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Thursday 30th January 2014
Elsa Cardenas Love Affair with Elvis: While celebrating the 50th anniversary of the movie "Fun In Acapulco," Mexican actress Elsa Cárdenas revealed she had a little affair with the King of Rock ‘n Roll. According to Cárdenas, 78, the first thing Elvis said to her is that she was very pretty, to which she replied that he was very good looking too. She went on to explain that when the two met, Elvis was already in a relationship with Priscilla, but they weren’t married yet.
Cárdenas revealed that she and the rock star were "kind of a couple." "Everyone knew, and it was all right because there was nothing yet, they still weren’t married, you know, you’re young and beautiful and you’re chosen to be in a movie with one of the biggest stars of the time, well, the biggest, so you can imagine....
Elvis was extremely attractive, always joking and was nice to his co-stars. Our friendship lasted for a few years before it subsided as our lives went their separate ways."
Elsa revealed.
Presley and Priscilla got married four years later in 1967 and separated almost seven years after that.
Cárdenas is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the movie industry. Besides Presley, she also acted alongside another legend, James Dean in the film "Giant," Dean’s last movie before his untimely death.
(News, Source;LatinTimes/ElvisInfoNet)


ASK Marty Lacker!: Today Marty answers questions about....

- Did Elvis really say, "I do drugs, this is my choice...".
- Did Elvis wear something special to hold his stomach during Aloha
- What did Elvis do between tours.
- Is there was any item that Elvis would never part with
- Did you ever wish you could live in Beverly Hills
- Did Elvis ever meet Evel Knievel,

(Ask Marty, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

New Concerts for "ELVIS PRESLEY – ON STAGE" in Europe: A new concert date has been added for Iceland on Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014 at the Eldborg Hall, Reykjavic. This is in addition to the one already announced for the 24th. Also the concert now visits Belgium on 31st May, 2014 at the Kursaal Oostende.
Further, the 8 p.m. concert on Saturday, 24th May, 2014 at the Hammersmith Apollo London is now Sold Out.
.. In celebration of Elvis’ recording of “That’s All Right” in 1954 and the 60th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. will proudly present "Elvis Presley - On Stage" in 2014.
The all new "Elvis Presley - On Stage" music experience will kick off a 25-date-tour of the United Kingdom starting in April 2014 and continue through the end of May.

Featuring a hot studio band and backup singers, the 60th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll celebration will go on the road to Europe. Elvis Presley In Concert, which featured Elvis’ original band and singers, this new show is designed for all Elvis fans past, present and future. 
Using the latest technology, Elvis performs via state-of-the art video screens singing lead vocals backed by a live band, singers and an orchestra. Together, this multi-media creation puts the audience inside an Elvis Presley concert presented exactly like one of his classic live performances in a Las Vegas showroom. The contemporary staging and overall production create the illusion that Elvis is on stage for his finest concert performances.
For tickets go HERE to Elvis.com. - SEE TOUR DATES BELOW
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Palm Springs Home on sale for $3.95Mill! Elvis' Palm Springs, "Graceland West" residence has hit the listing market once again with an asking price of $3.95 million.
As the story goes, Reno Fontana, a big fan of Elvis Presley (he calls himself an 'Elvis Promoter') purchased the home from a Japanese businessman in 2003 for about $1.25 million and dubbed it 'Graceland West'. Over the years, he used the estate to not only promote Presley but also used it to air the King of Pop Michael Jackson's live memorial service in 2009.
However, the bank foreclosed on Fontana and another investor Rade Raicevic took over the home. Raicevic wanted to sell it off for $4 million but he also ran into financial trouble and in 2012, the U.S. Bank National Association took over the home, reports Curbed.
While the ownership of Graceland West is still disputable, it has
hit the listing market for almost $4 million. According to the listing at Estately, the residence is a 5040 square feet home, sitting on a prime 2 acre lot.
Comprising of five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, the home has some interesting interior features. Boasting of mixed ceilings and flooring, the house has glass windows and wooden doors. Exclusive features include an enclosed spa, a wet bar and a 'jungle room'.
Outside, the home has ample recreation space, a garden and sitting area and a kidney-bean shaped pool as well.
Click here for photos - and to purchase if you have $3.9 mill to spare!
(News, Source;Estatley/ElvisInfoNet)

Tupelo 2014 Elvis Festival tickets On sale: Winter weather couldn't keep loyal Elvis Presley fans from lining up in front of the Tupelo Elvis Festival office. Tickets went on sale last week for the ETA concerts and competitions and it's all part of the annual Tupelo Elvis Festival.
The 16th anniversary Tupelo Elvis Festival will be held June 5 – 8, 2014.
Plenty of keen locals and a few from out of state dressed warmly and stood in line, many for hours, waiting to buy ticket packages for this year's festival.
The customers worked to find the best seats for these tickets that go

for as much as $175 each and include several days of music. The Elvis competitions and concerts move this year from the Lyric Theater to the BancorpSouth Arena.
Jessica Hollinger with the Tupelo Elvis Festival said, "We've sold out in ten days in the past. We're excited to be able to see more tickets and accommodate more fans who come to Tupelo and want to see these concerts."
For ticket information for the Tupelo Elvis Festival click here
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Monday 27th January 2014 - - - 2nd News Update - - -
'The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs' Import DVD: The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs will be released finally on a real dvd for all the fans around the world by "TCB" productions. This is not an official release. Elvis fans in the UK had the opportunity to vote for their favorite Elvis song with a countdown show dedicated to the king. "The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs" debuted on ITV in the United Kingdom with "Always On My Mind" taking the No.1 spot.
This special told the story behind the 20 greatest songs ever recorded by Elvis Presley, the King of Rock'n'Roll. Mixing rich archive footage and home videos with new interviews, the documentary painted a picture of the man behind the music, telling the story of how these timeless songs came about and what impact they had on the world. The show featured different generations of international pop stars and musicians influenced by Elvis including Michael Bublé, Sir Cliff Richard, Suzi Quatro, Michael Ball, Englebert Humperdink and Cerys Matthews.
The programme also spoke with those who worked with Elvis, from songwriters to backing singers and session musicians, plus a special interview with Priscilla Presley. The documentary ventured into Elvis’ former home in Memphis, Graceland, following in the footsteps of nearly 20 million visitors, to see how popular the king remains to this day.
"The Nation’s Favorite Elvis Song" Countdown:
1. Always On My Mind (1972) 2. Suspicious Minds (1969) 3. Can’t Help Falling In

Love (1962) 4. In The Ghetto (1969) 5. A Little Less Conversation (1968/2002) 6. Jailhouse Rock (1958) 7. Hound Dog (1956) 8. Love Me Tender (1956) 9. Return to Sender (1962) 10. Are You Lonesome Tonight (1961) 11. The Wonder of You (1970) 12. Blue Suede Shoes (1956) 13. All Shook Up (1957) 14. It’s Now or Never (1960) 15. An American Trilogy (1972) 16. Heartbreak Hotel (1956) 17. Viva Las Vegas (1964) 18. Don’t Be Cruel (1956) 19. If I Can Dream (1969) 20. King Creole (1958)
Click here to EIN's review & Spotlight on the programme.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Suspicious Minds' - Elvis' Greatest Single?: 'Suspicious Minds' was recorded 45 years ago this week - in the early hours of the morning of January 23 1969. While the NBC '68 TV Special, along with the single 'In the Ghetto' had pushed Elvis back to the forefront of popular culture, it would be the release of Elvis' last US Number 1 single that would ultimately prove to all the critics that Elvis was a still relevant contemporary musical force.

Back in 2009 to celebrate the 40th anniversary, EIN looked back in detail at the history of this classic song, including new interviews with Marty Lacker and Bobby Wood, as well as insights from composer Mark James and producer Chips Moman.

Go here as we look again at this fascinating spotlight

(Spotlight, Source; EIN)

'Elvis: An American Trilogy - Vol.1' New Book: Dennis W. Forbus, is a published author and has writen over 13 books, his latest work is 'Elvis: An American Trilogy - Volume One - Family - Mississippi To Memphis'. He has writen books about parenting, youth work, prevention, divorce recovery, mission work, generation gap problems, and church problem resolutions.
This book project has been in the works for over nineteen years. The actual writing of this books has taken almost four years, over seventy interviews, nine trips to Memphis, four trips to Tupelo, unaccounted hours of research on the internet, phone, and in person and on location of events. Dennis has first hand knowledge of seeing Elvis live in concert, conducting in depth interviews with those that knew Elvis best, the real Elvis, from some that lived at Graceland with him, while others were employed or were close family or friends. Some of those interviews came from people like: JD Sumner, James Blackwood, Jake Hess, Larry Geller, George Klein, Dr. Nick, Marion Cocks, Sandy Miller, David Standley, Elvis' Uncle Vester, Uncle Earl & Aunt Nash, former classmates and girlfriends, bodyguards, band members, studio owners and workers, Ray Walker, Gordon Stoker, Charlie Hodge, John Heath, Club Owners of Memphis, and many more. Over the past four years we have gathered photos, many from Elvis' cousin Mackey Hargett,  that have little or no publications in the United States, some are that of private collections of family members and of a rare Elvis & Graceland. These photos and interviews are covered throughout the entire collection, inside the pages of these three volumes. Ever
wondered the REAL Reason and Cause of Elvis' death? The answer can be found somewhere in this trilogy.
Volume One deals with his childhood, and what made him to become the man that he was, family interviews & photos, poverty, providence of God, and the personality traits of Vernon, Gladys, & Elvis, what led them to Memphis. What caused Vernon to pack up everything and leave Mississippi overnight?
You can purchase this through Ebay.
(News, Source;Nigel/ElvisInfoNet)

Mick Jagger also confirms New Elvis Movie: The legendary Rolling Stones front-man Mick Jagger has opened up about his desire to move from music to movies and also confirms his producer involvement with the new Elvis bio-pic. The iconic musician, 70, is currently tracking the lives of other famous movers - producing the James Brown biopic 'Get On Up' followed by the new Elvis Presley biopic 'Last Train to Memphis'.

The rock star told the Hollywood Reporter he can't get no satisfaction from writing his memoirs, and preferred to take on new projects instead.
Sir Mick said: "I think the rock 'n' roll memoir is a glutted market. I'd rather be doing something new. I'd rather be making new films, making new music, be touring. If someone wants to know what I did in 1965, they can look it up on Wikipedia without even spending any money."

Author Peter Guralnick confirmed the new Elvis Movie of his book to EIN last week. (See story below)
(News, Source;HR/ElvisInfoNet)

New Elvis Haircut Photo Discovered: Posted recently on the Ocala News website, a new photo of Elvis getting his pre army haircut.
... "My friend's cousin is the barber who cut Elvis' hair on a ship going to the States. This was while Elvis was in the service. That is all I know. There are no markings of any kind on the back. Her cousin's wife took the picture. They are both deceased now. What can you tell me about its value?
The paper replies,, Vernacular photography is an up and coming category of collecting consisting of photographs taken by everyday people documenting various events, famous people, as well as day-to-day domestic life. In the future, your photo of Elvis having his haircut could become more valuable as a Vernacular category collectible. To see what it might sell for currently, it would be best to contact an auction company that specializes in pop culture."
What a nice photo to own.


(News, Source;OcalaNews/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 25th January 2014

Tempest Storm - New Autobiography?: EIN recently posted a story that Tempest Storm the Queen of burlesque, who once dated Elvis and whose breasts are insured for $1million, at 85 is writing her autobiography. (see story below)
The pensioner, who claims to have had flings with Elvis Presley and President JFK during more than 60 years as a performer, still pulls in a huge crowd every time she performs.
However given the fact that she released her (very interesting) autobiography in 1987 (when she was 59 years old) EIN wonders how much new material she has to talk about.  Could this new book be a reissue or revised edition perhaps?

.........Even with his dark skin, Elvis blushed deeply when he saw me.  I could tell he was trying not to look at my plunging neckline as he said in a deep but boyish voice tinged with a southern accent, “Hello, Miss Storm.  Your show is the greatest.”…….
Go HERE to EIN's Spotlight on 'Elvis and Tempest Storm'
Where you can read excerpts from Tempest Storm's fascinating, autobiography, 'The Lady Is A Vamp'.
(Spotlight, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis' Attorney Ed Hookstratten Dies: Ed Hookstratten, powerful Attorney to Elvis, Johnny Carson and Vin Scully, has died at 83. He passed away Wednesday of complications from congestive heart failure at his home in Beverly Hills. Hookstratten was a powerful and iconic force in sports, entertainment and broadcast news while representing Carson, Elvis Presley, Dan Rowan and Dick Martin of "Laugh-In" fame. His news clients included Tom Brokaw, Bryant Gumbel, Jessica Savitch, and Tom Snyder.
Being Elvis' attorney Hookstratten along with PI John O'Grady worked together during Elvis famous 1971 paternity case as well as 1973's attempt to reduce Elvis' drug dependency. According to Guralnick Elvis even passed out in Hookstratten's offices one time. He also was involved in try to stop the book 'Elvis:What Happened?' being published.
Hookstratten had a reputation for getting his star clients innovative, lucrative and unprecedented deals.
Hookstratten is mentioned in movie producer Robert Evans' book "The Kid Stays In the Picture", Hookstratten was also the namesake of the "Lt. Bob Hookstratten" character in Rob Reiner's rock music mockumentary "This Is Spinal Tap."
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis - A legend in the making" - The Canberra Exhibition: If anyone can claim to be an Elvis Presley aficionado, it must be Warren Perry.
A native, like Presley, of Memphis, Tennessee, he grew up with an appreciation of the local music scene and its place in American popular culture.
But even he was surprised when he first saw the collection of images of 21-year-old Presley that now form a major exhibition showing at Australia's National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.
Mr Perry, a writer and researcher from the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, is in Canberra this month to take in the Australian version of the touring show. Mr Perry said when he first saw the collection, he was stunned.
''I saw the contact sheets and I couldn't believe there was such a body of work with which I was unfamiliar,'' he said.
''I'm not trying to be vain about it, but coming out of Memphis, Tennessee, you see a lot of pictures of Elvis, and I had never seen probably 95 per cent of the work that had been shot.''
He and his colleagues at the gallery in Washington worked with Alfred Wertheimer to put together the show, beginning in 2008. It opened in Los Angeles in January 2010, on what would have been Presley's 75th birthday.
The evocative black and white images of the fresh-faced 21-year-old are also a refreshingly wholesome take on a man who would go on to succumb to the effects of stardom, cultivating a lifestyle that would eventually kill him young.
''The worst things he's putting into his body in any of these photos is a glass of milk, so you see that and you know there's that other thing at the end of 21 years,'' he says.
''There's Elvis succumbing to the rock'n'roll generation's habits that are the products of the generation he created, which is horrible. The sponsor of this movement succumbs to the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll itself. Like I said, it was a hell of a ride.''
Warren Perry, writer and researcher and co-curator of Elvis at 21 will be speaking at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra on Wednesday January 29 at 12.30pm.
Tickets $15. - 7 December 2013 – 10 March 2014
Go here to National Portrait Gallery website for Exhibition info.
Go here for EIN's spotlight on Alfred Wertheimer
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Bus Scam finally Resolved: In 1976 Elvis Presley reportedly wrote a check to help pay for a bus for his back-up group the Stamps Quartet.
That bus was the subject of a very long and drawn out legal battle until this week, and the bus now belongs to a Tupelo businessman.
"Right here, hanging on the wall, you'll see that this is an actual copy of the check that Elvis Presley signed and gave to J.D. Sumner on July 6th 1976," said Daphene Hendricks, a spokesperson for Transport Trailer Services of Tupelo.
The bus now rests securely in the garage at Transport Trailer Services of Tupelo where the owner, Larry Michaels, finally was told by the Mississippi Court of Appeals this week that it's his bus to keep.
"Is been a long, long, disagreement on who owns the bus, and who was to pay for the restoration, and who was to pay for hiring the wrecker service to go to upstate Washington to pick it up," she continued.
The Tupelo 'Presley Heights Museum' closed in 2010 after it "claimed" to have Elvis' tour bus from his 1976 - 1977 tours, the microphone from the Tupelo '56 concerts, Elvis' pink & black Cadillac from 1957 and also the original 'Blues Brothers Mobile'. The museum and its contents, operated by Bill Kinard, had been the subject of major debate within the Elvis World. But was the Tour Bus in fact Elvis Presley's?
Hendricks says that in 2009, Bill Kinnard asked Michaels to pick up the bus, which was rotting away in Washington state. "After picking it up and restoring it, Mr. Kinnard wanted to take possesion of the bus. There was a lot of money tied up in it," she said.
The bus went up for public auction after numerous appeals. "And, Mr. Kinnard signed and agreed that the bus could be publicly auctioned," where Larry Michaels won the bid. "Then after that Mr. Kinnard appealed again and said that he was incompetent, because of the medication he was taking, to sign that paperwork at the time." But a judge disagreed.
Hendricks says while Elvis never owned the bus, but did drive it once for the quartet.
There are plenty of rememberances throughout the vehicle of Elvis and the quartet.
Hendricks says the company is considering using it as a tour bus to run between Tupelo and Memphis for Elvis fans.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Marian Cocke ~ Elvis Presley Charity Event Memorial Dinner: The Moody Blues Elvis Presley Fan Club in Fulton, MS is proud to announce the Marian Cocke ~ Elvis Presley Charity Event Memorial Dinner on Thursday, May 15, 2014. 
Ms. Marian Cocke, Elvis' personal nurse, is co-hosting this special event with the Moody Blues.  There will be a meet and greet from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. with Ms. Marian, Elvis' cousin, Mackey Hargett and Miss Mississippi, Chelsea Rick.  Guests will enjoy a steak dinner with all the trimmings, be able to take part in a high end gift raffle, charity auction (many rare Elvis items, some donated from Graceland) plus live entertainment. Hear Ms. Marian share about her time spent with Elvis as well as reflections from Mackey Hargett about the real roots of Elvis Presley.
Fulton is only 18 miles from Tupelo, MS.  The next day I will be giving a private tour to many landmarks in Itawamba County including where Elviss father, Vernon, was born, where Elvis's great grandparents are buried (John Wallace and Rosella Presley) and more. 
Contact Lori Holland on (662) 862-3104
(News, Source;LoriH/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 23th January 2014

Peter Guralnick confirms new Elvis Movie: EIN's LA roving reporter Joan Gansky was at the recent Grammy Museum lecture with Peter Guralnick.
She reports that Guralnick was an excellent speaker - and talked about many of the famous people in the music industry he has met - some of whom he has also written books about.  He is so down to earth and so passionate and knowledgeable on his subject:  MUSIC!
It was interesting that when he took questions from the audience, they all seemed to be about Elvis!  He mentioned he was working on a new book about Sam Phillips, due for release next year.
Afterwards I asked him what was happening about the rumored movie of his Last Train to Memphis book. Guralnick smiled and assured me that everything was on schedule and moving right along! Lisa Marie has also noted that the new movie was in pre-production.
The director is Kevin MacDonald who also directed The Last King of Scotland and Touching the Void.

EIN thanks Joan & Paul Gansky for the news.
Go HERE for Joan Gansky's memories of the '68 Comeback Special'.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'For the Love of Elvis' New Book: Marla J. Selvidge explores the human side of Elvis. His life has become a beacon for people who are from the "other" America. By living the American Dream, Elvis became a model of hope to people. The title of the book captures the love that Elvis felt from his fans, but is also captures the love that Elvis gave and felt for his fans.

Author Marla J. Selvidge told EIN, "I have just finished my new book 'For the Love of Elvis'. I spent three years researching Elvis as I developed a class for the University of Central Missouri, "Elvis.  Memphis Messiah."  When I had finished reading hundreds of articles and books and watching scores of videos, I was compelled to write a positive book about Elvis.  It is a tribute to his genius.  I term my work, "Elvisology.""
The book is released in both  Kindle (digital) and soft cover.

Go here to Amazon>> For the Love of Elvis for more info and to purchase.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Marty Lacker's Personal Memphis Mafia Shirt on Ebay- Last Chance: Marty Lacker was close to Elvis for 20 years and was his right hand man for a number of years and Co-Best Man at his wedding.
Marty was one of the early members of the Memphis Mafia and back in the 90's he and four other original Memphis Mafia members, Red West, Billy Smith, Sonny West and Lamar Fike decided to have shirts and jackets made that featured the Memphis Mafia logo that was designed by Marty's graphic artist daughter Sheri and they had just 5 copies of each one for each other to wear at personal appearances.
This light blue denim like long sleeve shirt is Marty's personal Memphis Mafia shirt and is the only one he has left. He has been slowly selling off things that are Elvis connected for the last few years as he has kept them for too long and at this stage of his life it's time to get rid of them. He wants to make it possible for some fan to have the pleasure of owning these things. His children all have a few things from Elvis so he doesn't need to leave these things to them. The lucky high bidder will receive the shirt along with a letter of authenticity from Marty.
Click here to Ebay for more info and to bid.

(News, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

Lisa Marie Presley in bad health?: The US tabloids are all a-buzz with Lisa Marie facing some major health issues as she suffers from ongoing acute throat problems.
“Lisa Marie has suffered from acute throat problems for at least 10 years, and they only seem to be getting worse. In the past, her throat acted up only when she was touring or working extra hard in the studio. But now, it seems that the day-to-day stress of family life coupled with traveling is making the problem a lot worse.”
Lisa launched a demanding tour in August. And throat issues nearly forced her to cancel her Nov. 23 show in Cranston, R.I., said the source.
“What’s remarkable is that that she feels the need to continue her singing career even though she could put her feet up for the rest of her life.
“She’s worth $300 million, yet she travels long hours to tiny clubs. Her husband Michael supports Lisa Marie as long as she wants to pursue her musical dream, and he keeps an eye on her constantly.
“Lisa Marie is dismissing her throat problems as overstressed vocal cords, but her friends fear there’s something more serious. The pressures involved in balancing her career and family are affecting her health!”
(News, Source;USTabloids/ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 20th January 2014

'Elvis-The King Of The Jungle-45 Years After' At Printers : The new book by Erik Lorentzen looking back at the Comeback Special and 1968, "Elvis - The King Of The Jungle - 45 Years After" - is at the printers and should be ready soon.
In June 1968 Elvis Presley taped a television special to be broadcast that Christmas. The TV special "Singer Presents Elvis" was is a great moment in music and a key to Elvis musical renaissance. "A moment of change, when what was lost is found again. Elvis was lean and chiselled and -- what he had not seemed in years -- a little dangerous."
Featuring 544 pages the book will include a detailed at everything that took place at the historic taping and recording sessions. It will also include eye-witness reports from lucky fans that were present at the legendary NBC performances.
Click here to see the FABULOUS cover quality plus 18 PREVIEW PAGES.

(News, Source;EL/ElvisInfoNet)


ASK Marty Lacker!: Today Marty answers questions about....

- Do you think Parker was addicted to gambling?
- The Elvis tapes missing from RCA's archives.
- How would you rate the Aloha Show
- Was Elvis ever approached by RCA to do a duet
- Did Elvis struggle to say sorry when he was in the wrong
- Did Elvis ever have a manicure or pedicure

(Ask Marty, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

Marty on Elvis, Tom Jones and Sinatra: Marty Lacker is always suspicious of Tom Jones using his friendship with Elvis as a marketing tool. Marty commented to EIN on this weekend's story (see below)
...  I read that Elvis/Sinatra crap from Tom Jones, what's next Jones gonna claim he taught Elvis how to sing. He already said he showed Elvis how to move on stage, that Elvis came to see his Vegas shows to learn how to move.
Looks like he'll stoop to anything to get attention even make up bullshit about him and Elvis.
He was around Elvis a few times and now they were "close friends".  I'm sure he wouldn't like to know what Elvis really thought of him.  I remember the day in '65 Jones met Elvis for the first time at Paramount Studios and he was like a little boy in awe of a superstar. I'm not taking anything away from Tom as far as being a singer but that's what he should live off of and not use Elvis for publicity now that Elvis is gone. He forgets that some of us are still around who know the truth.
Unbelievable what some will do and say. - Marty

(News, Source;Marty/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 18th January 2014

'The Name, the Voice, The Icon' Elvis 2014: From our friends at Elvis Express Radio a shot of the first poster from EPE as they start to promote the 2014 Anniversary of the 60 Years Of Rock'N'Roll. The poster features a stunning, colourised Wertheimer photo.

The year-long 2014 celebration started on New Year’s Eve and then Elvis’ birthday on January 8th 2014. The celebrations will also include a 60th Anniversary exhibit which will open at Graceland on March 1, 2014, special events at Graceland, Sun Studio and other locations in Memphis, special entertainment projects, anniversary activities during Elvis Week 2014, 60th Anniversary artwork for licensed products and much more.

EPE has yet to announce the schedule of up-coming events



(News, Source;EER/ElvisInfoNet)

Animated Elvis in Iced Tea Commercial: Recently seen on US TV, a cleverly produced animated advert for Brisk Iced tea featuring not only Elvis but also James Brown, Willie Nelson and Coolio.

Features a parody of Jailhouse Rock.
Runs only 30 seconds, worth seeing for a laugh.
Click here to YouTube



(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Warned Tom Jones not to record 'My Way': Welsh superstar Tom Jones is talking Elvis again, this time telling the story that he was warned by Elvis not to cover Frank Sinatra's songs.
The Delilah hitmaker was friends with both singers back in his music heyday, and he covered a number of songs previously made famous by Sinatra, including My Way and Fly Me To The Moon, with the blessing of the Rat Pack star.
However, Presley was less enthusiastic about the Welshman's takes on the classic tracks and warned Jones to stay away from the iconic singer's music.
Jones told UK Magic radio station, "I knew Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley very well. I did an album of Frank Sinatra type things and Elvis listened and he said, 'Tom I heard that thing. We leave that to Frank Sinatra, we don't go there'".
However, Jones insists Sinatra enjoyed his crooner style and was concerned when he started releasing more rock-orientated music. Jones continued "When I do something a little more rocky, Frank would say 'Tom, when I go and my management ask me who could replace me, I say you! So don't go making records like that!'.''
(News, Source;UKTabloids/ElvisInfoNet)

'Endless Summer Festival' New Import CD: Out soon is the new Straight Arrow double-digipak CD release 'Endless Summer Festival', featuring the August 22, 1973 Dinner & Midnight performances. Both shows are taken from original "booth recordings" taped by the same person. The sound quality is far superior to the usual audience recordings. The year's journey from Hawaii to Nevada was almost at its end on August 22, 1973. That Wednesday night, Elvis delivered two professional, sold-out performances for the faithful at the Las Vegas Hilton with a mix of the old and new, including a stunning, yet-to-be recorded cover of Richard Harris' 1971 single "My Boy." After the final Hilton show on September 3, bass player Emory Gordy would leave to return to the more creative studio environs of Nashville, Presley would fire Col Parker, Priscilla would leave for good, and Elvis himself would nearly leave the land of the living. It was a long, long way down from that worldwide broadcast in Honolulu on January 14, but the man would survive, somehow, and return to sing his soul that December in Memphis.
It should be noted that neither of these superb-quality, off-line concert

recordings have been previously issued. Both shows are completely new, even to die-hard Elvis fans. They were never in circulation, in any form. Enjoy the music!
Go HERE to Elvis CD Releases - for more details and tracklists.
(News, Source;SA/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Guitar in SD National Music Museum: Elvis' Martin D-35 is now the lead item of interest in South Dakota's National Music Museum. The slightly damaged acoustic guitar played by Elvis Presley on his final tour in 1977 now greets visitors in front of the museum's main galleries. The Martin D-35 was tossed aside by The King during a St. Petersburg, Fla., concert after it sustained a broken strap and string, said Robert Johnson, the Memphis-based guitarist who donated the item.
"He broke the strap and at the same time he broke a string," said Johnson, noting Presley's frustration. "He tosses it straight up in the air and it just comes down."
Johnson, who played with singer Isaac Hayes and the band John Entwistle's Ox in the 1970s, donated the Elvis guitar and four other celebrity items to the National Music Museum, which is tucked away in an old Carnegie library building on the University of South Dakota campus.
Johnson, a longtime collector, also donated a Chet Atkins hollow-body guitar and later played by Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley; a 1966 custom Grammer guitar made for Johnny Cash; a 1961 Kay Value Leader guitar signed by blues legend Muddy Waters; and one of Bob Dylan's Hohner Marine Band harmonicas.
"These instruments probably make the biggest splash of any celebrity things that we've had before," said museum director Cleveland Johnson. "We have some nice things, but this is a degree of magnitude higher."
The museum's 800 or so instruments on public display are the superstars of a broader collection of more than 15,000 pianos, guitars, horns, drums and other musical items.
Cleveland Johnson said the museum is shifting its focus from acquisitions to developing programs to get the attraction better known around the country.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

"ELVIS LIVES" EPE Tribute Artist show Touring the US: Travelling the US and performing in Houston this weekend Elvis Lives is a big hit with the fans.
Dean Z, the newly crowned 2013 winner of the EPE Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest has joined the touring cast of ELVIS LIVES for the winter 2014 engagements.
ELVIS LIVES is an unforgettable multi-media and live musical journey across Elvis' life featuring finalists from EPE's annual worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, each representing Elvis during four eras of his career: the 1950s, 1960s, his movie career and his concert years. This season marks the fourth U.S. tour for ELVIS LIVES.
For Houston performances, the Elvis Tribute Artists will be comprised of Bill Cherry (first place, 2009), Leo Days (finalist, 2009) and the newly crowned 2013 winner Dean Z. They will be joined by a live band, back-up singers, an Ann Margret performer, as well as iconic media and imagery made available from the Graceland archives.
This event also includes a never-before-seen exhibit of life-size images of Elvis' stage-wear that will be on display in the lobby for both performances.
‘Elvis Lives’ is touring the US from Houston tonight through to Dick Clarks American Band Stand Theater in Branson, MO at the end of February.
EIN says, "There is only ONE ELVIS" but if you want to know more about this ETA tour go here for Elvis Lives - info and tickets.
(Almost Elvis, Source;ElvisLives/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Impersonator Not Guilty: In the unbelievable on-going saga of Elvis Impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis (right) being framed for sending poison letters to President Obama, now James Everett Dutschke the man who tried to frame Paul Curtis has pleaded guilty to sending threatening letters laced with the toxin ricin to President Obama and other officials, the Justice Department said Friday.
James Everett Dutschke, 42, entered the plea during a hearing in U.S. District Court in Oxford, Miss. He will receive a sentence of 25 years in prison, authorities said.
According to court documents, Dutschke developed a scheme to frame Paul Kevin Curtis by mailing the poisoned, threatening letters, the Justice Department said. Curtis, a Mississippi-based Elvis impersonator, was originally charged with sending the letters.
Curtis has said that he and Dutschke, a martial arts expert, have feuded for years. All charges were eventually dropped against Curtis and the investigation then shifted to Dutschke.
According to the documents, Dutschke purchased castor beans or seeds, a key
ingredient for the manufacture of ricin, using eBay and PayPal.
Dutschke originally entered a plea of not guilty and denied sending the letters. He also denied a later charge that, while incarcerated, he tried to recruit someone else to send a ricin-tainted letter.
(Odd Spot, Source;LATimes/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 15th January 2014

'Viva Las Vegas' new Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Recently posted by Elvis World Japan is some fabulous behind-the-scenes footage of Elvis and Ann Margret getting ready to film by the Flamingo Hotel pool during the shooting of the film Viva Las Vegas.
Elvis is seen carrying his guitar while smoking a quick cigarette - as well as talking to the media

Great stuff and new to these eyes.
Click HERE to YouTube to check it out.


(News, Source;EEJ/FECC/ElvisInfoNet)

Tempest Storm writing Autobiography: Tempest Storm the Queen of burlesque, who once dated Elvis and whose breasts are insured for $1million still loves performing at 85 and is writing her autobiography.
The pensioner, who claims to have had flings with Elvis Presley and President JFK during more than 60 years as a performer, still pulls in a huge crowd every time she performs.
Tempest, born Annie Blanche Banks, shot to fame thanks to her sizeable 44DD assets which helped her forge a successful career as a strip-tease dancer and saw her labelled the 'girl with the great front'.
Tempest said: 'I never went to Hollywood with dreams of taking my clothes off, but burlesque is something that just came naturally to me. You have got to have the right personality, and create a good rapport with your audience. You just can't teach someone that - and I just had it.
'You need to be sexy and tease the audience, make them believe that they are a part of your life at that time. And they are, I absolutely adore them, they're wonderful. 'I've been around more than 60 years and had the longest career of anyone in the business, it has been amazing. There's nothing I haven't done, I've been through it all.
I was mixing in high circles and a lot of big names would come and watch my

shows. That is how I met Elvis. I was performing at The Dunes - now the Bellagio - and Elvis came back stage to have photos taken with the performer, but I was in a hurry as I had friends coming to visit from Texas.
I was stood there with Elvis Presley and I just said "will this take long?" I was standing next to the King and complaining about being in a hurry.
Elvis looked at me with those beautiful eyes and said "may I join you?" He was a real Southern gentleman - it was absolutely fantastic.
And JFK, he was a very charming man. He was a great man in everything he did.
'I feel very honoured to have known so many amazing people and to have had those relationships. I have beautiful memories of my time with them.'
Tempest shot to fame in the 1950's after escaping from her home in small town Eastman, Georgia, and heading to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a star.
But the Las Vegas legend is still a slave to her trade and hosts her Las Vegas Revue show, as well as writing an autobiography, filming a documentary and a recorded interview on vinyl with The White Stripes' Jack White.
"I tell these new young dancers they have to be sexy, but to be classy. Everything I have ever done, I have done with class. Nothing vulgar" she said.
Go here for if you want the full story
(News, Source;DM/ElvisInfoNet)

Marty Lacker's Personal Memphis Mafia Shirt on Ebay: Marty Lacker was close to Elvis for 20 years and was his right hand man for a number of years and Co-Best Man at his wedding.
Marty was one of the early members of the Memphis Mafia and back in the 90's he and four other original Memphis Mafia members, Red West, Billy Smith, Sonny West and Lamar Fike decided to have shirts and jackets made that featured the Memphis Mafia logo that was designed by Marty's graphic artist daughter Sheri and they had just 5 copies of each one for each other to wear at personal appearances.
This light blue denim like long sleeve shirt is Marty's personal Memphis Mafia shirt and is the only one he has left. He has been slowly selling off things that are Elvis connected for the last few years as he has kept them for too long and at this stage of his life it's time to get rid of them. He wants to make it possible for some fan to have the pleasure of owning these things. His children all have a few things from Elvis so he doesn't need to leave these things to them. The lucky high bidder will receive the shirt along with a letter of authenticity from Marty.
Click here to Ebay for more info and to bid.

(News, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

Pete Hohn photo exhibition features Elvis: Ace photojournalist Pete Hohn spent much of his long career at the Star Tribune photographing hockey, baseball and basketball games, but like all staff cameramen, he did every job that came his way which is how he happened to be at the Metropolitan Sports Center in Bloomington on a night in November 1971 when Elvis Presley took the stage and a blizzard of flashbulbs lit up the scene. The focus of the shot isn’t so much on Presley as it is the sea of flash bulbs going off when the rock ‘n’ roll icon took stage.
Hohn's work will be celebrated in a show at Carbon Chroma Gallery, 1500 Jackson St. NE, Minneapolis, MN
Gala party 6-9pm January 18, free. The show will be open from noon to 5 p.m. Jan. 17, 18, 24 and 25. For more info click here to the CC Gallery.
(News, Source;CCG/ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 13th January 2014

ASK Marty Lacker!: Today Marty answers questions about....

- Was Elvis really a liberal or conservative in his political thoughts..
- Was there any (perhaps impromptu) recording sessions between March 72 and July 73 you can recall?
- Do you think that Elvis would love to use the new technology for the concert like the big concerts today?
- Marty's thoughts on the new upcoming Ginger Alden book.
- Did Elvis ever mentioned if he liked the music of The Doors

Go here to 'ASK MARTY' for his answers plus how to send in your questions. 

(Ask Marty, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

"Circle G", Good News for Elvis Fans: The Circle G Foundation has some very exciting news as for quite some time now they have been working with a group of people from the US who want to buy Elvis' ranch. They aim to create a wonderful place for Elvis fans (and others) to visit whilst maintaining the integrity of the site through sympathetic restoration and renovation.  
The Director of The Circle G Foundation has personally met with the potential buyers and has been closely involved in helping their plans move forward. They share the same vision as The Circle G Foundation and want to honour Elvis and continue his charitable legacy at the ranch. Of course there will have to be some commercial development to generate a revenue stream, but they have tailored their plans to accommodate what I have stressed that the fans would like to see happen at the ranch.
There are hurdles that need to be negotiated but we are very
hopeful that we'll reach a successful conclusion very soon.
They note that "We're not quite there yet but we're closer than we've ever been!" A good reason to celebrate!

'At Dinner In Vegas' & 'Back On Track In Vegas' New Import CDs: Touchdown Productions proudly presents two new audience recorded releases. One of them, 'At Dinner In Vegas' from September 3, 1972 is another totally new show that didn't even circulate on CDR or in any other form. The show was very good, Elvis was in fine form and sang some very fine renditions of "What Now My Love", "I'll Remember You" and also "For The Good Times"! The sound quality is good for this kind of recordings. The CD comes with a beautiful designed 16-pages booklet.

'Back On Track In Vegas' features the midnight show January 28, 1974. Elvis was much more focussed during the first Vegas engagement in 1974 as he had been during the former engagement when Elvis presented himself less professional than in recent years. The midnight show had an interesting song line-up which included some seldom sung songs like "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'", "Spanish Eyes" or "Sweet Caroline". The sound quality is good for this kind of recordings. The CD comes also as usual with a beautiful designed 16-pages booklet including lots of rare pictures from this engagement!
Go HERE to Elvis CD Releases - for more details and both tracklists.
(News, Source;TD/ElvisInfoNet)

Australian Parkes Elvis Festival, Biggest Ever: Organisers of the Elvis Festival, at Parkes in the New South Wales central west, say an estimated 18,000 people visited the town during its biggest event of the year.
The 2014 program featured appearances by Cynthia Pepper who starred alongside Elvis in the 1964 movie 'Kissin Cousins'.
Festival Committee member Janette Barbour says the rain at the start of the five-day event did not dampen the fan's enthusiasm, no doubt as this is better than the usual 43C / 100+F temperatures that are common.
Thirty couples used the occasion to renew their wedding vows, while more than 2,000 buskers took up spots on the streets to give their best Elvis renditions.
"Some of the effort and things that people have gone to to decorate themselves and floats and things to the theme and all was just incredible," she said.
"There were lots of young people, it was really, really good to see a lot of young ones are coming in and enjoying the festival and getting into the music so it's not just us old fogeys having a good time."
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

John Travolta Elvis Album?: John Travolta slicked up and recorded some Elvis-like 'Greased-Lightning' back in 1978 for the hit movie 'Grease' but in 2014 he is reportedly planning to release an album inspired by Elvis Presley. The 59-year-old actor is also a keen musician with over ten records under his belt. His last was a collaboration with his Grease co-star Olivia Newton-John called This Christmas, which hit stores in 2012. It didn't set the charts alight and John is now determined to end his singing career on a high note.
He reportedly believes he could rival the likes of famed vocalist Elvis if he had the right team around him.
"He has been hitting up some of LA's best producers and songwriters for material. This is his plan to stay relevant," an insider told National Enquirer (EIN adds - well that makes it true then!!)
(News, Source;Taloids/ElvisInfoNet)

Saturday 11th January 2014

'Elvis Files Magazine ISSUE 6' Review: The December Issue of the Elvis Files magazine sadly got stuck in the Christmas post but what a treat it is! Once again featuring Elvis stories and new unpublished Elvis photos that would be missed from Lorentzen's "Elvis Files" series of books.
The key article in the magazine is a stunning 20-page feature on Elvis’ last concerts of the fifties in Honolulu, Hawaii. Written by Elvis expert James Roy I found it the most interesting and well-researched story published by the Elvis Files Magazine so far.
In another feature Lorentzen has also discovered seventeen fabulous new photos of Elvis in Jacksonville Florida from February 1956, showing Elvis and the Colonel hanging out and making surreptitious arrangements at the hotel.
There are of course plenty of other articles in the magazine including ....
- Super fan, Virginia Coons Beverly Hills 'Spring 1969'
- Love Me Tender, unseen photos
- It’s A Miracle Elvis Is A Star - by former schoolteacher
- Elvis Cracked Up in Anaheim, November 30, 1976
- Elvis’and Danny Thomas’ complete interview

Plus plenty more Rare Candids not featured in previous Elvis Files books.
Go HERE as EIN investigates the new issue- with plenty of rare Elvis photos.
(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Happy Birthday Elvis - You are missed: On January 8, 1935, Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. The man and his work need no introduction, but what Mr. Presley managed to achieve during his all-too-brief forty-two years on earth still boggles the mind.
The statistics are simply staggering: 108 Billboard Hot 100 hits; 80 Top 40 Hot 100 hits; 129 albums on the Billboard 200 chart; 67 weeks at number one on the Billboard 200.
That’s a mess of numbers right there, but the math is pretty simple--it all adds up to a legacy that has only grown bigger and brighter since Presley passed away on August 16, 1977.
The rock ‘n’ roll legend would have been 79-years-old this week, and fans from around the world have gathered at Presley’s Memphis estate-turned-museum, Graceland, to honor the man and his work. In a ceremony overseen by Memphis mayor AC Wharton, Jr, January 8th was proclaimed Elvis Presley Day.
“Like coffee and cream, grits and gravy, peanut butter and bananas... Memphis and Elvis is a combination that was just meant to be,” Wharton announced to the crowd, which was made up of Elvis fans from as far away as Australia, Japan, Spain and England.
Posthumous birthdays such as this are bittersweet, and you surely have your own way of commemorating fallen stars, but we like to honor would-be birthdays with a little touch of melancholic catharsis. And it just so happens that Elvis was a master of sad songs that made you happy to be alive, so there are quite a few thrillingly downbeat songs in the Presley catalog to choose from.
For now, we’re going with the stunning “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”. Written in 1926 by Roy Turk and Lou Handman, Presley’s rendition of the tune is downright devastating, but in a way that offers solace and promises beauty. We’ll be playing this one on repeat all week.
Happy Birthday Elvis. You are missed.
(News, Source;RockSquareMusicNews/ElvisInfoNet)

Parkes Australia Elvis Festival Draws Thousands of Fans: Hundreds of people danced their way down the main street of Parkes while thousands more lined the streets for the annual Parkes Elvis Festival Parade this Saturday morning.
Now in its 22nd year, the festival has 150 Elvis-themed events ranging from look- and sound-a-like contests to gospel services and the chance for couples to renew their wedding vows, en masse, Elvis and Priscilla style.
This year's festival is based on the 1964 Elvis movie "Kissin' Cousins," with his co-star Cynthia Pepper as the main overseas guest, spawning a new line in female look-alikes impersonating her character, the feisty Private First Class Midge Riley. Ms. Pepper said she was "delighted" to see Elvis's legacy alive and well here.
Many festival participants said Elvis's music left an indelible mark, especially on rural Australia, in the days before the Internet and
widespread air travel, when radio and TV were the only way to break the isolation felt by many on this sparsely populated continent.
"Our parents would rock 'n' roll to Elvis in the kitchen on a Friday night," said Kim Condon, from the town of Casino in New South Wales state. "There were only two things to do in the country: play cards and dance."
Australians rank among the top-five foreign nationalities to visit Graceland, Elvis's Memphis home, each year and are second only to the U.K. for the number of officially registered Elvis fan clubs, according to EPE Inc.
In another sign of the King's devoted following Down Under, one local resident even changed his name to Elvis. Aussie Elvis, previously known as Neville Lennox, won a number of look-alike contests in the early days of the festival. In 1997, after a great deal of backslapping in pubs from friends who greeted him with: "G'day Elvis," Mr. Lennox said he decided to make it official. Today, his home in Parkes is an Elvis museum, with items including a replica of Elvis's white "Aloha from Hawaii" jumpsuit.
Greg Page - the founding "Yellow Wiggle" in the popular children's band the Wiggles, has amassed one of the world's biggest collections of Elvis memorabilia, part of which is on display in the town's visitor center. Mr. Page's most prized piece: Elvis's silver and burgundy 1976 Cadillac Seville.
Mr. Page, who said he used Elvis's 1950s music as inspiration for Wiggles songs, could even be surreptitiously responsible for seeding a love for the King among a new generation of Australians.
EIN Notes - to understand this Festival you have to imagine a big Country Fair with everyone loving Elvis and Elvis music at every corner - and that can't be bad! (Even if it is a little whacky!)
See the Parkes Elvis Festival website for details.
(News, Source;Various/ElvisInfoNet)

'Sweet Home Alabama' New Import CD: The second release from TNT Records. After a quick sell-out of our first title “Goin´ Back To Houston” and again with a little help from our friends at “Audionics” - probably THE premium and still active label when it comes to rare recordings in best possible sound - we decided once more to pick two shows from “Tour Number 14” (May 30 – June 10, 1975). On this brand new double-cd set you are going to hear both concerts Elvis did right after a couple of great “warm up”-concerts in Huntsville, AL. Elvis then went on to Mobile for Concerts number 6 and 7 in Mobile, June 2, 1975 Afternoon & Eveing Shows. And the town went nuts for The “King”. As a matter of fact everybody had to admit that Elvis might have been the only entertainer in 1975 who was able to play a sold out crowd on a Monday afternoon! Both Mobile-Shows have been released before, the afternoon performance even came out by the legendary “Madison” label. But if you missed the shows first releases from 10 years ago or want them in even better sound than before plus exactly the way they were recorded you should not miss this great new double cd! Includes a great booklet full of photos and information including newspaper articles and original paperwork.
Go HERE to Elvis CD Releases - for more details and tracklist.

Owner of Elvis' Palm Springs home faces Court: The home that at one time was a getaway for Elvis Presley is back on the market, and back in court.
Rade Raicevic, who was handed the keys after a lengthy court battle following the eviction of Reno Fontana, is facing eviction charges himself by US Bank National Association. US Bank bought the foreclosed property at a public auction on Sept. 17, 2012, for $1,7mil according to court documents.
Raicevic, who is disputing the legitimacy of the eviction, maintains he intends to sell the property, and is asking $4 million for the 1946 5,000-square-foot home with four bedrooms and five baths, and sits on 1.75 acres.
“We start the new year with a big bang,” he remarked Tuesday, saying a few potential buyers have shown interest.
Raicevic said he is confident the court will rule in his favor. After a hearing in California Superior Court in Palm Springs on Tuesday, the cased has been continued to Feb. 25.
The home at 845 W. Chino Canyon Road is a popular attraction for admirers of the King. And indeed, Fontana, the home’s last occupant, was a fan who had hoped to develop the home into a tourist attraction. A July 2012 ruling in Superior Court placed the home back in the hands of Raicevic and Financial Bonanza, Fontana’s lender.
For his part, Raicevic says he plans to meet with Graceland officials to discuss a possible sale or other arrangements.
(News, Source;MyDesert/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 9th January 2014
New Legacy Release for 2014: Elvis 'Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis' celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the King's triumphant 1974 return to his hometown with an expanded 2CD release of the monumental concert experience. 
"I wanted to record a live session in my hometown of Memphis…after all, this is where it all started out for me." - Elvis Presley.
This 2CD Legacy Edition will be released on March 18, 2014 and features several tracks left off the original '74 vinyl release in addition to a wealth of unreleased material.
Disc 2 of the remastered edition presents a recently located MONO recording of a "test run" performance held for an ecstatic live audience on March 18, 1974, at the Richmond Coliseum two days before his historic return to Memphis. (This has of course been released on the FTD '48 Hours To Memphis'.)
As a special added bonus for Elvis aficionados, Disc 2 includes five intimate tracks (three of them previously unreleased) cut at the RCA Studios in Hollywood on August 16, 1974. Originally intended as reference recordings for an upcoming Las Vegas engagement, the
performances, which include "Down In The Alley," "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues," "Softly As I Leave You," "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and "The Twelfth Of Never", provide a rare fly-on-the-wall glimpse into Elvis' consummate backstage artistry as he prepares these songs for concert.
Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis will include a 24 page booklet featuring rare photos, previously unseen memorabilia, new liner notes by Ken Sharp, press clips and more.
Go HERE to our Elvis SONY releases page for more info.
(News, Source;Sony/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis as a Teen in Tupelo - Fake or Real?:  A few months ago this "Never-Before-Published Photo" of Elvis from Tupelo, Mississippi was offered for sale on Ebay.
Some believed they’d pinpointed the exact location in the picture, West Main Street, near the Tupelo Hardware store where Gladys Presley bought her son his first guitar. Others denounced the photo as a fake; after all, seller Wade Jones was the same guy who had once auctioned water from a Styrofoam cup that Elvis had used on stage in Charlotte, and later sent the cup “on tour.” 
EIN's friend, author Alanna Nash has written a lengthy article for Vanity Fair speaking with Presley experts, Elvis' relatives, and friends to confirm that not only is the photo of Presley, but that it is the only pictorial reference to Elvis’ years in North Tupelo, the historically black community where he would have first been exposed to the blues.
Tupelo historian Roy Turner notes that “What makes the photo exceptional is that it’s the only pictorial reference to Elvis’s

years in North Tupelo, living in the historically black community.”
Click HERE to Vanity Fair to read the whole story. and to see the genuine photo uncropped & in high resolution.
(News, Source;VF/ElvisInfoNet)

Happy Birthday Elvis!: Yesterday at Graceland TV and radio personality Wink Martindale remembered the day nearly 60 years ago when Elvis Presley's first single, "That's All Right," played for the first time on the radio.
It was July 8, 1954, and a fresh-faced Martindale was working as a disc jockey at WHBQ in Memphis. He was at the studio when legendary producer Sam Phillips brought by an acetate copy of the song Presley cut at Phillips' Sun Records.
DJ Dewey Phillips - no relation to Sam - played the song on his influential "Red, Hot and Blue" radio show, and rock n' roll history was made.
"It was almost like an out-of-body experience," Martindale told Presley fans who came to Graceland to celebrate the late icon's 79th birthday. "That was the beginning of Presley-mania."
'Today' show's Jenna Bush Hager, teenager youtube sensation David Thibault, and Wink Martindale participated in the cake-

cutting along with producer Knox Phillips, who is Sam Phillips' son and a member of the Memphis Music Hall of Fame. Martindale was a longtime friend of Presley, who dated Martindale's wife Sandy before they married.
(News, Source;DailyReporter/ElvisInfoNet)

Happy Birthday - Six great Elvis moments: The NBC 'Today' show is still loving Elvis tender as they present six great Elvis moments to honor the King's birthday.
... Elvis Presley would have been 79 yesterday, but we lost the King of Rock 'n' Roll when he was just 42, back in 1977. Unless you're one of the crowd that chooses to believe the King never left us, that he's still around somewhere, hanging with Bigfoot or aliens, living a happy life out of the public spotlight that so dominated his life.
But regardless of that, Presley lives on forever in our popular culture. Here are six great moments from the world of the one, the only, Elvis.
- 'Ed Sullivan Show' appearances in 1956 and 1957
Popular television host Ed Sullivan had said Presley was unfit for a family audience, but when the singer was a hit on other shows, Sullivan decided to bring him on.
- Sergeant Elvis
Near the end of 1957, Presley received his draft notice and the joined as a regular soldier.
- 1968 comeback special
Presley's star had slipped a bit by 1968, but his now-famous television comeback special, "Elvis," was a return worthy of the King.
- Elvis meets Nixon
The famed 1970 photo of a velvet-clad Presley shaking hands with
then-president Richard Nixon is the most-requested photo held by the National Archives. Jowly Nixon and sultry Presley might as well have come from different planets.
- Shooting the TV
It sounds like an urban legend, but Elvis' own father confirmed to Good Housekeeping that his son did indeed shoot out a television set. (see Vernon Interview here)
- Elvis US stamp vote
In 1992, Americans cast their votes for which image of Elvis to use. Incredilby nearly 1.2 million ballots were cast.
Go HERE to the Today Show story and some cool photos.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 8th January 2014 - - - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVIS!! - - -


EIN wishes Elvis all the best, where ever he is, celebrating his 79th Birthday. 

Fifty-two years ago today in 1962 Elvis celebrated his 27th birthday at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas - (photo right).

Elvis was there with Memphis girlfriend Bonnie Bunkley as well as Joe Esposito & friends. Elvis also met up with one of his favourite songwriters Don Robertson.

President Nigel Patterson of the Elvis Information Network Fan Club (Australia's oldest Elvis fan club) was also there to present Elvis with a special Birthday cake.     

(News, Source; EIN)  

Elvis Presley's Birthday:
What does one remember or think about on Elvis Presley's birthday?
The 1950's, or the Army years? What about the sixties movies and Las Vegas?
Or the controversy surrounding his death?
All of those aspects may come to mind when one recalls Elvis; but I have noticed that almost everyone I speak to overlooks one tremendously important aspect: His impact on our world today.
When you look at any truly talented singer today; from the Beatles to Lady Gaga; they are all touched in one way or another by Elvis Presley.
Elvis paved the way for future performers to express themselves

freely and not be stopped by any barrier. Born shortly after the Great Depression, in Tupelo, Mississippi; Elvis was destined for greatness.
By the age of 21, he had a gold record, one million dollars and a movie deal. He inspired people to fulfill the ‘American Dream’ all over the world and demonstrated that it was attainable.
Throughout his life, he gave to people sometimes with donations to various charities or with hope.
Hope for someone, that someday, they would be able to live without the fear of being judged because they are a different race or religion.
Hope to that one kid in every school who was always different and harassed or looked down on. One day they could rise above those who tormented them and be successful and have the life they had always wanted. And so, today on the seventy-ninth anniversary of his birth, let us not remember him for his death or common human qualities; but for his contribution to all generations: past, present and future.
“ It’s rare when an artist’s talent can touch an entire generation of people. It’s even rarer when that same
influence affects several generations.”
--Dick Clark.
Article by EIN contributor Jenna Jachles.
(News, Source;JennaJachles/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Knox Phillips Joins Elvis' Graceland Birthday Ceremony: Memphis music legend Knox Phillips will participate in today’s Memphis Elvis Presley Birthday 2014 festivities by joining fans for the Proclamation Ceremony at Graceland. Son of Sun Records founder Sam Phillips, Knox will help cut the cake as the 60 Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll celebration kicks off at Graceland during Elvis Presley's birthday week. The ceremony will take place Wednesday, January 8 at 9:30 a.m. CST on Graceland's North Lawn.

Knox Phillips has been an important presence behind the scenes of the music industry -- as an engineer, producer and studio owner. He has also worked closely with original Sun artist Jerry Lee Lewis, a member of the famous Million Dollar Quartet.
Fans who cannot be there can watch LIVE via EPE's Live-Stream Click HERE - beginning at 9:15am CST in the US.

SEE BELOW for details of EPE Elvis Birthday celebration key events
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

The 2014 Parkes Australia Elvis Festival: While the small outback town of Parkes NSW has nothing to do with Elvis, this week more than 15,000 Elvis fans will gather to celebrate Elvis Presley's birthday. Incredibly more fans gather in this small country town than in Memphis! As well as the festival's usual collection of parades and ETAs etc, this year there are two events well-worth investigating.
- 'Walk a Mile in My Shoes' is the new interactive exhibit of the King's Castle Elvis Museum collection. This gives Elvis fans a glimpse of a day in the life of Elvis and is a world first, never having been done before - even at Gracelands in the USA.
The King's Castle is the largest collection of genuine Elvis artifacts outside of Graceland. It is owned by Greg Page (right) who is well known as one of the founding members of 'The Wiggles'.
"I wanted to share my personal collection of Elvis artifacts and memorabilia with the wider public and combined with the world famous Parkes Elvis Festival, I felt this was the ideal place to showcase the collection," said Page.
Each year, Greg rotates the display to ensure returning visitors are provided with something new to see. Open every day.
- Up Close With Cynthia Pepper. The Elvis Festival also gives fans a unique opportunity to be Up Close with the wonderful Cynthia Pepper to hear her reminisce of her time as Elvis Presley’s co-star in the movie Kissin Cousins. Cynthia will also entertain you with tales of her successful film and television career and give her many fans the opportunity to ask about her role as PC Midge Riley and her time on the set of the movie with Elvis. Opportunity for a one-on-one chat, photos and autographs with Cynthia will be available after each session.
Today Jan 8 - 7.30- 9.00 pm 'Up Close with Cynthia Pepper Evening Session'
Jan 10 - 10.30am plus afternoon session 2.pm -3.30pm
See the Parkes Elvis Festival website for details.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 6th January 2014

'Elvis Music FAQ' - Book Review: The publisher’s press release for the book states that Elvis Music FAQ chronicles the trajectory of Elvis’ musical career, with a look at his pioneering original label Sun, insight into his management, a summation of each of the King’s concert tours, and a review of his nearly 800 recordings. Along the way Eder draws attention to the numerous genres of music included in Elvis’ music canon – gospel, country, pop, ballads, rockabilly, blues and of course, rock and roll.
But how can a book on such a key subject as Elvis' music satisfy every reader from the "casual fan" to the hard-core music-trivia authority?

EIN's Nigel Patterson has spent a fair while examining the minutiae of this substantial volume - and provides a detailed summary of his opinions about this entertaining book - both good and bad.
Click here for our In-Depth review.

(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

ASK Marty Lacker!: Today Marty answers questions about....

- Why in later years did Elvis hardly ever speak of Sam Phillips.
- Marty, did Elvis leave you sitting in the den instead of coming down to see you? 
- What happened to Elvis' diamond "ELVIS" ID bracelet.
- Were Elvis' Hollywood years good for him in one respect, giving him a "more normal schedule".
- Did Elvis ever cook anything?

Go here to 'ASK MARTY' for his answers plus how to send in your questions. 

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Audrey Hepburn's beehive and Elvis Quiff most Iconic Hairstyles in history: Audrey Hepburn's beehive, Elvis Presley's quiff and Jennifer Aniston's "Rachel" cut were recently named among the most iconic hairstyles in history by Toni & Guy hairdressers.
The beehive, made famous by Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's, came top of a poll of the 50 most memorable hairdos of the past half century.
Elvis Presley's jet black quiff came second, followed by reggae legend Bob Marley's dreadlocks and the cut made famous by Aniston during her stint as Rachel Green in hit TV show Friends.
Late singer Amy Winehouse's beehive, The Beatles' mop tops and Marilyn Monroe's curls came next on the list to mark hairdresser Toni & Guy's 50th anniversary.
Farrah Fawcett's golden flicks in 70s TV hit Charlie's Angels were voted 8th in the poll of 2,000 people followed by Princess Diana's feathered pageboy.
This year we are celebrating 50 years of hair fashion heritage and we've seen many of these iconic hairstyles copied by thousands of people in our salons.
The TOP 10 Most Iconic Hairstyles In History
1. Audrey Hepburn, beehive
2. Elvis Presley, quiff

3. Bob Marley, dreadlocks, 4. Jennifer Aniston, 'Rachel' cut, 5. Amy Winehouse, beehive, 6. The Beatles, mop tops, 7. Marilyn Monroe, blonde curls, 8. Farrah Fawcett, golden flicks, 9. Princess Diana, feathered pageboy, 10. Brigitte Bardot, bedroom look.
(News, Source;T&G/ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 5th January 2014

Brand New Elvis 1956 Footage Discovered: Recently posted from the archives of WKY-TV is new and undiscovered footage of Elvis live in concert in Okalahoma City Auditorium, April 19th 1956.
There is three minutes of stunning footage including live concert action - as well as Elvis backstage kissing the girls, greeting his fans and signing autographs.
This is a really stunning find. (sadly no audio was recorded)

Click here to check this sensational footage NOW via You-Tube

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Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers dies at 74: Phil Everly, who with his brother Don made up the most revered vocal duo of the rock-music era, their exquisite harmonies profoundly influencing the Beatles, the Beach Boys and countless younger rock, folk and country singers, died Friday in Burbank, CA. of complications from chronic pulmonary disease the result of a lifetime of cigarette smoking. He was 74. (Phil, photo left)
You could argue that while Elvis Presley was the king of rock`n'roll, Phil and Don Everly were its troubled princes. They sang dark songs hidden behind deceptively pleasing harmonies and were perfect interpreters of the twitchy hearts of millions of baby boomer teens coming of age in the 1950s and `60s looking to express themselves beyond the simple platitudes of the pop music of the day.
During the height of their popularity in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the Everly Brothers had nearly three dozen hits on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, among them “Cathy’s Clown,” “Wake Up Little Susie,” “Bye Bye Love,” “When Will I Be Loved” and “All I Have to Do Is Dream.”
It was when the Everly Brothers were taken up by the Cadence record label that their careers began to take off. In 1957 they recorded Felice and Boudleaux Bryant’s 'Bye Bye Love' on which Phil and Don played guitars alongside Chet Atkins. The song was an immediate hit, and established the brothers as the first successful pop act to come out of Nashville. They followed this success in the same year with 'Wake Up Little Susie', 'All

I Have to Do Is Dream' and 'Devoted to You' and by were one of the most famous pop acts worldwide along with Elvis, Pat Boone and Ricky Nelson.
After the release of 'Let It Be Me' in 1959, the Everlys moved to Warner Bros Records. 'Cathy’s Clown' remained at No 1 in America for five weeks in 1960 selling more than eight million copies worldwide.
Elvis was well-aware of the delight of the close harmonies of The Everly Brothers recordings. When he arrived at Nashville's RCA StudioB on March 20th 1960 for his 'Elvis Is Back!' sessions, just 2 days earlier Elvis' new studio band (Nashville’s outstanding 'A Team') had just worked with The Everlys recording their #1 pop classic 'Cathy's Clown’.
In his personal record collection Elvis owned the Everly's 'All I Have To Do Is Dream', 'That'll Be the Day' and the 1967 single 'Bowling Green' if not more.
In 1970 Elvis recorded his own version of their magnificent 'Let It Be Me' for his 'On-Stage' album - while the Everly's key composers Felice and Boudleaux Bryant also wrote 'How's The World Treating You' and 'She Wears My Ring' which Elvis would also record. 
Coincidentally in the fifties Elvis also dated Hollywood starlet Venetia Stevenson (photo right) who would later marry Don Everly in 1962.
The Everly Brothers were admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, and in 1997 received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Phil Everly was thrice married and had two sons, Jason and Chris, both singers and songwriters. He married his third wife, Patti Arnold, in 1999.
His older brother by two years Don Everly was too upset to talk about the death of his brother and was sadly quoted as saying, “I expected to go first”.

Friday 3rd January 2014
Elvis Memphis Birthday Celebrations: Elvis fans from around the world are already travelling to get to Memphis next week to celebrate the King of Rock 'n' Roll's birthday. Numerous events are scheduled, including the Elvis Presley Day Ceremony, which includes a birthday cake cutting and official proclamation. Elvis Presley's Graceland will also kick-off a year-long celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll during the annual birthday festivities.
On July 5, 1954, Elvis walked into Sun Studios in Memphis and recorded "That's All Right" with guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black. Memphis DJ Dewey Phillips played the song on July 8 on WHBQ radio and the switchboard lit up. Rock 'n' Roll was born and the music world changed forever. Popular radio and television personality Wink Martindale witnessed the historic night at WHBQ in July of 1954. After meeting that evening, Wink and Elvis remained friends throughout the course of Elvis' life. Wink will be a special guest for the birthday celebration, along with his wife, Sandra Ferra.
.... Other Highlights are ...
Wednesday, Jan 8 - Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony – 9:30 a.m. Graceland Front Lawn.
Graceland/EPE officials will be joined by Memphis and Shelby County officials for a birthday cake cutting and a proclamation of Elvis Presley Day. Free admission. This event will be streamed live via Elvis Presley's Graceland event page on Livestream. Special Birthday Stable Tours when the Graceland Stable will be available for tours with artifacts on display including saddles used by Elvis and his entourage, personal western wear worn by Elvis, and home movie footage of Elvis on horseback at Graceland.
Thurs, Jan 9 - Fan Club Presidents' Event – 10a.m.
Uni of Memphis Fogelman Conference Center. Elvis fans are invited to celebrate the work of Elvis Presley fan clubs during this special event. In addition to celebrating and recognizing the work of fan clubs, the event will feature a program of EPE company updates and special announcements, including the latest on EPE media, marketing, merchandise, new exhibits and more. Special guest Wayne Mann, Elvis' cousin and witness to the start of Elvis' career at Sun Studio, shares stories as the city of Memphis gears up to celebrate .
- Official Elvis Insiders Reception and Graceland Tour – 6pm.
A private evening tour of Graceland Mansion decorated for the holidays and a reception across the street in Graceland Plaza. Special guests are Sandra Ferra Martindale and Wink Martindale who will be answering questions during an exclusive Q & A session inside the Elvis Presley Car Museum.
Friday, Jan 10 - Elvis Morning Movie at Malco Theatres – 9:30am.
Elvis fans will enjoy a special presentation by Malco Theatres of the feature film "This Is Elvis." In addition, fans can also see rare video of Graceland plus behind-the-scenes footage.
- NBA's/Memphis Grizzlies Elvis Birthday Night – 7:00 p.m. at FedExForum at 191 Beale Street
Sat, January 11 - The Memphis Symphony Orchestra Presents Elvis Birthday Pops – 60 Years of Rock 'n' Roll – 7:30 p.m. at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts.
The concert event will feature fan-favorite Terry Mike Jeffrey and his band.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis in the UK Top 40 Biggest Selling Albums Of 2013: While it is no surprise that new mainstream acts such as One Direction, Emeli Sande, Michael Buble and Robbie Williams held the top spots in this year's 'Official Charts Company Top 40 Biggest Selling Albums of 2013' - Elvis did remarkably well with his greatest Hits compile 'The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs' making #25 in the Top 40.
Elvis' total sales beat out popular Tops 40 challengers such as David Bowie, Katy Perry & Rihanna. The Beatles & Cliff Richard didn’t even chart in the Top 40.
A great result for Elvis and the album is still selling well.
Last week the album was still at #14 although all the favourite Christmas albums are dropping fast.
'The Nations Favourite Elvis Songs Album' sold 30,446 units last week giving it a grand total of 255,054 units sold to date.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Photography Workshop at Parkes Festival: Australia's National Portrait Gallery is  running a special portrait workshop at Australia's Parkes Elvis Festival in connection with their special Alfred Wertheimer 'Elvis At 21' exhibition in Canberra.
Join Sydney based photographer Wendy McDougall for a practical and hands-on digital photographic portraiture workshop. She has over 30 years of experience and using images from her own library she will talk you through what it takes to make great photographic portraits. Perhaps you can find a study as good as Wertheimer's!
Take portraits out on the streets of Parkes - see details below- with the choice of local characters as your subject, in a simple assignment. Wendy will be your guide and offer constructive support. Thursday 9 and Friday 10 January 2014 10am – 12.30pm and 2pm – 4.30pm
Go HERE to the NPG website for more info

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Australian Parkes ELVIS Birthday Festival 2014: It's 36 years since Elvis left the building, yet NEXT WEEK more than 15,000 Elvis fans gather in the small central New South Walse town of Parkes to celebrate Elvis Presley's birthday every January. Incredibly more fans gather in a small country Australian town than in Memphis to celebrate Elvis' Birthday!
This year the 5 day Elvis Birthday Festival is from 8th-12th January 2014. The 2014 Feature Artist will be Mark Andrew. The 2014 theme is 'Kissin’ Cousins' as festival organisers are

pleased to announce the special guest Cynthia Pepper who starred alongside Elvis as his love interest in the 1964 movie. Cynthia Pepper has had a long and varied career which has included movies with Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and many other Hollywood stars. Her latest movie appearance was with Sandra Bullock in 'Miss Congeniality 2'! The 5 day Festival Program features a dazzling array of more than 150 individual events. Highlights of the 2014 Program will include Elvis Tribute entertainment, the inspiring Elvis Gospel Church Service, Elvis Street Parade, Greg Page's Elvis memorabilia Museum, the Crowning of Miss Priscilla, the Renewal of Vows with Elvis Ceremony and the Elvis Poets Breakfast plus the inaugural Elvis Edible Art Competition!!!

See the Parkes Elvis Festival website for details.
Go here for EIN's spotlight on Parkes Elvis Festival 2007.

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Elvis Fans evacuated from Heartbreak Hotel: Last Wednesday there was a major bomb scare that evacuated plenty of worried fans from the Graceland run 'Heartbreak Hotel'.
During a busy time for tourism in Memphis, guests at the Heartbreak hotel were literally moved out while a bomb sniffing police dog searched every room. Memphis police and fire surrounded the Heartbreak Hotel after a bomb threat was called in around 9:30 New Year's Day morning and everyone had to evacuate.
Graceland provided warm shuttle buses while the building was searched from top to bottom and for a time guests' imaginations ran wild. Hotel guest Ean Haggerty said, "Whoever tried to bomb the hotel, probably didn't like Elvis." In the end, it was all a hoax.
Police found no indication of a device and after two hours, everyone was allowed back into their rooms.
Go here to the WMCTV website if you want the full story.
(News, Source;MSquair/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 1st January 2014 - - - HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers
EPE's Top 12 Moments for Elvis in 2013 - Happy New Year!!: EPE have posted their Top 12 Moments for Elvis in 2013. As Elvis Presley's Graceland gears up to celebrate 60 Years of Rock 'n' Roll in 2014, EPE wanted to take a look back at some of the biggest moments for the king during 2013.
From the Graceland family to yours - Happy New Year Elvis fans!
1. Graceland is voted "#1 Iconic American Attraction" by USA Today and 10Best readers.
2. Elvis named the "#1 Streamed Music Artist of the Past Decade" by SoundExchange.
3. Elvis fans celebrate the 40th Anniversary of "Aloha from Hawaii" with a special screening at the Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu.
4. Sir Paul McCartney visits Graceland for the first time.
5. Lisa Marie Presley performs in the Jungle Room at Graceland and at Memphis’ Levitt Shell for the first time.
6. ENCORE Presents the Elvis Movie Collection in May
7. Mother Dolores Hart at Elvis Week, actress-turned-nun who starred with Elvis in “Loving You” and “King Creole,” comes to Graceland as a special guest during Elvis Week 2013.
8. Little Ella Mae goes viral singing Elvis’ "American Trilogy."
9. Graceland Lighting Ceremony with Charles “Chip” Esten from ABC’s “Nashville” writes a song for the event “The Lights of Graceland.”
10. Southwest Airlines launches service in Memphis with first Elvis tribute artist to perform at 30,000 feet.
11. Graceland celebrates 45th Anniversary of the "68 Special" with newly expanded exhibit.
12. Elvis Tribute Artist Week on the "Late Show with David Letterman."
Go HERE to see EPE's celebratory clips
EIN comments that there are far too many "non" REAL Elvis moments in the above list for us.
It is PATHETIC that the release of the SUPERB 'Elvis At Stax' is not even mentioned, nor is the discovery of colour footage of Elvis performing live in Hawaii in 1957, nor is Elvis getting a new GOLD RECORD in the UK - instead we get ETAs on David Letterman as an achievement plus a kid singing in the back of a car.
Let's hope EPE takes 2014 more seriously.
- click here to tell EIN your views on this
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ASK Marty Lacker!: The questions are rolling in!Today Marty answers questions about....
- What records do you remember in particular Elvis listened to
- Why did SUN and later RCA, speed up all Elvis tapes before releasing them.
- Was elvis 5 foot 11 in bare feet or around 5 feet 10
- What do u think was Elvis' very last great moment, was it 'Unchained Melody' from EIC in 1977?
- How did Elvis take his coffee?

Go here to 'ASK MARTY' for his answers plus how to send in your questions. 

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Elvis' Personal Record Collection: In response to a recent Marty Lacker question, EIN has updated its spotlight on 'The secrets of Elvis' record collection'.
Way back in 2004 Britain's excellent Record Collector magazine featured a very interesting article about what was in Elvis' personal record collection when they examined the list EPE supplied of over 1000 albums and singles. It provided a great insight into Elvis' eclectic musical interests with many titles sure to surprise fans. The artists featured are a wide variety of names well known to fans and many artists fans will not have heard of before.
EIN also checks out a further detailed look at "Elvis' crates of Vinyl" and what records he collected.

Please go here for the revised EIN spotlight.

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"The Elvis Experience" new Dave Hebler DVD: His website notes... For a number of years, Dave Hebler was Elvis Presley’s personal bodyguard. Most people seem to find Dave’s "Elvis Experience" to be interesting to most and fascinating to many. So much so that over the last 35 years or so, Dave has appeared at various functions and gatherings to tell some "Elvis Experience" stories and present some insights into Elvis the person that only someone who was actually there can tell from first-hand knowledge.
Now Dave Hebler, co-author of the book "Elvis What Happened" announces the release of a new tell-all DVD "The Elvis Experience". Dave tells "all the details about Elvis's drug abuse" and how Red West, along with Sonny West decided to write the book "What Happened" after they were fired.
The Elvis Matters website has rightly commented.. "On the DVD Dave Hebler presents himself as a friend and confident of Elvis. But was he really? Here's an excerpt of the supposedly private telephone call between Elvis that Red West recorded. We guess that this is clear enough:
"Elvis: I was very disillusioned by Hebler. He faked me off something terrible. I thought he was the way the both of us understood.
Red West: Well, what did he do, what did he do?
Elvis: Well he just, he would say little things to me, who he hated... and this went on over a period of two years. Ed Parker told me to keep him at arms length. But I still didn’t catch on. Dumb ass me, yunno. I don’t think

that he liked anybody in this group, except maybe Dean."
Go here to Hebler's website if you want the DVD or more info
(News, Source;Hebler/ElvisMatters/ElvisInfoNet)

'Little Mama'/'I Forgot To Remember To Forget' 45rpm: The idea of this combined single was first suggested as an idea back in 2012 when the Deluxe Tupelo book and "Little Mama" were issued.
Finally some enterprising group has released the 45rpm vinyl single of Elvis's live "Little Mama" coupled with the 2012 discovery "I Forgot To Remember To Forget".
The RCA logos are copyrighted so this is a bootleg release.
However it would be a great idea for an official vinyl FTD release for 2014's '60th Anniversary' celebrations.
The single is available in black and pink vinyl.
A Limited edition! Only 250 copies of each from your local Elvis dealer.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

SPECIAL PREVIEW "Elvis-The King Of The Jungle-45 Years After": A new book by Erik Lorentzen looking back at the Comeback Special and 1968, "Elvis - The King Of The Jungle - 45 Years After" - to be published early 2014.
In June 1968 Elvis Presley taped a television special to be broadcast that Christmas. The TV special "Singer Presents Elvis" was is a great moment in music and a key to Elvis musical renaissance. "A moment of change, when what was lost is found again. Elvis was lean and chiselled and -- what he had not seemed in years -- a little dangerous."
Featuring 544 pages the book will include a detailed at everything that took place at the historic taping and recording sessions. It will also include eye-witness reports from lucky fans that were present at the legendary NBC performances.
(News, Source;EL/ElvisInfoNet)

UPDATED - Interview with 'Elvis Films FAQ' author Paul Simpson: "Elvis Films FAQ"  was reviewed by EIN as one of the best Elvis books published in 2013... "Paul Simpson examines every angle of Elvis’ film career and writes about it in a very engaging and enjoyable style. The real triumph of this book is that it will make you want to watch all of Elvis’ films one more time! Highly recommended."

While Elvis' Hollywood years are full of mystery, and Elvis Films FAQ covers them all! Elvis Films FAQ explains everything you want to know about the whys and wherefores of the singer-actor's bizarre celluloid odyssey; or, as Elvis said, "I saw the movie and I was the hero of the movie."
"Elvis Films FAQ" was without doubt one of the best Elvis books published in 2013 and EIN wanted to know more from its author Paul Simpson.
(Interviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis: Echoes of the Past: Well, being the time of year that it is... EIN has found a few free hours to peruse some other Elvis sites. In particular we have enjoyed these two interesting topics on the excellent 'Elvis- Echoes Of the Past' website.
Worldwide Elvis Christmas Vinyl: Santa Claus is back in town! This fascinating article focuses on the different styles of artwork for the worldwide releases of the Elvis' Christmas recordings in the 50′s and 60′s. All releases with picture covers are mentioned, and there were some real beauties among them, many of which are extremely rare and very collectible nowadays.
The New Zealand Christmas album is one of the most beautiful and extremely rare - and EIN wants one!
Go HERE to see this great Christmas collection.
Elvis in Billboard 1954: Also well-worth checking out is the great article on the feature on each and every mention of Elvis in Billboard magazine in the magical year of 1954, chronologically put together as a trip with a timemachine through '54, examining the rise of Presley on the charts:
Go here to Elvis in Billboard 1954:
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

2014 will be a Big Year for Elvis fans: On July 5, 1954, Elvis Presley made himself comfortable at a mic in Sun Studio in Memphis and successfully recorded his speeded-up version of Arthur Crudup’s song 'That’s All Right'. Guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black helped propel the song into pop immortality.
Memphis DJ Dewey Phillips played it for the first time on July 8, 1954 on WHBQ radio, and such was its popularity that the song was put on repeat fourteen times. Thus Rock ‘n’ Roll was blasted into the lives of teenage youths of the day.
60 years on, EPE and other Elvis connections are wasting no time in  2014. New Year’s Eve will be an important night at the Hard Rock Café On Memphis’s Beale Street. Thousands will gather to watch a 10-foot guitar wrapped in the 60 years of Rock ‘n’ Roll art  descend 100 feet at midnight.
On January 8, fans will assemble at Graceland as a giant cake is cut during the Elvis Presley Day Proclamation Ceremony. Events continue through until January 11. The Memphis Symphony Orchestra will perform symphonic interpretations of those early Elvis and Sun Studio hits.
Exploring the boy from Tupelo’s Gospel side, there is even an Elvis
Fans Holy Land Tour taking place between February 23  and March 4 next. Fans who sign up for the pilgrimage can "cruise the Sea of Galilee, float in the Dead Sea, roam the beaches of Tel Aviv, and experience baptism in the Jordan River".
A comprehensive list of all festivities - and there are many more than those mentioned here - can be found starting with -- click here to - Elvis' Birthday celebrations.
(News, Source;RTE/ElvisInfoNet)

The Power of Elvis in the Media!: It is amazing that Elvis' legacy is so important and such a powerful "media brand" that any connection with Elvis is inevitably used as the key hook-line. (Think of  Tom Jones, Petula Clark etc on-going "new album" publicity and the inevitable use of the Elvis friendship in their publicity, etc).
Well, well, well, isn't it amazing that the only news-worthy item about a 2 1/2 hour Christmas special on the BBC hosted by members of UK band The Clash, is a David Bowie 40 second phone-call where he vaguely attempts an Elvis impersonation!

We thought it pretty lame (see story below), here is what Marty Lacker had to say..     ..... If anyone actually thinks Bowie sounds like Elvis in his stupid Christmas message I have some of that proverbial Florida swamp land I'd like to sell them!!  It comes complete with a checkup by a noted Memphis ear doctor that will correct their obviously bad hearing. - Marty!
(News, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Billboard Album Charts: This week the old Christmas compilation 'It's Christmas Time' still holds at 41 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 4th January, 2014. The album rises from 6 to 5 on the Catalog Album Chart and from 13 to 12 on the Holiday Album Chart.
- 'The Classic Christmas Album' drops from 90 to 93 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and remains at 16 on the Top Country Album Chart but drops from 71 to 78 on the Current Album Chart.
- 'Merry Christmas, Love Elvis' drops from 108 to 125 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart. It also drops from 20 to 23 on the Top Country Album Chart. But it rises from 32 to 29 on the Holiday Album Chart and drops from 85 to 100 on the Current Album Chart
- 'Blue Christmas' (single) rises from 19 to 18 on the Holiday Digital Songs Chart and remains at 17 on the Holiday 100 Singles Chart and rises on the Holiday Airplay Chart from 17 to 16.
- 'Here Comes Santa Claus' (single) drops from 42 to 51 on the Holiday 100 Singles Chart.
- 'He Touched Me: The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley (Vol 1&2) DVD drops from 18 to 19 on the Top Music Video Sales Chart.
- 'Elvis Lives' DVD rises from 22 to 21 on the Music Video Sales Chart.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

More Elvis News from Earlier this week ....
Nashville Guitarist Harold Bradley on Elvis: Some of Nashville's most classic songs, Elvis' ‘Devil in Disguise’, Roy Orbison's ‘Only the Lonely’, Tammy Wynette's ‘Stand by Your Man’ to name a few — have one thing, or person, in common: guitarist Harold Bradley. In his decades-long career, Bradley, now 86, has played on literally thousands of songs. Some say he's the most widely recorded guitarist in history.
Bradley is the brother of one of Nashville's legendary record producers, Owen Bradley. In the early '50s, the brothers opened one of the first recording studios in the city. They formed the A-Team: a dozen session musicians who, while you may never have heard their names, helped build Nashville. These musicians thrived in the background, ready to play behind any star who came in with a new album to create.
(Right - Harold Bradley (2nd left) in RCA Studio B, with LaRawn Scaife, Ray Walker,  Mike Curb, and Gordon Stoker)
Harold Bradley worked with Elvis from 1962-67 playing on sessions that produced Elvis Number 1s 'She's Not You', ‘Devil in Disguise’ plus classics such as 'Long Lonely Highway', 'I'll Remember You', 'Guitar Man' and 'Big Boss Man'.
"When Elvis first walked in the studio, he had that magic about him. He had a positive air. He was easy to work with. Elvis never blamed the band if the song wouldn't come off. He'd just go to another song. The only bad thing about him was he liked to work at night and work all night long. Some of the guys couldn't stand that. The first session I did with him started at eight Sunday night and end eight Monday morning. He'd go eat breakfast and go to bed, and we'd go eat breakfast and go back and do more sessions and meet him the next night. It was exciting to work with Elvis. He was so nice during those times."
Bradley described the session-recording process with David Greene,
"We would work from 10 to 1, 2 to 5, 6 to 9 and 10 to 1 at night. To me, it was like going to a party. A Brenda Lee party in the morning, then a Ray Stevens party in the afternoon. A Bill Monroe party and then end up with Henry Mancini and Patsy Cline and Elvis and just other people. I realized, after a while, that it wasn't my talent: It was the talent of the stars. Then, I was just glad to be on board."
While Bradley was happy to be along for the ride, he remembers moments working with some of music's rising stars that were not so sweet.
"My first session with Elvis, I tune up and I'm standing around. I hear all this commotion out in the alley. Well, I had finally gotten to where I could afford a new car and I had a Nash station wagon parked right behind the studio. I went out and opened the door, and there was a sea of kids out there. They wanted to see Elvis, and they were standing on my station wagon. I just closed the door, shook my head and I thought, 'I don't know how much money I'm going to make with this guy, but it's not going to be enough to pay for my car.' "
Bradley also had to deal with his brother, who kept him and the other session musicians on a tight leash.
"As soon as you come into the studio and you walk in the door, you leave your ego outside," Bradley says. "Whatever you think you are, you're not. You're going to go in there and you're a piece of clay, and you're going to mold yourself into whatever is musically happening on that session."
While Bradley was observing history firsthand in these recording sessions, he says he didn't realize it at first. In fact, he wasn't even keeping records.
"Everything that was happening in the studio, that was my world. That was as big as it got. And then one day, my brother came up and he said, 'Well, we're doing pretty good. We've got 25 out of the top 50 songs.' All of a sudden I'm thinking, 'That stuff we did in the studio, people are listening to that all over the world? Maybe I better pay some attention to what's happening a little bit more because, goodnight! Whatever I'm playing, these people are listening to it. And I better be good.' "
Go here to NPR Music for the full article.
(News, Source;NPR/ElvisInfoNet)

ASK Marty Lacker!: The questions are rolling in!Today Marty answers questions about....
- Did Elvis have close celebrity friends
- Elvis possible London concert
- Elvis and the 1974 Led Zeppelin LA Forum concert
- What would Elvis think about his continued fandom 36 years after his death?
- If you could bring back Elvis and spend one more week with him, what year would it be?
- Did Elvis ever listen to 8-Track tapes in his cars?

Go here to 'ASK MARTY' for his answers plus how to send in your questions. 

(Ask Marty, Source;ML/ElvisInfoNet)

David Bowie's BBC "Elvis" Christmas Message: It must be that time of the year (see story below) but David Bowie is also channelling Elvis this Christmas.
In fact Elvis and David Bowie share the same birthday January 8 and in the past Bowie has stated that he offered his 1975 song 'Golden Years' to Presley to record, but that it was declined. (EIN presumes by the music publishers such as Freddy Bienstock and not by Elvis himself). But now David Bowie has delivered a Christmas message via BBC Radio 6 in which he does an impression of Presley.
The 30 second clip was broadcast Boxing Day during the BBC 'This Is Radio Clash' show. EIN thinks it is a very average impression, but I guess he means well.
Bowie's message is as follows: "Hello everybody, this is David Bowie making a telephone call from the US of A. At this time of the year I can't help but remember my British-ness and all the jolly British folk, so here's to you and have yourselves a Merry little Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you very much."
Click here to NME to listen

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Snoop Dogg channels Elvis in ‘Blue Xmas’ Video!: File under "This can’t be true"! Purely for fun and only going to show how far Elvis' influence continues 36 years after his own last Christmas - but now the mega-selling hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg is also channeling Elvis with his cover of ‘Blue Christmas.’
Filmed like a home movie (VHS-style), the rapper, strums a guitar.
"Spending Christmas alone," he says in a whisper, "Sad. Sad. Sad."
He continues a monologue during the bridge, "Silent Night. Lonely night. I wish you were here to hold me tight. I’m feeling blue on this Christmas, this Christmas night."
Produced Fred Wreck and baked by Dah Dah, Snoop sings along to a live version of Elvis Presley’s ‘Blue Christmas.’
Compared to the usual ETA's this is certainly not sanctioned by EPE! - Click here to YouTube for the clip.
(Odd Spot, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 25 December 2013 ..................... MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY. . . . .

The staff at EIN wish all of our readers a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! 

If Everyday Was Like Christmas
(words & music by Red West)

I hear a choir
Singing sweetly somewhere
And a glow fills my heart
I'm in peace with the world
As the sound of their singing fills the air

Oh why can't every day be like Christmas
Why can't that feeling go on endlessly
For if everyday could be just like Christmas
What a wonderful world this would be

I hear a child
Telling Santa what to bring
And the smile upon his tiny face
Is worth more to me than anything

Oh why can't every day be like Christmas
Why can't that feeling go on endlessly
Merry Christmas everybody! 

EPE Fan Club Christmas CD & Message: Each year EPE sends out a highly-collectable Elvis Fan-club Presidents thank-you CD. Here is this year's along with their Christmas message....


Dear Friends,
We hope that you, along with your family, friends and fellow fan club members have had a wonderful year and were able to experience some of the amazing events at Graceland since our last note.

As we look forward to 2014, the future looks brighter than ever for Graceland, a place that will forever be our family home. Right now this home that meant so much to Elvis is decorated for the holidays, just the way he liked it during what was his favorite time of year in keeping with family tradition, we'll keep the decorations up through his birthday on January 8 when fans from around the world will gather at Graceland to celebrate the life and legacy of a man who meant so much to all of us.
The new year will usher in and help kick off 60 Years of Rock'n'Roll, an Elvis celebration which will include a special exhibit at Graceland and a variety of events to help celebrate the music milestone of July 5, 1954, and the recording of "That's All Right" at Sun Studio in Memphis. This is one celebration that is not to be missed and we hope to see you in Memphis next year.
Wishing you the joy of family, the happiness of friends, and the love of the Christmas season.
Lisa Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Tuesday 24 December 2013- Only ONE more sleep until..It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby..

'Elvis' Christmas Album' - Best Selling Christmas Album of All-Time: According to the latest data and certifications of the Recording Industry of America, Elvis' Christmas Album, recorded by Elvis Presley has shipped at least 13 million copies since its original release in 1957. That makes it the biggest-selling Christmas album of all time. The album has been re-issued and repackaged several times, and continues to be a perennial holiday best-seller, writes Eddie Deezen.
It sold three million copies upon its original release in 1957 and has sold an additional ten million copies in the various forms it has been reissued in. It hit the number one spot on the Billboard charts in 1957 and remained there for four weeks. Released on October 15, 1957, it would be the first of two Christmas albums released by "The King." The second, Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas, wasn't released until the early 1970s.
Christmas was always Elvis' favorite holiday. The annual display of blue lights decorating Elvis' home Graceland was, and still is, a legendary Mecca for tourists and locals to behold. Nothing gave Elvis greater joy than giving out Christmas gifts to family and friends. So the Christmas album idea seemed a natural for Elvis.
Interestingly, the biggest controversy regarding the album came from one of America's most beloved composers. On the album, Elvis did a cover version of Irving Berlin's classic "White Christmas." At the time, "White Christmas" was the biggest-selling record of all time.
After hearing Elvis sing his song, Irving Berlin called for the song, and the entire album, to be banned from radio airplay. He considered Elvis' "White Christmas" to be a "profane parody of his cherished Yuletide standard." He ordered his staff in New York to telephone radio stations across the U.S. and demand the song be removed from airplay. Many U.S. stations ignored Berlin's threats, but at least one American disc jockey was, indeed, fired for daring to play a song from the album. Canadian stations refused to play the album.
Ironically, Elvis actually had based his "White Christmas" version on the song as recorded by African-American Clyde McPhatter and his group The Drifters. McPhatter and The Drifters had released their own version of "White Christmas" a few years earlier, but it had caused no controversy whatsoever. This was mainly because the record was only played on black radio stations. The Drifters' "White Christmas" was not to be heard on mainstream radio stations for a couple of decades, although it had been a hit on the R&B singles chart in 1954 and '55.
We look back now, and listen, to this 1957 version of Elvis Presley. Who could ever imagine the life he would lead in the next twenty years? This slim, fresh-
looking, swivel-hipped maverick who delighted the kids and scared the pants off their parents was in the early stages of, quite possibly, the single most successful career in the history of music and all of show business.
Good old Elvis. I always loved the guy. Wherever he is, I hope he has a Merry Christmas this year. It would be great if these people who bring so much pleasure to so many people derived as much pleasure from life themselves....
Go here for the full article at Neatorama.. by Eddie Deezen.
(News, Source;Neatorama/ElvisInfoNet)

More News and EIN exclusives from earlier in December ....

'Elvis Films FAQ' Book Review: Elvis' Hollywood years are full of mystery, and supposedly 'Elvis Films FAQ' covers them all! Elvis Films FAQ by author Paul Simpson explores his best and worst moments as an actor, analyses the bizarre autobiographical detail that runs through so many of his films, and reflects on what it must be like to be idolized by millions around the world yet have to make a living singing about dogs, chambers of commerce, and fatally naive shrimps.
After all if Elvis Presley had not wanted to be a movie star, he would never have single-handedly revolutionized popular culture.
Yet this aspect of his phenomenal career has been much maligned and misunderstood – partly because the King himself once referred to his 33 movies as a rut he had got stuck in just off Hollywood Boulevard.

It is a mightly entertaining book - but go here as EIN's Piers Beagley investigates to see whether this new book by author Paul Simpson really answers all the questions you need to know ....

(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'The Nations Favourite Elvis Songs' Heading to UK Platinum!: Elvis' UK album is becoming a Christmas favourite and yet again only dropped one place to No.11 this last week.

'The Nations Favourite Elvis Songs' sold some 46,830 units last week, giving Elvis a total of 225,054 units sold to date and he is now on this way to Platinum status (300,000).

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

'Elvis Presley On Stage' - European Tour 2014 - Five New German Dates Added: The all new "Elvis Presley On Stage" music experience will kick off their tour in Ireland starting in April 2014 and continue with shows in UK through the end of May and now with FIVE new European dates added for Germany in June.
2 June 2014 – Berlin, Admiralspalast
4 June 2014 – Hamburg, CCH
5 June 2014 – Halle / Saale, Georg Friedrich Händel
6 June 2014 – München, Circus Krone
7 June 2014 – Mainz, Rheingoldhalle
Perhaps one lesser thought is that this tour does not include any of Elvis' original TCB Band or musical associates which to EIN seems a sad end of an era.
See the full European Tour dates and story below.
The list of UK concert dates is below.
Perhaps one lesser thought is that this tour does not include any of Elvis' original TCB Band or musical associates which to EIN seems a sad end of an era.
(News, Source;ElvisMatters/ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis at 21" Extra Elvis talks at Australian National Portrait Gallery: The new Australian exhibition chronicles Elvis’ dazzling emergence in 1956 and includes photos of Elvis on the road, in concert, recording and at home captured by freelance photojournalist Alfred Wertheimer during the year Presley catapulted from anonymity to superstardom.
As well as the regular special events, the National Portrait Gallery has scheduled some special talks in January.
Portraits on Sunday: "Elvis and Alfred"
Sunday 19 January, 2.00 – 3.00pm
Warren Perry, writer and researcher from the Smithsonian Institution, Washington discusses Alfred Wertheimer relationship with Elvis. Free.
Gallery talk: "Elvis of Memphis"
Wednesday 29 January, 12.30 – 1.00pm
Warren Perry, co-curator of Elvis at 21 introduces the exhibition. Free.
"Building Elvis"- Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 January
11.00am, 12.00pm, 1.00pm. 10 minute duration
Wertheimer's instincts resulted in images that provide us today with a candid look at Elvis before he exploded onto the scene and became one of the most exciting performers of his time.
30 minute highlight tours will run daily at 2.30pm, and a free screening of the film Love me Tender [PG], from 1956 will occur at 11.00am and 3.00pm daily.
Tickets $15. - 7 December 2013 – 10 March 2014
Go here to National Portrait Gallery website for Exhibition info.
Go here for EIN's spotlight on Alfred Wertheimer
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Loving You: Something For The Girls' Book PREVIEW: Here is the YouTube Promo for this fabulous FTD / Flaming Star's new book by Pål Granlund and David English on Elvis’ second movie 'Loving You'. Pål Granlund and his people have produced an unbelievably beautiful book filled to the brim with classic and previously unreleased photos from the making of 'Loving You'. The text is full of new information and the design is simply breathtaking. 528 pages total.  The book follows the format of the Frame By Frame books, but different to those books, this package includes a CD (nothing previously unreleased).
ETM&HM Gordon Minto writes.. "This book breaks new ground in a genuinely innovative and exciting way, fleshing out the Elvis story in unprecedented detail.
Co-authors, Pal Granlund and David English, are especially pleased to able to show – for the first time ever – the recently-found day-by-day production schedule which has been presented here in considerable detail for your interest and enjoyment. It makes for fascinating reading, especially when you match it up against the photographic evidence. And needless to say, what is very clear is that throughout that period Elvis worked very hard either on the film set, or in one of the two recording studios where he cut the soundtrack along with other material, with little opportunity for down-time. Includes 100 previously unseen images.
GO HERE for You-Tube Promo - well-worth checking out for the fabulous new photos.
Expected to be published end of January 2014. Size is 24,5 x 31,5 cm.
(News, Source;FECC/ETM&HM/ElvisInfoNet)

ABG's New Expansion Plans for Graceland: ABG that now owns EPE are promising major upgrades to the property surrounding Graceland which will include expanding Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel and boosting the number of Elvis artifacts available for public viewing.
"People who come to Memphis for Elvis Week in August of 2014 will be very surprised at the material things that have been done," said ABG's Joel Weinshanker. "There needs to be a better reason to come to Graceland and stay longer and that means nicer places to stay and more interesting things to see."
Additional areas of the Graceland compound may be opened up for tours and an additional site showcasing the King's memorabilia is being considered on the premises.
Details about the expansion proposed for the 128-room hotel
were not yet available.
Weinshanker was in Memphis last week meeting with local architects to map out the Graceland plans. He said the Graceland-area upgrade plans have been in the pipeline for more than a year and funding is now being allocated to move the project forward.
Jack Soden, the longtime CEO of EP will continue in his leadership role at the company. He welcomed the energy being generated by new owners. He said more details about the new plans will be unveiled in the coming weeks and that branding efforts are being developed to broaden the Elvis industry around the globe and across social networking platforms.
Weinshanker will oversee the Memphis operation while the ABG Group handles the global licensing and merchandising of the Elvis image.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

'Ginger Alden Autobiography': As first reported by EIN last month, Ginger Alden's new book narrating her romance with Elvis will hits shelves in August 2014.
Ginger Alden, Elvis Presley's fiancee at the time of his death in 1977, has revealed the cover for her upcoming memoir, Elvis & Ginger: Elvis Presley's Fiancee and Last Love Finally Tells Her Story.
Alden's title not only will narrate her relationship with the King in Graceland -- from when they first met to when he passed away -- but also will "set the record straight" about their bond, and rescue the musician from the rumors and tabloid attention in which she found herself surrounded just before and after his death.
She also will share details about his exploration of Eastern religions, his perception of fame and his intimate moments with loved ones.
To cover the book that aims to humanize the legend and her love for him, the model and actress chose a photo of the couple in a wintry white setting, with Alden wearing a fur coat and Presley wearing a black jacket and purple scarf, holding his signature sunglasses.
To be released Aug. 5 by Berkley Books, an imprint of Penguin Group.
To Pre-Order from Amazon Click HERE >> . Elvis and Ginger <<<- Now 0nly US$24.20
EIN wonders, would EPE consider her for Elvis Week 2014?
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'From Elvis At American Sound Studio' & 'Moody Blue' OUT NOW: The two FTD new December CD releases are out now and at your local dealers. - 'From Elvis At American Sound Studio' a special 2CD set
DISC 1 features...
Kentucky Rain, I'll Be There, Mama Liked The Roses, If I'm A Fool (For Loving You), Don't Cry Daddy, Rubberneckin', Hey Jude, My Little Friend, Who Am I?, Memory Revival (instrumental)
First Takes: Kentucky Rain (takes 1, 2 ,3 & 7), I'll Be There (takes 1, 2 & 3/M), If I'm A Fool (For Loving You) (takes 1, 2 & 3), Rubberneckin' (takes 1 & 2/M)
January Outtakes: Come Out, Come Out (Inst take 2/M), You'll Think Of Me (take 7), Poor Man's Gold (take 12/M with abandoned vocal overdub), Mama Liked The Roses (with alternate vocal overdub) ,In The Ghetto (take 19), Hey Jude (take 1), I'll Be There (takes 4, 5 & 6)
Go here for FULL tracklist on our FTD/SONY 2013 info page

'Moody Blue' a classic album 2CD set
DISC 1 features....
The Original album: Unchained Melody, If You Love Me (Let Me Know), Little Darlin', He'll Have To Go, Let Me Be There, Way Down, Pledging My Love, Moody Blue, She Thinks I Still Care, It's Easy For You,
The Alternate Album: Unchained Melody (undubbed master), If You Love Me (Let Me Know) (undubbed master), Moody Blue (take 6), She Thinks I Still Care (take 2B), My Way (live), Way Down (undubbed master), Little Darlin' (undubbed master), He'll Have To Go (rough mix), Pledging My Love (composite of rehearsal and take 3), It's Easy For You (take 1)
Bonus Tracks: She Thinks I Still Care (takes 1 & 2A), America The Beautiful, Softly As I Leave You
Go here for FULL tracklist on our FTD/SONY 2013 info page
To order you can go HERE to 'ElvisTheMan&HisMusic' shop
(News, Source;ETM&HM/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis 'Comeback Special' 45 Years ago Today: At 9pm on December 3rd, 1968 NBC TV aired "SINGER presents ELVIS." The programme gave NBC its highest ratings victory of the year and the general public, along with every fan, knew that ELVIS was BACK!  1968 would end with the most sensational ‘comeback’ of all time.
While the LA Times showed just how out of touch it was by stating, "I don’t think many viewers care to see singers sweat on TV" – it was these very beads of sweat that demonstrated just how much Elvis cared for his music. The TV special revealed the passion & intensity of Elvis as he broke free from the movie soundtracks, stood up against the Colonel’s idea of a "family TV special" and reclaimed his crown. Nothing would ever be the same.
"It was the finest music of his life. If ever there was music that bleeds, this was it." -Greil Marcus
Go here for EIN's Spotlight into 'The Night Elvis Reclaimed His Crown'
Plus go here for memories of EIN's friend Joan Gansky who was there for the actual NBC recording.
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

"ELVIS PRESLEY – ON STAGE" UK almost SOLD OUT!: Fabulous news for Elvis' popularity in Europe with news that the new UK 2014 "ELVIS PRESLEY – ON STAGE" tour is selling out fast. Tickets for the Manchester have now sold out and the concert in Birmingham only has one seat left. Most other venues only have the odd seats left. Fans from the UK who still wish to attend one or more of these concerts should get their tickets ASAP
The list of UK concert dates is below.
Perhaps one lesser thought is that this tour does not include any of Elvis' original TCB Band or musical associates which to EIN seems a sad end of an era.
.. In celebration of Elvis’ recording of “That’s All Right” in 1954 and the 60th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Graceland

and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. will proudly present "Elvis Presley - On Stage" in 2014.
The all new "Elvis Presley - On Stage" music experience will kick off a 23-date-tour of the United Kingdom starting in April 2014 and continue through the end of May. Featuring a hot studio band and backup singers, the 60th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll celebration will go on the road to Europe. Following the worldwide success of the stage production, Elvis Presley In Concert, which featured Elvis’ original band and singers, this new show is designed for all Elvis fans past, present and future. 
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

UPDATED-_ 'The Nation's Favourite Elvis Song' Review: EIN contributor Brian Quinn kindly supplied us with his review of last night's UK Elvis special.
... As an Elvis fan I thought the TV programme was excellent and better than expected. It seemed to fly by especially with the invasive interruption of advertisements. The sound was excellent and most important there were no impersonators involved. It was rapid moving and to the point. Put over in a documentary style it featured all the main points one would want featuring including his UK record of No.1 Hits and his one billion worldwide record sales making him the best-selling solo artist of all-time.
Of course one can always argue about the one billion figure as they could about the figure of 20 million  given for the worldwide sales of ‘Its Now Or Never’. The countdown went from 20 to 1 with the ultimate winner being ‘Always On My Mind’ just narrowly beating out ‘Suspicious Minds’. I do feel that Priscilla may have had the final casting vote for this track, however. The twenty tracks featured in countdown order were:  
20 King Creole
19 If I Can Dream
18 Don’t Be Cruel
17 Viva Las Vegas
16 Heartbreak Hotel
15 American Trilogy
14 It’s Now Or Never
13 All Shook Up
12 Blue Suede Shoes
11 The Wonder Of You
10 Are You Lonesome Tonight? (including laughing version)
9 Return To Sender
8 Love Me tender
7 Hound Dog
6 Jailhouse Rock
5 A Little Less Conversation (film and remix versions)
4 In The Ghetto
3 Can’t help Falling In Love
(film and ‘live’ versions
2 Suspicious Minds
(Live Version featured)

1 Always On My Mind.

There were clips and comments from plenty of celebrities but there were also a few negative aspects.... .....Continue here for full review ....
(Spotlight, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

**** More Great Elvis Books to order or pre-order now ****
1 2 3 4

Pre-Sale Tickets for "ELVIS PRESLEY – ON STAGE" in UK: While EIN broke the news that the upcoming "Elvis Presley - On Stage" 2014 European tour would not feature any of the TCB Band or Elvis' musicians (see below) EPE has now offered Pre-sale tickets for keen UK fans. EPE note..
.. In celebration of Elvis’ recording of “That’s All Right” in 1954 and the 60th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. will proudly present "Elvis Presley - On Stage" in 2014.
The all new "Elvis Presley - On Stage" music experience will kick off a 23-date-tour of the United Kingdom starting in April 2014 and continue through the end of May. Featuring a hot studio band and backup singers, the 60th Anniversary of Rock ‘n’ Roll celebration will go on the road to Europe. Following the worldwide success of the stage production,

Elvis Presley In Concert, which featured Elvis’ original band and singers, this new show is designed for all Elvis fans past, present and future. 
Using the latest technology, Elvis performs via state-of-the art video screens singing lead vocals backed by a live band, singers and an orchestra. Together, this multi-media creation puts the audience inside an Elvis Presley concert presented exactly like one of his classic live performances in a Las Vegas showroom. The contemporary staging and overall production create the illusion that Elvis is on stage for his finest concert performances.
There is a pre-sale for tickets go HERE to Elvis.com. - SEE TOUR DATES BELOW
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)
Wed 30 Apr 2014 SHEFFIELD City Hall
Thu 01 May 2014 NEWCASTLE City Hall
Fri 02 May 2014 DUNDEE Caird Hall
Sat 03 May 2014 EDINBURGH Playhouse
Sun 04 May 2014 GLASGOW Clyde Auditorium
Mon 05 May 2014 LIVERPOOL Philharmonic
Wed 07 May 2014 PRESTON Guild Hall
Thu 08 May 2014 NOTTINGHAM Royal Concert Hall
Fri 09 May 2014 IPSWICH Regent Theatre
Sat 10 May 2014 BRIGHTON Centre
(Thanks to Elvis Matters for the dates)
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)
Sun 11 May 2014 PLYMOUTH Pavilion
Tue 13 May 2014 BRISTOL Colston Hall
Wed 14 May 2014 SOUTHEND Cliffs Pavilion
Fri 16 May 2014 CARDIFF Motorpoint Arena
Sat 17 May 2014 MANCHESTER Bridgewater Hall
Sun 18 May 2014 MILTON KEYNES Theatre
Tue 20 May 2014 YORK Barbican
Wed 21 May 2014 LEICESTER De Montfort Hall
Thu 22 May 2014 OXFORD New Theatre
Fri 23 May 2014 BIRMINGHAM Symphony Hall
Sat 24 May 2014 LONDON Hammersmith Apollo
Sun 25 May 2014 LONDON Hammersmith Apollo

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The Elvis Information Network has been running since 1986 and is an EPE officially recognised Elvis fan club.

EIN also has a local Australian national Elvis Fan Club for paid up members featuring quarterly newsletters and an annual EIN Elvis Mega Quiz with special prizes.
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