. Fans can now view a new promotional video, schedule of movie listings and a complete timeline of Elvis' movie career featuring photos and more by visiting Encore's The Elvis Collection.
In his earlier days, television executives avoided showing him below the waist due to "obscene" hip movements, but now ENCORE will be showing the king and his moves in all their glory. Fans can look forward to more than 20 Elvis titles, uncut and commercial free this May - only on ENCORE. Learn more about the celebration of Elvis movie career by visiting TheElvisCollection.com. - Click HERE.
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Rolling Stone features 'Unchained Melody' Flashback: Recently featured in Rolling Stone a sad reminder of the final months of Elvis..
... When Elvis Presley hit the road in June 1977, he was an absolute mess. He was only 42, but years of prescription drug abuse and horrifying dietary habits had left him bloated, depressed and near death. He had an enlarged heart, an enlarged intestine, hypertension and incredibly painful bowel problems. He was barely sleeping and should have probably been in the hospital, but he was still a huge draw on the concert circuit and the money was too good to turn down.
It had been over a year since Elvis last released a studio album, and manager Colonel Tom Parker was determined to get more product into the stores. Despite Elvis' horrid shape and obvious bad health, Parker arranged for a camera crew to film the June 19th show in Omaha for a planned TV special and live album. It eventually aired on CBS two months after Elvis died, and has yet to resurface in any

official capacity. This isn't the Elvis that his estate wants the fans to remember.
Two days later, the cameras were still rolling when the tour hit Rapid City, South Dakota. It was another weak and sad night until Elvis sat down at the piano near the end to deliver a spellbinding rendition of "Unchained Melody." As guitarist Charlie Hodge held a microphone, Elvis dug deep and poured his heart into the song. His body was falling apart, but his voice remained almost as powerful as ever. Without any doubt, it's the last great moment of his career. Click HERE to YouTube.
The tour limped along through five more shows, wrapping up June 26th at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana. The show ended with "Can't Help Falling in Love." Elvis died less than two months later.
For happier times Rolling Stone suggests  'Suspicious Minds' from MSG 1972. Go HERE.
(For more on why Elvis was still touring in 1977 see EIN's spotlight The Dark Side of the Colonel)
(News, Source;Rolling Stone/ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 8 April 2013

2 New Books from JAT Publishing: Celebrating 25 years of Elvis Presley Productions, two new books from JAT Publishing ‘Flip, Flop & Fly - From St Louis to Atlanta 1973 – 1976’ featuring rare photos with over 120 unpublished colour and black& white images filling this 208 page production.
‘Elvis Presley in King Creole’ features over 140 rare and unpublished photographs, Includes rare docs which may help solve the mystery of the missing outtakes.
Both titles released June 3rd 2013
Go HERE for a YouTube Promo clip

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New Ger Rijff Elvis Website: ‘Elvis: Echoes Of The Past’ is the new Ger Rijff website with as he notes "Not a Jumpsuit In Sight".
Together with Bob, Ger Rijff last month started the ‘Elvis: Echoes Of The Past’ website. Mainly focusing on the 50s, and Elvis. However it also looks at Teenage-rage, Cool Vinyl, Vintage

Magazines, Classic Americana and the wonderful movie-poster art of the era.
Topics discussed include...
- Magazine Covers To Make Girls Sigh
The first little wave of rare Presley magazine covers from the 1950's.
- Posing The Pose, PART 1
Marlon Brando, James Dean, Tony Curtis … young Elvis Presley loved them all. He studied his heroes thoroughly. And he learned fast!
- Jailhouse Rock (1957)
The first bunch of worldwide movie memorabilia. Much more soon!
- "The Elvis Presley Game" (1957)
One of the rarest and most sought-after Presley collectibles.

Go HERE ‘Elvis: Echoes Of The Past’ to check it out.

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Elvis in Toronto, 1957: Elvis Presley's two concerts at Maple Leaf Gardens were among only five he ever performed outside of the U.S. - Journalist Kevin Plummer has written a recent on-line article about Elvis for the Torontoist...  
... “It goes without saying,” Toronto Star music critic Hugh Thomson wrote in a scathing review of Elvis Presley’s two-concert appearance at Maple Leaf Gardens on April 2, 1957, “Elvis has all the appeal of one-part dynamite and one-part chain-lightning to the adolescent girls, but to one like myself who is neither a girl nor adolescent, I could only feel he was strikingly devoid of talent.”
While a frenzied audience (reportedly composed predominantly of women, ranging in age from four to 64) screamed and cheered in approval as Elvis glided across the stage, seductively cradling the microphone and stopping to rock his hips in rhythm to the music, Thomson seethed: “One rock ‘n’ roll ballad sounded just like the other, and the basic theme and appeal were sex, which Elvis lays on with the subtlety of a bulldozer in mating season, you might say. He is Mr. Overstatement himself. He has to knock himself and his audience out at every beat.”
... After a 20-minute intermission, when the house lights dimmed and a local disc jockey announced Elvis’s imminent arrival on-stage, the crowd shrieked at top volume for 30 seconds straight. “From there on the Gardens,” the Globe and Mail recorded the scene, “from floor level to the highest tier, became a din of shrieks, whistles, feet-stomping and handclapping, lit by the chain lightning of amateur photographers’ flash bulbs.”
But, having broken a guitar string or hit himself in the eye with a microphone (accounts vary), Presley was further delayed en route to the stage. “Elvis doesn’t think you’re making enough noise,” came another announcement over the PA system, and the thunderous cheers from the crowd grew louder still. When he finally emerged on stage—dressed in the

famous Nudie Cohn-designed gold lamé suit he’d introduced at the start of the tour—the ear-splitting noise prevented any one from hearing Elvis actually sing. “It was Presley a la pantomime all the way,” the Globe and Mail reported, “but nobody seemed to mind.”

“Up and down the stage he goes, dragging the mike like a captive, undulating, shouting feverishly,” wrote organist Charles Peaker, who attended the concert at the invitation of the Star. “He freezes, the orchestra stops—he glares at the audience like one in a hypnotic trance, then he leaps, gives tongue, and starts to dislocate his golden legs again.” Providing the most colourful descriptions of Elvis’ performance carried in the Toronto press, Peaker continued: “Then his face sets, his lips curl back and seizing the mike by the scruff of the neck he prowls up and down the platform, snarling, and driving his worshippers crazy.”
... The early show proved to be the last time Elvis wore the full gold lamé suit. His performance style, regularly dropping to his knees, had quickly worn down the gold on the front of the pants. Other than that detail, the second show went much the same as the first. With 15,000 fans now jammed into Maple Leaf Gardens (the largest audience to that point in Elvis’ career) the crowd’s hollering once again drowned out the singer and his musicians. As he neared the end of another hour-long performance,

Elvis was drenched in sweat, his hair disshelved. One reporter in attendance likened him to “a kid staggering after a tough basketball game.”
He closed the show with “Hound Dog,” repeating chorus after chorus a dozen or more times in a growing crescendo. And then, an instant after the last notes were played, he was gone. For his own safety, Elvis never did encores or lingered at the venue. Before the audience could react—still hopeful there’d be a curtain call—he bolted off-stage and into a waiting car. “I’ll bet that guitar hadn’t hit the stage from his hand by the time he was shooting through the door,” one police officer observed. “His fast disappearance made it a lot easier for us.”
Please go HERE to the lengthy complete article which features even more GREAT photos and the full story ..
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 6 April 2013
Elvis Week 2013 Pre-Sale and Events Schedule: EPE is already warming up for Elvis Week 2013 with tickets for Elvis Insiders going on sale this Tuesday, April 9.
Elvis Week 2013 is Saturday, August 10 - Saturday, August 17. EPE are excited to be bring back the Elvis Week Main Stage at Graceland again this year.
The Main Event this year is the repeat of the “Aloha from Hawaii” 40th Anniversary Enhanced Screening that was shown in Hawaii this past January (and damn good it was too - See EIN Review here
Other Elvis Week 2013 highlights are
- August 14 - Conversations on Elvis - Hosted by Tom Brown, this event lets fans hear from those who worked closest with the king – from friends, colleagues, co-stars,
musicians and more. Confirmed guests: T.G. Sheppard, who formed a close personal and professional relationship with Elvis while promoting records for RCA – Elvis would later, as a token of their friendship, give TG his first tour bus. More guests to be announced soon.
- August 15 - Elvis Gospel Celebration: Start off your morning with an amazing gospel celebration featuring Terry Mike Jeffrey, Andy Childs and former members of J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet – Bill Baize, Donnie Sumner, Ed Hill and Larry Strickland as they sing some of their favorite Elvis gospel songs on stage.
- August 15 - Candlelight Vigil: After an opening ceremony at the gates of Graceland, fans are invited to walk up the driveway to Elvis' gravesite in quiet remembrance.
- August 16 - Official Elvis Insiders Event: This year’s Elvis Insiders event will be a celebration of all that is Elvis with special segments that highlight various parts of Elvis’ life and career. Attendees will enjoy sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes looks, rarely-seen videos, feature segments filmed just for the event,
- August 16 - “Aloha from Hawaii” 40th Anniversary Enhanced Screening: At the Orpheum Theatre, celebrate entertainment history with a special enhanced screening of Elvis’ landmark 1973 television event. Elvis’ “Aloha from Hawaii”. As a special enhancement to the evening, enjoy a performance by former members of J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet.
- August 17 - Elvis Celebration Concert featuring Terry Mike Jeffrey with Special Guest DJ Fontana: Join us for a celebration of Elvis music during a special afternoon concert event. The show will feature Terry Mike Jeffrey and band performing some of their favorite Elvis tunes, joined by Elvis’ original drummer – DJ Fontana.
Plus the usual 'Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contests' that for some reason regularly sell out.
For the complete EPE 'Schedule of Events' Click Here.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis FilesVol.1 '53-'56 - OUT NOW!: Erik Lorentzen's new 'Elvis Files Vol.1 1953 - 1956' is OUT NOW and in the post! A huge volume of 594 pages even with it trimmed down to a feasible postal weight - 1956 was a great year for Elvis. The first volume of the Elvis Files story, chronicling Elvis' rise from his pre SUN discovery to becoming the world's biggest new sensation - with over 1,400 photos... Featuring All Elvis Events from 1953-1956, Every Working Moment, The Early Tours, The first Las Vegas trip, Recording Sessions, The TV Shows and lots of UNSEEN and UNPUBLISHED images.
- Cost is 115 Euro including postage for Europe, 140 Euro for worldwide

New publication dates for the further two volumes are...
Elvis Files Vol. 6,1971-1973, (August 16, 2013)
Elvis Files Vol. 7,1974-1977, (December 2013).

See EIN's exclusive preview and STUNNING Elvis photos & order details here.

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Paul Anka spills on Elvis in his new book: Ottawa-born Paul Anka, who became a teen singing sensation in the late 1950s with “Diana” and “Put Your Head on My Shoulder,” rose to stardom when the Rat Pack ruled and Vegas was the epicentre of everything cool. In his autobiography My Way out Tuesday, Anka is a keen observer of all the people he has met, loved and sang with along his way. In the book he talks about Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr., Annette Funicello (who he dated), Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy and of course, the main selling point Elvis Presley. Not all his stories are positive as he talks of the culture of kinky sex drinks and drugs.
On Elvis Presley he includes..
“My Way” meant so much to Elvis as a song, he was going to do it. And I’d say, “Elvis, it’s not really your kind of song.” And he’d say, “Nooo, Paulie, but those words, they mean so much to me. Boy, I want to do that song one day.” It was one of the last songs he recorded. In the end, that song and those words had resonance for him but not in the way I intended. Basically, given Elvis’ sad state at the end, it was in the opposite sense that the
words had had for Sinatra. There was nothing defiant or heroic about Elvis at that point.
It was the same way Elvis lived his life — he destroyed himself. Just went too far. He became another statistic. Life is about construction and destruction. It’s all in that balance, everything we see when we can look far enough. When you lose track of that, you self-destruct. And that’s what happened to my talented friend.
I was in Vegas, got up, turned on the news. Elvis Presley was gone. I cried that day. Elvis was a cool guy, a nice man, but was too young to go. Really blew it.
I got to know Elvis pretty extensively when he first started coming to Vegas. He would come over to Caesars Palace, see the show, come over and visit, sit backstage. Through that whole evolution, from when he hit town to when things started going bad for him, and where he started losing control, I would sit with him and just try to tell him, “Man, you’ve got to get it together, you can’t live this twilight half-life. Get a hold of this situation or it’s going to pull you under.” But he couldn’t — would usually only see me in his suite.
His social terror was extreme. I’d say, “Elvis why don’t we just go out to dinner, go for a walk?” “Oh, no!” He was terrified of that. You’d go over to his hotel — we both worked the Hilton — and he’d have aluminum foil

on the windows; Elvis never wanted to see the daylight. He’d go up to Vail, Colo., and I’d be up there with my family skiing — in the daylight. Elvis wouldn’t get up until the sun went down, and only then would he go up on the mountain with the floodlights turned on, to snowmobile. He was that kind of creature. Elvis was a nice guy, but so locked in that prison of celebrity, of who he was, and his image, the person inside shrivelled up. Sometimes you sat and talked to him and it was as if he were already gone. You couldn’t save him.
To read more of the book's publicity blurb - 'Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy' "JFK, of course, loved the ladies and the situation played right into the whole sexual circus. I saw the reality: Kennedy and the hookers, the women who hung around Frank, and the mob. It was a shop window. The media at that time was controlled, so they wouldn’t write about it." and on Sammy Davis Jr. "Sammy’s kinky sex habits got kinkier" etc etc CLICK HERE.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Marie Osmond Talks about Elvis: Recently on the US Katie Couric show Marie Osmond was a guest. In her interview (she is often featured on 'The Insider') she talked about her highs and lows of her life. She also spoke briefly about Elvis. Marie claims that Elvis became good friends with Olive Osmond (Marie's mother) and they talked extensively on the phone. She said that Elvis often asked her for advice, although Marie didn't say what kind of advice. Olive Osmond never allowed anyone to be present when she spoke with Elvis.
Katie asked why Elvis would ask Olive Osmond for advice. Marie revealed that her mother and Elvis' mother looked a lot alike and Elvis felt comfortable talking about his life to a relative stranger. (Right; The Osmonds, Elvis Style!)
EIN notes that Elvis would have met the Osmonds in Vegas - but would he really have phoned their Mother for advice?
EIN asked Marty Lacker if he, or Billy Smith who was around at the time, knew anything of this story or whether it was the usual celebrity beat-up (see Tom Jones stories, Paul Anka story above ..etc)
Marty Lacker replies..
... That is the one of the wildest bunch of BS I've ever heard.
First of all, Elvis really didn't like talking on the phone, especially at length to anyone. In addition, as we always kidded him about, he couldn't keep a secret

about anything if it killed him and I strongly believe he would have mentioned it to one of us and usually to more than one and if that had happened one of us who have written books about our lives with Elvis (EIN notes see 'Elvis and the Memphis Mafia' story below) would have already said that.
I have never heard Elvis mention Olive Osmond or her kids.  I have always found this to be true, that if something was true concerning any kind of relationship anyone had with Elvis they would have talked about it in interviews or another media almost from the time he died.  It's also amazing but not surprising, how many so-called celebrities have told stories about their supposed relationship or encounter with Elvis and 98% of them have been pure BS. Most of them think because Elvis has gone their lies can't be exposed, however they forget some of us who were very close are still here to dispute it.  Most are not aware that Elvis talked to some of us about almost everything and we were with him all the time.
- Marty Lacker.

(News, Source;FECC/MartyLacker/ElvisInfoNet)

New Secret Love Child of Elvis Found! (No, really!!): Scottsdale's John Smith says he is the secret love child of Elvis Presley. And he has, he swears, the DNA evidence to prove it.
No, really. Smith, a sometime country singer and songwriter who lives in Scottsdale, says he's coming clean this month in a new book detailing his hush-hush life as the unheralded Prince of Rock 'n' Roll. 'Let the Boy Sing: Elvis Is My Daddy', from a tiny, pay-to-print publisher in Oklahoma, reveals everything the world wants to know about the perks of being Elvis' tug-of-love: The trust fund, set up by Elvis for Smith when he was born. The music gigs, playing with John Denver and Lawrence Welk, and the recording contract with Elvis' label, RCA Records. The chance to write songs for country superstars like Kenny Rogers and to record an album with music legends who also recorded with Elvis. All these cushy thrills, according to Smith's new book, were arranged by Elvis himself, who kept tabs on his boy via a network of people who did the King's bidding.
And that's because John Smith is, he says, the son of the King. "I've known that Elvis is my daddy since I was 27 years old," says Smith, 51. "And there's no one word that describes how it feels to finally tell the world the truth about me."
"The correct word is scary," according to Presley historian Cory Cooper, who's known in pop culture circles as "The Elvis Expert" and who recently served as technical adviser on director John Scheinfeld's Fame and Fortune, an adaptation of Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business, a 2008 bestseller by Presley's former bodyguard. "These people show up every few years claiming to be Elvis'
son or daughter. The sad thing is that some of them actually believe it. Maybe they've been fed a story all their lives about a one-night stand their mom had with Elvis, and they think it's true. Whatever the story, they always have two things in common: They all swear they have birth certificates or DNA evidence to prove their claim, and they all have a story about why they can't show you those things. And, of course, the real reason they can't is because they don't have them. Their story isn't true."
"Elvis was the most famous entertainer in the world, he loved women, and he wasn't faithful in his marriage or to his girlfriends," says Cooper, who points out that people have been claiming to be Elvis' kid since before the King died. "But I don't think Elvis has three dozen offspring scattered around the world."
Yet the parade of would-be Presley bastards just keeps on coming. There's 53
year-old Desirée Presley, a former Los Angeles model whose mom wrote the infamous Elvis tome 'Are You Lonesome Tonight'? about her supposed 24-year-long secret romance with Presley. And Lisa Johansen, the 43-year-old Swedish woman who filed a $130 million lawsuit against the Presley estate for defamation and emotional distress, claiming she is "the real Lisa Marie Presley" who was forcibly exiled to Sweden after her father's death and replaced by an imposter — a fake Lisa Marie who went on to marry Michael Jackson, among other things. Johansen's own memoir, I, Lisa Marie, was scrapped after her publisher sued her for refusing to take an agreed-upon DNA test.
But Scottsdale's John Smith swears he has conclusive DNA evidence that his dad is the man who sang 'Blue Suede Shoes'. "One last thing that you cannot explain away," he writes in his memoir, "is that Elvis and I, we share the same DNA." But asked to share that DNA documentation with New Times, Smith hems and haws and passes the buck. "We're still talking with my family about whether we can put the DNA stuff in the book," he says. "When we said we wanted to put it in the book, they said, 'We didn't mean for you to do that. We got that for you, for your own knowledge, and not for publication.'"
And so Smith continues to point instead to other things that, he says, prove conclusively that Elvis is his dad. There's an old black-and-white photograph of Elvis holding a little boy (photo above) who could, frankly, be any towheaded kid. There's a snapshot of a woman Smith says is his mother, standing with Elvis and Priscilla and Glen Campbell at somebody's wedding in the '60s. There's a handwritten note from Tyner, postmarked 1991 and refusing to confirm Smith's paternity because "it is not the time to expose your father."
Smith insists he has no need to prove his lineage to anyone. "I have known in my heart that Elvis is my daddy for years," he writes. "It has been a part of my life for years. I know it. I feel it."
One wonders what Elvis himself might say. Cooper finds the whole cult-of-Elvis thing kind of sad. "These people want to be part of something. So it's, 'I saw Elvis at Burger King in Kalamazoo! He's alive!' or 'My mom slept with Elvis, and he's my dad!' Some of them get a little media attention, or they self-publish a book that sells 800 copies, and they get to feel special for a little while."
In a twisted way, Cooper says, this sort of attention keeps Elvis' name in the spotlight. "But if you were really Elvis' son, is this the kind of attention you'd want to bring to him?" he asks. "Because if my dad were an internationally loved icon, the last thing I'd want to do is join a chorus of people who are saying he screwed around a lot, knocked up a bunch of teenagers, and then took off."
Please Go HERE to the fascinating full article.
Go HERE to EIN's Elvis Conspiracy pages and questions about- "The DNA evidence has to be flawed"
(News, Source;CoryCooper/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Billboard Album Charts :Sadly Elvis has no albums on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 13th April, 2013, - but he is still selling!
The following appeared on the Catalog Album Chart:
- 'Heart And Soul' rises from 65 to 55 selling some 2,856 units. Total sales to date: 630,950 units. It also rises from 131 to 121 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 2,854 units. Total physical sales to date: 630,387 units. It also appears on the Country Catalog Album Chart at 14.
- 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 84 to 65 selling some 2,592 units. Total sales to date: 538,728 units. It also rises from 148 to 136 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 2,592 units. Total physical sales : 537,746 units.
- 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) rises from 133 to 95 selling some 2,172 units. Total sales to date: 145,729 units.
It also rises from 194 to 177 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 2,161 units. Total physical sales to date: 143,094 units.

- 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) rises from 123 to 116 selling some 2,017 units. Total sales to date: 171,627 units. It also dropped from 183 to 196 on the Physical Album Chart selling some 2,015 units. Total physical sales to date: 170,589 units.
- 'The Very Best Of Love' drops from 115 to 134 selling some 1,906 units. Total sales to date: 348,985 units.
- 'Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits' also re-entered the Catalog Album Chart selling some 1,180 units. Total sales to date: 4,852,384 units.
- 'Viva Las Vegas' dropped from 74 to 93 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 378 units. Total sales to date: 55,007 units.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 3 April 2013
'Elvis Presley In Concert' Returns To Brazil in 2013: As noted by EIN months ago the overwhelming success of the exhibition "The Elvis Experience" and "Elvis Presley In Concert" in 2012 means that both will be returning to Brazil in 2013 - as confirmed today by EPE.
"The Elvis Experience" is the largest exhibition of personal items from the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll ever displayed outside of the US that debuted in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2012 and became one of the most successful exhibitions ever held in Brazil it is returning May 16 - July 2, to Porto Alegre, Brazil. Seen by over 100 thousand people in Sao Paulo, the exhibition is now being mounted in Barra Shopping South and will showcase hundreds of items from Graceland and EPE. The Brazilian company 2Share Ent will once again produce the exhibition. Two other cities to be announced soon will also showcase the exhibition.
"Elvis Presley in Concert" is the worldwide popular production featuring various Elvis Presley band members onstage interacting with Elvis on screen. In 2012 the show had six sold out presentations in Brasilia, Rio and Sao Paulo – and was seen by more than 50 thousand people. The 2013 tour will include nine shows in seven cities beginning in October in Brasilia and continuing to Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Sao Paulo (3 shows), Curitiba and Porto Alegre.
"There are currently many Elvis Presley fan clubs in South America and Graceland has received in recent years an ever increasing number of visitors from Brazil. This has motivated us to take that exhibition to a larger number of cities and reach a wider audience, who otherwise could not share that emotion,” stated Rafael Reisman..
"Based on the huge success of the Elvis Experience in 2012 in Sao Paulo, we are thrilled to be opening the exhibit again in Brazil. This unique and rare loan of artifacts and the staging of the concert experience, is a fantastic continuation of Elvis in Brazil," said Jack Soden, "Currently, on Elvis' Facebook page, South America ranks third in the number of international fans, just behind the UK and Mexico, and this allows us to share Elvis' rich life and legacy with them."
For ticket information on both "The Elvis Experience" and "Elvis Presley In Concert," please visit www.Elvis2013.com.br
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

James Burton and D.J. Fontana in Louisiana Hall of Fame: Shreveport, Louisiana’s James Burton was inducted into the 'Louisiana Hall of Fame' for his contribution to the rich history and heritage of music in the great state of Louisiana. Burton has played guitar with many of the greats including Elvis Presley, Rick Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Denver, Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris, Roy Orbison and more.
Back in 1956 James Burton co-wrote the hit song “Susie-Q” with Dale Hawkins when he was just 15 years-old and backed George Jones, Johnny Horton, and Bob Luman and Ricky Nelson on the KWKH Louisiana Hayride.
Pictured are James Burton, Mike Shephard (Director of Louisiana Hall of Fame) and D.J. Fontana.
Go HERE for EIN's Spotlight on James Burton, Elvis and Ricky Nelson
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'Elvis and the Memphis Mafia' chosen by Columbia University: Alanna Nash's book 'Elvis and the Memphis Mafia' with Billy Smith, Marty Lacker, and Lamar Fike, has been selected as one of the best "100 Great Stories" chosen by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism for their salute to the stories of the last century, as covered by graduates of the school.
They state that "In Elvis and The Memphis Mafia, Alanna Nash dug beneath decades of mythmaking to piece together an oral history of one of the greatest legends of 20th-century music."
Though they identify the book by its second title, with a 2005 publication date, this is the reprint of the 1995 book originally published as "Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations from the Memphis Mafia." When the reprint appeared, Marty, Billy, Lamar and Alanna changed the title to what they always wanted it to be, though HarperCollins overruled us at the time.
- EIN congratulates Alanna Nash.
Go here to "Columbia University 100 Great Stories" website.

Go here for EIN's detailed Interview with Alanna Nash plus her book reviews.

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Graceland Goes Blue for World Autism Awareness Day: Graceland will be illuminated in April with special blue lights in support of "World Autism Awareness Day" and Autism Awareness Month.
"World Autism Awareness Day" shines a bright light on autism as a growing global health crisis. The day's events help to increase and develop world knowledge of the autism epidemic and impart information regarding the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention. Additionally, "World Autism Awareness Day" celebrates the unique talents and skills of persons with autism and individuals with autism are warmly welcomed and embraced in global community events.
The iconic mansion joins a list of nearly 3000 structures, buildings and landmarks in over 600 cities and 45 countries around the world that shine a bright light on autism as a growing public health crisis. By bringing together autism organizations all around the world, we give a voice to the millions of individuals worldwide who are undiagnosed, misunderstood and looking for help.
Learn more about Autism Awareness Month and Graceland going blue HERE!
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'Las Vegas March 1975 Happening' New Import CD: The new Rock Legends label will soon release a double soundboard CD. The Elvis Presley Show was a HAPPENING and first Spring appearance in Sin City since 1956 was no different. The 50s gig was definitely way above in terms of performance, but nonetheless a flop at the time. Wrong place, wrong moment! But by 1969 Elvis returned and established himself as the King Of Vegas.
March 1975 wasn't a flop although he had health problems, but he still was in an excellent mood and with new studio material recorded about a week before. He was away from Las Vegas since Sept 1974, but he opened this Season with some of his new songs; And I Love You So, Green Green Grass Of Home and Fairytale. T-R-O-U-B-L-E would wait up to his next tour before entering his song list as a regular number, whilst the odd Shake A Hand and Pieces Of My Life were performed a bit later during the July 1975 tour.
The first CD features the nearly complete pre-show (no Elvis), and on the second CD the March 22, 1975 Midnight performance along with some bonus tracks recorded three nights earlier.
The March 22, 1975 MS has been released twice but our source is definitely from an earlier generation. The very short Joe Orchestra introduction before the Also Sprach Zarathustra is not on the aforementioned releases and presence of vocal distortion in Elvis' vocal is rather smooth and less annoying than it was before.
This new digipack double set will be a very LIMITED EDITION and first intended for the fans who didn't have these recordings, or all the ones wanting the COMPLETE HAPPENING.
EIN Notes - The tracklist states that there are SIX new unreleased tracks from 'March 19, 1975 M.S' although no one believes this soundboard exists. Maybe these Bonus tracks are audience recordings?
The Las Vegas, March 22 1975 (M.S)  was previously released on the excellent 'Back With A Bang' Audionics CD - See here for EIN's review.
Go to EIN's 'All the CD News 2013' for more info and full tracklist of this new set
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Easter Weekend 30/31 March 2013
Happy Easter From EIN: While Elvis loved the Christmas festival he also enjoyed the Easter celebrations and particularly after the birth of Lisa Marie and the chance to do Easter-egg hunts.
... The reason Elvis released and recorded Gospel songs like 'We Call On Him' and 'You’ll Never Walk Alone’ was because The Colonel used every Easter to do an "Easter Special" to publicise Elvis' music on the radio. Parker took out adverts on radio & in the music trade & they played Elvis gospel music every Easter in America on syndicated radio shows.
Go HERE for Ernst Jorgensen discussing Elvis' Gospel recordings.
And don't forget Elvis' 'Easter Special' the 10th FTD release from back in 2001. "A brilliant compile of twenty (officially) unreleased Gospel songs this CD features some excellent alternate versions of old favourites as well as some fascinating Studio discussions." Go HERE and play it today.
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New Elvis Documentary 'Give Elvis for Christmas': A newly flagged Elvis documentary that explores the first years of Elvis Presley's early career through the eyes of his personal secretary, Trude Forsher. It is being funded by 'Kickstarter' the new way to fund creative projects.
.... In August, 1956, Elvis Presley started shooting his first feature film, Love Me Tender. At his side was his manager, Colonel Tom Parker and his just-hired secretary, Trude Forsher.
Give Elvis for Christmas is Trude's account of how Elvis' career went from a Southern United States singing sensation to a global legend.  Over the five years that Trude worked with Elvis and the Colonel, she observed first hand the legendary moment's in the King's life.
Give Elvis for Christmas is also told through the eyes of Byron Raphael, personal assistant to both Trude, Elvis and the Colonel. The film includes music and images that have rarely -if ever-been seen. It is not only the story of Elvis' rise to fame, but of one of his most personal confidants, who escaped the ravages of WW2 to get the job a million girls dreamed of - Elvis' private secretary.
During the 1980's and 1990's, I interviewed my mom on several occasions. Each time she shared different stories about Elvis, the Colonel, the songs and the films during her years with the Presley organization.  A few years back, I began to assemble the material into a documentary.
The title comes from the stamp that Colonel Parker used on all mailings leaving the office during Christmas time. It also reflects a special period in our family life in December 1958, when Elvis and the Colonel personally helped our family during a time of crisis.
"Give Elvis for Christmas" has been 30 years in the making. I began interviewing my mom about her Elvis years back in the early 1980's. I began to acquire footage and develop the storyline back in the early 2000's. It has been a slow process but we are finally at the finish line.
What is needed to finish the project are funds for licensing footage, shooting some contemporary material appropriate to the story and spending a lot of time in the edit bay. The goal is to create a film that is both entertaining and tells a story never before heard about the early years of the Elvis legend.
Go HERE for more info plus short film clip - and if you want to help fund this documentary.
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'Vegas Variety Vol. 10' New Import CD: Rainbow Records proudly presents the final release in their series “Vegas Variety”. It will be presented in real good sound for an audience recording. When Rainbow Records released their first volume in the "Vegas Variety“ series in 2007, they had the dream about presenting at least one Vegas-Show from each year. The goal was to not only share great music and concerts but they soon learned that each show has at least one special highlight that deserves to be heard by fans worldwide.
During the research they found rare and never before seen photos of Elvis in Vegas and also had the chance to track down some nice memorabilia and unreleased shots of the International / Hilton Hotel. Being fans and collectors themselves, their priority was always to give the fans something „nice & new“. With this 10th release in the "Vegas Variety“ Rainbow Records presents an unreleased recording of the September 5, 1971 Dinner Show performance. 'It‘s Impossible', 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy', 'Sweet Caroline' - it‘s your choice which song you call your personal highlight this time. With the release of a show from 1971 Rainbow Records has accomplished their goal to cover each year from the Vegas Years 1969-1976.
So today, more than 5 years later after the initial release it‘s time to look back: 10 Volumes of "Vegas Variety“ means also a total of 10 unique shows on 12 silver factory pressed CDs. With the releases Rainbow Records was able to present you ultra rare versions of songs like 'Until Then', 'You Better Run', 'Rock My Soul', 'Aubrey', 'Cryin‘ Time' and 'Just Pretend'. Each release featured an extensive booklet of 16-20 pages with background information and great photos of our man in action. With a total of nearly 200 pages these ten booklets are all combined no longer a booklet, but can be called a book! Rainbow Records likes to thank you for your loyalty and the support through the years.
EIN notes that superfan Ciscoking adds, "The show, is okay...sound too.. I know the source.. for junkies like me a must-have"
Go to EIN's 'All the CD News 2013' for tracklist
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'Elvis: The Seeker King' New Book: "The Seeker King: A Spiritual Biography of Elvis Presley" is a new book by author Gary Tillery due for release in October 2013.
The publicity notes...
.. A woman in the audience once handed Elvis a crown saying, “You’re the King.” “No, honey,” Elvis replied. “There is only one king — Jesus Christ. I’m just a singer.” Gary Tillery presents a coherent view of Elvis’s thoughts through such anecdotes and other recorded facts. We learn, for instance, that Elvis read thousands of books on religion; that his crisis over making bimbo movies like Girl Happy led him to writers such as Gurdjieff, Krishnamurti, and Helena Blavatsky; and that, while driving in Arizona, an epiphany he had inspired him to learn Hindu practice. Elvis came to believe that the Christ shines in everyone and that God wanted him to use his light to uplift people. And so he did. Elvis’s excesses were as legendary as his generosity, yet, despite his lethal reliance on drugs, he remained ever spiritually curious. When he died, he was reading A Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus. This intimate, objective portrait inspires new admiration for the flawed but exceptional man who said, “All I want is to know and experience God. I’m a searcher, that’s what I’m all about.”
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Latest Billboard Album Charts :Sadly Elvis has no albums on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 6th April, 2013, - but he is still selling!
The following appeared on the Catalog Album Chart:
- 'Heart And Soul' rises from 133 to 65 selling some 2,179 units. Total sales to date: 628,094 units. It also appeared on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International) album chart at 80.
- 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 108 to 84 selling some 2,046 units. Total sales to date: 536,136 units. It also appeared on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International) album chart at 97.
- 'The Very Best Of Love' rises from 126 to 115 selling some 1,843 units. Total sales to date: 347,079 units.
- 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) rises from 137 to 123 selling some 1,789 units. Total sales to date: 169,610 units.
- 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) rises from 183 to 133 selling some 1,738 units. Total sales to date: 143,557 units.

- 'Aloha From Hawaii' (25th Anniversary) re-enters at 178 selling some 1,521 units. Total sales to date: 605,837 units.
- 'I Am An Elvis Fan' dropped from 65 to 71 on the Top Current Country Album Chart selling some 443 units. Total sales to date: 27,981 units.
- 'Viva Las Vegas' dropped from 66 to 74 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 418 units. Total sales to date: 54,629 units.
- The following re-entered the US Top Music Video Chart at 18 and 19 respectively:
- 'Elvis: He Touched Me' (Vol.1) selling some 504 units. Total sales to date: 218,102 units.
- 'Elvis Lives' selling some 473 units. Total sales to date: 169,799 units.
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Gordon Stoker Passed Away aged 88. Very sadly Jordanaire Gordon Stoker died this week, after a lengthy illness, at his home yesterday on March 27th.
The Jordanaires originated in Missouri but came to Nashville, where they backed Red Foley on a segment of the Grand Ol Opry called the "Prince Albert Show".
Gordon Stoker joined the Jordanaires as their piano player, but soon became their tenor vocalist.
The quartet then developed a national audience after performing on the Opry and the nationally syndicated show, "Eddy Arnold Time."
Stoker has noted, "Elvis was attracted to the Jordanaires sound as he he'd heard us sing those spirituals. We were working with Eddy Arnold and we went to the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis to do a show. Elvis came back behind the stage to meet us, not to meet Eddy. Elvis said, 'Man, let's sing some of those spirituals.' So, we got to singing with him in the room. That's when he said, 'If I ever get a major recording contract, I want you guys to work with me.' He was on the Sun label at that time. We didn't think anything about it, we had been told that by a lot of people. It didn't mean anything at all. But, when RCA signed him in January of 1956 he asked for us."
The Jordanaires' impact on Presley's recordings should not be underestimated. Their smooth yet effervescent backgrounds made Elvis’ raw-boned rock’n’roll palatable to mainstream radio programmers. Elvis’ major hits such as 'Don't Be Cruel', 'Teddy Bear', 'Too Much' and 'Don't' exhibited the type of vocal interplay that Presley could not have achieved on his earlier recordings.
At Presley's request, the Jordanaires received billing on all his vinyl releases, a sign of respect that he didn't accord his band members.
On tour The King's delirious, screaming fans made it difficult for the group to hear the singer. As a result, Presley had the Jordanaires stand very close to him on stage. "We could also tell by the movement of his head or the movement of his body where he was in the song," explained Stoker. "But, we would be as close to him as we could possibly be. Elvis even wanted it that way in the studio. He always wanted us standing right behind him on those TV shows we did with him. Many times he'd step back on my toes. But you couldn't hear anything because of the screaming and hollering."
As a member of the Jordanaires, Stoker also performed with Patsy Cline on "Crazy", "I Fall to Pieces" and "Sweet Dreams," and with Ricky Nelson on "Traveling Man" and "Hello Mary Lou." The group provided backing vocals for Sissy Spacek in the 1980 bio-pic of Loretta Lynn, "Coal Miner's Daughter."
"He could play by ear," said John Rumble, historian at Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. "Anything he could hear on the radio, he could play it."
The Jordanaires, who recorded many gospel albums on their own, were elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001.
Gordon Stoker August 3, 1924 – March 27, 2013, R.I.P.
Go here for EIN's Spotlight on the great man Gordon Stoker.
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'Elvis Lives' reminds of singer's 1956 concerts at Bell: It was 57 years ago this week that Elvis Presley made the first of his two appearances at Augusta’s Bell Auditorium on March 20, 1956. So it seems really appropriate that finalists from EPEs’ worldwide Ultimate ETA Contest will perform on that same hallowed stage as part of the new "Elvis Lives" show.
The artists taking part in the touring Elvis Lives production may be unaware that Presley at 21 years old performed on that very same stage in March and then a few months later on June 27.
Elvis' two 1956 appearances were vastly different.
His first appearance was pretty much a country music show because Presley then was known primarily as a rising rockabilly singer whose early hit singles were on the Memphis-based Sun Records along with fellow Sun artists Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis.
Backing him up instrumentally were the Blue Moon Boys (guitarist Scotty Moore, bassist Bill Black and drummer D.J. Fontana) with opening acts being Grand Ole Opry comedian Rod Brasfield; Mother Maybelle Carter and a Canadian duo billed as Hal & Ginger.
A few years ago, I tracked down Hal Willis at his home in Madison, Tenn., who told me that he and his wife had been discovered by fellow Canadian and Opry star Hank Snow.
Snow introduced them to Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, who put them on a tour opening for Presley in Southeastern states shortly after the release of Presley’s first RCA single Heartbreak Hotel.
“He was just a kid then, and I was just 22,” Willis said of Presley. “He treated me and Ginger like brother and sister. He was just starting out in show business and was quite shy.”
One of the people who met Presley backstage at Bell Auditorium was Augusta resident and future rock and roll and country music superstar Brenda Lee. She had been discovered by Opry star Red Foley the previous month at Bell Auditorium and just had been signed to Decca Records.
“We were just two Southern kids who felt so blessed to be in the position we were in,” Lee said, “He loved his fans and was very appreciative of their support and their loyalty. He was just a down-to-Earth kind of a guy. I don’t think stardom ever went to his head. I don’t think he ever thought he was above anybody or anything like that. I still think he was as humble as he always was.”
By the time Presley returned to Bell Auditorium on June 27, 1956, he had signed a contract for a series of movies, appeared on national TV, topped both the rock and country music charts and selling out auditoriums in the days before massive-seating venues existed.
Bell Auditorium at that time had a seating capacity of about 4,000 in the auditorium and another 1,000 in the Music Hall on the other side of the stage. Yet the Augusta Chronicle reported that 6,000 screaming fans, public safety officers and curiosity seekers packed the building.
Presley was reported to have sung eight songs: Heartbreak Hotel; Long Tall Sally; I Was the One; Baby Let’s Play House; I Want You, I Need You, I Love You; I’ve Got a Woman; Blue Suede Shoes and Hound Dog, which he would record a month later.
Many local residents crossed his path during his two visits, including seeing him on Broad Street at the Richmond Hotel, where he stayed, and at Luigi’s Italian restaurant.
Sara Stratacos, who was a hostess for the Belmont restaurant on Broad Street managed by her then-husband, Gregg, said the Belmont in the 1950s was one of the few eating places open 24 hours. She recalled late one night in 1955 that three gold Cadillacs pulled up out front with Presley and his entourage of about six or eight people.
“There almost was no one else in the restaurant" Stratacos said "and Elvis was relaxed and didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He must have stayed about three hours. He wanted a banana-and-peanut butter sandwich. He said they were going on vacation but didn’t have any plans.
“My husband was from Charleston, and we had a friend at Folly Beach who had a restaurant with rooms over them. We sent Elvis that way, and we were later told by our friend, Charley, that Elvis and his group just showed up and stayed a week.”
Many other Augustans would cross Presley’s paths in unusual ways, including soul music superstar James Brown, who was one of Presley’s closest friends.
Brown and Presley reportedly met at a party at the Continental Hyatt in Hollywood, and would go see each other’s concerts. Presley was known to go in disguise so he could sneak into Brown’s shows. (See 'Elvis Not A Racist' Spotlight))
Area resident Ginny Wright Josey was a star of the Louisiana Hayride when she first started knowing Presley.
“I used to go out on stage ahead of him and while waiting I used to talk to him in the wings. He always wore a pink shirt and black pants and only had two band members with him. He asked me how I could be so calm. He said he knew of my records before he came to the Hayride show.”
One of the strangest Presley-related encounters happened in November 1977, when Augusta truckers Leon L. Widener and Carlos E. Young were dispatched by R.A. Willis Transfer Co. to Elberton, Ga., to pick up a delivery for Memphis.
Near Manchester, Tenn., they were fined $90 by highway patrolmen for being overloaded. When their cargo was unloaded in Memphis, they gasped when they saw it was the bronze marker that fans now pay homage to at Presley’s grave in Graceland.
(News, Source;AugustaChronicle/ElvisInfoNet)

More news and EIN exclusives from earlier in March ...

'Summer of '61' New FTD Book Preview: Posted on YourTube is a fabulous promo for the new David English book about Elvis Presley Summer of '61 and the making of the Elvis Presley movie 'Follow That Dream'.

The focus is on the summer months of 1961, with the main focus on the making of the movie Follow That Dream filmed on location in Florida in the months July and August 1961. The book presents original newspaper articles, new exclusive interviews from the cast, the crew, and local residents, and also details about scenes deleted from the final print. The also book includes over 200 stunning unpublished photos taken from the original negatives

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'Elvis Music FAQ' New Book: Author Mike Eder, who has written some excellent articles for such as JAT and Elvis Files books, will have his first book out later this year "Elvis Music FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the King's Recorded Works". (right, dummy cover shown)
Elvis Music FAQ is for anyone who has been inspired by an Elvis Presley record. Following in the tradition of the FAQ series, in Elvis Music FAQ , a lot of rare information is woven together in one concise, entertaining package. There are chapters about every year of Elvis's career, including a look at his pioneering original record label Sun; insight on his management; the continued importance of television in his career; a summation of each Presley concert tour; the inside scoop about the role Elvis's band members and songwriters played in his sound; stories about the amusing musical oddities created by those trying to ride on the Elvis success train; details about the contentious role drugs played in his career; and, finally, a full review of every record the King ever issued. One might say that the only truths about Elvis Presley can be found in the grooves of his records, where his natural talent and passion for music comes through always. Elvis Music FAQ aims to be the one essential companion that explains the reason why the voice heard over the speakers still carries such resonance. Dozens of rare images accompany this engaging text.
Paperback, 400 pages. Backbeat Books - Out October 15, 2013.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Eddie Bond, Elvis Contemporary, Dies at 79: Eddie Bond, a rockabilly singer and radio host who once told a teenage Elvis Presley that he would be better off driving a truck than trying to make it in music, died on Wednesday at his home in Bolivar, Tenn. He was 79.
Mr. Bond was almost 21 and already established on the music scene in Memphis when a 16-year-old fellow band member, Ronnie Smith, invited Presley to audition to sing with the group in May 1954 at the Hi Hat Club on South Third Street. Presley, 19, drinking a Coke with his girlfriend, Dixie Locke, waited nervously to go on.
Peter Guralnick wrote in 'Last Train to Memphis'. "Bond came over to the table to say hello. He asked Elvis what he did for a living, and Elvis said he drove a truck for Crown Electric, but Dixie was embarrassed for him because he couldn’t stop drumming his fingers on the table."
Presley soon took the stage and sang two songs, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar. Afterward, he and Bond spoke out of earshot of others. Presley did not get the gig, though the following year he and Mr. Bond briefly toured together, along with Johnny Cash and others.
A few years later, Mr. Bond told a friend about the night at the Hi Hat. He said he had told Presley to stick with his day job, "because you’re never going to make it as a singer."
Mr. Bond told many people that he was simply conveying to Presley the assessment of the club owners, but the conversation apparently stuck with the future king of rock ’n’ roll.
In 1957, as Presley was about to film "Jailhouse Rock," he told a friend that Mr. Bond "broke my heart." Traveling by train to Hollywood, he said, "I wonder what Eddie Bond thinks now."
Eddie James Bond was born on July 1, 1933, in Memphis. He was playing in bands by the time he was 16; after serving in the Navy, he continued making and recording music in Memphis. He also hosted radio programs and owned nightclubs.
Mr. Bond never had a major hit as a singer, but he wrote many songs that were popular locally, including several about Buford Pusser, the former sheriff of McNairy County, Tenn., whose efforts fighting crime inspired the 1973 movie "Walking Tall." Mr. Pusser died in 1974. That year, Mr. Bond ran unsuccessfully for sheriff of Shelby County, which includes Memphis.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Petula Clark turned down Elvis' Advances: Sixties pop-star Petula Clark talks about Elvis in her publicity for her new album 'Lost In You'.
The Downtown star revealed she met the King of Rock 'n' Roll in the swinging 60s and he made a pass at her and Carpenters' star Karen Carpenter.
Petula said of Elvis: "I wouldn't say we were friends, although we did meet a few times. I think he wanted to be more than friends. Well, I know he did.
"He was doing his big comeback in Vegas, so this was late 60s. I was playing Vegas too but had a night off when my friend Karen Carpenter came to see me. We planned this big girly night out and went to see Elvis' show."
The 80-year-old singer recalled how he introduced her and Karen to the crowd, then invited them back to his dressing room.
"Elvis was drop-dead gorgeous, and he was clearly quite impressed with us too. We might have been the two biggest female stars in the world at that time, and it was pretty obvious he had plans for us.
It was flattering but I shuffled out, dragging Karen behind me, saying we had other things to do.
He was very amused by that. It was probably the first time anyone had ever turned him down."
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'That's All Right' WHBQ Actetate sells for US$84,500: Rock and roll museums around the world, including the Graceland, were expected to bid for the acetate that kick-started Elvis' career almost six decades ago. It went to an internet bidder, the auctioneer said.
Lot 62, a 1954 acetate of 'That's All Right', was the highlight of the pop and rock memorabilia sale.
Anctioneer Ian Whyte said: "I am delighted, the sale went extremely well. There was huge interest. It is the first ever pop and rock sale in Ireland and I hope it won't be the last."
The 78rpm was recorded on July 5, 1954, by a young and unknown Presley, who had walked into the offices of Sun Records and the Memphis Recording Service, owned by Sam Phillips.
It is the only known surviving promotional copy of his first commercial recording and is considered to be one of the most important foundation stones of rock and roll.
Mr Whyte said it was the first time Presley had hit the airwaves and the station was inundated with phone calls and reportedly had to play it
over 14 times during the course of the show.
The original track was played in the RDS sales room as the auction was broadcast live on the internet for international bids for the unique recording.
Other highlights in the sale included a watch gifted by Elvis to his manager, one of his famous Taking Care of Business pendants and autographs from The Beatles on an Aer Lingus menu as they flew from their only appearance in Dublin. A pair of U2 platinum discs sold for 1,300 euro.
(News, Source;IrishTimes/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Exhibit coming to Ottawa: The City of Ottawa has put out a call for tickets, posters, T-shirts and more for an exhibit on the history of rock ‘n’ roll in Ottawa, starting with the day that Elvis came to town in 1957.
“Ottawa’s rock history is something that is not well known, but needs to be told,” says city archivist Paul Henry, who’s planning to unveil the exhibit in October in the James Bartleman Centre. The ground-floor gallery space will be devoted to artifacts that tell the story of rock in Ottawa, from Elvis to Alanis, Le Hibou to Barrymore’s.
According to a research paper commissioned by the city, rock n’ roll came to Ottawa in April of 1957, when Elvis Presley played the Auditorium, an event that thrilled 9,000 screaming fans and outraged others. The city has the moment documented in a series of photographs in its collection, but there are many gaps to fill to properly illustrate the last 50 years.
“When we originally looked at our collection on the history of rock in Ottawa, there wasn’t a lot,” Henry said. “To be quite frank, it’s an interesting story and we do need to collect the primary source material before it disappears. Concert
tickets, posters and the music itself becomes ephemeral, and being able to capture that before it goes away is particularly important to us because of the predominantly oral culture around rock ‘n’ roll culture in Ottawa.”
Archivists are not only interested in documenting the major concert events by big-name artists, but also chronicling the evolution of the Ottawa music scene, from Paul Anka to Zaphod Beeblebrox. Musicians, venues, studios, festivals, radio stations, instrument-makers and more are all part of the story. Collections can be donated or loaned.
They could start by looking at EIN exclusive article and interview 'Kissed By Elvis' on Elvis in Ottawa!
EIN has already informed our favourite Canadian Elvis fan Janet Fulton.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Memories' New Book: Out this month is a new book by author Michael Freedland. The publicity notes... This is not just another Elvis Presley biography, although it gets closer to the real Elvis story than many of the hundreds of other books that have dealt with the life of the man his contemporaries have called 'The King'. As the author Michael Freedland puts it in his introduction, "Everyone knows Elvis". But not the way his close friends, employees and others who entered his life knew him. For this is their story, told in their words. He interviews those who knew Elvis intimately, from the now elderly woman who was at school with him and whose parents foreclosed on the shack they rented to Elvis' mother when his father was in jail, to the maid who watched him line up the girls he wanted to take to his bed. In between, we meet the black man who remembered sneaking into a local cinema with his pal in defiance of most of the Deep South race laws, members of the 'Memphis Mafia' who went where he went, laughed when he laughed and suffered when he suffered. There's also his doctor who denies giving him fatal doses of the drugs he collected along with the hamburgers. Writer and broadcaster Michael Freedland went all over the West Coast and Southland to talk to these people who shared Elvis' life, telling the complex Elvis Presley story in a way more true to the real man than the usual collection of dates, film and song titles.
Hardcover: 356 pages, Robson Press Out on March 28, 2013.
EIN notes that his previous star biographies (Dean Martin, Doris Day, Judy Garland) have been described as lackluster and under-reseached. Let's hope he does better for Elvis.
(News, Source;Amazon/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis: The Best of British - HMV' new book Selling Fast: A moment snatched on a rainy school lunchtime fired a passion inside author Trevor Simpson that still burns bright. You might even say it’s a burning love. It happened while listening to a 78rpm vinyl recording of a man who would turn established popular music on its head. It started a love of music that has never died and Elvis, even though it is more than 35 years since he died, remains at the very heart of it.
Trevor has just taken delivery of the finished product of five years research - a definitive book on the early years of Elvis Presley and his effect on the British music scene. It is a huge tome, a must for true Elvis fans, and contains two CDs with every record released by HMV with a number of bonus tracks too.
His research threw up local Halifax connections too. Trevor discovered while meeting with the widow of Don Lang, the Halifax musician about Lang’s collaboration with a man named Walter Ridley who launched Elvis in Britain on the HMV label.
HMV, which shared the same logo as Elvis’ US label RCA, went on to release 13 of his singles, two EPs and three LPs.
The book 'Elvis: The Best of British - The HMV Years 1956 - 58' is already selling well all over the world. Elvis estate at Graceland took an initial pre-issue order of almost 1,000 copies. Other dealers are selling out fast.
"It’s taken some time to put together but it’s a true labour of love. Elvis really was the King of rock’n’ roll," said Trevor.
Although Elvis only ever came to Britain once and that was when he landed at Prestwick airport in 1960, his fan base remains as loyal here if not more loyal than anywhere else in the world according to Trevor.
For more info about the book, images, chapter extracts and to purchase direct for the author CLICK HERE.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Jesse D Presley, Elvis' Grandfather died 40 years ago: Born in 1896, Elvis' Grandfather Jessie D Presley was often regarded as the 'bad apple' of his family- and described as being 'mean as hell'. Elvis supposedly had little connection with his Grandfather. This may not be surprising since the wife he divorced, Minnie Mae, lived with Elvis at Graceland. She would go on to outlive both her son Vernon, as well as her grandson Elvis.
He died 40 years ago on March 19th 1973.

Back in 2008 Tony Stuchbury recently investigated the stories of Elvis' Grandfather and decided that after all he may have been unfairly mis-represented within the Elvis history.
Go here to EIN's exclusive spotlight on Jesse D Presley

(Spotlight, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Underground identity, Irish Winter, talks to EIN: For those that like the 'Elvis Conspiracy' side of things, today EIN publishes a mini-interview with Elvis underground's "Irish Winter".
While EIN truly believes that Elvis died in August 1977, the fact that the 'Elvis Conspiracy' continues to flourish only goes to show the amazing power and legacy Elvis Presley had over everyone. 
Irish Winter exposes some myths and notes.. "In time, people will look on this conversation/interview and see that I was right. As for people claiming to be founding members of the Elvis underground, well, that's all lies. It was a conspiracy underground with no truth until I came along. I gave people the chance to stand up for their beliefs, against bullies and people who had threatened them. The conspiracy insiders had a good thing going until I came along (to help expose the truth)."
Go HERE to EIN's surprisingly popular Conspiracy Pages for the full interview and more. (Photo Right - Elvis supposedly after August 1977)
(Elvis Conspiracy, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite' Legacy Review: Out NOW and getting great independent reviews including this one from FoxNews
... Only the King could take the place of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” at the top of the charts. And the way he did it was with a bombshell: “Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite” was part of a multi-media extravaganza that captured Elvis Presley at the top of a resurging career in 1973.
Just months after “Elvis On Tour” played the big screen at the movies, “Aloha…” was the first-ever broadcast of a full concert around the globe, reaching over 40 different countries and breaking television viewing records worldwide. The accompanying double-LP soundtrack was rush-released to stores and took up residence on the Billboard chart for a full year, ultimately going five-times platinum. But it turns out there was much more of Elvis’ powerhouse performances than just the 24 tracks from the broadcast, and that’s what makes this 40th anniversary, two-CD release so essential. To begin with, there’s the digitally remastered, “Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite” soundtrack. It’s been the live album of choice for many fans because of its satisfying
combination of classics, new hits and covers, including what were some rarely performed songs at the time.
Which means the playlist ranges from “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Hound Dog," "Love Me," and "Can't Help Falling in Love" to "Suspicious Minds," "Burning Love," and "Steamroller Blues" — a James Taylor cover and Top 20 hit when it was released as a single that year. Plus other covers as only Elvis could do them: "My Way," "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," "Fever," and the Beatles’ “Something.”
Then there’s the full dress rehearsal of the broadcast (with a slightly different running order), that had been recorded as a backup and previously released separately as “The Alternate Aloha.” Those 22 songs are also here, remixed and remastered, providing a fascinating contrast to the performances in the actual concert. And finally, there are five must-hear bonus tracks from a closed-door, 3:00a.m. recording session that took place after the show was over, featuring a great cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s “Early Morning Rain.”
With a total of 51 tracks —each sounding better than ever — plus rare photos and new liner notes, the Legacy edition of “Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite” adds a bright shine to the King’s crown.
Go here for original FoxNews article
Released March 19, 2013. Priced NOW at only US$12.00 - This new 2-CD Legacy Edition features:
Disc 1 The Original Album (REMASTERED)
Disc 2 The Jan 12 Dress Rehearsal + five bonus tracks recorded after the show, Blue Hawaii, Ku-U-I-Po, No More, Hawaiian Wedding Song and Early Morning Rain. (REMIXED & REMASTERED)
24 page booklet with rare photos and new liner notes - Go HERE for more details -
(News, Source;FoxNews/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Get the new Legacy release at a truly FABULOUS price.

<<< In the US only $14!! ....................................

.....................................In the UK only £11.00 >>

And with Free Delivery (depending where you live)

In Australia and New Zealand, please don't be ripped off paying over $34 !
CLICK HERE >> Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite (Legacy Edition) << and pay less than AU$18 including delivery right to your door!  .... Trust EIN for the best deals!

(Book Review) Elvis, Lennon & JFK: Have you ever wondered what would happen if three of the 20th century's greatest figures ever got together? Male bonding? Ego bickering? Mayhem? Begrudging respect?

Well David Chisnell's new novel, Elvis, Lennon & JFK offers a humorous, reflective and friction laden insight to what such an historic meeting could have meant. And in so doing it addresses several important questions including who of the three will be best remembered!

Read EIN's review of "Elvis, Lennon & JFK"

New book releases in March 2013:

Read EIN's review of From the Holy Land to Graceland

New TIME Magazine Feature on Elvis and Alfred Wertheimer: The new book has been reduced on Amazon from $700 to the special price of $612.30 ! EIN still believes it could be the most expensive Elvis book ever released. However with the publicity fans can now check out some of the rare photos in a new article featured on TIME.com.
Photographer Alfred Wertheimer reminisces on the days and nights he spent with Elvis and talks about his new book "Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll."
The new book features several never-before-seen photos of Elvis on the cusp of unfathomable fame, including color photos of Elvis during his first television performances and some of his historic New York recording sessions which include hits such as "Don't Be Cruel" and "Hound Dog."  But at over $600 fans would surely hope for a PILE of unreleased images.
"No photographer would ever get this close to Elvis again. But because Presley was, at the time, as innocent and carefree as Wertheimer, these photographs afford us a breathtaking, undimmed portrait of the man who would be king."

You can read the entire TIME article HERE & see the photos.

And check out EIN's spotlight on Alfred Wertheimer here
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Saving the Chisca WHBQ Studio - on Fox News: Notorious DJ Dewey Phillips made Elvis famous from the WHBQ Radio Studios in the Chisca Hotel.  The hotel was abandoned years ago, but is now being redeveloped. A team is working together to make sure the place where Elvis got his start is preserved. Fox News has now featured the story.
It was July 1954. Phillips, an established Memphis radio disc jockey, decided to take a chance on his hit show Red Hot and Blue. He played a song called "That's All Right," by an unknown local teenager named Elvis Presley. The song was an instant sensation and Elvis was brought to the WHBQ Studios to do his first broadcast interview. Mike McCarthy, a music history buff, is leading the charge to turn this room into an exhibit. It's located on the second floor of the long abandoned Chisca Hotel and is relatively untouched.  A development is turning the 100-year-old Chisca into apartments and is on board for saving the room that birthed rock and roll music.
McCarthy is hoping to raise $50,000 in the next six weeks through the website PledgeMusic.com.  It's called Red Hot and Rescue, a play off of Phillips' radio show Red Hot and Blue. The plan is to move this room to the lobby of the Chisca Hotel and restore the original WHBQ radio equipment, which has been preserved. "Just have a little slice of music history downtown," McCarthy said. "One more thing for tourists to see and kids to see and understand,  how Memphis matters in the history and creation of rock and roll."
See FOX NEWS story here - CLICK HERE for Donations and support
For more on Dewey Phillips and Elvis all fans should read this fascinating book "Dewey and Elvis" - See EIN Review here-
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

UPDATED John Wilkinson 1972 Interview: Interviews with Elvis’ band members from the 1970’s are very rare and so it is with great pleasure that EIN can feature this interview with John Wilkinson from September 1972. This nicely ties in with the recent ‘August 1972 Las Vegas Season’ FTD release but also as a tribute to John Wilkinson who sadly passed away last month.
John Wilkinson was an all-round nice guy who unlike some always told positive stories about his friend Elvis.
In this interview John talks about working with Elvis and the TCB Band in 1972 as well as recording ‘Burning Love’ that had only just been released.
Go HERE for this insight into Elvis, John Wilkinson and 1972.
Interview now UPDATED with Marty Lacker discussing Elvis at STAX & more...
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

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