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Thursday 28 February 2013

'Elvis The Man and His Music' Issue 99 Out Now: The new issue of EIN's favourite Elvis magazine is out now.
In the March issue:
- Vintage Chet Atkins Interview
- An Introduction to Ken Moore
- Contemporary Reviews of the pre-Army films
- AMMO for Elvis
- It Takes One To Know (Take) One - Take 2!
- From The Time: 1961 - Is Elvis No Longer The King Of Rock?
- Readers' letters, News, rare pix - the works!
- Heaps of CD reviews!

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'Elvis - Aloha via Satellite' Boxcar April Release: Boxcar have confirmed that their 450 page deluxe book about Elvis' historic Aloha Hawaii show is still on track for an early April publication.
The special promo video should be out soon.
The book includes MANY previously unpublished photos including one set of 25 unpublished visuals from one source!
This massive most comprehensive 450 page volume is packaged and housed the same as Boxcar’s previous outing of "Elvis Presley’s Graceland through the Years" released earlier this year.
The stylish book comprises of hundreds upon hundreds of photographs many of which have never been seen before. Also collected here exclusively are scores of historical memorabilia and the Colonels original internal documents & scripts. This is intended to create a time-travel experience of sorts documenting the most groundbreaking event in the annals of television history.
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'Southern Gypsy Magic' New Import CD: Out shortly will be Straight Arrow's double-digipak release 'Southern Gypsy Magic' featuring the wild July 23, 1975 Asheville show, plus bonus rarities from July 22 and 24. The show was originally issued on a 1997 CD called "Gyrating Asheville." But recently, Straight Arrow obtained a superior audience taped source, one too good to be kept in the vaults: a recorder equipped with two microphones, so there is noticeable "ambience," due to the channel separation. And, for the first time, the show is presented complete, with no edits.
As spring turned to summer in 1975, Elvis spent June and July touring America's southeastern states, giving fans a memorable series of up-tempo performances, night after night. It would be the last time he would do so with any consistency. Asheville was the final city on his July 1975 tour, with three consecutive nights sold out at the newly-built Civic Center. The middle show on July 23, which makes up the core of this release, offers a number of unexpected inclusions like "Turn Around, Look At Me," "Shake A Hand" and "Promised Land," the Chuck Berry classic released on single the previous fall. Bonus selections include a
July 22 performance of "You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me" (possibly for the last time) and a rare version of "Memphis, Tennessee."
From July 24 is the only known live performance of "Pieces Of My Life." Yes, the complete July 24 show appeared on our 2005 debut, 'Pieces Of My Life'. However, instead of simply copying tracks from that disc, we chose to rework the first-generation tape from scratch, with even better results than eight years ago! The package is topped off with many beautiful images from July 23, plus a photo each from July 22 and 24. If you liked our other July 1975 tour outings, 'Pieces Of My Life' and 'You'll Never Walk Alone', you will love this new 2CD-set. Do not miss the opportunity to own the ultimate release of Elvis' magical July 23, 1975 Asheville show.
Go to EIN's 'All the CD News 2013' for full tracklist and information
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Justin Timberlake Channels Elvis!: Justin Timberlake recently performed "Suspicious Minds" on a German TV Show. Memphis native Justin Timberlake recently showed off his rock 'n' roll roots during an appearance on the German TV show "Wetten Dass...?" Following his performance of his new single "Mirrors," Timberlake channeled the king with an impromptu performance of "Suspicious Minds."
Timberlake rocked the famous Elvis' curl and performed alongside the show's host on the keyboard. The audience joined in on the fun while clapping to the infamous Elvis hit. Timberlake who's a strong ambassador for the king's home in Memphis has recently made trips to Graceland and has often quoted Elvis as one of his major influences.
CLICK HERE to see the clip
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Elvis Presley Graphic Novel, Kindle Release: Chart toppers Elvis Presley and Robbie Williams get the comic book treatment this week in two new digital releases, "The Elvis Presley Experience" & "Fame: Robbie Williams."
"The Elvis Presley Experience" is both scholarly and dramatic in its graphic recreation of the King's remarkable life story. Though the series was among the best selling contemporary biographic comics of the 1990s, the individual issues have been out of print for over ten years and for the 1st time together in this collection.
This 200-page graphic novel features art by future Marvel and DC star Aaron Sowd (Wolverine), with a story co-scripted by Babylon 5 TV vet Patrick McCray.
Originally out in 2011 "The Elvis Presley Experience" getting another publicity push as it will now be released digitally for the 1st time on ITunes, Nook & Kindle.
Go HERE to Amazon for more. The book costs $14.
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Monday 25 February 2013

John Wilkinson 1972 Interview: Interviews with Elvis’ band members from the 1970’s are very rare and so it is with great pleasure that EIN can feature this interview with John Wilkinson from September 1972. This nicely ties in with the recent ‘August 1972 Las Vegas Season’ FTD release but also as a tribute to John Wilkinson who sadly passed away last month.
John Wilkinson was an all-round nice guy who unlike some always told positive stories about his friend Elvis.
In this interview John talks about working with Elvis and the TCB Band in 1972 as well as recording ‘Burning Love’ that had only just been released.
Go HERE for this insight into Elvis, John Wilkinson and 1972.

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Elvis Personal Letters for Auction: A collection of Elvis Presley's personal notes and poetry as well as his personal copy of Kahlil Gibran's 'The Prophet' is set to hit the auction block. Saturday 9th March, starts 10.30am UK time Omega Auctions sale in Stockport, England,
The key items come from Charlie Hodge's personal collection.
- Elvis' very first copy of the Kahlil Gibran book, "The Prophet". This book was received by Elvis in 1956 and it was one of the first spiritual books that he started reading (besides the bible). He often read passages of this exact copy to his Mother before he left for the Army. Later in 1961 Elvis gave this copy to Charlie Hodge complete with underlined passages , margin notes in over 20 pages and an inscription to Charlie. A fantastic piece of history being one of Elvis` very first books that he shared with his mother.
Estimate - US$3000 upwards
- Elvis Poem "Ode to a Robin!" The poem handwritten in Elvis` hand although was a favourite of Elvis` and he would often recite it for friends. It was a touching sweet poem whose final lines would always catch Elvis` friends off guard and leave them collapsing in laughter.
Estimate - US$3500 upwards
- Hilton Hotel directory with handwritten notes inside written by Elvis when staying. This comes complete with letter of provenance from Charlie Hodge along with a copy of a signed photo for his friend Jack Lord. Estimate: US$2500 +
- A White SIGNED concert scarf with inscription "To Helen. Thankyou for the beautiful nativity WISEMAN. I love it. Merry Christmas Elvis Presley".
Estimate: US$750 upwards
Also offered plenty of original VINYL BOOTLEG LPs in lots of 15 LPs at a time for US$150 up.
GO HERE for images & to bid.
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Rita Moreno and her Affairs With Brando & Elvis: Academy Award-winning actress Rita Moreno has revealed the intricacies of her stormy relationship with legendary stage and screen star Marlon Brando as well as Elvis Presley himself in her new autobiography, 'Rita Moreno: A Memoir'.
Moreno had a hot and heavy, on-again/off-again romance with the Brando throughout the filming of their films 'Desiree' and 'The Night of The Following Day' in the 1950s and 60s and that he even coerced her into having an abortion when she became pregnant, among many other illicit details.
Moreno writes of Brando, "To say that he was a great lover - sensual, generous, delightfully inventive - would be gravely understating what he did not only to my body, but for my soul. Every aspect of being with Marlon was thrilling, because he was more engaged in the world than anyone else I'd ever known."
During a particularly bad rough patch with Brando — Moreno read a gossip item about Presley wanting to meet her. To spite Brando, she agreed. Ironically, Elvis even styled himself after Brando’s "The Wild One" character.
Moreno however describes the tryst with Elvis as significantly underwhelming.
Far from the king of the bedroom, she writes of Elvis, "My dates...nearly always concluded in a tender tussle on my living-room floor, with Elvis's pelvis in that famous gyration straining against his taut trousers. I could feel him thrust against my clothed body, and expecting the next move... but it never came.
Maybe Elvis was inhibited by inbred religious prohibitions or an Oedipal complex, or maybe he simply preferred the thrill of a denied release. Whatever put the brakes on the famous pelvis, it ground to a halt at a certain point and that was it," she writes. - 'Rita Moreno: A Memoir' will be available on March 5.
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Sunday 24 February 2013

'Elvis: He Didn't Come Back, We Did' New Import Book/DVD: From 'Lord Almighty Productions' a special DVD Book presentation due out March 2013 in very limited numbers. The publicity states that... The DVD contains nearly 100 more minutes of further outtakes from the movies ‘That's The Way It Is’ and ‘Elvis on Tour’.

This will contain further unreleased material from both as well as some we have had before but with different camera angles and also for first time in original widesecreen.

The disc is accompanied with a hardback book containing over 100 pages of rare and unpublished photographs.

Go HERE to the YouTube promo - See how much new outtake material you can spot..

Suggested price around US$40

EIN Notes - How much unseen and new footage is actually featured we are not sure. Plenty has been released before via 'The Complete TTWII' etc..

(News, Source;LordAlmighty/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Files News: News from Erik Lorentzen that the Elvis Files Magazine Issue 3: March 2013, is almost finished.
Featured articles include ‘Aloha From Hawaii – Greatest Show On Earth, ‘Mary Ann Mobley’, ‘The September 1956 Publicity Shoot’, ‘Follow That Dream’ and more.

News also that ‘The Elvis Files Vol.1: 1953-56’ is almost finished at the printers and will be shipped soon.
Lots of new photos were added in the last few days before printing.

Go HERE for ‘The Elvis Files Vol.1’ special preview and purchase details.

Go HERE for more details about ‘The Elvis Files Magazine’



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Sneak Peek at New "Elvis: Live from Vegas" Exhibit: EPE are offering a one-photo sneak peak at the new Graceland "Elvis: Live from Vegas" exhibit.
"Elvis: Live from Vegas" allows guests to experience Las Vegas through the eyes of Elvis Presley. The exhibit features part of the 30-foot marquee Col. Parker had made to stand outside the New Frontier Hotel in 1957 and the first jumpsuit worn on-stage by Elvis in 1970. Other jumpsuits featured in the exhibit include Elvis’ Leather and Chains suit worn in August of 1970, Elvis’ three-piece Spanish Flower suit worn in 1972, and Elvis’ I Got Lucky jumpsuit that was worn in 1970. From the first time the King of Rock ‘n’ roll stepped foot on-stage in Vegas through his triumphant return in 1969 and beyond, this exhibit captures all of the excitement and energy that is Elvis in Las Vegas.
Fans can also learn more about another new exhibit for 2013, "Elvis’ Hawaii: Concerts, Movies and More!"


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Irish priests thought Elvis was 'agent of Satan': Elvis looked like an angel, sang like an angel, but was he the devil in disguise? To the Catholic Church in Ireland Elvis Presley once represented more than blue suede shoes. Could he, they wondered, be a front man for Satan?
One of the King's most famous hits was Devil In Disguise after all. And at one time there were many Catholic church leaders in Ireland who took him at his word, according to a new book.
The new biography 'Elvis and Ireland' tells the story of the late American singer's rise from an impoverished rural background to international stardom — but this time from an Irish standpoint.
Author Ivor Casey recalls how the one of a kind singer electrified the youth of Ireland after he burst on the scene in the mid-1950s. In fact his influence, along with later acts like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, was instrumental in turning Ireland into a more secular society, Casey contends.
But those Satanic swinging hips set off alarm bells among the Catholic Church’s hierarchy, who feared they would lead men and women to ruin. One archbishop actually set up a secret committee of busybodies and snoops to spy on teenagers who dared to listen to rock ‘n’ roll music.
'Many priests howled their condemnations from the pulpit and criticized, in ferocious anger, their disgust with rock ‘n’ roll music,' Casey added.
'They roared that Elvis was slouched at the left hand of Satan with a distinctive plan for the corruption of the young people of Ireland."
See EIN Book Reviews for more details about this book.
(News, Source;IrishCentral/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Featured in New Art: A new intricate technique of artwork currently features the King of Rock 'n' Roll alongside household names such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and even the Statue of Liberty.
At first glance these celebrity portraits appear to have been created from aerial photographs of dozens of people.
But a closer examination of this series, by Atlanta-based artist Craig Alan, reveals that the tiny figures were actually painted into place.
"The Elvis Presley piece shows the late music legend's face recreated with hundreds of tiny figures. Each has its own shadow making the photographic effect even more convincing," writes The Daily Mail.
Photos surfaced last week with the images of famous faces such as Elvis and left art critics puzzled at how these images were captured. Alan says the decision to recreate celebrity faces were easy and calls it rewarding to see people's reaction to his work.
'Portraits always came easily to me, so it was only natural that the two should be combined,' he said.
And the positive response to the works has been a thrill.
It’s rewarding for me as an artist to watch people’s reaction to my work and to see them get such enjoyment out of it,' he added.


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Latest Billboard Album Charts: Sadly Elvis again has no albums on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 2nd March, 2013- but he is still selling!
The following Albums appeared on the Top Catalog Album Chart:
- 'The Very Best Of Love' rises from 94 to 81 selling some 2,527 units. Total sales to date: 338,288 units. It also rises from 161 to 153 on the Physical Album Chart and drops from 94 to 95 on the SMEI (Sony Music Entertainment International) Album Chart.
- 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 149 to 143 selling some 1,946 units. Total sales to date: 526,863 units.
- 'Heart And Soul' drops from 160 to 185 selling some 1,726 units. Total sales to date: 619,818 units. It also drops from 61 to 70 on the Country Album Chart.
- 'Viva Las Vegas' drops from 39 to 53 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 726 units. Total sales to date: 51,884 units.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Correction from Marty Lacker.
.. That White Furry Bed that is being touted as Elvis' was in fact Lisa Marie's bed that was in her room at Graceland.  It was not Elvis' bed although he did lay on it a couple of times when Lisa was not there. - Marty.
EIN has seen the bed previously at Graceland and realises that the story was misleading - Now updated - see below. Our thanks to Marty.
Elvis' Furry Bed to be Auctioned for Charity: To celebrate the opening of the Second Annual Winter Designer Fine Furniture Sale in New York, the auctioning of LISA MARIE's white fur bed from Graceland will take place benefiting Alpha Workshops.; the nation’s only non-profit organization providing creative HIV-positive individuals with training and employment in the decorative arts. Located at The Altman Building at 135 West 18th Street in New York.
The centerpiece of the event is the auctioning of Elvis Presley’s white fur bed from Graceland. "Showcasing furniture from an iconic legend of American culture like Elvis Presley is the perfect balance of playful and nostalgia to kick off the sale" notes Neil Deutsch of White Glove Transportation. "Couple that with a great cause and never before access and pricing from top designers and this is an exciting opportunity". Elvis Presley’s bed will be on display throughout the sale - March 9 & 10.
2nd Annual Winter Designer Fine Furniture Sale- The Altman Building, 135 West 18th Street, New York
Go HERE for more info
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Thursday 21 February 2013 - - - 2nd News Update - - -

'3000 South Paradise Road' FTD CD Review: A two-CD release with 16-page booklet this FTD takes a close look at Elvis’ engagement at the Las Vegas Hilton in August of 1972.
The main disc is the Dinner Show from August 12, 1972 and the second disc is culled from the rehearsals on August 4th, the date of the opening of the engagement.
'3000 South Paradise Road' provides a unique experience of Elvis rehearsing, 6 hours before the opening night at the Las Vegas Hilton. August 1972 was a great period with Elvis out of those typical jumpsuits and looking cool in his two-piece suits. Created by true Elvis fans for Elvis collectors - and with the fabulous audio remaster of the fine August 12 Dinner Show - this is what the FTD label is all about.
Click here to EIN's in-depth review of this new FTD release..

(FTD Reviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

‘Circle G Memory Bank’ project: In the last 10 months since we launched the Circle G Foundation as a non-profit organisation we are very happy to say that we have made significant steps in our efforts to raise awareness and secure support for our cause. We have the backing of the Mayor of Horn Lake and Senator Thad Cochran, and they are both taking a keen interest in our campaign.
We firmly believe that the ranch’s story should be documented. We are doing all we can to ensure that the historic significance of the ranch is preserved, through on-going discussions with the National Historic Register etc, and consequently we are launching our ‘Circle G Memory Bank’ project. We are approaching those will knowledge of the

the ranch during Elvis’ ownership and asking them to relate their memories of the ranch and Elvis’ time there. As the years go by we are in real danger of these recollections going undocumented and consequently lost forever.
As Linda Thompson notes, “On behalf of Elvis and his precious memory, I’d like to personally thank all the wonderful fans who work so hard to keep his legacy alive!  I know he loved his Circle G ranch and the time he spent there.  Elvis also truly loved his fans and appreciated their loyalty.  So Thank You again.”
If YOU have any stories from the time you spent at the ranch please add them to the Circle G Memory Bank. Please CLICK HERE and share them with all Elvis fans.
We are mindful that these recollections are very personal to you and we would be happy to provide a letter of confidentiality to assure you that no information (written or pictorial), will be shared, published or distributed without your express permission. We will merely be the caretakers.
(News, Source;CircleG/ElvisInfoNet)

'College Park, September 28, 1974' New Import CD: Coming soon, Elvis As Recorded Live In College Park Maryland - September 28, 1974.
A 2 Cd-Set, Newly remastered with 39 tracks including "Big Boss Man", "Love Me Tender", "Trying To Get To You", "Heartbreak Hotel", "How Great Thou Art", "Hawaiian Wedding Song", "Blue Suede Shoes" and many others...
Including a 12 pages booklet with photos and recording information.
This show was released on the "A Profile - The King On Stage Vol.2" boxset (released in 1996) from the Fort Baxter label - Now available for the first time on 2 cds including bonus tracks recorded live on tour.
One Of The Most Talked About Shows... (EIN notes- because it was so poor!!)
The 1974 College Park concerts were certainly a low-point in Elvis' career. "Elvis pulls up in the car, and he fell out of the limousine, to his knees. People jumped to help, and he pushed them away like, 'Don't help me.' He walked onstage and held on to the mike for the first thirty minutes like it was a post." Listening to it is analogous to
watching a train wreck in slow motion. Elvis' speech is slurred, his performance is sloppy, and the crowd just loves it!
Go to EIN's 'All the CD News 2013' for full tracklist and information
The remastered 'Chaos In College Park' from the previous day is reviewed in detail here.
(News, Source;FECC/ElvisInfoNet)

London Fashion Week and Elvis has not left the building!: Last week was London Fashion Week and apparently Elvis has not left the building! Appearing in some very chic designs of prints and colours designer Ashley Williams, the newest edition to Lulu Kennedy’s line-up was responsible for this season’s Elvis tinted invites. The Presley theme continued throughout the collection, his image adorning dresses-in purple and green worn with a yellow fluffy collar-and scrapbooked across trousers. An updated version of the Happy Ashley print created for her BA show last year appeared, likewise she continued her work with knits, creating legwarmers to match. Clutch bags were camouflaged as kids cuddly toys, but it was the stunning images of ELVIS that truly made the design standout in 2013.

(News, Source;FashionWeek/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis' Palm Springs GetAway mired in lawsuit: Tours of Elvis Presley’s former Palm Springs home have ceased, and its owners have been evicted, leaving behind a lengthy paper trail of lawsuits and bankruptcy.
The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department evicted owners Reno Fontana and his wife, Laura Whittier, from the home on Jan. 17 after claims by Financial Bonanza LLC, a Nevada investor, that the couple had been living in the home for nearly six years without making payments, while still offering the home and its celebrity pedigree up for tours.
The home appears to have been purchased by Fontana in 2004. Fontana capitalized on its history as a winter getaway for Presley and his wife, Priscilla. He offered tours and rented out the space for events. Fontana even had the perfect name for the property: Graceland West.
The home is not the well-known Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway, designed by Robert Alexander at 1350 Ladera Circle, which served as a honeymoon retreat for Presley and Priscilla.
However, Graceland officials in Memphis refused to license the deal, a harbinger of the rocky future the home at 845 Chino Canyon Drive would face.
By Oct. 11, 2012, when the property filed for bankruptcy in U.S. Neither Fontana nor Stephen R. Wade, his legal representation, could be reached for comment however, according to legal documents, Fontana claims he was unfairly evicted because the bankruptcy case has yet to be settled.
The 5,100-square-foot home, built in 1946, could be returned to the tour circuit, said Rubin.
“We’re going to try to put it back in shape so they can start doing tours again,” he said. “Financial Bonanza may look for more investors or may end up selling it. But that’s long-term.”
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 17 February 2013 --- 2nd News Update ---
New FTD Releases for April: Three new releases announced by FTD for April release, plus the already noted book/CD package 'Summer of 61'.
- 'From Elvis In Memphis'. In the Classic Album double-album series FTD continues their extensive look at the 1969 Memphis sessions. FTD 117 (506020-975047).
The first CD features the Original Album and 'First Takes' while the second disc features the January and February Outtakes plus the Undubbed Masters.
The Original Album:1.Wearin’ That Loved On Look, 2.Only The Strong Survive, 3.I’ll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms), 4.Long Black Limousine, 5.It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin’, 6.I’m Movin’ On,
7.Power Of My Love, 8.Gentle On My Mind, 9.After Loving You, 10.True Love Travels On A Gravel Road, 11.Any Day Now, 12.In The Ghetto, FIRST TAKES: 13.Wearin’ That Loved On Look (tks3,10), 14.Only The Strong Survive (tk1), 15.Long Black Limousine (tk 6), 16.It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin’ (tks 1,2), 17.I’m Movin’ On (tks 1,2), 18.Power Of My Love (tk 1), 19.After Loving You (tk 2), 20.True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (tk 2), 21.Any Day Now (tks 1,2), 22.In The Ghetto (tk 1), 23.In The

Ghetto (tks 2,3), 24.In The Ghetto (tk 4).
EIN notes that this does not complete FTDs look at the 1969 Memphis Sessions as the following tracks have still not been released with their session outtakes - Rubberneckin', My Little Friend, Mama Liked The Roses, Don’t Cry Daddy, Hey Jude, I'll Be There, Kentucky Rain, If I'm A Fool (For Loving You), Who Am I?, It's My Way/This Time/I Can't Stop Loving You (jam) and Poor Man’s Gold.
GO HERE to EIN's FTD release page for full tracklistings and details.

- 'Stay Away, Joe'. A single CD extended soundtrack album.
A look at Elvis' Nashville Studio B soundtrack session for 'Stay Away, Joe' from October 1967 and January 1968. FTD 118 (506020-975056)
Features the Masters and various outtakes of the songs 'Stay Away', 'Stay Away Joe', 'Dominic', 'All I Needed Was The Rain', 'Goin' Home', 'Too Much Monkey Business' and 'U.S. Male'.
EIN notes that a large number of these outtakes have never been released before. With 'Too Much Monkey Business' and 'U.S. Male' - plus the good humor during 30 attempts at 'Goin' Home' - there is

plenty to enjoy here plus four takes of 'Dominic' (poor Elvis!).
GO HERE to EIN's FTD release page for full tracklistings and details.

- 'On Stage' Special double-VINYL: FTD vinyl is pleased to announce the release of 'On Stage' a Special Limited Edition 2-disc 180-gram vinyl set.
The tracklist features a selection of Elvis' February Las Vegas recordings plus the 1969 'Runaway' but doesn’t follow the track list of the original "On Stage" album. It also for some reason does not include the original "additional" 1969 track 'Yesterday'.
It is however a very interesting compilation of Elvis live in 1972 on VINYL with tracks compiled from several FTD CD releases, 'On Stage' and 'Polk Salad Annie' and 'At The International'.

GO HERE to EIN's FTD release page for full tracklistings and details.
(News, Source;FTD/ElvisShop/ElvisInfoNet)

'The Wonder Of You' in BBC new Show-Reel: The BBC has released a new drama show-reel including the ever popular Doctor Who TV series and the music of Elvis. - A bodiless hand, shifting frame after frame of evocative, brilliant drama projecting somewhere off into the near future where the growing sense of pride in its ‘Original British Drama’ can only be expressed by Elvis Presley’s The Wonder of You – it’s the BBC’s brand new trail for its upcoming productions and it’s a wonder indeed.
Also features actors Gillian Anderson (right), Cillian Murphy, Colin Morgan, Gabriel Byrne and more.
With the story line well-synced to Elvis' powerful lyrics EIN reckons that it's worth checking out.
Check it out here via YouTube.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis’ 1956 Lincoln Continental at Charlotte Motor Speedway in April: Elvis' 1956 Lincoln Continental has left the building (Graceland) and headed to Charlotte Speedway! From April 4 - 7, 2013 fans can view Elvis' 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II at the Food Lion AutoFair at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
"AutoFair has always had unique displays, but there has never been anything quite like this," said Marcus Smith, president of Charlotte Motor Speedway. "Elvis is the world’s biggest music icon, and I know car lovers and Elvis fans alike are going to love seeing this rare automobile straight from Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis."
On August 4, 1956, Elvis purchased the Continental Mark II in Miami with proceeds from his recent tour. He needed a new daily driver after fans had written all over his other Lincoln with lipstick. The new car quickly became one of Elvis’ favorites, and he even drove it to New Orleans for the filming of his popular movie, "King Creole."
Elvis’ Mark II is one of only about 3,000 ever made during a production run that ended in 1957. The all-white Elvis car came with white wall tires and a hefty price tag of $10,000; equivalent to the cost of a Rolls Royce in 1956. Originally unveiled at the Paris Auto Show in 1955, the Mark II was only offered in one body style, a two-door hardtop coupe, and included every luxury automobile feature available at the time.
Elvis’ Mark II will be the centerpiece display in the showcase pavilion at AutoFair. Fans will also be able to view other items from Graceland, including artifacts from the 1968 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture, "Speedway". Artifacts include the movie poster featuring Elvis and co-star Nancy Sinatra, the official script, the movie’s soundtrack album, a large illuminated sign that was used as a prop and Elvis’ navy suit from the movie.
Go HERE for more info
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis' Quiff, the Best Haircut of All-Time!: UK's Crown Clinic recently carried out a poll for the ten best haircuts of all time, all of which David Beckham has tried!
The poll revealed the quiff - the classic slicked-back look made famous by Elvis Presley - as the top hairstyle in a new survey of 1,000 men.
In 2nd place was the classic side parting and in 3rd place was 'the Bieber', the long-fringed look favoured by the Canadian pop hunk.
Top Ten Haircuts For Men 2013.
1. The Elvis Quiff

2. Classic side parting
3. The Bieber - hair brushed forward
4. The James Dean - swept-back Quiff without a side parting
5. Spiky Crop - shaved at the sides, spiky top
6. Classic centre parting
7. Side-crop long top
8. Crew cut
David Beckham has sported all the top ten hairdos of all time - and the three worst ones, too which were curtains, cornrows and a Mohican!
However with over 25 years of keeping the hair looking SUPER-COOL Elvis wins!
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Thursday 14 February 2013 - - - Happy Valentine's Day - - -
Let's make Valentine's Day, "ELVIS Day"! If you are someone who feels a tightness in your chest and teardrops swell in your eyes when you listen to a sublime Elvis song, then perhaps no one but Elvis can make your Valentine's Day! You are almost certainly a baby boomer and you owe this to Elvis before you go - it is time to rename Valentine's Day as "Elvis Day".
Valentine's Day is the ultimate celebration of love, the most precious of human feelings, personified by Elvis as no one else has. This is borne out by the titles he chose for his songs and their lyrics, with almost all of his best songs featuring love and heartache. So why are we then waiting for the Kind Bishop St Valentine to abdicate to place the King himself on the throne of love?
What makes Elvis uniquely deserving is the emotionall avalanche of each of his songs, delivered with powerful voice, intonation, timbre and mountains of emotion to someone in front of him, making you feel that someone was no one but you. Arguably even Luciano Pavarotti's superb delivery of the original "O Sole Mio" has never achieved the emotional turmoil of "It's Now or Never" by Elvis in listener's minds.
If 35 years after his death, in the age of social media, we still
haven't done it, only the commercialism and short sightedness for immediate profits must be blamed.
As someone said "You can bet that Col Parker, Elvis' manager, would have been all over social media: BUT for a price! It would cost money to click onto the official Elvis page, or even his website. If not that, you'd have to pay to use it, with a teaser front page leading to a pay for Elvis main section. Nobody got to see Elvis for free, the Colonel saw to that."
In reality, even without the Colonel around, the situation is exactly the same. Despite the social web being a free for all world on its own, nothing about Elvis is really free, which virtually destroys any chance of the legacy of Elvis being passed on to the future generations.
In today's competitive world of modern electronic media and entertainment, with different values and buckets of emotions of anger, hatred, lust, fame and glitterati, dominated by Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, the softer qualities of love, romance and angst of separation and loss, which endeared Elvis and his music to a generation, do not find much of chance to survive.
In the broken down social fabric of today, which is being dominated
and reshaped by social media, where you can even find friends you can bang with just by a click, there is less and less people to listen to and experience the inexplicable emotional trips to fantasy worlds of joy and sorrow only Elvis songs can take you.
It is sad that whole new generations are really missing out on something which generations of parents and grant parents were granted to experience but have no real means of passing on, like lessons in text books or in curriculum. It is indeed a shame that future generations might not even know Elvis ever lived and graced the earth.
Numbers like "Can't Help Falling in Love", "Always on My Mind", "Love Me Tender", " I Just Can't Help Believin", "I will hold you in my heart" or "The Thrill Of Your Love" or "Let It Be Me" which are indeed immortal will possibly be forgotten.
When everyone is concerned about preserving and protecting our environment for future generations with billions of dollars spent on efforts, there must be a ways to stop this happening.
Releasing a royalty free album of memorable, evergreen Elvis songs as an ELVIS DAY album, free for all and downloadable on the net will be
a good start. (EIN notes - In fact the Daily Mail in the UK did exactly that! - see above)
Renaming Valentine's Day as "Elvis Day" must certainly help reinforce the awareness of his music and legacy for years to come.
With platforms like Facebook reaching over a billion memberships, at least part of the ELVIS treasure should be available for one and all and for free. Sadly, the onus is on the baby boomers, who lived to experience the miracle in the voice and life of one of the sweetest of human beings, who gave us some of the greatest of music which could really touch heart and soul of humans, to make it immortal for the sake of future generations.
Let us show our love of Elvis, for a start, let us call this Valentine's Day in 2013, "ELVIS Day"!
Go here for full Huff Post article.
For Valentine's Day why not compile your very own "Lust, Elvis" the unreleased BMG CD, or try BMG's sanitised version "Love Elvis" - See Reviews below.
(News, Source;SreedharPillai/ElvisInfoNet)

"Lust, Elvis" – The unreleased CD: RCA have regularly released their Elvis "love songs" compilations (see below) and while there is a positive reason to have these kind of CDs in local record shops, Elvis Presley wasn’t always about love and, in the fifties more importantly, he was far more about lust!
In the 1950s' Elvis was basically too damn sexy for mainstream TV, yet 82% of the US viewing audience couldn’t help but watch! The battle for media censorship struggled while Elvis, seemingly unintentionally, kicked down the door for everyone to follow. American youth would never be the same, & the rest of the world would follow.
Elvis was just a natural great-looking sex-god, oozing LUST and surely that deserves a CD worth of celebration.
So here is the new potential SONY CD "Lust, Elvis (Play it dirty)" as suggested by EIN, play it at home to the partner you desire.
(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

"Love, Elvis" 2005 CD review: EIN's "Lust, Elvis" in case anyone has forgotten was inspired by BMG's 2005 release 'Love, Elvis'.
Obviously not aimed at the Elvis collector, but rather the general public and there is no doubt that we do need to see this kind of mainstream Elvis compile in our local music stores – and with its striking new cover design it looks just fine.
One of the earliest Elvis releases to use the re-mastering of Vic Anesini the audio quality was excellent and the 24 track selection of Elvis’ very best emotional love songs will hardly disappoint.
By why do these never feature a couple of “unknown” gems like 'Any Day Now', 'Power Of My Love', or 'True Love Travels On A Gravel Road'?

Go HERE for our original 2005 review.

(CD Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'The Unreachable Star' New Import DVD: 'The Unreachable Star- As recorded at Madison Square Garden' is the new releases for the STAR dvd label.
Their publicity states...  How excited we fans were when the announcement came about the discovered MSG footage, how disappointed we were, when seeing the final result…. BMG decided to put the whole show on dvd… although 70% was without footage.
Fortunately STAR has done its job by redoing the MSG footage from scratch, although still no complete show… an incredible 41 minute feature will blow you away, and lets you enjoy the show how it was meant to be!
Footage used from 3 shows and several sources creates the ultimate MSG experience.
Also included on this dvd are MSG clips previously released on different STAR releases, now together on one disc, and some incredible footage from Opening Night (June 9)
Main Program Opening Night: (re-edited footage, excellent sound and picture)
Also Sprach Zarathustra/That´s All Right/Proud Mary/Never Been to Spain/You´ve Lost That Lovin´ Feelin´/Polk Salad Annie/Heartbreak Hotel/The Impossible Dream/Hound Dog/I´ll Remember You/Suspicious Minds/An American Trilogy/I Can´t Stop Loving You/Can´t Help Falling in Love/ For the Good Times(Elvis receives gold records). Running Time 41:29 minutes
June 9, 1972 evening (re-edited, original sound/picture)
Jackie Kahane/Sweet Inspirations/ Also Sprach Zarathustra/That´s All Right/Proud Mary/Polk Salad Annie. Running Time 8:44 minutes
June 10, 1972 afternoon (previously released on Live Spirits Continued)
Also Sprach Zarathustra/That´s All Right/Polk Salad Annie/Hound Dog/Ill Remember You/An American Trilogy/Can´t Help Falling in Love. Running Time 16:50 minutes
June 10, 1972 evening (previously released on Through My Eyes)
Interview/ That´s All Right/Proud Mary/The Impossible Dream. Running Time 13:47 minutes
Bonus:Until It´s Time for You to Go/Reconsider Baby/I Can´t Stop Loving You. Running Time 4:16 minutes
(News, Source;STAR/ElvisInfoNet)

A moment with Elvis to remember: Elvis fan Linda Alexander from Blaine bumped into Elvis Presley at the Seattle World's Fair and had him autograph her blood donation card. It's a moment she still treasures....
Linda Alexander... On a crisp September day in 1962, I walked in to the Seattle World's Fair.
I heard a deep voice say, "Good mornin'."
I turned to see my heartthrob, in all his glory, walking alone. He had spoken only to me! My knees shook. Speech was impossible.
As he smiled at me, all I could imbibe was the sight of this beautiful man, in all his splendor.
Black hair; brooding, soft eyes; tan; slim, in a suit of cerulean blue.
For two days, with awe and wonder, I watched the filming of "It Happened at the World's Fair." On he third day, it was now or never. He was walking on the grounds with his entourage.
I thought, "Here goes, what is the worst thing that can happen?"
I stepped in front of Elvis. His bodyguards proceeded to remove me.
He held up his hand to stop them. My heart as pounding, my mind racing.
What did I have for him to sign? As we made eye contact, my throat was constricting. I grabbed my blood-type card and a pen.
As Elvis signed, I snapped photos. While handing the pen back to me, our fists closed and the pen fell to the ground.
"Uh uh," he said. "That belongs to the little lady."
As I crouched to pick up the pen, my shoulder brushed against the fabric of his suit. Again, as I looked up, my eyes drank in that vivid cerulean blue.
This is the happiest day of my life, I thought.
I am wrapped in the essence of Elvis Presley.

- Linda Alexander, Blaine

— Courtesy to The Bellingham Herald
(News, Source;ian"elvis"Anderson/FECC/ElvisInfoNet)

Priscilla Inspires Katy Perry Dress: There’s no denying the fact that when it comes to eccentric style, Katy Perry is a name that pops into heads first.
C’mon, the singer has rocked almost every hair colour under the rainbow. Remember the bright blue updo she donned at last year’s Grammys? She always seems to be shocking us with her unconventional fashion choices.
However, tonight Katy dressed to impress in a totally different way, opting for a beautiful, body-hugging mint green gown by Gucci that definitely broke the award show’s ridiculous "puffy flesh" rule.
The dress featured elegant embellishments around the chest and neckline, along with a killer keyhole cutout that easily became the centre of attention, or rather, it was her cleavage that did!
Of the dress, Katy said she garnered her inspiration from Priscilla Presley in the ‘70s. She also stated, "The bigger the hair, the closer to God." We love the basic black colour of her mane and the fact that it’s flowy and down.
Overall, props to Katy.
(News, Source;Tabloids/ElvisInfoNet)

Monday 11 February 2013

Interview - Dr. Gary Vikan: A rock critic once likened the pursuit of 'experiencing Elvis' to observing something through a refractory glass prism or hall of mirrors in a fun house, where one's viewpoint depends on and is skewed by where one is looking from. Die-hard fans view Elvis essentially as musician/singer; other fans view Elvis as singer and an opportunity for social engagement; while academia sees a fuller Elvis, one comprising the musician and just importantly Elvis as a socio-cultural-religious agent.

I recently reviewed Gary Vikan's impressive and thought provoking book, From the Holy Land to Graceland. Dr. Vikan recently took time to talk to EIN about the Elvis that exists beyond his music.

In his absorbing interview, Dr. Vikan discusses the elements that support Elvis as a religious agent (secular charismatic martyr) including the significant role of Graceland, Elvis Week and ETAs (among other things); gives his reasons for why Elvis will endure for a long time to come and why Princess Di hasn't, and why Michael Jackson probably won't, become an enduring secular charismatic martyr. He also raises our awareness about other contemporary figures and incidents which have been so important that secular worship has grown up around them.

Dr. Vikan's interview is an opportunity to challenge one's thinking not only about Elvis in our own lives, but the role of Elvis (and other celebrities/events) in our 21st century media driven world. (Interview, Source: EIN)

'Elvis On Tour 1970 Volume 1' New Book: Author Kieran Davis is finalising his new book 'Elvis On Tour 1970 Volume 1'  and it will soon be reaching the final proofing stage. The book will be 170 pages and will cover the Houston Astrodome shows and the September 1970 tour.
The text this time is from the same places as with his previous books from unpublished diaries, interviews, scrapbooks, letters etc. You name it and Davis has tried to track it down and use it! The format, style etc. is exactly the same as his previous books. (Right - provisional cover only)

EIN highly recommends both of Kieran Davis' previous books which both contained a wealth of unpublished documentation and insights. Go HERE to find out more and read some fascinating book extracts.

Volume 2 will be out later in the year and is dedicated entirely to the November 1970 tour. Both will take exactly the same format as our previous two books, both in size, format and content.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Newly Discovered Monroe, May 3 1975 footage!: A great find, almost two minutes of never-before-seen silent footage of Elvis Presley in Monroe, LA.
The attendance that afternoon was 8,000 (full capacity for that venue)
Nice to see Elvis out of his regular jumpsuits.

CLICK HERE to view

This was the same period as featured in FTD's excellent 'Southern Nights' and 'Dixieland Rocks' releases.
(News, Source;JohnnyGeld/ElvisInfoNet )

'Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog' Vinyl Re-Release: As part of their "Threads & Grooves" promotions Sony Legacy are Re-releasing the classic VINYL single "Don't Be Cruel/ Hound Dog" with a special T-shirt on February 12.
Collector's Edition, Maxi, Label: RCA, ASIN: B00AX7PIBG

Go here to pre-order on Amazon >>.PRESLEY, ELVIS - Hound Dog Vinyl and T-shirt

      Total price including T-Shirt: $21.08

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Top Notch Nashville' - Elvis at RCA's Studio B - Part 3: A new official cd release making use of the Europe Public Domain laws. Although still subtitled "The Bootleg Series"! - Out next week.
An album from Elvis One ("Top Notch Nashville - Part 1 & 2" and "Top Notch Hollywood")

- 27 alternate takes (not released by the record company)
- most masters including studio chat
- best sound available

All tracks remastered for this cd release.
Including 8 pages booklet with photos and recording information.
Go to EIN's 'All the CD News 2013' for full tracklist and information

(News, Source;TopNotch/ElvisInfoNet)

'Live Love Hollywood' - Elvis at Radio Recorders Studio: Another new official cd release from Elvis One, making use of the Europe Public Domain laws. Although still subtitled "The Bootleg Series"! - Out next week.

- 27 alternate takes (not released by the record company)
- 4 masters from the movie "Girls! Girls! Girls!" including longer fade-out
- most masters including studio chat
- best sound available

All tracks remastered for this cd release.
Including 8 pages booklet with photos and recording information.

Go to EIN's 'All the CD News 2013' for full tracklist and information
(News, Source;TopNotch/ElvisInfoNet)

Sunday 10 February 2013
'Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite' Legacy Edition PREORDER NOW: Out on MARCH 19 - The Sony Legacy 40th Anniversary release of Elvis' two Aloha concerts. Performed at the H.I.C. Arena in Honolulu on January 14, 1973, Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite was the first, worldwide live satellite broadcast of a concert - broadcast to over 40 Nations and screened to others several weeks later. The concert debuted in the U.S. TV on NBC on April 4 and the Nielsen ratings had the show at 33.8% of homes and 51% of those watching TV - and in the Far-East, TV viewing records were broken in Japan, Philippines, Australia, Korea and Hong Kong!
On Jan 12, a full dress rehearsal took place prior to the main show. Previously issued as "The Alternate Aloha", this dress rehearsal performance makes up the first 21 tracks of Disc 2 of this Legacy Edition, which has been REMIXED and REMASTERED by
Steve Rosenthal and Rob Santos. At the end of the main show on Jan 14, Elvis recorded 5 bonus songs behind closed doors for the US version of the TV show (tracks 25 to 29 Disc 2). Although previously issued, it is the first time all 5 songs have appeared in their rightful place!
Release date March 19, 2013. Priced NOW at only US$12.00 - This new 2-CD Legacy Edition features:
Disc 1 The Original Album (REMASTERED)
Disc 2 The Jan 12 Dress Rehearsal + five bonus tracks recorded after the show, Blue Hawaii, Ku-U-I-Po, No More, Hawaiian Wedding Song and Early Morning Rain. (REMIXED & REMASTERED)
24 page booklet with rare photos and new liner notes - Go HERE for more details -
(News, Source;Amazon/ElvisInfoNetwork)

Get the new Legacy release at a truly FABULOUS price.

<<< In the US only $12!! ....................................

.....................................In the UK only £12.74 >>

And with Free Delivery (depending where you live)

In Australia and New Zealand, please don't be ripped off paying over $34 !
CLICK HERE >> Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite (Legacy Edition) << and pay less than AU$18 including delivery right to your door!  .... Trust EIN for the best deals!

Elvis Hillcrest home to be saved!: Elvis Presley may have left the building several decades ago, but it looks like his Hillcrest home will live on. In December Hard Rock Café co-founder Peter Morton dished out $9.8 million for the Trousdale Estates property once owned by Elvis and Priscilla Presley during their first years of marriage in the mid to late '60s. Morton reportedly had plans to demolish the existing French Regency property including its four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a four-car carport  to make way for a new house.
But according to Curbed L.A., the entrepreneur might have to go back to the drawing board and work with what already exists. The property is protected under Beverly Hills' newly adopted historic preservation ordinance, thanks to the name Rex Lotery - the mid-century architect who built the home back in 1958.
Lotery is on a list of Master Architects that is used to determine if a home or property should be protected.
Presley's former home, which spans for some 1.18 acres, was recently upgraded when the property was put up for sale at $12.995 million.
(News, Source;LANews/ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis Lives" on tour in the US: According to EPE "The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Event" continues to wow critics and fans as they prepare to rock their way through their US Spring Tour - so don't miss out on this dynamic production!
In a recent article Elvis Tribute Artist Bill Cherry talks about what its like to perform as Elvis and his secret to performing like a king. "Elvis Presley taught me how to sing," stated Cherry. "It comes very naturally for me because I was raised on it. This is a childhood dream come true for me. It's like I was running around the house in a cape and then one day I soared out the window as Superman."
ELVIS LIVES which keeps on capturing the imaginations and interests of fans of all types including Broadway, concert and Elvis aficionados, is an unforgettable multimedia and live musical journey across Elvis' life featuring finalists from Elvis Presley Enterprises' annual worldwide Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, each representing Elvis during different stages in his career. The Elvis tribute artists are joined by a live band, back-up singers and dancers, along with an Ann-Margret tribute artist, as well as iconic imagery made available from the Graceland archives; which includes a new exhibit of life-size images of Elvis' stage-wear that will be on display in the lobby of each theater hosting a performance.
Touring from now to May 12, 2013.
There is ONLY ONE ELVIS, but IF you need to know more - Go HERE for tour dates.
(Almost Elvis, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis and new Social Media - What If?: Facebook has amassed a gigantuan membership of over a billion people and Twitter aims to catch up. This spectacular growth of the social web, no doubt, is largely due to its nature as a free place for social interaction.
However, the role in the growth and evolution of social web, of pop stars and celebrities like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber who have enhanced their fan base and interact with their fans through social web, is also indisputable.
But what about Elvis Presley, who sent millions around the world in a frenzy hardly ever stepping out of the US soil and just by singing "I can't help falling in love with you", when no one had even heard of the social web? Could he have shaped the social web to be a totally different place from as we know it today?
There is no denying that without the TV neither Elvis Presley nor Lady Gaga would have reached the level of popularity they attained. So the integration of the social web with television, allowing for real time interaction over social media changes everything.
The popularity of Lady Gaga (etc) is largely based on their daring stage appearances and the issues like bullying and causes which the artist actively support.
Her achievement like being invited to speak at Harvard is more of a reflection of her belief and support of the issues she has chosen to champion for. As a result, new technology enhances her presence among her fans, which created her famous back room chats with her fans and which rendered her role of counseling her fans possible.
But in the case of Elvis Presley it was his talent, good looks, sensuality, charisma, and good humor which endeared him to millions, as did the humility and human kindness he demonstrated throughout his life. Known the world over by his first name, he is regarded as one of the most important figures of twentieth century popular culture. He has been described as the sexiest man of his generation, so manly yet beautiful!
In the words of music historian John Robertson, Elvis was a flirtatious teenage idol with a heart of gold, a tempestuous, dangerous lover, a gutbucket blues singer, a sophisticated nightclub entertainer and raucous rocker.
Years after his death, fans continue to yearn for him with comments like "We will never have someone like him again... Elvis, unique, wonderful, our king forever!!!!"
Obviously, the persona of Elvis Presley might have attracted the entire world to social Media had he had a personal fan page!
Given the wild passion and infatuation his fans felt for him as was evident from his concerts. It is conceivable that tactile technologies like the remote kissing devices would have found their place in Facebook much head of simple chat.
May be you could have enjoyed an on demand virtual concert by Elvis Presley
singing 'I can't help falling in love with you', just for you.
Perhaps a new version Aloha from Hawaii in which fans could rejoice by touching Elvis, using this invention, wherever they happened to be could have been broadcast through the new media.
There is of course many things one can imagine as was possible. The predominant factors would be the key elements which made Elvis irresistibly humane and accessible to millions. One thing is sure, whatever shape the social web would have assumed, it would have done more to bind people of the world in romance, love, passion and compassion, qualities which Elvis was graced with in abundance.
Go HERE for the full Huff Post article.
(News, Source;Shred Pillai/ElvisInfoNet)
Friday 8 February 2013
Rex Martin "super-fan" Passed away: While possibly not well-known to more recent Elvis fans, Rex Martin was a key part of the Elvis World history. Rex Martin and his legendary publication, the Worldwide Elvis News Service Weekly, were an integral part of how fans "got their Elvis news" in the late 1960s and 1970s. The Weekly News Service represented a fundamental shift in both the frequency and currency of fan's access to Elvis news around the world.
The weekly grew from being a small concern into a mass circulation publication recognised throughout the Elvis world. The importance of Rex's innovative publication cannot be underestimated (and a potent parallel can be drawn between the function of the Weekly then and the function of Elvis news today provided by the Internet!).
Rex Martin saw Elvis in concert more than 60 times and as one of the most influential publishers in the Elvis world he amassed an incredible photo and audio-visual library.
He wrote some incredible and informative articles over the years. Back in the mid 2000s EIN's Nigel Patterson finally tracked down Rex Martin who had been laying-low for a while. It was great that the two of them got back together after all the years - and Nigel did a long interview with Rex which helped inspired him to get back into the excitement of sharing Elvis stories with friends worldwide. Very sadly Rex Martin was found dead at his home in Blackpool, UK, two days ago.
RIP Rex Martin - Thanks for the marvellous memories - and with EIN's sincere condolences to his family and friends.
Go HERE for EIN's exclusive Rex Martin Interview to learn more
(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis’ in 1969 - the triumphant return: The King’s return to live performances is one of the highlights of his amazing career.  And one person who was there during that first season in 1969 was Maria Davies.  In Memory of Rex Martin, EIN presents Maria’s first hand account of Elvis live in Las Vegas in 1969.  Maria’s account of the event is complemented by many wonderful photos she took in 1969 plus several from later seasons. (Spotlight, Source: Rex Martin, 12 Mar 2009)

Read full article

'Summer of '61' FTD book- NO DVD!: Despite our enthusiasm (see news story below) that FTD were finally expanding into the DVD market with unreleased Elvis footage this situation has now disappointingly changed.
Author of 'Summer of '61' David English has confirmed that, "I am sorry to say, that for clearance and various other reasons, there won't now be a DVD included with the Summer of '61 book/CD".
FTD will release the details regarding the CD which is included, once the final track listing has been finalised.
The price of the set suggested so far is £49.99 or US$80

Final details To be Confirmed

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

"The Day When Elvis Made It Big": The Smithsonian recently featured an article about Elvis 'A Peek Back to the Day When Elvis Made It Big'. It notes,...  The headline couldn't have been more dismissive. "Fantastic Hillbilly Groaner is Making a Quick Fortune as Newest and Zaniest Hero of Rock 'n' Roll Set." That was how the Chicago Daily Tribune would characterize Elvis Presley's performances despite his skyrocketing popularity in the summer of 1956. Even as Elvis-mania was sweeping the country, the critics still weren't sure what to say about this "hillbilly groaner," who some labeled as "nothing more than a burlesque dancer." Still, after a slew of performances on national television, the appeal of the singer was undeniable.
Though it is his September appearance on the Ed Sullivan show that is most widely known now, on January 28 in 1956 the day after "Heartbreak Hotel" was released as a single, Presley began a string of six appearances on The Stage Show on CBS that would mark his debut on the national television stage. He performed three songs, "Shake, Rattle and Roll," "Flip, Flop and Fly" and "I Got a Woman." Though Presley had been touring the country for well over a year, it was the first time many had seen the musician in performance.
"Elvis shows up on television," says music historian Charlie McGovern, who is a senior research fellow at the Smithsonian, "and what does he look like? 'I don't look like nobody,'" says McGovern, referencing the young singer's famous response to a Sun Records employee when asked about his sound. McGovern, who helped curate the exhibit, "Rock 'n' Soul: Social Crossroads," on view in Memphis,
Tennessee, says Presley was able to hit on every nerve of post-war America. Television in particular served to electrify his unconventional image, despite the fact that many in the television world were critical of, and even openly mocked, his sound and popularity.
"Elvis makes his first recordings in early July of 1954. Literally as Brown v Board is becoming law of the land, he's in the studio in effect doing a different kind of integration," explains McGovern. Starting out at Sun Records in Memphis, Presley worked with Sam Phillips, known for recording blues artists like Howlin' Wolf and B.B. King.
"A lot of the black artists found their way to Sam or he found his way to them, before he ever played the white kids like Elvis Presley."
But being on a regional label meant distribution was a challenge. A hit could often put a small company further back than a flop, explains McGovern, because the capital to ramp up distribution simply wasn't available. Presley toured the south and into the north and eventually, in late 1955, he signed with the national label, RCA Victor, for an unprecedented $40,000. Now with a major label, Elvis began a television tour that would formally introduce him to the country, whether they were ready for it or not.
"Television in 1956 has reached a great number of American homes, by the end of the decade, more than 90 percent of American homes have television as compared to a pretty small percentage in 1948 when it's really first introduced." Being able to get a gig on the Dorsey Brothers' Stage Show represented a whole new level of visibility for the singer, one that his manager, Colonel Tom Parker made sure to manage carefully. "Getting Elvis on television gets him exposed to more people than he could have done with live performances, and it enables Parker and his folks to package Elvis in a certain way as a kind of product."
With his background in carnivals, circuses and live performance, Parker understood balancing saturation and demand. McGovern says, "The old-school carnie-type entertainers are all about leaving the audience wanting more, you promise more than you give so that they come back."
True to Parker's mission, the audience could not seem to get enough. The critics, on the other hand, had had quite enough. Even the house band on The Stage Show greeted Presley with skepticism as an unschooled, unkempt kid. "He's primarily a hip-tossing contortionist," wrote William Leonard in the Chicago Daily Tribune. Leonard called the reaction Presley inspired in young girls, "sheer violence." Noting his flamboyant fashion-shirts and pants of every shade that often prompted people to remark, "You mean you can buy stuff like that in regular stores? Elvis is young and he sings, but he's no Johnnie Ray and he's no Frank Sinatra."
Much of the criticism centered on Presley's ambiguous cultural status. "In the mid-1950s, what are Americans worried about," asks McGovern, "They're worried about juvenile delinquency; this is a country now awash with kids but the demands on those kids have changed. They're worried about sex; this is tied to delinquency. And in many places, they're worried about race and the prospects of integration." Presley came to represent all of these concerns with his dancing, mixing of genres and styles. "His singing registers black, his dance moves register sex and he's Southern and there's a kind of gender ambiguity about him."

Go HERE for the full article.
(News, Source;Smithsonian/ElvisInfoNet)

Latest Billboard Album Charts: Sadly Elvis again has no albums on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for w/e 16th February, 2013 - but he is still selling!
The following appeared on the Catalog Album Chart:
- 'The Very Best Of Elvis' rises from 102 to 86 selling some 1850 units. Total sales to date: 333,803 units.
- 'Heart And Soul' rises from 181 to 119 selling some 1584 units. Total sales to date: 616,570 units.
- 'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 143 to 122 selling some 1574 units. Total sales to date: 523,340 units.
- 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) rises from 184 to 151 selling some 1444 units. Total sales to date: 133,829 units.
- 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) rises from 200 to 166 selling some 1373 units. Total sales to date: 158,786 units.
The following appeared on the Physical Album Chart:
- 'Elvis Uncovered' rises from 148 to 142 selling some 1755 units. Total physical sales to date: 65,749 units.

- 'Heart And Soul' rises from 182 to 162 selling some 1583 units. Total physical sales to date: 616,019 units.
- 'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops from 162 to 165 selling some 1572 units. Total sales to date: 522,370 units.
- 'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) remains at 197 selling some 1436 units. Total sales to date: 131,246 units.
- 'Elvis Country' (Compilation) rose on the Top Country Album Chart from 72 to 65 selling some 1373 units. Total sales to date: 158,786 units.
- 'Viva Las Vegas' rose from 39 to 36 on the Top Soundtrack Album Chart selling some 702 units. Total sales to date: 50,456 units.
(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Wednesday 6 February 2013 - - - 2nd News Update - - -

'Elvis Presley Music and Photos' UK release OUT NOW: Sony UK have released the new concept box "Music & Photos".
This new deluxe Elvis package includes two CDs containing 51 of Elvis' greatest songs from 'Suspicious Minds' and 'Blue Suede Shoes' through to 'My Boy', 'Moody Blue', 'Way Down' and 'Blue Christmas'.

Also included are ten large 11"x 12.5" photo prints all housed in a beautiful "LP sized" hardcover book.
While there is nothing new for current fans, this does look like a smart collection and is well priced at ONLY £16.99. = US$26.50 ..... (cheaper than US$30,000 see below!)

Click to Amazon for tracklistings and info

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'Aloha Jerry!' New Import CD: Audionics returns with their first CD of the year, dedicated to the eighth Las Vegas season. After the worldwide triumph of his "Aloha" benefit show, Elvis returned to a routine that was no longer challenging, two performances a night for a month. And it showed. Still, there were moments of joy. On January 28, "Elvis On Tour," nabbed Golden Globe's Best Documentary Film award. His current single, "Separate Ways," made top 15 in Cash Box. And he closed out the Vegas run with a fabulous performance on February 23, in front of superstars and astronauts. Here we have a complete recording of that evening February 23 Closing Night, Audience recording by a super-fan. Elvis delivers on a night that would be bass player Jerry Scheff's last for more than two years. As a bonus, selections from a newly-discovered, February 10 soundboard tape are included. This tape has a bass-heavy mix, possibly as a guide for future Presley bass players. The closing night audience tape is previously unreleased, taken from a first-generation copy of an original "booth recording," made from a booth close to the stage and PA speakers. It is remarkably superior to all previous editions of this show.
Go here to EIN's 2013 CD news for full tracklist and details
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Red Elvis Xmas album for $30,000!: Recently advertised on Ebay - Elvis' Xmas album original in red vinyl for only $30,000! In 1957 an engineer at the RCA plant in New Jersey where "Elvis' Christmas Album" was being pressed made himself a very special souvenir. He used the red vinyl normally reserved for classical albums to press a copy of the new Elvis Presley record. Four decades later, the red record made its way from that retiring engineer to a dealer, who auctioned it to the present owner for a record sum.
That album (and its documentation, including a signed affidavit from the original owner and his 1957 W-2s from the RCA plant) was been put on sale on eBay by the owner, the Rev. Steven Banas, with a buy-it-now price of $29,999.99. 
Described as,,, "This is without a doubt one of The Rarest Records In The World ! One-of-a-Kind 1957 original first pressing, long play mono, of Elvis' first Christmas Album pressed on beautiful dark red and rich classical red wax. The authenticity has been unequivocally confirmed and this piece is absolutely genuine."
However John Tefteller owner of World's Rarest Records notes, "It's
not one of a kind, it's not the rarest Elvis out there, and certainly not the rarest in the world. I would consider paying $10,000, but he's not going to accept that. I think he would be lucky to recoup his original investment."
The rarest Elvis record in Tefteller's estimation is the one-off acetate of the song "My Happiness" he cut for his mother in 1953.
While some of the Sun Records Elvis singles from 1954 and 1955 are going up in value, in general, "the market for Elvis has not gone up the last 20-30 years. It's gone down," Tefteller said. "Elvis was selling huge amounts of records, and there's just not enough buyers absorbing all the copies that are flooding the market as that generation is dying off or retiring and deciding to sell off their records."
The album did not reach the asking price. - Click HERE if you want to buy it and have $30,000 spare!
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Lisa Marie Presley Birthday: Lisa Marie Presley turned 45 years old on Feb 1st - and let's give her credit for the relatively normal life she's led under the circumstances.
She is Elvis' only child. She grew up at Graceland and inherited her father's estate. She has a net worth of $300 million. She married Michael Jackson and did her best to convince everyone that it was pretty much like anyone else's marriage.
In spite of all this, she has never self-destructed the way that her father and her ex-husband did, and she seems to have found a way to manage the vast wealth she inherited without blowing it all or screwing herself up in the process.
She is inextricably linked to the two most legendary American figures in the history of rock music. Both Elvis and Michael Jackson are the biggest earning posthumous celebrities.
To her credit, Lisa Marie is not afraid to occasionally release music

of her own, and she never seems to be trying to live up to anyone else's legacy.
She went through a rebellious stage as a teenager, and she's had four marriages, but she has avoided every potential train wreck in her path and she seems happy and healthy at age 45. It would be amazing if Michael Jackson's three kids grow up as well-adjusted as Lisa Marie.
Go HERE to EIN's 'Lisa Marie Presley's World'.
Go here to our Spotlight on Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson.
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Nick Adams and his time with Elvis: The LA Times recently featured an article about "The Rebel & the King", actor Nick Adams and Elvis.
... "The Rebel & the King" is a sweetly naive account by the late actor Nick Adams about his friendship with a young Elvis Presley. Adams wrote the manuscript in the late 1950s when he was a rising star in Hollywood. It was recently found in a box of the actor's memorabilia by his daughter, playwright Allyson Adams.
She was just 7 when her father was found dead at 36 under mysterious circumstances at his home on Feb. 7, 1968, of a drug overdose. No weapons or pills were found around his body. But several personal items were missing including his journals, the typewriter James Dean had given him, tape recordings and a bronze replica of the hat he wore in his hit TV series "The Rebel." Adams' death certificate was changed three times from homicide to suicide to undetermined.
For four decades, Adams kept a large box of his memorabilia including a scrapbook James Dean had given him, photographs and movie magazine articles he had written in the 1950s about his friends like Dean and Natalie Wood, with whom he had appeared in 1955's "Rebel Without a Cause."
Adams' career was taking off when he met Presley in 1956. The year before, Adams appeared in two films that were nominated for best picture — "Mister Roberts" and "Picnic" — as well as "Rebel Without a Cause." At 21, Presley was the hottest rock 'n' roll sensation in the country. They remained close friends until Adams' death.
Adams isn't a gifted stylist, but he makes up for his literary shortcomings with a youthful exuberance and innocence.
"He was real down to earth and sincere and very humble," Adams writes of Presley.
The two are bombarded by fans, buy a puppy at a pet store for Presley's mother, Gladys, and visit his old school. Allyson Adams loves the fact that her father seemed compelled to give detailed accounts of their meals.
"We ordered dinner from room service and Elvis had four slices of Crenshaw melon, a grilled cheese sandwich with butter, six slices of bacon burned to a crisp, mashed potatoes, gravy and four milks."
"They are really young and star struck," said Allyson Adams. "They had no idea what was coming down the pike. It's a rag to riches to fame as a bad habit. Elvis had too much fame and my father didn't have enough."
After his initial success and a supporting actor Oscar nomination Adams was soon making such low-budget duds as 1965's "Frankenstein Conquers the World." As his career was tanking, so was his marriage to actress Carol Nugent.
Adams believes her father didn't commit suicide. "He always bounced back. I know my dad could go low and he was having a terrible time in his life personally and career wise, but he was a fighter. Everybody who knew my dad said that nobody was tougher than Nick."
Go HERE to our EIN exclusive interview with Allyson Adams - and order a signed copy of the book!.
Go HERE for the full LA Times article.
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34th Elvis Presley Continentals Charity Festival in Florida: The 34th Annual Elvis Presley Continentals Charity Festival Car & Motorcycle Show, held at the Ramada Gateway Resort, Bronson Memorial Highway, Kissimmee, Florida - and staring Donny Edwards.
Festival run Friday, March 15th to Sunday, March 17, 2013.
Featuring lots of Elvis shows and events. On Saturday and Sunday in the day we will have lots of Elvis memorabilia with special guests who were close to Elvis, Marian Cocke, his Co Pilot of the Lisa Marie, Ron Strauss with his 1977 Corvette that Elvis bought him and was in his funeral procession and Michael Dante costar in Kid Gallahad.
Our Saturday special is the 50's Elvis and Aloha from Hawaii Concert starring Las Vegas' own Donny Edwards, TV  Personality and  multiple contest winner.  This  is  as  close  as  you  can get  to an actual  Elvis  Concert  with our 12 piece show band, a once in a lifetime show. This is the first time Donny has performed in Florida and  we are very blessed he and his wonderful wife decided to help our club so we can raise money for our charities.

Go HERE to 'Almost Elvis' for more info and weekend details
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Sunday 3 February 2013
Elvis' Hillcrest Home to be Demolished?: Former Hard Rock restaurateur and hotelier Peter Morton just purchased the former Trousdale Estates mansion of Elvis and Priscilla Presley for $9.8 million, down from the home’s original list price of $12,995,000.
Known as the “west coast Graceland,” the 5,367-square-foot, single-story residence is located in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Trousdale Estates and occupies a 1.18 acre lot.  Built in 1958 the home was been recently upgraded and includes a formal dining room and living room, attached guesthouse, floor-to-ceiling windows, office, media room and eat-in-kitchen. Outside there are various terraces and patios as well as a swimming pool, spa and more.
Unfortunately the strong rumour is that "Morton plans to raze the existing residence to make way for an all new house that he'll no doubt sell at an enviably enormous profit." This seems to be becoming a trend in the neighborhood, sadly.
Let's hope this rumour is incorrect or that he has a change of mind.
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'Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll' New Edition:  The 2012 Alfred Wertheimer book "Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll" is getting a 2013 new re-release.
Originally published in September 2012 by Taschen, EIN then asked "Is this the world’s most expensive Elvis book?" It was then a limited edition (1,500 copies) hardback with 300 pages, the retail price on Amazon UK was £435 pounds (US$678).
Described by the publisher as: "Trailing him like a shadow, Wertheimer was given unlimited access to get up close and personal with Elvis; even as the singer was seducing young women in dark hallways, he allowed the photographer to record his every move. Wertheimer took nearly 3,000 photographs of Presley that year, creating a penetrating portrait of a man poised on the brink of superstardom. Extraordinary in its intimacy and unparalleled in its scope, Wertheimer's Elvis project immortalized a young man in the very process of making history".
EIN awaits the NEW price of this new edition.
Meanwhile Guardian UK have published ten images from the new book, several of them surprising are very well-known! GO HERE.
Go here for EIN's spotlight on Alfred Wertheimer.
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Elvis USB DRives: The first-ever Elvis-inspired flash drives are drawing national attention.
Elvis fans can choose between two options including the Elvis Aloha from Hawaii MIMOBOT®, styled after the now iconic garb worn at his historic 1973 satellite broadcast concert, and the Army Elvis MIMOBOT®, dressed in full U.S. Army attire. The Elvis MIMOBOT® flash drives come in four storage sizes, from 8GB - 64GB. The drives are USB 3.0 capable and come with digital extras, like wallpapers, screen savers and other Mimobot Elvis icons.
"If these USBs sell well, the company said it might produce other figures from well-known performances. Who could resist locking their data in a 'Jailhouse Rock' Elvis?"
CLICK HERE to buy.
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Elvis Tribute Artists On David Letterman All This Week: It’s going to be Elvis Week at the Ed Sullivan Theater when the "Late Show with David Letterman" features nightly performances from some of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest winners. A different winner will be featured each night on Monday, February 4 - Friday, February 8, at 11:35 p.m. EST on the CBS Television Network.
  The following is a list of their upcoming appearances:
Monday, February 4 - Cody Slaughter (right) 2011 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist
Tuesday, February 5 - Brandon Bennett 2008 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist
Wednesday, February 6 - Justin Shandor 2010 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist
Thursday, February 7 - Shawn Klush - First-Ever Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist
Friday, February 8 Ben Portsmouth -  2012 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist
IF you need to know more - CLICK HERE to the CBS LateShow website.
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National Enquirer Elvis Issue: Do we really need more Elvis tabloid trash from the National Enquirer US magazine? This month they are publishing an 80-page ELVIS tribute magazine. As usual the Enquirer focusses on the death of Elvis, their tasteless coffin photo, pictures from his last 1977 vacation and "The Cover Up".

Poor Elvis - it only shows his AMAZING legacy that trashy gossip magazines can still make money off the scandals 35 years after he died.



Available for US$ 5.99 in your local US store.
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Friday 1 February 2013

'Summer of '61' New FTD book features DVD!: Following on from our announcement below we have now learned that the new FTD book will also feature a CD and DVD.

The CD features 'Follow That Dream' Soundtrack recordings with unreleased out-takes from the Nashville Session that produced the 'Pot Luck' Album, the Songwriters Demo recording of "What A Wonderful Life" and on the DVD UNSEEN 35mm test screen footage of Elvis filmed in Florida.
This is even more interesting since it shows FTD now moving to release newly discovered FOOTAGE of Elvis on DVD. 
Hopefully there will be even more to come.

The 'SUMMER OF ’61' focusses on the summer months of 1961, with the main focus on the making of the movie Follow That Dream filmed on location in Florida in the months July and August 1961.
The book presents original newspaper articles, new exclusive interviews from the cast, the crew, and local residents, and also details about scenes deleted from the final print. The book includes over 200 stunning unpublished photos taken from the original negatives + a CD.
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'The Original Elvis Tribute' 2013 - HOT NEWS: Once again 'The Original Elvis Tribute' producer Arjan Deelen has re-discovered a great Elvis artist who will be touring with the band through Europe in 2013.
The 'The Original Elvis Tribute' is unique amongst Elvis shows partly because it includes various Elvis-related backing vocalists and musicians, including Ginger & Mary Holladay, Duke Bardwell and Stump Munroe.
This year backing-vocalist Carol Montgomery (aka Sonja) will be joining the next tour in May.
Carol sang on Elvis sessions between 1969-1971 including 'Suspicious Minds', 'Kentucky Rain' and 'In The Ghetto'.
She married Bob Montgomery (Buddy Holly, The Crickets etc). She also sang on sessions with Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, Bobby Vee, Jimmy Dean, Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Jimmy Buffett, and Jerry Lee Lewis.
Carol Montgomery notes, "The first time I met Elvis was at Ft Hood, Texas when he was in basic training. Bob and Buddy had become friends with him when he'd come through Lubbock in 1955-1956, so when Bob and I went to see his parents in Oakalla, Texas one time, Bob asked me if I'd like to meet Elvis! (Oakalla was just a few miles from Ft. Hood) I could hardly believe Bob could get us on the base but he
did. We pulled up to the barracks, Bob disappeared inside, and a few minutes here came Elvis in his uniform. Just the polite Southern boy we all fell in love with!
I did the Elvis sessions in 1969-1971 at the RCA studios in Nashville. Elvis still looked so very handsome at that time, and was still with Priscilla. One night he came in and was upset because of an argument he'd had with Colonel Tom. (I found this out from Millie Kirkham later). After about an hour, the session was cancelled because he was just too upset."
(Phot right: Carol Montgomery at a Nashville session)
We will be touring again this May:
May 11 - Grønnegade Kaserne, Næstved, Denmark
May 14 - Savonlinnasali, Savonlinna, Finland
May 15 - Savoy Theater, Helsinki, Finland
May 16 - Savoy Theater, Helsinki, Finland
May 17 - New Morning, Paris, France
May 18 - De Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland
May 19 - 013, Tilburg, Holland
This tour will mark the first time in 40 years that she will be singing together with Mary and Ginger Holladay again - Go here to 'The Original Elvis Tribute’ for more concert info and details .
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Joe Moscheo quits Touring:  Joe Moscheo of "Elvis' Imperials" that are touring with the 'Elvis Presley In Concert' event says he is to quit touring.
After more than five decades as a successful gospel singer Joe Moscheo, the impressive bass voice of Elvis Presley's male backing vocals "Elvis' Imperials", has announced his withdrawal from the active music business. The 75-year-old recently told "The King's World" that this current European tour for "Elvis' 78th Birthday" would be the final chord in his singing career. Joe Moscheo is from Albany / New York singer but after this month's tour ends in Marbella,  Spain he says he plans to move to Sicily, Italy where his parents and grandparents had live before emigrating to the United States.

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Two New FTD Books: FTD have planned two new Flaming Star book co-productions.
- 'The Best of the British - The HMV Years 1956-1958' written by Trevor Simpson. This is the story of EVERY song by Elvis released on the British HMV label. It is an eclectic mix of graphic illustrations of the labels, the charts and rare memorabilia through 1956 - 1958.
Thorough research of each song and songwriter has taken many years and provides the definitive history of the music that shook the world, sensationally revealing many previously unknown facts and British connections to Elvis and his music.
The book contains over 1000 rare and unpublished photographs, the illustrations connected to the songs, the recordings and the promotion of Elvis by HMV in Britain.
Included, and officially gathered together for the FIRST TIME on two exclusive CDs, is every Elvis track released by HMV. Most of these are, of course, the fifties master takes but also added to these are bonus songwriter demos and Elvis outtakes, including some of the 'Love Me Tender' Stereo versions. These help complete the audio story upon which the foundation of the global popular music culture and industry was built.
This is Elvis and the story of the impact of The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Great Britain.
(Go here to FTD 2013 page for full tracklist)

- 'Summer of '61' : Following the success of 'Welcome Home Elvis' and 'From Memphis To Hollywood', Flaming Star productions will release 'SUMMER OF ’61' in April of this year. The focus is on the summer months of 1961, with the main focus on the making of the movie Follow That Dream filmed on location in Florida in the months July and August 1961.
The book presents original newspaper articles, new exclusive interviews from the cast, the crew, and local residents, and also details about scenes deleted from the final print. The book includes over 200 stunning unpublished photos taken from the original negatives + a CD.

Details about the accompanying CD will follow shortly.


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'The Original Elvis Tribute’ special Paris concert: 'The Original Elvis Tribute’ which did such a successful tour in 2012 will be back and this time with a special concert in Paris, France. MAY 17th 2013 - at the historic "New Morning" venue, Rue des Petites Ecuries, Paris, France, 75010.

Staring Robert Washington, Mary Holladay, Jerome 'Stump' Monroe, Ginger Holladay, Duke Bardwell, Carl Bradychok, JJ Louis and a special 'Elvis' surprise guest to be announced soon!

Note that the big surprise of 'The Original Elvis Tribute’ 2012 tour, Elvis' backing-vocalists Ginger and Mary Holladay will be back again. On the highly successful  earlier in 2012, they delighted the crowds with their great voices and warm personalities.

If you are close to PARIS this is an ELVIS concert not to be missed.
GREAT Line-Up, GREAT Venue!

Go here to 'The Original Elvis Tribute’ for more concert info.
Go here for more 'New Morning' Paris, France venue info.

Go here to EIN's Spotlight on ’The Original Elvis Tribute’ 2011.
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Book Review: From the Holy Land to Graceland (Gary Vikan): It is always refreshing to read a book about Elvis which considers his importance beyond just his music and considers him from a wider socio-cultural, political and/or religious perspective. As its title suggests, From the Holy Land to Graceland by respected academic researcher and author, Dr. Gary Vikan, is one such book.

So does the argument that we should view Elvis as a contemporary, secular saint have validity? Nigel Patterson takes us deep inside From the Holy Land to Graceland to discover the answer. .....Read the full review

(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet)

'Prince From Another Planet’ Stock Selling Out!: No Elvis fan should miss out on this FANTASTIC Sony release, their best in years! Focusing on Elvis’ historic Madison Square Garden concerts in 1972 with the two RCA recorded concerts PLUS a DVD of newly found fan-filmed video footage and great book of brilliant and rare photos. This is indeed a deluxe package for the 40th Anniversary Edition and fabulous value-for-money.
Stock is selling out - and some suppliers are now selling it for over $50.
BUY IT NOW before it's too late - and you can still get it for under $30!

"PRINCE? MAKE THAT KING!" - See our indepth review as Arjan Deelen checks out the ‘Prince From Another Planet’ package.

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CLICK HERE TO purchase >>> for Europe UNDER £14 >> Elvis: Prince From Another Planet (Deluxe Version) UK
CLICK HERE TO purchase - for USA UNDER $26 >> Prince From Another Planet (Deluxe 2 CD/1 DVD) USA
and with free delivery depending where you live

"Elvis: Re:Born" New Remix CD: Coming soon is the new DJ Spankox Elvis remix album. This time featuring the remixed tracks, Return To Sender, Good Luck Charm, Follow That Dream, She's Not You, Gotta Get Back Home Somehow and more.
Only ten tracks - Priced around £10 or US$16 on Amazon UK.
1.Gotta Get Back Home Somehow (Spankox Remix)
2.Return To Sender (Spankox Remix)
3.Good Luck Charm (Spankox Remix)
4.Follow That Dream (Spankox Remix)
5.Kiss Me Quick (Spankox Remix)
6.She's Not You (Spankox Remix)
7.Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (Spankox Remix)
8.I Love You Because (Spankox Remix)
9.I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell (Spankox Remix)
10.(Such An) Easy Question (Spankox Remix)
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"Celebrating Elvis" 2013 at GRAMMY Museum:  On what would have been Elvis' 78th birthday, The GRAMMY Museum in LA presented a special discussion focusing on the "King of Rock-n-Roll." Guests got a unique view into the inner-workings of Elvis courtesy of two key people who worked closely with him: Mike Stoller and Jerry Schilling. Elvis' creative and musical side was talked about by Mike Stoller, while the more private, personal side of Elvis was discussed by Jerry Schilling. After the discussion there were audience questions. The event was a great success.
In the audience this year were the ever-sprightly Wink Martindale and his wife Sandy.
Go here for EIN's interview with Jerry Schilling.
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Elvis Movie/Publicity Photo Shoots: A new website focussing on Publicity photo-shoots and the use of alternate versions. -- Some half a year ago we started a little project with a friend - the idea behind it was to collect as much of the "movie/publicity photo shoot" photos together as possible to give new (and old) fans a better idea of the actual sessions; although it often seems that out of these 'official' Elvis photos it's always the same ones they use on LPs/EPs/CDs/books/mags etc., but that's not necessarily always the case - there are thousands of these photos around and although many are very similar, slightly different shots go to show that some thought went into picking them. It may not be a big deal to some, but Elvis fans are often keen on things like this, so we tried to show that it's indeed so that the shots are not always the same.
Also the fact that these sessions were work for Elvis just like the actual movies, was something we thought was interesting, and pretty much never really covered in the Elvis world before - it's interesting to see the constant switching of the background where Elvis posed, but his wardrobe.
(News, Source;Jouni/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis Is Everywhere -- Still: Michael Sigman is the son of  Carl Sigman who composed the English lyrics for 'What Now My Love', here he explains why Elvis is still everywhere for him....  
-- I never met Elvis, but sometimes it seems that the sentiment in Mojo Nixon's anthem -- "Elvis is everywhere / Elvis is everything / Elvis is everybody / Elvis is still the King" -- remains as true as ever.
Without Elvis, my stunningly fleeting screen career would have been unthinkable. The TV coverage of Elvis's famous "gold belt buckle" June 1972 press conference - prior to his first-ever live concerts in New York - includes a few nanoseconds of me at age 22 covering the event for the music magazine Record World. My colleague Gregg Geller, two seats to my left, recalls that Colonel Parker, ever the entrepreneur, sold pencils at the confab.
David McGee, an Elvis fanatic and another erstwhile Record World comrade, got hitched at one a while back in true Elvis fashion. His wedding vows featured such sentiments as "Do you, Mary, promise not to treat David like a houn' dog?" and "David, you don't be cruel, okay?"
David captured the heartbreak so many felt when Elvis died in 1977 when he wrote in Record World, "In Elvis, I found someone to believe in; in rock and roll, as I learned it from him, I found
a way of life that I wouldn't swap for any amount of money, because it was, and is, endlessly rewarding and fulfilling. It's only natural that I feel a certain hollowness inside of me now. A certain hollowness? I feel as if my guts had been ripped out."
Elvis's vast legacy also embraces the many Elvises who followed, including Elvis Crespo, Elvis Mitchell, Elvis Duran and, of course, Elvis Costello.
My friend Will's dad got his Elvises mixed up when he commanded Will to turn down the volume on Elvis Costello's "Armed Forces." Will told his dad it was Elvis; his dad considered that possibility for a moment and asked, "Is this what killed him?"
Speaking of dads and Elvises, my dad didn't like Elvis Presley one bit. Dad, a crafter of pop songs in the Tin Pan Alley tradition, saw Elvis as an existential threat to his career. He did like it when his co-composed Sigman/Becaud tune "What Now My Love" became a staple of the Elvis's live show and was recorded for posterity on the "Aloha from Hawaii" album. When a golf partner asked Dad to name some of his tunes and he mentioned "What Now My Love," the clueless guy said, "You didn't write that -- Elvis did."
Proof that Elvis is still everywhere arrived in my mailbox just after Christmas in the form "Elvis -- Prince From Another Planet," a new boxed set commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Madison Square Garden performances. This gift from David Stein, an old friend who worked at the firm that promoted those shows, includes a DVD with rare footage of the pre-concert press conference. Right after the King unleashes the buckle seen round the world, my (and Gregg's) split second of TV time -- and, it seems, the four decades since -- arrives and vanishes in an instant.
(See original full-length article here)
Listen to the hilarious 'Elvis is Everywhere' here on YouTube "Who built the pyramids? ELVIS! Who built Stonehenge? ELVIS!"
(News, Source;HuffPost/ElvisInfoNet)

More news and EIN exclusives from earlier in January ...
New Elvis Army Photos!:LIFE magazine has just published a group of rare and unpublished Elvis army photos. Taken by photographers James Whitmore and Al Fenn they capture a moment in Elvis' life when he was poised to remind everyone who might have doubted it that, despite two years of taking orders, he was ready to again be the King.
... Back in 1958 the biggest musical star on the planet was drafted into the United States Army. Sure, Elvis Aaron Presley often affected a sneer that would drive most drill sergeants to near-apoplexy, and his pompadour was hardly the sort of hairstyle one associated with America's fighting men.
Whatever the reason Elvis looked like he belonged in a uniform - and by all accounts, his brothers in arms saw what he was made of, and accepted him as one of them. It was impossible, of course, for anyone to pretend that Elvis was just another soldier; but he worked hard to fit in and to do what was asked of him, and after two years, when Sgt. Presley was honorably discharged, it was evident that the boy from Tupelo had grown up.
It was also evident, though, that Elvis was hardly heartbroken about leaving the military. His two years serving in Germany had shown the world, and had shown Elvis himself, that he could handle something more than a guitar, and could perform tasks that didn't involve gyrating in front of screaming bobbysoxers. In 1960, it was time to get back to doing what he did best: it was time to leave Sgt. Presley behind, and to be Elvis again.
The series of photos - most of which never appeared in LIFE - showing Elvis, along with his 15-year-old girlfriend, Priscilla Beaulieu, in Germany on the day he left for the States (March 2, 1960), and Elvis again at Fort Dix, New Jersey, where he landed on March 3, sans Priscilla. He was officially discharged from the Army on March 5.
After his two year hitch, rock and roll idol Elvis Presley wore a sergeant's chevrons but no sideburns.Elvis said, "If I say the Army made a man of me, it would give the impression I was an idiot before I was drafted. I wasn't exactly that."
Elvis was, in fact, a smart soldier. His agents back home had been pretty smart, too, selling 20 million RCA Victor records to the jukebox set. These earned ELVIS $1.3 million in addition to his $145.24 a month service pay. Elvis paid the U.D. 91% of the total in taxes, or enough to support about 150 of his fellow soldiers for a year. Behind him at Ray Barracks near Friedberg, Elvis had left hordes of palpitating Fräuleins and the pretty 16-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu,
daughter of an Air Force captain stationed at Wiesbaden. Elvis kissed her before he flew to the aid of the girls back home, sorrowful at parting but anxious to get into his bright-colored pants and back to his hip-swinging singing.
Go HERE to 'LIFE' for this great selection of over 50 photos.
(News, Source;LIFE/ElvisInfoNet)

EPE Photos and Video from the "Aloha from Hawaii" 40th Anniversary Celebrations: Elvis fans from about the world gathered in Hawaii for a unique opportunity to follow in the king’s footsteps and spend time exploring Elvis’ Hawaii. Photos and video are now available from the 40th Anniversary Celebration of "Aloha from Hawaii."
On the evening of January 14, 2013, "Aloha from Hawaii" returned to the same place for a one-night only enhanced screening celebrating the concert seen by over a billion people worldwide. The anniversary screening featured re-mastered video projected on multiple screens recreating the thrill of being there 40 years ago to the day. Elvis fans packed the Neal Blaisdell Center, the same venue where 40 years earlier, Elvis took the stage for the concert that became the most watched broadcast by an individual entertainer in TV history. In honor of the king's groundbreaking shows in 1973, Gov Neil Abercrombie declared Jan 14, 2013, as "Elvis, Aloha from Hawai'i via Satellite Day."
Fans also enjoyed panel discussions and special performances from guests such as famous Hawaiian DJ Tom Moffatt, former members of J. D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet, Elvis' personal hairstylist Larry Gellar and Elvis’ musical conductor and a key member of the “Aloha from Hawaii” musical production team, Joe Guercio.
Click HERE for the EPE Highlights video, runs 5 minutes And Go here for their photos.
Go HERE for EIN's detailed review of the ALOHA 2013 concert.
(News, Source;EPE/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis' Madison Square Garden Opening Night Concert: This is the Opening Night MSG concert, the one that the world's media attended to see whether Elvis could still conquer New York in 1972. Sadly no professional recording exists. However 40 years later you can now finally hear the Audience Recording of the actual performance that got ELVIS so many glowing reviews. The quality is not too bad for an audience recording. It runs 58 minutes and features Elvis' unique performance of   By the way, the show includes a stunning ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ – the only time he sang it in New York.
You can also buy the improved audio on the excellent Straight Arrow import release - see details here - 'Left A Good Job In The City'

This release is the perfect companion to the recent Sony set 'Prince From Another Planet'.
CLICK HERE for the YouTube audience recording

ALSO there is a fabulous 2 1/2 minute video clip  - previously by by Jonas Mekas - and now with added remastered audio. Well worth watching.

Click HERE for the Opening Night video clip (2 1/2 minutes).

An absolutely amazing Concert and Crowd Reaction - never before available in this quality.


(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)

Red West and Dr Nick both in hospital: Unfortunate news that both Red West and Dr Nick are in hospital.
Red West - there have been various reports but Essential Elvis' Andrew Hearn reports that he has heard from Pat West that Red had heart bypass surgery last Saturday and abdominal surgery just before that. However he is doing fine, making progress every day and is expected to leave the hospital soon.

Dr Nick is also in the hospital. Reportedly he is suffering after three attempts at surgery on his hip have not gone well. He's okay in himself, but not being able to get around is bothering him.

Go HERE for an EIN special with Red West
Go here for EIN's interview with Dr Nick

(News, Source;AndrewHearn/EE/ElvisInfoNet)

"Elvis, Lennon & JFK"  New Book: A new book by author David Chisnell that looks at 20th century cultural history and what lies behind fame.  Elvis, Lennon & JFK is set on the night of John Lennon’s assassination in New York 1980. Having just been shot dead John finds himself in a strange room with only Elvis and JFK for company. Both try to convince John that he has been shot but he prefers to believe that he’s in the middle of some great acid trip. Finally they succeed and John discovers that he has joined a very exclusive club. Membership requirements are that millions of people around the world will forever remember where they were when they heard of your death. There are only the three members.
From there onwards the trio engage in a battle of one-upmanship, each trying to prove that he was more important than the other two whilst alive and that, in death, he has left the greatest legacy. All three have valid claims and the reader is pretty much left to make up his or her own mind on the ‘winner’.
A monitor in the room allows the trio to watch events as they happen on Earth. This has allowed both Elvis and JFK to keep up to date with all that has happened since their respective deaths. Over the years JFK has become something of a Beatles fan but, unfortunately for John, only likes the songs written by Paul McCartney. This provides several opportunities for humour and anger in equal parts. JFK has also discovered who was responsible for his death but only hints and drops clues to the other two.
Elvis has kept constant tabs on both Priscilla and Lisa Marie and provokes many tear-jerking moments as he reflects on how they’ve carried on without him.
The book is never far away from moments of humour, anger, incrimination and accusation.
There is enormous humour and heartache in the book.
Many of the stories will already be known to the reader but, as with all autobiographies, they gain more clarity and confirmation when told through the words of the trio themselves..... for more info click to Amazon above.
(News, Source;DavidChisnell/ElvisInfoNet)

Elvis and Ireland by Ivor Casey: Book Description: Elvis and Ireland is the “Irish Biography” of Elvis Presley.

It is the detailed story of Elvis Presley’s life and career, combined with a timeline of events in Irish popular culture and the social changes brought on by his unique brand of rock ‘n’ roll.

What you will find here is just about everything to do with Elvis and his links with Ireland including anecdotes, entertaining trivia on Elvis’s connection with Ireland, his Irish chart successes, as well as areas of censorship.


You will also learn about Irish songs he covered and Irish singers who covered his work. Find out what many Irish personalities have to say about Elvis, as well as what was said about the star from the Dáil to the pulpit.

Elvis and Ireland focuses on how Irish artists used Elvis and American popular culture for their own artistic efforts, from Ireland’s earliest showbands and beat-groups to the rock legends Rory Gallagher, Phil Lynott and Bono. It covers several decades of Irish popular music without ever losing track of Elvis’s story. In brief this book is a view of Elvis Presley through Irish eyes. Elvis and Ireland brings together the story of the global superstar from his birth to his untimely death, picking up the Irish connections along the way. To add a further Irish dimension, the book also features artwork of Elvis by three famous Irish artists. Hundreds of Elvis books already exist but rarely does a new Elvis book have something to say from a totally different cultural stand point. All music fans, and not just the Irish ones, will find this an exhilarating journey through the career of the universal music icon.

Published by Appello Press (7 Jan 2013), 246 pages, ISBN-10: 0957375204/ISBN-13: 978-0957375208.

EIN Comment: Elvis and Ireland is an admirable attempt at telling the Elvis biography with an "Irish" flavor. The author has a good, fluent writing style and his narrative is strongest in the early chapters where sizeable accounts of how Elvis' anti-establishment gyrations/impact were recorded by the Irish media impress. Later chapters struggle somewhat to convey a similar potency (mirroring how Elvis' life had become bland mainstream in many respects). The book would have benefited from lists of Elvis' single and album placings in Ireland as their spotted documentation throughout the text is sometimes confusing.

'Elvis Files Magazine Issue 2' - Review: Released last month, this magazine was created by Erik Lorentzen in order to feature Elvis stories that would not fit into his "Elvis Files" series of books - as well as a place to include all the extra new unpublished Elvis photos that he has recently purchased.
I have seen little about this December magazine publication elsewhere on the Internet and yet I found it another excellent magazine, and for me even more interesting than the first issue.
The real treat here is Lorentzen’s personal story of meeting Elvis and visiting Graceland, as well as lots of exclusive on-stage photos taken during that 1975 tour by the Norwegian fan club.
There are of course plenty of other articles in the magazine including ....
- Elvis and The Martial Arts – by Master Kang Ree.
- "The World of Elvis Jumpsuits" – Featuring the unusual Black PasSaRyu Karate jacket from August/ September 1974.
- Elvis and The DIG magazine. Four great pages of candids from April 1956
- A rare Elvis Interview from 1964.
Plus plenty more Rare Candids not featured in previous Elvis Files books.
Go HERE as EIN investigates the new publication - with plenty of rare Elvis photos.
(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Boxcar's Deluxe 'Elvis - Aloha via Satellite' delayed: Release of the mammoth 3kgs, 450 page deluxe book around Elvis' historic satellite show from Hawaii has been delayed. Boxcar says that the book is now likely to be released in April.

The good news is that Boxcar expects to have a video trailer for the book released online in February!

More good news is that the book includes MANY previously unpublished photos including one set of around 25 unpublished visuals from one source!

Given the high quality of Boxcar's Elvis Presley's GRACELAND through the years release, its Elvis - Aloha via Satellite title is shaping up as another fantastic release!

About 'Elvis – Aloha via Satellite': Boxcar Enterprises in association with JAT Publishing will release a 40th Year Anniversary special book, in celebration of Elvis’ iconic ‘Aloha from Hawaii’ titled,   “Elvis – Aloha via Satellite”in February (now April) 2013. This massive most comprehensive 450 page volume  is packaged and housed the same as Boxcar’s previous outing of “Elvis Presley’s Graceland through the Years” released earlier this year.

The stylish book comprises of hundreds upon hundreds of photographs many of which have never been seen before. Also collected here exclusively are scores of historical memorabilia and the Colonels original internal documents and scripts. This is intended to create a time-travel experience of sorts documenting the most groundbreaking event in the annals of television history.

On January 14th 1973 “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii - Via Satellite” was the first live concert to be televised live with a global viewing audience of 1.5 Billion. An audience larger than man's first landing on the moon!

From the ‘making of’ to the show itself, the reader enjoys reliving the magic of this extraordinary event and is sufficiently reminded that 1,500,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong! (News, Source: EIN)

- - - ALOHA The Concert 2013, Honolulu, Hawaii - EIN was there -
Aloha From Hawaii - The Concert 2013- EIN Exclusive Review: Living as we do in an age where communication technology connects people oceans apart — and from their cellphones — it's hard to imagine the novelty of a concert that reached a global television audience. But when Elvis Presley took the stage 40 years ago in Honolulu, the only thing bigger than "The King" was that his "Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii" concert was beamed live via satellite to 40 countries in Europe and Asia.
A mainland production crew from NBC-TV flew to Hawaii and used camera operators from KGMB, the local CBS affiliate, to broadcast the concert. The site was the Honolulu International Center, which is now called the Neal S. Blaisdell Center.
January 14th 2013, the recreation of that event was stunning for all who were there. Around 700+ had flown in internationally while over 3,000 tickets had been sold to the actual event. Not bad for a DVD concert replay!
After the exciting build-up of being in the actual Arena, firstly Tom Moffatt introduced the show with Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie proclaiming a new Hawaii "Elvis Presley Day" and handing over the official document to EPE CEO Jack Soden. Following that Priscilla Presley appeared via video to explain the significance, apologise for not being there and to thank all of Elvis’ fans.
Then the real excitement kicked off with the "In Concert" portion of Elvis leaving Graceland in a helicopter used connecting to Elvis flying in to Hawaii in the helicopter.
And then the sound CRANKED UP as the ‘Also Sprach’ theme told everyone that ELVIS WAS IN THE BUILDING.
The video quality was magnificent compared to the versions we know and the immediate surprise that ALTERNATE camera angles and multiple screens were used throughout the show. This not only added to increase the feel of the action on stage – BUT also gave us plenty of camera angles that we have NEVER seen before – nor knew existed.
After the Intermission The Stamps and Joe Guercio came on stage to explain their part in the production and to sing ‘Sweet Sweet Spirit’ which was announced as Elvis’ lucky warm-up song and performed that night before the original broadcast in his dressing room.
Steamroller, Burning Love, My Way, What Now My Love, Fever, every song felt invigorated and new.
Every fan wanted a copy of this new presentation and it is a real shame it is not a part of the Legacy release. But it does let fans know that there is plenty more ALOHA footage available for future projects.
Even the "non" Elvis who had just come along for the ride said how impressed they were with the whole show and the applause for Elvis’ performances echoed throughout the Arena.
It was a SERIOUSLY impressive night with the sound pumping loud you really felt part of the whole experience. EPE put far more into this presentation that most people expected, it was a real winner.
Go here for some exclusive EIN Aloha images. More tomorrow, it's 1am – the after-party is calling!
- Piers Beagley, EIN roving reporter!
(News, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

UPDATED - 'From Elvis Presley Boulevard' FTD In-Depth Review: 'From Elvis Presley Boulevard' was first released in April 1976 but only reached #41 in the charts. It only featured 10 tracks, recorded at Elvis' Graceland home among them 'Hurt', 'Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain' and 'For The Heart'.
BUT if Elvis was "Raised on Rock" then why was 'From Elvis Presley Boulevard' such a middle-of-the-road quagmire of syrupy overdubs and tepid songs? This really wasn’t the album Elvis fans had been waiting for.
But if the single ‘Hurt/For The Heart’ was supposed to be the promo for the album, then fans were surely disappointed. Even the cover pretended it was a live concert album - the Colonel must have been desperate! It is certainly one of Elvis’ worst albums.
Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley discovers a new way to enjoy this Classic Album release - Updated with a new David Tinson Review & more feedback.
(FTDReviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork)

‘Elvis On Tour’ E-book Review: ‘Elvis On Tour’ is EPE’s first official E-book subtitled ‘An exploration of Elvis’ 1972 Spring Tour’. You can download the Kindle App to your home p/c and while there are plenty of other E-books out there about Elvis, this is the first "official one" and so is probably an indication of future releases.
Released in August last year EIN thought it worth waiting to review it in comparison to the other fabulous SONY/EPE release of 2012 ‘Prince From Another Planet’.

Utilising the resources of the Graceland Archives, EPE promised readers would get backstage access to the 15-city, 15-day tour with rare photos of Elvis on stage, press clippings and reviews of the concert tour, and an up-close look at artefacts from both the actual tour and the awarding winning “Elvis on Tour” documentary film.
Also an in-depth look at the tour schedule, song lists from each concert and the jumpsuits Elvis wore on stage.
(Book Reviews, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)

Copyright the Elvis Information Network.
Elvis Presley, Elvis and Graceland are trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises.
The Elvis Information Network has been running since 1986 and is an EPE officially recognised Elvis fan club.

EIN also has a local Australian national Elvis Fan Club for paid up members featuring quarterly newsletters and an annual EIN Elvis Mega Quiz with special prizes.
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